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Archives: August 22, 2006

Tories open nine-point lead as Labour drops to 19-year low (Guardian)

Microsoft Owns 96.97% of Global OS Market

NYT: Many presidential candidates failed to win their birth state

LTTE: Missouri Republican politics hit all-time low

WP Milbank: The Wagging of the 'Civil' Tongues

Are you proud to be an American

WP Robinson: President on Another Planet

Guns and rural voters...

The (possible) downside of Bio-fuels

UN envoy to Livni: IDF raid near Baalbek violated cease-fire

Losing its Morals and Marbles: Israel’s Fight for Lebanon

Israel's War on Lebanon: Probe war crimes

8/22 = 9/11 + -1/+11 (strange date symmetry)

NIST's Representative Sample for investigation(all) -Forensic tests...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 8/22/06

AutoRank on Scoop and VTUSA on Zogby/LandShark Poll! What could be better?

frightening post in another forum on GM rice in the US

Needing Good, Relatively Inexpensive Knives:

Canadians tried to buy missiles for Tamil Tigers: U.S.

Ignatieff proposes type of carbon tax

Carroll suspects politician in abduction (Dulaimi)

LAT: Schwarzenegger, Legislators Strike Deal to Raise CA Minimum Wage

Canadians tried to buy missiles for Tamil Tigers: U.S.

Bush supports limits on morning-after pill

NYT: Officials Seek Broader Access to Airline Data

NYT: In Election Push, Bush Faults Talk of Iraq Pullout

PKK Claims Saturday's Gas Pipeline Explosion

WP: Wanted: A Shot At Protection (Shortage Meningitis Vaccine)

USS Cole skipper is denied promotion

Feds sue to block disclosure of confidential information... (Re Verizon)

Calendars Show Armitage Met Reporter (Valerie Plame case)

Oil May Rise as BP Shutdown Shows Industry Distress (20% increase)

KT McFarland Suspends (NY) Senate Campaign After Daughter's Arrest

Weinstein Co. buys Dixie Chicks documentary(Shut Up and Sing)

Gerald Ford receives heart pacemaker

Government's talks to continue with contractor in Cunningham case

Chávez inaugurates largest children’s cardiology hospital in Latin America

WP: Contender for DeLay Seat Quits

Tories open nine-point lead as Labour drops to 19-year low

NYT: A Welfare Law Milestone Finds Many Left Behind

Teacher reassigned after burning U.S. flags in class

WP: Connecticut Groups Push to Remove Lieberman From Ballot

Turner to ax smoking scenes from cartoons

Porn broadcast stuns news viewers (Sweden)

Women Who Are Married to Men: Would You Find This Funny, Too?

Is shrub a "rapture" believer?

R U watching, "Treasure Hunter's" - Season Finale? West Coast.warning!

anybody heard from KitchenWitch??

i said NEW kitty litter in my BOX DAMMIT!!

Fuck It!!! It's a BUG Thread

Okay. Would you like to know WHY I am such a MATH BONEHEAD?

Who should play John Mark Karr, when they make the movie about him?

FUCK IT! It's a Pug thread!

Fuck IT!! It's a MUG thread...

I can play my vinyl again!

Fuck It!!! It's a JUG Thread

Fewer gay characters on TV in upcoming season

They say a nap is supposed to make one feel better, right?

Fuck IT!!! ..It's a HUGH thread

So I watched the new show Vanished tonight....

D'you ever really want to get an e-mail from someone in particular,

RIP Madman Moscowit - You will be missed

It's official

Murphee the Cockatiel's first posting........

Why are you Actually doing him or her?

Disregard...checking out my new sig line.

I spent my afternoon in the kitchen...

Raising a glass of beer to you all!

Fuck IT!!! ..It's a Pig thread

as I went down to the river to pray

What shall I have for dinner tonight?

Ugh, the GD is so DEPRESSING.

ZW's Monday Night Dodgers Baseball Thread

Capt Kirk is getting roasted on Comedy Central.

The Voice In Your Head Said Something, but

Green light for New Zealand's "Boobs on Bikes"

What a sucky day

Spike Lee's "When The Levees Broke" Parts I & II on HBO 9PDT

Women calls the cops on me tonight!

My keypad is starting to wear out and it's driving me crazy!

Do you share a bathroom with someone INFAMOUS?

i'm sedated, ask me anything

Are people under five feet tall a separate species?

Do you share a birthday with someone INFAMOUS?

UW-Madison Dethroned As Nation's Top Party School (13th in pot use)

Maybe I should give up having my bird.....

It's storming like Hell in Atlanta.

Those bastards at Sci-Fi Cancelled SG1!!!!!


Did anyone else notice the suspicious absence of Grovebot this fund drive?

Anyone here remember "Shindig?"

How are you Actually Doing?

My mom,Cecille,died on August 08.

A Very Special Image

KarrTooms: Ever feel like the news is a rerun?

Outrageous Freecycle Requests...

I am filled with boredom

I think that after 10 pm you should be allowed to drink at work

I can't stand Jewish food. Does that make me anti-semitic?

What are you Actually doing?

For the first time ever, I had to hit "view all" to see all my posts


Okay, to hell with it all. PICTURE THREAD!!!!

I'm obsessed with "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.

I'm sitting here, listening to some Twinkie doing a phone interview....

Please do not do these to your computer! (pics)

Can I get a SLAP?

I have decided to grant Honorary Lesbian Status onto a DU Man

The 2006 DU Uber-Alpha-Geek contest thread:

Whose cat is on their keyboard right now?

Orangutans break my heart....

Who has been/was your hardest teacher in school?

Do your cats follow you around....

I wish I was a Twinkie(tm).

Quick! I need a woman with Life Path number 2317!

Fuck IT!!! It's a RUG thread...

Fuck IT!!! ..It's a HUG thread

I canned salsa this weekend! Anyone have any good recipes to share?

Saddest photo I've seen all day...

Have a Brian Blessed Day!

I love Dogs!!! Anyone else?

Remember when I posted about bouncing some checks

Does anyone remember what the web page was that you had to

Why do many people like cats so much?

PC RPG recommendations?

OK, how many full albums have you heard this year?

NASA Advisers Opposed to Science Cuts Resign

Going to Meade, Kansas!

I made the news :)

Think these lesbians will claim the "straight panic" defense?

Upcoming book read: "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" by Suzanne Ward

(Interesting) HuffPo: "Ohio Was Stolen" Crowd, Pay Heed To Tom Hayden

Kerry has Showdown with Reporter, Hits Raw Nerve that Reporter Reveals

The University of Pennsylvania speech in light of the London events

Since I'm on dial up, I rarely read this group.

So I accidentally ended up on a phone call with Howard Dean today

So, which Tom Cruise movie did Karr watch during "The Flight"...

Democrats Soft On Terror---Sutton Attack

"TRUST us...there's no prawns or champagne in BRUTAL lockup L.A."...

HGTV now - Katrina special 9 PM eastern

PHOTOS: "War is not a time of joy! THESE AREN'T JOYOUS TIMES!"

Two Days Before Aug 23 Anniversary of Katrina: Storms Brewing in Tropics

Rove dominates media by paying stooge to confess to murder...

Just once I'd like to see this on Hanitty and Colmes

Shame on you Countdown

USA Today

Why the Leeves broke just started on HBO.

Armitage MET WITH Woodward in JUNE 2003

Here's someone who gets it.

Wonderful economy we are living in

Premature Iraq Pullout ‘Would Be A Huge Mistake,’ Bush Says

Rita "She Hulk" Cosby's camped out in Boulder CO, waiting for Karr...

Beans spilled: "We're not leaving, so long as I'm the president."

Just because you tell the truth AFTER you lie, doesn't mean you didn't

High Sierras Mountain Climbing - No News for 7 days - Wonderful!!!

From 2003...

KarrTooms: Ever feel like the news is a rerun?

Speedy new silicon chips set the world record

Lessening the appeal of Osama bin Laden in the Arab Middle East

Anthony Bourdain in Beirut on now.

Did I Just Hear it's Rob Corddry's Last Week ON THE DAILY SHOW?!?!

Nothing in freeperville about * saying no WMD's or connection to 9/11

TDS: Mother F*k'n Snakes on a Plane: Could it happen here?

8/22 = 9/11 + -1/+11 (strange date symmetry)

Did anyone else hear an NPR report this morning about Bushco

WWJW? What would Jesus wear?

Alaska probing BP pipeline management

Anyone else here heard David Walker?

Does anyone know what happened to Atrios?

Newshour: Bush's over-simplification of ME dynamics is threat to US

is AAR canning majority report?

FEINGOLD: US Presence In Iraq Is The Result of "Outrageous Pile Of Lies"

Weapons of Mass Glamourization

Didn't Katrina prove these idiots are not good on national security?

Notice that ad there?

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert have far better guests then the M$M.

I'm tired of mother fucking Karr

Bush isn't going to pass the power he has been accruing to someone else

Little Lord Pissypants is soooo out of his depth it's not even funny

How Can We Fix Our Broken System? How Can We Take It Back?

evlbstrd creates a journal.

Snakes on Cocaine !

LOL !!! - Sorry For Wasting Your Time, But... Caption Fantastic...

2,611 U.S. troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

Nouriel Roubini even more confident of recession (RGE)

ALL REMAINING PRIMARY DATES - from now to Election Day

Rob Corddry is leaving The Daily Show (Jon Stewart confirmed 2-nite)

Aasif Mandvi is Back on The Daily Show tonight! Helping to explain...

Democrats aim for more gay delegates in 2008

remember how Chandra Levy was jammed down our....

One of the saddest stories I have ever heard (friend's 28 Y/O daughter)

MSM = GOP/Media Axis

OMG! Have you seen Pink Floyd's "Pulse"?

Did anyone hear Clinton (Bill) on CharlieRose tonight? He was outstanding

Bill Clinton on the future of Dem Party -- Charlie Rose Show tonight

Bush Renounces Smears, But Will Cheney, Rove and Mehlman Follow?

Christian Wire: "UN Convention on DISABLED Raises Grave Concerns!"

KENNEDY:"There Are 146,587 Terrorist Supporters In CT According To Cheney"

Travel Channel - Anthony Bourdain in Beirut - Days before attacks

Who Coulda Seen THIS Coming ??? - How Dare They !!!

So, what do y'all think: too subtle?

"7 facts you might not know about the Iraq War"

OK it's the 22nd here... any signs of rapture yet ?

Spike Lee is a fuckin genius

Idea Alert - Stop calling Republican States Red States

Is polygamy like a huge problem in America?

Shatner roast now COMEDY CENTRAL (Midnight)

how do you rate our chances in november?

If a Democratic president had admitted killing 30,000 Iraqis by mistake...

We bombed Najaf in 1999, killing civilians....reported by AP.

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers Check in, Happy Birthday Mike!!

New Progressive "Faith in Action" Blog Series at CCN

Plame Case: Calendars show Armitage met Woodward June 13

What can be done about these professional Global Warming skeptics?


BushCo is the only thing straining my American Psyche...

CSPAN: Sen Landrieu said most of the money went to CONTRACTORS

Best Two Questions of the whole pResidential Press Conference...

Flag Burning ammendment? Hell No!! I want a Liar Liar Pants on Fire:

Jon is tearing the media

As Katrina's 1 yr anniversary approaches, must say thank you DUers

Were you moved by Spike Lee's piece?

What do you think of pre-nuptial agreements?

I vote for a week of TV shutdown. Who's in?

Breaking: Man confesses to murdering Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman

TN Senate: Harold Ford Jr. Now Leads In U.S. Senate Race (New Poll)

So, ... who was that masked man in the unfashionable seersucker suit?

Opinions on T-shirt layout

Sometimes, you have to eat your tears

Is there a numeric limit to an effective democracy??

A little London Bomb Boost for Junior: "his best rating in six months"

Is Ken Blackwell Gay?

WP: Bush Says Iraq Straining Nation's Psyche

LAT: High expectations await Senator Obama in his father's Kenya hometown

Bush: The Democrats are Wrong on Iraq

The Wrong Reading of Strength

Lamont Camp Strikes Back At Lieb "Purge" Charge

Speaking of Guns.. Howard Dean was endorsed by NRA 8 times !!!

Video: Dean, Daley, Blagojevich, Burner, Brunner, and Jackson in Chicago

GOP counts on Rove to head off disaster

Rahm Emanuals on PBS, and no one's listening? Charlie Rose,. nt

Katherine Harris: Martha Mitchell Redux? (Charlie Reina)

We need to push poll this...

If Webb could defeat Allen in Virginia, Democrats would stand good chance

Denny Hastert. Who's his opponent, and what are the polls saying?

You know, Harold Ford is looking and talking like a real

Strickland & Brown Bus Tour A Success

Photo: TELL ME this man's not CRAZY, DRUGGED, DRUNK...all of the above?

McCain Campaigns with DeWine - Attacks Brown

Alaska Governor appointed his own daughter as US Senator?

My prediction for the next president of the United States...

MO-McCaskill in hot water over alleged illegal drug use.


For whom are you cheering loudest, and Why?

I am watching close as possible developments from Baghdad

Kerry has Showdown with Reporter, Hits Raw Nerve that Reporter Reveals

9/11 banner drops... need to be out there on 9/11.

Gun issue keeps rural voters away from Dems

"Finish What Job?"

Myths of a 9/11 hero, debunked

Informality a reflection of Bush's style (or lack there of)

Apple Shareholders Sue Apple

MICKEY Z.: 175 Years Ago -- Nat Turner Puts The South On Notice

A stunner from Chuck Asshole ...

Moving beyond `labor vs. healthcare industry' (Senator Ed Kennedy info)

A fascist blast from the past

$40 billion a year to deny defeat...

CNN and Blitzer trying to say Repubs are doing better in new polls

"I Was a Propaganda Intern in Iraq" - Fmr. Lincoln Group Intern Describes

Congress: "Screw the troops!"

Judge nixes logging in Sequoia monument

WSJ op-ed: Liberal politics fruitless if liberals refuse to multiply

Ted Rall on the London Bomb Plot

Bush Awards Himself the Medal of Freedom

Other People Have Cleaned Up Bush's Messes His Whole Life: Now It's Iraq

Seniors Going Broke with Bush’s Medicare Drug Plan

God Bites

I need to buy a car...any suggestions?

Does anyone here have experience with tank less, vent-less water heaters?

Judge Says (Bush) Plan to Log Sequoias Illegal

Schwarzenegger signs solar power bill (Million Solar Roofs)

Ozone-friendly chemicals lead to warming

California's SUV Ban (Slate)

South American Squid Turning Up Off Alaska - Reuters

Boreal Fires Releasing Stored Mercury At 15X Previous Calculations - AFP

Fatal Tropical Livestock Disease Outbreak In Holland - Live Exports Halted

Nuclear Power Gets Media Makeover Deliver Up to 500 Fuel Cell Power Modules for Backup Power

pssst, this message may be consider subversive in nature..

Mediterranean oil "spill" following bombings could rival the Valdez spill

Vermont's solar forecast: Sunny

crosspost: Highly enriched uranium missing in New Jersey

Fixing Leaks Will Avert World Water Woes

BP Texas refinery seen short of intake goal-sources

Manure pollution suspected in Rockwell City fish kill

Israel launches Gaza incursions

Undoubtedly, just more Israeli

UNIFIL's new mandate is a bad joke

Reuters: Israel must be ready for any Iranian attack -minister

My question to those that accept the governments account of 911.

U.S. Army Intel Analyst Targeted For Suggesting New 9/11 Investigation

Dr. Jones rebuttle to all OCTers . . . esp. here at DU

A few questions for the conspiracy theorists.

New NTSB data - A successful FOIA request, submitted by...

Key Witnesses 'Overlooked' In Official 9/11 Report

the crash site of the Russian Tupolev Tu-154 for comparison (pic heavy)

So who is Benjamin Chertoff ?

5th anniversary truth demonstration at ground zero on 9/11

Tips For Discussing Zogby 92% Favor Transparent Vote Counting

What else must one believe to believe stolen elections are acceptable?

The Import of 92% Favoring Transparent Elections; PLUS "the tough ? FAQ"

Fewer Texans receiving utility bill help this summer (funds cut)

DVO Courthouse Tour in East Texas, August 23

Self delete

Need a lemongrass soup recipe...


Federal Health minister takes heat over scaled-back plan to add doctors

Ignatieff slams Harper on Kyoto

Liberal leadership forum takes aim at NDP

Kenney likens Hezbollah to Nazi party

City asked to un-"Democrat" Lieberman

UW-Madison Dethroned As Nation's Top Party School (13th in pot use)

Casey OKs 3 more debates with Santorum

AP: Ecuador Volcano Victims in Need of Help

AP: Iraqi Panel Launches Own Rape-Slay Probe

Bomb hits Canadian convoy in Afghanistan

Attorney: in Corker suit politics not involved (opponent Harold Ford, Jr.)

Iran's Navy Attacks and Boards Romanian Rig in Gulf

Calendars show Armitage met reporter(Woodward...Plame)

Voter Registration Soars For Maryland Primaries

Reuters: Italian, German tourists kidnapped on Niger: Chad border

Shunned Candidate Goes to Washington

Ugandan Rebel Army Pledges To Save Highly Endangered Rhinos

Lieberman's registration as Democrat questioned

Minister says Israel must be ready for any Iranian attack

Bush seeks better heath care cost info --(the coupon clipper.)

Israel suspends review of Lebanon war

Former Iraqi minister arrested for corruption

Poll: GOP up after terror arrests

Nude People In Town Center Could Prompt Ban

Feinstein tells S.D. business leaders Bush misled on war

NPR: Journalist Says Iraq Security Outlook is Bleak

Scientists Offer Proof of 'Dark Matter'

Iran's Navy Attacks and Boards Romanian Rig in Gulf

Chile and China sign trade deal

Supreme Leader Censures Bush's Recent Statements

Iraq 'able to handle internal security in two years'

AP: Romanian Oil Rig in Iran Waters Under Fire

LAT: Schwarzenegger's Environmental Advisor (a Democrat) Steps Down

Over 500 Iraqis join police in Anbar

Lawsuit charges Home Depot not paying overtime

British Gen. Calls Iraq Mini 'Civil War'

Democrats await decision on Witek (switched parties last Wednesday)

On Iraq, US public trusts neither party

Italy won't send troops if Israel 'keeps shooting' (Reuters)

Labor coalition endorses Granholm in Michigan governor's race

Russian jet crashes over Ukraine

Appeals court refuses to reinstate 'top-two' primary in Washington

Psycho killer raccoons terrorize Olympia (AP real headline)

Election Year in California: Minimum Wage Workers Finally Get Boost

Hailstorms Cause Pesto Shortage in Italy

Poll: Opposition to Iraq war at new high (61% -- CNN)

Associated Press:Tape Catching Sen. Burns Falling Asleep Posts to YouTube

McCain faults administration on Iraq

Iran: Tehran Rejects Nuclear Package

City Union Poised for Strike (LA Times)

Giordano (Repug CT jailed mayor) wants pay for unused sick, vacation days

WP,pg1: Cost of Senate Immigration Bill Put at $126 Billion

GM contamination warning triggers call for ban on US rice

Venezuela says it will reconsider signing anti-drug deal with U.S

Katrina housing money slowed

U.S. still not prepared for catastrophe-Brown(ie)

UK may cut Iraq force in half by mid-2007: commander

Dozens of Suspected Terrorists Captured in Iraq

AP: Olmert Sets Conditions on Blockade's End

Plame considering suing Armitage

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 22 August

MSNBC: Russian Jet with 170 on board disappears off radar..

(Katherine) Harris loses another staffer

Military upbeat on Baghdad clampdown

Lieberman on Newt: "He Doesn't Vote Here"

At least 10 Israeli tourists killed as bus overturns in Sinai

Hezbollah official discusses blockade

US Terror War Has Boosted Iran's Regional Role - Report

US preacher defends belief women can't teach men

Judge rejects Bush plan to log in Sequoia National Monument

Report: No survivors on Russian airliner -- 170 Dead

Japan rice ban worries some California farmers-Sign on San Diego 8/22 2pm

Judge Orders Justice Department Investigation of Leak to CBS

Britain could hand back Basra 'in nine to 12 months'

Oregon's Farmworker Union starts radio station (broadcast in Spanish)

Bush Boosts Lieberman's Bid

Tory MP says Hezbollah reminiscent of Nazi party in 1930s

Lebanon's month-old oil slick sinks, blanketing Mediterranean marine life

World's biggest medical experiment gets go-ahead

Charter school scores down, study shows

Lieberman and Lamont Tied in Connecticut (American Research Group)

Worse than Katrina

Senator (Conrad Burns) jokes about house painter

Medicare erroneously sends checks

Grisly video captures Saddam lawyer's murder

Chavez to talk oil deals in China

Conservatives try to curtail hotel porn

IRS moves ahead on debt-collection plan

Marines to recall troops on involuntary basis for Iraq, Afghanistan

Reuters: North Korea threatens attack due to war drills

Are you awake? Are you? Huh? Huh?

Nightly Food Porn: Fish and Eggs and Stuff...

This is a SEX thread.

Just hit my 100th Post!

the last free night before school starts again


Starry,starry night.

The word "&%$#"

I missD U!

This makes NO sense at all...

I can't go to sleep until somebody tells me Good Night!

My kneepads are starting to wear out and it's driving me crazy!

My sister finds my hatred of Gwar illogical... Is she right?

Nominate a smellie

Fixed my computer, new anit-spyware and a new mouse.

Who's Happy it isn't monday

How come when I am reading the forums, I can no longer tell who is

When is right to wear an undershirt?

Someone, sonewhere

Good morning, everyone

I just almost threw a newspaper straight into a car.

Happy Apocalypse Day!

Were Apostrophe's EVER A Good Idea?

Were Handkerchief's EVER A Good Idea?

"Roseanne" season 4 rules!

Who watched the Katrina documentary on HBO...

A challenge: Name a movie that had more great individual performances

Author: Bin Laden Obsessed With Whitney Houston (Wants To Kill Bobby Brown

An idea for the Rapture Ready nutjobs....

So glad I didn't buy a house before the Rapture!

Woman Puts Wedding Details On Cancelles Wedding Cake

Anyone watch Spike Lee's "When the Levees Broke" Last night?

after lunch, i get sleepy too sometimes...

Great News! " Male Stars Feel the Need for Speedos"

You heathens all look so TINY down there!

Hip-Hop Community Slams K-Fed After Debut

I will be so glad when the 6 yr old understands hyperbole


ANOTHER Jumping Sturgeon Injures Boaters (Breaks Woman's Arm)

I can't stand Chewy food. Does that make me anti-Wookiee?

Does anybody have good vegetable smoothie recipes?

HOW is this trick done ? ! ? !

A thought about banning trolls

was this wrong?

I have to leave

We are baby sitting my father's Kitten...

Why do rapturists really want to go bye-bye?

And, one more rapture question: What's this about 8/22?

Is it Time? IS IT TIME??

Yesterday I received a catalog for $500 shoes.

Look at them go, they're being raptured!!

DO I win a PRIZE for ticking off a troll?

What English band leader killed himself? (Not joy division)

What subversive dreck is hanging over YOUR desk?

The lowest Rapture Ready Index occurred on Dec. 12, 1993.

So I have local news on and no rapture report yet

Okay, DU, maybe you people know what happened here....

How could you NOT fall in love with a face like this

I rescued our gerbil, Ted Stevens' (he likes tubes), life last night.

Has Anyone Heard From Sapphire Blue? Calling Sapphire Blue!


My Niece never acknowledges gifts. Any advice?

Another two reasons why I've been angry lately--a minor rant

Ok well since nobody else is going to congratulate me ...

How do you lose weight and not even notice?

Now, from Ottawa, the national timetable council

Any word on the guy who quit his job so he could be raptured?

"Pink Taco Place" New stadium may be named after female genitalia.

There will be brief periods of getting down time today

Which is better?

My truck passed inspection today

Local Bands

Look at the guy in this picture:

It's a cold world...

I sat next to this guy on a plane last week.

I am Jewish but I wanna be raptured also.

Because this is the funniest thing ever...

I just RACKED UP on some classic movies and ol' TV shows...

I gave my self to the lord..And he never called me back!!

Has anyone ever used something called "Jungle Jack"?

Cool Optical Illusion (Have You Seen This One?)


DVD player question, we have a new wide screen TV but our old DVD

some sunofabitch almighty raptured my car keys

Should I change my avatar?

I've just finished mowing - hold the rapture for awhile

favorite love songs

What NOT to say when being raptured

Smiley list?

Coming soon, to a theater near you.....

I finally heard "Let it Be...Naked" and...

an old friend

Is anyone else experiencing DU weirdness right now?

Whose leg does one have to hump to get to be raptured around here?

Snakes in a theater!!!!

DU is being poopy. No one is home, therefore I'm jumping in the pool.

Time to talk Grateful Dead: What's your favorite Dead song

Are you strong enough to be my man?

Ted Stevens techno song - "A Series of Tubes"

Nice new feature on DU

My trick passed inspection today ...

Is this a good joke for this pic? Or come up with your own.

Are you strong enough to be my deodorant?

Who raptured the air out of my tire?!

We have thunder and lighting here in my little corner of Houston.

What is the worst Land's End, LLBean etc clothes color?

Make-out party in the Situation Room!

There will be brief periods of downtime today

Dylan sounds like a cranky old man...

Girly-girls: Favorite makeup with naughty names?

I just flew in from The Rapture and BOY are my arms TIRED!

Trying to find an (old?) country song...

I just got an e-mail from Minerva McGonagall.

OK, this is obviously NOT a boy! (YouTube Video)

some nice input from my doc today - my doc, whom i love, good news or bad

Generally, what was your attitude about school?

George Bush's solution to overweight women!

Congratulations hippiechick!! 10,000 posts

5:30 PM and no Armageddon!

My coffee is being raptured!

Raptured DUers, check in here!

5 more east coast hours til we get raptured up.

"I'm from New Jersey"-

How do you like this new graphic I created?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 8/22/06)

New Pet Picture Thread With A Twist!

My buns are being raptured!

Pretty darn entertaining video

someone really needs to buy Bush this plaque:

'Willy' The Tortoise, On The Run For A Month, Back Home With Owner

It's 1:21 a.m. and I'm chewing a banana bubble gum cigar

Cat Loses Nose, Tail In Lightning Strike

I Like Her Golabka

Tuesday list thread

Cruise ship hits whale


I was raptured earlier today and was allowed to report back

What movie do you think has the greatest acting ever in it?

Rapture believers that drive today should be arrested

What music was on (if there was music on) when you lost your virginity?

Madonna’s magical nuclear waste cure: Magical Kabbalah Fluid

Rapture Letters (Rapture Spam?)

Kick-Ass Kajun Texas Barbecue

HypnoLove comes with 4GB of RAM!

Say, kids, what time is it? It's time for the "Rap-ture Reddy Show!!!"

"Rapture" defined, does it really sound that pleasant?

Is it wrong to hunt someone down and murder them if they don't come back?

I just got the WILLIES!

Need help finding the lyrics to a song

so my son & his dad went to the Mets game on Sunday

Ipod question

Harriet Carter is selling the auto cool

Trying to break out of my caffeine slavery

Will I get Ruptured today

What movie do you think has the best aching ever in it?

Keep or Kill the beard?

for i so loved the lounge

I hope you have a sense of humor, this pretty good

I am officially a geezer. 65 today.

A humble request for computer help.

Why do parents enter 6 year olds in beauty pageants?

*As seen on TV* Sen. Stevens Internet Pipe Cleaner

Does anybody have any good recipes for portobello mushrooms?

Hailstorms Cause Pesto Shortage in Italy

Fuck the Rapture, what about Ragnarok?

Music Coorespondent Web Site - Put in a band or album and...

What's Your Preoccupation

Mi Dios, I hate the Yanquis...

Sandra Lee is making tater tots with cheese and bacon

Dr Phil's psych test... (yeah I know Dr Phil)

The twelve commandments of flaming

To all the honest and generally *good* people out there:

Least dorky name for a baby girl:

Must all car salesmen be complete assholes?

Tuesday, August 22. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

And now, a monkey with a death wish.

ZombyLove comes with FREE CHOCOLATE

Good times from the Rapture Ready board

AHHHHH!!!!! I just found a GREY HAIR!


Is it wrong to hope someone is unhappy so they come back?

My Mother and Your Mother were Washing the Clothes...

DU: The Movie

Nancy Grace DOESN'T CARE!

A cute video for bunny lovers:

Hey! Did I mention that it's about time to......HOOK UP?

Well, I'm off to the Community College to take a

Yay!!!!!!! Finally, I got a new job!!!

The guy who murdered the 10 Yr old girl in OK

Great rerun of Oprah on social class in the U.S., this Thursday, 8/24

The hippiechick "10,000 posts over 5 Years"aka s'About Time Extravaganza!

OK this is going to be an interesting semester.

James Lipton does KFed

Post a Rapture Haiku!

I just got the WIGGLES!

had my first day of in person classes today

Sigh...........Another Pic Thread...........

Paramount cuts ties with Tom Cruise

Why is the Middle East so messed up?

Why is "The Godfather" such a fine film?

So I'm watching the movie "The Wicker Man" with Nicholas Cage...

Which Tattoo Do You Like Most?

I have decided to kill myself so that the lounge may live

Alternate State Mottos - Add Some

Better set of names for baby boys:

Happy birthday cosmicdot, trof & johnnie!!

Inspired by the Lioness, time for a *TATTOO PIC* thread.

Anyone else from religiously blended families?

Health Care: It's What Ails Us

Bush must be getting desperate ... just heard on radio he supports "Plan B

US FDA calls for new warnings on ADHD drugs

Has Canada Got the Cure?

Scientists Offer Proof of 'Dark Matter'

Weird Question: Do we have a good equal marriage symbol

Should we support wal-mart's quest to "support" us?

So...who do you think is top?

New Moon in Virgo - Wednesday, August 23, 2:10pm EST (3:10pm EDST)

Hay Gang - THIS is why it's important to keep doing what we're doing:

George Felix Allen is blaming the media

Nice Picture !!!!!!!Senator John Kerry Presents Award to ,

Kerry speech repeat, C-span 3 tonight

While you're at dailykos, Joshua Frank

Kerry's office needs to read this ZOGBY poll - - - - TODAY.

Yeah, what he said! Fla paper likes Kerry proposals

SurveyUSA VA poll: Allen over Webb by only 3 points!

Blue_In_AK, these are for you

Photos from our CT cabin.

Posted these in GD yesterday

Dean: Bush Still Has No Plan for Iraq

Bernie Ward's taking apart Bush's press conference earlier today

"How Washington Goaded Israel"! Is anyone surprised?

dupe post - delete

What's DU's opinion on this?

VA psychiatrist charged in road-rage gunfire

West Point is an Equal Opportunity Employer, but not for students. WTF?

August 21, 2006 The "Number" is up to 2611

Toles : snakes on plane

Watch bush get all pissy trying to explain the Disaster in Iraq

"Don't Forget New Orleans" sign at football game.



Tomgram: 7 Facts making sense of our Iraqi disaster...

3 whole days without terror from the skies: Russian Jet Crashes

Ghost car

Ned Lamont Should Call For A Debate

Bush shows the finger again

"Are you disappointed 3,500 Iraqis were killed last month"? "No."

will iran be another mistake

Transcript of Bush Press Conference 8/21/06

what is the significance of August 22nd?

If the war in Iraq is over, the US economy will go in recession.

New Bush Comic: Master of Disaster

Bush has put out a quiet feeler to replace Rumsfeld in recent weeks.

O M G! AP Calls bush's Social Gaffes his "Informality"!

Iran says forget about dropping nuke program. Now what?

Israeli Minister : Prepare shelters for Iran strike

BREAKING ON MSNBC!! (warning - spoof)

Bush** Publicly Takes Constitutional Powers Away from Congress

What will Bushco and MSMachine do

Am I the only one...

President on Another Planet - By Eugene Robinson

Fearless Leader and the 'Faith-Based Initiative'

This Cartoon REALLY hits the nail on the Head.

Is your "Psyche Strained"? bush feels your pain.

Does anybody remember the first hawks for war after 9/11?

Alert: Marvin Kalb on CSPAN2 now

Comptroller Gen: US debt 90% of net worth of all US households

What "Lack-of-Rapture" excuses will we be hearing tomorrow?

How many ways has Lieberman screwed us.

The Rapture Index is down -2 as of yesterday.

It's the end of the world as we know it . . .

McCain Ads On DU?

Is Bush's legacy as a failure reasonably assured now?

Why won't Iran and N. Korea comply with Bush's demands like Iraq did?

Why are people this stupid?

Conyers:What is the Republican Plan for Getting Us Out of Iraq?

Why Does Tom Friedman Still Have a Job?

The Dems should call Bush out on the REAL reason for staying in Iraq

Why is there a "media circus" ?

"War is not a time of Joy". Then why are you fuckin laughing moron?

Kandahar is lost

What does a nuclear Iran mean to us?

This Modern World: Taking terror seriously: A Handy Guide

OH GOD! Another executive order!!!!

How to make the Ramsey case matter

Looking to find Lieberman's net worth, financially

George Allen Is Done.

Did I miss the rapture?

Dear DUers - Oops! I did it again... please check this link:

Re Breaking news

All file tapes used by the MSM should be required

islamic people fighting each other for centuries - I say prove it!

Murtha Says Bush 'Just Doesn't Get It'

TOON: Fax to Dems who support or fail to condemn Lieberman

Winger Pundit: Bush's Apathy to People's Will is a Good Thing

"We are just protecting ourselves"

Judge who nixed wiretaps accused of ties to ACLU

CT GOP Sentate Candidate's Site Is Kinda Sad screenshot. Brilliant!

How Much Information Stops With You?

Ortega leads in Nicaragua (hooray!)

Something I've been wondering about...

Anyone else going through Sarbanes Oxley right now?

VA psychiatrist accused of firing gunshots at van carrying children

Rapture forums

Terrorist Suspects in England are part of world wide Gay Agenda

Cable News's Lurid "Race to the Bottom", Part 2345674--Nancy Grace

Am convinced that *Co has had a hand in mosque bombings

Franks (the What Happened to Kansas guy) on GOP corruption

Do we know if the Rapture is going to be held before 1 PM?

Make it an Apocalypse Nite!

I have to leave

Court Annuls Marriage for Violation of Social Custom

Liebersham on Beck right now,

I just pulled this little jewel from out of the past...

A Man, a Plan, a Dam. Then, an F.B.I. Call

So the next president gets bush's war & has to deal with it.

Panhandling at gas stations, part 2

If fundies you know are not yet raptured, can you help speed the process?

War Crimes and Bush: A Work in Progress

" I have never seen such complete devastation in my entire life."

Eavesdropping not the only story squashed for 2004 election

AP: (Mass) July single-family home sales drop at sharpest rate in 11 years

We're all seeing pictures of the damage in New Orleans, but

I was raptured earlier today and was allowed to report back

Bush - No 9-11/Iraq connection suggested

New Rasmussen Poll will have Lieberman and Lamont tied in CT

So I have local news on and no rapture report yet

Terri Schiavo Nurse Cleared

4 U.S. servicemen killed in Iraq unrest

Poll: 58% approval rating for Bush among voting machines

Good Grief... are people so obsessed with

The lowest Rapture Ready Index occurred on Dec. 12, 1993.

DEMs, Here's your 3 month list of Anniversaries of BUSH FAILURES USE IT

Rapture believers that drive today should be arrested

"We're not leaving so long as I'm the president." g w bush*

Has Anyone Heard From Sapphire Blue? Calling Sapphire Blue!

Any word on the guy who quit his job so he could be raptured?

I am an American first.

in the last 100 years, what wars has Iran started???

I never knew George Allen was an extra in a movie about the Confederacy...

True? Paul Wolfowitz, World Bank to oversee Lebanon's foreign aid?

Juan Cole: Bush's Arab Dream Palace. Is it Narcissism?

Christian Newswire: President Bush, Not a Leader

'Tis the season to be fearful...fa la la la la la la la la....

I've just finished mowing - hold the rapture for awhile

The liberal fertility gap?

On Iraq, US public trusts neither party

Best Hurricane Katrina Charities

Is Bushco mostly malevolent, apathetic or merely incompetent?

As Monty Python would say... "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" UK pulls out

Raptured DUers, check in here!

Hurricane Victims Suffer - Big Insurance Profits

So...anyone see that 12th Imam fellow show up yet today?

"The Guy James Show" is taking reservations for today's program

Singling Out Muslim Air Passengers: Latest Republican Campaign Issue?

McCain: Americans led to believe Iraq 'some kind of day at the beach'

Only 20% of Brit voters believes their govt. tells the truth about terror

Is there a link to the Apocalypse that is supposed to be happening today?

Marine Corps to start involuntary troop recalls

Fake Signatures On Petitions Investigated

GOP - The gloom and doom, fear, terror, and scaring little kids Party

Why are Repub presidents allowed to break the law, but Dems aren't?

Ukraine plane crash

Do problems have solutions?

Forget bird flu- now there's bunny flu!!!

What happened? I just got this scary error message

So will all the Trolls and Freepers be gone after today?

What am I missing? What's with all the "rapture" threads?

Don't Get Too Comfortable ~ Troops long out-of-uniform sent to Iraq

Implanted Chips in Our Troops?

I haven't turned my TV on. Is it the end of the world yet?

OK, waddup with the rapture posts? Haven't been here in a few days ...

FACT: Bush committing Munchenhausens Syndrome by Proxy on USA

Time to vote for the Progressive Patriot Candidate!!

Asked if bush's use of "Democrat Party" was a slight? WH: Ridiculous!

San Francisco Du'ers tell me about this guy:

RE: 8/21 Daily Show Moment of Zen.

Excellent daily piece running on Memorial Hospital pre/post Katrina.

Did anyone watch Tony Hall on Book TV this weekend?

Question--how do I find a list of soldiers killed in Operation Desert

I got a terror alert for YOU bush !

Reuters update on Iran's response to UN. A little more info:

Could this be George Bush's legacy? Yesterday was better than tomorrow

Mil in Iraq for at least 2 more years...draft? 8 rotations per soldier?

Lieberman may be forced to prove he's a real Democrat to stay in the party

So it begins...

Head up DU vets and families Veterans Commission in Atlanta Step.5th

Democrats Should Launch an October Surprise

Notice how many govts and groups are IDed as "leftist" now?

Kyra on CNN checked...they're not going today.

No news is news. More newpaper layoffs in Ohio

Wisconsin DUers! Who is behind those anti anti-gay marriage ads TV ads?

The military based their recall of marines on" perpetual war"

W says we're good, decent people, just absolutely wrong.

Stupid McCain comment on Iraqi insurgents...

Misleading and Inaccurate Public Statements Compiled from Public Sources

Have you seen this? The NSA Choir

Anoyne see the "NewsHour" on Pentagon Broadcasting Service

Why exactly is “setting a deadline in Iraq” a BAD thing?

Make-out party in the Situation Room!

BREAKING NEWS: Republican's lapping up Democrat's Sloppy Seconds

"Is it immoral to be against the war"?

Why don't we hear much about Zarqawi successor Abu Hamza al-Muhajir?

P. Buchanan Argues For Immigration Moratorium To Preserve White Dominance

Ryanair's answer to security madness:

TIVO alert.......On Letterman tonight - - -

"Cut & Run?" No, "Stay and Sink!"

Conservatives Try to Curtail Hotel Porn

We got our natural gas bill yesterday

Charter school students don't perform as well as public school students

McCain says Bush led US to believe Iraq would be a "day at the beach"

Christian Newswire: Methodist Church Hijacked by Illegal Immigrant!

Bush Approves Recall of US Marine Reservists for Active Duty

Conservative activists "target" hotel porn

Randall Terry (Operation Rescue) and his gay son differ on "family values"

Stars & Stripes:

indicted Delay aides say law is too confusing

Bush's 'freedom' Agenda is a farce

Sharp upswing in casualties taking toll on 1st Brigade soldiers, families


Who was the bimbo blond

Dem senate prospects are brigher

Fieger on Scarborough (racism + mysogyny): anyone catch that?

"Muzzled" author Smerconish was on Headline News today

Sigh. I have defended Randi thru thick and thin...

Republican Candidate excludes daughter and gay son from campaign photo

SurveyUSA: 6 most unpopular governors ARE ALL Republicans

Al Franken is debating Pat Buchanan on his show tomorrow

Artificail Recovery;Real Job Losses

Was it better under Batista than Castro...or about the same?

HuffPost Blogger Deconstructs Bush Press Conference and His Scrawled Notes

Lieberman encounters resistence on his "Cup of Joe with Joe" tour

Olmert, Minister in Clash Over Returning the Golan to Syria

Don't be fooled by Repugs in sheeps clothing

Theory: Conservatives are Bad at Math

10 steps for teaching fundie/wingnut children.

LAT editorial: Finish What Job? Bush's ominous, open-ended Iraq commitment

The CON in conservative...

Judge tells bush: No logging in Giant Sequoia National Monument

How far will $250 billion go?

Which religion is rapturing today? (Aug 22, 2006)

Dubai Ports Deal Redux - This time its e-Passports

To those who communicate with alot of people by email, please mention this

SCAPEGOAT?? Commander of USS Cole during attack fails to make captain

Can bush LIE us into other wars? His track record is pretty good.

Hey! I found another book for the Bush Presidential Library!

Where do the Dems stand on globalization/privatization?

A Fable for our times...

Take action: Help force the MSM to be fair. It worked on Chuck Roberts

Adam Corolla snubs Anne Coulter

Why is today (the 22nd) supposedly significant?

It's August 22. Do I have time to finish my project this morning

Panel backs licensing for tax return preparers

Most Muslims view the word "Islamofascist" as an insult to all Muslims

Let's list the mountain of acts of kindness brought forth by the right.

What part of Spike Lee's Katrina Documentary made you angry last night

I Was a Propaganda Intern in Iraq

Imus chides Begala for supporting Lamont over Lieberman...

Just when I thought there would not be one;

OK ya'll what's the significance of August 22, 2006 again? I can't

Rachel Maddow vs Pat Buchanan

Irish company challenges scientists to test 'free energy' technology

Highly enriched uranium missing in New Jersey

Bush's confusion of tactics and strategy speaks volumes of his command

Yet Another Clueless Repuke! Jokes About His Guatemalan House Painter

Dixie Chicks Documentary & AOL Poll to DU

Marines to face involuntary recalls

Idea to make DU even better (I think) -- Wouldn't it be cool to have

Need help, guys - Congress/Senate folk who are health care specialists

Polar bear operated on by Barbaro doctor dies

McDonald's Hummer Contest - take your best shot!

He brags about a 21 minute phone call with the Chinese President, btw...


Man Sees Virgin Mary In George Foreman Grill Drip Pan

There will be brief periods of downtime today

Where the hell is this money coming

Will there be mass suicides starting in five hours?

Great rerun of Oprah on social class in the U.S., this Thursday, 8/24

"Blink Ads" = Blipverts?

9/ll Commission comic book?

After W's admissions yesterday, why isn't the White House in flames?

Groundswell of Support for Brown in Ohio

LAT: Bomb Plot Evidence 'Immense,' British Say

Bumper Stickers - good sources?

Kurdish ad thanking America is from a right wing PR firm

Government says... Thou shalt not record Free Speech TV any more!

Posting on Political Forums: Useful Endeavor or Waste of Time?

If a Democrat is pres. & we're attacked, repubs will DEMAND Impeachment.

does anyone have a rapture update?

5 years later: How has nine eleven changed everything?

A freeper connects the dots....

Best time and place to live?

Randi Rhodes was put on the no-fly list???

Lieberman learns nothing-goes on Glenn Beck's show

ARG: Lieberman and Lamont Tied in Connecticut

ATTN: Arabic and Hebrew speakers and graphic designers

Anyone else notice this about McCain?....

Have Christo-fascists ever started any wars or held mass executions?

Hackett on Tweety

Spike Lee's masterful work

Former Iranian president invited to speak in Washington: report

Is today the Great Rupture?

Myths of a 9/11 hero, Giuliani, debunked

Denver Post gets it - Focus on Karr distracts from news that matters

Jimmy Carter: Fundamentalism Gives WH Excuse For Their Criminal "Mistakes"

So would DU have been opposed to Bernie running against Democrats?

The Levees were bombed again.

See, once you make Bruce Willis into a Raccoon, this sort of thing happens

One Tin Soldier

forced to remove shirt with arab letters--READ THIS, EVERYONE

I miss Keith Olbermann when he's not on

So what happens in CT on election day.

Boycott Dunkin' Donuts? Owned by Bush & Romney

Rasmussen-CT: Lieberman ONLY 2 POINTS Ahead Of Lamont

This is amazing, actual tear in the Space-Time Continuum has been detected

Michael Moore Documentary Rattles Health-Care Giants

Chimp to raise campaign cash for Macaca Man

The Flamers Bible, written nearly 20yrs ago, when the net was young

A few hot dead blondes Fox somehow missed

"Straight Talk" McCain Bashes Bush's Iraq Optimism, Ignores His Own

ADHD Drug to Get Stronger Warning

Caribbean Cruise? Passport Please

What do you think about Iran? Are they as bad as is claimed?

John Edwards Asks us to Sign Petition to End Genocide in Darfur

What Red America Needs To Know About Terrorists.

Caption this * pic...

AOL Poll to DU How is w* doing?


Wash. Post edits Bush's comments on Iraq

They Called It Katrina (one year ago tomorrow, the storm was born)

Anybody that voted for the war in Iraq AND still supported it in 2004

Juan Cole "diagnoses" Bush as having narcissistic personality disorder.

Spicy foods to be banned on American airplanes

George "Macaca" Allen Campaign Manager Retracts Apology

One Day in The Life Of A Single Low-Paid Mom...

Explode a Freeper's Head! Help me raise $ for 1-800-SUICIDE

If a draft was started, whould you ship your teenager out of the country?

Wal-Mart! - - I'm now a huge fan . . .

I Got Your Dem October Surprise RIGHT HERE:

I was raptured by accident, but then I broke the fuck out.

Ever notice that acts of humanity are greeted with ridicule by the right?

Ilegal Immigration--Mexico

CWA and Jobs with justice heat up Verizon campaign in Philly

John McCain's "Gun Problem"

Hooray! DSCC no longer lists Lieberman as a Dem!

DVRs Help Voters Avoid Campaign Ads

NYT: The YouTube Election

help!! LTE

just one question ...

Sex Offender Law Arrests Begin

Hints that Hillary will skip WH race to whip Senate Dems into shape

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: Snakes on a Brain

By Bush responding Nothing calls Cuck its Cheney a liar

Anyone catch Bubba's op-ed in the NYT?

Cross Post From GD: Ned Lamont Should Call For A Debate!

New Bush Comic: Master of Disaster

Action to Call on Congress for Real Solutions on Health Care

What will this do for 2006?

DU a poll: new Medicare drug plan?

Once Repubs return to Washington on Sept 5th, will they caucus...?

Blast from the past...

Congress Poised to Unravel the Internet ( money stuffed in pockets)

CNN's latest poll: 51% see Bush as "strong leader," 54% say he's dishonest

A sign of the times

More communities pressing the impeachment issue...

Bush attacked from the Right. Be careful what you cheer for.

How should the Democrats fight the "war on terror"

US Senate predictions of Chris Bowers

With crime on the rise, law enforcement fights $1.1 billion funding cut...

A War Resister's Invisible Fence

Remeber a few weeks ago when Santorum still insisted on WMD in Iraq

Republican convention committee visits Cleveland

Too many toys and too few boys. The 10¢ soldiers.

Anything new from Lamont? Commercials? Site over-haul?

McCain sticks "Mission Accomplished" up Junior's backside...

Petition "Stop the Cheney-Specter Wiretapping Bill" - Durbin's response

Watch this great ad by Jim Webb, D-Va

Sexual harassment poster child O'Reilly on Trusting the Commander-In-Chief

Bill Maher's Show starts August 25th..Let's get Lefties on!!!

PLEASE READ ! need to impeach the whole damn government !

Katharine Harris and Allan Schlesinger .... unendorsed co-campaigners?

A Fable For our Times....

Lamont with Jim Dean, Ben Cohen rallying in Vermont.

from Yahoo: Informality a reflection of Bush's style

NYT fails to call Bush on his response: Iraq had "nothing" to do with 9/11

Arthur Brooks in the WSJ on the "Fertility Gap".

Randy talking about the media and lack of news except Ramsey case

Bill Clinton to stump for Doyle (Gov of Wisconsin)

Vote for an idiot, get one: Dubya loves fart jokes

THOMAS FRANK : A Distant Mirror

Some good Progressive Patriots to pick from...

Rumour - new Rasmussen poll showing Lieberman at 45 and Lamont at 43

Has Anyone Seen a Projection of November's Absentee Vote Count

Robert Reich Article from Tom Paine: Agree or Disagree?

Neil Young's "Living With War" Video

David Dill (Stanford prof & DRE activist) will be on Lou Dobbs tonight

HARD work: "President Bush eats frozen custard on the way to a fundraiser"

The Truth about the "Terror Plot".... and the new "psuedo-terrorism"

Latest Pamphleteering effort

Virginia Senate: Inside Baseball question .......

How Washington Goaded Israel

Dennis Kucinich Endorses John Bonifaz!

Globalism's toll mounting for U.S. citizens

Which candidate's campaign would provide the most bang for the buck?

About the mass mailing...when does/did it s'pose to happen?

Congress to abandon Internet's First Amendment H.R. 5252 / S. 2686

A Question for the "Pundits" about terrorist attacks...

Is some press actually coming around? Another Kerry was right moment.

Day 1,800 on the Osama Clock

Should Clinton Debate Tasini?

In this election, there is only one question to ask Republicans -

If the Marine Corps can recall reservists who have fulfilled their

Freeps ask God to "raise up a Godly conservative" to take Junior's place.

* eating custard with furrowed brow. PICS.

(sing along) LA LA LA LA LA LA

Has anyone bought a Democracy Bond?

Tasini has less than a month to become New York's Ned Lamont.

Help with this project, let's assemble a list of all present or

Lamont in statistical dead heat now with Liebermant!

Voters Revolt! - November06

The lessons of history

Crock alert: Article claims Hagel fell from grace within GOP


Spike Lee and the Levee Breach