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Archives: August 20, 2006

An Army of Some

Britain:Leak reveals crisis in army

Grandma, 41, Among Army's Older Recruits

Taliban's terror tactics reconquer Afghanistan

NYT editorial: Hokum on Homeland Security

NYT: Rural Oregon Town Feels Pinch of Poverty

WP: Home but Still Haunted (Iraq Women Vets PTSD)

Women in the frontline (of military and combat)

WP: Even conservative pundits renounce Bush

WP: What Next [in Iraq]?

Günter Grass and the Waffen SS

Life in a Post-Carbon World

Israel Committed to Block Arms and Kill Nasrallah (NYT)

Analysis: Explaining the Baalbek operation to Kofi Annan

Unstable Soldier Harasses Palestinians and Internationals

IWPS: 19 year old man shot at Huwarra checkpoint

Death to Yuppiestan, or, Nasrallah was right

Class war in the IDF

Israel makes violation counter-claim

Menzies Campbell: Our foreign policy is just plain wrong

where were you when you started doubting the official story.

Loose Change 2nd Ed.

Prompted by Ted Ankrum's diary...........

I need this cookbook: "Tomatoes & Mozzarella: 100 Ways to Enjoy...

Agency Approves First Use of Viruses as a Food Additive

Wow! It's really orange in Parkdale-High Park

Chávez and Rosales Present Campaign Teams for Venezuela’s Presidential Ele

(Israel) FM Livni appoints envoy for possible Syria talks

"Pity poor Mexico, so far from Israel, so close to the United States."

GOP's Financial Edge Shrinks

John Reid wants to bypass human rights law and intern suspects

Polygamists' children rally for their families

US: Iraq Government Almost Out Of Time

DHS Terror Research Agency Struggling

Police hit out at FBI over leaks

IDF officer killed in commando raid in east Lebanon

Blair Middle East mission snubbed

Sheehan, supporters protest at Karl Rove event

Teens defend polygamy at Salt Lake rally

Iran: Satellite Dishes Seized

China touts initial success with first AIDS vaccine

Annan: Israeli raid violates cease-fire

Iran president: Britain should cut ties to U.S.

AP: Sexual Abuse By Military Recruiters

Israel Committed to Block Arms and Kill Nasrallah (NYT)

WP: Pundits Renounce The President

Mutiny on Flight 613 (UK-Passengers Mutiny till 2 Asian Men Kicked Off)

does this remind anyone of their childhood?

Felix or Oscar?

So... my dish satellite receiver bit the dust...

Quick, answer this poll before it gets locked

What should I choose for a new tattoo?

Check your PM

That Geico commercial with the movie announcer guy

Picture threats are the pits.

Since I've Been Loving You

Just got back from seeing "Little Miss Sunshine."

Any new good city building games out? I am addicted.

Quick, answer this poll

Listen.....I love animals...I have 2 large dogs.


Freeper and O'Reilly listener gets a ticket

I just watched "The God Who Wasn't There"

Woah, the mods are fast as hell tonight

Rob Thomas

What was the profession of the worst kisser you ever kissed?

did anyone watch the PGA championship?


what did you have for dinner?

How would you like to spend the night?

Please stand by for 38 lbs of cat thrashing about the living room

Who would you like to spend the night?

Opening Soon..... DU FALL OF (COREY) FELDMAN

Sebastian The Cat Gets His Gold Teeth

You know what?

I hate being out of in lazy...

My seven-year-old son explains George Bush.

What song/album reminds you of your first love?

Sent from one of my Aussie friends!

Is Wetzelbill in the house? How about Ptah?


Is there anything sexier than a Brazilian accent?

Opening soon...DU FALL OF (COREY) HAIM

Floyd or Zep?

Uncomfortable encounter today. Let me preface this, I am blond, fortyish

Man thinks he won lottery; number misprint

What are your *random* favorite things?

A stroll through my neighborhood

In Memory of John Denver, do your own SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDERS cut

Gin and Fresca.

I've been on a John Denver kick lately

Question from a new person...

oh please...

Girlfriend and I are planning our vacation for next year. Any suggestions?

Opening soon...DU HALL OF FLAME

What was the profession of the best kisser you ever kissed?

What's a good thing to eat for an upset stomach?

I have PMS and ESP .. therefore

Why did you pick your DU screenname?

I'm watching Apocalypse Now for the 100th time

Obligatory earworm non-single lyrics.

The Bush Admin's Favorite Things

"Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be."

tell me this ain't hot....and I will call you a liar..straight up

Opening soon...DU HALL OF FAME

I am an elected official. Ask me anything.

paraphrase a movie line and let us guess the real line and the movie

Straight men here: does affection from another man make you uncomfortable?

PANTETHINE for reducing cholesterol

I asked my doctor if Zetia is right for me........

Revealed: world's oldest computer --Observer

Navratilova to get U.S. Open lifetime honor

I wanted to bring up a book I keep thinking about.

Intense nightmare last night

Home but Still Haunted

Defending Kerry From Michael Moore Snark

Random Chicago Photos •••Dial-Up Warning•••

I just watched 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and thought it lovely.

Two days on Rainier... (EXTREME DIAL-UP WARNING)

Cosmic Fish series

Bloody freepers getting in here. Haven't they anything better to do?

Top Ala. Democrat accused in Todd challenge

Question about posting links?

Loose Change 2nd Ed.

Unusual water temp rise in Caribbean

Law to boost pension costs at companies

"Please, Save Me.... Take Away My Freedom!"

Join The Army! -- Get Raped

Richard Gere, delegates BLAST Canadian PM for slighting AIDS conference

"Nevada could become the New Hampshire of the West ..."


Ex-Cheney Aide Denied Access to Documents in His Defense Case

Should the boxing referee step in

Sore Loserman gathered up enough pukes

Here we go Military mental health may skip some soldiers

Listen.....I love animals...I have 2 large dogs.

Delusional Democracy Breeds Delusional Prosperity

What does Pro-Life mean to you?

rant on kos - "howard dean was right" & time to sock it to the repubs

Rebuild Iraq. Hire Hezbollah!

Conservative Christians and Israel

Major Arms Soar to Twice Pre-9/11 Cost...

Ellen Forradalom's Seven-Year-Old Son Explains George W. Bush:

Are There LOSERman Laws Anywhere In The U.S.?

Conservative Pundit Defends Allen -- With Anger And Half Truths

12am Eastern, 9pm Pacific - on Book TV - This Land is Their Land :

Come on now, she's never looked better.....

Fun with Sims

New Christian TV special featuring Ann Coulter blames Darwin for Hitler

Why Hasn't rOVER Ever Ran For A Major Political Office?

"Unitary Executive" vs The Constitution - The Supreme Court Decision?

Rents Are Rising Rapidly After Long Lull

The Open Conspiracy By H. G. Wells

Naples (Florida) News: "Katherine Harris Crazy" added to the lexicon

Wanna lissen to a fool?

update on the employee evaluation question..

Mandatory Malloy Saturday Truthseekers Check in for a Best of Malloy!!

Freepers ready to ground ALL air flights

Pundits Renounce The President

Freepers now pissing themselves...

is FEMA watching? why is Hizbollah able to reconstruct Lebanon...

why is it so many "turn the other cheek" adherants clamor for war

So how about we don't run another senator in 2008?

A Noble Purpose

NYT: "Admin Has Fallen Far Behind On Stps Needed To Protect Homeland"

Why do some people who understand evolution fail to understand

So now companies are going to start FORCING people to take time off

Barbara Bush upset about Houston crime; hairdresser cannot go out at night

Bush Admin Not About To Let Some "Bitch Judge From Michigan" Mess Them Up

Looks like "The Path to 9/11" is going to blame Clinton

Bush has spied on Democrats and political opponents ?

Teens Defend Polygamy at Salt Lake Rally

don't know which forum to post this in.(heading south on A1A today)

Help DUing a poll on Judge Taylor's decision on warantless

How to properly use a gun

National Identification Card. Honest question.

Sunday Talk Shows

Lieberman defeat shows anger with status quo

Is the "war on terror"a scam?

House Republican leaders oppose change in law to help military widows

pssssh "Strong On Defense Democrats"

Joe L. & Bernie Sanders: What's the difference?

Republicans get ugly in Ohio

Didn't know this......WOW!

NYT: In Schwarzenegger's bid for re-election, immigration may tip vote

C'mon, admit it. You, too, support a voter's test and than a license.

White House "declines to criticize" Israel's violation of cease-fire

If you wear 'subversive' clothing, what reaction do you get?

Gov. Lynch says he has 10 candidates committed to running in NH

"Candidate for Change" contest by DCCC's Red 2 Blue program; pick your own

Is Murtha getting the last laugh? (One of Most Popular Dems)

The Politics of Your Parents (and Siblings)

Conservative Pundit Defends Allen -- With Anger And Half-Truths

politically and legally beleaguered White House, not to mention bitter

George W Bush should resign the Presidency.

Liberal media my ass

British travelers stage "mutiny" because two Asians were on plane

a very moving music video by Kris Kristofferson

A Covert Chapter Opens For Fort Hunt Veterans(Gitmo of WWII)

For the Fed, it's about growth, not inflation

In the Heart of America's Love Affair with Firepower(Machine Gun Shoot)

Great article on the movie "Iraq for Sale" and email received today

Rolling Stone: Dead Man Coming (Lieberman is not going away)

More than Wal-Mart (Where American Families Cannot Make Ends Meet)

London Times: Why I've pitched my tent inside York cathedral

Be skeptical ... be very skeptical

Laws of change: Christian college hopes its students will change society.

Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun): Amateur warlords

A Higher Power: James Baker puts Bush's Iraq policy into rehab

I'd like to be cremated in a wicker coffin please. (and 49 other tips)

So how's Arnold's "Hydrogen Highway" coming along?

Just how much oil does the Middle East really have, and does it matter?

White roof plus vents equals one cool attic (practical advice Q&A)

Ozone-Friendly Chemicals Lead to Warming

Urban heat, urban legends (Patrick Michaels, don't let the children read)

State seeks to cut greenhouse-gas emissions (NM, Bill Richardson)

Vermont seeking ideas for secure electric future

Israel arrests senior Hamas lawmaker AP

Prominent US Senator Calls for Resolution of Shebaa Farms Dispute

Gophers by TKO: Lessons from Lebanon

AP: Israel Puts Demands on Peacekeepers

(Israeli) Soldiers say they were kept from (anti-war) protest

Financial Times "Comment & Analysis"-Hizbollah has redrawn the Middle East

2996 Bloggers remember those that lost their lives in 9-11

(VIDEO) From the makers of JFK II: The Assassination of JFK Jr

Flight 93 was shot down

LandShark's ZogbyPoll - It's Unanimous! Great News 4 Election Detection!

My 12 year old wants to see the votes being counted in the next election

9% enough to get politicians attention

Houston Chrnicle Editorial advocating VVPT!!

crispin miller- what to do?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, August 20, 2006

GD Thread Needs Luv: Newsy Article on Land Shark's Zogby Poll

Dinner Brings Rove, Protestors to Austin

Since Smarty Pants Liberal won't toot her own horn...

My favorite Pico de Gallo recipe.

This fabulous Mint Tea.

The ultimate fry/saute pan hunt continues

Has anyone ever researched "Swiss Diamond" cookware?

I bought some fresh catfish fillets

Talk to me about avocados.

Klein quietly re-introduces Third Way reforms

Grit paparrazi stalking Tory MPs

Sowing doubt about climate change in Stephen Harper's backyard

First I ever heard of this organization or the site posting it.

US-trained- SLA's 53 Division bears brunt of war

U.S. names spy operations 'manager' for Cuba, Venezuela

Minorities seek history class changes

Argentine dictatorship's acts put on trial

CBS radio: Iran says it tested short range missle...

4 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Reuters: Attacks kill 15 as Shi'ites mass in Baghdad

4 accused of vote-buying scheme in Mexico

Reuters: Iran will not suspend atomic work, says official

Few Post-Katrina Promises Fulfilled (1st Year Anniversary)

British MP: No shame in Bush bashing

Bomb Squad Sweeps (Delta Air) Plane, Man Questioned (San Antonio)

Sheehan & Supporters Crash Rove Fundraiser

4 American spies allegedly captured

AP: Israel Puts Demands on Peacekeepers

Iraqi Kurds targeted by artillery fire from Iran

Iraqi army soldiers rescue kidnapped women, arrest kidnappers

Revealed: Milosevic's unclaimed millions

Violence melts last remaining pleasures in Baghdad

BBC: UK soldier killed in Afghanistan

Reuters: Israeli jets fly over Lebanon after truce strained

Dems catch up to GOP in contested races

Jet used by FL Gov candidate Crist has unusual history (CIA renditions)

'Spot' teams to spy on passengers (The Times UK)

Clashes leave 71 suspected Taliban dead

John Reid: Evidence in UK terror plot substantial

Sept. 11 plaintiffs wait for answers, resolution

Hicks's legal papers seized (Guantanamo)

Romney: U.S. Needs Skilled Immigrants

Final Death toll is 322 killed, injured in armed attacks in Baghdad

Bill targets state food label warnings

Tony Blair and John Reid 'dominating' UK media

U.S. Forces Meant To Protect Iraqi Regime

Anti-abortion activists eye inner cities

The ocean is slowly claiming Malasiga. They say it's global warming.

Hagel: Bush overstepped with NSA program

Kerry Calls Lieberman the New Cheney

Leading French Presidential hopeful sneers at Bush's 'Axis of Evil'.

U.S. playing favorites in Nicaraguan election

Hillary gets ready to run

Mexico Bracing for Social Unrest

Sen. Hagel says GOP has lost its way

US facing wave of murders and gun violence

Lieberman insists he is "devoted" Democrat

National Identification Card. Honest question.


Is it weird to eat onions raw?

Has anyone ever played the National Budget Simulation?

My trip to Arizona

Whassup freaks?

Best Pink Floyd Instrumental Track?

Get ready; I'm like Clinton; I used to be the youngest one in the room. Ha

Damn. My star went bye-bye.

DUers under the age of 20

I'm all hopped up on painkillers, ask me anything.

Good night!

The Official I'm stuck at work and bored thread

I don't believe in skeptics...

Is it weird to eat bunions raw?

The Jehovah's Witnesses just came round

Kitten, anyone?

Do you name your wiener 'O-s-c-a-r M-a-y-e-r'?

Is it weird to eat anions raw?

So the new landlord says he wants to keep me here

Question from a nude person...

Ooday ooyay ohnay owhay ootay alktay igpay atinlay?

This thread is to praise the musical genius of....

Faith is about the here and now

What's for breakfast?

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer

Just how "self-taught" an artist was Vincent Van Gogh?

Which news channel will be showing a GPS map of the JBR killer's flight?

Is it weird to eat Funyuns raw?

From the basement of YouTube, I bring you:

Level 42 - More than just the meaning of Life

I am SO looking forward to Spike's new film!

Nepali women strip and plough to appease rain gods

Cat versus Dog in MORTAL COMBAT - WHO WINS?

now, this is what the 70's was all about....

Mmm mmm mmm mmm

I hate waking up with a damn headache. This one settled in on

Man has two penises, wants one removed

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 8/20/06)

Any woodturners or woodworkers here?

Fucking MusicMatch. Why is my jazz being sold out??? GRR!

Teachers & Speech Therapist who use American Sign Language ... .

I'll give you a superhero's name, you give me his/her powers.

Homebrew vs. Preassembled Desktop Computers

Last night we saw......

i want to buy this camera opinions d50

Remember Tough Guy who killed Cubby the tame bear?

Is it wierd to eat humans raw?

Casting Call: Who will play John Karr the Weirdo in the movie?

OMG, I have to socialize tonight.

I am STILL roasting green chiles!

Must watch this video

I used to get lambasted for posting pity threads.

I blast Penderecki while driving fast with the top down.

Is it a sex thread if nobody comes?

Golf Fans: Who is betting against Tiger today?

Has anyone ever tried those toilet training programs for their cat?

Meet Republican Jesus

Five seconds of this kicks Linkin Park's, Creed's, Oasis' et. al. asses.

Ever read the best of Craigslist?

What are you listening to this weekend?

Not to straight men: If you're in a gay bar and are hit on,

Not that I'm hot or anything - but when I catch a gay guy checking me out


Sex Thread Number 1

I start school tommrow. When do y'all start?

For Phoebe

"Aren't you glad God doesn't take a vacation?" Actual sign on church.

Wow. There are /no/ 0 reply threads between pp. 10 - 20, thanks in a

Well, I'm apparently not very good at this prom dress-shedding thing

Which is worse?

Who came up with the phrase "snake in the grass"?

Hey! I'm going to be an extra in Weird Al Yankovic's next music video!

Three words:

I have the best spotting scope ever

PGA Championship Thread

If I wanted to be at YouTube

Goofus or Gallant?

Congratulations ProSense!! 10,000 posts

Survivorman or MacGyver?

Tiger kicking ass..on verge of becoming first to go -20 in a major...

I was playing with my webcam.

Six thread number 2

I just finished watching a fascinating documentary on George McGovern

Six thread number 1

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.......

the poor right wingers

it can't happen here, it can't happen here; who are the thread police...

The Stephen Colbert bridge is winning! A victory for truthiness.

Cheese Cracker Poll

Everyone bookmark this page!

I Love To Singa

Wow look what I uploaded out of my camera!

Is anybody else a bit bored this afternoon?

An experiment in "Karma"

New KITTY Pics!

Wow - almost everything you need to know about Gilmour's effects

"Simply Karen" Ladies, .. have you used this product?

I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore

Final boarding call for Mr Terrorist or Mr. Al Kadia last call.....

Tiger licking ass..on verge of becoming first to go -20 in a major...

OMG! Tom Cruise is fucking amazing!! Why did I never see him before?

My neighborhood

Jon Stewart is God!

I'm watching the movie, "Arlington Road"... 1999

How many pushups can you do?

Social hygiene posters

Educate Me

Pics of my Tabby Cat (dial-up warning)

Ladies and Gentlemen.... I did it

My little adventure at the E.R.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side (cat pics)

The Home Economics Story

It's hayfever season and I'm dying

Tell Me Something You Admire About Someone In Your Life

"I must be got into my night gown." "This is what I envy in you...

Post your Baby Picture......

Is it wierd to eat copycats raw? What about normal cats?

Have you tried Boca Java coffee?

If I wanted to be Annexed by the Putawxee City Council I would have joined

automated prank phone calls

I'll take the Fifth.....Avenue that is!

Anyone else watching the Band of Brothers marathon

Stores selling fall/winter clothing even though it's hot and summer


AirmensMom appreciation thread!

Lelapin needs some sympathy. The poison ivy will not go away

'Snakes on a Plane' got 3 1/2 stars out of 4 on NPR review!

Any suggestions for a Caribbean Island?

Tiger Woods is the baddest mofo on the planet

No more fighting my kids for computer time :) I have my own!

Post some new pics

Is this art?

so i have this really shitty job history

I survived the world's largest corn maze.

What year will you die in?

Heart-warming story emailed to me.

2nd big "Snakes On a Plane" surprise - it kind of bombed.

I think I have found my long lost cat! "Miss Moo"!

2 slimy hermaphrodites having sex in public...(warning: very GRAPHIC! )

Adam Savage or Jamie Hyneman?

My latest painting... moving into color.

For the 40-and-over crowd: How did your parent(s) teach you about the

Of all the people you share a birthday with...

Anyone here see "Little Miss Sunshine" (movie)? Any thoughts?

High Tech(leftie) Redneck? That'd be me! (pic)

Canada photos, part 4: Bowen Island

our friend 180 is in the hospital

*****August Photo Contest (prelim) *TEXTURE* Poll #2

****August Photo Contest (prelim) *TEXTURE* Poll #1

*****August Photo Contest (prelim) *TEXTURE* Poll #3

Some thoughts on peace

A challenge to my faith.

Love is God.

I asked my doctor about Flomax....

Scientists find gene with role in accelerated brain development

Neil deGrasse Tyson on... everything!

Russian Mathematician proves Poincare's conjecture, drops out of sight.

CO2 Geysers on Mars

Using hatred to garner political support.

On CNN just now: Gay translators dismissed from Army. The article went o

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for August 20: Rowson wins British Champ

Michael Faraday has a mancrush on Tiger

Crap! Glavine could miss the rest of the season!

1986 Mets - Happy 20th!!

Is there a love of animals in our chart?

So...anyone picking up anything...special for the 22nd?

So WHY do the "Psychics" always try and SELL me something?

John Kerry Smacks Down George Allen for Divisive Comments

Kerry visits

Thread in GDP - just posted this and could use some help .

This Week (Video up)

Can a Kos person answer this drivel?

Republicans deal only in rhetoric

And now for something completely weird...

Winter's on the horizon...

I'm thinking of buying this camera? please some opinions wanted!

Take a look at the Washington Trails Ass'n Photo contests

****** August Prelims are UP in The Lounge*******

I got a new camera !!!!!

France said to want only symbolic force

bush was for stability before he was against it before he was for it.

Bush says we want stability, Condi says we already tried it - doesn't work

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - are these the end times?

Financial Times "Comment & Analysis"-Hizbollah has redrawn the Middle East

CSPI does it again - anti-choice statist ninnies

The non-sequitur today

Wanna end Aids

Getting your debt forgiven? Surprise ... it's taxable

Is Chris Wallace just the biggest tool in the world?


CNN just ran a BBV piece with Kitty Pilgrim ... and the anchor was ...

Las Vegas passes public defecation law (this is real)

Locked Threads & "Unreliable Sources"

Hillary taking the oath of office while Bill holds the bible...

That's IT!!!

Iraqi kids imprisoned, U.S. official says

"AP: Government Fulfills Few Katrina Promises" - A Response

Sheehan, others protest at Rove event , One Arrested

Human remains found in Mo. yard

Passenger "mutiny" over Asian travelers

A Bill O'Reilly fan, Enjoy

Today's Non Sequitur --- Stay the Course ...

More forced FNC...this time at an airport newsstand! (Manchester, NH)

Why Does McCain Hate America? On MTP, says we are NOT WINNING IRAQ

Who do you want for president?

A year after Katrina, few Bush promises fulfilled to Gulf Coast

Arab Nationalism Run Rampant at Middlebury

The Democrats could be the anti-tax party if they wanted to

Candidates using their families in commercials

WP op-ed: Washington must decide now what to do about Iraq's civil war

My SO: Rumsfeld outed that guy on purpose!

Sheehan's rally disrupts Rove reception

They want to control

Jesus General's letter to Troy Lee Gentry, country star & tame bear killer

Israel arrests senior Hamas lawmaker AP

The "NUMBER" is up to 2607 this morning.

Sheehan's Rally Disrupts Rove Reception

Ann Coulter smokes and drinks,

Sheehan's press rep arrested for talking to cops during Rove visit

WTF isgoing on with the food supply??

Iraq -- not terror -- top '06 issue

Anyone watching CNN and Wolf? It's amazing how Israeli spokespeople

Idea For A Movie (As An Alternative to ABC's "Path to 9-11" , A

Wow!! On a completely different subject, I happened to pass Tony Brown's

A Tortured Past (Viet Nam - When will they every learn)

All JonBenet, All The Time

Nearly 90 killed in bloody Afghan weekend

Prescott lets slip that some suspects won't face serious charges (UK)

Which news channel will be showing a GPS map of the JBR killer's flight?

'Sunday' show on CBS maintains 'the nation is obsessed with JBR'.

Glad To See Dan Rather On tweety's Show. I Wonder Why tweety

how Moon's newpaper invented the Minutemen

OBL is no match for JBR

Videos:Hagel on NSA Wiretap Ruling & Iraq

Who, exactly, chose * to be the Republican presidential candidate in 2000?

Homebrew vs. Preassembled Desktop Computers

Will the Lebanese army and other peace keepers have anti-aircraft

US ban on needle exchange funding

Suspicious liquids test negative - False alarm: Airport reopens

Our military was disappointed when they couldn't get Iraqis to kill Iraqis

56% of Americans 'Regret' Loss of Life in Iraq

Phew. Per ABC, we only lost 12 soldiers and marines - this week.

Wikipedia Pages I Love, Part 87,345:

"Don Vito" of "Viva La Bam" arrested!!

Politicians that think they should be rewarded for their blunders...

(TOON) Advice from Uncle Dick

What ever happened...

If this isn't good enough to put on your car, I give up.

Snipers kill 16 pilgrims in Baghdad

So Lieberman on Face the Nation

Military recruiters molest, rape potential enlistees

Andrew Sullivan: "Bush's Final Gamble: Giving Iraq a Dictator?"

Karr (Jon Benet Suspect) sought treatment at a Thai sex-change clinic

Typical red state hypocrisy...

Dan Rather says Bush just wants to hold Iraq together until he leaves...

Brian Copeland on KGO this moring - Impeachment - Check out the Archives

Can we do a class action lawsuit against oil companies for Iraq War?

I Nominate David Gregory For Tim Russert's Job. Do I Hear a Second?

(VIDEO) Jim Vanedhei calls Lieberman a Republican

Classic Mr. Fish cartoon (Harper's)

RE: Wear Black on August 29th, the day Katrina hit Louisiana!

Why doesn't the UN get involved in Iraq like they did with Lebanon??

If you haven't seen it, please watch "Why We Fight" and pass it on

Taliban's Terror Tactics Reconquer Afghanistan...

Isn't the IRS now operating like a private business.....

Putting the Iraq War on Trial

want to know how mother soldiers handle PTS?

Arizona GOP Paying People To Join Party

A Question on Iran

D.W.O. Driving while O'Reilly Transcribed. Freeper traffic stop.

I hope you're happy, LIE-berman

Using Nearly Nude Pictures,Child Sex Sites Test Law(Parental Exploitation)

What Ruppert was essentially saying after he fled the US:

When Men are Down and Out - Does Anybody Care?

Hawkish plan to plant a puppet in Iraq

Cable News Coverage Of JonBenet Suspect= Raging Alchoholic Unable To Stop

Blair thinks "Bush has let him down"....

Peace, No War

WP,pg1: Brazil's Road to Energy Independence

Saw 3 Madrid for Congress bumper stickers today. None for Wilson

Minimum and real wage stats and tax cut dollars. Information needed.

Spike Lee's Katrina film will air on HBO

MSNBC's live feed of LAX: "He'll land here in just NINE HOURS!"

Calculate your own impact on global warming

Since the US is no longer governed by Constitution but by "Unitary Executi

Let's bring back the pledge of allegance, you say.

Republican Senators Divided Over US Surveillance Program

The 'christian' Right is blaming Darwin for Hitler

"Made in USA"..........Hezbollah taking page from Karl Rove playbook..

Baghdad's Walls Are Closing In

Troops long out-of-uniform sent to Iraq

Maybe we should use the buddy system

Flight 93 was shot down

It used to be so black and white...

New Bush Comic: George Bush is Evel

Tiger licking ass..on verge of becoming first to go -20 in a major...

McCain Calls For Escalation In Iraq, Suggests Sending More Troops In

America says: There shall be no nationalized resources or we shall invade

Southern lawmakers selling out Detroit for foreign bucks

Fuck. Iran has started "war games." Escalation may only be expected.

Why should America have to endure two more years of this President?

Jon Stewart is God!

Innocent Children Jailed and Abused

Colbert goes international

The Muslim Malaise--Toronto Star--excellent backgrounder

Video about "Democratic Reunion" events of July 29, 2006

Bush's Summer Reading List

Wanna see some serious global warming?

George Allen Played a Confederate General

Keeping Iraq off the front pages - 26 soldiers dead, so far this month.

We've lost Conneticutt... The Republicans will re-elect Joe Lieberman.

For One Group, 'Macaca' Recalls Slurs After 9/11

BREAKING! Faux News' "Guy in the seat right in front

The bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad three years ago

Has Anybody Else Seen "C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America"?

Local religion editor blasts religious extremists...and Bush.

US sees wave of murders, violence as crime-fighting resources go to terror

ATimes--"Misunderestimating" Bush's Iraq (fear of Hezbollah model)

Help Wanted Ad or Sophisticated Scam???

Silent Republicans are unpatriotic chickenshits.

This patriot is more patriotic than you can even dream of becoming!

A Highlight of Our Canada Trip. Hearing GD's 'American Idiot' on the Radio

Kerry Calls Lieberman the New Cheney

count the urban legends, lies and jingoistic macho crap on this site

How many laws must one man break

What is that phrase again? Oh yeah...What would Jesus do

RE: The compact fluorescent bulb thread from two days ago

John Kerry on ABC This Week

"Why Can't Other People Respect My Religion?" (WV case)

Profiler Delves Into Suspect's Mind; Says He Doubts Karr Killed JonBenet

That last lightning strike did more than knocking out DU for an hour!

Any word if the Phleps cultists will protest Gen. Kathryn Wood's funeral?

George W Bush in "Gone with the Wind part 2"

Sen. Hagel says GOP has lost its way

The Politics of Rage

WI Iraq Vet Candidate Under SWIFTBOAT-like Attack with State Money

Put some more lipstick on that pig !

What ever happened to killer bees? (a look back)

DU just reached a megabyte!

Democrats had sneak peek at GOP playbook months ago

Sometimes even Fox "news" gets it 100% right!

Just curious, does any one else here work at the polls on election day.

Nebraska Republican switches to Democrat

Oh, my... I think I have a letter to write, comments?

Woohooo! Bushitler just got punched in the head and I saw it.

Bush and his brain...Dysfunctional or Malfunctioning??? What is it?

The Trevor Project

BREAKING NEWS! John Karr just sneezed!

WP: "Did no one teach these kids basic English?"

David Horsey TOON: W channels Camus

Randall Terry rigs election for Florida State House...

Congratulations "Highlights"! You made me what I am today!


Back to school with Bruce Tinsley

RW Think Tank Says Bush May Attack Iran In 12-18 Months

McCain Falsely Claims Most American Oppose Timetable For Iraq Withdrawal

Blair Agrees Bush Is Crap & That He Is A Man Of "Low Intellect"

Salon: "N.O. Better Blues" (Spike Lee's Katrina Documentary)

Meet the Press..... increase in insurgency, number of roadside

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Peace and Quiet)

Pay close attention to Upcoming events & News Cycles

First order of business when Democrats retake Congress:

If Iraq is key to Bush's terror 'war' . . . we're losing

I highly recommend "Lies My Teacher Told Me" by James Loewen

Be skeptical ... be very skeptical

It's November 2008...McCain v Clinton

Can anyone explain to me how "Unitary Executive" differs from "Dictator"?

November elections: OUR VOTE FOR FREEDOM, Purple fingers

Projected Debt Of $10 Trillion

Do people REALLY want to change their lifestyles?

NO Evidence Found Against "Alleged" London "Terror Mastermind"

Code Pink in Austin for Karl Rove!!

Has Global Warming became a pretense of belief with no intent

Video of police entering private property. Was this man within his...

Photographer out of hospital after "suicide by cop" bid (McCusker/NOLA)

Cartoons from Herblock (BIG graphics)

RISKING THEIR LIVES for democracy – MEXICANS Challenge STOLEN Election

Forget Snakes on a Plane, Anti-Arab Hysteria on Planes is Deadly

Michael G. Karr Jr.returned to the US. PHOTOS HERE!!!

Pump criticizes the handle -- Lieberman calls for Rumsfeld to quit

Breaking: Karr ate pate and prawns on the plane. I'm not kidding.

ABC sanitizes Spike Lee

Just want to thank those who put up single TOONs & collections!

Toby Keith a Democrat?

Apocalyptic Ahmadinejad rattles sabre

Do you know any "holier than you" leftists?

Hold On To Your Butts: Housing Bubble Burst is NATIONWIDE >>

92% of Americans Favor Public's Right To Know How Votes Are Counted

On Native Soil

What is Kerik doing in Guyana

In the Penal Colony

What is white???(race)

Give me a V! Give me a V! Give me a" V for Vendetta"! It was that

Newly hired teachers? How long till you get paid?

NY Times - Privatizing the IRS

Know your BFEE: Poppy Bush was in Dallas the day JFK was assassinated.

Political ads....

Bi-Partisan Improvements At DU

(General) George Allen in a Confederate Uniform in a movie

The attitude of Lieberman, the attitude toward the primary changes...

Iran Test-Fires 10 Short-Range Missiles

Schwarzenegger set for hit sequel

fear doesn't sell anymore ... what will?

FEMA trailers-toxic tin-cans

Voting Details Go Online says The Columbus Disgrace.........

The politics of anger, not merely fear.

October Surprise? Not!

The Fat Lady has sung, but Republicanns didn't hear her!

You Can't Talk to A Psycho...

Carl Sheeler (RI-Senate) Live Blogging Taxes, Iraq and the ME

Aw, Harry

AIPAC Congratulates Itself on the Slaughter in Lebanon

Notes from the campaign trail: Eric Massa's Weekly Diary

Want another Lamont in Rhode Island?

I couldn't believe the BS I heard on "The Beltway Boys" on Faux

Mission Unraveled: Taliban's terror tactics reconquer Afghanistan

DNC meeting to re-air at 7:36 this evening.

Arizona GOP Paying People To Join Party

Cuba Publishes Book on Assassination ("Fidel, Kennedy, and Chavez, ...")

McCain agrees with inherent powers..........

New Bush Comic: George Bush is Evel

I got an idea! Let's embolden the enemy, Let's embolden terrorists, too.

Nebraska to have a 2008 FEB caucus? (no link) state convention news

Japan's Right-Wingers Out of Control

Lets talk about this do nothing Replug Congress

Note to Time: The "enormous risks" aren't just "for her and her husband"

Smackdown of Boston Globe (Reilly Scandal/Deval Patrick)

How soon will Hillary drop out in 2008 Primaries?

Collection of various Bill O'Reilly Meltdowns and general stupidity

DUers welcome to Madison, WI to protest Nazis visiting the town

Bush is Two Times a Criminal

What Democrats need to do about Lieberman

Rahm Emanuel has produced "The Plan".

William Greider: Who's a Democrat?

Lieberman fatigue syndrome (Fatiguerman)

Maybe you'll be profiled

CNN has a special on terrorism coming up 8pm eastern.

Man, Everybody was Dissing Bush's Middle East Policy

The Best War Ever

Photos: Cindy & friends "scuffle with police" at Rove appearance

Since when has the DLC spoken for moderates?

Lamont, sanguine after victory, attracting new Democratic allies

Vision Thing (former Bush speechwriter sells stay the course in Newsweek)

Kerry on a Roll: Calls ‘Lieberman the New Cheney’ on ‘This Week’

More evidence of a fucked up, tilted media ......

Republicans back Joe Lieberman

The coup of 2000 proof and what does it mean in 2006

Who said: "Help America Vote Act -- looked fixed from the start."

John Kerry Smacks Down George Allen for Divisive Comments

DLC: Pragmatic Winners or Flaming Losers? Three-Question Quiz.

Lieberman calls for Rumsfeld to quit

From Time Magazine - Hillary gets ready to run:

Time Running out for Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act - Call Your Senators!

The Looming Hillary Debacle

Cleveland Ohio DUers please PM me, I am looking for some Cuyahoga

Rove jokes after woman shouts about men & women dying, crowd laughs

Time Poll: Hillary's Negatives Are Lower Than Either Gore's Or Kerry's

Chuck Hagel demonstrates his mastery of the art of Republican rhetoric

McCain Falsely Claims Most American Oppose Timetable For Iraq Withdrawal

Should the Senate DemCaucus insist that Sanders join the Democratic Party?

I met Ed Rendell last night!

Who is dividing the Party, Joe?

OH - GOP voters turning out to see Dem candidates