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Archives: August 2, 2006

After Fidel, no deluge

Will Bush and Gonzales get away with it?

Beginning of the End for Israel?

If Chris gets into the Gulf, the water temps are very hot- but ...

Dirty Coal Plants face deadline for installing scrubbers.

"Empire comes to Lebanon"

WP -9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon

Prof Steven Jones concludes that Jesus visited the aboriginal Americans

Ok, Here's some ACTION people can take in CA

WaPo: Will Your Vote Count in 2006?

Touch Screens Are Not The Best Choice For Disabled Voters

Bonifaz: Count the Vote in CA-50

Summit Cty, OH Determines Real Winners After Certifying -Denies Candidates

The Battle of Athens

Touch Screens ARE NOT The Best Choice For Disabled Voters

need help researching political contributions

Analysis: More Rx fakes in U.S. -- Canadian firm

Israel Launches Attack Deep in Lebanon

Only 32% back PM on Mideast (Canada)

Israel launches attack deep in Lebanon

GM restates Q2 loss, says GMAC deal date in question

SF Journalist Jailed For Not Aiding Anarchy Probe (of G8 Protesters)

Man Is Accused of Reporting Terrorist Hoax to Hot Line

Roadside bombs kill three people in Baghdad

US Wins Appeal To Seek New York Times Phone Records

WP,pg1: Much Undone In Rebuilding Iraq (as handover to Iraqis begins)

Gov. Bush Aims to Stop 'Mass Migration' From Cuba

NYT: Electrical Use Hits New Highs in Much of U.S.

Israel 'holds Hezbollah fighters'

NYT: Scientists' Unions Say EPA Bends to Political Pressure on Pesticides

NYT: Clinton Foundation to Work to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Exclusive: IDF can stay in Lebanon

Lieberman Backs Troop Withdrawal but Not Timetable of Other Democrats

More than two-thirds of Army Guard units not ready for war

NYT: Bush’s Embrace of Israel Shows Gap With Father

Frist links (minimum) wage hike to estate tax cut

All 88 Are Key - Ohio Dems To Leave No County Behind

Blair warns Syria and Iran

Democrats Scrambling To Organize Voter Turnout

Senate votes to put (San Diego) Mount Soledad cross in federal hands

EU: No intent yet to add Hizbullah to terror list

WP -9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon

British Parliment - I'm a fan! :)

Another great song from the 70's

Burns in strange shapes.

I'm drinking a Bell's Amber Ale - What's your favorite summer beer?

The SO has her first professional librarian interview tomorrow

I'm going to take a short nap

Post something.. Anything....thread

I have an interview on Monday at 9:15 AM. Wish me luck!!!

i'm throwing a fundraiser tomorrow

So, what'd I miss today besides Castro relinquishing power?

So tell me about Greg Behrendt - I've never heard of him 'til now

What's this I hear about a band called "Jack off Jill"?

Is it safe to release the pit bulls yet?

I am a genius fu...

Hello Jerkers!!!

YouTube: German Ad

Did anybody notice I've been gone for almost a week?


Did anybody notice i was gone to take a leak??

Here's a song dedicated to all those who are dealing with the shit in,,,

Hello Herkers!

Was Marilyn Manson murdered?

Rabrrrrrr and I are getting married

What percent of Loungers ONLY post in the Lounge?

We had a Rabrrrrrr moment today.

My fingertips are all fucked up; How about your's?

Oh my god! I have the whole house to myself! I barely know what to do?

Who else likes Opeth?

Dennis Leary is a fantastic actor.

Did Reidy Reedy Reed post a followup since her girl came home?

She's too shy to post about it, but I heard a rumor MMR's hair is blue.

Fck Vwls!

Dont !!!!!!!!

Do you think GD will be nice to me?

I am a fucking genius.

Styrofoam peanuts — what to do, what to do?

Tree service guy suddenly wants cash....opinions?

30 Hornets vs. 30,000 bees

Will someone tell me how to post a link with a different word

Wookie Nipples!


It needs to be said

Is there a "homosexual agenda?"

Broken Social Scene up on Letterman NOW!!!`

Borough Poll

I'm watching "Sensual Body Piercing"

88 degrees F at midnight...

Siting on a park bench...

Post G-rated pictures of yourself here, Part II.

One Hour In GD and no flames for the KID

Who watches Reno 9/11?

Poor Bubba...

Worried about Morrissey (our kitty) - please help!

Tap Water

I love you people!!!!

Hello Herkers!!!

Mr Scorpio's Magical Youtube Cavalcade

I could've sworn I just saw

Please help! How does one uninstall the Mirar Toolbar? Somehow

I lied to my mom about something tonight

Socks: fold them or not?

What do you think of the latest Guster album?

Saw Ray Davies live a couple weeks ago

Hey carb-counting pasta fans!!

Some (VERY) strange statues from around the world:

Ha! Get this quote....

As a fan of weird shit, what should I watch tonight...

Okay, my husband went on a flyer and bought an LCD Widescreen

God damn it, someone say something positive about something!

Anyone here seen Lez Zeppelin?

Some of you know who I am. Some don't. I've been around for a while.

Dakota Fanning in Controversial role..........

who else is planning on/can't wait to see Taledega Nights...?

Who is your Stupidest Relative??

"Fool in the Rain" is great Zep. And I am fucking dying.

Hello Lurkers!!!

Any Big Brother fans? TV chat bare and I want to dis

Choose a mascot for the Green Party

Was Marilyn Monroe murdered?

Was Hemmingway murdered?

Bird Flu Pandemic May Not Develop

August 7 - Saturn conjoins Sun?

I am sick of those who say the two parties are the same

Who here is not receiving e-mail from

Yet another reason to hate the Boston Herald

Article about Lieberman, and Kerry is given props for campaigning

Change of (Blog) Address

Found the how to on hummers

Question here. Everytime you talk about photoshopping a pic,

KOEB 8/1/06 Mel Gibson Puppet Theatre!!!

Mel Gibson Party pix

Trumad asks Scientologists for help in healing.

"Black Hawk Down" Army Commander Investigated in Iraq Killing Spree

Court: Prosecutor Fitzgerald May Demand 'NYT'/Miller Phone Records

how did I muiss this?Bush taps Gitmo general for Supreme Allied Commander


Bush Says Military Strong & Ready but Military Doesn't Agree: Countdown


Mel stopped again, calls officer a "Mayan". "They sacrifice everyone!"

Why the (bleep) is Reggie White being inducted into the NFL hall of fame?

There Will Be No Ceasefire---The Rude Pundit

I whole heartedly support Israel

Kudlow: Israel Conflict Good for the Stock Market

Why does Israel bomb innocents then launch a massive cover-up?

"Hugo Chavez is not a military threat to the US." - George Bush Today

Caption this amazing Blair pic !

Conyers:VRA picture with Bush, New Cook Predictions, GOP getting Desperate

I just realized that thanks to W's stance that there is no global warming

Yeshua Rabbinical Council: No Enemy Innocents

The Seduction Of Joe Lieberman

Arianna is on with Scarborough discussing Mel Gibson "forgiveness"

Ah, c'mon...are you telling me no one SAW this?

Dem joke.....warning contains bad word......

Americans believe they can bargain hunt to maintain lifestyle

Tell me the difference between Hezbollah & Al Qaeda

Should the dems pass the minimum wage increase with the estate tax?

Sharing Useful Perspectives or Venting Frustration?

UPDATE!! Federal Election laws may have been violated - PA Green Party

Yo! Blair to lure US stem cell research firms

That's it! I'm rapturing out of here! Earth is screwed!

something a bit different, re: Hezbollah/Lebanon/IDF, etc.

Iran: Ethnic Azeri Activist Predicts More Protests (NOTE WMD language!)

Modern Conservatism is the Soviet Model in disguise

Looks like it's a full court press tonight

Have Prius' production spiked up the last month/s? Seems so...

Peres, Rice disagree on expected end

Does conventional military military force EVER defeat Terrorists?

Time for a WH bed check

Green Party: Is this how the Reps will steal 06?

When does W orthless' Crawford-a-thon start

U.S. role in Lebanon force limited

This BS that America has the worlds premiere healthcare has to be exposed!

Has anyone seen these people?

The Type Of Thing You'd Think Would Be In His Briefing Notes...

DHS assistance money for poor elec bills is broke here in Okla.

'We Cannot Wait For Another Shooting'

The Colbert Report: Peter Beinart, author of "The Good Fight"!

Preacher's wife allegedly pulls gun on husband during service

Bush’s Embrace of Israel Shows Gap With Father (NYT)

Nader to host two news conferences about Lieberman on Wednesday, 8/2.

did Jon Stewart just solve the ME crisis?

Poor George! Last summer he had "the vacation from hell" --->>>

Is there any such thing as "war crimes" anymore?

One of our best friends is a young Lebanese man. His parents live in

U.S. Surgeon General Quits

MIke Malloy's blog: Jonathan Tasini to be on tonight

Wash it Away

Cooling off? CNN forecasts temps in mid-30's !!

Feds may get Judith Miller phone records


Think Peace. Talk Peace. Work Peace. And Then, Practice Peace.

Jackie Mason is being very reasonable/forgiving about the Gibson incident

Are there people in your family who are racist?


Bush Treasury Secretary: Benefits (like Medicare) "pose risk to US growth"

Shaba Farms? The history and geography...

Trivia Question: How Many

Why does Hezbollah fire rockets from the vicinity of UN positions?

Mel Gibson was working on a "fair and balanced" holocaust series for ABC

"The Times that Try Men's Souls"..Words of Tom Paine an American Terrorist

How can a socialist hero have a personal net worth of $900 million?

Blair: Iran & Syria must play by the rules or "be confronted."

Nobody Gets It (a spiritual path for Israel, Palestine and the world)

Not even idiot conservatives can deny global warming now.

"W" bumper sticker on BMW SUV

Anyone watching STUPID Paula Zahn on CNN? Making fool of self...

Great back to school t-shirts available at Wal-Mart!

I love the SCREECHING EAGLE on Colbert Report's Intro Montage

I have a German friend who's married to an Israeli. We talked about

Have You Ever Used A Racial Epithet?

Mel Gibson's dad buys a church near me!

Why can't I get anyone off their asses to canvass?

How do we defeat the Enemy Combatant Military Commissions Act of 2006?

Differences between Israel and Hezbollah

Chinese County Massacres 50,000 Dogs in Campaign Against Rabies

I have previously lived in a heavy republican district

So, what's up?

Why does Israel insist on destroying herself?

What happens the citizens of a vanquished Empire?

I'm drunk and I'm angry at Israel.

I want to wipe Israel off the map!

Controlling the flow of information is a good thing

Hezbollah, Israel: Was it worth it?

We must rethink the War on Terror - Blair

WP: N.Y. Times Must Surrender Reporters' Phone Data (Judy Miller)

why no quotes from the extreme right to support anti Israel sentiment?...

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Someone help me with what I saw

America's societal disease. War good, sex bad. Result?

Clark discusses current Middle East Crises.

Ministry of Truth spin on Israel

Why are so many lefties aligning with the Israeli Right?

"Mel on the Cross" and in a scary photo too ...

22 Cities Join Clinton Anti-Warming Effort

Real Targets of Israeli War w/Lebanon: Syria and Iran

Just think, When Castro dies we can have cigars rolled between the legs of

This heat is a killer in Chicago

In Lieberman Fight, Some Faithful Feel Torn

Israel: Hold Your Fire! Hezbollah: Lay Down Your Arms!

How are you dying?

Holy Beam Me Up! The raptureready folks give Gibson a free pass

Was the ANC wrong for using violence to end a brutal apartheid government?

I learned some things tonight

according to Bad Hair Day blogger, L'Oreal founder was a Nazi sympathizer

Stop whining; ExxonMobil is doing its job

Anyone watching Nightline on new 9/11 releases?

It's only 4 or 8 years, there is no reason for a President to take

Oh, 'dat Big blue marble (Warning: Contains metaphor and poetic tools)

Gibson party photos emerge

Jackson, MS Mayor Threatens ACLU With Special Attention

Human Rights Watch Opinion on Qana

You can add your name to the Democrats' letter to change course in Iraq

Are "Republicans" and "Democrats" useless distinctions?

In the grand scheme of things, have most Cubans been better

Qana and New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward

Why do the NY and London Times claim Hezbollah fires from civilian areas?

A message of condolences and apology (Regarding a recent post I made.)

To: The world leaders


Share your thoughts on this fact: Germany was a Democracy before Hitler

did you hear mush limpballs today say Jimmy Carter was next for Cuba

Kansas gearing up for a hot Gov Race...we have an awesome D Woman

Senator Baucus's Nephew Killed in Iraq

It's time for The War Prayer again. (Read it Goddamnit! Or a pox upon you)

How are you doing?

Seems to be quite a LOT of baiting going on around here...

Did Roman Polanski's rape of an underage girl make you boycott..

Is Castro a hero or a coward?

Maybe I'm wrong, but I always felt Ariel Sharon's stroke was suspicious.

"The American-Israeli New Middle East" (chilling,concise & worth a read)

My Great Grandparents and Castro

Socialists: Check in here.

For those who support Castro here.... hits the road

Let's See...

Stop talking about I/P for ONE red hot second and consider this...

President Bush stumbles getting off...

CSPAN--Interesting Show on Now w/Jim Lobe, Discussing

I'm so confused about what Israel is doing! Here's what MSM says:

Does Politics Have Anything to Do With Governing ? Anything at All?

Repuke Mayor Busted on Child Porn

Why does politics need Gods?

Bush's Treasury admits that tax cuts aren't free

Poll: Johnson Leads McKinney by 15

Kansas wants a "values race for Gov" Look at the Bitch running for Lt Gov

Unions say EPA bends to political pressure

A Texas Preacher Leads Campaign To Let Israel Fight

In Atlanta - Manuel's politics run deep as watering hole turns 50

Workers Who Earn Tips Could Lose Thousands of Dollars Each Year in Rep bil

NEWSMAX REPORT - Charlie Cook: Debacle Coming for GOP

Bill Clinton, Tony Blair & global mayors form alliance on climate change

McKinney / Johnson Debate

Any rumors about a draft?

I just bought V for Vendetta!

why does Carter get such Hate from the repukes

Wal-Mart, Bush ruining economy

UPDATE!! Federal Election laws may have been violated - PA Green Party

Poll: McKinney closing the gap, up 13 points in less than a week.

Tic..... tic..... tic..... tic.....

The Shame of Not Being Mexican

100 Days Until Election Day, 100 Reasons For A New Direction

My conversation with a neighbor who is a Medal of Honor recipient

McKinney gets a 100% rating from the best of the liberal organizations

Help the campaign of a great Dem who is in a primary race with a good Dem

WWIII: Whose Side Are You On?(Warning: graphic pic)

A soldier maimed by war now questions the mission (Boston Globe)

NSA employees to monitor media for leaks

Alternet:Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in México

Bush Word Choices Not Helping

New Gene Lyons column

Sadly, the Plural of "Fiasco" Requires No "E"

Jesse Jackson: "Single Issue" Candidate Knows What's Important

NYT: Wal-Mart Finds That Its Formula Doesn’t Fit Every Culture

Mel Gibson and Me

MOGAMBO GURU: The Overpowering Stench Of A Looming Disaster Writ Large

Vanity Fair: 9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes

Fog of war can't hide catastrophe (Iraq)

The Band of Brothers Unravels

MICKEY Z.: Blame it on the Comet

Long, Hot Summer for Wal-Mart

Peace in the Middle East? End the Occupation! (Saul Landau)

Mideast war rages with no end in sight

Blame it on the comet

Is US the World's Policeman or an Empire?

Hiroshima, Nagasaki and North Dakota:WMDs Discovered Here(BILL QUIGLEY)

War at Home: The Seattle Shootings

Lebanon Sees Environmental Devastation

The Catastrophic Success of Bush's Other War

The Dark Underbelly of Debt Collection

LAT, part 4 of 5, "Altered Oceans": Plague of Plastic Chokes the Seas


Mark Morford on the Tesla Roadster:

Is US the World's Policeman or an Empire?

Hizbullah's attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon

Good News and Bad News on Boomer Retirement

New Page in the Script for Paulson: Economy not benefiting all Americans

Summer Nights Heating Up, Scientists Say

xpost from SciFi group - Story about a Post-oil world

New Jersey peach crop to be best ever.

"Plague of Plastic Chokes the Seas" (Part 4 -LAT - Altered Oceans series)

Gas inventory drops. Blip or the beginning of a trend?

Monsoon Rains & Floods, Blazing Drought Switch Geographic Places In India

China to test it's "artificial sun"

Appeals Court Slams Energy Regulators (California)

Specifics Sorely Lacking In Blair-Schwarzenegger Climate Meetup

Biomass Energy: The New Frontier?

S. Africans Shiver Through Harsh Winter

60 Major Western Fires Stretch Resources To The Limit - Oregonian

Nature, Wildlife Also Victims of Rockets

Nighttime Summer Temperatures Rising Steadily, Say Scientists - CC Times

Heat Wave Setting Record Lows For Europe's Rivers & Lakes - Deutsche Welle

Crosspost: Alaskan glaciers melting faster than expected.

Forecaster WSI sees fewer Atlantic hurricanes

S.African hotel pampers worms (Reuters/CNN) {recycling food waste}

Nuclear plant 'could have gone into meltdown' (Sweden)

The coming "war" with Canada (natural gas)

Judge weighs Bush's reversal of road ban

Northwest Land Rush to Build Wind Farms

Is the recent heat wave a clue to global warming? (models say yes)

crosspost: 22 Cities Join Clinton Anti-Warming Effort

Israel: The only thing that's ever stumped me.

Israel: The only thing that's ever stumped me.

If you don't agree with Israel is that anti-semitism?

Uri Avnery Did Not Write - Mobilize to avenge the blood of Qana

John Hughes/CSMonitor: Disarming Hizbullah is key to Lebanon's peace

Palestinian artist brings Nasrallah to the masses

The Times interview with Ehud Olmert: full transcript

Are 9-11 "conspiracy" theories going mainstream?

Regardless of what you may believe about 9/11

9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes

not real sure what to make of this, detention camps

NORAD 9/11 Air Defenses Damn

Why I think the Vanity Fair article makes MIHOP MORE believeable.

I'll be on the Randi Rhodes show today to talk about latest 9/11 news

A third of U.S. public believes 9/11 conspiracy theory

The dam is breaking...

The VISIBLE 9/11 protest.

Has these questions been asked before?

9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes

This academic video by Prof Steven Jones presents even more

The truth about...

Its Impossible To Hand Count The Ballots?

Randi Rhodes show from today... - Hacking The Vote

OH: Amicus Brief Filed Against Blackwell's Oppressive Voter Reg. Rules

KS Primary SoS: Situation shows why we need a paper trail for every vote!!

How to Hack a Diebold TS: humorous but accurate video demo

X Post: Elections Forum...Land Shark Attacks...Wields some Numbers

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 8/2/06 Holding Up A Mirror

A New Way to Raise E-Voting Security Awareness: Do It Yourself Videos

Brad:Fantastic interview w. lawyer Mike Papantonio on Vendor Qui Tam suit

More "mistakes" by Alaska's Division of Elections

Political Possiblities In The Wake Of DeLay's Ballot Saga

Melody Townsel's health care nightmare

Mayor's daughter accused of drunken driving

Good Article on DVO

Need help on state parks unfunding issue

DU poll for Chris Bell against Kinky at Victoria Advocate

Will dinner be ready? Will it be edible?

Anyone fry in coconut oil?

Poll suggests Stephen Harper, Canadians disagree on Middle East

From softwood to the Mideast: coming apart at the beams

Harper down to 32% in Decima poll

NYT Must Surrender Reporters' Phone Data (Judy Miller - terror $ case)

(Dem) Montana Senator's Nephew Dies in Iraq

Peruvian president lowers salaries, including his own

Specter Rushing To Cover Bush's Butt! Thursday Vote on Surveillance Bill

Is Nasdaq picking up stake in BSE? (Times of India)

Residents flee as rain swamps Texas

Mayor's daughter accused of drunken driving

'Anti-obesity vaccine' developed

Alternet:Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in México

Rebuilding Iraq an unfinished job ($2 billion left; 500 projects remain)

AP: Montana Senator's Nephew Dies in Iraq

4 ex-Merrill Lynch execs' convictions overturned

Class struggle deepens in Oaxaca, Mexico (it not just about Obrador)

AP: Workers' tips at issue in congressional minimum-wage bill

Sectarianism, crime tainting Iraq police: official

Democratic Senatorial Committee Announces "Fudge Report"

Anti-Defamation League accepts Gibson's apology

Hezbollah launches rocket onslaught on Israel

Peers vowed to kill him if he talked, soldier says

Journalists call for inquiry over Iraq deaths(3 killed in the past 2 days)

AP: France Bows Out of U.N. Meeting

Aid convoys head to Lebanon's needy

Divine Strake explosion delayed, possibly moved

Oaxaca’s State TV Station Under Popular (Women's) Control

Rangel: I'll quit Congress if Democrats lose (he's "all in")

Celebrity news site broke Gibson story (not MSM)

General: Attacks on the rise in Anbar

NY Times receives second white powder envelope

The Band of Brothers Unravels

Olmert lashes out at Syria and defends Bush

Britain likely to hand over Basra in '07 ("making good progress")

Ex-aide: Katherine Harris hid subpoena...

Europeans Reach Out to Hizbollah’s Backers (solution to Lebanon war)

Strickland shows tax forms, but Blackwell doesn't ( ends 35-yr. tradition)

Iraq president to move against Kurdish rebels

Explosions kill 14 on Baghdad soccer fields (15 - 25 yrs old)

Japanese unions share similar concerns with UAW

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 2 August

Ex-aide says Harris hid subpoena

2 arraigned in Silicon Valley hate crime

MSNBC: Source: Haditha evidence implicates Marines

Mideast war rages with no end in sight

Ongoing Violence Kills 53 People in Iraq

Murtha wants an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon

Ukraine Political Crisis Still in Limbo

Rumsfeld Snub of War Hearing Draws Fire

Firm pays $4M to settle Iraq fraud ("war risk surcharge")

Breaking: Iraq vows to handle security this year

Reuters: US rebukes UN No. 2 for criticizing Mideast policy

Candidate(R) 'war veteran' and 'Harvard degree' claims challenged

Flood victims wish Bush would meet them "Impeach Bush &Master of Disaster"

Israeli envoy: US will not stop operation in Lebanon

AP Evolution Opponents Lose Kansas Board Majority

Qana Death Toll at 28 (Human Rights Watch investigation)

Bush Chooses New Indian Affairs Leader

SENTENCING IN ARIZONA: Letters ask mercy for man (polygamy)

Sharpton 'Disappointed' In Lieberman

Hill fries free to be French again

LAT: FDA Nominee's Future Hinges on Morning-after Pill

Abramoff probe looks to Nashville-based PAC (Christian grp.)

Tenn. GOP Primary Is Race to Watch

Kansas rejects anti-evolution school board

Veterans' group sets sights on Murtha

Iran frees bin Laden son--German newspaper

"War Is Over" billboards promote Lennon film

GOP senator opposes ambassador nominee

Lawmakers propose land mine ban

Appeals Court Slams Energy Regulators

Bush Stumps for Ohio Governor Candidate

Olmert says victory will let Israel safely pull out of more of West Bank

Heat wave could leave lasting price impact

Explosive sent to UK Labour Party

Pope Calls for Immediate End to Conflict

Blair: Middle East strategy is not working

NYT/AP: Rumsfeld Snub of War Hearing Draws Fire (too busy)

Air America Radio Moves Flagship To WWRL/New York

Statement from Rep. John Murtha (D-PA-12) re: Defamation Suit

After 2 days of calm: Rockets pummel north (Israel)

CNN: Mel Gibson charged with DUI

Ukraine head accepts rival as PM

Lieberman Plans for Loss Next Week

Qana probe: IDF estimated targeted building was empty

U.S. Prepares for Showdown in Cuba

Black Hat: Researcher unveils Net neutrality test

Reuters: Thousands of Shi'ites march in Baghdad

Centcom: Marine, Soldier Die in Al Anbar Aug 2

Warnings of attacks on the Temple Mount.

Saudi Arabia criticises U.S. policy over Lebanon

Vets group defends Murtha's right to speak against war (VETPAC)

US soldiers smiled before killings in Iraq-witness

A soldier maimed by war now questions the mission

Israel Defense Forces invades hospital

WaPo: Marine Names Murtha in Defamation Suit (Haditha)

Cannabis 'might harm conception'

Is New Orleans Having a Mental Health Breakdown?

X-rays reveal Archimedes secrets

Mexican Official Calls Protest 'Illegal'

Paris Shuts Airport Muslim Prayer Rooms

WH Proposal Would Expand Authority of Military Courts (beyond terrorists)

Jewish shops in Rome defaced with swastikas

More Proof WTC First Responders Exposed to Deadly Chemicals

Is there a "homosexual 401k?"


Um, the sun and the clouds and the ozone got together and, um . . .

Someone oughta pull together all the heat-related threads

shit... it is 10 degrees cooler in fucking Saigon than it is in NYC

It is HOT!

billyskank is up early and I'm ..

Why the (bleep) isn't Jim Marshall being inducted into the NFL Hall of


Joke Time!!! Post 'em if you got 'em

"when your really trashed, just screw up in the lounge" what a philosophy!

man I hate it when i can't sleep

Who Remembers Don Kirshner's Rock Concert?

I have a new addiction.

Good morning

I just have to say....

My wrists sweat when I drive. That's how hot it is.

Check out the Ditty Bops

For the Leonard Cohen fans: L.C. and Sonny Rollins,

What's your thang?

Why do I have an odd habit of regretting almost every post I make...

Good Tuesday Night, Crew!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 8/2/06)

Whatever happened to............

Why do I have an odd habbit of editing almost every post I make...

What flat-screen TV should I get?

Ever get stuck waiting somewhere in public and find yourself

India Tries To Chase Monkeys From Trains


Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Jehovah's Witnesses

What was the first bloodless coup you endured?

Buffalo take over northern Canada town (2,400 to 800 people)

Waiting for the doctor do do do waiting for the doctor...

I love the Lounge

Question RE: Dept. of Army bureaucrats

It was so hot......

What are your energy saving tips?

High School Football Coach Accused Of Being Pimp For 15-Year Old Girl

DU's resident Giant Monster expert is in. All kaiju questions answered!

Best Dustin Hoffman Role

Do these pants make me look fat?

Going from one dog to two, easy transition? Rescue dog experience?

"God don't make no mistakes. That's how he got to be God."

Serial No 3817131 The Women of IDF

After Reservoir Dogs has Michael Madsen had a role other than Mr. Blonde?

What's your favorite Geiko Commercial?

A third cup or stop at two? Three and I might fly out of my chair

Teen Sought After Shooting Protected Fish With Speargun

What does it say about the workforce . . . re: testing for employment

Is there anybody hotter...

How hot is it?

The Tigers will collapse down the stretch and not make the playoffs

If a web page has links to 20 blogs,is there a quick way to create a list

Ugh...the heat index is already at 95 degrees here.

Sorry to have to do this folks, but.....

Have you ever met that funny reefer man?

Passenger Charged With DUI For Steering Car While Driver Ate

I'm eating lunch at my desk! Ask me anything!

did you know that you can check on mosquito activity in your area?

Whats all this 'gay agenda' stuff from the Straight Agenda!?!?!?

Dolphin Bites Boy At SeaWorld

What the hell is this key for? . . . How many such keys on YOUR ring(s)?

Video >>> George Bush in High School.

Favorite work of McCarthy literature?

Mrs. Sniffa and I are cooking from the inside out

Libertarians - take your hypocritical words and shove them

Librarians - take your hypocrit words and shove them

Gibson not Anti-Semetic? Checkout the outtakes from a Readers Digest story

Man Jailed For Waving American Flag Naked

If you want to stay cool, turn off the computer!

In GD, Castro is the new Mel Gibson.

Worst hot/chili sauce ever?

That Fatty Arbuckle is a pervert! He's never seeing another dime of mine!

Tourists Robbed After Man Promised To Give Them Tour of Buffalo At 2:25 am

Shields... or Yarnell?

Better Jimmy Olsen:

Has Cracker Barrel replaced Cornflake breaded chicken?

I am feeling very agreeable today

Today is Chicken Pot Pie day at Cracker Barrel.

Today is my birthday!

2 to 1 coworkers think the pink polish is better than the blue on my nails

Anybody else watching "Court TV?" This marine is on trial for assault ..

The Big Papi Blair Witch Project

Go into "user profiles" and search under "right"

Only $11.99

Good Wednesday morning, crew!

Your favorite local independent diner?

Umm...I haven't eaten at any place fancier than Taco Bell in two months.

So what did MiniMandaRuth's parents do to her

East coast DUers check in.... What's your temp and locale?

Tropical Storm Chris heads for Puerto Rico.

What's wrong with this conservative?

Billboard of the year! One VERY pissed off wife ROFLMAO

I hear Denny's has great steaks

Fast Food Sucks!


Home Decor at only $.99

Mel Gibson, Pit bulls, middle east, sex threads, kudzu, bullish...

Move the All-American Rejects... I like it.

this Sex is not a thread!

This post intentionally left blank

Do you prefer threads that look like

1/3 of Americans believe in IHOP

Is Spam and sauerkraut a legitimate dish?

Dwight Shrute has updated his blog!

IHOP is not made of pancakes

Don't give me any of that "heat index" bullshit

I'm baking brownies.

Who wants to get fucked up?

Harold Reynolds was fired from ESPN for sexual harrassment?

Anyone deal with eye discomfort from using a computer all day?

You know what really grinds my gears?

This post is not a sex thread.

Good advise: No matter how tasty the dipping sauce is, do not eat the

So, how do you guys feel about Rock Lobster?

Frig- The A/C hasbeen out for 2 hours at work..

New restaurant idea !

15,000 degrees and i'm going to TONIGHT'S Red Sox Game

CNN Breaking - New charges against Mel Gibson.

What is it that Fatty Arbuckle said that got him in trouble?

This post intentionally a sex thread

So what's for lunch?

Finally saw Finding Neverland

you know what really grabs my rear?

Best snack food ever?

Happy birthday azmouse!

Just got back from the dentist. What's for dinner?


Worst. Vanity Plates. Ever.

Does anyone have a problem with me going to Culver's for dinner

Should I suprise my wife and paint my toenails?

Should I suprise my toenails and date a wife?

Should a person be considered an addict ...

Post your flame-proof thread topics here!

I've been on something of a killing spree

An undisclosed prize to whomever can involve billyskank in a flamewar


What Acronym(s) do you Hate the Most?

I have your phone numbers and I will turn them over to Fox security.

Good night! I'm going to Cracker Barrel for supper!

The worst ice cream truck treat EVER

Freelance work: when would you say no more work without pay?

Who will you vote for in the next Presidential election?

How can I get two cats to stop from fighting?

Which is nastier?

"Backstairs at the White House" on DVD

I'm gonna kill you and all of your clones!

Mel Gibson goes to confession

Man Robbs Bank - Leaves His Personal Checkbook

Once again... I give you: FREEPERS OF YOUTUBE!

Anyone have a link to the drunken imbecile photos?? Stumbling

Fish-flavoured ice lollipops! (Mackerel, trout, AND ... squid! )

Guard Dog goes berserk, destroys Elvis' teddy bear

ok, WTF is this shit-- 718$ for a roundtrip SLC/Eugene, OR ticket?

Project Runway fans, will the drama match the hype tonight?

Hogs have more of a right to exist then Bats

post a Pitcher thread

So, tell do YOU like it

Sushi Samurai

Whiny rant

You know, you can have 15 minutes of fame 24/7 on DU.

Does anyone know how to get the salt out of the salt shaker?

Worst snack food ever?

Dogs Have More of a Right to Exist Than Cats!

Donald Trump Wants Me To Compete In The Miss Teen USA Pageant

Wednesday, August 2. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

You know what really grinds my rear?

Wookie caterpillar!!!

My tale of Cracker Barrel Woe....

Best Mattress to buy your opinion please!

What's the unlikeliest subject of a flame war ever?

Goodnight all

Bookmark THIS!

Anyone else got a problem with messy chicks?


Breast implants (with added disclaimer)

OK...I just watched all of Seaon 1 of "Lost"...

Neckties are stupid.

ULTIMATE Restaurant Poll - Fight To The DEATH!

Could you ever forgive someone who made a racial slur/bad comment?

this morning up in the temperate rainforest, i saw this owl......

Im Thinking....

Just list for me the acceptable restaurants, ok?

Neoma's 3rd Dial-Up Warning.

Is age 11 too young for An Inconvenient Truth?

I sometimes eat at these "nasty" restaurants!! And like them! So nah!

i haven't smoked in two weeks and i'm cranky as hell... ask me anything.

Having YouTube and Google video problems

Jon Stewart fans!

Why Was Eeyore So Sad?

How can there be such a thing as a Cracker Barrel flamewar?

Since we're talking about restaurants, does anybody else have a wish list?

So, how do you guys feel about Red Lobster?

OMG, I freaking HATE these words: BlackBerry and

Anyone else got a problem with Classy Chicks?

You have met an intriguing potential romantic partner

"And now the sun's coming up..." Tom Waits - 'Ol' 55'

Rant about shit you see in films

I'm going to Athens (GA) tomorrow

Hef's Girls, The Girls Next Door...Your favorite?

The etymology of your screen name?

I just watched "V for Vendetta" - never saw it at the movies

Hi Peeps. What's the word?

I won!! I am now an elected official

Permit me to introduce tufa.

SBC Commissioner has page dedicated to the "Death of Liberalism"

Myth has outlived its utility

Vitamin B6 Reduces Parkinson's Disease Risk

Chemicals in curry, onions may shrink colon polyps

Survey Finds FDA Lacks Independence from Outside Pressures

Tetanus jab may curb multiple sclerosis risk

X-rays reveal Archimedes secrets (BBC) {ancient texts recovered !! }

Object Survives Being Swallowed by a Star

Science maintains a foothold in Kansas

Whoa - cool, extremely unusual clouds

With regards to tabloids, should gays get special treatment?

South Africa to have Gay Marriage Bill by years end

This is interesting--PEP used at Montreal Outgames

What we're up against, and why it's worse than you probably think

ESPN orgasms over Bobby Abreu

Oklahoma Sooners dismiss starting QB for the season


Veritek out a month, Bruschi maybe broke his wrist

Please send some light and healing today as I am having a procedure


John Kerry takes fight against cancer personally

Former NY fundie attacks Kerry from Canada now

MSM acknowledges Dem's suspicions about "04" outcome in Ohio.

I Don't Like the Implications of This

Kerry and Kennedy attend soldier's funeral

Hawaii, Akaka and Iraq!

Did that Pa paper print a correction to their bogus Murtha/swifts article?

Michael Tomasky sorts out how liberal the dem senators are

Anyone watching the Judiciary hearing on

Who prints B&W well (by mail)?

I shot a critter!

Hey, Clark, how's your Prius treating you?

Countdown Newsletter: 08/02/06 -- The Haditha Findings

I love you people!!!!

Veterans opened fire...stop corrupt local officials from stealing election

Afghanistan: Taliban, Taliban Everywhere

...the bombing was so intense that water came out of the ground...

Afghan 'virtue' cops concern Canadian diplomats

Sierra Leone top female circumcisers abandon trade, burn instruments

Three British soldiers killed by Taliban a day after Nato takes control

C&L: Colbert begs Lieberman to go on his show

Questions for our Connecticut members

Israel hacking Hezbollah TV

So Florida Cubans want to return to Cuba--ABC news item

Radical Fringe Toon Wed. 8/1 -- Mr. Fix-It

I vomit shit

Why are good looking women not considered smart?

My uncaring regarding Mel Gibson

Did The US Treasury Manipulate The Gold Price Down?

The Guardian: Israel ready for massive invasion

Noncitizens in U.S. military face naturalization obstacles

Government haters running and screwing government

It's time to go to bed, my child

Polls show 80% of Israelis support current actions.

And you don't believe

Condi - It's time to stop the violence -NOT

AP: Hezbollah's Fight Impresses Supporters

Fast forward...Election Night, November 2006

I never heard of fraudulent enlistment

UPI: Depeche Mode Cancels Israel Concert

Have we lost benburch?

just got this email, 15.8 mil per hour.

70 dead in Iraq. Is it civil war yet???

Israel: The only thing that's ever stumped me.

Every Disaster since 2000 was Pre-Ordained, & Going Swimmingly

Will America become Israelified?

Fall Elections

Home Made From Scraps From Big Dig


I think this will make you smile, it did me.

FEMA gives a big f.u. to heavily Democratic area of Virginia....

2-Part Plan For Sustainable Ceasefire In Middle East

WTF China kills 50,000 dogs (slaughtered while out on walks with owners)

Must see video

Media restrictions imposed in Iraq rape and murder case

An amusing encounter with a like minded soul.

We Are Up To 2580 This Morning.

Hezbellah Bombs Palestinian Controlled West Bank...

NSA employees to monitor media for leaks

Why is my TV Calling This Israeli War of Aggression a "Crisis"?

Soldiers smiled before killings in Iraq: witness

If Mad Max Could Speak, What Would He Tell Mel?

America's poor speak, but who will listen?

Defamation suit against Murtha?

Sen. Levin replaces Dweeberman as ranking com. member

Its's Time.....Hold Bush Responsible For Haditha...

Haditha, Iraq: Evidence Shows Marines Deliberately Shot Women, Children

TOONS: Assembled on Martin Co., Florida Dem Site

Mass. house built from "Big Dig" scraps

CNN floating notion that Castro is Demised.

Surprise - Faux to pay $225K in sex discrimination lawsuit - CHICKENFEED!1

"Seeking Peace, Forced to Fight"; the view from an Israeli peace institute

WA US Senate Canditadte..McGavick Sued Over Safeco Pay

Senator Baucus's nephew is killed in Iraq.

Win for Patrick Fitzgerald in Islamic Charities Case re NYT's Judy Miller

i find the RNC use of Tony Blair chumming up with ah-nold over clean...

Maimed Soldier: Changes Mind Since He Last Talked To Bush-Now ?s Iraq War

Should Israel complain about civilian deaths?

Congress is going on a five week vacation?

Brazilian President Lula da Silva calls for free elections in Cuba

FEMA Denies Aid to Homeowners

Once again, Dr.s declare bush "Fit to lead".

Blogger Jailed For Refusing To Hand Over Videotape of Protests

Iraqi Reconstruction Hearing

I often wonder what a REAL President might be doing about now.

ON NOW!!! HEARING ON GITMO LAW!!!! Check it out:

Listening to news this am: "Daring" israeli raid to kidnap Hezbollah

Sen Max Baucus' (D- Montana) nephew killed in Iraq

Iraq war hits home for Senator Max Baucus, D-Montana

Republican Bill to Lower Wages in Seven States

Al Gore speaks with Generation Engage (iChat footage)

Callers on C-SPAN jump down the throat of Senator Grassley

Hezbollah rocket wounds 4 in West Bank, Fatah spokesman says "no worries"

Army makes way for older soldiers

Katherine Harris Hid Subpoena From Campaign Adviser

Areyou surprised every Democratic senator stands with Israel?

OMG, This is BIG: 9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon

Daddy bush slightly worried about his crazy son and Israel.

How do I find DU GD archives from 2004??

Can/should Hezbollah get their money back for the missiles?

Financial Terrorism 101

Afghanistan to Deport All Korean Evangelicals

Remember when Pickles got heckled out of Jerusalem by Jews and Muslims?

Sharpton to back Lamont - "Disappointed by Joe"

Crisis experts: Gibson facing uphill climb

HAR HAR - Evolution Opponents OUSTED in Kansas BOE Election!

'We Are Really All One'

Will the Democrats cave to Bolton or stand united against him?

Stench of death hangs over south Lebanon villages

Will the Repukes run in the 2006 election on anti-Semitism?

Wife goes AWOL to be with her husband

A Couple of Bumper Sticker Ideas

Are we going to talk about Mel Gibson today?

(VIDEO) George Miller gets in trouble for calling Repukes "criminals"

No cease fire until it's sustainable....?????

Rush Limbaugh on "Club Gitmo:" U.S. GUARDS Were Tortured by Inmates!! >>

Did Bush forget to mention the part about sacrifice?

I wonder how Americans would react if they knew the truth, the whole truth

Fuck the "War On Terror". These Asshats Can't Even Make War On Terrorist!

The Israel Lobby

Conservative Blog Misleads Readers About Dingell, Then Defends Distortion

What do you do when a bully moves into your neighborhood?

What causes the GUNG HO attitude in young men?


For supporters of Israel...

I just watched "V for Vendetta" - never saw it at the movies

Global trade talks collapse means we will all be poorer!!!!!

Marine Names Murtha in Defamation Suit

If you support Israel's war, you have to support Bush's response. Right?

Beware of Zionist Llamas!

Hey MoPaul if you happen to be lurking, or if someone has the 411

"Be polite, be professional, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet."

Frist on Dems Iraq letter: "our Iraqi allies know that we'll abandon them"

Jon Stewart has the solution for Israel, make it a International zone.

In 2004

Firm pays $4M to settle Iraq fraud

VIDEO-missile like object being fired from/to residential area

Lebanon faces acute fuel crisis: UN (Lebanon Daily Star)

High School Football Player Dies in Georgia of Heat Stroke

The truth about...

Just Curious - Is There A War In Iraq Yet?

State Dept LIED To Congress Re Indian Co Supplying Iran W-Missile Tech

Is this Mel Gibson issue being blown out of proportion?

Natural gas prices soar due to heat wave

Anybody remember this article? Global warming a bigger concern than terror

Chamber of Commerce ads pulled after falsely praising Republicans

Hey guys...

Regardless of what you may believe about 9/11

I love how the corporate media is crucifying the shit out of Mel Gibson

Humanitarian groups in Lebanon:

Pentagon official: Probe finds that Haditha civilians shot deliberately.

Jackie Mason weighs in on Mel Gibson "hoopla". On Countdown last night.

Bombing Damage Worth Billions, Says Lebanon

cspan 1 now!

US Sen John McCain's son to join Marines-report

Scathing StemCell/war cartoon..(graphic)

Will Al Franken Ever Let David Brock Talk?

I Have Seen John McCain's Anger

If you love Israel, seek a just peace

Europe Moves Ahead With Weather Satellite Blacklist

too bad tony snow did not grow up in communist russian or fascist germany,

You cannot be the world's #1 Arms Dealer & claim to want Peace.

Hillary Clinton calls out Rumsfeld

Things you have to Believe to be a Republican today....

Tel Aviv and the Qana massacre: anatomy of a propaganda campaign

Florida Division of Elections still can't get it right.

Cabs in the sky

Dr Drew: In vino veritas is NOT true. Drug-crazed say/do DISORDEREDthings

Time for another unofficial DU '08 Straw Poll: Vote Now!

Cindy Sheehan: Won't you please come to Camp Casey

Two Senators actually introduced a good bill!!!!!

DOD, US buldozers, ---- No wonder we are losing.

Gonzales LIVE ON C-Span Regarding Military Commissions

Does the Israel propaganda machine silence Jews who know better?

A perspective on War and Peace.

New Rules for Tribunals would expose American Citizens

If you don't agree with Israel is that anti-semitism?

Nevada Senate Poll: Carter has a shot!

Ed Shultz Is A Looney Tune

"kill all military-age males."

Rep Rangel: I'll Quit Congress If Dems Don't Retake Control of the House

The internet makes it almost impossible for a politician to lie.....

The World IS Mel Gibson - Bill Maher

Just some thoughts

Rainbows Score Legal Victory

Wish I could get this to Olbermann... new Ann Coulter & Mel Gibson lyrics

What does Cheney fear? Little old ladies with sticks...

Dems on Iraq: Still Vague, Out of Touch

Haditha evidence implicates Marines

Billionaires work hard and play hard.

Pew study citing Rush Limbaugh listeners among "most informed"

Senator Clinton to Rumsfeld: Testify At OPEN Hearing

Donkey Dysfunction

Has Castro's Death Been Greatly Exaggerated?

It's the Stupidity, Stupid...

Are you surprised so many DUers are supporting Israel's actions...?

How can Israel compare 1 death to 10?

The most unsuccessful war (Haaretz)

Not that it matters, but I read somewhere today that Barack Obama's

George Bush Is Now Star Of NewsMax Infomercial

How to Hack a Diebold Voting Machine (The Video)

Gulf Coast Residents stock up on water now

(Israel, Hezbollah, and Lebanon) Why Israel is doing something wrong...

The War Prayer - by Mark Twain

Would you vote for this man? (WV)

It was bound to happen. Pedophelia as religion

If Bush Reran 2002 Strategy with Iran, would it work?

Did you know Bill Clinton has "Personal Ties" to Murdoch's NewsCorp ?

Antisemitism in the US and how it is once again rising

Bush EPA Fails to Protect Fetuses

How far do you think Fundies

Stellar Dobbs & Gillerman interview transcript

John Kerry biking for cancer research...

Would Dems be willing to risk oil rights in Iraq pullout?

LIVE NOW | Cindy Sheehan on the Randi Rhodes Show

Call Congress Now - Specter Rushing Thursday Vote on Surveillance Bill

Characterizing the Kansas BOE results [Good News here]

RW Terrorism sends man to Hospital

Stephen Hawking: An Urgent Message to the World

Kos: PA GOP financed all but $30 of Green party effort in PA

Do you like flame-bait polls that pit us against each other?

What is the great issue of our time?

Lawsuit in Ohio...

Why I support Israel at this time, especially at this time

Seattle shooter: "These are Jews, and I'm tired of getting pushed around"

COMING UP | Paul Thompson live on the Randi Rhodes Show

the least productive GD thread subject of the last 30 days

Best response to a Freeper email ever!

More insensitive repukelican behavior

BUSH: Calls Himself A Texas Crackpot & Calls Sam Donaldson A Has-been

"They WANT to be there" (our troops in Iraq)

Conservatives offended by Huffington Post on Lieberman

Simple question: Aren't we bringing down productivity numbers?

I suppose now that TS Chris is getting stronger gas will hit $4 + soon.

EXCLUSIVE: BRAD BLOG Interview with Attorney Mike Papantonio...

Are MSNBC /CNN showing "balanced News from both Lebanon & Israel?...

I Heard There Was A Big Story About 9/11 Commission...

CNN Breaking - New charges against Mel Gibson.

Shout out to The Magistrate

Evidently, New Jersey Learned Nothing from Katrina

Should this lecturer be fired because someone doesn't like what he thinks?

"Supporters of Hezbollah".... Just who are they?

Check in here if you can't wait for Joe L. to get his a** handed to him

Dogs Have More of a Right to Exist Than Cats!

Suggested action for teachers

Remembering Days Gone By...

Boycott the New York Giants. Bad to the environment/dicks to handicapped

Murtha being sued

Rummy Gets "To Add Crimes At Will" To New "WH Non-Terrorist Bill"

Good news in Kansas!

Lieberman Plans for Loss Next Week

Cafferty's got 3 killer questions lined up for today -- Take a look

This video is very scary

Katherine Harris Reminds Me Of Tanya Harding.

Who funds Hezbollah?

NEWS SHOCKA !! Mel Gibson will get circumsized ...

Chimpy is on live on MSNBC

They're still here....

not real sure what to make of this, detention camps

Rummy says Iraq not 'classic' Civil War....?

Anyone know if Jimmy Carter has been on TV, NPR since this 8/1 op-ed?

OMG. Did Norm just turn into a Democrat again?!?!

Probe backs allegations against Marines

Four hours for a physical, eh? Just what are they looking for?

This world is DOOMED!

Tony Snow Ducks Obvious Question: Was Seattle Shooting "Terrorism"?

Blogger jailed after defying court orders

Murtha, Leahy, Hagel, and Kucinich

Action Alert:

Anyone listening to C-Span, Jim Lobe talking about neo-cons and

Democrat Sen. Max Baucus loses nephew in Iraq War...

As I predicted days ago, Rabid Daniel Lapin sucks-up to Mel Gibson

A Suicide Bomber Blows Up A Bus. He Has Bi-Polar Disorder. Terrorist?

Lou Dobbs is pissed about the 'Do-Nothing Congress'

Blogworld goes into hyperdrive over Lebanon conflict

How much power does the president of Lebanon have?

When you are staring at the body of your dead child

Are the Lebanese who flee now comparable to the Palestinians?

Jack Carter closes the gap against Ensign

PARTY OF GOD AND REAGAN: A Hezbollah History Lesson-by Greg Palast

So the 9/11 Committee thinks it was lied to and in the Summer of

Yesterday Wolf Said that the lack of rockets in past days implies Israel

Blair returns to growing backlash on Lebanon

Sam's on a roll!!! (Re: Freedom Toast/Fries)


consciousness of war

Baby formula moved behind service counter in fear of shoplifting...

New "improved" expanded powers military tribunal

"When you are staring at the body of your dead child

WWRL-AM to become Air America flagship starting September 1

Texas man still wants to track down terrorists

Which incumbent Republican Senator do you want to see lose

I have a question for the moderator how do I contact him/her

caption stumbling George

"Rumsfeld snub of war hearing draws fire "

What should I know about Charlie Crist, running for gov. of Fla.

That "Daring Israeli Raid" on a Hospital in Baalbek Killed Many Civilians

Lieberman should go on the Colbert Report...

Sign Up NON-Voters, Get Verifiable Elections, THEN Talk About 3rd Parties

Hey bush! Listen Up! "Muslim Children Are Also Human Beings"!

ANALYSIS: Time is of the essence for IDF operation

Children Dying in Iraq: 2 Bombs at Iraq Soccer Field Kill 12

Israel's Olmert says bloody assaults on Lebanon have weakened Hizbolllah

Do not mistake for conspiracy and intrigue....

Du a poll on global warming

nobodys right if everybodys wrong

I emailed Mr White from the WA post about that article he has.

Very British statement on the Israel/Lebanon conflict and the UN

How many memes do you host?

Open letter to Bush from an Arab girl

BBC News Headline: US troops 'smiled before killing'

Did you see Grassely on C-span talking about minimum wages....

Heat Wave Shows Unexpected Limits of Nuclear Energy

United Airlines Broils Passengers in 100+ Degree Cabin

California mortgage defaults at 3-year high (up 67% in the last year)

Who created Hezbollah?

Alan Keyes (remember him?) declares war on our behalf

Nader slams Lieberman over U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsement

Mike Barnakel in for MAtthews again tonight. GOOD!

Wow clueless again

Seriously anti-semitic article re: Mel Gibson in The Telegraph, UK

Michael Moore - Halliburton stock.

Lala_rawraw (Raw Story) on Peter B. Collins Show 8-9 EDT

One thing I'd like to see after the November elections...

Carnival of the Liberals #18 -- The No Rules Edition

More 'deeply regrettable' killings of Lebanese innocents by Israel

Eric Schwartz releases new Bush-bashing song! Download it for FREE! Yay!

Adam's Riff: 'Mysterious' Bush Weight Gain Explained

An Artificially Induced Apocalpyse -- Damaging God's Credibility.

Cingular Phone Service OUT Across Texas

Was Ahmadinejad stmt about "wipe Israel off the map" debunked?

Excuse me, but why would Iran try to pick a fight with Israel???

Signing statements' violation of Constitution riles up editors across U.S.

Cubans in Miami celebrating possible death of Castro reminded me of....

What's a good way for a local cand. to get some press?

Another point of view -- from a Lebanese woman speaking for Israel

Snow:"not a situation where he is gallivanting and ignoring the situation"

Anti-Semite (By Jeanette Pontacq, Don Deane Publisher)

Diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend....

What would your PEACE PLAN be for the ME?

WP drops a fairly big bomb tonight, check it out and distribute.

I Am Declaring A Unilateral 48 Hour Ceasefire.

Texas floods: I just had *that* conversation *again*:

Time to track tropical storm/hurricane activity again

20 Jewish shops in Rome vandalized, defaced with swastikas

When You Vote Green

Big Republican war cheerleader now says U.S. mission in Iraq could fail

So, the army has raised the enlistment age to 42

A Fake Repug has seen the light - a story of my daughter -

Blunt: If I Stay In Charge-Congress Won’t Do Anything On Global Warming

OMG!!!! Cafferty just read my letter!!!!

Man Arrested For Taking Cellphone Photo Of Police Activity

So the Pentagon lied about an event 5 yrs. ago, let's just move on.

The US and Israel are fighting fire with gasoline (rant)...

Oh my God do they ever lie.

Green Party supporters should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES


Banking on War

Hezbollah rocket kills man fleeing from the attacks on his bicycle

Heat so bad it buckles a highway!

A very dark menace has gripped this country.

Please DU poll for Gore!

what does this mean, Tok Pisin,Sus mo kok Langet tor ma Fayebala!!

What's the over/under on the poll due out tomorrow on CT Senate race...?

Did Harris Break Rule, Hide Subpoena from House Leaders?

Doesn't Lebanon have a right to exist?

Salvador Allende

I'll be on Randi Rhodes show today to talk about 9/11

OMG - This is a hero

= Lick My Silent Sports Car = by Mark Morford

Kos: Could Lieberman lose his committee assignments?

Democrats and Muslim extremism. Where should we be?

A salute to Female Veterans

Most obese claim to eat healthy

Press coverage of disputed elections- Mexico VS Ukraine

*** URGENT *** CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW @ 800-459-1887 ***NO on H.R. 5970***

Petetion to urge General Assembly to call for ceasefire. (more)

So you want me to support Israel...

99.99% of the people I know...

Latinos convicted of terrorizing African Americans in L.A.

2nd big shot at Texas megachurch arrested for having sex with boys

I just emailed CNN that I am tired of seeing WAR on their channel!

Will gays, guns and God work again for the thugs this November?

US Marine accused in Haditha case to sue Murtha

the Miami Cubans are living a kool aide fantasy

Amy Goodman sounds off on MSNBC's Donahue firing...

Did MSM ever report on war games happening on the morning of 9/11?

Uri Avnery Did Not Write - Mobilize to avenge the blood of Qana

Where on the gulf coast will CHRIS make land fall ?

Can I get a Randi Rhodes (and others) 9/11 appreciation thread????


Busby-Bilbray Election Recount - !1425% Turnout! in Some Precincts

Heavy Net users are loners, study suggests

Why The Strategy Of Shipping Our Jobs To China Will Ultimately Fail

My comic strip needs DU'ing again.

10 Important questions not being asked right now due to media war blitz

Noam Chomsky - Murder of a Nation - What the media isn't telling you.

New stamp

Do Israel's mindless supporters betray its security?

Alaska Glaciers melting faster than previously thought

1/3 American Say US Government Was Involved With 911 Attacks

Lieberman is PISSED. Stalked by the Joe & the KISS float- PHOTO

Castro sends message of stability for Cubans

Latest * Photo Op: "Bush awards the Purple Heart to U.S. Marines"

August 2005: A photo essay celebrating Bush's "protection" of America.

Iraq wants full control of the country's security by the end of 2006

Paul Hackett on Colbert Report Aug 3!

Declaration signed, income tax, USS Maddox, Iraq invades Kuwait

Ignorance by design

Rangel says he will quit Congress if Demos don't get off their asses...

Burns to firefighter: "Not from Boise? Good your life has been saved"

Fox news at it again . . . Falafel anyone?

Another Gannon in the WH Press Corps??

LAT: Republicans See Few Safe House Seats

Deeply disturbing

Timeline: The Haditha investigation (Marine files lawsuit against Murtha)

terrorist arrest in southern illinois-haven`t heard about this?

Will you be participating in Get Out The Vote [GOTV] in your area?

Reports To Be Issued By The Pentagon & Transportation Dept - re: 911.....

Senate Wannabee: Shareholder files suit regarding McGavick's $28 million

UPDATE: PA Dems Will Challenge Green Signatures

Specter Rushing To Cover Bush's Butt! Thursday Vote on Surveillance Bill

Nora Ephron's "Reflections" Bush piece on HuffPo is essential reading

A Blogger's Letter to Molly Ivins (Re: Feingold)

Do Countries Have "Rights"? - essay

3 more lying ads for Republican candidates pulled

GOP tempts Democrats with perks for votes on banning estate tax

ACLU urges Senate to reject draft proposal on detainees...

Political Possiblities In The Wake Of DeLay's Ballot Saga

Call these numbers... please!

"Oooooooooo! Night Vision Video!"

Conservative Blog Misleads Readers About Dingell, Then Defends Distortion

Desperate times call for desperate measures....

Will we win??? Projections for the 2006 Election

Colbert begs Lieberman to go on his show

ImpeachPAC's 'Lie and Die' Ad to Hit Connecticut Television

More on the PA Green scandal - Signatures came from JSM inc!!!

More GOP ineptitude on climate change

My family's decided to boycott China over their killing of 50,000 dogs....

WOW! This "exclusive" O'Reilly Factor transcript is simply Condi-licious!

McCaskill(D) says GOP jab insensitive to dead staffer

I Keep Hearing Today That Hezbolleh Has Launch The Most Rockets.....

Here is my little parking lot/bumper sticker encounter w/ a Bush guy:

30 Days to change the Mind of a Minuteman

U.S. Treasurer Cabral addresses Bush Tax Cuts "misinformation"

What's right with Kansas (encouraging day for the reality-based community)

CA 50: Why Francine Busby lost

Did McKinney blow her 2nd chance?

Democratic Senatorial Committee Announces "Fudge Report"

College Republicans Organizing for Joe Lieberman (DailyKos)

Jean Schmidt: Why Do They (the "oppressed") Hate Us?

I am thinking of Bob Dylan, Woodie Guthrie, John Steinbeck etc. today....

Anybody Here Think blackwell Has Taken Note Of harris' Situation?

Want to make your head frickin' explode?

9/11 panel considered criminal probe of Pentagon's apparent lies

This is an All Call to Veterans and Patriots

MSM acknowledges Dem's suspicions about "04" outcome in Ohio.

Bolton's Middle East Mess; GOP Senator Opposes Ambassador Nominee

Green Party Poll about republican money a project of the Democratic Party

White House Proposal Would Expand Authority of Military Courts

Lebanese bombed delivering supplies to elderly - Photo

Hey Copper! warning: be careful!!

Message from John Edwards Asking to Sign the Petition's Operation Caught Red-Handed!

Anyone Hear the latest on Air America Losing it's flagship?

Gallup: Iraq War Most Important Fall Campaign Issue for Voters

Alaska's corrupt Division of Elections up to new tricks...

Katherine Harris totally screwed it up

Even Rick Santorum admits they helped the Green party because it helps him

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