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Archives: August 18, 2006

There is no way...

Glenn Greewald (Salon): The Bush doctrine under surveillance

Judge Rules Against Wiretaps

Finish the Job: AFL-CIO Calls on Pfizer to Send Hank McKinnell Packing

"Wages, Wealth and Politics" (Paul Krugman, NYT 08/18/2006)

The FBI's Upgrade That Wasn't

With Guns Silent, Wartime Unity Unravels in Israel (NYT)

Labour MPs come out in support of Prescott's US view

Conason: Whatever's best for Holy Joe (Pandered to Farrakhan)

AIPAC Congratulates Itself on the Slaughter in Lebanon (John Walsh)

JASON MILLER: Why Do We Hate Them? -- Fear and Loathing in the Occident

Real average weekly earnings decreased by 0.1% from June to July

CA LIFORNIA Legislature Moves On Global Warming

Nicole Kidman's and other "stars" full page ad:

Why I Don't Live In Israel

The Thirty Three Day War

Real time irc chat anyone?

Cinti. Enquirer blog: Revisits Warren Cty lockdown, upcoming Conyers...

Headed to Crawford tomorrow. Who has already been? Do you still go

The 22nd GOOPers picked the pink GOOBER

Canada Lowers Demands for Support on Softwood Accord

Prime minister officially opens Tahera Diamond's Jericho mine in Nunavut

Canadian soldiers, Taliban negotiate ending standoff

Use Of Documents Denied In Aryan Brotherhood Case

Unexploded bomblets a danger in Lebanon ( Cluster Bombs )

Hiz. Begins Monumental Task of Rebuilding So. Suburbs

Syrians demand military action to reclaim Golan Heights

Man Arrested in Mexico Border Deaths

UN agrees Med oil spill plan

Retired US generals, diplomats criticize Bush Middle East policy

Tobacco firms lose ruling but escape damage

NYT: Inquiry Suggests Marines Excised Files on Haditha Killings

Union Backing Redistricting Fights

WP: Republicans Losing The 'Security Moms'

All-night queues as Baghdad runs out of petrol ($4 billion smuggled out)

Head of Wal-Mart Group (Andrew Young) Resigns, Cites Own Demagogic Remarks

Merck Suffers 2 Setbacks Over Vioxx

Mich. minority program in federal court

Republicans Losing The 'Security Moms'

Russia Raises WTO Meat Stakes

Company: Military tested explosives at southern Indiana quarry

Former executives of US body armor firm arrested (War Profiteers)

Son sues over Katrina wheelchair death

Americans staying away in droves (from Canada)

7 Killed as Full-Scale Sectarian Fighting Rages in Baghdad

Kurds flee homes as Iran shells Iraq's northern frontier

Workers at Kosher Plant Urged To Steer Clear of Union ‘Devils’

Chinese envoy tells U.S. to 'shut up'

Why is it in the movies...


Well, my computer problem was just the power supply!

You know what is pathetic.....

I'm watching Keith Olbermann for the first time!

I just lit my kitchen on fire, ask me anything!

speaking of strange names: the most unusual and troublesome I ever saw...

Need someone with Publisher to convert a file...

Bush is an Idiot!!!

Are you average/plain?

QUICK! Say something deep and meaningful!!!

Something I noticed in GD today:

Whoever donated on my behalf-thank ye very much indeed :)!

8:25PM; I'm not ready to go to bed yet.

I am mere minutes away from eating my first Coq au Vin - yummy!

So what'd you guys have for dinner?

Mind if I complain for a minute?

Come next Monday, I'll have to pretend I want to be Catholic and act like

Do you think my life is in danger?

So...I got my electric and water bill today...

Do olives freeze well?

Paris Hilton: ‘I think I am a good role model’

One less rightwing asshole on DU!

I took my kid for a hike today

A man of distinction:

WooHoo! I'm test-driving this...

A Navy recruiter just called asking for my stepson.


My migraine's gone, the weekend is almost here, and the kids are coming!

Are you 'On Notice'?

Computer help, please

OMG! Someone gave me a star! Me! A star! Me! OMG!

On MTV2: Two guys are rapping insults at each other.

Anybody wanna see some of my reading list for this semester?

Don Henley is the Devil!

A $30,000 wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel -- for dogs?!

Ahhh. Bob Seger. He rocked, didn't he?

How 'bout them Giants?!

Just hold on loosely....but don't let go....

I can't be the only one, can I. Anyone ever hear of Jo Serrapere?

Yes! Neil Young on Colbert!

PLEASE PM me with the details about ... You know what!

I had my camera with me, walking home this evening.

TX EvilDUers, if you're out there: Looks like I'm heading your way.

I'm not going back to school

Self delete

Yo peeps...

Thursday night dinner.

Nightly Food Porn: Assorted Yummies

Show us your Desktops!

Dammit, YouTube's down for maintenance.

Stupid fucking drug war bullshit

Yeah, I know. I'm doing it anyway. RANDOM PICTURE THREAD


But I know I had it comin', I know I can't be free,

What would you do in this fiance's shoes?

Cover me, boys; I'm going in!

I had an impromptu root canal today

Want to hear about the insanity of selling something on EBAY?

The prednisone my cat has been taking is making her round

Blue Man Group on America's Got Talent playing 'teenage waste...


New shoes!!!

Train Whistle Code.

Does anyone remember the photo contest I entered?

A Navy recruiter just called asking for my Stetson.

So, I got engaged.

Whoopi Goldberg on Letterman. Should a size 16 be thrown to the


"Jesus Protect Me From Your Followers"

Grad school rant....

Please help me fathom this logic re: telemarketers who call re: mortgages

So what's everyone drinking?

9:30 at night. 96 degrees! On my patio it is 100.

Man I miss Van Halen.

I think we need a...KITTY THREAD!

Possibly the most famous gay bar in the world set to close on Sept. 4

Cherry flavored Nail Polish Remover

Have you seen this? Big Dog singing Imagine...

I LOVE Dusty Springfield

Another Religious Moslems believe in a Messiah?

So, How about a little religion in the R/T forum.

Possibly the most famous gay bar in the world set to close on Sept. 4

(OT) Joe Sestak (PA-7 D cand) to give Dem radio address

Well I don't have a Brown Cow or a Muddy Moose

KOEB 8/17/06 Illegal Wiretap Edition

Is "macaque" the equivalent of the N word?

Hey, all! Let's welcome Rabrrrrrr to the World of Keith!

Missed the last part of Countdown because the Calico Queen...

The media is having a "We've ALWAYS been at war with East Asia"...

The Liberal Democratic Party of the United States campaign commercial.

JanBenet suspect confesses to murder of Ooog Flinthammer

I did a little sleuthing - Found John Karr's Google Groups profile

Judge: Tobacco Firms Deceived Smokers

Jonathan Turley coming up on Olbermann

ANIMATION: Hopefully, Arnold is next victim of Bush kiss of death

Mexican drug lord booked into San Diego jail

What was that kabuki dance Tweety did with that Irey woman tonight?

Bad Time For Monkey Jokes (McCain)

Labour MPs rally behind Prescott after alleged Bush 'crap' comment

Victory For Blue Water Navy In Agent Orange Exposure

Check this response out from VA rep

August 17th,2006 Do You Feel......

This is kind of cool...Newsweek called...seems they're coming by

Damn those foreign cab drivers anyway! (check out this fed blog!)

Can the Jon Benet discussions be moved off

Two stories about PTSD good and might be bad news

Judge's rule on NSA spying? Is that why the US rushed UK into busting...

Do Republiclowns hate our democracy?

Greta, 360, , Nancy Grace (earlier LKL) all doing JonBennet story.

Video and partial transcript of Dean's speech on C-Span, Ironworkers Int'l

Joe Bush and George Lieberman have made our country less safe...

Is "WHITE" racist?

anyone care to help me trash this digusting freeper hate email?

Classic Quote from President Clinton, re: The Politics of Fear

Caption the Chimperor

Why America Needs Hezbollah

So, Just HOW RESPECTED Is The US These Days????

Poll: 39% don't mind the Voyeur-In-Chief listening in

The Media is so very desperate for a Diversionary story these days

Everyone knows about Cafferty's rant today.....RIGHT??

I have a serious question regarding flammable liquid on an airplane

TOON: This Modern World on Lieberman defeat & right wing spin

How about "cracker"?

Saw this in another forum today......

Judge: There Are No Hereditary Kings In America

Last Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher is up. Real Time next week

i want to have Johnathan Turley's baby!!

USA Today: Wiretap ruling affirms that presidents aren't monarchs

Whom will Bush appoint as Strongman in Iraq?

repeat of Gonzalas press conf. is on cspan2 now

Please leave a message of support for Judge Taylor (number below)

Help from Experienced DU'ers - how should people get involved


The Colbert Report-Neil Young tonight; The Daily Show-

Residue blamed for Tri-State airport evacuation (Updated)

Inquiry Suggests Marines Excised Files on Killings (NYT)

"Bush Broke The Law Numerous Times" Should Be The Top Headline

France commits only 400 troops to UN force

So..... Posting copycats in GD is OK now?

Poll: Bias Against Mormon, Muslim in White House

Does anyone know if we're safe yet from that woman in W. VA?

Pollster: Lieberman's GOP support "nothing short of amazing"

Roses for Helen Thomas

After the garden is gone.

What does 'W' mean to you?

Patrick Buchanan rips Bush a new one (again)

Tomorrow's Independent: Labour agrees - Bush IS crap!

A quote worthy of my first sig. line. One no one should forget.

Show some love for the woman taking on the Wicked Witch of Capitol Hill

i bought a couple of items at a flea market today.written on one of the

I need every single person who knows someone from MO to...

15,000 children not named Jon Benet died in Congo last month.

A blast from the past: Gore's MLK day speech blasting illegal NSA wiretaps

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

Cracks in Karr confession fuels skepticism

When It Comes To Campaigning On Terror, Why Can't It Be This Easy?

Malloy thinks This Jonbenet deal is a Rove scheme

OH MAN: Neil Young Sings Let's Impeach the President on Colbert

Country singer kills tame bear for vanity video. Disgusting.

Edwards says his vote on Iraq was wrong

How much do those AAR "former owner" Jetta commercials suck?

My friend said something that really pissed me off tonight.

Honorable Anna Diggs Taylor email and phone number

Judges on the US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit (wiretap appeal)

Congressman Conyers: NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Illegal

Larry Johnson-Bush&Blair Hyped Terror Threat-To Bury Sy Hersh's Iran Story

Authorities Warning Women Not to Wear Gel Bras

Neil Young is the Guest on Tonight's Colbert Report

How sure are you that Joe Lieberman would not switch to Repub Party?

Who Created the "Terrah" Problem?

Who Killed The American Spirit?

Here she is........

victim of jewish center shooting wants tighter gun control

No "gel bras" for women. What about breast implants?

Now this is the FUTURE....

Confederate Flag = TREASON

Is "white bread" a racist phrase?

Who' s next? Natalee Holloway? Judge Crater? The Lindbergh baby?

Ava's on air with Mike Malloy NOW! -- stream link

NYT editorial: Judge "reasserted rule of law over lawless administration"

Black Children Are More Than Twice As Likely To Drown Than White Peers


Were you sexually abused?

Keep talking Dick Cheney

Allen's latest excuse

Cheney pulls that "We'll get hit again if the Dems win" crap AGAIN

OH - Ken Blackwell...about him

I saw at Fire Dog Lake that the DNC is taking a vote on Lieberman...

Brown & Strickland on Turn Around Ohio Tour

Wal-Mart a political target ahead of election

Katherine Harris claims endorsements she didn't get

One year before the movie premiere: Snake on a m*therf*ckin' plane

On my way to DC this week.... I listen to Walter Cronkite reenact

WH interactive, 'Ask The Whitehouse', hasn't been updated since

What's the best way to get involved in the upcoming elections?

Barbara Boxer, her opinion of George Allen:

Personal one on one with my congresswoman, Thelma Drake

WaPo: GOP has lost 'security moms'!

Bush's (Possible) Five-Point Iraq Exit Strategy

VA Sen- Webb within 5!

Has Anybody Ever Done An Analysis of Gas Prices In Red vs Blue States?....

How to make sure children are scientifically illiterate

GOLD Star Mother's & HILLARY... If You Haven't Read It Yet... Here It Is!!

Cheney returning to Nebraska

Republicans do not like to be red

Dem. Congressional Challengers Strategy Memo - OVERSIGHT BEATS WITHDRAWAL

Judy Baar Topinka (GOP candidate for Gov in IL) makes fool of herself

Bush/Lieberman/Repubs misleading Americans about Iraq quagmire

When did John Kerry leave the DLC?

Pentagon to issue wireless disconnect order

Now recriminations begin in Israel (TIMES UK)

The 'Real World' of Pandering

Katrina Home Bush Visited Still Stands Empty

Judge states that Bush is not the King!

They probably won't publish this, but WTF, I tried:

BBC: Filipino 'dwarf' judge loses case

Bush gives 1M grant to dismantle Freedom of Information Act

Det News editorial: "Operate within law on electronic snooping"

Freed From Guantánamo but Stranded Far From Home

COHA Opinion: The Cuban Mirage: Self-Deception in Miami and Washington

how serious... people should talk about Presidential law-breaking

DFP editorial: A Detroit Judge (Anna Diggs Taylor) with Backbone

Iraq and the Basic Principles of Conflict Resolution

Congress Poised to Unravel the Internet

Ken Bode: Send Clear Message or Relive McGovern Moment

NEW SCIENTIST: Why doesn't America believe in evolution?

Pension reform bill - higher IRA & 401 K contribution limits favor wealthy

China to build its largest DME project as an alternative to oil

One Light Bulb. Big Results

Vast Majority of Americans Want More Ethanol

Siemens to build wind turbine blade factory in USA (Iowa)

Biologists Fear Fire May Doom Nev. Deer

Spain's Severe Drought/Part Of A Global Pattern

Global warming could mean jobs for Californians

Peter and the (hydrogen) fuel cell (Schatz Energy Lab founder interview)

Oil Tanker Sinks off the Philippines

Leaked Paper - Harper Plan Will Weaken Canadian Species Law Across Board

8/18 Arctic Sea Ice Update - (Very) High Latitude Ice Edge Retreat Goes On

Norway's Oil Minister speaks to Bush's energy secretary about hydrogen.

What's the difference between a Zionist and a Jew?

Fox News Producer Resigns Over Middle East Coverage

Hizbullah encourages Palestinian terror

Israel's double standard

Palestinians agree to renew truce with Israel

Survivors of 1996 Qana Massacre Sue Israel Military Chief {edit}

palestinian prisoners short documentary

INTERVIEW-War inflicted $3.6 billion damage on Lebanon

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Pal

What if 9/11 wasn't an inside job?

WTC during construction

Help Me Please ! "Controlled demolition" Issue ...

David Ray Griffin says 9-11 was inside job

Teacher's 9/11 views raise red flags

Mike Ruppert has left the country for good.

Bush Contemplates Rebirth of Dictatorship for Iraq

Loose Change 911

Pulling the plug on electronic elections. (X-POST)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRIDAY August 18, 2006

Blog post from scary wing-nut

Ron Paul Out of Touch, Again

TX Sen - Barbara Ann Radnofsky vs. the Trans Texas Corridor

Kathryn Frost, wife of Martin Frost: RIP

Kinky's Environmental Plan: "Let's Copy Bell's Plan But Water It Down"

Court orders most of 285 pit bulls to be put to death.

18,000 promises to Veterans - John Courage video

A behind the Scenes Look at a Political Campaign

BAR's spoof press release--I fell for it (check the date)

Goliad County Democratic Rally This Sunday with State-Wide Candidates

The International Maillard Reaction Society


"every day" dinner breads. I'm ready to start baking and I miss fresh

The FBI's Upgrade That Wasn't

Karzai, coalition clash on bombing deaths

NEW SCIENTIST: Why doesn't America believe in evolution?

Legal analyst: break in Ramsey case could be hoax

Probe suggests Marines hid Haditha evidence: NYT

German Investigators Pursue Suspect in Foiled Train Attack

Judge Rules Against Wiretaps ( halt delayed till Sept 7)

In her Vermont town, precious few knew Catherine Mayo

Hizbollah hands out cash to Lebanese

WP: Premier Calls Iraqi Forces Ready to Extend Control

Iraqi group uses Michael Moore film to mock Bush (insurgents mix F9/11)

WP/AP: Texas GOP Back Houston Councilwoman for DeLay's Seat

Unexploded munitions pose deadly threat to returning displaced (Lebanon)

Lebanese army reaches southern border

British airliner diverted over suspected bomb

300 more civil cases uncovered in Broward Co., FL court (secret docket)

Murtha now one of his party's biggest fund-raisers

Windows Vista has critical bugs

WP: Hundreds worldwide hit by loss of Advanced Placement exams

Venezuela seeks heavy oil tax reform in two weeks

3 Doctors forced off plane.....falsley ID'd...

E-mails a portrait of 'my darkness' (Karr's e-mails to Tracey)

national guard soldiers arrested for armed robbery (new orleans)

Possible Nuke Test, It's true . . . Tomorrow's News today (wow)

Ex-Taft aide helping GOP candidates despite his scandal ties

Sharpton Wants More Black Politicians (Decries Gangsterism)

Flight passengers describe hours of bizarre behavior

Fewer Vietnam Vets Are Found to Have Stress Disorder--WaPo

Scuffle erupts over Green Party's Pa. ballot petitions

Official: Government won't enter church to arrest Arellano

Raul Castro makes 1st public comments

Judge Gets 4 Years for Exposing Himself (pumpman)

HRW says Iraqi tribunal incapable of fair trial for Saddam

U.S. dismisses Sudan president's threat

LAT: Democrats May Make January Presidential Primary Month

Dems may punish candidates campaigning in states that violate new schedule

Star of gay adult films to entertain Israeli troops

Health care providers object to tax cut

Iraqi govt announces two-day vehicle ban in Baghdad

FAA Calls for Shorter Maintenance Intervals on Some GE Jet Engines

Iraqis go missing from army training course (UK)

US snipers stake out rooftops as soldiers search Baghdad

Bush huddles with economic team as growth slows

Iraqi security forces detain 77 people in Baghdad mosque

Terror alert boosts all-frills airlines business

News-7 Poll: Sen. Allen remarks "inappropriate" (47% not Racial Slur)

Bush Loyalist Kennedy Plays Down Ties in Fight for Senate Seat

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 18 August

No explosives found in bottle that evacuated airport (Huntington WV

Lawmaker (Rep. Christopher Cannon - R) helped brother's lobby clients

Shiite pilgrims shot dead

Terror police find 'martyr tapes'

Libby Denied Some Classified Documents

Scuffle erupts over Green Party's Pa. ballot petitions

First female suicide bomber attack reported in Iraq

New law helps same-sex couples

Casey-Santorum race getting tighter, says another survey

WP/AP: 3 critics of NASA budget cuts to science programs quit panel

U.S. Deplores Cuba Transition Plans

Clinton to celebrate 60th birthday with family, friends

Officials: U.S. blocked missiles to Hezbollah

Luxury consumers’ confidence drops 14 points

Bush says confident economy is headed in right direction

Intelligence officials doubt Iran uranium claims

MySpace users hit by hacker virus

Review of Landmark Study Finds Fewer Vietnam Veterans With Post-Traumatic

NYT: Bush Vows to Fight Wiretapping Ruling

Mellon(Bank) settles case over destroyed tax returns (77,000 IRS Returns)

Chile court strips Pinochet immunity in fraud case

Bush pardons moonshining 'Deliverance' actor

Mass funerals in southern Lebanon

Israeli state rocked by sex-harassment saga

LAT: Radioactive Leak Reaches Nuclear Plant's Groundwater

McCain tries to rally veterans for (George) Allen

Witek leaves GOP (Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts)

ATF Strikes Bush's Words (Removes from Cornerstone-Cites Cost Cutting)

July unemployment rates rise in most U.S. states

Israel alarm at UN force members

Tabby cat terror for black bear

what's the name of the website for free pic uploads?

I just talked to Mike Malloy!

a Desmond Dekker appreciation thread


Just learned about a new made-up word, "freegan."

2am snack: Spaghetti tossed in butter, fresh basil and garlic

Someone said I look like Fred Savage

I LOVE Rick Springfield

Escher (pic heavy)

New pics!

Why is Wal-mart promoting "Scary Movie 4" yet they sell censored music?

Today I made o- Benzoyloxyacetophenone! Ask me anything!

Ok who's awake.

"Take Five"- Dave Brubeck Quartet

Man rescued from vat of dark chocolate

I had the weirdest dream

Woman Sues J.C. Penney After Getting Hit In The Head By Mannequin

Dickies Redesign Means Less Plumber's Crack

Rachael Maddow's show is moving to an evening time slot

The Return of the Giant Hogweed

I began to eat every effing thing in site!

Haha! Ultimate-Guitar is based in Russia! Their tabs are safe!!

Let us now sing the praises of WHITE LION!

whoever said you can find a job....

Sirius or XM?

And who can forget the classic rock band Foreigner?

Let us now sing the praise of FOOD LION!

I just realized that since last saturday

Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

I feel terrible for all of you people

Watch CNNI on CNN now (12-1pm) - news that doesn't raise your blood pres.

Which is more embarrassing?

Kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day

1950: Four-month-old kitten, scales the Matter in 3 days


Come on DONATE - or I'll unleash SNAKES in the LOUNGE

"Snakes on a Plane" is at 80% at Rotten Tomatoes

Did anybody see.. (Y & R *spoiler* alert)

I have my first orientation class today.

I am disoriented today.

Your closest friend

I'm the proud owner of a cordless, rechargeable, electric Lawnmower

2 People Shot, Killed Over Loud Music. Man, I LOVE my


Are Portillos hamburgers *that* good?

"Cats on a Plane" VIDEO (7:47)

Are Runza hamburgers *that* good?

My coworker just laughed at the Brazilians joke--he'd never heard of it!

My birth certificate is now a worthless piece of paper...ROFL!

Anyone have a digital turntable?

Troops and Sports

Bored? Want to waste James Dobson's money? Read this link!

Cake or Death?

I LOVE Rick Dangerous

Who's excited to see Spike Lee's new documentary on Katrina?

I'm seeing Snakes on a Plane this weekend and .....

Snakes On A Train coming out on DVD on September 5

Why do some vegetarians (and carnivores for that matter) say fish

why is fucking everyones mother and your own, funny?

An Inflated BALLOON in my Mailbox !!??!!

Mea Culpa: My rant 2 days ago about "Snakes on a Plane."

Wow! I did not know that Hitler signed over Nazi Germany to

Pre-Synchronicity Police: Quite possibly the best band from the 80's

Does This Wikipedia Link Work For You?

Snakes on a Lane!

Do You Read An Entire Thread Before Responding?

Are Bubba Burgers *that* good?

Puppy Pix!

Ever wonder why the water bill is so high? Maybe the cat is flushing!

I haven't posted in a couple of years

Friday night...anyone have exciting plans....

There's some freaky sounding creature in my wall

Vote for The Stephen Colbert Bridge!

What is your nonalcoholic beverage of choice?

So, I got engorged.

Boston vs New York

Does anyone else miss Morning Sedition?

Rewrite your favorite literature - SNAKES ON A PLANE style!

Does Fuddrucker's sound that obscene?

Songs inappropriate for today's news/political climate...I'll go first!

Is "he had it coming" a valid murder defense outside of Texas?

I'm sick

I want a Salty Momma!

Is there an agency available for someone who is addicted to drugs?

Is anyone else having trouble staying on DU today?

Things you were taught as a very young child that you still retain

Sebastian is a 1-year-old persian cat with a pimpin' gold grill

what does the term motherfucker mean to you?

Question: Do Americans need a passport to visit Montreal?

True or false? "A penny saved is a penny earned."

I have always wanted to respond to a locked thread, so

Batteries explode.. so can i run Laptop w/ battery out?

language and mismeaning.


Authorities Arrest Man for Making Liquid Bomb.

Are White Castle hamburgers *that* good?


Sniffa and Bi _ Baby are out....Entertain me!

The meaning of words.

Rusty Cage

The Prequel: Snakes on a m-f'n ISLAND!

Are Hamburglars that bad?

Is Karl Rove a hateful and bitter motherfucker because...

Anyone here like "roots" type Americana music?

"Hollywoodland" is about the death of "Superman" George Reeves

I am older and wiser than you, so just try to argue with me!

Let us now sing the praises of Whitesnake!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 8/18/06)

we havnt had a Snakes On A Plane thread...

I declare today DU 80's Hair Band Day!

Computer question

Barry Manilow To Have Hip Surgery

Happy birthday/Anniversary wishes to.........

Pat Boone Un-appreciation thread.

Burger King vs. McDonald's (which do you prefer)

Man Trapped Waist-Deep in Chocolate

What is your favorite alcoholic of choice

1978 was an awesome year for rock music....

Good news for me, I got to go home early. Bad news is it's because

Soda or pop

Why do so few movies have useful names like Snakes on a Plane or

matcom is sick and...

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still Dead

Matcom News UPDATE: I'm still sick

Roddick vs. Scottish phenom Andy Murray on in 30 min. live from Cinc.

Going out for the evening folks

An "R" and an "S"

I decided to hide every thread about the Ramsey case in Gen. Discussion

For the fans of "Cold Case"

Debating which of several hundred things I want to do today....

Turning and returning to some secret place inside

Let us now sing the praises of _________________________

Didn't you not vote in this poll or not?

What would you do in this situation...

Shout Out to OzarkDem!!

Would anyone with HBO

Anyone have grandparents who gave two separate kids the same name?

58 1/2 hours to SHATNER!!!

I made this ytmnd:

For the Nighthawks

Anyone Hummer Haters on Facebook, join my group FUH2

Happy Birthday DU'er --------donsu!!!!!

Bush's evil state of the union video

Saw something on TV that made me sad and angry.

Video of the day- Special Snakes on Plane edition.

Hey, let's send some good vibes to Roger Ebert:

Things I learned at law school orientation this week:

So who's bringing a snake to Snakes on a Plane?

I just got out of a social obligation... by admitting I killed JonBenet!


I just saw Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Anyone heard of this car scam in W. Palm Beach?

I have never done so kind a gesture as I did today in Flanders field

saw a great bumper sticker a few minutes ago

English language insanity!

Snakes On A Plane: Great Movie or The Greatest Movie?

How large is Ann Coulter's Wardrobe??

Why would someone who can sing like this...

OK, I just signed up to sell stuff on E-Bay

Chicago Du'ers...Are you listening to- STEVE & GARRY..?

Worst TV pitchman (or woman)

Make a title for Snakes On A Plane Part 2!

Neutral Milk Hotel...OMG

"For a time..."

Are In-N-Out hamburgers *that* good?

So, I got enraged

I am having a massive Slurpee craving.

Remember that mac-hack from a few weeeks ago...

Haruka says your pizza is an abominable farce.

Kid in a restaurant. (StuARRRRRRRRRRRT!)

In honor of the chocolate Virgin Mary, POST some BLASPHEMY right here.

I worked with a guy who had relations with a cow and was proud of it

I am younger and dumber than you, so just try to argue with me!

Various types of foods you have seen served on a stick.

Starbucks faces buggy rap

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Clintmax is back

Researchers link music tastes to HIV risks

Now let us praise Jimi Hendrix.....


Peter piper wants you to post a pic of pickled peppers

Paging DJs -- Progmom . . . Mr. Scorpio . . . others. Need DEEJAYS!

MIA (overlapping), "No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I do believe Marsellus...


Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

What do you really need to be happy in this life

Does anyone else watch "Meerkat Manor"?

Chocolate Virgin Mary DISCOVERED!

PHOTO: map of blog visitors with web counter

Friday, August 18. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

My doctor made me cry today...

What can you tell me about Barbara Coloroso

List movies that are perfect as is, and should never be remade

Breaking: Haley Joel Osment to change name to Billy Joel Osment

The journey through the over!

Rename a famous movie, Snakes on a Plane style.

Best Ann Coulter anagrams can't be posted here, but others are also good

Nostalgia for defunct restaurants...

Samurai lived by the code of Bushido & I live by the code of Cookeedough

Why don't we do it in the road?

Dammit, I need a new office chair...

What 70s pop culture phenomenon was most embarrassing?

Iraq - LW government, did it ever have a LW government?

I want a Sugar Daddy!

Snakes! Plane! Movie! Friday!

Now let us praise Nu Shooz

Picture threads are the pits

Your favorite root beer

I saw Matthew Fox last night in Asheville, NC

Christianity vs. Scientology

Study: Despite Suicide Risk, Patients On Antidepressants Get Less FollowUp

Making condoms stylish for everyone

Experimental Medication Kicks Depression In Hours Instead Of Weeks

They are working on 146 drugs for preventing stroke and

crosspost: 3 critics of NASA budget cuts to science programs quit panel

Come Out of The Closet

Shopping Spree courtesy of Focus on the Family

Honoring bigotry

A HUGE victory for HRC and GLBT Americans (Well, HRC says it's huge)

Mr Leather Edmonton 2003 not welcome in US

My Latest Copy Of The Advocate Magazine Just Arrived...

Star of gay adult films to entertain Israeli troops

Are you ready for some (EPL) football !!!

Remember the thread re: A woman bringing Bush's downfall?

Hey ... Kerrycrats ... you passed 99,000 posts

Ginny, were you listening to Rachel this morning?

New Poll: 2008 Dem candidate

What's with this internet myth that Edwards was "first" in regretting IWR

Time running out for Kerry sponsored Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act

Had Enough ?

Arianna Huffington blows JK a kiss

Umm...DKos is crazy

Looking. A few examples.

TOONS (please close your mouth while you chew)

email from Senator Kennedy re dishonorable dick and action request.

Shela Jackson Lee on cspan now about immigration

Bloated pentagon

Bush -- "Take Your Time" (Ralph Nader)

I would like to publicly and personally THANK the person who donated

Very strange (sex?)Travel Channel ad on Salon.

First PHOTOS: Head of Al Qaeda in Vermont

Bernie Ward on the Fed Court wiretapping decision -- stream link

Probe shows Marines hid evidence in Haditha case.


Here's a phrase I NEVER expected to read:

Tapped Out

Unexploded Cluster Bombs Are All Over S. Lebanon

Robert Stack where are you? Unsolved mysteries continue

I'm sure Billy Oreilly just made a mistake

I have nothing to hide!

Stupid CSPAN WJ Q: Are Americans too thin skinned? (Re: Allen & Young)

Did this news item ever make the MSM? (Rummy and racists in the military)

Conason on Lieberman's Latest Ploy--Marrying HYPOCRISY to RACISM

Iraq policeman: The US tries to take our weapons so the terrorists can come

John Karr (Jonbenet) is certainly a strange fellow

AJC Vent Entry Today

Google-bomb anyone?

A Vote For Republicans is A Vote For Endless Terrorism

Excellent WAPO LTTE smack-downs of cacaforbrains Allen....

Osama danced when LIEberman lost primary. Molly Ivins

Wow! Domestic terrorism is the realm of the left, didn't you know?

A Judicial Misfire

Htfd Courant: Joe gets big banner headline, wiretap case gets about 2"

Brazil's alcohol cars hit 2m mark

Violations by Military Recruiters Up Sharply

Memo to Justice Department: Our President is Breaking the Law

Remembering Lotfi Raissi, Accused Terrorist

Dean On Bush's Disappearing Credibility On Iraq

Army acknowledges taking more low-scoring recruits

Dem Message in this whole Warrantless Wiretapping Ruling.

Scathing indictment of U.S. healthcare from Commonwealth Fund

what happened to all the genocide coverage?

Nicole Kidman's and other "stars" full page ad:

What's the difference between a Zionist and a Jew?

Morality Czar, Bill Bennet, coming up on CNN to discuss wiretapping.

Fakes on a plane

Warrantless wiretapping and the 6th circuit.

Righteous Indignation

Passive smoke increases heart risk by 45 per cent

"More Propaganda Than Plot" - Former Brit Ambassador on UK Terror Plot

I know this horse has almost been beat to death, but...

is the non-warrant data mining to find out who's a Democrat as steal steal

Seymour Hersh said something startling about Rumsfeld on Democracy Now

Lieberman to switch parties.

Are those really pics of Jenna Bush?

My first poll: which would you defend over the others?

General "It's Fun To Shoot People" Mattis To "Judge" Haditha Killers

I'm the proud owner of a cordless, rechargeable, electric Lawnmower

new movie..... "Snakes in the White House" !!! someone photoshop that.!!

Any advice for Feinstein?

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - 8/18 -- booby-trapped?

Fantasy. My fantasy. My Friday fantasy is that GE, Murdoch, Time-Warner,

We have nothing to fear but those cowards that fear everything...

Perfect comeback to any Repuke 'Terror' scare tactic

email from President John Kerry re bushitler and dishonorable dick

email from Senator Barbara Boxer re Georgieporgie Allen (Skanster)

Senator Byrd comes out in support of Ned Lamont!

GOP Introduces "Jesus" Lieberman

Lieberman vs. "Cindy Sheehan" Dems?

U.S. blocked missiles to Hezbollah... Re the comments, FEAR is working.

Damn! The media assassination of Ned Lamont seems to be working

China warned over rising obesity

Iraqi group uses Michael Moore film to mock Bush

Tasini Press Release: NY1 cancels Senate Debate

Top 10-11-12-the heck with it... Ways Bush Has helped the Terrorists.

Honest Q for Dems: How long before we're strangled with yellow ribbons?

Bush just completely not understanding the questions being asked...

Wow, he's just phoning it in today isn't he?

cnn bush press conference - bush is in slo mo

Al Qaeda threatens to blow up Muslim Monument

(VIDEO) More New Rules than you can shake a stick at

Does Bush have a time machine? How does he do it?

Was bu$h Drunk? WTF? That Was One Fucked Up Press Briefing!

Homeland Security and Jon Benet case.......

My official study - RW'ers like comparing GLBT people to animals

Harris: 9 officials on flier, none at rally - lied about place rally held

Indiana resisting site for Divine Strake

Brilliant! A new American job & training program that pays for itself

To those who might think that Big Al doesn't have a chance in '08

Dateline San Antonio:Tree Mystery Solved; Faithful Keep Coming

Our Whining President - Can someone do a mashup of this?

Iran shells Kurds in northern Iraq, Turkey preps for war with Kurds too

Boy, Andrew Young stepped in it this time.

DU this Wisconsin Governor poll:

Antiwar llamas!

I wonder how many little black/asian/hispanic girls or...

How long does a donation to DU last?

Gallagher defends calls for "Muslims Only" line


"Rich countries face increasing water shortages,"

Scary Conversation overhead on Electronic Voting

Free GrovelBot .... Evil Masters are holding him in a dark server room

Anyone ever heard or seen such a thing?

Bush on the wiretap ruling

?Question about ribbons?

Canadian govt. hiding global warming stats/info from citizens

A week of bush, a weekend of comfort foods (Shrimp Po-Boys)

Idiots regarding JBR case: If he is the one God will tell us!

Democrats reject Bush plan for "alternatives to democracy" in Iraq

Government RE-SEALS Once Public Cold War Nuke Data

Bomb on plane (possibly)

Worst Coward in the World: The Finalists

Should America declare a War on Lightning?

Great joke from Letterman

McConnell & Hatch got KKKarl's memo - terra, terra, terra to win elections

A lot US Citizens do not deserve the Democracy they live in

Amazing Homophobia in Today's rural Red Missouri Paper

Weren't the Kurds on Irans side during the Iran/Iraq War?

Iran do they have nuclear weapons?

Can we do for "Bush" what the RW'ers did to "Liberal"?

XM Changes?

About FISA the NSA and "new technology"

This Day in Radical History *WOW!* August 18th

Neil Young on Colbert Report - Video - must see!

Needed: Updates to the RR Dictionary

Windows Vista has critical bugs

Retired Generals send letter to Bush. Tony Snow thinks it's all "politics"

What if the Hoaxes are part of Psyops?

After writing Ohio congressman and receiving a * here, there have been

Dissent, Solidarity and Search Engine Manipulation!

John McCain makes monkey joke at George Allen event

Can Lieberman be recalled?

WP: Violent "Left Behind" computer game sparks controversy

Disaster Profiteering on the American Gulf Coast Revealed (CorpWatch)

I just found this very interesting study about corporate giving programs

FR: Kitty Kelly Didn't Serve In Vietnam, So Has No Right

The evolving job of GW Bush.

"Not all Muslims are terrorists. But all the terrorists are Muslims."

Update on machinations over DeLay's Replacement Candidate...ROFLMAO

Who do you want to win the CT Senate Election?

The Real Terrorists

Iraq war bashed at hearing for soldier who wouldn't go

Bush preps historic Third Term - memo

JBR "Killer" Hoax Debunked Within 1 Day; Bush Hoaxes Live Forever

Someone Give George Bush A God Damn Fucking Civics Lesson

Should anyone who did not win a Senate seat

What do you think Bush's cause will be as a former president?


Do you support the Democratic nominee?

Cafferty Strikes Again...

Would a 'strong belief' in Santa Claus make him real???

225 Pit Bulls To Be Put Down

Isn't it wierd about the Connecticut senatorial election?

CAPTION the "suspect was picked out of a lineup" photo...

Stewart rides CNN...

Republican Support for LIEberman is PROOF they stand for NOTHING

How do you make a "Muslims only" line?

bush Threw a Hissy Fit This Morning Over the Wiretap Ruling....

I got throught to Thom Hartman show. Yeah!

Just saw Bush walking across the lawn and it didn't look like Laura next t

Teacher's 9/11 views raise red flags

Apple uncover harsh conditions at Chinese iPod factory

Politicos beware: You live in YouTube's world.

Uh oh. Has the BA Leaked Critical Intel From the Brit Air Scare Plot?

TSA and the "New Normal" mode of flying...

You must see this photograph.

U.S. Hopes to Rival Hezbollah With Rebuilding Effort

As if we need more reasons to love Ben and Jerry's...

Nearly 1 in 5 Chinese overweight or obese

Authorities say Violence in Iraq at Highest Level Since Invasion

Gather round Conspiracy Theorists!

A reminder to those still interested in evening the Score...

Reuters gives Bush LIE a headline...

Thank you, ACLU!!!

For Those who Want to Help:

Chalk It Up! National Health Care Day of Action August 22, 2006 VIDEO >>

WATCH: Driving while O'Reillying

Hartmann: Ramsey case arrest was premature, overpowered wiretapping ruling

Neil Young On Colbert Replay On NOW!

Flight passengers describe hours of bizarre behavior

Flakes on a Plane

* on the news .... "I believe our appeals will be upheld"

Nightly Nativism and Lou Dobbs

Interesting item I just found on checking your laptop as baggage


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) has new PodCast System up!

They found a marauding ‘hybrid mutant’?

Bush says he isn't 'frustrated' over Iraq, but the troops say THEY are

Snippy, Confused Boozer Responds to Domestic Spy Ruling:

Dow Chemical: We Don't Kill People Any More!

Photo Proves Truth ABout How Saddam's Statue Was Pulled Down :

The Rude Pundit's photos from NOLA one year later.

So Bush thinks the world will agree with him that Hezbollah lost, in time.

British forces in Amarah, Iraq come under mortar fire

US Death Toll Hits 2,604 in Iraq

Caption Saint W of the freepers

Hartmann filling in for Randi!

"Tri-State Airport evacuated"...WHEW that wasn't close...

Hezbollah understands winning hearts and minds

Months after making headlines, John Murtha's popularity booming

Get a load of this "new meaning" of snakes on dee plane.

Wiretap Ruling Threatens Telecoms


Who are the militants in Afghanistan? Not sure but the numbers are growing

Bush's VA expected to appeal a pro-veteran decision

What it will take to make America happy.

WTF? Horowitz on AAR?

Once again the life of a stem cell outweighs the lives of soldiers

Weekend News Dump ?

What would happen if Dem candidates demand rebuttal time

And I was poo poo'd a week ago about this...

Lamont coming on CNN Situation room

Racial Slurs Are A Necessity

another great song called Dear Mr President

Workers discover chocolate Virgin Mary

For the love of GOD, please e-mail CNN.COM and MSNBC.COM

Should some non-Americans get to vote in US elections?

Jeb Bush Reinstates Death Warrant Despite USSC Ruling & Pending Hearing :

I'm SO Jealous! They NEVER let Clinton Openly break the Law.

Treasury Sec says we'd be happy if not for the high fuel and health costs

Law Is The Story. Do Not Personalize Issue

AZ vote no on 207

Lieberman -- "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

98 donations from Bush being bopped

OMG1 You can buy a timeshare of expensive designer items, like purses!


Imus: "We thought" man who confessed to killing Ramsey "was Ned Lamont"

Is anyone else having trouble staying on DU today?

What Right-Wingers See When They Read the New York Times

The Rosanna Rosanna Danna Media...

Is DU's clock off? Posting times look strange to me.

Did any of you hear Thom Hartmann on Liquid Bomb Making on a Plane?

Potential "Liquid Explosives" Helping Charity For The Homeless

Lieberman hires republican pollster

Seymour Hersh: U.S. Helped Plan Israeli Attack, Cheney "Convinced"

Didn't I hear during *'s speech this morning something regarding social

3 Doctors forced off plane.....falsley ID'd...

Katherine Horseface Harris has more truthiness problems.

Sen. Boxer steps up fpr wounded veterans A good story for a change


Republicans are the COWARDLY Party.

Does anyone know this man?

How would GWB have handled Nikita Khrushchev's threat, "We will

Lieberman's Distorted View of Iraq: Should this guy really be a Senator?

NorMAN GoldMAN - I love you! You are on FIRE filling in for ED!

Bush Confident Wiretap Ruling Will Be Overturned

6,000 salaried GM jobs being eliminated?

Most presidents have scandals & any president can blow a war, but...

Back in the old days, John Karr would've been hung for murder already.

Confederate General George "Macaca" Allen - Must See!

Media uncritically aired false and misleading ads attacking Sen. Clinton

Ford to Slash Production, Shutter Plants

Bush warns North Korea on possible nuclear test

Paulson: Americans are better off. They're just not feeling it.

Israeli troops criticize army, equipment

At Last: Andrew Young Admits He Is a Demagogue

Watching Colbert's interview of Neil Young again

WP, Dan Froomkin: King George's White Palace

What do you guys think about

The Senator Macaca T shirt and mug. Criticize racism!

In case you missed it, China told us to STFU....

VIDEO - Neil Young On Last Night's Colbert Report (Sings "Let's Impeach")

Jack Cafferty asking about an OCTOBER SURPRISE today

If you were a soldier serving in Iraq

TSA dictates Australian airport security

An interesting conversation today

As Requested - FROG MARCH list

Why Bush Needs Lieberman - By Sidney Blumenthal

I stand on the shoulders of angels

did Thom Hartmann just say Mike Malloy is up next???

Panama: So hot right now

My LTTE in response to anti-gay bigot

Did you know that jobs increased by 5 million over the last three years

Check out this political music video from Jurassic 5...

"He was my Father... and my Mother...

Ohio Restoration Project won't let Homophobic lie regarding Strickland die

Hey ya'll wasn't it ruled that Little Lord Pissypants can't issue

Who picks these dolts we put on television to speak for us ?

Tweety has my vote today. He is really on the case of the neocons.

New name for king george's Iraq debacle

the meaning of words.

what happen to the fox news reporters...

What in the world is going on with Andy Young?

What Means the Most To You?

VIDEO: George Bush Acting Under The Influence Of Something..

What is Peace?

TWEETY'S Covering Generals Who Oppose The War! Now!!

Did Stalin make Russians safer? Did Hitler make Germans safer?

Why are so many freepers moving to Atlanta?

How Much Anger are You Noticing from the Poor?

Why has DU been silent on the * pension bill?

I saw Matthew Fox last night in Asheville, NC

Don't forget to do your part and PANIC Today!

"Hot Tub Tom" Flash Animation with Joe Lieberman

OK. Fess up. Who is watching the 200th episode, hoping that

Anyone know what the new AAR schedule will look like?

34, 37, 36, 38, 36, 33, 34 ...

Friday's pics from Camp Casey

I'm not SCARED enough to vote Republican - bumpersticker

What was the defining moment in your conversion

Why SCOTUS Will Affirm ACLU v. NSA...With Scalia Writing for the Majority

The most beautiful sign in all of Texas

Good LTTE In The Local Paper

News Corp's website is 58% Evil!

Ridge tells CNN that it is great that we can discuss Bush's lawbreaking

10 Years Ago: Contra/CIA/Cocaine hit, buried by MSM

E-mails a portrait of 'my darkness' (Karr's e-mails to Tracey)

Do you know any one who went to get educated and/or....

Judge Gets 4 Years for Exposing Himself

Is this country "divided' forever? Beyond repair?

It's art, says the naked woman who'll hug a dead pig on stage

So, I get to go to a reception for Randi Rhodes today

The red shirts on Fridays thing annoys me

Just rec'd RW email against Muslims - anyone have responses for it?

Potential "Liquid Explosives" Helping Charity For The Homeless

Watch your expression when you travel through Houston airports!

Lieberman to retain leadership positions within the Democratic Caucus

Expecting a baby? You'll need this birth certificate signing statement...


Someone give George Bush a God damn f....... civics lesson

This is Utterly Horrifying – Worst News yet on Global Warming

Welcome to Crawford, Home of Cindy Sheehan..............

RAW Story: Bogus Briefings on Iran Fed to Cheney – Formula for War

So Bush popped off another one of his "signing statements" yesterday

Dutch Political Party calls for EXPANSION to 40 hour work-week.

Bush pardons moonshining 'Deliverance' actor


If the economy is so damn good why....

Lamont on Wolfie now n/t

Do we have a Shadow Government?

FDA says viruses safe for treating meat

Okay Folks....we now have two Right Wing Cable News Channels...

Arnie's Handy-Dandy Guide to Not Looking Like a Racist (for Sen. Allen)

Bush's Stuffed Shirt - Bulletproof Vest even at Camp David?!?

AAR Update - Sam Sedar says he has an offer for "daytime slot"

Is Bin Laden about to be captured soon?

There are no good choices for the US in Iraq? So choose the least worst.

Here's an Idea for Ned Lamont: Attack Alan Schlesinger

So, you just got your new gold star. Want a custom avatar? I can help.

Pulling the plug on electronic elections.

Popular NASCAR driver sponsored by GM calls for genocide in Iraq

New Strategic Vision Polls in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

My LTTE to Opinionjournal on today's ruling...

Kurds flee homes as Iran shells Iraq's northern frontier

Bush Loyalist Kennedy Plays Down Ties in Fight for Senate Seat

The letter; how can we find it?

When your govt knows all...sees all....????

TN Senate: Corker (R) 48% Ford (D) 42% (Rasmussen)

Glenn Greenwald, DemNow:"There Are No Hereditary Kings in America"

The Republican Party Versus the Constitution

Movie: Loose Change 911

GOP bedwetters HATE it when American voters show courage

Iraq doubles its funding to IMPORT OIL

Top 10 Senate seats most likely to change parties

Coverage for Ramsey Story exponentially outpaces NSA Ruling

NE Senater: Nelson (D) 55% Ricketts (R) 32% (Rasmussen)

Hakuna Macaca -- George Allen to Music!

Why is DU running ads for John McCain?

Cafferty Video is on YouTube "violated his oath of office"

Murtha now one of his party's biggest fund-raisers

It just hit me: If John McCain

Bring on the indictments - Judge says program was illegal - the law

Junior's at Camp David, workin' HARD to spin our "slowing economy"

OH - Strickland (D) announces Health Care Platform

Schwarzenegger Hears Rumbles From the Right

Who was the woman with Bush?

Republicans are supporting a "Pro-Choice" Democrat ?

Why you should have supported Cynthia McKinney


Sunday NYT: Disappointed boomers joined online activists to beat Lieberman

RNC has a new ad, read here; DSCC has a new video, watch here

Allen 47% - Webb 42% (Rasmussen Poll)

Bush Must Negotiate to Make America Safer, Say Former Generals

Peter Schweizer Lied About Gore and Kossacks Were Fooled,

Bush "upbeat" despite gas prices, falling production, rising unemployment

Colorado's Governor race poll

VA Sen- Survey USA numbers

The Allen campaign has not adopted limbaughs "explanation."

Lieberman: Money won't come easy... (Poll: some Repubs do support Lamont)

Norman Goldman subbing for Ed Schultz

Some actually can ......

"Dems may punish candidates." How would you vote??

Neb. State Auditor Jumps Parties

Okay ..... you're the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs ......

If you plan to travel, watch out for the "Ranch Dressing Joke." EWWWW!

Mission Accomplished Update...Iraq doubles money spent on fuel imports

WaPo Editorial Slams NSA Decision as "A Judicial Misfire"

Keep Guantanamo on the DU radar

The Hypocrisy of Bill Frist

"Winning" and "Losing"...

Tweety: "People would want a little 'tapping' if the alternative

Like in the movie, Crimson Tide, who is responsible for physically

Kurds flee homes as Iran shells Iraq's northern frontier

Just got my 2007 United States Navy Memorial Calendar

Scuffle erupts over Green Party's Pa. ballot petitions

Will Bush be impeached....

Fragile peace in Iraqi Shiite cities a boon for local gunsmiths

Self Delete-Wrong Forum

Vid Clip: Little Lord Fuckstick gets "agitated" over judge's NSA ruling

Sen. Joe Biden on the attack Iowa on the front line in attack on Wal-Mart

Iowa state fair 2008 Democratic straw poll

Come Monday 8/21: What will be Rove's shockeroo?

Happy Six-Oh President Clinton

WHO Doesn't Have Any Ideas?

There are only two ways to look at this, I think.

Am I the only DUer in FL-10 who has a yard? Please check out

What has Jimmy Carter had to say re Israel-Lebanon?

"The Power of Nightmares"

G00P Email spewing lies about Bush's spying being found to be illegal

Handing it back to BFI (aka "Rush") in spades!

What has the news coverage been today re: Judge's ruling & * ?

Pasgn. mother: Authorities should apologize ( WV shutdown - Muslim dress

Information Cleansing, Canadian Style

Allen, Limpballs, Macaca, Clown, Mohawk or Shithead;What's the true story?

Name the nutter

Hardball Makes Irey's Murtha Attack Look Foolish (C&L Video)

Intelligence officials doubt Iran uranium claims, say Cheney receiving sus

Has Chuck Hagel Hijacked the Straight Talk Express?

Anyone remember Gary Webb-the media's wipping boy?

Why All Americans should now OPPOSE Lieberman

The case against Bush on Iraq (Senator Kerry's Senate speech Nov. 2005)

Is Ned Lamont "Triangulating"?...I hope so...

Is the new primary schedule: Iowa, Nevada, NH, SC?

I support John Edwards and

LAT: GOP showcases wiretapping decision; Democrats have fallen silent

Did Clinton use warrantless wiretaps?

Ted Kennedy gives Edwards im-Prez-ive boost

How to deal with LYING emails like the "Gold Star Mothers and Hillary"

Our president throws a tantrum ......

Guerrilla Vlogger: Lamont and Edwards in New Haven

I notice the M$M is talking to Edwards more and more - like he is the

Round 1 Allen/"Macaca" LTTE's Richmond Times-Disptach (wow)

Kerry finally plays well in SC

If you want to stop Gonzales, join the ACLU today

Lamont must move to the ____if he wants to win the general election

Lieberman officially declares war against Democrats

Jeb Bush lobbies hard for Bacardi in Havana Club rum trademark lawsuit

Iowa State Fair 08 Straw Poll

New Poll: 2008 Dem candidate

Nevada Gov Race: "Could they be any more different?"

Would Party Forgive Joe?Says Dems Can Count On Him If He Wins

Democratic Senators on Lamont: The Last Tally