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Archives: August 17, 2006

An outburst that shows Labour's true feelings towards America

Ground Zero Responders Get Some Relief—For Some, It’s Too Late

Milt Shook | Reaping and Sowing

Senator Allen: Dumb and Dumber (Falls Church News-Press)(VA)

Lebanese NOT fond of Rice

Joe Lieberman, who really abandoned whom?

Link minimum wage to congressional pay raises?

Costa Rica to move Israel embassy out of Jerusalem

Lebanese cabinet will not force Hezbollah to disarm

IAF Combat Video up on YouTube

The Pentagon's "Second 911"

Jordan Maxwell: Basic Slideshow Presentation

world trade center program

How to win an election when the chips are down. GOP Playbook.

LOL! of the current top 20 threads ( not counting this one going up)

Watch out POD is on the road!

Oven bricks

CAW heralds political independence from NDP

B.C. backs softwood lumber deal

Plane diversion reveals raw nerves

Authorities Warning Women Not to Wear Gel Bras (on airplanes)

Canada: StatsCan admits to five years of CPI mistakes

Khamenei praises Hezbollah; cites war as 'Holy War'

Airlines set to sue for £300m over terror losses

Marine charged with assaulting civilians

WP: Minority Party's Stock Is Rising (K St. anticipates Dem gains)

Israel begin handing over positions to UN

Defeat Seems Imminent for Gov. Murkowski in GOP Race

Mich. prosecutor dropping terror case

NYT: Eye on Election, Democrats Run as Wal-Mart Foe

NYT: Insurgent Bombs Directed at G.I.’s Increase in Iraq

Scientists find brain evolution gene

Bush is crap, says (Deputy PM) Prescott

GA Governor's 2 million dollar Florida land deal questioned

Costa Rica to move Israel embassy out of Jerusalem

Oil industry plans for price correction not crash

Georgia Tech ends gay hate-speech ban

How does a person get rid of TICKS ON A DOG?

My boyfriend wants out of our relationship

The guy on the left LOVED seeing Missy go topless in public, didn't he?

Looking for a 80's recording of an obscure song "Get High On Yourself"

I wish I were dead!

holy shit.

Why is it so f'ing hard to get a randy man?

I guess I know who my friends are... and they aren't 90% of my coworkers!

Hey DUers!

Men with what colored hair have the best sex?

Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown

How can you slow yourself down?

My Doctor says I have DU!

What sports teams do you love?

What's it, 6 more days til the Rapture?

Meditate with me?


I think I'm burnt out

A Conspiracy To Impress

What do you tell your children right before they go to sleep?

Kitten Video! (my first attempt at posting video)

the boy took two unaided steps to me tonight.

and who could forget Pinky....

Please help me figure out this 80's song...

I got talked into a short haircut and now I want to kill myself.

My house smells good.... (Farts)

Nigthly Food Porn: It's Cupcake Time!!!


WTF File: Free Republic 10th Anniversary Rally

Oh Dear God How Could They Let Him Do It...

1000! WHOOHOO!

Oh. So *that* is why I was craving burritos. Stupid hormones.

Quiche a la mexicana

Would it be THAT weird to sleep in the yard tonight?

Today was....entertaining. Suck this

the EDS cat herding commercial courtesy of Google....

it's too sedate in here this evening

Is it just me...or does the boomer generation contain the greatest amount

What scares you?

I'm sorry, but mustaches that go to one's chin line are fucking dumb

I want ice cream!

ok, another funny cat commercial....

My house smells good.... (Housework)

Anyone watch Rescue Me last night?

Sweet! Votes to name Hungarian bridge after Colbert up to 438,000!

Today sucked. Entertain me.

Repeat question for the night Lounge gang...

My cat has something to say:

Dysfunctional Family Circus

Best Cat Stevens album:

why is it so effing randy to get a hard man?

Can you turn down being a bridesmaid?

I spent the day with a friend power washing and doing minor repairs to a

I am craving burritos so bad.

Anybody have a link to that strange homoerotic Star Trek fan art site?

Howdy Du! How are ya'll!

Second Interview on Friday -- this one with the principal alone.

Eeee! I start law school tomorrow!

"(wild animal) ON A (mode of transportation)". Make your own film.

KITTEN THREAD - post yours here (and see my 2 1/2 week olds...)

My father is in the hospital.

Find a good humor movie I haven't seen

Something worth seeing over in GD.

Project Runway for August 16th

I start teaching again next week...I need dumb, dry, and clean jokes....

name some good rock (music) movies


How do you like your eggs?

Logic vs Religion

Sorry, but I must address this

Wow. A science forum with nary a discussion of....

Family Values

a great clip revisited--the voice of truth about Iraq!

You must read this long

Fiddlesticks....I can't choose...any suggestions?

KOEB 8/16/06 Jon Bennet Ramsey's Killer Arrested, added image & LOL

Linky to my photos from Big Dawg rally

Not trying to be a hog, but this deserves its own thread

O'Reilly: "We better tell the Iraqi's that HEY, you better step up

Google launches free WiFi in Mountain View

Dobbs: It's good to be a superpower

OH-03: Dem Candidate Drops Out; Could Hackett Jump In?

Terrorism in the skies.

Santorum told "Move it or lose it!"

Bush is Crap Dupe

Here's an idea for Halloween...

Bush is crap, says Prescott (British Deputy PM)

Bon Jovi cuttin' for

With events in Iraq and Lebanon going badly, is Faux News making

B.S. Terror Stories that the media pimped ..... a short list

"Judge sides with family in religious medical dispute"

Would TNR tolerate write this about a racist joke?

Bob Casey needs to run TV ads NOW

Laura Bush is supposed to be the hook, but they won't report her words

Clinton greeted as a star for work fighting epidemic

Troops to "take back Baghdad" . . . in an admission that they'd lost it

Do you drink alcohol when you are depressed?

Gas now down $0.57 in two weeks and I think I know why (& why I'm pissed)

CBS schedules Rather tribute

Calling All Grammar Police! This is the thread for you!

Mods: How Long Till We Have An Election 2008 Forum?

Exploding the 'terrorist' neuron bomb

Bush Asks Britain to take "Son of Star Wars" After Central Europe Objects

Crisis Talks on Lebanon Oil Spill

Do you think the Bush twins...

Hersch on CNN now! EOM

Three thumbs up and one conversation within 4 hours today

DU anybody who is or know a veteran VA Chemical Warfare Letter

Sorry, but I must address this

Sheehan Tests Texas-Style Free Speech Again

Zogby: Bush Job Approval—34% (Chimp sinks despite terror scare tactics)

Minority Party's Stock Is Rising:K St. Anticipates Democratic Gains

Ya know what? I want to see Inconvenient Truth AGAIN!

Where are the hurricanes?

Post your Bush Twins photos!

Comic - Shrub: I have to keep killing religious fanatics. God told me to.

What if.....they gave us inexpensive gas in October/November?

Former Commissioner Thomas Kean on The Daily Show tonight! (Now!)

So They Have a Suspect in Jon Bennet Murder.....

Allan's new 'macaca' explanation...the guy was a shit-head...

Adapting to change , Can I /do I want to

Bush is crap, says Prescott

Eighty Percent Of Brits Want To Ditch US In Terror War

Check out Carl Sheeler's latest billboards

Why does You Tube media always work--and everything else I try to ...

Terrorism and the Clinton Administration. Compared to Bush admin.

518 Americans wounded in Iraq in July alone

Please help DU this poll

The Lieberstein!

Congressman Conyers:One of my favorite Blogs -- Political Wire

Eye on Election, Democrats Run as Wal-Mart Foe --NYT

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in :Tony Trupiano later

Wow. Major Mike Malloy smackdown of freeper caller.

Why can't the media handle more than one story at a time?

South Lebanon littered with war's lethal leftovers

Is the Iraq war really just to distract everyone from what they are really

It's hard to be a Republican (song)

Coming Up on Nightline Right Now - Macaca and George Allen

Every airport traveller 'will be fingerprinted' (European airports )

How enthused are the Republicans for November's election??

Virginia Du'ers, how is Sen. Allen's F*ck up playing locally?

Jon Benet trumps "international terra plot"

I am really disappointed DU.

Freepers get the blue-balls of terrorism activity...

Bush admits US in Iraq for oil

Drug Companies Making $50 Billion in Excess Profits Under Medicare Plan D

'NewsHour' with Jim Lehrer sucks butt!!!

Bubble Boy Hides Behind The Presidency

ABC to make a 'factual' 911 movie - leeching off recent movie.

Democrats Counter G.O.P. and Lieberman on Iraq

KO? on johnbennetramsey? oh, give me an effin break

In addition to the 4 climbers lost on K2, now there's 2 trapped on Latok 1

Step up to the plate, DU'ers

shouldn' there be an investigation on who 'Sexed' up the bi- polar lady on

Democratic badges of honor...

parroting the man whose persona he sometimes seems to assume

New Rickie Lee Jones Song: "Throw The Rascals Out"

Insurgent Bombs Directed at G.I.’s Increase in Iraq

Amazing, there are unsolved crimes other than the little rich girl

Kolbermann to talk of Bill Clinton terror talk and Sen Allen blaming the

REALLY...this is NOT satire!

Taylor Marsh: Ann Coulter's Beautiful Big Money Smear Machine

The next time I Fly I am wearing a Fake Beard and..

JonBenet Ramsey

Anybody See Jon Bon Jovi On larry king?

In case anyone missed it: Bush pardons meth cook

My 35 minute conversation with my bus driver tonight

Damn Snakes on crack on a motherfuckin plane!

Bush Said to Be Frustrated by Level of Public Support in Iraq...

Spike Lee's film on Katrina hailed as most essential work of his career

If you had a family member murdered and there was not a quick arrest

Tasini On The Issues -------> five new videos

Obnoxious, finger-worthy bumper-sticker sighting

Who among us thought that Ramsey's were guilty?

How Many Planes Have Blown Up Since September 11?

NYT: White House preparing for fall of democracy in Iraq

Great article on RW mythology - "Stabbed in the Back"

Is "Tar Baby" a racial slur?

Could Greens' candidacies move the Dem party to the left?

Who ever called for an ideological purity test?

Pop Quiz: Which one of these two people was born and raised in Virginia?

Interesting interactive NYT political map

who'da thunk it? - voting machine problems found in Ohio

Verify that you are Registered

Defense reports indicate Iraq violence worsening; Bush says no it isn't

My Aunt is on the Left! The Far Left!

Manager Convicted Of Homicide: Sentenced To Teaching Safety Classes

WP,pg1: Lobbying firms, trade associations, corp. offices hire more Dems

Big Labor: isolated incident or a shot across the bow?

Well isn't this interesting! Musgrave may have a little trouble

Our Frustrated Leader

Rickie Santorum wants dat credit!

(Zogby) Bush drops in new poll after British bust

GOPUSA: DeLay Seat Turns into Fiasco (HA!)

Sherrod Brown and wife Connie Schultz Interview at firedoglake

Blitzer To Sy Hersh: "With All The Denials That Have Come Out

Is Barbara Boxer going to run for president?

Tasini in Five Takes - sneak preview of new videos >

Im working on a campaign in Maryland's 6th District.

The next Lamont: John Bonifaz of Massachusetts

"support for GOP candidates had nose-dived this summer"

Wal-Mart Won’t Pay Workers Well, But Now Tells Them How to Vote

WP, David Broder: For the GOP, a Heartland Plunge

Repug Senator George Allen's Mom is Jewish, Tunisian, French and

Oh my God!!! Watch George Galloway tear this Reporter apart please!!!

Broder: For the GOP, a Heartland Plunge

Blackwater's Mercenary Jackpot

Corporate do-gooders:In Venezuela, companies get the message to give back


Iraq violence feeds funeral businesses

USA Today: Democrats target SoS races in key states

Three new slime mold beetles named after Dubya, Cheney and Rumsfeld

US suffers world's first climate change exodus: study (Gulf Coast)

Democrats' Stock Is Rising on K Street (W Post)

For the GOP, a Heartland Plunge (W Post)

Reaping and Sowing, by Milt Shook

Letter from Andrew Stern to Fortune 500 CEOs

Is Bush an idiot? - Joe Scarborough - (

US steps up anti-Castro TV

Delusional Democracy Breeds Delusional Prosperity

Bush: as he rides his bike: "You can do it! Come on!"

"Goodbye to the Unipolar World"

Hummer courts the tofu set (good luck)


Molly Ivins (truthdig): Osama Hearts Lamont

Milt Shook! A must-read, reposted for the evening crowd

Country star accused of illegally killing tame bear

Bush does a book report:: Honey, I read "The Stranger"!

GREAT piece by Garrison Keillor

Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible?

A Politician for Peace

Commie Book Ban (Vamos a Cuba)

Bush Administration Twists Arms for Coke, Pepsi (in India)

Wolcott: Turd on the Run


Haste makes waste

No Way To Drill US Out Of Oil Trap - Scripps Howard

Save the Diamondback Terrapin

Rethinking America's Cars

Appalachian Voices

With Last Dam Removed, Fox River (Illinois) Again Flowing Free

Warming and Earlier Spring Increase Western U.S. Forest Wildfire Activity

Fish Taken From 66 Illinois Lakes & Rivers Exceed EPA Mercury LImits

FPL Energy Extends Its Position as the Leader in (US) Renewable Energy

8,000-Acre Wildfire Threatens Casper, WY Subdivisions - NYT

Sierra Club, Springfield IL Forge Landmark Clean Energy Agreement

Western Canada Facing Spike In Acid Rain Thanks To Alberta Energy Sector

Sen. Martinez (R-FL) Boosts Alt. Energy (IOW Ethanol, Ethanol, Ethanol)

Wind driven hydrogen project in Greece produces 5 cu m/hr.

An Estimated 250,000 Katrina Evacuees Are Now Climate Refugees

crosspost: Oil industry plans for price correction not crash

EPA - US Average Fuel Efficiency Unchanged Since 1994 - 21 MPG

Total For GOM Oil Spills Caused By Katrina, Rita - 741,384 Gallons

Spain's Water Reserves Fall To New Low Of 43.9% Of Capacity - Reuters

Western Australia - Emission Trading A Threat To Coal

Glascow Herald - Scotland's Trees Being Replaced By Southern Species

Check out Leonardo Dicaprio's Eco-Site

Queensland - Premier Rules Out Emission Trading Proposal

Sumatra & Borneo Forest Fires Intensify - Low Rainfall On Tap Through 2006

ABC News - Code Red For National Parks - 150 Parks Fail Air Quality Tests

Water Shortage Fallout - Economic Collapse, War, Mass Migration - Guardian

Colin Campbell puts the oil age into 'Perspective’

And now for something really different...Zip Line Tours in the TX. hills.

8/17 Drought Update - NM Easing, But Texas, N. Plains States Withering

Families of abducted soldiers 'disappointed' by UN resolution

Palestinian boy, 14, killed in Hamas-Fatah clashes in Gaza

Lebanese deaths, and Israeli war crimes, kept off the balance sheet

Talking only to ourselves

France said to want only symbolic force

What If 9/11 Never Happened?

The FBI and the Commission on Portland and Boston

Mike Ruppert Leaves the U.S.

Gov. Kean said the 9/11 commission

'9/11 Press For Truth' - Coming to select theaters Sept. 8

Kean and Hamilton on NPR today at 11am EDT

A little about UBL - the forgotten mastermind

Top vote counter becomes prize job

Cols Dispatch: Do you trust election results from E voting Machines?

Republican official on TN NPR this am: "... maybe we'll steal a few ..."

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Thursday Aug 17 2006

Preserve Our Democracy: Fight Election Fraud: JOIN US

Can We Trust the Voting Results? (Columbus Dispatch)

Libertarians see shot at DeLay seat

And now for something really different....Zip line tours in Texas

I received a recorded phone call from Nick Lampson yesterday.

Karl Rove slinking into Austin this weekend - action planned 8/19

Please come to Crawford

Time, Date set For KBH Radnofsky debate!

Cape Breton Joins Space Race Register to Vote

Anyone read the National Post?

Rona Ambrose says spotted owl is not in danger of extinction

Tories postpone AIDS announcement/Harper: Conference too 'politicized’

We're visiting Montreal at the end of September...

"Judge sides with family in religious medical dispute"

New Poll Shows Lieberman Leading Lamont

Coming Up on Nightline Right Now - Macaca and George Allen

Rival Shiite Militias Clash in Southern Iraq

Officials: Fair election in Cleveland area a must

GOP plays defense in statehouse races

Bexar DA is target of plea:Petition says probe of Cantu case is a 'sham'

Corporate do-gooders:In Venezuela, companies get the message to give back

Can We Trust the Voting Results? (Columbus Dispatch)

Iraq violence feeds funeral businesses

US steps up anti-Castro TV

Nearly 100 rebels killed in fresh Sri Lanka fighting

Throughout Iraq, deadly trouble seethes again

US suffers world's first climate change exodus: study (Gulf Coast)

Detroit Free Press: Talkin' trash at Northwest

Democrats' Stock Is Rising on K Street (W Post)

For the GOP, a Heartland Plunge (W Post)

From Salon: Republicans Keep Lieberman in the Lead

Fighter jet enters airport relocation fray

Judge refuses New Orleans' request to dismiss NRA lawsuit

Democrats have edge in statehouse races

'Test-tube coral babies' may mend reefs

Ohio Supreme Court panel backs reprimand for Taft

Ex-CIA Worker Found Guilty In Death Of Afghan (in US custody)

AP Iraq Doubles Funding for Oil Imports (severe fuel shortage)

Judge nixes warrantless surveillance

BBC: UN considers Med oil spill plan

NSA eavesdropping program ruled unconstitutional

GOP Senatorial Campaign to endorse Lieberman.

9/11 investigative reporter Bollyn ARRESTED in Chicago

U.S.-led airstrike mistakenly kills Afghan police

US troops patrol Baghdad on foot

Backing Harris? Her list shortens

MNF Iraq: Soldier dies in Al Anbar

The Independent: Bush Is Crap, Says Prescott

Bush pardons 17 minor criminals

Please help

The Associated Press reports that Mel Gibson has pleaded no contest to mis

cnn reported that water bottle tested pos. for explosives. NC.

CNN Developing Story: DOJ appealing wiretapping ruling

Police say Christian Coalition leader admits molesting girls

Federal judge orders end to wiretap program

Iraq veterans need more psychiatric help, says (UK) judge

State bars abortions at 2 clinics in Orlando

Candidates Seek Youths at MySpace

heads up--Lamont on Ed Schultz right now.

Iraq province strikes peace deal

Court overturns state's first-on-ballot rule

Sensor is suspected in LAX landing beacon's outages

Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible?

I can hear it now-- Activist Judge! Activist Judge!

Judge refuses to block Northwest Airlines strike

Pacific Blue Flight From Fiji to Sydney Evacuated After Threat

Terror Concerns Bother Both Parties

Monkey on Rick's (Santorum) back

E&P: Tony Snow Disputes Press Reports on Bush's 'Frustration'

LAT: Phil Angelides, CA Dem candidate for governor, proposes tax cuts

US tries to counter Hizbollah rebuilding efforts

Explosive Residue Found at Tri-State Airport (Huntington, WV)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 17 August

NYT: National Cancer Institute’s New Chief Talks of Budget Cutbacks

U.S. federal judge rules warrantless wiretapping unconstitutional

NYT/Reuters: New Orleans Pained, Proud of Spike Lee's Katrina Documentary

Show-Biz Brigade Takes A Stand vs. Hezbollah, Hamas

CBO sees rising fiscal 2007 U.S. budget deficit

Candidate blames Kennedy: Chase pins war on energy failures

Ex-Peru presidential contender faces rights charges

TV Newser: CBS To Offer Online Simulcast Of Evening News with Katie Couric

Democrats Counter G.O.P. and Lieberman on Iraq (Lamont press conference)

California on brink of global warming breakthrough

Troops express worries about Iraq

Suspect Says Ramsey Death 'An Accident' (AP update)

France Throws U.N Peacekeeping Plans Into Disarray

Woman Faces Charges in Flight Scare

Monks brawl at peace protest

Iraq: 3 die as 'worst month' figures revealed (highest since March, 2003)

Car bombs kill 10; P.M. vows Iraqi forces ready to take over security

Anti-abortion groups oppose FDA nominee

Terror detectives 'find bomb kit' - nb UK

CNN Developing Story: DOJ appealing wiretapping ruling

Northwest Airlines Apologizes After Money-Saving Ideas Offend Workers

Guard unable to deal with 2 hurricanes

U.S. Hopes to Rival Hezbollah With Rebuilding Effort ( Bush scrambles)

Staph Skin Infections on Rise in U.S.

Candidate draws crowd with cheap gas

$100 laptops to debut with Thai kids

N. Korea Appears to Be Preparing for Nuclear Test

W.House sees "huge challenges" in Iraq

Tri-State Airport (Huntington, WV) Terminal Evacuated - CNN Breaking

Judge orders tobacco companies to warn that smoking is addictive.

Cracks appear in NASCAR voters' Republican loyalty

JonBenet Ramsey D.A.: More work needed

Super Duper Addictive site that even distracts me from DU!!!

I just finished watching tonight's Daily Show...

Mahna Mahna...the best Muppet skit EVER!

I want White Castle!!!

Do you ever type out replies and not post them?

So, the cop said to me, you are the one that had his place burned down

Let's go fishing for trolls in GD

Love garlic, hate onions.

Death Valley, CA: 111 degrees. Truckee, CA: 27 degrees. On same day,

OMG, I am slobbering here!

The best thing about playing games as an adult

Chubby Barbie, Anorexic Barbie

"Tumble dry low, warm iron if necessary"

Employee of the Month!

Did you know Mann Coulter used to sing for Ac/Dc?

Once more for the People!!!

Sex Ed Changing At School That Had 65 Pregnant Teens

Anybody else like the show Dog the Bounty Hunter?

I get along better with males than I do females ( I am a girl btw)

New Airport Security Check-in Procedure

The Sun Is Lower In The Sky These Days

Man Arrested For Watching Women Shower In Trailer Parks

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

The Sopranos: Does anyone know

Now there's a church with style:

Would you rather be Older and wise or younger and daring?

Choose only one: Which of these politicians is most likely to be a racist?

Help me come up with an "N" for this pic

Dentist Gives Cat Gold Teeth (Grill)

Send a message in a bottle...

Come on you damn slackers and update the story!!!

Project Runway Fans: Who should have been booted **Spoilers**

Need help to stop masturbating?

"So What"- Miles Davis Quintet (1958)

"Let's forget the six feet and talk about the seven inches."

Snakes on a Plane question.

The people in GD are getting grumpy

There should be an extremely beautiful (or handsome, whatever) men thread

Keep On Truckin' - Eddie Kendricks

Absolutely No DUers Were Named in the Creation of This Thread

Need Help to stop Masticating?

If You Carry A Torch For Carole Lombard...

Please post a picture of a beautiful full-course meal!!!

Guthy Renker

***I miss KitchenWitch!***

Anyone else here have a nympho ex-girlfriend?

Judge Delay's Teen's Sentence Until AFTER Football Season (Caused a crash)

Patsy Ramsey was flying the plane that didn't crash into the Pentagon

Something worse than snakes on a plane?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 8/17/06)

Good Vibes needed

Anyone else here have a psycho ex-girlfriend?

I'm eating Cap'N Crunch cereal at an alarming rate.......

The Associated Press reports that Mel Gibson has pleaded no contest to mis

i'll bet jean-marc barr is having a weird day

Post a picture of a sexy athlete..

Post here if I'm on your Ignore List

Signs today will be a good day:

John Mark Karr is a secret agent for Karl Rove...

"Do As I Say (Not As I Do) Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy"

My son accepted literature from a Jehovah's Witness last month

I need your help and opinion on choosing a computer.

Tim Gunn defends Allison, questions the judges

DU-ers have a *hug* smilie. Do Freepers have an *unprovoked shooting*

Let's make DU menage a trois.

So, how is everyone doing?

Let's make DU soixante-neuf.

To relieve stress and tension...go to a what?

Save the Terrapins!

miss_american_pie is right next to me. Ask US anything!

Happy Birthday, Demetrius

My very educated mother can't just serve us nine pizza containing Xanax

Let's make DU menage a quarante-deux

ForrestGump asked me to say anything

Mad Mel Gets 3 Months Probation. Just?

Ever make a typo and have all of space-time condense into a singularity?

Well, I've not had a cigarette in over a week

Who else associates Steely Dan's "Do It Again" with the movie "I was

Zoo's crew rescues dolphin trapped in Speedo

I'm getting LAUGHED at by a loan officer AS WE SPEAK ask me anything.

Ever make a typo and have somebody go nihilistic on you?

Who else associates Steely Dan's "Do It Again" with the movie "I was

Lets make DU Trio's

I'm a dad now!

I'm willing -- will me anything...

Let's make DU eat at Uno's

I'm willing to post a kitten thread - ask me anything

Topic of Discussion: Steve Miller Band really kinda sucked.

I am going into hibernation

I'm willing to be asked nothing -- ask me nothing...

Rep. Gene Seaman imitiates an erection on the house floor (not a joke)

I'm willing to be told anything-- tell me anything...

Automated telemarketer machines - are they not illegal?

dolo amber encouragement thread

Ask me if I'm willing....

Ever make a typo and have someone try to kill you?

Band-geeks and ex Band-geeks, post here!

The kids next door are amscraying

Are you cut?

Shanna and Travis's break up is killing me.....

My summer vacation

I'm willing to do anything -- if asked .

Ever make a typo and have somebody go ballistic on you?

Who's on your "List of Five"?


Couple Return From KFC To Find Naked, Drunk Woman In Yard

Will Finnfan have to eat crow? First review for "Sankes on a Plane"

The "I love the Steve Miller Band" thread

I'm willing to be anything -- if asked .

Girl Scouts Sue To Collect $9,000 In Cookie Payments

Crap! I now am wearing on black shoe and one white shoe.

US Pledges Billions to Undermine Gates Foundation (

Depp to star in Burton's 'Sweeney Todd'

Post here if I'm on your Shit list.

$30,000 / Year For Tuition, $800 For Books............

Which celebrity has the coolest piercing?

Does your post count go up when you're drunk?

Have they removed the high dive at your local pool?

Jesus Goddamn Christ - why is there so much shitty awful animation now?

Video of the day.

Kansas (rock group) appreciation thread

Is the term poignant ...

Dedicate a song to another DUer!

damn -- i think we just had an earthquake...

Ok this weekend i'll get a digital camera....

My continuing education

GRrrrr I hate calling my VISA company for information

I'm unwilling to be asked anything -- ask me anything and die, ya bastids!

Is an unwrapped battery pack dangerous?

All the girls love Alice

Are you Klute?

Cat fight.

Thursday, August 17. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Post 9/11 Blues -- *MUST SEE* Music Video

Oh, oh! So everyday I drive past the park and today there was

I'm willing to post a copycat thread - ask me anything

Who else here doesn't watch TV, to speak of?

My master's thesis has been accepted

Have they removed the madly whirling razorwire float at your local pool?

It's Cat Day! (Most Emailed Yahoo Photos)

Are headshops illegal throughout the US?

JanBenet suspect confesses to murder of Ooog Flinthammer

Post sh** if I hear your Liszt.

Are you cute?

I should complain to Stephen Colbert

Post Shit here if I'm on your list.

Kurt Russell is in Big Trouble

My New Favorite Flavor of Ben & Jerrys!

Ok this weekend i'll get a digital camera....

How Big is Your Macaca?

My Summer Love/Addiction: Richard Sharpe

I have a strange cat

When there are 666 donations, will DU be overrun by the minions of Hell?

Was Neil Young on Colbert Report last night?

This Morning I Woke Up Surrounded By Kittenage

Woohoo!!! I got a raise today!!!

History Lesson

I'm your # 1 FAN!! Who (Besides me) is stalking you on D U...thread

Best film featuring a cat:


Haley Joel Osment is in big trouble

I need something to read at the beach!

Moon landing tapes found by NASA - uncovers new photos!

Remember the bizarre animal post from years back....

Who's the funniest Marx brother?

Little By Little.....

WRONG GUY: Ramsey killer is confessing to escape a thai...

Do those GPS directional gadgets in cars really work?

Looks like Bertha's going to have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight.

How Ugly are you

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

My search for and capture of the elusive concho belt

The Chicago Air and Water Show is this weekend.

Topic of Discussion: Was Shakespeare one man, or many?

Squeech plays live

Favourite Commonly used Lovecraft adjective?

Continue the story... A day in the life of a hardcore rightwinger...

Topic of Discussion: Paul McCartney's Wings really kinda sucked.

Fuck was I

Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution...

Because i'm really bored----

Congratulations swag!! 15,000 posts

Bush causes international diplomatic incident

I'm willing to be asked anything -- ask me anything...

Santa Clause Denounces Exclusion From Religious Debate

It's not about being "offensive" or "rude"

"Who needs evidence based medicine?"

"Elite" HIV patients mystify doctors

Research finds 'unique human DNA'

Three proofs of Euler's formula: e^(it) = cos(t) + isin(t)

'Hybrid Mutant' Found Dead in Maine

Hope for Same-Sex Marriage??

How to fight?

School district bans gay student clubs

Heads-up: Colorado gov running mate remark - posted to GD

Ultimate Fight Night 6 Tonight on Spike

Interesting story in the JonBenet case......

John Kerry Applauded for His Fight to End Genocide in Darfur

John Kerry post on DailyKos - "Really stand with Ned"

John Kerry Revs Up His Political Machine

NEW KERRY EMAIL! "People who live in white houses shouldn't throw stones"

Dirty tricks for 08 are already here.

So what are our troops fighting and dying for?

Schumer, Hillary, Lieberman, John Bolton, and Israel

Did you see this? Major kudos to KO!

Worst People in the World segment - has KO changed the format?

In Afghanistan, the War on Drugs is OVER! We Won!

Dems seize on Colo. candidate's "bestiality" quip

Anyone seen Stone's WTC Movie?

Jesus Was A liberal

5 years after Clinton Failed to stop 9-11 & Failed to get Osama

This guy who confessed to the Ramsey murder *WANTS* to be famous.

(VIDEO) Ned Lamont (D-CT) on Hardball

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on The Decider and The Stranger

Anti-war sentiment hits doodad catalogs!

Blackouts scheduled for the next couple of days here

"What makes an army..launch an all-out war at the drop of a hat because

Lol! How to incentivize change.

Hey George - How's the Rebuilding of Iraq going?

Just dump all your disallowed goodies in the bin: How about


Georgie on a Hog-another gratuitous photo op..I feel sick!

John Karr's Resume (Jon Benet Ramsey suspect)

Gay/Straight Alliance called a sex-based club and banned by school

Update: PBS Ombud Says Show Made "Big Mistake" Keeping Quiet on Pundit...

which international organization prosecutes Child Porn/prostitution

20 years later, still no Harmonic Convergence (taps foot -still waiting)

IMUS comparing JonBenet Killer to Lamont. WTF?

Wonder what the big news will be today

See business is booming in Iraq

Quinnipiac Poll has Lieberman 53%, Lamont at 41%


video: Is Bush an Idiot?

What ever happened to Libby and Fitz?

Can you pick the little demon that became President?

Kidman condemns Hamas, Hezbollah

CNN ticker this AM: Suspect in airliner plot released... UK Judge says...

How much repuke money is Lieberman taking?

Question on Zogby Polls

The Nation Article:Groundhog Day, by J.Galbraith

Army officer who refused to serve in illegal Iraq war faces court

What will Lieberman's price be?

Iraq's streets tell a colder truth

Are any of the mercenaries in Iraq wearing Iraqi police and army uniforms?

Please join me will you - REPUNKS

US hires mercenaries for Iraq role - March 6, 2004

A Big Tahnk You!

Stephanie Miller just mentioned "Democratic Underground" - twice!

Bush: "I am the Fair Queen"

Sending mercenaries to kill Iraqis is outlawed by the Geneva Conventions

Logic vs Religion

Biden should hear from us...



Dinner, New Year's Eve, 1968

"Bush to Sign Massive Pension Overhaul" That Is Good Right?

"Patsy" ramsey *PIC*

George Will said WHAT? !?...Kerry was right. Bush has screwed up.

Sometimes I think good sex is better than logic, but I can't prove it

Changing the Concept Of The Rational Moderate

SCOTSOW justice fails to report collision

Why always "black"?

DUer edits an independent news website....

CBO ready to announce great news on the deficit...

The Other Iraq

It's not a big deal to me, but I feel manipulated by it anyway.

Lest we forget that it's true and we have so many hugh ones.

Will anyone apologize to John Ramsey?

Lobbing firms possitioning to influence(buy) Democrats.

Has everyone headed over to the Colbert Nation to vote in naming

Are there lots of CAVES in Baghdad?

Cindy Sheehan to join Salt Lake City Bush Protest Aug. 30! Please JOIN US!

Email Biden NOW

Another Ramsey thread. Ex wife gives alibi

911 Commission co-chairs on Diane Rheem at 11AM Eastern

Still tryin' to get this to Keith Olbermann (New "Ann Coulter" verse!)

What just happened to Stephanie Miller -- time warp?

Bob Thaves, 81; Creator of "Frank and Ernest" dead

Jumping to Conclusions is Great Exercise!

John Karr: "I loved JonBenet. She died accidentally"

Bumper sticker of the day!

I will not allow the conditioning of fear to continue

The eyes show defeat They still want to tell us lies Their faces don't lie

WH Using Liquid Explosive Detector It REFUSED To Install At US Airports

Tragedy in the Holy Land

Bush Is Crap

Good God. Floyd Landis' father-in-law committed suicide

Duke Cunningham's Wife Speaks! & It's Not A Pretty Picture

Detroit Free Press: Talkin' trash at Northwest

Paid Repub staffer uses alias to infiltrate Dem Congressional Campaign

School nixes abstinence-only ed upon realizing 65 students are pregnant

Gosh those 2 F-15 Jets got to Logan AWFULLY quick yesterday.

Have the UK plotters been rendered to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Syria...

The idiots have our soldiers patrolling Iraq on foot, as a gesture . . .

Springer SUCKS

Whoever wrote the Ransom note must have known the Ramseys

". . . .a former senior official of the CIA"

Muslim bashing with a dab of racism and a dose of ignorance...

I am glad that a suspect appears to have been caught in the Ramsey case

The Party's Over....

Give Tweety some credit! He pronounces "Cheney" correctly

Hagel: "Very Wrong to Put Troops in Danger -- if more than 2600 die."

Did they ever catch the guy who killed all those little girls in Iraq?

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON Thurs 8/17 - Little orfan Gopie?

Spotted: George Allen's golf cart sporting a confederate flag- pic

New Direction Quote of the Day

I now understand the threat of "the gay agenda."

It's our turn.

the rude one`s trip back to new orleans

Put this in a list

July violence the deadliest since March 2003--3400 bodies

Kristen Breitweiser's Book has Letter to "Godless" Coulter

Kerry: People who live in WHITE HOUSES shouldn't throw stones.

Time to use Republican tactics

Jon-Benet threads embolden the terrorists

I have been hearing "we don't have enough troops in Iraq" a lot recently

Gracefully convicting somebody without a trial...

The Official List of what emboldens the terrorists

I present to you the Mind-Bending Wacky Headline Of The Day

How to destroy Republicans 101

U.S. federal judge rules warrantless wiretapping unconstitutional!!!

Why is it that Republicans trust the government?

Ding Dong! The Witch is Back! Yeah!

I'm sick of these motherf**king Ramsey threads on this motherf**king board

Democratic Party - A "PPINO"?

Why I Don't Care Who Killed Jon-Benet Ramsey

I'm looking for a one or two paragraph statement against torture.

Notice how the press is announcing that Jon Benet's murderer has been

Former CIA contractor is found guilty of beating Afghan man to death

did Rove stage the Jon-Benet Ramsey murder arrest

Top Chinese Diplomat Tells US to 'Shut up' on Arms Spending

How America creates enemies or How the GOP endangers us

Withdrawing from Iraq will embolden the terrorists

Craig Murray-The UK Terror Plot

Cuyahoga Cnty Diebold Discrepancies [BradBlogAlert] CNN's Lou Dobbs:

John Conyers on with Thom Hartmann NOW -- streaming

Tyra Cole - a soul worth remembering-Homeless women murdered in Nashville

Britney : Pregnancy # 2 'just kind of happened'

A gentle reminder (re: Ramsey, etc.)

No caption necessary, or even possible

GOP plays defense in statehouse races

Why do people just simply accept the culture of fear?

Macacas to former presidential hopeful George Allen: Virginians Protest

Tx Reep Rep Seaman Impersonates Penis on the House Floor (Not satire.)

Shades of Victory in 06? Dems have already taken back State Legislatures.

Focus on the Family to hold another Justice Sunday event

DeLay's Creepy"replacement candidate" calls local Reep Party COMMIES:

Who gives a damn about genocide? Mostly just Democrats, apparently

Rudy Giuliani opens his own bank

Financial Cost of Strokes to Reach $2.2 Trillion

"Dumb, Stupid Animals"

has anyone done polling on connecting corruption & war on terror?

Dems will use Wal-Mart against Repukes (NYTimes)

Damage from Philippine oil spill growing, (time bomb)

Come on people, donate! The anticipation is killing me.. I hope to live

NY1 VP jabs at Tasini, decides that elections should be run by money

Lebannon Photo Trickery

IMP-PAC's list of (Republican) candidates for 2006

Post 9/11 Blues -- Music Video from the UK

GOP Senatorial Campaign to endorse Lieberman.

Judge Rules Bush's Surveillance Program Unconstitutional

Why would McCain show up for Sen. Allen's event?

Can we all get real about why Bush is "Staying the Course" in Iraq?

What if the Supreme Court ruled that Bush was guilty of torture, murder,

the worst abomination - The Green Zone

Please help

Feingold Statement OnNew NSA Ruling: 'Check On President's Power Grab'

If democracy fails in Iraq what would be the cause?

The Governor of colorado all but accused the Ramseys of murder

Oil-Rich Iraq Suffering Fuel Shortage

This wiretapping thing knocked Jonbenet out of the headlines

a suggestion to Hezbollah and the Lebanon

Would it be possible for this thing to be any more of an asshat?

CNN Justice dept appeals ruling on warrantless wiretap program

CNN to report Fed ruling on illegal wiretaping NOW! 12:28PM EST!

BREAKING: Man admits killing JonBenetRamsey

Choose only one: Which of these politicians is most likely to be a racist?

Iraq's Amariyah is isolated from outside violence by a cordon of US forces

Hatch: Terrorists are waiting for Dems to take control!

It's Official: Bush Has Founded His Own Cult.

Answer: 14 permanent US military bases built in Iraq; Question: ...

Was anyone else disappointed in Jon Stewart's

Imus Producer: JonBenet Killer Looks Like Ned Lamont

What happens to Presidents who Violate the U.S. Constitution?

Contact CNN here. Tell them what a load of crap their "news" coverage

Okay, folks, cough it up!

Walking the expectations game tightrope.

Cheney visit to Idaho greeted by spirited protests

Bush** booed at two major league sports venues in one day

CNN is driving me CRAZY!

CNN: Plea deal in Gibson case...

CBO Says Deficit Will Drop Then Climb

cnn rporting dogs sniffed out explosives in WV. just now

Regarding the JonBenet Ramsey suspect...

What if modern football was run like modern business?

'Wizard of Oz' Family Apologizes for Racist Editorials

Cue the Twilight Zone Theme: Dead psychics sketch in Ramsey case

John Mark Karr is a secret agent for Karl Rove...

Hot enough for ya?

Allen/McCain pep rally couldn't rally the "troops"

An old word with a twist tarradiddle=terra diddle Thanks, Hatch/Cheney

The kids next door are amscraying

The court ruling on NSA wiretaps means NOTHING

Soviet mine kills US soldier in Afghanistan

The fake government Bush set up in Afghanistan doesn't like the media much

Will gas prices go down with a Dem President?

R.I. conservatives working hard to unseat 'moderate' republican Chafee

Heads up - Neil Young on Colbert Report tonight.

Why is it that...

heads up--Lamont on Ed Schultz right now.

Staph skin infections on rise in U.S.

My prediction for tonight MSM: 99% Ramsey,1% Judge rejects secret wiretaps

how soon until we hear about activist judges again?

If Bush is impeached, who in administration is most likely to turn on him?

Democrats hold more seats than Republicans in State Legislatures

Chamber of Commerce to help Lieberman (and 3 endangered reps)

Bush sneaks into fundraiser through the back door (avoiding protesters?)

Is * an idiot?

WH officials admit Democracy may not work in Irag!

I *would* be spooked by someone staring at me like this

Hey, Bush! You could probably protect Americans by setting up video and

Is this another coincidence?

Randi just had a live one

The Party will continue wiretapping

Talladega clone........

Is it curious to anyone else that this arrest is 10 years later (Ramsey)

Did you know...2 More American Soldiers Killed In Iraq Today?

GOP the party of Lincoln? I don't think so.

Conservatives Want To Scare Lamont Voters, Representing American Majority

An act of Rebellion against the United States Constitution. (Spy Program)

(sorry guys) full-spectrum dominance ain't gonna work no more...

US warplane mistakenly bombs Afghan police; Twelve killed

CNN: Dep. of Justice to appeal NSA ruling

Take off with us.............

How Much Better Would Life Be If...?

Liquid Bomb Plot Central Figure was Twice Released by UK Authorities

Did Gonzales Say They Would Not Obey The Court?

Serial Gambler Bill Bennett: Racist Scumbag Sack of Shit

It's obvious some Democrats did not receive the message..

Why NO ONE should pay any attention to the polls in CT

Other than toilet paper, what good is that moldy old Constitution anyway?

Here is something else that happened today

Repeat after me...terror alerts everyday until election...terror alerts ev

MN Rep. John Kline (R) Smears Coleen Rowley Staffer

Does your public school charge a textbook/consumables fee? How much?

Son of women detained on Boston flight wed. on cnn ust now. He

CNN just reported that Lieberman has a 12 pt. lead over Lamont?

I can hear it now-- Activist Judge! Activist Judge!

Wow, you thought FREEPERS were bad? Check out this guy...

United To Cut 1700 Jobs at its Dulles.....

Crooks and Liars have Jack Cafferty's video now

Why does CNN give one second of airtime to that POS Bill Bennett?

NPR POLL: Bad News For Repubs-35%Dems May=Weak -BUT- 46%Repubs=Warmongers

In The Valuable Spirit Of Honest And Integrity, RE: WV Explosives Scare

ACLU agreed to a temporary stay of the decision re: NSA wiretaps

So...what if we pull one from the Republican playbook...

Oh yeah, Iraq Exploding into Violence, odd little story on CNN

Just heard two little girls were killed in Beirut by a cluster bomb...

Need some help proving "This is a SCAM, you fool!"

U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor for US Supreme Court Justice

Macaca, Nigger and Allen

Today: Media Vows To Ruin Thailand's Reputation Over Jon Benet Ramsey

Now they're trying to scare us with N. Korea.. Just in on CNN..

Lou Dobbs just said that 2 more US troops have been killed.

"We briefed Bush." "We need to brief Bush too." Sy's story on Lebanon?

So what happens if the Supreme Court says NSA wiretapping is illegal?

Mad Mel Gets 3 Months Probation. Just?

Mn Christian Coalition founder, anti-tax zealot, on the lam...

New American Crime: FWLVME (Flying While Looking Vaguely Mid-Eastern)

No explosives found at Seattle port - strike 3

'9/11 Press For Truth' - Coming to select theaters Sept. 8

Gonazalas is on cnn saying need NSA. will continue to use the program

Finally! Tweety just connected 'Macaca' to Geo. Allen's mom's

Used to love GWB? Used to think elections were fair and the war was just?

"The worms are crawling to the other side of the room" Jack Cafferty...

Uh oh! N. Korea back in crosshairs...

Kristen Breitweiser's (9/11 Jersey Girl) Book Wake-Up Call - I Got It!

Murtha opponent Irey on Hardball

Media Research Center OR Republican Propaganda Central?

Whoa! Check out this poll!!

Great bumper sticker

Monsanto Announces Takeover of Delta & Pine Land and Terminator Seed Techn

Any one know anything about the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Your mission is :

Preserve Our Democracy: Election Fraud Awareness Group Growing: JOIN US


the wife said people behind th counter at airport said they couldn' drink

Veterans Welcomed Home to Camp Casey

Are Republicans in denial or just insane??

FBI wanted Jill Carroll's dad to shake fist at captors, call them thugs?

CNN: N. Korea may be planning underground nuke test.

Remember, the CIA says that Bin Laden wanted Bush to win in '04

Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible?

Cute Joke

BBC: Anger as father ejected from US

Al Gore is getting attacked in the media. Pre-emptive strike for '08 run?

Guard can't deal with 2 hurricanes at a time because of war & shortages

Tweety and Dobbs use 3 to 1 Gang Rape against Dems whenever

First Electric Sports Car sells out ($100k a pop)

Prescott denies calling Bush crap

Plane disasters that I recall ( are green teeth safe teeth?)

I'll fly.

Why do you post on blogs and discussion boards?

Quinnipiac Poll: Lieberman leads by 12 points over Lamont

Great movie, pity about the Big Lie...

MSNBC and CNN hitting new lows with these repeated JBR

QUASHED: Explosive Substances Believed to be Found at Tri-State Airport

Dangerous Contact With Security Guards and Parking Lot Attendants.

Airport searches: How to spread disease?

Not "The War in Iraq". It's "The Civil War in Iraq". Language Matters

Spin Explanation On David Witt's Suicide

a convenient website

E-Mail From Robert Byrd On Illegal Wiretap

CBO:‘Staying the Course’ In Iraq Would Increase Deficit By $1.3 Trilllion

Cracks appear in NASCAR voters' Republican loyalty

When will they strip Lieberman Of His Dem Committeeship Positions?

Who is Tony Fox

John Ramsey did it. John Karr is innocent!

BREAKING! Republican NRSC Takes Lieberman (OH NO)

This is What Democracy Looks Like? (The Nation Questions NY1 over debate)

Why shouldn't they be allowed to tap your phone??This is what you will see

Was this a great country or what?

So, what ever happened to the release of the Abu Ghraib photos?

Ad run by Tweety's show: The Other Iraq.

Complete this: If the U.S. completely withdrew from Iraq right now, _____

Anyone been to Drinking Liberally??

What Should Qualify As Legitimate Breaking News Among News Outlets?

ok I must have missed it! DID ANYONE MENTION bush's ILLEGAL WIRETAPS ON TV

BREAKING: Nancy Grace's head explodes!!!

Any elected Dem that does not support Lamont is no friend of mine

Wood Chipper Kills Wisconsin Tree Service Worker

Top Chinese Diplomat Tells US to 'Shut up' on Arms Spending...

CIA thug found guilty of assault causing death in Afghanistan

Wonkette Goes Nuclear - Destroys George (family violence) Allen -

You are UNAMERICAN if you oppose the Iraq war.

Hillary Offers to Housesit for Bush

O.K., So * Gets Nailed In Court On ILLEGAL Wiretapping,When Will Something

Sounds like we've been hoodwinked on the JBR case.

9/11 happened on the Republicans' watch. If anyone is the "Al Qadea" ....

Facial cleanser found, NOT explosives, in WV, per CNN.

Reminder to Cheney & Hatch: Al Qaeda waited until Bush was President

Is "cracker" a racist word when used to describe white people?

Boeing Dumping Out Two Products........

Why Did Lieberman Ask For Sharpton's Endorsement?

The court ruling on NSA wiretaps means EVERYTHING

can you mix 2 liquids to make a bomb? On a plane?

My interview with Jonathan Tasini

Are soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq for an 'alternative to democracy'?

Didn't Know I Was (Un) American - MUST see music video >>>>

Brown, Mfume, Tasini: Taking the Senate

Not even 800 donations to DU???????????????

Don't panic over Lamont-Lieberman poll numbers

There were children killed in war today.

George Allen re:offshoring to countries containing his "Macacas"

Family faces eviction for loud night prayers

Well...This certainly can't be good news for the pukesters.

Surgery & the Taj Mahal ...what a deal!

My Interview with Rep. John Conyers (re: his omnibus Iraq report)

NATO apologizes to thousands of Afghans forced to flee their homes

Is there anything ordinary people like us could do about

knife control lol

Greenwald: Michael Gerson and the Bush administration's "noble story"

Flying Toilet Terror: How Likely Is It Terrorists Can Mix TATP On Plane?

Extemely Sharp Analysis of "Terror Plot" by former UK Amb. to Uzbekistan

Jimmy Carter Condemns Bush, Israel, and the Religious Right Nutballs

The British police just found a bag with iPods and Gatorade

What is it? Good question- Image From Google Earth

So, I saw this guy named Howard Dean last night.............

More Crawford pics

Things They Will Never Learn

"Terrorists Are Waiting For The Democrats Here To Take Control"

First Crack in Ramsey Suspect's Story

Senate Republicans Will Back Lieberman

I'll bet it woundn't be a major news story if Jon Benet were a black

SERIOUS question:Do you think Bush, as of 6pm, KNOWS about the NSA ruling?

If you don't like JonBenet threads, don't click here.

I cant be the only one here who has 0 interest in the Ramsey case

Judge Diggs - In NSA Ruling: "There Are No Hereditary Kings In America"


This Is What The Definition of BRAVE Looks Like...

DU this MSNBC poll on wiretap decision

Homeland Security allows PRESS CONFERENCE with SUSPECT?!?!

Bwahahahaha - what the wingnuts see when they read the NY Times

Stores profiling people on how they look:

Found: List of trustworthy Republicans

Labour agrees: Bush is crap

Bush stark raving mad in Crawford: his cruel "100 Degree Club"

Bush Signs Pension Law. Signing Statement Says He'll Ignore Its Provisions

Update on Coulter's smash bestseller

JonBenet Suspect confesses to kidnapping Natalie Holloway & Lindbergh baby

Al Gore an enviro-hypocrite in USA Today? The charges ARE FALSE!

Teens allowed to finish football season before serving prison sentence.

Another Ineffective Dem Spokeswoman On Tweets Right Now

Evil Twin Brothers, Seperated at birth. One blond, one brunette.

DU Byrd's Petition - Sign it now!

Here-Read Mexican online Newspapers translated into English


Arnold loves Bush quotes and pics (find for your local Repug or Lieberman)

I don't know if all of this is allowed, but the subject is certainly

George "Macaca" Allen's Long History of Racism FYI

I think child beauty contests and the parents who push it, are sick.


Another republican caught on video slurring a minority- Blacks this time

so i could only name 7 supreme court justices

Hatch: Terrorists "Waiting For Democrats To Take Control" To Strike Again

Not that I give a shit--but the Ramsey's still could be guilty.

Jimmy Carter is the greatest ex-president of all time.

Jon Stewart slams CNN for fearmongering

TOONS: A saga about stem cells, Cindy, and surveillance

I'm done / I'm obsolete

Dead Psychic's Sketch Of JonBenet Killer Revisited

2003: How Britain and the US were lied into war

ATTN: We're Returning To Our Previous Middle East Conflict Rules

Wal-Fart to exit Germany

UNION VOTES T shirts 4 sale AFL-CIO

Verlander makes his pitch

"Born Fighting" Jim Webb, D, for US Senate - Check him out, he's for real

Stephen Hadley, National Security Advisor (Bush's 2nd administration)

The President of Iran has started a blog

The Run Up To The Nov '08 Election Will Be Very Uncomfortable For .....

Libertarians see shot at DeLay seat

My LTTE about the GWB/the GOP and terrorism was published

No Republican Callers to Washington Journal?!

Just for fun...>

I Defaced a "George Allen for Senate "Sign

Stone Gays and Bring Back Slavery - "Christian" Goals

Pension Reform? How did Bush Screw us?

Schumer, Hillary, Lieberman, John Bolton, and Israel

Hopeful or hopeless ...... upbeat or down ......

K Street hiring more Democrats : Good or bad?

I think I figured out WHY I don't get a Zogby poll

Big Dreams ..... Big Opportunity

Why I Listen To RW Radio ... Hold Them Accountable!

NYT/Reuters: Cracks Appear in NASCAR Voters' Republican Loyalty

Glad to see...from Broder no less...Minnesota Senate race...

Dems keying on SoS races - is it their way of saying they KNOW Kerry won

Democrats have edge in statehouse races

"...which pretty well defines the core of the Republican Party..."

Dayton Supports Lamont, Landrieu and Inouye Go For Joe

Detroit Judge Orders Bush Admin. to Halt Warrantless Surveillance Program.

Orlando Sentinel's Thomas: "Smith Would be Fiasco for Dems, Environment"

Here is a real scary 2008 ticket...Clinton/McCain or vice versa

Gas prices as a political tool??

Pakistani Authorities Arrested Senior Al Qaeda Commander

AFL-CIO Unions Mobilizing for 2006 Elections $$$$$

19387 Wounded, 2603 Dead

With big-dollar donors, Romney emerges as leading GOP McCain alternative

George Allen's French North African mother

(LOL) Fox's Cavuto brings Colbert's parody full circle--screenshots

Texas Republican does penis impersonation on House floor (VIDEO)

Court: NSA spying program is unconstitutional

Has Snow-job had his meeting with the press today?

Can we all agree with the DLC's Ed Kilgore on ONE thing...?

Fed Judge Strikes Down Warrantless Wiretaps: Liquid Terra Arrest Explained

It's The Law. Follow It.

Kean and Hamilton on the yakker circuit - a book promo or more?

Hot Chicks in Bikinis Hack Diebold: A Spoonful of Sugar Helps

The Weekender: Act Blue Gets It Together

New Kerry email: "People who live in white houses shouldn't throw stones"

Lieberman's main backers are Republicans

Biden on Imus says he's "not going to campaign against Lieberman."

Narrowing the Democratic Focus

Verlander makes his pitch, thanks Dad League Cy Young? Rookie of the Year?

Organize to Stop US Troops from going to Lebanon

Conservatives Want To Scare Lamont Voters, Representing American Majority

Are we still having Lieberman supporters here at DU?

Former CIA contractor is found guilty

US judge halts warrantless wiretapping (Bush overstepped his authority)

kill every political consultant

Take a page from the repub playbook in the CT-Sen race

Are those "Democrats" that plan on voting for Lieberman "traitors" ...

Joe Lieberman is going to get his ass kicked again!

Another GOP Racist Candidate

Even Most Of The Freeps Has Had It With Harris

Bush admin quietly admitting that the "freedom agenda" has failed

Arizona Republic Endorses Herb Paine in Primary!

The latest example of G.FELIX Allen, Jr's racism: hurt him or neutral?

We all know that "conservatives" have nothing to hide

I'm proud! Pot made the ballot!

Latest "defense" from Allen aides - he was calling him a "shithead."

Sirotablog: Enron Lobbyist Corralling Senate Dem Support for Lieberman

Mark Crispin Miller's Prediction

Impeachment of *, etc.... question

Froomkin: "....a petulant, dissatisfied president....

Gutknecht (Rethug, MN) joins Wikipedia tweakers

DU this AOL poll on Junior's handling of the economy and Iraq

Tomorrow is my first time....

"I'm the guy ...... "

Nancy Skinner's Next Great American Journey

Thousands of Katrina Evacuees Seen as Climate Refugees

Top vote counter becomes prize job

MSNBC ... a veer to the left? Convince me I'm wrong .......

We are in such trouble..OMG,

Bush’s Empty Promises: Katrina Victims Still Waiting...

CNN's Cafferty and Dobbs

Attention George *: "There are no hereditary kings in America."

"The Constitution is not a suicide pact"

CNN’s Blunder: White House, Press Secretary Tony Fox

****If***** we fail to take the House in 06 .........

Really Stand with Ned (John Kerry post on DKOS)

Get your Labor Votes T shirts today

"When the Iraqis stand up, we'll stand down"

Condi: Critics of U.S. military force against Iran are "short sighted"

Dead in the Water of DLC...

Letter from ACLU re: Todays ruling on the NSA wiretaps:

"blacks are not the greatest swimmers"

Teddie K: How many terrorist supporters live in CT?

XM Radio is dropping MSNBC

In one sentence, Cheney concedes on 2 fronts

Was the London terrorist plot real?

US suffers world's first climate change exodus: study

Evan Bayh appeared on O'Reilly's show one day after the 2004 election

John Kerry Revs Up His Political Machine

I'm covering a Michael Chertoff speech tomorrow. Any questions?

Three *very interesting* TV events coming up

AP: New poll shows Lieberman leading Lamont

Raising Kaine: "Macaca's For Webb" in Norfolk

Re: NOVEMBER - Are We In For A Big Let-Down?

Please don't flame but is the GOP endorsement of Lieberman

Fox's John Gibson: "Lieberman's Likely Win Will Be Embarrassing for Dems"

Joe may keep us from taking back House: "GOP Reaches for Joe's Coattails"

Congrats, Ocelot! You got quoted by Stephani Miller this morning!

some of those darned political consultants - sheesh ...

Al Gore Among Top 49 Men (Voting Open)

Jack Cafferty tearing Bush a new one!!

John Edwards Stumps for Ned Lamont Today

What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

Steve Clemens:"Stop demonizing McCain, and start demonizing George Allen."