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Archives: August 16, 2006

July Was Deadliest Month of War for Iraqi Civilians

The Wal-Mart debate A false choice between prices and wages

Stepping in "macaca"

NYT: Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature

Blair's 'frenzied law making' has created a new offence

Linux's Legal World After SCO

America adrift

A nuclear power primer

Analysis: Halutz hung out to dry

Floating out a question: anyone concerned about August 22nd

My views on the 9-11 attacks.

Diebold DRE Analysis -- Cuyahoga County, OH 2006 Primary (ESI)

25.61% of registered voters suspended in my Democratic leaning precinct

A New Study Finds Irreparable Voting Problems In Ohio (AP)

Baby Bush has a 47% approval rating...

Guess who's coming to dinnner for a Ron Paul fundraiser?

Can we talk salt?

Teck Cominco comes back with $89 bid for Inco

Caucus makes rumblings on Harper's shift on fiscal imbalance

Christians United for Israel: New Christian Zionism Lobby Hopes to Rival A

Airport duty-free shops want compensation as sales plunge

Senator Edwards Urges Continental Tire To Respect Its Workers

Iraqi Sunnis Ask Speaker to Step Down

Wal-Mart Posts 1st Profit Fall in Decade

Australian synagogue vandalized

Canada wins softwood anti-dumping appeal

Syria: Resistance shows Arab strength

Haiti political prisoner released after two years without charge

Jordan Calls for Mideast Peacemaking

WaPo: Clinton Gives Lieberman A Lesson in Independence

Fneish Scrambles to Secure Crucial Fuel...-Lebanon (under blockade...)

US soldier who blew whistle on Abu Ghraib has no regrets

Mazeikiu Pipeline's Future in Doubt

WP: Strife Moving Out From Baghdad to Villages

Lawyers for Dead Enron Chief a Step Closer to Clearing His Name

Letter From Leaders Assails Bush's Middle East Policies (Iran attack?)

'City Slickers' actor Bruno Kirby dies

Northeast states to act on CO2 where Bush won't

Gerald Ford admitted to Mayo clinic

NYC to Release 911 Calls From Sept. 11

LAT: Bush Rejects Idea of Partitioned Iraq

NYT: Bush Said to Be Frustrated by Level of Public Support in Iraq

Catholic dissidents in Cuba call for calm

Jimmy Carter's Son Wins Nev. Primary

Plame lawyer plans to force Cheney, Rove testimony

School board fights to keep Jesus portrait

Dem Angst Escalates (Lieberman becoming a big problem)

McCain weighs 'complicated' presidential run

Ohio voting problems deemed severe

Israel's verdict: We lost the war

Reaching over the cat

The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert

Help! Believe it or not, my mother is dragging me away...

Potassium Nitrate legality?

Dumb ass question

VH-1 Classic Showing "Woodstock"

Nighty nite, y'all...

Anyone know how the security is now at the Atlanta Airport ?

I want to play hooky from work tomorrow and I have

UH OH! MrsGrumpy just arrived to take me away from...


I'm getting really close to the 700 club

Andy Dick ruining Patton Oswalt and George Takei's Shatner roasts

Pavarotti has cancer?

Tonight's Dinner:

ROFL - the position I couldn't get last time re-opened...

I was talking to a gay guy today . . .

Awright, dammit, enough is ENOUGH.

Project X'ers......Holloween plans are finalized and approved!

SCARBOROUGH just did a thing called "Is Bush an Idiot?"

I just want to say thank you

Looking for poems about the beach, ocean, etc.

Well, I'm back from kid free clothes shopping.

Hooray! My desk is now squeaky clean!

Well. I guess we are pretty impotent here in The Lounge

Booger Poll (I'm experimenting, don't let me get near the gasoline)

You can't be a man cause you don't smoke the same cigarettes as me

What's a Tivo?

WOOHOO !!...1/2 Way There !!

My latest painting... Say, guess who it is! :-)

When Does Duck Season Start?

Hooray! My d**k is now squeaky clean!

I beat Sniffa at Scrabble!!! w00t! 2x!!! w00t!

Bruno Kirby, dead at 57.

Okay, I have pics of my school clothes (I feel like a kid saying that)

You find yourself in a situation where there is good alcohol to drink.

That's it! I've had it! Don't try to stop me.

Los Angeles Dodgers: 17 Wins Out of 18 Games

So, for serious, can you guys really not get this stuff?

Well. I guess we are pretty unimportant here in The Lounge

How many times to see a really great movie


What is a star?

I'm so *&%$#@ broke, but I want a star!

Book endings that disappointed you (Spoilers inside)

Inspired by Maccagirl: Greatest ending in TV series history?


"The 2,000 Year Old Man"

TCO wants to donate a star to a 1000+ DUer who doesn't have one

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm in need of amusement or something. Ask me anything!

Help! Does anyone here ever play games through

Foodies: I just reserved the BEST book at the library!!

I just ran four miles without stopping!

Just heard Rob Corddry say he's leaving The Daily Show.

Bruno Kirby has passed away

How many Big Macs have you had in one sitting?

What happens when you smoke pixie dust?

I'm a -lookin' for a Sugar Smack...


I just voted for the Stephen Colbert bridge...have you?

15 years since the last time I sat on a bicycle, I took a 10-mile ride.

OK, how about a pic thread with horrible photos!

To all the MBAs out there

How do you let someone down easy?

Many years ago, I came across this bit of prose.........

Are your boys true geeks?

The DMV in your town

Do you own a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Global warming affects hurricane intensity: study

Potassium Nitrate facts and legality?

Evangelicals urge museum to hide man's ancestors

How would you define "planet"?

I need your help...please...

West Birthday Card Thread: Sign Up Here.

Midwest Birthday Card Thread: Sign Up Here.

East Birthday Card Thread: Sign Up Here.

Cobweb on expantion loop

The Deacon

I'm clueless on this whole texture thing

Prestige Camera sells Gray Market in a bait and switch.


delete- dupe

Hey, dude, where's our thread? KOEB 8/15

Keith: I think we all know now why he's still in Los Angeles.

RISE UP: a little rabble-rousing video to wake us up!!

Since Bush's big Baghdad crackdown the number of deaths have increased

Christ. The Great Britian "conspirators" may get off

This is an apology? I never heard "I'm sorry"

20 Amazing Facts about Voting in the USA

Well looky here...Cheney is "lawyering up" for Plamegate...

The breast job that saved a life

Jackson seeks Mideast prisoner exchange

Arianna Huffington on MR right now

Tom Kean from 9/11 commission is coming up on Fox in 1 minute

Joe Scarborough cracked me up with the Laura Ingraham bit

My 8 year old nephew says this is George W. Bush

Attention...4th Notice....Gerald Ford in Hospitial

"BUSH TERRORIST" on CNN today - anybody got a freeze-frame?

(VIDEO) Clint Curtis lays out his case on local TV

My views on the 9-11 attacks.

Rarely is the question asked: "Is our President an idiot?" Scarbourough

Screw you George Felix Adolf Allen!!!!

Memory Hole Question: 542,000 duffel bag at Beaver Valley...

US turns back to Britain as its base for Son of Star Wars

10,000 bags misplaced at airports (England)

Anybody hear the 15 Aug Springer show this morning on 9/11. Podcast

"You can't run a country with an armed militia running around"

Not enough evidence to prosecute Brit terror suspects?

LOL....The terrible terrifying terror.

An Open Letter to President Bush from Lazlo Toth

Guardian: 'People are definitely sceptical'

Question about who foots the bill for Cheney visit tomorrow.

Husband Takes Schiavo Fight Back to Politicians

"There's nothing racist in ethnic solidarity." True or false?

I just want to say thank you

what ever happend to those iranian "soldiers"...

Jon is talking about Macaca and George Allen


Didn't Chuck Roberts actually paraphrase Cheney/Lieberman correctly?

"...Thursday night will make Lord of the Flies look like a humor novel"

The New Cold War And Things People Donít Want To Mention

Local news just reported that "not a single leader of Hez was killed"

Jesse Jackson tries to arrange prisoner swap

Lamont preparing to shake up his staff - wants to appeal to moderates

Cheyney Hiring Clinton's Impeachment Lawyer?

Outcry over Mexican elections falling on deaf ears

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Plame lawyer plans to force Cheney, Rove testimony

That's right y'all, I'm #498

'Clinton Got A Blowjob' ....Listen to it here!!!!!

Bush will not endorse Republican opposing Lieberman for Senate

I am humbled beyond belief....

Florida primary in three weeks - say goodbye to Cruella

Syria declares U.S. Middle East peace process dead

David Gergen on the Colbert Report: buyer outrage, or what?

"Soldiers Can Choose to Stop Fighting"

Israeli army chief sold stocks hours before war

"The Man Who Predicted 9/11" is on the History Channel now...


"Bombing away terrorism" - by Glenn Greenwald

100 US Foreign Policy Experts Agree: BUSH ADMIN NOT WINNING WAR ON TERROR

Polls closed in Nevada, results page here

Just surfing the net and I came to this site on relgious Sects and Cults

So, yay, I got my Danish Heritage MasterCard invitation

Barbara Bush visit pays off: Houston schools to buy Neil Bush $oftware

Howard Dean speech now on CSPAN1

Just saw a mixed race couple with a One Man/One Woman sticker on their car

Pitiful coverage of the George Allen flap!

Oh the shame! Look who I found on skid row!

The word is getting out Troops deseve study of Depleted Uranium

Help me understand this - Israeli soldiers captured in Lebanon?

Police want 'instant justice' (UK)

Open source project adds "no military use" clause to the GPL

Israel blames Russian rocket launchers for its setbacks in Lebanon

CNN complied with Israeli censorship laws far better than the Israeli media

Mike Allen on K.Olbermann/Countdown tonight -- just awful

Letter for my mother who accused me of giving the troops no credit

I'm meeting Howard Dean tomorrow, I can't WAIT!

Newspaper Accuses "RED NED" Lamont Of Being A Communist

Foodies and fears

Hot off the press: new 50 state Bush approval polls

Oh My God! Scarborough caption "IS BUSH AN IDIOT?"

Keith Olberman's great -- But something about his show is bothersome

Karl Rove and "THE GAY"

Did Ronald Reagan Win the Cold War?

Greatest DU post in 233 years. Why people in Iraq might be P.O.ed

Does anyone know who bush purchased his ranch from?

Bush Said to Be Frustrated by Level of Public Support in Iraq

Ex-British Ambassador: ''The UK Terror plot: What's Really Going On?''

Rabbi Marc Gellman Thinks More Jews Should Have Supported Lieberman

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I can not believe this shit--Country music singer kills tame bear

Woman Facing Deportation Hides In Church

ďAt This Point Lieberman Cannot Expect To Keep His Seniority" - The Hill

Carpenters Union Celebrates 125th Anniversary

Watching Daily Show rerun has anyone read the book Fiasco

Photos: Smirkin' & Lurkin' at The National Counterterrorism Center

Economic Report: Young Worker Deaths At Work Increased in 2005

Veteran Baghdad Reporter Explodes Upbeat U.S. Assessments

Two fer one with Jim Webb!

Newt's boy is the R running in the CO 7 district. We should OWN this seat.

Six states that could cost us in 06 Click through the ad: Salon

Casey vs. Santorum?

Watch Scarborough MSNBC

Connecticut primary

I didn't realize the Fighting Dems (Band of Brothers) had a new site:

watch out everyone Hawaii's going to be close Help Wanted

A Campaign Stumping Message For Any Democrat

Priority #1: Dumping the GOP

Lamont to be in VT with DFA with Sanders, Leahy, Welch, Parker

Please Note: CHENEY re-appears when the AIR STRIKES END!

Please help with a Lieberman research project.

On a serious note -- what's up with Stephanie Herseth's hair?

George Will Gives Credit to John Kerry, Again

Yes, Chimpy's an Idiot -- and so is Joe Scarborough!

Bush puzzled as to how Hezbollah in Baghdad could draw such a large crowd

Plame lawyer plans to force Cheney, Rove testimony; Cheney Lawyers Up

Scarborough on MSNBC right now: "Is Bush and Idiot?"

Updating the Lamont-Support Tote Board

Blast from the past: DUers on Ned Lamont (earlier this year)

Warning Again about Veterans For Freedom

Allen on Damage Control After Remarks to Webb Aide

John Fund: Bush is inarticulate, but that's not the same as stupid

Are Dems tough enough? Can they make their case and sell it by

Nevada Primary Results

Words that sound good with "radical"

Where are our best chances to pick up 15 House seats & 6 in the Senate?

Islamic Fascists?????

Neo-Con to English Dictionary

It seems like that Ben Nelson chump from Nebraska always votes

"Democracy for America"

Why is bushco not negotiating ...

Geraldo, Stewart and Colbert

Battle of the Speeches Breaks out in Wake of Lebanon War (Juan Cole)

Colorado Nutjob Rowland's view belongs in barnyard

NYT Friedman: Big Talk, Little Will


The venomous media voices who think no Muslim is worth talking to

MOGAMBO GURU: America Being Looted By The Federal Reserve

Commentary on Profiling

Ned Lamont: Democrats Mean Business

Outcry over Mexican elections falling on deaf ears

CBC's Washington correspondent's Repub friend: 'We are in deep trouble'

Oh, really?

Say it loud, say it often, 'Republicans are bad on national security'

Gene Lyons on Administration's temporary insanity

Cuban Exiles Wage War of Terror

BILL WETZEL: Changing The Concept Of The Rational Moderate

Servants' Quarters (Wolcott on "macaca")

Oliver Stone, 9/11 and the Big Lie...

Robert Fisk on Bush's claim that Israel defeated Hizbollah

Should I Be Cynical About Terror Threats?

Wall Street Journal: CT candidate Ned Lamont's business life lessons

Los Angeles fights ban on spreading sewage sludge on farm fields.

54,700 Dead Or Missing In N. Korean Floods, 2.5 Million Homeless - AFP

One of the world's largest solar companies announces huge hydrogen project

The hurricane oracle speaks...

Rich Nations Face Same Looming Water Crises Now Hitting Poor Neighbors

Energy Bulletin - Skrebowski Skewers CERA's Cockeyed Optimism

Water shortage 'a global problem' (BBC)

Half Of Planet's Forests On Track For Destruction By Warming By 2100 - SMH

Information Cleansing, Canadian Style

Assessing Just Which Green Wal-Mart Is Now Pursuing - AlterNet

WY Natives Are Restless As EPA "Cooperative Conservation" Tour Begins

NHC - Special Tropical Disturbance Statement - 8/16 4:05 EDT

Indonesian Business Groups Will Oppose Chinese Logging In Papua New Guinea

Norway building its first large fossil fueled power plant.

Exxon, Conoco, Cite Prudhoe Bay Shutdown As "Act Of God" - NYT

In Sweltering Year, Central Texas Broils - Houston Chronicle

Tropical Sunfish Caught By Faroe Island Fishermen North Of Scotland

Western Pacific Typhoon Season "Unusually Harsh" - AFP

Drought In Southwest China Worst In 50 Years - Reuters

Huge Oil Spill Swamps Philippines - Taklong Marine Reserve "Destroyed"

NWT - Scientists, Tribal Elders Meet To Discuss Speeding Arctic Changes

Warming, Smog Will Wipe Out Joshua Trees In Monument In 100 Years

FL State - Another Study Directly LInking Hurricane Strength,Warming - ENN

China Will "Rigorously Enforce" Law On Industrial Pollution - ENN

Australia Refuses Any Carbon Curbs - States Work w/o Feds On Cap & Trade

Million Solar Roofs Bill Heads to the Gropenator's Desk (CA)

Police: Clear evidence against Minister Ramon

Immigration to Israel is......INCREASING.

German troops may face Jews - as part of mission for peace

Israeli forces raids West Bank

Sweden to host talks on Palestinian aid needs

South Core stands video

". . . .a former senior official of the CIA"

blowback from a commercial jet. look at the people on the beach.

NYC to release new 9/11 tapes today.

The Guardian is nice to PT

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Wed 8/16/06 - Rethugs In Panic Mode

Current WesPAC 'ClarkCast' features David Dill, Mark Crispin Miller


Cleveland Hires Election Science Institute - go to this thread

Bay Area New Democrats Campaign office is now open!

25.61% of registered voters suspended in Democratic leaning precinct

Bell up to 18%, Perry down to 38%, C4n3p down to 16%, Kinky down to 11%

Front-Running DeLay Replacement Spars with Local GOP

Snakes on a Swift Boat

Hiya fellas!!

Let's have another pizza thread!

Whatcha cooking?

Advise needed on recreating a takeout dish...

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Not exactly cooking, but I got some A&W cream soda in my

CAW President Takes Aim at Harper

Afghan mission not deterred, recruitment to be sped up: Hillier

Information Cleansing, Canadian Style

Israel considers asking Canada to help stem flow of arms to Hezbollah

Radio host who blasted blacks, Sikhs, aboriginals says Tories courting him

6 Canadians injured in Afghanistan mortar attack

Woman goes to church to duck deportation

Plame lawyer plans to force Cheney, Rove testimony

NYT: Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature

Jimmy Carter's Son Wins Nevada Primary

Google launches free WiFi in Mountain View

Britain is potential site for US missile defence system

BBC: Baghdad bomb blast 'kills seven'

Reuters: Japan protests after Russians shoot at fishing boat

LAT: California Establishes Network of Marine Reserves

Wholesale inflation inches up 0.1% - (CPI coming out today)

(Aussie) Army 'interfered' with Kovco probe

Canadian troops wounded in Afghan attack

White House rejects talk of dividing Iraq

US turns back to Britain as its base for Son of Star Wars

Consumer prices up, factory output down...

AP: (John) Reid: Rights, Security Must Be Balanced (UK)

PBC home sales post biggest drop in state - Palm Beach Post

Israel threatens to stop withdrawal

Shots fired at White House by NBA player

Labor Tries to Heal Their Differences

Scientists hail breakthrough in bird flu drug quest

10% of May ballots flawed (Paper trail fails)

General to rule on Iraq rape case in September

U.S. Consumer Prices Rise 0.4% in July; Core Rate Rises 0.2%

London cabbie 'supported insurgents'

In western Iraq, insurgency is gaining

House candidate (Kleeb Dem Ne.) wants pay cut for Congress

Czech government to quit

Al Qaeda building political arm in Iraq: General

"Ruthless Drug Lord" Captured At Sea

Notorious Baghdad area walled in by US and Iraq security forces

Arrest in Jon Benet Ramsey murder case.

2 unions acting to unite state (Arizona) workers

Pentagon studies examine 'mistakes' in Iraq, Afghanistan

Harry Potter better known than Tony Blair in America, survey finds

AP Bombings kill at least 19 in Baghdad

(Seattle) Port terminal evacuated over possible bomb

Gallup: Democrats Maintain Advantage in Fall Elections

Colombia arrests right-wing paramilitary leaders

New unmanned truck for Iraq tested in Arizona

US charges Marine Corps officer in Iraq assaults

Oh, really?

Evangelical leaders gearing up to turn out November vote

Russia regrets fisherman's death, but blames Japan, crew

U.S. Pledges Additional $20 Million Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon

Many Israelis see a strategic defeat

3-day sweep secures Baghdad neighborhood (Amariyah)

Floyd Landis' father-in-law found dead

D.C.-bound flight diverts after Ďaltercationí

W. House: Bush not frustrated with Iraqi government

Poll: Swann Gains No Ground in Pa. Race

WP: Venezuela to Increase Oil Sales to China

"CAFTA 15" Democrats may survive labor's wrath

Warrant issued for CEO who failed to show up for trial

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 16 August

Analysts Question Oil's 'acts of God' ( Alaskan pipeline shutdown)

A flawed system (voting problems in Ohio)

Bush: critics back 'cut and run' strategy

Wal-Mart takes aim at Democratic critics

Grass Created in Lab Is Found in the Wild

Iraq troops fight militias

A unified opposition in Venezuela (oh sure...)

Teen wins court battle to stop chemo

Attorney General Quits After Ethics Inquiry

AP Allen meets with Indian PAC over remark

Afghan opium cultivation hits a record

Bush White House fires back at critics

CNN/AP: Proposal would increase planets from 9 to 12

Longtime leader of the Oregon Christian Coalition admits "touching" minors

Arrest made in JonBenet Ramsey murder case

Port terminal evacuated over possible bomb - Seattle

Bush pitches economy from a Harley (omg!)

AP Kerry backing anti-war candidates (Ned, Dan and Bob)

Hezbollah Balks At Withdrawal From the South

Israeli Army Chief Sold Stocks Hours Before War

AP: Hispanics Angered by Democratic Web Ad

Ex-Paraguayan dictator Stroessner dies (US and Pinochet pal)

Tell me why I shouldn't go to sleep?

Mickey Death is much better overseas than it is in the states

Frank Black

I have been watching baseball for 5 1/4 hours so far

Bit of a Packers rant here...

Hi and good night all.

this is so funny, I'm shamelessly crossposting for lounge-lizzards

we just had Armageddon practice

Donde esta Haruka3_2000?

Okay loungies I'm going to sleep.

Sweet dreams, DU!

Wow, that was the best dessert

Why does the Lounge look weird?

If you are looking for a great read

Good Morning!!

Smallest TV you have?

Happy birthday no name no slogan!!

Okay you know those "AutoCool" solar powered car fans???

Why would the Sci Fi channel not

Are your girls true geeks?

Do you believe anals are amongst us?

Thieves Steal Church's Kitchen Sink

I am cold

Anybody seen The God Who Wasn't There?

What is "King's Death" day?

Osama bin Laden Killed by Missouri Rednecks!

Are Crayons evil?

You're On Notice!

How many camcorders do you own?

Pierced Ear

Good Wednesday morning, Crew!

Oh star is gone!

G'nite. Err...good morning. Aw fuck it...good whatever.

Do you believe Criss Angel is amongst us?

Can anyone help?

Things could be worse. You could be Andy Dick.

Joe Jackson's excellent screed against market driven greed....

Going to adopt a new puppy today.

New York Dolls

This Pluto business is a Communist plot!

Signs you might not be in for a good day...

Breast Implants

What is your pet's favorite toy or activity?

oeditpus rex, hey is that spelled right

'City Slickers' actor Bruno Kirby dies

Nude Man Attacks Police Officer In Trailer Park - Hit With Stun Gun

Hunter S Thompson

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 8/16/06)

dolo amber encouragement thread

The latest conspiracy theory, courtesy of my dad.

Katherine Harris pic - so funny I have to share with lounge

Hey lounge! I like your BASE. Your BEAT is nice.

Hey! Someone donated a star to me!

Radioactive man busted going through border

Argh. Stupid frustrating morning.

School Bans Second-Grader's Guide Dog

Favorite Bruno Kirby Film?

Have they ever been seen in the same place at the same time?

A crazy guy greeted me after work last night

Is Working Assets Wireless Okay?

I feel like curd

Any Scooter Freaks Here?


Babe Ruth, Elvis, and Margaret Mitchell all died on this day

Can't afford donation. Anyone willing to donate a star?

I feel like Crue

"Out of This World" --late Sat. night horror movie show,

I feel like stud.

Pet peeves about co-workers

Wednesday list thread.

Colbert calls out Jon Stewart..Apologize to geraldo


I just printed out tickets for tonight's Mets-Phillies game

Matcom News UPDATE: Woman Arrested In McDonald's Hit & Run Case

"Electionprojection" shows Rs keeping Congress.

41 Year Old Man Has Been Arrested 226 Times

Who drinks Tang?

Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico- Paris, 1972

Number 47 said to number 3, you're the cutest jailbird I ever did see

The things dad cooked:

Up Until 7, a Re-Cap.....

Video of the day.

What Would Ricky Bobby Do?

Have you seen this? ! ?

Psa: These are YUMMY:

I want to be serenaded the next time I eat a Snickers bar.

Where would "Unbelievable!"duplicates be without DU and posts?

Hungarian Translation Please - Steven Colbert Bridge

My butt hurts I think I broke it

Oh F*ck...

Damn, that hillbilly was pretty.

How long can you go without calling someone for the first time

How many of you are ToastMasters?

Please, folks, I beg you (Re: Snakes On a Plane)

So what is the message of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America?

Lets Make DUers Couple

I'm watching MST3K

How long, in exercising, does it take for belly fat to go bye-bye?

Where would DU be without duplicates and "Unbelievable!" posts?

Jesus isn't coming back. I'll tell you why

Please post a picture of an extremely beautiful wombat

Where has my girl Mutley been? Anybody know?

Just gave 25.00 to DU.......

Get Motivated - The Seminar!

Any scooter trash here?

Why is it so f'ing handy to get a hard man?

Ashley Madison: The New Laura Branigan?

You know what would make the cable news channels explode?

Which is closer to the truth?

I finally get it!!!! I LOVE FREEBIRD!!!

check ya later!

OK, who donated a star?

Please post a picture of an extremely beautiful womanizer

Why is it so f'ing hard to get a man?


We Are The Web

I know I rarely give my opinion, but I have to on this one:

Need a recommendation for a good used bookshop, please,

Update on my puppy Maverick,

so I'm taking the kid to Steeler training camp today

I Lost My W-2s

Best new reality show - Work Out

Testing new smilies

Andy Dick. Is there anyone on earth that finds him funny?

Please, how do I get the "sarcasm" animation?

Study Says Women With Nose Hair Have More Sex.

Andy Dick as Bush Speechwriter

If I had 1 Billion dollars....

I feel like crud

I got my first flaming thread today (62 posts so far)

Turner (Maine) residents wonder: Is dead animal legendary mystery beast?

STOP THE PRESSES! Spears says baby No. 2 was not planned

Does anyone remember Duck's Breath Mystery Theater?

Request for good vibes and good ju ju....

I'm bored- how should I amuse myself?

What to Do In Case Of A Terrorist Attack!

Diane looks like an ostrich


A great big thank you. You know who you are.

Greenland Sharks!

Arrest made in case of Jon Benet murder - some idiot in Thailand

Study Says Men With Brown Hair Have Less Sex

You Loungies stay OUT of GD, that's OUR TURF Punks.

Dumb "criminal" award nominee?

Hypnosis and smoking cessation. Anyone with experience?

Study Says Women With Running Shoes Have More Sox.

Lukas is too good for Supernova.

Apple/DSL question

Public marriage proposals

What sports teams do you hate?

Jessica Simpson: "Nick didn't pack too well if you know what I mean..."

I need help deleting files from my Ipod

Breaking: James Woods Dumps 20-Year-Old Girlfriend

What sports team do you love

You Just Can't Have Too Much Tom Jones!

Anybody like Audrey Hepburn?

There Are Nine Planets. End of Discussion.

Why is it so f'ing hard to get a handyman?

My house smells good.... (Dinner)

Can you read music? And are you left-handed or right-handed?

RANT: Will everyone please shut up, PLEASE?

Do you drink alcohol when you are depressed?

WHOA!! I have double-jointed wrists!

Wednesday, August 16. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Congrats on 40,000 posts Mrs. Grumpy!!!

Congratulations Impeachdubya! 10,000 posts!

Just checked my Dell batteries for explosion potential...

Residents wonder if dead animal is legendary mystery beast

It's time once again for the world's biggest and best classic car show:


Damn, damn, damn. Another waste of time interview.

Picture thread! Picture thread! Picture thread! Picture thread!

Just had a patient tell me: "Those Iraqis are SO ungrateful!"

madonna's cameltoe official myspace profile!!!


Best performance from the "Woodstock" soundtrack

Is there something wrong with the word "died?"

Why did women throw their panties onstage when Tom Jones was singing?

10 Random things about ME! (+2) You?

I'm going to stop at the Asian grocery

Why is it that many women who believe in gender equality still ...

Who's your favorite magician(s)?

i want my own picture thread too

What is your favorite toy or activity?

Band names that you can't believe nobody has used

What's playing on your sound system right now?

Would you ever do your own hair foil highlighting?

Today's Pearls Before Swine...

Best Pink Floyd album:

Calling All Grammar Police! This is the thread for you!

Who's the poet laureate of bad song lyrics?

Find a good horror movie I haven't seen.

Where is my 20-pound orange cat hiding???

Fuck it...Pic Thread..Part Deux!!

How fast are you...

Lets Make DU Couples

I finally figured out why I can't watch the movie Big

The last time your favorite sports teams won a championship?

Homecoming (Dante)

If you love Rock & Roll- check out Little Steven's Underground Garage

Should I go see

Study Says Women With Red Hair Have More Sex

Dodgers Continue Best Run in 107 Years

It's midnight on 8/16 in Memphis now: RIP, Elvis, twenty-nine years on...

How legally binding is a signed agreement not to work for the competition?

Here's $30 million. What would you NOT do with it?

Please post a picture of an extremely beautiful woman

When will the rapture happen?

What marketing genius came up with "Sag Harbor" for women's clothes?

Shaving razors

Hey Bay Area DUers!

Uncle Randy Koolzip says "Hey!" (A pic thread, maybe?)

John Safran on Atheists

"I'm tired of the 'Christian' public school bashers going unanswered."

Religious faith misguiding

US broke environmental rules with drug crops-judge

A pyrrhic victory for Starchild IMO

Pain sufferer turns to 'shrooms (cluster headaches)

Diabetes Evolution

Tommorrow will mark the 148th anniversary of the first trans-Atlantic

Round and Orbity? Must be a Planet!

Volcanic eruptions score melodies

New Source of Replacement Brain Cells Found

A simple science question

Phelps donation haunts Kansas attorney general - OH NO YOU DI'NT!

Anti-gay idiots in Cincinnati give up their battle

Yanks Break Ground on New Stadium (the House that George Built??)

Is there a transit or period of time I should avoid?

Very strange dream last night

Good Morning Fellas

Astrology and three new planets named today......

Oh my God. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with G. Felix Allen, part 2

Dem angst over Lieberman escalates

OT: Something really weird happened to me last night(wiretapping)

Good thread at dailykos - please reco - just went up

Kerry: Lieberman's Words Are "Scare-Tactic Bunk"

sorry to put you to work....again...but.... anyone have Kerry's speech on

Kerry: These Candidates Are Working to Stop Bush's Aimless Course in Iraq

Tom Friedman of NYTimes gives Kerry some praise

Jim Rassmann: LTTE Los Angeles Times

Quick vote, please! Need extra eyes to help choose...

****Official SUBMISSIONS for August Photo Contest****Texture*****

****Official COMMENTS Thread for August Contest: TEXTURE****

Olbermann United

Project X'ers......Holloween plans are finalized and approved!

Mike Webb playing KO's "Nexus of Politics and Terror" NOW

Money Given to Senators

"US tried to get Israel to attack Syria" - Bernie Ward -- stream

People kill people airlines say Satire

Iraq's government "is beholden to the Sadrists"

Buried at Fresh Kills

Debate Over "Is Bush An Idiot?"

Evidence is unusual quantities of household chemicals in UK terra plot?

The aol database is now available online

Charlie Rose has Charlie Gibson, ABC, on. Gibson's job is to

The Demise of Public Health in 21st Century United States

NAFTA Superhighway: good summary from Van Os campaign

"I donated to the third quarter fund drive"

GOP:: Strong on BLAME....WEAK on SOLUTIONs

Lebanese president condemns Israel's continued air, sea blockade

Cn. Newspaper calls Lamont, "Red Ned."

AOL Prepares To Dig For Gold At Bay State Home - Mass.

FCC Quizzes TV Stations About 'Fake News' !!

Please tell me, do you love or hate the UN, and why. I

Cats on a plane

Floating out a question: anyone concerned about August 22nd

Rethugs continue the lumping of Sorros/Moore with Lamont

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON Wed. 8/16 - The bounce that wasn't?

Foiled plot in Britain means US could be fighting terra for years: Bush

if there were any CREDIBLE terrorist threat in this country

Is the M$M in revolt already? I just heard Tweety ask "is Dick Cheney

Richard Haass on CSPAN: "Al Qaeda wants something Big"

Oct 2001- "THE AIMS OF WAR- Don't Impose Our Values"

August 16 - the Number is 2604

What can happen when a community comes together-Coatesville Pa. 1911

Time line... middle east ..Later Mandate period. (1930-1047)

Just a reminder about how to respond to conservatives:

THE absolute stupidest excuse for George Allen's racism!

Wall St. Journal: The Democrats Mean Business (by Ned Lamont)

Theory on why they can't find Osama

Osama bin Laden Killed by Missouri Rednecks!

Diebold Voting machines risky, study concludes

Imus just told Santorum that he is supporting him for reelection

Bill Maher is funny...Short Video

About those "birth pangs"...they're really "death throes."

Congressman Conyers: Friedman on Cheney and Iraq

Bush's way to How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Bruno Kirby has passed away

Congratulations -- you're not last!

Dems Need to Promise: "We will investigate and get to the bottom of this..

If wind causes a storm surge, isn't this damage caused by wind?

I'm not SCARED enough to vote Republican

BBC: US 'better on Potter than Blair'

29 Years ago today

Drucker to CNN: Status quo

I for one sure am glad that the Israel/Hezbollah war is over

Why is it Hezbollah has tank destroying missles but Iraqis do not?

YouTube-Wallace interviews Ahmadinejad "60-minutes" version (24-min)

Re:Lebanon "Bush doesn't have the slightest idea what he is talking about"

mother jones on the latest in the "war on drugs":

What I learned in the past 30 days.

"It's been my honor to be here at the Ministry of Love"

The "macaca" bit on "The Daily Show" wasn't informative.

I'm going to go hear Matthew Fox speak Thursday Night..

Boy, 12, evades security clampdown-feeling safer yet?

Do ya'll find this Election Projection fairly accurate?

this banner is now seen on many European TV channels...

so are we gonna see "terrorist" activities until November???

RFID Spychips in Passports Just The Beginning?

Howard Dean on C-Span2 - replay of 8/15 Iron Workers Convention

America: George W Bush is the third greatest president in history!

Dem Congressional Candidate withdraws / domestic violence charges

cspan NOW, press conf. with Tony Snow

Republicans use FEAR to rule, which makes them terrorists

Who feels safe with Republicans in power?

How many of you are ToastMasters?

did Halliburtan get the contract to rebuild Beirut yet?

Colin Powell tells Montrealers Harper right to back Israel

Are Republicans Anti-Intellectual?

Almost 5 years and No OBL

Chuck Penaís analysis of what has happened to our military in Iraq

"Is it time for my close up YET, Mr. Rove?"

Terror will rule the news until the elections are stolen.

I'm so sickof all the killing

Why are we trying to unite the world and the UN to stop war in Lebanon?

The Problem With Pundits --- from The Nation

companies sending employees to other countrys for health services

Vaseline, a screwdriver, matches--Holy Shit, get the duct tape!

It's catching on: the meme is changing - R = weak, D = strong and smart

FYI - Air America is on iTunes - Radio

Amazing survival story

George Wallace sounds like Bill Clinton...

Six easy tips to better gas mileage


fyi: per cnn--the plane diversion was NOT terror related.

Flight Diverted at Logan- agitated Lady passenger-MSNBC

More lies and hypocrisy..

George Allen's Sister Called Him a Bully in her Book

Box cutters = ok, bottled water = banned.

Lebanese blast Arab rulers, praise Iran, Syria

Media 'egged on' fire protest man

White President offers condolences to Joe Lieberman

Unmarried couple sues St. Louis suburb that denied housing permit to their

'Ominous quiet' at Mayon volcano

I'm beginning to wish it was Lieberman's mug facing the glove above

Camp Casey update for Wed

Talk persists about merging XM, Sirius

Saw a good bumper sticker today...

2008 Will Mark TWENTY YEARS of Bush/Clinton Rule

From the mouths of babes

Wrote to Scarborough last night and here's his reply.

Bush is a brick (thick and stubborn as one) when it comes to Iraq

John Hinckley seeks more time on the outside...

Tony Snow lying on CSPAN calling Dems Liars

Great Song

Latest Kerry email, fundraising for Lamont, Akaka, Menendez

Lamont Speaks

Sierra Club yanks Lieberman endorsement

Question: If Lieberman runs out of money will he have to drop out?

If Lamont is the Al Qaeda candidate

Do YOU!!!!...Really Give a F&CK.........

question re. mocking and/or ridicule of xtianity...

Bees on a Plane Are A Real-Life Problem Vexing Some Pilots

FCC probes 'fake news' at U.S. TV stations

made in USA

Baghdad security plan touted by Iraqi and American officials, has failed

Watched "V for Vendetta" last night. Relevant to all the fear-mongering...

Spontaneously make up the "nickname" Macaca?

w/o US, Maliki Lacks Troops To Take Back Basra--Official Civil War Soon?

If Lieberma wins re-election, does that count towards Democratic Majority?

Heads up : Hamilton and Kean are going to be on

Michigan Govenor: Granholm, DeVos Again in Toss-Up

I am watching BBC video The Power of Nightmares....

Dead Republican wins 19% of the vote....

James Dobson in a panic over 2006 midterms

Impeach the MF'er Already - Iowa License Plate Debate

Rice reveals it all

Captor's eyes were black as ink with a heart to match

Arkansas Not a Red State anymore - Bush Approval: 35% - Disapproval: 63%

Idiot boy enroute to Pa. for Lynn Swan booster...

Newly released 9/11 tapes show chaos, courage/FIVE YEARS LATER

Rothenberg updates Governor's races

Freeps wary of Rick "Purpose Driven Life" Warren's desire to change world

UK Ambassador Murray on "The Guy James Show" today

Swan can't make a dent in Rendell's 20 pt lead

The UK Terror plot: what's really going on?

My interest is the 28 blacked-out pages of the congressional 9/11 report

Now I know this is silly, and I am in a rotten mood...

get 'em while they are fresh and young

Global Warming Affects Hurricane Intensity, U.S. Study Shows

SurveyUSA puts McCaskill and Talent (MO-Sen) in Dead Heat.

PHOTOS from BOSTON: Police inspect all luggage from flight....

Okay, it's about 3 minutes long... "The Sounds of Bullsh*t"

Macaca shirt anyone?

Anxiety Attacks, Insufferable Experiences, versus Fear of Flying....

Hotline updates top 50 House races.

My friend in the chickensuit and Fathead dick's visit to $500 plate lunch.

Life on Mars

CAPTION the Elvis impersonator...

Swing State Project: Will Paul Hackett jump into OH-3

Iran Offered Recognition of Israel, Nuclear Cooperation

My money says this will be Tropical Storm Debby by suppertime.

I downloaded the Al Franken Show . . .

NYT reported that a muslim couple was to use their 6 mo old baby's

Mexico: The Electoral Crisis Goes On (COHA analysis)

Landrieu With Lieberman All The Way

Andrew Sullivan Blogs: The Alleged UK Terror Plot

Just who is terrorizing who?

Too bad, Tucson once again bows to DLC candidates

An arrest from the past

Dobbs kicking butt again

Unbelievable!! "The Amazing Racist"

Why have no charges been leveled in the alleged liquid bomb plot?

Fighting rages between US-backed Iraqi security forces and Shiite militias

There Are Nine Planets. End of Discussion.

Walking Eagle

Where were you when you heard Elvis Died

So Bush Is Reading _The Stranger_?

Gonzales:Terrorists Hiding In Our Neighborhoods-So Give Me More Power

Will King George get an airport named after him?

Employer advises Dumpster-diving for axed workers

Can someone tell me why books were banned on flights

DNC Vice Mike Honda Calls on Sen. Allen to Apologize- "hateful rhetoric"

Generals Say Iran Is Not A Crisis & Bush Hard Line Undermines US Security

Hillary Clinton clips on her talk on terrorism coming up on Wolf cnn.

Authorities Back Off Accusing Cell Phone Buyers Of Terror Link

Why we need to view and share the movie, "Unprecedented"

It's "Macaque" Not "Macaca." It's A Slur Allen Likely Knew, Not Gibberish

I've always hated stereotypes...

"Chairwoman of the Homeland Security Committee" (R) endorses Lieberman

The UK Terror plot: what's really going on?

Bush Pardons: Gun runners, Bootleggers, Thieves, and Drug Dealers

Wife of Tyco ex-CEO files for divorce. Karen Kozlowski, feted with

Two cows standing in a long line outside the meat-packing plant...

Jesus isn't coming back. I'll tell you why

Republican delivers own baby, fails to eat it

Stop already with the cold and callous analysis about the Ramseys

Rightwing talk-radio callers.....

Heightened Security leads to chaos & fear....

Working for Tammy Duckworth on Saturday

Is Fox News covering the fact that they are NEGOTIATING with Terrorists??

Separated at Birth: John Ramsey and Bill O'Really

What would have given Bush a vote of no confidence?

Just added this to LBN-Arrest made in JonBenet Ramsey murder

How Would One Become A Delegate To the 2008 Democratic Convention?

It's getting kind of late in London, didn't they have to charge somebody

Cheney hire's lawyer for defence against the Plame/Wilson civil suit

"Pacifist" is a horribly insulting slur.

SEATTLE: Suspicious Package Alert # 39887R-0028476-A

BBC continues the media's white-washing of Allen's racism...

Israeli army chief sold stocks hours before war

Authorities Issue New Warning-Beware of Women Wearing Gel Bras

Republican PR Firm Said to Be Behind 'An Inconvenient Spoof'

Which Sleazy Republican Alias Would You Use On A 'wampum card'...

Katrina Home Bush Promised To Rebuild For 74yr-old Still Stands Empty

"Commie, Terrorist-loving, Unpatriotic, Godless Hippies"

Randi is roasting a freeper right now

US charges Marine Corps officer in Iraq assaults

Snow Offers Defiant Clarification: Bush Is Not Frustrated Over Iraq!!

Meet... the Republi-can'ts!

Is al-Qaeda now meddling in Iraq's politics, or is this an antiwar smear

A great big thank you. You know who you are.

Here's a thought... (Re: JonBenet arrest)

Taglines on our email at work and their new policy: many people upset

No terror charges, but Arab-Americans in scheme: US

Who is getting the contracts to rebuild Lebanon?

instead of "Islamic fascists" say "Islamic fundamentalists are fascists"

FINALLY! "Market for subcompacts grows in U.S. "

How to win an election when the chips are down. From GOP playbook.

Will America EVER Recover from the bush Vampire Family Curse?

Need DU help with this poll with Al Gore as choice

Fox News Airs Suggestion for 'Muslim-Only' Airport Line

Iraqi, US forces wall up notorious Baghdad area

Everything in Iraq is going really great!

Bush Said to Be Frustrated by Level of Public Support in Iraq

Al-Qaida in Iraq Incites Sectarian Violence, Says U.S. General

Those Who Promote Fear, Shall Always Have the Support of Cowards

Airport Security Gets It Right Re- Shakespeare

When chimpy finished his photo op

NY1 Suggests Tasini Collect $1 from Every NY Dem If He Wants to Debate

Isn't it amazing how public service reduces intelligence?

STOP THE PRESSES! Spears says baby No. 2 was not planned

How great a threat do you belief the shampoo plot really was?

Cheney/Rove learned their lessons well from Gingrich (Susan Smith case)

Time Magazine's Baghdad Diary: Life In HELL!

Good God-Gunter Grass was in the Waffen SS!

NY Daily News Full Front Page Today: TERROR BULL (Great Pic Inside!)

US officer in Iraq: "Leadership has no comprehension of the ground truth"

Wait until you hear about this government program.....

(VIDEO) Paralysed veteran goes with Phil Donahue to confront Congress

obrador supporters promise siege

Jill Carroll, Margaret Hassan, and Black Ops

Randi said: "Just another bipolar with a vodka buzz.'

STFU, Nancy Grace----JonBenet--

On Why the Green Party is Such a Disgrace

Hillary sent me a postcard!

With all this talk about our 9/11, seldom a word about the Chilean one

United Airlines Flight Diverted: Passenger Had Vaseline and A Screwdriver

Who here travels a lot on Amtrac? I have questions....

Two hours of "breaking news" for an anxiety attack ?

Did Humans Evolve? Not Us, Say Americans

A suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder has been arrested in Thailand

Did Jon Benet suspect go to Thailand for sex like Neil Bush?

If it sounds too good to be true, it is; and the problem of Herd Mentality

It's that time again - SurveyUSA - Guess Bush's approval in YOUR State

(UK) Boy, 12, evades security clampdown

Scientists find brain evolution gene

What is the Legacy of President Gerald Ford?

Larry Johnson: George Bush and the Politics of Terror

The REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS LOST FACE;They cannot be trusted to run our Gov't

Armageddons Agenda w/ John Hagee, CUFI founder.

Bankrupt Northwest Airlines advised workers to fish in the trash

Better yet, "Random disturbances of clannish factions"

More 9/11 Recordings Are Released (BOO! Don't forget 9/11)

Afghan opium cultivation hits a record

Please DU this poll on "buyer's remorse" vote for Ned Lamont

Have you heard the one about the Jews?

Spike Lee blasts Katrina response before documentary premier

Sam Seder Must Stay on AAR... Damnit

DU this poll on Allen's comments.

This is for all my friends on DU

Bush's denial has him questioning why Iraqis won't warm to his occupation

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Some Things Are Too Important to Let Bush Decide

They scrambled F16s for a panic attack?!!

Tomorrow's UK headline: "Bush Is Crap", says Prescott (deputy PM)

Cautious France says ready to lead UN Lebanon force

BREAKING!!!! Local news says you can get sick at airports!!!!!!!!!

A Union/Sports Story

Serious Work Related Question (need opinions)

pre-empting Hardball for this ?????

NW Airlines Suggests Employees "Fish In Trash" To Help Workers Save Money

George Allens Choice, Idiot or Racist

NBC now reporting they donít think the woman had a note or a stiff drink

PHOTO: Pennsylvania welcomes Chimpolini!

Bush 'cut and ran' from Afghanistan and bin-Laden was emboldened

holy crap! I Just Checked The Current Price of Our Old House in Florida!

Europe faces 'very real threat' (UK home sec. John Reid)

By golly, I'm havin a dickens of a time figuring why rummy ain't fired yet

Kerry: Lieberman's Words Are "Scare-Tactic Bunk"

Hillary will not run for President in '08

I don't doubt for a minute that MORE terror attacks are coming.

Fearing Prosecution, Bush Admin Tries to Change War Crimes Act

How successful do you gauge the Bushevik Summer Propoganda Offensive?

Experts to Bush: Back Off, Iran is "Not a Crisis"...


Pay is double for federal workers

Lamont did very well in handling Tweety's rough questions just now.

Has anyone here seen CSNY Freedom of Speech concert ?

Kerry: Ned Lamont ...successfully challenging the Bush position on Iraq

James K. Galbraith: Dodgy Informants & Jumpy Politicians=Explosive Mixture

Suspect in foiled airliner plot freed

Winger gasbag suggests "Muslim Only" airport lines as foil for terrorism

DU Freeped Poll, please: Should Muslims Get Special Scrutiny at Airports?

Finish the following sentence... If Al Gore were president...

It's the parody poetry edition of Carnival of the Liberals

Where are the visionaries?

The next time you hear reports of anti-gay persecution in Iran...

GOOD NEWS!!! 8/16/2006 Edition

The GOP Senate candidate of CT was banned from Casinos??

How many were fooled by last Thursday's Terror from the Skies?

So, Israel Basically Got Their Ass Kicked (Ha'aretz)

AOL user16006693: I can't believe this article isn't already on greatest

Word to the wise...

Husband Takes Schiavo Fight Back to Politicians (with Lamont at his side)

Ceres? A planet?

"Democratic Web ad angers some Hispanics "

FBI to bust down the doors of DUers....

VA Sen: Allen's remarks now playing on local news.

This sure looks like propaganda to me

Josh Marshall Becoming SKEPTICAL OF UK TERROR PLOT!!!

Olbermann: 'The Nexus of politics and terror'


Separation of church and state; tell me what you think of this:

Longhorn Steakhouse in Augusta, ME playing FNC. I just sent a complaint.

Calling all creative DUers! Your chance to chop Greg Palast - into pieces

On the implausibility of the explosives plot.

I have created over 150 different T shirt and mug designs.

34% - Zogby: Bush Job Approval

FBI Agent who captured Moussaoui says 9/11 could have been prevented

The Rapture Ready must be going through SEVERE Depression.

Powerful New Protest Song From Kris Kristofferson, "In the News."

Why Are Many Progressives Willing To Believe That Major News Events...

NY1: Tasini isn't rich enough to debate Clinton on our news channel

REALITY is Iraq was invaded because old-line American Est. wanted to do it

Bush is a Yalie and also an MBA from Harvard but talks like he

Sen George (Macaca) Allen's SISTER: 'My Brother Is A Bully & A Bigot'

Fox News suggestion: Create Muslim-only line at airports...

Condi's Coded Words: Birth Pangs

Cynthia McKinney Criticizes Electronic Voting Machines

WFMU's blog post about Air America's future

MUST SEE Chimp On Chopper Pic!!!

My LTTE on Lamont/Lieberman/Cheney gets published

Do you have hope politicians will fix this mess ?

"Let's welcome 'macaca' to America." - George Allen

SurveyUSA Missouri Senate Poll: McCaskill 47, Talent 46

The Hill: Tide Appears To Be Growing Against GOP

What was the name of the Pakistani scientist who sold nuclear secrets

Political Lessons I've Learned On the Co-Op Board

Republican candidates try to co-opt message of change

Bush's Approval Rating Increase On Homeland Security. Why?

Camp Democracy to Open in DC

Soros: the "war" on terror is a self-defeating war

Republicans cannot come to grips with certain realities...

Plame Lawyer wants to put rove and cheney on the stand

Former President (Clinton) to help Webb in Senate campaign

WOW! Discuss our STRONG & GROWING ECONOMY on "Ask The White House"

Plane diverted from London to Boston, jets scrambled, etc...

Harrisburg, IL, Daily Record: Senator Obama: Iraq is a dumb war

The Democrats Mean Business By Ned Lamont

A simple suggestion: Throw 'em out !

Non Sequitur: The Final Exit Strategy

Lamont over Lieberman is a victory for women

Wake up Dem Leadership! (Re Blackwell in Ohio)

Rep. Gary Miller Steals Millions in Land Deals

Fitzpatrick (R-Ship Jumper) now rejects Bush's strategy in Iraq

W.Va. steelmaker wins long fight over imports

Impeachment vigils planned for Sept. 1...

Daniel Imperato, Ind. Pres. Candidate, Live on CSpan 2 now.

New Bush Welfare Rules Favor Flipping Burgers over Higher Ed

Lack of specific exit plan may not be election liability for Democrats

Froomkin: "Bush hides behind the presidency"

Collins endorses Lieberman in his re-election bid

NYT: Democrats acknowledge Lieberman CT win is "distinct possibility"

Outrage time for all Democrats on the Internet

Sen. Allen day 2- the first YouTube election + full spin control

At 10 tonight ET on CSpan they will replay the 9/11 testimony given by

Lack of silver bullets has caused B*sh administration's failures

Possible explanation for Sen. Allen's remark?

Bush's "roundtable" on economy at Harley plant in York PA closed to press

Captor's eyes were black as ink with a heart to match

"Answering the libertarians and their lies"

Terrorist Profiling and other Racial Bigotry

"Don't ask, don't tell" is harmful for national security

"The War on Liquids"

YAHOO MUSIC VIDEO:Bush - A Failed Presidency Mired In Greed & Indifference

Here's the Post's article on the liquids.

a day in the shoes of an ISM member

A question for Gulf Coast DUers ......

Studebaker calls 911, drops out of race

How is the gop fear campaign supposed to work with bush's base?

MI Gov: Granholm (D) 47%, DeVos (R) 46% (Rasmussen)

MI Senate: Stabenow (D) 49% Bouchard (R) 44% (Rasmussen)

Talking Points on real security for letters to newspapers

OK, Gonzales is talking about TERRORISTS in this quote, NOT Bush

These false UK liquid bombers .?

Embarassment of Riches: A contrast between two Dem Senate hopefuls

somebody should tell randi rhodes

McCain's Voting Record.

They are heartless. Our young men are dying.

British Terror plot is a hoax!

Pickles walking dogs & will be campaigning in WVa, Ohio, Kentucky today:

Mary Landrieu is supporting the Lieberman over Lieberman candidate

Kerry's pre-primary non-endorsement of Lamont: nuance or nonsense?

Johns Edwards to campaign with Lamont tomorrow!

"...A screwdriver, vaseline, water and a book referencing al Qaeda"...

Wife of Dennis "Ice Statue Pissing Vodka" Kozlowski files for divorce

How to move a political party ..... or not .....

Excellent trio of interviews on Election Security at Clark's site

Arrest in Jonbenet Ramsey case ......

IRAQ and the Republican Collapse

How did I miss this Watada speech on Monday? I never saw it

Could Joe Lieberman's candidacy move the Dem party to the right?

Do Democrats' "insurgent bloggers" herald a revolution like Goldwater's?

Pulled out of work and got behind a Ford Aerostar with a

How is Lieberman different from not Counting Votes in OHIO??

High gas prices are not Bush's fault!

Which '08 Dem presidential contenders will run as independents?

(Sen. Susan) Collins (R. ME) endorses Lieberman in re-election bid

DU this poll, kick Marilyn Musgrave in the teeth...

Hey Charly (Schumer), what the hell were you thinking???

Kerry: These Candidates Are Working to Stop Bush's Aimless Course in Iraq

Save Sam Seder

Time for the truth

Department of Faith???

Today I called Nancy (The Soft-Spoken) Pelosi's Office

Two Fox News Producers Resign Over Middle East Coverage

What is the best site to track campaign contributions?

Fearing Prosecution, Bush Admin Tries to Change War Crimes Act

It's "Macaque" Not "Macaca." It's A Slur Allen Likely Knew, Not Gibberish.

Today's Bush photos settle the "Is He An Idiot" debate once and for all

The face of the enemy

Make Nancy Skinner a Progressive Patriot!

I ran into James Carville this morning...

Landrieu With Lieberman All The Way

Salazar, Carper, Pryor , Landrieu, Nelson and Inouye, 6 pigs and their fox

A simple maxim to remember.

Guerrilla Vlogging: Edwards, "Patriotism for something more than war."

"George Bush never said Saddam had anything to do with 9/11."

Snakes on a Swift Boat

Pragmatic Tejans .... talk Kinky to me ......

Let's keep a tally of the Lieberman endorsements

"Do we allow a man to marry a sheep?" (R - of course - Colorado)

Current WesPAC 'ClarkCast' on Election Fraud!!

Many who called Deaniacs "fringe" in 04...are now disloyal to the party.