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Archives: August 13, 2006

NYT: Eavesdropping and the Election: An Answer on the Question of Timing

The land of the free - but free speech is a rare commodity

NYT: Many Muslims in Britain Feel Torn Between Competing Identities

Swiss Hostel Offers View of Crumbling Peak as Glacier Retreats

Israelis turn on Olmert as UN agrees ceasefire

A Bankrupt Cuba Policy

Reaction: Reid 'put trial of terror suspects in jeopardy'

An Antiwar Campaign That Takes a Page From the G.O.P. Playbook

Edward Said

Aspects of Class in the United States: An Introduction

The other side of the coin:

from an Indian's perspective:

Israel says 5 troops missing after helicopter hit

Israel Seeks Hint of Victory--NYT

Anti-missile devices protecting DICK Cheney's private home...

Wow...Alex Jones on Tom Martino Show...

Still in denial about 9/11 Truth? Time to put up or shut up

San Mateo, CA Board of Supes meets Tuesday re: e-voting--be there!

The (picky) child ate tonkatsu!

Prime Minister stresses Arctic sovereignty in first visit to far North

More Cdns representing themselves at trial due to high legal costs: top ju

Peace official murdered as toll in Sri Lanka mounts

Rep. Davis: War bungles should oust Rumsfeld

Terror alert: Blair to force through 90-day detention

Archbishop (of York) in Lebanon peace vigil

Hospitalized Sheehan to keep up protest

Annan sees stop to fighting Monday

N.J. Daycare Mercury Sparks Inspections

Protesters Host Barbecue for Crawford

Israel Surges Into Lebanon, Despite Vote

55 pct Americans back Bush on U.S. security - Newsweek

Source: U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests

U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: Total 2601

Cold Can't Stop Alaska Sewage Composting

Former Illinois Governor to be Deposed About Death Row Pardons

Smart Pigs' Keep Oil Pipelines Clean

NYT/AP: Airlines: U.K. Travel Grinding to Halt

Cash crisis so severe that base faces closure (Brits!)

Court Nixes Man's Middle Name for Ballot (funny story)

Howard Dean urges door-to-door Democrats

Israel says 19 soldiers killed on Saturday

Bush: Plot Showed Danger Hasn't Passed

U.S. Troops Among Nearly 50 Dead in Iraq

Lieberman Looking Outside Conn. for Help

Archaeologists Unearth Abolitionist Home

Protesters rally on Mideast in S.F.

GOP Raises Specter of 'Speaker Pelosi'

Floridians think war has been handled badly

Violence follows peaceful parade

Bechtel unit wins FEMA contract worth up to $250M

Analysis: Pact Won't Improve U.S. Image

Panel Suggests Using Inmates in Drug Trials (NYT)

NYT: White House's Planned Medicaid Cuts Cause Rift With States

Opinions required for life/professional decision.

Have you ever bought ciggies online ?

Free DMB Concert webcast on Now

Help! I can't figure out wear to plug my playback kit into my Xbox

Experts Baffled by Water-Gurgling Tree

OK, now this is a little creepy.

Remember when pointy rocks tied to sticks were the new technology?

I almost just drowned in a bottle of water

A sewing question

How do you rate your moonwalk?

I Just Saw Jon Stewart In Person

Maybe it's shallow but I want to do it..........

Remember when Og came back with that "fire" stuff?

Remember when you dropped your chocolate in my peanut butter?

I loaf olives

Captain Over, white courtesy phone

I'm Kinda bored.

I'm drinking Red Stripe and listening to the White Stripes

Look out, cheating daters/scoundrels, new website has your number!

Check out the car I bought for $3500!

I Just Saw Jon Stewart As A Person

Question Re: Using Free Wireless Internet

"These cards are marked." "They're a mess!"

As of this post, I am 62 posts away from 9000. Ask me anything!

If I had a debut album, I'd name it "Gauche Hit"

I have two Hard Drives C: 60gb & D: 80gb XP Pro is on C: -- Can I

Do you believe idiots are amongst us?

Who likes shopping at Pier One?

Half full or Half empty? Which are you?

Spontaneity is one thing...

The older I get, the less I know.

Thanks folks. I've seen the messages above. I'm going to ease into

Aglet appreciation thread.

Text thread

This is a long-shot question about radio host Neil Rogers in Miami.

I went to the crappiest party today!

Grilled peanut butter and olive sandwiches

For my very first post

Hex thread

thanks to that idiot shoe bomber dude, we had to take our shoes...

You will find this disturbing. Very very disturbing

So what was your first job?

The Lounge is like college:after a while you don't know anything anymore

Good Night Everyone! Thank you for making me feel much better

Jesus Christ on a nickel.

Remember when punch cards were the new technology?

UK girl kills herself because she can't watch reality show

I made dinner for my mom & her friend tonight!

MTV Cribs, I mean, Crates

Prehistoric animal appreciation thread!

What should we rename our house?

Favorite Bumper Stickers

A test of honesty

Another V for Vendetta Viewer

Remember when killing your cavemates with femurs was the new technology?

The Lounge is like college: after a while, you just don't know anyone.

Radio_Lady here for just a few minutes. Taking some heavy drugs

Sorry to sound silly, but does my shirt look all right?

where are you from?

Geez.... a guy tried to pick me up at a traffic light...

What decade produced the best music?

Let's hear it for Residents! An appreciation thread...

Which decade produced the best movies?

Remember when tapes were the new technology?

Let's hear it for Redstone! An appreciation thread...

Wanna play the acronym game?

Has anybody read "The Sagas of the Icelanders"?

Proof the internets has it all: Celebs playing table tennis:

Time For Timer!

Fast, crazy game ~~ How Much!

Creasy's Art is death. He is about to paint his masterpiece.

I belated congratulations for the DC DIVAS

Blue Cheese and Black Olive Tarts


I Just Saw Jimmy Stewart In Person

So I went to a wedding in my home town today...

Please Welcome Susannah Sage New_Beawr to the world


Groups say British support for war in Iraq encourages extremists

NBC NEWS: US wanted Britain to Bust Airplane Bombers Sooner

2601 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Some fundies are trying to rile up the non-politicals.

Want to leave Tom DeLay a Goodbye phone message? Go here:

Fears of a missile attack on BARC in Mumbai

self delete

Gang vandalises Jewish cemetery

Well...this is a fascinating observation from a blogger!

US Gov't insisted breaking terror suspect story over Britain's objections

Wow...Alex Jones on Tom Martino Show...


NYT/Reuters: Disney Confirms Distribution of Gibson Film, "Apocalypto"

I just got a call from ABC News

Traveling from Orlando to the Keys, saw LOTS of NO W bumper stickers!

Let's talk about bombs and explosives....

will cosmetic counters and perfume sellers be able to import their

Terror pipeline flows to Pakistan

Questions Raised About Airport Staffing

I dunno. That Anti-War Protest Crowd in DC Looks PRETTY FUCKING BIG TO ME!

Hezbollah is Road Runner? By: Larry C Johnson

Ticketless, Passportless guys without Chemicals shut down Air service.

Suicide bomber may target Delhi, cops out on terror hunt

John Dean slumming at O’Reilly's

British official: US said they would "render" him. (Pakistani suspect)

Death in America

Flaming Socialist? Not Anymore.

Is the next election really between the eagles and the chickens...?

Protesters host barbecue for Crawford

Hang in there Cindy--DU loves you!!

My 15 seconds of fame. 14 minutes 45 seconds to go.

New Republic and conservative NY Sun have same owners?

Number 1 protest video on the Living With War (Neil Young) site

Tracing Plots, British Watch, Then Pounce --NYT

All or nothing on November 7th....

Ron White on Blue Collar Comedy Tour.. The Comedy Channel

Should thanks be sent to Hezbollah for Israel not advancing to Beirut?

U.S. assures Israel it will not be forced to withdraw from Shaba

Bush gets 55 pct approval on security: poll

Life Insurance Company cut off from selling to Military Families

Anybody see "The Last Patrol"

Narco News is looking for a webmaster.....

See You At Armageddon? By Tom Hayden

Another Election coming up. When will Phil Parlock be attacked?

As expected, no evidence of bombs or materials. Only speculation

Connecticut May Be a 2008 Preview

3 Texas men arraigned on terror charges - the future in Democratic fundraising

2004 Election in Ohio: Take a look at THIS

What did Mel Gibson say to piss people off??

Forget it

Fine line in British terrorist plot

Feingold on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday

MSNBC: "Bush Impressive"

24 Israeli soldiers killed Saturday

Mandatory Malloy Saturday Truthseekers Check in for a Best of Malloy!!

Aaaaagh! Ann Coulter to foul BookTV at 1:00am EST!

Aviation critic Michael Boyd says that terrorists will just put bombs

Where else should Carry-on liquids be banned?

This cease fire is just insane to me

I took a new Diebold machine for a test drive today...

Starting a Youtube Video Channel: The Week in Truth - Anyone want in???

Islamo-fascist versus Neocon versus liberal - you make the call...

Sickened Iraq Vets Cite Depleted Uranium

On CSPAN2 now! 11:30 pm - Kingdom Coming:The Rise of Christian Nationalism

The Swiftboating of Al Gore...more of the same old sh*t

Army War Objector Returns to Base

Some of the alleged "bombers" did not have passports?

sad but true Doonesbury Sunday special

Wow! Gas on meteoric DROP here. Down $0.40 in just over a week!

Paradise cleansed (this is very upsetting)

I'm reading the FR Wikipedia entry and am lmao-ing at the terminology

EFF, ACLU of Oklahoma, et al file Amicus Brief in Support Deborah Foster

9 yr old girl freaks out over "heinz" ketchup because her mom hated Kerry

Wow... AP: "Is an Armament Sickening U.S. Soldiers?" (Depleted Uranium)

‘World Trade Center’ omits Black soldier

Score another one for the neocons!

So , DUers who participated in the demonstrations today ..check in !

14 Signs of fascism — I think we have arrived. Let's prove it.

FWIW - apparently these guys in the UK did have bomb making materials

NYT public ed.: Times delayed eavesdropping article before 2004 election

OMG! Must see Henry Rollin's Teeing Off Season Finale! VIDEO >>>

Bush: "My job is to do....remind people about the war on terror" 7/31/06

Bureaucracy impedes bomb-detection work

Panel Suggests Using Inmates in Drug Trials

Just before the Iraq invasion, weren't the weapons inspectors in Iraq?

Bush gets 'bump' in security rating as a result of thwarting.... but...

War Without Reason

Rodriguez to Mount Comeback Bid in Texas’ Redrawn 23rd

Ned Lamont on "Face the Nation" on Sunday.

40-year old thoughts on Iraq, the neocons, the far-right, & freepers.

If everyone donated 1 dollar, we could take back ...

Boy, George Felix Allen has never met a PAC he didn't like?! $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Who/What is Glenn Beck?

Another Bush Lie to a Grieving Parent!

Sunday Talk Shows

Congress could cut traumatic brain injury research/treatment for troops...

the latest vulgarity

Lieberman looks outside state for help

NBC: U.S. Rushed Brits to Bust Terror Plot

In N.J. Race, Kean Tries to Keep It Local

Henry Rollins: "Baby Huey coward bitch motherf**kers like Karl Rove..."

Bush prematurely ended a terror investigation to maximize political gain

Have you donated to the DCCC this year?

A poll on loyalty

UN: Crisis in Darfur catastrophic

Repubs (Bush, Romney) need to take lessons from Kerry on national security

What will Bush's epitaph say?

I live in one of the best countries in the world

Should thanks be sent to Hezbollah for Israel not advancing to Beirut?

Israeli Leaders Fault Bush on War (For Egging on Olmert)

NYT: Our Porous Air Defenses on 9/11

An Answer on the Question of Timing (NYT had the NSA story pre-election)

You Are All Extremists

UK plot "A Taste of What's to Come?": "You can't wage war on a tactic."

AZ Republic whines about impeachment, Conyers (Don't read after lunch)

Iraq: Is Moqtada Losing His Grip?

Hope for all 9/11 truth seekers. The guilty are beginning to crack.

Six Lessons from the London Airline Bombing Plot

Pgh Post Gazette: What we know / A deadly airline plot and failed Bush pol

JOE BAGEANT: Deer Hunting With Jesus - Dispatches from America’s Class War

Good Morning, Mr. Orwell

The land of the free - but free speech is a rare commodity

Rasmussen's break down on Lieberman VS. Lamont poll

Three major crises face Bush

WP: "Thug ethos," obssession with "respect," and increase in violent crime

Sen. Kennedy, op-ed: Cheney goes too far; attacks Dems, democracy itself

Richard Perle: We should not tolerate the preachers of jihad

Bomb plot: What we know... and what we don't

William Greider: "Fear and Smear"

The Guardian: Assault on Lebanon, provoked or premeditated?

GOP convention's halo tarnished

Seymour Hersh: Watching Lebanon

In Miami, graying anti-Castro movement is losing steam

Federal Pay: Myth and Realities

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 255

Save us from the crackpots who see Zionist conspiracies in everything

BP: Beyond Believable, It is just an oil company

Why do we hate solar power?????

Solar Generator.. 1500 watts.. portable.. w/ battery

Who's taking Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works?

Elbaradei visits Turkey to discuss Turkey's plans for 3 nuclear reactors.

The Moreau River is DRY

Pacific'Dead Zone'Said to Exceed Fears

Biofuels or Biofools? (Energy Bulletin)

Peace activist murdered by Palestinian

Haaretz: Olmert cannot remain in the prime minister's office

Hope for all 9/11 truth seekers. The guilty are beginning to crack.

Barrie Zwicker on Chomsky and 9/11

Plume in Flight 93 photo proved different!

Hope for 9/11 truthseekers

CNN article AND POLL - "9/11 conspiracy theorists energized"

Interesting video on 9/11

neat video

Paul Lehto will be live on The Monitor Sunday. Archives available later

Toledo Blade reports on '04 machinations to save Bush, Voinovich, etc.

Op-Ed in today's Houston Chronicle making the case for Paper Trails

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 08/13/06

Stan Merriman's Chronicle Op-ed on Voting Security

A good Texas Democrats blog....

Galleria Democrats meet Thursday - Be there!

What to do with a pound of green cherry tomatoes?

How do you cook chicken breasts for maximum tenderness?

Harper declined invitation to attend AIDS conference in Toronto!

Lifestyles of the rich . . . and the un-Canadian

Castro: I feel very happy (First pictures of Castro -post surgery)

France gives Britain a run for its money by Sam Fleming

Policeman Accused of Raping 4 Indicted

Ky. gov. spared trial while in office

Pacific'Dead Zone'Said to Exceed Fears

Airline plot links to 7/7 probed

50 deaths reported across Iraq

Israel willing to discuss possible prisoner swap: report

Moon landing tapes have gone missing (Raw Story)

An Answer on the Question of Timing (NYT had the NSA story pre-election)

Tales of financial flaws follow pastor to W. Palm megachurch

New talking point for GOP

No Republican on ballot, Lampson's chances soar

Iraqi forces arrest gang 'plotting to kidnap PM's relatives'

AP: Health minister: 7 Iraqi guards arrested

US helped plan offensive, says New Yorker magazine

Three major crises face Bush

Polygamist's daughter on FBI wanted list

Tax claims omit rest of the story (Ben Nelson vs Ricketts Ne.)

Official's Tax Break: on Firm Ground? (Miller -R, avoided paying millions)

Bush sought to cut $6M in screening technology

Iraq: Is Moqtada Losing His Grip?

At least 9 killed, including women and children, in IAF strike in Lebanon

GOP convention's halo tarnished

LAPD Officer Shot With Assault Rifle

British Authorities Say 24 Separate Terrorism Probes Underway

Bush ties may be mixed gift in 7th CD (R tries to hug/run away from gwb)

Big problems with Big Dig haunt Bechtel

2 humanitarian ships dock in Beirut

Polio cases quadruple in Afghanistan

Tyre bombing fires threaten hospital

Reuters: Britain says terrorism attempt likely

Woman Blows Up Small Item Near White House - Fox

Israel OKs (UN) Deal (but Hez may be killing it after agreeing to it)

Relief convoys head south (toward Southern Lebanon)

CNN: TSA 'tweaks' list of banned carry-on items

Obrador changes tack to call for votes to be ditched

Ex-Paraguayan dictator Stroessner hospitalized

Death toll from Baghdad blasts rises to 48-police

Rural Wyo. City Eyes Fiber-Optic Network

Ricketts' funding level boosts cap on (Ben) Nelson (Dino-Ne) gifts

Qaeda camps surge

Bush sought to cut $6M in screening technology (anti-terror technology)

AP Alert: Wide areas of Tokyo lose power

For 52 weeks, group firmly in corner of peace

Chertoff Says U.S. Needs More Authority

250 rockets hit north; 80 hurt

Next for Fliers: Q and A

NYT/Reuters: Arm Women with AIDS-Preventing Drug, Bill Gates Urges

Chavez to mark Castro's 80th birthday with a visit

AP: General Hears Marines' Concerns in Iraq

WP: Why the U.S. Has Not Stemmed HIV

Mexican leftists extend vote protests

Brits focus their fury on Blair

Some Restrictions Eased at U.S. Airports

Iraq has worst fuel shortage since '03

Explosions Rock Hezbollah Stronghold

Israeli cabinet approves cease-fire plan(Battle rages on)

Desertion rate (for British troops) has doubled since start of war in Iraq

Iranian president lambasts US on new blog

Lieberman should drop out of election race: Dean

Iraq group uses 'dog bomb' against U.S. forces-Web

'US, Israel planned ME war' (Seymour Hersh)

Airports’ banned items turned into eBay cash

Kennedy calls Cheney’s attack on Lamont “ugly and frightening”

Harper Vows Military Defence of Arctic Waters--Toronto Star

Jill Carroll Writes About Abduction; Says She Pleaded to Die by Pistol...

Lamont Surprised by Harshness of Attacks from Lieberman, Cheney

Welsh muslims say aircraft bomb plot 'a fake'

Boot Camp Cadet Dies at Fla. State Park ( 13-year-old cadet )

how do you post a picture?

Have you ever been in a focus group for anything?

"Savage Planet" Lamest Sci-Fi Channel production ever?

how many people had their haircut today? I did too.

pics from where we live in NE PA

DU is a full house 93339 members

Michael Franti and Spearhead- Yell Fire!

Jesus Christ On A Tuna Salad Sandwich

Well, my nerves are shot now.

Show us a picture of your boxers!

how many people use IM?

If one were to shout "Admiral Akbar" on a plane what would happen?

Do you believe in Dharma

Who are the cooler DU kids?

Roll call!

"The Values Voters" Contract With Congress

Congratulations deutsey!! 10,000 posts

Make a Wish

Colbert Report on math

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 8/13/06)

Dang. Richard Hatch on Survivor really is an interesting character!

Pictures of my hobby room, Dial Up Warning****

If one were to shout "Allah Akbar" on a plane what would happen?

Damn I make good

who's been on since I went to bed?

Idiot teens firing pellet guns in front yard at 6 AM! Someone

Best parody sketch?

I tried to pick this stop light up next to the girl

"Borax " Fans Check In Here!

How much do you give for presentation at a wedding......

I have 5 cans of JR beer from the years when JR was a villain on

the station agent

Your First Words in this World.

"Borat " Fans Check In Here!

Oog, I just read GD.

Conversation Like Television Set On Honeymoon...

I'm coming face to face with a beer today.

So I'm having Italian beer for the first time in my life

Name one Band with the word "Head/s" in the title.

Does anyone know of a good E-card site?

There are two huge storms building and converging

cell phone users - do you use a bluetooth headset?

Mmmmm home-made Freedom Toast!

Congratulations bridgit!! 15,000 posts

Help!!! GOUT Attack!!!

A question for anyone who knows a lot about computers and software...

I start teaching tomorrow for the first time ever...

Submit your probing questions for fliers here

OK lets do it again. Best Led Zeppelin Album

So, the next time I say I'm in pain, remind me not to take Vicodin

I tried to pick this girl up at the stop light

Who's ever used "hand-cranked penis" as a pickup line?

Man tells police the CIA will repay money he stole from Subway

Roses and _____

I have been drinking and watching a movie, but want to be ready

I'm appealing to the Birthday Fairy ...

Runners' knee!

Since everyone is posting pics lately, here's some from this year.

If a sentence ends with "Inc." do you put two periods? Inc..

It appear's that some folk's missed a few day's of school

Man - those donut peaches are sure yummilicious!

When was the last time you were NEKKID outside?

It's 5 AM and my idiot neighbor's party is blasting music

Help!!! GROUT Attack!!!

Holy ****! I bought a $160 bluetooth stereo headset for $29!!!


Don't you love it when strangers give you a weird glaring look?

Colbert Report on 60 minutes tonight. Now, in CDT zone.

Yes! The return of Grovelbot!!


Came face to face with a rear today

Try this movie fun.

TT (somewhat) daily ponderings

Free hugs - inquire within!

I used to have to walk in the freezing rain

I have 5 cans of JR beer from the years when JR was a villain on

Okay, let's let the poll decide once for all and finish this bullshit.

Can I download from itunes in mp3 format?

We can now take our lipstick on board again!

Is anybody going to win the goddam National League West?

The end of "Remember the Titans" ALWAYS makes me cry

Fuck "God Bless America"

Many great bands from Rock & Roll Camp for Girls played tonight

In Living Color fans, here's a skit that wasn't included in the seasn2 DVD

Flame bait post

Anyone have a good moving "To Do" checklist?

I need a DU lounge hug-fest

I hate youtube so much!!!

Saturday baby animal picture thread. I'll go first

You can line up all of today's so-called rock bands against Led Zep

Do you believe people are inherently good or evil?

Trying to donate; Papist trouble

The Official Dharma The Cat Appreciation Thread...

So I had all of my hair chopped off.....

Have any of you heard of flying attack cactus(es)?

Neil Young

Sleep Apnea

Damn - I've been having a pain in my back for the past week.

It's a Girl

What do you use to clean your kitchen floor?

Trying to donate to DU; Paypal trouble

Can people tell your profession from your clothes?

Post a pic of your pet

Do you cut your own hair?

A 12 year-old's Sweet Sixteen.

Eight posts from 500. I'm working my way back up. Help me!

Geez.... a girl tried to pick me up at a traffic light...

2Pac and Ice-T - You Dont Bring Me Flowers

Grizzly Man (2005)

Does anyone cycle AND use shoe clips?

I miss Shakespeare's Quote for the Day - where is Aristus??

Boomers. What Big-Name Bands ( or semi-big name) have you seen live?

Haha, where's Lt. Frank Drebin when we need him?

Wanna see a plotzing cheesehead?

Has anyone ever read a book that challenged you?

Jurassic 5 appreciation thread

How many miles do you live from the place you were born

argh . . . had 41 carbs for lunch and GOD do i want more

Who's ever used a hand-cranked phone on a party line?

Is it TOO f'ing much to ask ??..(Add YOUR gripes to the list)

Pluto faces demotion at astronomical conference

Reminder: DU BBQ and Meetup at the RB household, August 20th

How many miles do you live from the woman who birthed you

Came face to face with a bear today.

wanna play the word game? all you do is change

Peeve number 3.5:

D*mn, my computer scan.............TAKES SO LONG!!!

PhotoShop shows the truth

Had a Dream (Sleeping With the Enemy)

a little night music w/Tori Amos...

Stern Wars

How **not** to change a flat tire

Egyptian camel meal

Does anyone have the clip of Cheech and Chong on "American Bandstand?"

Man, are my nightmares on a time delay or something?

Unappreciated JFK speeches...thread.

I just taught someone how to play this

Oooh! Take a look at my big purple

My new cat is on TV!

Damn - I've been a pain in the back for my whole life

I'm home! Did anybody miss me?

I found a left wing board as scary as Free Republic!

Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz

link; "If a Good Muslim Can't Be a Good American, Neither Can a Good Funda

Jesus Christ was one of the most intolerant people in the world!

The ultimate sacrifice?

For the kids.....

JAMA refuses to exclude authors who hide financial ties to drug companies

Puny Pluto may be out as a planet

"homosexual 'behavior' is far more dangerous than smoking"

The "imminent threat" of Gay Marriage in NJ

go Tony Romo!

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for August 13: Open Tournament Season


Malkin has DEFECTED?!?!?!?!

Happy Birthday to Hippiechick, August 13th

Why I think the last five years happened to us.

"You can have anger toward people or you can have freedom from people..."

Site for after action battle reports?

Kerry finally plays well in S.C. - The State

Look what I came across.


Anyone watch Stephanopoulos????

Once again, we were lied to by the media (NY Times)

What John Kerry did yesterday:

John Kerry Defines Republican Failures in the Fight on Terror

Oops, I meant to make a poll.

Okay, I'm feeling left out - would you vote in my poll?

WooHoo!! I finally have internet in Mississippi!!

Looked on and it said there would be pictures...

Finally!!!!! Corporate media starting to pay attention to depleted uranium

NBC: U.S. Rushed Brits to Bust Terror Plot, Says Source

Not too late for charges in torture cases

Bush couldn't beat Gore or Kerry, poll finds

Neo-Nazis murder 17 year old boy

Looks like the freepers freeped the CSPAN terrorism poll.

"Flamboozle". It's what politicians do to their people when they go to war

Meade, KS (rainbow flag) saga continues

Iraqis claim US soldiers executed 15 yr old boy ...

What of this Republican talking point that states that Bill Clinton

How Sad...

Philip D. Zelikow

one sure hellfire way to keep our economy going is to confiscate

It's 5 AM and my idiot neighbor's party is blasting music

Harry Reid "Impeaching the president is so far-fetched it's ridiculous,"

I'm posting this question again. Looking for an answer.

Judgement Day for 'liberal opportunists' LOL

Israel approves cessation of hostilities

Ongoing heavy civilian toll in Lebanon 'unacceptable': Red Cross

A message to swing voters and independent voters.

Listen to cspan! Mann & Orenstein talking about their book

For over forty years Democratic leadership kept America Safe and Secure

Join the Army, learn a trade.

Republican barrage aims to halt advance of anti-war Democrats

Would you buy this Bumper Sticker? Would You Put it on your car? Too Much?

Don't Forget Iraq - Here are some really interesting articles

"Fox News Sunday, is brought to you by America's Oil & Gas Industries"

Chris Wallace: "What if we pull our troops out & there's a bloodbath"?

Government by militia

So Bush's anti-terrorism strategy is effective?

A hypothetical question

The Number is 2601 August 12, 2006

Reverend Creech needs into your bedroom

Wake up and smell the coffee, err..sludge

Not Scared Anymore: "Terra" is the new normal.

A simple question about Iraq.

Is it OK if parties move to the Right?

Cost of Iraq War: $306,494,808,542 & counting.

Feingold: Joe Lieberman ‘Doesn’t Get It’

Interesting video on 9/11

Writing a letter to the editor...need info

I am asking this again, did the "terrorists" have any chemicals??

ABC's "The Path to 9/11:" September 10 at 8pm

The Bush administration has it's priorities

New talking point "Adapting to win" from slimy Mehlman.

Iran/Iraq in Oil Line Swap Talks

Bush Military History Project # 32

When Hell froze over! Michael Moore on Bill O'Reilly, YouTube

I read yesterday that Kimberly Dozier is out of the hospital!

GRR! "If We Pull Out of Iraq it Will Become a Haven for Terrorism." IT IS!

Family Photos from Last Summer's Uprising in Crawford - Post 'em here!

Again, one of those things they should have told us last year! Plasma tv.

McCain just admitted that he puts party before country

Fighting between Israel and Hizbollah intensifies - UN positions hit again

MSNBC/GE Scrolling " Apocalypse on August 22/ Iran will unleash Nuke"

Is Google getting dumber?

report: our local Dems candidates fundraising event yesterday

Chertoff just said they might "need" to get more power

My LTTE In Today's (Sunday) LA Times

Poor Picked-on Karl Rove Writes Letter Defending His View On Stem Cells

CNN's Chuck Roberts gets a national stage to smear Lamont...

Should We Start Calling Them The "Republic" Party?

Norman Solomon LIVE on Bob McChesney's "Media Matters" - Sun 2pm EDT

" how to bust the religious right"

The holes in our house are finally closed following Katrina

I have 5 cans of JR beer from the years when JR was a villain on

How do we know that this British terrorism bust is real?

Dem Battle Cry: Democrats, putting AMERICA First.

Interesting post at DailyKos

All the "cease-fire" talk is just a bunch of hooey...

Yet Another Stupid Bush Contradiction (NYT "Treason" vs. Terror Bust) >

Is there a moral difference between bombing a city from the sky and 9-11?

Hagel basically nails it on Wolfie this morning.

Seymour Hersh up on Blitzer... US complicity in Israel's war plans

Reuters: US to ease flight rules: Chertoff

***On now - CSPAN2 - 11:30am - Big Coal: The Dirty Secret ...***

Three major crises face Bush on return to Washington (Reuters)

ken mehlman on meet the press

Seymour Hersch to be on CNN Late Edition...

Anyone want to weigh in on the Nevada primary on Tuesday?

Joe Lieberman is the new spokesman for the Republican strategy...

Mehlman says he won't work for CT Repuke candidate.

How the hell does the Britian terror bust help the Republicans and Bush?

Nancy Giles commentary on CBS Sunday Morning today.

Tearing Down the Master's House (Endgame)

My letter to the editor

Why should India care? Haven't we sold weapons to them too?

Women in Iraq - News Not So Good

Swedish European Athletism Championship Choir sings Marseillaise a capella

Republicans say we can't leave Iraq because bin Laden wants us to leave?

MTP: How did Timmeh treat the WTC commissioners' new book?

Does Castro get ad money from Adidas?

Sy Hersh - Lebanon is the Spanish Civil war for our fascist Govt.

Lamont: Iraq not part of real terror war

Don Henley's "The End of the Innocence"

Why You Should Fear Dick DeVos

More hijinks from the "lib'rul media"...

Per Rasmussen: 35% of CT Dems still support Lieberman

This is Bush's base right here

A quick blog entry from one of my favorite authors.

Crowley: Foiled Plot Could Be Boost for Repugs

D.L.C. -- Let's rename it -- i.e., Dick's Loving Co-conspirators, etc.

Would the Democrats support war on Iran?

God Help us all! CNN Has a "THIS WEEK AT WAR" Show Now!

Just in case this plot thing falls apart, UK is claiming victory

Why are they so concerned about terrorism now?

Chertoff has a face that scares children... and adults

Tea Bags Efforts continue. Still need DU help

Ken Mehlman on MTP is VERY CONFUSED.

Kristol: "Indisputably Correct" That Lamont's Win Helps Al-Quaeda

Moonie Times: Repubs take liking to Lieberman

Um, Gwyneth Paltrow is African?

Countdown to ceasefire? on CNN, and we were warned?

Ten killed in rocket and bomb attack in Baghdad

Buzzflash now has a blog community.

Somalia could become the fourth front in the US War on Terror

Airline Security - Interesting Tidbits from Time and Newsweek Mag

Polio Cases Quadruple in Afghanistan

Census Explores the Single Life

US soldier disputing Iraq war legality turns himself in

The Origins of the Sunni/Shia split in Islam

Netherlands 'does most for poor'

Bush has the highest IQ of any president...

WOW - anyone else seen this story? Declined Prosecution of bush official

1987 - Liquid and Plastic Explosive Used Blow Up S. Korean Plane

The Term "Rogue State" Is As Meaningless A Meme

Only 16 House seats and 6 Senate seats, yet I still feel uneasy

Enrolled my kid in high school re: opt-out military recruiters paper

"Big Dog" and every other Natl' Dem who stumped for Lieberman...

Another great Book TV - Morris Berman - Dark Ages America

wtf? US Forces Raid Iraq Health Ministry and Steal Cash?

Bush sought to cut $6M in anti-terror funding

Kristol: Cheney’s Claim Is ‘Indisputably Correct’ (Lamont win)

Waiting for November 7th is like a kid waiting for Christmas...

"Ned Lamont standing there with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and..."

I don't know? Those pics of Castro sure remind me of Weekend At Bernie's

Newsweek's Michael Isikoff on Today Show slammed Bush Administration.

Pluto faces demotion at astronomical conference

Lamont: "It seemed almost orchestrated."

Hey! When was the last time there was a year with NO Atlantic hurricanes?

Another chance to get rid of Henry Cuellar (TX redistricting)

How to find property mgmt company or homeowners association

Hizbollah massacres 24 IDF kids yesterday? 7 more today, few days ago

"Adapt to win"

New Yorker's Sy Hersh: Bush Admin Helped Plan Israeli Offensive...

Foxnews: Syria massing tanks on border with Lebanon

A "Kadima" party in the United States?

Does Cheney defense of Lieberman prove DLC corporate puppet like GOP?

Freeper GWB Prayer Day 2145 Gets TWO Responses.....

(VIDEO) Ned Lamont on Face The Nation

Israel's Lack of Victory in Lebanon Should Take Iran off the Table

Will the Democrats have to clean their own house first ?

Vets for Freedom: "Thank you Senator Lieberman"

Cindy Sheehan: Please meet me at the Crossings

What kinds of people....?

JFK, he's been on my mind lately

Hey Chertoff, why don't we just get rid of all the laws?

Devos Curse Continues

Survey: U.S. gas prices hit another high

VIDEO | New FREE OS Taking on Bill Gates (More4 News)

bush Will : "highlight his national security credentials this week"!

FEINGOLD: We have to focus on those that attacked us on 9/11

Republicans: "American's ... want to... give the enemy ... victory"

What is Bush thinking here?

Twenty Missiles Launched Into Beruit Mark Israel's 'Approval' Of Ceasefire

P. M. Harper won't attend AIDS conference in Toronto!....How disgusting!

Did i hear this report correctly on FOX News?

Don't fly US Airways. They don't honor Travel Credits.

I finally have more than $10 to give to DU! it felt good giving them

‘Freedom’s Untidy’

Steven Colbert to be on 60 Minutes. I'm sure it's a repeat, but FYI. nt

Perhaps Americans Have Moved On? "Stone's 9/11 film 3rd at box office "

Chertoff: Bush Admin Does Not Have ENOUGH Authority

CNN reporting ABC News reporting a major arrest in Pakistan tomorrow

Is there hope for CBS?

CNN is about to discuss the female lawyer shot with rubber bullets

American Terrorism stories....

Hezbollah leader a hero to many Arabs

Bombs a grim reminder that terrorism exists here

Liquids On A Plane!!! (take em, dump em, mix em all up together.....)

rather amusing - DUers deride the MSM and the bush adminstration

New Zogby Poll Reveals that Dems Nationwide Support Lamont

Alright you Liberals, Fess Up, you really support Al Qaeda don't You?

First time I got my donation in before the boxing glove started moving

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Iraq - "Not Dyin' In Vain")

ANALYSIS-Olmert faces battle for survival after Lebanon war

CNN Sunday - Stunning Display of callers expressing vehement...

I'm having trouble donating.

"It's not like the 20th century, where you had time to get warrants."

Are you going to Camp Democray Beginning in DC, Sept. 5th? I might!

PA sells items confiscated at airport (chain saws, sex toys, etc.) on eBay

Bush's job according to Bush

A soldier's mother is denied her right to vote and to speak

I just made the first donation to the 3rd Quarter fund drive, at

LIARS! Final version now available

Will Patrick Fitzgerald deliver an October surprise ?

Bush reads Camus's 'The Stranger' on ranch vacation

Plasma screens can use up to four times as much electricity than old TVs

George W. Bush's continuing in office is a victory for al Qaeda

Talking to a Wall

So. Britain wanted to continue surveillance but Uncle Sam needed CODE RED!

I watched the BBC documentary "The Power of Nightmares" last night

Extorting Sex With A Badge

People NEED to see this

The Sidney Lumet 1964 version of FAIL SAFE holds up very well.

Fuck Arnold Schwarzenegger


Britsh Air plane has turned back to Heathrow (breaking)

Camp Casey Has A Wish List? I Didn't Know That

I hope Condi hasn't gone shoe shopping. She should be in Syria

Watching Colbert on 60 Minutes?

Impeach the pack of liars!

US Pressured Britain To Make Arrests Sooner

"Swiftboat" $$$ Perry Sponsors Smear Campaign Against Dem Ex-navy Pilot

I really don't know what to think anylonger .

VIDEO | Thousands March In San Francisco Anti-War Rally

Cindy Sheehan underwent surgery, had two blood transfusions

Cindy is back at Camp Casey - pics

We can take baby formula on a plane if we're willing to take a swig.

Local Baptist church marquee: "God is impartial"

where can one obtain the "V" vendetta mask, besides the DVD set?

Petition to Replace Condoleeza Rice with Charo.

Hasn't the US screwed a lot of countries? How come terrorists seem

Lamont surprised by harshness of attacks

Caption *

I am listening to a rebroadcast of the Michael Medved show and...

Israel says it can target Hizbollah arms despite truce. This is dangerous.

Post something positive that you're thankful for


New talking point for GOP

Any one have Nancy Giles video

We need to paint Republicans as demonic.

Sometimes Bill Clinton can be one stupid sumbitch.

Tom Ridge re: Cheney: "don't think most Americans see it that way"

george bush is not the main problem

Dem's Want to Cut & Run Just Like They Did in Vietnam

Name the countries that still like the US.

The Apparent Re-birth of PNAC (They are back along with many Dems)

Fairness Doctrine: Time to Bring it Back

(Repub FL Gov. Cand.) Crist coolly dismisses criticism of his lifestyle

Rolling Stone: Disturbing accounts of torture of a 16 yr. old at Gitmo

Dean really nailed in on MTP

I can sponsor 2 duers this year as here if you can sponsor

From a friend...

Make a guess about who wrote this about "leftists".

Why is it everyone, EVERYONE understands the term "swiftboating?"

Seymour Hersh: 'US, Israel planned ME war'! Shocking!

Best Democratic Party Chairman Ever!!!

I would never be able to date a conservative

Kerry on the 14 permanent military bases in Iraq

South Florida sees middle class exodus

"Remember, remember the 5th of November...."

Kennedy: Cheney Not Only Attacking Democrats But democracy Itself!

Commander AWOL had another HEAD CRASH this weekend.

DU parents I need assurances so that I can sleep tonight.

Ohio #1 in job losses

Tell me why you Love the Democratic Underground.

I have a BIG problem with Google's new videos feature!

How the CIA created Osama Bin Laden

'Aggression' slur angers Maoris (Are poor people genetically criminal?)

What is you experience with bigotry?

Ahmadinejad Interview on CBS

The In-Fighting and Name-Calling Has Got to Stop!

Help!! does anybody have the link to the DU post called "experiment

Bin Laden demands US troops out of Saudi Arabia, Bush complies

Republican barrage aims to halt advance of anti-war Democrats

GOP Raises Specter of 'Speaker Pelosi'

Interesting article about Lieberman's defeat and the upcoming elections

Why the Dems Have Failed Lebanon

Mehlman and his Failed State

The Other Conspiracy to Steal the '04 Election in Ohio

REMINDER: Check out the Precinct-level Politics Group!

Is your information assimilation filter Left Wing or Right Wing?

"Dems taken over by the extreme left"

Why Continue Playing the Game?

Taking a Lesson From Lamont

Jewish voters: What is your stance re: a candidates Israel views?

Pgh Post Gazette Trashes Bush White House, failed policies

OMG ... ROFLMAO ... A comedic two-fer .......

Tally of Senate Democrats Supporting Lamont -- Or Not!

Lamont on Face the Nation was GREAT!

Fineman on Mathews this morning said that Bush using "Islamic-Fascist"

Were all those fliers last week *really* such happy campers?

Does this letter to my local editor make any sense???

Message, Money and Manpower: a Game Plan for the 2nd Half

Tax claims omit rest of the story (Ben Nelson vs Ricketts Ne.)

Rabbi Gellman blames the Jews for ousting Lieberman

GOP Rep. Miller, Crook & Liar, cheated the IRS on his tax filings

It's not GASoline anymore

War Fatigue Could Give Dems an Edge in Ohio

Mods - please delete... thanks

Hilarious popup ad I just received: Should Condi run for president?

CSM: Rising unease in Congress over Iraq war

Danger in the Skies Not Limited to Terrorist Threats (Bush & co policy)

Firm closes (Col)gate to union plans

Article Re: Why nation wont go as Connecticut went

Lieberman ..... October ...... In? ....... Out?

Security lapses at Seabrook nuclear plant

Newt Gingrich: The Only Real Option is to Whine.

Republicans: "American's ... want to... give the enemy ... victory"

I was listening to c-span this morning and ...

Neocons' terror talking points don't match reality

On MTP Dean again calls on Lieberman to drop out of the race.

60 minutes-interview with iran prez & segment on colbert tonight. eom

Ken Mehlman: Lieberman kicked out of Democratic party for supporting Bush

Chafee: The Republican's Lieberman

on CNN right now. the bombing of the marine barracks in

"We're from DU, and we're here to help." Let's help the poor GOP!!!

Anyone watching the Ahmadinejad interview by Mike Wallace?

What Lieberman's Defeat Means

Possible Senate pickup in Nevada?

Ahmadinejad's Blog: "U.S. & Israel's intention to start a new World War?"

John Kerry Defines Republican Failures in the Fight on Terror

Question:Sen Pat Repug Roberts let it slip thisAM that Brits got warrants

Lowell Weicker wiping the floor with Lieberman...

With the potentially acrimonious November elections looming,

Crooks and Liars video: Dr. Dean on MTP this a.m.:

The right claims that the news media are inherently "liberal..."

Newsweek: "How 9/11 Changed Bush"

US forced British to make arrests? I was dead on with this one!!!!!

OH cover-up: pre-election e-mail mentions getting "rid of" Kerry; recount

Pataki: GOP has a better approach to "protecting us." WHAT approach??

Why did Feingold state this morning on Stephanopoulos that McCain would

HuffPo: Rove's mole deep in the Democratic party is Joe Lieberman

Would Lieberman's actions be legal in all 50 states?

Bush's Rating Drops on almost every issue.

You can't take bold steps on weak knees

Feingold on Lieberman: He "Doesn't Get It"

Mehlman blamed his not supporting Schlesinger...

Thoughts on War on Terror

"Standing by Bush" -- WaPo column so full of CRAP it's almost funny