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Global Eye

End This Tragedy Now (WaPo)

Four great paragraphs about war....

Analysis: Olmert must swallow his pride, adopt UN resolution

Joe Conason: War Critics Are Mainstream, Not Fringe

Anyone have Rasmussen's poll on the Lieberman vs. Lamont

Conason: Sore Losers

"Lieberman's Loser Bi-Partisanship" - Robert Parry-Consortium News

OPINION: Olmert cannot remain in the prime minister's office

Between cholera and the plague (fallout of war in Lebanon)

Kucinich Calls for Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

Busted Bamboozability: Bush Has Lost The War On Terrorism

USA Today smears Gore

Nasrallah urges Arabs to leave Haifa

Gaza deaths in July highest since ’04, report says

Israel Asks U.S. to Ship Rockets With Wide Blast

Revised draft calls for 'progressive' IDF withdrawal

Analysis: Olmert must swallow his pride,

Lou Dobbs calls for new 9/11 investigation.

Alex Jones predicts massive terror attacks in the next two months

Now we have the "one plane theory" for 9/11!

helderheid's GD Diebold thread needs 2 votes to make 10

Professional LOSER Gene Kelly files in CD-21

Hooray! Our DU beg-a-thon results?

Israel Has Right to Self-Defence: Rae

Harper stacks deck against challenger to Tory deadbeat

U.S., France Fail to Produce Lebanon Truce Resolution

AFP: Bush seeks political gains from foiled plot

Psychologists adopt anti-torture policy

WP: Probe Rooted In Attacks on Transit System

Wal-Mart backs down and allows Chinese workers to join union

Man, Attendants Fight Aboard Qatar Plane

Western Internet firms "act as censors" in China

UN watchdog faults Iraq's handling of oil wealth

WP: Many in State Dept. Can't Talk the Talk

Kucinich: (Senator) Akaka ’exemplar of peace’

Tehran warns foreign troops to leave Iraq

Terror Plot Foiled, 7 Arrested In Pakistan

Israel Faces Hostile UN Human Rights Session Over Lebanon

Utah Man Charged With Intercepting E-Mail

(British) Agent infiltrated terror cell, U.S. says (CNN)

Blair forewarned Bush of terror threat to US airlines

Psychologists Adopt Anti-Torture Policy (but...)

Officials: Pakistan Helped Nab Suspects

Panel's Report Urges Higher Education Shake-Up

GOP Wins Round in Tussle to Replace Ney

Judge OK's Broader Use of Espionage Laws

Scientists make discovery in Alzheimer's (molecular janitors)

British troops in Afghanistan 'in most intense conflict in 50 years'

Ford heralds slow demise of SUV (BBC News)

The Pentagon is worried by Syria's 'rising self-confidence'

Israel Asks U.S. to Ship Rockets With Wide Blast

AFL-CIO joins immigrant rights effort

Foiled plot "comparable to 9/11"

"Conn. Senate Campaign Could be 4-Way Race" (Green candidate enters)

WP: Study Finds Immigrants Don't Hurt U.S. Jobs

I want to have Keith Olbermann's babies!

"Non stop overseas flight"

Now is the time when we will dance..weekly webcast

What the hoo-ha is an "expection?"

Post some of your favorite Reggae songs

I'm going to a World Party concert tomorrow!

Oof, I just finished cleaning my room. Ask me anything.

Katie Holmes goes back to work

Ever buy a piece of ass and get something from ebay?

So I just saw the Snakes on a Plane trailer.

I don't really like to wish anything truly ill

Get it all at a St Louis casino...

Strange weather we're having

Is Stacey Brown a guy or a gal?

Anyone here a CEQA analyst?

is this a slow night?

Ever buy something from ebay and get a piece of ass?

Anybody else's kid make up strange games?

Complete this phrase: "One with God..."

Tiger cub update - Article has pictures!

Can I now get arrested for bringing my milk-filled breasts on a plane?

Well, I'm apparently not very good at this male thing.

As long as we dedicated to creating tame copycats?

Well, I'm apparently not very good at this human thing.

OMG This interview with Lynn Woolsey is hilarious!

I Am Mother EARTH

why are my lounge threads dropping like rocks?

Could terrarists bring down a plane with mentos and diet coke?

Favorite Newman?

A contest, a dare, if you can stomach it

why would anybody respond

I need an expert in the Boy Scout Order of the Arrow, please - click here!

Question for Venutians...

I'm having a dirty martini. Can I get anyone anything?

I'm thinking of becoming a troll -- what should my single-issue

I Google imaged my middle name, and what popped up?

Thursday night dinner thread

Who's you favorite Donnie/Donny?

Saw a bumper sticker today that said 'I (heart) W'

Ever buy something from ebay and get a piece of crap?

Mr. Goodwrench or Mr. Goodbar?

I found out today why you see so many faded tattoos

Breast feeding is just so silly and stupid

Can I ask for some positive thoughts for my brother, even though he is

It is indeed a sad day...When you wish your daughter (who lives

Question for Vegans...

Never been a Camaro fan before, but

name the three people you'd most want to party with......

"Snakes on a Plane" vs LaraMN's "milk-filled breasts on a plane"?

I'm Scrabble....

Two cats for adoption in Philadelphia, PA

What kind of raise did you get this year?

My Poor Doggy!!! Had her teeth cleaned today for first time!

I need advice on what to do about my cat.

Post some random Photography (done by you, of course)


Did you know Raymond Burr was gay and gave TONS of money to charity?

Anybody here believe in Karma?

freddie mercury: immortal rock and roll god

****Ohio Pictures****

Did you know the atomic clock's been broken?

Should I order dinner or just go to sleep?

As a Lozenge, are we dedicated to creating lame copycats?

Well, I'm apparently not very good at this squirrel thing.


Question for Venetians...

"Don't Take Drugs!"

This Terrorist thing is a conspiracy ..... By the Airlines....

Well, apparently my male thing is not very good.

If you could be any DUer, for a day, who would you be?

Rat Pows Penguin

Fuck it.....Pic Thread!!!

What actor/actress do you have a crush on?

The Comets Game

Judge bans jumping fan (from Yankee Stadium)

Exchanging Blog Links

So, ahm, see, there's this BarBQ Sunday and my Sen. is going

Anybody watch Mythbusters last night?

Tune in to KO now

Bush seeks political gains from plot

Terra = Change the Subject

Now the experts are saying that recent events show that terrorists

I guess this was one way for b*sh to

Egyptians and terrorists and red alerts and ELECTIONS.

Embrace Partisanship

Anti-FOIA study exposed and stalled

Is the latest weapon in the "war on terror" to entrap a bunch

TERRA TERRA TERRA! Iraq is making it much worse!

Reporting on domestic wiretapping is dangerous

Biggest * Lie Of All: That They Want To "Defeat Terrorism"

Scheduled Headlines for the weeks prior to 9-11:

Me and My Drudge reading pal...

Does anyone know if the terrorists had materials to go with their plan?

Where the hell are the mods?

Keith Olbermann opens with decent skepticism of UK intel!

Bojinka, Bojinka, Bojinka, Bojinka, Bojinka, Bojinka, Bojinka, Bojinka!

The Brits know how to fight terror.

Going home again, we are winning the battle for LGBT rights

One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Breakthrough in talks over cease-fire resolution

Would it make everyone happy if the details of the "energy" drink bomb...

Lieberman says Lamont doesn't understand terrorist danger

I really, really hate to ask this: Which leader has killed more innocents?

To Joe and other politicians who want to shepherd the Democratic flocks...

‘Brand new bodies’ for formerly conjoined twins

Democrats can Win by making Rove's dirty tricks the issue!

Dems Should Ride Today's Terra Story To Victory In November

In Connecticut, Edwards to Campaign for Lamont

Foiled terror plots don't help Republicans or Democrats politicaly

Song Break for everyone. Please take time to watch video and listen

I do not want the chimp to try to protect me...

Comparison - US Military Spending to Terrorists Spending

Timeless! "Is Bush Drunk?"

Keith and a panel will explore Chimpy's misuse of terror alerts

TDS just gave us the best talking point to use against Holy Joe

Terrorist acts are creatures of mass media, can't have one

Terror - framing and policy

Just saw a cool bumpersticker with a old gentleman driving a Subaru...

One More thing that this Bush regime has taken from us

I'm guessing that beer hats are right out.

Psychologists adopt anti-torture policy

US made the call to go after terrorists - not the British. -- TIME

NY Times: Liquid Threat Is Hard to Detect

Airline Solution?

LIE-berman already using "terror plot" for political gain

The republicans talk as if Democrats aren't americans

Great news headline aggregator:


My gut says this was all about keeping an idea from engulfing the nation.

Russia calls for a truce

Another "6 thugs in a warehouse" plot? How sophisticatd could it be if...

I just LOVE Mike Malloy

Have we been propagandized to the point

Are You Willing to Give Up Freedom For Security?

Stupid Alert ....

A poetic interlude:

Lieberman already using "terror plot" for political gain

I Just Want To Say: I am thankful that this attack was stopped. Period.

"We're fighting them over there so...?"

Scientists make discovery in Alzheimer's

Help me remember!

How long before the boogey man

Today's foiled plot good news for Lamont campaign.

Time is running out BFEE, the years are getting short.

Maybe the Terror Plot *DID Succeed*

Officials Traced Plot Network Starting in July 2005

Mid terms are around the corner and there is another terror plot

CNN: How Many More Terrorists Are There Out There?

One more reason to believe this "terror plot" is bullshit:

Trust MUST Be earned. We've had 6 years of lies and deception.

Did anyone else hear that it was 5 planes, and not 10?

On Harball Today -Theory about Rove's Call to Lieberman, and terror alert

On Springer today he said the plot was actually foiled Monday/Tuesday

You absolutely MUST see these photos of Bush:

A bomb blowing up in a plane doesn't automatically make it crash.

U.S., France near deal on Mideast draft

So if you believe terrorism is real you are a freeper?

OK, so you are a terrorist and have a liquid bomb

Anyone else get the feeling that the little monkey....

has anyone tried maxthon browser if so what do you think

Jon Stewart announcer lied

Ongoing Investigation

The most frightening thing about the would be terrorist attack?

Ok, ok. So the terror plot story is true.

Global warming is really real. The yankees who live next door to us from

AIPAC Points to Legion of Doom in Bekaa Valley

Imagine Five Years Ago

Ok,Just watched CNN

The terrorists have won

You have to admit the terra plot a couple days earlier might have gotten...

"This is the real deal. Honestly. This was not the Moorish Nation"

MoveOn Executive Director Eli Pariser on "Colbert Report" tonight.

I have to ask. What happens if the next two foiled terrorist plots

Steven Colbert on the Daily Show, Now!

The answer is, some of us die. And the rest of us grieve,

So Who Do We Invade For This? England? Pakistan? Bulgaria?

Divide and Conquer: Roveaganda.

DON'T REMOVE. Read first: Why hasn't anyone taken Anne Coulter out?

Cost of Iraq war would've paid for antimissile systems on ALL US airliners

Ili Pariser (move on Steven Colbert

Lautenberg, Menendez Offer Comprehensive Approach To Reduce Teen Pregnancy

So..., The U.S. is in TWO WARS and the threat of Terrorism is WORSE?

The Bush administration had NOTHING to do with thwarting the latest terror

With airports in a to Camp Casey, Crawford Tx-see Cindy.

Lebanese Banner - Condi with "fangs"

scary music on CNN

DU may like the video for Jurassic 5 & Dave Matthews' "Work it Out"

All signs point to an economic slowdown, and recession dangers are growing

"For once in my life"

I have a friend who was at LAX when the fit hit the shan

I'm telling you, I am in yahoo and the freepers are nervous

They're right, there is No Civil War in Iraq...... it's a FUCKFEST !!

A lighter note: The most moronic LTTE ever! Pro-Mel Gibson antisemitism!

Malloy just said they knew about the plot FRIDAY and on Saturday had confe

I looked at your eyes

"Everything now revolves around an attempt to save Israel's face"

US Admits 9 New Casualties in Iraq

"There are people that want to kill us"

I don't think Israel is really bombing Lebanon

"Newsweek" on the implications of the airline bomb plot

Bush has not only failed to make world safer he has made it more DANGEROUS

US officials suggest al-Qaida link to 'aircraft terror plot'Not the Brits

Timeline: A Profile in Politicizing Terror

Pro Choice vs. Pro Life. You *can* be both, ya know?

Non Sequitur on Thomas and Scalia

Who believes Bush when he says that the US does not use torture?

George W. Bush* has failed to make the world a safer place.

Check out these 'headlines' on CNN webpage

"...when they shipped you away, to fight somebody's Hollywood war?"

How many years do we have left?

Bush/rePUKES have caused more terrorism. Dems have BOTH houses locked up

If 9/11 had never happened, we would have a real president now

cnn poll:believe alternative theories for the September 11, 2001, ?

What's the point of disallowing beverages bought IN THE AIRPORT on

Of course there are terrorists.

Birth Pangs

Support For Israel's Prime Minister Plunges - 75% down to 48%

"An undercover British agent infiltrated the group..."

Is anyone actually buying this bullshit?

3 yr old killed in accident, not Israeli attack (reuters correction)

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

Are you and your family safer than before George Bush took office?

Randi Rhodes vs Ann Coulter

CNN reporting British agent was ON THE INSIDE of the "terror cell"

Anyone have any updates on the incredibly dangerous Miami 7?

I have a nomination for the new tombstone graphic...

George W. Bush is the

Iraq is a model of democracy, but Connecticut is a.................

29 Pakistanis ready to give up their lives for a cause...

2006 Election Guide with Interactive Map

Target America: TERROR in the SKY: Mass Murder on an Unimaginable Scale!

Is there any way to just hide all posts on a particular topic?

Wis. banned from killing (endangered) gray wolves

So, will we get another Osama tape soon?

Have you seen this country? I Miss America And I Want To Go Home!

The ricin ring that never was - 04/14/05 - Another huge UK "terra" plot

Ah-ha! The corporate connection to the liquid ban...India flood and Coke

KY Jelly

So far nobody in the press is asking what role did the "infiltrator"

Recent UK terror plots: ricin, explosives, and red mercury!

With The Election 3 Months Away, Now Is The Time To Tell George ...

Israel has asked Bush admin to speed delivery of short-range cluster bombs

I think this plot was real...and I think a boatload of lives were saved...

Survey of muslim opinion in Britain

I am going to ask a controversial question......

"The only thing we have to USE is fear itself."

Question for NOLA/Gulf Coast DU'ers

Just curious...when will some people take threats seriously here?

War is not some mystical force. If people fighting it want to stop it...


And you thought Herr Doktor Mengele was bad...

Why would a suicidal terrorist refuse to 'taste' a bit of "baby" milk?

here's proof that this new terrrrr story is all BS:

When did the Islamists become "Islamic Fascists"

I'm still at the airport.

How would you recommend we stop terrorism?

so are they going to check geriatric PISS BAGS for explosives now?

Not a parody.

True or not: Largest US Church Accuses President Bush re 9-11

Got my first paying gig in politics.

Fraud Vitiates Everything It Touches: Why Diebold DREs May Have Invalid #s

Most important Presidency in American history...

Is the real Bush goal to break our military?

Lamont links Lieberman to Cheney


Rolling Stones To Play Bill Clinton's Birthday Bash

Did I just hear Bush say "Islamic Fat Shits" on my TV?

A remarkable series of coincidences

Maybe this (terror plot) is what Rove meant when he told Lieberman that

Photos and articles from the GOP world of hypocrisy and lunacy

Cities, States Aren't Waiting For U.S. Action on Climate

CT general election poll: Lieberman up by 3%

Website Help? -

The Repukes are beside themselves...

My sense of the (political aspects) of the latest terror plot .......

Matt Lauer reminds Lieberman that he LOST (VIDEO)

My LTTE urging Lieberman to end his bid for reelection.

It's just like I've been saying... "Terrorists on Parade" until Nov. 7th,

Boy - This Terror Plot Sure Did A Number On The Continuous Breaking.....

San Seder just called Joseph Lieberman an "a-hole"

Lieberman did NOT win every county except New Haven

What Was Rove's Strategy For The Nov '06 Elections? ......

Framing policy - terror finally changed its placeholder page

Iraq Exit Plan

In Maryland they fired people for being Democrats in State gov.

Respect for the Flag

Rush Limbaugh on Raising Money for Joe Lieberman .....

Shh... BP Negligent on Maintanance

Lieberman Blog!! Hurry before it gets hacked!

Goode-Weed race 59%-35%, 6% still undecided

Delay's Ego?

Will syria join hezbolla with in 30 days

"I'm glad to know they are getting a handle on these things" this was the

Did Romney say MA has deployed roadblocks?

The GOP doesn't give a DAMN about Lieberman

They knew about this plot last FRIDAY...

Will the latest attempt to jump up and shout *BOO!* work?

I Am Not Scared

Why Didn't The GOP Break This Terra Threat Before CT Voted?

'A plot to commit murder on an unimaginable scale'

Face it: Lieberman is not coming back to the Dem party

How Damn STUPID are these "terrorists"???

here are two key Dem policy planks ... if they'll listen ...

"And the beat goes on"

Huff. Post - Lawrence O'Donnell: Joe Lieberman Will Drop Out.

Do we know with whom Lieberman will caucus if he wins?

Democrats Get a New Voice on National Security

Kucinich: (Senator) Akaka ’exemplar of peace’

Very savvy, Ms. Wonkette -- Temper, temper Joe.

Dems Will Win If They Can Separate The War on Terror and Iraq Civil War

A reminder to Lieberman supporters:

Two things about the CT race that need to be seriously clearly up

May 10, 2005 Flashback-Tom Ridge's quote about terror alerts

What's this about a rift between Il Dunce and the Rice woman?

79% of Dems nationally glad Lieberman lost

The Grand Strategy


John Edwards blew it on MSNBC, IMO

Rasmussen poll: Lieberman leads Lamont 46-41

The Real Cost of Living in a Conservative/Libertarian Society

Some honest questions for people who support Lieberman's independent run

The search for an exit (Lebanon war)

The dog really does wag the tail!

Bush family consigliere James Baker's secretive Iraq Study Group

The Damage In Lebanon, and Beyond

NYT: Odds against an economic "soft landing"

If terrorism doesn't scare you, maybe Bush will

weaponry of mass death.

When talk radio goes horribly wrong (WRVA)

Wired: Be an Expert on Anything by Stephen Colbert

GREAT letter to the editor-Conyers Report Lists Presidential Misconduct

The Devil and Senator Lieberman (column)

The War Bush Isn't Fighting (why Iraq's irrelevant)

Shiites press for partition of Iraq

Voters Turn Away From Bush’s Error

Has Big PHARMA Established a "War Room" to Deal with MM's Film?

The Problem with the Pundits (Eric Boehlert)

Another lying RWer...I'm SHOCKED!


Religion constantly stifles knowledge

"Stop reinforcing failure" (good article from The Guardian)

Rumsfeld Lies, Press Takes a Nap

Raúl Castro can count on many comrades and friends to help him rule Cuba.


A Handy-Dandy Guide To U.S. Foreign Policy

Getting beyond our airport security obsession

Olmert Must Go

"Birth pangs of a new Middle East"

Krugman: Nonsense and Sensibility


Evangelicals Quiet About War in Lebanon

Sense and sanctimony (Sidney Blumenthal on Lieberman)

Recounting Our Way to Democracy - Obrador - NYTimes

Govt. Joins Net Treaty That May Limit Rights in U.S., Overseas

Juan Cole: The Pakistan Connection - (How GOP Ruins Terror Investigations)

'Fear a la Carte ...

My god the Syrians are RACIST look what they siad about Rice

Why the Dems Have Failed Lebanon

Open letter to Señorita Condoleezza Rice

They ARE getting desperate. Witness this Cal Thomas op-ed:

The Guns of August by Richard Holbrooke - mentioned on Wash Journal

Alameda County Completes CA's First Megawatt-Class Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Oh, Look! GM Has A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Car!

PG&E plans for solar power (500 MW by 2010)

What happens to our food when the oil runs out? (UK Soil Assoc.)

Altered Oceans

Curbs on mercury only dent global threat -experts

PCC [Natural Markets] says Horizon milk will be pulled (Seattle; not org.)

REALITY CHECK NEEDED - Arctic Ice Cap - Computer Imaging Problem?

WP: Greenland's Melting Ice Sheet May Speed Rise in Sea Level

Satellite Confirms Melt Speedup In Greenland Plus Other Arctic Glaciers

Airport Officials Follow Trail Of Dung To Smuggled Tortoises - Reuters

Big Oil Hates Your Freedom

Yorkshire Village's Water Supply Dries Up For First Time In 300 Years

More Than 144 Fires Rage In Northern Spain - Arson Arrests Continue - AFP

MIT's Energy "Manhattan Project" (Wired magazine)

Alligators Wander Afield As Drought Dries Up Okefenokee Swamp

Saomai landfall: cat-4 or cat-2?

"Unprecedented" Flooding From King Tides On Torres Strait Islands (AUS)

Murray River (Australia) Hits All-Time Record Low Flow Levels

8/11 Arctic Ice Update - Melt Line Pushing 83 North Throughout Barents Sea

Sweden, Ford Discuss Hybrid Car Plans

Got organic milk?Maybe it is, maybe not (Cornucopia;boycott Horizon,Aurora

If Israeli military are seizing Lebanese military barracks and taking

If Israeli military are seizing Lebanese military barracks and taking

Hizbullah Declares Victory

New and unknown Deadly weapons used by Isrealis

Olmert cannot remain in the prime minister's office --Haaretz

what could Israel/U.S. offer Iran to stop them from funding Hezbollah?

If Israeli military are seizing Lebanese military barracks and taking

Never mind. Nothing to see. Don't bother looking.

Goerge Bush Sr talks about the New World Order

Atta's bags at Logan

Quick Question: Who besides John O'Neill is credited with predicting...

Must-see video

Delete. Dupe thread

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRIDAY August 11, 2006

My thread in GD re calling the NYT out AGAIN on their mendacity

Friedman wants Strayhorn investigated

Chad Khan Happy Hour - 8/28 - $1 Beer/$1.99 Margaritas

Public and politicians blast corridor project (DVO mention)

Anyone going to see Alex Jones's "Terrorstorm" in Dallas on the 26th?

Good healthy school lunches for grown-ups?

Arab Canadians urge Lebanon action

"Anti-Hizballah" Rally - Toronto - Saturday, August 12

Canadian killed in Afghanistan suicide attack

GOP Candidates Facing Troublesome Trend

Cunningham actions linked to flaws in government contracting

Israel bombs Beirut's southern suburbs

US senators in Beijing take soft line on yuan

BBC: US warns of India terror attacks

Harris aide serving theft term

GOP loses lawsuit over line-item veto

Calif., Ore. Fishing Declared a Disaster

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 11 August

Shiite mob torches Kurdish party office

Battle for Baghdad: US and Iraq plan street by street offensive

Katrina jail 'horror' condemned

Judge increases Lord Black's bail

Judges Consolidate Telecom Spy Lawsuits

Bush Backers May Abandon Republicans

NY officials knew of terror threat

Roadless areas leased over protests (unnamed oil and gas co's)

(UK Terror Plot) Arrests Bolster G.O.P. as Election Nears

1-800-SUICIDE to Ring Busy After Midnight if Phone Bill Isn't Paid

Shiite mob torches Kurdish party office

Allen criticized over investment (Va. Sen. owns PlanB maker's stock)

OIC demands (UN Human Rights Council) probe of Zionist crimes

Road Home program requires fingerprints (hurricane relief)

Thousands in Somalia rally for holy war

AP reports that Hezbollah TV says Hezbollah destroyed an Israeli gunboat

President's Statement on Kleptocracy

Olmert faces backlash over Lebanon war

Cuba threatens satellite crackdown

Russia calls for 72-hour truce

Olmert Must Go

WP: Greenland's Melting Ice Sheet May Speed Rise in Sea Level

Psychologists Adopt Anti-Torture Policy

NYT/Reuters: Congress Aims to Probe BP Shutdown

Israel rejects Russia's humanitarian truce plan

Hizbullah Declares Victory

WP,pg1: Cities, States Aren't Waiting For U.S. Action on Climate Change


Israel pounds border crossings to Syria (14 people dead)

New Iraq books paint dismal picture for Americans

Richardson calls on Lieberman to step aside

Marines Unveil New Barracks for Wounded Troops at Camp Pendleton

Violence flares in south Mexico

Google CEO: AOL Breach Won't Happen Here

(Gov. Bill) Richardson calls on Lieberman to step aside

U.N. aid chief says Mideast anger 'worst in 20 years,' fighting picks up

Israel pounds border crossings to Syria (14 people dead)

British Officials Identify 19 Terror Suspects Behind Plane Plot

Appeals court upholds random NYC subway searches

Unwed couple sues town over housing flap (Missouri)

(U.N. humanitarian chief) Egeland: Mideast Anger Worst in 20 Years

Israel Prepares Wider Ground Offensive

Judge Rules Ky. Gov. Can't Be Prosecuted

Poll: Bush may be hurting Republicans

Raúl Castro can count on many comrades and friends to help him rule Cuba.

Officials: Plot suspects met alleged al Qaeda bomber

11:29 am: Israel begins massive ground offensive in south Lebanon

Key powers agree deal to end Israel-Hizbollah war (UNSC agreed)

Clerics Across Iraq Call for End to Sectarian Killing

Key Security Council Members Reach Deal on Mideast Truce Draft

FBI Investigates American Connection to London Terror Plot (ABC) BREAKING!

CIA gives Libby overviews of daily security briefings

AP: Judge Rules Ky. Gov. Can't Be Prosecuted

Juan Cole: The Pakistan Connection - (How GOP Ruins Terror Investigations)

U.S., Italian Shipyards in Lead To Build New Iraqi Navy

'War Tapes' doc features soldier footage

US-French draft authorizes up to 15,000 UN troops

No evidence of U.S.-based threat, Chertoff says

Peru strikers, police clash at Chinese iron mine

Breaking: Israel prepares wider ground offensive

CBC Breaking: Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan suicide attack

Food running out in south Lebanon, aid blocked

CNN Breaking: Earthquake In Mexico City

NATO soldier, 3 coalition soldiers killed in Afghanistan

U.S. to Begin Rollout of E - Passports

Army Corps of Engineers Chief Retires

Baghdad bloodshed holds no fear for last of Iraq's Jews (the *very* last)

Guard Member Dies After 104-Degree Heat

Army war objector plans to go to base (to turn himself in)

Officials: Olmert Agrees to Cease-Fire Resolution

South Koreans Rally for U.S. Alliance

Police free man arrested over plot

Airlines Scramble To Hire More Baggage Handlers

World powers strike deal to end Lebanon fighting

Ballot Cast by Ned Lamont's Daughter is Thrown Out

Gay Activists to Campaign Against Military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"Policy

40 Mid-Air Terror Plot Suspects Reported Arrested in Italy

Bush Staff Wanted Bomb-Detect Cash Moved

Bush condemns attempt to blow up Iraqi Islam site

Mother: Bush promises to get her report on her son's death

Evangelicals quiet about war in Lebanon

National Guard Member Dies During Training at U.S.-Mexico Border

Nelson, Ricketts go on offensive in first debate (Senate race Ne)

Lamont Aide to Apologize for Comment

Former Wal-Mart exec sentenced

Undercover kitten killed by car

3 Rangers charged in Tacoma bank heist

Democrats Assail GOP Fundraising Effort

Court dismisses suit against spending-cut bill

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (#2599; 18 years old)

Guardian: Cuban Officials Criticize U.S. Ruling

Israeli drone fires on refugee convoy

MSNBC: Israeli media says PM will recommend his government OK cease-fire

Nobel prize winner Grass admits serving in Nazi SS

NY Times: Pentagon Officials Quit at Agency Linked to Bribes (Dukestir)

Republicans, Democrats Clash Over Who's Stronger on National Security

Santorum calls intel leakers `traitors‘

Sierra Club: CWLP deal a model

CNN: Disney not ditching Mel: says it will distribute 'Apocalypto'

Dehydration a Worry for Some Travelers

Bodies of 2 missing GIs found in Iraq

AP Cheney accused of politicizing terrorism

Pilot Pokes Fun At Heightened Airport Security

Conservative Group Sets Sights on Chafee

U.S. official: Castro has 'serious' health problems

Clinton Denounces Cheney for Terrorism Comments

Mike Douglas, former TV show host, dies

Bush Remains Eager to Cut Entitlement Spending (after midterm elections)

question for vulcans......

g'nite !

HETERO AND BI LOUNGE GUYS! Your taste in women . . .

$178 electric bill for a one-bedroom apartment

I've never... (Post Three Of Your Own)

OMG, I want this book! Parrot Reincarnation Plotline!

Is this a cigar or is it something gross?

Your* taste in guys?

I am leaving DU

Well, I'm apparently not very good at this lesbian thing

Well, Im,Apparently not very good at this sleeping thing

Kathy Griffin Sierra Mist commercial...

Mary Kay LeTourneau, you still got it, girl!

who runs the DU frappr map?

It's 3:33am. Why are you up and what are you doing?

"Teenage Kicks"- The Undertones

Breast Squeezing is just so silly and stupid!

Les Fleur

The art of revenge -- need some good advice!

this gin is kicking my ass

I wanna go fast!

I don't know who this cat belongs to...but he looks ready to serve us all

Middle Ordovician period Beach Boys (510 mya. to 445mya.)

Yo, ZombyWoof!

If you appreciate MrsGrumpy, feel free to say so here

Woman Calls Police, Tells Them an Intruder Cleaned Her House

Question for Denebians...

Any Vegetarians Here?

Advice needed: self tanner?

Question for Vulcans


Liquids on a Plane

I just found the cutest little...

LOL ! Tucker Carlson "Dancing With The Stars" - thanks YouTube!

Best thing about the new Airline Restrictions.....

I'm Laudanum....

Please... Help Yourself!

Good morning, everyone!

So what happens to all the liquids, makeup, perfumes that got tossed?

Things I just learned in GD:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 8/11/06)

Holy fuck, Old Faithful erupted behind my house this morning...

Fight over Xbox blamed for house burning down

I'm strong!

A song for the entire Lounge

Some Good News for Today - Barbaros is still getting better

Anyone care to explain why, during the greatest summer ever for me...

"The rapture is coming, the rapture is coming" I scream

I'm Scrapple....

Meanwhile, in Denmark.... a man and his balloon (LOL)

Middle period Beach Boys (1967-1978)

Name a 'classic' movie you have NEVER seen

VH1 classic is running Woodstock

Big Brother HoH news....

You could take me to hell and back, just as long as we're together.

McConaughey Sells Car for Storm Victims-'71 Stingray for $61,600

Anyone else use Invisalign?

Talk show host Mike Douglas dies on 81st birthday

Ladies and Gents...It's NEIL DIAMOND TIME!!!

Leather Boxers. Great on paper, not so practical

Are Windmills Ugly?

I'm at a loss for what to do today.

Anybody been in Costa Rica recently?

Is YOUR head about to explode, tell ME why?

What three songs are you playing, or wish you were playing right now?

If you're a horse, and someone gets on you, and falls off,

Manifest Teeter-Totter!

post some of your musical crushes

Paris Hilton bitten by pet kinkajou, Mideast peace deal reached at U.N.

"Where's the confounded bridge?"

Non Sequitur lets the good times roll!

I just had lunch with harleykid.

No matter how they spin it, it's Friday ya bastids! GIVE UP THE FUNK!!!

Ever revisit a "blast from the past" and say "what was I thinking"?

Don't you just love it when dogs get on puppy tears?

A Friday afternoon thread............for the LADIES!

USC and Nebraska football sucks

post some mom classic loss Burr fuck big puppy cervecita never age artwork

Feel free to bask in my glow!

Ben Folds: Pop Saboteur Genius or Annoying Chick-Rocker?

I got tickets!!!

For all Rockstar: Supernova fans

For ShellBeau - I bring you Matthew McConaughey

What's your earworm today?

Are you able to resist answering this poll?

Dream Vacation

Post your studly music recommendations here!

PHOTO: Aw, what a damned shame. Batman's REALLY let himself go.

Hey Red Sox fans!!

Are there any internet scam experts here?

Flaming Moe

I made the Greatest Dicussion Page in GD.

Apple iPod Ads too Racy for the US

Isn't anybody going to ogle and adore us women?

Hey, where can I find weird, cool, funky handmade type hats?

Going to Yankee Stadium to see my boys play the Angels tonight

I'm declaring my addiction to massage.

Post your study music recommendations here.

Happy birthday!!

Positive thoughts needed...

Move over Heloise!! CatWoman etiquette: how to eat a watermelon

Has anyone heard anything about Krispy Kreme going out of business?

what is it with bonnie tyler?

Paris Hilton's pet kinkajou bites her ass

did anybody see Leonid The Magnificent on America's Got Talent?

BREAKING: Liquid Explosives Found

My wife is about to start a flamewar over Big Brother.

Funny story at Dem HQ today.

Just got a classic step-on-the-rake fat lip.

My order from Northern Sun just arrived!!

Squirrels Are Our New OVERLORDS!!

You're all invited to my renunciation party

When you go on a vacation with your extended family

Attn: Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie, etc.

Republicans in smilies!

A Quiz that every DU Man will love. (The Role of Women Bible Quiz)

I have to relate a really funny true story I heard today.

Lounge underwear survey:

5 arrested in National Mall robberies, assaults

Why was I born so damn lazy?

If you haven't visited LBN today, then you might not know about this:

The newest critter in the Awful Apartment

Post here and I will tell you what you're going to dream about tonight!

my head is about to explode,can you tell me why?

What actor or actress has a crush on you?

I get my wisdom teeth pulled today.

I had forgotten how much I loved "Almost Famous"

Why are women so squeamish about outhouses, and men aren't?

Which cute guys here want to be ogled and adored today?

I feel like corrupting my fundie cubicle-mate... where to start?

Squirrels are EVIL

Do you think more about Life or Death?

Time again for "Reply here and I'll give you your own smilie" thread


My mom passed away.

Bumper sticker idea...

Murphy Brown Fans: HELP! Need assistance with remembering an episode....

My Wife went to Canada and all I got was this dumb t-shirt!

HeadOn: Applied directly to the forehead.

Holy shit. I'm watching Jeopardy and there is a "I need more cowbell"

I'm drinking a Heineken!

How many bands have you seen in concert multiple times?

What's a "cervecita"?

How about some opinions on this... emigrating to England.

It's delicious, it's tasty, it's wholesome...

Movies that weirded you out...

What top 10 songs would you play on the radio if you could?

what's your age range?

My 25th high school reunion is coming up in September...

Instead of cats and dogs we should've domesticated penguins and squirrels.

I feel like corrupting a straight girl -- I'm bored

Talk Show Host Mike Douglas dies on his 81st birthday

CBS rigged Big Brother and now I am done with them

Squirrels are cute...

Well, I'm apparently not very good at this copycat thing

Lynn Woolsey kicks ass!

Liquids on a Plane

Did you help out by signing Joe's petition to run as an independant?

Did you know Aaron Burr wasn't gay and shot people?

Curse you, Mike Malloy!

A Quick Political Commentary

Huh? Kinky Friedman bit Paris Hilton on the arm?

Damn those on-air news personalities - they're soooo pretentious!

Rush ripped off Big Brother and now I am done with him

You know, I still can't believe the nerve of that doctor that dissed McCoy

Do you have an unhealthy obsession?

I'm declaring my addiction to dressage.

It's an earworm and I don't mind.....

Friday August 11. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day: dial-up warn

Jackie Kennedy 1960 Campaign Ad — EN ESPAÑOL

Well, I'm apparently not very good at this thread-posting thing

Religion constantly stifles knowledge

Do you really want to understand the atheists?

U.S. Lags World in Grasp of Genetics and Acceptance of Evolution

Bonehead bigot commissioners tossed out in Tennessee

50 Years Ago Today (11 Aug 56)

Boxing: Hasim Rahman vs. Oleg Maskaev

I need some advice/input/things to think about's the 11th...anyone have anything interesting to report?

Psychic query about the most recent "terra" plot

Re-read this John Kerry speech it is so great

Miracle in the blogosphere - Huffington writes something positive about JK

OT: Recent events bring a lot to the surface

And yet another evil help pick my texture poll.

Help me pick my "Textures" contest entry... (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Another texture poll

So what did the Ukrainians get out of their Bush backed Orange Revolution?

Will our Google searches eventually be public?

Demonstration of Exploding Liquid:

Leib clearly enabling GOP now

those who oppose Lieberman on Iraq extremists focused on one issue but...

Democrats are Terrorist Supporters and Weak on National Security

Internationals to deliver aid to Lebanon Saturday. Risk Israeli attack.

Liquid Terror Threat Videos Posted

NYT editorial: When leaders use nation's trauma for political gain

A personal story with some relevance for this moment.

Dems - This is your wakeup call

these terra cases are getting old

New and unknown Deadly weapons used by Isrealis

Dear Mr. Bush.....The Terrorists have won!!!!!

I suspect we may know more by this time tomorrow night...

The tragedy of this plot to blow up planes...

I think this terrorist threat might have been real.

Bernie Ward: No One Is Checking Discarded Liquids At The Airport

Democrats set up a 'hot line' for voter ID queries

Liquid Bombs? Hasn't anybody seen Die Hard 3?

Santorum accuses Dems of politicizing terror war

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

We should keep a running time line of all the terror plots/events.

Fundamentalist Bushism

If you can bring down a jet with box cutters, you could use your bare hands

Regarding Osama, is he still considered a threat?

The question is "Are we safe" The answer is a resounding NO!

Wonder how this will affect Gator Ade stock? n/t

Cuba threatens satellite crackdown

So "Intelligence" Prevented an Attack? Not Bombing and Invading a Country?

Brian Lamb is having a bad Freeper Friday....

Jail for paedophile who tried to revive rape victim

US senators in Beijing take soft line on yuan

Non Sequitur----Ann Coulter .. :)

Great Toon - Too good to pass up!

Iraq war BACKFIRING!!! Muslims still trying to attack the US at home!

I can't deal with their evil deeds anymore

Battle for Baghdad: US and Iraq plan street by street offensive

Blind Quaker assailed at protest

Help me out here, please

"and pigs fly"---ending comment by Jamie Wall-running for congress

Lieberman, Lamont and terrorist

JFK's Speech on Freedom of Press

Bush's Terror War is like fighting a thousand ant piles

If a Terrorist walked up to a checkpoint with a bomb

PLEASE HELP re: this video from LGF

Would this plot have happened if we had gotten Osama?

Message for Mr. Lieberman on the occasion of "terror" helping his campaign

Poll: Terror Attack Plan...Real or Not?

AP-Ipsos poll - * approval back to 33%

BBC said the terrorists were arrested early to keep Bu$h or his Poodle

GOP accused of purging voters' names in error

The Hartford Courant drops all pretense of fairness and objectivity

Remember this guy?

I have got to get a job as a Bloomberg columnist.

What's the BFD about August 22nd?

How many people were killed in traffic accidents last year?

If this particular technique is from the 1990 's AQ playbook

ONLY bush can save us from terrorsts? Boy, are we fucked.

bush, "Foiled Terrier Plots" ...... Pictures

George W Bush: Fulfilling Endtime Prohecy

Fearless Leader's new image

I Really Need to Make an Announcement

Airlines not allowing unaccompanied children

Cheney on Lamont: Can't Resist the Low Blow

Curbs on freedom in Britain a response to PM inquiry of Blair?

Yesterday I was crazy for not believing the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Only sissies vote for Republicans!

C-SPAN Mon 8pm EDT: COMPLETE interview Mike Wallace/Ahmadinejad(Iran)

AP Poll: Albatross Georgie's Approval Number Falls To 33%

Big Brother really is watching you:

Anyone have KO's chart re: the "coincidences?"

Can you imagine if the alleged bombers were Iraqi?

"Mr. Pres. Define 'Islamo-fascism', which you used in your statement"

Uh Oh. Joementum's Indy petitions not Kosher? LOL

Message To "Tweety": Democrats DO "Get it."

My wife is NOT going to be happy...

Questions re: the Liars Club's claim of air terror

Campaigning During a Stupid War -- Dems Can Learn From Richard Nixon

Lou Dobbs.

I'm not a chemist, help me out here

Singing Statement - = Decree. Chagos Islands - Link TV. Please

Have they even released the names of the 21 arrested yesterday?

So, why can the Repukes scare the people better than the Dems can?

Democratic Campaign Ad - inspired by EarlG - Weak & Wrong=W

Dissed and dumped on by CBS, Dan Rather still an American favorite

I have a lot of toiletries FOR SALE...really cheap!!!

Which MSM will finally instruct on how to make a bomb?

Hey, BA! Where's OBL, the Anthrax Mailer, and the Ricin guy?

AP/IPOS poll: Bush back to 33% approval rating

Show of Hands: Who's Pissed Off? (Did the TSA Overreact?)

A Simple Question That Wingers Never Seem To Be Able To Answer.

How would another terror attack affect the November Elections?

If Israeli military are seizing Lebanese military barracks and taking


Why isn't Bush back in Washington handling the "terrorist" threat?

My weekend in a red state fighting neocons & bacteria.

When it comes to terrorism, George W Bush is the cause, not the solution

Ap Poll: Bush approval sinks back to 33%, Dems lead Reps 55%-37%

so are we in for a whole weekend of Bush boosting on the news?

Oops! Another write-in Republican for Delay's seat

Dobson: Gibson tirade has nothing to do with "one of finest films of era"

LAT op-ed: After $30B spent, Iraqi PM says reconstruction must begin

Cal Thomas....Kiss my ass.

David Gregory on NBC Today: Terror Plot arrest will boost B*sh

Tim Roemer 9/11 commisioner On CNN Now.

I'm hearing the same response from people I absolutely KNOW voted for Bush

You LIEberals don't know y'alls place yet!

So, will Sierra Mist pull their Kathy Griffin TSA commercials?

Maybe if we didn't rape & murder they wouldn't hate us for our freedoms.

Shit...if you wanted to bring down a plane there's a million ways

An airport dilemma-What would *YOU* do?

KY Governor (R) gets executive immunity

Is Pretzelpuss still "sorry" he said "BRING "EM ON!" ?

Tucker Carlson "Dancing With The Stars" !

U.S. and Lebanon say ceasefire deal is close

Today's Republicans Are The Same Everywhere

Repubs SAY they are strong on security - Dems will BE strong on security

Once again, Strong on Security Administration is a day late

A terrorist attack thwarted the same week WTC is released

(VIDEO) Ted Hitler returns to the Daily Show

US government faked Bush news reports - March 16, 2004

The more restrictions placed on airplanes,

I want to hear from the so called "terrorists" lawyers...

(VIDEO) Henry Rollins unloads on Shrubco for season finale

Lamont aide will apologize for comment

Which is worse?

Cease Fire Campaign

the "zero tolerance" school policy and its absurdity

Terrorism defined?

Pretty soon anyone boarding an airplane will have to fly naked.

It appears msnbc wants mutt romney for prez...

Impeach them NOW do not wait

Where Airline Prevention Measures Going

So no nation in the ME has a right to arms except Israel? Only Israel

An airport security question are the airlines going to profit from this?

So, Israel IS at war with Lebanon?

Does Your State Issue A Voter ID Card?

Why are Katrina Evacuee Trailers Full of Formaldehyde Gas?

DU this MSNBC poll - Has Israel's Offensive gone too far

Remember these words? (I'm so angry I can't see straight!)

Strange Oregon Coast Oxygen-Free "dead zone" Killing Marine Life.

OK, all you DU do-gooders. Check this out.

Why is Israel still killing civilians with impunity?

Breaking: FAA Bans Snakes

When hair gel loses its innocence.

Join Russ Feingolds Online chat session Today (Talk to Russ)

Have I become a paranoid freak?

White House blatantly used the terrorist arrests. Where's the outrage?

Have the Bush and Blair governments ever told us the truth about anything?

First post-primary poll: Lieberman: 46% Lamont 41%

With the nation on high alert--Why is Bush heading back to the "ranch"?

Finally, Someone Tells the Truth -America is Indefensible to Terrorism

Olmert's popularity plunges in Israel - poll

Finally Worked out.... $300,000,000 a day for IRAQ...

The ship is sinking fast

Went to the airport today......

Four Guys Mixing Chemicals in the Airplane Bathroom.

Gee Tucker. Didn't realize how low you have fallen.....

Of course this was a conspiracy!

Tom Ridge admit alerts heightened based on flimsy evidence

Little Stevie Baldwin wants you to have a threesome with God

New Oliver Stone 9/11 Film Introduces 'Single Plane' Theory

Neocons >>"It's five minutes to midnight. The time to strike Iran is now."

If we had spent $300 BILLION on going after "terrorist" instead of

What's the main reason you watch Fox News or look at

could 36 men with M.E. names buy the airline tickets without notice?!

Curious question for bloggers and other DUers with political web sites...

The Dems should be on TV every day complaining about our gas prices!

I'mStuck on an idea... opinions on this Bumper Sticker...

Repeated port scans from a Dept. of Defense office?

offshore areas of the Pacific Ocean completely empty of marine life

Another WTF moment in Lebanon

Bush Back At 33%

God's Army. How America's armed forces are gearing up for Armegeddon

So do we actually believe in evolution?

(PSBS) TSA Announces new restrictions.

You can't even take READING material on board planes now -- wtf???

I'm Confused and "ker-fuddled"

Box Cutters

Perfect Safety Through Omnipresent in prison

Fellow extremists check in. We must plot more destruction!

Must-see video

Rasmussen Poll: Dem Haiwaii Senator may lose primary, 47%-45%

Just read a piece on CNN titled, Tip from Muslim led to arrests"

Woo-hoo! Arragon is campaigning for our Congressional candidate!

Oh boy! Soon the only way you'll be allowed to fly is nude.

Ann Coulter Gets Her Wish: A Parallel Universe where nothing is "Liberal"

I doubt Al-Qaeda was behind the attempted terrorist attack.

Why are Republicans so easily frightened into submission?

GOP threaten Dems they'll talk about consequences of Dem terror policies

Suspect 'met Galloway'.....oh the horror!...Fox has this already...

Are depleted uranium weapons sickening U.S. troops?

Republicans are WEAK on Solutions and Ideas leading to Peace

The Great Story that Disappeared: the Dubai Ports deal

Here's A Weird Scenario....Gore/Clinton?

Feds Link Joe's Web Hack, OJ Real Killer & Ah-nold Groping Investigations

When will the adults take control?

CQ: Lots more Republicans in danger

Glenn Beck - WTF????

Democrats united on Iraq and Lamont

CALAMITY HOWLER/A.V. Krebs Transportation Policy Runs Off the Rails

Inconvenience, frustrate and anger people- then tell them you are

How does banning liquids in the cabin make it safer?

Stephen Baldwin: kicking asses and breaking faces for Jesus since 2002

Bush at 33%, Govt's Complicity in 9/11 at 36%

The Repubs wish to remain in power more than the Dems wish to regain it?

Notes from all over . . .

Hastert says Dems should be humble

Actor Wonders Why Rumsfeld Hung Out At Hollywood Movie Set

Karen Hughes to world Muslims: "Let them learn English"

why was Distressed American just banned?

Bush and Lieberman. The poster boys of insanity.

Amazing how the bushies are using this Brits/Pakis intel

My Fun Liberal Surprise this Morning

John Zogby on Thom Hartmann now

Anyone know where I can get the picture showing US, UK, Israel flags

What nation has no corruption?

"Jacob Weisberg’s No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Brain"


Lawrence O'Donnell: Joe Lieberman Will Drop Out.

Does Jacob Weisberg accurately describe Lamont supporters? (Of course not)


Does anyone else care that Pakistani Intelligence was involved in this?

Defending the Freshmaker

Is Fitzmas waiting for Christmas? What's Up with Fitz?

The Independent (UK) "leaks" how the plot to blow up 5 planes was foiled.

what the hell are "islamo-fascists?"

OMG The Airports ARE

Is Iraq still considered a defensive attack?

If you go see "World Trade Center"

We are all feeling a bit beat right now

Video: Brittish Muslims Dont Believe Terror Plot

National Lampoon: A Moment with Ann Coulter

Am I the only one that listens to Right Wing radio...?

Bush: "I just love the military."

where is the thread about the attorney hit with rubber bullets

U.S. Officials Say It's Safe To Fly

Terrorist plot Fact thread

Five Years After 9/11. Why Does al-Qaeda still exist Mr. Bush*?

"Everybody Tells Me Everything" by Ogden Nash

Just for fun: Post your favorite "dumb ass" Bush pictures here

I'm not interested in hearing about the Israel/Hezbollah war

Can the terrorists create bombs out of the water and soap in

Annie Leibovitz photo of Cheney & Libby from Vanity Fair 2002 - anyone?

Olmert faces backlash over Lebanon war

LOL is there anything wrong with these NG troops protecting JFK airport

Al Franken was smoking today -- dismantled Fox enabler Juan Williams

"CHANGE" the one word Campaign Theme for Democrats....

The post getting lots of attention lately...says a lot. Burnout?

Our top story: Ten more planes did not blow up today. Film at 11.

Hey! Anybody here ever live in Austria? It looks like a nice

Republicans want...

All specific religions aside

Israel says to call off offensive if goals at UN met

perhaps Ned Lamont should just ignore Lieberman in the General Election

Afghan detainee beaten, doctors testify -at trial of former CIA contractor

woman screams "kill Bush" in arabic as she holds aloft her baby

Activists protest military ban on gays

Quick, if you want to know how to bring down a plane, turn to CNN!

Broward Co., Fl. Deputies laugh about their violence toward protester

Israel says plan is 'good'; Security Council to vote Friday

I'm still waiting for a Democrat to call Bush out on the terror bullshit

How many Repugs promised to serve only 12 years....?

Rumsfeld's Power Point Plan for Victory in Iraq

How similar are your poliltics to those of the person you're closest too?

Are you cowardly enough to think Gee Dubya can protect you?

The Iraq War will ALWAYS be George W. Bush war. ALWAYS.

Great Non Sequitur comic today.

I'm blind with rage over THIS photo!

Islamic Terrorists = Terrorists, but Christian Terrorists = "Militiamen"?

Want to win a year's supply of American-made, union-friendly blue jeans?

In addition to dropping bombs, appears Israel is spamming Lebanon phones

A personal appeal to correctly use the term "fascism"

No matter how they spin it, it's Friday ya bastids! GIVE UP THE FUNK!!!

M*A*S*H (graphic)

Did you fly yesterday?

RePornican Mary Carey takes on the Governator.

I'm brillig and covered with slithy toves.

I Am So Tired Of The Bleeding In Iraq

heres a new twist on an old story

Ohio Minister, Wife, Busted on Kiddie Porn Charges

War on Iraq didn't stop this terra plot. Police work did. I rest my case!

Why is Coulter Not In Charged w/Election Fraud or Tax Fraud?

You easily could put liquid explosives in a BRA

90 days of terror

Gears of the Machine: A very apt quote for these difficult times.

It makes sense that Bush and Blair timed this terra alert.

WTF? Congress shall not pass laws EX-POST FACTO....

Zippy on the '08 Democratic nomination!

Did Regis Philbin just die?

Republicans always "Cut & Run" Nixon Did it in Vietnam, Reagan did it

So how are our rapture ready friends doing this week?

Who Is "Serious" About Terrorism?

Does anyone here actually believe Israel is aiming at Hezbollah

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if ya' wanna' blow up an airplane

GOP Playing Politics With Our Security--- Sen. Reid email

My head's going to explode

Why did bush go to wisconsin yesterday for the news conference...

Known technique since 1994?

issuing a "red alert" HELPS the terrorists

There is nothing wrong with your tv set

Couple sues town over rules prohibiting them from living together...

Israel is losing?

Evidence Bush is failing: al Qaeda is thriving


Please help me find a statistic to refute a republican on home ownership.

Mike Douglass (old tv entertainer) dies on his 81st Birthday: CNN

CNN explanation is fantasyland .....

Freep alert!!! Randi's got a live one

So how will airport security check BREAST IMPLANTS for explosive gel?

How to shut down a wingnut in two words re: dems being weak on terror

Food running out in south Lebanon

Rove says he didn't offer Lieberman Bush's backing

Understanding how PTSD raises Heart Disease Risk

Colbert goes on TDS to demand that Jon Stewart apologizes-a must see

great cartoon fro Bob Engelhart

Food running out in south Lebanon

Hartford Courant LTTEs have been strongly anti-Lieberman!

TSA answers questions, wants Feedback.

CT GOP to replace Schlesinger as Senate candidate?

Bomb Plot: We were right, they were wrong (but they'll lie anyway)

Q&A: A liquid explosives primer

bush: "This country is SAFER than it was PRIOR to 9/11". yeah right

Republicons and their president say they don't follow polls ...

Looks like you might get to keep your lipstick...

Is there anything that is truly "unimaginable" ?

Rudy Giuliani, Terror Profiteer, Reep Insider: U.S. Will Get Hit Again


Could Lieberman-Cheney-Rove Or Fox Win An Election W/O Fear? Steve Clemons

Thank God these idiots didn't try to hide explosives up their asses.

what are better ways to kill Americans? liquid bombs are puny

I made the Greatest Dicussion Page in GD.

Amy Goodman on Hardball today

"Would we have stopped this plot if the Dems were in charge?

So, was there an Election Tuesday & a New Direction/Focus for Democrats?


Kucinich coming up for ONE HOUR on Randi Rhodes!

Notice how the MSM insists on tacking on Millionaire to Ned Lamont's name?

If the world was about to end, would you wash the dishes?

WOW! Who said THIS?

August 11, 2001...

Did it occur to anyone that this is a great pretext for detaining anyone

I agree that Democrats cannot be trusted with terra & war

So where did all the

Israel agains threatens to begin new 'offensive' even as agreement looms

Looking for facts regarding our so-called liberal media to refute Repug.

Ft. Campbell Soldiers Return From Iraq

Text of draft UN resolution on Lebanon war

Guardian: Israel faces domestic backlash over conflict

Concerning the plot from Britian. Any chemists out there?

From "born & bred Brits" to "radical fundamentalists"

They Are All War Criminals.

A open Reply to the email sent by a replug on the DU

Dennis Kucinich on Randi Rhodes today

Caption Chertoff

When is the Homeland Security Sale on Liquid Toilet Items???

2 Odd Observations On The "Plot"

Wow Lou Dobbs is using a live feed

Juan Cole: Lieberman is "brain dead on the Iraq issue."

Amy Goodman on Hardball tonight. nt

Where's Laura?

Is there a list of all terror plots/threats and when they occurred?

So if the "alleged" plot reallly IS tied to Al-Q (as they're claiming on

Did I hear right on the little monkey's approval rating?

Ron Suskind: The U.S. is "indefensible"

"Andrew Sullivan has a point" (spoken with tongue in cheek)

Are they fighting back?

GOP = Gang of Pansies, Group of Punks, Gaggle of Paranoia....

New Proof of Mexican Election Scam

If terror is a tactic or an idea, how can a war be won against it?

Hillary Clinton zaps Cheney on CT terrorism comments

Plan "B"

"I'm not too happy with Bush at the moment"

Here's a picture of Bush being one of the home boys

GOV Releases Detailed 9/11 INFO Documents

When will millionaire Lamont be a guest of millionaire Russert?

If I were an entrepreneur, I know what I would start tomorrow

Has anyone here seen Laura Bush's bare arms? Any pictures?

Statement by John Kerry on Thwarted Airline Terrorist Attacks

"Bush staff wanted bomb-detect cash moved"

In defense of liquid weapons at 20,000 feet.

Spike Lee's HBO doc "When the Levees Broke"

Breaking: UN very close to an agreement

edited : six people killed in Israeli convoy attack

Kewl! Randi Rhodes is on KXIC 800 AM Iowa City NOW!

Chertoff on live admits: No evidence plot even involved United States.

The Liberal equivalent to Ann Coulter....?

Hm. 6.2 quake 200 miles off Banda Atche Indonesia

Laptops, cell phones and iPods allowed on planes: CNN

The Republican party will go the way of the Spanish conservative party.

Christo-fascism?? wouldn't that be correct also

Big Hole in the Ground in Philly.


24 hours later - latest terror threat

Eagleburger on CNN

Systems exist to find liquid explosives

Should we now consider GB a terrorist nation?

U.S. given early warning about plot

Q & A about Terror Plot (their headline, not mine)

Former Wal-Mart Exec Sentenced for Theft

The answer is: Harvey Keitel, pineapples and Hitler's ass.

So George Hung Joe Out To Sink Or Swim

9/11 commemorative coin? WTF?!

Poll: Biden is Most Trusted Democrat on Foreign Policy

I don't believe any force will "disarm" Hizbollah. Hizbollah will lay

Who's seen "World Trade Center," and...

I wanna know what happened to the stuff that airline passengers dumped

While British Suspects Hatch Plot-Bush Tries To Divert Bomb-Detect Funds

Would TSA be grabbing your makeup & soda if Lieberman won the CT primary?

Still no evidence that the current aircraft terrorist threat is genuine.

2599 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Orwellian Friday

DU Homework...Report Swiftboating

PLASTIC Alert: Heidi Harris on 'Hardball'

Security concerns making birth notices obsolete

The Sierra Mist airport security ads are back on the air.

Air travel question: medically necessary stuff? Legal help pls!

I want to thank the neocon and MSM fearmongers

First US blocks a cease fire, now...

Congressman Conyers: More Good News

Israel has lost this war

UN Security Council Conference on Cease Fire starting now on CSPAN 1

The republicans are simply fucking pathetic cowards.

Olmert thanks Bush for U.N. resolution


2,597. Fast approaching 2,600. Just a number.

"Gunny" Bob on Cynthia McKinney: "...scum-sucking pig wench"

Diabetic not allowed to take Food on aeroplanes

Activists trickle to Lebanon to protest Israel war. WaPo Story

Native Americans Challenge Mascot Names

BREAKING NEWS: Sen. Lieberman Creates New Party, Loses Primary:

Do Nothing George by Larry (CIA) Johnson

The Nation goes after Dobbs

Four Points Glenn Greenwald makes about Israelis and their war

Another way the terrorists win is because our science education sucks.

Keep your enemies closer - The end of my freeper feud next door!

[MO] Gov. advocates preservation efforts at [Civil War] anniversary event

Harriet the Tortoise dies at 175

Support Dobbs

Got the following 'joke' e-mail from my Rethug brother

PA police: Be 'scouts' against terrorism; seek 'medium-complected men' OMG

the greatest man ever

New York Times pot, meet the NeoCon kettle. I call you out, AGAIN

Open letter to our congrress critters

sibel: Brewster Jennings investigating nukes in 4 countries

The priest left his Holy Water at home.

did the plotters actually have any chemicals or buy any airline tickets?

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Reported Terrorist Plot

Krugman: "On what planet would Joe Lieberman be considered 'sensible?'"

Liberals support the terrorists. What a Ridiculous Insult.

Al Franken is de-clothing Juan Williams on AAR now.

Hey Everyone : No tickets were purchased, no reservations made!

Michael Ware on on CNN from Marjayoun, Lebanon...

DU this Poll: Who's Stronger on National Security (Dem or GOP)

Santorum: Intelligence leakers "traitors;"

Not that I'm prudish about DU language.

A couple of interesting loose ends on the bombing plot

Breaking News: Lebanese Army Convoy

Check out my local newspaper's editorial

One last important thing to know about Joe Lieberman....

CNN is now calling it an "alleged" plot. Working on new AQ meme.

"still the man hears what he wants to hear & disregards the rest" ...

Congressman Conyers: A Coordinated Attack, By the White House

Repub friend asks: "What did you do today?"

Can we rationally discuss the 'War on Terror'? & other related issues?

What's more important...?

Flying The Unfriendly Skies

Wow! I talked to two vet stauch Republicans today

A little common sense about airline security...

A Toast: "To the Mods".

Cal Thomas: Democrats Are Now The "Taliban"

Letter from Lamont Campaign

I just about died when I read this one (terra)

Israeli drone fires on Refugee Convoy Fleeing S. Lebanon

Why the hell doesn't Israel have to DISARM!!!

Springfield Illinois regulates global warming emissions

Propaganda headline: "Travelers Comforted By Safety Measures"

The Topic of My Show Tonight is "The War In Lebanon: For or Against?"

Time has shown many of the so called "conspiracy theories"

Michael Ventura analysis of current mideast motives...

The D-Day of our time? 11/7/00

Annan "This Conflict killed more Children than Fighters"

I wouldn't watch the twin towers movie if you paid me

Did anyone question this?

DU this Cspann poll

H*F*S!! 2 men charged with "supporting terrorism" in Michigan

Rice is in Way over Her Head by Helen Thomas

Degrading the Homeless as Entertainment

One of the 19 People arrested in Bomb Plot has been Released!

If the country is on red alert or orange then wouldn't it make sense to...

44% of males say better for a child to have no parents than gay parents

Amy Goodman will be on with Tweety in about 3-4 minutes

Lamont's getting Swiftboated: CNN-"Is Ned Lamont the Al Qaeda candidate?"

The United States has been ‘Gut Shot’

How much longer will travelers put up with this bullshit?

Calling all chemweenies. Please check in.

Phony budget numbers on Lou Dobbs

PHOTO: Leanna Diaz And Her Disappearing Lipstick

Question: do you really believe the reported terrorist plot??

So, do you REALLY think Lieberman is going to drop out?

Who do you think Lou Dobbs voted for in the last presidential election?

GOP Caught Using Terror News To Fundraise…

Any DUers want to send a message to Cindy Sheehan?

BUSH & CHENEY MUST BE STOPPED (Philadelphia Daily News)


Sam Seder's job is in jeopardy!

An Experiment in Sociology

Lebanese convoy attacked by Israel today were freed captives!

Remember, remember, the 2nd of November (A call to arms?)

Illegal immigration, from another perspective

That AAR WV commercial really irks me. There's something very

What does it take for them not to want to kill us?

The Bush Administration on Torture

"international socialist feminists"

Michael Franti/Spearhead Fans Check In Here

Lou Dobbs Reports on the 9/11 lies exposed in new book by Co-Chairs

Reporter to Joe: "You do realize President Clinton will abandon you"

FBI & state of CT to investigate Lieberman's website woes...

Democrats must grab hold of a message and let `er rip.

Why Ned Lamont was inevitable - and why the media shouldn't be surprised

Are London police fools?

Who said this??

From DailyKos: Sent yesterday - Donate to RNC or Terrorists will Get You

But... How will he pay for his kids' college??

NYT: Union of Government Workers Seeks to Build Political Muscle

Let’s Fly Naked and End the Reign of Terror for Political Gain

Bush: "I am too stupid to get irony when it bites me in the ass."

It's The "Fear Factor," Stupid!

Gone over to the freeper side; or why, now that I’ve seen the light, . . .

1984-"I have signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever. "

bush is planning to nuke the Midwest ...

Here's A Thought - Do You Have Old Paint, Motor Oil or Other Nasty Liquid

GOP Candidates Facing Troublesome Trend

the republicans are in REALLY BIG trouble ... pass it on ...

Our leaders do a vanishing act(UK Blair - But Also Bush)

Official WH press brief: Bush Sr. to blame for 9/11!

Meanwhile... I don't see any hurry to restart that "Find OBL" CIA group...

War crimes act changes

terrorists still active - a sign of bush's tremendous success

Poll from CNN, on the war in Iraq I think it is actually higher than that


Experienced Republican files to run against Schwarzenegger

New Terrorist Plot, Same as the Old Plot

Russ Feingold Online Chat Session Today....(Talk To Russ)

It's time for Dems to at least hint at stolen elections and trumped up...

Democrats are not afraid of terrorists

(GOP) Base Mobilization Survey Findings and Conclusions

Just a thought re 'terra' tactic ...

`Time is running out' for House Republicans, analyst says

I have decided I need to ask my Repuk friends, what will it take

Presidential Prayer Team: "Is it hard to go back to work after vacation?"

Right to Vote Act of 2006 - If lobbyists can write laws, then we can too

Karl will ride Joe hard and fast to November victory.

Bush Wants to Cut Entitlements

Hate Mail... Boy, Do I Get Hate Mail

a new player entering the CT race for Senate?

Joe Nomentum sat on a wall. Joe Nomentum had a great fall.

If terrorism doesn't scare you, maybe Bush will

Lintball "Lieberman lost due to anti semitism"

It's Interesting To Note The Quickness In Which The Liquid Bomb Story.....

Which party is better suited to deal with terrorism? dupe,sorry

Good example for other "third party" vanity candidates?

Lieberman is a cynical, opportunistic, callous, power mad POS.

Dems top Repubs by 18 pts (great graphic)

Anyone have Rasmussen subscription? - New CT Poll

My local Fox channel is running spots for IFCJ

Rove says he didn't offer Lieberman Bush's backing

I have a message for Lieberman and his supporters:

Help protest Mondavi family's wine tasting (remember the grape boycott?)

how long before the media reports on a terrorist plot to blow up a bridge

Who's job was it to protect the nation on September, 11 2001?

Democrats Pleased Lieberman Lost in Connecticut


Survey of races shows GOP prospects sliding

New and unkown deadly weapons used by Israeli forces

Was it al Qaeda? (Bush's war on terror not going well)

Dems assail GOP "Terror" fundraising...

"ARE YOU READY?" The Rapture circa 1941

If america is so safe then why do ann coulter and bill o'lielly ...

"Free to be you and me"...The "independent" No-Mentum edition.

Laura Bush is anti-warrior.

Yo yo are there any Scoop Jackson Democrats in da house???

ABCNews says one of the 19 arrested in terror plot has been released

W's need for a "success" in the WOT will have a gigantic price tag

Defeatocrats? Oh Yeah? Well you're... you're... you're ReBUNGLEcans

Ned Lamont to be on Fox news Sunday

Bush: You're still at risk for attack, & only I can protect you, BEE-YATCH

Conservative Group Sets Sights on Chafee

This device would be at least as effective as Bush 'spreading democracy'

1-We are DEMONSTRABLY not safer. 2-There is a CIVIL WAR in Iraq

A nation of suspects

***NEW NEWS*** Lieberman loses Connecticut for Lieberman primary!!!!!

1941: Tora! Tora! Tora! .... 2006: Terra! Terra! Terra! ... one was ......

Ad-Maker Dem Candidates need to hire - Check out Spitzer's ads

Who Is "Serious" About Terrorism?

I don't see much about Casey in W.PA-news everyday about Santorum.

Compare DNC and RNC website....attack vs call for national safety.

GOP Big Spenders Have Lunch With Bush

RNC Slammed for Photoshopped Image of Dean as Hitler

Mars is supposed to be really close to the earth.

Lieberman picks up another endorsement

The Nexus of Politics and Terror (Keith Olbermann)

The invasion of Iraq was a distraction from the REAL war on terror.

"If Bush knew about plan, why 2 weeks before liquids banned from planes?"

DU Homework...Report Swiftboating

My response from Senator Bill Nelson.

Stinky Predicts: El-Al is the New Model

Repubs claim U.S. will be attacked again, but fail to see the irony

CNN Dobbs Poll on Administration's Double Bookkeeping

State Still Checking Lieberman's Petitions, Many Signatures Disqualified

UK to Boston Flight cancelled on Aug 8th, connected to the terrorist plot?

Help Kick Tom Delay’s Buddy in the Ass and Out of the House!

Things You Have To Believe To Be a Republican Today:

Op-Ed columnist (TN) calls Lieberman defeat "deeply discouraging"

Israel askes Bush admin to "hasten delivery of short-range rockets"

What would bush do if planes were blown up this week??

Gov. Richardson calls on Lieberman to step aside

If you're third in a line of 12 cars, all doing 80 in a 40 zone ......

Washington Whispers: GOP voters: like a rock

Lamont Has Truly Arrived -- American Conservative Union Hates Him

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows

Alan Dershowitz is an idiot!

Diabolical RW spin alert: "Democrats are against wiretapping."

Big, bad dually truck on my tail today.

PowerPoint Corrupts the Point Absolutely (Rumsfeld’s amateurish war plan)

Tom Ridge admits DHS raises levels based on flimsy evidence

George and Bar

The DLC responds to Feingold; I respond to the DLC (caution, long rant)

DU this Poll on which party is better against terrorism

Bush staff wanted bomb-detect cash moved

I am sad to say but Sean Hannity is right

Video: Moon says he's poured millions into U.S. to shape destiny

Your pain is their gain

A trip to PollyannaVille ..... and a suggestion to the Greens

"Good" Muslims, raise your hand. "Bad" Muslims, take your seats?

Nightmare scenerio -- A McCain-Guiliani ticket in 08?

Olmert accepts cease fire deal ......God please let this be real!

Democrats Spielberg, Saban, and Katzenberg support Arnold!

My Letter to Sen. Pryor (D-AR), who is sending Lieberman campaign $$

Lieberman to run first post-primary ad

Feinstein's campaign co-chair endorses Arnold

Recession Looming?