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Archives: August 10, 2006

Shutdown illustrates US oil dependence Asia Times they are watching us

U.S. policy elevated Castro

An Oil Leak Rattles a State and Its Workers

"What does this Western obsession over Iran & Syria's support for Hezbol


On Patrol, Iraqis Prove Eager, Erratic and Green

With silence and respect: Taking care of the dead in Iraq

TIME: Why the Republicans are loving the Lieberman loss

Are the Words “Israel" and “Jews” Synonymous? Warning: Graphic pics

Lamont's victory - A Media defeat.

Apocalypse Near : interview with Noam Chomsky

Clearing the path for US war on Iran (Asia Times)

It is Lebanon, not Israel, that faces a threat to its existence

oh yeah, 170 Palestinians slaughtered since June 28 - just fyi

Some Serious SH*T is coming down Pike for Israel & US if Arabs Unite!

George Galloway interview on Israel and Hezbullah - a great watch

Jewish Leader in Brazil Accuses Israel of Doing Dirty Work in Lebanon

just what is israel doing in occupied palestine???

Israel, Seeking Rocket Buffer, Sets Expansion (NYT)

Tactics that have kept the Middle East's most powerful

Analysis: IDF still not in control of border strip with Lebanon

Addressing the central role of media in fabricating the 9/11 hoax

Pre-August 6 2001 PDB Evidence of Bush Pre-Knowledge

David Ray Griffin scheduled for Scarborough Country - TONIGHT

Mexico Leftists Shut Foreign Banks in Election Fraud Protests

Govt Exec. News: "Debate over e-voting is still plaguing elections"

Petition signer: I was duped

NOT POLITICAL! I need some computer repair!

my wife says the cast iron must go

Pasta as a sleep aid?????

Waiting for answers

Ottawa sets deadline for lumber deal

James Van Allen dead at 91

Haifa's Arabs: We won't leave city

Stephen Lewis, groups call on Ottawa to show AIDS leadership

Randi Rhodes to debate Neal Boortz on Larry King tonight

Clashes at UN as talks fail to break resolution deadlock

Indian state bans Pepsi and Coke

Hillary Clinton on display at NY's Museum of Sex

Pesticides in sodas rekindle Indian ire

1,500 violent deaths in Iraq over the last month...

2 Testify CIA Questioner Beat Detainee

Embattled La. Lawmaker Gets Competition

GOP official says (Ben) Nelson should pay all tax to '98 (Dem Ne)

Change to Win Helps Uphold Immigrant Workers' Rights; Workers Unlawfully D

Black slams ‘shameful' prosecutors

Bush Administration Mum on Israeli Plans

FBI Cleared in Deadly Puerto Rico Raid

Nato soldier dies in Afghanistan

Possible Replacements for Plum Island Research Facility Released

Homeland Security urges users to get Microsoft patch

Lawyers take step to clear Lay's record

Kleeb (Dem) blasts Smith (Rep) after radio show comments (Ne)

Israel Suspends Expanded Lebanon Offensive to Give Diplomacy a Chance

Rice cancels U.N. visit as issues grow over Mideast cease-fire plans

Control of Congress could change in '06, poll shows

Apple execs hire lawyers as options probe proceeds

FEMA Awards Hurricane Housing Contracts (worth up to $1.5 billion)

Iraq plans to remove Pentagon's proxy force

N.Y. GOP Republicans have heated debate

Broward officer apologizes for behavior after 2003 trade summit

Proposed War Crimes Act Protection For Bush Admn Would Apply Retroactively

Wash.Post: Counterintelligence Officials Resign

NYT: Rice’s Hurdles on Middle East Begin at Home

Lesbian candidate poised to become Missouri's first out state senator

i believe in

curly: "hey moe, i'm goin' fishin!"

in the struggle between light and darkness

lol, i just took out my student loans for this year...

I am Lord of the One Reply! This is my crown:

Where do we get our notion of what is attractive?

Any DU gamers at Gencon right Now?

Had a wonderful interview today. Do you think it was The Suit?

Rock The Boat


Mac OS help needed!

Why God Never Received Tenure at a University:

ZombyLove for All of the Lounge!

Post your artwork

Woman, 85, Left in Vault at Swiss Bank

Forradalmi Pizza for all of the Lounge!

Okay, I need feral advice (paging Bertha K!)

Worst parent permission slip ever

What causes small holes in flower leaves?

Man, I dig Pandora Radio....

I'm never washing my right hand again.

Does anyone else watch "Life On Mars" on BBCAmerica?

Ned Offers Nomination To Joe If He'll Quit Whining

MiniMandaRuth... This is MrsGrumpy... Hoping your evening progressed

Don't call me Liberal..

Just call me Packrattus Electronicus

oh snap...lieberman joke on Malloy

Colbert killed Kittenwar!

If it was me... I would not be fighting that hard.

When severe bordom strikes tinfoil tiaras...

Kleeb's doing some major @$$-KICKING, folks!

It's the Mel Gibson "Passion" episode of South Park

which elvis?


I am so bored . Someone talk to me.

i'm a cranky b****

[email protected]#$ men and the self-aggrandizing pedestals they stand on...

Raise your hand if you're cranky tonight .

Anyone heard from CalPeggy?

Why are women never attracted to nice guys?

Yeah... whatever. Peace out and...

"Republicans are like..." Contribute a simile of your own.


Well I never did hear back about Holly and LD isn't answering his cell

Why don't nice guys breastfeed at Olive Garden?

Why are women never attracted to positive ions?

So what are those of us in the Studly Stud club supposed to do?


Best tribute song or in memoriam

You all need to see "Little Miss Sunshine" THIS WEEKEND

Dingbats for Lieberman

Samuel L. Jackson, promoting Snakes on a Plane, will call your friends!

Does this happen to anyone else?

Best song review EVER

Holy Crap! A CGI Ninja Turtles movie is coming out 3-30-07.

Amuse me!

Possibly the most misogynistic and sexist lyrics ever..

Where will you be when the ZOMBIES take over?!

No! Amuse ME!

Serious question: Is it time for me to go home? I think it might be.

touch me in the morning

Deleted post show up as [0 Replies]

For those not far from Milwaukee...

What should this post be about?

Best Lifetime movie quote EVER!

does anyone think that it is cool

30 Days: Atheist and Christian

I had the nicest time tonight. I went to a Dem Bar-B-Que

Kerry on IWR vote. Also, Leiberman sucks.

President Bush would lose to Kerry and Gore today

A unpleasant take all the spin

Lamont Quote about Kerry-Feingold Amendment

delete- dupe

KOEB Meeting: 08/09/06 -- "Okay, I'll start this." Edition

All Hail Senator LieberBitch

A kiss Goodbye, Sore Loserman

And In Other NEWS!!!!!!...Breaking......

Olbermann is very good tonight

Jews against Lieberman

Here's a post by havocmom that needs to be read

FEINGOLD: Dems Being Just "A Little Different Than Repubs" Won't Win

Who is the dem strategist (female) on Hardball?

Ned to Joe at the 3-way debates

Get your kiddies to buy the new John Roberts as dad book.

Dean remarks on Republican post-primary spin.

"You know where George Bush stands. He stands on the wrong side of all...

WTF? Is Going On At The United Nations?? People are dying

Anybody know where's video of Joe's "concession" speech?

This was a referendum on BUSH

Guys - any chance of getting my thread kicked?

Jerusalem Post : report: US sailor spied for Israel

British lawmaker quits post over Lebanon

A Similarity between Bush and Katherine Harris? Temper Tantrums? ....

Any DU gamers at Gencon right Now?

“One More Situation Where The President Could Be Right In The Long Run”

How can progressives hate Jewish politicians when we love Fiengold?

Peace runs like a Train, towards Armistice Day

Katherine Harris ex-aides added to investigation

I guess I am way too subtle. Does anyone get post #3 at:

Randi Rhodes coming up next on CNN - Larry King

Randi up Next on Larry King...

O'Reilly claims oil prices will double if US pulls out of Iraq

KO: Coulter isn't just a plagiarist, her documentation is false, too.

You aren't going to like this post

My heart swelled with pride!

Canada pro-lifers are upset with stem cell research, and a reply from me.

Randi Rhodes to debate Neal Boortz on Larry King tonight

1,500 violent deaths reported in Iraq (last month)

Joe Sore Loser Is Up Next on CNN Larry King..

Liebermoron-Clueless Corporate Whore on Larry King

Was that just the most contrived end of Lieberman's interview with LK?

Detective Story: Has Rove Been Guiding the Lieberman Campaign

And who remembers who the SMILING Democratic guest was on

Harris - Liebermoron Ticket in '08 / Better than Zell Miller/David Duke

I created a Mean abusive people vote Republican sticker at cafepress

AOL poll on Iraq. Looks like folks could be waking up a bit.

Help - Lobbyists to Senator/Congressman?

When can we close the topic of Lieberman/Lamont

Dems didn't vote for Lieberman this time because he's a jew.

Lieberman: Independent for U.S. Senate (pic)

61 years later, why Nagasaki still matters

Will Al Gore Endorse Lamont?

Who's The Real Joe Lieberman?

Another pole to DU!!!!

Rice-Bush Rift Over War in Lebanon---Olbermann

"The missing (Egyptian) students pose no terrorism threat, the FBI said."

I just got flamed on myspace for posting laugh links as mid-east burns

Question: 9/11 panel on CNN

cnn graphic: WARBulletin

Are they trying to kid us or engage us with hard-hitting irony?!?!?

will Joe be recognized in the Senate as a Democrat or an Independent?

Irony Alert: Joe fired his campaign staff but...

Is a Democrat/Independent Candidate called a Depend ?

Lieberman "Hacking" Update: FBI Doesn't Like Liars

If there was ever any doubt that Charles Krauthammer is batshit crazy

Time To Play "Guess The Author"

Mike Wallace Interviews Iranian President

It's easy--we simply paint Lieb as a pure Republican and a warmonger.

The Lamont, Dean, Hillary FAR LEFT Democratic party

Another example of Lieberman Sucks

I'm watching the CSPAN 911 Scholars symposium on YouTube

LIVE NOW | Dr. Niles Eldridge on the Mike Malloy Show

But Apparently... Benedict Lieberman Doesn't Know It !!!

RANDI!!! On Larry King right now!

Who's voice makes you wanna hurl the most?

Randi Needs To Take Her Show.....

Senator Lieberman in Bed with Drug Lobbies

Iraq VP: Someone else has an interest in pushing Iraq into civil war

oh snap...lieberman joke on Malloy

Good news about Barbaro

Come to Fighting Bob Fest! (We even let non-Cheeseheads in.)


What's the real story with C*ndi?

Summing up Joe Lieberman's loss.

Ned Lamont avatars are up. What's-His-Name's are gone.

TABASCO will run as an independent!

Rumsfeld Replaced With Top-Ranked 'Command And Conquer' Gamer

CHENEY: Lieberman's Loss Will "Hearten American Terrorist Enemies"

"It's not persistence, Jon -- it's called "stalking"

You know what happens to someone who used too much of the brown acid?

Oh. My. God. Will it ever end? *PIC*

Government and IDF racked by leadership crisis (talk of coup d'etat)

Traitor Joe... Is A Bald-Faced Liar !!!

(FIORE) Let's Speak Rumsfeldian

Goddamned Warmongering Bastards

Mayor backs Lieberman's independent bid (Bloomberg)

MSNBC: Bush dresses SOBERLY but candidates keep distance

Do you care about what Darth Cheney says?

NYT: Anti-U.S. Feeling Leaves Arab Reformers Isolated

The way Larry King just treated Randi, NO WONDER he can't stay married

"Too many cops and not enough cop-killers."

"This is how we burry our dead new : in masses." - sad string of photos

What Do They Do When Joe Refuses To Vacate His Office in January? is back at it folks!

I wonder: are they "intentionally" inciting hatred against them?

CNN Poll: Terrorism & Gas Prices.......

The Devolution of Lieberman

AP Headline: Democrats Abandon Lieberman, Back Lamont

Did you hear Steven Colbert talking about Shrub's vacation?

Randi on Larry King Repeat - NOW

Republicans have to face the truth!

Are your children less able to see through the shit

Definitely... DU THIS Poll !!!

How Other Issues May Have Played A Factor In Lieberman's Loss

Who else is tired of being lied to?

The Daily Show tonight is a killer--I am laughing and clapping

Has The "Hannity Sucks Ass" Hero Been Identified? An Interview Would Be

Hey! This website looks just like DU!!!!

So Scarborough was up after Keith--making fun of McKinney and

Anybody Here Think rove Is loserman's new campaign person?

Isn't it about time for Osama to make an appearance?

Government propaganda channel Faux says Iran could go nuclear in 16 days

Help Lebanon

Anybody Wanna Peek At Holy Joe's Last Minute Contributions ???

Young Americans Drop Newspapers, Get News Elsewhere

Joe Lieberman has totally gone off the deep end

(VIDEO) Daily Show: No-mentum

Larry King show: How can you say that Isarel is giving diplomacy a chance

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in

Lieberman: "If I lose in November, I'll just start my own government"

Israel: 'Refuseniks' say they won't attack civilians

Control of Congress could change in '06, poll shows

Cretin in Kentucky creates Cretin-ist "museum"

Apartments won't let friend called to active duty out of lease

Will the GOP now put money in Lieberman's pockets?

I Heard loserman Use The Term "Independent Democrat" Again Tonight

So many Republicans supporting a Democrat is scary...

Proud to be a Liberal "Extremist"

If you are good at letter writing...please help...

Bush's axis of failure - Sidney Blumenthal

WP:Jury Out on Lieberman Effect


Apparently, we all need drugs

Mass. a leader in foreclosures, home price reductions

Sallust's description of Rome in 80 B.C. ...

30% of Americans can't remember what year 9/11 took place in!

Life In Hell /A Baghdad Diary

I got it! Here is what Lieberman/Bush reminds me of! BWAHAHAHA

CNN: Orders for new homes plunge...worst oversupply slump in 40 years...

NEW DAILY SHOW! Joe Talk coming up!

Democrats are not Anti-War, we are Anti-Unnecessary-War

"I'm the Challenger, in that sense now running against the Establishment.”

does Neal Boortz owe Air America $5000??

I hope Randi doesn't have plans for that 5 grand

RePUKES are anti-Semite scumbags. When was the last rePUKE Jewish nominee

Why should anyone bother to rebuild New Orleans

Huffpo: Detective Story: Has Rove Been Guiding the Lieberman Campaign All

Children of Irumbuchola pray for peace in Lebanon/post letters to Israel

Best damn news I've heard since the 2000 election...

My letter to ABC News after tonight's repeat portrayal "the Far Left".

Hillary Clinton on display at NY's Museum of Sex

Could you all please boot my post to the Greatest Page, too?

Unlike Republicans, I am not afraid.

Please help me. I cannot stand Hatch and I love his opponent.

What would make a Democrat look tough?

Lieberman's Internet Crew - Not Smart Enough to Buy This Domain Name

"You never planned on the bombs in the sand...sleepin in your Dress Blues"

I was at the store tonight, and an acquaintance was talking about

Dean says Lieberman is being disrespectful of the party.

Actually, Mr. Cheney What I Do Fear Is........

Scott Fleischer or Ari McLellan were infinitely better than Tony Snow

Welcome polling for 50 most competitive seats

Does anybody know if Howard Dean said anything about Lieberman?

The hypocrisy of the moonbats on 'the right'...

I guess the *admin (snow, mehlman,cheney, et al) had the dem=another 9/11

No Damn Wonder Leiberman Lost News Hr.

I'm glad Lieberman is running as an independent

just what is israel doing in occupied palestine???

Ct. Republicans will flock to Lieberman.

They are looking for a civil war

Money talks.

PUKE ALERT! NoJoementum next on Larry King.

Lieberman is endorsed by McGavick (GOP Senate candidate, WA)

WHAP! Hear that ? A hammer, an old lady and a Bush button.

I need a Katherine Harris fix. Any wacky news about that

Go to the Connecticut Forum and thank them!

1,500 violent deaths reported in Iraq (Baghdad July)

Iraqi Bombing Way (sung to the tune of Rocky Mountain Way)

Out of touch Republicans on Veterans affairs

I have a bunch of business degrees really -

Karl Rove and Lieberman

Joe Lieberman has lost his mind.

There are greater truths, sometimes.

Suppose Lieberman decides to caucus with the GOP???

Who's the guy over Ned Lamont's right shoulder?

"Pesky" regarding Lieberman

I pray about this.

I learned something once, a long time ago.

Cheney is a master at political rhetoric.

larry king just announced he is going to set up a debate

OH - Cuyahoga Co Commissioners Back Absentee Voting

Peace group under FBI surveillance

AP: Reid backs Lamont in Conn.; predicts 5 Dem gains in Senate

Democrats abandon Lieberman, back Lamont

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Website?

How will Lieberman's primary supporters vote in November -- exit poll data

Im ready to endorse Ned Lamont...

Who makes this shit up, ROVE?

I wonder who'll contribute to Lieberman's independent campaign.

Sissy boy David Brooks compares the "net roots", as he tags, well us..

gwb: "civil war this; civil war that"

I think I found what brought down Lieberman's site.

"Weak and Wrong: Today's Defeat-ocrats": A message from Ken Melman

alternative blogger view of Lamont win:

LOL..anyone see that jackass Riviera's bit about Colbert and Stewart

Here's what I don't understand about the Connecticut results...

Nice page at the DSCC website

Cheney suggests that Lieberman lost might encourage "Al Qaeda" types

Are you willing to take part in a letter writing campaign to the media?

Lamont victory helps Al Gore

Dick Cheney is a Nazi!!!!

Now that CT is over with, lets look to what primary challenges are left

"The Wonga Coup": Scrapping for Oil Profit in Equatorial Guinea

Russ Feingold re: DLC

Supervisor in name only Kentucky River cases

Another ALLEGED!! terrorist attack how convenient

A Hezbollah Upon All of Thee!

Ring of steel protects Iraqi lifeblood

British Lose Their Minds (Larry Johnson)

Street-Corner Solidarity (NY Times)

Analysis: Was this meant as next 9/11?


Washington Post Compendium on Lieberman's Defeat

Stress building in New Orleans, Katrina anniversary could spark problems

Christian right steps up pro-Israel lobbying

The Great Deception: the propaganda that we pay for

Cheney: Lieberman loss 'disturbing', because al Qaeda is...

Dead With Ned

Saudi Oil: Far from Twilight (hit piece on Matt Simmons)

Confronting the Monolith: The Struggle Against Islamophobia and Osamaism

Link to Lieberman on NewsHour 8-9-06

Rasmussen at 11:00pm tonight updated polls on Lieberman VS. Lamont

GOP still trying to make hay from Lamont win (MSNBC)

How Carl Schmitt Spawned Fascist America (ARTHUR VERSLUIS)

El Paso Reporter Risks Life on Story of Juarez's Murdered Women

20 July 2006: Israeli Soldiers use civilians as Human Shields in Beit Hanu

A Case for Impeachment

I don't fear the terrorists ...I fear other drivers

AMERICAblog: "Ned Lamont, Saddam Hussein, and Cynthia McKinney"

Am I Green Enough?

Why there are no protests in Cuba

How come when the Dow goes down 90 points...

Experimental GMO Golf Grass Found 3 Miles From Test Site

No sign of increased snowfall in Antarctica

Northwest Passage Now Open - Northeast Passage, Too (Satellite Images)

Arctic Sea Ice At Record Lows - Mainland Arctic 3.5C Above 30-Year Average

A Power Grid for the Hydrogen Economy (Scientific American)

Blue-green Algae, Fatal To Dogs, Now Carpeting Ponds Throughout UK

So Many Dead Crabs In Oregon Dead Zone "You Just Can't Count Them"

Saomai, Strongest Typhoon In 50 Years, Makes Chinese Landfall - NYT

Oil Spill In Lebanon Is Environmental Terrorism

JayZ Brings Attention To Global Water Crisis

Sat picture of the Lebanese oil spill-it is Huge!

The ? In TX - Why TXU Consulting Firm Also Does State Air Quality Tests?

Here's Detroit's Answer To $3.50 Gas - New Muscle Cars - NYT

McDonald's Putting Toy Hummers In Happy Meals - NYT

SE Asia Holds Its Breath As Fires Return To Indonesia - Reuters

Ground Zero Workers Push For Health Help - Bloomberg Wants Plan Vetoed

50 Large Fires In Plains, West - 6 Million Acres+ Burned So Far In 2006

Melting Of Greenland Ice Sheet Accelerates To 3X Rate Estimated In 2001

Surat, India's Diamond Capital, Swamped By Rains - Millions Homeless - AFP

UK Wildlife Hammered By Worst Drought In 100 Years - Independent

Ice-Free Arctic Of PETM (55 MYA) Likely Linked To Methane Hydrate Release

You Can't Drink Mud and Salt: Hydropolitics and the Invasion of Lebanon

Pesticides in sodas rekindle Indian ire

Congressional Bill to Provide Schools with Renewable Energy Funds

Drought Monitor 8/8 Update - From Florida To Idaho, California To Michigan


You Can't Drink Mud and Salt: Hydropolitics and the Invasion of Lebanon

Israel hits old lighthouse in heart of Beirut

Hypocrisy and the clamor against Hizbullah

How to talk to your Jewish friends about Israel ...

Jerusalem Post: Israel says BBC not reporting war fairly

Propaganda Tactics

Israel strikes at heart of Beirut, drops warning leaflets

Let's not forget what's happening in Gaza

Who? Me?!

Bush is hiding for a reason

9/11 exposed soon

Big church publisher buys 9-11 Bush plot

Here's the film the film 9/11 CTers wish Oliver Stone had made...

Book finds plenty to rip Rudy for on 9/11

Congressional Candidate vows to bring 911 truth to mainstream

David Ray Griffin on "Tucker" - 8/9/2006

GO rate this up! Each site has a way to give them 5 stars!

9/11 exposed soon

For Mike Malloy Fans! He is going to be on very shortly with

CDI says"pull it" means "pull the building down"

Presbyterian Press Does 'Bush Did 911' Book

Debate the 9/11 Skeptics - March 10, 2007

On September 11, 1990, G.H.W. Bush spoke before Congress:

A smoking gun! oops!

Manual recounts of random precincts OR machines for each ballot type?

Voter Suppression in Missouri - NYT Editorial

Writing in choice on eSlate will take a little more work

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Thursday Aug 10 2006

Austin People Let's go see Cindy!

DVO in Victoria

Rodriguez to Mount Comeback Bid in Texas’ Redrawn 23rd

Anti-FOIA study exposed and stalled

Save the Date ya'll! The 3rd annual Ghoul-a-palooza is October 28!!

Daily Kos diary: Kinky thinks you are un-American

Hutchison agrees to debate Radnofsky!

No New Dirty Coal Plants in Texas

What about Jamie & Bobby Deen?

Peter MacKay responds to my 5-month old email about Afghanistan

Hello Quebecois!

Any Toronto area DUers?

Terror 'may force freedom curbs'

US forces repel Afghan rebels' raid on American base

Just heard the plot....

Kiwis off to do battle in US wildfire season

German mayor bars eugenics lawyer

Galloway corrects newscaster.

Masked gunmen massacre five Colombia Indians

Reuters: Britain says attack expected imminently

TERROR ALERTS = Failure of Republican wars to make us safer.

Israelis seize Christian towns in south Lebanon

Solana welcomes Swedish proposal for Lebanon donor conference

Reuters: Bomb kills 30 near shrine in Iraq's Najaf

Israel hits old lighthouse in heart of Beirut

Airline Shares Plunge After Terror Alert.....

Five US soldiers killed in Iraq (#2597)

One killed, 16 injured in Iraq demos over fuel, power shortages

WP/Bloomberg: BP Was Told of Pipeline Worries in '04

Minor shifts reported in Mexico recount

Lamont win may alter Conn. House races

Friendly fire kills one IDF soldier, may have caused other fatalities

Two laundered money for Hizbollah -Ohio prosecutor

Bill to Curb Greenhouse Gases Poses Dilemma for Schwarzenegger

Hijack of Qatar Airways flight to Doha foiled --TV

Castro has stamped his mark on Africa's history

(CNN) Democrats lead in generic ballot

British troops under-equipped, overstretched in Iraq

Seven Al Qaeda Members Detained In Iraq Wednesday

1,000 civilians killed in Lebanon by Israeli offensive (AFP)

Iraq needs up to two years to build security forces: Hashemi

Iran will continue nuclear work "to the maximum scope": Ambassador

Breaking Five Of The Suspects In the London Terror Plot Are Still at Large

Auditors Reproach Calif. Charter Schools

Iowa to Showcase White House Hopefuls

Spielberg foundation to donate to Israel

Breakthrough in talks over cease-fire resolution; Security Council

Schwarzenegger Activates Guard in Plot's Wake

Chertoff: Plot 'suggestive' of al-Qaida

ABC News Exclusive: Three Alleged Ringleaders ID'd

Housing slump puts economists on edge

NYT: Lieberman Seizes on Terror Arrests to Attack Rival

Iraq to Up Southern Oil Output to 2.25 Million bpd by End 2006

U.S. raises threat level (to ORANGE and RED) at airports

Rove called Lieberman on voting day

GOP still trying to make hay from Lamont win (MSNBC)

Muslims bristle at Bush term "Islamic fascists"

(Turkey PM) Erdogan Calls International Community to Shoulder...

Bolton: Possible vote on ceasefire Friday

US Army seen reaching recruiting goal despite war

Venezuela primary called off

U.N. rips lack of aid access in Lebanon

Lieberman Kicks Off Go-It-Alone Campaign

UK Channel 4 News: Terror Raids brought forward due US Intel

Bush says Foiled Plane Plot "Stark Reminder" that United States

U.S. pays Blackwater $320 million for secret "global security" program

Officials probe Lieberman Web site crash

Some Israelis Criticizing War in Lebanon

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 10 August

Lebanon hospitals cut off, running out of supplies

China Hit by Strongest Storm in Decades

Judges Consolidates Telecom Spy Lawsuits

Security Worsens in Basra as Council Rejects PM's Decision

Air Canada flight ask for emergency landing

WP: Armor for the Whistle-Blowers

Airline Shares Plunge After Terror Alert (ABC/AP)

Iran urges foreign forces to leave Iraq after Najaf attack

Judge Won't Dismiss Pro-Israel Spy Case

(Army) Reserves chief eyes mobilizing on five-year cycle

Republicans, Democrats Clash Over Terror

Plane plot involved energy drink, MP3 player, official says

Moscow presses U.N. for 72-hour humanitarian truce

LA Times: 'Duke' Inquiry Cites Breakdowns (Duke Cunningham)

US drug chief promotes random testing in schools

Suicide Bomber Kills 33 in Southern Iraq

Resurrection Health Care Workers Rally for Voice to Provide Better Care

Oil Prices Drop by Almost $2 a Barrel

Old Feud Over Lebanese River Takes New Turn (

Lebanon gripped by anti-American sentiment

Bush announces escalation in 'war on kleptocracy'

US, Iraqi forces seal off Baghdad district in crackdown

Gallup: Many Americans Harbor Strong Bias Against U.S. Muslims

US Democrats say plot shows Iraq war a diversion

Mike Wallace interviews Iran's President

Change in Cuba Policy Floated

Activist got $10,000 for Schiavo work (Randall Terry)

Bush seeks political gains from foiled plot

In Connecticut, First Post-Primary Poll Shows Tight Race

U.S. Says Terrorists Planned Dry Run

Muslims shocked but sceptical over terror plot

BBC: 'Plot to blow up planes' foiled (new carry-on restrictions)

35 female foetuses found in a well (India)

"Investigators: Pair with passenger info, phones linked to terror"

House Broke

Lieberman compares terrorists to Nazis, calls for unity

Finnish FM warns Israel it cannot crush Hezbollah by force

New TSA Carry-On Baggage Rules

US Muslims bristle at Bush term "Islamic fascists"

GI Who Exposed Abu Ghraib Feared Revenge (Rumsfeld mentioned his name)

For no reason whatsoever, I give you...

I can't believe its 1 am.

SugarSmack cracks me up....

Leiberman...Israel...Lebanon.. Bush Sucks... Seacrest out...

Project Runway

One more drink, then bed.....

You can't make love to a memory...

"White Lightning"- George Jones

Okay, It's 3:03 AM, time for the Plan X meeting

I just received an email in my spam folder

Yeh, yeh, working again, someone else needs to fill in for Clint again.

Will someone please roll me in butter and sugar coat me?

*YAWN* Terra Thursday and....

Look, it's W's British contemporary

Today's Non Sequitur....

What's your favorite bootleg/unreleased album?

So I had to call a PD Texas tonight

Paul Reiser in bondage gear is a bizarre sight.


Hobbies, collectibles?

Congratulations graywarrior!! 10,000 posts

Can't even get a fucking local weather report

Mmmmm...fresh figs....

ATM Robbers Accidentally Steal Check Deposit Machine Instead Of ATM

Why am I awake at 5 am?

Western values 'are causing mental illness'

I wouldn't mind Traffic if it weren't for Steve Winwood

Lets talk about S_X baby

Most terror inspiring soft drink!

Nice to see the White Sox in the rear view mirror...

Interesting - 3 years in 79 seconds

Is there anything worse than a mosquito bite on your toe?

What's the "cans of tuna" thing about?

How long before the TSA mandates that we be cryogenically frozen crazy is it in the UK today?

Samuel L. Jackson Stars in: PRELL ON A PLANE!!

WannaBeGrumpy is reading over my shoulder...ask her anything.

Chicago sucks, and its entire population is made up of ugly morons


Husker Du Zen Arcade v. Beatles White Album

Married With Children: Hilarious Satire or Harbringer of Anti-Feminism?

The Verve: Unique Brit-Pop with Edge or Oasis Wannabe?

DU Manly Men: I'm wearing my manly man "wife beater" right now

Does anyone have a link to a Spanish language radio station

I'm a DU old fart, I've got my old fart clothes on

Post a pic of your favorite parking deck

We have cable TV and Internet that finally work now!

It is really nasty weather here! How is your weather?

I'm so fucking mad, now I'll never go to sleep

'Gangsta-Rap' Tea Party!!

Enter the NSA/GITMO BAY sweepstakes today!!!

What do you think about... cigars?

I made it through the day and didn't get blown up!

Do you think I have a chance with California Peggy?

You know, I feel better when I ignore the news.

I'm going to lose my hair - I've had a mind in my throat for like 3 days

which Senator has the best shot at winning American Idol?

Plot to blow up planes foiled - BBC

CONFESS!!! Did you call your f***ing senators and what did you talk about

Paint my toenails. RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Happy Birthday Love Bug!

After calling Congress I know what the lounge needs....

I just want to go curl up on my couch and watch a good movie!

Oh, fercrissakes — just ban air travel!

Call your mom. RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

who would you chose?

can't believe it !

How many schools did you go to throughout your schooling?

Here is a guy who won't be allowed to fly any time soon....

I am a troll.

No laptops on planes?! So I have to buy a shock proof cargo case?

Fuck you, *.

My boss just told me what a great job I'm doing.

Its a girl, Commander Bunnypants, Its a girl!!

One question

What could Lieberman have done differently?

My life fucking ROCKS!! Does yours?

"Screech" from "Saved By The Bell" scuffles with woman in Omaha hotel

I'm flying at dawn: what should I bring?

Britney gives K-Fed a no-limit AMEX card, wants to renew wedding vows

Please give a toast to my friend who just got a new job

Would you like a free evil black cat? [Pic Inside!]

How to talk to your Jewish friends about Israel ...

Where will you be when the ZOMBYWOOF and ZOMBIENATION take the Lounge??!!

Greens UNITE!

"HEY! Gitcha watah! Right heah!"

Big Brother: Kaysar will probably leave tonight!

Lamont pictures

I hate dial-up. HATE IT.

If you remember this song; I'll kiss you!

Carson's Comedy Classics is the unfunniest program ever to air

GD is a RIOT this morning!

My new daughter's Due Date is the Day After Tomorrow

Lamont...Lamont? Isn't he

I have 12 flights booked from now until 9/14

I'm back and I have a few things to say

OH MY FUCKING WORD...I sound like a boy.

Joe Liberman was drinking apple juice with Presidon't Booshe

My fiancée lost the babys diaper bag.

You have a bottle of Imperial Majesty perfume in your handbag.

An Olive Garden Site Just for the Lounge!

Music: Malloy

How can Gatorade mixed with Peroxide be used as an explosive?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 8/10/06)

DU Girly girls! I'm wearing my girly-girl t-shirt!

Oh shit. I found out what's hanging out, and it's not good.

Need a picture thread....

Google video

Furry Happy Monsters!

What's your current theme song?

I have decided that I love Amy Sedaris

Dating Guys Who Dated Paris Hilton

Name a distinguishing characteristic about yourself...

Name a disturbing characteristic about yourself...

Congratulations fudge stripe cookays!! 10,000 posts

DUdes...the girly girls are having all the fun. What are you wearing?


Dedicate a thong to a fellow Duer

Well , Guy i'm apparently not good at this thing

DU: I haven't cried this much in a long time as I have today.

Yankees net jumper could face jail

As a society,are we becoming addicted to creating blogs?

Be Patriotic! Fly Naked!

I'd like to teach the world to sing

I'd like to teach Michael Bolton to sing



Fashion help needed

I suspect pure corporate greed behind the latest "terramania"



Do you guys keep a "cushion" in your checking account...?

As a Longe, are we dedicated to creating lame copycats?

Just in case, this isn't just BS, do you have a plan?

have samuel l. jackson make a personalized phone call to yer friends!

Stones or Billy Bragg

Memphis hotel recommendations needed

i just submitted my cat to kitten war!

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Well, I'm apparently not very good at this girl thing

OMG. No more bringing the hotel freebie stuff home.

An invitation...

Oscar where are you?

Quick! What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

I'm going to lose my mind - I've had a hair in my throat for like 3 days

Possibly the most orgasmic and sexiest lyrics ever...

Does anyone have about 350 Million bucks sitting around?

What am I up against when I fly on Monday?

What's Your Favorite Simpson's Catch-Phrase?

Philly, New Jersey: Come see me play at the shore this Thurs. and Fri.!

Oh shit, I found out where the wasps are hanging out and it's not good.

Happy birthday merh!!

How About a People Picture thread

who remembers high school locker combinations? Urgent?

Boiling oil murder suspect turns herself in


Any suggestions on how to get an Autograph from...

I usually carry around $250 worth of makeup and "product" in my bag

Guess the DUer based on one sentence describing his/her musical taste

The airlines are ignoring the real problem

Dedicate a song to a fellow Duer

"Can't Make it Here Anymore" - a must-see music video for all DUers

Did I miss the Project Runway thread for today? **spoilers**

Well, I'm apparently not very good at this guy thing

Thursday, August 10. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

What music have you heard recently?

Snakes on a Sudoku

Misoula, Montana Rolling Stones!

lawlz, of course there's a terrorist plot foil the DAY I travel!

For the second time in a month

Thieves withdraw after deposit fiasco

Orange alert! Orange alert!! Orange alert!!!

Omaha DUers, what should I visit there?

Shut Up! Be Happy!

They are Hanni-dating over in GD

Lamont photos

see crazy Janice Dickinson fall out of her chair

Need help to calm down...

5 minutes to quitin' time


deeee-licious cocktail recipe: Lemon Drop

"Sheiks on a Plane"

The following is a paid advertisement.

In other news, business travelers desperately seek

I wouldn't mind traffic if it weren't for all the other vehicles

"George Bush's Access to the Liberal Hollywood Elite"

My friend says. Who cares, why bother, what difference does it make

Terrorist plot foiled! Two arrested!

Norma Rae on HBOSE now until

Well, thing, I'm apparently not good at this guy


Anyone? Am looking for a pc laptop. What can 800 clams get me? I am

It's Madison Time...

I am in hell!!

Whoever was bottling lavender wine...THANK YOU!!!

Cheney as the False Solitude (writings of Thomas Merton)

The President’s leadership has saved me

Mom's Dieting Can Be Unhealthy for Kids

Pass the Virtual Scalpel, Nurse

GBLT and mentally troubled?

House candidate seeks to repeal "don't ask" - - ABOUT TIME

United (DC) Hold Real Madrid 1-1

Two Eagles and a Phillie on the cover of Sports Illustrated (14 Aug)

Eddie Johnson wrongly accused by media of being a child molester

Michelle Wie Fires Caddie

PHOTO of Maurice Clarett's passenger seat

Daykeeper Journal: Energy Work to Protect our Freedom

Artists --do you ever feel a prior familiarity with your work...?

My LTE to my paper (not Kerry related) but just for your reading pleasure

OT: What do you think?

JK podcast on iTunes New & Notable, being freeped

OK, Big Eddie is showing JK the love again.

Senator John Kerry and Patrick Murphy to hold a Press Conference Call

Kerry was right - Part So-Many-That-I've-Lost-Track

Kerry Spokesman David Wade Responds to RNC Attacks

Kos gives Kerry

Sen. Kerry's Comments on This mornings Terrorist arrests in the UK

John Kerry: Crisis diplomacy insufficient in Middle East

Excellent b&w conversion technique -- Photoshop

My friend's iron collection

Countdown Newsletter: 08/10/06 -- Airline Terror Plot

Just FYI...

KOEB 8/10/06 "Liquids on a Plane!--Terra! Terra! Terra!" Edition

Rev Cheese gets a treat ..... a bush visit.

Raising the flag

He always put Joe First.

If Lieberman had kept it to himself that he intended to run as an...

Have the "Reagan Democrats" returned home ?

oh yeah, 170 Palestinians slaughtered since June 28 - just fyi

Bush is hiding for a reason

Tell me someone has video of the Daily Show tonight...

NYT editorial: Voter Suppression in Missouri

Why I Admire Cynthia McKinney

WP op-ed: "The Death of Triangulation" by Eli Pariser

Angry Exchanges in Debate by Two Republican Hopefuls for Senate

Clinically proven study: Zombies die of hunger at Republican conventions!

what we're seeing -- I hope -- are the first steps toward . . .

AP text alert : national security level raised

F*** "bipartisanship", really

2,595 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

When the Ship Comes In

They don't want it to be about the war.

Samantha Bee on Lieberman:

France Warns Next 24hrs Crucial Because Of Israel's Threatened Offensive

DU these polls!

Conspiracy Theory Number 1 on the Heathrow Alledged Threat...A Coup?!

A smoking gun! oops!

Someone let us know when Joe has a new site

Can I just say I can't stand seeing the pic of that lying slob KKKRove on

If Joe has declared himself an the remaining months ahead

Labour and Blair's cabinet is up in arms over Lebanon. Now a terra alert?

Can anyone get the Ray Taliafero show on KGO?

Four Questions that democratic candidates need to ask

TERROR ALERTS = Failure of Republican wars to make us safer.

Democrats Abandon Lieberman, Back Lamont

Where's Tony?

No one could possibly be weaker on security than the party in power

So how many phony terrorist plots have been foiled since 2001?

BBC & Skye: reporting that Blair/Bush discussed this plot in July

Tech Start-up Opportunity - Search Engine that respects privacy

"Trust me." "The check is in the mail" "I won't splooge in your..."

Bush to test his impact on campaign trail

UN attacks Lebanon aid 'disgrace'

TERRA! TERRA! TERRA! Happy election season everybody!

Hundreds of flights cancelled from London airports

HEADLINE: U.S. raises airline threat level to RED!!!

Another FLOP is in progress

Slain Tennessee preacher's wife to get out on bond.

Threat Level Raised to SEVERE (RED!!!!!!!)

There have been terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11

I can't help but think this new "terra" stuff came from some schmuck.....

HERE is the "red flag alert"....

Celebrity Death Match: Lamont vs. loserman

Gosh! bush may have to cut his vacation short!

Lieberman; After you defeat him, he returns (pics)

Where's George?

August 9 - the Number is Up to 2597

Remember this? FBI: Possible scuba diver attacks - May 24, 2002

Attack foiled?...Is it any less of an attack?

Code Red Alert!

ok,I just woke "Farenheit 9/11" on CNN?

Terror Warnings

TORTURE: The Question They Don't Ask

Obviously there is no point in watching any newscasts today.

What is this? "Terrorism for Dummies"? Candidate scraps Mel Gibson fund-raising letter

Remember way back when you used to believe the news & the govt?

Damn! What am I supposed to do at Code Red SEVERE?

less than 100 days to go and all they have left is terror plots?

so-with this code red alert-we have secured our ports-right?

SCOTLAND YARD: Full Statement On Today's "Plan To Commit Mass Murder"

Wake up people! Freedom isn't free!!!

Anyone remember the MIAMI terrorists from a few months back?

Rewriting the rules of American politics

Well Mr. Bush*, if YOU had caught Osama Bin Laden....

A terra alert campaign kick-off valentine for butt-boy Leiberman?

The Iraq blowback

Caption the Dynamic Duo

Anyone Seen Non-Sequitur This Morning?

So is the entire CNN staff rushing back from Israel?

The Death of Triangulation-The Pendulum Is Swinging (WaPo)

Chertoff says

I want a do-over in Connecticut

The war in Iraq prevented this attack

The terrorists won the war on terror even before it started.

OK, now I'm pissed

Why is it if America has the best Health Care system in the world

Chertoff says ----- Stand back from that Starbucks..... WMDs will not

This new ALERT has to be the most massive diversion from all

What was the voter turnout in Conn. primary?

MSNBC Terror Expert says British better than US in Intelligence /WireTaps!

Dick Gephardt , Tom Daschle, and now Joe LIEberman...

MODS: Please delete

Let's hope A-Q doesn't float an "Explosives in their Asses" idea


I'm convinced this is all a test....

Okay what did American, United and Continental airlines do

Real Life: What happens when a server is compromised

Washington Journal this morning

Airline Polt : Possible Activist Terrorism?

"Officials said the plot was very close to operational" - BREAKING

THAT'S IT!!!!!!

It's just a matter of time until the Suppository Bombers attack us!!!!

Have you ever read this comment by Winston Churchill about WWI ?

are the bushes preparing us for their next and very own engineered 911

Meanwhile The Ongoing Civil War In Iraq: Suicide Bomber Kills 33

Mexico Election discussion on

EXCUSE ME if I don't automatically believe everything on the t.v.

Oh shit gawd damn, I didn't finish mowing yesterday. will it be

The airline bomb plot is NOT a distraction from Lieberman

The terrorists are in 60 nations, well-armed and ready to attack....

So... When are we going to start getting any real info..

Does anybody know the latest on Bush's effort to allow US citizens

Alaskan Governor freezes state hirings......

Why do you suppose everytime Bush heads to the Pig Farm, there's 'TERRA'?

Breaking News Brits break up a Bomb plot for Airplane heading to America

Hasan Nasrallah is Working Ehud Olmert

They ** and Darth are Killing the Airline Industry

* Admin scrambles to put US spin on British investigation/arrests?

I. Am. Hypnotized. ooooo Pretty colors on animated Terror Alert Bar!

“Not one big success of the Mossad has ever been made public”

400 Detention Officers needed in Maricopa County AZ

Hey Joementum, call Katherine Harris

Donnie Rumsfield and General Peter Puff are on the case now!

No one in my office has mentioned the foiled terrorist plot.

GOP IS worried about the Lieberman loss

Fight them Over there Isnt Working For.......

Call Oprah Winfrey. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

EVERYBODY READ this Firedoglake post.

Should I mobilize the National Guard for my hiker shuttle today?

Something to ponder when considering returning Joe to the Senate

Delay: 'Always Count On the Judiciary To Make Stupid & Dangerous Rulings'

Meanwhile, OUR terrorists are plotting mass murder right in front of us.

The formula for Liquid Terror(tm) has been revealed...

How many days are the conspiracy theories going to fly around GD?

Are these the only 'facts' in this UK terror arrest?

Chaos Rules !

"mass murder on an unimaginable scale."

delete pls.

Okay, which DUer posted THIS on FR? LMAO

Little Cowboy Boots will be addressing the nation shortly...

from the not so prescient files

Bush to make statement re: terra threat @ 10:50 central

Red Alert-A-Thon

How does one "prove" that you have liquid medicine or baby formula?

Gonzalas just advised us to go about our normal lives but have patience

Cold War vs. Al Qaeda/Terror hoaxes now?

Rachel Maddow rules.

What has happened to DU?


New Book tells the truth about Giuliani.

Iranians unveil new secret weapon

About these "personal hygiene" terrorists...

Desperate politicians do desperate deeds...

Self-defense Against Fresh Fruit

Feingold gives Lamont $5,000 contribution


Anyone ever read the story about the boy who cried wolf?

Lobbying Firm Creates "Home-Made" Anti-Gore Web Video

OMG Turn on faux snooze

Incoming on aisle 5. Getcher popcorn.

How Long Before Tony Snow Links Lamont's Win To Today's Red Alert?

Lebanese direct growing anger at US

Bloomberg: "Let's all go on with our daily lives".. I was actually mayor

Bush's visit on schedule 10:35 a.m. (CT). Green Bay, WI

Restrictions on liquids of any kind are posted at the security checkpoint

News Conference----National Security Joint News Conference

Letter: Out of Iraq?

Baby food! Freaking baby food!!

Red Alert! Lamont Wins, Homeland Security Criticized, Repubs Save Us!

More proof that Bush is a sadistic monster....

Flash: Combustibles can be substituted in personal containers!

Hey Look!!

"Islamic fascists who will do anything to destroy FREEDOM"

Computer help needed

Has Air Force One been checked for LIQUIDS?

9/11 exposed soon

Stock Market taking a Hit on terror plot news.

Voting Machine Blues and the Connecticut Race

What he really said...

OH, FOR FUCK'S SAKE! Now it's "don't use your cell phone within 50 feet...

when they told us to "get rid of the clutter" in our travel baggage so it

The war within the war

Ain't it just ironic that a neocon's daughter is helping

OMG!!! Hydrogen dioxide has been released into the US water supply!!!!!

Hey, Islamic fascists! Vanity Fair landed the Suri Cruise photos. So there

I've turned into a quivering, gelatinous mass

The GOOD NEWS story to accompany the TERRA TERRA story:

Preserving liberty may require the rule of a single leader – a dictator

Lieberman: If I Lose Again, I'll Duel Lamont!"

You Can't Drink Mud and Salt: Hydropolitics and the Invasion of Lebanon

Here’s what the Democratic party is against:

Video: Lewis Black kicks Lieberman's ass

We are a country held hostage by fear

The airline bomb plot once again proves the MSM...

The smoking gun found.

so one day after the Lamont win theres a foiled terror plot

Bush and Lieberman will do all they can to exploit this latest plot

Okay, this is the ideal time to ask conservatives like Tony Snow

Sen. Reid Statement on British Terror Plot

How newsworthy ?

You can have snipers bump off civilians at will driving around a freeway

Bush announces nation-wide ban on drinking water.

Name that WAR MONGERING NEOCON in 3 seconds

W To Attempt Speech At 11:50 AM ET

Center for war-related brain injuries faces budget cut

wacky info from Nextel about "terrorists"

"Thirty percent of Americans can't name the year that 9/11 happened."

Will Somebody Post A Poll Set-Up About Who Thinks This Is

Katrina anniversary approaching. Hey, CNN! TERRA TERRA TERRA!

Why should we think the "terrorism" plot is not real ?

Have we heard from Osama yet, as to whether or not this was an

Who started using the phrase islamofascist?

LAT: Old Feud Over Lebanese River Takes New Turn (Blood for Water?)

Driven from homes, Lebanese blame U.S. for war

Here comes that ol' ORANGE ALERT once again

Just curious is Connecticut a closed or open primary state?

"There is no place safer in Baghdad right now"

So have they also canceled the planes carrying bombs to Israel?

Larry Johnson on Thom Hartmann - He's skeptical about this threat

"Ah'm totally resolute in my resolve..."

A question: Would most of the passengers on planes have been Americans?

"President" on way to fundraiser, will address the latest terror hoax

Some friends of Joe... (Birds of a feather flock together)

British Lose Their Minds: By Larry C Johnson

why didn't the cabal pull this "threat" out of their asses

These cable networks are too much: "TERROR IN THE SKY!!!!"

Think the MSM is trying to distract us with terror? I think DU'ers are

For Mike Malloy Fans! He is going to be on very shortly with

Mass Murder on an Unimaginable Scale?

My LTE to Hartford Courant: Ned-vote is vote FOR party unity, not against.

Would the "missing" Egyptian students be part of this plot?

Awakening the Resistance

Traveler's dilemma.. You have a $2k laptop & a designer handbag

Hasn't the Bush Administration cut and run from the search for Bin Laden?

The Project for a New American Century is Throttling Up.

Is Bush taking/being given credit for the "liquid death" plot bust?

Wait till Wolf Blitzer comes on today...

NY1 sponsors a Repug. Senate debate in New York.Refuses a Dem debate.

Want to bet we'll hear: "The President has seen a bump in the polls" soon?

Why do they wait for a disaster to upgrade security?

If bush knew about this plot for days, why didn't he warn us?

Seems to be a contradiction in this report (terra plot)

Do we know the detials?... Who are these 21 "terrorists".. How

Please vote in cool poll: What's your take on the latest terror plot?

I'll pay attention to this terror thing when "liquid explosives"

NRO Wingers pick random DU comments to prove what?

The foiled plot? where's the proof? show me the money...!

Don't forget people!!!

TV terrrrra coverage in U.S. vs. Canada: A photo essay

Box Cutters & Liquids bring the most powerful nation to its knees.

What we know

Intentional or not, a great diversion...

Well here is one listed on Wikipedia

Democrats have good day... TERROR ALERT

Hugo Chavez Really Going to Sever All Ties With Israel?


A musician's story of flying the weekend before last. ("Hello" to N.CA!)

Stephanie Miller: I sure hope Katherine Harris isn't planning on travellin

New Terror Plot discovered in Michigan....

Legalizing Marijuana - A New Republican Strategy?

Everytime I see Chertoff, I see the dead of NO walking.

Milkshakes on a Plane, coming to a theater near you!

So, Joe Took A Principled, Damn-the-Consequences Stand on Iraq

Congressional Candidate vows to bring 911 truth to mainstream

Remember immediately after the Democratic Convention in 2004 -

A Very Interesting and Entertaining Article

This liquids thing is nothing new

As I sit here listening to the British officials explain the terrorist...

While terrorists plan, troops took turns to rape 14 year old Iraqi girl.

Bush and Blair Both on Vacation....

Demanding Better Government Oversight and Accountability Is Now A Whacko..

Schwarzanegger Activates Troops!

GMO Genie Out of the Bottle in Oregon

Sayin' it loud...once again...


Will Syria Talk to Hizbollah? At What Price?

Loserman's hometown paper: "get out of the race, Joe."

Do London passenger's have to fly naked?

Top Democrats drop support of Lieberman

Survey Finds Tokyo Residents Are Tops in Purchasing Power

So, did the police in the UK shoot anybody in the back yet?

These aren't voters, are they?

"The Hammer" has become "The Quitter"

Anyone catch Chimpy talking about the 'cooperation'...

A thought on today's event....

UPDATE: Manslaughter Charges Filed Against Father who left child in car

How will this affect your Flying Routines, if at all?

Another possible reason for distraction....

CBS weighs indecency rules for "9/11" documentary

Chertoff said it was in "final stages." This "expert" on CNN just said

new meme: "The Kneepad Networks"

Why blow up planes over the oceans? Somethings fishy

Airline Security So That No One Will Fly

ABC Breaking. Three ringleaders in UK to US plane bombing plot

RIGHT before "terra plot" news broke, "Coast to Coast" guest predicted it!

"Terra attack": Let's add this up shall we?

My grandmother has been listening to right-wing talk radio!

The Olbermann List of questionably timed UBL sightings, scares, alerts,

Why do these crazy terrorists want to kill Innocent Americans?

GI who exposed Abu Ghraib, describes incident when Rummy dropped his name

Ms. Piggy came by with a terra alert in the office.

What issue do the Repubs wish to run on in November ??

Nail clippers back to off the plane?

Has even ONE "prompter-reader" even MENTIONED "Bojinka"?

Don't throw away that junk mail!!! Free money!!! Really.

Is there anything else going on in this world?

Clark Kent Ervin just now on CNN: 100% of cargo checked in UK and Israel!

what will they say about the *techniques* used by Scotland Yard

Revenge of the Joe (joke - pics)

What is going on????? Why call Congress???

Politicizing the terrorist plot

Breaking: Air-force 1 has landed, Bush's speech any minute now

Ohio Senate Poll: Brown: 49% Dewine: 41%

Bush had gone to sleep Wednesday night

Yay! I had my first 'real' interview last night.

KO ought to be HOT tonight! I wonder how he handles this one?

Wow, GD sure is informative today.

What would BushCo rather have you think about today? Lamont or FEAR?

Is It Only A Matter of Time Before They Link This Plot To IRAN???

Joes in a state of shock.. In complete denial

This is it. I am turning everything off. Computer, television, radio..

It is so discouraging...

why do the neocons and the bush cabal hate the airlines?

It is Lebanon not Israel that faces a threat to its existence in this war'

Oh Geez!! I am in Yahoo politics chat

Clinton thwarted NUMEROUS terror attacks during his administration.

Just want to say - When the Bush twins are in the Army in Iraq (Gannon supports Joe)

What about bodily fluids on planes... I mean

Remember the Miami terror plot?

Duty Free Terror.

For my 1000th post may I recommend this DU thread:

A scene from V that they should have put in.

The Dick of all Dicks weighs in on the Lamont victory

Dept of Homeland Security Issues New Check In Guidelines

Kos: Republican Party puts Hitler mustache on Dean

Holy Crap, Fox News: Dems lead Reps 48%-30% for the fall elections

Tony Snow replaced by new spokesman.

They've cried "WOLF" so often, the credibility is gone.

Republican Party puts Hitler mustache on Dean

okay chemists and other people who know how explosives work

New Laws to Govern Planet Earth: Freedom, Justice, Equality . . .

Help. I fly tomorrow. What should I know??

You would be surprised what gets passed TSA/airport screeners.

Sick, sick, sick, we are now the Khmer Rouge wing of the party

Are all skeptics considered mentally unstable now?

Documentation of Joe saying he would serve only 18 years

TheSmokingGun.Com posts story on "missing" Egyptian students

So the repubs strategy for the fall election is to stay in Iraq? Perfect.

what the heck is causing petrol to plummet in price?

Today's Non Sequitur... Clarence Thomas & Antonin Scalia

Why would British security agencies care about a primary in CT?

Rove regarding Lieberman: “I called him. He's a personal friend"

OK, seriously - I'm flying today - what do I need to know?

Call your mom. RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

This crap just doesn't count as news

Today's Non Sequitur :)


no liquids?

anyone else think about the "Terror Blitz in "V" in relation to this

Finally...some reasons for the panic...Heathrow employees involved

Reprehensible freep quote regarding Peace the Middle East

Ha....The British aren't falling for the "scarey terror plot!" either!!

Tell me, has Bush come off of vacation yet?

How easy is it to "strip" someone of their committee positions?

I guess the Patriot Act Hasn't Prevented Terrorism

So, on that Homeland Security Bill in July, How did the Repubs vote?

O'Reilly: Lamont's Win Shows 'Americans Have No Will To Restrain Jihad'

So I guess we start calling the fundies Christian Fascists?

Just wonderin'....

Joe Bageant Fans!: Deerhunting with Jesus Now available for Amazon Pre-ord

If this is Al Quaida, then we should have killed Bin Laden.

The TERRA color chart the government does not want you to see:

Just throw your liquid explosives in here!

I suspect my neighbor has several types of Liquids, what should I do?

Alberto Gonzales - anyone catch his expression?

Was the US going to be silent about the "plot" if Britain didn't go public

So Joe.... one Senator was needed...Where were you?

Why I don't trust the media blitz on terror threats

ABC says 5 terrorists are still missing!

Are you getting sick of life on this planet ?

Code Brown


ABC News Exclusive: Three Alleged Ringleaders ID'd

It's pay day for Mrs. Lieberman's lobbying clients!


A very questioning article..How to stop genocide?

The Whiz-Bang Effect.

KERRY: “It’s Clear Staying The Course In Iraq Is Not Making America Safer"

Just heard the plot....

Here we go again...Hannity just said...

Will the explosives experts in the house please step forward

Deleted By Poster Posted twice some reason.

What about Mentos?

New docs suggest broader conspiracy in phone-jamming case

Hey Oldtime DU'ers: Dont forget to welcome the Newbies...

Attention Islamic Fascists and Terrorists Everywhere: MacGuyver isn't real

Bush seeks political gains from foiled plot

You should be very afraid

Correctly Framing The Terror Arrests

I Do Not Like "The Big Tent". It Is A "Big Loser".

A reason I take things with a grain of salt: 'Member the Fla. "Terrorists"

this Millenium has really sucked so far

Check Your Driver's License. Is The Expiration Date 2008?

Lamont’s campaign manager: "Did Karl Rove write this attack line for Joe?"

Frightening, truly the most disturbing thing I have ever read:

Breaking News: Gatorade Has Just Changed Their Marketing Slogan

Islamic Fascist?? Vs..

California Healthcare needs your help!

NO cell phones or laptops on planes now?

The latest terror 'plot' actually helps Dems

What is the Freep-hole saying about the terrist plot?

The simple truth: Bush lost the war on Terror when he invaded Iraq

I've had it!

Israel Threatens Southern Beirut With Bombs. A Boy & His Grandpa Flee...

Simple way to turn around 'soft on defense' charge

Anyone else have this vision of a group of terrorists laughing their asses

Boiling oil murder suspect turns herself in

In defense of Gatorade


Bush's "barn" has a hole in it. CBS Crawford coverage shows it.

How to talk to your Jewish friends about Israel ...

Oh my God the talking points!

TOON: How to treat the right versus the left

New flight security: No clothes. No baggage. 24 hour fasting before flight

The arrested plotters were mostly Pakistani. Wolfie on CNN reports

reason on lieberman

Wow! Some Republicans are STILL racist:

Dean: America's Safety Must Come First (Calls For Bush To Return To DC)

why did they say gas prices went up?

How you too can thwart an attack like the ones Wolf fears...

Bush lifts Dem talking point GOP once objected to

Cheney warned us

An idea whose time has FINALLY come: NAKED AIR!

Remember - the NEWS of the day should be LAMONT

Would someone, anyone tell me

FOX NEWS POLL: BUSH 36% Approval & Dems BLOW AWAY Repubs 48% To 30

Stupid media still calling Lieberman a Democrat:

What the hell are Chertoff and Gonzales puffing their chests out for?

So if America gets attacked again, will Bush get another pass?

Think about what the Pubs would be saying NOW if Clinton was still Prez!

Turn a landmind into a lifeline (War Child helping Iraqi children)

Get Away Car Found (Boiling Oil Murder Case)

Great Sayings in History - The Lieberman Way!

A WHOLE BUNCH OF New Bumpers Stickers (beginning of a series I think..)

Bush backs India nukes = Pakistani bomb plot?

Yard signs in a townhouse community?

It is hilarious how these other pundits on MSNBC are trying to stir up

Lot's of thread about this terror alert being contrived. I don't think so.

I'm glad that this plot was foiled

Lieberman loses, CODE RED, CODE RED, CODE RED

Making it in George W. Bush's America

What did bush know about this, and when did he know it?

Sen. Pat Roberts uses the foiled UK terror plot to attack Leakers aka NYT

Chertoff on Tweety--"Flying is safe because WE keep you safe"

Reuters: Major cellphone outage reported in New York

Chapstick ok/not okay on planes?

Holy Crap! This freeptard claims to be a doctor? (Crusade watch)

Social Security privatization is back!!!!

P*ssing off business travelers is NOT a good idea....

So does the U.S. have to "shock and awe" Britain now?

Forgive my ignorance of terrorist's ways, but...

Those arre4sted in todays terror attempts should produce trials right?

LOL! Hillary Clinton is topless!

I can easily indict Blair and Bush for the events of today....

OK Dems ... it's time point out that the GOP has FAILED ...

Jomentum Loserman get more endorsements

Benjamin Franklin Rolls Over Several Times In His Grave.

The British Authorities foiled the plot: feared U.S. FBI would LEAK!

Target America--Terror in the Sky

Hannity Goes Into Meltdown Over the Lamont Victory (video)

Financial responsibility a rant..

Lame Duck of Destruction

A Letter to Joe Lieberman - On the edge of a downward spiral

JESUS CHRIST!! - How Much Bush Stupidity Can We Take - Larry Johnson

Media Alert: John Edwards up next on Hardball

Are you scared?

What is the difference in Islamofascism and Amerifascism?

How much fun is this? We've got the GOP singing the praises of...

Skeletor and Gonzo say "Code Red"!

The reason Lieberman is getting so many GOP endorsements is obvious

"I spy with my little eye....somethinggggg....DEADLY"

Delay: Liberals Think Terrorists"Are Wonderful People That Kill Americans"

So which freedom is it that the terraists hate us for anyway?

The terror plot foiled in London is...

Why should I believe the Blair British Government?

Democrats say plane plot shows Iraq war a diversion

DU and Terrorism

Nearly 5 Years After 9-11 Al Qaeda Is Still A Threat?

What is the most important quality you look for in a candidate?

"Why The World Hates the Jews"

Disturbing article: Many Americans want Muslims to carry special ID.

You've got to see this video!

How was the British terror plot foiled? By Military Action?

Future Flight

Any polls on how Lieberman would do if he switched to GOP?

I'm waiting for the hard hitting Democratic response...

The GOP simply must be running scared!

Scott Ritter up next-On liberal excellence, the Peter B Collins show

Here it is, noon, and not one word of any news except "The Plot."

USA And France Agreeing About Israeli Conflict?

Hear me out, damn it. I bet that at least once a week or more

How can Gatorade mixed with Peroxide be used as an explosive?

So Rush's illegal Viagra would get him in trouble THIS month

WTF! Romney is mobilizing the National Guard for Logan Airport?

Hey! I am a Bush onturrrpernewer! SALON ROW 22!

Two items that the * government is trying to pass for your reflection

Bush: Failed terror plot a reminder that everybody should stop complaining


HEADLINE from AUSTRALIA: Bush seeks political gains from terror plot

This is the key question that needs asking about the arrests made today...

I propose a new label for conservatives

Can someone explain how Deoderant, Toothpaste and Shampoo, Lip Gloss

I think the republican strategy is WAAAY to smart for me to grasp....

When speaking, British authorities actually sound like they might have

Job Reports from accross the Country on returning vets

Touch Of Gray

RW cartoons compared to Nazi propaganda of 1930's

error -please delete

Well, which direction will Tweety list tonight?

White House: "Weeks before September 11th, this is going to play BIG"

Now the whole world knows how to make a cheap bomb. Armageddon

8 friggin months

We're having a terror party, we're having a terror party.

What's wrong with being skeptical about this latest terrorist threat?

August 22

A question nobody has asked?

"Canada will be cursed by God if it doesn't help Israel."

Anyone watching WCBS-TV New York Local News ???

CT Primary analysis Lamont victory "widespread" carried 7/8 counties...

MO requires photo ID to vote in November...possible

If al-quida types are becoming strong again --enough to organize a

"Chavez says Castro fighting for life"

"Republicans, stop politicizing the war on terror" theme for 06 elections

Ultimately, banning items from flying will fail

"I thought we were fighting them in Iraq so we didn’t have to fight them

Flying should be banned permanently - world better off

Imagine how much $$$ personal hygiene companies will make!

New Airline Passenger Guideline: Fly Naked

If you using the terms fascism or fascist, Umberto Eco is a must read.

Can the Democrats just boot Lieberman out of the party?

No end seen to Mexican vote dispute from recount

All of the local news at 6PM (St Louis) led

Old, but good

Lamont Needs To Assume He Is Running Against Rove

Operation Bojinka:1994 plot to hide liquids for bombs in contact lens case

By popular demand: Keith Olbermann's Nexus of Politics and Terror


The Real Deal.

Question: if a person meets another person... and this person

If one or two or more guys on a plane were mixing chemical

There is no global warming

Tweety just brought up "cavity searches" !

I can't stand to watch *Bush, but I had Nightly News on and was

Just because it is real doesn't mean the aren't using it to their advantag

Barn Doors and Runaway Horses...

CNN's Headline New "Prime News Tonight" seeks story ideas: [email protected]

OMFG, gag me with a spoon. Brian Williams on Tweety who called

The timing of the terrorist bust is almost obvious.

On The British Terror Story

Recipients of "Leaks" May Be Prosecuted, Court Rules

Hot off the wire - another plot foiled: Project Bojangles (satire)

Two days after Ned Lamont's victory

Let's remember: Bush Admin FAILED to break up 9/11 - even w/ 8/6 PDB!!!

Stephen Colbert compared Bush to a cordless vacuum

You think Lou Dobbs is outraged that people aren't as outraged?

Wes Clark: 'Forget about the neocons. This era is over'

"bad guys" "good guys" --

BREAKING: Peroxide and Gatorade Involved!

Just yesterday, John Reid, the UK Home Secretary, said...

I believe the Middle Easterners are very good at propaganda...

I discovered a trojan on my computer today trying to reach Akamai

Are the terrorist real

"Undercover agent infiltrated group plotting terra attack"

Oh no, they were going to use Peroxide!


can I take my snake on the plane?

ABC: U.S. Aware Of Plot For Days

Regarding Dangers: Google "Incompatible Materials."

They were going to blow up Gatorade using the IPOD? WTF?

Can we agree that the "terrorists" are the "bad guys" ?

Hannity, Kristol and Coulter in total meltdown.

Ouch! This is a tolerance dilemma.

Any Idea Why The Shoe Bomber Didn't Go Into The Bathroom?

Q: Why wasn't the Senate Intelligence Committee informed?

I give up. The "Islamic Fascists" have won.

First time ever a woman has made the runoff for president of Navajo Nation

No more easy flying.. Those days are gone forever..

Alex Jones scheduled for AAR's "Ring of Fire" - 8/12/2006

A critique of Gore's lifestyle by Peter Schweizer...

Hot Damn! CNN calls Abeer a 14 yr old girl!!! (Girl, little girl also)

USA Today bashes Gore on consumption

Lock this Post and Thread , Please...Can't Discuss.

Bojinka redux?

Memory Hole: List of CIA Inspector General Investigations (Terrorism...)

Water infrastructure in Southern Lebanon has been destroyed

AD 2008 - The diary of an intercontinental flight

Are the freepers running to home depot for duct tape yet? >>song

Terror Alerts: Damned If You Do...

Enough airport stuff.. let's "Hanni-date"

The 'explosive cocktail' thing isn't that farfetched

bush: "this is a stark reminder that we are at war"

If laptops are banned on flights what will you do?

The Media have seemed like obedient little chipmonks today

I can't stand to watch that disgusting old drunk anymore.

Hey, I'd LIKE to believe my govt. & media, but you see, I can't.

I have NO fear of terrorists...

Can you blame us for being skeptical?

Attn: Freeper mental midgets: It was the POLICE - namely Scotland Yard...

CNN Breaking: You can now take gel onto planes.

ALERT: Terrorists determined to kill Americans on American soil.


Local Tester HQ has me FUMING!

There is no such thing as Islamic Fascists or "Islamo Fascism"

"At first I got carried away. It was patriotic fervor . . ."

how can someone be a terrorist in their own country?

***Official Alan Schlesinger appreciation thread***

So, why use these explosives?

Bush is Trying to Scrap the War Crimes Act

It is a "plot"...

You have to be careful when you pick your web address... (an email I got)

"Non Sequitur" takes a look at the SCOTUS

LOOK, its not about about a real or fake terror plot OK?

Next they might make us check our laptops in our unlocked luggage.

The TerraPlot: What I believe

Retroactive War Crime Protection Proposed - Don't get distracted, DU!

Americans are "Fraidy Cats"..

"NORAD/Cheney Lied People Died" MSM News Blackout Gives Kiwi Site A March

If you could invent a weapon, what would it look like?

NOT exploding Gatorade, but used to HIDE explosives. Updated.

Bush and Blair Both On Vacation.....

Another Theory On Timing: Terrorists Want Repug Control Of The Government.

This is so fucking stupid, we're being run into the ground by a bunch of..

This paranoid Karl fantasy crap is hitting an all time high around here.

Help!! I'm immigrating to Japan!!

Cheney Gave Lamont/Al Queda Speech-KNOWING-This Terror Warning Was Coming

HELP! Is the "72 virgins" reward for terrorists in the Koran?

Who should we fear the most, Islamic Fascists or Neo Con Fascists?

He doen't sound barbaric...Iranian leader talks to Mike W.

Enlist here for the New Crusades


Leahy On Plane Plot: Diversion To Iraq Created Breeding Ground For Terror

New Daily Show Correspondent has the driest sense of humor...

I see this differently

Everyone MUST SEE "V for Vendetta"!!! NOW!!!

Ed shultz is a fake ass republicon..

Video blogger Ze Frank on terror.

Only the democrats can and will, rescue us from the evil plotters..

Lost My Breakfast After Reading NYT article on China's Slaughter of Dogs

Bush and Condi clash over Israel; president overrules her . . .

I call Bullshit on this foiled terror plot, who is with me?

Karl Rove IS NOT ALL POWERFUL! He's just a fat douche with some luck.

GI Who Exposed Abu Ghraib Feared Revenge after Rummy Said his Name

Marginalizing Science From Both Ends...

If your spouse cheated and lied incessantly would you STILL trust them?

Lessons Learned from Today’s Terror News:

They are laughing at us

If anybody really needs some good laughs today, read this message board

OK, The DU Disconnect.

MSNBC- the Made-up Sh*t News Broadcasting Corporation! Some thoughts

Listen please

John Dean on "The Guy James Show" today-please keep kicked

I saw a great bumpersticker last week, which is worth repeating today.

Read what the DLC has to say about "Liberal Fundamentalism" & Joe

Let's All Fly Naked

Alternate view on whether Hezbollah is targetting citizens....

Is this terrorist alert just BS?

Why are we all such tinfoil hatters?

Yellow Elephant Bingo - LOL

So the INCOMPETENTS admit they foiled the terror plan in "last stages."

Lou Dobbs: "an incompetent and at worst deceitful federal government."

what are these people seeing ...

WH Official: "Weeks before September 11th, this is going to play big"

AUDIO/MP3: Mike Malloy on this morning's British terror plot

An 9 year old gets it, why can't a 39 year old?

Which people used to have a government that supported the Shah of Iran?

* attempts to bend a steel beam with his hands - pic

Some of us disagree. I hope we can all remain friends.

How long before we find out that the head "plotter" was a police guy

I Have Zero Reason To Believe The Plot Wasn't Real. I Refuse To Mock It.

DHS wants you patch your Windows computer

War crimes protection

Concentrated peroxide = rocket fuel...Gatorade bottle = container.

OK. So just what has this cabal told us the TRUTH about?

Israeli Forces 'Detain' 350 Lebanese Soldiers Who Wouldn't Share Garrison

If liquids are a danger in the air, why aren't they on a subway or train?

Israeli soldier wearing US flag

Word problem: how many die if Americans choose to drive an extra

How great is heaven for the 72 virgins?

Regarding the graphic photos of dead children...

I am so blind with rage at this photograph:

Why Wal-Mart wants to sell ethanol

Want a BIG SCOOP? Check yesterdays puts & calls placed on the following:

Joe, you're a good and decent man

Blair retracts his claim that Iraq can attack us in '45 minutes' with WMDs

Joe. L camp unprepared. did not believe Lamont was a threat. Great

*V for Vendetta*

TASINI ON THE WAR - New Video --->>>

Explosive bomb? Is it one that can bring down a plane?

The gravity of the situation.... mind experiment, physics question,

Fuck this, folks. I'm calling bullshit.

It’s time to clear up some misconceptions about Miami Cubans.

MSNBC: Walkers will be xrayed!..only Airport approved WheelChairs

Lieberman uses the foiled UK terror plot to attack Lamont

VIDEO: The Daily Show Lampoons Lieberman Run

Just because we hate the administration doesn't mean this wasn't real

Welcome to the SUMMER OF TERROR (tm)...

Want to taste another computer OS -without- reformatting? GO LIVE!


Bush Labor Board Refuses to Hear Us E form

Change to Win Helps Uphold Immigrant Workers' Rights; Workers Unlawfully D

Now that Ned Lamont won the primary

At long last ... Lieberman Finds His Voice

Why do Dems keep putting up with this "weak on security" BS?

Santorum: Ok if you're Gay or Lesbian but no transgenders please

Threat level raised to Red or server for first time.

James Baker's secret Iraq Study Group

Computer, safe seized at (R) state senator's home re shooting death

What's that about "Fighting Them Over There" again?!?

Republican Party: Strong on Wrong...Weak on Brains. Strong on Arrogance,

Feingold's Israel/Lebanon stance

CBSnews News Alert! Major Terror Plot Foiled In London

Does Chertoff have dual citizenship with Israel?

For Informational Purposes Lieberman's Committee Appointments Are.......

And in a series of news conferences today...

Lieberman on CNN last night already using R's "cut and run" slur on Lamont

The right gets a good skewering by Joe Conason

Video- 1:13- Olberman takes Tony Snow apart in short order

PBS has swallowed the Koolaid!

Will the Lieberman independent candidacy split the Democratic Party?

where can i find a video of hillary carving rummy a new AH?

Gotta hand it to old Mitt.....

Code Red! Terra! Bush on the way to a fundraiser!!!

Can Lieberman campaign use the label democrat or democratic?

Re post ..... Call Senator Reid's office today .... Joe must go!

Think About It!!

Cynthia McKinney - my two cents

Make bush** & Co. fly regular airlines. Bet they'd quit pissing

Code Red. What the average citizen is supposed to do.

This shows why Lieberman is still dangerous...

Has Bill Clinton come out in support of Indy Joe?

Spicy Debate for NY Republican Senate Candidates (INCREDIBLE!)

Salazar (D-CO) supports Lieberman???

ok...soooo we have a terrorist attack alert

Has Anybody Noticed That The More *Co F**ks Up The More They.....

Mike DeWine, Sherrod Brown defend votes during first debate

Has Any Polling Organization Ever Polled The American People With .....

I'm thinking that the only way Joe Lieberman can redeem himself on DU...

Lamont Win May Alter Conn. House Races

Economic Report: Executive Pay Raises Drop, But Are Still Double Workers'

Bush has now lasted longer than Nixon

A Prayer for November

Lobbying Firm Creates "Home-Made" Anti-Gore Web Video

Impeachment and/or ICC?

OK...So now we are afraid of 20 British born males of "asian" persuasion??

Lieberman singing "Can't buy me Love"

I think the news is bunk.

Lamont won 125 out of 169 towns in CT

US Economy: shop till you drop?

cheney, chertoff, bush: All about WAR ON TERROR (Irag not mentioned)

Howard Dean to Joe Lieberman: Please drop out and endorse Ned Lamont

Heck of a job, Bushie

I think Thom Hartmann was starting to cry...

Looking for the site that ranks senators...

just got off the phone with salazar's here in the springs--ken

Perhaps There Is Another Explanation For Our New Alerts.......

Bush is back at 36% -- and according to FOX, no less

so religiously insane con man Pat Robertson is in Israel hanging out

MUST SEE Daily Show replay starting now! Joe talk and Aasif Mandvi!

POINT/COUNTERPOINT: John Gibson vs. derby378 re: "Pol Pot" Democrats

In TX-23, Bonilla Gets Strong Challenger

Airlines Refuse to Share New Profits with Flight Attendants

John Kerry: Crisis diplomacy insufficient in Middle East

V.A. Secretary Nicholson Stumps for Anti-Veteran Congressman

1st Major crack in Dem Unity - Joe in CT

White House supports Lieberman!

I've been away for five days. Is this "threat" a bogus ploy?

Bush plans to sell off our national forests!!!

Connecticut Senatorial Debate ...

WP op-ed: "The Death of Triangulation" by Eli Pariser

So...... I guess nothing much happened in the Middle East

NEW VIDEO >>> Tasini On The War

Un-FRIKKIN-believable. Cheney ties Lieberman loss to al Qaeda.

did C-Span just get knocked off the air?

Can you blow up a plane with MakeUP?


What's the Dem plan to counter terror threat 2 days before elections?

Caption this * billboard. Photo

Someone needs to call Liebermann to tell him why...

Feingold's powerful warning about the CT primary

If Dems want to lock up Delay's old seat ..........

Perhaps..... If we had expended the resources needed to

Why do DUers eviscerate Lieberman (and Clinton) but embrace Ford?

Thanks Pryor, Salazar, and Carper

Brain Injury cut pass Senate

Dean to Bush: Quit politicking and return to D.C.

Lieberman/Party leaders failure

Planning ahead for election 2008...should we register as republicans?

Here - I have a BRILLIANT idea that will solve the airport security...

Mark Pryor (D-AR) Pledges to back Lieberman Re-Election Efforts

Ken Mehlman on the Defeatocrats

GREAT NEWS from PDA! Action Guide for August! Good Issues Here!

Look at how Lieberman is using this today to capitalize. Rove anyone?

RNC response to Reid, Kerry's attacks on Bush administration

Is the owner of a DU member?

Randi trying to win the bet right now. Not winning.

Dems Allege Broad Conspiracy among NH GOP-Phone Jamming

Lieberman: Lamont's Iraq plan offers "a tremendous victory" to terrorists

You'll Want To Watch Lou Dobbs on the Border Guards...

Bush's evil War Crimes Act

Joementum might not get the support from Independents he's hoping for.

Lieberman himself plays terror card against Ned Lamont today!

Even if Rove loses the Conn. race, it serves as a distraction

E mail from ActBlue Update: More States, More Goals, More Action

By the numbers

Potential Lamont campaign ad with earworm

a vote for republicans is a vote for nazis........

Well, well, just what we suspected...playing the terror card about Lamont.

Bill O'Reilly: "How Lieberman's defeat is bad news for you & your family"

Their reporting on the latest terror attempt is a conspiracy theory

Is there such a party as Independent Democrats

Bush says Foiled Plane Plot "Stark Reminder" that HE WILL DO ANYTHING

These items Can Still Be Purchased At Stores On The Concourses........

Big Batch of Rating Changes Reflects Stronger Democratic Breeze

I like Joe Lieberman - He should be the Democratic role model

Cuts in Medicare, Veterans Benefits, School Lunches, and Other Programs

Iowa republicans ashamed of Bush??

Raising Kaine: Lieberman v. Weicker, 1988

Ned Lamont video: old but new to me.

Is anyone noting what's now being prohibited on airplanes?

The 49 State Strategy

The Entire Republican Platform: Fear & Hatred

Great News for Texas Democrats

There Is No F*cking Al Qaeda -


Is Hannity a fool or what?

"Retroactive War Crime Protection Proposed"

A few questions for the rocket scientists at Homeland Security

Kerry Spokesman David Wade Responds to RNC Attacks

Does this guy look like a terrorist to you?

Wes Clark in WSJ today - "Forget about the neocons. This era is over"...

AP: Pryor sticks with Lieberman despite senator's primary loss

Tell Harry Reid To Strip Lieberman Of All Democratic Committee Positions

Bush Versus the Constitution

Peter King just outed this whole thing on Hardball just now!!!!!!!!

Lieberman votes his conscience - Not a sale out

I am not voting in kansas ever again!!!

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself" FDR. I think we need this now.

Bush Retroactive War Crime Absolution - RECOMMEND every thread...

CBS News exit polls for CT primary

Fox poll: Democrats Command Largest Lead Since 1982

1000 Israeli troops have just pulled back from Lebanon

They are scared ****-less

Calm the fuck down, America. Kerry and others were RIGHT

What's most intriguing about this is Bush's claim that we are at war...

Behind The Tears of Joy in Connecticut

Democrats almost guaranteed the House

McKinney camp blames Jews again!

PA Senate candidate likely to be bounced from ballot - bad signatures

Worried that Joe will gain an influx of new GOP funding?...lookie here:

CT Dem politicians have not asked Lieberman not to run!