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Archives: July 8, 2006

Joe Conason: The state secrets that weren't secret

The threat of Bush's signing statements

British violent summer Shakespeare "trembles with inescapable timeliness"

Labor unions' popularity is growing

Less than half of reported new jobs over last year came from reported hire

You've heard about NIMBY. What about BANANA?

Heinberg blasts Greg Palast on Peak Oil

GM has FINALLY gotten serious about their latest Hydrogen Car!

We need a Nasrallah

Speaking in many tongues

Salon: Mexico 2006: Florida all over again?

Edwards in CR today for Loebsack

DeLay suggests he might not retire

Purse Cake

Wango Tango:

Lumber producers could kill softwood deal

Election has presented much changed to Mexicans

Canadian connection in alleged N.Y. bomb plot

Report finds US Marines failed to probe Haditha-CBS

Continental Tire Layoffs Are Part of An Allegedly Illegal Production Shift

Govt a 'willing partner' in AWB cover-up

First Guantanamo hearings set

Personal Data Were Posted on Navy Web Site --WP

Missing passports in hands of terrorists, criminals: newspaper

University of Nebraska Regent Ousted (manipulating campaign-finance laws)

Job cuts suggest U.S. slowdown (layoffs up 25% in June from May)

GOP Hearing in Laredo Alleges Border Terror Risks; Dems: Event Political

NYT: G.O.P. Agenda in House Has Moderates Unhappy

Marine cover-up over Haditha deaths?

Attacker uses saw on N.Y. subway rider

UK has boosted Taliban, admits defence chief (The Guardian)

NYT/Reuters: Powerful Latino DJs to Mount Immigrant Voter Drive

WP,pg1: U.S. and Russia to Enter Civilian Nuclear Pact: Reverses Policy

Labor Dept. Hires Blocked Nominee for Mining Post (W Post)

NYT/AP: Navy, Environmental Groups Settle on Sonar

NYT: Tensions Grow Over Mexico Vote as Opposition Plans Rally Saturday

Ex-Haitian Strongman Held in Fraud Case

Secret Service Reveals More Abramoff Visits

CNN/AP: NASA examines pictures of shuttle's heat shield

Katherine Harris to enter hospital next week

Ask... yes or no?



The Visitation

Crap! A perfectly shitty ending to a perfectly shitty week.

Crappy overrated bands of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Best Ken Lay reference to date

Those Stories that Run Every Year, Once a Year

Paul Wellstone conspiracy lecture 58 minutes long

I hate it when freepers act like humans!

Well, geebus. I finally saw "Syriana".

I shaved my head, now I'm going to shave my ass. Opinions?

I'm watching "Baby Boom" on TV.

None of my family records go back more than six generations or so...

Websites - Sound or No Sound

I've heard numerous times that people think Andy Garcia is a rethug...

Khashka's irrelevant stupidity thread

This just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Check out this All Star game lineup. 1959 AS game.

Hope is the thing with feathers

progmom on the air

Does anyone else's Lounge look different now?

On PBS this month: Springsteen AND Woody Guthrie!

Ok, just asking........has anyone else had just a tad to much to

The Big Lebowski: Best Movie Ever

I wished someone into the cornfield yesterday

Tell me if this t-shirt idea is marketable

I'm going on vacation for a week tomorrow...

You know how they make "corn flakes", right?

Why bother?

Destroy your mouse (and your brain, while you're at it)!

I would like to run amok.

OMG!!!!!!! Ann Coulter said something offensive!!!!!1111

Collective noun repository

Now this is marketing!

Okay, I admit it. I am looking forward to watching "Fire Down Below."

If Ann Coulter became pregnant but learned after the fact

ust bitten on the back of the head by beetle, not carpenter ant after all!

Shutter Speed

A question about Syriana...

I know I'm not the 1st - chances are I won't be the last.......


Can DEA agents legally do this?

I' ve been told.....that I have a smile that lights up the Lounge...

What things do you get so caught up in, that you forget to eat?

Those liberal women

The lump in my breast was a cyst.........

Sayonara all...

Domestic Violence

Everybody!! Sing it with me now!!!!!

So I'm leaving publishing - any suggestions what I should go into?

Are you ever "gruntled"...or only "disgruntled"?

Bush Sings U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday"

I'm going to need bail money

Ken Lay closes at 0, down from 98.6

That's it...I'M SHAVING MY PALMS...opinions?

Gay prince out of closet, loses inheritance...

Picture of Mrs. WCGreen

i'm not related to any per se criminal, but i am related to the captain...

whassup people!?

LeftyKid has a joke for you!

Question for DU musicians. Would you rather:

WHOAH. I just watched Syriana.

Photoshop Contest!!! What will Ken Lay look like after he flees the U.S.??

Rojo the Rescue Husky comes home


Our asshole of a dog....

Who has the scariest voice

The new Pirates Of The Caribbean opens tonite

Ann Coulter's night.

Have you Googled your Real Name recently?

Has anyone seen "Our Own Private Bin Laden"?

How long will it take to get this thread locked?

Favorite Jane Fonda movie?

Covers that exceed the original.

Nurse commits suicide at hospital after crisis center is too busy for her.

(Indian River, Delaware) For The Christians

All my life I have heard about (and believed in)

Just saw a bit on CNN about the new Left Behind game.

Males and Females are more different than previously thought

Another sign of how far we have come

Tim Lamping, son of St. Louis Cardinals President Mark Lamping, charged... Page 2: Sports Pork is a serious problem

The Knicks

Kerry requests GAO study of minority advertising contracts

i hate to defend BIDEN , but

My Fireworks photos

Fort Abraham Lincoln Block House with Bismarck ND in background


KOEB 7/7/06 - The Running of the Bulls Edition

Have you Googled your screen name lately?

(AFA)Ford Boycott Leader: Homosexual Ties Taking Car Company Downhill

Friday Reading Enjoyment -- All Dressed Up, But Nowhere For Jeb To Go

Oh, for Christ's sake, this shit is still going on:

So how many tails are wagging the dog?

COINCIDENCE? 'NY tunnel plot foiled' on anniversary of London transit attacks?

Freepers Calling "Majority Report"

Bush's bizarre comments regarding Patrick Fitzgerald today

Berlusconi to be tried for fraud

It's OK

W doing a blow job.........on his candles that is

Photoshop Contest!!! What will Ken Lay look like after he flees the U.S.??

Operation Helmet

Have you Googled your Real Name recently?

Is there a good website that quick check Republican

Economy Still Not Generating Enough Jobs

Bush on being prez: "that job [sic] is you make a lot of decisions."

Ken Lay needs to be sentenced in absentia.

Ken Lay closes at 0, down from 98.6

Powell Hospitalized After Dining With Clinton

Tensions Grow Over Mexico Vote as Opposition Plans Rally Saturday

Cannabinoids halt pancreatic & breast cancer growth according to

I read this post on another BB.........


Would deal help or hinder GM?

This just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

"I am a liar. I am not a Marine" - 'Marine' gets a lesson in honesty

AL GORE on YOU TUBE.... animation with a beer drinking robot

Worst Idea of the Day ...

Anyone get burnt out?

Larry King holds "Love In" Tribute to Ken Lay....

Greg Palast:Mexico and Florida have more in common than heat

ELECTIONS-MEXICO:Conservative Calderón Wins, but Left Challenges Result

Will all these guys "foiling" all these terror plots continue to do so...

I wonder how long people will take these high gas prices?

"Christian Students Atlanta" Anyone heard of them?

Would you support a boycott of Ann Coulter

Bush Must Have Come Up with Today's "Aspirational Terrorist Scare,

Black lawmakers demand apology on controversial Hitler ad

Did you ever hear of Polling Point? I just did a survey for them.

Ann Coulter's "Flatulent Raccoon Theory"

Are Freepers really, really this stupid....

Where DID he get that birthday shirt? .....hmmmm

Zarqawi successor in jail in Egypt.

They are now emphasizing that tunnel plot is the "Real Deal"

I just figured out how to shut Ann Coulter up.

Interesting: Fox viewers chose Hannity over Bush himself with Larry King


Said Hello To My Buddies Over At FreeRepublic Tonight.

Iraqi Prime Minister may ask "USA military no immunity from prosecution"

Secret Service Reveals More Abramoff Visits

Any Thoughts on this?

Is Duke Cunningham gay?

GW Bush Sighted In Mexico Commenting On Their Election Results

A roadmap to the future

Who do you think is more alive: Larry King or Ken Lay?

A word to the wise, don't let any strangers talk you into pledging

Message from Al Gore:

We can't wait...

'Real deal' tunnel plot foiled- Distinguishing between real & fake terror.

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers check in, It's my day to play!!

Would you boycott Chinese goods to pressure them on North Korea? (Poll)

Justices Tacitly Backed Use of Guantánamo, Bush Says

Rethinking Lieberman

Bush Blinks First..

Colin Powell: "Guantanamo Ought To Be Closed Immediately"

Man indicted in phone jamming case will argue Administration approved .

Lay's death could set Skilling free

Add the caption, or, who cares, at least take a look.....

Right-Wing Pundit's (Coulter) Work Under Scrutiny - AP: Yahoo link

Inter-Tribal Coalition encampment in Bear Butte, South Dakota

another DLC guy being interviewed on the majority report

Osama Clock Update

Gores "TRUTH" extended, now in 6th wk, Montclair NJ

In Cold Blood: Iraqi Tells of Massacre at Farmhouse (pict of brothers)

Are DEA agents allowed to do this?

Raw: NY Holland Tunnel Bomb Plot "Nothing More than Chatter" - CIA

Christians Reviving America's Values: "Those who oppose marriage: GODLESS"

Haven't updated it in a while but here it is: Job Growth Since Q3 2004


Cheney really wants U.S. dictator...(Sun-Times)

Michael Moore is ALIVE AND this......(please)

Most Democrats "Despise Those People" - David Brooks on DailyKos

In the end, only kindness matters....

Bush FDA Secretly allows experimenting -- without your consent !!

I saw on CBS where CEO's are cutting into workers pensions to keep

Book TV Schedule - July 8th - 10th

Barack Obama - I wash my hands of you

Like my new Al Gore Avatar Image?

Oh.My.God. (PIC - 2.0)

Syria and Iran Sign Military Pact (last year, it was Iraq and Iran) News?

1st Up in WH Pony Show: NY Tunnel Terrorist Attack, More Stories to Follow

Only a Blogger

C'mon, sign *'s birthday card

I can't believe this racist idiot was once a CT Dem party chair

governments acquire powers during wartime; what about a neverending war?

CIA attacked by agent who led Bin Laden hunt

“Who is Ned Lamont?” is a very real question for Lieberman.

interesting photos of North Korea

It wasn't live, but it was classic Larry King: a warm bath, not a hot seat

Resident calls for recount in 50th District runoff

Sherrod Brown & Betty Sutton at Broadview Hts Summerfest

'wag the dog' theory

Democrats must remember to keep their eye on the ball...


"America Feedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo

Too wierd...KOS is defending Ann Coulter (free pass on plagiarism)

The Smoking Gun - Bush - Lay Letters

Ridiculously Simple Idea: Dems should be Heroes in White Hats

Good letter at Andrew Sullivan on diff between liberals & conservatives

The "Liberal Media" on MSNBC

Does anyone listen to Paul Harvey, by chance?

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (Movie by Robert Greenwald)

HuffingtonPost: Connie Schultz - "We Are Not Afraid" - Great Read!

Here's what our Dems should say about of Dean on CNN today.

Repug paper: EDITORIAL: Internet gambling: Why must everything be taxed?

That's What Friends in High Places Are For

NYT: An Internet Lifeline for Troops in Iraq and Loved Ones at Home

Training Marines How Not to Kill

Republicans running on their anti-terror exploits are just plain nutty

CEOs marooned at sea (cartoon)


Congress shall not pass hypocritical gambling bills

BUZZFLASH: Democratic leaders captive on Bush's fantasy island

Guggenheim Foundation, Abu Dhabi Plan Frank Gehry-designed museum

Hammering Krauthammer


The next real estate boom: "New Villages," not sprawling ranch houses

Democrats Vs. the Peace movement?

Senator Lieberman has just blackmailed the Democrats of Connecticut.

Is Cheney betting on Economic Collapse?--Mike Whitney

Govt Doing Little to Protect Us From Abusive Maids (curious Arab article)

Lawsuits Fly Over Google Founders' Big Private Plane

I love

A little help please..argument w. friend who requires hard facts..

crosspost: WP,pg1: U.S. and Russia to Enter Civilian Nuclear Pact

Crosspost: Coal miner films own death.

Utah Chemists evaluate the ash formation rates of various biofuels.

MIT geologist finds fault with Yucca assessment

MIT climatologist finds fault with global climate change assessment.

Crowds gather to see chunk fall off Eiger

Explosion and fire destroys Idaho biodiesel plant, one dead

The only thing that will ever stop Israeli aggression is if the US

It is sheer barbarism to kill so many for ONE soldier. It just simply

Anger and grief amid Gaza rubble

Mother, 2 children die in explosion in Gaza home

Agnon's Palestinian relatives denied Israeli citizenship

Ahmadinejad: Islamic Countries Should Eliminate Israel

Kidnapped By Israel

Ahmadinejad calls for 'removal of Zionist regime'

Israeli forces pull back

Profiting from the Occupation

Vanity Fair shows the world LOOSE CHANGE

Something that's always bothered me about 9/11

Have you seen enough evidence to convince you Bin Laden was behind 9/11?

Terrorists Live in Caves. Sensational Revelation: Atta`s Cave in Germany !

Mexico and Florida have more in common than heat-Greg Palast/The Guardian

NY Times to Obrador: "Go Home, You Crazy Lefist!"

Jennifer Brunner (D) Cand for OH SOS Reaches Out to Hear Voters’ Concerns

Lopez Obrador's aides also allege interference by Fox-could lead to REVOTE

Judge hears e-voting concerns (Texas)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, July 8, 2006

Cinti. Enquirer Politics blog: Cranley vs. Chabot:: Voting Rights Act,...

The "Big Oil" billboards are going up.

Report on our Response to DeLay event last night in Sugar Land

My LTTE of the Denton Record Chronicle was printed today.

Final MapChangers - Vote for TX -Ends Monday 7/10 (Courage & BAR)

Does anyone have a good Kibbeh recipe?

I picked my first yellow summer squash yesterday

Mole De Olla (Mole cooked in a pot)

NYT: General Faults Marine Response To Iraq Killings

AP: 19 Suspected al-Qaida Members Acquitted

Prison scandal adds to list of ethics problems among Bush hires

Iranian President inaugurates ninth meeting of Iraq's neighbors

California Man Revealed as al Qaeda Leader

New U.S. Guided Missile Ship Sent to Japan

Berlusconi to be tried for fraud

Germans arrest al Qaida suspect with 9/11 links

Britain OKs Extradition Of Hacker To U.S.

Immigrants in military are focus of hearing

Security studies' layoffs slated:Institute, Research Foundation audited

Filmmaker Sues Rumsfeld Over Iraq Detention

Sunnis wage online war over killings

AP: U.S. Offers Bilateral Talks With N.Korea

Iran says "terrorists" should not be let into Iraq

Haiti gang violence kills 16

Georgia father who sought revenge in Iraq is back home

Saddam's ex-judge heads for dock himself

Long wait for Discovery's all-clear to fly home

Raids target Iraq militias: 2 rebel leaders caught in separate operations

Most Baghdad security under Iraqi control: US report

Republican Kean Distances Himself From President

U.S., Iraqi forces besiege Shi'ite mosque -police

Sources say no serious plot for NYC, just hate chatter

Chinese to Prosecute Blind Peasant/Activist Who Resisted One-Child Policy

US Guided-Missile Destroyer Arrives in Japan

Pakistan amends law on adultery

US military ready for "pain" over Iraqi killings

Reno anti-war rally listed in California security report

Democrats Rip GOP on Social Security Plan

FBI plans new Net-tapping push

Harris letter thanked contractor for dinner

Putin gets green light to send commandos after terrorists

Obrador Alleges Chicanery in Mexican Vote

US military convoy attacked by insurgents west of Baghdad

Microsoft under fire over software alert

Warrants Issued for Ex-Guatemala Leaders (Pat Robertson friend,Rios Montt)

N.J. Government Goes Back To Work

Lay's death could set Skilling free (Globe & Mail)

Gallup: 2/3 of Americans want Iraq withdrawal

Corzine Ends 8-Day New Jersey Shutdown

BREAKING: Ex-Mexico leader cleared of genocide charges

U.S. asks to exhume remains of Iraqi girl

Leftist to Seek Recount in Mexican Election

Murdoch meeting raises disclosure issues

Justices Tacitly Backed Use of Guantánamo, Bush Says

Three U.S. soldiers killed in western Iraq

GOP senator(Orrin Hatch) helped hip-hop producer dodge coke sentence

DeLay suggests he might not retire

Bill Clinton addresses nation's newest problems - (Aspen Daily News)

NYT - In Zeal to Foil Terror Plots, Cases May Be Missing Something

Landmark al Qaeda trial collapses (AP/CNN) {19 freed in Yemen}

Report asserts Carnival sought Jeb Bush's help (Waxman, D-Calif)

Coulter column subject of plagiarism investigation.

McGovern praises Canada on Vietnam draft dodgers

(Kansas) Candidates explain why they switched (to Dem)

Iraqis, US military see possible pullout: senators

Jeb Bush ally slams Islam (Broward clergyman/political appointee)

Sen. Bayh seeks edge in Democratic field

Ally Told Bush That Failing to Inform Congress of Spying Projects Might Be

Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Curbs U.S. Deficit (NYT)

At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust

Obrador supporters take to Mexico streets

Spanish McDonald's ad prompts talk of a boycott

Whoah! New Rise Against CD!!!

Mmmmmmm peanut butter and fluff...

I'm finally about to watch Donnie Darko - too late for popcorn?

Mildly wasted. Met someone. Will mull it over.



I'm too tired to post anything except to say ...

So, what do you when another throws themself at you?


so... erm... what'd i miss?

Favorite city in the South (not counting Texas or Florida)

Are you slacking on your mack? If so, WHY?!?

Send in the clowns? Don't bother, say phobics

I just got panhandled in Houston by this guy...

Jethro Tull's Bungle in The Jungle... What the hell is he talking about?

Made a total ass of myself at Shopko yesterday afternnoon...

Guess who these people are:

The answer is 16

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Baseball Team To Hand Out Moses Bobblehead Dolls At Game

What's the better question to ask?

I want a pet Cassowary

I guess I won't worry about my lawnamower anymore, someone is sawing metal

How did the kid on Family Ties age seven years in one season?

Is it easy to make a movie/political ad for the internet?

9-year-old girl gives birth in Brazil

Here is an old animated gif I found on my computer

My phone service has been out two days but....

Whose the leader of the band that's made for you and me...

What are *YOU* wearing?

How much fruit will it take to kill me?

If somebody asks, "Why?", your answer should be "Because I said so."

Yahoo! Groups broken?

Is no one else watching Wimbledon?

Doggie snuggling with her baby.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS HUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 7/8/06)

In my defense, this was written by a woman...

How cute is this little one?

Thanks to all - was wrong, the Big B's not until 19th (is your name here?)

"Grumpy Old Men" or "Dumb and Dumber"? You decide.... (Great * PIC)

Boy, 4, Survives 11-Story Fall in Albany

Google is a funny thing:

Is this letter too mean?

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

Bosworth Blows: Who Should be the next Lois Lane? My vote: Rachel McAdams

They work hard for the money. Too hard???

Watching "Miami Blues" right now

Hello everyone! Long time no see!

favorite milhouse line?

Jesus saves!

Is Superman supposed to be eternal?

I found a fun game on HuffPost, check it out.

What should I have for breakfast?

Jock snifffers check in!

Just watched Trainspotting...well, part of it, anyway.

I feel sullied and unusual

This is cool! Enjoy!

I wonder if Faux Sprots has any idea how much they suck

I love Freepers' olives, and I am not a garden!

Khash declares a new forum

Favorite Freak or Geek?

Which way is the GRAIN of brass?

How do you know a DUer is online?

*grumble* Thought of an awesome forum prank, but I can't do it.

WHY does falling on one's tailbone hurt SO MUCH????

Wait a minute....let me grab a pencil so I can write all this down.....

My mp3 player is OBSESSED with the band "South".

Smoking Pot Makes Me Feel Nauseous ...

I love Freeper Garden, and I am not an olive!

Lyrics thread: Anatomy of an Enemy

Our Lady Peace; anyone else here listen to them?

What's your favorite icon?

How well do you know sitcoms?

Who is going to lead MLB in HRS?

"And the Yanks wonder why we point and laugh at em...."

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as models.

This country music band Big and Rich - holy shit do they suck to hell.

What is a "terrorist ringtone"?

Any advice for getting rid of bees/wasps in my backyard?

Oops...I did it again

Cats That Look Like Hitler . com

Black box recorders in cars? wtf?

What the heck was this newscaster thinking

Do you recycle?

Bush Was Right

How do you remove a playlist from Media Player?


That's it. I'm shaving my

Hello. I am 31, married, and way too much work for you gents, okay?

For the record: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists are cooler than you

Happy birthday kiraboo!!

Colbert or Stewart?

Today is one of those days.

Saturday, July 8. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

That's it....I'm shaving my legs!

Doncha love the threads where half the responders ignore the OP content?

Goodnight you all!

Puppy vs. Kitten

New Kitten at Our House!!! ***Dialup Warning---Pics added***

Should I include Norah O'Donnell in my "Aristocrats" routine?


Rolling Stones - "Silver Train" (1973?)

Since Superman's long-lived, I vote for Wilford Brimley to play him next!

want to read something touching, sad, and oddly joyful?

What's the best film noir?

I love Olive Garden, and I am not a freeper!

I Need 20 Folks Willing To Call Down God's Wrath On George Bush

Just launched a website

Which flame warrior are you?

Cheer me up, please

Monkey vs. Robot

This is so good, I have to post it here

Name something that's illegal and shouldn't be -


"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Who Will Win This Year's World Series?

Need advice: Leaving for Germany on Tuesday, passports have

Favorite French actress

Anyone Out There Still Love Peanut Butter and Jelly?

Picture and flirting thread!

Shocking: HypnoToad is agent Mike!!!

One of the cats discovers the marvelous feel of a feather bed...

Got a problem? Post here for advice from a drunk.

Best State

Pirates' Estimated $55M Haul Sets Record

Cute picture competition!

Happiest song EVER - your thoughts?

I'm back,

pirates with johnny depp is too long....but it still kicked ass!

Saddest song EVER - your thoughts?

What are you listening to today?

Karen Armstrong: Violent Islamic radicals know they are heretical

Interview with Satan: “Breast Ironing” Widespread in Christian Cameroon

Virtue Online (tee hee)

So I'm bored and just checked out some of the ads

Clarion call to save amphibians

Science: Targeted for Murder, Iraqi Scientists Named on a Hit List.

Bush urges more science research funding (AP/CNN)

Is there any primary science being done here that a robot couldn't do?

Well, this is sure to drive the fundies to new levels of rage - gays &

Falwell: New York's Highest Court Rules in Favor of Traditional Marriage

(AFA)Ford Boycott Leader: Homosexual Ties Taking Car Company Downhill

Hall of Famer Wore Skirt (Great Story!)

Wimbledon Ladies Final ****SPOILER****

This is the same basic idea as the Law of Attraction

Post a few of your favorite things

I need help keeping hope

What music heals your soul?

pirhana - you need to repost your NK thread in GD - media spinning against

Day After Kerry Puts Bush on Notice - Bush Claims to be Looking for Osama

Eyes Wide Open

Austin Zoo (and tryout of new Sigma 100-300 f/4)

Gimme your best shot! 4 choices...

My current portals -- suggestions welcomed!

Sunny summer.

Nice KO thread here:

Crispini spotted!

Angels Lose Lifelong Fan

Wow, we saw AIT tonight. Well done, Al.

Bush says Geneva Conventions do not apply to Guantanamo Bay

Another reason why the immigration and antiwar issues are connected

Canada, U.S. differ on missile defense, border security

Berlusconi faces new fraud, embezzlement, money-laundering charges

I don't post this photo to incite, but it strikes me as in line with

I think i figured it out: Bush is Cartman

Warning! Shocking photo taken in Aspen this evening...

2,540 troops dead in W's war

Sheriff's remarks called 'overtly racist'

I just got panhandled in Houston by this guy...

This is an interesting story...

Review: Bush goes on Larry King "live" in sheer desperation over image

U.S. Supreme Court under fascism.

Confucius say... learn Chinese and prosperity will follow

Should the southern states have been readmitted?

Where do I go to get the latest news of whats happened in the last few

Get this straight - Bush is not a president, quit calling him ............

Israel to start taking oil from shale

US marine officers negligent in Haditha investigation: report

Bill Clinton KILLED Ken Lay

Thom Hartmann said McCain has a deal with * to carry Jebbie as VP

Another one I feel needs re-airing

It looks offical, we can't use our offical retort any longer;

Time for this one again... I tell ya boys, in 20 years

UN delays North Korea vote after new threat

"Plot Foiled!" Is This (*) Term's "Terror Alert!"

Do you think Ken Lay is dead?

Bush says 'I don't know what Kim wants'

LOL and you thought TSA was bad.... Australia is worse... (xpost travel)

Reg Weaver (NEA Prez) On C-S[an Now (8:08 a.m. cst)

NYT/Chron: Bush cites need for missile defense

DeLay NOT Done - Suggests He Might NOT Retire

Army cuts 1,000 for personality disorders

"Army cuts 1,000 for personality disorders "

Bush Miltary History Project #22

* hides from Cindy this summer?

Fox News' North Korea coverage: Blame Clinton, no progressives allowed

Non Sequitur - Stay the course

Minnesota college pays a $9,000 fine for Cuba travel

Secret Service reveals more Abramoff visits

Seven U.S.-led troops wounded in Afghan clashes

The most terrifying thing in the world.

Bin Laden - languisihing on a dialysis machine

BUSH: "The reasons there are problems is because we confronted them."

Yahoo spins the news:

Bloggers way in on Mexican election.

So maybe the shuttle wasn't ready to return to space after all

The FBI in Pittsburgh.....

Thermography vs Mammogram

We need to start a campaign to get Bush to FLY into space on the Shuttle

West African Black Rhinos Extinct - but other species doing better.

Dan Rather On Larry King Wednesday Night!!! Taking Your Calls!!!

Baghdad buzzing with talk about 'Shiite Zarqawi'

Pope insists on traditional family values

CBS doing a fascism promotion piece..

OMG, the lady from TN on Wa Journal said RW spew hate...the nuts

Steven Green/Alleged Rapist - Keeping The Streets of Iraq Safe

A joke: New Disease

Have you seen this video? Simple, but VERY effective IMHO

Reed In The Rough: Ralph Reed and ties to Jack Abramoff

Democrats might win South Carolina Governor's seat

Culture of Corruption - Former Republican Superintendent pleads guilty

Send an email to St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain

Could it be that bush* is not insane but that we are the ones who are

The 8 soldiers are accused of putting an Iraqi in a hole and shooting him

Neil Young leaves "Obama" out of "Looking For a Leader"

We need to kick them all out and start over.....

Public Opinion Appears to be turning

Don't be shy. Take a stand on Saturday, come CAPTION!!!

French Sports Weekend Starts Well! Mauresemo Wins Wimbleton Ladies!

Are there advantages at being an "underdog"?

I just watched the RAWSTORY Lieb\Lamont clip

The Associated Press minimizes the loss of soldiers this month?

Independence Day in New Orleans----------------------> VIDEO

Garrison Keillor: A Peach of a Scandal in Georgia

Dweeb LTTE of the day!

Bushco:Conduct Unbecoming- Cindy speaks out Day 3 of Hunger Strike

An unprecedented assault upon America's traditions and beliefs...

Boy, 4, Survives 11-Story Fall in Albany

Bush Reverses Policy - U.S. and Russia to Enter Civilian Nuclear Pact

Bush/Cheney failed protect us from deadliest terrorist attack in history

Bush claims the Supreme Court backed HIM on Guantanamo

Limbaugh dines with the neo cons

LTTE in todays Tampa Trib attacking me.

I truly believe that bush is insane

Anti-abortion Republicans should be praising the new immigrants...

so now a NY attack has been thwarted, will anti-terror funds be restored?

This next election should be about the incompetence of the Republicans...

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 6/2/06

The modern day Hitler and Stalin make a pact. A nuclear pact.

Two Timing Joe - Action Alert

The value of a fence

Berlusconi and Mills to stand trial

After reading the post "An Army of Children" I have changed my mind about

Tell me they didn't really say this ????

Eight days later no one has claimed lost 6-year-old boy yet

Happy Birthday JohnnyRingo

Cindy and Code Pink Fasters Declare Independence From War VIDEO

Joe Liebereagan

A Viagra crazed Rush Limbaugh says--bring on a taped up dong too.

New York Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ban-A Sarcastic Play

Democrats do have a plan & it is only three words and solves most problems

Investers Lead Home Sale Boom in New Orleans

30 years ago we know how our actions were destroying our planet.

AFA Sues to Halt to Same-Sex Benefits

Let's Help Out the Secret Service and make some new laws for them...

New species of Puke discovered.

Our Democratic politicians need to learn from Mexico and Italy

Sprint Alert: Security Blunder

Fireworks and Beethoven

Passengers subdue Iraq vet on Fla. flight

Immigration is clearly going to be part of Republican Strict Father frame

The United States of Whatever: seriously good GWB cartoon

Bush: So our short-term strategy is to defeat the enemy overseas

If they succeed, I wonder if politicians will start calling them citizens

Anyone catch Dave Chappelle at the end of a CNN show?

Check in if youve been called a looney for saying the election was stolen

Peace Vets Rock!

NJ11, pics from DFA Rally for Tom Wyka for Congress,

Out of curiosity... And... an Idea

NEEDED: "Well thought out" positions from Springsteen and Dixie Chicks...

The final word on Ken Lay

"I agree with many of George Bush's policies. But..."

Culture of Corruption - Cramer sentenced to six years

DUers please email this story to everyone you know! Light a fire!

Whoo! Big Kerfuffle here...

Heroes are built up to be torn down...

U.S. Deploys Warship to Japan

"If we care, we must consider them human beings, period." re: women

Groups planning massive attack on war in September if Congress doesn't

If North Korea launches a missile at the US

Okla. Team Gives Away Biblical Bobbleheads (Minor league baseball)

Spotted today in South Tulsa

Reflections of the Tulsa Resistance of 1921

Notice The Wingnuts Aren't "Boycotting" China!

Just another 'number' for the Bush criminals...

Just Curious: Mammograms? Yes or No?

U.S. asks to exhume remains of Iraqi girl

"I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll blow your country down"

Orrin Hatch, cocaine, Dubai, and Dallas Austin

SE MI meetup August 5 - check out this thread

"Bushitler didn't come home at night and she would wonder where

I'm Damn Sick and Tired

New Links Between Abramoff, White House

ALERT: tv show: Peron show.. LW inspiration on now

Chuckle for the Day.

3 U.S. soldiers killed in W. Iraq

13 attempted and 1 successful terror attacks under Bush regime.

Democracy Mexican Style

How much more would we have to contribute to DU so there

Is Jeb Bush Now Damaged Goods? Is He Still An Issue For the Future?

Marine spokesman dismissed the allegations by Iraqis as al Qaeda propaganda


Did you see the video about SWIFT?

Iraq is the war that keeps on giving

Why the confusion? North Korea says why it test-fired missiles

"Sometimes I cry and shake when I think about this"

AAR/ Laura Flanders- Show-- Hey, caller Justin are you here?

Army surrounds Shi'ite mosque

Annie Spell & NAACP vs. The High Sheriff on Crooks & Liars

Bush Flip-Flops On N.Korea At U.N. - Will Now Settle For Informal Talks

US military braces for "day of pain" over Iraqi killings

Help! What will Bush do? Add your quotes.

Al Giordano: A Full Recount Would Show that López Obrador Won

Did you know Gore is campaigning for the DSCC?

Hoekstra: Failing to Inform Congress of Spying Projects Might Be Illegal

Why do the Chinese have $200 PCs and $0.50/mo broadband?

do you drink tap water or buy bottled water

If you've ever been a whistleblower, how did it work out?

Mexico another Florida? Yes & ChoicePoint & Bush were involved-Greg Palast

FTW (Michael Ruppert) OFFICES BURGLARIZED, All Computers Destroyed

Update on Cindy Sheehan's birthday

drinking nasty tap water to save on plastic bottle

Is Ken Lay dead or is it yet another hoax?? no follow up by media

Outsourcing question for everyone.

This strange addiction to hatred

Please DU this censorship poll

Imagine the imperialistic message this tub will send when it's deployed

Newsweek Baghdad Bureau Chief: "It's a lot worse [in Iraq] than reported"

Asia Times Online says Osama in "rapidly declining" health....

media tells of Lay's death and then silence

Will we still see all this France-bashing after

Anybody here read Coulter's book "Godless"?

"This is a case of global importance, not least because America's failure

Did You Like The Swamp Rat/DA Bush Birthday Card The Other Day?

Private memorials planned for Kenneth Lay in Aspen, Houston

"There have been no terror attacks since September 11th, 2001..."

Shadow's taxicab reports: Meet the new front. Same as the old front.

What is the best kind of medic alert system for an elderly person?

What is it Rummy forgot?

Went to get something to eat, and saw this monstrosity

Signs of Vote Fraud in Mexico....Don't Discount a Recount

Quote for the Day

To the finest and most dedicated on DU...THANKS!

The new pledge of allegiance...

So which Flame Warrior are you?

This moron can't even render a proper salute

An activist is born! Please sign my petition.

U.S.-backed Iraqi government attacks oil workers union

How about no immigrants if unemployment is above 4%.

Run, Coultergiest, RUN!!!

Mexico's Surreal Elections: Anatomy of a Fraud Foretold

Eyes Wide Open

george w. bush; worst president. Ever.

Murray Waas on the NYT article Hoekstra

I wonder where we are headed

Just So You Know. THIS Is What Democracy Looks Like!

Old 'Nam Vets

Phony Threat, Phony Defense

Are We Liberals Snobs or Just Misunderstood?

Web chatroom gang: more War on Terror hype?

With North Korea in the headlines, revisit this Octafish thread from 2005.

Timing of Lay death may mean verdicts will be overturned...

Illegal immigration is going to go up with Calderon as the new Prez

Adam Carolla hangs up on Coulter

Must read American Prospect from July2005. North Korea/RevMoon/GOP

Why I don't use the Windows Operating System

george w. bush is dead to me

Citgo Republicans

Buffet and Gates

The perils of digging for coal, miner films own death on hidden camera

Too bad Mexico doesn't have a runoff election

Cartooning the Political Week

Bush Radio: "Our strong and growing economy", jobs & more jobs

Will Ralph Reed Survive His Primary?

Rockwall County (TX) GOP infighting: "free speech" "McCarthy antics"

Japan and Elvis

Three More Soldiers Dead In Iraq

Day After Kerry Puts Bush on Notice - Bush Claims to be Looking for Osama

G.O.P. Agenda in House Has Moderates Unhappy

smirk's poo poo kept secret - porta potty travels with him

top 10 american ayatollahs

Wake up guys...

Labour board biased:Wal-Mart (Canada)

Anyone and everyone who is turned away at the polls in 2006 should

GOD bless America and GOD bless George Bush!!!

People want stability. The Republicans are killing us.

Jeb Bush allies seek to stop judicial elections and hand power to Governor

How many times...

Wal-Mart Workers Speak Out PAYING THE PRICE AT Wal-mart

Photo: Like the Abbey Road cover, if the Beatles were 4 Bush Admin pricks

Opening July 28th: America: Freedom to Fascism

Lieberman makes it personal

Democratic weekly radio address: Iowan says don't trust GOP on Social Sec.

Oh the Joementum.....worth reading...

Let's cut through the SH*T : 'Illegal immigrants' and USA voting

We could learn from lessons from our neighbors to the south

Wall Street bucks corporate trend: increases giving to Republicans

CNN is dead to me n/t

"Democrats for Democrats... not Losers who Run as Independents"

FUNDING HELP NEEDED for Busby/Bilbray hand count:

All But Decided: McCain/Bush '08 Republican Ticket

Here's yet another reason why LieberBush's move is a bad mistake (for him)

Bush sides with Blagojevich (D); Kerry sides with Topinka (R) Oy Vey!

New Senator Scores for DUers: 109th Congress

Diagnosis; Schizophrenic party personality disorder.

Starting from the bottom and working up, who does the Democratic Party...

So What Was The Friday Dump?

Let's just make shit up.....

Greg Palast Mex-Elect Update: ChoicePoint purge, 827,000 "blank" votes

Grrrr Update on "Passengers Pin Man Charging Cockpit"