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Don't tie illegal immigration to war on terror

Griffin: Our words are twisted and bent

Free speech attacks have long history

The Treason Card (Krugman, NYT, 07/07/06)

LAT: Demand for Organic Food Outstrips Supply

Is Ethos Fuel Re-formulation fuel additive really effective at reducing

Watching Gaza: "The Genovese Syndrome".

Israel widens offensive to West Bank


Let's play ID the engine part?

LIVE NOW: DU's TruthIsAll on the Mike Malloy Show (+ post)

Verified Voting Project, 2006

Mexico: Irregularities or Fraud? by Greg Palast

Bruce Braley to give the Dem's radio address!

**Two** TX babies (born on 4th of July) found abandoned

Text of Bush-Harper news conference

Phelps-Inco deal 2 years-plus in making

More details on softwood capitulation. (

Conservatives Remain on Top in Canada

What else should I see in Nova Scotia??

Syndicate will investigate alleged Coulter plagurism on it's own....

AP: Some Medicaid Citizenship Exemptions OK

N Korea threatens to launch more missiles

Senate panel sets deadline for NSA database deal

Griffin: Our words are twisted and bent

Explosion in northern China village kills at least 43 people

Lieberman to Opponent: 'I'm Not Bush'

WP/AP: Bob Woodruff Contributes (voice) to 'Nightline'

Bush takes to road to boost his standing (Less Time For Crawford Vacation)

ACLU sues Secret Service and police over 2004 anti-Bush protest

Bush to hold ("Full Scale") Friday news conference

Ex-governor aims to block Ga. voter ID law

AP: Most States Fall Short on Student Testing (NCLB)

Bush Nominates Anti-Regulatory Zealot To Head Public Safety Office

Bush Concerned Neighbors Undermining Iraq

Arrogance aims to create a 'greater Israel' in Middle East (Iraq Speaker)

NYT/Reuters: Schwarzenegger Reconnecting with Moderates: Poll

NYT: Algerian Tells of Dark Odyssey in U.S. Hands (CIA Rendition)

Bush calls alleged rape-murder 'despicable'

NYT: Hate Groups Are Infiltrating the Military, Group Asserts

Oil companies reluctant to invest in Iraq

Bush says Ken Lay was "a good guy"

North Korea demands Japan revoke sanctions: report

N. Korea missile aimed at area off Hawaii - report

(Oregon) Man thinks peace-supporting car decals sparked vandalism

I haven't been checking DU much in the last week or two, but...

Which file extension are you?

"The Blame Deficit"

Michael Jackson just wants to give you a great big 'ol bear hug!

It's Thursday nigt. That can only mean....

Which OS are you?

Support a War Fast???

"Let Ringo In!"...a well-reasoned plea from a HuffPo blogger.


Generic self-indulgent ME thread

Office politics. Share your angry/funny stories here, please.


Which Nigerian spammer are you?

How do you make a big pot of sphagetti sauce with fresh tomatoes?

Okay, I've heard it all now. A guy is suing Nike and Michael Jordon

Should I go enlist myself?

Finally relaxed policies by FDA pay off for more than Big Pharmaceuticals

Is anyone else disturbed by that pic of the nekkid Chimperor?

Haha--My younger cousins are a riot! LOL. (Long post, but funny)

Are you the opposite sex. I had a male inform me tonight that I has a

Sexy salespeople can kiss my ass.

Is there anything more disgusting than Bowling shoes?

"And I guess dat was your accomplice in da woodchipper dere..."

My 8 year old told me I made him feel like a young boy again.

Need to RANT!

And then somebody discovered there was more profit under the ground

Fargo Trivia Question

Why can't my heart be more like my brain?

Are men just happier people?

How close to you are the wait for your driver's license?

Drink recommendation: Bushwhacker!


Haven't band names just gotten worse and worse over the years?


What is the difference between Ann Coulter and a Bowling Ball?

What do you do about ants in the house?

Movie Bloopers -- Which ones have you caught?


What's the difference between a bowling ball and Ann Coulter?

Best bottled water?

I was given a cigar I was told is Cuban.

I have invented a new drink!

What is this fucking shit I'm watching on Spice Channel?

Image-googling "jar jar bush"

Go to the best thread running right now

I just ignored my first person! ask me nothing.

Who knows what my avatar is?

Sexist salespeople can kiss my ass.

Help me find somebody!

One of my favorite songs

Today, I went to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cone...

My little pony....

I am thinking of all the girls I loved before. Back in 1969-75. Yours?

Which book did CaliforniaPeggy write?

WShat else should I see in Nova Scotia??

Hi everybody. Could you please send me some good vibes or

Is learning to sew difficult? ... I'm a guy, but the reason I ask is...

I'm serious: I think the Red Hot Chili Peppers are an underrated band

Which Supernova?

A Really Hilarious New Show, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

Matcom can read your what?

How close to you are the weight on your driver's license?

Image-googling "OMG"

Sophia Loren poses for Pirelli calendar ... at age 71.

Sexy salespeople can grab my ass!

They're requesting communications, sir.

I finally quit smoking!!!! Something that works.

Austrian Artists Arrested for Concrete Football Stunt

When open-source goes wrong (RANT).

Radio Lady Reviews: “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"

How many people can't afford vacation this year?

Who is the youngest member of DU??

It's past midnight, and here I sit -- drinking Ovaltine.

How much did your life change between your 18th and 25th birthdays?

Most F'd up cartoon?

karaoke update: I won

I hate when DUers act like freepers

What's the scariest roller coaster you've been on?

What's the one thing in life that scares you the most?

In search of "Radio Free Austin" listeners.

What is this fucking shit I'm watching on CBS?

The perfect Banana Bread recipe

Voices Raised Against the War in Iraq

Down's syndrome gene identified (BBC)

MADD Canada: same-sex kissing = drunk driving, incest

Vanessa, Alex and Cate Edwards to Host NYC Fundraiser

How to create a dKos diary that makes the Rec List

My Religious Liberty photo slideshow on

KOEB - 6/7/06 - Lamont/LIEberman edition

The Capitol on CSPAN

"Is Bush Not Having Sleepless Nights???"

I think I know what REALLY HAPPENED to Ken Lay:

Wow. CNN jost posted the states who have Bush approval ratings above 50%

If Josef Mengele could disappear and hide out for the rest of his life...

Can anyone confirm what was said in an earlier thread

U.S. Expresses Condolences to Iraq Family

Where's the Lamont/Lieberman debate thread?

Anybody Catch Craig Crawford's Analysis Of The Debate On KO ???

FALSE NEO-CON MEME: No terror attacks on US soil after 9/11.

RawStory: Times to EXPOSE CIA RENDITION Case on Friday!

Who is going to enter into the hunger strike.. and what are the

Who would support a War Fast in protest of the Iraq War.

CNN: "The Suicide Bomber Next Door, Could it be your neighbor?"

Happy Birthday george! How About the Burial of a 20yr old ON YOUR DAY!.

Ken Lay to be Cremated...

I'm Garrison Keelor on a bad day.

Not all cars pollute Kern's air equally

It's Time!!! GW Bush on Larry King Live -- For the Hour

i was struck by how eerily similarly lieberman wants to hold on to his

Check out Keith: he is reporting on the Lieberman debate

He Kissed Bush - Nuff Said

Reversed US Flag patch?

Steven Green Accused Soldier Enters Not Guilty Plea.

Recent polls in the Lamont/ Lieberman race?

Have YOU Heard Of David Addington? You Better Read Up If Not!

Now I know why we lost the 2000 presidential elections

History Channel NOW!!! Great program religion and some misuse

LOL! Scarborough gonna show Bush singing U2 song

Anyone know anything about this guy?

VIDEO : Lamont - Liebermann debate + contents

Bush Birthday and NARAL

So, if burning the flag may be made unconstitutional...

Happy birthday! It's not who you think...

Vote On MSNBC Poll: Lamont vs. Lieberman - Who Won The Debate ???

Tony Snow gets a new toy - pics

Caption this BushCo pic...

Algerian Tells of Dark Odyssey in U.S. Hands(secret detention program)

'Axis of evil' haunts Bush's final term

Let's steal the repugs symbols of 'Flying the Flag' and 'Yellow Ribbons'..

Debate re-running on C-Span 2!

How much is America threatened at this time?

Thousands of troops say they won’t fight

Wal-Mart Warms to Al Gore

Why is Joe Lieberman Supported by Sean Hannity, George Bush, and the Repub

Who better to make head of Public Safety than someone who...OPPOSES IT!!

How to design a $500 mil embassy?

Reclaiming the Issues: "It's an Illegal Employer Problem"

Iraq Takes Center Stage in Lieberman Debate

Sen. Clinton Draws Line on Backing Lieberman

So, is it pretty much accepted that Bushco did the Anthrax letters?

DU This Poll Regarding Ken Lay

Tucker is killing this idiot...

This line is perfect for Conservatives during elections

Is anyone watching Anderson Cooper 360???

As I've said before, majoritarianism is a poor technique of argument

MSNBC (tucker0--Mcain too angry to be President?

How does the rising gas prices work? Oil went to seventy five and

Anyone know what the new MS NBC lineup will be? I tried looking on the web

Google Ads????

. Korea missile aimed at area off Hawaii - report

C&L:Harwood:Lieberman used Republican talking points in the debate

Let's ask Iraq's PM, VP, Security Adviser, and Speaker about "Cut and Run"

John F. Kennedy Speech, April 27, 1961 (April 27, 1961)

My JOEMENTEM prediction! If Holy Joe loses the primary I believe

What's the Matter here?


CAPTION: Why we're losing the war.

N Korea's Ace Threatens US-Seoul Alliance-A Times

Health care a moral issue for Latino voters

True freedom's outcome - no superiority, no authority, yes?

Linda Lay deserves no respect and no compassion

Congressman Conyers:Improving Access to Health Care

LIVE NOW: DU's TruthIsAll on the Mike Malloy Show

Are the DUers who are getting sucked into the N Korea Scare Story

On the resignation of President Bush

Getting worse, is it time for GD: Ken Lay Tinfoil

I finally quit smoking!!!! Something that works.

WP:In Conn., Lieberman Defends Seat, War Stance

Happy Birthday Dali Lama!

Teachers, please tell me if you agree with this statement:

Just saw Chase ad for a credit card: "All You Need Is Love." Oh God.

Lieberman defends earmarks

Post Debate from Lamont blog:Lieberman stormed out of the debate early

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers check in!!

MSNBC Top Stories "Sen. Lieberman feisty in debate"

Legal Question??

RFK on Charlie Rose - local PBS channel

The Servative Hour (An invitation to listen to my radio show)

Malkin still trying to outdo Coulter - now she is smearing dead woman

Don't you DARE bury that "corpse."

Anyone notice bush* dyed his hair light brownish gray in his interview

Bush regarding Lay: "my hope is that his heart was right with the Lord"

Vote in this NBC30 poll on Lamont vs. Lieberman

Help Debunking Some Stuff From "The Dark Side"

Biden proves it. All politicians are idiots.

Lay's death will erase his conviction

Reminder: Why it is VITAL you vote for a Democrat, even if a DINO in '06..

Bush to write letter of condolence to Ken Lay's widow?!?! WTF?

for what this is worth--my take on kenny`s death

Bush: "Our military is fabulous"

"All of Iraq is Abu Ghraib"

Police report: foreign policy helped make UK a target

Marine to return medal to Bush in protest...

Schwarzenegger's lead grows

Yoo-hoo! Look over here...

Blech. I am listening to AAR and

ILLINOIS GEN. Assembly Impeachment Resolution: 19 Co-Sponsors Now

US Military Can Not Pay Light Bill or Pay to Cut Grass... BROKE!

Lieberman claims no one but "the local media" questions Iraq war support!

Just put your lips together and......

Coulter, A Plagiarist? Isn't It Obvious?

Harwood:Lieberman Used GOP Talking Points in the Debate; Lamont Polished

Sensenbrenner has become a new verb in Spanish. Not a polite one, either.

Love America? Then be a REAL American.

Check your listings: Bobby Kennedy on Charlie Rose


Don't eat my flag, Mr. President!

N. Korea missile aimed at area off Hawaii

DINOs to the left of me, DINOs to the right, here I am!

My prediction about Nov 06: Dems come up 8 seats short in house,


I had lunch today with some fellow Army officers

Impeachment groundswell is growing

Drinking bottled water is environmentally irresponsible. And dumb.

How to link picture from a remote site without stealing bandwidth!!!

Fake(?) FBI Phone Threat to Me 10 Minutes Ago

Looking for Yearly Kos Video for documentary. New member needs your help.

Chile's Escondida copper miners launch work slowdown

Poll: Lamont v. Lieberman: Will Lamont gain ground after tonight?

The Human Rights Campaign Should Be Ashamed Of Itself

Lieberman: Ned is a one issue candidate.

Today's ? @ MSNBC page - Should the US strike N Korea?

Taiwan to test-fire missile: report

Bush on Larry King

If Ned whips Joe in the August primary . . .

MSNBC Bloggers Weigh In on Ned Joe Debate

"Future presidents have to deal with the repercussions of his rhetoric"

Lieberman fed GOP talking points like feeding a baby strained effing peas

RFK Jr. on Charlie Rose - just great!!

What is your VoteMatch political philosophy?

Lieberman & the "Independent Democrat" LIE

Honestly, I wasn't really impressed with Lieberman or Lamont

Bush: "I'm in the process of solving Global Warming..." (Olbermann)

Iraq is NOT a "single issue"

AP: House Wants to Deny Sanctuary Cities Aid

Why is Lieberman's position on North Korea so inconsistent

Firedoglake has Tom Delay's "REAL" Mug shot. Here it is:

Lieberman claims no one but "the local media" questions Iraq war support!

The downfall of Ann Coulter (plagiarism)

What's your position on term limits for members of Congress?

Lieberman to opponent: 'I'm not George Bush'

HI-Sen: Akaka 51%, Case 40%

"Bush will hand over White House...that will face a far messier world..."

The Great Disconnect

Homelessness a threat for Iraq vets: AP story

(CNN) Bush: I'd rather be right than popular

Forget who the Dem candidate will be. Who will the GOP put up?

Opposing Lieberman - cutting our nose to spite our face?

Eulogy for a crook ( Lay)

Eulogy for a crook ( Lay)

Wall Street increases donations to GOP; other companies up Dem donations

Never Forget What Enron Cost Us In California

WP,pg1: A Multi-Hued National Team Thrills Racially Uneasy France

"Deja Vu in the DF" from the Texas Observer...

Randi just proved that Bush was friends with Ken Lay

It Couldn't Happen Here

Michael S. Dukakis: L.A.-S.F. train is a quick traffic fix

Morford: Bush Is Dead To Me

Dick Morris think's Lieberman's TOASTED!!

Tax dollars to fund study on restricting public data

George W. Bush Is Dead To Me (Mark Morford)

My letter to the editor sent to an Idaho newspaper....

Cheney really wants U.S. dictator BY ANDREW GREELEY

Climate Breakdown Will Harm Tasmania's Farming, Fishing, Dairy Herds

Australian Government's Climate Plan Will Do Next To Nothing

China May Divert Yellow River Water For Sake Of Olympics - Reuters

Ehrlich (R - MD) Wants Weaker Water Pollution Rules For Baltimore

NCI - Thyroid Cancer Rate From Chernobyl Nearly 4X Normal - Reuters

Ice Update - Sea Ice Line Moving Steadily N. From Svalbard @ 82 North

This Just In - Tanning Lamps May Increase Skin Cancer Rates!!

British Columbia - New Forest Fire Outbreaks Running At 100 Per Day

Crosspost: Climate instruments dropped from US satellites.

crosspost: New Cutting Edge MAS Technology Makes GM Food Obsolete

Ethanol facility powered by renewable energy from dairy waste planned for

Mine ruling prompts bid for fed control of programs:Clean Air/Water Acts

Chemical Reviews publishes an article on liquid fuels from biomass.

Penn & Teller take on the bottled water craze

Clarion call to save amphibians (BBC)

This Just In - Fox News Discovers So-Called "Hybrid" Cars!!!

Kroger to Sell E85 Ethanol Fuel in Ohio

Royal Dutch Shell - Biofuels "Morally Inappropriate" In Light Of Hunger

Environmental crisis will soon erupt in Gaza

The lure of madness

Ahmadinejad warns of 'Islamic explosion'

Israeli hints at prisoner swap for soldier

Local beauty queen, NBA player get hitched

Dichter: We’ll release prisoners if necessary

State: Israeli-Palestinian conflict a war

Israeli Offensive Grounds Gaza Fishermen

The agony of Gaza

Beit Lahiya turns into ghost town

Security nabs Islamic Jihad bomber en route to attack

"How 9/11 Was Almost Stopped" (New Yorker)

Push the Ignore Button...NOW!!

The thing I fear the most is to forgotten - Let's remember

Avi Rubin: Don't Blame The Messenger

TX: E-voting lawsuit goes before court

Sacramento Bee: "Election '06: Looming, dire question of trust" (Diebold!)

"Senor Blank-o" Wins In Mexico! by Greg Palast

Will you help me keep this GD thread front-and-center?

It Couldn't Happen Here: By E.J. Dionne (WaPo)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, 7/7/ 2006 Edition FOR ANDY

NH Phone Jammer to Claim WH Approval for Election Fraud-Raw Story

Corpmedia NOT picking up Clinton's RFK article remarks - should we DU a

Conviction of NU Regent Hergert historic (dodged finance laws)


From the DMR - Iowa Ear - Vilsack Presidential Poll - another loser


First lady of the press criticizes Bush, media (Helen Thomas)

Dallas AAR affiliate (KXEB 910AM) still only at 0.4 market share

Day's Drive has a gig on July 13th in NW Houston!

DVO Courthouse Tourstops, July 11 --14

A funny Lounge thread about pet peeves at the grocery store

Help, help!! Mr. & Mrs. Spratt are getting desperate....!

Behold, home grown maters!

Dana Milbank, WaPo: "July Sixers Get the Cake; Canadian Gets the Crumbs"

Cindy Sheehan is at it again - Yeah!

AP 2 top courts rule against gay marriage

Democrats pleased with ruling; Texas GOP appealing

AP: Report: N.Korea may launch another missile

Reuters: Soldier from U.S.-led force killed in Afghan ambush

BBC: Seven die in Baghdad gun battle

Republicans may press Ney to step down if indicted

Invitation to Cheney briefing quickly rescinded

Report finds worsening press freedom in Colombia

Afghan MP says family shot in coalition misfire

Bush to visit Aurora firm energy chief helped create

Homeland security papers offer glimpse of California threats

Hate Groups Are Infiltrating the Military, Group Asserts

Reuters: EU hails "good start" to Iran nuclear talks

NYT: White supremacists enlisting in military, watchdog report says

Anti-Granholm ad taps Nazi images (Michigan)

Bomb tunnel, flood city

Hotel at heart of war's start is now all but abandoned (the Palestine)

CJD blood test 'a step closer'...(mad cow disease)

Italy's Berlusconi indicted over Mediaset: reports

Soldier Held After Ramming Cockpit Door

NYT/AP: Japan Begins Withdrawing Troops From Iraq

Flush America splashes out on bathrooms

(U.S.) Soldier subdued on Florida flight (Reuters)

US-led forces arrest top militia commander in Iraq (Mehdi Army)

Britain remembers 7/7 victims

Iraq mosques bombed

Funding could restart idled pulsed energy generator in Nevada (weapons)

FBI Disrupts New York Transportation Plot

Colin Powell Briefly Hospitalized

Bomb Squad Called To Port Authority (Cleveland)

Video: 2 London bombers al-Qaida trained

Dems' Fighing Words (summary of Lamont-Lieberman Debate)

Guantánamo inmate tells of worsening conditions (AP)

Congress may fold casinos' bid: GOP sees ban of Internet gaming as winning

Police Suspended Over MySpace Comments

Poll (Has Bush Admin. Policies helped growth etc.)

WaPo: Russia's Signal to Stations Is Clear: Cut U.S. Radio

AP: Ky. AG Disqualified From Governor's Case

German state overturns ban on Islamic headscarves

Plotters sought to bomb NY tunnel: paper (Reuters)

Bush: U.S. pressing search for bin Laden

South Korea delays food aid to the North

Payrolls grow by 121,000

Angelides says he would sign gay marriage bill

Indian gay prince out of closet, loses inheritance

WSJ: Wal-Mart Warms to Al Gore

US Officer Drops out of Iraq War

AP: Powell Briefly Hospitalized in Colorado

Terror crew urged to hit FBI's bldgs.(by FBI)

Georgia voter ID law put on hold

Breaking: Rawstory: NH Phone Jammer to Argue Bush Adm Approved

Biden explains Indian-American comment

Final arguments set in sexual misconduct case (polygamist fundie)


California Man Revealed as al Qaeda Leader

Anti-Granholm ad taps Nazi images (Aimed at Afr-Amer Mich Governor)

Bush: I'd rather be right than popular

Bush tries out new media strategy in Chicago ( it's not about politics)

Reuters: Judge orders Berlusconi, Mills to stand trial in fraud case

WP: College Student Tracking Assailed ("Orwellian road"?)

NYT: More Lenders Join in Pledge to Safeguard Environment

Laura Bush Complains "Good Polls" Never Show Up on the Front Page

Haditha cover-up probe sent to US commander in Iraq

Body of Enron's Lay to be cremated

Anne Frank diary burning sparks outrage in Germany (Reuters)

AP: Blackwater Backs Dropping Extortion Case

Jimmy Carter, wife mark 60th anniversary

Schwarzenegger Rules Out Tax Hike if Re-Elected (Angelides would tax rich)

CIA attacked by agent who led Bin Laden hunt

Santorum, Trailing in Re-Election Bid, Seeks to `Shake Up' Race

Venezuela gets nod for UN seat

N.Y. rabbi arrives to fight gay pride parade to be held in J'lem

Possible plane attack thwarted

Mayor decries Spanish billboard (in NJ)

RS Supernova : First Elimination Episode


Favorite Demon Prince?

“Fiber Choice, With Aloe Vera”

A riddle

OK, it's 20 till 5, and I need to be up at the crack of 2. Goodnight DU!!!

Another puzzle

I can't believe how many people make mentos commercials at home

My apartment complex is being turned into condo's

A Happily Ever After Cat story!

Help! My smileys aren't working!

Advertise much?

Cancer surgery for star Pavarotti (BBC)

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Do you FreeCycle?

I'm cooking for my new sweetie tomorrow,

Favorite woodwind?

Anyone worked on a cruise ship? How was it?

Man Offers Free Lawn Mowing To Lose Weight

It's PUNDAY!!!

Which job would you rather have?

Squash hunting. No really. Squash hunting

Ok I'm gonna try

Baseball fans: What's the plural of RBI?

Owner Of Driving School Arrested For Drunk Driving

I knew I should have wrote it down, open source works?

OK, I've studied French, and I've studied Italian - fluent in neither....

Rare split-second video footage reveals why Cheney is so evil.

WHY is it newsworthy to know what song the astronauts woke up to?

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" --HIGHLY recommended

I love Paula Deen!

Go ahead. Post your bad advice here.

kitten saga chapter 2

Which is the better version of "Burning down the house"

Lullaby renditions of Metallica?

Need help with my tagline code.

What movie(s) have you walked/nearly walked out of?

Do you wash and re-use plastic forks, knives & spoons?

What Sounds Good for Lunch?

Sweeter is not better!

If you go visit your family does it actually count as a vacation?

I just discovered 2 pairs of shorts...that my closet!

best video ever

MORAN From NY Paralyzed For Life In 'Accident' During Running Of The Bulls

Third Best Vulcan?

Teenager's Name Changed After Years Of Mockery

Oh Leif Garrett, what happened??

I have a thinking Problem

Who is the guy with the guitar in the Snickers ads?

Try your hand at some Jackson Pollock

Why am I so awesome?

favorite video today...New Order *Ceremony*

Country roads.... Going to WV this weekend

Hang in there, baby!

Some little-known facts about Chuck Norris. VERY FUNNY!!

If you're like me, and I know I am

best version of "Baker Street"

Funny Video From Iraq

You're gonna love this: The Threatdown Generator

Father Poisoned Kid's Soup To Win Lawsuit From Campbell's

Tee hee!

Congratulations bertha katzenengel!! 10,000 posts fortune cookie last night

Most boring thing in the world

Ann Coulter responds to plagiarism charges by issuing plagiarized rebuttal


post from your cache thread time!!!

Do you like it when your significant other is away from home?

its a perfect day - 72 degrees, no wind, sunny

Southern Baptist Psychedelics---Jot fuckin' stole the fuckin' cupcake

KLF is gonna rock ya.

So I bought all the stuff to make spaghetti sauce, but it turns out

Favorite John Ottman score

Anyone here like Kool & The Gang?

Thats it ... I am SHAVING MY GENITALIA! Opinions?

Good vibes for my aunt, please... (2 heart surgeries in 2 days)

Thats it...I am SHAVING MY HEAD! Opinions?

Just because you never heard of her, here's Barbora Mori

Calling all word-smiths

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 7/7/06)

Need link to that satelite-that you can see your house.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Ever have your house for sale for months and get only 1 pathetic offer?

Your supervisor seems to ignore you at work. What do you do?

generic continuation of previous flamewar

Thats it ... I am SHAVING MY LEGS! Opinions?


Who will win the world cup?

How has your life changed since you've started taking DU?

DU, especially the Lounge is NOW ILLEGAL!!!!

"Hookahs Not Bazookas"

Just a friendly reminder: UFC is on ppv tommorow night

Doesn't everyone here shave their Pitts?

Ska... yes or no?

Name your NEMESIS!!!

Person who didn't save data to the network got fired

I said something awful the other day - trouble is, I think I actually

Great overlooked bands of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

I just heard on ABC news that Lucianno Pavarotti is in a US

So..would the hidden fence thingys for dogs work on a toddler?

That's it...I'M SHAVING MY BALLS...opinions?

I have to g o

Favorite Winwood number

Hypothetical relationship question

I believe in miracles :)

George Clooney

Anyone here been skydiving??

Friday, July 7. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Anyone here been dumpster diving?

What's your afternoon snack?

Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan on youtube

I need a new drug

MN DUers! Emergency Meet-up tomorrow at Minnehaha Park!

Company won't let K. Clarkson promote own product until she loses weight

My favorite smell today

Are there any "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fans here?

Your local convenience store IS NOT A CASINO.

Is Firefox a good browser?

Celebrate with me - today is my 19 year anniversary of being

Does Your Vehicle Have Hand-Crank Windows or Power?

What was your very first pet!!

Are you aware of your financial situation?

Have you Googled your screen name lately?

A reason to watch Superman Returns...:)

Rita Crosby's Voice...

Friday Shoe Blogging

Dr. Laura Schlessinger appreciation thread!!!

I am almost related to a murderer

If you love kitties and HAVE to watch this

Attn: XemaSab (and other Twin Peaks fans)

Our Armed Forces are fabulous!

Who else here loves themselves?

I haven't shaved anything in days,


Ya know what SUCKS about Arkansas?

Name a movie that SHOULD have been great, but wasn't.

Is there anything to do in St. Louis?

At approximately 1:00pm 46 years ago I was born..

That's it...I am NOT SHAVING MY HEAD! Opinions?

Post a really cool quote

Someone tell me so cool places to go in Tennessee.

What's your birth order?

What's the theme song in the movie of your life?

Goodbye Petey

Thats it...I am SHAVING MY LEGS! Opinions?

Recommended Reading

Check out my slideshow on Activist Clergy on Air America

WP/AP: Presbyterians Split Over Homosexuality

How do you use DU?

Antidepressants: Youth Suicide Warnings Increasingly Questioned

Video of the NY Marriage Rally in Sheridan Square

Talking Racism in Hitler's Stadium

What Constitutes A Sport? My Simple Definition

Who Will Win The WC Final? France or Italy?

Federer gets his shot at Nadal on grass

Boxing: Spinks vs Karmazin

For Atlantis afficionados, SciFi channel has a new documentary

More Military Lies and Cover-ups

John Kerry Reacts to Bush’s Economic Press Conference in Chicago

Kerry on the censure resolution?

Scott Howell - enemy of the people

Does Kerry's office know about Clinton's remarks on RFK article? And if he

Rummy again: Racist extremists active in U.S. military

Okay guys. My DH needs help! He is a clean elections candidate for

Yankees-Mets Game !

A question for y'all, and a thank you:

**Two** TX babies (born on 4th of July) found abandoned

Holy Bejesus! Has anyone posted this Chimpy photo yet?

With four months to go until the midterms don't waste your time trying to

Characteristics of a neo-conservative

Are you listening to Bernie Ward tonight? Yeowww!

Iraqi blog: Baghdad "exhausted, relentless violence, no basic services"

Left Behind Books

2,540 Amererican troops now dead in Iraq

Emmy for Best Comedy: Asshat on Larry King

Great excerpt from the judicial opinion rejecting DeLay's ballot scam

Grey's Anatomy Finale? Anyone see it? I missed it!! WAH!

Ned Lamont mentos commercial?

US forces clash with Iraqi militia

New Clues to Down Syndrome-Alzheimer's Link

Ann Coulter: Deadhead

Report From The Police State, Dateline Alabama

AP 2 top courts rule against gay marriage

Terrorists ARE Going To Kill Us All!

Bush regarding Ken Lay: "A good guy."

Cancer surgery for star Pavarotti (BBC)

GM moves on Renault-Nissan plan (BBC)

Tongan royals killed in car crash (BBC)

Family calls for 7/7 inquiry

What ever happened to the Miami Seven?

Get ready for more Bush-style townhall meetings

Since the judge called DeLay's scheme "fraud on the voters"

good morning everyone!

CAPTIONs aren't worth what they used to be

Now I remember why I stopped watching the today show.

Caption Opportunity...

And now it is the Daily News?

So if 60 is early middle age...but 75 is old...

Extinction maps..(clickable)

One last CAPTION to honor his special friendship with Ken Lay


Lamont: “This is not Fox News, Sir”

Announcing Camp Democracy-Cindy Sheehan to Move Camp to National Mall

Students’ anti-war e-mails monitored

Faux News: Terror Links to Saddam's Inner Circle

The terrorists are back from vacation

"FBI disrupts New York City tunnel plot" "The planning was not far along"

Doctor Allegedly Mocked Obese Woman, Told Patient To Shoot Self

Breast Ironing? And other awful stuff women put up with because

The Presidential IQ Report - Guess where bu$h stands...

Would You Describe Lay's Widow As a:

Put Ken Lay on life support! Get a feeding tube quick!

Publisher Calls Plagiarism Charge Against Coulter "Meritless"

"Gay prince out of closet, loses inheritance"

Doctor Allegedly Mocked Obese Woman, Told Patient To Shoot Self

Will George Bush actively campaign for the GOP nominee in 2008?

North Korean Missile Aimed At Hawaii - per Japan

Bush Tells Larry - We Found the WMDSs!

Michelle Malkin will never be accused of plagarism.

I called Boxer's office asked if she would support the winner of the CT

NYT TV critic: Larry King gives Bush "warm bath, not hot seat"

Latest Chimp Approval Polls: FUX 41% (+1), TIME 35% (-2)

Why was Bush and Laura on Larry King Show last night?

LIVE BUSH- Formal Press Conference at Museum of Science & History

A Difference of 0.58%, 243,934 votes - Over 41.7 millions voted

Video techies--download and re-post RFK, jr on Charlie Rose last night.

Free Fish Fry on Friday in Franklin, but first you gotta CAPTION!!!!

Rush Limbaugh's Dominican Stag Party

They're going to toast the corpse

BUSH Press Conference In Chicago - 11 a.m.

I wonder what kind of prison sentence Jeff Skilling will get

Listen people: Jerry Falwell is NOT gay!

Selfish post: Force DirectTV into the 21st Century...

Colin Powell taken ill at Clinton dinner

Anyone listing to these reporters getting instructed in journals on WJ

GOP's most fervent wish and they got their way

Dad Forwards Freeper Email

I got to see - and hear - Al Gore last night!

John "Torture" Yoo Says - SCOTUS Hampering Bush's Power Grab (LAT Edit)

Update on Iraq in the last 24 hours. - pretty bloody over there

Imigration bill from the Dems and Repubs makes no sense at all.

425 unused FEMA trailors, 10 miles from New Orleans...

Inside Central Asia (BBC) -- visit the "stans"

I'm Beat. I'd Like A Break. Someone Tell Bush To Stop Being Such A Dick.

Neo-Nazi's in Iraq---just lovely.

Key Lay's widow VS King Claudius from Hamlet.

MMFA's letter to Ann Coulter's Publisher

Irony thou name is chimp... caption this pic..

(VIDEO) The Post-9/11 Moment of Zen (not what you'd think)

Bush drops passport requirement for disabled and nursing home residents

CHENEY: Ok To Criticize Military Run By Dems-Treason When Run By Repubs

"We've been on our own." Caller on C-Span WJ

So I just called Joementum's office about the debate last night

WP's Dionne to Mexico, re. disputed election: It Couldn't Happen Here

Bush, As Military Champion, Says U.S. Overdeployed

B*sh's press conf: 2 things he said he didn't know or denied:

Ned Lamont on AAR right now.

Happy 60th Anniversary

C-SPAN's Brian asking about volunteer experiences. No Republicans calling.

Mike Church is going for it -- will sing and record "Hadji Girl" himself

Caption this * pic

Hakuin used to tell his pupils about an old woman who had a teashop...

It's Friday, news dump day.

New Gallup: Roughly 2 in 3 Americans Urge WITHDRAWAL From Iraq

Intel report for US via WSJ: "Baghdad is exhausted"

Preparing for *'s trip to Germany - pics

Freeps Are Right. I Am A Good Example Of How Bad This Country Has Gotten.

AP: Sectarian TV main source of news in Iraq

NY metro mugger wields power saws

An Apology To Ken Lay's Wife. I Am Sorry. Seriously.

Re: Lamont being JP Morgan's great grandson

John Yoo is officially a sick f***.

Bill Bennett is correct about NYT.

Leaked intel brief: Baghdad's 'dreams and desires' shrinking

Was Bob Woodward Slam-Dunked? by Robert Parry

Anatomy of a Fraud Foretold - Mexico's Surreal Elections

Ok, seriously people I need career help

The Cartoonist With No Name Stands Up For the Homeless Heroes ...

Anger at Lieberman & his ilk is not for "moderation" but dishonesty

Why don't we frame Bush's demand for

Is there a transcript available for the Lamont-LIEberman debate?

Paris pays homage to Jefferson, Parks

Teacher fired for honoring reserve commitment in Afghanistan

How to find out if someone has a warrant out for them?

CT-Sen: Bigotry in Lieberman's camp Hotlist

CAPTION >> Bush's Trainwreck!

I have finally gotten there

Mexican Election Hangover

nostalgic for the old color-coded threat warnings?

Say hello to the child brides of Afghanistan

Why do Repubs always pick the dumbest SOB in the kennel ?

Will this man ever stop humiliating us?

Do you buy the FBI breaking news of Terror plot targeting NYC tunnels?

Cindy Sheehan is at it again - Yeah!

Wal Mart warms to Al Gore? Comments?

in 2002, 2,500 children expelled from school for bringing handgun in

What's with all the music on AAR between segments???

ANY corpmedia report on Clinton's belief in RFK's election fraud article?

Flush America splashes out on bathrooms

Graphic evidence of progress during Bush's time in office

Phone Jammer to Argue DC Officials Approved

Racist extremists active in U.S. military

Noam Chomsky excerpt on "FEAR"...

Rumored: significant reward to be offered

Orange Coalition falls apart

So how did * and Pickles do on Larry King?

Australian inmate tells family conditions at Guantanamo are getting worse

Did the Supreme Court know the Hamdan Decision would lead to This?

An Update from Michael Moore (and an invitation to his film festival)

Music teacher accused in Belarus

Top Headlines for 2009

Truth. Progress. Hope. Accountability. Peace.

We interrupt the DU to bring you an important message from the King.

my Ah-HA! (DUH!!) moment in politics - follow the money

George W. Bush Is Dead To Me: By Mark Morford

its Friday ya bastards!!!

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Will Ruin Society (Humor)

Someone please tell Shrub it's pronounced "Tu"!

Lay's conviction will probly be set aside posthumously.


Afghanistan was the nation-state Bush decided al-Qaeda belonged to

Is this a clue that Gore is running in 08?????

Apple Investors on Yahoo Message Board PISSED AT REPUBS

CAPTION Mr. Strawberry Shortcake...

“I Was a Mouthpiece for the American Military”

Woman says firm fired her for being a Christian

US Soldier Tackled on Flight After Ramming the Cockpit Door

Truthout: Bush Told Cheney to Discredit Diplomat Critical of Iraq Policy

Video Game Jihadists

I`d give about anything to find an authentic 24-hour news station.

Howard Dean is coming up on the Situation Room on CNN. 4:15PM EST.

No. Korea missile flew longer than WH said & Bush Press Conference - 11am

Slightly humorous moment from LK interview of GWB

the stupidest person in Alaska

My latest shopping rant. Giant Foods is at it again.

The Situation Room several minutes ago on Lieberman:

Just reading the transcript of Bush

Ned Lamont on with Sam now!!!

My belated birthday message for the resider.

Bush's fading dreams of hegemony

Anybody catch this fun Bush quote today?

An Apology to Skinner for taking him out of context

Conyers:Air Strikes Against Iran? How Serious the Consequences?

can anyone tell me exactly what Al Gore is doing with the proceeds from

Looking for percentage registered Democrats by state...please help.

Right-Wing Reader Mail: The Friday Fruitcakes

Reactions to the latest Terrrrrrrr alert?

I'm begining to agree with Cindy Sheehan more every day.

Flashback 2004: Lieberman Effectively Campaigns for Bush in Florida

Quote of the Day

Chicago-area gangs and neo-Nazis in Iraq?

Anybody heard anything about Riverbend? Nothing on her blog

No more B.S: War Crimes = Impeachment

I've been away for awhile...

His speaking is better than 2002-2005 - WHY?

Would American journalists (real journalists) have the courage to do this?

did the Kingstons and their family businesses inspire BIG LOVE?

Man indicted in phone jamming case...Administration approved scheme

Bush is claiming that the Osama unit is NOT shut down!

MEXICO: Who sits on the election tribunal?

Biden moment part 2 -- on CNN's situation room, next hour

LTTE Orlando Sentinel on Mexican election

Colin Powell falls ill during dinner

How gas pricing is an unpleasant experience (wink wink)

House Democrats seek more money for rail, mass transit security

Rush says he's on vacation next week. Back to Dominican Republic?

Glenn Greenwald v. Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds

Three Senators (so far) say they will support the Lieberman Indie bid

Does Ann Coulter use drugs?

Look what I missed:

Budget woes force Army bases to cut services

Hamdan Vs. the Flagrant Hypocrisy of the Bush Administration

Dobbs poll is looking bad for * economy question

Fake(?) FBI Phone Threat - Day 2

Dean says Bush is in the grip of neocons with a bizarre worldview.

American Family Association promotes 'Godless'

A KO Video To Remember, Between Now And November !!! - Must See Again !!!

Poll (Has Bush Admin. Policies helped growth etc.)

Anyone watching C-Span's Democracy event ?

Media whore O'Donnell continutes to smear Cindy as Rits, Joe,

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor: Diebold

Swat cop responds to old-lady Codepink and IVAW arrests.

does anyone have a high res pic of the moran?

This idiot calling into AAR is hilarious...SO STUPID.

Six More Abramoff White House visits uncovered

AAR tonight: John Dean and Glenn Greenwald

RawStory: Sources say no serious plot for NYC (Tunnel), just hate chatter

Happy 60th anniversary Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter

Bobby Kennedy on Charlie Rose [video]

The good thing about Ann Coulter.

Maybe this sums up the RW view of things somewhat;

You should vote for Joe Lieberman because Chuck Schumer is a prick!

FOUR DOLLAR gasoline predicted within a week.

Iran to host Iraq security conference

So it's 'treasonous' for the NYT to report on financial terrorist tracking

I applaud Bush for saying that Ken Lay was a good guy.

Maybe this is old, but thought I'd share just in case

Are pictures broken?

No standard tap water filtration system can remove chloramine!

NH phone jammer to argue Bush Administration approved scheme

And to think I donated money to Paul Hackett! Just seen on Hardball

Breakthrough on the Niger Documents? By Larry Johnson

Well, the Hardball Hotshots & Nora say Lieberman will do OK

Oh God... "Bin Laden's bin forgotten" -- New slogan for Dems in '06?

Here we go...Bush says he is frustrated with diplomacy...

Jimmy Carter's "Crisis of Confidence" Speech

Legends of a mind (Kennyboy Lay is Dead)

Today's best bumper sticker: If Jeb runs . . .

Are ALL People In Mourning Deserving Of the Same Level Of Respect?

LULAC convention in Milwaukee gets political!

Dems Must Say "We Do NOT Concede" In US As In Mexico - by Bob Fitrakis

Love AAR. Hate the commercials

Friday laugh-di Niro as DHS Spokesman

Why does the press let B* away with the lie about Lay supporting Richards?

Does anyone think that gas prices will ever go down?

Every damn cable and local news TV station had the tunnel story

jr uttered some lie about how we could have shot down the missile

Check this quote from a coworker of mine

Does Anyone Else Have the Feeling that Osama bin Laden

whoever doing closed captioning on cspan either drunk or on crack

What Americans were kept from saying when Bush said 16 words

Watch this Coulter/Hitler cartoon. It's a riot!

Letter from Michael Moore about SICKO his newest film!

Hitler's followers can be explained more easily than Bush's followers.

Show about pirates brings up a reference to Iraq and Halliburton


July 7, 2006 (London Tube bombings)

Hey knowledgeable DUers! I need an answer to a question please

Mars Lander Staggers Into NASA Headquarters Drunk, Broke (Onion RN)

If The Founders Could See The Current Mess, What Changes Would They Make?

And then there was just Skilling . . .

Bush news conference about good economy do you believe it or not?

LBJ's daughters op ed in NYT..."Don't dismantle the Voting Rights Act"

Now It Comes out The "Woman" Raped and Murdered Was 14 yrs old!!!!!

Suzanne Malveau, CNN, got to bush big time on N. Korea

Active duty soldier running amok in plane taken off -- CNN just now.

Full transcript of today's propaganda being catapaulted in Chicago

Leaked Baghdad Intel briefing matches Iraq blog entry?

You know Bush is in piss poor shape when Rasmussen has him at 38%

A new client selected me because of my IMPEACH BUSH sticker

Will OH 2004 and FL 2000 be remembered like IL in the JFK/Nixon election?

Ken Lay is Alive and Well:

court exempts Tobacco companies of ALL LIABILITY.. so no product can have

How many Democrats would need to be in the House and Senate to have...

Poll: Should deadbeat dads be denied the right to vote?

BRAD BLOG: Hustler Runs Story, Photos on Raymond Lemme / Clint Curtis!

* gets another birthday cake. - pic

B*sh BORROWED money from a Dunkin Donuts customer ...

Major American health crisis: Disease is spreading

what's this "we" shit?

If Baby Bush has his druthers the Lay family will pay no estate taxes

Rush Limbaugh's Self-Serve Gas Station Ordeal

Photo of Mozart's widow found (BBC)

More proof that Liberals are the NICEST people!

Two question poll on an income CAP for corporate officers

To honor Andy

COMMAND RAPE in the Military. Why are soldiers out of control?

SAY IT AIN'T SO! Boxer going to Ct to stump for Libermann??????

Veterans being denied freedom of speech at VA hospitals an clinics

"It was a CIGAR trip!!!!!1" ------the timeline.

How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico

A song for Andy... as I remember him today.

"Aryan Nations graffiti in Baghdad"-Hate Groups Infiltrating Military-NYT

The Top 10 Power Brokers Of The Religious Right (Must-Read)

Bush press conference

WH: 'The Economy Remains Strong, And The Outlook Is Favorable'

I have a bad feeling about that NK missile story

AAR is NOT off the air in Cincinnati

Madalyn Murray O'Hair - An American Hero

My Dog Is A Terrorist

Lay dead. "CHECK THE COFFIN" a broadcaster just said on CNN...

New Thom Hartmann Book! Screwed:The Undeclared War against Middle Class

LMFAO! Larry King Farts On The Air w/ Star Jones

Glenn Greenwald:Why are Bush supporters celebrating today's leak


Reflections On Independence, Vol. 4 (A Little Late But Worth The Wait)


"This isn't Fox News, Sir"

The Treason Card: By Paul Krugman

the many lies of GM's CEO on Blitzer's show yesterday (CNN)

Help here giving someone specific information ..

Look at this great economy! Look at that 5% growth!

Christian group giving away tix to see An Inconvenient Truth

Beyond GM Food: New Cutting Edge MAS Technology Makes GM Food Obsolete

Why would anyone vote Republican?

When is it okay to be Mean and Dirty in Politics?

My Flash Memorial to Andy on the Anniversary of his Passing

They're talking about the possibility of $4 and $5 for a gallon of

Wal-Mart, AutoZone sued by state (Arizona)

Cindy Sheehan's Birthday today - Put your messages to her here:

Lieberman could be Democrats' Schiavo

The REAL story behind the Dunkin Donuts charade.


A vote for women's suffrage?

An Army of Children

My mom was telling me there was much less poverty when she was young...

George W. Bush Is Dead To Me, By Mark Morford, a good read btw

Why can't you and I?


Climate Sensors Dropped From US Weather Satellites

Is Kenny Boy Dead?

Did you see that Disgusting Display by Paul Hackett our DU HERO!!!

Randi just proved that Bush was friends with Ken Lay

"Net Neutrality" and "Democratic Underground"

Legal Funds Needed by 7/10 for "Voting Machine Sleepover" Debacle!

Take E action against anti union Verizon!!!

Collapsing from pesticide poisoning looking for donations

Fox's John Gibson blames N. Korea nukes guessed it...the CLENIS.

New Democratic Ad Calls on Republicans to Stop Delaying Border Security...

Being Joe Lieberman

Fineman on Imus discusses Lamont/lieberman debate

Another Lieberman/Lamont poll

Lieberman: "i have not called for an open ended commitment in Iraq"

There already IS a Third Party in US politics

Joe really, really needs a new adviser

How deep do Ann Coulter's privacy rights go?

Sometimes when you think about it, it Hits Home Hard.

Bush is "solving" global warming

Neo Nazi's joining the military - infiltrating or being recruited?

It may be old and dusty, but the tinfoil hat still fits: Lay, Powell...

Good help is sure hard to find these days .......

To our Democratic Party Leaders...

Politics and the internet

WP political blog: Senate seats most likely to change parties

Bush hopes that Kenny Boy Lay's black heart was "right with the Lord"

A reminder about fundies...

Wal*Mart Seeks Eco Advice From President Al Gore

GOP Chief, Abramoff Linked In New Government Report

Lieberman Saved the Submarine Base, Dammit!

When you attack Greens and Naderites you will shed voters!!!!

Anyone have a link to the Lamont / Holy Joe debate video?

Harwood: Lieberman Used Republican Talking Points... Lamont Polished

I can't stand these damned employers who keep PURGING employees

Salon quiz game: WHO SAID IT? (Bush or Lieberman)

The mask story is out! Terror plot stopped before tunnels blown up

Repugs running on their anti-terror record: LOL...

LAT: Former Cali Governor Gray Davis feeling chipper

Bush is touting "DIPLOMACY" all of a sudden...

A louder drumbeat for impeachment...

Scheuer calling Richard Clarke a "liar" on C-span

Clint Curtis is going to meet with traitor Jim Davis

Joe, It's about the Party...not the Person

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: Gonzales and Ashcroft Gut Voting Rights Act

CAPTIONs can take your breath away

Hello. I have a question about Joe Lieberman.

To those people who have had enough with corrupt corporations.

We need President Biden - to predict the next terror attack

Bush on catching OBL: "It's just a matter of time, unless we stop looking"

Senator Reed just endorsed Lieberman on CNN. Biden said he'd wait and see.

John Kerry Reacts to Bush’s Economic Press Conference in Chicago

*Bush** on Ken Lay: (From LK interview transcript)

Bush pulls a Cheney on the new Mexican President(can he ever not lie)

Big Eddie quote: Lamont can't hold his own jock strap(%@%[email protected]%^&)

What is going on in New Jersey?

what are Liebermann's positions that the democratic base doesn't like??


This day in history, 2005: Iraq Signs Military Pact with Iran

If you can't laugh at "crib death" what can you laugh at?

Sacramento Bee says election fraud activists are "NOT KOOKS"!

Eternal Vigilance

Military Now Recruiting Neo-Nazis, Skinheads!

Graham wants to Override SCOTUS on Torture

If Lamont Loses the Primary, Should He Run As an Independent?

AP: DeLay Dispute Moves to Higher Court

Help! Clean Elections Candidate in Arizona needs $$$small donors!

How I Wish People Interacted Here at DU

Greenwich Times: "GOP's Schlesinger wants 3-way race

Bush in Chicago. . .A DISASTER!!!