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Archives: July 31, 2006

FACTBOX-Details of aid to Lebanon

IRAQ: Child prisoners left without support

Chi Trib: A tank of gas a world of trouble

Scientific American editorial: Keep the Net Neutral

Statement from UNICEF on the shelling of Qana, Lebanon.

LAT, part 2 of 5, "Altered Oceans": Sentinels under Attack

Bodies pulled from wreckage in Lebanon

Frank Rich: Why the television networks 'canceled' the war in Iraq

A Rallying Cry for Democratic Populism: Senator Byron Dorgan

Do We Want An Emperor?

Starvation is my Ally!

French nuclear scientist: "We should abandon nuclear power"

Sorry for the doom and gloom

Hillary Clinton Suddenly Discovers Renewable Energy!

CNN: "Greenest" and "Meanest" cars (as ranked by ACEEE)

EU Heat Returns This Week - July Likely Hottest Ever For UK, GDR, Holland

Solar power runs 'world's largest laundry'

Mohamed ElBaradei speaks at MIT. You can see the speech in full.

Peru's Glaciers Vanishing - Cuzco Already Rationing Water - WPt

Canadian Tar Sands Developments Stress Water Supplies, Quality

CNN Special Report: Fueling America

Should the Jewish state have been created in part of Germany after WW II?

Israel has united the Arab world

Morgan Reynolds video download.

Just thought I would move the link to the basement

AZ resident needed for LTTE

Attack in Lebanon sparks Montreal demonstration

Rewriting The Science

Soldier sentenced to 28 days for refusing to serve in Lebanon

U.N. Security Council calls for end to fighting between Israel and Lebanon

Frank Rich: Why the television networks 'canceled' the war in Iraq

Israel Releases Ohio College Professor Accused of Spying

Iraqi Officials Ask for Aid for Global War on Terror

LAT: U.S. Employers Look Offshore for Healthcare

NYT: Newspapers to Use Links to Rivals on Web Sites

Bolton nixes Annan's call for cease-fire

NYT/AP: Lebanon Casts Pall on White House T-ball Game

WP: Inaction Could Undercut Bush's Long-Term Goals

Financial Times: Blair’s popularity hits all time low (23% approval)

Howard to lead Coalition to next election

WP: Bush Focus in Florida Is on Domestic Agenda

Israeli warplanes strike in eastern Lebanon

'Cross-dressing' on political policy is here to stay, says PM (Blair)

Congressional Democrats echo Bush's defense of Israel

IDF: Qana building fell hours after strike

Arizona lawmaker to serve in Iraq

Tensions 'trigger' synagogue attack (Sydney)

NYT/Reuters: Michael Moore Says Gets Lots of Republican Hugs

Which Person/Group Has The All Time Record For Selling The Most Albums/CD

Ice Cream eating technique

Jet lag sucks

So if the end timers are so sure this is the big one in Lebanon

T.V. twists & changes you'd like to see...

I am going to go live with bonobos, who wants to join me?

We interrupt for a public cervix announcement...

Does anybody watch the show Clean House?

Does your weiner weigh 32 pounds?

I just got some crappy news.

Everyone - We need some karma tonight

So we have an exhausted 3-year-old, and people moving upstairs.

There are ZERO manly men in the lounge tonight.

Can anyone help me find this song? It's's blues...

That asinine Hummer ad has changed.

Civilization is ending as we know it.

If you like feathered winged creatures,

Dilute, Dilute, OK!

I am having flaky Pilsbury biscuits drenched in butter and grape jelly

Let's hear it for 'bad' weather

Who hates to be photographed?

Better to reign in a developing country than to serve in Western Soceity?

Dr. Laura's "shark-infested waters" deal...

I don't even correct my spelling mistakes here anymore.

What was the name of the first gay presidential election you remember?

Cervix with a smile!

today's high: 64 F-- ahhh, I'm back in norcal....

He was a little dog named Snuggles.

I know the solution to the mideast crisis.

Any Firefox users have trouble logging in to DU?


OK. I saw the locked thread. When I looked at it, it reminded me

What was the first presidential erection you voted in?

What was the first election you voted in?

You "Lounge Types" well, I've just had it with you.

Do you normally

Do you have want kids?

Well, I bottled my lavender wine today.

Scary Item From "Clearance" Section Of Harriet Carter Catalog

Have you seen a Great White Snark?

sluer ljowiuer lsu osieur sleori

If You Were Trapped On A Dessert Island

So last night

For I am Costanza, Lord of the Idiots

Should we start a seperate forum for cat threads?

All aboard, the Vicodin Express is leaving from platform 3

When was the last time you got off your ASS to help Democrats win?

If FOX News covered history:

I take it that it's OK to rant. goes

Hillary statue to go into New York's museum of sex- WTF?

Dylan plays Clinton's Inauguration (Youtube)

Do you normally

What's a good movie that will hold my attention?

How many languages can you count to ten in?

Men: Do you prefer to date women older or younger than yourself? Poll

What is "sexier" - a writer or a photojournalist?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Are you?

There are ZERO girly girls in the lounge tonight

I'm full of nervous energy - anyone know how I can relax?

Click here for HOT Lounge Lizard P0rn

Do you give coworkers nicknames(behind their back)

The Descent...

Mel Gibson does not want my Israeli pitbull to get an abortion

What was the name of the last gay bar you went to?

Is "The Postman" starring Kevin Kostner the BEST film EVER?

Pure goodness from the hearts and minds at youtube

Who here has that polio vaccine pock mark on their arm?

What Was The Name Of The First Gay Bar You Went To?

So this drunk guy passed out on my lawn Fri. night

Does anyone here read Terry Pratchett?

What an exhausting day!!!!!!!!! (go here for kitties)

Beat the heat! Post your steamy-weather recipes here!

Pictures from Canada, part 1: the beach and the aquarium (dial-up warning)

What was the first presidential election you voted in?

Do you have a memory of the Challenger explosion?

Do you have/want kids?

The great St Vincent's break-in (Australia)

Muscular dystrophy reversal clue

Was Johnny Depp the "stereotype" gay in "Pirates of the Caribbean?"

NYT: For some gays, a right they can forsake (marriage)

Three men attacked, right outside San Diego GLBT Pride festival

checking on the preseason MLB predictions thread

Sun conj Jupiter?

My new video "Peace"

RTWH: what did you think of Chris Dodd?

A nice article on Kerry's Town Hall meeting on health care in SC.

Um, Mr Bolton, about that France thing...

Various winged and feathered creatures

I Am The Nasty Atheist!!!

The case for net neutrality, laid out in detail -

Need some help here - Bolton confirmation

This Condi banner should scare people to death!

The best way to finish off an enemy is befriend him

Finally...GOOD NEWS! Cessation of Hostilities here's link:

“This is the new Middle East”

Do Americans really care about women and children being killed ?

Would you want to be a "professional" Congressman?

TomDispatch: The Middle East and the Barbarism of War from the Air

Venezuela bills oil companies for millions in unpaid taxes

So Apparently... THIS Ain't True !!!

George "the Uniter" Bush, doing just that....

.S. Power Group Promoting Global Warming Skeptic

War fever wins elections

last week 115 degrees, today 70 w/drizzles - does this mean that

A platform for politicians by a great American

Freepland going insane as if they huffed a barrel of Revell's finest...

I am Christian, gay, and liberal (yes all three)

Worthy of attention!

Bush says fat Osama tape a 'devastating declaration of guilt'

Net Neutrality Explained

Bush on Qana: "sustainable" peace (not ceasefire) "FOR SAKE OF CHILDREN"

Did the Beirut march in April allow Israel to callously kill children?

Iraqi Parliamentarians want to meet with US Peace groups in Jordan!

NY Review of Books: A very interesting article about AIPAC


Check out * greeting Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) - pics

Need some help here. I need an authoritative government

Run, Joe, Run!

Tweety: The Crescent is a Frankenstein’s Monster (video_



Some wisdom from Alexander Berkman....

Lives Of Our Soldiers Are More Important Than The Enemy's Civilians

04:27 China condemns Israel`s bombing of civilians in Qana, calls for ceas

Just an idea, how about a General Discussion: War forum?

Don't ask for directions when traveling in Miami

Our Noble Cause

I would like an explanation

CSPAN--"The Secret Way To War" (Downing Street Memo)

Dammit! Pit Bulls have the right to defend themselves!


CSPAN2 11pm The Secret Way to War:The DSM & the Iraq War's Buried History

the damage Bush has done that will be left to the next Democrat President

Neocons are taking history lessons...

Did anyone see this Postcard at Post Secret (about Ken Lay)

Putting Breasts on the Middle East

How many votes do you think Bush and Condi will get for Nobel Peace Prize?

Iran's Jews in a Crossfire

I left a flyer in your door tonight warning you to leave before i set your

A timely quote by Bertrand Russell:

book tv now-The Secret Way to War: The Downing Street Memo and the Iraq Wa

From Carnage, U.S. Gains a Concession (NYT)

We're fighting them there (Iraq) . . . and, they want us to pay for it

Curious: the temporary cease fire

Former Chief Economist Morgan Reynolds interviewed at ....

Picture of aborted fetus to be flown over Cleveland

What Medical Researcher said about Depleted Uranium

PHOTO: "Condoleezza Rice: MIDWIFE FROM HELL"

Sen. Chuck Hagel: "From now on no smart people can ask questions."

Can anyone recommend good books re: the origins of modern Israel, and

Considering getting a motorcycle... need advice

Capt. Blake Russell

Waco Police arrest Secret Service agent

This on-line video is intense

You all know I hate doing this

John Dean is on Cspan2 right now 12:30AM est talking about his

The mosque attacks in Iraq: I am more convinced than ever are being

Has anybody been to...

Bad news on Ohio (For Republicans) National Review goes Boo Hoo Hoo!

"May God bless those who lost their lives," Bush said regarding Qana Dead

Bill O'Reilly; diagnosis - Chronic Harrasturbator

"Most Americans know he's full of shit." (Robert Reich on "The Mess")

Waco Police arrest Secret Service agent

Israeli warplanes strike in eastern Lebanon (bombnear Syria) UPDATED

If rapture occurs, how will the spin go when Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity,

CSPAN will air the McKinney-Johnson debates Monday night at 7:30!

In praise of a hefty man

I need a cool poster and/or quote for my classroom.

Is it time to release sulphur into the stratosphere, yet? (Oh crap!)

Michael Moore Finds Himself Being Hugged By REPUBLICANS These Days

Ok, so now I'm drunk and the world still sucks

Ann Coulter Campaigning For Nut Job...IN CULVER CITY CA!

"These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me."

FOX NEWS: The Network Your Professors Don't Want You To Watch

In Qana, A Gruesome Scene (L.A. Times)

Israeli soldier sentenced to 28 days for refusing to fight in Lebanon

How can we overcome the controlled news media of America?

"The American Gulag" keeps getting bigger...

Israel Accused of Using Illegal Weapons (Dahr Jamail)

Israel Made Mel Gibson An Anti-Semite.

Tomorrow the excuse for killing babies will be............

Do "the people of Israel" bear of guilt of their elected leaders crimes?

Ireland blocks U.S. bomb-carrying flights to Israel from landing...

Do you know why the US flew the bombs thru Scotland? Here's why..

Anyone been to New Orleans lately? (Or NoLA residents check in)


History from the point of veiw of Fox News...

Excuse me, Mr. Lieberman? by Michael Schiavo

I'll Meet You All At "The New Gitmo"

Use frozen embryos to end crisis

Still in the box...

Should dogs and their owners be registered online with pictures?

France steps forward as champion of Lebanon peace drive

Michael Schiavo:Excuse me, Mr. Lieberman?

In Court Papers, a Political Note on ’04 Protests

What is the source of the hostility between the US and Syria?

Welcome To My Parlor

On a more positive note: Who is your favorite historical American & why?

Hezbollah was formed, ironically enough, on the belief ...

The "hiding among civilians" myth

What Message From The Politically Active Churches Today?

Two simple questions:

Hamas retaliated for an Israeli kidnapping . . .

WTF? 24-48 hours to vacate your own country and just hand it over

They can HAVE my freedom

Tired of Pit Bull threads?

ADOPT A SIGN in Tom DeLay's District:

Castro has been in power for almost 50 years.

Do you know anyone who has left the US?

Katherine Harris hires bigoted CHILD to run her campaign

I propose a "Pit Bull" thread moratorium: there arebigger fish to fry

Rapture Ready board ponders: What happens to unborn babies in rapture?

Parasites, Inc. - Death by Media

Lieberman: "I was hoping that God would send me a poor challenger"

Republicans afraid to say they are…Republicans (video)

I have enjoyed listening to Radio Nation this week-end...Arnison.

John Dean on C-Span2 now (12:30 am et)

Has anyone seen this video?

Down to the wire in CT: Sharpton appears for Lamont, Inouye for Lieberman

Can Bolton be "Recalled" by Congress

Conservative News Network - bis

Iran's Jews caught again in no man's land (Motamed: sole Jewish lawmaker)

The polls show Dem gains in US Statehouses. A plea to the governors to be:

My LTTE supporting Lamont.

For 2008 election, Al Gore could be the real deal

Rove "attacked the media as a way of working the refs" (GOP threatened)

Plan to move NORAD opposed

When was the last time you got off your ASS to help Democrats win?


Bad news on Ohio (For Republicans) National Review goes Boo Hoo Hoo!

Is the NY Times the only newspaper to endorse Ned Lamont?

Is anyone else getting REALLY sick of those South Park guys?

Daily Star (Beirut): How can the children of the holocaust...

A Red State’s Formidable Democrat (Kathleen Sebelius)

Soldier died from body armour shortage

WP,pg1: Custom-Built Pathogens Raise Bioterror Fears

MICKEY Z.: DON'T support our troops (inform them)

'AMERICAN LIE' (The Long Awaited Sequel to 'American Pie')

Taking the strain (BBC) {Bush/Blair 'special relationship'}

Another Massacre at Qana

Ehrenreich: "Guys Want to Have Fun...and know exactly what they're doing."

Excuse me, Mr. Lieberman? by Michael Schiavo

AIPAC's Dangerous Grip on Washington

Israeli contribution to conflict is forgotten by leading papers

He's DONE!! plain and simple I smell a Lamont landslide

Selling Out the Presidency - Dunkin Donuts Style

Radio Station goes from God to sex radio station

Since when has charity had a price?

Karen Armstrong: Bush's fondness for fundamentalism is courting disaster

Apologies everyone, no Top 10 this week

OMG!!! Saddam Hussein's twin has been found

Men Not Working, and Not Wanting Just Any Job

How can 'terrorism' be condemned while war crimes go without rebuke?

Cenk Uygur: How George Bush Can Rescue His Presidency

NYT: Passing Down the Legacy of Conservatism

Robert Fisk: 'How can we stand by and allow this to go on?'

Heatwave: Global grip

Been raped? Hit the road

Why Nuclear Power is a Non-Response to Peak Oil -

The environmental benefits of vegetarianism

Ban the pesticide carbofuran

Looking for links to sites that deal with the environment & global warming

Bush Silence on Oil Prices Reflects Lack of Influence on Market

ANWR Drilling Royalties to Fund Renewable Energy?

Three - including one pregnant - rare rhinos killed in Nepal by poachers.

120 mile pipeline from Powell Reservoir --> Sand Hollow Reservoir

Hydrogen (water) powered car? Someone is already doing it...

New Wind Power Project Destined for Iowa

Blair, Arnie 'global warming pact' (AP/CNN)

Major oilspill hits west Russia (BBC)

How is the conflict going to end?

On a Red Cross mission of mercy when Israeli air force came calling

AIPAC's Dangerous Grip on Washington

Lebanon Says No to an International Force

ConceptWizard: A Bloody Game of Poker

Qana Attack, Israeli Setback?


A letter from Chomsky and others on the recent events in the Middle East

Beilin: The IDF Spokesman Cannot Explain Away Injuries to Innocent People

Israeli Offensive Winding Down, Goals Not Yet Met

JASON MILLER: Imperial Rulers and the Deadly Games They Play

JAMES KUNSTLER: Guns of August

What if Lebanon's army joins Hizbullah?

HonestReporting UK: UK Media Responds to Qana

Rice Angry at Israel in Kana Incident

Usama did it?

So they had NO IDEA ........check the dates

Moussaoui Trial Exhibits: documents a go-go...

9/11 Scholars for Truth on C-SPAN1 at 6:10pm EDT Tuesday

New book by David Ray Griffin

Which best describes your opinion of HR-550?


There will be an AUDIT this November in Vermont!

LISTEN: Lehto on Ed Schultz



Election Reform & Fraud News 07.31.06 – Busby Motions Filed in San Diego

AP: Colorado Court Upholds Ban on Parolees Voting

The Kinksters hit w8tliftinglady's GD post

Bagel Squares??/ Has anyone else tried these?

Am I right to be pissed off about this?

Healthy ideas that you incorporate into your cooking?

Amber Alert -- Saskatchewan

Mideast, Afghanistan underpin Conservative slip in polls

No industry support, no softwood vote: Emerson

FoxNews Claims: Israel resumes bombing after airstrike suspensions.

Republican Splits May Hurt Pensions Measure, Election Prospects

Ayatollah Sistani demands an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon,

Democrats have eyes fixed on Colorado

Bodies pulled from wreckage in Lebanon

US firms accused of buying up European cyberspace

Two years after soldiers' deaths, families are told circumstances

Mood in Sunni west Baghdad turns in favor of US troops

NYT/Reuters: Online News Audience Growth Slows in US: Survey

NYT/Reuters: NATO Takes Over Afghan South

Britain and California to join forces on global warming

UN postpones meeting to plan new Lebanon force

Bush says Iran, Syria must end support for Hizbollah

NYT: Leaders in Iraq Strongly Rebuke Israel

Gunmen Fire on Street Sweepers in Baghdad

Iraq's Vice President Criticizes Israel

At Least 23 Killed in Ambush Near Baghdad

More Immigration Hearings, More Stalling, (political posturing) Say Dems

Breaking: Atlanta skyscraper evacuated after terror threat...

UK, Calif. to strike global warming deal

NYT/Reuters: Blair Seeks Secret of Silicon Valley's Success

Triple-digit temperatures forecast across U.S.

CNN: 'Huge' Russian pipeline oil spill

Rice believes can forge Lebanon truce this week

Bush cites objectives for Mideast deal

Israel denies breaking Lebanon bombing suspension(Hadn't Started Yet ploy)


Number of Iraqi refugees from violence swells (+20,000 in last 10 days)

Reuters: Israel says hits 2/3 of Hizbollah's heavy missiles

(Israeli) Officer refuses to take part in war

Pressure mounting in Iraq for ouster of Interior chief

Texas Republicans ask to replace DeLay


Wal-Mart first China union could mean more to come

Security forces assault Al-Hurra correspondent in Iraq

Pilot dies on take-off to Adelaide

Mexica peso, stocks down amid new round of protests

Top Republican asks Bush to push for immediate Lebanon ceasefire

Dems unite, call for troop pullout from Iraq by year's end

5th Circuit hears DeLay ballot case arguments today

FBI raids office of Bristol-Myers CEO

Senate panel puts off Bolton vote to September

Key Republican breaks with Bush on Mideast (Hagel)

Iran plays stabilising role in Middle East - France

Wal-Mart pulling out of German market

$5 Million in Goods Stolen From Russia's Hermitage Museum; staff involved

MSNBC announced that the Morning After Pill may be available OTC..

Senator Reid Predicts Estate Tax Bill Will Fail

Bush sees Chavez as threat undermining democracy

Egypt's Mubarak warns entire Mideast peace process could collapse

NYT/AP: 9 / 11 (Moussaoui) Trial Exhibits Posted on Website

Bush to consult Rice on Mideast cease-fire

Administration Optimistic on Iraq Support

US stance delights neo-cons, dismays moderates

Gitmo Guards Often Attacked by Detainees

Israeli Air Force breaks agreement and attacks Southern Lebanon

US deaths in Iraq war drop for 3rd straight month

Senate Dems Reserve $25M for Ads, aimed at 6 seats to regain Senate

Arrest made at park (for feeding homeless)

Bush looks to UN for Mideast solution(Damn, the world IS coming to an end)

Iraq cleric criticises Arab states on Lebanon (for not standing behind)

Blackwell Hires LeBron Publicist For Black Voter Outreach

Yahoo AP: Plains, Midwest anticipate heat wave

BREAKING: Raise readiness, Assad tells Syrian Army

Santorum links (Bob) Casey to wrong al-Jazeerah

Poll: S.D. Voters Against Abortion Ban

Protestors block Mexico City traffic, tent city rises

Britain copies U.S. terror alert model...

Bush briefed on global warming's impact on storms

Olmert: No other country can teach us morality

Senator Schumer: Bolton won't face filibuster

Hagel on Senate floor: "This madness must stop." Calls for ceasefire.

Republican Party revoked support for Harris Senate campaign

Human Rights Watch: IAF bombing in Lebanon is 'indiscriminate'

LAT: Churches Putting Texas Town Out of Business

BBC: Baghdad gunmen kidnap 25 people

Washington Area Under Excessive Heat Warning

CNN/AP: Frist failed to follow Senate financial disclosure rules

High level of arsenic found in Katrina's wake

Scientist publishes 'escape route' from global warming

Jeweler Charged in Bogus NYC Subway Plot

Lopez Obrador calls for extended protest

(British) Soldier died from body armour shortage (ordered to give it up)

Israel's PM rules out ceasefire - BBC

BREAKING: Actor Mel Gibson enters rehab ...

Hugo Chavez Receives Iran's Highest Honor

Romney apologizes for use of expression (tarbaby)

CNN Breaking: Israel OKs expansion of Lebanon campaign

Kerry calls for health insurance for all by 2012

Museum Uses Bible to Tell Earth's History

In Before The Lock ---

aarrgghh-- my sleep cycle is all messed up....

Sometimes, I think I'm channeling Rodney King.

Just got back from 2 weeks in Turkey

I. Am. Still. Awake.

How many languages can you swear in?

Dogs in snoods.. (poor little darlings)

Had my coffee. Now donning my armor to go out and water the landscaping:

You guys, you guys, I managed to turn off the Google ads!!!

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

"Girls Gone Wild" Tour Bus Runs Over Bicyclist

Anyone care if I just get stoned and take the day off

I no longer fear hell

Giant Dead EEL Tossing Contest Cancelled

Opinions: I went into a gay bar in DC...

No I will NOT copycat this thread

Sugar Daddy (the CANDY) - Where did they go?

Angry Driver Pins Stranger To Building With Truck

There's water coming down from the SoCal sky!!

Did Mel Gibson threaten an officer with his "I'll get even" remark?

Anybody heard from my #1, Ramsey !?!

I hate going to a club by myself

Good evening, America....V for Vendetta out on DVD tomorrow.

What an evil news cycle. War,drought, famine,impending environ catastrophe

Thongs Not Welcome At Paris Beach Event

What does the permalink button do?

SOMEHOW a photographer was able to get very near the Rock/Anderson wedding

What if all these "Renaissance" hotels were really like the Renaissance?

Very cute kitten pic!!!!

Matcom News Update: Exotic Dancer To Plead Not Guilty In Skulls Case

DAMN, it's raining hard!

Let us all now praise Juan Valdez, secular saint of the Coffee Bean

We better have one kick-ass winter...

Have you ever cancelled a vacation because of your posts?

saw "A Scanner Darkly" tonight. Very interesting

Another dud Baseball trade deadline...

Any poison ivy suggestions?

2 questions about doggies

So what's your view on The Passion now?

The "internets" have sure come a long way since 1996

Pardon a little tinfoil....but....

Look at that naughty bunny

Have you ever been face down in actual beer?

My friend just emailed me this morning from Utah,

Sigue Sigue Sputnik fans check in!

Is my subconscious telling me something?

Why Tuesday? How come so many sad tunes are Tuesday related?

Congratulations bryant69!! 10,000 posts

Norton Security Question

How many languages can you say "mullet" in?

Finish this sentence : Apropos to nothing, I ...

Hi-tech ink perfects egg boiling (BBC)

Woohoo my tax return is gonna be a whopping $100 bucks!

Men: What would frighten you the most?

Matrix Pong!!

Rule! I always wanted to have been in attendance at this show

worky man...when are you gonna feed me...

are the Internets slow today just because it's so dam hot?

Rate your office toilet paper: 1 to 5

Help! How do you remove the oil/residue from hot peppers from your hands?

Fuck Kudzu.

A slim chance but I might be getting a live -in nanny from Russia!

Feather Shortage Vexes Badminton Players (Bird Flu Killing Shuttlecock)


Have you ever cancelled a vacation because of your pets?

Please watch "Star Tomorrow" ..... here's why.

AWWWWW Freeper Children Are SO Creative!

I think cigarettes should be shaped like breasts.

Finish this sentence: "Atropos was the third Fate..."

A question about the chair dance at weddings:


Fun with Quicksilver

Who was into Jacques Cousteau was a child?

Say Nice Things to Me -- I'm on Bedrest after an IVF Transfer!

CanuckAmok, I think you need a hug.

Oh good, the temp went another degree to 103. Thank God!

Who would win the "Lounge Irascibilty" contest

All of a sudden, I really miss John Lennon

Creationism Museum To Open Next Year (Kentucky)

Important advice: don't leave your mp3 player on pause for long

Products that really work: Tide-to-Go Instant Stain Remover

I saw "La Reve" and "The Beatles: Love"--2 new Cirque shows in Vegas

Most frequent typo?

Most surveys are about your opinion on what's important

Uh, oh. I really hope that a certain poster from MA isn't

The Wiggles get caught...Riding Dirty!

Condoms/Guitar Strings

Anyone know what might happen if I delete some old Font files?

Buyers of house next door want to put in a beauty parlor

Yayyy! I took 6th place in my division at a whitewater rodeo this weekend

What Was The Name Of The First Bay Gar You Went To?

Meet my nephew, Ari Mordechai

So I passed out on some Schmuck's lawn the other night and lost my cell.

local tire shop wants to sell me Bridgestone tires

What was the pain of the first gray hair that bent you

Irascibility: Round two. Rabrrrrrr vs Asthmaticeog

Maddux traded to LA Dodgers

C. Brown - Widespread Panic


Ever been to Coney Island

What Was The Name Of The First Gay Bear You Went To?

VIDEO: Bedtime for Kitty -The CUTEST kitten I`ve ever seen. E.V.E.R. !!!!

SPOILERS!!! Post your own

Let's Re-Name some Mel Gibson Film Titles.

What kind of half-assed company is Fedex?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/31/06)

OOPS! Local guy making pipe bomb injured when it goes off in his lap

i had two cups of coffee today for the first time in ages...

Monday, July 31. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

So, is it hot enough for you?

Ladies: How would you respond to a drunk calling you "Sugar Tits"?

MissHoneychurch, I can't open your journal. Is anyone else having that

i will never see another Mel Gibson movie.

Microsoft Word 2003 has driven me to suicide.

I had my final fight with my ex three weeks ago

The worst writing on the 'net, bar none:

Rite of passage to the legal drinking age. How did you celebrate?

Women: Do you prefer to date women older or younger than yourself? Poll

In appreciation of auntAgonist!

Go to "My Posts" and pull out three consecutive subject lines.

What word do you hate most?

Oh, thank God, it's dropped a degree down to 102! Now I can turn

At one computer at work, I can't log on to DU.

Anyone in S. Dakota? I just saw that is was 112 there

This just has to be said, damn it

I'm watching "Gilbert Grape" for the first time - holy shit are they young

Congratulations Rabrrrrrr!! 35,000 posts

salted butter? unsalted butter?

What do you mean, that you haven't had any wine since 1969?

The first poster for the next Star Trek poster is out already

Some asshole passed out in my hallway, so I took his phone away from him

"Something Got to Give" - a rant about a movie **spoilers**

Christian Camp Counselors Charged With Having "Naked Time" With Boys

I don't feel like watching "The Passion of the Christ"-- how does it end?

Best Album Art?

How Do You Feel When You Get Something On The Greatest Page?

James Blunt 'irritates British public'

Is 'Casablanca' a racist movie??


Is 'Blazing Saddles' a racist or sexist film?

Video of the prettiest cats in DU!

A few questions for former smokers:

Sugar Daddy (the MEN) - Where did they go?

What is the best virtual online community?

Beat the Heat II: Movies to keep you cool

Has anyone ever been in love with more than one person at a time?

Do you know any STUPID people?

Snakes on a Plane - are you going to see it?

Study: Southern pitchers, African-American batters (baseball)

Ban the pesticide carbofuran...

Caption this photo

Who is going to watch the movie "World Trade Center"?

Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs.

To heal a wound, turn up the voltage

mini-AIR July 2006 - Hell-food man, Swarming consultatants

{Radioactive!} 'Scorpion venom' attacks tumours (BBC)

Q for the Geologists re: oil deposits

Deval Patrick's wife to speak @ Celebrate Diversity event 8/8 in Onset, MA

Speaking of Mary Cheney...

Gay couple target of hate crime in Northern Virginia

British Court Denies Marriage of 2 Women

Have you ever been face to face with a bear?

I'm glad Mel Gibson finally revealed himself as an anti-Semite.

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for July 30 (now with diagrams)

Reggie Bush still not in camp (as of 31 Jul)

New Bush pic from Raw Story today, 7/31

White light experiment #2 - Cindy Sheehan

Kerry in the Boston Globe “If Congress Won’t Fix Healthcare"...

Imus's News Quote of the Day (Kerry)

If I see one more melodramatic hand-wringing misanthropic post in GD

great diary here! needs kerrycrats!

Kerry on Imus in the AM, Healthcare Speech at Noon - Colmes in the PM

More Ed Schultz comment here

Speech: Kerry Calls for Universal Health Care Coverage by 2012

help me i'm a fly!

Can anybody identify this little critter?

***Theme Poll for August Contest***

***July RoundTable Photo Discussion (Prototype)****

Countdown Newsletter: 7/31/06 -- KEITH is BACK!

Should the Jewish state have been created in part of Germany after WW II?

Dozens Killed In Israel Air Strike On Lebanon's Qana-Media

I think I will dig out my hip boots

Liberal/Conservative pendulum swings

Israel got in a few more blows to Lebanon before their 'cease fire'

Free Bargain Sales Closeout! Win a Billion with CAPTIONS!!!

Osama and Bush together equal Mabus (osamabush)

We have some seriously deranged people running our government.......

Ghandi Quote

Mug a Monday's Monkey, manage a CAPTION!!!

They CREATED Al Qaeda

Okay, this is where my boundary for "free speech" begins

All is fair in love and war

Are You Ready? It's Now 99 Days Till Election Day, Nov. 7th. 2006.

Report Fraud?

Sorry about those who lost their lives

ThinkProgress: "No Good Military Options in Iran"

They hate us for our freedoms

Osama's Bodyguard has some interesting things to say...

"They Hate us for our _________". Fill in the blank.

Israel responsible for Qana attack; war crimes on both sides: HRW

Conservative Boot Camp? These kids want boot camp they should enlist

"she heard her girls die"

Camp Casey III and Iraq ~ From Cindy Sheehan

Peretz: Israel to expand Lebanon offensive

Anybody hear that Israel broke the cease fire?

Cat exposes woman to rabies

Okay, I'm A Dumbass (Billy Bragg's "Price Of Oil")

First vegas now orlando

If the Pres. was a Dem. right now, how would the GOP be attacking him/her?

I think this has nothing to do with "nat'l security" and everything to do

No Top 10 Conservative Idiots tonight?


Interesting TV

Obstacles not enough to rush Brownback’s looming decision

25 workers kidnapped in Baghdad by men wearing Iraqi police uniforms

Close Guantanamo Now - Donor Match Today

1st meeting of the Ungrateful Little Bastards of Liberty:

Its the sky graffitti, stupid.

61 Years Ago Today (USS Indianapolis)

Need help with freeper-says Clinton responsible for economy

Do you know any STUPID people?

Listen to CSPAN. You can tell by what the supporters of either Israel

US F-16 Airstrike kills militants, child in Iraq

We Should Learn From Our Mexican Friends, they Are showing us the way....

Investigation into Bush lies about Iraq prewar intelligence delayed again

Suicide in Basra

Wow.. texas and Flordia are in the top two

On the spot: loopholes let Israeli airstrikes continue

My morning letter to Senator Patty Murray D/Wa

bush to make remarks regarding Middle East Crisis, 9 am Central

That was a quick 48 Hrs!! "Israeli airstrikes hit new targets"

Where was the cease fire? Not in Lebanon.

CSPAN2: UN live "Resolution on Iran"

Israel has WMD, nukes in violation of the NPT. Should we invade them?

Top Lobbyist Says He's "Happy" With "Do-Nothing" Congress

Using Cyberspace to sway Public Opinion

Britain & California sidestep Bush admin & Strike Global Warming Deal

Pew: Nightly News Aud. More Polarized

More Evidence That During Crises, Bush's Attention Wanders

-The 1 line thread-

Why would Israel SPY on us, their so called allies?

A question for your wingnut friends / family:

How about this....

Advertised jobs that aren't really available.

Sistani Threatens US over Israeli War on Lebanon

Is dropping leaflets before you bomb an act of mercy?

Afghanistan's Karzai Joins the Critics of Israel's Slaughter of Lebanese


If there is another "terrorist" attack will 9-11 threads return to GD?

I am on the left and I claim to love peace

Bush is NOT from Maine.

Looking for link to NORAD moving it's ops...

U.S. Helicopter Fires Into Crowds Of Iraqi Civilians To Scatter Looters

I believe that posting opinions on the web IS "Doing something".

Looking for link to U.S. asking Poland to host Nuke Weapons...

They're baaaaacccckkk!!!

Did Mel Gibson threaten an officer with his "I'll get even" remark?

5th Circuit hears DeLay ballot case arguments today

Who’s behind the active death squads running in Iraq?

For the good of the world, Iran should link their halting of nuclear

Good evening, America....V for Vendetta out on DVD tomorrow.

People Holed Up Without Food & Water For 3 Wks In Lebanon Emerge

The NeoCon Miscalculation

sibel edmonds on tice, and dissent.

In Friday News Dump - Bush Pushes 6 Billion in Weapons Sales to Arabs.

Listening to Zogby on CPSAN. Why is his message so ignored by

Caption Smirky

Cindy Sheehan - is it true (exploited a Katrina Victim)

Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11

" We're better cause we don't MEAN to target civilians."

Is my subconscious telling me something?

Ehud Olmert just announced there will be NO cease fire.

"________ Hates us for our Freedom". Fill in the blank.

Who else thinks the new cable "Scud Studs" just love reporting from Israel?

Israel's Image seems to have really taken a hit.

Why shouldn't I be allowed to own a pet Lion or Tiger?

Which of these groups have harmed America the most?

"Satchmo Fest" in the Big Easy"

Ladies: How would you respond to a drunk calling you "Sugar Tits"?


Soldiers to Sign Flags Honoring Flight 93 Victims

ok, so once Isreal "wins" in Lebanon, and US "wins" in Iraq....what next?

How Wolf stays in shape for CNN's "grueling" "Situation Room"

136 Days

Who Is REALLY Responsible For The Mess In The Middle East?

An open letter from an Israeli citizen

Jewish groups call for hate-crime probe on Mel Gibson

Nancy Skinner on NOW with Thom Hartmann -- running vs. Joe Knollenberg ...

Fox, Always the Fox News Network :(

every class a college student takes will be put into a data base

Brent Scowcroft

Help me debunk this Global warming "debunking" BS!

Everything I know about politics, social issues, & news, I learned HERE.

Evangelicals Defy Warnings to Head to Afghanistan

Ned Lamont on Franken (AAR) -NOW 1:26PM EST


25 more bodies dug up in south Lebanon

United Democrats Call on Bush to Change Course in Iraq

Tom Ricks, Author of 'Fiasco' on AAR NOW- 1:35PM

the reaction against mel gibson shows just how screwed up our culture is

Bush's Speech is Wishful Thinking Run Amuck

a lot more newly poor in Ohio due to flooding - 10 in. of rain

Lieberman tries the smear - Implies Lamont is a Racist

What Now for Mel "the Jew Hater" Gibson? Is he now a Pariah?

Doing next to nothing is hard work for Rice. Israel "complicated" things

Facts on income tax in film "America: From Freedom to Fascism" disputed

What would happen if...

The U.S. House of Representatives is now on summer vacation

What's with the Medicare "Donut hole"?

cReeps & Butch Admin Write Law to Shield Selves from Internat'l Law? wth?

Caption this BushCo pic...

A marketing case study: Bush's New Coke

Schumer Says Bolton Won't Face Filibuster


You seem to like me, you really seem to like me.

We have to take RW'ers to task for scaring people

Eyewitness: Mass burial in Lebanon

Study: Southern pitchers, African-American batters (baseball)

9/11 Scholars for Truth on C-SPAN1 at 6:10pm EDT Tuesday

Bumper Sticker Ideas? (You are not pro-life if...)

Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah Talks With Former US Diplomats

Who benefits most from switching the news coverage from Iraq to Lebanon?

Katherine Harris thought stealing an election would give her a Sen. seat


So is the American Taliban still awaiting the rapture this week?


Great interview with Gorbachev (re: Lebanon & Middle East)

Bush's ME Peace Plan?

The Cost Of Being Israel's Suggar Daddy. Why Do We Do It?

{Africa} Food aid rethink 'is essential' (BBC) {Oxfam report}

South Dakota Abortion-ban is in trouble (new poll)

United Airlines returns to profit (BBC)

have you seen this BBC special-Iraq Veterans against the war...

We The People.

A Harris-Shaped Hole in our Hearts (VIDEO)

Can we predict criminality?

Hezbollah....Bush's enemy "du jour"

Caption * photo fun!

BREAKING! OMG! Newswire publishes news!

The Marines defend a US-appointed government...

Timely Lyrics from 1971: He who wants to fight begins the end of time.

Pro-Israel And Pro-Lebanon

"Solar Power Runs 'World's Largest Laundry'"

Ingraham asks Medea Benjamin what would happen to her in Saddam's Iraq

Incredible lead story on the CNN web site dated 8/15/2000

DU'er Beaverhausen says K.Harris has "ho-mentum"!

Do we all live in fear?

Iteresting questions in Zogby new poll

Freeper retard???

Bush has some new Iraqi puppets ripping Israel now. Why would Bush do that?

Toyota to increase Chinese output (BBC) {Toyota to surpass GM?}

Anyone se 60 Minutes Last Nite - the scientist on global warming?

The World Must Stop the Slaughter to give a free Lebanon a chance...

On "Anti-Semitism"

Fox News and those Republican Values

bush Says NO To a Cease-Fire. Again!

Dalai Lama in Israel: "Uproot terrorism"..."through the heart"

Israeli soldiers captured in Israel or Lebanon?

Hezbollah only targeting civilians..............

On the Mel Gibson "meltdown": Isn't the Hollywood dream factory

At least they've been too busy to inflame Latin America this time

From email: Keith is Back !

Robert Downey, Jr. comes to Mel's defense

To maintain our role as an 'honest broker' we curried the favor of Egypt

1986: Zappa: The US is heading towards a theocracy

Camp Casey III and Iraq

"Lebanese Children Killed By US Made Bombs"! They know....

Bombing for peace is like raping for love

Anyone know what might happen if I delete some old Font files?

The truth about Iraq's so-called WMDs

"Coalition of the willing" member Howard to seek 5th term in Australia

This coming Sunday, August 6th, will be the 61st anniversary

Who's watching the Lebanese Acting Foreign Minister

Churches Putting Town Out of Business

The most important attribute of our next President should be ________

How Joe went wrong

China To Test The World's First 'Artificial Sun'

DU this poll on Katherine Harris

Once Again Sen. Hagel Is Way Ahead of the Senate Democrats!

The George W. Bush Memorial Slideshow

Conservative Party in Canada using ME crisis to raise funds

HELP MOM! There's a link to shitty merchandise on the DU

Why did Bush visit Miami this morning?

CNN--Armageddon Live and stay tuned for the rapture.

Serious question -- has there been a terror alert since the 2004 election?

U.S. accused of kidnappings in Iraq

Gillerman and Bolton, A Match Made in Hell.....

the president vs. David Hicks

Poll question: Question for black American DUers: RE: "Honky Cracker"

Update on Atlanta building evacuation.

Bush links Israeli reprisals to his 'war on terror' (hard work)

Will any major Democrat call for an immediate cease-fire?

Got a letter from Sen McCain in response to my "min wage" petition

Former Nobel Peace Prize winner "would like to kill GWB"

Islam against the world

Santorum Won't Apologize For Wrongly Linking Casey To Al Jazeera

US defends use of napalm-like firebombs

Who Are the Victims at Gitmo?

Russert is going to moderate the Lamont,--Joe debate- Be careful Ned.

Okay, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Jordan and the Saudis get together...

Walmart's Chinese workers

It finally dawned on me Why I hate Bush!

On Faux news station they just had a commercial on asking people to ...

Lebanese Open Homes To Refugees From The South

I just saw V For Vendetta...

Why Don't Most of Us Believe Hezbollah's Words?

A Few things My Life Would Be Better Without.

Senate's Report on Prewar Intelligence won't be out until after election.

Vermont Polls: Sanders up 56-35 for Senate, but toss up for House Race

has anyone received a call from Congressman King on the "death tax"?

LOL! "Godzilla Rice"?? How Perfect!

A tough adjustment (adjustable mortgage rates trouble).

hardball anyone?

When the body count doesn't count


More Bush "Caption This" Fun

If this was the old America, we'd be wearing our state dept. out

Lieberman and Lamont to debate Sunday on Meet the Press

Protest erupts at 'In God We Trust' event

Did you see Dobbs re: HS kid the ES&S machine said won over

Getting the hell out of dodge (expat country suggestions!)

Billionaire Scion Tom Friedman.......The "World is NOT Flat for HIM!

well,Please DU my local paper,again-Texas governor

Re: MidEast. Is there a point where people become addicted to hate?

Was this childish of me? (A prank I just played on Lieberman)


pic for Ned Lamont crew.............Ohhh Joe

ABC News: Dolphins' Head Coach Saban Snubs Bush for Dinner

Iran's Statement to the UN today!

There is surely a big fight coming for us right now.

FBI raids office of Bristol-Myers CEO

Is it me or is the CBS Evening News getting worse?

Heads up: McKinney/Johnson debate @ 7:30 eastern

Tasini: Our Political Leaders Are Responsible for the Deaths in Qana >

15,000 Israeli Reservists to be called up ...

* stumbles as he walks off Air Force One - Lots of Pics

Great reunions in Montana and Tally, and write-ups.

Frist broke Senate rules, didn't disclose finances

Froomkin: Bush's moment of opportunity looks like opportunity for disaster

Well, THAT was quick, ceasefire changes to expansion of war

Lebanon: The Epicenter -- An interview w/ Dr. Ilan Pappe

When will people learn?

So Condi and Chimpy are kissing and making up tonight...

What kind of doublespeak is this on CNN?

BBC Reporting That Israeli Kenneset Has Approved Wider Ground Invasion

Creation of Israel

Amy Goodman on Hardball...Did you see the reception she got?

War is fun! Weeeeee!

Republican Party of Florida tells Harris she can't win the Senate race.

How ceasefire hopes foundered on rock of Israeli public opinion


BREAKING HARD: Mel Gibson is a...

CNN anchor takes Israeli spokeswoman to task

Glenn Beck is whoring 911...what a surprise.

France, Germany, Spain, Australia - protest Israeli attack on Lebanon

Israel Bombs Malibu

Rate Condasleezy AOL Poll

Now you can read the most dangerous book ever written

On Faux now

Please sign this petition:

Best Freeway Blog Ever!

Imagine this: Syria and Iran go "all out" on Israel. What does the US do?

Judges Indicate They'll Rule against Republicans, DeLay

How dedicated a recycler are you?

Simple yes or no: Do you support Israel?

the hatred of Bush is as grossly wrong as the hatred of Clinton was. Joe L

Help me debunk something that doesn't sound right...

Robert Fisk on Democracy Now Discussing Israeli Bombing of Qana

IL Stupido is speechfyin' right now.

Dolphins coach Nick Saban says no thanks to dinner with Bush.

Does anyone know about how you pay taxes when you have a dual

Don't panic about this "Syrian army raises readiness" stuff.

Dear Mr President:

Gut response to the new bill to detain US citizens without trial.

Israeli army testing Wolf Blitzer's faith...

"We Hate Bush"! Yeah, me too....

How clueless must one be to not know to use the term "tar baby" sparingly?

Anybody know the origins of the term 'Eat the Rich'?

in honor of the 4 Marines killed yesterday...Robert Cray

Alan Keyes has been siphoning money off the Minutemen. The irony

Does a love of peace distinguish the Left, or a love of justice?

FDA weighs over-the-counter Plan B sales

Why isn't the UN having discussions about calling for a cease fire in Iraq?


Alternatives to Vigilantism/War Crimes: Historical Examples?

David Sirota- "Billionaire Scion Tom Friedman"

Major media study: Repubs not paying attention (Dems either)

Did you know that Pat Tillman's parents are "atheists"? (sarcasm)

Fertility Clinics

The War Criminal Kissinger is chatting with Wolf... CNN.

Is there anything that we can slap DC Dems with that will get their

Does the Israeli / Lebanon / Hezbollah situation show us for who we are?

Ned Lamont on Stephen Colbert Tonight

Crab dinner! Eggs benedict! Bikini-clad beachgoers! NOTHING but good times

Why Won't The IDF Release The REAL Qana Footage? Where Is It?

Excellent documentary on Chavez and Venezuela:

She Makes me Cry as much as the Dead Children...

POLL: What will YOU DO if they build CONCENTRATION CAMPS on US soil?

Jewish Voice for Peace Petition

San Diego Press Conf Report on Busby Suit - Lehto on EdShultz - 5:30 EDT


Former Bush Aide Mocks Bush:"If this is an opportunity, what's Iraq?"

Should AIPAC be banned or registered as a foriegn lobby?

Shadow's taxicab reports: Hopeless homecomings

Is the mercury in tooth filling harmful?

Do You agree with Hezbollahs analysis of Israel?

Qana attack, Israeli setback?

Men Not Working, and Not Wanting Just Any Job (Know Any? Are you one?)

Here We Go - Basement Liposuction. Woman Dies

3 San Diego men "bashed" after Gay Pride parade.

The Israelis must be shaking their heads

Mexico is seen empty as tents are built (pics)

Chuck Schumer e-mailed me asking for money for the Senate Races

Grab your seatbelts: Syrian Pres tells army to raise readiness

Barney Frank to House Repubs: Shame Has Become Entirely Irrelevant To You

Testosterone Spikes After Handling a Gun, Making Men More Aggressive

James Bamford on MSNBC ....

I took my twelve year old grand daughter to see "Inconvenient Truth"

Braveheart Enters Rehab.......of course

Hagel has called for * to demand a ceasefire. CNN

Bush Administration to remove funding for 1-800-SUICIDE

AP: Way Cleared for McClatchy Newspaper Sale

Scientist publishes 'escape route' from global warming


Refugees taught how to eat American food

Israel is not deliberately killing Lebanese children

Amazing cartoon from Sunday's LA TIMES

What is Hizbullah? ...... Juan Cole

The Constitution Hanging on By A Thread and the White Horse Prophecy

Peace in the ME, Peace between DU and freeps - are either possible?

Cease Fire Now

? for the DU armchair pundits on targeting Hezbollah

Miami Dolfans: Another reason to love Nick Saban and Jason Taylor.

Welcome Freepers!

Weather Report - 78 degrees now in South Mississippi

Bolton: Israeli deaths are different from Lebanese deaths

Most Terrifying Photo I've Seen All Day...

Report: Hezbollah used UN post as cover prior to deadly attack

So If Someone Launches A Rocket From Near Your Home, Should You Die?

*** URGENT: Call Your Senators (800-459-1887) to Reject Estate Tax Cut ***

Yesha Rabbinical Council: During time of war, enemy has no innocents

Question for black American DUers: RE: "Tar baby."

Qana Was No Fucking "Mistake" It Is Israeli State Terror And Nothing Else

Who here has a friend or relative in Iraq?

IF Al Gore decides to run in 2008....

Raw Story: Video shows Ghraib-like torture by sheriffs lead to man's death

Ban the pesticide carbofuran...

Bush now has three wars, and wants no PEACE

Teamster Locals in West, sign up Bestway drivers in "card check"

Kerry on Imus in the AM, Healthcare Speech at Noon - Colmes in the PM

Bush’s Mideast Recipe for Disaster

Houston Chronicle: 5th Circuit hears DeLay ballot case arguments today

Instead of A Presidential Library, Let's Work to Build

Musings over coffee and "donut holes".....

The GOP is looking for volunteers

This Modern World: You were wrong about everything

Menendez, Martinez, they all look alike to Junior

Feeeeeelings ..... Nothing More than Feeeeeeeeeeelings ........

* and "Special English"

Gang of 14 may pay a price at the polls.

NYT very busy debunking lies in the media (just not Chimpy's)

DOD needs more money for repairs

Top Lobbyist Says He's "Happy" With "Do-Nothing" Congress

Hank Johnson and the Fair Tax

Please watch the UN debate on Iran going on now on CSPAN.

How Oliver Stone won the right....

Gang of 14 on the Ropes

Senator Schumer: Bolton won't face filibuster per Raw Story

The government really is the source of terrorist news

Good artcile on CT Senate race in The Nation

More Evidence That During Crises, Bush's Attention Wanders

gas rationing thread - a post-mortem

GOP leadership crafts plan to address voters' "anxieties"

Congressmen of good will and good heart must return the bloodstained

A Rallying Cry for Democratic Populism

Loving Christians at work in Mississippi

John Murtha's Military History

Any confirmation or discussion of this info?????

Peter A. Brown, Quinnipiac University Polling on Primary Schedule Change

Lamont to be on Al Franken in the second hour.

Lamont - A real conversation about Iraq - invites you to join in -

How soon till Bush calls Daddy to bring in Baker

Got a nasty fight? Here's your man (USA Today)

LAMONT on now on Air America!

Condo now wants UN help

Dozens of entertainers donate to Al Franken's political action committee

Are we missing something important? Pete Ricketts (R-NE)

"The Ball is in Iran's Court. The Clock is Ticking"

Willie Brown to Ed Schultz: Watch CA-50. Talented lawyer filing suit.

DLC's SAD Faux Pas?

pictures from qana--very graphic!!

Olmert on cable channels live now-NO CEASE-FIRE!

* Photos in Florida/Posters in Jordan

Smirkys Dumb Picture Slideshow

Fantastic Diary here...

Democratic Leaders write to President Bush (re: the war)

If, in Bolton's nomination, Lieberman votes 'no' ......

germ warfare ...

Maine: Poll shows support for Baldacci, other top-of-ticket incumbents

John McCain's Son, 18, Joins the Marines

Key Democrats Call for Iraq Withdrawal

I think we need to Raise the States!

Is the US support for Israel state sponsored terrorism?

Lieberman is proving party loyalty still does matter...

48 hours?

Missouri Senate: McCaskill Moves Ahead

Bush might as well go ahead and advocate the genocide of Arabs and...

BRAINSTORMING:Ideas to get the DNC (Or is it DCCC?) to Support John Laesch

Ed Schultz says GHW Bush, Clinton and Carter need to be called

The "New" Iraq

Obrador and thousands setting up encampments until votes are counted

Ned Lamont's first video blog

Sunday Talk Shows... What a load of Milk Toast Bull Shit !

Staying the Course in Iraq is Not Working

California already buzzing about a future Villaraigosa-Newsom race for gov

Just how do the Israelis "mistakenly" bomb Lebanon?

What does this mean for Lamont/Lieberman?

Just how long can *any* shitstorm last?

Israel and Lebanon - will it affect Lieberman on Aug. 8th?

Stevens tries to pull fast one on Net Neutrality

From his "Glass House" Lieberman Attacks Lamont's Wife!

baffling exchange between Bush and David Gregory

Mass. Gov. Romney Apologizes for Remark (Tar Baby)

Any July 29 Dem stories?

Busby Decert.-Hand Count Case Filed in San Diego by DU er 7.31

Orlando FL Forums

Ned Lamont on "The Colbert Report" tonight

"This Madness Must Stop"

I'm Becoming Completely Disgusted With The Human Race.....

The emperor hits Miami to visit regular folks. The review.

The Campaign of the Super Wealthy to Kill the Estate Tax

To File A Complaint Against the Israeli Genocide in Lebanon

Lieberman Tries The Smear

Photos: Bush in Miami with Jebby. Good luck explaining the 3rd pic.

House GOP's Minimum Wage Charade Will Die in Senate

"Our Political Leaders Are Responsible for the Deaths in Qana" Tasini

Ronnie "Cut and Run" Reagan ......

Kerry in the Boston Globe: “If Congress Won’t Fix Healthcare"...

What's a Democrat to do?

ACTION ALERT: The War on The Internet

Rasmussen: Support for Lieberman plummeting

We did nothing when our government declared war against the people? NOT


McKinney-Johnson Debate - C-Span (Today - 7:30 pm et)

Washington Senate: Cantwell 48%, McGavick 37%

Why is the Morning After Pill "Controversial?"

Time for California to Impeach Bush and Cheney

The GOP is in deep doo doo. Only a few days to go and NO BOUNCE

Barney Frank Drops Hammer on House Republicans

What about nuclear energy?

Dems: Bush Has Broken 26 Statutes (from

Santorum Won't Apologize For Wrongly Linking Casey To Al Jazeera

Speech: Kerry Calls for Universal Health Care Coverage by 2012

Sensenbrenner has a challenger: 9 min. QT video!