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Archives: July 28, 2006

Coal Industry Coordinating Propaganda Blitz Attacking Global Warming

Housing Woes in New Orleans Continue Nearly a Year After Katrina

9 killed in Seattle area in as many days

Labor Pains of a Stillborn Foreign Policy

Too Late for Empire (Jonathan Schell, The Nation)

Salon: The "Hiding Among Civilians" Myth

'Maliki: Dead Man Walking' -- tompaine

Recreation Industry, Environmentalists Join in Roadless Battle

Could Israel be bombing Lebanon to secure access to Caspian Sea oil?

UN observer: Hizbullah using us as shields

Syrian journalist to Ynet: We notice Israeli deployment in Golan Heights

Bin Laden's deputy calls for global war on 'crusaders'

The beautiful north

Analysis: For Israel, the conflict in Lebanon is a must-win situation

Israeli Terrorism in Gaza

Israel Attacks US (Interesting perspective from a satirical angle)

Alex Jones takes it to C-SPAN - 7/29/2006

Remote Control Of Elections?

Seadrift protester in 24th day of antiwar hunger strike

Only 38 days til Longhorn football

Strippers plan to tube New Braunfels river Sunday

Redneck Weiner Roast

Canadian lumber execs talking to Americans about changing softwood deal

Graham blasts Harper's reaction to death of Canadian peacekeeper in Lebano

The Return of the Israeli Military Censor

Tribal canoe capsizes; 1 killed (Jerry Jack, Gold River, BC)

Poll suggests Tory fortunes fading

Is Harper aware that there's shit going down in the Middle East?

House Republicans weigh minimum wage hike

Former Haitian Prime Minister Released (Neptune)

9 killed in Seattle area in as many days

Senate Chiefs Plan to Resist Compromise on Energy Bill

Russia censured over Chechen man

Britain lets more US arms flights land in Scotland

ACLU catalogs government surveillance of political activities (CA)

Congress to Adopt Scaled-Down Rules on Lobbying

Crist ally cuts ties amid grand jury investigation

Rumsfeld extends tours of 3,500 US troops in Iraq

U.S. power group promoting global warming skeptic

Democrats launch 'Six for '06' agenda

Kazaa site becomes legal service

Police spies chosen to lead war protest

Senior Official Responsible for Big Dig Project Quits

PM urged: Stand up to Bush and call for ceasefire

French heatwave claims 64 lives

Congressman, Ex-FEMA Chief Brown Squabble (Taylor -D- rips him)

Northrop Grumman Earnings Increase 17%

NYT: Series of Woes Mar Iraq Project Hailed as Model

PM urged: Stand up to Bush and call for ceasefire

Russia may invest billions of dollars in Venezuela - Putin

Democrats, Military Fault Bush for Old Weapons

Bush pledges vigorous enforcement of voting law

NYT: Sergeant Tells of Plot to Kill Iraqi Detainees

CNN: Democrats launch 'Six for '06' agenda

NASA may halt space station research work

Israel says UN can't be part of probe of deadly attack on post

Death Toll From Calif. Heat Hits 90

Wife, Friend Tie Congressman to Consulting Firm

Democrats Criticize Bolton as Ineffective

NYT: Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah

WP: Detainee Abuse Charges Feared (War Crimes)

SF Chron: Police spies chosen to lead war protest

Yay!!! I'm free from the DragonLady!!!

Who cares about fetishes? I'll take whatever I can get.

I have a naked man.

What's with all this Rapture stuff lately?

It's so nice to be loved!

I have been a naked man.

I am a naked man.

I've had days like this! (pic)

Dupe, damn it!

Tenacious D .... "The Fan"

I'm naked.

I have a naked Bea Arthur fetish.

woman have i naked a

Is gloating rude?

Zucchini, anyone?

Radio_Lady Reviews: "Miami Vice" (2006)

So, I TRIED To Finish Up The Burbon And Ended Up With A FULL GLASS!

I'm naked while reading Naked Lunch...

I don't like you, because you don't like

DU - apply directly to the forehead

I drink naked


CalPeg F-Bomb Alert!

Why are adolescent males so obsessed with sex?

You know how some men "comb their hair over" as they start balding?

DU Group Proposal: The DU Bourbon Group

Anyone watching the Stan Lee show on Sci-Fi?

People born on Thursday, check in!

Hey you! Yes, you! What goes around...

Question about


You see- it's all so very clear now. (New Opus epic)

HuffPo:Zidane's Headbutt Spawns Hit Song In France...Watch Music Video...

I have been adopted it seems (WARNING - CUTE KITTY pics inside)

Radio_Lady Reviews: “Scoop” (2006)

I think I'm being stalked by someone in GD

"Who Wants To Be A Superhero" - so stupid its funny!

OK, military-type Loungers: ID this helo!

Sausage, anyone?

Lance Bass reveals that he is gay

I just learned two very important life lessons...

OK now I'm watching some lame flick on cable about people in underwater

Send me a PM and tell me who got the cookie today

Best bumper sticker: Visualize using turn signals

Why I love America.

Lance Armstrong did not win the Tour de France this year

I think I'm being stalked by somebody in The Meeting Room

Spell Check

Caption this!

I have a naked guy

What is Nathan Lane Really Like?

Does essence precede existence?

Anyone here use Orbiter? ALL HAIL PROBE!!!

I think I'm being stalked by somebody in the bondage domination S&M forum

Radio station shifts format from God to sex

Is anyone mad/disappointed about NOT being cyberstalked?

Naked Twister

My earworm for the evening:

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly did RRR's daughter do?


I think I'm being stalked by someone from the vegetarian forum!

I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail .. yes I would, If I could.

Hey Good-Lookin'! We'll be back to pick you up later!

My head is killing me.

This Movie Has Been On My Mind Today...

I don't think the 'video professor' has any teaching credentials.

Accidentally, I found myself at a Strawberry Alarm Clock concert tonight.

Johnny Depp on Letterman. Please tell me

Where is our dear California Peggy tonight??

He's home!!

Is there anyone here who has ANY idea

When I play with my...

check the new avatar....

What do you do when you an email an old friend

"Topics about sex are not permitted in the DU Lounge. . ."

this is my first foray into this forum...

omggg I just had to squish the BIGGEST ROACH

Jazz jokes!

I can quickly become a naked man.

I knew I shouldn't have watched The Dudesons...

Just got back from the St Louis premier of

How come the early episodes of TV series always SUCK?

Give this dog a name

I should hear tomorrow whether or not I got the job...

Ah the memories (many pics)

Thinking of taking the plunge: Can I start a family AND do PhD work...

My cat is cuter than your cat, try me....

The REAL reason Ann Coulter thinks Big Dawg is gay...

I just saw "Clerks 2" today. I really liked it.

Ricky Williams Breaks Forearm

How does this work? Cards v Cubs: ESPN v WGN

A list of EBooks (related to The Secret) you can read online:

Another Scam Aimed At Veterans

Meanwhile, in the real world...

From Take-Off to Landing (pic heavy)

delete- dupe

KOEB - 7/27 - Head On Apply Directly to your Forehead edition

Egypt's Mubarak: US Response "Too little, too late" (TIME)

25% of Babytalk Magazine readers call August issue cover inappropriate

Al Qaeda and Republicans in cahoots.....SIbel Edmonds

Annthrax con carne

(TOON) Rowson: "The Glory That Was Rome....."

Did you just lose AAR?

EU denies giving Israel green light

What Israel is doing is evil

Blair to meet Bush on Mideast facing criticism (former advisor)

What would you do if your 81 yr/old dad was caught in a sex act by police?

Rice met with Abbas the other day? Isn't he the guy who lost the election?

(Bolton, Lugar, Coleman laugh) Condi Plays While The Middle East Burns...

Exxon Mobil makes more than $10 billion

Israeli Terrorism in Gaza

HuffPo:Zidane's Headbutt Spawns Hit Song In France...Watch Music Video...

"Peace" - To figure it out you have to start thinking like Bush

Cindy Sheehan Buys Property in Crawford

The anniversary if Katrina is coming up soon. Here's my podcast from then.

Russia laughs off U.S. call to rethink $1bln Venezuela arms deal

Poll: Will the US gov't ATTACK IRAN before 2007?

Voices from the conflict: Thursday

Can we find out how much airtime all the NBCs have given to Coulter?

you must love coulter to have so many posts

two interesting blog sites from iraq

Canadian lumber execs talking to Americans about changing softwood deal

Psychologists' group under fire for military interrogation policy

I think the neocons have already won

Quiz time: Which group is most responsible for the mess we are in?

Series of Woes Mar Iraq Project Hailed as Model

Bush unmoved as EU repeats call for immediate truce

What if on the Second Coming Christ and the Anti-Christ are

Better Bird Flu Vaccine: Some good news for a change

Why have a Fake Peace

A high-profile advertising blitz urging Lebanon ceasefire

Political Canvassing today - Observations

Bolton in the Senate, Take 2, Picks Up Just Where It Ended

Any truth to Ann Coulter being chosen to replace Bob Dole in the

It's August. The world is calm. Time for George to take a little R&R

Birth Pangs

Sergeant Tells of Plot to Kill Iraqi Detainees (NYT)

You might like this Political Friendster.

LEAKED MEMO:Coal Industry Coordinating Propaganda Blitz Attacking

Official what does the GOP have on Sen Voinovich pool

A little promise that Maliki made to Sadr regarding Israel

First, they came for the gays...

according to Andrew Card: "From a marketing perspective..."

* vows to take Jeb to court

Last remarks by Yitzhak Rabin, November 4, 1995

(BBC) More violence and death in the Gaza Strip

Democracy for America has a free online school for people like us.

Britain lets more US arms flights land in Scotland

Our prisons are being wasted upon petty criminals rather than,...

Bumper Stickers! (from a Methodist Minister)

Jon Stewart - TDS tonight, Dr. Alon Ben-Meir:

Congressman Conyers: Carnage Continues in the Mid-East

A message from an ardent Israel supporter

"When the President Talks to God" - free song on iTunes

Don't miss my new flash video "Rapture Party Death Trip"

Thinking about those children in Lebanon.....

All Israeli youth HAVE to go into military service at age 18.

Real effects of Global warming

Israel OKs call-up of 30,000 reservists

Any Puke or Dem outraged over U.N. killings?

"I looked into his eyes and saw a man I can trust" . . .

Johnny Depp on Letterman. Please tell me

How may hours do you sleep on average?

Stargiver, thank you so much for donating

Al-Qaeda calls for holy war against Israel

Dog wins game of "Simon Says" (funny video clip .. great dog!)

Should the U.N. "cut and run" from Lebanon?

To berni_mccoy-I stand corrected

Pre-employment tests

Kazaa site becomes legal service!!!!!

Were Dean's comments about Maliki appropiate?

I'm convinced...asshat is the DEVIL..

Razzie has had Bush at 37% for 3 days in a row

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

Sympathy. Sympathy. Has our country lost that in addition to empathy?

LIVE NOW | Congressional Candidate Clint Curtis on the Mike Malloy Show

Days Before Killed-Canadian Peacekeeper Said Hizbullah Used UN As Shield

Here's a Democrat who isn't going to get kissed

Air America Streaming sucks today

I LOVE Stephen Colbert and his show

Once upon a time both Bush and Cheney were Big Oil men...

Rice: "a ring that scares the hell out of America's allies in the region"

Israel nixes major U.N. role in Lebanon

In your lifetime

America's increasingly gloomy national mood...

Caption the chimperor (ironic backdrop, too)

DU 06 Senate Update Thread, States check in!

Remote Control Of Elections? Science Fiction? Start Playing Twilight Zone?

Oh dear, oh dear. Keep pornographers away from ML baseball.

Freepers reactions to Cindy Sheehan moving to Crawford

Sen. Norm Coleman's 81 year-old Dad cited for lewd contact

Caption Mrs. Bolton

Have you seen "1984" ?

George Bush's CIA or Keystone Kops - You Decide

Kerry vs Bolton on Coming up on C-SPAN

Does anyone else think that Ann Coulter is putting us all on?

Question: Israel is bombing some civilian targets in Lebanon to teach

A reminder for the faux pacifists

Any DUers Familiar with Home Construction Loans?

Cover your eyes! Hurry! Its a, a, a , OMG! It's a BREAST!!!

If you were given the job of Israeli Prime Minister what would YOU do?

Richard Durbin: Bolton Filibuster Needs ONLY One More Vote

Do I expect more/better behavior from Israel than Hezbullah?

Which of these is most widely believed in the Middle East?

Photo: Condi auditioning for job in Head-On commercial

Why Haifa??

Your favorite Republican screen character:

Here's what I predict will be a sign shit is really about to hit the fan

Thirty Days Living With Illegal Aliens

did Letterman just call Coulter a crazy bitch tonight?

Do you have family or friends in Connecticut?

Tomorrow's Oprah: "What it's really like to live on minimum wage."

Russia defies U.S. with Venezuela arms deal

Christian Newswire: "The REAL danger of same-sex marriage!"

Dear Gov Dean: Do not apologize. Do not defend. Attack, attack, attack!

First person account from Lebanon

Venezuelan leader calls for “fair oil prices

"Lost you're spine hunh. You keep finding ways to disappoint me."

Creekstone wants to test ALL of their beef for mad cow...USDA says NO!

John Dean: "We have returned to the imperial presidency"

Kofi Annan is correct. The attack WAS apparently deliberate.

OMG! Eleanor Holmes Norton is a nutjob...anybody watching Colbert?

My thoughts on the mean things we say about Republican

Does the "price of everything" go up with minimum wage?

Comforting Thoughts on the Nature of Karma....

Violent Protest Erupts at Chinese Toy Factory

This is Just WRONG! EIA scraping "Foreign Crude Oil Acquisition Report"!!!

Israel and Lebanon

Israel, Iraq, War, Peace, and Politics

Conservative pundits wildly wrong claims about Iraq and now Middle East

Ireland>Lebanon>West Bank>Gaza

Burns Apologizes For Firefighter Criticism

A **BILLION** dollas a day .......... in PROFIT

Iraq=Death. Monthly National Security Index from the DPC.

Stephen Colbert rips the morning shows after Wexler interview

How can we make * enforce the VRA in Ohio?

11 notes on Lieberman vs. Lamont (an Israeli perspective)

you can learn almost everything just from the headlines

UK Arms Exports to Israel over last 18 months; Party Leader calls for Halt

Elizabeth Edwards's First Public Appearance in Iowa since 2004

Jonathan Tasini: "On Israel, We Must Never Be Silent."

2008 Presidential Candidate Selector

This is not a rant: Break up large corporations

Where Were You When They Took Your Rights Away?

Am I a liberal? A conservative? Something else?

Democrats Criticize Bolton as Ineffective--Wa Po

Beyond Belief, by Chris Floyd

One Small Step for the Senate (Abortion Bill)

Ferguson: Democrats' `Dream Initiative' gives me nightmares

Molly Ivins: 24/7 Coverage Doesn’t Cover It

US 'outrage' over Israeli claims

WaPo/Warren Christopher: "A Time To Act"

Blackwater: When Things Go Wrong

Detainee Abuse Charges Feared Shield Sought From '96 War Crimes Act

Wife, Friend Tie Congressman to Consulting Firm:Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.

Guardian: In hock to George Bush

Aussie veto stopped US war crimes

Sunni-Shia Split Fades As Israel Presses Campaign

Liberals and Israel

Rice's Fallacy

American Journalism Review: Afghanistan: The Forgotten War

Mr Blair goes to Washington

Billmon: Axis of Weevil (David Frum joins the Pessimists Club)

Can someone please post Thomas Friedman's article from the New

The strange repercussions of the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict

The U.S. may have to resume talks with Syria


Joseph Galloway: Robbing Peter to pay Paul in Iraq

Asia Times Online: "The U.S. too late for empire."

Belgian Jewish Leader: Israel Committing War Crimes

Nasrallah's Stature Grows as Hezbollah Presses War With Israel

Robert Fisk

NYT: Rice on the Defensive After Rome Summit: "my-way-or-the-highway"

Who grieves for dead Iraqis? BY ANDREW GREELEY

Next victim: The Dakotas to experience 100F + temperatures this week.

This is Just WRONG! EIA scraping "Foreign Crude Oil Acquisition Report"!!!

Removal of dam ready to begin (Maine)

False Fronts: Why to look beyond the label [Nuclear PR]

Toyota Now More Optimistic On Plug-Ins, Says N. American VP

AZ severe weather map (tornado sightings in two counties??)

Brand-New Tibetan Railway Sinking, Cracking As Permafrost Melts

TXU Wants 11 New Coal Plants, Also Pledges To Improve Air Quality

Electrochemical separation of carbon dioxide from air: Symposium talk.

Climate Change May Bring More EU Tourists To UK - (Not What You Think)

Shell Launches World's Biggest Gas-To-Liquids Project In Qatar - Reuters

Florida Continues To Do Crappy Job In Reporting Sewage Spills On Beaches

Scientists: Warming triggers 'dead zone'

Going Without :: A Search For Our Lost Perspective

Air pollution from China reaching U.S. skies

July Hottest (and sunniest) Month on Record in Germany

Back(yard) to the land family grows its meals on tiny urban lot

Climate Breakdown Throwing Scotland's Food Chains Out Of Whack

Italy's Farmers Lose 1/2 Billion Euros To Drought & Heat - Reuters

Swiss map permafrost

Ice Update - 81-82 North - Continuing Thinning Above Svalbard - NOAA

Oil spill adds ecological crisis to Lebanon's agony

NYT: California heat wave death toll is now up to 100.

Black Sigatoka, fungicides, and the risk to the world's banana crop.

Study: Water contaminant can cause cancer (duh)

Kuwaiti National Assembly Members Consider Oil Depletion Protocol

Venezuela official: $100 a barrel possible (AP)

Jurassic Coast feels heat of climate change

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers

Israel's Barrier to Peace

The call that tells you: run, you're about to lose your home and

Shin Bet Vetoed Secret Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement

Hezbollah says it has fired a new rocket, Khaibar-1, at the Israeli town o

As someone seen this video.

Police: Sufficient evidence to indict justice minister

Ill Israel Army Chief Undergoes Series Of Hospital Tests

The call that tells you: run, you're about to lose your home and

July 12, 2006: Killing of 9 members of the Abu Selmiyeh family in Gaza

Watching American TV in Beirut

C-SPAN, Sat. 8 - 11pm ET. -- 9/11 Panel

URGENT: Tune into C-SPAN 1 on July 29th 8 PM Eastern Time >>>>>>>

Glasgow tower block to shed light on 9/11 fire

URGENT: C-SPAN to Air Historic 9/11 Exposé

Mary Jane Booth, Flight 77

POPULATION CONTROL. Are you scared yet? Do a search

Has Anyone Here Seen "Loose Change 2nd Edition"?

'Secret' 9/11 lies?2002 exec order let EPA bury info on air hazards

Bev claims qui tam donation made in BBV's second fiscal year

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRIDAY July 28, 2006

Farewell Texas

Interesting Collection of Quotes from StopKinky blog

Secret Service Agent Arrested in Waco!

Heading to the BIG GIANT ASIAN MARKET next week.

Soldier's Wife Wants Answers

Dryden Steps Up...Wow

Freepers reactions to Cindy Sheehan moving to Crawford

This cartoon says it all

US officer describes alleged murder of Iraqi prisoners

AP: Salvadoran soldier killed in Iraq

The call that tells you: run, you're about to lose your home and

Congressman in 'twerp' war with ex-Katrina disaster chief

Ex-FEMA head and Mississippi congressman trade barbs

NYT: Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah

Energywatch: British Gas customers face £1,000 bills

Anti-US protesters try to storm Asian meeting (Condi's latest stop)

Bush Signs Voting Rights Act Extension--Wa Po

Judge Backs Release of Islamic Fundraiser

3 Americans among dead in Afghan copter crash (contractor's family)

Crespi sobs in jail cell; begs for forgiveness

Strippers plan to tube New Braunfels river Sunday

Iraq's Valley of Peace helps overflowing morgues

Detainee Abuse Charges Feared - Shield Sought From '96 War Crimes Act

Economy slows sharply, inflation heats up

Israeli bombs kill 13 in Lebanon, Rice holds back

Blair, "We need a cease fire ASAP in Lebanon."

Leahy up on CSpan 2, re: Signing Statements, NOW

The call that tells you: run, you're about to lose your home and

Oil spill adds ecological crisis to Lebanon's agony

U.S. Senators Flex Muscles on Wind Power, Radar Issue (Durbin & Obama)

Rice willing to return to Middle East

Britain's Blair visiting San Francisco for weekend

Political Candidate Accuses Senator Of Frequenting Strip Club

U.S. marine killed in western Iraq (#2571)

Attacks on US troops up in Shiite area: commander

Neb. Court Rejects Electic Chair Appeal

Katie Harris and Nelson will debate. Russert will be moderator.

Senators vow to block food-safety bill

Iraqi Shiite leader rejects role for US reinforcements

AP: Pace: Taliban Can't Take Back Afghanistan

Russia wants Hezbollah included(resolving conflict)

Can Border Agents Search Your Laptop? Yes.

Campaigns Slinging Oil Money Allegations

Shin Bet Vetoed Secret Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement

U.N. observers leave Israel-Lebanon border

Ads credit (Republican Rep.) Chabot for vote he opposed

TV ad war heating up for Ohio Senate seat

Iraqi investors pray foreign firms will revive flagging bourse

US plans UAE gunship sale worth up to $808 mln

Iraqi oil minister talks to US companies about possible cooperation

Bush urges Syria become active in peace for region

Egypt's mufti defends Hizbollah operations

Pentagon to Boost Iraq Troops to 135,000

Lieberman Leans On Democrat Record

Russia Spurns U.S. Offer to Probe Journalist Murder (Forbes editor)

Dupe See it here. Sorry "Divernan"

Immigrants saved from floodwater; 4 missing

Democrats launch 'Six for '06' agenda

Israeli mothers who opposed occupation back new war

UN calls for humanitarian truce

Aussie vetoed US military action: book (on ethical grounds)

Wal-Mart quits in Germany

Bush, Blair speed up diplomacy on Lebanon crisis

GOP Makes Conditions on Wage Increase

Woman in doghouse over Jehovah's Witness sign

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers

Flying reptile mystery 'solved'

US 'outrage' over Israeli claims

New (Katherine Harris) Campaign Manager Faces Challenge

Hezbollah can't be defeated, says UN force chief

Key House Republicans boycott pension meeting

Murdoch Gathers Political, Cultural Elite this weekend

AP: Report: Military Closing Mountain Complex

US flags 'billions' in Saudi arms

UN body criticises US on rights

Iraq hospital touted by Laura Bush delayed (Bechtel booted)

U.S. Earmarks $10 Million for Lebanese Army

U.N. rights body tells U.S. to shut "secret" jails

AP: Feds Confirm Fears of New Orleans Flooding

Beautiful north turning black (Israel's forests burning)


Bush, Blair back multinational force

Top Hagel staffer to head GOP in August (Senate race Ne.)

Hezbollah says it has fired a new rocket, Khaibar-1, at Israeli town

Hezbollah rocket hits Israeli hospital

Republicans tie minimum wage to tax cut

GOP leader apologizes to Strickland; staffer is fired for an e-mail

Ex-WorldCom CEO Ebbers' conviction affirmed

Palestinian refugees open camps to aid Lebanese

'Secret' 9/11 lies?2002 exec order let EPA bury info on air hazards

Iran Won't Cut Oil Exports if Syria Attacked

Bush apologizes to Blair over bombs sent to Israel

Mel Gibson arrested for DUI

Bush sends Rice to Mideast, backs multinational force for Lebanon (AFP)

Iran stops would-be Hizbullah volunteers at border

Flights Home for Troops Canceled

U.S. economy slows sharply...

Pa. AFL-CIO gives backing to Sestak (PA-7 Dem opposing Weldon)

Bush's 'regular guy' mode can backfire (meet with American Idol finalists)

Bush Sees a Chance for Change to Sweep Mideast

AP: Spanish-Language Paper Altered Photos

People shot at Jewish Center in Seattle

Minutemen event overwhelmed by immigrant supporters

UN gives Iran nuke deadline (August 31)


Jeb Bush says he won't enter Senate race (GOP strategists very busy)

Democratic ad ties all of GOP to Bush

the rapture is almost here!!! gimme all your stuff so you are saved!!!!

Aw bollocks!

oh shit i can't lift a gallon of milk

I'm not listening to anything but "The merrymen" for the rest of summer!

A visit to Alaska for you night owls...


Dial-up warning..

That's a good argument.

I had several very strange dreams yesterday

Have you ever pulled someone?

Hello. I have two apples and a small dish of dinner salad...

Stupid life is going too well. I can't sleep.

I'm bringin a bunch of bacon to a sausage party!

I can be naked whenever I want now

The new Campbells Soup

Sometimes I game naked.... well... sort of...


MAn I fried up a bunch of bacon, a couple of sausage patties

Guess the tourist attraction

How to fix a bubble blowing short-beaked echidna

Just watched "The Thin Red Line" (the 1998 version)

Goodnight everyone!

Lance Bass could have been the first gay man in outer space.

I hear you've been naughty tonight

What was your best Priceline deal?

Dog's ears bleed A LOT if they get nicked.


Any man left on the Rio Grande is king of the world as far as I know.

WOW - action in the library

Fresh peaches--should I put them in the refrigerator or not?

Good Friday Morning, Crew

7 posts from 1000...ask me anything embarassing.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Off To Maine! See you all Sunday afternoon

Why do we look forward to summer?

Hey Ladies - here's a late morning snack!

Extra fourth spatial dimension tested in 2007

desperately seeking tombstone......

Need suggestions for inexpensive but high quality vowels.

Did you ever come to the realization that a family member...

Okay, time to close the lounge. The post of the day came early.

The Jam

How do I get my SO to stop sending me links from LGF?

Is anyone having trouble getting onto myspace


Wth? Employers are freaks.

Blockbuster Deal in MLB: Carlos Lee to Rangers

Radio astrologer known as the Cosmic Muffin dead at 63

The return of RRR's daughter

I was trying to catch up to Haruka3_2000

Do you let your kids watch Animal Predation on Nature Shows?

Best Arm Wrestling/Truck Driver movie?

*mumble* here ya go... *rubs eyes*

This is my 13,000th post

My Gay Boyfriend video. Funny

Before I forget.... You won't see me that much next week...

Do Jay and Silent Bob = Abbot and Costello?

Answer me this, Lounge Smarty-Pants: How can it be that I have never had a

I'm telecommuting today.

10 words.....

She is so hot you can bounce a quarter off her ass!!

eBay "The War Speeches of William Pitt"

What song embodies 80's "New Wave" more so than any song?

CAPTION the Nukular Twins!

Lounge Toast to celebrate RRR's daughter coming home

10 randy questions:

Do you have a phone landline, or are you cellular only?

I think the heat wave might be breaking here

Why Can't Jessica Alba Leave Me Alone?

I am soooo Glad we have Vonage....

PC/microsoft word help? Emergency!

Friday, July 28. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Wow! Elvis' grandaughter is hot!

Challenge to janesez - Name 3 songs that have "jane says" in the lyrics

I shower naked

10 Questions for Bicentennial_Baby and Mrs. Sniffa

Mel Gibson pulled over for DUI suspicion

mutley thinks no-one wants to be naughty with her

Somebody scratched my new car

10 Random Answers....

Why do car companies still charge extra for automatic transmission

Photo Fun and Captioning -- Chimp and Poodle


What awards did you win when you were a kid?

Urge the media to stop promoting hateful commentators

I feel like this today

Need help: question regarding Eartha Kitt

What movies do you have on your list this weekend?

Richmond area DUers. I have a couch to give away.

So I finally found bahn mi at a local Asian market

How long did it take you to get your pw

I must really be boring

Any DU'ers in Eugene, Oregon?

Naked Lunch

Lips Hall of Fame: Which female celeb has the best lips?

Penis painting

Holy shit! We have a kickass storm here.

Naked is passé. It's all about clothing now.

Just got back from Miami Vice: Call me crazy, I liked it.

"Topless Photo Contest" inspired "Bottomless Photo Contest":

I just participated in a phone poll

I watched "My Fellow Americans" again last night......

Can you leave a computer in a hot car?

Which of these summer movies have you enjoyed most?

Try and explain this Janet Jackson jewelry to me, please...

Ich bin geil

Pink Floyd "Pulse" DVD - Waste of fucking money. Awful!

Jeebus! Put some CLOTHES on, people!


(Laugh alert, with pictures) FR goes to the Reagan Library!

Our secretary's nephew drowned on Sunday.

I watched "The Benchwarmers" last night - hilarious!

What's this? Mel Gibson pulled over for DU?

So, my son thinks I'm a hero now.... (pic)

Favorite Paranoia Writer

Floyd Dixon dies at 77, influenced Ray Charles, others

Alright, it is time for this innocent nice DUer

Funniest GD post today

Oh boy, I never had so much fun as tonight

Something you don't want nearby while you're topless OR bottomless...

Who in the hell says bigger isn't better!

What should I have for dinner?

I'm not a Christian, but...

If Rabrrrrrr had a cat, what are the things that his cat would do?

Mel Gibson pulled over for DUI.

I just found a site called DW and they are saying awful things about DU.

In honor of the Circus Peanut thread, Do you like Candy Corn?

Do you like older video games?

I'm going pants optional today! How about you?

Next on VH1 Classic - MTV's first hour!

I'm bored. I call upon DU'ers to entertain me.

Why the fuck is there CAT HAIR on the stove?

Happy birthday wishes to............ get to star in a 1980's era music video - which would it be?

Jeebus! Take your CLOTHES off, people!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 7/28/06)

That's it - my cats officially are pissed at me.

What DVD should I watch?

IT"S MY birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

"We only want winners in Christianity!...

What was the biggest entertainment "WTF???" Moment

This is a first: Man gets 9 Years in prison for stabbing dog

I have no lunch

My MySpace profile has been deleted - WTF????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Morgan Creek Productions Threatens To Sue Lindsay Lohan

I thought the Lounge might enjoy this humorous LBN involving Randall Terry

10 random questions:

Who are some of your favorite female fictional characters?

Do You Like Circus Peanuts?

Just got back from coffee with Billyskank and YVR girl

10 Questions for you from me and Mrs. Sniffa

Happy SysAdmin Day.

“Experience Makes The Difference” Words o'wisdom....

"Topless and Bottomless Photo Contest"

*~~Happy 1st Birthday~~*

show um if ya got um picture thread (clothing optional)

I got my tooth pulled yesterday.

I tried to quit smoking....

"So you say it's your's MY birthday too!"

Useful things to do in the wilderness (dialup warning)


Best Concert you've NEVER been to

here is something i've been thinking of doing...motherless child

What's the meanest thing you have ever done to someone?

BAN PHOTO THREADS! They cause "those" dreams...

Jeebus! Take MY clothes off, people!

I cant stop listening to the song from the Google Video of the giant doll

Need suggestions for inexpensive but high quality towels

Congratulations RevCheesehead!! 25,000 posts

Anybody else addicted to "Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots"

Post your G-rated pics of yourself here


Thomcat and haruka3_2000 Inspired Topless Photo Contest

School Bible club dispute becomes a federal case

I Am The Nasty Atheist!!!

Margaret Atwood ("A Handmaid's Tale") w/Bill Moyers tonight on PBS . . .

Flying reptile mystery 'solved'

FUC* THIS SHI* -- I am so sick and tired of reading about this reckless

George Michael to sue

Oklahoma elects first openly gay legislator!

World's Longest Footrace

Fearless SEC football predictions...

Every Saints Home Game is Sold out this year

Brewers Fuck Up Big Time With Lee & Cruz "Trade" (Give-Away):

Is there anyone here who has ANY idea

Is there anyone here who has ANY idea

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Oops, delete/dupe. nt

Revoltin' Bolton

FYI: I heard Imus say Senator Kerry will be on his show on Monday. nt

Sen. Kerry Reaction to New Disaster Aid Report

The Fix

JK gets an honorable mention, and this article is worth a read:

Today's happy pill*

Field hearing in Iowa with Kerry, Lance Armstrong on line at:

Day trippin'

Speaking of clouds (re: Crisco)

100 year old family photos -- editing welcomed!

Head On commercial not near as obnoxious as that...

Congratulations are in order

Cartoons ( have to laugh or cry)

Homeland Addendum

Trapped villagers evacuated to Tyre

My 300th Post

The next time you complain about having a bad day....

Rachel Maddow Interview

Idiot Glenn Beck Last PM On CA Blackouts

can anyone make a fundie database

Make Health Care, not War.

Blair to tell Bush: we need a ceasefire

Fearing for their lives is a Bush Trademark.

Groups Decry New Public Television Series Funded by Big Ag

(FIORE) The latest adventures of Knuckles

Ah, America!

Where were you when they took your rights? ... Camp Democracy promo...

Bolton Observation: for Hearings... He changed hair and eyebrow color!

France calls for an immediate cease fire

uh.. Condi playing the piano PICTURE please add comments or explanations

BWAAAHAAHAA - priceless snippet

Convoy hit near Lebanon border

Friday TOON (7/28) Moonbats take offense

Tribute to an Unpopular DUer I admire... (You probably love to hate him .)

Watching Beirut die

I just have one thing to say...

Colbert is the best

Meanwhile back in Baghdad, U.S. troops 'Wait to get blown up'

Maliki Speaks Truth (and Truthiness) to Power

Condi: "It is time for a new Middle East"

Detainee Abuse Charges Feared

Israel seeks pipeline for Iraqi oil

Mission Accomplished. UN Pulling Back Its "Unarmed Observers"

Wearing 2 hats at the same time, is it a new tactic

After 5 Years Of Fighting What Do We Have To Show For The Blood/Treasure?

help me write a LTTE about record oil profits and bush "jawboning opec"

Religion and Politics

(VIDEO) Pat Buchanan making way too much sense

Anyone heard this PSA on NPR?

hahaha...I think: PNAC MySpace! "Forcing Democracy on the World....

List of countries to which US travel is banned ?

State Department Official -green light outrageous

History repeats itself.....

Thinking about Bamford's "Iran: The Next War" article

Short Shorts? Too short for the mall?

Have you contacted your Senators

A Bolton Confirmation = More of the Same (Ignoring the Voters)

Cindy Sheehan bought 5 acres of land near Shrub's ranch in Crawford.

does someone have a link to the Stephanie Miller show??

Rice Offers The New Face Of American Foreign Policy (And It's Not Happy)

"Violence is never a solution?"

Blair, "We need a cease fire ASAP in Lebanon."


The names on the frontpage of today's Independent (ceasefire petition)

Israel Tries to Be A Bush-by-Larry C Johnson

What would it take to make "them" notice "us" out here in flyover land?

The Saddest Thing Of All

Bush administration seeks shield from 1996 War Crimes Act

Leahy up on CSpan 2, re: Signing Statements, NOW

Stephen Gaskin

If the Fundies actually followed the Bible to the letter, then ...

Hezbollah rocket hits deeper into Israel

Excellent interview Sen. Dorgan (D-ND) on trade issues here ->

U.S. senator open to TV chat (on The Daily Show) about Internet "tubes"

"Al Qaeda in Iraq!" OOOH! "Hezbollah in America!" GASP!

Not In Our Name! Pledge of Resistance by Saul Williams

Last, Lonely And Wretched

"World's CEOs March in Support of World Child Labor Day"

What is your best prediction for what will happen next in Middle East?

Last Chance to Enter!

Glasgow tower block to shed light on 9/11 fire

Caller challenges Wash Journal tool to ask Pipes about Project Clean Break

If looks could kill or naughty, naughty? You decide...

Different Term, Same Scheme - Vouchers

Who in the Democratic Party do you think best represents our interests?

faithfully executed

The Serial Bully

MSNBC: New home sales fall, prices flatten, inventory rises to a record

Someone get Ann Coulter a shellaced turnip

Israel's Barrier to Peace

Dissident writer - Chris Floyd Sacked from Moscow Times - After Ten Years

Palestinian, Israeli, Lebanese, American, and Iraqi people are all the same

There's no Healthcare policy group on DU

Denmark is happiest place in the world, report says

Police spies chosen to lead war protest - Oakland, CA

Tony's totally awesome adventure

Why Expect Iraqi Leader to be Different

Check out this Nick Park animation; Bush, Donald, Condi - they're all here

"Every shell you sow....."

FEMA Plan To Raise Condos(8 feet and put on stilts) Raising Eyebrows

Zogby is right about neighbors trying to move on to your land

So Why Isn't Israel Using Patriot Missle Defense?

PHOTO: How the Bush administration will end

"Music Row Democrats" - making the south Democratic again ->

Mr. Vice President: the bombs are flying. Hallelujah

White House Holds One-Year ‘Celebration’ of Energy Bill With Industry Rep

Stars and Stripes Iraq map has a base called Camp Bushmaster!

DoJ Visits Bring It On!

we ALL need a smile today. It's Fri. and lots of bad news this week!

Half-Hour Hurricanes (read this article in order to protect yourself)

I wonder if the Lebanese got to see any Katrina coverage.

GOP Family Values: Husband of NV Candidate who Died Attempts Suicide

Caption this pic

Do you let your kids watch Animal Predation on Nature Shows?

Do you need a break?

WH sends "In case you miss it..." email to press re: Dems pandering...

HELP! Can someone find me a link to the anti-global warming article...

Why do Blair and Bush

Scrutiny angers Lebanese-Americans in Dearborn - Mexicans get a break

Hey DUers

Chaffee "not decided" on Bolton

Oh great, President Shitass is on TV talking about Israel/Hezbollah

neo con bushmilhousegang member Daniel Pipes opened his vile

BUSH: "What kind of state is it that has a political party that's armed?"

Lebanese wounded turn cold shoulder on Jordan aid

one of yesterday's threads has disappeared? search cannot find it?

GREAT BUSH TOON on Merkel massage and more

More than 17-thousand soldiers now have standing orders to deploy to Iraq.

Can Border Agents Search Your Laptop? Yes.

Need deciphering

Denmark is the happiest country? Not sure about that, but I'd agree

Why don't the Shiite "militia" leave Iraq and help Hezbollah friends?

Taxpayers pay Blackwater $73M to protect FEMA workers?

Hillary the only Dem who can lose, McCain the only Republican who can win?

Wow...what Wicasta Lovelace has to say about our very own Ava

To those in the military, what is the order you won't follow?

Threats to judges soar since Cornyn, DeLay condoned them

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: UN to abandon viewing posts on Israel-Lebanon border

POPULATION CONTROL. Are you scared yet? Do a search

Do You Have A Neighbor Who Probably Won't Be Voting In November?

Bush: American Foreign Policy No Longer Seeks to ‘Manage Calm’

Dumb People Make Children Cry. Another good read by Mark Morford

This is a first: Man gets 9 Years in prison for stabbing dog

"Al Quadas of Mass Destruction" Here we go again...

Soldier Confesses To Deliberate Plot To Kill Iraqi Detainees...(NYT)

Michael Brown calls Rep. Gene Taylor "a little twerp"

Focus On Marijuana (title changed for dsc)

Please read this concerning a dress code at a chain restaurant!

Soldier Confesses To Deliberate Plot To Kill Iraqi Detainees...(NYT)

I'm starting a Friends of Ann Coulter Club

anybody here remember The Coneheads?

Is John Dean still married to Maureen..? She was his wife during Watergate

The term "WWIII" is just more Karl Rove bullshit.

Foreign Policy

Minimum wage increase tied to tax cuts for millionaires. Of course it is.

Making Allies Out of Thugs (the neocons who believe WWIII is the answer)

How a world-wide war of Islam against the rest will begin.

Former US secretary of state urges ceasefire talks - Warren Christopher

Is it just me or does this picture..

Do you really want to know why the UN was attacked?

Holy #%^& - He Saved A Little Girl, But Did He Have A Good Job?

Hadline of the day:"US sends Rice to try to end Middle East war"

Bush/Blair - 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11

Jesus is in my computer

Anyone have a link to that Rolling Stone article on Iran: the next war?

Oil consumption

Are the American people morally responsible for the civilian deaths caused

GOP campaign ads fail to mention party affiliation

House Republicans Tie Minimum Wage Hike to Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Anyone else having trouble with streaming?

Bush and Blair using same ear-piece? "you know" said 10 times...

Protesters outside Downing Street call for ceasefire - pic and story

Do Republicans deserve the "Eclectic Chair?"

Are Americans Morally Responsible for the Civilian Deaths

Well that was disgusting....

Are Non-Combatant Members of Hezbollah Morally Responsible

FYI: Be careful what you ask for

US in $800+ million arms deal with UAE

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

MSF in Lebanon (Doctors Without Borders), newsletter report here

Flying Monkey W

Video: Novak calls Rice Israel-Hezbollah efforts 'a disaster'

UN pushes for 72-hour Lebanon truce


Reason #251 to initiate a cease fire


"Reagan did a lot of good things." I ask them "Name one."

Death Toll From Calif. Heat Rises to 132

Journalist hurt when Lebanon convoy hit

Rice plans serious piano recital at ASEAN meeting - for real

A deadly week at Del Mar

Today is my day off, why am I compelled to check DU every

Attention Israel apologists/disinfo freaks!

Lebanon is Hezbelloh... Hezbelloh is Lebanaon


Poor Bush, just when he thought the Israelis were going to kill off

duplicate post self delete

Wal-Mart selling its 85 stores in Germany

Pentagon to Boost Iraq Troops to 135,000

What are typical traits of a Limbaugh dittohead?

The way the world is, right now. Add your own!

This is rich - I write an email to MSNBC complaining about Coltergeist

To what lengths will our media go to spin justification for what Israel is

It it necessary to have another world superpower to keep the US in check?

The "hiding among civilians" myth of Hezbollah Fighters....

Mel Gibson pulled over for DUI.

Isn't Peak Oil The Answer To Global Warming?

how do our dental records protect the President????

Condi's Concert...

Who in hell are Blair & Bush to talk about resolving the Mideast crisis?

Bush: American Foreign Policy No Longer Seeks to ‘Manage Calm’

33 billion dollars

Video of Insurgents in Gaza and Ambulance

Is this MSNBC Poll for real ?? LIVE VOTE

You do realize this all Clinton's fault...

Behold our Middle East policy!

RWer thinks Global Warming is Intelligent Design

Holy Shit! Peace Breaks Out In The Middle East!

C-SPAN, Sat. 8 - 11pm ET. -- 9/11 Panel

If Dems don't win back one or both houses of Congress in November...

Are the Israeli people morally responsible for the civilian deaths caused

07/24/2006 New Libby Docs - Status Report Regarding Executive Privilege

The minimum wage bill should be a wake-up call to the slimeballs

Bush Fears War Crimes Trial

Marines reluctant to accept 'Hadji Girl' song proceeds for MWR

Remember its your money...

You guys listening to Randi eviserating Coulter?

Were you or were you not embarrassed by Bush/Blair news conference?

Republican Says We Need A Dem Congress

Margaret Atwood on Bill Moyers tonight and Saturday

How can you all tell that Israel is a "She"?

Bill Nelson joins Harry Reid and Frist to allow oil drilling offshore.

Middle East in chaos, Bush meets with 9 American Idol Finalists

Rice At The Piano, Bush With American Idol Singers ...

The neocon resurgence (delusional mindset; promiscuous threat conflation)

Iraq War Takes Toll On Morale - Some U.S. Soldiers Question Mission

Bad-boy chef Bourdain: Bush, chawing open-mouthed on a buttered roll....

FYI: Noted insane person Daniel Pipes is coming up on Ed Schultz

Is the NSA spying on U.S. Internet traffic?

Does the UN have the right to exist?

Mideast Peace Negotiations Give Condi Gas.

Cantwell questions VA over Spokane urgent care cuts

On Oprah now. Living on minimum wage. WATCH

Interview w/ Bush's old speechwriter...

Katushas vs. Missile Defense

To the U.S., Israel, and Hezbollah: Please Stop Killing

"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor,

PhotoShop Contest: Coulter's "Basic Instinct" moment on Hardball

Hanging their heads in shame? - * and blair pic

Crystal Gazing with John Kerry-Kathleen Parker

Vietnam disposes of biggest US bomb ever found in Indochina - 7 tons

What is the martial law thing they are talking about in the House?

N.Y. philanthropist is a victim of elder abuse, grandson says

Screen cap: A third of Lebanon's coastline devastated by Israeli attack.

Does This Anti-Lieberman Ad (Links him to Nazis) Go Too Far?

Lieberman race pits moderation versus hatred-politics

Iraq hospital touted by Laura Bush delayed

"Debit or credit?" = the new "Want fries with that?"

Iraqi Shiite leader rejects role for US reinforcements

This cartoon says it all

Tucker Carlson admits he's ProIsrael as he sums up his two weeks

Oil from bombed plant covers Lebanon shore

Activists ready to challenge new military recruitment tactics...

Remembering Nothing

Israel In Odd Position - Hesitating In Lebanon As US Pushes For More

Bush: "There's this kind of almost -- kind of a weird kind of elitism..."

How To Win Friends And Influence Neighbors (Poll in Beirut)

Are oil companies trying to kill ethanol?

Dobbs question tonight-min wage hike linked to tax cut for the rich.

Link: Mel Gibson's DUI arrest

Exxon Mobil

Hezbollah will not release Israelis without a prisoner exchange

What would happen if we, as a Country aboloshied all the political parties

Homeland Security Spent $34B In Taxpayer Money On Wasteful Contracts

If a civilian is a member of Hezbollah is he/she really a civilian?

All Israel/Hezbollah ALL THE TIME on Cables..What about US?

Terrorist attack in Texas?

Regime Change -- A freeper get rich quick scheme

Tickling the ivories while the mideast burns.

Damn, it's so easy to bomb from the air and ships, and spray bio

How much (if any) has your disposition been affected by events

Does anyone else wonder why the top 1% feels they

Bill Clinton's leadership led to the demise of Democrats

ICBM Tests For Us? Sure! North Korea? Hell No!

If you were motivated to take up arms

Hey Freepers! God is on Al Gore's Side! As you sweat in the Unusual HEAT

If you never visit the "other" forums, you are REALLY missing out.

(Warning Graphic) What they don't want you to see in Lebanon

Is it a civil war, or isn’t it?

Eastward, Ho!

Colbert versus Norton (youtube)

Conrad Burns, Bigus Dickus

Is anyone else having odd e-mail problems?

Video: Classical Condi

Magazine cover reflects debate on public nursing

Crack in the Bush/Blair Alliance? Live Press Conference coming up...

US House: Schools must block MySpace, many other sites

Question about the rapture.

A 2008 poll: I had no idea it's this bad

Which Protestant denominations believe in the Rapture?

If you wanted to exile a disgraced Chimperor to a prison island

Sibel Edmonds: "Whistleblowers Witch Hunt Begins"

Robert Parry: 'Whose 'moral clarity'?' - Boy he is good!

Another U.S. City Outlaws Feeding Homeless People

Congressional pay increases should be voted on in national elections

Haiku Contest - Everyone Wins

so, no one can press for ceasefire


Does it ever bother you that most of our "Leaders" are millionaires?

House bans MySpace, other social networking sites from public libraries

Reagan conservative lashes out at 'hijackers of the conservative movement'

Paul Krugman: Reign of Error

The acceptable f word

Who are those Eighteen Families that want the Death tax repealed so Badly?

Vietnam vets suffered genetic damage from Agent Orange - Study

Banning out of state divorce: Constitutional?

Just heard on CNN - NORAD to be moved out of Cheyenne mountain.

Science fiction book/movie that best describes our times?

My Letter to Senator Clinton Re Iraq/Lebannon

Depleted uranium situation getting worse.....

Could you & your family live on $10,700 a year? The GOP thinks so.

This Israeli shill on with Wolf now is making me sick.


Really dumb RW email needs reponse

Make sure you don't miss it...

If having a minimum wage is so bad for the economy

This IS NOT Just Like 1984 People.

Anyone have Pix of Bush Family United for King George's 60th Birthday?

GOP: Tell me where, in this budget, I can save for retirement (or anything

Isn't Mel Gibson's DUI typical of the fact that these ultra pius Repugs

Wayne Newton and Bush..

US officer describes alleged murder of Iraqi prisoners

Pleased to post today's Doonesbury

Margaret Atwood ("A Handmaid's Tale") w/Bill Moyers tonight on PBS . . .

N Carolina Passes Four Historic Immigration Laws

Caption * & poodle pic

more info on the Jewish Federation shooting in Seattle

BLACKWATER USA: It's a whole lot WORSE than you think.

Unspoken Fact: Israelis Killed by Hezbollah 10/2000-07/2006

Unspoken Fact: No Israelis Killed by Hezbollah 01/2001-07/2006

Rock on, Vegans!

CDC, Atlanta, Georgia. Press Release: IGNORANCE is a VIRUS

From Freedom to Fascism starts playing in Theatres TODAY!


The Chalabi Factor

PHOTO: Never fear, "Condi" is right on top of things!

Bush: American Foreign Policy No Longer Seeks to ‘Manage Calm’

So why does everybody hate introverts?

Memos May Link Cheney to No-Bid Iraq Contract

There Needs To Be A Concerted, Organized Effort To Do To "Republican"

Resolved (1) The President and the Vice President must resign...

We Had Another Woman Killed by a Pitbull yesterday.

Why does everybody hate ectomorphs?

Some Truth about the UN Peacekeepers, IDF, and Hezbollah

Attention Israel critics!

MSNBC Poll - over 86% Believe Bush Should Be Impeached

In defense of Israel...

Rice has Mideast on her mind at Asian summit (News item)

AP: Congress Divide Jeopardizes Pension Bill

NYT: Republicans Near a Vote to Increase U.S. Wage (due to Nov elections)

European Union's foreign policy chief confers with Rice

Congressman Taylor responds to Brownie

Official Calls For Ceasefire Begin (Dieu bénissent les Français!)

Reuters Photo: Little Lord Fuckstick, bathed in the glow of a heavenly orb

Is it me or do those trite little voice over photo montages at the

YouTube: Dick Cheney stars in "Pulp Fiction" remake

Rice Offers The New Face Of American Foreign Policy (And It's Not Happy)

I guess call-in days do work...7 new cosponsors for cease fire proposal...

There is a ray of hope?

how many repuke senators are running this year? How many in house of reps

Can someone help me understand, re: immediate ceasefire?

The "governing" Republicans are destroying our military.

Katie Harris and Nelson will debate. Russert will be moderator.

HOW could a cease fire possibly hinder progress toward a permanent

NV4 and DC1

"Help rebuild the houses we destroyed". * on Lebanon (CNN)

The International Day of Peace - September 21

Let's get this straight.... We Send Money to Israel which they

Civilian deaths in Lebanon is a lie

A Time To Act (it's time for Bush, Bolton, Rice to stop pretending)

Republican primary opponents endorse Democrat in anti-Pombo race (CA-11)

Minimum wage. Now a GOP idea

LOL now it makes sense...about GOP 'relenting' on minimum wage

Must read! This is encouraging given the current situation

republicans may "allow" vote on minimum wage today

'Secret Democrat Plan To Win In 2004' by Ann Thompson

House Finally Allows Minimum Wage Vote, Attaches Poison Pill

Shiite politician wants bigger Iraqi role (end American "interference")

Send a postcard to friends and family in CT, on Lamont's dime!

cindy sheehan poll on decidedly to the right aol now being freeped

Rice At The Piano, Bush With American Idol Singers ...

Anyone know if * went to the pig farm today?

Bush: we've got a great weapon on our side...that is freedom and liberty

SERIOUS WTF? "Miracle of God." Israel doing God's work in a

Dems and the minimum wage issue

"Are we on the road to fascism?" - John Dean

GOP: Support the Troops (until the war is over)

Tough questions for senate candidates -

IRAQ: Lebanon conflict hurting economy, experts say

My jaw is on the floor. Okla elects first openly gay legislator

Okay, the repubs have now overused one of my favorite sayings.

HeadOn-Apply Directly * Photo

Don't expect any kind of safety net when you get old :-/ ..

Hello? FINALLY waking up?

Caption this Photo.

The Mobile Vietnam Veterans's Memorial Schedule - Mark Your Calendars

Estate tax versus minimum wage

Detainee Abuse Charges Feared

Hate Mail... Boy Do I Get Hate Mail.

bush may come to Mississippi for Katrina Anniversary

Bush's strategy sound a lot like: flush them out with war

Rod Smith airs first ad that includes election reform!!

Candidate Randall Terry Accuses Sen. Jim King Of Frequenting Strip Club


The Major League Assholes we Fight Every Day

Political Judo: Dems should propose a (true) test of missile defense

I don't know whether to weep or scream...

Hugo Chavez at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, which makes Kalashnikov

Wow. If you haven't read this, read it. Seriously.


How many think Tony Blair is coming to breakup with * ?

If Bayh, Clinton, Edwards, Gore and Warner are '08 top 5, who are 6-10?


They volunteered, fuck em

Poll: Johnson has "hefty" lead over McKinney