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Archives: July 27, 2006

"Dump Condi": Neocons charge that State has hijacked Bush agenda

Christian Right Steps Up Pro-Israel Lobby

Horse’s head dumped in official’s pool

Pelosi says key to beating GOP is to 'pull them down'

Please read, and share it.

Bigger Brother (Albuquerque Tribune)

What smell? (The Phoenix)

WP: Overseas Tensions Change Direction, Derail a Bush Comeback

Democracy Now interview with Dennis Kucinich/ for DU'ers Looking for Peace

Middle East Conflict - Continuing the Debate from a Progressive Perspectiv

CA Heatwave Claims First Celebrity Victim - Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized!!

NOAA - MS Delta Dead Zone This Year 1/2 Size Of Maryland - "Above Average"

Senators and congresspeople pose with 100 mpg car

CA Scientists Capture Methane Clathrate Release On Tape - AFP

Up to 3,000 Believed Dead, Missing In North Korean Floods - AFP

Protests as Japanese Ambassador conducts whale-watching trip

Tug of War .. in Montana Over Public Access to Waterway

Iranians volunteer to fight Israel

Babies among dead on Gaza front line


Sorry for the delay in this response.

How to Rig Elections - by Spencer Overton

Anyone want/need an update on the Linn County Picnic?

I do not understand this level of ignorance

Neat idea for bringing herbs in from the garden


Canadians Have A Right

Israel holds Canadian accused of being Hezbollah spy

An interesting perspective from another peacekeeper on whether

WTF is up with East Hastings/Chinatown in Vancouver?

Lieberman Stealth: Pre-taped Clinton calls registered Dems!

Harper's: Former official says Bush mulling sending American troops to Leb

Saddam Asks For Firing Squad If Convicted

ARG Poll: Concerns Over Economy Reach... (Bush 35% approval)

Extending deployment of some US troops under discussion

US may increase Iraq force by delaying departures (more stop loss)

Secretary of State plans piano recital at Asian summit

Young vets joining unemployment lines

Specter Releases Sue-the-Prez Draft Bill

Dean Calls Iraqi PM an 'Anti-Semite'

Senate candidate Katherine Harris lost support of half the Republicans who

Israeli strike hits truck carrying aid from UAE

World condemns Israel as diplomacy fails again

East DRC militias lay down arms (peace in DRCongo? wow)

Nepalese hit streets - again - for change

ConocoPhillips refinery idle after storms

Cell Phone Picture Called Obstruction Of Justice

President Bush Visits West Virginia

Bush not Maliki's 'puppeteer'

US Blocks UN Council From Condemning Israel Strike On Post

Monastery allegedly haven for sex abuse

Homeland Security Contracts Abused

Howard Dean compares Katherine Harris to Stalin during stop in WPB

Airstrikes resume after Rice moves on

WP: 'Waiting to Get Blown Up' (troops express frustration with war)

Dozens arrested in U.S. crackdown on khat smuggling

Blair is called to account again over war in Iraq

'Why do they give weapons to Israel and food to us?'

Clinton calls for western-brokered ceasefire

More than 80 dead as heat wave bakes California

Anti-Abortion Groups Accused of Violating Non-Profit Status

Florida: Disappearing lake beginning to reappear!

NYT: Guggenheim Study Suggests Arts Education Benefits Literacy Skills

Job memo cites effort to oust Democrats

WP: Overseas Tensions Force Bush to Change Direction

Democrats Push Bill to 'Stop Global Warming'

Israel holds Canadian accused of being Hezbollah spy

Mexican Leftist Says He Is President, Vows Protests

Amazon rainforest 'could become a desert' (next year)

Why is it I never manage to piss on the right people?

post your most recent regionally-obligatory pics...

I think it's great that Lance Bass "admitted" he was gay

Anyone try Activia ? I saw someone eating and he claimed it helped

I met Lance Bass in 1996 -- I said he was gay then

Would you watch the Nice News Network?

random question

Too the folks that ran Ava off.

Okay, I've got my Ketel One martini and my organic corn chips.

Post here if you have me on ignore

Random Lounge Poll #897

When you get in an argument on DU, and you know you're wrong...

Is gaydar just using stereotypes.....

Has anyone had a regret and then got liposuction?

Miracle chocolate!!

Freddie Prinze Jr. has his own show? Who knew.

What are you on?

Favorite Prefixes?


Just saw this out in my backyard.

FYI: We no longer permit discussion of Lance Bass.

I need help/ advice/ tips from muscians.

NSync's Fender Bass Admits Being Gay

Is Bert from Sesame Street a Bush supporter?

30 Days is on.

Informal opinion poll: High speed internet or cable?

All of my friends...

Lance Bass fries his bass with corn bread

For my 701 post. . . . . . .

Nighty nite, y'all...

Dean calls Lance Bass an "Anti-Semite"

Cat Soup...

Congratulate me. I'm one step closer to having a state license.

I wonder what I was thinking when this photo was taken.

Well, I didn't win the $135 Million Powerball prize......

A word of thanks to mods.

im being accused again of trollocity on GD should i delete my post?

I defy you to watch this and not get an earworm

You gotta love geeks!

I don't know you, but every time CaliforniaPeggy replies to me

Scarlett Johansson Sighting!

Yale and the freemasons run the world

Am I a bad person for thinking that

Tell me something good, Chaka...

Twins fans...first Johan Santana, then Francisco Liriano...and on deck...

The many aspects of apartment living

Which 'Way of Eating' do you follow?

Milton Bradley vs. Coco Crisp.

Interesting discussion topic from another site. Your opinion please?

Name These Five Men

What are your thoughts on a chick donut?

GD is depressing, in case by some miracle you were unable to notice

Time to play...Guess Who The Geek Is!

Heatwave's Effect on Pets

what are your thoughts on a cheese donut?

Animals That Act Like People..Have any examples?

Oh wow! Finally some great news! I won the Lottery!!!

what are your thoughts on a chicken donut?

Guess the actor in my latest drawing...

Anyone ever had a regret about life and purchased a sports car?

No Cat Group?


Girlfriend's computer infected

What are your thoughts on a flyingfuckatarolling donut?

Today would have been Sweet Sirius' 13th birthday.

Are you supposed to chill a red table wine?

Which Dune character are you?

The loss of a beloved friend and companion

What's your favorite gender, here on DU?

Opinions Needed: Age Differences In Relationships

What is there to do in Savannah, GA?

Mike Patton is on Loveline tonight.

Rockstar: Supernova fans check in (SPOILERS)

Funniest thing I've seen in months: "2001 Goodfellas"

Some good news about reyd reid reed's daughter

Star Trek Personality Test... (Meyer's Briggsy type thingy)

Hertz Donut

HELP! Any Microsoft experts here? MS Explorer sessions keep crashing...

Best Concert You've Ever Been To?

I know what's wrong with the Lounge....

Update on reyd reid reed's daughter Sarah...she's OK...

Why in the FUC* would any gay person wear this shirt: ?????

Horse Racing's Elite Meet Kicks Off At Saratoga

Excellent news on the missing 13 year old daughter of a DUer

Sen Kerry Business Week Interview


KOEB 7/26/06 Keith Yoo Hoos a Friend!!

Iran the next war

CBS News Poll headline: "World Doesn't Respect Bush"

Heckler Disrupts Iraq PM's Speech

The real offense behind flag burning is the 'thought crime'

With experts like these

Here's a definition of "strawman argument". Please read it.

G-8 Summit Derails as Bush Rubs Shoulders (Bad Reporter)

License Plate Tracking for All

Lebanon deserves better than fiddling in Rome with words

HELP! Any Microsoft experts here? MS Explorer sessions keep crashing...

Do Iraqis like hearing Maliki declare Iraq key to Bush's war on terrorism?

Has anyone had a regret and then got liposuction?

A look ahead to Iraq War III

Iraq; "Plan B or phase 2 or Redeployment of troops to help" White House

Where would America be

Katherine Harris is FINISHED - Obama landslide imminent, 60-22%

Howard Stern Slams Lieberman

Halliburton's Detention Camps - real, or tinfoil-hattery?

More Daddy Bush Environmental Destruction- Pascua Lama

1999 Big Dig memo: Public could be "seriously injured or killed"

Congress' support for Israel's assault on Lebanon is sincere, right?

Talking points out today are "Howard Dean is "over the top"

Anybody watching the PBS documentary on Walter Cronkite?

Schwarzenegger rebounds in polls against Angelides

US may increase Iraq force by delaying departures

Israel's slam dunk turns bloody. Israelis begin to doubt strategy.

I saw Cindy Sheehan today on my way home from work

America's credibility will be a casualty of Israel's war

Will all end in Lebanon when 950 Israeli Women/ Children share 6 Toilets?

Is there a word for anti-Arabic sentiment?

Anyone ever had a regret about life and purchased a sports car?

CBS Poll: World Doesn't Respect Bush

No ceasefire 'for weeks' as Lebanon talks stall

What sentence would you hand down for Cheney?

"Democrats and Liberals are Evil"

Look at this photo

Draft evader Cheney re-enlists amputee during visit to Fort Stewart

Texas famliy loses both sons to wars

Is Syria the key to peace

Hezbollah is committing war crimes.

Israeli Cabinet to mull expanding ground operations

Was there a proper decision process? -- Haaretz

Our fabulous SecDef has been "musing over" the meaning of "civil war"

Hilarious FR Food Fight Over Coulter-geist!

Congressman Conyers: Tech Trouble in the Voting Booth

Justice Dept. sues to block Missouri from getting phone records

The road to Damascus

A repuke cspan caller said that most blacks are anti-semetic.

DUers, I need some creative ideas for signs.

Hilarious Wall-Mart Spoof by Jib-Jab

Colbert: Threat Down: Atheists!

Bush's visit to West Virginia met with protests

Shady dealers aim to arm Iraq

South Park making fun of Al Gore now (comedy central)

"'American citizens are under attack by weapons made in America'

I push the edges... No Lie.

Codi Ought to Go And Sit In The Mess...

A Joint Session for the Mayor of the Green Zone..

Here It Is Folks: "Amazon rainforest 'could become a desert' "

Evening Update....Lance Bass Is STILL GAY

I Do Not Care Who Is Gay.


Anyone else just amazed by Maliki linking 9/11 and terra war to Iraq?

Specter Releases Sue-the-Prez Draft Bill

Tonight on "Hannity and Colmes" they featured "Sights and Sounds of the

Bush corrects course, changes tactics

Walid Shoebat author of "Why I left Jihad" was on CNN today. Ex-PLO

Critics at home fear Israel will emerge as a casualty of its own war

60% In CBS/NY Times Poll Say President Not Respected By Foreign Leaders

morgan spurloch's 30 days is on - immigration is the topic.

'Tiny' window open for UN troops in Darfur: UN envoy

What sentence would you hand down for George W. Bush?

Regarding 'taking sides": I love hummus, shawarma, challah, kafta meshwi..

I would like to apologize to Palestinian DU'ers...

Chicago Orders ‘Big Box’ Stores to Raise Wage

Gag order on Bush in Iraq rape case lacks legal basis, prosecutors say

Texas Family Loses Both Sons to War

US Troops could be deployed to Lebanon? ( Harpers).

Forgotten Jamestown well holds centuries-old artifacts (AP/CNN)

Objectively: If Gore ran in 2008, (A) could he win the Nomination?

Weeks of war to come, says Israeli general least until November

Maliki echoes White House line in address..MSNBC

In serious need of a caption------------------->

Australian: Peacekeepers to leave Lebanon

Salon: Conflict In Lebanon=Proxy War With Iran=Rescue From Failure In Iraq

Why are some people so evil?

Record heat wilts Europe, strains power supply and hurts crops

This ME killing women & kids has to stop.

Senate Bill Would Open Millions of Acres in Gulf of Mexico to Oil, Gas Dri

Mark my words, Bush is going to try and start a war with Iran...

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in

Great "Back in Black" Rant on Gay Marriage Tonight on The Daily Show!

Is the 2006 election voting scam (Diebold) in place yet??

Why are we suprised at the brutality of war?

More Leopold Insanity?

"Recent images from Lebanon are chillingly familiar . . . "


U.S. electricity demand at record level

Hallo admin, Skinner or maybe his personal secretary?

What does it mean when somebody replies to a person's old posts

WingNutDaily and the crass promotion of a book...

Why Do Some Cheer The Yates Verdict? Andrea Yates Will Be Rotting In Hell.

It is NOT Anti-Semitic to criticize Israel's recent actions.

Odd that most DUers agree with the Reps rather than the Dems

How do you handle a bully?

Just got my "Pocket World in Figures"

This is a test of the Ann Coulter Emergency Network

Awesome News! New venue in Crawford for Camp Casey

I'll tell you what I can't understand.

Theory on the Middle East: This is totally on Nader/Bush. . I'll explain.

From Cold, to Old, to Hot...Ice > Oil > Solar

Troop Morale in Iraq? "It Sucks," Reporter Discovers

The Worst Nightmare Possible

I am a citizen of the world

Did Lance Bass admit or reveal that he is gay?

Good news!!! C-Span has finally archived last week's Harlem Book Festival

Hezbollah fighters kill 9 Israeli soldiers

Iran: The Next War

Hi Vancouver folks, what is up with really scary East Hastings/Chinatown?

Ned Lamont's Proposal for Israel/Lebanon

I have been reading about war and how innocent children are

Dynamic Middle East relationship map.

So we're DU'ers as in "DO"ers and they're Freepers as in Creepers.

Tuberculosis at the FCC

Which weapon for killing is the most cruel ?

POLL: Lebanese Public Opinion

Does it seem odd that the same company that owns FX

Excellent opnion piece on stem celll issue

U.S. blocks UN statement condemning attack on observers

Rasmussen has Bush dropping to 60% disapproval

This is an e-mail from the UN soldier that was killed today..

Women and children died in Israel today.

Watching that Republican on Tweety defending pro-Hezbollah Maliki tonite...

My Big Idea

Annan Outlines Strategy to End Lebanon Crisis

Why do people pretend wars have "good guys" and "bad guys?"

Is Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) an anti-semitic organization?

What Dean said about the Middle East that did NOT get coverage.

I condemn crimes committed by both sides

Dean re:Israel/Palestinian conflict: "It's not our place to take sides."

Dumbfuckistan! This is GREAT!!!!

Do you agree that the Iraqi Prime Minister is Anti-Semitic?

BAD TRAINING leads to soldier DEATH in Iraq

Immigrants. The GOP's Piñata.

my child died today.

Liberman cancels events because he's afraid of BLOGGERS.

Sean Hannity's New Book Cover

Don't Laugh at Me

Lincoln Chafee, A Luxury We Can No Longer Afford

Okay. I don't care for Israel's tactics.

Oprah Fri, Inside the Lives of People Living on Minimum Wage

Depleted Uranium Munitions to be used in Lebanon.

Sibel Edmonds and Turkey's Deep State

IMPORTANT; Do you know any of these women?

Whats the real story on gun control and violence in Australia?

Did Putin turn on the microphone?

Senate Candidate Steele Caught in New Bush Fib

These clowns are our world leaders. G-8 behavior tells all.

Ahem: Why should Hillary have to return donations made by a cheater?

Israel's leaders understand...they worry that Washington doesn't get it

Don't you find it a tad hypocritical


Lamont’s TV ads widely praised, Lieberman’s so-so

Feinstein, Ben Nelson, Bill Nelson, Clinton, Webb, Casey

'06 SEN Polling update. (16 new polls)

An Appetizer of a Debate: Suozzi vs. Spitzer

Lieberman Stealth: Pre-taped Clinton calls registered Dems!

Photos: West Virginia asks God to "Bless W." Isn't that SPECIAL?

WP: Strife Derails a Bush Comeback

Annan calls out Fox News reporter for misquoting him

Israel-Lebanon War Casualties - Thursday July 27, 2006

Ann wants Bill

WP: Bush Presses Anew for Confirmation of Controversial UN Envoy Bolton

Khiyam: Accidentally on Purpose (UN post bombardment)

Applauding While Lebanon Burns (NORMAN SOLOMON)on Richard Cohen

Guardian Editorial: Lebanon war - Indulging folly

Whither the WTO (William Greider, The Nation)

Middle East War: Made in Europe (LA Times Op Ed)

Smoke signals send warning to Israel - by Robert Fisk

Al Qaeda enters Fray (Juan Cole)

Blumenthal: Domino Diplomacy

NYT: Americans Showing Isolationist Streak, Poll Finds

Very weird but funny sarcastic website, check it out..

From Laura Rozen's WAR and PIECE blog: Censorship @ Ha'aretz?

John Dean knocks ‘imperial presidency’

DNC To Hold National Organizing Day on July 29


WP: Kidnapping Mexican Democracy

From Zaman Online (Turkish Newspaper)

'Who Is My Neighbor' in the Lebanon-Israel Conflict?

How Bush is making enemies and increasing terrorism

A Fight for the Party's Soul (re: Ned Lamont)

BBC: Debate grows over Israel strategy


Oil Spill adds Eco Crisis to Lebanon's Agony

The beginning of the end of Globalization....Doha FAILS!

Ashcroft Nostalgia: Gonzales is making John Ashcroft look good.

Israel's "new Middle East" by Prof. Tanya Reinhart of Tel Aviv University

Putin defies U.S. signs Arms Deal with Chavez

Meet John Hagee: A Texas Preacher Leads Campaign To Let Israel Fight

Castro at 80

Backpedaling at the IRS

Iran: The Next War (Rolling Stone)

Peggy Noonan asks: Why does the pres. call the sec. of state "Condi"?

How should I deal with nasty atheists?

Howls Of Inhofe Outrage - How DARE EPA Film Pollution From Wells?!?

Heatwave Will Bring 20% - 40-% Shortfall In EU Vegetable Crops - Reuters

So, how much new coal capacity is the US building?

Factory-farmed org. milk boycott:Horizon/Aurora (CostCo Wild Oats Safeway)

Viewpoint: 'Slow motion' oil shock (Bloomberg)

Oil Sands: Burning Energy to Produce It

Germany Forecast To Hit 102F Today, Breaking Even 2003 Record - DW

L.A. Solar Power Incentive Program to Restart

China Speeds Up Imposition Of Higher Gasoline, Diesel Taxes

crosspost: Global Warming Professor: My Findings Have Been Distorted

Utilities Give Warming Skeptic Big Bucks

Jellyfish plague Spanish beaches (AP/CNN)

Record Wind Power Growth: From Texas to Europe

N. California Heatwave Unprecedented For Duration, Scale - SF Chronicle

Total renewable energy has declined in use in the US since 1996.

Bummer - Four California Condor Chicks Die Of West Nile Virus - ENN

Forest Fire Haze Again Envelops Sumatra - Visibility 1 Mile In Pekanbaru

Cost Of Wind-Turned-Coal Power Plant In SD Suddenly Jumps 50%

Park Service Head Resigns To Spend More Time With Family - Boston Globe

France Implements New Renewable Tariffs for Solar, Wind and Biogas

GAO - EPA Failing 30% Of Clean Air Act Rules, Constantly Misses Deadlines

China's Inland Bohai Sea Now Essentially Dead Zone, Officials Say

"Green" Pataki Took $50K From Renco Group, Among Worst US Polluters

More Climate Scientists Come Out Against Distortions Of Their Work

5th Dead Zone In 5 Years Forms Off Oregon Coast - EurekAlert

Drought Monitor 7/25 Update - Getting Really Fugly

New Jersey nuclear production fell in 2004.

Which is the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East?

Israeli Found Dead in Samaria Why Israelis believe they're right [Samuel G. Freedman 7/25/06]

Chris Hedges: Israel's Barrier To Peace

GIYUS calls Jews of world to web duty

Wounded troops describe Bint Jbail battle as 'hell on earth'

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s remarks to the International Conference

Tower block fire aids 9/11 debate

Why the Jewish Community Should Demand 9/11 Truth

Just ran across this about FL and martial law

Could Israel be bombing Lebanon to secure access to Caspian Sea oil?

Great documentary: Help America Vote on Paper

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday July 27

Election Integrity Discussion tonight in Salt Lake City with Bruce Funk

A bad feeling...

OH GOP Chair: "Only Voter Suppression coming from Strickland Campaign"

New (National Research Council) Report Highlights Danger Of E-Voting

Iowa needs poll workers for November....sign up!

Vote for Boswell and Braley

My ActBlue page is live, bad, and statewide

Grand jury criticizes state laws, Ethics Commission

Major televised debate among candidates for Texas governor

A thread in GD about the USDA "grass fed" designation

Thrift store find - two cast iron skillets

Do you recommend any frozen entrees that you don't feel too

UN observer's wife calls attack 'intentional'

Babies among dead on Gaza front line

Norm Coleman's father cited for lewd, disorderly conduct

Several explosions heard in central Baghdad

Ra'anana police arrest doctor who fled U.S. after being convicted of rape

Guardian: Texan family loses two sons, Iraq and Afghanistan

CNN: Iranians volunteer to fight Israel (around 60 dudes)

U.S. Can Withhold Security Firm Data

DETROIT TV: Maryann Mahaffey dies. (City councilwoman)

Ariel Sharon in health emergency

Speed Dating With A Political Twist

Computer containing data of 540,000 people found

Israel to call up reserves to boost campaign

"Zawahri tells Muslims to join Mideast conflict"

Russia Signs Arms Deal With Venezuela

County workers feed meters to protest fee hike

AP News: New Video by bin Laden's #2 - they are getting involved

Fed ex plane runs off runway in Kentucky Oops

Republicans: Nelson fought valuations , too (US Senate Ne)

Lebanon ceasefire needed, (Bill) Clinton tells Halifax

(Katherine) Harris staffer joins opponent's campaign

Lamy calls for revival of WTO talks

Landis Fails Drug Test After Triumph in Tour de France

Palestinian pres. Abbas says Israel soldiers release could be 'imminent'

Attacks in Upscale Part of Baghdad Kill 31

LAT: Cancer Risk From Industrial Chemical in Drinking Water Rises: Study

Charlie Crist fundraiser resigns (FL GOP megafundraiser under scrutiny)

Security cabinet to convene to discuss expanding Lebanon operation

"Hezbollah was ALLEGEDLY using UN post as "shield".

Abbas remarks on Israeli soldier clarified

Car bomb and mortars kill 27 in Baghdad (19 found shot/tortured)

(Obit) Carl Brashear, 75; Navy's First Black Deep-Sea Diver Inspired Film

BBC: Leading US senator (R) rebukes Bush

CNN/AP: Education Department expands tutoring experiments

Russia defies U.S. with Venezuela arms deal

Lopez Obrador: No Faith in Election Agency

House report criticizes US intelligence on threats

Reynolds American Spending Big Bucks to Fight Anti-Tobacco Initiatives

John Dean knocks ‘imperial presidency’

Report: Nasrallah to meet Assad, Iranian security chief in Syria

UK court to test legality of Iraq war

Chávez en Qatar: "no se puede justificar ... matar a cientos ..."

GOP Senate Candidate Flip-Flops on Bush

31 die in attack on Baghdad neighborhood

Ohio Governor: Strickland 47%, Blackwell 27%

BBC: Debate grows over Israel strategy

Oil spill adds ecological crisis to Lebanon's agony

Union Leader Says Staffing Shortage, FAA Led To Near Miss

Profits up 65 percent at oil giant: ConocoPhillips earnings top $5 billion

Equipment shortfalls hurt Army readiness (2/3 of brigades not ready)

Bush cites Iran's role in Lebanon conflict

UN observer's wife calls attack 'intentional'

Zawahri: We must fight 'Zionists and crusaders'

Bush says doesn't want "fake peace" in Lebanon

U.S. targeting employers who hire illegal immigrants

Hitler's Showpiece Aircraft Carrier Found

Exxon Mobil profit tops $10 billion (Reuters)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 27 July

Saddam verdict expected in October

Taiwan seeks 66 F-16 fighters -U.S. official (Reuters)

BBC: Israel: 'World backs Lebanon offensive'

Iran President Says Israel Has Pushed Self-Destruct Button

Utilities give warming skeptic big bucks

Russian Bid to Launch 18 Satellites Fails

As Rumors Swirl, Somalia Seems Set for Full-Scale War

Rumsfeld extends tours of 4,000 US troops in Iraq

Rice shares ASEAN stage with furry green frogs

White House shrugs off tape as al-Qaida bid to "stay in the game"

Army dismisses gay Arabic linguist

16 Killed In Afghan Helicopter Crash

Ex-NBA star Barkley eyes Ala. governorship

Baghdad Central to Fight for Iraq, U.S. General Says ("success near")

Hecklers Disrupt Bolton Confirmation Hearing

(Israeli) Cabinet decides not to broaden ground operation

Rep. Harris demands Howard Dean apologize

Defense profits up, Raytheon may sell aircraft unit (Reuters)

(Senator) Burns (R) tells Hotshots they did a "poor job" in Billings fire

Hezbollah was using UN post as 'shield'

US House of Representatives passes nuke deal

Israel won't ask U.S. for special war aid

Tour de France winner Landis gives positive drug test, team says.

US bomb shipment stops at UK airport

Sheehan buys land in Crawford with son's insurance money

McKinney hit for missing vote on Voting Rights Act amendment

Irish Protestors Found Not Guilty of Vandalizing US Military Jet

We can keep the kitty ... meet Sylvester!

What would you do if your 81 yr/old dad was caught in a sex act by police?

This sweet cat is about to give birth.

This is what I do when I'm bored at night

i'm sleepy...and hungry

Preferred Activity During The Apocalypse

What was I thinking?


HEyHEY has snubbed me AND billyskank

I had no idea that Stephen Colbert did such a great Jerry Lewis

from our frivilous lawsuits department:

I know exactly what the lounge needs ...


Hasselhoff, Bach Divorce Becomes Final

Charles Barkley Thinking Of Running For Govenor

Are you a "GOD WARRIOR!!!!!"?

Nostradamus Predicted that I'd have a shitty breakfast at Denny's!

Simple Minds--"Alive and Kicking"--one of the best 80's songs ever?

Advice wanted: Keep trying, or give up the ghost?

Party people!

I want to go on record for advocating psychedelic therapy for anyone

Check out the first few minutes of my movie:

I'm working at improving at the fine art of bastardry. Any tips?

AMERICAN Tour de France Winner FAILS Drug Test

if an 81-year-old guy pops a viagra and has sex... is that a big deal?

Activists Protest Beer-Swilling Pigs

Tour De France Winner Floyd Landis Flunks Drug Test (?)

Wax Museum Shows Off Latest Creation: The Jolie-Pitt Baby

David Lynch's "Rabbits" Part 8 - Damn This is Spooky

I'm flying this weekend and taking some audio cassette tapes...

In re the satellite TV repair discussion.......

You don't see this everyday.

Cat experts: A question

Police Officer Reprimanded For Calling Prostitute 82 Times

Ever slightly bothered by Barney Miller's use of the phrase "Go eat fish?"

Are you a member of the "forgot to close my tab, left my card at the bar

Bounteous Zucchini... any preservation tips?

Who is watching Big Brother All-Stars?

Miracle chocolate -- for real!! here's the ingredients!

And from the when it rains it pours department

Today is my birthday...

This is my 400th post

So I just finished sitting on a pair of 17-year-old babies.

Stinky Things You Have Encountered.

Sticky Things You Have Encountered.

Yes, or No?

Sometimes you wanna go

Anti-doping agency may ban hypoxic blood boosting

So I just finished baby sitting a pair of 17-year-old twins.

Best morning music?

so why DO the teletubbies live in a bunker?

OMG, I have a cool offer to try from AOL!! 1099 hrs in 50 days!

'Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven'

Found a great time waster

"You Keep Me Hanging On"- Vanilla Fudge

Thanks to DU, I've ate nuttin' but french fries dunked in mayo!

LEAST favorite SCTV character?

McDonald's Honors Egg McMuffin Inventor

Why do you mock me?

So I just finished baby sitting a pair of 17-month-old twins.

easiest appetizer you've ever made for a party

I got a new tattoo today... need to look at it often these days.

"I had been living a lie too long" - Shiloh Nouveau Jolie-Pitt comes out

Hey Denverites, check this out.....

Internet Gurus - Network traffic question

7 horses euthanized in first 7 days of racing season at Del Mar, CA

Questions for Firefox browser users


What's for lunch?

Congratulations ChavezSpeaksTheTruth!! 20,000 posts

I hate it when someone CCs me instead of BCC, exposing my email for all,

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball

Yippee!!!! Found a taker for the godawful air hockey table

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Bicyclist trapped under Girls Gone Wild bus

Uncensored 'On the Road' to be published

Guess what went up in Times Square!

Cindy Sheehan buys land near Bush’s ranch

local honey & allergies

Anybody here ever had an SO or potential SO investigated?

Ever slightly bothered by Henry Miller's use of the word "teats?"

I got a text message from yvr girl and billyskank last night.

Station changes format from God to sex

The un-coolest Hollywood photograph ever

Don't hate because I'm beautiful.

Homemade Ice Cream and Strawberries

Current gas prices and temperatures at your location/city

Did your parents EVER talk to you about the same sex?

I made it to the final round!

I saw somebody wearing Speedos today

Making homemade pizza with tomatoes from my garden

Do you like spicy food?

I like vinegar on *my* French Fries...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 7/27/06)

Congratulations bleedingheart!! 15,000 posts

Worst. Date. Ever.

I Might Could Use Some Advice On Hazardous Materials

And now for something completely different...

I'm sorry. He doesn't look gay. He looks like a dopehead.

We saw Pirates of the Caribbean...and we LOVED it!!

Hasselhoff Denies Being Too Drunk to Fly

Restaurant Owner Shaken by Koi Seizure (I feel safer...NOT)

Lamont shares a moment with his father

Head on...Apply directly to the forehead. Head on... (Now on NBC News!)

Sweet corn, home grown tomatoes, new potatoes and blackberries for supper

I have a naked man fetish.

I have a naked woman fetish.

Right now, I'm getting down to this: (Youtube)

Chef Boyardee

If you were God, and could do anything....

Zidane unmasked! Shocking truth about the "headbutt"

Huge thanks to all who helped reyd reid reed

Herbie: Fully Loaded is on cable, and I'm watching it.

Whoo Hoo!!! Life Is Good!!

OMG... best 9 /11 conspiracy answers ever!

Everybody wish Quinn well

Did your parents EVER talk to you about the opposite sex?

Newest racing sausage makes it's debut!

Happy birthday Cassandra!!

DU hitchhikers and train hoppers - check in here

Website suggestion: Who Wants To Be Swiftboated?

Thursday, July 27. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Woman in Severed-Hand Case a Court No-Show

Gender stereotypes, and "softness," a feminine quality?

Project Runway fans check in!!!! ***spoilers***

Powerball UPDATE : Good News, Bad News.

So waddaya drinken 2 night?

9,000 Turkey Chicks Die After Airline Screw-Up

Sen. Norm Coleman's(R) Dad Cited For Having Sex In Car - He Is 81

From it's... "The Faces of Meth" (caveat: shock value pic)

'Drunken' Hasselhoff banned from flight 7AM

Men Are Just Happier People

A website for parents of kids who complain there is nothing to do

I'm not venturing out of the lounge today.


Chavez, schmavez. I speak the truth, too, you know.

Have you seen pictures of Lance Bass's boyfriend - man is he HOT!!!

Post a 12 letter word.

Only in San Francisco

Daniel radcliffe (Harry Potter) Nude stage debut

400-year-old pistol found on site of first American colonists

RRR's Daughter is HOME!

Great rant... just wanted to share this here.

I won't be around DU

Do you remember how you felt

Marijuana Gumballs Found at Maryland School

The most frightening instructional video EVER

Who Wants To Be a Superhero?

A friend of mine died. Massive heart attack. Only a year older than me.

So who's been naughty lately?

What is your favorite cookbook?

"Yeah... ya know sooo many...ways to be wicked....Lone Justice!

Yo Mama.... Gimme your "Yo Mama...." jokes....

Update On My Rescued Kitty: (PICS)

Anybody have a VW Jetta?

GREAT NEWS--RRR's daughter is HOME!!! just a quick note, all,

Congratulations Solly Mack!! 15,000 posts

Candidates for Ohio Governor speak about religion

Ancient Gnostic Texts, The Nag Hammadi Library available online!

God is a three-timing whore

Bill Moyers is BACK on PBS! Show called Faith and Reason.

Everyone's a skeptic - about other religions.

Has anybody tried the "Feingold Diet"

local honey & allergies

Mass-like National Health-"forces" Health coverage on folks-is it wrong?

Renal Failure

Newfound Blob is Biggest Thing in the Universe

What we really lost in the recent marriage decisions

are the young turks kidding!!??!!

Floyd Landis tests positive for drugs

An Excerpt from the Holodynamics Book

reminder: SFRC Bolton hearing coming up at 9:30 Eastern

OT: did you see this pic?

More Patriot Project

Sen. Kerry, Rep. Cummings on Minority Entrepreneurship Bill

Ayanna Pressley---Kerry's scheduler

Kerry Opposes Re-Nomination of John Bolton for UN Ambassador

SBVT publicist group aids Oliver Stone's new movie

Update on reyd reid reed's Daughter - Still missing

WHY do they hate our freedoms?? Let me ask you some questions...

Israel has control of Wazani Springs

How can a quazi-legitimate news channel give legitimacy to the Apocalypse?

Stem Cell Advocates Regroup

Restaurant Owner Shaken by Koi Seizure (I feel safer...NOT)

Bush: supplies the bombs for Israel -- then supplies the $$$ for lebanon

A letter to my chicken-hawk Senator.

The War of 1812, would we have won without New Orleans!?

A Message for the Rapture Right from God regarding the End Times

Just Saw Mid-Term "Election 06" - Spoiler Alert!

Media Matters: CNN or CBN? CNN talks apocalypse AGAIN

Hmm Hmm Good! TOONS! tasty! (smack, smack smack) Get 'em hot!

2,570 American troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

IDF: Nasrallah talk less bellicose

I just learned some of the details of my Best Friends Death. The Horror...

Britain to protest US use of airport to send missiles to Israel

George W* at his best.

The irony of it all

Smirky, will there be a signing statement on the Voting Rights Act?

The 'Office of Lessons Learned' - new White House office

The Italian connection

Arianna Huffington: Lessons from Hercules, Hydra, and Tom Friedman

Making it in George Bush's America

Excellent LTTE in todays News-Press (Ft. Myers)"Presidential Ignorance"

'Seeds' takes on greater urgency (summer camp for peace)

Freeptards in FULL MELTDOWN over Man Coulter's Clinton remarks

Ken Burns' WWII Documentary Puts PBS in FCC's Aim

China activist 'beat himself up'

1953: Korean War ends with armistice, Panmunjon.

How many Nations will we be going to war with altogether?

Why should Maliki condemn Hizbollah when the US will not condemn Israel

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier ... "

Molly Ivins: 24/7 Coverage Doesn’t Cover It

One son lost in Iraq, one son lost in Afghanistan.

Happy "Cross Atlantic Communication Day"!!!

Rove&Blackwell: Simply plan to steal another election in Ohio (Fitrakis)

I have this sinking feeling: Al-Zawahiri urges attacks on Israel(& allies)

Folks who desire the end of the world, are they INSANE?

The world supports Israel's continuing their offensive against Lebanon...

Nothing on ExxonMobil's $10.36B Q2 profits yet?

So Saddam's execution really is the Republican's "October Surprise"

US Soldier "It Sucks-We're Driving Around Waiting To Get Blown Up" (WaPo)

Chicago protest video/interviews/speakers and more...

Just how "mean and nasty" do the Democrats need to get?

I have a good URL, looking to setup Group Blog or something?

Here's how Bush can destroy the United States...

Pittsburgh Mayor, fired 3 top officials today, Weird story!

$6 Million So. Calif. Anti-Terrorism Center

A horses head, a swimming pool, and the fetid stench of fascism.

DUer reid reed's daughter has been located

Hezbolloh in the U.S.? Do you believe it?

Heads up - Bolton hearing underway on C-SPAN 3

Do you care about HDTV?

hit it folks--need to be active--not just complain!

"birth pangs of a new Middle East." ... Condi

I dreamt the US (my house) was bombed


October Surprise just given on CNN!

FOX News scaremongering re Hezbollah nuke

Does everyone get their own pie?

The world is being run by a bunch of cold heartless monsters...

On The Bolton Thing. He Admitted In The NYT. . .

Nuke Iran?

News just said 83 people have died in Calif. due to the heat! Sooo sad

Oliver Stone hires Swiftboat PR frim to promote his 9/11 film

$55,000.00 a minute that's how much BP made in profit this last quarter

Who speaks for you?

Tour De France Winner Floyd Landis Flunks Drug Test (?)

Afghanistan: The Forgotten War?

What we really lost in the latest marriage decisions

CNN: Most Annoying Commercial may be the most Effective.

Bush IS a uniter

US denies breaking rules on bomb flights

So after watching The Daily Show last night

Chavez in Iran on June 28

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Satire:Bush foreign policy originated from sixth grade homework assignment

Abbas of Palestine says release of Israeli soldier in Gaza Imminent.

Congrats to Exxon Mobile and ConocoPhillips - Profits way UP

A conversation in a coal mine

Another food crisis to hit Niger (families eating leaves etc.)

Bin Laden and al-Zawahri in the NeoCon back pocket?

Democrats: Bolton still a 'bully'

What's the use of having AC if you can't use it when you really need it?

UN post called Israel 10 times asking to stop bombing

Bolton: "There is no basis for peace in the Middle East now."

The loss of a beloved friend and companion

Gaza soldier release 'imminent'

What a farce...


**Official Thread - Bolton Confirmation Hearing - 9:30am Eastern**

Please check out the first few minutes of my movie and tell me what

So if you are trapped and can't get out of your home Israel get to name

Attention music lovers

Bush makes last desperate move to prop up Iraq disaster...

"something sick in the heart of the Israeli military" .... Juan Cole

Senator Reid victim of identity theft

Researchers create quantum wire which can transmit a current without movin

Mobil-Exxon: Profits $10 BILLION!

Which is the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East?

Anybody have a VW Jetta?

per BBC, meet some people trapped in a warzone in Lebanon

Katherine Harris debacle continues: FL GOP planning switcheroo?

Just because Israel said it wouldn't widen the war doesn't mean they won't

Is Lebanon biggest wave of shills on DU since the Jeff Gannon story?

So, our news is covering Israeli military conquest & cheering the...

Maliki parrots Bush and says Iraq becomes central front of war on terror

All 16 dead in mystery Afghan helicopter crash

Making Money by Feeding Confusion Over Global Warming

Colorado lawsuit over voting machines is.....

Dubba Holds One -Year Celebration of the Energy Bill

Arrested Iraq war protester's case is gaining support

* poses with supporters in Charleston - pics

Why I am not Worried....

Spasms In Rome (Pics of Condoleeza Rice)

All about Exxon... profits, profits and BS

(CNN) The most 'representative' state: Wisconsin

"War On Terror" = Series Of Jerry Springers, 1 Lunatic Leap After Another

Polish Navy finds remains of only Nazi aircraft carrier

excellent article about corporate tax breaks-use it when writing your LTTE

Deconstructing GOP Logo - AMAZING MUST SEE!

Opus Dei financier cut up with chainsaw and left under a bridge.

The inexorable march of the blogosphere...

Bush Chose Science Fiction To Decide Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research

David Frum, NeoCon Supreme, slapped awake by rude failure in Iraq

Would You Watch Flash This And Tell Me How It Is Running For You?

Rally for Peace ... Boston: Friday, July 28th 5 PM Copley Plaza

USA struggles to keep up flow of Iraqi oil

Peace and tranquility would be better

Charles Barkley mulling run for Governor of Alabama..

Camp Casey III by Cindy Sheehan

LMAO -- Norm Coleman's dad channels Hugh Grant

Should I be a poll worker?

Swift Boaters are marketing Oliver Stone's new movie!!!

It just makes me want to tear my God damned teeth out.

Just had an Interesting conversation with a Bush supporter

Any word yet on the Oil Drilling proposal in the Gulf?

Isn't it ironic? Among Bush's legacies -- BLACKOUTS

Brownie on Bush: "He doesn't have an incredible command of the English"


CNN transcript: Apocolyptic novelist invited to WH, CIA, Maliki speech

Tell Israel violence must end: Armitage

bush's Next Job

"Heck of A Job" Brownie Says: Bush Is Cheerleader With Poor English Skills

Heads up: Downing Street Memo on CSPAN's Book TV Sunday

I have a question about the ME

New Numbers on Virginia Senate race (Webb vs. Allen)

Irish FM says Israel fired at UN soldiers moving UN soldier's bodies

400-year-old pistol found on site of first American colonists

Does the Israeli military offensive have anything to do with election ...

RollingStone Magazine: Iran Is Next War

boards flooded with psyops shills?

People who attack Dean are siding with the right wing

"Michael Moore Plans 2nd Film Festival"

Why do the Democrats walk over each other's message??

Sen Dodd: Bolton-Not Just A Bully, But An Ineffective Bully

Should posts about the Israel 'war' be restricted to the I/P forum?

Kucinich Introduces Legislation to Abolish All Nuclear Weapons

WSJ: Texas Preacher Pushes to Let Israel Fight

The Chimp Over The Top?

Whatever Steele was up to on Monday, it doesn't seem to have worked

CAPTION the Johnny Bravo of presidents...

George W. Bush's state of perpetual vacation...

63% of US polled think Israel has gone too far to Lebanon

Where and When did this war begin? (re: Israel)

My Mother in Law is scared and mad as hell right now

cnn kyra phillips - "southern lesbian"... er.... lebanon

Republicans are trying to re-market themselves as the anti-racists.

"Waiting to get blown up." American soldier in Iraq

October Surprise? Saddam trial adjourned until October 15th.

"use terrorist tactics to kill innocent people to achieve political object

VeriChip's human RFID chips EZ to clone.

Is there ANY Country taht is happy with their government?

Keith Olbermann on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

I propose a new verb: to Coulter

Cafferty File questions for today. (Israel, Al-Qaeda & Domestic Spying)

BUSH: "I know Hezbollah is connected to Iran"

anyone have a chronological list of Bush failures and scandals?

Brzezinsk"...Israel in Lebanon essentially is killing hostages"


Tom DeLay discusses crisis in ME and his faith in relation to Israel

What just happened in the hearing?

CAPTION his Sangfroid...

Do all North American cyclists cheat?

NOVAKula's psyops: Repukes could lose 30 House seats

October 24th, '06 - THAT'S MY BUSH! To be released on DVD!

"Getting Away With Murder"

BBC: US rejects weapon flight concerns

Are we fighting the good fight? Anywhere? Everywhere?

Clicking On The Phone Again Last Night

No Foreign Observers to Monitor Iraq Vote

David Frum: The consequences for the region and the world will be grim.

"Hezbollah was ALLEGEDLY using UN post as "shield".

Internal IDF After Action Report Form Revealed!

Didn't Hersch say we are supposed to start bombing Iran next month?

Ann Coulters comments about Bill Clinton actually describes Republiclan

Bill Clinton: "CEASEFIRE NOW" - ?s Length Israel Has Gone To Defend Itself

Condi Plays While The Middle East Burns...

Zogby: Allen 47% Webb 37% (Virginia Senate)

Station changes format from God to sex

Code Pink protester interupts Maliki speech to Congress VIDEO

This time no death penalty; what sentences would you give Bush, Cheney?

Equipment shortages stunt combat readiness

Nasrallah to meet Assad, Iranian security chief in Syria

Troop Morale in Iraq? "It Sucks," Reporter Discovers

101 People Who Are Really Screwing America

Iron Maiden singer helps British evacuees flee Lebannon

Hillary Clinton v. Howard Dean: The Grudge

Failure Upon Failure: By Bob Herbert

Young vets joining unemployment lines

I never get tired of watching this

A protester is removed while John Bolton testifies - pic


Meet our new Sec. of State ..... Blythe Danner .... just my idea.

The first sign of deteriorating state is its failure to criticize its own

Why Bolton's First Year Was a Failure

How tired are you ?

Sending troops to Lebanon????

Riddle me this Rumsfeld: Kerry Questions Rummy about troop #'s

My tv is safe for the first time in years

Father Accidentally Hits And Kills Son With Hummer

Waiting to get Blown Up

Their duty was to report on all they saw. Is this why they had to die?

In Alabama, Charles Barkley Considers Running For Governor (As A Democrat)

Oh Snap! Brownie to Playboy: Rep. Gene Taylor a twerp...

Hate Free Speech/Media

Do you believe the American military is stretched "too thin" and...

Would you say that Colin Powell's reputation sunk when he joined *

What if Jesus ran for President and other insane ramblings.

At this critical time, do you feel more loyalty to America, Israel, or...

"We received permission from the world to continue this war in Lebanon"


Sun kills 60,000 a year, says WHO

Charles Barkley and the farce of political parties

Vote for your American Idol!

"The Guy James Show" Live from 3 to 5pm eastern time

Yes or No?

Blackwell Equates Gays with Arsonists, Kleptomaniacs

Woman in Severed-Hand Case a Court No-Show

Caption *

Michael Schiavo to campaign for Lamont

Charles Barkley for Governor

Cafferty's 4 PM question

Former FEMA Director

Army Fires Arabic Linguist for being gay.

Mrs. Scaife suing Richard Mellon Scaife for her stuff including dog

Frist is on the Senate Floor, and HIS HAIR IS NOT PERFECT

Anyone watching the Evil She-Devil on "Hardball"?

I Bet you define *grass fed* way different from the USDA

psst... coulter is on hardball now

Randi is playing Voinovich crying last year about Bolton

Germany : Israel's interpretation of Rome meeting

Condi -Sending the Butcher to the Slaughterhouse

Bush Administration takes heat for a CIA plan to influence Iraq's elections

A Blight Unto the Nations

How Tired are you of Israeli Hezbollah Lebanon Posts?

Question for Norm Coleman: Should SPPD follow its prostitution pic policy?

Most Iraqis didn't know who or what they were voting for

Democratic Underground Chat Room

It just occurred to me: Coulter is the ultimate poster child for the G.O.P

Dana Milbank's "Mystery Republican" revealed: It was Steele (MD)

The Rapture Right is saved... but what about their pets?

The differences between a first tour and a second tour...?

Could Israel be bombing Lebanon to secure access to Caspian Sea oil?

Next on Hardball: Liddy Dole's got a brand new face! OMG!!!

LOU DOBBS NOW - 6:23PM EDT: OHIO E-Voting Failures!

WP, Froomkin: Overseas crises: coincidence or consequence of Bush policy?

Is is "Freeper out of their cage" day on Randi Rhodes today?

If they keep firing those rockets, they're going to get a "lucky" hit...

Just on LinkTV: Stealing A Nation-A Special Report by John Pilger

Caption *

Why is it only White People...

What if Israel were to call a ceasefire...

GREAT NEWS--RRR's daughter is HOME!!! just a quick note, all,

Pair of Bumper Stickers to tweak the Religious Reich...

Doctors Test Anti-Smoking Vaccine

George W. Bush has found the INTERNET TUBES!

So how do you really feel, Brownie?

As many BuzzFlash Readers know, "Air America" almost didn't get off the gr

Israelis being played as much as us by neocon game

Shortage of troops in Iraq a `grim warning'

DU this poll!

Should DU be put into the slow lane?

John Kerry: Crusading for Small Business

It's MolDOvia, Mr. President.

John Kerry Opposes Re-Nomination of John Bolton for UN Ambassador

Tweety to Ann Coulter: Do you have a soul?

Al Queda will be our ally again, Mogadishu proves that old habits die hard

Greens fire off SOS after huge Lebanon oil spill

Tucker Carlson is such a fool

U.S. stem-cell researchers sense a chill

Can border agents search your laptop? Yes.

Morals and Ethics (Part One)

Is the Israeli military over-rated?

Conservative pundits made wildly wrong claims about how Iraq would turn ou

Uh Oh! "U.S. could face Another showdown with al-Sadr"!

I'd Say That It Is A Sure Sign That Your Government Sucks When...

Dobbs question: Are you considering casting an absentee ballot

Gov Dean: "This Is Not Russia & She (K. Harris) Is Not Stalin"

$77,000.00 per minute Pure Profit for Exxon last quarter

A Brother Veteran sent me this I want to share it

William Pitt: How about an explanation?

I think it's time the Chickenhawks trade places with the soldiers in Iraq.

War in Lebanon: The Poor Pay Twice

Un outpost bombing

Ann Coulter gay?


Bush cites Iran's role in Lebanon conflict

Be Rapture ready in less than a minute...

Interesting up to date poll and race numbers.

re CBS: 9/11 Ringleader may be hatching new plot in the U.S.

Being a NY Jew travelling in the South while Israel is Bombing

Thursday TOON (7/27) Need a new map?

China links US Mideast stance to Iran measure - WaPo

Peace, at any cost?

Survey USA ratings of all 100 U.S. Senators

PHOTO: The Incredible Shrinking President

Who is your favorite left-of-the-dial radio talk show host?

doesn't congress go on vacation after tomorrow? 3 wks?

Why Syria will be stronger for the Lebanon debacle.

The difference between Bush and the other psychotic Presidents--

"This is an example of American democracy," Dr. Raed Ghassan said.

Interesting article in tomorrow's(today's) Haaretz newspaper...

Do you have current dental care?


While we're focused on the ME, BushCo is trying to sell nuke tech to India

* signs Voters Rights Act Extension

Tucker is making my head explode

**Official Thread - Bolton Confirmation Hearing Thread 2**

K Harris is crying that Dean was "mean to her" Mommie please make him stop

PHOTOS from Lebanon: Does burning children bring peace?

Shame on all of you!

Read these lyrics: "Coinsequences" by Chuck D

The Failed Empire...

Is this the dirty little secret about our schools?

Gas prices may go down in the next couple of weeks...

Israel MIHOP "the soldier kidnappings"

Canadian PM wants to know why UN post was manned (blame the UN)

Should Hezbollah be disarmed?

What's worse than a neocon?

Join Peace Action in Calling for a Cease-Fire in the Middle East

Oh Good! Elizabeth Dole's on Hardball

Health Scan: Chance discovery can stop cancer in its tracks

Guys: Remember the perfect little attention-starved girl in grade school

For Some Jews, Israel and Iraq Cloud View on Lieberman

My Plan to Solve the Middle East Crisis

Democrats ARE Going To Take Back Our Government

Colbert Slams Today Show And GMA For Asking Why Politicians Go On His Show

*** Thursday TOONs: Condi ***


Heartbreaking ABCstory - fleeing Lebanese family separated, Mom in boat,

600 innocents killed, have you contacted your Congress representative?

Coalition Fatalities By Location Across Time (chilling Flash presentation)

Wot?! Clinton, Schumer to Vote for Bolton?

'They did what?'." --Jay Leno

bushmilhousegang sending bombs thru Scotland to Israel

How much of a threat is Hezbollah to Israel's existence ?

Newt's Advice to Dems: "Had Enough?"

If you could magically arrange for any living person to be president

Slavery is not a thing of the past

Group Skirts Orlando Homeless Feeding Ban On Technicality

Army Dismisses Gay Arabic Linguist

Charles Barkley on ESPN's PTI saying again he'd like to run for

My thought I have had on the.... Middle East

Mapping of Israeli assault: July 12-26

Can someone tell me what's with Condi's legs?

So when Ann Coulter dies, would it be OK to celebrate it here on DU?

Thank you, DU. It's time for some good news.

Here we go again: Iran. How can we stop the madness?

Jewish Peace Group Criticizes Dean Comments

Sounds like Chafee kicked some ass with Bolton today...

Will the Iraqi people ever forgive us for what Bush has done to them?

They are still having a "war on the sixties"

Stupid People Love Stupid People

Cindy Sheehan buys land near Bush's ranch

Tour De France Winner Floyd Landis Tests Positive for Male Hormone

Blackwater in the news again

I just realized that Kerry DOES have a winning campaign 'leg' to stand on

Calls for "Peace!" won't cut it.

Global Warming Professor: My Findings Have Been Distorted

Okay here is some scary ass shit...

Where do you think we are headed ?


Coulter just said Bill's not gay but AL GORE IS A TOTAL FAG!

Hey DU - There is No Such Thing As "The Jewish Position"

Hezbollah: We are going to win, because they love life and we love death.

Would the Dem Party survive ?

I found it-top corporations with offshore accounts-start writing,people

When Bush says "fake peace", it's code.

Maliki is a kneepad wearing Bush suck

The Dream Palace of the Americans: Why Bushist ME Policy Is So Pathetic

Love Is the Measure

Caption this pic of * and Sen. Kennedy

Screen Cap: Ann Coulter's Basic Instinct moment

my MIL just stated that she thinks Bill Clinton is the anti-christ...

HUGE - Fucking Ahmed Chalabi! Man Did He Play This Goddamned Cabal!

Michael Schiavo To Endorse Lamont Tomorrow

Twenty more signs that you might be a Bush Supporter

Wonkette Named Washington Editor For

“Wash Post exposes real agenda of Wall Street Democrats”

Vet's Mom: Pour Out Into The Streets & DEMAND An End To This War!

Would any of you patronize an organization that was anti choice and anti

Bush ate cake..Condi played the piano

Are Buddhists the only major religious group not involved ....

Coulter is on with Matthews. I really think she might be dying.

My reply to a freeper got published.

Why it's okay to kill 350 Lebanese civilians while aiming for "terrorists"

Why are Dem leaders so loudly supporting Israel's attack on Lebanon?

CNN- Stryker brigade duty officially extended for up to SIX months.

Can't afford health care? Get fined in Massachusetts.

ONE death has affected me terribly. F*CK war and neocons.

OK, now I understand all the rapture talk on DU

TOONS!: "If It Weren't For All The Bodies..." Edition

I've created a new bumper sticker!

Israeli Justice Minister: IDF Entitled to Kill Everyone in South Lebanon

Correct me if I'm wrong about Russell Yates!

God and religion should have nothing to do with politics -- Period.

H.R. 5319, the Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA)

What if the internet is shut down at the start of the Iran aggression?

And now it's time to take a stroll down memory lane


Four Directions

It's on a tuesday...

ACTION ALERT! please call your Representative in Congress ASAP

'Never trust the US on Pakistan'

Hey, PNAC Boys! How's It Hangin'?

" Mideast strife derails Bush comeback "

1/3/2007 - Dem majority House and Senate sworn in

They didn't waste any time: Bolton confirmation hearing today,

my bedpans are on daily kos!

Flash Insight Into Same Sex Marriage Resistance

Medea Benjamin on Democracy Now today. Also,

My Texas ActBlue page is live, bad, and statewide

Many Thanks to DU Politics Bloggers

FYI: Two hecklers/protesters thus far at Bolton confirmation

CNN: The most 'representative' state: Wisconsin

Exxon Mobil almost beats it own record profit

How long after the elections does Bush have to protect himself?

Will there be Tasini - Clinton debates?

Bill Moyers for President...?

Video/transcript: protester disrupts Bolton hearing, from thinkprogress:

CT residents! Are there political ads swarming the airwaves up

Did Jr know that Maliki would take a poke at Poppy?

Bush Chose Science Fiction To Decide Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Lies can be costly

Discuss Progress in Iraq. Live 4PM today

Family loses FEMA Trailor to rainstorm in Slidell, Louisiana

Bush is one of the most important problems facing this country

The electoral season begins. This is what I want my elected

* doesn't want a FAKE peace, praises Condi. Photos added.

Any word yet on the Oil Drilling proposal in the Gulf?

WP, Broder: Simmering Rage in Taft-Goldwater-Reagan Wing of GOP

Barkley renews talk of running for Ala. governor

Congressman: We Should ‘Prevent Those Who Commit Adultery or Get a Divorce

RW Fun With Words - Thursday Edition

I guess General Shinseki was right all along

A question for the 'Inside Baseball' strategery set .......

Bush doesn't want a "fake" peace but a "fake" victory and

Caption the * Photo

Passions run high in Connecticut Senate race, by Gene Lyons

For those who watch Snow's press briefings...

Lamont shares a moment with his father

Just ran across this about FL and martial law

Florida's prison woes rooted in reorganization (Jeb doctrine fails)

More Than 800 "Democratic Reunion" Events Planned Nationwide

Chris Matthews says Ann Coulter is brilliant!

Ex-NBA star Barkley eyes Ala. governorship

Norm Coleman's 81 yr old dad stops @ Pizzeria for quick piece...

Tucker Carlson MSNBC 7/27

Schaivo Endorses Lamont

Almost 25K views of "Have You Forgotten" video

About "spreading Democracy like we have in Iraq"

Cindy Sheehan buys land near Bush’s ranch

Stop Right Wing Sneak Attack on Education, Social Services, Health Care An

Democrats Roll Out "New Direction" Agenda

Poll: Majority support Iraq withdrawal; doubt Bush on foreign policy

Go Democratic Lions!

so, how's it goin?

nevada's governors race

Brownie's message to Congressman Gene Taylor (D-MS): "Bite Me."

'Waiting to Get Blown Up,' Some Troops in Baghdad Express Frustration...

Weicker comes back to stump for Lamont

Shoe shopping during Katrina..tickling the ivories as the Mideast burns..

Isn't there a law, or are we all just enablers?

Barbara Boxer's letter to me about Joe.

Power Problems?

Hear NPR this morning? Put us over the top.

Last gasps of TNR and friends

Predict 06 Elections - Really Cool Site From New York Times

Tucker Carlson said liberalism is a good thing in the middle east.

Poll: Americans Disapprove of Bush Stem-Cell Veto

I'm being Interviewed by NBC New Raw for my Blog. Topics???

Dems in MD are about to bust Steel for "pre-meditated political stunt"

"If you had to choose between losing Lieberman and keeping McKinney...?"

Antiwar Candidate Backs Israeli Strikes [Lamont]

GOP Gutter Politics in OH Gubernatorial Race

Summer Of Snark

His message: "Stay the Course" (video)

Did you know there was once a pipeline from Mosul to Haifa ?

To the Seven Democrats who said "Nay"

Three new VA SEN polls (Webb vs. Allen)

Woolsey calls for repeal of Bush's war powers...

Nader was right, but at what cost?

Kerry Opposes Re-Nomination of John Bolton for UN Ambassador:

Help! Democrat vs. Democratic

General Clark, in WesPAC fundraising letter: "Where's the Leadership?"

Patriot Project: Curt Weldon's attempt to swift boat Joe Sestak (PA race)

Will Bolton get his backdoor nomination?

Feingold, Shays, Meehan Introduce Presidential Public Financing Fix

GOP leaders conceal party ID in ads

Michael Schiavo to endorse Ned Lamont tomorrow

By reason of insanity

World War III