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Archives: July 26, 2006

Faux "news" says Olbermann is over the line

John Nichols (The Nation): Bill Moyers for President? Absolutely!

'Violence is discussed like the weather...everyone has a gun'

Israeli PM's daughter Protest Gaza Killings

bush says: US troops will be redeployed to Baghdad


xpost: 9. Who's going to see CSNY - they're on tour NOW!

Schwarzenegger Joins Sierra Club

How much more do we have to forgive Israel

Lebanon: It's the water, stupid!

Question: Just out of curiosity, if anyone here knows,

. . . No, It's Survival

Cryptic message signaled to Osama from Bush on morning of 9/11?

A short observation if you will

Key Component of Voting System Undergoes No Review

WaPo: "This is a moment of truth for electronic voting"

T BLADE: Failed Election Oversight (NAILS BLACKWELL!)

Can anyone enlighten me about the Texas 20/20, advertising

Kinky showed his ass in Waco Today

Canadian among UN observers feared dead in southern Lebanon

Angus Reid: Opposition to Afghan Mission Grows in Canada

Canadian reported killed as UN post hit by bomb

Senate passes interstate abortion bill

Democrats (and Republicans) Say Iraq War Is Top Problem (Ipsos poll)

Judge dismisses (ACLU) lawsuit against AT&T (NSA spying): reports

This is from Roger L. Simon's weblog- mystery novelist and

Bolivian Church 'must change now' (Morales)

U.S. wants to deal "aggressively" with Kurdish PKK

Frist Says He Got No Gain From HCA Deal

Sales of US military gear 'pose terror risk' (GAO report)

Error shorted Ohio workers $13.7M

NYT: Battle for Baghdad Boils Down to Grabbing a Slice at a Time

NYT: U.S. Helps Recover Entemena Statue and Gives It Back to Iraqis

CNN/AP: Mexico quietly ends probe of killings of women along border

Poll: Most disapprove of Bush's stem cell veto (58% - USA TODAY/Gallup)

Global warming puts 12 US parks at risk: report

AP: Americans May Still Be Stranded in Lebanon

Tech Trouble in the Voting Booth

NYT: White House Bill Proposes System to Try Detainees

Iraq: Land of Opportunity? (Kurds Show America 'The Other Iraq')

Al-Zarqawi group aims to strike beyond Iraq

Kathy Kelly reflects on Closing Speeches in Pit Stop Ploughshares Trial

Mag: (Neocons) want 'incompetent' Condoleezza Rice transferred

This is it... the ultimate Pop Culture Debate!!!

TV shows you'd like to see on iTunes

why doesn't DU use paper ballots for voting in polls....

Tired and Depressed!

David Hasselhoff is set to star in a theatrical production about his life

What's a kitman? (sorry, I'm musically impaired)

Congratulations Gato Moteado!! 4,768 posts

ONLY $1.99 for a postage stamp-sized "Friends" episode on iTunes.

that's it.....i'm leaving DU


I'm happy. Hope you're happy too.

If you're pierced, paste your picture here.

Who do I notify about this vile spam?

Sexual Chocolate!

Speaking of drug use

The Rant to End All Rants

Check out this local band!

if you call it a bong in this thread, i will kick you out!

So anyone else watch EUReKA?

Just watched "Grizzly man" on DVD. Wow.........

A new poll. Ever passed a pre-employment drug screen?

Guess what happend to me tonight.....

Man, has THIS poll been Freeped

I think I was just accused of being a troll in GD

Apparently they're preaching nuclear holocaust in churches now....

AAAAHHHH, my beloved Lounge!


Biggest man-whore on DU?

Ever Been Tombstoned?

There used to be a time when the Illustrated Man was a fluke

Hey, I made my first Wikipedia entry tonight, with a word I just invented:

Songs you KNOW are good, but which you can't stand nonetheless?

I'm going to post a picture of an air you go, lounge

How can a box of Raisin Bran set to expire in Aug 2005...

I need a backrub and a beer, not necessarily in that order

so THIS is what bush means .. when he says it's hard work....

Grey residue forming in toilets and sinks...

I'm going to come right out and say it. Any fruit combo smoothy is tasty.

Oh goodness... Dennis Franz was in "Popeye"!

Has anyone here taken the GRE recently?

I'm having a very bad night...

Connecting a laptop to a TV?

My Ex is driving me craaaazy....Ugh

Yesterday I was in Miami Beach (dial up warning)

If you're as ugly as sin, don't paste your picture here.

What's your Favorite Chick Flick?

What is your preferred drug?

shit i took viagra instead of an ambian by mistake

Well, Mr Skunk is feeling better. I opened the shed very early this

So, I open the back door to let the dog out, and I hear four gun shots . .

I hereby nominate this thread:

People Fear Some Strange Things!

Old dog loses his Alpha status- anyone else have to deal with it?

A dear acquaintance has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer--advice,

$799 for a Nikon D200? Is this for real?

Wish Sweetener Time

Jeopardy! has a liberal bias! Wow, who knew?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

FUCK YOU Chase Manhattan Bank!

I don't have any tattoos.

All-Clad cookware question

Update on my husband

Hasselhoff rulez!!!!!

Is teaching a good career for someone to go into?

Is there a Lounge clique for threadkillers? I'm a thread killing expert.

Name five things you like about where you live.

What university are you?

Bolivia's President Demands Change in His Country's RC Church

A question that has always puzzled me concerning marriage...

Please offer an education

Patrick Changes Teams

Just Plain Crazy

Nash's New Hair

A Healing Smudge / Tarot Ritual

Kerrycrats - this poll needs help

Hey, some interesting news on the CA 50 race

My photo album on the campaign trail (N Skinner, Kerry, Granholm)

Some action shots of sparrows

Yellowstone trip -- Part II

delete- dupe

BUEB - Day 2. The Diplomacy for Dummies edition. 7/25/06

KOEB 7/25/06 "KO on Leno" Edition

Man Indicted for Allegedly Sucking Woman's Toe at Public Library

One Of My Fears Re: U.S.\M.E. Warmongering Mess !!!

US, Iraqi troops to go to Baghdad 'in fairly good numbers': Rumsfeld

Blackouts plague large cities throughout U.S.

Number of DUers I have seen defend Hezbollah's right to kill civilians: 0

* Administration has a fascination with cribs and death.

Rachel Corrie... Remember her?

Jeopardy! has a liberal bias! Wow, who knew?

Who has had enough?

Hey F*News...Olbermann isnt over the Line....

O'LOOFAH: "Iraq the WRONG battlefield" (out of 15 battlefields)

French soldiers evacuate civilians in the south (pic heavy)

Is there anyone who actually owns up to the label "neoconservative"?

Ahmadinejad not gonna play ball with the Neo-Nutcases...

Is teaching a good career for someone to go into?

Under Israel's rules for self defense--does the U.N.bomb Israel back to ..

59% disapprove Bush

Reading John Dean's Conservatives Without Conscience

Maybe everybody should just calm down

We Are Just A Couple Of Wild And Crazy Guys!

Anonymous Republican is Michael Steele: Countdown

Jeopardy's Jennings tries to rehabilitate "joke"; throws dig at Gore

Global warming and oil wars are directly related

Oh My! Harry Truman Statue Pulled Down In Greece today!

Hezbollah and Mexican Drug Smugglers


SCOOP: Paul Lehto (Landshark) To head Busby-Bilbray Recount Effort in CA

For some reason, I don't feel as angry about all of this

(BBC) Israelis accused of 'human shields' tactic in Gaza

Gonzales sues to keep phone tapping techniques secret

Who is the most likable candidate we could run in 08?

FEMA Camps...

Senate passes minors abortion bill

I hope someone recorded that CSPAN segment

Neil Young Backs Al Gore With New Video

Saudi king warns of Middle East war

The WWII Appeaser Hall of Infamy

Does anyone think Chimp doesn't want the Mideast burnt to a crisp?

"Men of Honor" Carl Brashear dies

Is Destroying a Countrys Infastruture a Proportionate

Do you KNOW anyone who actually BOUGHT a book by Coulter, Savage, or

I wonder what the freeps have to say about the Israeli strike on the UN?

Holy Crap! Condi is all A Quiver With Desire Over a Mystery Man!

Israeli soldiers captured in Lebanon or Israel?

Hezbollah: Israel onslaught a surprise.

Razzie has Baby Bush down to 37%

Every time I think Israel has hit a new low

Did I just hear this right? Repubs want Maliki to speak to Congress

Kurdish President Wants Own Army

Gee, even the White House admits it ain't working (Iraq)

Coulter segment with Donny Deutsch is on right now

Chinese UN observer killed in Israeli air strike

Rights? You want rights?

Congressman Conyers:Special Interest State Tax Give-Away Bill Pulled

Keith Olbermann on Leno coming up NOW. Be there. Aloha.

Irony. "I vote Pro-Life" and "Support Our Troops."

I Love How The Lebanese Government Is "Responsible"

11 months after Katrina, 1,715 SF houses for sale in New Orleans.

Bush told to plan for Chávez oil shock

Why do people on here freak out about polls

Chinese national among UN deaths in Lebanon

A picture is worth a thousand words

Winning in 06': Focus on stem cells, energy policy, and health care.

What news source do you most trust for information about the middle east?

"Bush is a criminal and the United States is a terrorist!"

What IS the level of complicity of the US in Israel's assault on Lebanon?

This guy sucks on Colbert

The hassles of air travel

Someone Respond to "KO on Leno.".Did I Miss Him?

Is anyone else waiting for a save the embryos telethon?

I'm a proud member of the Democrat Party

Exxon profits: Vying for a new record

TOON: This Modern World 'Gloomy Gus v. Perky Pete'

Israel/Lebanon conflict is not remotely comparable to the Iraq war

Does Israel want a weak Lebanon?

In light of Clinton's kissing of Joe Lieberman's ass...

Oops. I stepped on an embryo today...

How do I respond when a friends sends me somehting offensive like this....

What George Bush thinks about the most ?

Coulter calls Clinton "latent homosexual"

Just finished watching "Why We Fight"

Keith Olbermann fans, don't forget to watch him on Leno tonight.

Buzzflash Website is now asking for Passwords & Log In's and Credit

Did Israel deliberately target the U.N?

NO NO NO NO NO! Please DU this poll!

Playing with numbers in the Middle East

Howard Dean and the Democratic Party

"Guess the anonymous Repub. candidate" has a winner! What's his prize?

What's with the Republican banner adds?

Great New Firefox Plug-in for DUers- Video Downloader...

Dem Councilwoman Finds Horse Head in Her Pool


I swear, I'm going to lose every last friend I got.

Tell me about this guy on Colbert.

Gallup Poll: Bush at 37% approval to 59% disapproval

Sept, 12, 2000 - Iran poll shows strong support for U.S. ties

Bumperstickers forwarded to me: My fave: Screwed by an elephant.

Putting innocent people on terrorism watch lists to meet quotas...

Please stop assuming

Has Anyone Been Listening to Randi Rhodes the Last Few Days?

Schwarzenegger: Support Of Prop 187 Was Mistake

Kohlberg's stages of moral development- remember those?

China urged to switch out of dollars

Is U.S. News and World Report generally considered left- or right-leaning?

Most of Israel's targets in Lebanon serve none of its stated goals

"Jeopardy!" Champ Ken Jennings Denies Bashing the Game Show

Why have so many here resorted to explaining/accepting "collateral damage"

Did Israel deliberately attack the U.N. today??

Am I just overreacting or is our government really this bad?

Possible Dem Slogan(s)?

I've been seeing some good DU'ers without stars here lately...

Evan Bayh statement on Israel

They're killin' kids...

If Kerry or Clark or Dean were president ...

More Tull He Wounded

G8 Plus Five Climate Summit, coming October 3-4 to Mexico!

What would be the best change to Air America's night time line up?

Patriarchy and the Foundations of American Government

My gut, uninformed feeling regarding population control and capitalism.

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Gore Vidal: Bush Is A Thug. There Is Something Really Wrong With Him.

Anyone been listening to Randi Rhodes discuss

Nobel Peace Prize Winner: "I would love to kill Bush"

ever notice how william kristolmeth smiles while he's lying?

Interesting article in Harper's about Negroponte blocking new NIE for Iraq

Please help us give Shelley Moore Capito the boot!!!

Think the DNC isn't clueless? Well...

RE: DU'ers who post on FR (Mods, this was supposed to be in GD! sorry.)

New SurveyUSA Senate Job Approval poll...not good for Repubs

More from the "Things Can Always Get Worse File" - WP: Ashcroft Nostalgia

Question for Tarheel State DUers

More troops in Iraq now? Doesn't that mess up the November plans?

I'm watching Lieberman on C-SPAN and he disgusts me more and more.

FDR was a big fan of primaries

H.R. 3282

Cannon fodder for Wingnuts : Illegal immigrants responsible for Ca. fire

Judge Throws Out AT&T Spying Suit Citing National Security - 7/25/06

Does anyone have a high post count over in freeper land?

Specter Prepping Bill to Sue Bush

DUer Alarcojon to receive bone-marrow transplant tomorrow (Wed)

Rice unwittingly revealed what is so dangerous about Bush's foreign policy

All Hez has to do is return 2 soldiers and stop firing rockets

Lincoln Chafee at risk. Whitehouse leading in US SENATE(RI) seat

Impeachment: Saving the Republic is NOT a waste of time!


DU is resembling WWF more each day. What the fuck's up?

Howard Dean spending the Dem Reunion in PA at a BBQ with Murtha...

SEESHOLTZ: The American Theocracy's New Symbol

George W. Better Stop "Losing Lebanon" (Ralph Nader)

'Shut up, you barefaced liar'

Blank Check to Spy --WaPo

the arrest of David Carruthers

The St Louis Power Struggle - Bill McClellan

My letter in Chicago Suntimes today

PALAST: If war drove DOWN the price of oil, would oil corps allow it?

When Terror is Just Fine (John Chuckman, Counterbias)

Counting Corpses (Sadr controls the Baghdad morgue)


Timid Democrats Fail To Pin Blame on Bush

MICKEY Z.: Power (outage) to the People

(Elizabeth)Edwards emerges from cancer with grace

Source: Bush Administration Considers Troop Deployment in Lebanon

Heading for the fiery furnace if we go on taking these cheap flights

Wm. Blum: They simply can't stop lying, can they?

"Kofi and Condi go to Dinner" - funny

Looney accused of stalking local judge

Morality is not on our Side (Haaretz)

Israeli General: could last several more weeks...

Israel, Iran and the US: Who Will be Blamed for Nuclear War?

Why Israel is Losing

The Bolton Battle - Confirmation Hearing Tomorrow

First Men on Moon Saw UFOs

Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes

CNN's Lou Dobbs: Why is Bush ignoring our laws?

What We Can Learn From 1920s Germany

Lieberman’s Allies Blame the Bloggers

No. 1 student: `I'm still crossing the border'

USA: One Step Closer to a Burka


Federal Reserve and Income Tax Movie

Why don't they report that OUTSOURCING DOESN'T WORK?

The Housing Bust: Economist warns 5/07 recession immanent

Vinod Khosla Debunked: Ethanol is NOT the Answer

COSTCO charges up its first solar warehouse.

Fresno CA Morgue Full As Central Valley Heatwave Grinds On - WP

After 7 Yrs. Of Bt Cotton, Farmers Losing Money As Other Bugs Thrive

Text of Domenici Floor Speech Today Re:Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act

Japanese to pilot sulfur iodine plant to produce thermochemical hydrogen.

House May Accept Higher MPG In Exchange For Lots & Lots Of Drilling - ENN

Climate change seen hurting national parks

Texas tops in (US) wind energy production

Europe's Heat Continues - 50% Crop Losses In Some Areas Of Germany

Hundreds Of Thousands Flee As Typhoon Kaemi Smacks SE China - Reuters

UK - Here Comes The Sun(fish) - 1st Time Ever Recorded In British Waters

Is The Israeli-Lebanese War Over Water?

Scientists Predict Regular Heatwaves Of 30C And Above - In Switzerland

Indian Ocean Temperatures Point To Even More Australian Drought

Arctic town orders 10 air conditioners (Arctic Warming?)

So, who doesn't want Hamas to recognize Israel

Who are the real terrorists in the Middle East?

Many casualties in heavy clashes around Bint Jbail

When are we US Jews going to admit Israel is guilty of war crimes?

23 Palestinians killed in IDF raids in the northern Gaza Strip

Israel wants to end war as soon as able

'Shut up, you barefaced liar'

Regarding Palestine:

Ten Palestinians killed in Israel Air Force strikes in Gaza

Very good post in GD by...

Mohammed Atta and Able Danger...

7/7 - Mind the Gap 1.0

Post, Kick and Recommend....

ok, i REALLY REALLY need to VENT some STEAM

CA sec of state candidate frames issue right: fraud and manipulation

PFAW's Neas Calls on * Admin to start enforcing the law on VRA

Good News for all Working on Election Reform! Pressure is On in the MSM!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 7/26/06 2+2=5 Edition

6 PM Lou Dobbs - why did MD Senate Block VVPB Bill?

Upcoming Kerry events in Iowa

SD 18 Barbeque - Come to Edna, Texas

Peace Flash Mob Thursday 7/27 - Austin 5:30 PM

interesting topping for fruit "cobbler" or "crisp" type dish

First night cooking in my new kitchen.

It's hot and humid and I don't wanna eat. Help....

So, that's nine Canadians dead since Harper supported Israel?

Vancouver man dead in Afghanistan, reports friend

Iraq PM’s comments under fire: "stop the Israeli aggression."

Lebanese parliament speaker rejects Rice cease-fire proposal

Interstate Abortion Bill Clears Senate--WaPo

Guardian: Study estimates 250,000 active child soldiers (UN)

Chilean, U.S. defence ministers discuss Chile's decision on UN tribunal in

Report: Proposal would allow hearsay evidence against detainees (AP/CNN)

Lamont Returns To The Attack

Texas family mourning the death of a son in Iraq loses another in Afghanis

the arrest of David Carruthers

Iraq: Government donates $35 million to Lebanon

Iraqi VP expresses solidarity with PA, Lebanon

Reuters: Gunmen kidnap 17 people in Baghdad

China accuses Dalai Lama of CIA links

Iraq general kidnapped, dead found

WA Supreme Court rules on marriage: DOMA upheld, bigotry remains the law

Poll: Majority of public disapprove of Bush's stem cell veto (USA Today)

India condemns Israeli bombardment -- two weeks after it began

Voting law hearing begins

Annan: Israel bombed UN base for hours

'Stunning victory' for Iraq inquiry families (Why UK entered Iraq war)

CNN Breaking: Mideast talks 'fail to reach agreement'

U.S. says Lebanon talks not a failure

Missile defense plan seen ready by fall (Reuters)

AP: Judges Delay Investigation of Congressman (William Jefferson)

Some Israeli headlines query Lebanon venture

CNN:Cabel: Andrea Yates found not guilty by reason of insanity.

'Murtha is not a war hero' (Swift-boating of Murtha begins)

US says Lebanon talks not a failure

Collaborators face purge as Polish twins go to work

China Seeks Condemnation Of Israeli Attack On UN Post

Iraqi Prime minister heckled by CodePink activist.

Nigeria: Oil leak shuts off 180,000 barrels

Saddam says he would prefer firing squad

Iraq to condemn Hizbollah attacks - minister

Counting Corpses (Sadr controls the Baghdad morgue)

Administration Pursuing Detainee Legislation, Gonzales Says

Washington denies isolation over Lebanon: senior US official

Iraqi forces ill-equipped for west Baghdad battlefields

Russia rejects US demand to review defence deal with Venezuela

Source: Bush Administration Considers Troop Deployment in Lebanon

Russia rebuffs U.S. call to rethink $1bln Venezuela arms deal

U.S. could face a showdown with al-Sadr

Gallup: Americans Back Israelis, But Half Say They Have Gone Too Far

WP: Tax Cuts May Come At a Price, Treasury Department Study Says

Iranian dissident snubs Bush on visit to US (warning to America)

Feds move to stop Mo. probe into AT&T

Democrats press for updated intelligence on Iraq

Democrats eye Ohio in quest for House gains

Group complains to IRS about Sioux Falls anti-abortion non-profits...

Many Americans stuck in southern Lebanon

Bush mulling sending American troops to Lebanon

Lance Bass of N'Sync reveals he's gay

Lubbock family mourns the loss of a second son (Iraq,Afghanistan)

Despite remarks, Bush still backs Steele

Democrats battle in key House race in Colorado

Olmert regretful over U.N. workers' deaths

Israeli Hospital will treat Lebanese Victims

Senate votes to tighten foreign investment rules

CNN: Iranians volunteer to fight Israel

Lebanon detains 36 suspected of spying for Israel

Charities and religious leaders condemn Blair

Ahmadinejad calls for Lebanon cease-fire

To raise profile, Murtha will stump for 41 Dems

Israel Accuses Ohio College Professor of Spying (family relieved)

After Bashing Bush, Steele Backs Down (SCARLET R)

CNN Breaking: Former President Ford Admitted to Hospital

Britain complains over US flight carrying Israeli bombs

Young vets joining unemployment lines

Republicans Split On IRA Provision In Pension Bill(taxes pulled out of bil

7-year-old memo gave Big Dig warning

Chinese automakers start selling cars in Venezuela

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 26 July

Ohio's High Court Says City Can't Take Property for Economic Development

Liberia's presidential palace burns (During Founding Celebration)

Wash. state court upholds ban on gay marriage

Democrats eye Ohio in quest for House gains

Nations can't agree on Lebanon cease-fire

US House to vote on estate tax roll-back-Hastert (end of estate tax)

Michigan Supreme Court Rules Against Father Seeking Paternity

Marines chow down at second largest building in Iraq

Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer May Back John Bolton?

Vegan diet may treat diabetes (CBS News)

Reuters: CIA chief says warrants ill-suited for al Qaeda hunt

Poll: Nelson widens lead slightly over Harris in Senate race (57-29)

Senators eye standard property tax deduction

Horse’s Head Dumped in Democratic Councilwoman’s Pool

Chicago City Council OKs 'living wage'

Harper doubts UN post deliberately targeted

Lights In Queens Go On, Lights In Staten Island Fail

ABC/AP : 12 Israeli Troops Killed in Lebanon

Soldiers' families win Iraq war review

Boston warned tunnel ceiling wouldn’t hold

Howard Dean calls for end to divisiveness, party unity

Israeli gunboats fire, stop Turkish evacuation ship: minister

Democratic Opponent of Clinton Criticizes Actions of Israel

Chavez hails Russia for defying US with arms sale

Democrats Map Out Election Plan

US may increase Iraq force by delaying departures (3-4k troops)

UN: Observers made many calls before strike

Israel US ambassador Ayalon: Annan has to apologize

Cool has its price: Designer ice on way

Annan: Israel bombed UN base for hours

Bush Administration Set to Log Oregon Old Growth Forest

‘Rice to play piano at meet’

Flicker of hope for jilted presidential candidate after lawsuit (Obrador)

Centcom: Sailor Dies in Iraq

NBC/WSJ poll: U.S. pessimism on increase

Feds OK Mass. Universal Health Insurance

CBS/NYTimes: Poll: World Doesn't Respect Bush

Iranian hardline students leave to fight Israel

Anti-Americanism prompts push for "citizen diplomacy"

Santorum Pushing Abandoned Mines Bill

GOP candidate says criticism was a joke

Bachelet: Chile not to accept any pressure (from Rumsfeld)

House votes to block police from seizing legal guns during disasters

St. Paul police cite Sen. Norm Coleman's father for lewd and disorderly co

Andrea Yates retrial verdict:: Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

Israel 'using chemical weapons': doctors

PC emergency - IT advice sought!!!

Fitting monument to Dub'ya...:-)

You know you are old when your favorite music is all on Rhino

Woot. Optical illusion (this one is pretty cool)

I miss KitchenWitch

for my 800th post...

Would like some help with my LiveJournal...

Voodoo chile is the greatest Hendrix or Stevie song except for

Cat stuff

And what costume shall the poor girl wear?

Boogah boogah?


I saw the Dixie Chicks last night - what a great concert

Snapshot of swag (dial-up warning)

What's the rush?

Mailed snake sparks postal panic

Cool variant of the game Klotski

My puppies are driving me nuts!

i like rain but this is freaking ridiculous...

Hey, look! A place where DUers can have their personal info posted!! YAY!!

Listserv etiquette annoyance

I was taking all the "quizzes" (Book, State, University, which won't

Leaky bathtub, repairman AWOL

Thread for doing things that are permissible but may cease to be shortly.

Is there such a thing as projectile shedding?

Click on this thread, and I'll kick your ass

I feel so much at peace.

I am a Victim.

Help me out here. I need 6 numbers between 1 and 55

NOBODY posting Dick Morris jokes on my GD thread

three cheers for a non-controversial du lounge icon!


Million Dollar Baby

chiquitita, tell me what's wrong

What music do you listen to when you need to chill?

Has your personal info ever been posted on a website?

because it's always the right time for baby pictures!

Thanks for the memories.

Police Academy DUI teacher accused of being drunk, driving without pants

Anybody else watch Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E

Top Ten play list from 1956

Any of you folks buy prescriptions in Canada?

Regarding Alarcojon

So I'm about to get that 1000+ next to my name! Ask me anything!

HELP!!! I have an expensve, addictive habit!!


Whose your favorite "Green Acres" character?

"I'd rather be dead than singing Satisfaction when I'm 45"

I woke up with "Hallowed be thy name" by Iron Maiden in my head

You know what was a terrible movie? The Joy Luck Club.

What's the difference between the Radio City Rockettes and

Body fat SUCKS.

If someone would invent a safe cigarette, I would kiss them profusely

I'm thinking of applying for a research grant

Alleged Library Foot Kisser Indicted (Woman let him kiss them)

Enemy Of The State

Are fundies against spermicidal jelly?

I want my own breadmaking & peas thread

I want my own pacemaking & weave thread

Need advice ... what would you do?

My kitty is a blob (Pictures)

I LOVE the English Patient: Discuss

Why do I love Montreal so damned much?

All of you shut up

Aren't interns great for the ego?

For the first time in my adult life, I have a hair appointment.

The Norton's Restuarant (Husker Du bass player)

What would be your Native American name?

Useful french phrases

What *I* have learned walking a mile in another man's shoes- by ME

Man Hit By Lightning Saving 'Lucky' Shirt

How can I find an antique store that sells higher end furniture?

i want my own peacemaking & love thread

Woman Sues Bacardi After Injury From Flaming Rum

Smilie race...... ............... ............. GO!

Are fundies against suicidal jellyfish?

Diet Pepsi Superman Promotion

Cue up the National Geographic theme...

It's voting season!

Look where I camped this weekend! (Panorama)

Kevin Bass Admits Being Choke Artist

HTML questions

50 movies you should avoid until you die.

My computer is ruined, ask me anything!

What's the inverse cosine of 'vice versa'?

for everyone who has a certain Patti Smyth song in their head now..

Who wants a cookie?

Am I the last person who DOES NOT use cash stations or debit cards?

Ernest T. Bass Admits Being Dead

Councilwoman Finds Horse Head in Her Pool

Worst attempt by minors at purchasing alcohol ever.

A question about an old "Brazillions Joke" thread

do they sell Italian Beef sandwiches in your town?

This is for a friend.

I had the weirdest dream last night...about DU of all things.

Who here loves kimchi like me?

Who here wants to join my anti-Taverner gang?

Who here wants to join my gang?

I just SENT my "Dick Morris Jokes" thread to Dick Morris!

Some idiot in my office constantly misses the urinal

Ugh...finally finished registering for classes at my new skool...Syllabus:

What's the tangent of 'vice versa'?

So I got a new cel phone, and I'm checking for songs to download...

Skinner...EarlG....Elad...I dare you guys to post something funny

What's the hyperbolic cosine of 'vice versa'?

Eep. Coworkers driving me nuts.

Metallica sells its songs on iTunes. Gotta milk that back catalog, kids...

Twins SWEEP - SWEEP - SWEEP The White Sox....

I have to eat my words about hating Guthy-Renker!

i want my own lovemaking & peace thread

Vegans don't go far enough! You must be a Jain to truly live with yourself

is jet blue a decent airline?

Lance Bass of N'Sync reveals he's gay

Smartphone/cell phone users. How fast is your internet speed?

Look how scared this little guy is...he needs a home.

Monkey vs Robot

Socks, then shoes? Or Sock-Sock-Shoe-Shoe?


Okay, I have a confession: I love Seal.

Update on my search for a new desk chair:

Humor Police

Here's a drawing I made (dial up warning)

Is it time ReCall Me Wesley as a mod?

What's the opposite of 'vice versa'?

Ok, I admit it! I'm

I feel like chicken chicken tonight!

Some idiot in my office constantly misses the trash can

Did you know the word gullible is not in the dictionary?

Do I need a hair cut??

All this talk about cigarettes and smoking... Do you smoke?

Susana Seivane Rocks!

Hi! I wanna do a Christmas In July's why

Has Condi been Modding the Lounge?

Ann wants Bill


Does anyone use a roof rack?

Who's the greatest jazz pianist?

50 movies you should see before you die


Have you seen the two-faced cat?

Happy birthday darkstar & catmandu57!!

I am wayyyyy fucking cooler than you

If I visited your town, what is one place I would definitely have to see?

Gimme that head x five

Tell me about how you've successfully lost weight.

NSync's Lance Bass Admits Being Gay

Help! Al Cata has set up training camp in my backyard!

Lance Bass fries his chicken with corn flakes

OK! Here are three pictures I just entered in a local contest!

Just wanted to say hi to all the Night Lizzards

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Why is it I never manage to piss off the wrong people?

And, at this late hour, a word of appreciation

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 7/26/06)

The view from my back porch this morning (pictures)

Wednesday, July 26. Wiiliam Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Why does one "admit" to being gay?

Advice needed: I rescued a cat. Her tail... (Gross-out Warning)

CONFESS!!! What is the WORST alcoholic concoction you've ever drank?

Saddest music video ever

Do you have any "picture disc" or colored-vinyl LPs?

When will the FREAKING BLUEBIRD of Happiness STOP

FYI: We no longer permit discussion of Democratic Warrior.

I want my own getting your freak on & peace thread

JUST IN....The Scoop On Ice Cream Headaches

Psst...everyone...the Mods appear to be busy


Do you care about HDTV?

Update on reyd reid reed's Daughter - Still missing

Jesus bitch! Don't you hate it when you swallow the soap!


I'm too tired to argue today.

What's the gradient of "vice versa" in the complex plane within the solid

Buzz Aldrin..We saw a UFO

Look how scared this little guy is...he needs a home.

What's your theme song?

Hey! Check out my cat!

Name 4 Things You Hate About the Place Where You Live

Photographer makes infants cry then takes their picture

Say something nice about someone thread.

I am wayyyyy cooler fu...

What is your favorite "Mom & Pop" eatery?

Oh West Wing fans...

Freeper Jeopardy: Name the categories you'd find

Agh! How do vegans do it?

BREAKING: Andrea Yates is...

Who is the most famous person you never met?

A question about digital cameras.

If You Say There's No Free Will and No God

Unproven Theory Says Body Heat Might Explain Armstrong's Cancer Recovery

Bush-Backed Drug Marketing Schemes

Titan's pebbles 'seen' by Huygens radio (ESA)

A123 nanotech batteries hit the hobbyist market.

Did 'Nessie' roam Down Under?

WA Supreme Court rules on marriage: DOMA upheld, bigotry remains the law

Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: A New Strategic Vision For All Our Families and

Lance Bass of NSYNC officially comes out: "Im gay"

Los Altos reverses ban on gay pride proclamations

Lance Bass of 'N Synch reveals he's gay.....

Town wingnuts demand rainbow flag be taken down from private business

Former NASCAR champion Benny Parsons diagnosed with lung cancer

Fearless NFL 2006 Predictions Thread - Bet The House on It

Dear Sisters and Brothers...

"The Pack Leaders" - Karen Bishop - July 26, 2006

Anybody know about EVP?

Hot Gossip

What limit do you think Kerry should not cross to court vote.

As predicted may be misleading readers about JK's environmental policies

Article: Kerry sends letter to Rummy

Kerry to appear at IMU with Armstrong, Harkin

Yes, Bush missed hint of the worst attacks on U.S.; Where is Osama?

Can anyone recommend this comment?

Random garden shots

Message to Olney and anyone

Countdown Newsletter 07/26/06: Crisis Talks

EDV ALERT!!!!!!!

Tonight Show: I Think Keith Olbermann Was Censored

CBC's "The National": "The US is now a diminished power"

i see things are going real swell for condo

Is the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon a useful gift of distraction from

I propose a Free Speech Forum for DU

Would DU be better with or without mods?

Darkness Falls

'Zombie dancers' spend their weekend in lockup


The Three Stooges

'Why do they give weapons to Israel and food to us?'

'U.S. Embassy Announces Last Ship for Americans Wanting to Leave Lebanon'

A Hicky From Chimpy McSmoochenhiemer Is Like A Hallmark Card (Gross Pics)

Bush guilty of having 3 hostages tortured at GitMo. The story is breaking

Jesus, What if the Crips became known as a terrorist group by another

Who has information on the final tally of the WTC settlement payments?

Another flag-based assault on the Constitution

10 years from now

Check out Neil Young's "Living With War" homepage and online album

What's A Joe Lieberman To Do These Days? The Highs - The Lows!

Man with a Backbone - J.R. Knight

Greg Palast: Blood in Beirut: $75.05 a Barrel

Torquemada on Washington Journal at 9 AM ET

Attica prison riots as analogy for Israel vs. Palestinians

Time for another informal 9-11 poll!

Sharon taken to Emergency Hospital

Anyone listening to Rothman right now on KGO?

US holding out against a negotiated settlement on Lebanon.

Can someone explain this LTE to me?


2,569 of our troops now dead in W's war in Iraq

Iraqi PM not being attacked for what he did say but for what he DID NOT

What the hell is "diplomacy" when one side refuses to speak to

Why is it that the most reasoned comments on the Iraqi PM's statement

So Miles OBrien is engaged in introducing a new spin on the UNIFIL

Say hello to the Amazon Desert.

I think the * administration wants Pakistan to develop nuclear bombs

Just on CNN

I just saw a blatant commercial on the local nightly news...

6-8 years for Economy

Smirky wants here say admissible in detainee trials

Horse's Head Dumped In Councilwoman's Pool

If there is a draft...

Pentagon approves $6b in Saudi arms sales

reyd reid reed's daughter?

Fuck Foreign Aid, I want Affordable Health Care for ALL Americans.

Arabs are the New Jews

Robert Scheer: Labor Pains of a Stillborn Foreign Policy

Press Conference from Rome now on

I don't believe anything the Israeli pundits say on any station. I

All Humans are idiots.

Iraq v the Suez Crisis-Regime change, 1950s-style

A Catholic group urges rejection of money from stem-cell proponents

General Don Shepard (N)-NeoCon just shattered any mask of CNN

Fox News and malevolent editing of Congressman Wexler (D-FL)

Maliki: Free and fairly elected Iraq PM? Or American puppet?

In Iraq, U.S. military forgot the lessons of Vietnam

UN official accuses Hezbollah of 'cowardly blending' among civilians

Sigh. Where are the Martians? Don't they want to talk to our "leaders"?

NO cease fire. Ms. Rice Succeeded.

Who the hell is Hezbollah?

Does refusing to spend money equal greed

Funniest excuse for why Stem Cell research is bad: People will live longe

Bush polls

Gain knowledge, power, and intelligence thru . . . . . . . . .CAPTIONS!!!!

C-SPAN3: Hayden/Senate Judiciary on Domestic Spying

Will the Iraqi PM's address to Congress save the GOP in November?

Want to buy or steal a guided missile?

Dick Morris joke thread: Who was Dick's worst date ever?

Over 200% turnout rates in AK precincts in 2004 impossible Diebold

CAPTION Bush and al-Maliki

Buzz Aldrin..We saw a UFO

If Ariel Sharon Dies Soon Will Israel Blame....

Suppose Iran or Syria hit U.N. post by mistake.

A third party strategy that never hurts Democrats

Wednesday's good news story

Saddam: "Just Shoot Me".

Did Clinton's trip to Connecticut help Joe Lieberman ?

Bankers Fear World Economic Meltdown

Regarding Palestine:

How much control will there be in the future?

If you could call CSPAN and speak to Alberto the Torturer

It just dawned on me while watching this video that maybe the detainees

Fee-fi-fo-fum...what's the GOP running from?

50% of Americans Think Iraq Had WMD. Why? Blame Santorum.

Opinion of Princess Diana accident photo...

Psalm 83, other nations' attempts to wipe out the name of Israel.

The Foundation for a Better Life

Iraq Prime Mionistier speaking now (11 a.m.)

Where will Scooter Libby be 2 years from now?

Difi continues to bitchslap admin on spying

Rome meeting fails to agree ceasefire, pledges 'urgency'

True friends of Israel cannot let the Dems take power (by Dick Morris)

Right-Wing ‘Guide to World War III’: ‘Kill ‘Em All, Let Allah Sort ‘Em Out

The Hour Is Late…Why Hesitate…Purchase Your Rapture Luggage Today….

If this war was about fetuses dying, Bush* would be in ME.

Protester in Congress Troops Home Now

anyone hear what was said when maliki got heckled?

The ink blot strategy in Baghdad - God help us.

Are all billionaires pigs?

How f..king stupid are Americans?

Washing State Supremes uphold state ban on gay marriage

NYC uses fed millions to fight sick WTC workers

Watching Congress you'd think Bush* was giving State of Union address

DU This Poll Regarding Blackwell

Food, Water, Medical Supplies

Shut up Karen Hughes...

"We'd rather see the spying go on as is than see Specter bill passed."

License plate tracking systems may soon be available to the public

Israel agression

The Isaeli/Lebanon war is such a relief for Bushco. They want an extension

Master Chief Petty Officer Carl Brashear Died Yesterday

Marshals: Innocent People Placed On 'Watch List' To Meet Quota

New Tennessee Senate Poll from Mason-Dixon

Let's Make A Pledge

A Cold Glass of Nicotine

"Israel's Atrocious Error" - Lebanese Blogger

Rice seeks to mold region in U.S. vision of a "New Middle East"

Email from Fundy Freeper in my office

Targeting UN Peacekeepers

so-neither Israel nor Hezbollah are present for these UN meetings?

Gunmen in police uniforms kidnap 17 in Baghdad after new security plan

Washington's gay marriage ban upheld

Will Dems boycott the speech today? anyone hear anything today about

War for a puppet regime

Who are the real terrorists in the Middle East?

The Revelations were written in the 1st Century by a hermit living

In Past 2 Weeks-More Iraqis Have Died Than Lebanese Or Israelis (NYT)


The World Wants Peace

Men may be banned from daring to bare their chests

Why do people shoot at firefighters/emergency respondents?

Do you know anyone who's had an abortion and regretted it?

Still No End in Sight For Iraq Bloodbath

questions about the 10,000? prisoners Israel holds

Regarding t-shirts

GOP strategy: "Bring out the wackos to vote against something..."


US is already at war with Iran by Ted Koppel

Fight between bikers and Indians near Sturgis, anyone kept up with it??

WH to Israel: "You need to practice restraint"

Israel Does Not Have Right To Kill Civilians Simply Because It Is Afraid

Permanent v. Temporary Cease Fire - They are insane.

Mick Jagger turns 63 today

Apparently some Lebanese citizens have taken up arms against Israel

US puppet in Iraq has seen the light. He will condemn Hizbollah now

Eliot Engel (D-NY) on ME conflict: "I don't want to be an honest broker."

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki addresses Congress-Protester is removed-pics

(VIDEO) Bushco Creature Comforts

Pink Protester Disrupts Iraqi PM Address To Congress

So, Is Al-qaeda just standing on the sidelines watching Lebanon?

Caption this pic

(VIDEO) Clip from Henry Rollins: Uncut from NYC (plenty of Shrub-bashing)

Great guests today on "The Guy James Show" Please keep kicked

Cartoon: Condi meets with Lebanon Prime Minister

WTF: Katrina Victims in Trailer Parks BANNED From Talking to the Media??

Saddam is soon to be executed?

George W. Bush and Harold Reynolds

I have to agree on this one

Lebanese PM: "Are we Children of a lesser God"

Should we change the olive branch on the United States seal?

BREAKING, WOW, 8 more Israeli soldiers killed around same small town they

Lou Dobbs: Why Is Bush Flauting Our Laws?

The Freedom River

All my life, I have known about Israel. I am aware of what

Alleged Library Foot Kisser Indicted (Woman let him kiss them)

JUST IN....The Scoop On Ice Cream Headaches

Wow, Texas chose not to execute somebody today.

They plundered Iraq for fun and profit

Houston has a heart! (Yates verdict)

Another Newspaper Decides to Drop Ann Coulter's Column

FLASHBACK: Here is the famous Randi Rhodes "HEZBOLLAH" call.

Oliver Stone, Right-Wing Heartthrob?

Chavez and Russia in arms deal

How about Shipira and Shoebat for the Nobel Peace Prize?

"But America's war grew worse, and worse...."

I think I know what the problem is with this country . . .

Did PM Maliki take a swipe at Poppy Bush?

Murtha: If election were held today Dems would win 50 House Seats

So, the "incubator babies" propaganda tactic has a variant.

CAPTION the lull of the pensive pretend president...

CNN poll: Does stability in Iraq have anything to do with a safe America?

So when are they gonna fulfill their oath?

ARG POLL: 35% Approve/59% Disapprove

the war is going WELL! ConocoPhillips Profit Leaps by Nearly Two-Thirds

Rude Pundit: Republicans Running From Bush

Two-thirds of TV critics walk out of meet before Fox News' Ailes speaks

So, who doesn't want Hamas to recognize Israel

Forward's Goldberg: "Why is the Israeli side getting equal time?"

Sen Reid & Others Demand New Intell Estimate On Iraq

Our Tax Dollars Hard at Work in NYC....

Are CNN's polls so bad just so we'll drive up their hit counter?

When I get a "Freeper" email at work....

Ted Rall: Landmines and WMDs are Verboten. Ban Bombs Too.

CNN using "Gun Fire Rat-tat-tat Music to show War Carnage Montage...

St John McCain - CAUGHT- Lying & Smearing

Has Hizbollah struck any ambulances or UN facilities in either Israel or

Men may be banned from daring to bare their chests

Wednesday TOON (7/26) Over there, over Here

Let's not forget to use talking points.

(Harpers)Source: Bush Administration Considers Troop Deployment in Lebanon

Dead UN observers from China, Canada, Finland, Austria

if you can listen to Randi rhodes today,do it.

When nukes breakout, will they penetrate grounds to ignite oil fields? poll: Should a pregnant girl be able to get an abortion without...

How much are you paying for gas???

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Bust To Be Unveiled at the Museum of Sex

Q: Is Iraq Closer To Civil War? Rummy: Oh, I don't know

Fighting Them There, As We Create Them Everywhere Else

What's With This CNN.COM Pic Of CONdi??

Dean says Bush "the most divisive president probably in our history."

If you were the President, what would YOUR Foreign Policy be?

'They Know Everything,' Say Israeli Troops

Update: Medea Benjamin Arrested For Disrupting Iraqi Prime Minister

Investigators find sensitive US military equipment on sale to civilians

Michael Ware reports Lebanese military has taken up arms

Why is Hillary getting a free ride while Lieberman is under attack?

Dumb Conservative Male Logic

Petition Fraud is A-OK, if you're a Republican! Arizona High Court

Caption Condi

Has anyone heard of the Wood Group?

Barney Fife Statue Destroyed After Disagreement (Don Knotts)

Check out this photo of Karzai and Ahmadinejad...

How can one trust a company called "Con Edison"?

Gas near $3 for rest of summer

my grandson asks "who started this fire?"

"What would you do if you got on a bus full of fags?"

This Is Probably The Best Hope For The Region

(FIORE) Swearing To Success

OK this ad is a bit too much

This is amazing to me, Hizbollah inflects HEAVY casualties on Israel, then

some graphic images of lebanon you won't see on tv

New American Research Group Poll: Bush at 35% (down 2-pts)

Conjure up your ultimate example of schadenfreude.

Parents... stick to your gut instincts.....

Unless things change, I think the GOP is over as of November.

Sen. Russ Feingold cordially invites you to join him and Bryan Kennedy...

I feel for the Californians who have to live through rolling blackout

Condi To Play Piano At Asian Summit

When Are You Going To Pack?

Lebanon is being disabled as a preliminary to Israel nuking Iran

AAArrrrgh! Apocolypse Now appears to be a regular CNN feature now

FDL: Lieberman's office rebuffs soldier's request for weapons

Randi says Abu Gharib was about radicalizing Iraq

PHOTO: Decisions, decisions.

Katrinaville's in Lebanon, now? UN Official say 950 women & children in

Just keep running your mouth Annie; soon no one will publish your crap

Who would you investigate for $10,000?

Could it happen? Before or after 2026?

White phosphorus, ambulance bombings enrage Red Cross workers

China to Canada: Dalai Lama award could hurt ties

Important!!! Please help here.

[utahcountvotes] Mike Vu Puts Cab Drivers in Charge of Ballot Boxes

Froomkin: "Whole new Iraq war...not the war anyone signed up to fight."

Neo-Conservatives and the GOP are complaining

Israeli war headlines last 30 hours

I've got to say re Tucker

abc news talking of the strengh of Hezballah--while Israel suffers loses.

Re -Disturbing Anti-Israel Rant from Britain

If the Israeli military denies intentionally killing civilians

Spy agencies call for broader surveillance laws

At the end of the First Millenium lotsa people got rich by going around

Nutball Minuteman Founder Speaks (about Satan, of course) at Protest

How many in GD dealing with severe mental illness in their home?

Non-flammable observation about Arabs and Jewish people

Don't Forget This Stuff Scares Our Kids. Reassure Them Of Their Safety.

Wimp and Chimp

Soon on FOX: Lance Bass is a Gay (Please forget Iraq)

bush mulls sending US troops into Lebanon - Harpers

Did you see the people scrambling to dig who they could out of the rubble?

Connecticut: YOU Have Less Than 2 Weeks To Show The World!

Jonathan Tasini (Hillary's opponent) blast's her response to War

You are all invited to a party!!! ****************MY NEW FLASH VIDEO

Terrorized Americans fleeing Lebanon . . . fleeing the Israeli assault

Do the news reporters think there is some law against wearing a tie in

I am requesting technical advice.

Human Raid and How it Works (graphic)

Coulter claims Bill Clinton is gay.

Would You Have Believed That Nearly 5 Years After 9-11...

Photo of some members of the American Taliban:

Ran Cohen, Israeli MK, calls for cease-fire

did anyone see the post about 1400+ cows dying of the heat yesterday

Humor Police

Who do you think will turn out to be the top three contenders in '08

How Many More Lance Bass Threads Before Today is ???

DUer Alarcojon to receive bone-marrow transplant today.

Members of the Lebanese and Jewish community

'Birth Pangs' in the Bible

Suppose if Tweety and Harwood say that people don't like Dems enough

More O reilly bullshit

Voted least likely to succeed in life

Mayor charged w/sending child porn emails. He is, of course, a Republican.

Can Right Wingers Be Cured Of Their Illness?

When Blair said, "Condi must succeed."

VIDEO: U.S. using high-energy laser weapons on Iraqis? (Democracy Now)

I wish DU had a chat would be fun..

"Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot"

The mood on the "Arab Street": US is fast becoming the villain

Lou Dobbs did a piece on paper ballots and Diebold

Why are Lebanese lives being devalued in relation to the Israelis'?

Imagine 380 American civilians dead, 1,000 wounded in 12 days

UN Resolutions 1559 and 1680 - Pathways to Solving This Crisis!

Let's respond to this lying Freeper LTTE

Could Putin be culprit in Bush open-mic gaffe?

Lance Bass of 'N Synch reveals he's gay.....

Oh,Dear God-delayed departure for troops from iraq.

an email from a friend

Do you know anyone who has chosen to not have children and have regretted

CNN just did a "serious" piece on the rapture and biblical prophecy.

"Congressional Democrats to al-Maliki: Please undermine yourself"

What international papers are saying about latest UN dead.

2002: Hizbollah fires rockets for five days, beats up UN workers

I SENT my "Dick Morris Jokes" thread to Dick Morris and...

A friend has a son in Iraq. He says he won't be able to call her for up

If you're little sister is raped by your dad....

Bush: We Have Nothing To Sell But Fear Itself - Greg Palast

Something they **do not** tell you when you get satellite T.V. - -

My thoughts on Ann Coulter and others of her ilk … Condi in Diplomatic Disneyland

PHOTO: *WHO* holds a child this way?

Condi Loses It! First it's "Birth Pangs" now "Strangle Lebanon in Crib!

Is this what "Shock and Awe" looked like?

* is goofing around again. - pic

MISS INDONESIA facing JAIL TERM for wearing swimsuit (INDECENT!)

Israel bombs Lebanese troop barrack north of Beirut.

CNN - Rep. Wexler, D-Fla: "President's instinct's are right on Israel."

Israel hitting the UN outpost was an accident

Israel accuses UN of collaborating with Hezbollah (Nov. 05 article)

Help Set The Record Straight!!

"Mindless in Iraq" - (Peter Galbraith, NYRB, August 10, 2006)

Dennis Kucinich is controlled by AALPAC

GOP candidate Steele says criticism was a joke

The perversion of Freedom of Choice

New Yorkers - Green , Cuomo, King or Maloney?

Caption these Condi pics

"TheirSpace" - an excellent article on Net Neutrality

Howard Fineman just said.

I Would Like To Apologize To Jewish DU'ers

I'm getting treated here like freeps treat me elsewhere.

9/11 Dead Are Left In Fresh Kills Garbage Dump.....

UN Peacekeepers Contacted Israeli Troops 10 Times & Were Ignored-4 Killed

"I saw the houses fly"

I introduce you to the PEACEMAKERS

Dems whack Iraqi PM for not standing up for Israel

At the end of this week, Congress goes on a 5-week vacation...

Don't go burning down the meeting-house for what's said inside.

TV Newser: Olbermann responds to Ailes: "...there is no line at Fox News."

Mommy, what will the October Surprise look like?

Blackwell and Dewine Strong Despite Poll Numbers

AAARRRGGG!!! Clinton, Schumer reconsider opposition to Bolton

Video - Ambulances are hit by Israeli forces in Lebanon

From America with Love: 5000 lb. smart bombs over Lebanon

Ignorance and prejudice And fear walk hand in hand

14 Democrats vote with 51 Republicans on interstate abortion bill

An important message from John Cleese

IDF has struck UN in Lebanon before.

If he's going to be a dick, he might at least be consistent.

Warning: This Post WILL Give You A !WTF! Moment

From Freedom to Fascism opens FRIDAY!

Palast: Blood in Beirut: $75.05 a Barrel-IT's THE OIL

Am I just overreacting or is our government really this bad? Part II

Joe Lieberman’s War

Iraq Vet Running For Wisconsin Assembly - What A Story! - A MUST READ!!!

Ms Magazine to print names(voluntary) of women who have had abortions

Poll: Do you know anyone who put a baby up for adoption and regretted it?

I am an Israeli citizen

Government Trolls - Our Tax Dollars at Work.

Attention Israeli Jews: You Are Currently Sleeping With The Enemy

Ever been sick & too broke to go to the Doctor?

Juan Cole: Israelis Kill UN Peacekeepers

(PIC) Protestor got into the al-Maliki speech to Congress

Rice's "Birth Pangs" remark is reverberating not as intended


What did the Iraqi Puppet say to the Congress today?

How many Democrats have been at all critical of Israel

Rolling Stone Exclusive: Senior Pentagon Officials Plotted To Invade Iran.

NYT: Democratic Opponent of Clinton Criticizes Actions of Israel

DRAFT. The only answer that will turn this shit around. Would you agree?

Evangelicals unite for Israel

True or False

So why haven't these Dems walked out on Bush?

H.L. Mencken PREDICTED Smirko 66 years ago TODAY!

Have you seen this? The "Statue of Liberation"--the fundie version...

Corporate Fraud Alert!!! Getting Creamed in Civil Court In Pro Per!

Town wingnuts demand rainbow flag be taken down from private business

Must read. Jonathan Tasini: "Touching the third Rail of Politics" Americans 'too fat for X-rays'

Humorous Chrysler Ads Have Serious Message on German Engineering

Just curious regarding fundraising

Molly Ivins: Run Bill Moyers for President, Seriously

Is "Anti-Israel" the current version of "Anti-American" now?

Awww, the Big Dog has Joementum

Devastating Letter Re: Lieberman From A Connecticut Soldier

DU google ad - frivolous class action lawsuit

Did you guys catch Colbert's slam on GMA and the Today Show? (video)

If the president is being Impeached can he Pardon??

Hillary Bust

The Independant Front Page

Was Albert Einstein correct, re: Israel?

What Is The Basis For The Statement That "Israel Has A Right To Exist"?

The UN outpost in Lebanon was there for 20 years. TWENTY.

[email protected] team members. It appears that

About chemical weapons


Rooms to let; atheists need not apply

Anti-illegal immigration billboards feature upside down U.S. flag

Robert Wexler (D-FL) says Koffi Annan's comments "irresponsible"

I have HAD IT with support for BABY KILLERS.

Let's Complicate Some Issues

Can Someone PLEASE Provide Me A Date For The Rapture?

Z. Brzezinski: Israel is "In effect, killing hostages"

Anyone Else Solicited by "Friends of John Kerry"?

I have been listening to C-span for the past few weeks and...

U.S. Soldiers Ask Rumsfeld If They Could Get Surprise Visit From Loved One

What if your son or daughter wanted to join the military right now?

Dean calls Iraqi PM an 'anti-Semite'

Thoughts on Republican Accusations of “Class Warfare” Against Democrats

Why, oh why, does everyone HATE Bush?

Remember McCain pressuring Clinton to get boots on the ground in Kosovo?

(Charles) Barkley may run in 2010

Andrea Yates NOT GUILTY By Reason of Insanity

Dennis Kucinich for President

Hotel chains unlinked for union talks

Reid and Republicans move to ban transporting of incest victims across sta

Iraq PM’s comments under fire


Got my NoMo'Joe working, and it works for Ned Lamont!

Let's be realisitic about Ohio.....we

The First Salvo From The Republicans

This day-July 26th- in "radical" history

My Signing Statement:

College Democrats of America Elect New Executive Board Members

From DFA for Lamont (CT) supporters:

Right Wing TV first thing in the a.m. could alter one's mood

How do I find out what judges will be on my ballot in Aug and Nov?

Duck and Cover Republicans

Surprise, surprise - Condi

Are House Democrats threatening to boycott Al-Maliki speech?

Why is Wolf Blitzer acting as a journalist on the scene in Israel?

HUH? Two RW noise machine WTF?s

Councilwoman Finds Horse Head in Her Pool

Democracy Now today-lots of good stuff! ABA, Annan, Kucinich...

Good News for all Working on Election Reform! Pressure is On in the MSM!

July 26, 1948 Executive Order 9981

Question: Just out of curiosity, if anyone here knows,

Fake Prosperity

did I just hear maliki asking for more money?

What I'd like to see - A sort of mini-midterm Democratic Convention

WA SEN: Cantwell (D) 48%, McGavick (R) 44% (Strategic Vision)

Former Representative Bob Livingston's son killed in New Orleans Yesterday

Has the WA Supreme Court invalidated ALL childless marriages?

Andrew Rice (9/11 victim's brother) wins Oklahoma State Senate primary

Some brave woman in the house gallery yelled bring the troops home

Well, Rummie is back from Iraq, I think, But where's Cheney!?!

Clip 'n Save: Peace/Arms Control Candidates

U.S. religious left gears up to face right counterpart

Rod Smith launches election reform site in Fla!!!

McCain Falsely Claims the Iraqi Prime Minister Has ‘Condemned Hezbollah’

What is your position on the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict?

Coulter says Bill Clinton is "Latent Homosexual"

Polygamists should file suit in WA and NY - most recent rulings

"Obviously the violence in Baghdad is still terrible

And all the Democrats applaud the puppet of Iraq...

Spitzer in Debate w/ Suozzi: "This [same-sex marriage] is about equality"

Ugh. AG Alberto Gonzales on Wash Journal, CSPAN now. nt,

Lou Dobbs argues that President Bush has been flouting the Constitution...

Bolten: Karl Rove Is Really Smart (re: stem cells)

Question: On raw story there is an article about Hillary and Schumer

President Moron strikes again

About Maliki's speech to Congress

Bar None: The New York Sun

Nephew just back from Iraq/marines ...said things are bizarre

US evacuation of Lebanon challenged in lawsuit


who would YOU pick for president, vp, and ALL the cabinet posts? this

Man, how did I miss this about Condi being pushed aside by Cheney?

sadly I lost respect for Kucinich since he opposes allowing Maliki

Schumer, Pelosi, Emanuel asked to rescind Al-Maliki's address to Congress

Its all Harry Truman's fault

Buckeye Blues (GOP Ohio)

Junior to attend fundraiser for Capito (WV-02) on July 26 in Charleston

World Headlines - Condoleeza fails in Rome.

DU: Example of why Repubs win..

What should Israel have done?

Once again, I've changed my avatar in a show of solidarity.

Middle Class Voting Grades on All of Congress

pentagon secretly shipping arms -

Iraqi PM Calls for More Money and Troops

Clinton gets an "A"

Sometimes, we ARE our own worst enemies...

Is Specter's bill sabotaging the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution?

what has congress accomplished this session?

bush celebrates 10th anniversary as President of Iraq

Howard Stern on Joe Lieberman: Don't tell us what TV you approve of.

Is Israel carrying out an American plan in Lebanon?

John Edwards does Yoga to Court Vote

The Lieberman Test

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) trounces Katherine Harris in poll

Ariana Huffington on Maliki speaking to Congress

I read on someone's post here that a senator hasn't been elected

Transcript from Democracy Now inteview/ Kucinich/Attending Maliki Speech

Andrea Yates: Not Guilty by reason of insanity.

Democracy Now transcript, RE: Kucinich Ceasefire Resolution, here:

Trivia: Which senator has the highest approval rating FROM DEMOCRATS?

CSPAN to broadcast McKinney/Johnson runoff debate.

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