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Archives: July 25, 2006

Censoring the censor (How Israel handles war coverage)

Foreign Policy: Think Again: Al Jazeera

Lebanese don't have much faith in Rice's show of 'support'

WP: 4th Infantry Tactics "Looked Weird and Felt Wrong" -to other units

None of this had to happen, not 911, not Iraq, not Lebanon.

Bolton: Still Unfit to Serve...

Eugene Robinson: It's Disproportionate. . .

Lubbock, Texas, plans to pray for rain

i came across anti-semitism here in phoenix for the first time.

9/11 Truth Advocates Launch Nationwide Congressional Candidate Poll

Poll: Was 9/11 a Cover Up? Vote now!!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 7/25/06

Please torch me, call me names, come after me, hound me

Connelly anomaly and the SW Ohio counties

Governor's race from Kos

Olmert backs joint EU-Arab force for south Lebanon

Evacuees say food 'scarce' in Lebanon

Most States Fail Demands Set Out in Education Law

Stem Cell Work Gets States’ Aid After Bush Veto

US judge overturns Cuba book ban

Japan Wraps Up Military Mission to Iraq

Fox chief blasts FCC's "murky" indecency rules

CNN/AP: Heat fears as French medics strike: hospitals could be overwhelmed

Asahi Shinbun: What price security?

US faces science brain drain after Europe backs stem cell funding

Feds probe letter scare at NAACP branches

Stand up to US, voters tell Blair

Feds Deny Wyo. Petition to Delist Wolves

WP,pg1: In Beirut, Rice Outlines Proposal to Deploy Force In Lebanon

Israeli shell hits UN post in S. Lebanon

Mounties want to delay review of man's death (drank beer in public)

Maliki and Bush to push 'civil peace' in Iraq ("definitely not decades")

NYT: Top Iraqi’s White House Visit Shows Widening Gaps With U.S.

Putin's billion-dollar arms sale risks souring Western détente

WP: Baptist Group's Leaders Convicted: Investors Lost $585 Million

Immigration Bill Aims to Bridge Republican Divide

U.S. Says It Knew of Pakistani Reactor Plan

Bush Frees Up Flag Displays

Chavez forges ties with Belarus

N Korea blasts 'imbecile' Rice

Hempfield Teen Shot Dead With Senator's Gun

No Troop Commitments for Lebanon

Guatemala pushes bid for Security Council seat (against Venezuela)

Specter prepping bill to sue Bush

"Flex Your Power. Conserve Energy."


Wow, another job opening.

Hell's Kitchen is frickin' hilarious tonight!

It's Monday night...what ya drinking tonight?

I just made my first edit on Wikipedia!!!

Check this out - best song in a while.

Is there anything more beautiful than a confident woman in her panties?

Have you exorcised today?

Advice needed re:buying our first digital camera ....Very ignorant on the

Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue!

What is the silliest thing someone told you was in the Bible?

I just like to eat.

people, please, the expression is "COULDN'T care less"

Any Nashville DUers? How about a beer?

I have a confession to make!

Useful site for those who need it...

Good night, y'all

Ah crap. Why oh why did I have to look in the freezer?

Do I really need a box spring? Furniture shopping help needed

"Subject Monday" Photo Gallery

I like putting potato chips on my tuna sandwich.

I want an itty bitty doggy...

What stereotype is often true?

With dial-up & 1 phone line, can you forward your calls to a cell phone?

Why Do People Go To Those "Checks Cashed Here" Businesses?

I passed a breathalyzer test today

Is anyone else concerned about the popularity of poker on tv?

I'm a jaded twentysomething avoiding doing a paper - ask me anything.

I'm leaving DU, and it's StellaBlue's fault!

I lost a a DUer that was moving to Denver

Wake me up people! I'm falling asleep over here!

The kids were at the pool for 4 hours today!

has anyone ever seen the dialecterizer?

John McCain

I have to fess up to something. It's TERRIBLE.

U2 - Peace On Earth

Weird nightmare

Have you ever pulled a boner?

Shareef don't like it! Rock the casbah! Rock the casbah!


Utah is the most boring city in the south.

Everyone go recommend this DU post. (reyd reid reed's daughter)

I am 15 post away from 3000 ask me anything .

I saw Clerks II

I found this little guy outside the front door at my job....

Pleased to meet you, won't you guess my name?

Anyone besides me see "The World Series of Popular Culture"

I found another Chick Tract on my car today.

At a local titty-bar, one of the dancer's names is "Panda".

Ok, I'm not bored...I'm depressed....

another reason to love baseball...

Do you consider $20.00 to be a lot of money?

This baseball fan feels no guilt.

Booze! Booze! Booze!

Who Is This Man?

Where is BOB BOUDELANG, American Patriot?

Anyone have WOW Internet/cable TV or DISH network?

Hey! Where has Crazy Guggenheim been?

At what time of day do you usually bathe/shower?

I have a problem with STEVIA & it's DU-Lounge's fault

The perfect summer treat: Blueberry Snow

When you're going on a trip, when do you pack?

_____________________ is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Rat Pows Penguin

Where's the love for Twenty-somethings? Right here, baby!

Who remembers "Choose Your Own Adventure" books?

Giant Robot, are you OK?

Nose piercing- yeah or nay?

This Sign Hangs In My Bathroom...

Hah! Suckers! I just made my Photobucket account PRIVATE!

Blinded by the light! Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night!

Just have to tell someone...

Sending best wishes and good luck to DTBK -

DU [email protected] Team: Use Your PC to Help Fight Disease!

Please join in here in lighting a candle for RRR and her daughter

I just heard Ram Jam's "Black Betty" on the radio

for my 3000th post goodnight guys love you all

Probing questions about - Dangerously Amused

Coming January 2007: AMERICAN MUSIC an acoustic punk documentary

My husband is in the hospital and is very very sick


this is for reyd reid reed...(UPDATED) added a candle..

What Book Are You?

A question for DU photoshop/cut-up artists:

can anyone recommend a high fiber cereal that tastes good?

We have a sick critter (skunk) in our garden shed.

What Airline Have You Flown More Miles On Than Any Other?

Serious advice needed (well, not life or death) - commonsense

Question for military buffs--why do sailors hate marines?

Nothing new to report

Any single du'ers ever use online dating services?

I'm about to go on a killing spree

More faux concern from the Fundies

The use of religion as a bogus front for a mercenary Culture of Death

Actions Speak Louder in Words

If a lesbian woman becomes a hetero man...

Did you guys know it's KLEEB's birthday today?

The corporate media influence/factor?

What is liberalism?

KoeB 7/24/06 Darn it Keith's on Vacation!!!

And when the news got bad the EDVs went on a road trip to "Gull Bay."

I will be happy to forward some messages from us

What Israel Has Wrought:

WEIRD: type "sicsempertyranis" in your address bar

Condi and Bush are very popular (positively) in Israel!!!

U.S. FDA to alter drug-advisory rules

I think this is representative of what /how they talk about this thing.

Mexico-Native LA Soldier Granted Citizenship In Washington

Has Israel denied that they are using phosphorous or just skirted

Guardian/ICM poll:Stand up to US, voters tell Blair

For everyone sweltering in the heat . . .

ACLU Sues for Anti-Gay Group That Pickets at Troops' Burials

Netanyahu and the "War on Terror"

Students Strike Oil on Alaskan Beach

The south is now so dangerous some civilians are being struck twice.

"Rice concerned by humanitarian suffering"

Justice for all?

Before the circular firing squad starts up re: Boxer

In the last 24-hour news cycle, I've seen that dude crash his dirt bike...

Cheney confirms republican strategy for Nov....war in ME thru elections..

Keith Olbermann to be on Jay Leno tomorrow night? SWEET!

Group of Israeli and Palestinian individuals who were actively involved...

Senior British MP calls for halt on weapons exports to Israel

The King of the Flat-Earthers: Global Warming believers = Third Reich

Do you support Vivisection?

Bill Clinton made his second biggest mistake

What do Hizbullah, Showers, Popcorn and foreign policy have in common?

Nobel Peace Prize winner would love to kill Bush...

IRS to cut lawyers who audit richest Americans

Blast from the past. Human League - The Lebanon, 1982

Spector Prepping Bill To Allow CONGRESS TO SUE BUSH In Federal Court

An Israeli View: Hezbollah winning by making IDF look "big, rich and dumb"

Funny thing reading DU lately, seems I remember a RW preface to things

If Israel is targeting and taking out Hizbollah rockets why are they

U.S. cracks down on Iraq death squads

Israel used cluster grenades on civilians

Classic Zevon, also from '82

Funniest Bush Video EVER!!...

Anybody notice the rolling blackouts around the USA?

Henry Kissinger's on Fox News.

Military towns giving rise to Iraq war critics

WTO global trade talks collapse

Newsweek article rating needs some DU help...

Wes Clark on Hannity/Colmes Discussing Israel Yesterday


Just out of curiosity about DU... How do you get to be ADMIN with 20 posts

NYT: Top Iraqi’s White House Visit Shows Gaps With U.S.

Is there too much blood and gore around the world for you to support Gore?

Hizballah may be Tehran's client, but Iranians aren't buying the propagand

I Know What Happens To Righteous And Sinful Folks During The Rapture. But

US faces science brain drain after Europe backs stem cell funding

Remember This Article From So Long Ago

Israel = Assholes

Really not trying to be an ass here, but who really runs DU?

Silly senator! Leave the comedy to Jon and just answer the question!

Rice and Rummy sued over Lebanon Evacuation

Halliburton almost doubles second-quarter net income

Post 1000......A big thank you to all DUers.

Lawyer: Soldiers accused in rape, murder were numb from combat

Senate Democrats ask for extended debate on Iraq

Israel wants Southern Lebanon cleared from Palestinian Refugees

Colbert on Condi's "Sustainable Cease Fire"

Armageddon Strategy

White Supremest Groups

I always post just after a thread gets locked. So here's my post!

United for Peace and Justice: "Help Place Peace Ad In Iraqi Newspaper"

Carpooling. Is the price of gas high enough yet?

Meanwhile, the tensions are rising in Turkey

Suicide bombings frustrate Canadians in Afghanistan

Go home Condoleezza, says Arab press

Fuck the people who wage war and the people that thrive on it.

Bush's signing statments: Can a DU'er give me some meat???

For people who like comparisons - Semitic language speakers

I see senator imfoffe is getting a jump start on next weeks biggest idiots

FINALLY, Some * POll Numbers - And OH They Are BAAAAAD!!!

Something that will make certain DUers happy with the Bush administration

Augusta Editor Explains Why He Dropped Coulter Column

Who Holds More Influence Over Bushco?

A Halliburton employee was shot in the head by a sniper in Iraq last week

Cspan is replaying the ABA press conference now.

Taliban assault police post as violence spreads to west Afghanistan

What's with Condoleezaba and her sunglasses perched on her stupid head?

I wrote the post - I will be happy to forward some messages...

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in

NYT/AP: Fox's Roger Ailes Calls Olbermann 'Over the Line'

Give me ONE good reason to support either the U.S. or Israeli governments.

A Definition Of Collective Punishment - '10 buildings for each rocket'

What Are You Paying For Ga$ in Your Area?

Does anyone think Clinton's support of Lieberman will change

Sorry I am late on this, but what's up with Janeane?

In Bush world there is only one season

Question for British DUers about aristocracy.

Caffeine Causing Diabetes?

Why are we wasting our time discussing middle east policy

New Rule: Israel & Hizbolla must only kill face to face and personal.

Is it possible that the earth was "raptured" before?

Will the Mid East War be the" Mother of All Wedge Issues" for the GOP?

Can it get any worse?

When you think of "the 51st state," which country do you think of?

Friggin hilarious Bush-Blair "Gay Bar" video

Cheney: Events in Mideast Show Why GOP Should Remain in Power

What's so funny, Condi?

Two Shuls Attacked 'over Gaza'

'Fiasco' From Planning to Warfare to Occupation, How Iraq Went Wrong

Update on rental problem

Hezbollah has already won

Sen John McCain On The Daily Show again NOW!

a WebPage for Missing Du'ers Daughter, Sarah ....

Palestinian Authority detains Gazan editor for 'libel'

Could Tony Snow actually be WORSE than Scott Mc"NoComment?"

The Religious Right, the Republican Party and the Absence of Conscience

The Middle East: What Happens Next? 5 options from Independent, UK

Specter prepping bill to sue Bush

New Info on Dr. Anna Pou, the doctor in trouble for Katrina actions

Missing DU daughter latest update. w/ photo.

The baby on CNN...

DUers: Please post PEACE ACTIONS here.

Posted on an Iranian blog:

When did you learn civics?

Video of Fred Phelps Jr getting hit on. Hilarious!

DU [email protected] Team: Use Your PC to Help Fight Disease!

Women back under wraps with Taliban vice squad

Here's a new low for the airlines.

AP report on Israel using white phosphorus in Lebanon

Required Reading - why every fight we have had regarding

An Israeli View: "Morality is not on our side"

Israel has had WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) for decades

Lest we forget Iraq

when will Bush go clearly mad on live TV?

My God.. The Lebaneese people are being massacred !

Sibel Edmonds to reveal "Deep State" Turkish Mafia in documentary

Stand up and Cheer

Conservative split in GOP with *

Why does the media give the fundie wackjob right wing credibility?


Condi offers 2,000 plastic sheets? Leftover from Homeland Security

Bubba and Boxer on the campaign trail with Lieberman---video here

Poll: Was 9/11 a Cover Up? Vote now!!

"Promoting Countdown to the Television Critics Association"

(Jews & Arabs) An example of making it work, together: SEARCH, est. 1972

Will The Upcoming Cease Fire In The Israeli/Hezbollah Conflict....

Question for anyone..

Nobel Peace Prize Winner: "i would love to kill George bush"

Conyers' impeachment review now has 37 co-sponsors...

Could somebody please explain?

"American Dream" New DLC Slogan for 2006 Campaign...what do you think?

The Suicidebaums and the Self-Hating Jews

Former Israeli Air Force Captain Calls For Sanctions On Israeli Govt.

My Two-cent’s on John McCain …

Breaking WSJ/Zogby Poll: Ford Slightly Ahead Of Corker In TN!!

What makes Al Gore different than the Clintons?

Democratic Leadership Council unveils - The American Dream Initiative

No modern party has weathered midterms with Pres as low in polls as Bush.

Today's cell phone system argues for retaining network neutrality


Religious left gears up to face right counterpart

WP, pg1: In Valle Verde, NM, environmentalists, hunters oppose drilling

The President’s Personal Demon

Religious left gears up to face right counterpart

JOE BAGEANT: Adam Smith meets Cousin Ronnie's Boy

From Bombs in Beirut to the Ballot Box in November


Instrumental but excluded (Iran)

In Mexico, Strains Along Democracy's Path

An Imminent Threat (to the Constitution) --Froomkin--WaPo

Molly Ivins: Run Bill Moyers for President, Seriously

Why is Bill Clinton in Connecticut? -Salon piece

Guardian: Hizbullah: We are defending our sovereignty

Senate Democrats press Iraqi PM on Israel remarks

Guardian: Israel: This is a fight for our survival

Read the Fine Print - NYT's OpEd on Bush's Signing Statement

Paul: Who killed my electric car?

Why Israel's Reaction is Right

Iran's Jews Steer Clear of Middle East Disaster

PAUL C. CAMPOS: Civilians in southern Lebanon not enemy combatants

"Aren't People Seeing This?" -- Dahr Jamail

Reality-based candidate - Molly Ivins

Realtors: Home sales now a 'buyer's market

So what the hell have you done to prevent global warming???

Amazon Soy Growers Pledge Sustainability, Ethical Approach - BBC

Can a person claim to believe in Global Warming without walking

Building with bales: Using straw offers environmental savings and beauty,

Stanislaus County, CA - At Least 1,400 Dairy Cows Killed By Heat

Global Warming-- Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Drought slows Iguazu falls, Brazil's most famous, to a trickle.

Al Gore Speaks To My Spirit/At Chataqua

Events aim to focus attention on locally grown foods

LA-Area Temperatures Also Setting New All-Time Record Nighttime Highs

Lake Erie Mud Puppy Dieoff Causing Concern, Puzzlement - Free Press

Study of Songbirds Finds High Levels of Mercury

The IPPC's best case, scenario B1, calls for 530 ppm of carbon dioxide.

Pine Plantations May Be Major Source Of Anthropogenic CO2 - AFP

Application Filed for First U.S. Commercial Wave Energy Project (50 MW OR)

breakthrough my favorite- "why the hell don't they"

Ontario Power Authority fails to phase out coal, wants 12 new nuclear

Basement coral farms may save reefs (AP/CNN)

New Dem Green Platform? What would Gore say?

New Theory Puts Intriguing Spin On Milankovitch Cycles - AFP

When The Gift Of Life Becomes Deadly

Energy Strapped Calif. Gets Heat Warning

Chinese Cops Bust Smuggler With Panda Cub Fur - Reuters

Oil Prices Climb Above $75 a Barrel

Satellite Data Confirm Spikes In Temps, Pollution Throughout UK - BBC

July Hottest In Netherlands For 300 Years - Reuters

Summer sun brings sunfish shoal {to Cornwall} (BBC) {mola-mola, jellyfish}

Wind power dilemma for Lewis (BBC) {Not In My Peat Bog}

Methane makers yield to science (BBC) {bacterium genome sequenced}

Tornado In Turin, Germany @ 39C, 40 Dead So Far In EU Heat Wave - AFP

David Pimentel Responds: ethanol debate..

Rachel Corrie... Remember her?

A much-needed Palestine-Israel history lesson from "Jews for Justice"

UN official accuses Hezbollah of 'cowardly blending' among civilians

Praying for Hummus, Getting Hamas

Highest security open-air prison on earth

4 killed when Israel bombs U.N. post

Israeli shelling kills 6 Palestinians; Palestinian PM seeks U.S. intervent

JOSHUA FRANK: Kidnapped in Israel or Captured in Lebanon?

Israelis accused of 'human shields' tactic

Hezbollah Says 25 Fighters Killed In Israel's Campaign

Israeli ambassador to Norway submits complaint to press watchdog

Israel Establishing Security Zone in Lebanon, All-Out Attack Imminent?

Sheba Medical Center to treat Lebanese for free

Nations Reluctant to Commit Troops to Lebanon

ANALYSIS: Hezbollah cell based in Tyre wreaking havoc on Haifa

Time for another informal 9-11 poll!

Highwayblogging 9/11 Activist's Sign Gets TV Time

False Flag

Hey ERD! Give this Help thread in GD a little Love and K&R!

Hursti - Votoscope - free, open source software

So what IS the CA-50 case about?

Dumbest newspaper editorial in favor of e-voting ever (Busby Bilbray race)

tavis smiley on e-voting

Progress in New Mexico

Diebold Reports a 46 Percent Profit Drop

Voter Action Litigation Update July, 25, 2006

The Real Scoop on Security of E-voting - Brennan Center for Justice at NYU

Plan for November: Vote by Absentee Ballot--BOYCOTT the machines!

Mexico Electoral Fraud Unveiled

Is there something we as the Iowa DU community can do?

Boswell goes to work for our veterans

Super pork about to land

Help save the River Oaks Theater!

Trans-Texas Corridor - Public Hearing in Dallas, 7/27

Texas Farmers Furious Over Superhighway

Henley fundraiser, Thursday, July 27th

I've included the Chris Bell for Governor in my sig line

WALNUT GATA recipe.... where art thou??!!

I've started a cooking blog

Wanna drool? Check it out

Doom and Gloom Mini-Rant

Some Statistics Canada data on dual citizenship

Rescue tab kept secret

Fort Chipewyan cancer rate is not elevated

NATO role spells trouble for Harper

US heat stretches energy supplies

Chavez in Russia for arms deals

dupe delete

Religious left gears up to face right counterpart

Australian peace activist cleared(helping disable a US navy plane)

Lebanon says will call for cease-fire

US judge overturns Cuba book ban

Congressman Seeks Okla. Governorship

Venezuela, Belarus allie against 'US imperialism'

Attorney's Offices' Staffing Is Decried, (2 lawmakers upbraid Gonzales)

Democrats blast Maliki on Israel statements

BP Reports $7.3 Billion Profit in 2nd Quarter

Wounded Iraqi boy to return home after operations (home is Fallujah)

Fighting rages in south Lebanon as civilian toll mounts

Catholic Group Urges Candidates to Return Cash (Stem Cell)

BBC: US seeks Baghdad security boost

Russian oil giant bankrupted

Bush: Lebanon a lot like Iraq in struggle for democracy

(AP) Officials: 7 killed by Israeli missile

Iran, Syria Conspicuously Absent From Rome Summit

Military Intelligence Chief: Syrian army now at its highest state of alert

NYT: Study of Songbirds Finds High Levels of Mercury

Reuters: U.S.-led soldier killed in Afghan violence

Syrian says Israel drives U.S. policy

Gay-marriage supporters launch ad campaign

Top Shiite politician says Iraqis must arm to protect their homes

50 Women Connected to Death-Row Inmate Are Missing

In Mexico, Strains Along Democracy's Path

New Harris Poll: Half of Americans STILL Believe Iraq had WMD

Bush Job Approval at 37%


Senate GOP candidate slams party (Michael Steele - WP source)

BBC - Israeli army says it has killed senior Hezbollah commander Abu Jaa

Four arrested at anti-war demonstration in Haifa

Britain: Two-Thirds See Blair Too Close to Bush, Poll Shows

UN force for Lebanon seems likely: The Age

Syria, Iran lack full Hizbollah control-US official

Israel bomb 'kills UN observers'

Fighting could spark larger war: King Abdullah

6 'death squad' members caught in Iraq

LAT:Gov. (Ahnuld) Confronted by Invited Guests at Campaign Event

Gallup: Bush Job Approval 37% (Drop From 40%)

Fox News Calls Olbermann 'Over the Line'

Rice's Mideast visit draws mixed reviews

Overpasses become activists' podiums - The Boston Globe

Bush: US troop presence in Baghdad to be increased

Iran leader warns of hurricane in Middle East

Teen killed by rocket in Israel

Ba'ath Party Organizes Iraqis To Fight US Forces

Bush: Lebanon a lot like Iraq in struggle for democracy

Israel seeks force of up to 20,000 for Lebanon (peacekeepers)

Bush to Meet With Sudanese Rebel Leader

CIA gives No. 2 job to agent who clashed with Goss

Tropical storm nears Hawaii (Daniel no longer hurricane)

Blanco asks Bush to declare Aug. 29 national day of prayer

49% Consider Embryonic Stem Cell Research Morally Acceptable

Israel says killed senior Hizbollah commander

Orlando bans feeding homeless downtown

Katherine Harris says she's cancer free

Washington Supreme Court to announce same-sex marriage decision

Four UN Observers Killed in Israeli Air Raid on Their Base

BBC: Israel 'to control Lebanon strip'

Saudi Arabia: King Announces 1.5 Billion Dollars for Lebanon

Bill Clinton Praises Joe Lieberman

Greek protesters topple Truman statue in anti-war demo

Rice: US has not forgotten Palestinians

Blacks against Blackwell

Teenager being held as suspect in shootings (I-65 Sniper Shootings)

Rewards roll in for homeless man who found bonds worth nearly $21,000

WP: For One (anonymous) Senate Candidate, R Is Scarlet Letter (amazing!)

Palestinian groups agree deal for return of Israeli

What is Red Mercury?

Ireland worker finds ancient psalms in bog

Police find body of Destiny Norton (5 year old in Utah)

AP: Judge Dismisses Phone Records Lawsuit

Democrats blast Maliki on Israel statements (cancel his talk?)

Judge Lifts Order Requiring Treatment for Virginia Teen Cancer Patient

UN Attacks Look Deliberate: Annan

Rape Victim Denied Morning After Pill by Hospital (Must Drive to Next Co.)

Bill Bans Crossing State Lines for Abortion Without Parents' Permission

Rice meets with Olmert in Israel

Hezbollah Chief: Will Now Fire Rockets Beyond Haifa

Jeb Bush in no hurry to call special session(re crippling insurance rates)

50 percent of U.S. says Iraq had WMDs

I'm drinking cheap crappy bear and I have to wake up in 5 hours

I'm allergic to pot.

Where my TOOL fans at?

The Legacy of Tubal-Cain...

I had promised someone a picture of my BLM mustang,

I'm disappointed in ALL of you

I want this so bad...


ARRRAGRAAA!!!! It's not stopping!!!!!

Woah, there's an episode of the X-Files on that I don't think I've seen.

Federal employees - do you pay into social security?

We saw a pair of the elusive Canadian Lovebird in their natural habitat

I just found BILLYSKANK

Was your high school designed by a person who also designed prisons?

Name a freeper from any reality TV show

Man Gets Prison For Videotaping Michael Jackson

MA & NH DU'rs: If you remember Darrell Martini, The Cosmic Muffin

Missing one car payment wouldn't bring the repo man, would it?

I need some CaliforniaPeggy thread ideas

Geek check: Have you ever made chainmail?

Does this actually work?

I'd love to win an all expenses paid trip to a doctor's office.

Police Arrest Dance Group For Having Simulated Weapons Of Mass Destruction

I just had a total brain dead moment.

"Coming up next: Wynona Sings A Tribute To Led Zeppelin"

Nose picking - yeah or nay?

Anybody want an inkjet printer?

Keith Olbermann on the Tonight Show tonight!

Eureka was pretty cute

Dog Days

Are your city building codes ridiculous?

Myspace DUers.... I started new myspace for PEACE. Will you join?

Any updates from RRR about her missing 13 year old daughter?

Homeless Man Rewarded $4,000 For Honesty

I have a star again! I have a star again!

Video: New jobs for the Emperor (Star Wars)

Ex-Sports Illustrated Model Will Undergo Anger Management Program

Brinkley's husband: 'I'm sorry, I'm stupid'

Meet the All-Blacks

Coming To Broadway: David Hasselhoff, The Musical

Ava abducted by aliens!

Thought for the day....

"The Closer" fans! A question... **SPOILERS**

You fuckers scared away Ava

I just made my last carpayment!!!!

I have the stomach flu

Who said this?

Elderly Man Fights Off Shotgun-Wielding Mugger With Cane

I need some techinical mouse-help with my laptop.

I never knew what anger was. Until I saw my face in a mirror yesterday.

Why do TV sportscasters SHOUT the SPORTS news, especially the NAMES?

AFTER Democratic Underground, which are the next couple of

OH NO! Ava leaves DU!

ask me anything

I need to get ready to go to work now - and I DON'T WANT TO!

I saw Donnie Darko for the first time a few weeks ago...

Ava alienated by duck!

Dude...just let him die....(Polly Klaas' killer)

Do you want Charles in charge of you?

remember that thread on the most unfortunate names for web sites?

"Institutionalized"- Suicidal Tendencies

Lost fans: Is John Locke a psycho or not? NO SPOILER ZONE!!!

RIP, Mako

Computer gurus: How can I take a screen cap from Media Player?

Kittens and Bunnies on a Plane...the horror..the HORROR!

I now know why many marriages fail!!!

WOW! check out this flood photo

I really don't find the ava threads 2 be in good taste

I double dog dare a mod to make a thread and lock it

oh blah-dee, oh blah dah...

Is this thread worthless without pictures?

i'm burning CD's, what you doing...

ROTFL! Great quote from Wolfgang Pauli!

Quick! Don't say ANYTHING! Shhh!

Apparently, I am one of the most evil people on DU.

Anyone seen this bumper sticker around?

Your iPod Top 10 List - post it here!

Collective Soul's "December" - WTF???

Caption this kitty pic.

Why so much fuss over "Cabal"

"O" my those are so blatant

Why so much fuss over "Kabbalah"

I confess. I'm the one driving off DUers.

Soundtrack to today's flame Armageddon?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 7/25/06)

Can I have a cabal too?

Congratulations bloom!! 10,000 posts

Do you tip movers?

Woah. That was wierd

You're a bunch of juvenile backbiting assholes whom I'll always despise

That guy on the Latest/Greatest page looks pissed!

HEyHEY's ode to power ballads thread!

Do you move tippers?

Great news about my West Point DADT protest arrest!

Framed basement walls question

Do your milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard?

Announcing another new Lounge clique

Why bunnies and pancakes?

What is up with the class action suit guy?

Severed Human Hand Found At Stripper's Home

Thread for not appreciating unappreciated DUers

I had to pay $170 for a new tie rod yesterday. Ask why I'm happy about it

Great "Ghost Story" songs

Everyone needs to get down

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Ack! They got me!

So corporate and government entities want to invest based on short-term

Everyone needs to calm down

Did anyone see India Arie on Letterman last night??


Who else loves the Replacements?

Site to check how common your first name is, or was

Kids' Show Host Fired For Starring In 'Technical Virgin' Video

I'm having my first homemade coffee in a week and a half

The makers of Lost & ABC have listened to our complaints

Mama Bear & her 3 Cubs *PIC*

I'm going out to get french fries and some miracle whip lite...

I'm just sad.

What would you do in this situation?

Here's a hot selling book!

Blow up doll helps female motorists feel safer

Aye or nay? "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Gary Numan or Alfred E. Neuman?


Check it OUT! The new little Kitten at our house is a DEM!!!

"'Jeopardy' champ Jennings jabs show" (he's a real hoot, I tell you)

Continue the speculation: Why Ava Left DU.

Pet Cockatoo Dies In Hot Car While Owner Enjoys A Movie

End to speculation: Why Ava left DU.

Musicians: do you get "performance jitters" and how do you get over it?

Microsoft's TouchLight makes 3D hands-on!

15 years ago, we placed a candle in a window for a loved one off to war...

Bob Hope film festival on TCM tonight

"Between the Lions" - The creators HAVE to be on our side!

It's days like this when I'm ashamed that I stole the milk money and spent

Wildcam Grizzlies

I need some advice on buying a chair

VERIZON CELL PHONE USERS - the "insurance" policy.

Are we allowed to start a Chicken Thread again?

It's days like this when I'm ashamed to be a DU'er

Interview tomorrow...please wish me luck!

Soccer, the game of peace: "Football ref stoned by fans"

We're out of potatoes. Time to start deep-frying onions.

You people are evil, hurtful, hateful, wildly ignorant fuckbags

Congratulations sfexpat2000!! 25,000 posts

French police thwart joint-rolling world record attempt

Just trsting my new sig-line.

Okay... once and for ALL...

I'm going to go crawl back in bed.

Who else likes mayo on french fries?

Col. Blake or Col. Potter who is your favorite CO at the 4007

Who here likes flamebait?

Elizabeth Hurley to star in Jordache ads

Poll: How long will it be before we no longer need actors for films...

What's for dinner?

Am taking a (Scottish) Gaelic class this Fall

YOUTUBE: videos that make your brain turn to goo...

Bird owners - a female red canary. Worth buying?

Locking this thread....

Man Indicted for Allegedly Sucking Woman's Toe at Public Library

When I win the lottery tonight and notice I said when and not if....

Congratulations Fenris!! 20,000 posts

Its here! Its here! Its here!

Darts. They're showing darts on ESPN.

Anna Kournikova

How 'bout a big DU welcome to my GF, CraftyGal

Death sometimes comes in a dream

Want to see one of my cats being super cute? (Dial-up warning)

Being an adult sucks!

beatles trivia question

This is the miss_american_pie appreciation thread.

Just called my credit card company. A NICE Indian woman helped me but....

Lost thread

5 Thought-provoking Questions for a Tuesday.

Post a pic of your sexiest lingerie/undergarment!

Thunderstorms headed to St Paul tonight

my son is pushing a trash can in circles around the kitchen.

This dude...


I had the greatest conversation of my life RE: women last night

DU UPPITY Women's Club members check in

Anyone ever prank people by signing them up on silly mailing lists?


Disco-era DU'ers: The Hustle. Why? Why? Why?

Announcing a new lounge clique.

Baseball awards...who will be MVP, ROY, and Cy Young winners?

I propose a European DU Meet-up...

"When the rapture comes, you'll wish you had a Jesus sticker on your car."

Tuesday, July 25. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

What sort of wild eyed liberal are you?

How many actors, singers, or other celebrities have been elected as Dems?

Anyone want to guess why the hell my ex still calls me?

What's the Jewel of your collection?

Petition to resurrect ATA.

Special Agent Dana Scully Attacked by Giant Killer Gecko! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Ferrets on a Plane!

Best Gummi Food

What's your favorite/least favorite thing in Disneyland.

People suck!

I'm making chocolate fudge pudding. Anyone care for some with me?

bridgit, peace out...

"Insinuendo" - I love this quasi-word

UPDATE: regarding reyd reid reed's daughter ...

I'm really lucky my cat isn't dead, I think.

how much are you spending per month on gas now?

Words and phrases that mean little or nothing to me......

ATTN: August/September babies!!

Should people who put ketchup on hot dogs be executed?


Project Runway - *spoiler*

What animal are you?

"I {heart} Beirut" TOO!

Upstate NY cat lovers....

I might rail on Rachael Ray at times, but at least she cooks food -

I'm here to clear some things up

How many of you buy stuff from Alchemy Gothic?


George Carlin ROCKS

Other differing thoughts on prayer

How many people here believe in their religion enough to kill those

There must be 50 ways to love your liver, here are two

There must be 50 ways to harm your liver, here are two

Finches named for Darwin are evolving (AP/CNN)

Costa Rican lab to test plasma space rocket (Reuters/CNN)

Needing suggestions. . .

Evidence of hydrocarbon lakes on Titan

Seattle Archbishop lies to promote bigotry and discrimination

The first ever World Outgames starts this weekend in Montreal

(Sir Ian) McKellen Breaks Pentagon Gay Policy

Does homosexuality exist in the animal kingdom?

Harold Reynolds sacked at ESPN?

Is anyone here familiar with

A spin Letter From Nicholson to Sen Durbin

Kerry at Faneuil Hall July 31: Fixing Health Care

what did Ed Schultz just say about JK?

When will it end?

Boston Herald howler:

Kerry Letter Re Maliki

OT: I used to like Jonathan Alter - but he supports Romney?

Did Kerry not participate in the Bolton vote last year? I am having

Is it true that Kerry is going to campaign for Lieberman?

The future of World Cup soccer...

***PORTALS***FINAL POLL is up in the lounge

Countdown Newsletter: 07/25/06: Urgent Diplomacy?

LOL poor Fox...Not

Looks like Keith will be on Jay Leno tonight

IAF hits weapons warehouse in Gaza

PLease send this to everyone you know and ask them to send it on.Thanks, A

Message from Thom Hartmann

How about this proposal for election reform?

Finally saw a pro Angelides ad. He's running against Ahnold

Ayoon Wa Azan (Voices Against the Israeli War)

60 Minutes ....repeat

Does it really matter about race ?

Relax everyone. We sure could ALL use one of these . . .((VIDEO))

If the US called for peace between israel/lebanon

Lebanese Shi'ites welcomed Israel's 1982 invasion--at first

Are there any nations we haven't pissed off or threatened yet?

What would happen if the U.S. Stopped giving Billions a yr. to Israel?

61 percent of Brits: Israel overreacting

Hey Israel, You Missed One!!!

Condoleezza Rice's anti-Russian stance based on sexual problems

Condi's fantasy ride

Syria was a major US ally against Al Qaeda--until 2002, anyway.

So are the crazy bastards in this WH contemplating bombing this too?

General Herzog (IDF) on C-Span. Scary times 2.

Pakistan Expanding Nuclear Program

How many people here believe in their religion enough to kill those

"Tough but smart" a line that actually works so does "Neocon Fantasy land

As long as Shia and Sunnis fight and bicker with each other, the US

POLL: BUSH LOSING TotalFuckingMoron SUPPORT: Hilarious!

Is it true that Democracy Now is to the left what Fox is to the right?

Is it only a "left fringe" of the Party that does not support Israel?

US Arab group sues Rice, Rumsfeld over Lebanon evacuation

Mother of all gerrymandering......earmark an island for wars.


Tweety on Imus: "We need a stronger and smarter president next time".

No bombing in Beirut while Condi on the ground there. Bombing by

Hooward Stern against Lieberman

wasn't joe lieberman the first one to place his two feet on the senate

Hannity Shocker: Hannity comes out as Pro-Choice!

C&L: Colbert roasts Ralph Reed and the Christian Coalition

A nation that desires to be the #1 superpower is a sick & dangerous one.

James Dobson Beats His Weiner (Dog)

I wish our Democratic leaders would get tougher on bush.

Repub Candidate: R=Scarlet Letter+Iraq=Failure +Katrina=Monumental Failure

37% New Gallup

I Thought When Olmert Was Elected It Was Good News For Moderation.

An interesting time to watch Mosaic

Hizbollah should disarm and joing the Lebanese military.

condi: "Those who want to strangle a democratic Lebanon in its crib"???

Does Hezbollah have access to real time satellite pics of Israel? I know

My 80-year-old uncle called me last night and he was righteously

Michael Grecco coming up on Washington Journal n/t

Has the term "Right Wing Theo-Nazi" been coined yet for the..

Future generations will ask, how did the Neo Cons get away with it?

How can you claim you're brokering a deal when you only talk to 1 side?

Fox News calls Olbermann 'over the line'

Ahh... religion for us all...

Okay, so what is the deal with the power outages?

Anyone up for real time chat?

Not a Pretty Picture


French soldiers to rescue nationals trapped in the south

"A woman was blasted by a trash can while entering..."

PNAC's plan for how to destroy Hezbollah: Invade Iraq????

Dems ask Maliki if he supports or condemns Hezbollah's acts of terrorism

When religion works

Yaay! It's "Constitution Day" in Puerto Rico!

Dear Desperate Democrats-Run Bill Moyers For President: Molly Ivins

U.S. weapons killing Lebanese and people everywhere...

Calls for weapons embargo on Israel

Rules of war?

Once again, a request for our Spanish speakers:

You know what's pathetic?

A question: How many Hezbollah are in Lebanon and how many ....?

Great website for the truth about ALL the lies by the right and others

Ivy Leaguers Leave Lebanon First and Fast Through Private Security Firms

Sheba Medical Center to treat Lebanese for free

Read this description, tell me who it is describing:

The economic stress within Syria is reaching dangerous proportions.

Why is winning in Iraq so much more important than winning in Vietnam?

msnbc - lebanon up to bat

What happened to the "Links" URL for DU?

Diplomacy vs. War ?

leftofthedial's plan for peace in the Middle East

Is "Support Israel" the new "Support the Troops" - ?

50 percent of U.S. says Iraq had WMDs

Karl Rove's on jury duty

Another Option for Net Neutrality

A week from payday, the gas tank reads 1/4

Gay-Marriage Backers Place Ads In Newspapers

For my next President I want someone who is both smart and honest

"Don't Vote For A DumbAss"

Which Is More Loathsome? War For Religion or War For Profit?

Massive Explosions going on in Beirut.

The NYT refers to our puppet living in the Green Zone as the Iraqi PM?

Congress, Institutional Memory, And Israel

Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head .......

How do Atheists view the never ending Mid East conflicts?


Himself is doing a presser right now from the whitehouse...

Global Warming experts, please address these claims

Ann Coulter Censored Again By Newspaper

It's time to repeal the President's Iraq War Powers: by Rep Lynn Woolsey

Richard Perle was a wee bit off

Who is Condi talking about when she refers to "those who do not want

Bush Flip-Flops Yet Again, Says Stem Cell Research Is NOT Murder

Fox News calls Olbermann 'over the line'

Do your *true* friends tell you when they think you are wrong?

NRO Blogger: Blogging for NRO is taking part in the war on terror

Run, don't walk to hear/see Democracy Now - if you have the guts to

Diff Between Authoritarian v. Democratic Govt re: Info Access

Heads up on the Bush pres conference

CNN poll: Should the U.S. join European and U.N. calls for an immediate

? to Bush: 1 Hand You Allow Israel To Kill People/Other You Hand Offer Aid

There was a loud explosion at Dobbins Air Reserve Base

Local man recites Pledge of Allegiance, drops dead.

CAPTION Chimpy and al-Maliki (al-Maliki's face is PRICELESS, btw)

Chavez-Belarus 'pact against U.S.'

In A Media Obsessed Culture Maybe We Need An Actor. Nominations?

I found a great sight for vote tracking....

God, the chickenhawks must be loving it...

The Stupidest Man (pres) in the Room is giving his 3rd-grader level

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan (US embassy warning)

Anyone watching Little Boots on TV now telling the Iraqi PM what the guy

So where's all the polling on Israel's invasion of Lebanon?

Anybody else dread their power bill for this month?!

CAUTION Retards in Area

Aussie Reporter hits on Fred Phelps Jr >>> Video

It's funny...

Mindless fun with Malkin

Groan. Just got a statement from AT&T for $0.00

"We are making enemies faster than we can kill them"

What I think Israel should have done

The Cult Mentality and the Freeps Cultists/GOP Masters

Torque a Tuesday's Tongue, come CAPTION

Propaganda vs Setting the Record Straight.

Has anyone on here watched Greenglass's "Bloody Sunday?

Words of Insight..

Time Magazine- Carnage in Beirut - October 31, 1983

Bush is playing a new game to benefit his wealthy friends

Would you feel like you just had "free and fair" elections if we had...

Bombings Hit Children Hardest

Bolton Still Faces a Difficult Path

"We don't want a "temporary" peace....we want a lasting peace.." GWB

USA Today: Turning 90, NPR's Daniel Schorr still a ‘precious resource'

Is the "Join My Class Action Suit" dude for real?

Birth pangs or death rattle

Where Are King george & Iraqi PM Going Tomorrow?

"Ask the White House" about progress in Iraq

My Toon (* stinky art alert)

U.S. adults believe that the following are true about the war in Iraq:

Karly Rove Was Right on Stem Cell Research?

Lebanon timeline and why the Internet changes everything this time

Congratulations Neocons! Seems A Lot Of Dems Agree With YOU!

Kyra (CNN) just asked Gen. Shepperd about mass graves in Lebanon.

Which Deity do I Plead and Sacrifice to for Peace?

What ever happened to Al Qaeda in Iraq?

Iraqi Speaker, Defended By White House, Says US Invaded With Zionist Agenda

National Journal lists top 50 House Races

C-Span, 8:30, ABA re: Presidential signing statements. nt

Is it me or does that dork on the left on the front discussion page

Why do Israel supporters rationalize behavior?

Combatants For Peace: Former Israeli and Palestinian Fighters Talk...

Why Is Guy Still Going To Vote Republican?

A 'New' Mideast? W's or Osama's: By Robert Parry

Who will self-destruct first?


So how much have Bush and Cheney profited from the rise in gas prices?

Allstate is planning to drop hail & wind coverage for coastal Louisiana

Missing girl in Colorado -- was she found--from DU post yesterday

37% Bush Approval = 5 POINT DROP IN ONE DAY - Rasmussen

Alaskan students strike oil on beach

Saudi King: If peace fails because of Israeli arrogance-there will be war

This Explains Everything

Atheist Conservatives

Today's Bushism: "Faith-based groups exist purely because

I just read this post on and I had to share.....

Hastert spokesman accuses Democrats of "political gamesmanship"

Greatest Presidential Quotes in American History

Peak oil and the poor...

Can you imagine what would happen if...

All threads critical of Israel

CNN --Apocalypse now.. (err...umm great) Thanks a lot

Fake Zombies Arrested On WMD Charges (WTF???)

Executive Orders vs Signing Statements

How Beligerantly do you Defend your Position on Israel and the Middle East

This makes my brain hurt

Suppose a female prostitute were given a White House press pass.

Bush Deserves "Golden Sombrero," Striking Out In Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt

Bush introduces the Iraqi Leaders Initiative

Marines trolling for recruits

VOA: Civilians Bear Brunt of Israeli Bombardment in South Lebanon

Tuesday's Toon (7/25) - Is there an echo in

Continental Airlines Pilot Suspected of being intoxicated

President urges Islamic states to adopt anti-Zionist stance

So why is Ken Pollack the "consultant" of the hour for cable news shows?

The Afghanization of Iraq...

Obama, Durbin: Upping the Ante in Fight for Midwest Wind Farms

RW'ers talk about "Judicial Tyranny"

Obermann Flashes Nazi Salute

Are you responsible for the predictable consequences of your actions?

WAAAH! FOX News calls Olbermann's behavior "OVER THE LINE"!

suddenly occurred to me--Cheney isn't doing all this for some other guy

"Bush will be remembered as a great President 20 years from now!"

Can you name a left-wing MSM pundit?

Impeachment question from a new guy

Prime Numbers and Quantum Physics

Police in Indiana have taken a 17 year-old kid into custody

Let's analyze the MSNBC trend.

Lebanese Devastated In All Sorts of Ways

Fighting for survival, not hatred of Jews

Join in on "The Guy James Show" today

Democrats blast Maliki on Israel statements

Congo election protests go on warpath

Bush's foreign policy is fuelling a nuclear arms race

What were the Israeli casualties due to Hezbollah since 2000?

So, is the Condi plan a done deal?

How much difference is there between the Nazi appointed Vichy goverment...

Killing terrorists is like swatting flies

Hilarious video with Fred Phelps. And I mean hilarious.

Boston Globe article on freewaybloggers:

Imagine if somebody creates a 'Fetus Bomb'

Chronology of the Latest Crisis in the Middle East

I need the help of some sleuthy Duers, we might have something afoot!

Does anyone know anything abou this link?

I am so tired of the US media reporting Israeli statements as though they

Israel is keeping the media out of places they have bombed to until

Peres: "There is not any conflict between Israel and Lebanon."

Anybody have contact info for Bill Clinton to tell him to let Joe go

Lieberman shenanigans at Clinton appearance - VIDEO

Layoffs at IRS will Halve Audits of Wealthy Estates

Leave My Shoes Alone (revisisted).

REPORT: Global Warming Puts 12 US National Parks At Risk

How Being Bush's Buddie Lost Blair (and Britain) Standing in the World

Nice Rats, Nasty Rats: Maybe It’s All in the Genes

Give Peace a Chance (Pic Heavy)

Dick Morris (1984 Interpretation) : ‘Civil War Is Progress’ In Iraq

Bush & Dick Get MySpace Pages...

Update regarding reyd reid reed's daughter...

Cafferty's 5pm Q: "Should the United States send more troops to Baghdad? "

Sad how Israel is now asking for what Arafat asked for when he

Bush open mic comment shows his command of geography

U.S. soldier and a boatload of Afghan rebels die in violence


U.N.Observer group hit by Israeli Fire...breaking on CNN

A much-needed Palestine-Israel history lesson from "Jews for Justice"

I don't blame democrats who campaign for Lieberman

If by chance

Yes, I'm unabashedly sitting here doing nothing but pissing and moaning.

Hezbollah and Mexican Drug Smugglers.

Delay Used Government Staff for Politics AFTER Leaving Congress

Who do you think is running on this platform

Judge dismisses phone records lawsuit

A Question about financing candidates this year...

Our pals in the UAE (who STILL own our ports, btw) said this about Condi:

Tweety on Imus-video up on Crooks and Liars.

Some good news: Fidel visits Che

Depleted Uranium pollution will contaminate Lebanon. Thank you USA.

Email from RW cousin

The Kosovo analogy.

BREAKING: An Israeli air raid struck a United Nations observation post

Stewart makes McCain squirm with pointed questions about Bush's competence

US Gives Israel Green Light To Continue For 10 to 14 More Days

CNN Breaking UN Observer Group Struck by Israeli Fire- 4 Killed

After the Americans break up Iraqi checkpoints suicide bombs soon follow

Race Is Always Part of the Story

Partial Transcript of Tweety on Imus this a.m.:

Beilin demands gov't Declare that Israel is at war in Lebanon

Lou Dobbs just showed the chimp getting out of his 'copter with a tag

Reid/Dubrin/Schumer Press Conference re: Maliki apology

Video: Tweety Says Lack of Iraq War Debate Media's Fault

A mournful mood: "We need a leader who can know & understand PAIN"

We expedited those Bunker Busters to Israel:

NOW THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD: Alberto Gonzales on Washington Journal Wed. 26!

Palestinian Groups Agree Deal for Return of Israeli Soldier

God is sick of humans

My prediction: Hezbollah will completely disband soon

Rice: US Grieves Over Innocent Mideast Victims' Suffering

A picture you rarely (if ever) see in the US press

Caption Stephen Hadley

CNN/Reuters: Israeli airstrike kills four UN observers

Remember Harry & Louise?.. Meet Fred and Margie

Hezbollah needs to be taught a lesson, and Israel needs to be consistent.

Looking For Ned Lamont Radio Ad

Kucinich: US Has Moral Obligation To Bring A Cessation Of The Violence

Local large sign at fundie church, "Give God what's Right,

IRAQ: Unemployment forces female professionals into domestic work

Did anyone hear bush say in the news conference today that he was..

Tweety comes out swinging

Please help Lebanese victims of bombings

there is no "side of the angels" in the ME except that of peace.

Have you read a health insurance plan recently?

So "Twist in the Wind" Tweety Matthews blames IRAN for all of it....

Hello..... Freeper idea not as ridiculous as they think......

Lou Dobbs: "How did we get to this sorry state?" Signing statements!

You have GOT to see this Poll on the Canadian crack down on drugs

Rape victim denied morning-after pill

$55,000 a minute PROFIT. "Why is this okay?"

Every picture tells a story. This one tells a few...

Torture victims in U.S.

Political Bigwigs Get Jury Duty Call

The powers that be do not necessarily represent the people.

Just on CNN: Hassan Nasrallah called Rice's plan for the Middle East

Kofi Annan - Israeli attack on UN "Apparently Deliberate Targeting"

What the HELL is a "sustainable ceasefire?"

To all the advocates of war and violence


Compulsory "OMG THIS IS SOOO FUNNY" crosspost.

Treason BS: Bush HIMSELF Disclosed Financial Tracking Program 9/24/01 >>

Your pick

Frist lacks votes to overcome Bolton filibuster

Calif: Withering heat killing dairy cows, chickens, and turkeys

Bumper sticker idea..........

Speaker of the Iraqi parliament blames Jews for insurgency

As we learned from the build up to the Iraq war......

Are people fleeing Lebanon or Iraq coming to the US?

Interstate abortion bill nears passage

Voinovich’s Case for Bolton: ‘The World Is Going Whacko Everywhere’

I want peace

Hezbollah leader says group did not expect...

I was watching the Fox Report with Shepard Smith

(TOON) Rowson on Iraqi PM's visit to Downing Street

Kofi said he had assurances from Israeli PM not to target that facility.

Hate to say this, but Boxer's neocon ties are showing. Iraqi PM

Anyone Catch Those Poll Results From Jack Cafferty On CNN

Caption this * pic

"Rapture Ready" board interrupts Armageddon to diss Teresa Heinz

Monsanto+ the Pentagon =Roundup-Ready Army In Paraquay

Specter working with ABA task force member to submit legislation this week

anyone listening to this freak on Hardball?

Neocon Fantasy Land

Were people actually laughing AT the questioner during Schwarzenegger's

Bush and Blair trade insults.

I'll say it: Hillary's Primary Opponent is just a better PERSON

F' Impeachment! INPRISONMENT!!!!!!

Does anyone else feel lost right now? The dems are behaving ATROCIOUSLY

Israel is "Bought and Paid For" ---Billion + Billions adds to U.S. CONTROL

16 more dead troops shown at end of Jim Lehrer News hour--so young

What does this 'W' mean?

Under attack? Spread zygotes! Save yourselves! Hurry

Barak told Cheney Israel learned that there’s no way to win an occupation

NYT: Signing statements are notices that Bush doesn't intend to follow law

Do you expect a Democratic pick up in your state?

stupid house/senate Democrats

Imagine for me a teflon Democrat

Does anyone recognize the Israeli "talking points" being used so calmly

To Our War Criminals

Why is Hezbollah Deliberately Targetting Civilians?

Just on CNN: Israel DENIES deliberate targeting of UN Observeration

Most disproportionate response in history of the Earth

Terrific song parody just heard on Thom Hartmann's show

Why is that huge American flag on top of Wal Mart?

N.S.A. Monoriting System (video)

In which fight can you have the most impact on the outcome?

Diebold, RFK Jr. and Abu Gonzales

a word I have heard unsolicited from a wide range of people: REVOLUTION

Israel v. Arabs makes some strange bedfellows

Rush Limbaugh appearing at rallies for a DEMOCRATIC candidate?

American Abu Ghraib general says she met Israeli in Iraq

The Fox News Lies are working: Belief in Iraqi WMD is on the rise again

There IS NO Such Thing As "Collateral Damage"...

Wisconsin Lawmakers Want Islam Teacher Booted

I wonder if

People tell me not to take things so serious

Casualties of war - Lebanon (Warning! Links to Very Graphic Images!)

As we argue, Straussians giggle

russ feingold for president? i love the guy, but i said months ago

Is it right to continue using Iraq as a fighting ground for terrorists?

Cindy Sheehan: Helplessly Hoping

John Dean in MSNBC "Green Room" during Clinton Impeachment (Revelations)

Angelides FINALLY running commercials: "He's a leader, not an actor."

Reflections in Lebanon of a Failed Bush Doctrine

Annan: Israeli strike a"deliberate attack of clearly marked UN post"

WaPo: Bush concealed knowledge of Pakistani plutonium plant from Congress

I nominate Yonatan Shapira for the Nobel Peace Prize

Israel shelled UN compound in Lebanon 1996. 106 civilians killed.

Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes

JUST IN: a letter from Sen. Boxer re: her support for Lieberman. MUST READ

Part 1 and 2 of Greg Palast panel "Assuring Fair Elections" VIDEO >>>>>>>

Sick of RED STATES getting extra tax dollars back- another 2006 motivation

Kerry letter to Bush re: Maliki, and civil war in Iraq


Free tickets to "An Inconvenient Truth"

Global Warming - Signed Sealed and Delivered

"Me and General Casey have agreed..."

So is the "news" going to keep reporting on Israel/Lebanon..

The UN is to be marginalized and disregarded. It's part of the plan.

When Asshat has his pResidental Library built (warning graphic)

Volunteers move pets to safety in Lebanon

Who's this girl who's not leaving Lebanon.....?

If I were a Lebanese citizen I'd be outraged at Hezbollah.

Just another article about weapons trail from Iran to Lebanon


Patrick Fitzgerald sighting at NW Law School, if anyone is interested

My Sister Died Yesterday

Saddam ? No, Truman

No talk heard "like this from the legal establishment since Watergate."

Who here defends Israel's "hammer to the head" destruction of Lebanon?

Screw what's legal.... what about what's right?

Texas Farmers Furious Over Superhighway

Who is Millbank's Secret Republican?

*** Tuesday TOONs: Middle East ***

A simple poll about US-Israel policy

Honest question: How did it come about that the US adopted Israel?

CNN reports today's Rapture Index is at 182...

Look Who Has Been Captured!

An issue of the 1st Amendment and my stupid hillbilly A$$hole neighbor.

Terrorist Freeptards call for murder of Journalists in Iraq

Was it right for Philadelphia Police to Bomb & Burn West Philly? (Lebanon)

What will it take for Americans to take to the streets?

Spotted in my office parking garage

BBC: Israelis accused of 'human shields' tactic

A sure fire way to p*** off freep types

Tasini: Hillary and DLC to struggling workers: "Let them go to college"

"Two different Lebanons"

Democrats Are Not Religious!

New Field Poll gives Arnold an 8-point lead in California

France Outlines Lebanon Plan, Stresses Differences With US

Couldn't Hamas and Hezbollah bring peace in an instant...

I think the Dems are shameful in their attack on Maliki .

DUMP CONDI:Conservatives Say She Is Incompetent & Has Hijacked Bush Agenda

ACLU supporting another bigoted asshole! This time it's Rev. Phelps!

Does Edward Maxwell Von Houten annoy anyone else?

Let's play "Guess Bush's approval in your state!" - SurveyUSA just in

What can we learn from a 15 y/o peace activist?

I noticed something lacking in the DU conversation.

Now that Iraq is a memory. I wrote this song for you.

Newsweek cover, Bush and Air Force One costume

Un-Named State Dept Worker Caught WIth 3 Women, Gov Car, Weapon & A Cooler

For all of those screaming genocide...

Suburban mayor charged with child porn

Gimme Five! Five election reform asst editors that is!

So Bill Clinton thinks it's wrong for one Democrat to challenge another.

Are you concerned about the Green Party draining away some of our energy

With little care towards retribusion:

Considering the *entire* world, who is held in the lowest esteem?

"A woman was blasted by a trash can while entering..."

NYT/Reuters: Religious Left Gears Up to Face Right Counterpart

John Edwards has a Myspace page !

Bush approval rating creeping up according to Rasmussen

Democratic Majority and Judicial Nominations - what does it mean?

2008: The Case for Barack Obama

Rasmussen has the Lieberman / Lamont data up now

Both sides of this conversation are troubling

Is US Using New Experimental Tactical High Energy Laser Weapons in Iraq?

Democrats Seek Changes to Abortion Bill

LAT: Some Democrats Unfurl a Map for a Middle Road

Tuesday Morning 'Fun With Words": "Sustainable Ceasefire"

Gandhi: ninny of the 20th century

Human Rights Watch: Israel Dropping Cluster Bombs on Lebanese Civilians

FAS Wins FOIA Lawsuit Over NRO Budget Documents-Judge Walton

Replacement needed in Senate race.

Come November will you vote pro-terrorism or anit-terrorism?

Lynn Woolsey calls for Repeal of Iraq War

The Likely Results of Condi's Mideast Vacation

Back from Europe, Gov Jeb Bush jaws with reporters

Another (sort of) Enron related death

ABA Blue-Ribbon Task Force

House Dems Board the NeoCon Koolaid Bus- Blast Malaki on Israel-

Secret 2001 Pentagon Plan to Attack Lebanon (Wes Clark)


Crowley on Imus: Lieberman vs Lamont = Dem War Referendum

Demos Congregate on July 29th -

Why Saudi Arabia is warning Isreal.... (and the US)

who killed the electric car?

Bush Deserves "Golden Sombrero," Striking Out In Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt

So what is an acceptable form of voting machine

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Rapture Ready is ready to fly away (but please donate in

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UN attack looks deliberate: Annan (assurances were given positions

Al-Zarqawi group aims to strike beyond Iraq

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Really interesting book on the media: Tragedy & Farce

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Need help debunking - just got one of those "cute" little

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CBS's Lara Logan saying Koffi Annan thinks Israel deliberately

Shuttle Diplomacy this ain't.....

DLC says they did, DNC spokesman say they didn't.....

Blackwater's top brass - Erik Prince - neo con gang member

No women allowed

B*sh allies in revolt against Condosleazy saying that she is incompetent

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That'll Be The Day

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