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The PM, the mogul and the secret agenda

The Judiciary Strikes Back

Will Olmert’s Stupidity Open a Window of Opportunity?

"It looked weird and felt wrong…" (heavyhandedness of 4th Infantry)

Among Elderly, a Strong Desire to Return Home to NOLA, but Nowhere to Go

Ralph Nader: Here’s How To Halt This Horror

The Empire Leaves Beirut to Burn (Robert Fisk)

It is Time to Replace ALL of the Leaders of the World!

Colombia's Integration Into Plan Puebla Panama

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 253

NOVA Remake of "Why the Towers Fell" 9-5-06

MP3 audio of...

Direct Material Proof of Massive Election Fraud in Ohio in 2004

Steve Freeman, Greg Palast on CSPAN2 7-22-06 VIDEO & AUDIO

Don't forget sprouts

I trying my first shot at brining today


Fuck, I can't stand MacKay.

Tories Have Nine-Point Edge in Canada

Toronto protests against actions in Middle east

Hezbollah fighters seized

Iran's Ahmadinejad tells Israel to pack up and go

Direct Material Proof of Massive Election Fraud in Ohio in 2004

Jordan accused of torturing suspects for U.S.

It's Official - Zell votes in the Republican Primary

Over 60 killed, scores wounded in Iraq

Two killed as artwork 'lifts off'

Congress' 'Black' Budgets Scrutinized

Federal, local officials at odds over disaster preparedness

"It looked weird and felt wrong…" (heavyhandedness of 4th Infantry)

Israel 'would accept' peace force

NYT: In G.O.P. Fund-Raising, Dole's Star Power Dims "She has been lapped"

Rice Open To Working With Syria For Mideast Peace

FDA to Spell Out Rules on Outside Advisers

Bush is flouting Constitution, bar says

Harlem to Clinton: You're Ruining Us

Arabs Press Syria to End Hezbollah Support

Twenty-three killed in Afghanistan after Kandahar suicide blasts

Report: IRS to cut audits on wealthiest

Sectarian break-up of Iraq is now inevitable, admit officials

AP: Lebanon: Captured Israeli Soldiers 'OK'

Iran asks Switzerland to host nuclear talks: newspaper

Chavez tour piques US interest

WP: Pakistan Builds Plutonium Reactor

"The George Will?" ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

My body is dirty and these urges are not natural!

We need to lobby for a pre-quel to Harry Potter.

Hey, Global Warming... FUCK YOU!

Worst best poll you've ever been involved in?

I'm watching a movie where the dog can talk...

Accused Paint Sniffer Arrested Again

need help with a skunk

Never EVER ask an honest question in GD...

I've got it! I know! I'll mow the lawn RIGHT NOW...

List of things 'No Longer Weird'.

It's amazing how much better life looks

Who told Dane Cook he was funny?

Damn you Myspace!

Artwork lifts off and kills two.

I'm going to eat here more often (du warning)

Anyone familiar with these two web development products?


South Park Scientology episode on now.

I cannot stand when people say "Even a stopped clock is right

Any one else watching the Miss Universe Pageant ?

I haven't been around much lately, but...

Came back from an Middle East Peace rally - ask me anything

What would you think of a site that would publish your personal info...

Can't wait for Entourage tonight.

I cannot stand when people say "Wall, dip me in ketchup..."

Stuck in time

OTHER Than NewYawker99... Which Moderator Do You See Posting The Most?

Late night munchies, about to go to bed... what should I eat?

Tonight is my last night in my house

Are there any members of the College Dems on here?

I'm in the UK for the first time!

What is the best multi-vitamin pill on the market?

I'm soliciting stir-fry recipies:

OK, I'm just a little freaked out.

who here has myspace pages?

Explain your sig line.

Newbie Profile Help!

The most disturbing music video ever made

The central park picnic today.

Help Me Choose A Profile Avatar!

DU shrinks and semi-shrinks; help me with a boy girl issue

Think of a person's name. Assign the alphabet number to each letter.

Wait a minute... is that Gong Li I'm watching in this Miami Vice teaser?

OMG.. Barbara Bush finally behind bars

"US snubs Lebanon's offer for t alks" "Rice say ceasefire no quick fix"

Protest at the British Open (Golf) today?

I broke My DU, how did I do that?

The drainage on my street sucks. *Dial up warning*

So how hot was it today where you live?

Is there an Organic group or board here?

Argh. I fucking hate my body!

Do you want to see babies you don't know??

50 and up ,DO you have friends , do you have family ?

Funny Spoof Of The "Hi... I'm a Mac" Commercials

I Met Tom Waits The Other Night

Nighty nite, y'all...

I made sangria

Bands you didn't think you'd like, but ended up enjoying

List your favorite DU Curmudgeons!

Anybody know anything about heraldry?

I cannot believe Scott Adams is married.

What sport has the widest set of required skills?

Think of a surname that's also an ordinary first name!

Has anybody here ever deep fried a whole, peeled potato?

The Dancing Outlaw Jesco White is the Crown Jewel of Appalachia

I cannot stand when people say "let's agree to disagree"

My daughter Lelapin and the boys in the barn... (dialup warning)

I cannot stand when people say nothing.

Is there an Orgasmic group or board here?

Oooh a new bear for HeyHEY

Latvian Gay Pride Meeting Under Siege In Riga ..

Lesbian lead on new Bravo reality show, Workout...

George Michael cruising again.

Chess News for the Week Ending July 23

I caught one too!

Any Scanner Experts?

A little birdie preparing for flight.

Watch your back when Fox News wishes well

Sectarian break-up of Iraq is now inevitable, admit officials

It's time for term limits for members of Congress

Bush to act?

I didn't know I had this much power. Why wasnt I told about this sooner?

coming up 8 pm eastern on CNN "a look into Hizbollah".

Bush Refuses To Estimate Future Costs of Iraq War, Violating Federal Law

Please ignore this post. I mean it. There's nothing here.

Bush's Tactic of Refusing Laws Is Probed

Emergency depot lies empty as Lebanon begs for aid

Group accuses Jordan of torturing for U.S.

I finally figured out the personality flaw of all republicans...

Group (American Bar Association ) decries Bush's law interpretations

Palast, Freeman on Book TV repeat *11:45pm* CSPAN2

Four Year Old Articles About Water

Parts of St. Louis City and County still without power...

The "takers" are destroying this earth.

Was Kerry right about terrorism being a law enforcement issue?

Will Ferrel on George Bush on Global Warming

Bush sets the tone for dictators of the world

Iraq leader meets Blair as security plan fails to halt killing

Syria wants to have its say, but

Tel-Aviv was once a suburb of the old city, Jaffa....

Iraqi Shiites want break with U.S. over Lebanon

Again - "anti-terrorists" have now declared civilians "legitimate targets"

PULLING MY HAIR OUT: Does anyone have a clear stream for AAR?

Bush and his minions have slashed funding for democracy promotion in Iraq

Tom Ricks - We'll be in Iraq for 10 to 15 years

(TOON) Rowson on Condi's trip to the Middle East

Why doesn't Israel have a right to self-defence?

Are You A Gloomy Gus Or A Perky Pete? (Tom Tomorrow)

John Kerry Statement on Israel/Hezbollah 7/22/06

What Wal-mart is doing to America.

Counter-recruiter is in a race to educate military-age teens

Weighing Foreign Forces: Sea Change for Israel--NYT

The president is a saint

Ted Kennedy Statement on The Middle East

U.S. Government Plans Overhaul in Disaster Aid--NYT

Child molesters were often molested as children themselves


I have an idea. Stop the Israel threads and lets work 06!

1 killed in sniper attack on Ind. highway

Calif. could face rolling blackouts-Record energy demands forecast for Mon

FlipFlopper Bush on Gas Prices and OPEC Spread the news...

Calif. Pro-Israel rallies draw political heavyweights - story and pics

They suck

'It Looked Weird and Felt Wrong' | Fighting the Insurgency

Does the WH staff SALUTE Bush?

*I* finally figured out the personality flaw of all republicans...

Nader: US Responsible For Israeli War Crimes

I'm having a hard time looking at CNN's homepage.

Green Party Candidate Denounces Feinstein over Israel

VIDEO-COMING UP: Greg Palast and Steven Freeman on Elections, CSPAN2

The picture on of the mother and baby is gut wrenching

If anybody needs something to listen to tonight.

PBS kids show host fired for 'inappropriate' video

Stephen Colbert Statement on Israel/Lebanon

South Floridians leave home to join Israeli military

Condoleezza Rice: United States' poor relationship with Syria OVERSTATED

Aug. 16 - Bush in Lancaster PA to do fundraiser for Swann

Best Freeper line ever about Stem Cell Research and Bush' Veto

Save the embryos?

Many see accused New Orleans MD as hero

First US Social Forum to be held in Atlanta!

Talk of Hizbollah 'sleeper cells' advances militant group to axis of fear

The effect of video games on violence

Today's Doonesbury

Life is Shorter Than You Think

UN still waiting for Israel to guarantee safe passage of aid to Lebanon

Four children and the cost of war

Frank Rich just comes right out and calls Bush/NeoCons "Crazies"

Watch your back when Fox News wishes well

More Lights Go On in Queens, One Unhappy Block at a Time

The Empire Leaves Beirut to Burn (Robert Fisk)

watching the repeat of MTP-what happened to Russert?

is anyone other than me missing the "latest" and "home" pages?? they

A timely quote:

Lebanon humanitarian corridor open

What do you know about John McWhorter...on CSpan now..?

One area of this ME war that everyone here might agree on...

Reminder: The Review Page of "An Inconvenient Truth" at Yahoo

Bolton eschews "moral equivalency"

UK Govt Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On

Is ("Beloved") Prarie Chapel Ranch for sale?

Progressives and The Lebanon Conflcit

Where are the Lebanese to go?

Number of Signing Statements by George W. Bush

On Signing Statements: Scalia Ends Democracy

Any DU'ers KNOW anyone IMPORTANT

Iran's Ahmadinejad tells Israel to pack up and go

Netanyahu - No Cease-Fire

Queens Blackout: 100,000 people, SEVEN DAYS >

Comparison of a five year period in the average price....

I thought I'd repost this-"Spineless dems do Nothing",,,it's a classic

Nuke Plants In Europe Power Down As Global Warming Dries Up Cooling Rivers

Neighbor's offensive sign targets autistic teen

It's Official - Zell votes in the Republican Primary

Federally Funded Pregnancy Centers Mislead Teens

Can someone explain something to me about stolen elections?

Is it time for a Dem President ...... to call for a form of protectionism?

Karl Rove is no genius …

Is there a hidden agenda in Israel's invasion of Lebanon?

Great idea, DLC!

Why are our Democrats not irate about civilian casualties? Puzzling.

It's Official - Zell votes in the Republican Primary

Washington Post: 8 Key Issues in the '06 Battle for Congress

Simple Question: Does Israel have a right to subjugate another people?

Don't fall into their trap; Don't cede an INCH of Ground!!!

AAR-holics if you have problems with the AAR stream

In G.O.P. Fund-Raising, Dole's Star Power Dims (NYT)

This is how we need to face the issue of abortion

Flip Flopper Bush on Opec and Abortion. The [email protected]#%r I hate him

DUers should rethink "the kiss"

If Iraq breaks up into three countries ........

Sense of humor? Watch this video from YouTube about immigration.

Bush signs Hollywood contract for HUD remake.

A member of Bush's 33% told me something I didn't know.

Afghanistan: did you support this invasion but not Iraq?

A REAL Coalition of the Willing

CT general election: Lamont(D) 40%, Lieberman(I) 40%, Schlesinger(R) 13%

WSJ: Stem-Cell Issue: Republicans' Undoing?

Alaska will soon have a Democratic Governor again...

Are you hosting a July 29th Canvass? Kickoff for Dr Deans “50 State Plan”.

Why holding unrepresentative Dem incumbents accountable is important

Were soldiers told to kill "all military-age males"?

Money Matters: Will Pocketbook Concerns Move Votes?--Wa Po

Arlen Specter - Surveillance we can live with Call him today

No White House Silent Treatment for N.Y. Times

"He Who Cast the First Stone Probably Didn’t"

Time Magazine: "Into the Fray"

None left untouched by daily violence in Baghdad

NY Mag.: Joe Lieberman's War

Who’s Using Humanitarian Aid as a Political Weapon?

San Diego UT: Voting integrity, Challenge to county procedures unfounded

A Love Poem

The Fog of Cable (Or American Cable Knowledge Lacking On ME)

LA Area Most Economically Split in US

Grain drain: Get ready for Peak Grain

Opus Dei Financier is found dismembered under Bridge (UK)

No more Joe (former friend and colleague)

Fight a democracy, kill the people

Independent: Hawking criticises EU states trying to ban stem cell researc

That Raise Might Take 4 Years to Earn as Well(Wages Stagnant for grads)

Jeanine's Love Line: Faint of Heart on Hubby Al (Jeanine Pirro flames out)


Iraqi Shi'ite Militia ready to head to Lebanon to fight

UK Govt Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On

Prepared to astronauts them die

Don't tie Lebanon down with a solution in Palestine - Lebanon Daily Star

Jewish, Israeli targets in U.S. put on heightened alert

Please help vote these right wingers down.

Paul Craig Roberts article on Israel's bombing of Lebanon

Capital Times: Bush Has No Shame (Good Editorial)

Bush's Plan for "Serial War" (Wes Clark)

BP, Shell May Say Profit Rose on Oil Prices, Refining Recovery

The Great Lakes Going Down?

Nuke Plants In Europe Power Down As Global Warming Dries Up Cooling Rivers

Higher beer prices coming..

An Electric Car

The highest temperature ever recorded in South Dakota was yesterday.

Fuel efficient hybrid locomotive manufacturer has trouble meeting demand.

Honda Plans New Dedicated Plant For Hybrid Components - Reuters

Jellyfish Prompt Generation Cuts At Japanese Nuclear Power Plant

Royal Society Lashes Out At Lords Report, Presses Economists To Act

World 'needs new wildlife body' (BBC)

Rare Middle East bald ibis tagged (BBC)

Toy hydrogen-powered car offers glimpse of future (AP/CNN)

MySpace shut down by US heatwave (BBC)

The Independent: Amazon Rainforest 'could become a desert'

Polish Agriculture Minister - Grain Harvests Down 20% From 05 On Drought

Survey Shows Warming Worry Among Hunters, Fishers - NOLA

China's Death Toll From TS Bilis Jumps To 612 - New Typhoon Coming - AFP

Brisbane Considers 1200 KM $7.5 Billion (AU) Pipeline

UK Home Insurance Costs To Soar As Warming Speeds Subsidence - Telegraph

High Temps May Be Reason For High Whale, Dolphin #s In Scotland - BBC

Stockyards Swell With Cattle That Can't Live On Pasture Thanks To Drought

Tidal energy, fish habitat at odds in debate (Kennebec River, Maine)

Xpost - 150 more US coal plants might be a bad thing

I thought Isreal was supposed to have this bad ass army

Why is Israel where it is?

Ugly Truth: An Open Letter to the Peoples of the Middle East

Jewish Virtual Library's Fact Sheet on Proportionality (July 20, 2006)

Israeli filmmakers slam gov’t policy in Lebanon, Gaza

Olmert backs joint EU-Arab force for south Lebanon

Jenin massacre syndrome

Could having an anti-Israeli position be an indicator of anti-Semitism?

Two Lebanons - before and after - civilian and military

Hezbollah digs in deep

16 IDF soldiers wounded in S. Lebanon, 5 from friendly fire

'The focus should be on Damascus'

Israel lowers expectations over Lebanon conflict

JAMES KUNSTLER: The Widening War

Three Killed In Gaza Shelling

Can Israel Win? (Israel Is Losing?????!)

10 soldiers hurt in Lebanon battle

Palestinians: IDF shell kills at least two in northern Gaza

Do you consider the 9-11 Commission's explanation...

I suppose this is my biggest question.

Was Osama bin Laden a WILLING patsy in the 9/11 attacks?

9/11 truth candidate running for Congress in Florida

Has this been viewed and discussed?

Sibel Edmonds thinks evidence is leaning to 9/11 as an inside job!

Morgan Reynolds 9/11 Truth interview in Chicago.

Subpoena List

Bev Harris has slipped completely into paranoid delusion

LandShark retained for San Diego election struggle!

ED: Dems Focus on False Charges against Blackwell Disservice to Ohioans

Taking Back Our Elections, One Precinct at a Time (w/poll)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Monday, July 24, 2006

Vilsack/Bayh "selling out Iowa sounds like a good plan" DMR

Blogosphere conference call with DVO

Chris Bell could use a little support on Daily Kos

Bell and Van Os will ride the Texas State Railroad this weekend

WSJ Poll: Strayhorn in the toilet (Perry's lead shrinks, Bell remains 2nd)

Avocados ripening FAST.... no Guac ingredients!!

Would that still be considered a measured response, Stephen?

Half think Harper too pro-Israel: poll

Israel warns it will hit 10 buildings for every rocket fired (AFP)

US House panel cautions against nuclear arms race in South Asia

Reid, Labor Key Factors in Nev. Caucus Bid

Interior Report:Indian trust officials violated ethics rules in contract

US torture of Iraqis "routine"

Navy orders TB tests for 6,000 sailors

Pakistan building new reactor?

BBC: Rice arrives in Lebanese capital

Israeli Copter Crashes Near Lebanon Border

WTO global trade talks collapse

More US troops for Baghdad as violence rages

EU mulls stem cell research ban

McKinney's grip on district weakens

Arrested Bush dissenters take legal action....

ACLU files suit on behalf of Fred Phelps group

Three Killed In Gaza Shelling

Blair facing pressure over Israel

Reid Puts Nevada In Spotlight

Jefferson political prospects still bright (??)

Talabani: We won't let Turkey conduct a military operation in Iraq

Israel lowers expectations over Lebanon conflict

ABA: Bush violating Constitution

No White House Silent Treatment for N.Y. Times

AP: Harry Olivieri, Creator of the Philly Cheesesteak, Dead at 90.

Seeking safety, Iraqis turn to militias

Iraqi PM eyes further withdrawals

More troops might hurt, not help, some Iraqis say

NYT: Wary Iraqis Are Recruited as Policemen

Hundreds of Taliban assault police post

Murtha renews call for Iraq pullout deadline

Lebanon crisis 'threatens Iraq peace'

LA Area Most Economically Split in US

None left untouched by daily violence in Baghdad

NYT: To Flee or to Stay? Family Chooses Too Late and Pays Dearly

Ex-Philippine official admits illegally possessing U.S. documents

Clinton: "It's the American Dream, Stupid" (At last, a strategy for Dems!)

Senior Iraqi army officer criticizes US security approach

Pakistan demands more military helicopters from United States

EU to continue stem-cell research funding

Iran accuses US of trying to change the map of the Mideast

Bolton thankful for shift on vote by Voinovich

Israeli Military Helicopter Goes Down

DU's LandShark on board in San Diego, fighting illegal election there!


Maliki insists Iraq will not slide into civil war

Family Upset About ("CAUTION RETARD'S IN AREA") Sign In Neighbor's Yard

"Littlest Victims Suffer" by Carl Penhaul on CNN, Headline News - Lebanon

US military plans to maintain current troop levels in Iraq

NYT: Hospital Giant HCA Is Close to a Record Buyout (led by Frist family)

Al-Maliki predicts surge in killings

Democratic leaders lay out vision for success in 2008 election

NYT: U.S. Government Plans Overhaul in Disaster Aid

U.N. Chief Accuses Hezbollah of 'Cowardly Blending' Among Refugees

Seven Lebanese civilians, including two children, killed by IDF; 42 wounde

Gaddafi says Libya came close to building bomb

LAT: Stage 2 Power Emergency Declared for CA (rolling blackouts possible)

Seizures of Canadian Drugs Rise (Rx's)

Arab group to sue U.S. government over Lebanon evacuation

Refugees bombed as they flee to coast

Lebanese hospital struggles with wounded

Spanish Court Tosses Terror Conviction

Senior British MP calls for halt on weapons exports to Israel

Israel using cluster munitions in Lebanon: rights group

In Surprise, Rice's Trip to Mideast Begins in Beirut

Santorum slips behind in new poll; Latest polls put Democrats up two in Se

US Senate Candidate Arrested For Rape And Assault (Dickerson - MD)

Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Ready To Join Fight (Sadr ready to aid Hezbollah)

New Orleans families may dig own graves

(Tony) Snow apologizes for ‘murder’ statement (with stem-cell research)

Thousands back Israel in Ukraine rally

Marine Corps Looking for MySpace Buddies

US embassy put on terror alert

(Hillary) Clinton says Bush years 'hard on science'

Conyers V. Bush

Mideast violence may raise odds of US attack-experts

No security clearances revoked over Plame (CIA still investigating leak)

Hezbollah envoy: War on Israel to Widen

US military targets death squads; two American soldiers killed

ATI and AMD to merge in $5.4bn deal

Stanford professor stumps for electoral (college) alternative

G6 talks collapse

Tirade By US Rep Kills Trade Talks

Will Mexico Soon Be Tapped Out?

Oil billionaire Pickens campaigns for horses

(Bernie) Sanders tells supporters to abandon Bush impeachment idea

Judge says book on Cuba must stay

Lebanon president says Israel uses phosphorous arms

VA's ongoing care for brain-injured veterans falls short

Democrats pin hope on ‘American dream’ (new DLC initiative)

Bush Told To Plan For Chávez Oil Shock

Are FEMA trailers ‘toxic tin cans’?

Peace prize winner 'could kill' Bush

McCloskey bucks GOP, backs Democrat

Blackouts as US temperatures soar

Gunmen hit radio station in Oaxaca

Urgent need for ceasefire: Rice

I can't believe it's not butter!

HypnoToad: too wired, or just wired enough?

Buying a new laptop! What do we think about MacBook Pro?

Gahhh!! I fucking ate my body!

easy to get addicted

I bet if I/P stood for Iceland and Peru ...

Name three DUers who are named Jobycom!

Hot? Anybody needing rain? We can guarantee

The Japanese are screwed up!

Post here and I will read your post and think to myself . . .

DU Treat of the night: Wallace & Gromit: War in Iraq

12:11 a.m. and it's still 74 degrees

I'm back from vacation

Hi, honey, I'm home!

Good Monday morning DU lounge early birds. It is the

Goosebumps? Who wants goosebumps?

Members of Steely Dan demand apology from Owen Wilson

Is Animal-Hording a mental disorder? (you know 1 person - 500 cats)

My brother just got laid off

How many of these things did you have or do you have?

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

300 Santas Converge On Branson, Mo For Convention

He is a loathesome, offensive brute, yet I can't look away


Kim Catrall TV add in New Zealand pulled for being too sexy (with ad)

"This is the author's opinion, not necessarily that of Starbucks"

More important? a woman's looks or ability?

50 marathons in 50 states over 50 days????

Happy Birthday Anna Paquin (Rogue from X-Man and Oscar winner)

Truck Carrying Tomahawk Missile Overturns (in New York)

Sideshow Bob wins an Emmy!

Have the schools in your area eliminated or reduced recess?

CNN/Reuters: Newly crowned Miss Universe faints

do you ever post when you are intoxicated?

What have the Romans ever done for us?

snakes on a plane? pft, i wish it was that easy...

I was also told there aren't enough threads about Zamfir

best onscreen kiss

OMG! "Project Runway" controversy and on prime time

Aaack! Chain letters! Aack!

Cops Use 26 Bullets To Subdue Pit Bull

Not enough BBQ pork appreciation threads here at DU

More than enough band appreciation threads here at DU

Not enough Hawkwind appreciation threads here at DU

not enough Duke Cunningham appreciation threads here on DU

Congratulations HereSince1628!! 10,000 posts

So the second night of our class reunion, I won a birdhouse

A song for LaraMN...

Not enough Tom DeLay appreciation threads here on DU

Man Rips Apart Windshield With Bare Hands In Fight With Ex-Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Johnkleeb and thank you for helping me ...

Shake'n'Bake appreciation thread!!!

Man Recovering From 1,000 African Bee Stings

Clean Underwear?

More important? Women who value a man for his looks, or his ability?

Not enough Triumph appreciation threads here at DU

Not enough Triumph appreciation threads here at DU

Not enough Steely Dan appreciation threads here at DU!

Send your love..........

A good DVD burn program? Please?

Need 189 clicks - Bush Gropes Merkel to Ludacris Song (30 sec. video)

Not enough appreciation appreciation threads hear at DU

Not enough DU appreciation threads here at DU

Not enough "Disco" threads HEAR on DU

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

my p.c. fought off a worm a few minutes ago

Not enough "April Wine" appreciation threads on DU

Not enough Bill Evans appreciation threads here at DU!

What was that quote from Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" ???

Not enough The Eagles appreciation threads here at DU!

show me your root :)

How many here use energy saver light bulbs.

Great lines you've said while interacting with a possible S/O?

AP: Harry Olivieri, Creator of the Philly Cheesesteak, Dead at 90.

When you eat M & M's

MISS UNIVERSE Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza of Puerto Rico crowned , collapses

One thing nice about working for yourself is...

CaliforniaPeggy: too wierd, or just wierd enough?

Did I stumble upon a rib festival on my way to the Lounge?

show me your tits :)

Looking for a Churchill bio

I cannot believe HEyHEY is an asshat.

I cannot stand sitting

Not enough asshat appreciation threads here at DU.

whoah - stream this - "nine mile"

Someone's got to say it: The "I'm a Mac" commercials SUCK!

so, think you got problems - Divorce costs husband estate won from Henry V

This Thread Is In Praise of The Radiators

Do you HIRE people? Or ANYONE: Help re: good looking job application!


Not enough Karlheinz Stockhausen appreciation threads here at DU

Anyone have more news from reyd reid reed RE: her daughter?

I cannot believe Donny Osmond is a Democrat.

I don't care what anyone thinks - I love 'Will & Grace' and 'Friends'

I cannot believe Howard Dean is a Democrat.

Capt. Shagnasty & the Loch Ness Pickle appreciation thread

A special coded message for Billyskank: The Soap Is In The Closet

Create your own "Snakes on a Plane" sequel

Revenge is a dish that is best served cold...

Ok. Slow down people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who the heck gets a nasty cold in the middle of summer?!

I cannot believe Sarah McLaughlin is a racist.

It's 80 degrees here now in Upstate New York

I want to see some locked threads here! Why aren't you people naughty?!

Is there a way to password protect a file or folder but not my whole

I cannot believe that Brick Tamland is a Republican

Worst (or anyway oddest) rock n roll knighthood

A question for all blond DUers

I lied to my parents. Ask me anything.

I cannot believe HEyHEY hates polar bears.

107 should not be a temperature

Well its goodnight from me..

Silly idea association just popped into my head

Good grief! Time for *MORE* Post photos of your favourite band!

I have more happiness than I deserve

Houston company to launch 'Star Trek' actor's remains into space

I like putting Fresh Flies on my Hamburgers.

Simulating Navy Life

Silly question about your partner (couples only):

What are you using as your "home page"?

MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The backwash in living color!

A Secret Peek at Rabrrrrrr's Latest Art Project!

It's seeing real artists like Thelonious Monk that make me hate Billy Joel

If I had a choice, I would, right now..........

How are you crazy?

The all-time top-grossing films:

reyd reid reed - I have some information!!

Bush joke

Beerkat Manor

World Record Motorcycle Jump Fails (Rider Hospitalized) - VIDEO

Habits (of your cohabitant{s}) that drive you bonkers?

Mmmmm giant mackerel sauce flavour ice cube

"Supposed to be cooler today" My ASS!

Good to be back....

Outer-space sex carries complications

O dear sweet Jesus!!

An easy way to send a note to the troops.

Computer Experts... Flash graphics

Never kiss your cat's belly right after eating a peach n/t

From freecycle -- baby clothes -- what would you do?

I have spam for "Christian Homeowners" and "Christian Debt Removal"

Habits (of your cohabitant{s}) that drive your boners?

Have you just about had it with SUPERHERO MOVIES?

Video! Watch some guy make a pass at Fred Phelps Jr. Hilarious!

I cannot believe Scott Baio is a republican.

"Pinky and the Brain" Season 1 Out on DVD Tomorrow!

Monster House is a pretty good flick. (No real spoilers).

How many so-called "controversial" musical acts do you like?

Wow! Another boner!

Oh NO! Not "How Deep Is Your Love!"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/24/06)

In Two Panels, 'Candorville' Captures RW Iraq/Stem Cell Hypocrisy

Not enough Molly Hatchet appreciation threads here at DU

FINALLY got electricity back! 5 FUCKING DAYS LATER!

Is it wrong that this creeps me out?

Baby Bunnies in a Car! And there's not a god-damn thing we can do about it

Who can name these two gentlemen?

Baby bunnies - personality plus!

Jungle love....oooyee oooyeee oooh!

More important? Men who value a woman for her looks, or her ability?

My dear friends........Recently I ran across this quote.......

Monday, July 24. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

What song titleby which group would best describe yourself?

Happy birthday JohnKleeb!!


My parents think I'm a loser for wanting to go back to college.

Rainier Cherries

DU magicians, check in!

What's your favorite Monk?

The neigbor kids told me my dog was smelly,

How do you deal with snakes on a plane?

Not enough Supertramp appreciation threads here at DU!

Is there anything more beautiful than a confident woman in her 30's?

I finally got some shorts I don't hate- why didn't I check the men's

Post pictures of yourself when you were younger.

Threads extolling '10000 Maniacs' are few and far between on DU.

GoPsUx's thread made me wonder, do you post your info?

If you're 30 or over - post a pic

Is there too much blood and gore around the world for you to support Gore?

Have You Exercised Today?

Maria Bartiromo pronounces every "s" as a soft "sh". It's getting worse.

I like putting French Fries on my Hamburgers.

Whats your real first name ?

I saw "Scanner Darkly" this weekend

Do you want to see boobies you don't know??

Not enough Pink Floyd appreciation threads here at DU!

****News regarding our dear KitchenWitch****

Do you support Pat Robertson?

Answering the Call--DLC asks Democrats to talk about Religion in America

Why is this happening?

Freezer Meltdown - need advice

Dark and Distant Heavenly Bodies Revealing the Secrets of Star and Galaxy

Ocean-dwelling 'Gummy Bears' transport carbon, help atmosphere

Help me DU'ers! I'm moving...

And yet another Bengal in trouble

Angry jockey does a Zidane to his horse

DUer w/ missing 13 y.o. daughter needs help

As per Mother Earth's suggestion, testimonial thread re: "the Secret"

White light experiment #1, Joe Lieberman.

Hearings this week: Not that busy

A bracing Chimes at Midnight Monday morning post

Election fraud from 2004 again

It's nice to be back!

Kerry seeks to increase investment in low-income areas

Payback's a bitch

Negative political ads may fire up voters

Can you ever have too many portals?

Have you guys been over to Nikon Cafe?

Anybody here have experience/opinion with Olympus

Did you all see these photos in GD?

Yellowstone trip -- Part I

KO on ESPN'S Sportscenter Monday...

"It Looked Weird and Felt Wrong" (Ricks on aggressive tactics in Iraq)

Afghans warned over US cluster bombs that resemble food aid - 10/30/2001

UN says US 'feeding Taleban' while Afghan civilians starve - 10/15/2001

Almost 6 years of this horror , how much more ?

Reuters: **Rice calls for "urgent" ceasefire but Lebanon war rages on**

Israeli army captures two Hezbollah operatives

War must be stopped immediately, argues Israeli journalist

Tipster exposes mutual fund scandal

The Genetic Secrets of Longevity (Techn. Review article)

A Pale Blue Dot

Who holds more sway over Bush, the Israelis or the Saudis?

Most Americans still think Iraq had WMD's! Goebbels would be proud

CNN: Saudis call for cease-fire; more on the Rice "ceasefire" remarks

Nancy Grace

NEXT LEFT NOTES (SDS), Letter to Hillary Clinton

this says everything you need to know about bush`s foreign policy

2,565 U.S. troops now dead in Iraq

Republican Physicians Voice Strong Support for Embryonic Stem Cell Researc

this poisioning food supplies

Cease-Fire Us vs Them?

DU this poll.

She Ran Against Jeff Sessions In 2002! For That She Deserves Support!

first mad cow now Anthrax

Of course * resists a cease fire, he wants to usher in "the rapture"

Dropping bombs on cities is just a shitty, cowardly way to make war.

Israel's anti-war voices struggle to make an impact: BBC

Doonesbury today--- It is so sad for America that this is probably true

My LTTE - WaPo: Eight Key Issues

Right now, the Republicans and press are making a big stink about

Opus Dei Financier dismembered..

When did the war in Iraq end?

Democrats, Republicans line up to back Israeli war crimes

Christopher Shays and his "noble venture" and his "regrets"

Putin's plan shuts out US oil Giants

Help Clue the Clueless: Oaxaca

I believe (I could be wrong) that many of those in DU who bad-mouth Israel

Brad Blog

A Victory for Lamont is a Victory for the Democratic Underground.

c-span - ABA on presidential signing statements 10 am edt

CNN/Reuters: Newly crowned Miss Universe faints

The bizarre inversion of the political landscape in the USA in the 20th c.

Chavez lauds Belarus leader as "friend"

The reality of electronic voting

Nickelodeon has teamed with the Clinton Foundation and the AHA for a

Will be seeing Barney Frank in an hour...what should I ask?

Light pollution--stupid question for DU environmental scientists

Right Winger has the NERVE to compare Valerie Plame with Paula Jones!

CNN: Iraqis are becoming increasingly fearful of their own security forces

Re the UNITED NATIONS: WTF is Bolten doing??? Where is hisLEADERSHIP

Like those dumb personnel software

Do we have to ask Russia or China to save the world ??

Freeway Sniper

Have you forgotten everything that I wanted?

Robert Fisk: Israelis Bomb Fleeing Villagers.

Peak Oil discussion on WPR (usually a good program) 9am CST

Rice Arrives in Battle-Scarred Middle East

Frists to sell HCA for $21 billion

Pakistan Expanding Nuclear Program-Capacity To Build 40-50 Bombs A Yr

Why did Bush sign so many "signing statements"?

Do You Trust George Bush?

Clinton era U.S.-Russia program for safeguarding plutonium fizzles

Can nuke plants and chemical plants be built on the same sites?

Is there a list or website..

Mike Royko Who Died In 1997 Wrote A Great Column About War In Iraq

(PHOTOS) Ned Lamont and Maxine Waters on the campaign trail

CAPTION the two-timer and the two-timed...

What The Hell Is The Secret With bu$h's Poll Numbers?????

Why did Rice and the State Dept. switch and admit talking to Syria?

Bu$h values life ('Toon)


Impeachment: The Why and the How.

Another day in bushworld.....What new horror awaits us today?

question: what's the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter?

Rice's Statement On The Trib Front Page

My LTTE on Lieberman makes the Hartford Courant

Does Bush have legal authority to attack Syria or Iran...?

This Zimbabwean law is probably giving Bush and Rove a hard-on

YAY! Condi saved us from World War 3!!!

Homeland Code Talkers

Rice to the Middle East

Poll on Sean Ha*nity's site: over 70% say Israel has gone too far.

Love that CNN front page poll...what worries you more?

US Belief that Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Destruction Has Increased Greatly

Use the DNC Event Finder to find a local event in your area

DU this poll! What should Israel do now?

With Insurance Policy Comes Membership (in Conserative Group)

Israel's military stunned by the failure of its air war

WSJ Editor: U.S. Missiles Save Lebanese Lives

why are these two smiling?

Rice "rushing" to the Middle East

LAT: Despite "economic growth," wage stagnation hits college graduates

NATO: Prospect of deployment "just utterances by Israeli defense Minister"'s almost August...

Quick Report from the Israeli Peace Front


Israel ATTACKED first...

Hussein agreed to a feeding tube? Mid hunger strike?

Cliff Stearns (R-FL-Idiot) sez Afghanistan is much improved.

Is there any where/link to Saturday's Harlem Book Fair

Israel 'opens' 'humanitarian corridor' to Beruit . . . then bombs Beruit

Bush presides over soldiers' citizenship at Walter Reed - story and pics

an excellent site to monitor your Senators on Net Neutrality!

This just in: Schlesinger withdraws; GOP taps Bernie Kerik as

A possible reason for Bush's recent strange(r) behavior

Planned US Coal Plants Would Hike Warming - Group

Peter King's final public appearance?

compromise with Iraqis on occupation forces being subject to Iraqi laws

How am I supposed to make sense of this?

This November's Election - A Referendum on Bush's Power

Mideast Fighting Prompts Rallies In U.S.

Ceasefire petition from Dennis Kucinich:

DU 2008 Primary Choices

my p.c. fought off a worm a few minutes ago

Condi the Flying Dutchman - Dowd article

FDA OKs Beautifying Your Pills. Your shiny, pretty Pills.

Another "Mission Accomplished" stunt by Rice

Rice Visit Aims to Bolster Lebanon Gov't (lots of info in article)

India wants to know if they can do an 'Israel'

Conyers v. Bush

Why is Israel where it is?

About Israel's Restraint . . .

Anyone seen "The War Tapes" yet?

Marines using My Space

How long will we be able to control our "friends" in Pakistan?

Global warming deniers get a grip: It's all too real...

Why is the media calling Condi's Beirut visit a "surprise"

Watch List/Something to think about when you fly

Good thing about evacuations from Lebanon vs Iraq occupation:publicity

"Good time to stop the war because both sides can claim they won"

Phony Snow to discuss ME Crisis in Press Conference, coming up.

Former CIA Deputy: "Even Superpowers Have To Talk To Bad Guys."

Your government has been infiltrated (a riddle)

If you could bring back a person from back in the day...

Murtha: "It's a civil war (in Iraq) and our troops are caught in between"

Anyone other than Gen. Odom make Iraq war - Hamas connection

An Israeli Peace Agreement - What Do You Think?

Bush, Maliki, to send more U.S. troops to Baghdad

From A favorite Pinker

E&P: 'Ally McBeal' Star to Play Conservative Pundit in New TV Series

A Different Kind of Republican

Not in my back yard.

Why did Bush sell missiles to Israel last week, yet Condi supports Lebanon

The economic situation, the other side of the Israeli/Lebanese coin.

Entitlement Society

Coulter Dropped by 'Augusta Chronicle' Over 'Stridency'

How is your Governor Ranked? Here is July Survey USA rankings of Gov's

Have you been accused of anti-semitism on DU?

Ohio’s gubernatorial race tests the power of the Christian right.

CA: Long waits at DMV looming for driver's license renewals

I am of Italian descent. Why don't I feel any allegiance toward Italy?

Aren't BOTH Jews and Arabs Semetic peoples hated by Western racists?

Sirota:OP-ED: In '06, Who Must Answer for 9/11?

Byron Dorgan is going to be on Lou Dobbs tonight.

Kyra (CNN) anchor just asked this World Food Org. Coordinator

The next prez....

The Middle East Buddy List

If I Touched a Female Co-Worker Like Bush Did To The German Chancellor

Caption this * pic...

BREAKING ABA: President must veto law if he feels it unconstitutional!

I just though of a new way to protest these anti-Stem Cell, RW A-holes...

Chong Charges Bong Bust Bogus

ok, just wrote my representatives re: ABA and signing statements

Why can't Democrats put a bill forward that says if Bush* wants

White House press release calls for Israel to hit Syria (Meet the Press)

The Opposite Desired Effect: We're seeing it happen right now in Iraq

What is the modern vision of Heaven?

Marshals: Innocent People Placed On 'Watch List' To Meet Quota

Groups Plan Attack on Amnesty Proposal

Would you pledge allegiance to Captain Crunch for $50,000?

It Is So Sad To See How...

Breaking News: An Israeli died today!

"The Guy James Show" features John Zogby today along with

Buckley Chastises Bush For Being "Incapable" Of Ending Iraq War "Failure"

Have You Been Accused of Accusing People of Anti-Semitism on DU?

I.R.S. to Cut Tax Auditors (guess for whose tax forms)

the fertilization of multiple eggs in I.V.F. treatments a felony....

The "World Trade Center" movie.

Could the Bushies be PROMOTING Rapture paranoia?

Read, watch and weep

Is anyone listening to Franken?

U.S. Army Weighs Blimp Fleet for Iraq

American partisans are "educated" individuals.


Uncovered: the war on Iraq

End-Timers & Neo-Cons

David Sirota: Who must really answer for Sept. 11?

Any risk of Egypt getting pulled into the Mid East Crisis?

Is anyone watching Poodle's Press Conference

Post the most ridiculous photos of bush. Lets see how many there are???

How much ME investment money will be lost in Lebanon?

Good News: Woman finds ID of soldier from old WW2 sketch

Combatants for Peace: Why Dialog, Not War, Will Solve Middle East Crisis

Karen Hughes is surrounded by evacuees from Lebanon at Irish airport BAR

Well, I can't hold my peace any longer. Watching FOX news which

Rounds of Thunderous Applause - Washington Post - NAACP

Terror and positive reinforcement

Lebanese don't have much faith in Rice's show of 'support'

CBS denies Katie Couric said she would not go to dangerous war zones

Need help with this

IVF -- Should sex selection be allowed?

From the "I feel safer already" file: `Survivor' Hatch sent to prison

Randall Terry gaming the election in Florida.

After witnessing the USA "helping" the Afghan and Iraqi people...

How to control America in seven easy steps.

I've a July 28th deadline

Rice refuses Lebanon "ceasefire" as Bush offers Leb "humanitarian aid"

"I make $1.45 a week and I love it"

Look at this photo - front page of NYT today

How to see common ground amid the Lebanese violence

When do gas prices, heatwave electric bills & M.E. crisis send economy

The reason so many people are opposing Israel ?

Just what qualified Rice for her "job"?

How did Condi fly into Berut when the US citizens couldn't be

President AWOL - unstable pack leader

US calls on Pakistan not to use new nuclear reactor for bombs

2003-Wesley Clark Discussed Bush Plan for Serial War -6 Nations In 5 Years


C&L: scaryice puts together Lieberman Video

Andrew Sullivan - Praise for Inconvenient Truth, but bashes Gore

Froomkin, WP, re. ABA: Will GOP Congress, traditional media step up?

Bush's Capital-Gains Tax Cut May Bypass Millions of His Backers

Bush is right to be scared of Angela Merkel

Local business passing on the costs of petroleum-related products

From the Independent(UK)

Promises Kept Promises Broken ((Hezbollah))

What's Bill Doing in CT? Saving Joe or Hillary?

If you run a blog, and you can be be on my show in 15 minutes IM me.

* signs the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act - pics

How many innocent people does Israel have to murder?

How many more women and children have to be raped, murdered,

Blackwater - Bush's Private Army - Founders Big Repuke Supporters

Andrewsarchus OR Jesus?, Which one do you worship? (HOLY SHIT--literally!)


U.S. Government (DHS) Plans Overhaul (BIG CUTS) in Disaster Aid

Republicans out of Step with Jewish Communty: NJDC email

Israeli citizens and American citizens largely ignorant of what their

Bush Orders Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon - Opposes an Immediate Cease-Fire

Caption Condi

When did the occupation of Iraq end?

Are Texas and Louisiana ready for this

"Littlest Victims Suffer" by Carl Penhaul on CNN, Headline News - Lebanon

Lou Dobbs Poll: Re: Iraq Sectarian Violence

CNN Prime News "Littlest Victims Suffer" by Carl Penhaul on Headline News

The Cuban Solution

Court hears confession in killing of girl, 12

Is it possible to keep the charge of anti-Semitism off the table

Targeting and bombing banks and bombing the homes of bankers

Tweety/MSNBC: Bill Clinton in CT Stumping for Lieberman

Which of these people would YOU trust?

Hezbollah must stop this cowardly blending among women and children

Bruce Fine, ABA signing statements Lehrer news Hour Now (pbs).

Hadassah Lieberman works for "Hill & Knowlton Lobby firm! (Enron/BCCI)

Everybody just GO HOME

Condi what a diplomat

It takes 7 seconds for a good post to die here

Why do I even bother

I think the media has the reason for Leiberman hatered is wrong.

Video comparing Bush's speaking today vs. years ago?

does this seem odd? military family?

On Hardball - Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq

Sen. Frist's family firm to be bought for $21B

Cops and Robbers

How's the job market in your area the economy is good

Christian Newswire: Majority of Adults Feel Porno NOT Morally Acceptable

In Lebanon: 'There are children dying' - UN humanitarian boss

'06 Governor's Races Outlook

Solve the Middle East Crisis in 40 Words or Less.

Battlestations, please.

State Department has yet to issue required Iran, Syria WMD report

American Bar Association: Bush violating Constitution

lightning vaporizes cross

Re meaning of word TROLL. Choose THE FIRST option you agree with.

New Bumper Stickers - Inspired by another thread.... (added 2 more)

Isn't there ever going to be any GOOD news for us?

Link to Tom Ricks' interview on MTP, anyone?

DLC: Jewish donors might be inclined to direct their support to the GOP

Daily Weather thread... 85 here in Portland 11pm

Democratic leaders lay out vision for success in 2008 election

Global Roaming - Free Calls From Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey(T-Mobile)

Another family values Republican:

My God, Milo!!!

Dehumanizing the enemy

The Iraqikurdistan Development Group?

The World Will Be Filled With Bloodshed and Mayhem...

I just got polled

Bill Clinton campaigning for Lieberman, freaked by the progressive revolt:

I have learned more from DU, than I had learned in my 41 years of life!

Most Expensive US home $135M on mkt belongs to Saudi Prince Bandar

This Weekend's Bite of Beirut: "Not as good as last year."

the slimey (Richard) Perle speaks....

OMG! The one GOOD thing out of the Bush Presidency:

Paula Zombie asks: "Is Armageddon just around the corner?"

Water - what do you pay for your local/municipal monthly supply?

(Pat) Robertson, CBN plan massive retail, housing project near I-64

AP: DLCers say Party should talk about Religion

Polly Klaas killer hospitalized for OD

John Edwards reminds me of JFK leading up to 1960

Bolton claims NY cabbies say he's doing a great job.

"Condoleezza, Condoleezza, men have loved you" (maybe not, but)

is tofu somehow "less manly" than meat? weird Hummer ad

RNC sends out email asking for donations of $25, $50 or $100

Twice-divorced Murdoch, whose 3 wives bore him 6 kids, on gay marriage:

WAKE UP! We are gettin killed - pic

How do you feel about the billions of YOUR tax $$'s going to Israel?

" How to break a man's arm with your bare hands."

The Pentagon was considering poisoning Afghanistan's food supply

Stanford Professor Stumps for Electoral College Alternative

Congressman Conyers:New Revelations About Torture

Go Condi!

Oliver Stone in GQ: "Only A Coward Like Bush..."

Favorite quotes page:

Israeli Cluster Munitions Hit Civilians in Lebanon

VIDEO: Boxer gets defensive at Lieberman event...

So many beautiful people trying to change the world

Press Box in front of local post office: Magazine about the rapture!! READ

MySpace/The Decider

Bottle Of Tequila Sells For $225,000

Mary Ellen Wilson's story: How the Humane Society rescued a human child

My Dad died today.

Israel's strategy toward militants mirrors Bush's in Iraq and Afghanistan

I've changed my mind about Hiroshima

The Shrub protests himself....

$50 says Lieberman wins the primary

Are you watching the ABA presentation on sgning statements?

Conyers v. Bush - an email update from John Conyers

Protestors at pro-Israel rally face off in Cincinnati

Rumor - "The Hammer Is Going To Drop" At FNC (Faux)

YEAH!!!! Lou Dobbs is to discuss Shrub violating the Constitution!!!! friends! Connect! ENLIST!?!?!?

Are there parallels in Iraq War build up of 2002-03 and today in the US?

Which is the most urgent issue facing us today?

DUers: *CNN Quickvote: Should the US call for a ceasefire?*

New Comic: Ann Coulter in The Exorcist 3

Could having an anti-Israeli sentiment be an indicator of anti-Semitism?

Cheney surfaces - singled out proposals made by Rep. John Murtha - pics


Government Trolls - Our Tax Dollars at Work

I am so filled with loathing right now that it makes me feel ill.

Casual Anti-Semitism

Mark Crispin Miller: "The Death of News"

Why is everyone so worried about World War 3?

"... against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Should the US help Israel Destroy Hezbollah?

2006- So Long, Republicans! (Good News 7/24/2006)

“I am so sorry,” [Karen Hughes] said, sitting at a bar drinking wine.

Ned Lamont Statement on Israel


Bev Harris Deserves her day in Court

Annan: "You cannot disarm Hezbollah by force"

Why do people accuse DU of bad mouthing Israel, yet they won't respond

The Diebold Bombshell (state of Maryland complicit)

White candidate wants to join Congressional Black Caucus

Tony Snow apologizes for stem cell comment

A blatantly misleading headline from FoxNews (Gasp)

Fundies Inside The Gates

Official Announcement:

Which Roman Emperor does Bush MOST CLOSELY resemble?

From Freedom to Fascism..Opens FRIDAY!

CIA: No One In Bush Admin Stripped Of Security Clearance Over Plame Leak

Shadow's Taxicab Reports: Back from Iraq, looking for crack

Sequoia Monument in peril. Call your reps, tell them vote NO on HR 5760.

My political philosophy can be described simply -- LIBERALTARIANISM!


Ambulances fired on by Israel, says Red Cross

Israel has stared for too long into the abyss.

Democratic president possibilities that I could never vote for

Daryn's over: Limbaugh is dating Mary Lynn Rajskub, Chloe on Fox's "24"

Shit. An Army recruiter just called for my daughter

I just had a Canadian tell me that the US is responsible for Harper...

What do you want in 2008?

Feingold calls for Universal Health Insurance.

BOTH Israel & Hezbollah Are In Violation of International Humanitarian Law

What is "Net Neutrality"?

Help find DU'ers missing 13 year old daughter in Colorado Springs

Palestinians: 'Day of rage' against Rice visit

Why is the position taken on Israel ...

"Too damn hot? Thank a Republican."

Crayons & peanut butter & friends & neighbors…

My union saved my ass today!!!!

John Kerry Slams Bush on Handling of Mideast Conflict

some criticism of dems is pure hypocrisy

Lamont/Lieberman Observation

Would Karl Rove be proud? My idea to use GOP against itself

Condoleezza Rice Makes Surprise Visit To Beirut, CBSNews

The ever evolving right wing WMD talking point

McKinney's grip on district weakens

We need a committee in Congress devoted to Iraq, in both chambers

This is all I'm going to say on the Israel/Lebanon Conflict

Former CIA Deputy: "Even Superpowers Have To Talk To Bad Guys."

Buckley Chastises Bush For Being "Incapable" Of Ending Iraq War "Failure"

Tom Hayden: "I was Israel's dupe."

Iraq did not have WMD and it is all Bill Clinton's fault

Who said this??

The U.S (Halliburton?) wants to REBUILD LEBANON after we DESTROY it!-CNN!!

This CNN headline about sums it up (Iraq)

More criminality demonstrated by the * admin.... WAPO piece....

Bush Advised to "Lawyer Up" In Case Dems Take House

Excerpts from just released ABA "Signing Statements" paper:

New England Bizarro World Politics

Why Did Bush/Cheney Think They Could Get Away With It?

Secret Service Facing Lots of Lawsuits

The other forgotten war

Never A Dull Moment For Anti-Worker Attorneys (son of Supreme Court Justic

Question - Will Israel "ridding Lebanon of Hezbollah" work as well

Taking Rove's advice.

Ugly Truth: An Open Letter to the Peoples of the Middle East

As Election Nears, Wars Heat Up.

Blackwell's Dual Role Criticized (Cincy Enquirer)

in 19th District (NY), campaign turns negative . . .

CSM:US military's tactics led to continued prisoner abuse, wrongful deaths

WH home page corrects/contests David Gregory Reporting!!

GOP Media lap dogs are getting angry....

I wish the Israelis and Lebanese had done this earlier, but what if ....

Rice says 'urgent' need for a ceasefire but conditions needed to be right

Pro Lamont DUers - check out this video

Now we have relearned the truth about the Bush Administration...

E-mail from John Conyers (July 24, 2006)

Allen - Webb (Va. Senate)debate 1 recap - a zinger from Allen

DU's State Forums -- Interesting patterns of activity

I had a blackout on Friday, despite the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

Was Valerie Plame an undercover CIA operative?

E-mail received on immigration and education from

Am I missing something - she wants to "kill" George Bush"?

The Opposite Desired Effect: We're seeing it happen right now in Iraq

Anybody got a link to the actual speech when Big Dick said this?

This Modern World: Are you a Gloomy Gus ... or a Perky Pete?


Democratic primary/caucus proposed schedule change: who benefits?

Hitler or Coulter? Take the quiz!

The crux of the biscuit

A Pro-Lieberman Article and My Rebuttal


More Important Legislation: Pledge of Allegiance - Jurisdiction Stripping

The Difference is Clear (A lovely msg from our beloved pResident)

As heard on Larry Kudlow/CNBC..Hadassah Lieberman works for Lobbyist!

The GOP would be ‘pro-abortion’ if …

Breaking: Saudi Arabia now asking U.S. to call for immediate ceasefire.

Will the Lebanese government collapse BEFORE peace can be...

Backstage at the Crisis - Newseek

In this thread, prove that what you complain about is more important...

looks pretty bad

Bush Economic ploicies Fall Short of Claims.Report Shows

How is the Cheney/Bush Energy Policy working out for you?

Europe blames U.S. for WTO failure

If Lamont wins, what would U tell Joe the "morale to this story" is?

Harold Ford, Jr. out-raised all 3 Rethug candidates in TN senate race..

WaPo Froomkin: An IMMINENT threat (to the Constitution)

Salon: "Why is Bill Clinton in Connecticut?"

OK - let's draw the line

Gimme a fukkin break ........ live teevee from Kennettikit ......

John Kerry: "We have to destroy Hezbollah"

Winning A Red State by By Sen. Ken Salazar

Sorry, I hate "phone banking"

Ava Lowery, 15 y/o, Creates TV Ad for US Senate Candidate


snake Cheney said we have to keep republicans in charge of Congress

Breaking: Bush announces 5 point ME Peace Plan

Democrats Strong Across the Board in OHIO!

Possible Gate Crash in RI Senate Race


Why do Democratic Candidates feel they have to suck up to conservatives?


You personally are to blame for global warming

2008: How are you deciding who to support?

DLC is now calling itself "moderate", not centrist.

Kerry: Hezbollah guerillas should have been targeted with other terrorist

Finally! A video "greatest hits" of Lieberman's most traitorous moments

"Marriage is not about love. It's about a love that can bear children."

Dennis Kucinich looks like an elf