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Archives: July 23, 2006

US rushing arms to Israel amid Lebanon bombings: official

A Conservative Apology

WP: In Iraq, Military Forgot Lessons of Vietnam, Guerrilla Warfare

It wasn't the 'Yo' that was humiliating, it was the 'No'

119 today in suburban Los Angeles.

Woohoo! BIODEGRADABLE plastic!

Let's see, power out in San Diego, St. Louis, 460,000 of us here in the NE

Israel Will Accept a Disarmed Hezbollah

Shakira: Stop The War in Lebanon

Gaza militants deny they agreed to unilateral ceasefire with Israel

Israel troops storm W. Bank city of Tulkarm

Analysis / A road map for Lebanon studded with mines

Possible Compromise: Hand Counts and Scanned Ballots

Brad and the good old MSM do it again! (Dobbs)

"Obviously, we want to capture more names that possibly aren't matches..."

Even Less Than No Basis For Confidence, One Year Later

John Bonifaz

Any teachers or public school employees here?

Szegediner Gulasch

Does anyone melt cheese over meat on the BBQ?

who's read "Heat"?

Harper staffer's comment panned

Mideast mess on PM's plate

Protest over government's actions in Mideast crisis

Architect of a genocide: death of Pol Pot's henchman

2 girls found starving; have well-fed siblings

Former Spokane mayor Jim West dies

A Conservative Apology

Shakira: Stop The War in Lebanon

Iraq prisoner abuse 'was routine'

US to give Israel another week for attacks: paper (Haaretz)

Miami housing agency reportedly fails poor

Taylor complains about Hague jail

Detainee abuse in Iraq routine and authorised: rights group (new Report)

Putin plan to shut out US oil giants

Fidel and Hugo's big pilgrimage

Family Vows to Battle Anna Nicole Smith

Buckley: Bush Not A True Conservative

Re: George W, horses & photo ops with props

I can't log on to Yahoo Instant Messenger. Anyone else having

Is DU the only thing on the internets thats working? I'm series!1

Check in here if you have a horse or horses.

Look at this bad cat

I just got my power and water back after six hours!!!

"Malcolm X" on Bravo

Tickle yourself (tutorial).

Knee Identification? I Saw The Wildest knee & Need Help Identifying It.

When I was your age, son

Confess! Anyone ever been in a pageant?

can I get a favor? check this site and tell me if its down or not

Atlantic Coast DUers, help me out here...

Have you been creeped out at a funeral before?

Post a picture...of your favorite pet!

Never Have I Ever...

Do You Know Anyone Who's A Dwarf?

Let's play: Name that Dame!

So, where do DUers go to have banned discussions?

Something you learned in the lounge, today:

Who *doesn't* want a square egg?

How do I heat flour tortillas without drying them out/making them tough?

Extreme sports are back again.

Just saw CLERKS (the original) tonight for the first time

I am... "The Man from the ACLU"

Extreme ways are back again.

Silver: Wonder Woman Is Close

This is my first post ever in the DU Lounge


What exactly does "natural" mean in regards to food....


Dear God, NO, Shyamalan, stay the fuck away.

The Leader of the Band is Tired............

If you had to pick one man to repopulate the earth with,

People AMAZE me.. our neighbor's house caught fire today

Later Lounge

Robot Chicken: The funniest freaking 11 minutes of television

Here's my (religious) dilemma. I believe in "god"...sort of.

Do the Black Eyed Peas have talent?

I am not petting a dog

My favorite Laura Branagan song.

Good night y'all!

Funniest Photo I've Seen All Day...

I am a "failed joiner"....

Anyone else having problems with Yahoo?

Who broke the dang internet? Fess up!

GoddAMN it's hot. Like MICHIGAN hot.

Self Delete

Stand By Me was pretty fuckin' good too.

Yahoo messenger seems to be working now.

Question about The Bangles

What painful memories do you like to remind people of over and over?

What kind of fucker would post someone's IP?

Food Porn....Yum!

Lane was so good. He died too young.

Newbie Question

What flamewars have YOU been in?

It was 110 in the shade today! I'm sure we broke some records.

Kirk played him so well.

If you accidently rip off most of your big toenail,

So W walks to the side of a road, scratches his head, checks his gut...

long ago,and oh so far away

And now, another chapter from Boobs of Our Lives.

Holy SHIT! We just won the Lottery!!

Anyone else hate these Apple computer commercials?

You're The Boss

Saturday night rant: "Shawshank"? Not that freakin' good.

Will your cat lay on your bare skin?

Best comedy duo since Laurel and Hardy

Arrgh! I just got my own cellphone! Arrgh! I didn't want one!

I need something, I just don't know what it is. Seriously.

Things not to tell a child when a parent or grandparent dies

Finnfan feels like Rabrrrrr. What DUer do YOU feel like?

The single best film ever made:

Good news for fans of the "Transfomers"

Last weekend revisited

Dance Like A Monkey (music video)

Could it happen here?

Scientists Decode How Plants Avoid Sunburn

Dinos had very high body temperatures.

Astronomers glimpse exploded star

Should an MD help a hetero man fulfill dream of becoming a lesbian woman?

If I could put it on

New Video.

Speaking of Columbia - City to play Boston in upcoming movie

One I took recently I like

found a portal image I couldn't find last week.

McCaskill Wins Sen. Boxer's PAC for a Change $$$

Harris Poll: Bush at 34%

Do you think it might have been a better use of US troops in 2003 to

Mid-East faces uncertain future...Who will emerge with what?

When I was your age, son

Sunday Talk Shows

If a bomb strapped to a person is terrorism then

DUers and the Housing Bubble?

Who here supports Hezbollah?

Sirota: "rest assured that the louder their temper tantrums get, the ...

Frank Rich: President Bush's 'passion of the embryos'

Occuption Dreamland

Olbermann Dons O'Reilly Mask at TV Meeting

Let's all be careful with each other...

61 Power outages in San Diego! Wires melting and causing blackouts

Is there any nation or person who has the mutual respect of

They lied on Iraq. Why should we accept their word about Iran and Syria?

Some of my best friends are conservative.......

"Terrorism",...a term that should be equally applied to ALL.

A huge book is coming out Tuesday.

Local news is advertising to opportunistic vultures.

Rasmussen: In 3-way race LAMONT 40% LIEBERMAN 40% REPUB 13%!!!!

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Clinton's challenger Jonathan Tasini attends peace protest at UN

Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire CSPAN2 10pm

Is DUH-bya ignorant or just plain stoopid?

A squadron of F-4 Phantoms can kill 100,000 people in one sortie.

Which is more embarassing McKinney or other Dems helping Bush?

US Soldiers Killed Iraqi Civilians Yesterday

SCATTERCHAT - Secure, encrypted IM Chat client released..

Arrested Bush dissenters eye courts

Sometimes, war seems to be a good thing

being the victim of atrocities is no justification

Britain signals official split with Bush on Israel's assault on Lebanon.

Court rules teen must have cancer treatment

Who commits suicide with a blunted knife and by cutting the ulnar artery?

Look at what you get for a medical checkup in Thailand ($381)

Forget WWIII, the War on bathtubs has been going on for decades

On Israeli, Palastinian, and US violence

After months on DU, I still can't figure out

Britain's Observer: "At the moment, the Americans are happy"

PLEASE ASAP DU this poll on infringement of society by religious colleges

Blue rental car companies?

Blood and destruction shall be so in use ...

U.S. Plan Seeks to Wedge Syria From Iran

CNN: Brittish Official in Lebanon -- Israeli bombing of Lebanon misguided

Don't you long for the ninties?

Something to confuse people who don't believe in Global Warming

NYT: Bolton’s Ways Foil Goals, Envoys Say

What's going on?

Re-Refinancing, and Putting Off Mortgage Pain

Why conflict? Why winning and losing? Why the need for dominance?

AN APOLOGY FROM A BUSH VOTER: I was wrong to have voted for George W. Bush

Israel bombs Lebanese TV, mobile phone, transmission towers

RFK Jr. Files Suit Against Diebold

Conclusion of 3part investigation into Pat Tillman death - Read it

The Death of Outrage- Bill Bennett.

St. Louis, NY, CA people experiencing power outages

All right. Who here supports LEBANON?

It's "appropriate" for Condi to go to the M.E. now?

Sex is on everyone's mind at swinging convention (Reuters)

Israel strikes Lebanon religious building

Recent events prove the pacifist case.

Anyone here from Lebanon or have friends...

Senior officials believe U.S. will give Israel a week

Anyone know if the Israel Birthright visits are still going on?

I Finally Saw Syrianna. Can Someone Tell Me What Happened In That Movie?

Is this how are country got so bad? "Leo Strauss"

LAT: In first concert of new US tour, Dixie Chicks "moving on, redefined"

Israel running low on bombs, U.S. to step up delivery

Mexico’s Losing Leftist Defiantly Awaits Election Ruling

Why are the most blue cities/states unaffordable to working people?

KO fans, get your "Olbermann Wears an O'Reilly Mask" avatar HERE.

USA and Japan become the poorest of the richest countries

"In 48 Hours . . Mighty Israeli Air Force Would Settle All The Problems"

Propaganda machine already rolling for 5th year anniversary of 9/11.

My brother was a peace-keeper on the Golan Heights.

I subjected my son to 3 hours of "The Rachel Maddow Show" today.

This "meth lifestyle" skit on SNL is hilarious

Tom Brokaw Presents a Sadly Familiar Picture of Life in the Deep South

"Crickets" - Sounds of Silence? Where did that come from? nt

Hot Damn! We may be doing the caucus shuffle!!!!!

Mandatory Malloy Saturday Truthseekers Check in, Happy 2nd Birthday

Russia's population est to be 100 million by 2050.

Another Kind of Gore '08 Bandwagon

OK, Ken Lay is in Hell

So much for that "role model for Iraq" eh bush? Ya stupid MFer.

Olberman dons O'Reilly mask at TV Fundraiser!

Book: "Water Wars: Drought, Flood, Folly and the Politics of Thirst

Global warming idiocy

War Sucks And All, But

Bush On The Unaceptable Nature Of Torture - Share With A Freep Today.

Which countries support a middle east cease fire? Which don't?

I Am So Ignorant On The Middle East - Can Someone Recommend

A Question For Those That Have Seen "An Inconvenient Truth"

troops told Geneva Conventions did not apply : Abu Ghraib

Brad Blog does it again! Thanks Lou Dobbs and KItty!

Walmart and it's new shoplifting policy

Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush: A National Teach-In

Did Deregulation Cause the Queens Blackout? SIX DAYS So Far >

The Irony of Flag Burning

How do we convince members to work for (and with) the Union?

Why is everyone shooting for a short sighted fix on voting?

Did DU'ers watch C-Span's Panel on "Broken Branch" re Broken Congress?

Sen. Menendez adds a blog

Those arrested for dissent going to sue !!! Hope others follow Safety in

Rice's Trip to Mideast Is Fraught with Difficulty

CIA software tester fired after taking stand on Geneva Convention

I wish I had a better idea why on earth diebold

How would you explain a two-week "Dean crumble" by Lamont?

WP: Virginia Senate debate: 'Virginia Values' vs. 'Fresh Eyes'

To the DNC.....If it ain't broke dont fix it

is the Dem leadership doing it again?

What Congress was doing while you weren't looking..(Lou Dobbs)

Post your worst errors in judgement in US history here

Anybody catch William F. Buckley on CBS News?

Miffed about a comment by Mellencamp about * Quayle walked out of concert

Soldiers: officers commanded them to ‘kill all military age males’ in Iraq

Bolton: My Support ‘ Probably The Kiss of Death’ For Next U.N. Head


AN APOLOGY FROM A BUSH VOTER: I was wrong to have voted for George W. Bush

Unlike his predecessors, Bush sees war as opportunity

White House Calls on Jewish Groups to Line Up Behind John Bolton

General Clark Backs Israeli Actions in Middle East "Conflict"

all republicans are human garbage!

Mexico's Calderon marked by struggle for religious freedom

Former Bush State Dept Official Speaks Out Against US Response

LAT: Federal Incentives Help Fuel a Run on Hybrids

Neoconservatives despair over US persistence with diplomacy

Alternet: RFK Jr. Blows the Whistle on Diebold

"Elegy for Beirut" by Robert Fisk

WP: Largess With Limits: Gates Foundation Takes Focused Approach to Giving

My LTTE; they won't run it, but what the heck...

The GOP Lag Among Latinos

Nice article on Lt. Watada (lead story on AOL home page).

Patrick Cockburn: America's domestic policy vs America's foreign policy

1996 Allegations Still Painful for Jewell

Secret 2001 Pentagon Plan to Attack Lebanon

Afghanistan close to anarchy, warns general (Guardian)

Mitch Albom's take on Bush's stem cell veto: Whom does it save?

War Savages Everything ( Dahr Jamail): Warning, graphic pic bombing victim

Backstage at the Crisis (By Richard Wolffe, Newsweek)

WP: Action to fight global warming requires "assault on our way of life"

In Iran’s Streets, Aid to Hezbollah Stirs Resentment

LAT: Arkansas Immigration Raid Reaches Beyond Workers

How would you like to make $81,000 for six months of work at a bankrupt co

"War on Lebanon Planned for at least a Year"

Deleting Torture with a Pen -- SF Chronicle

So.....If Robert Kennedy,Jr. wins

Meanwhile... in the Gulf of Mexico...

Oil and inflation

More and more Americans are turning to biodiesel.

Wind power fans controversy (Maine)

Gulf of Maine fishery deserves better than this (op-ed ME Sunday Telegram)

wind energy is growing

Climate change experts predict drop in Lake Erie water levels

Weekend heat wave summary

Water Wars: U.S. To Deny Mexico Water?

Dear World

'Civilian Casualty'? It Depends (Dershowitz)

Sharon's condition worsens

Proportionality in the war in Lebanon

Israeli troops praise Hezbollah tactics

Hezbollah fighters seized

Two killed in Katyusha rocket strikes on Haifa

Is there any video or pics of the "kidnapped" Israeli

For those who say Palestinians sent a message in voting for Hamas

PM: Media biased, doesn't show 'murderous viciousness' of Hezbollah

Iran: Israel doomed to 'destruction'

Peretz: Israel supports deployment of multi-national force in Lebanon

Moderate Arabs look to curb militants

Israel a psychotic bullying child, Britain US its mad parents'

How can Syria get any better PR than this ?

UN appalled by Beirut devastation

Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need To Know

Sleeper Hizbullah cells activated

Some important history for us all.. Please read...British White Paper .'39

Anyone know Hebrew?

The spirit of the King David Hotel & Lebanon


Interview with Hezbollah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah

Syrian minister: We will join conflict if IDF approaches Syria

Torn between both sides

Stop now, immediately (Gideon Levy)

Another Pentagon theory...

OBL clearly said...

Daniel Ellsberg (Vietnam Pentagon Papers) 911 Skeptic

9/11 Truth Advocates Launch Nationwide Congressional Candidate Poll

I'm curious

Quotes from our Fearless Liar-in-Chief

Break out the brooms - if not the guillotine. (Ohio Board of Elections)

Check out Paul Robeson Jr.'s Book! It has the scoop on election fraud!!!

The Diebold Bombshell

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, July 23, 2006

Republican tactics in Ohio echo political ploys of '04

Paper-ballot referendum in FL

State's new map for District 23 draws fire

Is this you? If so, will you marry me?

Let's DU this poll for Chris Bell (SA Express)

as promised, pics of a work in progress and the long saga of Murphy's Laws

Afghanistan close to anarchy, warns general

Canada not parroting U.S. pro-Israel policy: MacKay

Sheila Copps: Inexperienced PM spoke too soon

Israel Will Accept a Disarmed Hezbollah

U.S. troops clash with Shiite militiamen

With Insurance Policy Comes Membership (Cons inflate grassroots #s)

'Resource centers' found to mislead about abortion

"Elegy for Beirut" by Robert Fisk

Michelin, union extend contract talks

Democrats may widen presidential race locales

ACLU Sues for Anti-Gay Group That Pickets at Troops' Burials

Apparel manufacturing jobs are in a steep decline

Iran: Israel doomed to 'destruction'

33 killed by suicide bomber in Baghdad

1996 Allegations Still Painful for Jewell

Patrick Cockburn: America's domestic policy vs America's foreign policy

AP: Hezbollah Rocket Attack Kills 2 in Haifa

FL: Ex-Prison Staffers Losing State Pensions After Kickback Case

Delete or lock, date is May

CNN/Reuters: Oxfam: Africa famine response 'too little, too late'

Baltimore Sun: GOP lawmakers take aim at U.S. judiciary

Hastert: House may challenge office search

Condition of Israel's Ariel Sharon worsens

Diplomatic flurry in Israel over Lebanon war

UN appalled by Beirut devastation

AP: Indonesian Quake Triggers Tsunami Warning (Sulawesi)

AP: USS Ronald Reagan Crew to Be Tested for TB

Sleeper Hizbullah cells activated

Pa. Guardsman cleared in Iraqi's death

Former Army chaplain (James Yee) says he was unfairly detained at border

AP: Iranian Official: Enrichment on the Table

Hastert: House may challenge office search

Kerry: 'If I was president, this (Mideast mess) wouldn't have happened!'

Journalist killed in Israeli bombing near Tyre, Lebanon

Population at risk as permafrost melts, Swiss Government warns

Car bomb kills 26 in Shi'ite east Baghdad: police

Iraq prisoner abuse 'was routine'

Opposition eyes 'JocJoc' case to aid impeach (Philippines)

Syria to enter conflict if Lebanon invaded: Minister

Somalia inches towards war

LAT: U.S. Plans Shift in Iraq Strategy

Boston Globe: Civil rights hiring shifted in Bush era

Spiegel: Syria will enter war if Israel invades Lebanon

Senator Dodd Promises "Bruising" Fight Over UN Ambassador Bolton

Gunmen Attack Oaxaca Student Radio Station

Saudis ask Bush to intervene in Mideast

Syria 'to come clean' on al-Qaeda cells

AP: Classified Bills a Refuge for Mischief (Cunningham)

Red Baron heiress killed parents

Soldier killed in western Iraq's Anbar province #2565

BBC: Saddam Hussein taken to hospital

In G.O.P. Fund-Raising, Dole’s Star Power Dims

Olmert: foreign media biased in Hizbollah coverage

Orlando Set To Shatter Decades-Old Homicide Record

(I-65) Sniper-style shooting leaves 1 dead, 1 injured in southern Indiana

AP: Ill. Gov. Hired by Name Well Into '04

Israeli warplanes kill 3 fleeing Lebanese

ABA task force urges Congress: judicial review of Bush signing statements

Cooking oil cars turn the table on high fuel prices

Kerry knocks Bush on handling of Mideast conflict

LAT/AP: Gas Prices Move Past $3, Hit All-Time High

Good Night Lounge

Ladies and gentlmen.,the king

Im going to have Bryers Oreo ice cream and Im going to crush more cookies

Did somebody put crazy pills in the drinking water tonight?

bridgit go ni-night...

OK, bedtime rant: What the hell?

Is it me or is it dead around here tonight?

Blue Oyster Cult are gods.


funny,how i found myself ,alone with you

when I was very small boy,

Can somebody think some breezy thoughts my way or something?

John Waters movie Pink Flamingos is on Sundance right now.

This is my 3000th post. I have been thinking of something great to say

OK, what'd I miss?

I just watched Saturday Night Fever and have to say that

If W was a Jedi...

Red Baron heiress convicted of murdering parents.

Yahoo Instant Messenger just came back up!

You know that "between the sheets" game? Try it with "Under God"!

Cubts! You're all a bunch of Cubts!

"Romance and Cigarettes" movie-very bizzaro.

Mater Lounge

Bush Gropes Merkel to the Sweet Sounds of Ludacris (30 sec. video)

Question about yahoo messenger

Fuck, now what?

Woohoo! "Bound" is on AMC!!!

... from my private journal...

OK, so where is my star? I donate monthly, there is no reason it should

If you had to pick one woman to re- populate the earth with

Which new pick up line do you like better.

Move Any Mountain

If you had to pick someone to practice repopulating the earth with...

Garry Trudeau continues to burn on Dubya...

i finally did it!

i finally did it!

This is what would happen if Matcom were to procreate....

for the men...and women of du that have almost everything...


The gutters are CLEAN!!!!

Capri-Pant Wearing Children In Restaurants Are ALWAYS Well Behaved

For my 15,000th post, I would like to say to you all....

Best Coffee I've Had for Under Three Bucks

Okay, okay, answer me this one! Which is better:

Answer me on this one, part 2!

You know , that movie "What Dreams May Come" is

Two people killed by inflatable artwork

Ah, the Sunday Afternoon Martini, watching the Simpsons Season 6,

Moral dilema...

How do you know when your donar star will expire?

Check out the these nice Racks

Car Alarms

Bush & Blair: Should they be together or separated in hell?

Dick having a stroke - what do you think?

Would Eunice Higgins be a freeper?

Our Headquarters

Woods vs. Garcia - who is YOUR $$ on?

Oh..Boy...I hurt my neighbors feelings (and I truly didn't mean to)

Great sex for 90 days! Free!

'Pirates of the Caribbean' Salts Away $321.7M Over 17 Days

What Kind of Cat Person Are You?

'Pirates' Out-Earns Predecessor in 17 Days

a raccoon story

I love watching pit crews work

Bwa-the hell-HA!!! TOS doing Camelot

I took a tour through cold-war era bunkers in West Berlin today

Oh My God

dissociative identity disorder

I am sick of people insulting vegetables!

which would you rather have: iPod or personal XM radio?

Best-ever performance by an actor (male):

If you got a warrant to start a poll thread...


Who is your Favorite Sunday Morning T.V. Preacher and why?

I have some very sobering news

Oh dear, I am eating peanut butter straight out of the container.

No responses on ANY personals site for 3 weeks now...

I read your pet posts with such envy

The Open golf tournament?

Wanna see my new shoes?

Congratulations rodeodance!! 45,000 posts

PLEASE help--Bittorrent!!

Star Trek Sings Knights of the Round Table

Just a word of advice

Erin Brokovich is on TBS

Joe Jackson just fuckin' rules.

Anyone watching the tennis on NBC?

i just had a double margarita rocks . . . why is my stomach burning?

PeeWee on a Muthafukn Plane

Will someone do my grocery shopping for me?

Of These Two... Which Music Video Is Better?

Wal-Mart creates... "The Hub"

DS1: Come Back To Us BoBo!

I've had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane!

Post here if you hate Ikea

TIVOTHIS: Once Were Warriors on IFC , 8 pm Eastern!

Tom Petty: Bush Going to Hell

Why the frig, why?! The headache and nausea have returned.

How do you remove old scotch tape from a painted wall?

The Washington Monument

TP: Single roll, or double roll?

It's Regoddamneddicuously hot in the SF Bay Area -

Hi, Loungies..... enjoy the cool (dial-up

Feline Felon.....This cat loves gloves!

Happy birthday Coventina, Zuni & Swede!!

just got back from a great house party...

Natalie Portman is such a gangsta Biatch

LOL, Jon Lovitz replaces Jared as Subway spokesman...

I love a good thunderstorm

good morning from Columbia, SC!

Best-ever performance by an actor (female):

I cannot stand when people say "It is what it is"

The sky had clouded and ash is falling.

Vincent Van Gogh was a fucking Genius!

Nothing gets my attention like the sound of breaking glass

Please ignore this post. I mean it. There's nothing here.

The ear plays tricks:

Heidi Fleiss to open legal Stud Farm -- a brothen for just women patrons.

Bizarre Book Thread

So what's a wife to do? Husband has his motorcycle now & I'm scared.

how many computers do you have in your household...

Ask me anything about plutonium. I don't want to get to 10,000 too

****Ohio DU Meetup Update****

'Donnie Darko' Fans, Lend Me Your Ears (Err...Eyes)!

Best film ever about musicians:

Best comedy film ever


Sleepwear: Yea or nay?

Well, I'm having a sad weekend and feeling blue.

I am so NOT an adult.

I'd like to hear from the teenagers on this board


No news, good or bad...

Think Of A Person's Name That's Also An Ordinary English Word...

iTunes users: click on "Top 25 Most Played." What is your #1 song?

Ask Finnfan Jr. anything!! He's bored out of his mind!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/23/06)

Naughtiest lounge lizard?

Does ANYBODY watch 'King of the Hill' anymore?

What's your favourite weekend breakfast?

Caption This Photo!

DUers who have been to Paris...

If you are what you eat, what are you?

Another sign of the Apocalypse: I'm gonna start a picture thread

What's your favorite 'Regular People, Sticking it to The Man' movie?

My wife cheated on me

JUST FOR DU! Radio Lady Invites You to See Beautiful Oregon (PHOTOS)

Language pet peeves....'irregardless' and the non-existent "supposably"

My god...I just heard my little sister say of her new boyfriend...

Countdown to Shark Week! I can't wait!

Pope renews Mideast cease-fire call

Differing thoughts on prayer

Prayer request for reyd reid reed...missing 13-year-old daughter

ACLU Sues on Behalf of Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps

Pharmacy....was I out of line?

An obvious understatement

Duke QB suspended for season

Let's create some group affirmations!

New Moon in Leo - Monday, July 24, 11:32pm EST (12:32am 7/25 EDST)

not really A & S, but a start of the move saga over in Cooking & Baking

Kerry on Bush and the Middle East

My photo album with photos of Kerry from today's rally and fundraiser

Joe Klein on Lieberman

Kerry in town for Granholm campaign

Friedman on MSNBC, what a POS

What crap!

4 recent pics

During tonight's Card/Dodgers game...

I had a thrilling day today -- met Governor Granholm & John Kerry

Hunger-striking Saddam hospitalised

Uncovered News of the Week (Countdown Video)

I think there may be a "glitch in the system"

OT-Could someone please give me the low down on YouTube

Value of an old coin?

King " Tut's gem hints at space impact"

I hear the train a-coming...

MUST SEE TV - kick as hard as you can and recomend !!

Just back from the Dixie Chicks....

Anyone have a link to the PNAC master plan?

Anybody know what the music on the Dow chemical TV ad is?

I think America should Internalize & clean up its own back yard.

Armbands For Peace - can you guys give me a hand with the database.

Armageddon on the Horizon? from London to Beirut

Dick Gregory sitting in for Chris Mattheww now NBC

WP: John McNally dedicates his new novel to Ann Coulter

where can I donate towards Emb. Stem-Cell research?

Will The Government Fall In Iraq?

Is Israel going to NUKE Lebanon?

"Conservatives without Conscience"

The Temple Mount is at the center

Has Bush proven that we don't even need a President?

Microsoft's version of the iPod

We Have To Destroy The Word In Order To Save It

U.S. troops clash with Shiite militiamen

It is pronounced, "Ir-wreck", sounds like what Carol Iravana just said


GOP Hispanic Outreach Falls Flat; Poll Shows Democrats With 59 percent-23

Challenge: Sunday Morning blatherfests

Washington diary : The Big Brother G8

Fundamentalism isn't all that bad

Iraqi Government Official - "Iraq As A Political Project Is Finished"

Editors Apparently On Vacation At MSNBC.COM This Morning. Abu Grabi?

Adult stem cell is another pro life manipulation of words.

OMG!! Bert from Sesame Street made an ad for Bush!

Bush is ethical?

Yeah! Claire won!

I'm sick of slogans and jingoism...

Stop Worrying Things Are Going Great In Iraq! See!

Officer charged after refusing to serve in Iraq

U.S. Energy Secretary Calls on Iraq Puppets To Open Oil Sector

The United States Of Widowmakers

2,564 troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

Let's go to church - to picket the right wing.

Your Opinions on Sobriety & Narcotics Checkpoints.

Please DU this poll........

Re: CNN Poll: Should US call for a cease-fire? Only 52% yes

World War: How Does This Match Up?

Even though I'm a history teacher..... socadem's game looked fun...

Anyone else lose their star?

A Violation of Humanitarian Law

US Airstrikes Kill More Innocents in Baqouba

Dupe, sorry.

Ambassador to Arab League on Washington Journal

Syria offers talks with U.S. over Lebanon.

Bill Clinton, Barbara Boxer try to give Lieberman some JOEmentum!

Rice goal is to 'empower' Lebanese gov. MTP now. (not Rice but Josh

Book suggestion for parents of kids 9-12.... environmentalism...

World protests against Israeli raids

CNN This Sunday AM

Can anyone name something man has done to actually benefit the Earth?

How can hateful, greedy people like this live with themselves?

Callers to Washington Journal this am are po'd at * and his mess

Snowflake writes a Thank You to the President.

G.E.RUSSERT never met a Repuke he didn't like: Sherman ADAMS

Britain breaks ranks publicly (about Lebanon) with America

Israel must have seen the Untouchables -- "That's the Chicago Way!"

Bush's big mistake

Are we seeing 1914 again?

Another Fine Mess They're Bullshitting About...

Israeli airstrike kills woman Lebanese photographer

MP casts doubt on David Kelly suicide

Beware of Disinformation

Dear gawd, I'm in fundie HELL! Help me!!!

New Human Rights Report: Soldiers’ Accounts of Detainee Abuse in Iraq

War on Lebanon Planned for at least a Year & Not About Captured Soldiers

DU this aol poll re: First Lt. Ehren K. Watada -it needs help

On C-Span's "Washington Journal" this morning...

" If * and the Republican Congress broke it. How are you going to fix it?

got a bonus at willie nelson/john fogerty concert tonight!

Are you watching the rerun of the hearing with Gonzo NOW?

On Late Edition, Dodd just called *'s foreign diplomacy "juvenile"

Our visit to the local Mexican restaurant tonight

Republican Mantra: Revenues are up, cut taxes!!!

Civil rights hiring shifted in Bush era Conservative leanings stressed

Putin plan to shut out US oil giants

anyone else having a problem with DU homepage?

Greatest Lie of the 21st Century? The Bush Doctrine

Is there a federal law against certifying your own election?

Why are Google ads showing up on my screen


Need some help here: Has Coulter's column been dropped

CNN just reporting that Saddam Hossein is being force fed in a

George and Condi Want More Dead Babies

Did I miss something? Did Coulter admit to sending white powder

Is there any evidence at all that the Bush Agenda is working?

Keith Olbermann tries to freak us all out...

Eating away at the Republican psyche....

All Hail the "Culture War"

Want to end war ? Stop pointless killing? Well.. it begins with you @ home

You say you want a revolution...The Ninth Amendment and Our Troubles:

Germany to slow Jewish immigration

John Dean on Book-TV, C-span2 now --- 11:30 a.m. EST

Office who refused Iraq duty says owes his allegiance to the Constitution

Arabs are a Semitic people too

121 degrees in Gila Bend, AZ today.

What happened to the Home Page? Or is it just me?

Austinite paints car to look like UN vehicle; UN "looking into the matter"

Water fights already happening in U.S.

World's Stem Cell Map

Patch says "Doing the work of" The flags are France, Germany ,and Russia

RW'ers are waging war upon us. It's time to strike back!

White House predicts Maliki won't call U.S. troops butchers

It Is A SIN To Fly Or Drive An SUV (Bishop of London)

Feeling Strains, Baptist Colleges Cut Church Ties

Interesting point on the McLaughling group this morning...

Besides greed/fear/hate, what motivates conservatives & Republicans?

IRS to cut lawyers who audit richest Americans

My friend didn't know that small estates are not taxed!

Post Your Data Mining Buzz Word Here. A Thread For The Super Computers!

The Rise of Pakistan's Taliban

TEN Democratic Senators Voted for MORE Global Warming.

The spirit of the King David Hotel & Lebanon

How do you grade the media in this latest Mid East War?

(photo) Olbermann Dons O'Reilly Mask at TV (critics association) Meeting

Fury Grips Syria Over Lebanon Attacks

Against "Make No Mistake" - Fight back against the worst Bushism of all

12,400,000 Google Results "Israel Right to Defend Itself"

Breaking CNN: Comatose for months Ariel Sharon retaining water

Alexander Cockburn on with Bob McChesney (Media Matters) 2pm EDT

Thoughts on how new bed pillows ruined my day .

I will be celebrating the Rapture because ____.

U.S. Drug War Plague: Paramilitary Police Raids

Can we stop comparing Israel to Nazi Germany?

What the store that shall not be named is doing.

A friend watched "Maria Full of Grace" with me yesterday

Merkel Grab, w/ photos, analyzed by Bagnews:

is DU glitching? can't seem to load main "discuss" page.

Coulter Wants South Lebanon Destroyed

Jihad against flip-flops?

More drivel from Boston Globe's resident RW war cheerleader

Is anyone watching Josh Bolten on "Meet the Press"?

Some important history for us all.. Please read...British White Paper .'39

Is there a Dem Senator not running for President??

"Water Wars" in the Middle East (food for thought)

Please (!) help unfreep this poll on the Texas Governor's race

Would you consider your child dying for Israel to be a worthwhile endeavor?

Diplomatic proposals / A mine-filled road map

Another Turning Point for my RW father

For those who say Palestinians sent a message in voting for Hamas

Six Questions on the Bush Administration and the Middle East Crisis for...

It's been a very tough month at work, so I felt the need to remind people

UN appalled by Beirut devastation

DUers who have been to Paris...

Saudis ask Bush to intervene in Mideast - pics

ROFLMAO check this out Bush condoms

Bull shit "Opinion Poll on Abortion"

ACLU is suing for Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps to picket military funerals

Caption this * pic

MSNBC’s Star Carves Anti-Fox Niche

Oh..Boy...I hurt my neighbors feelings (and I truly didn't mean to)

Great sex for 90 days! Free!

William Buckley: "If Bush Were European-He Would Be Expected To Resign"

What did George Bush know and when did he know it...?

Are You Like A Crack Addict For Political News?

Heidi Fleiss to open legal Stud Farm -- a brothen for just women patrons.

Can peoples actions cause the Rapture??

'Pirates' Out-Earns Predecessor in 17 Days

The Whitehouse Switchboard

Floyd Landis press quip on Prez Bush. Whoooooot!!!

Republican tactics in Ohio echo political ploys of '04

Israeli Ambassador to US: "attacking Hezbollah lessens Iraqi insurgency.."

What will be *'s next public gaffe?

Please write to CNN and tell them to knock off the rat-a-tat-tat

We've known he was unfit for so long. Remember this?

Allahu Akbar! – God bless America!

PHOTO: "They love us, Condi, the world loves us!"

Huh? Conservatives turning on Bush for "too soft" foreign policy

If you lived in Haifa, would you be getting out of town?

I saw a black branch with blood that kept drippin'

How is suicide bombing different from carpet bombing?

CNN: W arrives at white house to meet with Rice and Saudis...Why?

Company announces fourth wind farm in northwest Missouri

Never EVER say/write the word "Republican" again...

one more energy report

Does anyone belong to a church that says if you don;t say you agree with

Differing thoughts on prayer

Does science promote rightwing viewpoints in the US?

Cheney is in his bunker starting WWIII......

U.S. Rep. John P. Murtha enjoys a picnic and meets with supporters - pics

Scorched Earth Diplomacy

An Anti-War T-Shirt Ban in Oklahoma

Did Bush REALLY invite Israel and Hezbollah to join him in a PIG roast?

Suicide Anti-Terrorism

Constructive thoughts on why we Will NOT have WWIII in ME? Anyone?

The Shiites support the Hezbollah ??

Losing an Army (also, using up equipment at four times the rate)

Maybe this is one way we can build up opposition

will everyone go back to their corners and settle down after the bombing

Saudis ask Bush to intervene in Mideast (says Bush conscious of bloodshed)

It looks like prisoner swap is the Open Sesame:

Puerto Rican DU'ers: What do you think about Puerto Rico's Future Status?

Men: Sleeping with a partner makes you stupid, research reveals

Holy crap... it's 103 degrees in Santa Clara, CA right now.

The dictionary of war clichés - parts 1 & 2: Haaretz

I know how to stop war in our lifetime, make it illegal.

DU this poll

Does any know why purple paint was thrown at the 18th hole

Monitor Radio: (1) context on Lebanon. (2) wealth in America.

Boy tried as an adult

Kerry knocks Bush on handling of Mideast conflict

Saudi Arabia Asks Bush For Immediate Cease-Fire In Middle East Conflict

Is this what free-marketing was all about? Lying for donations

Rice Enters Middle East Arena With Few Friends for Company

Bazzi cynically points out all the people who make money from the war...

Brokaw is doing a very interesting documentary on poverty in Jackson, MS

Laura Flanders looks good today

Atimes - Lebanon left for dead, "Clean Break" strategy ('96 neocon paper)

Navajo Guardsman stumps Rumsfeld

For a Few Dollars, Anyone Can Be Iraqi Policeman--AFP

Doing Math in Mexico

I've just figured out how to wipe out Hezbollah...

Everyone just wants to go "home"

This was just sent on to me from a "fundie" - WOW

It will take lots and lots of money to beat Hillary in the primaries

Protesting the fat cats at Bohemian Grove yesterday...

I think I'd have a hard time supporting Hillary in the general election

When there are posts about something concerning children

Republican strategy? Hold off reinstating draft, lose in 08 but leave

Iraq to restart northern oil exports this week - Mission Accomplished!

Is one Israeli life worth more than one Arab life?

Any other cities have this idiotic law

Now it's Joan Jett's turn -

Two more U.S. soldiers among dead in Iraq

"The Arab world seems to be more pro-Israel than they ever have"

Is anyone else having trouble pulling up "My DU"?

Apathy, or not knowing what to do?

Save the Lebanese civilians petition ... Please sign and circulate.

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Bush, His Brain, Iraq & Blind Journalists)

Rice heads for Middle East as anger boils over U.S. stand on war...

What is it with so called "realists"?

Bombs killed more than 60 people and wounded more than 200 Sunday

How does bombing work places and destroying economy route Terrorism?

Everybody loves a car chase.

Andy Card said what to Bush, and how long did Bush sit there on 9/11?

About this buffer zone...

Toronto protests against actions in Middle east

Opus Dei financier found cut to pieces

Photo Journal: Yesterday in Iraq

Greg Palast on bushitler @ NAACP

*** Sunday TOONs: Dream ***

Gonzo just testified that Shrub DIDN'T do 700+ signing stmts!

Did Nostradamus predict Bush?

It's a sin to fly, says church

War Is Sometime The Only Answer There Is.

Congratulations Floyd Landis winner of the Tour de France 2006

David Horsey Toon: I Have a Dream

Miss Church This Morning? How About A Sunday Morning Smite-A-Thon?

So the Tour de France is FoxNews's top story

Choose the Dems' Keynote Speaker for the 2008 Convention.

Need 2,000 clicks - Bush Gropes Merkel to Ludacris Song (30 sec. video)

FYI: If you're a monthly subscriber and lost your donor star this morning

HEADS UP: Repeat tonight of "Assuring Fair Elections" on C-Span 2 10PM ET

Nice article on Lt. Watada (lead story on AOL home page).

Tonight: "The Airport Road" (Iraq) on 60 Minutes. Very good report

U.S. Soldiers Say Torture Against Iraqi People Was Authorized And Routine

Pop Quiz - Canadian Style

How would it affect the economy if we eliminated the penny?

Damn its hot as hell! It's 10PM PST and 90+degrees outside!

Adviser tells Bush 'lawyer up' in case Dems take over

At least two dead in sweltering Calif. heat, officials say

There are usually 3 kinds of people within a political party

Hezbollah over-played their hand and now Lebanon must pay. Huh??

MTP: Free Elections do not lead to democracy!!


Which Is A Greater Funding Source For Terrorists? Drugs Or Oil?

the coolest effin' ride EVER!

Senate Races ideas: Who will win as of now?

I Just Saw John Roberts on CNN - Has He Switched from CBS?

Hezbollah will not go away

Israeli warplanes struck a minibus carrying people fleeing the fighting

Gideon Levy: Stop The War, Immediately

Russert is actually asking follow ups with Bolten today on MTP!

"Human life...should never be...put up for sale..." GWB SOTU 2006

SPIEGEL INTERVIEW WITH AL GORE; "I'm already involved in a campaign"

Israel Planned Lebanon Strike w/Bush-Cheney for More than a Year

Will we see "Orphan Trains" again in our lifetime?

Choose the Anti-Semite: by Larry C Johnson

What would Dem leaders do if McKinney threatened indie run like Lieberman?

Is our email being "monitored"?

C&L:Josh Bolten squirms during Stem Cell questions

Kerry: 'If I was president, this wouldn't have happened'

Events cause Bush to work on a Sunday

Syria's Response to Condi's Dismissive Remarks

I'm gonna try this one more time

A Mexican woman has been found dead in the desert near Arivaca

I'm beginning to think that Christianity is being gripped by insanity.

"Six Square Blocks Were Flattened"

Keep His Paws Off My Scalp

Retail owners and employees: Let's talk about your customer experiences

Elderly Harlem Residents Picket Bill Clinton's Office

GOP Complaints Prompt Smithsonian to Change Mormon Exhibit

Anybody find it strange that there hasn't been one Hurricane this year?


Any fellow Catholics out there remember Fatima predictions about WWIII?

an old article on Bush's younger days and his hatred of America

After watching "Malcolm X" on Bravo last night, I realized

Allow me to freak you out, part II

Lieberman Colleague, Friend Says No More Joe

Pennies: Keep Them Or Lose Them?

Colorado Springs "Born Different" campaign has FOF in a tizzy

Allow me, if you please, to freak you out...

Charles Barkley: “I was a Republican - until they lost their minds”

AP: Former New York Congressman Manton Dies

Israel Draws Little US Ire: "WSJ" article

Lizard Alert! Newt on C-span WJ now!

Novak gets popped for publishing "malicious gossip"

Book TV Dean

Good Sunday Doonesbury

Reuters: US open to NATO-led force in Lebanon: Bolton

How About A New "Diebold Rule?"


Protesters with purple paint run off at British Open

Question: If a president locks up documents for, say, 50 years...

Look Out Gallup, Harris and Zogby -- It's Sean Hannity!

Blade: GOP Tactics in Ohio Echo Political Ploys of '04

WP rails against "the House", instead of against Republicans

The Victimization Complex: Fighting Liberal Bias in civil rights hiring

Another Split With Russia: Putin Plans To Block Out US Oil Giants...

Politics Over Priorities

Video- Lamont sings Lennon's "Imagine" at campaign stop

Each Time I Watch FRONTLINE's "The Dark Side"...

Polls, exit polls, and 'comebacks' .........

Russert impresses me squeezing the mental DNA out of Bolton :)

Anyone else think Lieberman will become Republican?

One Step from the Brink of Totalitarianism

NYT/AP: Reid, Labor were key factors in Nevada's bid for early caucus

Compassionate conservatism on wages cartoon

The Only Reason Hillary Clinton is "the front-runner" is because....

Saudis ask President Bush to press for cease-fire

So we're paying for one of every three bombs dropped on Lebanon?

Please (!) help unfreep this poll on the Texas Governor's race

Can anyone explain the Kucinich vote?

Why did they choose 1947 to create Israel ..

Dems Set '08 Early Caucus/Primary Dates For Nevada and South Carolina

Nikki: The girl with no brain (Hydranencephaly) 1st of 5 parts

Have our Democratic representatives done anything right?

"We are raping women children in Iraq"

Howard Dean in NJ Friday, knocking on doors with Aronsohn in 5th CD.


15 y/o Creates First Ever US Senate Campaign Television Ad

Former President Clinton is ruining Harlem!

If Peggy Noonan is for Unity 08, I am against it.

Fighting Dem Spotlight on Florida - Taking Back the Sunshine State I

What do you predict for 2008? I don't see the neocons going quietly.

Has Bush done anything at all that was right? Serious question.

Pat Buchanan slams Neocons and Israel.

YOU GO JOE! What a speech; right out of his heart!

Had enough? Dispatch Ohio Poll puts Strickland, Sherrod well out front

Drafting Gore: There's something in the air (Daily News)

Take a close look at this picture.

Simple Question: Does Israel have a right to defend itself?

VA~Seante Race: If Webb can beat George Felix Allen, Jr, does that end ...

Latest polls indicate we'll pick up 5 Senate seats

Carter was the best president we have had in my lifetime.