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Archives: July 22, 2006

Newsweek: Best-Laid Plans (interesting analysis of the Lebanon conflict)

How could both sides have blundered so badly?

Intelligent Article...Already at DU

NYT editorial: Young Latinas and a Cry for Help

Global Eye - Craven Image

"Southern Baptist fundamentalism is incompatible with higher education."

Soldiers’ Words May Test PBS Language Rules

A Norwegian bashes his country's environmental record.

Israel was threaten by a rock thrower!

Israel - Civilian Overkill? Wanton? Intentional? Self Defense?

IDF to appeal human shield ban - 12 October 2005

Teacher under fire for 9/11 remarks

Election Fraud heavily updated - new design - content...

Steve Freeman, Greg Palast on CSPAN Saturday: Integrity & US Elections!

Handcounting is more accurate than opscan only if--

RFK Jr. Blows the Whistle on Diebold

Okay ERDers! Keep this other thread in GD pol K& R ed!!

New ACCESS Database: Cuyahoga County 2004 Presidential Results

Will Bruce be a fighter?

Texas Democrats, we need to retake this wonderful place! 56K :(

Are you a gourmet snob?

Liberals start process of nominating candidates

Volpe's campaign manager resigns

Mr. Ed Greenspon,

Top court raises the bar for extradition

Iraqi Media To Support National Reconciliation Efforts

Cheney using Israel/Lebanon conflict for political purposes

Afghan rocket attack kills U.S. soldier

County Board denies Ricketts' property valuation protest (R Senate candida

DeGette to lead anti-Bush rally (an activist Dem rep!)

Do not expect full-scale incursion: Israel

AP: Mexican legislators consider immigration

Negroponte Blocks CIA Analysis of Iraq “Civil War”

U.S. Democrats call for Bush to send Mideast envoy

AP Researchers link wildfires, climate change

Bush admits Iraq, Afghan doubts

National Media Ignore Destiny Norton Story (missing 5yr old)

Sen. Reid: Iraq devolves into 'civil war'

Israel Calls Up Reserves, a Sign of Wider Ground Raids

Canada wins key softwood lumber ruling

Shiite cleric: Israel will fall like Twin Towers

Handler killed by elephant at sanctuary (Tennesee)

NYT/Reuters: Gaps in Bird Flu Plan Leave US Vulnerable - Senators

Stranded Aussies 'feel abandoned'

GAO Report Chides Pentagon

Frmr. VP Dan Quayle walks out of Mellencamp show

More troops to be deployed to Baghdad, general says

Lebanon Victims Buried in Mass Grave

Deteriorating Iraqi security to top Bush-Maliki talks ("hard steps")

Mercosur Backs Venezuela for Council Seat

British capture Iraqi bombs mastermind

CNN/AP: Texas Democrats stump for DeLay

Killing by Guardsman in Iraq Called Appropriate

Microsoft confirms 'iPod Killer'

Man Believed to Be Last 9-11 Detainee Freed

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

Protesters Take Over Oaxaca, Mexico

Kansas Church to Fight Mo. Law in Court

Tenn. Gubernatorial Candidate Arrested

NYT: NASA’s Goals Delete Mention of Understanding, Protecting Home Planet

Mom Wants Dead Son Off Anti-War Shirt

Judge Orders Teen to Cancer Treatment

Anyone have a big tub of ice I can frolic in?

George W. Bush joined my forum!!!

Another question for people with taste- home decor this time.

I'm sorry. I just don't want to go out tonight.

A Tom Cruise poll: Best performance by a co-star

"your brain scan was unremarkable"

Let's go watch House on Franks 2000" T.V.!

"Who wants to kill the rest of the dessert?"

The Visitors

"berevement - is that what women take when they are pregnant?"

Hee hee hee hee haahaha HAH! (does little pirate jig)

Biblical Manhood

If I did a self-castration, would I end up in Matcomnews?

"The Verdict" with Jack Warden on Fox Movie Channel now

I wish I could have gone to this convention!

So hot I'm feeling nauseated

Some flowers to share with my Lounge friends

Emmy Winning Actor Jack Warden Dead at 85


Lamest thing you have ever seen offered on Freecycle.

Name 92,380 DUers who you have never met or had a flamewar with.

So I came home tonight and found out the AC was not working...

DU'rs: I need your professional advice

"In the Ghetto".

I'm heading to Columbia, SC tomorrow for a week's vacation.

Sup in the Liz-ounge this wonderful Friday night

Jean Seberg's French accent in "Breathless" in abominable....

Big Brother All Stars.

Of all the dumb things I see on the interstate on my way to work...

Floogeldy Appreciation Thread!

So, is it creepy

What song is getting on your nerves right now?

Damn your eyes! I'm watching Young Frankenstein!

Bruce John and Eagleville Band Featuring NED LAMONT!

Do your kids watch Hannah Montana?

Name one DU'er where if there was a global thermonuclear holocaust

Du... Du hast... Du hast mich...

I'm sorry I have to post this....

I need to kick my coke habit...

Superman II the Richard Donner cut will be out Nov 28

Favorite anti-war/protest songs?

I have two radio interviews tomorrow

Name one DUer that you would NOT want to get into a flamewar with

I am so sick of how big of a deal fundies make sex.

Ahhh Costco Peach Pie

Just so you know, the Mets magic number is 55.

For those of us who never get on a list--Pitch Yourself!

A Johnny Depp poll: Best performance by a co-star

Artwork for the weekend: u4ic

*********** The PNAC appreciation Thread********************

WWlll free association word game

The Renaissance Faire Purity Test.

I actually ate a deep-fried twinkie with choc. sauce today and liked it!

I just posted some of my BAD drawings...

Could it be that we are seeing a major realignment of

Can anyone tell me the difference between..

"Under God" to be added to...

Great paleontology/evolutionary biology website.

"The Store-Fronts" - Karen Bishop - July 21, 2006

John Kerry Addresses National Black Chamber Of Commerce Convention

OK, check out this comment

Ha! Got one!!

Le thread dupe...

KOEB 7/21 - Oh, no, is KO at the Indians' game edition?

Keith Is Off Tonight

Paul Rieckhoff will be on MTV tonight

Why did Bush give Israel a week?

So...I turned off MSM...and wouldn't know about Queens Electric Blackout

My final word on the Israel / Lebanon situation is this:

Religion is like a pie. Which slice do you want?

A Brief History of the 21st Century; Chapter 11: The Former United States

Land of Confusion

I'm watching Olbermann, and I'm sooooo depressed

Soldier in Iraq Writes To Stars & Stripes Because He has NO GEAR


Destiny Norton is 5 years old and has been missing for 5 days - why no...

Bruce John and Eagleville Band Featuring NED LAMONT!

America's domestic policy vs America's foreign policy

Here is why Smirky and Riceaphony won't do their jobs, IMHO.

Why do we have the fourth amendment?

Is American Politics in Danger of Demise because we Dems are on Comedy

Two Governors Fund Stem Cell Research

CNN: "Blogs are not always friendly with the facts."

Little risk to Schwarzenegger of blackouts, thanks to Gray Davis

Teacher under fire for 9/11 remarks

Rockets hit area near US Embassy in Iraq

Bumper sticker I saw today

Bumper sticker I saw today...Bush/Cheney 1984 n/t

Newsweek: Best-Laid Plans (interesting analysis of the Lebanon conflict)

Anybody want to give MSNBC a little eye opener?

While we're preoccupied with this new conflict, Iraq is going to pieces

Robbery victim told to repay cash.

Civil war spreads across Iraq as bomb at Shia mosque kills 59

The chimp is definitely hazardous to your health.

"I Choose To RE-ENLIST Now!" While Cheney Does His Photo-Op!

When you have roving bands of murderers in Baghdad......

Israelis and Lebanese are still talking - on the Net

Yo, Blair: the real meaning of the Tony 'n' George rap

CondiLIAR Rice Calls Ceasefire a 'false promise'

Cheney using Israel/Lebanon conflict for political purposes

any bush approval polls lately? mideast effect?

He,he! -- "How a Bill Becomes Law" -- discuss!

[stem cells] According to the Family Research Council....

AP: Minutemen to Build Border Barrier

Oklahoma woman whose son died in Iraq wants his name off anti-war T-shirts

"Bush administration has ADD. Condi Rice goes from photo op to photo op."

An updated email from Senator Feingold:

I DO See One Sign Of The Coming Rapture

Killing by Guardsman in Iraq Called Appropriate - Another ROE case

I've reached a decision...

Congressman Conyers: Blow Out Quarter For DCCC

Remember that thread that was posted recently that showed all the deaths

Care to hear about the anti-Bush conversation I had with my aunt today?

Did I miss the usual Friday news dump?? n/t

Air Force Vets....I have a question...

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in, It's my day to play!! Happy

Halutz: Ground operations will be limited in scope

U.S. Arming of Israel: How U.S. Weapons Manufacturers Profit From Middle E

The NeoCONS have created a world that HATES us.

The Beast

Democracy is for sissies

I talked to a gal from Chile

Catch the Tavis Smiley show tonight if you can

GAWD malloy get this boring twit off the air

Israel Lebanon: what our media won't tell us.

Flucker Carlson got his ear pee'd on today ...

Comcast users (and others) is Drudge Report down for you?

John Dean is on tour with his new book

AP: Insurgents are preparing "an all out assault" on Baghdad

Bush Blocking Justice NSA Probe Unprecedented. TPM interviews Waas.

Which insect will take over from man after the war we are heading for?

Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, Congo,...

GET THIS: "Christian Global Warming Policy: An Evangelical Response"

Martin Luther King, Jr. on Israel and Jews...

A textbook example of how not to handle a contraversial issue

Senator Kerry's speech on voting rights and 2004 problems

A few big questions on the Hezbollah situation...

Prediction: Cheney will "retire" at the end of this year. And then,

Clark: U.S. should be "streaming supplies to Lebanon"

The Terminator Took a Beating and Surrendered

BTW: Whatever happened to the Bird Flu Pandemic?

Minutemen fighting over money

Military DUers; Is the Green Zone about to become another Dien Bien Phu?

GRAPHIC: Images of suffering, death on Arab TV after series of....strikes.

Cul-de-sacs may face elimination soon

Right-wing vs Right-wing

I’m not antisemantic

Lower than shit = Being Dan Quayle's personal spokesman.

Keeping fellow Democrats in line about Israel: Pelosi letter to Dean.

Senator calls for study of habitual drug offender registry

Class Warfare At Big Flo's Diner, Let Them Eat Hash

Report: Pentagon Allowed Military Equipment Sold To Public (OMG!)

They should have pissed on YOU Fucker Carlson!

The GOP's domestic agenda scares the hell out of me.

GAO sting nabs Pentagon for selling equipment useful to terrorists

KindaSleazyLiar (Condi) channeled Rush Limbaugh.

GREAT! - Now Lebanese government/military is joining Hezbollah to defend??

GOP pushes to take over state offices

Soldiers’ Words May Test PBS Language Rules (America's become too PC)

George W. Bush’s War Against Science – A Personal Perspective

Book TV Schedule - July 22nd -24th

Connecting the dots -- this is a war about WATER

Can the Atlanta Journal Constitution be any more despicable

on becoming what you hate... (william erving thompson)

US troops ordered to kill every male of military age

Is Bush Really An "Alpha Male"?

With one Stroke of a pen,Bush Destoys Hope for Milions of Families

In a perfect neighborly world .....

Which is longer?

Civil war spreads across Iraq as bomb at Shia mosque kills 59

Israel was threaten by a rock thrower!

How old were you when you learned....

Just in Case.....

John Kerry Addresses National Black Chamber Of Commerce Convention

Individual Liberty, Society, and the Role of the State:

Blankly Spins The Ralph Reed Loss Like A Good Soldier

All we are give Peace a Chance....Give Peace a Chance....

Nebraska Governor hides from Democratic candidate, details

Fill me in on why Ben Barnes, TX, is for Strayhorn instead of Bell?

Dad suggests the exit from Iraq could resemble the Battle of Dunkirk

NY SUN: Centrist Democrats Ponder How To Counter Netroots

Mike Savage is on two different stations here in Cleveland....

Israel-Lebanon conflict

The Clown Prince of America

Smirky - the 72 hour hero

We were at Bush's speech at NAACP

Ohio's Coming Electoral Meltdown

Condi: "it wouldn't have been clear what I was shuttling to do."

I just donated $25 to Ned Lamont...

Election Reform Daily News Thread Needs You!!! Come lend a hand..

Halliburton almost doubles second-quarter net income

Conservatives and conscience

Security votes lose context in Senate race

The Duality of Senator Reid

Elegy for Beirut - Robert Fisk

No, this is not 'our war'

Bush Tells Sick And Ailing: Drop Dead!: Bill Press


A Study of Bias In the Associated Press

'Hezbollah and Iran are to blame'

Sex is on everyone's mind at swinging convention (Reuters)

Craig Crawford: Apocalypse Whenever

'Lebanon crisis an international conspiracy'

NYT: Cities Shed Middle Class, and Are Richer and Poorer for It

America's domestic policy vs America's foreign policy

Wolcott hits the nail square on the head: The war crimes of the United Sta

Ted Rall: Collective Punishment Isn't Self-Defense

Are the Shias on the brink of taking over the Middle East?

Funniest Show In Politics

Why Dems strike out like the Cubs BY ANDREW GREELEY

The bargains at Wal-Mart don't include satisfaction

Bush administration wants a nuclear strike on Iran

Condi's Flying Dutchman Maureen Dowd

What's smaller than a bread box, but bigger than a snowflake baby?

Forgive me, I have duped! n/t

The 2008 Campaign - Where's Edwards? (no link) National Journal

Rabbi Michael Lerner (Tikkun): End the Suffering in the Middle East

Bush Does Iraq: Anatomy of a Failed Operation

Triumph of the Authoritarians (from a Goldwater conservative)

Great post on a Yahoo msg board (yeah, an exception to the rule)

NYT: Re-refinancing, and Putting Off Adjustable Mortgage Pain

W. Va. mill town suffers slow death

The Authoritarian Streak in the Conservative Movement - John Dean

Prescription Politics

A new kind of money

United Technologies to produce ethanol powered fuel cells for submarines

Alaskan Fishermen Pull Up Slew of Squid

Nuclear plant struck by jellyfish (BBC)

Warmer Waters Disrupt Pacific Food Chain

French Heatwave Death Toll Up To 21 - No Relief Yet In Sight

Gorbachev In Australia - Climate Crisis Being Ignored - Border Mail

UK Butterfly Species List Down To 56 - Dozens Of Species Extinct - BBC

Angkor & Khmer Empire May Have Been Victims Of Climate Change

Oil Sands Production Stresses Canada's Dry Northern Plains

'Doomsday' seed bank to be built (near Svalbard, Norway)

Droughts, Gales & Refugees - Interesting Times Ahead For UK - Guardian

U.S.-Russian plutonium deal founders

Making oil from coal is bad for Montana?

A detail on the Swedish plan to eliminate oil.

xpost NASA’s Goals Delete Mention of Understanding, Protecting Home Planet

The Shame of Being An American

British Anger at Jewish Act of Terror Celebration

HAMAS, in the Gaza Strip, have said they will stop rocketing Israel at 12

Hezbollah using Viet Cong-style defences: Jane's

Investigate the tunnel Fiasco

A Nation in Arms

a very civil debate between former Israeli Foreign Minister Ben-Ami and Dr


13 Myths About The Case For War In Iraq


Videos show a plane disenegrating when hitting a wall

Dallas - 9/11 movies screening tonight - 7-22-2006

Breaking news: 9/11-debate is spreading to continental Europe

How the media can be encouraged to cover 9/11 truth nationwide

Norman Stockwell: U.S. could take lessons from Mexican voting process

Hand-counted ballots mean loss of under/over votes.

Stolen Minority votes give Shrub the presidency!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, July 22, 2006

What's to stop voters from absentee voting en masse?

helderheid's thread on BookTv panel here:

How the last presidential election awoke me from an unsound sleep

Culver on stem-cell research...

firedoglake profiles Braley - likes what it sees

Dems Recommend Election Calendar Changes

Scathing, hilarious LTTE re: "Grandma"

It's too Fricken Hot to Cook

What's with Diplomatic Immunity ..

Whew, I am so glad the Canadian officials in Cyprus are getting their

Suicide attack kills Canadians

Copps: Harper "a control freak"

Oilsands companies say they pay enough

Evacuation critic feels dusted off by PM

Canadians support government's response to Lebanon crisis

Emerson wants safe-injection site to remain open

8 Grocery Employees Stabbed in Tennessee (witness with gun ends it)

China storm death toll tops 500

NYT reporting US rushing more precision-guided munitions to Israel

Russia to Supply $1bn in Military Aircraft to Venezuela

Lou Dobbs:Oman Free Trade agreement passes Congress

Explosions, shootings shatter calm in Iraq

Israeli troops take control of border village

State Dems push buying card for party loyalty

Police bust suspected brothel in upscale community

Ivy Leagers were evacuated first from Lebanon

Protests in UK at Israeli action

Canada: Thousands expected at protests against attacks on Lebanon

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

Prodi faces test over extradition of 26 CIA agents

Afghanistan close to anarchy, warns general

IDF tanks, bulldozers knock down border fence, enter southern Lebanon (AP)

Last 9-11 detainee released from lockup

Iraq PM Says Will Urge US To Push For Lebanon Cease-Fire

Suicide attack on foreign forces, one killed (Afghanistan)

Oh my god look what our millitary is up to in Iraq

Israeli sends tanks to gain Lebanon foothold

Iraq PM to urge U.S. to work for truce

Iraq politician survives suicide bomb attack by own guard

Sydney anti-war protest gathers momentum

Sex is on everyone's mind at swinging convention (Reuters)

Le Tour: Landis recaptures lead

The words of Abraham Lincoln

Thousands march against Israeli attacks

Hundreds pay respects to Ta Mok

Iran to use reserve dollars to skirt fuel crisis-MP

Hezbollah using Viet Cong-style defences: Jane's

Iraq announces peace plan, refuses foreign interference

Death toll from Indonesia tsunami hits 659

Kuwait upholds five ex-Guantanamo men’s acquittal

Bush: Hezbollah, Syria, Iran Must be Confronted

Episcopal bishop in Ark. OKs gay blessings

Republican gubernatorial candidate gets support from Christian paper

2 Canadian soldiers killed, 8 wounded in Afghanistan

Iraqi Army 'Saves British Troops'

For a few dollars, anyone can be an Iraqi policeman

2 Americans, dozens of Iraqis killed

2 coalition soldiers killed, 8 wounded in Afghanistan

NYT: Re-refinancing, and Putting Off Adjustable Mortgage Pain

NYT: Cuts in African Military Aid Thwart U.S. Goals

AP 2 Americans (troops), Dozens of Iraqis Killed

Philadelphia may evict Boy Scouts council (over its policy on gays)

Missiles Hit a Lebanese TV Station Hard

Iraq parliament speaker calls for US withdrawal

Rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone

WP: An Electric Car With Juice, from Silicon Valley

Opus Dei financier is found dismembered under bridge

Russia now opposes key parts of Iran draft

C.I.A. Worker Says Message on Torture Got Her Fired

Democrats Slam Bush's Stem Cell Bill Veto (weekly radio address)

NYT: In Iran’s Streets, Aid to Hezbollah Stirs Resentment

War Tourism? People Still Traveling to Israel

BP out millions to Colombian farmers (terrorism by Colombian paramilitary)

Outcry as border guards seize British 'dirty bomb' lorry heading for Iran

Air Force to earmark billions for new bomber

Bush pledges US help to Turkey over Kurd rebels

Wild Bees And The Flowers They Pollinate Are Disappearing Together

Lebanese stream across the border ino Syria; threatening revenge on Israel

(Michael J) Fox blasts Bush stem cell veto

MI5 fears Hezbollah terror attacks in Britain

400,000 Frozen Embryos (only 128 'snowflakes' have been adopted)

Donor to Virginia Congressional Campaign (Goode - R) Pleads Guilty

Former Spokane mayor James E. West dies (recalled)

NYT/AP: Warmer Waters Disrupt Pacific Food Chain

Minister condemns Israeli action (UK Foreign Office)

NYT: Bolton’s Ways Foil Goals, U.N. Envoys Say

Arrested Bush dissenters eye courts

I.R.S. to Cut Tax Auditors

Republican lawmakers losing positive tone on course of war

Alzheimer's cure getting closer

New questions over death of David Kelly

Officer charged with DUI refused breathalyzer

It still sorta freaks me out when I'm IMing with someone

mmmm bow bow bow

Going to the zoo tomorrow

ren and stimpy`s lost episodes...

Top Ten Signs You're A Fundamentalist Christian

Name three DUers who have given you a headache naming three DUers.

Pete Seeger: "If you love your Uncle Sam...

looking for a crank-call sound-file...

"Lady in the Water" ... can someone explain to me...

Well I ventured into GD and now I want to stab my eye out with a spork.

The "Amelie" Blooper reel on Youtube!

Once upon a time, somebody walked into a bar and saw this:

Okay loungies, I'm going to bed.

what movie should I watch?

Is that "dick" cheney giving a speech right now?

Is it always this slow this time of night?

Okay... I'm outa here

Goodnight Lounge!

Green Pandas - what are your favorites?

Top Five Myths about America

Burning airlines give you so much more.....


There's still time to hear Ava on the radio

The Real Numa Numa

HAALLPP -- Civilization-4

Note to self: Hardwood floors do NOT make the most comfortable beds

What movie should I rent?

I put up a photo rant in the Texas forum if

Your lube is cracking down

World on Fire by Sarah by Sarah McLachlan--Must See Video

Heyyyyy!!111! Eye Jrunkkkk!!11

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

People you didn't realize at first to be fucked-up, but you really love?

What is going on with my printer?

Ich... ich bin... ich bin ein...

I have to fix computers

Most Beloved Saturday Morning Cartoons from your Childhood.

Congratulations Skidmore!! 10,000 posts

bank loan question

What DUer do you want to feel closest to?

Just got back from the opening night of Dixie Chicks...

You tube is cracking down

What DUer do you feel closest to?

Best movie sequels?

Termites in topsoil question.

so last night Fox News distorted Wexler's "coke and hookers" interview

I just figured out that my cable company carries Canadian Football League

This is why I stopped answering phones for companies

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

which du'er do you want to watch hardcore pornography with?

Assault with hot peppers. Only in my hometown.

Illiterate Dungheaper

"I can't control my heart rate, I've got a cougar on me!"

A test post- don't bother reading

Trial Set For Woman Accused Of Killing Mother-In-Law

Color quiz - think fast

Which state makes the best beer?


I have a taste for a Big Mac.....

when I die I want to go here:

Did they find the Missing Persons yet?


Thank god for wind!

Plane rented for marriage proposal crashes ..

Low and behold

Congratulations Yupster!! 10,000 posts

Grizzly-Cam live feed with sound --enjoy

Name 3 DUers again

A propos nothing, did you know Elvis was Jewish?

WTF?? My FURNACE just kicked on!

Okay-so who else misses the Seventies?

Want to DELETE. Posted by miz-take.

Confess! anyone ever play high school baseball?

Sex is on everyone's mind at swinging convention (Reuters)

Screen Cap Quiz time!

Here are some of the Superman II deleted scenes on youtube. Hurry!

Why don't my cats get ticks on them yet the dogs do?

A super hero reality show on sci fi????????

My garage got tagged last night!

What DUer should be felt?

Found this online ad: Will trade 1972 VW Camper for guitar...

It's "hotter than a pepper sprout " today in the Bay Area.

I am a banana

Ava's up next on 1480 KPHX

Hateful dog owners: do let your "pal" suffer in the heat....

I hope that our few remaining friends/give up on trying to save us

any invert owners here? nt.

Confirmed: Heath Ledger WILL play The Joker in next Batman

Caesar sailed through his dental surgery yesterday

Don't get on the Ship! The book "To Serve Man"...

Geeky loungers.... Has Yahoo IM taken a total shit today?

By god, this just might be the best concept for a movie, ever!

Today in La Mesa CA, where I live, projected Hi temp is 101.

I am not getting a dog

What's the best way to get rid of under-eye circles and puffiness?

Bee Identification? I Saw The Wildest Bee & Need Help Identifying It.

OMFG. Miss Mississippi is on in about an hour.

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Why, pray tell, am I awake at 5 am?

What *COMMERCIAL-FREE* Channel Do You Watch The Most?

Att: DU Italian wine lovers! What is a good vinsanto to serve

Too hot to cook so I'm just eating the census taker raw with a cold Miller

Nair for men....

ULTRAMAN! Here he comes from the sky!

Time to add Global Warming to my list of enemies.

Wine: Anyone tried this one?

Is it Microsoft or is it me?

Okay, I need more advice (can you tell I'm on a self-improvement kick?)

Re Global Warming: "102 degrees is the new 85!" Sort of like "40 (age)

Happy birthday HeeBGBz!!

Too hot to cook so I'm making Gazpacho with tuna & garbanzo bean salad!

Tame three DUers


What was your latest dream?

A sad pet story and a caution to cat owners


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 7/22/06)

Hey Lounge! I have returned!

Which country makes the best beer?

Which car would you buy if given the choice?

Well, our doggie was in the big Eukanuba dog show in Houston...

Congratulations Redstone!! 15,000 posts

Does your cat like to watch?

Mass DU'rs: Remember the Big Mattress?

Am I the only one unable to log into Yahoo Messenger?

I am a jelly doughnut.

Please convince me not to walk out.

Confess! Anyone here ever done Crack? (College, HS or Jr High)

Post a picture of yourself with something on your head!

Congratulations Rowdyboy!! 15,000 posts

Some notes, If you own or ever owned a dog.

Post a Golden Retriever rule: We all know about the....

What word did you completely misunderstand when you were a kid?

Loving dog owners: don't let your pal suffer in the heat....

Interesting camoflage pictures

time for a picture thread....

Why do older albums have no copyright on them? ARGH!

Give your nominations for the DU Lounge awards...

The Daily Show - 2006.07.20 - Stem Cell Research

I know I'm pushing it...

Obligatory Saturday's Cat Thread. There's no way around it! Post away!

Why does my desktop computer turn itself off after 20 minutes or so?

Kind of an update

Converting MP4 audio file

I'm lonely and scared and just wish,...

Marc Gunn & The Dubliners Tabby Cats - Irish Drinking Songs...

Is it possible to bring dead people back to life?

help! i'm in the hospital with back/kidney pain -- no meds!

Bush does nothing about privately-funded stem-cell research...

Eye test 'could spot Alzheimer's'

Tut's gem hints at space impact

Turkey: Kaunos ancient theatre had rotating stage

xpost NASA’s Goals Delete Mention of Understanding, Protecting Home Planet

Is it really you or jamais vu? (opposite of deja vu)

Tesla's "Magic" energy?

Europe’s pyramid history unveiled

Decadence Days 2006-a return to New Orleans.......

Sad state of affairs...

Why does the Final Stage have to be Ceremonial?

Roger Clemens and Steroids

Le Tour: Landis recaptures lead

Trace Your Ancestry

Hello Fellas and Fellos!! LOL!!

Pain relief tips please!

Yoga catches on for soldiers, sailors looking to release stress

Kerry in Charleston, SC

OT / My trip to the US - New Englanders, I need your advise, please

Elizabeth Edwards refers to JK as a sincere and compassionate cheerleader

When all else fails!


this is the same shit i remember against John Kerry in 2004

The old faithful tractor.

Interesting part of Flickr, full page of random pictures

New Nikon DSLR coming. (Thanks Sony!)

IDF to appeal human shield ban - 12 October 2005

Al Gore on Conan

Yikes-I just had an encounter with the Parlock-mobile!

Ok, Here's The Real Analogy

Middle School kids write about Peace (2006 contest winners)

I am not afraid

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

One big circle jerk

Israelis renounce membership in world journalist federation in protest at

Free downloads of anti-Bush music!

George H.W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a meeting tonight in LA.

PHOTO: The World's On Fire. Where's George????

Neil Young's latest video stars Al Gore & "An Inconvenient Truth"

Is bush the anti-christ if he brings peace to the middle east?

Is it me or is this Ken Lay after alteration visiting with Ken Blackwell?

The Oreo Theory. True Fiscal rsponsibility.. great little video

Desmund Tutu

Protest Signs From Friday/Saturday (PHOTOS)

2,560 of our troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

SPEND that dough, Katherine Harris, SPEND!

He's another view point on the Israel Lebanon war

Another P2 type scandal brewing in Italy

I'd really like to see some follow-up from Eminem, Pink, etc.

Plurality of Americans favor immediate ceasefire

Pain shared is halved, joy shared is doubled...

Deleted for sake of peace, though


Iraq parliament speaker calls for US withdrawal

Our Warmest and Most Heartfelt Thanks to the DU Community/Family!

I wasa run out of the Yahoo chats

My thoughts on the bird flu...

Report: Pentagon Allowed Military Equipment Sold To Public

(You gotta love NZ) New Zealand policewoman moonlighted as prostitute

Witchcomic: Hunger-induced myopia

Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?

Afghanistan Close to Anarchy Warns Head of Nato Forces

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

Evacuating Americans from Lebanon. Another typical Bush screw up.

Was this too rough of a response by me?

U.S. moving more troops into Baghdad

Fuck the Warmongers on ALL sides.

quote: "God damned the Israelis for destroying Lebanon! "

".....that's what I believe......"

Steve Freeman and Greg Palast will be in New York this Saturday TODAY>>>>>

Al Jazeera Headline: This is What is Going All over the Middle East

Schwarzenegger Proposes Drug Discount Plan

What Will The Moderators Do As The Bush Inspired WWIII

U.S. OKs rushing bombs to Israel

Iraq PM will press U.S. officials for cease-fire when he visits Washington

If the Democrats stand by as Bush sends Bunkerbusters to Israel......Grrr

Sources: Negroponte Blocks CIA Analysis of Iraq “Civil War”

The news that the US government is going to step up delivery of bombs

Just out of curiousity..... who here is actually old enough to...

It's not a ground incursion, just some shelling and troop movements.

(CNN) Tony the Idiot Gone?

Baptist Colleges cutting ties with churches

World on Fire

A call for exclusive Democratic social organizations.

Israeli Planes Hit Communications Towers

Court rules teen must have cancer treatment

colonial imperialist presupposition

The crazed frat boys running this nation -

Minister condemns Israeli action

They are everywhere, but what good do surveillance cameras do?

Spin Alert - MSM claims that Iraq was recently 'calm'

Saturday TOON - ... sleeps better now that the voices have stopped

The radio just quoted Israel; "Calming border towns with artillery fire."

Plan B for November?

Coulter on the 700 club yesterday: "If evolution were true..."

Cruise ship to Lebanon

The Plight of Domestic Workers in Lebanon

Informative/Well Written Op/Ed on Bush's NAACP Visit - Palm Beach Post

What is with Rasmussen?

Wally Walrus & KKKondi have Officially Blamed Syria & Iran.

"Congress Should Sue Bush" American Bar Association

Don't Let the Neocons Call It a 'War on Terror'

C&L:Cafferty on Iraq: Sub Human Nightmare

The National Socialist Movement (Nazi) will hold a rally in Madison WI

(VIDEO) Hypocrisy in action: Lieberman condemnding Clinton back in 98

Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) flying Britons out of Lebanon

Hey MSM- how 'bout Iraq? IRAQ IRAQ IRAQ IRAQ IRAQ & Afghanistan

Stop blaming Israel!

Reports of Neo-Nazis in Iraq

No spell check on Yahoo news - or is it a freeper invasion?

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis (NYT)

Why is it when Democrats/Liberal see pain and misery Conservatives see $$$

"West Wing" Creator Aaron Sorkin Quickly Rues 'Crack' TV Metaphor

Clinton's new "Bildeburger" style group...

Oh my god look what our millitary is up to in Iraq

If Bush came out of the WH

George W. Bush exceeded Hitler's 50-to-1 ratio.

"hezbollah sucks"

Letterman "We can put a man on the moon, but we still can't put


Rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone

The Mother of All Opportunity Costs

Politician survives bodyguard bomber

U.S. raid targeting insurgents kills 2 women, child in Iraq

Transphobia of the Traditional Values Coalition

Condi’s Flying Dutchman and Air-Guitar Diplomacy

Feingold, Clark, Reid, Pelosi Statements

I need help defeating Peter King (R) 3rd dist N.y.!

A sad pet story and a caution to cat owners

Am I the only one that DOESN'T have a solution for the middle east?

Vice-presidential Poll

"we were under orders to kill"

Appropriate name for this "judge."

Can people ever unlearn the lie of a connection between 911 and Iraq?

Anybody Else Notice An Upturn In Crankiness (Besides Here At DU) !!!

Veterans without legs learn to ski

The "moralists" think marriage is...

HAMAS, in the Gaza Strip, have said they will stop rocketing Israel at 12

Iraq PM to urge U.S. to work for truce (Israel/Lebanon)

One man said he was too ashamed not to be able to help his family...

"From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in Aug."

ISRAEL: The NeoCon Silver Bullet -- Watch and Weep

55% St Louis without electricity because of heat

Crimes Against Humanity

Russia signs $1bln aircraft contract with Venezuela-Ivanov

Is there really anything else to talk about ??

help me out with the Israeli/Lebanese/Hezollah timeline

US Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

NASA’s Goals Delete Mention of Home Planet (NYT)

Is Israel is our ally, and our media reports on their troop movements...

How has John Bolton performed compared to your expectations?

too HOT for the Kiwis....

why did homeland insecurity ban this lady from the usa?

This time next month - CAMP CASEY!!

Recalled Spokane Mayor dies

Ethiopia vows to 'crush' Somali Islamists amid incursion reports

Jerusalem gay parade called off due to war

Bush, Cheney: War Is Peace

Iraqi Civilian Death Toll 6,000 for May, June

The current numbers in the global nuclear stockpile

Palestinian Militants Agree To Cease-Fire; Will Not Aim Rockets At Israel

Iraq: Baghdad curfew continues amid worsening bloodshed

The Hon. Rudolph Giuliani, in Drag, on the cover of The National Review:

Tomgram: Mike Davis on the History of the Car Bomb

Stem Cell Research question...

Evangelicals are "Jews" of the 21st century

The words of Abraham Lincoln

Right Media Misleading American Public.

The Thing Neither The US or Israel Will Never, EVER Admit

The Shame of Being an American

U.S. Plan Seeks to Wedge Syria Away From Iran

If * was sent by God, where is the fuckin' miracle to save us all?

(Israel Vote) Dems: Yaes-186, Nays-7 DU: Yaes-??? Nays-???

Tel Aviv: Thousands rally against war

"The Bawl Street Journal"

Excellent anti-war video by John Fogerty

No power outages in Ca, thanks to Gray Davis.

In Iraq, Military Forgot the Lessons of Vietnam

Another dead Republican

The top 10 unintentionally worst company URLs

CNN: Workin' the phones, workin' the feeds...

If bush won't allow Stem-Cell research because it kills a human

Supreme Court Bobbleheads

Any nation that encourages Israel to do what it is doing in Lebanon

Why take out Televison towers? Bush did the same thing. What

Israel hits Christian Television in Christian North Lebanon, Kills TV Man

In a Terrorist Safe House (Tom the Dancing Bug vs NYTimes)

Independent UK: America's Domestic vs. Foreign Policy

Israel building prison for Lebanese captives

The top 0.1% of US is doing great, and everyone knows that a rising tide

Americans for Peace Now: Where Is Bush?

A shovel is what we need

Off to see the Dixie Chicks....

This electric car will make you drool....

Political Realignment in Bizarro World!

Is Russ Feingold a Zionist or just a plain Jew?

Robert Reich: Three things you should know about Chinese economic growth.

Snow Flacks In Hell

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

British Anger at Jewish Act of Terror Celebration

Researchers Link Wildfires and Climate Change

What is it with Pro-Lifers

How Do We Win If Joe Lieberman Wins As An Independent?

Another Analogy

Serious question: Has Iran armed Hezbullah or is this propaganda?

The MidEast has always been a testing field for our weapons and aircraft

Neo-cons: Bush foreign policy too weak

CBS not having Sun. news programs so they can show golfing

(Americans believe) what % of the world speaks English?

Anyone have any pictures/report from Comic-Con (300 trailer)?

Kofi Annan: Things are in such turmoil in Lebanon

At what point does offshoring stop?

there would be no war, if Hezbollah had a McDonald's

Paul Wolfowitz: Iraq who?

Freepers Extinct. All Other Republicans on the Endangered Species List.

Indian peacekeeping soldiers on UN duty caught in crossfire

We all know that this is a war between Iran and America.

Why did that post disappear -- Huge new U.S. post in Israel?

Apparently, Plame's CIA Unit, Spied at 3rd-World Nuke Conference

We DU'ers use "loose language" here because it's a Casual Place ..BUT!

A third of casualties in Lebanon are children, says UN relief chief

Rice Off to Pageant in Middle East, Wishes for World Peace

Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Gandhi & King on Poverty and Violence

The Ugly Truth About the President (Great Article About the Imbecile)

So I went to the Bon Jovi concerts up in NJ... Giants

9/11...Katrina...Middle East

false choice: Invading/blowing up a country does not stop terrorism.

Let's be blunt--

Will Democrats be held accountable when the GOP starts WW3?

U.S. Rushes Bombs to Israel

For wounded veterans, the war goes on (Payments for Traumatic Losses)

An Open Letter to President Bush from Lazlo Toth

Bushitler Peace =War Radio address. Bushitler is using Israel

From Cindy Sheehan, in response to the birthday thread, here:

Proposed Force in Lebanon Not to Include U.S. Troops

John Kerry was in Charleston today

2 girls found starving; have well-fed siblings

John Mellencamp Makes Dan Quayle Cry

Charlotte NC police shoot telco-worker

"95% of taxes in this country are paid by rich ($100k per annum) people"

John Roberts Warmonger extraordinare linking Iran to Afghanistan's new

Beltway Bozos on Joementum and us (the "FAR LEFT")

Are the "Minutemen" enjoying 119 degrees in El Centro, California?

Have you served in the military?

Had a really nice morning of voter registration today.

If not me who, if not now when?

Just watched "Why We Fight"....

Rice talks to Syria, but from a distance

Bush regime still at odds with UN over mission and focus of peace talks

What were you taught in High School about the Middle East.?

Clinton singing 'Imagine' with Israeli singer Liel and Israeli/Arab

CA Dems governor candidate returns to the fray this week -at last!

The Logic of Suicide Terrorism

British pay homage to plotter who tried to blow up Hitler in 1944

Anybody hear John Elliot (Air America San Diego) refer to infertile women

Let's get out the thesaurus if it will save lives...

TUNE IN TO C-SPAN 2 NOW - Steve Freeman and Greg Palast among others

Lou Dobbs:Oman Free Trade agreement passes Congress

Russia puts kibosh on U.S.-backed resolution against Iran at UN

Repent Sinners! The End times Are Upon Us! They Say So At Walmart.

Rasmussen: Ned has a ten-point lead over Joementum

Freak on MSNBC laughing at duck and cover way of life!

Weather from Barrow Alaska - read it with envy & cool off ->

The Lebanese are blaming Bush/America for the bombings!

Update on Mexican Elections from Mexico

I am ready to fight for Democracy in America.

Pat Robertson's Cayman company to resume Liberiangold prospecting

Keith Olbermann speaks to Television Critics Association, tweaks O'Reilly

Israel faces the dangers of an 'asymmetric war'

Have your sleeping patterns changed with the escalating tensions

O'Reilly Needs to SHUT UP! Plz delete if dupe...

She (Condi) is NOT on a Peace mission (abc news)--now. good report

Demonizing Iran

UN Complicity in a war...unprecedented

Criticism of Israel's policies does not equal antisemetism. Discuss.

Elizabeth Edwards writes about her battle with cancer in new book

RFK Jr Sues, Blows Whistle on Diebold

Rally for Israel to be held in Ramapo (Rockland County NY) . . .

Who gets to define the term "Christian"?

The End of Heterosexual Marriage and Human History

Suggest we write religion with and without quotations.

From Freedom To Fascism starts showing in theaters NEXT FRIDAY!

The World Trade Center - the movie Opening August 9, 2006

The Water Barons

Important interview with Noam Chomsky!! a differnt perspective....

Lt Col: The Tillmans' are only upset because they aren't Christians

Military Infomercials Regarding Rape and Women on AFN Europe

Yo-Bush, your Israeli buddies are attacking Christians - God will not

Family goes through hell after camping trip... I could use your input

Gloom, Despair and Agony on me...WOAH!

Comment might cost teacher his job

Juan Cole's harrowing roundup of events in Lebanon ("ethnic cleansing")

British government breaks with Bush over Israel

Lebanese defense minister: Army will fight ground invasion

From now on I call them what the are: the COS

Gotta love the Independent! Oo' said anything 'bout a ceasefire?

When I went to Quaker School in the 50's and 60's

In times like these, I can't get the song One Tin Soldier out of my head

The U.S. is now a legitimate military target

*** Saturday TOONs: Stem Cell & Mid East ***

Where are our bunkers?

I just donated to "Save the Internet."

NYT/AP: Elizabeth Edwards Describes Cancer Fight in New Book

WH Ministry of Propaganda: Bush's Foreign Policy Is Succeeding

If Iran gives Hezbolah weapons & We give them to Israel is there

Rice sees bombs as birth pangs

What's your favorite Air America weekend show?

Lots Of Criticism Of Israel In This War That's Started


Why "pro-lifers" don’t care when IVF embryos are SNUFFED

Judge Orders Teen to Cancer Treatment

2 girls (ages 6 & 7) found starving; stepsiblings fine

Pop Quiz.. History.. (no cheating)

pointing a finger at americans that work in war munition plants

Let's not forget the conflict in another part of the world

Do you know what kind of weapon causes this damage

Why is the murder rate spiking in so many cities?

Any DU'ers been through Russia lately?

I Don't Like Bigotry

Pass the crayons, please...

Make no mistake about Hezbolah's intentions

Air Conditioning Nightmare In Global Warming Big Box Store Hell

Democrats' Allies Use Undisclosed Dollars to Target Republicans

Rice Rejects Quick Fix In Mideast Because It Is Still Too Far Away......

Israel / Palestine (video)

DU...I think I've had it

Newspaper that endorsed Bush in 2004 calls for a new congress in Nov

The duality of Senator Reid

Bush Radio: "The ideology of fear" (Terrorists, not his administration)

Cheney and Rumsfeld are mysteriously silent and invisible. That makes

Sherrod talks frankly about DeWine, CIA funds & Patriot Act

C&L Lieberman clips: 1998 Bill Clinton rant and "Don't Undermine Bush"

San Francisco Newspaper Report On ME Conflict Plans 1 Yr Ago.....

Rice: Keep fighting until you can establish "lasting peace..."?!?

January 2007 ....... January 2009 ...... now what?

The Week in Political Cartoons

Rep DeGette: Bush veto was for "cold, calculated, cynical political gain"

If a GOP congressman turns against Bush, how would you react?

The Dark Side

Swift Liar oil tycoon takes fight to Congress: "horse killing plants"

Republicans Have Completely Lost Any Edge On Security Issues

Hillary Clinton polling data

Biggest Retirement Fund Takes Coke Off List of Socially Responsible Compan

LAT: As Angelides Dallies, Advantages Slip Away

the ME War is about the Nov election and attacking IRAN...

Electrical Outages Grip New Orleans (Bush's hypocrisy)

Jack Cafferty: Iraq becoming a "sub-human nightmare"

NEW Grand Theft Election: APOCALYPSE FOREVER : Dick Cheney Loves War

Lieberman Finds Favor Among Donors That Usually Support G.O.P.

what will you do to stop this?....graphic warning...bring tissues

Can the Pukes vote in the Conneticut Dem primary?

Instead of Ceasefire, US Speeds up Bomb Delivery to Israelis

Hotline says NV is the caucus, SC is the primary. DNC committee vote.

Democratic weekly radio address: Stem-cell veto cynical political move

Unions rake in record cash for campaigns

Forget impeachment, lets pressure the ICC to bring

Democrats' Allies Use Undisclosed Dollars to Target Republicans

Watch the Florida Gub Debate Live!

NeoCon Bill Kristol gives $500. to Lieberman Campaign. (Not a Joke!)

Democrats Call on Congress to Implement 9/11 Commission Recommendations.

"This is the thanks we get for giving them a government?"

Not WWIII. This seems to be just another version of reliqous

Republican lawmakers are anti-worker

The Most Dangerous Alliance in the World

Kindly tell me why, if we are keeping our distance from the

NYT/AP: Senator Dodd Tests Presidential Waters in Florida

NYT: As head of GOP Senatorial campaign, Elizabeth Dole's star power dims

DNC makes presidential primary changes -NV and SC added

Ze Frank's online commentary on Bush Veto (funny)

Iraqspeaker calls for US withdrawal; announces peace plan

Murdered family and lost job -- rewards for serving your country

Questions Surround Nevada Official's Sudden Death

Anti-Democrat discrimination

Blue America: Bruce Braley, IA-01 @----->firedoglake

If Lamont beats Lieberman in the CT primary, will Joe *actually* run indy?

Who would you rather see in Lieberman's Senate seat?

Bush Denies AFL-CIO China Trade Petition: A ‘Slap in the Face’ to Workers

Would terminology have mattered (re: stem cells)?

Wexler falls into Colbert's Trap - Front Page of Palm Beach Post

Senator Cantwell ( DINO - Wa) must go!

New CT Rasmussen: Ned ahead by 10, TIED UP in 3-way

Here's the stunning finding: What is Bill Clinton talking about?

US intervention

Ya wanna know why Hillary is the "leading" Dem candidate in the polls?

Edwards Leads Dem List of Potential 2008 Presidential Candidates

on Lieberman, the DLC and the DNC

In Iraq, Military Forgot the Lessons of Vietnam

didn't bin laden decide to become a terrorist after israel attacked ....