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Archives: July 21, 2006

Beyond Lieberman

Iranian intervention revives an ancient enmity

A strategic mistake

High stakes warfare

Afghan: Karzai's Cabinet Proposes Return of Religious Police

The vulnerable line of supply to US troops in Iraq

WP, Dionne: Ralph Reed and The End Of a Road: Redefining "Values"

Why Iraq Will End as Vietnam Did

Living Green Energy Fair; Saturday, July 22nd; Arlington, Virginia

Environment and Art: Michael Kenna's photographs of coal cooling towers.

Insect-Pollinated Flowers' Numbers Down By 70% In UK, Holland - Reuters

UK - Hottest July Day Since 1911 - Retail Chain Sells Fan Every 2 Seconds

Q Fever Outbreak At Scottish Meatpacking Plant - BBC

Australia - Eyes Wide Shut On The Issue Of The Century

Whores Parade As Clueless Congress "Debates" Climate Breakdown

Lest we forget. Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

Pro-Israel DUers - Your party has not abandoned you

Palestine Is Still The Issue (Video) and Forgiveness Project

B'Tselem: IDF uses Palestinians as human shield

Zapatero (Spain's PM) accused over 'anti-Semitic' row with Israel

Do you know what kind of weapons causes this damage?

Officer killed as 2 IDF choppers collide, then crash

2 soldiers killed on Lebanese border

Has Anyone Here Heard About "Loose Change 2nd Edition"? (A Movie)

Wis. lawmakers demand professor be fired (for 9/11 Conspiracy Theories)

Roy Lipscomb: Give us "old fashioned" paper ballots.

OK you guys HELP! need a cheap silverware storage idea

'sghetti sauce. Do you put sugar in it, do you use bay leaves, and

More Canadians unhappy with federal response to Lebanon crisis: poll

I think I detect some spin in this article about Harper's recent adventure

If Israel is making a "measured response" what's the need for evacuations?

Foreign policy challenges 'surprise' PM

The worst moment since 2000?


Nationwide Recall of Power Packs used in Insulin Pumps

Congress notified six billion dlr arms sale to Saudis possible

N.C. Law Banning Cohabitation Struck Down

Illinois Gov. Funds Stem Cell Research

Schwarzenegger provides $240m stem-cell centre loan

At Ground Zero, Builder Is Barred but Not His Kin

GOP Argues Against Phone Jamming Case

AP: Democrats plan $30 million ad buy

AP: Democrats Plan $30 Million Ad Buy

Afghan: Karzai's Cabinet Proposes Return of Religious Police

AP: Disaster Plans Don't Address Nursing Homes

CNN: Hezbollah leader apologizes for attack's child victims

HHS Chief's Fund Gave Little to Charity

The vulnerable line of supply to US troops in Iraq

Sects’ Strife Takes a Toll on Baghdad’s Daily Bread

Probe moves closer to Harris

Nasrallah: Kids killed in Nazerath are 'martyrs'

'Sign Kyoto Protocol' Gorbachev says

WP: Surveillance Bill Meets Resistance in Senate

Mexico's Calderon vows to build highways and homes

Three men arrested in Mumbai train bombings, India TV reports.

Dean Says Midwest Crucial for Democrats

Top-Secret World Loses Blogger, CIA Contractor Is Fired

Plucked to Safety From Lebanon, American Evacuees Return, Lament the Dead

Musharraf: Taliban gaining power

Residents of Besieged City Feel 'Just Left Here to Die'

Chile sinks Bolivia’s sea hopes

In Mideast Strife, Bush Sees a Step To Peace

Halliburton Almost Doubles Earnings

2 Are Charged in Criminal Case on Stock Options

NYT/AP: Ivory-billed Woodpecker Halts Arkansas Irrigation Project

Stay out of northern Iraq, US tells Turkey

Domestic Detainee From 9/11 Released

Soldiers Plan to Argue Rape Tied to Distress

BBC: Bombing 'killed Afghan civilians'

Soldier's injuries lead to heart failure

U.S. general: Insurgents planning 'all-out assault' on Baghdad

Israel set war plan more than a year ago

(Anti-war) Spray-Painting Politician Convicted

Ohio Professor Remains Detained in Israel

George Bush saves the world

Evil, in its most delicious pastry form

Attention DU Lounge:

Heads up fo DU'ers who use power pack insulin pumps--Recall notice

It is 8PM and it is still 102 in the OKC Metro...

Another stupid computer question

I clicked on one of those ads and my computer flew out

Got an email from Women in Black. Should I march?

If you can't staff a store properly, then please close the fuck down.

It's settled... I'm the worst bowler in the history of the galaxy...

Guster fans?

My cat's dying. Should I stuff a bag over its head and kill it?


Steely Dan fans: Young or old?

My thread was locked?

Wanna see a non-DU fight?

Bwuhahahaha! I'm such a hilarious bastard!!

I had a "nobody dies wishing he'd spent more time at the office" day


My favorite Reality TV Star

Ok, anyone remember these guys?

Is there something you always like to bring back

Freeze Peach!

Broken ankle? Wrist? Joint surgery coming up? You CAN shower with . . .

Pirates is way better the second time.

Doo doo doo, looking out my back door. (mild dial up warning)

Does your cat look like Hitler???

Ask me!

I finally got a job (to replace my old one)!!!

Today is my father's 65th birthday.

(Jackass sketch) Hi, I'm SmileyBoy, and... I'm gonna go into GD.

The Great Dictator

Did something dumb and embarrassing at work today.

I got her! I got her! I got her on the first try!

God doesn't punish you with what she denies you. She punishes you with

Should I have another drink?

What is your favourite white chocolate-covered wafer stick candy??

Looks like we might get a Summer STORM here in CA!! (dial-up warning)

Hey, DUers living in the UK....

I've been living with the drummer from UJ3RJ5 for the past fifteen years.

Hey Lounge Lizards, the Statue of Liberty is a DUer!

CaliforniaPeggy said the S*** word! I kid you not!

I had an interview with LinkTV that is supposed to be shown next week

Anybody see COLBERT Tonight? (Spoilers)

What's everyone having for dinner?

My binoculars are back from Austria!

Everyone else has had more sex than me (video)

To the next guy to offer more than 30K less than my home's asking price:

Just got back from my mini vacation getaway. (dial up warning)

Watching Cat Cora just drives home what a useless, artless shit Flay is.

I don't think GD will recover--*do not go in there*

I just got the best gift ever

Are there any Calista Flockhart/Ally McBeal fans out there?

Shut up. I love you. Shut up. I love you. SHUT UP. I LOVE shut. You.

PICTURE - As close as it's ever going to get

My website is's link of the week!

How Many Posts Do You Have So Far?

question about and gift cards...

I'm going to Dollywood!

Damn, I'm tired! Back from a long business trip.

OMG - I'm watching "Noises Off"! LOL!! What talent! What dead talent!


Anyone have an HP computer?

Ymmm, summer fruit. Pick your favorite

Ledger To Play Batman's Joker?

To hell with the hot tub - who wants to go skinny dipping?


So what's everyone drinking tonight?

How I spent Independence Day

Name 3 DUers you have talked to on the phone but have never met in person.

Ask me!

I still apologise to mom for cursing. She will not tolerate the f-bomb.

What is your favorite crunchy peanut butter & toasted coconut candy?

Viciously slander 3 DUers

O.K. (Follow-Up To Peggy's Thread): Name DUers You Would LIke To Meet

Songs you didn't realize at first to be fucked-up, but you really love?

Adam West appreciation thread.

Ask me about Detroit

OK, my friends.......Name the DU'ers that ........

Is it too early to think about Birthday Cards?

Question - are we on DU or freeperville. Since yesterday, I have met

Wan't some more incredible photos?

There is suddenly WAAAAY too much Tucker on my TV.

What are the best, most objective online news sources?

Lest we forget. Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

Lest we forget: Malmedy

Israeli Children Signing Missiles - The COMPLETE Story

The vote on the House Israel resolution was 410-8...

Would we listen to any reporter who said this

Odd how Faux has no trouble showing carnage from OTHER wars

Bush's Back Rub Magnified in Cyberspace

What If Turkey Were To Act Like Israel

The drums of war sound for Iran

An idea to end the hostilities in the Israel-Hezbollah war...

Runner-Up in Mexico Discounts Election

Say it three times very warming doesn't exist, global ....

Pat Buchannon's San Francisco Chronicle column

2557 - Just Look At It.

Hezbollah is fighting to the death, but who is it?

Gay people responsible for mideast crisis!!

JEAN SCHIMDT has $17,500. on hand. Can we win this one, folks?

Being Pro-Israel = Flame bait? Goodbye DU

"80% of Republicans are really Democrats who don't know what's going on."

FYI: Paul Giamatti on TDS, Jon Stewart, tonight/now. nt

Great new idea! Text message dire government warnings!

When Hezbollah kills children, they're "martyrs for Palestine"

Lest we forget: 'The St. Louis'

I just saw "Why We Fight, what a

Snowflake babies: no two are alike and they're all white

Kerry, Obama Call on FCC to Address Media Ownership Diversity

Tucker Carlson re bombing: "Not That They Don't Deserve It"


Question for those that are pro Israel.

Media Matters Campaign: Add your name against hate speech on the airwaves

So...Saddam was right about one thing after all, Babylon has become...

Nasrallah speaks, vows surprises

Give us "old fashioned" paper ballots.

Your one stop guide to Republicans

Jim Hightower has had it with PTS and those that fight

The worst moment since 2000?

Stem Cells

What the Parkinsons community says about Bush's veto

Dogs don't moo = no to domestic partnerships. WTF?

Are you watching "The Agency" on TV now...the discussed a "Florida" trick!

I hope is not lost on all here that Americans are being rescued not from


Caption this * pic

Bush Urged To Give Israel More Time for Attacks

From Bartcop --- Vote Joe Lieberman :)

What's been the "hottest" topic in GD?

Bush gropes Merkel to Ludacris (Video)

Please DU this poll

Reality Time, Pick a side and stop.

"Homecoming" Out on DVD

Dog Dies at Pet Exorcism by Trainer

Someone please debunk this.... scary (graphic) ass snake

We know who our enemies are

Navy quarterback just acquitted of rape charges

"TPM Reader DO chimes in on Lieberman ..."

It seems to me that many of those who support Israel no matter what

Hanging on to November....

Pat Buchanan BRAND NEW Column (30-minutes old) - HARD HITTING!

What we are seeing in the M.E. right now, is neo-con democracy flowering.

Armageddon Here We Go!

Why does there have to be a voting rights act?

Can AL GORE Be Trusted? (good article by Jeff Cohen)

Anti-West Backlash is Gathering Pace, Warns Turkish Minister --FT

Drinking sometimes bring clarity....So I can solve the Middle East....

The woman who was crushed in that tunnel.... paid her taxes

Israel Prepares for Full-Scale Lebanon Onslaught

So, if Israel is wrong, what should Israel do?

As per Tony Snow: Bush = Champion of black.

So, Israel DID NOT withdraw entirely from Lebanon in 2000.

Editorial cartoon, Rowson of Guardian

Are we too sensitive or are we not mature enough to discuss some subjects?

If I was President I would let a Big Loud Smelly Fart...

McCain on the Daily Show, Monday.

The freepers had their big freep of Murtha today (pics)

Mikhail Gorbachev:Military might not the answer

Julian Bond is a great sport! (and can be funny with Colbert)

Most of what I know about the establishment of Israel

Body armor or body ODOR? Something's funky

Why the Arab civilian casualties are higher

White - The World According to Bush!

Anti-immigration group questioned about spending

My boss's brother is in Iraq

What is Israel hoping to accomplish?

The Great Dictator

Dan Rather must be rollin' his eyes : Katie Couric

EFF: EFF's Spying Case Moves Forward... (AT&T/NSA)

Has Anyone Here Heard About "Loose Change 2nd Edition"? (A Movie)

London Times: Could Israel face war crimes charges?

Escalation Of Violence Is The BushCo Dream Scenario

Death of Democracy... Carrots in the wind.

delete - nt

The 32% (Part III)

And I understand that many African-Americans distrust my political party.

Senate renews 1965 Voting Rights Act

Is it possible to have secular, non-ethnic states in the Middle East?

Karl Rove is one person I'd guess has been cheerful all week

FCC looks to stop swearing at televised sporting events

Dead children as propaganda

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

All this internecine sniping embarrasses me.

Julian Bond: A Black Man! Rofl!

Editorial cartoon: "My First Veto, By Georj W."

delay's Dirty Tentacles Reach My State Governor's Race(Wi):

House bill shielding Pledge Of Allegiance would strip Court of power

So, How Did * End Up At The NAACP Convention Anyway?

Keeping women poor - the GOP/Conservative male agenda

Concerned Women: Marriott must stop providing pay-per-view PORN!

If You HAD To Bet, Which Party Will Dominate In 2006?

Quorum Amendment: An idea to solve low voter turnout...

Will all republicans please check in here?

I haven't seen any of the 9-11 movies and I am not going to.

I'm the head of repuke PR leading up to 2006

Is the world more crazy/f'ed up now than any other time in history?

Right Wing Should Adopt 400,000 Frozen Embryos

Ok, both sides on the ME violence, please help me out

Who is this

Am i supposed to care about snowflake babies?

I Had One Of Those Good Moments Today.

Q2 Fundraising Numbers: How Sweet It Is!

When you really think about it, GW Bush is nothing more than a stage prop

Here's another question: How's come all the snowflake babies are white?

McKinney faces runoff; CBC divided

Dimson's NAACP speech on CSPAN now, don't know how

Julian Bond on with Colbert

Please DU be united behind an immediate ceasefire on all sides!

Best thing about all this current DU anger and animosity is...

NAACP Chairman To Colbert: Bush Visit "was Largely a disappointment"

i've been trying to find out the history of israel. i knew that back


this will cheer us ALL up - feds order Delay to shut the muther down!!!

Olberman said it: Invading/blowing up a country does not stop terrorism

Sojourners Special Issue: The Israel-Lebanon War

Let us now praise the beautiful Jewish people

I support the veto of federally funded stem cell research...

Soldiers from Iraq return to burn unit in San Antonio.

At the risk of starting trouble, I have to ask this.

...About That G-8 Summit

"Did you Know" this was the worst Con propaganda I have ever read?

Some low-tech ways to keep cool

God's Beloved...

I Propose A Cease Fire Here at DU.

Bush also POKED a Flautist in Germany...

Can we clarify something about Israel's actions in Lebanon?

IMPORTANT - Uniting DUers on the conflict in Israel/Palestine/Lebanon.

Do you own a gun?

Tony Snow, I wish my ass were bigger so that you'd have more to kiss.

MSNBC Website: Bush’s German back rub magnified on YouTube

"I understand that many African-Americans distrust my political party"

[ACTION ALERT] From the Pension Rights Center -- pension bill

What do you think of the 21st Century Domino Theory

From Tony Bourdain, a chef many are familiar with, who has been

If *Co Is Successful Through Condi To Get A Cease Fire......

"We will not change Iraq - Iraq will change us.."

Strapped for money, Army extends cutbacks (can't afford to make repairs)

Citing Imaginary Law, GOPer Tags Himself Safe

Do your Senators want to protect "Democratic Underground"....

Very weird flyer by Blackwell against Strickland in Ohio...odd one.

Do We Need To Win VA To Get The Senate?

No joke: Sometime soon Little Boots is going to touch the wrong person...

Check out the new ad on DailyKos

Lou Dobbs: so far, 15,000 Iraqi civilians were killed by insurgents

Over 750 signing statements;more than all Presidents in history combined

Anti-Liebermanism is the liberalism of fools

MSNBC Poll: "Are people making too much of" Bush's Merkel grope...

Listen up Democrats!!! The Corruption Issue has traction!!!

BREAKING: Bush attends NAACP convention and smacks Black Congressman

The Terrorism Index

Jonathan Chait: Is Bush Still Too Dumb to Be President?

The backward veto

The Most Dangerous Alliance in the World ( Norman Solomon)

Lurching Toward Regional War in the Middle East (Turkey op-ed)

Lebanon: The Only Exit Strategy

Israel Sows the Seeds of Hatred

Craven Image, by Chris Floyd

JASON MILLER: Betrayal of the Empire or Fealty to Humanity?

Iraq's police overwhelmed by violence

Collectively Punishing Lebanon: Dahr Jamail

"This is my share of the democracy brought by the Americans"

New York's 'champagne tap water' under threat

Bitter times in Iraq's orange capital

Negroponte Blocks CIA Analysis of Iraq "Civil War"

Teetering on the edge with Ann Coulter

It's not too late to say enough - By Yitzhak Laor of Haaretz

THE JOKER (Steve Miller Does Dubya)

Ackerman: Don't Expect Phase II or Intelligence Reform from Pat Roberts

Avnery (Gush Shalom): "Stop that shit!"

Bush Does Iraq: Anatomy of a Failed Operation

Survey: The troops’ turn to speak (Iraq Worth Fighting, ? Morale)

400,000 Frozen Embryos (128 Snowflakes - How it affects Pol Races)

CNN/AP: Schools juggle holidays as student bodies become more diverse

Judge's Refusal to Dismiss EFF's Spying Case (NSA)=Congressional Showdown

Iraqi security forces grow, violence doesn't drop

From Foreign Press: Chickens coming home to roost

WP, Milbank: For Bush and the NAACP, Uneasy Does It

Our Coarse President Can’t Fix Middle East By: Joe Conason

A New War Frenzy by Robert Parry - Great Article!

Archaeologists dig in Maryland where Frederick Douglass was child slave

Lost Katrina Pets: Whose Are They Now?

Smokin' New Electric Car from Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs (Tesla Motors)

Thousands in New York powerless as blackout problem persists

Pig poop used to clean up polluted waters.

Tiger Habitat Shrinks 40% In Ten Years Worldwide - Reuters

Drought Spreads Across British Columbia - Forests "As Dry As Popcorn"

Supermarkets and Gas Stations Now Competing for Grain

From the Academy of Sciences: effects of 21st heat on California

Earth Faces 'Catastrophic Loss of Species'

BP Solar Develops New Silicon Growth Process

Sea Ice Update - Kennedy Channel Clearing @ 80+ N, Davis Strait Clearing

WSJ-AOL: States Boost Speed Limits On Major Highways

Study - Nearly All Subsea Hydrate Releases Will Reach Atmosphere - Reuters

GOP Reps Suddenly Concerned About Western Drilling, Coal Bed Methane

Harper, et. al. To Release "New" Canadian Climate Plan In October

Fishing Families In Sydney Register 10 - 25X National Averages For Dioxin

Wake-up call to U.S. on oil? (Chicago Tribune)

Groups lambaste nuke official for alleged regulatory laxness

Second Utility-scale Wind Farm Announced for Missouri

30 Dead So Far As EU Heatwave Intensifies - AFP

Massive Storms, Flooding In Korea Could Push North Back Into Famine

BuyBlue Actions based on 'An Inconvenient Truth'

Zapatero (Spain's PM) accused over 'anti-Semitic' row with Israel

2004 Top Ten Career Recipients of Pro-Israel PAC Funds

UN needed to defend Lebanon ?

Why are Saudi Royals Backing Israel? Could this be a Class War?

Who were the 2 civilians Israel abducted on 6/24?

Hezbollah leader apologizes for attack's child victims

Report: Israel to release prisoners for Gilad Shalit

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator visited Damascus one day before crisis.

Blair "horribly wrong" on Mideast - aid agencies

JOSHUA FRANK: Did Hizbullah Do the Right Thing?

What is out of bounds

Here are some good links for....


HR 550 is good Diebold Repellant

Even Less Than No Basis For Confidence, One Year Later

VIDEO - Brad & RFK Jr. on Catherine Crier Live (CourtTV)(+ post)

My right-leaning co-worker just got it from both barrels.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRIDAY July 21, 2006

Voting Rights Act TOTALLY Passes!

Bush-Blackwell-Brewer Continue African American Suppression: Fitrakis

In Mexico, the math does not add up

Organic milk in a corn based container

Loose change event Sat July 22 dallas & invitation to join 911 DFW groups

Bush slaps TX Congressman Al Green at NAACP meeting

Supermarkets and Gas Stations Now Competing for Grain

Tony Bourdain now in Cyprus


Wherein I list my obsession with Asian condiments.

Canada terror suspect released on bail

Afghanistan close to anarchy, warns general

Zapatero (Spain's PM) accused over 'anti-Semitic' row with Israel

Soldiers Plan to Argue Rape Tied to Distress

Sen. Reid: Iraq devolves into 'civil war'

Wis. lawmakers demand professor be fired (for 9/11 Conspiracy Theories)

Democrats Set to Shake Up Primary Calendar

Gorbachev backs Kyoto treaty

Huge news - Judge refuses to dismiss NSA lawsuit

Peru drugs trial judge shot dead

Italian Police Arrest 4 on Terror Charges

Reuters: Barclays says US court dismisses Enron claims

40% spike in violence in Baghdad in past week

Soldier's injuries lead to heart failure

First arrests in Mumbai bombings

VA defends call on credit monitoring

Christian Coalition loses Ohio chapter over policy stands

The vulnerable line of supply to US troops in Iraq

Oil Prices Drop on Fed Chair's Comments

Israel calls up 3,000 reserves - military source

Hearing resumes today in phone-jamming case

DeLay fund-raising group fined, shutting down

Sistani warns sectarian rift could destroy Iraq

Democrats pressing Blackwell to quit post

Democrats' Allies Use Undisclosed Dollars to Target Republicans

The doctors who are too afraid to care for patients

Democrats Narrow Fundraising Gap With GOP

Poll: Americans worried about Mideast involvement

Blur off to the WH next week

UN not a 'rubber stamp' for US

2 Iraqi women, a child die in U.S. raid

Report Says Federally Funded Pregnancy Centers Mislead Teens on Abortion

Hezbollah rockets hit UN observation post

Khmer Rouge Leader Ta Mok Dies Ahead of Trial

Iraq's police overwhelmed by violence

Mosques bombed, tense Baghdad under (daytime) curfew (Reuters)

Hezbollah rockets wound 19 in Haifa

Curfew extended as Baghdad violence mounts

8 People assulted at grocery store in Memphis

Lamont Says He'll Match All Donations Made Online (& Lieberman fires back)

Bush to meet Blair at White House July 28

U.S. Official Open to (one on one) Talks With Pyongyang

BBC: Castro lands for Mercosur summit

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator visited Damascus one day before crisis.

Congressman Admits Using Cocaine and Prostitutes on Colbert Show

New York's 'champagne tap water' under threat

Hezbollah shows its power- CRACK Israeli forces suffered heavy casualties

Ricketts defends his protest (Rep US Senate candidate Ne.)

Lebanese Flee from South

Violence Surges in Contested City of Kirkuk

Bitter times in Iraq's orange capital

Arabs hit streets to protest Israeli offensive

Muslims Use Day of Prayer to Protest

Two N.J. Casinos Sued Schlesinger Over Debts (GOP candidate)

2 Iraqi women, child die in U.S. raid

Bush, Rice to meet with Saudis on Mideast

Protest planned as Jeb Bush addresses business lunch (Dublin, Ireland)

Lost Katrina Pets: Whose Are They Now?

U.N. post hit in Israel-Hezbollah fighting

Palestinian medics say IDF troops killed doctor in Nablus

Hezbollah “heroes” hailed in Iran for their “great job”

Report: Overwhelmed elections board poorly prepared for primary

Texas City workers exposed to radiation may get compensation (WH stalls)

Rice to present U.S. peace plan

Survey: The troops’ turn to speak (Iraq Worth Fighting, ? Morale)

Helicopters pluck Americans from Beirut (from rooftops)

Israel massing troops on Lebanese border

Helicopters pluck Americans from Beirut


Khmer Rouge 'butcher' Ta Mok dies

Opposition Gives Full Support to (Turkey into Iraq) Cross-border Operation

Iraqi security forces grow, violence doesn't drop

Democrats Set to Shake Up Primary Calendar

US commander: Insurgents shift target to Iraq army

Homeland Security Names Privacy Officer

Banned cleric barred from rescue ship

Scientists group fears more pollution

Saddam "ready for court" despite two-week fast--US

Afghanistan close to anarchy, warns general

Voinovich now backs Bolton as U.N. ambassador

Royal coroner quits Diana inquest

Lay leaves assets to his wife

Northern Command chief: Don’t count the casualties

Somali Islamists declare holy war against Ethiopia

Bush admits Iraqi, Afghan doubts ("hard work")

U.S. interior head: More domestic drilling

AP: Hezbollah-fired rockets strike Israel city (Haifa)

Cheney Uses Mideast As Campaign Issue

Sources: Negroponte Blocks CIA Analysis of Iraq “Civil War”

Police warn against trouble at Sydney protest

Israeli Lebanon invasion imminent, U.S. network says

Dad Breathes Air Into Son Trapped Underwater For 7 Minutes(Drain Trapped)

Boston police officers arrested on federal charges in Miami

Canada asks Israel to check report of ship attack

Rice: Hezbollah acts ‘outrageous provocation’

Actor Jack Warden Dies at 85

American pullout leaves Iceland defenceless

No Punishment For Navy Football Player

Students say Democrats (are) misunderstood

Soldiers say ordered to kill young (Iraqi) men

Ex-Pentagon officials accused of fraud

U.S. threatened with more isolation

In Shift, Rice Won’t Visit Arab Capitals

Gloom descends on Iraqi leaders as civil war looms

Administration rejects China labor probe

Fury Meets Katrina Hospital Arrests

Russia signs $1bln aircraft contract with Venezuela-Ivanov

Senate Wades Back Into Abortion Debate

Blackout in Queens May Last Through the Weekend (100,000 5 Days Now)


Missing Italian banker found dead

Va. killer executed by electric chair

Confirmed: Senate will hold hearings on Bolton nomination

We have no control over ISI: Pakistan Defence Minister

ACLU Wants Reveal of Report About Bridge Blocked from Katrina Evacuees

McKinney opponent boosted by police

My brother's girlfriend is managing a race for State Legislature!

DUers you didn't realize at first to be fucked-up, but you really love?

Hush hush,voices carry.

1934 World's Fair Menu: Henry Ford's Century of Progress Exhibit

What is this called? Does anyone know, or should a biz be started?

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Do you remember "Fred Is Dead"? How 'bout "Thread Is Dead"?

The timeless old attraction

Tonight's earworm!

The long and winding road

Food Survey Time, my homies...

You know what is a fun game?

What's Up?

Aaaaah! I went into GD before the Percocet kicked in. Somebody hold me!

I broke Nick at Nite.

Bicycle Safety Quiz (mainly for the guys)

ROFLMAO with tears running down my cheeks and my side hurts.

Anybody know a great recipe for margaritas?

Good morning Lounge!

Man Sues Over Sperm Bank Hidden Camera

Annoying Commercials

We got a live one!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 7/21/06)

1984: First documented case of a robot killing a human in U.S.

"Garp" turns 54 today


Apparently, there's a tomato variety called Better Bush Improved

*Tips to stay cool*

Need help to get through my day!

What would be the ultimate DU thread?

What is the difference between GW Bush, Cheney and JANE FONDA???

These days I get in contact again with old friends

What do dreams mean?

New Mac TV ads

Have the schools in your area reduced recess? (or totally eliminated it)?



Does it seem like most famous actors are under 6 feet?

Friday, July 21. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Parking Meter Man Writes Book About 25 Years On The Job

Cat allergies--HELP!

FDA Approves Shiny Pigment Flakes In Pills (WTF?)

Does anyone know a good premature birth support group on the web?

Anyone remember Grand Funk?

Police Say Flasher Became Addicted To Exposing Himself

I wouldn't want to live in a world that doesn't have music from The Cure

I want to live in a world

Mommy brag.. Halloween costume

Tony Bourdain on his way home from Beirut!

Anatomically Correct Gargoyle Flusters Officials book buyer feedback

Does it seem like most famous actors are 6 feet under?

Lowered dosage on Percocet - Day 1

Why do schools in warm weather areas start the earliest?

In which Yahoo! Music declare they don't want to be Copyright Nazis

Why is Stephen Colbert so damn funny?

It's my last day at my job!

The only real Democrat is Joe Pesci.

"Art-projects" in non-art classes

The only real Democrat is Tom Cruise

This is so funny, so ironic and SO VERY sad:

Why is it when there's no bacon I assume there's no breakfast?

what is the oldest PM in your Inbox?

Does anyone have an HP Lovecraft?

The only real Democrat is Jar Jar Binks

Garden Gloves From Neighborhood Stolen By Cat (Damned Outdoor Thief!)

I'm livin' in my own private Idaho...

If one has the money and means and desire to purchase a Hummer

'Miami Vice' 3 full hours on primetime NBC tomorrow night

I love this little guy....

Has this happened to you here on DU? weirdness.

The hell with skinny dipping! Who wants to go naked cow-tipping

a question for cooks about heavy cream

Visualize three DUers naked in a hot tub tipping cows

Does anybody use Proactiv skin care?

Name 3 more DUers again

So if zombified soldiers returned to vote...

Prediction About The Movie "Lady in the Water" (No Spoilers)

Bea Arthur & Rock Hudson sing about drugs! ROFL!!!

I'm 8237 posts away from 10,000!

Rant about paper towels

My outdoor thermometer just dropped from 95.5 F...

Post your Netflix queue!

Triangle DUers: Tyler's Taproom in Durham 6:pm this Saturday!!

What is it?

Os Mutantes reunite for US shows

What is the best way to glue flyers/posters to a wall or kiosk?

How many school days does your start mandate on a school's yearly calendar

Do you enjoy accidentally duplicated polls?

Roddy McDowall's dinner parties

The only real Democrat is Joe DiMaggio.

If there's a bustle in your hedgegrow, don't be alarmed now

My doctor took me off of Paxil - and I feel so woozy.

Don't you hate when that little fucking drawstring

Marry 3 DUers

I got a weird call

Ahem.... A Most Important Video. It's urgent that all Progressives see it:

Youtube: Carol Burnett/Vickie Lawrence blooper---->

Lucious Pusey

Confess! Anyone here ever play baseball? (College, HS or Jr High)

Listening to Music Over the Internet

Do you have Casual Sex Fridays where YOU work?

CONFESS!!! First person you went parking & necking with!!!

I need help: how do I get an employment lawyer,

I just donated to Ned Lamont! Ask me anything!

Name three EstimatedProphets

my YouTube gift to DU

I'm listening to "Color Me Impressed" over and over and over

Another Recommendation Poll (Now With Lowered Expectations)

Old dead chicken


Does anyone have a good Manicotti recipe?


Pimp My Ride fans check in!!

Pleasing Commercials

Name the DUer you'd like to challenge to a game of Chess

I just realized something & I'm really excited (and a total nerd).

Our regularly scheduled afternoon thunderstorm is here

I'm 33 posts away from 4000.

The Lion sleeps tonight


Bring back the Neanderthals?


Spread unfounded rumors about any two DUers (together)

I guess I'm going to a wedding tomorrow

I am so relieved. Lump is not cancerous

CNN Headline: Dakota Fanning, 12, Raped in next movie

Name DUers you wouldn't like to meet

Confess! Anyone here ever a Cheerleader? (College, HS or Jr High)

Couple at center of same-sex marriage case splits

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin by Blame Society Films....

Oh fer heck: Teacher under fire for his Cheney-9/11 theory

Why does this cat snatch garden gloves?

Do baby daughters have a thing for daddies or sumthin?

TIGER! TIGER! TIGER! (Leaderboard Posted)

Animals in Beirut

Do you enjoy your job?

Heavenly Body with your host Sister Mary Innocent.............

Dudes, check this out!! - Lamont blog has a pic of our kiddo!!

Name 3 more DUers

Just how stoned was John Lennon...

I finally got off my ass and ...

Whats a good free program for recording youtube videos?

How Many of You Stll Have a Turntable?

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Confess...anyone here a Pole Vaulter (High School, College, Olympics)?..

This week has sucked as far as weather is

Dr. Facial

meet the SNAKES ON A PLANE snakehandler

RIP Jack Warden.

Do be do be do, do do be Dada...

George Bush singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

The Go Fuck Yourself Mister Cheney Song!

Confess! Anyone here ever a fencer? (College, HS or Jr High)

"Give me a glass of water and a couple of lesbians."

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Haley Joel Osment Flips Car, Alcohol Suspected

The FREAKIEST thing just happened to me.

Do you have a Heartbreak Song?

I’m not antisemantic

August 8th: The Simpsons - Complete Eight Season DVD ("Maggie Box")

How do you want to die (part 1)

Poll question: How do you want to die (part 3)

Where are you?

This pic has rendered me...speechless (no warning needed)

Today's Oprah..interviewing Kathy Trant, a 911 widow

Khash's Friday lyrics.....

Who was your very first love?

I just saw the best quote Warning: VERY un PC!

Encounter with a stupid fundy today.

Ha! I think I just got kicked off a discussion at Yahoo!

Name something you've learned this week

How do you want to die (part 4)

How do you want to die (part 2)

Youtube Poll

Feline Stealilng Gardenng Gloves of Pelham (NY)

People honked and mocked ..... wtf? ? ?

Contact Lenses - What kind do you wear?

Name 3 duers who havnt been named yet

Jack Warden died

Bean sprouts!

It's down to 98 degrees

Followers of "William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day"...

Who in the name of FUCK ever thought Gallagher was ever funny?

one of my favorite silly poems revisited

Mars set to pass very close to earth next month.

Where the *&$#%*! are my headphones?!

Confess! Confess!! CON-FESS!!!

Hold all my calls, "Meerkat Manor" is on...


OK, Confess: What DUer did you call tonight?

Where've you been? (Name the countries)

From the Matcom news archives: Dead chicken fetus mistaken for human fetus

TiVo Users....What's on your Season Pass list?

Ani DiFranco is Pregnant!

I'm a talking embryo! Ask me anything

Learn Italian in the restroom at Carraba's!


The Last of Sheila

Normally I don't cat blog, but it is Friday and I have one big


My first video clip on youtube

I love raisins

Jeff...the Hermit Crab... has passed away...

Confess! Anyone here ever in the National Honor Society in

Most fun to say animal name

Question regarding auto air conditioning repair

So sad am I....

Hair troubles, advise wanted (pic heavy)

Happy Birthday Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam!! And me!!!!


Confess! Anyone here ever run Track? (College, HS or Jr High)

Happy birthday livetohike!!

Confess! Anyone here ever play basketball? (College, HS or Jr High)

"This is what I think about your life"

Republicans and/or Fundamentalist Evangelical Christians You Love

The only real Democrat is Joe Lieberman.

Confess! Anyone here ever play football? (College, HS or Jr High)

OMG...this is too funny...Hogans Heroes' as proof there was no holocaust

Confess! Anyone voted "most likely to...." in high school?

I'm bullish on *BABY PICTURES* ! It's going places!

Jewish name question: Why are Ashkinazi names so different than Sephardic?

I am only going to name one DUer


Name 3 duers that have been really Freaken nice to You!

Movie trivia! Need some help...

So, that's what Bill Watterson looks like

Media Roundup: Piety, Proselytizing, Pledges and more. .

All right, I promise - when I get home, I will throw my money into the air

self delete - moved to thread sorry

Schools juggle holidays for other faiths

Death and dying, Heaven and Hell

Ask a rightie who supports the current trend toward "Religion driving

Serious question: What is the origin of the phrase

Here's a proposal for the Fundamentalists

To the tune of the Star Spangled Banner

I am so glad that God does not speak to me or influence me.

Scientists asks skeptics to investigate God

Why do people get so touchy when discussing religion?

Drug mistakes hurt 1.5 million yearly

Satellites Catch Earth Reconfiguring Its Magnetic Field

Universal DNA Switch Shakes Up Biology

SOFIA {Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy} Saved!

Fear of Snakes Drove Primate Evolution, Scientist Says

GLBTs in the Washington 43rd State District. Vote For Stephanie!:

Pioneering gay-marriage couple to split

MA Governor Mitt Romney abolishes gay & lesbian youth commission

Massachusetts Nurse fights for health coverage for her wife

Iranian Gay Execution Anniversary :( (Disturbing photo warning)

GBLT music youtube thread - - Let's Party!

Dupe. Please delete.

Boxing: Gatti vs. Baldomir

My World Soul Theory: tell me what you think please!

Progressed Mars and the US-- Rockie horoscope for this week

Your thought on this Bush photo from today's Raw Story

Kerry Signs on to Oregon's Vote-by-Mail System

Kerry on Rush Limbaugh

Oh, to be on that plane to New Orleans this morning

My morning walk.

I heard a commotion outside and found

Holy Shit!

*The July Polls are up in the Lounge*

Up for grabs: one baseball ticket.

Suppose The United Nations gave away our Land to some people

British protest terror celebration

Even Shrub apologist sports radio in my town say: G8 behavior unacceptable

Double standards policy (Great Jakarta Editorial)

Louisiana Sues to Block Offshore Leases

Congressman Conyers:Voting Rights Act, NAACP, Iraq

If it bugs you that Lamont's contributions are mostly from out of state

Denver Dems to Bush: Shame, shame, shame!

100 Hezbollah killed, but they only have 10 of their bodies?

Plea to heaven - 77 yr old woman asks how she will get out of Beirut - pic

So, why is Hassan Nasrallah in charge of Hezbollah in the first place?

For my 10,000th my DU friends of heart, a note of hope.

My prediction for August 22

OK, we must ask the question: What will * do next?

Maybe we need to change our message on global warming.

Okay, you jerk off into a jar and they stick a needle into a woman and

How can I sleep?

regarding the talking heads claiming its WWIII

If you continue to bomb, continue to kill and murder, continue to hate

George Junior Wows the NAACP ---pix--->>>

A New War Frenzy - Robert Parry - Fantastic Article!

Mid East disaster got you down??? Once again, I present this

I take it that the MSM is ignoring the Senate subcommittee on post Katrina

Regarding quick evacuations

Do you know what I'm tired of? The level of discourse has

2,558 now dead in Iraq...All hell breaking loose

Humanitarian experts: Iraq/Afghanistan in top 10 list worst place for kids

Check out the newest members of FR. A man threatening to assassinate

Damn. Boondocks episode in which MLK doesn't die, but goes into coma

Who were the 2 civilians Israel abducted on 6/24?

In Honor of Cat Steven's/Yusuf Islam's Birthday: Peace Train


Grim proof ordinary citizens are being killed in South Lebanon

Tropical Storm Beryl makes landfall in Nantucket

Hezbollah-Israel and Zidane-Materazzi

How old are the Snowflake kids and why are they appearing now?

AP: Govt to Up Spending on Marriage Programs

Embryonic Beginnings

Just Wondering -The Death Of This Generation's Grand Bargain

Is anyone listening to Washington Journal?? The only person............

Check out Lockheed Martins newest UAV. *PIC*

Nothing against Israel but they should listen to Gandhi

Draft Venezuelan Prez HUGO CHAVEZ to Broker Mid East Peace

At least I do have ONE thing to look forward to (hopefully) -

Here's what "CODE PINK" is up to these days:

WE blog in Kansas paper almost all against * good to see some thought

In your face (BBC) {life with a birthmark --}

Does it seem like Israel is hesitating while waiting for Bush to demand...

Rapture on Washignton Journal

Why Does the Right Create these Problems?

9-11 in Context with the Current Middle East Crisis.

France accuses US of blocking Mideast truce

Candidate wants to be ‘None of the Above’

Boston Globe: The time to cease fire

UN High Comm'r Human Rights: War Crime Trials v Israel/Hezbollah

The Murder Of A Nation

E- channel - working RW memes into popular culture


Headline: Bush Tells NAACP He Wants to Build Trust

Ava Lowery - Wow! What a kid!

I am so glad that God does not speak to me or influence me.

Cincy-area high school institutes random drug testing

good morning everyone!

DOD--not have cost est for war. David Walker on cspan1 talking of how

The Illogic of Iraq: 12 Questions...

The McKinney Attack Ad.

The Stinky Cheese Man: A Modern Parable

Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.. Look at WHO they are

Meme for the day: The Republican Party is a terrorist organization.

Hate Filled Private Messages

Daughter Who Surprised Mom With Birthday Visit Sues Parents

God-Don't let him blow up the whole fuckin' world before he's outta there.

My little response to how my life has changed since 9/11 on

Is it time for the world just take a breath and slow down?

Jeb is in Dublin

Blur off to the WH next week

Interesting Article on Bush's Insanity and how Dangerous It is

NATO's Afghan commander bemoans force shortfalls

US, Britain criticised for not supporting Lebanon cease-fire calls

NATO troops say no more chasing Taliban. Passing out Koran instead

Support for US and Israel Declining Rapidly Outside of US

PANORAMA: Rubble is all that remains of much of Beirut's (pic).

Why do people get so touchy when discussing religion?

Stem Shell Game

War Must End in the Human Heart

Media seems HAPPY to have a war they CAN cover

Witchcomic: A fateful encounter (sequel to yesterday's!)

Guess who is to blame for the Mid-East Conflict

Israel is On War Footing - Has Called up 3,000 Reservists

Happy 60th Birthday KEN STARR!!!

Lebanese defense minister: Army will fight ground invasion

Wis. Lawmakers Want Univ. Instructor Fired

Israel as the latest version of Saddam Hussein

Film footage from Behruit

"Ultra-pasteurized." What does it mean? Is it safe?

dupe nt

Did anyone see the reporter on CBS this morning?

Rape case against ex-soldier delayed until Nov 8, how convenient

They Don’t Call it The “White” House for Nothing

Is this guy a B*sh relative?

Why we need even MORE coverage of Lebanon/Israel war

When the Middle East Blows Up, Just remember This Headline....

Where Will Clinton Appear for Lieberman? (Visit to Waterbury, CT Monday)

Katie Couric Won't Go To the Middle East

If Bush were serious that Snowflake Babies are Children...

All this talk about WWIII

Attorney General, Surgeon General, why do Rep.s call them "General?"

Why is God getting so much press????

Here we go again! CSPAN2: Child Custody Protection Act

IAN he a DUer?

Report of more civilian casualties in Iraq as a result of US raid.

James Rubin is smashing Rita on MSNBC

Why isn't John Bolton's head being called for, on a pike?

Family beats the hell out of poor burglar.

This guys share of Bush democracy was a tent

The Foreign Policy of Etc...

Feeding the homeless in Las Vegas: ILLEGAL

"This little man is now holding our future in his hands" Dr. Eric Chivian

8 People assulted at grocery store in Memphis

Murray Waas: Bush blocking NSA probe "unprecedented".

Descriptions that cannot be found anywhere in the English language

Britain and the United States find themselves isolated in the UN

'The growing threat of right-wing Christians'

Bush will get his "legacy" after all.

Call to DU Animators/PhotoShoppers/Cartoonists:

American soldiers tell their story of Iraq war via YouTube (not pretty)

Heads up, Sibel Edmonds is coming up NOW on Alex Jones'

The Lazy Dumbass theory of Media Bias

Did Congress pass a sham law to quiet Total Information Awareness critics?

NBC Today declared B*sh Doctrine a large, stinking turd....

Same Company Edwards sued killed James Baker III's Granddaughter

Stephen Colbert Satirizes Anti-Union Assault

Shooting War - comic about the near future in Iraq

I actually agree with Rush Limbaugh on this, hear me out.

Any bets on when the iraq war and the lebanese war meld?

Man charged with threatening Bill Clinton. They never stop.

Would you want Sam Seder to get a new co-host...

Lucky Bastard.

Lebanon...they are DYING in the hundreds! WARNING!

Rock video of the year: Dance like a monkey/NY Dolls (take on ID-ers)

Civilians flee death squads

Siniora being interviewed on CNN International

* heads to a fundraiser then to the 'ranch' for the weekend - pics

"Got milk?" is up before the Security Council right now

Al-Qaeda regrouped, on the march, says expert

Help me understand a few things please....

Presidential Salute

Driver Goes 2 Miles With Dead Woman On Car, Police Say

Pro-Life? Not When It Comes to Bombing Lebanon

U.S. Congress takes on cheerleader role for Israel

Enlightening locally

Tom Tomorrow's open letter to David Carr of the NYT

Tomahawk Missle Falls Off Truck In The Bronx

Neocon Bill Kristol Donates to Lieberman


Congressman Admits Using Cocaine and Prostitutes on Colbert Show -- Really

Bush mulling over campaign swing to PA to help Santorum! (plus PA polls)

Ever wonder where the GOP would be right now without Fox News?

"Iraq as a political project is finished," a top gov official told Reuters

Is it true that Chimpy is the illegitimate son of Babs and J. Fred Mugs?

CNN Intl: Bush AND Condi to meet with Saudi officials on Sunday

Iran is more accepting of Transsexualism than the 'christian' Right is

Robot Wars much?


China and Russia may be reneging on Iran, U.K. says

Does Lebanon have a right to defend itself?

Fury Grips Syria Over Lebanon Attacks

Great similarities - Hezbollah - PNAC

Helen Thomas:Bush Far From Neutral Player in Mideast

OMG Jim Ward just totally read my post on the air :---D

War is bad for your health - Literally

Americans fleeing Lebanon feel like 'refugees' in Cyprus

I guess I'm not a Liberal, because I value ALL human life, not just Arabs

In light of recent polls, what do you think will be Joe Lieberman's fate?

Why does the media show the destruction and rubble in Beirut but...?

The new Manhatan Project.

American Jews Call for Ceasefire in Lebanon

Good to know that the health and human services of the nation are so well

FEMA muzzling La. trailer-park residents

Lehrer (PBS)—new polls—bush not getting bounce with Israel crisis

Israel's attack is not about Hezbollah or Lebanon per se......

Global Warming, Not Just Heat Wave

Osama to release message regarding Isreal/Lebanon crisis..WOO WOO.

Serious question: What is the origin of the phrase

GOP and Ann Coulter against Native Americans

Bush's burned bridges...America's wasted post-9/11 opportunity.

When & at what point will the U.S. get involved in the new war?

There's only one requirement to being a Christian:

Annual Checkup

Caption this Bolton & Condi pic...

Mom, kids slaughtered for co-operating with US troops

Today's reason for being terrified of George W. Bush

Awww. Halliburton share price falls as profits arent what was expected.

Who Are We To Tell Other Nations What They Can Or Cannot Do?

A Perfect Storm Of Clouded Judgment

WhiteHouse.Gov transcript of Bush NAACP Speech

During the "Rapture" what happens to the Jews living in Israel ?

"This time the Israelis have united the people"

Fahrenheit 911 on Sundance

From Bartcop --- Forbidden Love

Bush says, "Democracies do not attack their neighbors.."

Of the Last Five Republican Presidents: Which was the best

Confirmed: Senate will hold hearings on Bolton nomination


Dems Firm Up House Target List

I've been raptured

It's Not a Coalition Anymore, It's an Umbrella

NPR does it again

Are you thinking beyond this conflict to the '06 and '08 elections? NO,

Stop Laughing, It's US Policy That's the Joke

Do you support Iraqis coming over and bombing us?

WWIII? Bring it on!

Stewart Punches Hole In Bush's "Pro-Life" Universe

Fuel To Fire - OBL Message Coming Soon-Addresses Gaza & Lebanon

FReeps belatedly react to Merkel massage

Would federally-funded stem cell research be more palatable

What's the difference between GW Bush, Dick Cheney & JANE FONDA???

CNN babbling about the firestone recall

Amnesty: Web companies violating rights: Yahoo, Microsoft and Google...

Friday TOON (7/20) IT'S A VETO!!!

this is why war never ends

Bush is getting what he wants or so he thinks...

Anyone know why Cheney came out of his undisclosed location

Colorado Springs, Meet Norman

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Receives Backbone Award

Hitchens baseless claims re: Novak's recent statements

The Chingadero in Chief arrives in Denver

Stem Cells: Vetoes, Half-truths, And Outright Lies

RIce's Visit Will Be Pivotal

What I want to say to the fundy nuts.

Ordering Pizza In 2012

Electronic voting is ripe for widespread fraud - Tribune & Georgian

Cheney Uses Mideast As Campaign Issue

One million users infected with adware banner ads on My Space!!

Hamdan Claims Legal Notes Were Snatched By Guards At Gitmo

When Rice says "root causes" she means Iran and Syria: On now . . .

Interesting statistic about abortion...

Lamont ... 51 ... Lieberman ... 47

Jeff Darcy, Cleveland Plain Dealer :Editorial Cartoon


Ned Lamont to join Colin McEnroe & Lowell Weicker on radio today

Bush (Will Ferrell ) on Global Warming

MSNBC about to cover Bush's "touchy-feely" episode with Merkel

Stop Laughing, It's US Policy That's the Joke

What would Conservatives/Republicans be saying if 2004

...Hussein Blames Bush, Iran and Israel Supporters for Iraq’s Troubles

Bob Herbert: Bush Admin Descent Into Barbarism Hits A Speed Bump

A solution to all our problems! W.I.T.U. - a country formed of the


The strange world of "pro-life" warmongers

Yes or No: Is Peace On Earth an Impossible Dream?

Has any journalist asked Bush, or Tony Snow, about the Merkel massage?

Baghdad stays under the death squads roam

Any word on the San Diego rally for voting machine sleepovers?

Sean Hannity's "Freedom Concert". Cant wait to get my tix.

Caption Condi

BWAHAHAHAHA - McCain cuts and pastes, too funny...

Question About the recent Hizbullah attack on Nazareth..

"No government can survive on the ruins of a nation."

Halliburton backs away from IPO of KBR unit

WP: "Media rage on the matches that on the right."

Star Trek : "The Lost Generation"

Beirut, July 21st, 2006: "weird weapons" ?

Traditional Values Coalition refers to Transgendered as "She-Males"

I don't even know what to say about Iraq anymore.

Bush Refuses To Estimate Future Costs of Iraq War, Violating Federal Law

Sunset Commissions - Americans Getting Burned

Students Say Democrats Misunderstood

Is There Still A War In Iraq?

President Bozo wows the crowd ...

China builds a scale model of the disputed India-China border region

Compensation claim against Lebanese gov't in works

US military to pay Afghans for traffic accident that triggered riots

BREAKING: Live Footage of Bush’s Arrival to Private GOP Fundraiser in CO

SNOW Job: Pres Has Been "Picking Leaders" & Speaking With Leaders

WHEN are we going to STOP building WMD?

From AllHatNoCattle :) Meet George

You know, the worse thing about Bush's G8 idiocy is ...

9-11 Widow On Oprah. Oprah Should Ask Her About coulter's comments

Mine workers see bears fight to the death

Ivy Leaguers Leave Lebanon First and Fast Through Private Security Firms

CIA Contractor Is Fired For Her Views On Torture And Geneva Conventions

John Stossel: "Gasoline is a bargain!"

Video: Lebanon---sad and touching...

"Hitler was an amazing dancer" - Nazis invade Wisconsin

U.S. threatened with more isolation

Survey Finds FDA Scientists Asked to Lie about Results to Promote Agendas

Alberto Gonzalez also met with protesters today - pic

Wolf Blitzer's inane commentary during this new Middle East

Free Tickets to an Inconvenient Truth - If you're a Christian?

U.S. Covert action in Japan in the 1960's disclosed

Larry C Johnson - It is as if we are watching a plane crash in slow motion

I just heard Condi Rice say on NPR news break that she will not

Limpballs Take on Beruit Evacuations(Don't Read on a Full Stomach)

Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel by Alex Cockburn

Congressman Under Fire For 'Outlaw Divorce' Remarks

Kerry Signs on to Oregon's Vote-by-Mail System

People vote against their own interests - PA election Rendell/Swann

DOD Doctrine on Military Deception

You'd think with so many failures under their belts,

Lebanon victims buried in mass grave

I guess instead of puking I will try to send good thoughts and hope

Is the new war part of the all-encompassing Global War on Terror?


NPR's report. On now.

Holy Cow!!! Hillary Clinton sends white powder to The Times

Cheney: 'It is absolutely essential that we stay the course.'

Great slam on FrontPageMag & other NYT-bashers

Marcy Kaptur to endorse Ned Lamont!

UN is not a “rubber stamp” for US, says human rights expert

Ukraine’s new pro-Russian coalition set to form govt by Tuesday deadline

Sale. Photo with *- was $4200 now 42 cents - pic

HHS head Leavitt using charity as "personal piggy bank"

Cheney Seeks To Hire Taxpaper-Funded Press Critic

To those unemployed or underemployed, ever consider working for the feds?

French plan south Lebanon rescue

Remember that song..

When the Israelis Demolished the Iraqi Reactor

We Need To Study What Works (Hezbollah) and Use It.

Asking for objectivity in the coverage is posting hatred towards Israel

What is the feeling here on DU

If you Have LINK-TV.. tonight they have hours of LIVE call -in

Hezbollah Sucks

let's us dems spy on electronic voting

Just a Ballpark Figure, how many people have died since W showed up?

"Anti-terrorists" declare terrorist sympathizers "Legitimate Targets"

If You Take Sides In This 'War' You Are By Definition "Anti-Semitic"

Anybody know how the CodePink fast is going? n/t

Hizbollah leader declares "We have not been harmed." *WE*???

Check Out "The Mad Tea Party"

These two people represent the United States throughout the world

Get Ready, Here Comes A Full Out War That Will Include Us

"Condoleezza Rice" and "diplomacy"

Rice: A cease-fire would be a false promise

NPR: Oil futures

MTV News Presents: Iraq Uploaded” To Air Friday, July 21st at 8PM

Why is the US media taking sides and saying that the kidnappings

Sam Seder said yesterday he might be gone in 1 month.

Just LOOK at the map, it doesn't take a genius!

Yikes, just on M$NBC 7 people stabbed in grocery store Memphis

Va. killer executed by electric chair

Idle question, probably useless. But could a group of Representatives....

Who's your favorite progressive talk show host?

Who should Boxer support? A few more hours to vote! Keep kicked!

DUer Ava's Website Is's "Link Of The Week"

Joe Lieberman's blog

Humanity: are you done killing each other-YET?

Reuters: "Iraq as a political project is finished...moved to Plan B"

Janeane Garorfalo final "farewell" radio show tonight.

China is BIG! Russia is BIG! The US is BIG!

I Think bush Is More Insane Than Kim Jong-il


NYers......Ground Zero

Zogby-Blacks DON"T want voting rights for ex-felons?!?

US Soldiers Were Under Orders To "Kill All Military Aged Men" In Iraq

"Israel" and "Jews" are NOT interchangable terms.

Am I the only one who sees a beetle?

Is it generally considered political suicide by U.S. legislators...

Did anyone see the pic of the snowflake baby flipping off Bush

Dividing Iraq into 3 countries will be a disaster

So, Israel will invade Lebanon? MSNBC: Troops Massing at Border

Happy 37 Anniversary (One small step for (a) man...)

Counter-meme: Republicans started WW3

Bar Association Urges Congress To SUE BUSH Over Signing Statements

Democratic Party FINALLY admits it.....

Ex-NASA Manager Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charges

33% of the US does not support Israel's actions. only 1.5% of congress

top 10 signs you are a fundamentalist christian

Will Schlesinger, the Republican, drop out of CT Senate race ?

Wow, Pat Buchanan is on a roll...

Al Gore on Conan O'Brien tonight (Fri. 21)

Sooooo ..... Let me get this straight about Condi ...

IT'S ON! Judge refuses to dismiss case against gov't re: dometic spying!

Wingers Hate Americans: Media reacts to anger over flight from Beirut

America needs to call for Peace. Shame on our Leaders.

I don't know what Israel is going to do.

Jesus: "You will know them by their fruits . . ."

Diet & Supplements Don't Help Cancer Patients

Senate panel votes to give civilians higher raise than military

Anti-Semite? (edited for clarity)

My Son got orders to Afghanistan today.

do you think Daddy bush is embarrassed by his son???

"The Bonfire" (Children and War - GRAPHIC)

Report of attack on Canadians unconfirmed

Seriously how would you react

When you get to feeling a little down, read this

Reuters: Gloom Descends on Iraqi Leaders as Civil War Looms

IMO the real evil in the Middle East is Tribalism Run Amuck

Our daughter is featured on the Lamont blog!!

*, Rove, and Jeb all greeted by protesters today - pics

What is Israel's strategy for Lebanon?

Bush Drives a Wedge Right Through the Hearts of Democrats (Lebanon/Israel)

Bush admin. rejects probe of China's labor practices

Inside Israel, Hez Ground War Strategies

Excellence (?) of private schools.

Why the love between MSM and Condi Rice?

A New War Frenzy


What does the DJIA have to say about Bush economic policies?

The Insane War On Lebanon & The Related Propaganda

Europe Bans 22 Hair Dye Chemicals

Sen. Inhofe: ‘Gore Is Full of Crap’‘

Hezbollah Sucks Poll

How many "snowflake babies" are there really?

So, Is Al Gore the Real "JESUS"?

Cindy Lou & Jim Get Raptured......a cautionary tale

Fears of war in Somalia grow: Ethiopian troops moving into Somalia

What if the US were to act like Israel?

Hezbollah Targets Civilians, Israel Targets Combatants.

We are forgetting what the Bush adminstration is capable of...

Lebanon: Water Dispute With Israel - October 8, 2002

So there is Tucker interviewing the Lebanese


The problem with a cease fire...

A People's History

The President himself is leading a cover-up.

Dean attacks Bush on Middle East

Its Hard Work - A Flash Movie I Made on Request Of The Musician.

Bernie Ward:

Bush's standing ovation (sez WH photog)...hahahahaha

"A Clean Break" Meeting? Cheney, Olmert, Rummy and Netanyahu met in June?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's The Dumbest of them all?

I like the caucus system.

Is this illegal?

How Diebold Stole Election 2004 - Video Evidence from YouTube

Rupert Murdoch trying to get satellite TV monopoly, buy Dish Network?

Don't count casualties, war costs lives, says Israeli commander

OMG!!! I GOT A JOB!!!!

State to go 'Door to Door' checking residents health

VIDEO - Brad & RFK Jr. on Catherine Crier Live (CourtTV)

A farewell to Beirut

Explain this to me like I'm an idiot

You were looking at him slap Al Green, so you missed the ear phone

HELP: My friend's Wife is becoming a Fundie

Midshipman Acquitted of Rape Charge: he "wrongfully" entered her room!!

Every race has its traitors, and every race has a name for them

Union-Made Clothing Discounts

Teamsters strike at Marathon refinery

"The fighting was triggered when Hizbollah,...seized two Israeli soldiers

Google news linking more to Conservative items?

Israel Has Gone Too Far

Report: Leavitt (R) Benefits From Foundation

"In Mideast Strife, Bush Sees a Step To Peace"

More of George's F-ed up Logic

The ABC's of Bush

Start the morning with a RW smack down

Mike Luckovich cartoon: "Bush and Lieberman"

I just voted for Ned Lamont!

A Rant that about sums it up

Washington Journal-8 Billion not lost!

Jean Schmidt lied on her resume, reprimanded by the OH election commission

Kelsey Grammer, Steinbrenner, Raoul Felder Help Guiliani Elect Repubs

The Seussian Presidency...

20 House districts most likely to change parties in November

Need DU's Help - I need Tom Tancredo Quotes

80% of Republicans are Uniformed Democrats?

Arizona Democrats tap Hildebrand, as DNC plans to revise '08 calendar

"Karl, have Jerry Seinfeld killed" - anyone have a copy of this?

The Rude Pundit on what Republicans would do

Dem allies zero in on House GOP

Greg Palast: 'They don't call it the White House for nothing'

Hannity: Fiercely independent, Joe goes along, gets along.

Just Curious - I Heard Some Radio/TV Pundit Say Israel Is U.S. Best Ally..

Video of Q-Pollster talking about CT US Senate race & other CT races

Majority of Republican physicians favor embryonic stem cell research

Israeli Major General: "We'll cry for the dead & encourage the fighters"

Clinton to help Lie-berman?

80% of Republicans are Uninformed Democrats?

Frida Berrigan, Arms Trade Resource Center-new report out

Democrats Protecting Voters in Ohio, Across the Country

I don't think rush limbaugh understands scientific research

Draft proposal of Rangel and Conyers

Rick Santorum on foreign relations. . .

Hawai'i should be the first primary state

World Court and war crimes

Might makes right?

Bush, Democrats make summer plans

If Federally funded companies create cures using stem cells do they

What is it exactly that Ann Coulter admires about Lieberman?

Digusting performance by Agwunobi (former head of FL Dept.

What would it take to win your support for the Flag-Burning Amendment?

Remember Afghanistan?

We are approaching 300 billion spent on Iraq

7/21/06 - Weekly DU George W. Bush poll

Whats with the touchy-feeley from our feckless leader?

Congressman Admits Using Cocaine and Prostitutes on Colbert Show

What exactly do we need to take the Senate?

Julian Bond was great on S. Colbert

Colbert Gets Congressman To Say “I Enjoy Cocaine Because It's A Fun Thing

Stewart Punches Hole In Bush's "Pro-Life" Universe

Dems Quick to Use Bush’s Stem Cell Veto on the Campaign Trail

National Review: "Will It Play in Peoria?" (Nasty pix: Rudy in full drag)

Lebanon - a picture is worth a thousand words

These are profound words. IMO, this is a real leader.

I think I have to eat my words.

WSJ writer attacks blogger for criticism of Bush for groping Merkel (eww!)

Just now on CNN: Rice heading to the ME SUNDAY. Could the

Kerry Leads Bipartisan Effort to Improve Veterans Business Development

Tucker Carlson last night

Cheneyworld: Press Critic Wanted

Who will be the first Republican to state "Iraq is now in a civil war?"

Middle East Out of Control, Baghdad Ready to Erupt

SNOW: "Nobody Has Been More Diplomatically Active Than We Have" on ME

Angela Merkel should have known better

Why is Rice smiling and talking about she could have got on a plane and

one out of two ain't bad?

another year or more? of this??? - Murtha's stats

CAPTION this photo of Condi and Recess Appointment Boy

"Today We Are All Israelis. " Ken Mehlman RNC PR Speech

Chickenhawk Fox fans "speak out" on Condi's Mideast message

I've Got the answer

And Now for Something Completely Different: A Man in Drag

I'm kind of disappointed in Howard Dean

standing down the troops

Why is Cynthia McKinney M.I.A.

Why can't we take the side of the civilians?

Jilting Joe - USA Today

Turn to a man of honor

* today in Colorado - Photos

Should I be worried? A year ago last April I posted that I thought the

FL's Spirit Airlines promotion advertising the "JEB" sale????

"The Party of Science"...getting some traction

No cease fire but Rice to lay out diplomatic solution. HUH?

*'s talk:audible sighs,long stretches of silent disagreement, head-shaking

Conservatives of Canada taking language/image tips from Bush strategist!!

A Solution to the Israel/Palestinian/Lebanese Situation

Israel's attacks on Lebanon not about Hezbollah per se......

I probably know the answer, but I'm curious who rebuilds Lebanon

Senate GOP Killed Most Democratic Bills in First Half of 2006

Madison KNEW tihis would happen

Chris Matthews compares Michael Moore to Osama Bin

What should people who believe in The Rapture do immediately?

Kerry Signs on to Oregon's Vote-by-Mail System

Israel troops massing on Lebanese border

I bet you $1500 if we could find the posters of "hate Israel" ... it would

Has the Rapture Already Begun?

Joementum? He can't be liking THIS front page!

official UN guidelines: neck massage = sexual harassment

OMG, MSNBC is showing breaking news of a car chase in Texas and

Charles Barkley on Quayle and the Mellencamp Walk-out

John Kerry on Rush Limbaugh’s Comments on Israel

Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton - What's the difference

"Uncle Sam on the River" cartoon