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Archives: July 20, 2006

"Thousands Flock to hills,parks, schools...No Place Safe From Bombs!"

Am I "liberal enough" to make new friends?

Is this true?

If Americans Knew

Let me take you back to 1945

Who Drew First Blood?

Okay Voting Experts... Tell Me How

Cathy Diebold-Cox Defeated in GA Dem Gov Primary

Experts tell Congress U.S. e-voting security is flawed

Tune In For a Tribute to the Election Integrity Movement

Get ready for some calls

To all Pro-Choice Activists in Texas

Who will play with me?

Attention Austin/Central Texas DUers! It's brunch time again!

S.C. legislator arrested after shooting

Guard Leaders Say Policies Must Change

London Times: Britain fears assault on Hezbollah will backfire

Australians left stranded again in Beirut

British soldier killed, five others injured in Basra

Lebanon 'has been torn to shreds'

In break with Bush, Iraqi leader assails Israel

White House outlines plan for Guantanamo detainees' trials

Scientists blast Bush for stem cell study veto

Israel's Peres questions Lebanon's casualty toll

Russia Says No Rush on Iran Security Council Resolution

Israeli Troops Push Into South Lebanon

Lawmakers Warned About Voting Problems

RPT-White House outlines plan for Guantanamo trials

Contractors in Kerik Case Charged

China becomes the world's third largest donor of food

Poll Worker Shortage (in Florida County)

Lawmakers Want Administration on Record About FISA

NYT: NYC's Water Supply May Need Filtering (first time in 100-yr history)

France pushes UN for action on conflict; move challenges US and British

Bush's Poverty Talk Is Now All but Silent

Nation's Capital's Anti-Terror Programs Scaled Back: Federal Funding Cut

Srifa was a bustling hillside village

S.F. board adopts free health care plan for residents

CNN: US to considers s. Lebanon airlift

Israel vows to finish the job on Hezbollah (no time limit)

Earth faces 'catastrophic loss of species'--Independent/ on new Nature rpt

WP, pg1: GOP Lawmakers Edge Away From Optimism on Iraq

Americans Reject Involvement in Mid-East War

Watching all the carnage on the TV, I can't help but think...

If you were turning 56, what would you want for your birthday?

Is this hottub night in the Lounge or what?

Anybody know how long....

NAKED SCIENCE: Colliding Continents (on NGEO right now)

I think I finally found something I am good at....

Olbermann's "Worst Person In the World" tonight...

What if I don't have a hot tub?

Which 3 DUers could you use instead of turning on the jets in a hottub?

Help me! Which cell phone provider should I use?


What's the deal with DeviantArt?

Seriously, Matcom, marry me


Need advice: If my refrigerator was off for 13 hours, and I left yogurt

Lancelot Link and The Evolution Revolution

A special message for all DUers...

Rachel Ray is in Vancouver for tonight's episode of "Tasty Travels"

hey,DUers-check out my cousin-a really good,LIBERAL musician needs props

I once shared a hot tub with Michael Jackson...

Do you know your beers? Then answer me this re: Rolling Rock "33"

South Park Scientology episode on now

Hey, the South Park SCIENTOLOGY episode is on!

Can "And You And I" by Yes make you cry?

Best dig at Bush I've seen all day.

You Know You're in the SCA When..

Ok...Where the hell is GoddessOfGuinness?

The sun just went down behind the hill. Now the temperature is dropping!

i just spent 2 hours in GD

I gotta get some sleep---see you tomorrow!

Does anybody want to buy me a hot tub?

"the eagle came out of the egg"

Where are all my loungies? Heeelooooo? Anyone?


Ah! Flying ants all over the place!

Oh MAN! A police dog on "Cops" just bit a guy right in his SCHWEEN.

Want a wish sandwich?

OK lets just say you're in a hot tub with Dangerously Amused and...

Rachel Ray is having gelati in Vancouver right now on my TV!

This picture conflicts me

Gratuitous KIDS PICS Thread - Yaaaargh (Dial-Up Disclaimer)

Is Leno a sexist?

End of the Innocence by Don Henley

How long can a cat go without going to the bathroom?

What's your opinion of Pornography?

JK Rowling is a dirty woman!

A Hummer parked in a Disabled-only parking space - WTF?

I could live without James Taylor's music. But I don't want to.

So Lets Say I'm in My Hot Tub All Alone

I'm soo bored tonight and I'm watching the drug thing on VH1.

I'm reading the BEST. BOOK. EVAH.

How old is old?


Name an artist you think is great but don't like anyway 3 DUers you'd like to hot tub with.

Let's get a new picture thread going...the old one's too long.

OW. My poor booby.

Do you have any famous relatives?

Desperately seeking cat & kitten lovers

Baby got book.

Okay, Here's An Idea For The Democratic Party

Mets fans are loving this season!

Somebody help me

Other Portals.

KOEB 7/19/06 The War continues & Bush's 1st veto

Clinical trials for stem cell research could have started in one year

WHy not a stem cell cemetery??

Waiting On The World To Change: Listen, Please

Do you think ordinary people wonder about all of the value placed

In Break With Bush, Iraqi Leader Assails Israel

Are the Stocks Up Today Because of the ME Violence?

BBC: UN-chartered ferry turned back by Israeli Navy

Tom Hayden. Crisis in Lebanon could hurt Dems fight against Iraq war.

Are the fundies still here?

Did he think Merkel would just sit there and let him rub her shoulders?

Amy Goodman is on with Sam and Jeanene NOW!

"It's like this: If you are Lebanese, Israel will kill you."

Indifference and Decompensation in Pathological Narcissism=Bu$h

Bushes Sex Life Caught On Video...

Clark: "Hezbollah is like a cancer on the body politic of Lebanon"

Bush's Bloodbath in Babylon: 'Coincidence' and Consequences

Bush's block of domestic spying investigation needs attention

I'm having a discussion on my veteran's board regarding presidential

Who is our Martin Luther King, Jr.?

ROFL - Great David Horsey toon about * and his stem cells...

How many embryos are in cold storage in the U.S.?

Energy Sec in Baghdad: "Far more stable" "People Are relaxed"

Congressman Conyers: Judiciary Republicans Vote Against Minimum Wage

If destroying embryos is murder then why

Who would you rather save a baby or an embryo?

Anyone listening to the Majority Report?.....

Sign the “Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition”

Janeane is drunk! and singing show tunes!

U.S. Agriculture Department reduces testing for mad cow disease

"We realized the Israelis are quite similar to us in many ways"

57 perish on deadliest day of war so far

Indoor Ski Resort in Dubai

Senator Harkin: "I Say Mr. President, You Are Not Our Moral Ayatollah"

Family wallops would-be robber, wraps things up for police

Who’s behind the daily killings in Iraq?

Suggested title for 24/7 cable news coverage of the war:

Do Republicans freeze their semen after they jack off?

Get your paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

Why they're impeding stem cell research.

Just got an email from Barbra Boxer

President Bush: Protecting the Sanctity of Goo in a Dish

Why hasn't Ann Coulter incubated a frozen embryo in her right-wing body?

Let me take you back to 1945

Who Drew First Blood?

B.S. about the cost of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Is Hillary a Democratic stalking horse?


Michael Savage making sense

Myths Of Arab Democracy

'Terrible twins' take power and declare war against EU liberals

GOP congress edges away from Iraq optimism: "NOT POLITICALLY SUSTAINABLE"

Is that little skirmish in Iraq still going on?

Lest we forget--

Dead are left to rot in the rubble

Embryonic Stem Cell Research will continue

Headline on Drudge: Buchanan: Israel Policies...Unamerican and UnChristian

Solution to israel/mid-east problem on "of the wall" program

What percentage of USA citizens really know...

What is Tucker Carlson doing in Lebanon?

I need some info regarding a Watergate event

Hawaii Democratic Senate Primary, Who do you support?

Blame The Victims-Families Leaving Lebanon Should Stop Whining & Bitching

Merkel for Lieberman (humor alert!)

Shame on Yahoo.. Look at what they consider the TOP STORIES

Christian Group Says Smacking Kids for 15 Mins Is Good & Drives Away Sin

ANALYSIS: Hezbollah is still showing no signs of breaking

NYT: In Break With Bush, Iraqi Leader Assails Israel

Corruption Issue Comes to Fore

Only white babies need apply

Text of the DTC resolution censuring Lieberman

So if we're "free", and have a "free press", why is Hezbollah TV banned?

Time to 'save' the embryos!

Stem cell research and the death penalty

Stay with me here: U.S. citizens who don't live here

Daily Show in just a few moments everyone

CSPAN: Kendrick Meek just showed 10 years of Congressional raises

Bush's Flawed Stem Cell Rationale

Amp'd Mobile

What The President Did Today... (Howard Dean)

It's the inequity of it all... 23 TONS of bombs on one site versus

What is the state of stem cell research in other, more forward thinking

Merkel & Bush......

The swear word got the press, but *'s boredom at G8 more upsetting...

U.S. at Odds With Allies on Mideast Conflict

Political strategy question regarding stem cell veto ?


I can no longer even be civil to a Repuke. My candidate DH

Nightline abc-will have segment on stem cell (Lebanon first)

The Buzz Is Ralph Reed Blames McCain For Loss In GA Primary

I heard the perfect analogy yesterday

Will Pitt: "Meanwhile, In Iraq..."

Among non-Fox viewers in CA, Bush approval is 25%

ebay sells katyusha rockets??

Anybody heard from Sheik Hassan Nasrallah after the bunker buster

Has anyone else seen this fine example of Family Values?

Since Shrub likes to grab anyone in range I don't hear as much

Catch 22 (read only)

I feel like we're lying down again....they are escalating their agenda....

bumper sticker design

Dangers Of Elec Voting Machines Got Tallied Wed On Capital Hill (Salon)

War!!! War!!! War!!! that's ALL there is on television

Joe Scarborough is on the Colbert Report tonight as his guest

(Haaretz) Hezbollah is still showing no signs of breaking

Softball Question (interns squatting on fields to ensure they are reserved

"salt of the earth"

Thank you Mr. have opened my eyes...

NAACP: If there's a God in Heaven, if Karma really does exist...

Will Bush Leave Office Unscathed? No Censure, No Impeachment?

An email from Howard Dean re the Bush veto on stem cell research:

We are family.

500,000 people displaced in Lebanon

Some of you may think this is a "puff piece", but

Only 10?

Know anyone taking meds for migraines AND depression? -- Warning from FDA

Lebanon's Expendable People

David Horowitz criticizes "the Left" on Israel (and he wants $$$!)

um, NOOOW can we compare him to Hitler?

Canadian Prime Minister on Lebanon

RW Hate Radio: Evacuees are crybabies...

Israelis See Their Own Nation As "Neighborhood Bully"

He just gave us the ammo.

GD is strikingly relevant tonight *

Nancy Grace interview of ELIZABETH SMART: THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE......

A thread for real democracy: justice is blind.

Knights of Columbus APPLAUDS Presidential veto of stem cell bill

Elizabeth Smart smacks Nancy Grace

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in

Hey Lance Armstrong, still riding buddies with the prez???

Is the Chimp's new wedge issue the Israel vs Lebanon?

Ban divorce and bring all frozen embryos to full term.

Soothing screensaver

Put up or shut up, GOP

Excusing hostility to Israel’s right to exist:

How many posts have you deleted without posting in the last week? Why?

Our president has no critical thinking ability

Texas Man Catches Fish With Human-Like Teeth

Does anyone know how long a pre-embryo keeps in the freezer?

Britain fears assault on Hezbollah will backfire

Does anyone have a personal connection to the Israel- Hezbollah conflict?

James in Konosha rocks Malloy Re: "George the King" ....A DUer?

Bush's Frozen-Embryo Children: 1,073 Embryos Destroyed to Make 118 Kids.

A Message From Israel: Don't Choose Democracy!

An old Travel Consultant weighs in.. How you evacuate people

What does Bush's massage of Merkel say about his attitude toward women?

Priorities re: stem cell. (pic heavy)

Bush: God Speaks Through Me (oct 2004)

This is a GREAT Picture

I Wonder What Freeper Founder JimRob thinks of Bush's Veto Today?


more evidence: "Invading/blowing up a country does not stop terrorism"

US hawks smell blood

Someone explain to me why Israel is "targeting" civilians

FUCK This: You Pro Arab? You Are PRO-WAR! You Pro Israel? You Are Pro-WAR

Please join me in a thread for PEACE

Let's keep things in perspective...

Reading to children - My story.

How the Israel/Lebanon violence serves the Republicans

Then they came for me... (an updated version)

No-Fault Genocide?

"Minimum Wage" is our wedge issue? WTF?

St Louis Hit with 92 mph winds Awful winds

In other matters, have you hugged a Hummer lately?

12 Year old dies at football practice - FOR PARENTS:

What is an Anti-Zionist? Are you one?

AFL-CIO Offers Feeble 'Civil Disobedience'

It Started With Gaza Beach Massacre, Not Kidnapped Israel Soldier

WONDERFUL ad from Jesus General......Joe

Amy Goodman coming up on "Air America Radio"

The irony of Drudge

Speakin of Stem Cells and the cloning fear out there...

Judge overturns MD's Wal-Mart Bill...

LOLOLOL Kos: Lieberman gets Merkel's endorsement

Give to Ned Lamont, and your donation will be doubled.

21st century socialism

US News: Dewine 9/11 smear ad is doctored

Largest U.S. Peace Coalition Calls for Ceasefire and Negotiations

Georgia Republicans prove again that they won't be totally hypocritical

Oh Gosh... anyone listening to malloy right now?

Get out of Lebanon, IF you can afford it!

Bush Administration Announces Plans to Protect Sperm Cells

Freeps on veto: "Another reason to be happy President Bush is in office"

DU this poll Should the government fund research using embryonic stem cell

Why aren't Laura, Jenna, & Barbara incubating those poor defenseless

To my RW (only thru) email buddy..

Lamont supporters: give me your phone number at work.

overheard at today's "presidential briefing" (joke)

Carla Faye Stem Cell

Homeland Security tracking student protestors in "terrorist" database

An Internet on why all you dumb liberals know nothing about the Internets

Reed's loss signals corruption fall-out

Financial Times: Scientists fear US research will fall behind

Impeachment teach-in in Pittsburgh....

Goodbye Yellowcake Road (Elton Meets Dubya)

House Democrats Supporting Bush's Stem Cell Veto

Ken Blackwell's controversial new campaign flyer

What's with the little kids at Bush's veto press conference?

Stop the Specter bill. No coronation of King George!

Freepblogger attempts to "sell" Chimpy's First Veto

If We Had a President.


In search of the truth about the Israel lobby's influence on Washington

Who are the worst House Republicans during the 2004-2006 term?

Uh-Oh, time to overthrow new Iraqi govt.; they disagree with Bush

Bush is the worse President of our time - but why?

US-Oman Free Trade Pact

Confessions of a Radical... OR: Why Moderates DISGUST me today

If Bush decides to send troops to help Israel

Back to Baghdad

NYT: Louisiana Doctor Said to Have Faced Chaos

Lebanon--several Blasts from the Past

The Occupation of Iraqi Hearts and Minds

Fear and loathing on DC's streets as summer crimewave reaches the elite

LA Times: A First Veto for This?

WP op-ed: "No Shame, No Sense and a $296 Billion Bill"

Congress to Voice Support for Israel - Guardian Unlimited

Daniel Ellsberg - bush w/provide pretext for Iran/Syria invasion

Few Editorials Find Fault with the Bombing of Beirut (E&P)

Molly Ivins: In Politics, Comedy and Tragedy

Great editorial: Politicians fan language war

NYT: Program Seeks to Fight Poverty by Building Family Ties

Barney Frank: BUSH'S PLEBISCITARY PRESIDENCY (long but great speech)

NYT: Tap-Dancing as Fast as He Can

Newt Gingrich: The third world war has begun

Soldiers in Iraq using YouTube to get message out

Corruption Issue Comes to Fore

Thank You Israel : Brigitte Gabriel/The Lebanon Foundation for Peace

Israelis See Their Own Nation As "Neighborhood Bully"

Science Panel - Coming Extinction Spasm Will Be "Catastrophic" - Guardian

Oil Sands Development Not Sustainable

Flashback 2002: US Navy report on Global Warming (Arctic ice gone by 2050)

Admiralty Inlet one site for tidal power turbines (WA)

A nice overview of the international Gen IV nuclear systems effort.

Plans Announced for Belgium's Largest Offshore Wind Farm (330 MW)

Idea for posting in Environment/Energy

7/18 Drought Monitor - Huge Extent, Crops Still Declining Across Plains

Take action on global warming

Heatwaves Strains EU Power Grids - Reuters

First Heat Deaths Reported Across Europe As Governments Scramble - Reuters

Zionism is not Judaism -

Suppose The United Nations gave away our Land to some people

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land (Google Video)

The Anti-Israel Double Standard Watch

Terrorists want Israel to kill civilians

Bush approval at 45 % !! according to Rasmussen

JOSHUA FRANK: President Bush Uncut -- Why Israel Gets Away with Murder

Lebanese Prime Minister calls for/uncalls for disarmament of Hizbollah

Israelis renounce membership in world journalist federation

Was the Invasion of Iraq a Jewish Conspiracy?

Show of Hands: How Many Think the REAL Crisis is Lebanons Destruction?

Not forthcoming

UN rights expert calls for independent war crimes inquiry in Gaza

Military analysts question Israeli bombing

Seeking peace; forced to fight.

Voice For Peace: Who Speaks for Us?

Are we on the other side from the world again?

UN complains to Israel over Lebanon airspace violation

Ending the crisis without killing anyone

End the Suffering in the Middle East

Isreal: False Assumptions and Damaging Choices

In Spain, anti-Semitism is new leftist trend

Is there any truth to this. there were no controlled demolitions

Please check in: How many actually visited the WTC area before 9/11?

WBAI radio program on 9/11 Commission Report

Intelligence analyst: CIA playing game with hijackers


VoteTrustUSA statement

Tonight on CNN!

Kerry speaking on Senate floor regarding lack of machines in Ohio in 2004!

Are we missing the ball? Where are the citizen initiatives on e-voting?

Republicans, paper trails & HR 550 (Holt) No easy answers: Mark C. Miller

HR 550 amendment to HAVA

UPDATED: Spreadsheets for Cuyahoga County 2004 Presidential Tally

Election Reform-Fraud & Related News Thursday 7/20/06

Activists are getting their DU memes together: Democracy reviving

Wow...Hillary and Vilsack working together...

Harkin on Stem Cell Veto

DVO and Hank Gilbert on CanoFun!

Darwin Award Candidate in my Hometown of Texas City

Drivers license costs going up due to terra. What does one have

DVO Courthouse Tour, July 25-29

Looking for bag of glucose

Has anyone heard any update on Anthony Bourdain?

Tories have 37 per cent support nationally: poll

Canadian Press kisses prime ministerial ass.

PM's pro-Israeli tilt could cost him at polls

Some American DUers are falling for Harper's crap.

First Canadian evacuees arrive in Cyprus

France offers Canada evacuation help

Stupid American's CFL pick for July 20

I'm going to talk to my MP today

Web users urged on China policy

Corruption Issue Comes to Fore

New poll puts Lamont at 51% over Lieberman at 47%

Media Group Says Chavez Silencing Critics

FBI investigates willful destruction of Bible

ACLU sues GarCo jail, sheriff over inmate treatment (electroshock)

SF Chron: Terror database tracks UC protests

AG to join appeal of DeLay ballot order

Families of captives fear they will be forgotten (IDF soldiers)

Soldiers in Iraq using YouTube to get message out

UN warns of war crimes in Lebanon

NYT/AP: China Court Delays Blind Activist's Trial

Al-Sistani Urges End to Sectarian Violence

Top (Hollywood) Stars Donated to Sen. Hillary Clinton

NYT: Legal Experts Differ About Surveillance and Privacy

BBC: Fighting inside Lebanese border

AP: U.S. Citizens accused of plotting "violent Jihad"

Israel asks for German help in freeing hostages

Twelve killed after lured near Iraq car bomb (Corpse Bomb)

Amnesty International Accuses US Firms Over China Web Censorship

McCallum Questioned About Tobacco Case (Colleague accuses DoJ official)

US test-launches unarmed intercontinental missile

Agency's Disarray On Display (DHS missing boats & PCs)

Lebanese leaders call for unity

Indian report confirms water pollution by Coca-Cola

U.S. Says Attacks in Iraq Up 40 Percent

Kurdish official says Iran shells Kurds in Iraq

Gibson proposes state effort (stem cell funding)

CORRECTION Goodyear strike deadline is 12:01 EASTERN TIME ON JULY 23.

Lamont pulls even with Lieberman in latest poll

WP: White House Shifts Tack on Military Tribunals (toughens position)

Military families call on Bush for (Iraq exit) strategy

US 'worst' for online child abuse

Iraq: 38 tortured bodies found


Ban of blogs stirs outrage from India to Silicon Valley

Lebanon: Hizbullah kidnaps two foreign journalists in Beirut

LAT: U.S. Now Supports (UN-proposed Lebanon) Buffer

Bush calls for renewal of Voting Rights Act

Germany seeks EU ban on stem-cell research funding

Romney orders shutdown of TWT

Stonewall Dems Lift Endorsement Of Beebe For Ark. Gov.

Marines help Americans flee Israel's war in Lebanon

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 20 July

House overwhelmingly backs Israel in vote

ABC: 17 Air Marshals Go Public(serious flaws in homeland security program)

Santorum says Iran at center of world's conflict

Mexico's Fox in favor of new round of elections

Duplicate. Please delete

Agriculture Department to Reduce Mad Cow Testing by About 90 Percent

Switzerland demands Lebanese ceasefire

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter admits to recent fake-Anthrax mailing

Ricketts says donations don't contradict stands (R candidate Senate Ne)

Two Israeli Apache helicopters crash into each other over northern Israel

Hussein Writes to Americans, Urging Iraqi Pullout

Sen. Reid: Iraq devolves into 'civil war': Will try to revive Iraq debate

U.S. opposed to cease-fire with Hezbollah

WaPost: US at Odds w/Allies on Mideast Conflict

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Spying Lawsuit

Invaders test ground defenses in South

Israel-Hizbollah fight is policy windfall for Bush (Reuters)

Olmert allows Humanitarian corridor in Lebanon

Marine's lawyers denied Iraq visit (Hamdania murder)

Man Charged With Threatening Bill Clinton

US seeks delay in case of ex-soldier accused of killing, raping Iraqis

Hot Senate race sees blistering exchanges (Nelson vs Ricketts in Ne)

Democrats Have Eyes Fixed on Colorado

(Ill. Gov. Rod) Blagojevich Sends $5 Million To Stem Cell Research

US seeks delay in case of ex-soldier accused of killing, raping Iraqis

Israel talks tough, but doubts are starting to appear breaking banner: Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah

Schwarzenegger gives $150M stem cell loan (AP)

Senate Votes to Extend Voting Rights Act

(St. Louis) State Of Emergency: Mayor Asks Gov. To Send In National Guard

AP: Student accused of threatening Bush released

'Sixth Sense' Star in Hospital After Crash

Former Ga. Congressman Sues NYC Mayor

Anti-Abortionists' burning of Quran called "hateful."

AP: Lebanese PM: Hezbollah Must Be Disarmed

USDA Scales Back Mad-Cow Testing

US forces surround Iraq towns in Qaeda operation

Israel: Lebanese in south should flee now

Drug Errors Harm 1.5 Million A Year (CBS)

Rice plans Middle East trip next week: official

PAC Tied to DeLay Is Fined, Shutting Down

Bush considering renominating Bolton to UN post

German official: Iran leader asks Merkel for help on Zionism

Abortion protesters hold memorial for fetus at park

Bomb Squad To Detonate Explosive Materials Found In Apartment

Governor Intervenes for Nurse (Jebby, Jebby, Jebby)

Israel won't rule out full-scale invasion

Judge Rules Against Government in Spying Lawsuit

Reuters: Thousands flee as Iraq violence deepens

Ethiopian troops roll into Somalia

Feeding homeless outlawed: ACLU calls measure unenforceable

U.S. says Iranians witnessed N.K. missile test

LA Times: As Layoffs Sweep Movie Studios, Hollywood Fears for Its Future

Annan demands Lebanon ceasefire

WP: Bush NAACP Address Receives Lukewarm Applause

National Guard to evacuate people in St. Louis

Scientists Plan to Rebuild Neanderthal Genome

Minutemen not watching over funds

Experts: Al-Qaida is back

Strapped for money, Army extends cutbacks

Former President (Clinton) to campaign for Lieberman

House joins Senate, lines up behind Israel

N.C. law banning cohabitation struck down

Do you get the feeling that these women on "dating" phone line ads

Name the DUers, if you were in a hot tub with, you would poop in the tub.

Amuse me

Such a sick site!!! I dare you to come see it!!!

Post pictures of hot men in kilts!

Any two DUers who are comprised of scented baking soda and nothing else..

Okay, I have only 2 more posts...

Aren't you glad we have a president with principles?

It's always sunny in Philadelphia

How's this for spam?

Great blog — 'The Shape of a Mother'

It's time for: Conservatives on Youtube!

I hate it

Hey, I'm bummed. I really liked that Malan fellow on Project Runway.

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Cop Who Worked Nights As A Prostitute Allowed To Keep Her Day Job

Police Vow Crackdown On Streakers

OK, now I've seen everything.... Walk Thru Bible

Ever wondered what an electiric blanket in a python would look like?

hey,DUers-check out my cousin's website/album and send him some props

ACTUAL PHOTO ! ! ! Ghost attacking priest ! ! !

How often do you use deodorant on hot days

Deleted Sub Thread

"Little Man" -- a rip-off of Looney Tunes or not?

Guess the weather!

Friends sued for suggesting 'ugly' bride

Courts have ruled: Strippers work not covered by 1st amendment

Keith Richards Likely to be Pardoned For Reckless Driving In Arkansas

Seeking Advice on Car Travel With a Yowling Cat


Owner: Dog Trainer 'Exorcised' Pet To Death

The burden of being such a sexy beast is often heavy...

So I went to my best friend's, drank wine, and have come to a conclusion:

The moron in the jacket in the Ford commercials -- A call to action

Project Runway Fans check in (**spoilers**)

The college football all name team

Director's Cut "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid" Coming On Now On TCM 2 a.m.

"Led Zeppelin is just a bunch of idiots who wrote cool riffs"

Thursday, July 20. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Your favorite 'Song Stylings' ?

Holy MOLEY!!!!!!!!

St Louis area DUers check in..if you can

Actor Haley Joel Osment Hurt in Car Crash

Ever know the truth about a person everyone else thought was nice?

Man Pays $30,000 For Date With "Sexiest Woman Alive" (Jessica Biel)

Teen Hits 5 Cars, Flips Jeep, Crashes Into Store During Driving Test

Ever see Joe Dante's "Homecoming"?

Public displays of hot and heavy affection - what do you think about it?

it will be 106 degrees and I can't use deodorant ??? (mammogram)

23 years ago today, the second moonwalk

My review of "Superman Returns".

Why do people automatically assume Vegetarians are judgemental?

I just don't get any sexy PM's

It is so nice and cool today - refreshing actually

Better live show: Led Zeppelin or Jessica Simpson

How the hell does that voice come out of that body?

Channel 4 is to broadcast a TV 'masturbate-a-thon'

"Robert Plant never sang on key" Discuss.

this is SO gay

Car Talk. C'mon you men - help me out.

I just made some Mutant Biscuits!!

Have ya heard this one yet....

LynneSin Really doesn't like Led Zeppelin. Discuss.

Taverner is an asshole just trying to get attention. Discuss

Why is Everyone Always Picking on Me?

If a zombie could keep a blog, what would it look like?

"Robert Plant never slipped in pee" Discuss

Diner Counters 'English Only' Ordering: Please Order in Pennsylvania Dutch

Who here thinks I'm on medication?

Since you're all ignoring me, I think I'll just go to bed and cry

I have to drop the kids off at the pool, ask me anything

Bed sharing 'stretches men's Hanes'

If you kids don't get out of those hot tubs right this second

Kaplan University

Getting a hummer while parked in a disabled space? - WTF?

United airlines automated phone system---argh!!!

33 years ago today The Dragon died.

Song from 1965 mostly true today: Eve of Destruction

Lost Question: What was the drug the English dude was taking?

I've finally decided to convert to Pastafarianism


So who's going to Camp Casey this year?

Gayle King Dishes On Oprah Lesbian Rumors (FINALLY)

DU Beach Gathering. If we have it - here's what to expect

What, exactly, is a Federal Marshall???

Activist Judge Rules Adult Couples Can Live Together

Tightie Whitie question from Grannie

I have a new car!

Is going off opiates easier if you don't take so much?

Haley Joel Osment in hospital after accident

"Am I gay for God? You betcha!"

Are loungers so jaded that they aren't phased by Barry Manilow Repellent

Teen Struck By Lightening While Playing Poker Online

Okay who let matcom into the deep end?

Ballroom dancing at the "Gay games"- Who leads?

Don't hate me because I'm gifted

Anyone have any info on 'Crown' acoustics?

Wholy Mother Of All That Is Evil!!

A hammer parked in a table-saw only parking space-WTF?

This song makes time stand still.

What's your opinion of Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me?

Any plumbers here on DU?

2 Piggies discussing the merits of frozen vegetables (cute!)

I thought this was so funny.

Name a way in which war has shaped popular culture.

Separated at birth?

Bed sharing 'drains men's brains'

Slang question for the Brits

How do you get rid

Yes, I AM wearing a tuna belt.

What gaffe will Bush make at the NAACP meeting?

Why do people automatically assume judges are vegetarian?

Star Trek/Spamalot mashup.

If Lieberman runs a convenience store, who wins in the general?

Italian Scooter Driver loses 144 license points in 15 minutes...

A Little Something To Cool You Off

lounge masochists: is this better or worse than the jessica simpson video?

You don't have to worry about who I killed last, just who I'll kill next

Hot tub. Hot tub hot tub hot tub hot tub hot tub hot tub hot tub hot tub h

I'm LOVING the Google Ads in the Jewish Group.

I've just been made a supervisor!

I just tried to book a flight to Beirut on expedia.

were you the AV tech in high school?

Howard Dean is coming to Western PA on July 29th

Cops: Mr. Winkle the janitor videotaped girls in the bathroom

Where is a nice fairly inexpensive place to vacation In the USA

Congratulations MADem!! 20,000 posts

I'm bored....I hate summer

Its So Hot.....

Chuck Norris...

Barry Manilow music used to repel rowdy kids from an Australian town

Do you like circles?

Anybody see the Pixar movie, "Cars"?

Stupid computer question

Kitchen cutlery question

Lizzie Grace, RRR, Joani, Cal Peg and Kirabooo.....

Should I post in (gasp) the Dungeon?

Campaign Signs - Redux

guilty pleasure: Miss Universe Pics

I am so sick and tired

Dr. phil is ripping off Rocky Horror

Happy birthday Shell Beau & gpandas!!

Who looks more skeeved out: Chancellor Angela Merkel or Rep Al Green

Lenny Breau

Bob and Ray

I am going to New Orleans for the first time this Fall..

Is it cocktail hour yet???

Anger Management !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What music have you heard recently?

Arkansas prepares to pardon Keith Richards

Do you think Fuckstick vetoed stem cell just to insult Nancy Reagan?

I'm 96 posts away from 3000 - ask me anything!

Any D&D geeks out there? (dial up warning)

Gather Round Kiddies For Matcom's Joke O' The Day!

So Lets Say I've Just Sold My Hot Tub

Question about Syriana **Spoiler Alert**

What are the Dumb Laws in your state?

Anyone want to hop into my COLD tub?

How many years have you lived at your present location?

"Snakes on a Plane" to open without Critics Preview

Parker Posey has a new movie out.

Sarah Silverman

Name 3 DUers

Python swallows electric blanket, gets warm, fuzzy feeling inside

Dangit, I just had a 'Mommy, how much do you love me?' moment....

Lieberman Lieberman Lieberman Lieberman Lieberman Lieberman Lieberman Lieb

CONFESS!! Name of the first person you frenched kissed & how old were you?

Big Move?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 7/20/06)

When your time comes, do you want to be buried or cremated?

Rename 3 Duers

Cities that should exist

On average, how often do you recommend a topic for greatest page?


My new Prius car kicks ass!


37 years ago today, the first moonwalk

Name your favorite music artist in each of these categories

I need a shoulder to cry on or a wall to bang my head on

Have you ever had a job that required you to disrobe?

War Pigs

If I Can Hear The Bass From One Of Those "Boom-Boom" Cars...

I'm losing my baby kit, Jessica soon

Which Airport Do You Normally Depart From...

Radio Lady Reviews: “Lady in the Water” (Beware! No lifeguard on duty!)

Anybody seen oneighty around?


Who loves the A Team?

Post your Word for the Day!

Anyone ever flown on "China Airlines"?

all this ME stuff is getting me down, I think I need something

Is it really so hard to grasp that life might end at death?

I suggest that the Dems propose new legislation: Anti-Embryo Burning

House Protects God in Pledge of Allegiance

The poor age faster than the rich, study finds

Tut's gem hints at space impact (older than the earliest Egyptians)

Secrets of Ocean Birth Laid Bare

First Delta-Wing Fighter Was a Reptile

Washington State Justices Prepare To Rule On Gay Marriage

Funny fake ad (gay friendly)

What's the population of the town/city/metro area where you live?

PNC Park Threatens To Leave Pittsburgh Unless Better Team Is Built

Bonds is going down!

How about a DU Fantasy Premier League?

Awesome Conference!

Bush may re-submit Bolton for confirmation

John Kerry letter - Battleground Michigan (Help Gov. Granholm win!)

What do you think of Clinton stumping for Lieberman after Lieberman

Hey, New England - October 13, 2006 - Save the Date

Kerry speaking


John Kerry Says Voting Rights Act a Good First Step, America Must Do More

Kerry, Obama Call on FCC to Address Media Ownership Diversity

Poll needs help!

Merits of 'Masha's Law'

Voting Rights Act renewal debate in the Senate today (7/20/06)

Kerry introduces the Veterans Corporation Reauthorization Act of 2006.

Kerry visits New Orleans tomorrow (7/21/06)

Joannie V. is swooning at Mitt's leadership again.

Bush Rates Lower With Spanish-Speaking Voters

A few from Whittier and Girdwood today

Hey Wino, Bvar, Regina, Gregorian...

The world better watch out!

Rant ON: I hate How to take Travel Photos books :)

Maybe I'm outside of the "mainstream" here, but my two cents:

Countdown Newsletter -- 07/20/06: Mideast Mayhem

Time for the West Coast to get KO'ed again!

KOEB 7/20/06 "Laura Ingraham Grudge Match" Edition

If Americans Knew

Hey, the South Park SCIENTOLOGY episode is on!

Want to hear what Haifa air raid sirens sound like?

the bush twins better stop their partying and wear seatbelts

A Way Out of the GAZA Crisis

Time Passages

Jon Stewart on Lebanon

On The Street, Prayers For Hezbollah

Al Gore will be on Conan O'Brien this Friday (July 21st)

Colorado to Ban Child Marriages

Definition of terrorism

Two Bills: The different and complementary approaches of Gates and Clinton

Carnival of the Liberals #17 is born

Bernie Ward attacking Dumbya's moral high ground on stem cells

Christopher Reeve and Dana Reeve would be sooo disappointed

So...think I'm on the no-fly or other watch list yet?

"Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers," buy the book

Is Israel trying to provoke a military response from Iran, Syria?

If Israel bombed an in-vitro fertilization clinic in Lebanon...

Do you guys really want the Bush Cartel to jump into ME fiasco?

Stem cell lines

What is your definition of a "Just War"?

U.N. Resolution 1559: "the disbanding and disarmament of all....militias"

WTF - Bush doesn't want to stop stem cell research

Bush had to vote against Stem Cell for his base. Idea here

Is there any truth to this. there were no controlled demolitions

AP: House on Track to Voice Support for Israel

So are things looking better for us in November?

I gotta hand it to Scarborough- I thought his interview w/ Colbert was

Photos from Lebanon You Won't See in the New York Times

Got Electricity?

EU doubles aid for Lebanon, warns of 'catastrophe'

BushCo was planning to charge Americans to get them out of Lebanon.

Jews and Muslims Seek to Bridge the Gap at Moscow Forum

sample of middle eastern toons, anti-semitism?...


Police say claim of credit for Bombay train bombings is a hoax

Ultra/Mega Mansion Sales Up

Thousands flee as Iraq violence deepens

Today's wash post RW idiot column

Mission Accomplished ...... The Mid East is now a mess .... thanx *

(TOON) Rowson on the British evacuation of Beirut

The Sell-Outs

Who heard that Lebanese-American lady

Robert Scheer: What Bushs' open mike revealed

If Nasrallah doesn't show his face in next 24 hrs, I think they got him

Witchcomic: Help for Presidential Harrassment

The countries that torture people for Bush say Hezbollah are bad dudes

An early morning moral dilemma...

why do we let our corporate masters define who is a "terrorist?"

Smokers, Miles O'Brien just reported.......

Why Condi won't leave home.

Standing armies

Bush to address the NAACP within the hour

Filmmaker seeks to shed light on Mormonism

Coulter Calls for Wiping Out All of South Lebanon

Voinovich: Why I'll Vote for Bolton

Holy War much?

Call for Cease-Fire in Lebanon -- One click form at

have you noticed that when something happens out of the planned

2fer Calm dinner in Tel Aviv -& Chas.BARKLEY sez Repukes insane

Lamont beats SCHLESINGER 45% to 22%, with 24% undecided

this picture says it all...

My embryonic stem cells are smarter than your president!

Has Hillary found her running mate?

Where do your Senators stand regarding Israel and Palestine?

Jeb Bush goes to Scottland for a Scotland-Florida Life sciences conference

Bed sharing 'drains men's brains'

If the Democratic Party can rid itself of the "Lieberman virus"...?

War on Terra benefit: Texas driver's license to cost $100

OMG!: Records being monitored (even after Congress KILLED program)

Protests Across The Mideast Against Israel AND The USA!

Learn how to take back the media (DFA)

his highness is on cnn now, live

Commenter on "Truth Dig" Nail's Bush's History of Bizarre Behavior!

Plame Lawsuit - Fox News lets Novak spin

So Bush finally talks

LIVE from Beirut blog

If you believe the US should stay out of the current Isreal/Lebanon mess..

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids:

Buchanan"(Israel violating)international's unAmerican/unChristian"

Tony Snow Has NO Intelligence-Because-He Has NO Security Clearance

In today's America, uncomfortable truth is treated as treason

RNC emails newsletter describing the good news in Iraq

Is all of this a precursor to another 9/11??

Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Calls for End of Sectarian Violence

USDA scales back mad-cow testing

Letterman: "He's (Chimp) drinking again!"

Ain't it a funny thang... Lebanon had INVITED Syrian troops into Lebanon

Barney Frank is giving Bernanke hell about wage reporting

Your vision of the future

Ego And War

Japanese troop exit from Iraq came with media gag order

Security in Baghdad is months away

“Dogs aren’t born mooing, and people aren’t born gay.” (Focus On Family)

Where are those German protest pictures?

How would the Republicans respond to...

McDonalds increases average salaries for management

Zidane, Materazzi disciplined; World Cup comment "defamatory, not racist"

Are our troops in Iraq just hiding?

If I had seen this while carrying my gun ...

Bush Biggest Applause at NAACP

ok, dammit. I'm beginning to lose all patience with you.

3 way gunfight in Baghdad hospital? Did anyone else hear about this

Iraqi puppets tugging at their strings

Bush to renominate Bolton to UN post

W making some new friends (PICS).

An informal measure of the GOP's popularity...

FEMA Muzzling Hurricane Victims From Talking To Press

I cannot tell you how much I abhor violence and the contempt in which

Israel Has Fought a Morally & Militarily Lazy War

"So Speak And Die"

actor Haley Joel Osment in car crash . . .

Has anyone seen this video yet

Zionism is not Judaism -

Voinavich, like most Repukes has NO Imagination. I can imagine much worse

The Unfolding Horror Show (americans as neocon victims)

Iranians were believed to be present at North Korea's July 4 missile tests

Is there a chimp/fundie plan to turn all embryos into snowflakes?

A Tribute To Beirut-the City that never surrendered & never will

The Israeli side of the argument, in a nutshell

Our hearts and minds must be with the

Democrats set to release new 9/11 Homeland Security report

It is moral to sacrifice the lives of innocents to fight a war.

Moderators lock, I see another bigger, older thread on this subject

Keith Richards Likely to be Pardoned For Reckless Driving In Arkansas

As long as there is anything that looks, smells or acts like America

Some conservatives get it right

Libby Has Notified Fitz-He Intends To Call Memory Expert At Trial (PDF)

Turkey Signals It's Prepared To Enter Iraq

Baghdad death rate up in July despite (because?) of US security clampdown

O'Brian clan ya'll have anyone better than

Anyone hear Bush speak to the NAACP?

Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus

37 Years Ago today

At least he's still got his looks.

GOP Lawmakers Edge Away From Optimism on Iraq

Why do I not post regarding the raging conflict in Israel and Lebanon?

Only 33% of Americans think Israel has gone too far?

What do the letters "G.O.P." mean?

A Republican Goes to the Store (humor)

Looks like Good Morning America (abc) will talk about the neck rub

Lebanese PM: Hezbollah must be disarmed

Tell Polling Point about the media

"The HedgPeth Festival" - A 2 day Rock Concert on JULY 28th!

The world should never forget what Israel has done to Lebanon


Today show leads with "Can Hezbollah strike here?"

"Britain May OK Pollution 'Points' Trades'

EJ Montini: Playing politics or playing God, it's the same game

Time to make a decision Joe - pic of Lieberman

WP: Bush NAACP Address Receives Lukewarm Applause

So have we had enough of a Madman and his band o' merry NeoCons

"Stem Cell Patents Come Under Fire"

CT-SEN: It's Official -- Lieberman Rules Out Any Run On GOP Line

PAC tied to DeLay is fined, shutting down

Study finds beaches sicken 1.5M in Calif.

New Law Undermines Critical Thinking (Jeb's Fl.)

Refuseniks call on soldiers to refuse striking Gaza

Have you noticed that republicans are coming apart at the seams?

"Starve the Beast" is really the Republican practice of "Cut and Run"

Israel: Half Hezbollah's military strength destroyed (b.s. per CNN)

House plans vote backing Israel (more sucking up to Israel Lobby)

Grieving parents speak against the war

Has any Army just refused orders in history?

Poll: Which GOP explanation is the more idiotic?

Link to Chimpy McFlightsuit speaking before NAACP (video)

The third world war has begun: by (A Salivating) Newt Gingrich

John Dean on Al Franken Now

Terrorists want Israel to kill civilians

Now the Iranians were in Korea

UN Reports A Third of All Lebanon Casualties are Children

Colbert: George W Bush has lost his veto virginity

Religiosity and You Godless People

We DO all realize that Joe's not running as an Indy, don't we?

Caption *

The NAACP speech was a test for Bush's new speechwriter?

Sadr condemns attacks - Thats his new job. Official attack condemner

Pope urges Middle East ceasefire

Where are Cheney and Rumsfeld in these troubled times?

Some scary numbers from NY


In 2003, Iran offered 'to make peace with Israel'

The poor age faster than the rich, study finds

The Anti-Israel Double Standard Watch

Beirut’s Southern Suburbs Reduced To Rubble

Anyone here in the Harrisburg, PA area?

Question: Did anyone also hear on CNN reporting from the UN

Lebanon: Hizbullah kidnaps two foreign journalists in Beirut

"San Francisco Moves Closer on Health Plan"

Family of raped and murdered Iraqi girl won't let the USA exhume her body

Trying to contact Al Franken's people

Homeland Security wastes $2 billion, including $68.5K on dog booties

There are times when I really hate to read the news....

Blind Man Holding Food Fatally Shoots Wife

ABC asks Boehner if Gutknecht stands for "retreat in the face of adversity

Brutality rife among USA trained Iraq police

Please critique/comment on my potential LTTE on Iran

Studies: Young women are becoming more violent with partners

Fellow DUers, do you want to see the reason alot of Jews scream

The other side of who leaves Lebanon

Controversial leader Farrakhan visits Navajo Nation

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan calls for immediate ceasefire

I need HELP setting up WEBSITE for Vol Based Art Program in S.D.

Pandering Alert: House Votes to "Support" Israel

With The Focus on Lebanon I Missed The Slaughter in Gaza *graphic*

from Kos: Economic Talking Points For Democratic Leaders

Just a thought/tossing an idea out there

Patriotism is a wedding where everyone--down to the bride--wears a flag

What Sort Of Speaking Fees Will Bush Receive After Office

It's not just telephones and bank records. FBI wants to keep an eye on you

Israel-Hizbollah fight is policy windfall for Bush

Beyond Lebanon, Iran is the target....

From Rasha in Beirut: "Today was a particularly strange day for me..."

What is a motion to commit?

Which one of these symbolizes our country?

Is Israel acting under U.S. orders so that the door will be open for

How are you fighting for what we believe in?

"Why do you keep criticizing President Bush...he's doing the best he can "

Iraq breaks with U.S. and assails Israeli raids

Oman Trade Deal:Flawed for Workers &U.S. National Security

Does anyone know from where, Israel imports their oil?

The "political equivalent of a wine cooler" ??

Criminals, Terrorists, Countries (& Antisocial Personality Disorder)

Who wants to vomit. . .check out this radio schedule: HUGE WARNING!!!!!

FoxNews, Newt Gingrich et al. should be reprimanded for "WW III" comments.

Conyers v. Bush: Update

THURSDAY TOON (7/20) ......

GOP sex scandal redux - this time in Pennsylvania

DUers. . .Hal Turner's network as a warning for all of us

A window into Chimpinistrative thinking:

Are you addicted to the Internet?

Randi: "I've seen Vanilla Ice get a better reception

Have there been any approval polls for Bush lately?

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) Statement on Israel June 2005

interesting post re. anti-Israel sentiment...

Overwhelming force in Iraq, more troops, has yet to increase security

Bush to NAACP: "I understand that racism still lingers"

Congress Sudsidisezes Wealthy Landowners While Kids Go Hungry

Greg Palast is on with Randi right now

Ken Lay is Alive!!!!

Why I screen anonymous posters to my LJ


Peggy Noonan: If Global Warming Is Real, Blame The Scientists

Lieberman loves Haliburton too

Earth faces "catastrophic" loss of species...

NAACP: "He's coming today because of the midterm elections"

Has Freeperville jumped the shark?....

How you can help us win.

So if it's WW3, Gingrich will call for a draft, right?

Military commanders say Baghdad security campaign an "abject failure"

'WTC' full of dread (Oliver Stone's Film - NY Daily News Review)

By 1970, the U.S. Army had 65,643 deserters

Tucker Carlson is a moron (not late breaking news)

Delay fund raising group fined, will shut down

TOO HOT?? Link to an excellent earlier thread on dehyrdation

Research gurus! Can ya' help me?

Senate Fails To Back Tough Talk With Action

Judge refuses to dismiss spying lawsuit (Take THAT, Chimpolini!!)

Wow, he vetoed something?!!!

325 civilians killed, 1,000 civilians wounded,over 500,000 displaced

Several Turkish Officers Were Killed By Kurdish Terrorists

Chicago, Gay Games

Is this surgery humane (DBS vs Stem Cell)

Icons exclusive to DU!

Baghdad’s morgues received 33,728 corpses since 2003

If Lieberman runs as an Independent who do you think wins the general?

Re: The Chimperor's veto

The war in Iraq has been successfully bumped to page 12-C.

This is why Chimpolini spoke to the NAACP today

That free trade agreement with Oman in the House just passed?

If Lieberman runs as a repuke who do you think wins the general?

Tweety got a really bad hair dye job this week

Israel Hints at Full Scale Invasion of Lebanon

Defective fridge starts fire, kills family of 7 here in Okla

180,000 and 300,000 dead in Sudan,where is the gnashing of teeth?

Israeli intelligence picking targets in Lebanon.

Bob's Take: Film laments loss of classic theaters (I'm in the film)

Prediction: US uses Israel/Lebanon situation to start a full mid-east war

Attention to ME war.

Who do you think will win the CT Democratic Primary?

Minimum Wage presentation on cspan

did Sharpton smaque bushy boy down today?

Net neutrality explained

Israel to allow direct flow of humanitarian aid into Lebanon

Lebanese-Americans voting to back Israel

Corporate Media ENABLES Dumbya-"playful" slaps and "smiles" after groping

Nasrallah: Hezbollah leadership intact despite IDF strikes

You know, I’ve finally figured out how they do it!

Bob Shrum has to GO as a spokesperson for Dem Party...

Judge delays Iraqi rape, murder case

Let's hear your opinion on "How Disgusting is George W. Bush?"

Isn't it really to Israels and Americas benefit to portray the USA ...

What's your favorite example of Bush et al bending or breaking the law?

Cut their bullcrap and run those losers out of Washington....

Lou Dobbs telling about Iraq violence spiraling

Police brutality caught on tape.

what was the name of that wingnut cartoon movie from the 80s

If Hezbollah is a "political party" and a nation(Israel) is fighting them,

Utah Gov. Huntsman supports McCain for president - What about Mitt?

The drug companies should be first in line with stem cell products

Iraqis stepping up attacks on U.S. soldiers

Incredible shrinking identity

Bill Bennett on CNN...

Man asks pal to break leg to avoid military service

WaPo Misprints Lebanon Evacuation Number As Sex Hotline...

So, what does Bush say about all woman and its own natural

Israel to allow direct flow of humanitarian aid into Lebanon

House Approves U.S.-Oman Free Trade Pact

Experts rip Rove stem cell remark

2005: Blacks in N.O 2006: Arab-Americans in Lebanon

Any fluent Spanish speakers in the house?

Great: Israel threatens full scale invasion/Lebanese Army to

Penultimate Janeane starting now on AAR.....6:07 CDT

BUSH at NAACP (not sure WHAT to make of this pic...)

Pentagon OKs $6 bln in arms sales to Saudi Arabia

CNN Bulletin: Condi "may" go to the middle east next week !

Vegas Makes It A Crime To Feed Homeless People


Will you be out in the streets after the '06 midterm elections, if...

Will Bush become head of the GOP when (if?) he leaves office?

Water wars -- IS the the REAL reason for Israel's invasion of Lebanon?

Did Bush really have an unfrozen embryo photo op after Snow...

Seriously, how many embryos get adopted vs. how many destroyed

"A member of the audience embraces U.S. President George W. Bush "

From Bill Frist's Medical book concerning embryos.

Anti-choice protesters add new tactics: desecrating Korans & rainbow flags

"Big Dawg" Clinton to go to CT to stump for Lieberman

Heat Warning! Hydration is NOT enough. Get out of the heat!

IF the SC is forced to rule on the eavesdropping matter, what'll happen?

You Can Be Against This Insane Bombing And Not "Anti-Israel"

Temp just hit 107F on my front porch (yes in the shade)*

Nasrallah: Children killed in Nazareth – shahids

The real reason they don't want stem cell research

Posts from a Lebanese graduate student staying in Syria

Why do some (most?) people form such a bond to mere land?

Limbaugh claimed "you need abortions to get" embryonic stem cells

Remember in the beginning? They laughed at us, said NEOCONS didn't exist.

Is every Lebanese person who shoots back at Israeli soldiers a terrorist?

Boortz today said there was no constitutional right to vote NEWT says

W's invasion of personal space...

I am anti-war

Can Bush ban hair cuts?

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter admits to recent fake-Anthrax mailing

The country is in a Constitutional crisis and our government

Happy email from eBay. Sell something and contribute to DU!

The thread for Pro-Israel Democrats who had enough!

Will it be a success if the Democrats take back the House by one vote...

Mexico Heating Up.... Church Calls for Calm...

anybody know what a "crime fighting camera" might be?

Is George W. Bush Beavis, or Butthead?

Disputed woodpecker halts project

Lebanon government says

25,570 pints of blood ....2557 killed in Iraq so far

Making kids practice sports in this heat is Ridiculous.

Why are Israeli girls signing bombs in English?

Hidee Hi, Hidee Ho. A captioning we go!

I think I might have an idea to protect cities from hurricanes...

Enough, already

Our tax dollars being used to spread false information on women's health

I do not support Israel

My Letter to John Stossel and ABC News on Global Warming

Crackpot fantasies? My Brief Experience Today in Hospital Waiting Room

Make. It. All. Stop.

Kofi Annan calls for Immediate Ceasefire - Thank you.

The most disturbing picture I've seen of the whole Lebanon mess...

Computer Scientists Weigh In On e-voting

72 Die In Lebanon In Deadliest Day of Israeli Attack

Has your opinion of who's most 'at fault' changed since this all started?

Hungry Ghosts.

Harris Poll-Bush Bounces From 33% To 34%, Dems Preferred 44% to Repubs 31%

Many people believe that if Bush would just let the Army do its

Anyone who supports Israel's actions

Judge won't drop AT&T eavesdropping lawsuit

Opus- WAY too subtle for words!

Kondracke on Lamont vs. Lieberman: "Hatred-Politics"

Reaping What Bush Sowed

Lamont leads Lieberman 51-47 in new Quinnipiac poll!

Maybe this is the beginning of WWIII - Now the Somalis and

Helen To Snow - Make The World Happy - Stop The Killing

Witchcomic: Today's banana is tomorrow's baby

Were 33% of people against the Iraq war before the invasion?

"War" (Babylon by Bus)

Ethiopia troops reported in Somali govt town, Islamists pull back

Niemoeller's "Then they came for me", updated version

Has anyone read what the Democratic Platform says about Israel?

Serious question so no flame baiting please.

mark twain's "the war prayer"

Schwarzenegger gives $150M stem cell loan

Meanwhile, In Iraq...

Just got home safely from Israel this afternoon.

If each Dem who voted for Kerry gives just $10 to the democrats...

I think all this 'rapture' crap is just a fear of death.

How involved are you with your local races?

* 'playfully' slaps U.S. Congressman Al Green (D-TX) at NAACP Conv. - pic

Drinking habits of rape accuser raised at Naval Academy

Kerry speaking on Senate floor regarding lack of machines in Ohio in 2004!

Un-Settling Turtle Island: will you, or won't you? Who's with me?

Bush Uses NAACP Speech To Push Estate Tax Repeal

Hoyer: New Report Underscores Need to Increase the Minimum Wage

whatever happened to right makes might?

"Salaam, Sholom -- A Vision of Peace"

One more good reason not to fly Spirit Airlines:

The Ballad of Dumb George

Backlash emerges against Latino culture

Bush Bombs At NAACP

An Email from a friend in Lebanon

Just had an unsettling conversation with someone in the military

Juan Cole: What Israel is Doing is "State Terror"......

Is there any way to find out if fewer baby boys

* gets heckled at NAACP Convention - pics

ROLL CALL 391: Condemning the recent attacks against the State of Israel..

We Had Some Sad, But Not Unexpected News Today.

All Joking Aside, Bush's Behavior Has Crossed into FRIGHTENINGLY BIZZARRE!

When the caregiver needs care.

anti-intellectualism is a problem democrats can and should

Charles Barkley: "I was a Republican until they lost their minds"

How is Israel any more of an artificial state than most?

Should we return discussion of the Mideast crisis to the I/P forum?

Bev Harris has NOT filed a tax return with the IRS

Labor Targets ING Group for Supporting Gamma Holding's Union Busting in Ar

Stephen Colbert Satirizes Anti-Union Assault

Selling American roads

SO>>>did Ms. McKinney and the machinces vote-flipping

Nance needs another Rec...

Tie Bush & stem cells to Jeb and Teri Schiavo brain cells and you have

Bill Clinton and various states of mind

"Under Bush's definition, these researchers are engaged in homicide."

Krazy Uncle Joe Lieberman is in trouble, poll says.

I really was wrong, way wrong... Lamont LEADS Lieberman.

This admin has a "director for lessons learned" earning $100,000/yr.

Is there a list of relatively moderate articles?

Is Iraq being forgotten with the Israel Hezbollah conflict?

US Marines on the ground in Lebanon

So, * mocks deathrow inmates and destroys civilization in Iraq, but

But, wait--Condi to the Rescue?

Chairman Bond's Address to 97th NAACP Convention

Great LTTE pissing contest about Faux news in local paper

DeWine’s 9/11 TV ad video image is doctored

Workers' comp bureau to pay $52 million in class-action lawsuit

How much did those "families" of the snowflakes get paid to come

Dem. Rep. Eliot Engel outed himself today on Wash. Journal

David Smith, a top Interior Department official shoots Buffalo - resigns

Lamont Pulls Even With Lieberman In Latest Poll

A Connecticut poll NOT about Lieberman

Il Dunce at DC Convention Center Yelling at the NAACP audience

Mark Morford on Bush's incident with German Chancellor Merkel

Thank you 51 repukes!!!!

Why is Hilary Clinton such a boogy-man to the freepers?

What if .........

Seem's like Bush couldn't wait to finish his NAACP speech

India nukes, US politics

Churchill awakes, see's US border fence

Wal-Mart Off the Hook—Judge Overturns Maryland Fair Share Health Care Law

I don't understand why repubs don't want to raise the min wage.

Binary Media Poll

Which is the most tolerable?

Can anyone hook me up with some links from PNAC

Fix the Prez Primary: AZ is the Answer

Wait a f'ing minute! Is Clinton's endorsement of Joe a "kiss"...of DEATH?

John Dean on Chicago Tonight tonight (7 pm - Ch. 11)

I can't stand it when they refer to him as PRESIDENT Bush...

Does Ford (D) have a chance in Tennessee?

NYT: Lieberman Finds Favor Among Donors That Usually Support GOP

Final Oman Free Trade Agreement Vote

Poor folk need to get better brokers & invest heavily in surething stocks

DLC, circa 2000:

Gingrich reveals the books on his nightstand

Calling all political junkies! Check out "The Hill"

What should a Democrat believe?

Novak says the GOP is making Israel's war GOP's war to excite their base

Mexican politics - are there any blogs by Mexican political scholars?

Folks: Here's a news flash - 49 OTHER States have elections this fall

Why did bush sign the stem cell research veto in private?

Question about Senator Lieberman (no flames please)

Is there reason to have hope for MSNBC?

Shrub in a nutshell

Senate Dems take in TWICE As Much $$$$ as Republicans In June

Caption this: * and Condi today.

Kerry Says Voting Rights Act a Good First Step, Must Do More...

Bush's presence urgently NEEDED in the Middle East!

lions and tigers and bears, oh my ...

What do you say to someone who excuses Bush's veto by

Has anybody heard anymore about Turkey and what they

Tom Hayden: Things Come ’Round in Mideast

BTW, just thought I'd let you know I'm voting for a DLC dem in November

GOP Lawmakers Edge Away From Optimism on Iraq

Lebanon's Tale, a Tragedy Foretold by Others. Can We Get a New Ending?

McCain to campaign with Maine GOP Governor candidate

Dems with huge fundraising lead!

As a result of Bush's speech at the NAACP Convention

Should Democrats EVER "mull" about running on another party's ticket?

Clinton to help Lieberman against rival

Former porn star Mimi Demayo running as Republican Governor of Nevada

'Snowflake babies' cost money?

Your suffering doesn't matter to them

I don't know enough about Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman is getting his ass kicked in Connecticut right now.

Please vote for Jim Webb (VA Senate seat) now !

What would make you happier...Lieberman losing or a Democratic Senate?

Cleveland rightie rag worried "hard left" is getting money instead of DLC

Quinnipiac: Lieberman (I) 51%, Lamont (D) 27%, Schlesinger (R) 9%.

Confessions of a Moderate... or: Why We Need Each Other

Recommended Reading: Vaclav Havel, The Art of the Impossible

Charles Pierce on the Stem Cell veto: It's Personal

NAACP speech George Bush gives new meaning to the phrase "utter gall"

Sam Brownback (with talking embryo) Has Lost His Mind (VIDEO)

Has your Representative signed on to Kucinich's cease-fire res?

We were at Bush's speech at NAACP today

Democratic Voices on Bush Stem Cell Veto

It's Why I Still Love Ralph

Undoing the Mess

*ahem* Class please turn to Ron Suskind's 'The Price of Loyalty' page 71

Bush is out of control... Seriously. From this morning's NAACP speech:

"The Coverup" & "The Coverage" ---Dan Froomkin reports..

The Pet Goat: Summer '06 Edition

Clinton on opposing Lieberman: "the nuttiest strategy I ever heard..."

Right Wing Should Adopt 400,000 Frozen Embryos