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Back From the Brink - E. J. Dionne Jr.

Alternative Reality at the Summit

"I'm becoming a Republi-crat at this point "

Tropical Storm Beryl arrives

"Stop that shit!" ~ Uri Avnery

Foreign airlines could stop Israel flights if insurance premiums rise

Recent vets here, what the heck missiles are the Israelis using?

Israel frees Aljazeera bureau chief

Where to begin....


Hunger strikes, vigils in Mexico election crisis

Georgia Election Results

Computerworld: US - Style Electronic Voting Compromised

Video 2004 - NC Citizens On Film-The Computer Ate Their Votes

Prosense's thread in GD - Why Dems MUST recognize election theft

The 2006 G8 Summit

Eight Canadians dead, thousands of Canadians STILL in Lebanon

Disney restructuring studio units, cutting 650 positions

Fees waived for Evacuations from Lebanon

FBI eyes Hizbollah in US as tensions with Iran rise

Israel jets strike Lebanon as thousands flee (onward to Shweifat)

Iraq PM Maliki to address US Congress in joint session (next Wednesday)

Israeli Tanks Move Into Gaza Refugee Camp

First Baghdad bank heist nets 1.4 billion

Bankers say 'buy Beirut' as bombs fall

Civilian Death Toll In Iraq Spiked To Nearly 6,000 In May And June

Israeli ground troops enter Lebanon

Taliban Pause for Fresh Breath...A Times

Murtha to receive public service award

Power Outage Disrupts Calif. Flights

Public schools do as well as private ones

NYT: US Appears to Be Waiting (about a week) to Act on Israeli Airstrikes

Fire engulfs tanker in Port of Providence

Ormet Contract Ratified, Capping A Long Strike

LAT/AP: Israel May Send Ground Troops Into Lebanon

Hezbollah Stresses Need for Iran's Support

Senator Bond Trades on `Mad Money' Tips, Prompts Ethics Queries

United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah

US has no idea of 'war on terror' cost: watchdog

Fighting in Lebanon produces first conscientious objector

CNN: U.S. Response Exasperating For Some Americans (Katrina II?)

Venezuela, China to join on oil drills

IAF destroys 2 Hezbollah-bound trucks from Syria carrying arms

Todd holds slim lead in bid to become 1st openly gay legislator (Alabama)

NYT: Homeland Security Department Is Accused of Credit Card Misuse

Ohio foreclosures continue climb

Immigration Enforcement Benefits Prison Firms

Conservative Anger Grows Over Bush's Foreign Policy

Latest targets of air blitz: milk and medicine

McKinney, Johnson appear headed for runoff (Georgia)

Ralph Reed concedes defeat in Georgia’s GOP primary for Lt. Gov.

I think it's time we define "artistic" nude

Ladies and Gentlemen — I give you Tropical Storm Beryl

Just drove my new Prius home!

If LOTR fans ran the world.

Hey, Audrey Hepburn photo fans...

Is it against the rules to ask about tombstoned members?

mutley_r_us rocks!

I just drove my new prius into a river!

My friends labrador retriever puppy is incapable of shame or guilt

I have private M&Ms

I just got an ugly hair butt.

Did anyone just see Storm on Rockstar?

I just got an ugly butt-hair cut.

Well, I am allergic to ferrets too.

I have pirate M&Ms.

I need a new computer! (a pic, questions and a little bragging)

How much money would it take to bribe billyskank to stay in N. America?

Un fil en francais

Someone hit my car.

They say it may rain.

Well, I better go buy some beer.

Pssssst- Hey- yeah, you- can you keep a secret?

My cat turned into a monster. He discovered the outdoors. Shit.

Help me woo a gorgeous french girl

I just got off the phone with LaraMN and you didn't.

I'm less than six degrees of separation from

The second wave of Big Weather is here. Damn close, the lightning and

Advice (non-cartoon related)?

Dominican Republic divorces

Am I the only [email protected]#hole who doesn't give a F%CK about Barbarino?

My cat kind of likes me... BUT...

I took a few shots

I save pirate M&Ms.

Let Us Now Praise Key Lime Pie

Which totally innocuous word or phrase...

what is your conscience number?

what is up my people?!!

Watching Syriana

Okay, I admit, I didn't consider what having an elephant avatar might mean

Post here to be on my Money meditation list. LaraMN gets first dibs.

I just got a butt-ugly haircut.

I just saw a motorcyclist take a spill...


L.A. area DSL price experts. Help a cheap bastid get broadband

Terror! Terror! It's terrorists! They did it! Because they like terror!

Haven't heard from the Bush twins lately

Tomorrow I get to have a boob biopsied! Watch me now as I party in

I have private S&Ms.

Eureka is on Sci-Fi

MacBook Pro

Dear God. A good friend just confessed that

Who can just go fuck himself/herself?

Who wants to be a DU Honorary Lesbian?

With whom of the same sex would you make whoopee?

My daughter's just joined DU!

Band name game

Hummer commercial implies that vegetarians are not manly

Do you fit in?

She came all wrapped in cardboard...

Does this even exist?

Let's Discuss Your Hot, Warm Delights, oooooh yeah:

On These New Orleans Hospital Deaths

UofL Neuroscientist So Close To Autism Breakthrough...

Who do you love more, Ellen Degeneres or Margaret Cho?


Sen. Larry Craig Chairman of Veterans Committee Fails to raise Co-pays

Conservative Anger Grows Over Bush's Foreign Policy-Kerryism?

I know this is OT, but I have been thinking about the Israel/Lebanon thing

Brace yourselves!


Kerry to visit SC to speak about healthcare and raise money

I think my new D200 is broke.

KOEB 7/18/06 - I'm on my laptop in front of the TV edition

"The P Word is Palestine"! anti-Zionism is not equivalent to anti-Semitism

Meanwhile...Three more US troops killed today in Iraq

Does Madrid have a chance against Wilson in New Mexico?

Does anyone doubt the necessity of ongoing international diplomacy now?

again, Nostradamus weighs in...

How ironic. Bush threatens a veto to "preserve human life" and

Why was it a good idea to make stranded US citizens pay for their own

6,000 Iraqi civilians dead in 2 months; gays, teachers, doctors targeted

Bush's phone call overheard at the G8 -

I am saddened and disgusted.....

A lesson for freepers, fundies and things that go bump in the

Hizbollah is a terrorist organization like Hamas and Al Quada.

Brad on with Mike Malloy tonight

Does any one have a link to the actual law that requires U.S.

Is it me...or does John Bolton...

U.N.: 14,000 Iraqi civilians killed in 2006

USS Gonzales? As in Alberto? He has a ship named after him??? WTF?

Olbermann: NeoCons Want to Invade Iran and Syria

A Canadian in Lebanon

Hypocrisy and corruption, the GOP running mates in 2006

Do you think rich GOP'ers would use stem cell medicines if they were ill?

United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah

How ironic that bowtie boy is 'toughing it out' in Israel, Tel

CNN calls this news: Justin Timberlake would never want to run for...

Georgia Lt. Governor primary results link

READ THIS what the actual law everyone is so upset about says:

Business booming at Sweetwater Flea Market...

Breaking CNN: Evacuation fees for Americans to be waived

Michael Savage and sleight of hand

United States to Israel: you have one more week

(IRAQ) How many civilians have to die a day for it to be civil war?

Sharon says U.S. should also disarm Iran, Libya and Syria - 18/02/2003

Israel To U.S.: Don't Delay Iraq Attack - Aug. 16, 2002


Dixie Chick Natalie Maines' Keychain

Can anyone tell me if the Mystery Shopper deal is for real?

O, Death, O, Death (photos)

Lebanon evacuation of US citizens starting to look like Katrina fiasco.

Any word on the McKinney race in GA? nt

Anyone remember Sabra and Shitila?

Admin, can we have a few more smilies please

If This is Legal, We Are Truly Screwed.Bush* Blocked NSA Investigation

GOP split over stem cells could resonate

CNN banner headline: Israeli ground troops moving into Southern Lebanon

Arming of Hezbollah Reveals U.S. and Israeli Blind Spots--NYT

Why is use of a conventional military seen as morally superior to so many?

Conservative Anger Grows Over Bush's Foreign Policy

LIVE NOW--Brad Friedman of BradBlog on the Mike Malloy Show

When God speaks to Bush

The trouble with the Armageddon theme....

Boy , what a mistake

The Madcap gets the last laugh. Syd Barrett's sister speaks...

FYI: TDS, Jon Stewart's guest tonight: M. Night Shyamalan nt

local politician will be coming to my political science class on Thursday

1,600 Ugandan Mercenaries Heading to Iraq

70% of the people cannot be ignored

Sing with me a new spiritual...Ra-a-alph Re-ed, CO-O-ON CEE-ED!

Lieberman Rival Hopes to Find Support in Issues Beyond Iraq

inasmuch as my last thread was locked before i could reply

For those that care.. Georgia Election link... Ralph Reed losing...

Nevada porn-star-turned-GOP-candidate hosts a fundraiser

Ok, What's The Deal W/ NOT EVACUATING AMERICANS YET??? (Bait???)

Fighting in Lebanon produces first conscientious objector

Great Bush photo

Israeli ambassador tells Christian group that radical Islam is the enemy

Save a cartoon to your computer.

Anti-terror information sharing improved: FBI (Guess the country)

An email received from Russ Feingold:

so.. after the "Sh*t" heard round the world.. how much does W have to pay

Tony Snow: "There was no U.N. Resolution for a cease fire to veto"

Question about military pay under Clinton

"July 17 - The Belles of Heaven Republican Women's Club... "

Southern Mass/ RI/ CT - Anyone else in the path of this storm?

Some interesting figures .......

Heat wave big news here (OK), but I'm wondering how people

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Now just imagine Clinton putting his hand around a woman's neck

Who said Bush did not consult with the Israelis?

Congressman Conyers: The Crisis in the Auto Industry

This stuff is really troubling .

Fuck off William Kristol...

I am a Democrat to the bitter end! Always have been and always will be.

Ralph Reed concedes defeat in Georgia’s GOP primary for Lt. Gov.

Civil war spreads across Iraq as bomb at Shia mosque kills 59

US Vetoes World Calls for Middle East Ceasefire- Twice

Who saw Martin Fletcher's report on Countdown??

The real irony

A Memo to Ralph....

Now...Bush decides to speak at NAACP convention

God strikes scumbag Ralph Reed from Georgia primary

I don't know how to say this

One Dem Sen. voted against the Sem Cell bill. WHO?

A personal letter of response to a Republican, a lawyer, and a friend

American peaceworker killed by Israeli Bulldozer- American Government...

Here We Go Again: by Larry Johnson

who was the twelve string player /singer

NYT: With Israeli Use of Force, Debate Over Proportion

Help me with new Democratic campaign slogan

I never realized how much I hate God...

Proof that God likes Gays more than fundamentalist christians!!! - -

So the truck of "smuggled weapons from Syria" was medicine!

A Reasoned Analysis (Juan Cole Update)

US orders nine warships to waters off Lebanon

To George W. Bush: Don't Veto H.R. 810. Use A Signing Statement

For shame! This is how we treat American citizens?

So, why don't white people give black folks a pass like Israel gets?

We Need a Vigil Thread for Peace in the Middle East

Two words about Hezbollah's "Just", "Reasonable" demands: Samir Kuntar.

I'm Tired of the Right AND Left Putting Words in My Mouth

Since people here are so upset with Israel...

So, the WH (Tony Snow) said, we don't want a cease-fire until...

U.S. family: "Get us out of Lebanon" (this photo is priceless!!)

To do : Start flashing the Peace sign.

What will be the outcome of World War III?

Gunna lay down my sword and shield...

Dancing the Middle East Two-Step

Latest targets of air blitz: milk and medicine

Reports of "vote switching" coming out of Georgia's 4th district

My Georgia voting experience

Excuse me, but has anyone seen the Lebanese military?

Flashing Peace -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- > FLASH

Are the two Israeli soldiers KIDNAPEES or PRISONERS OF WAR?

Free to Good Home v 2.0

LOL !!! - Caption Anyone ???

I just shook the President's hand.

HEADS-UP: DiFi Repeat On C-Span 1 NOW !!! 8:54pm PDT !!!

Bush: Why do you hate Lebanon all of a sudden?

Memories from 1993: A racist, anti-gay Republican fund-rasier in Virginia

Why people in the Middle East should focus on England, not each other

Bush's 2007 budget cuts breast cancer research funds

In Georgia, Ralph Reed Concedes Defeat

If a radical, racisit, anti-Mexico group started shooting rockets

Hey, the Bible says to massacre innocent women and children...

Declaration of War / Authorization to use Military Force. I am furious.

Kick This All the Way to DC

"Israel Violates Law on U.S. Weapons in Mideast"

CNN: Photo of US family in Lebanon, holding signs, passports: Get us out!

Has Israel ever said they want Muslim nations destroyed?

For GOP, politics and power trump parents' Alzheimer's, kids' diabetes

BBC take on Bush's comments

What motivates the "Christian" cultist congress critters?

Democrats ask (San Diego) county to hold election hearings

Senator (Ted Stevens) mocked for Internet 'tube' speech

Senior Justice Officials "Stunned" Prez Ordered NSA Probe Blocked

AG Gonzales:Congress should approve ruling SCOTUS already struck down

Federally funded "pregnancy resource centers" giving false info to women

Ralph Reed Losing in Repuke Primary (GA)

Hurricane Katrina déjà vu in Lebanon: "Where are you, America?"

Coke? give me a diet, and how about that Koffi?

Reed bites the dust in Georgia primary, concedes to Cagle.

Pls. delete. nt

Bastille Day

GOPers are spending Brazillion bucks here in OK for the elections

Lebanon/Israel - and our white tiger president.

So the Att'y General gives the Senate Judiciary TEN MINUTES?

I'll see your gay marriage and raise you a stem cell research...

Oh, brother! Here's a quote that will make you want to hurl!

Did You Know The Rapture Wasn't Originally In The Bible?

Bush to veto stem cell bill because stem cells are "human beings."

New York Times Finally Retracts Clinton Story

250,000 dead Iraqi CIVILIANS - had enough??

Did Bush really say Hezbolina?

List of Senators Against Stem Cell Research

U.S. Ships at Hell's Gate (with no plan)

O'lielly called this the liberal mafia; it must be a good thing

RFK Jr: 80% of Republicans are just Dems who don't know what's going on.

Illinois GOP officials volunteering to help defeat Dennis Hastert?

Bush sees NAACP "Moment of Opportunity" (Black votes in November)

'06 midterms comming, GOP scared, Bush to speak to NAACP for first time

Because Someone Has To ...

Howard Dean talks politics in long interview on KPBS, San Diego.

Yo! Any Freepers in the house?

Wolcott: Roving Hands (Merkel incident)

Maureen Dowd: Animal House Summit

MOGAMBO GURU: Like Dead Bugs On The Floor

Gene Lyons on fighting terrorism

"the nation's wisemen,..." Where have they gone?

Don’t Switch This Dial: FCC Republicans Move to Tune out Media Diversity

WP, Milbank: House GOP fiddles with gay marriage while Beirut burns

American Utility Companies - Everything that is wrong with Corporatism

Newsweek: "Gifts: Thanks So Much!"

It's not just about Hezbollah

Stranded Americans Face a Second Saigon

Punk'd Prank On Karl Rove Goes Horribly Wrong

War of ideas: The more you hear, the less you like? (Tomlinson sighting)

Larry C Johnson News flash for the chuckleheads-

This is how hypercritical the repubs are check this out

You're in America - love it or love it

The Impeachment Teach-In Video

G.O.P.'s Bid for Blacks Falters

Chris Floyd: Bush's Bloodbath in Babylon: 'Coincidence' and Consequences

WaPo: Conservative Anger Grows Over Bush's Foreign Policy


America's 'last socialist mayor'? Frank Zeidler's legacy

Morford: Bush Gropes, Planet Cringes…

Where are the Christians by Patrick J. Buchanan

The Rise of the Super-Rich the rest of the nation is being left behind.

Slouching Toward 'Boursedom', and other ME Petroleum Tales

Economy: How close are we to 'Sudden Disorderly Adjustment'?

European Heatwave Grows - 47C In London's Underground Stations - AFP

Welch lays out steps to address global warming (D-Rep candidate VT)

Toyota Hybrid Models In US To Expand To Six In Early 2007 - AFP

So, exactly how much solar electricity is Germany producing?


GM Orders New Focus On Fuel Efficiency - Financial Times

Toyota Will Pursue Plug-In Hybrids Cars - No Firm Dates Yet, Though - AP

US Car Fleet Shows No Improvement In Average Fuel Economy In 2006 MY - ENN

Canada Belatedly Discovers Environmental Issues Behind Oil-Sands Boom

good deal on CFL bulbs

Peabody Energy coal-to-liquids "death warrant for Earth"

Bye Bye Oil Crisis, Hello Uranium Crisis (UK commentary)

Leading UK Renewables Company On Verge Of Collapse - No Orders - Scotsman

The Soybean That Destroyed The Amazon - Guardian

US (DOE Sec.) Bodman: Oil Producers Unable To Respond To Demand-CNBC

BMW Will Sell Diesel Cars in US

Fire Ant Infestations, Numbers Rising Rapidly In Coastal Virginia - ENN

Hybrid poplar may have potential as alternative crop

The climate-change deniers have now gone nuclear (UK commentary)

Biodiversity key to sustainable biofuel (Dr. David Tilman, U. Minn.)

Sumatra, Indonesian Borneo Ablaze - 567 Hot Spots - AFP

Swiss Temps Up 4C On Average In 2006 - Ozone Levels Spiking

Abrupt Climate Change To Prompt Financial Implosion - Can. Financial Firm

Whistleblowers' Complaints Prompt BP Shutdown Of Some Prudhoe Wells

House Approves Polar Bear Treaty - Not A Word On Climate, Of Course - ENN

16 Pacific Nations To Lose 50%+ Of Mangroves To Rising Seas - UNEP

UK Preparing For 2nd 100F Day In History, 2nd In 3 Years - Independent

book looks interesting

A reminder about what Hezbollah is

Hey DU'ers: GWB and PNAC support this carnage. How can you?

Anybody have news from the West Bank?

It Started With Gaza Beach Massacre, Not Kidnapped Israel Soldier

Words vs Deeds

Israel Has Gone Too Far

3 killed in rocket barrage on Nazareth

Lawyers lodge complaint against Israel for crimes against humanity

Dobbs' Blog-Can someone synthesize this for me?

MANUEL VALENZUELA: The Untermensch Syndrome -- Israel’s Moral Decay

The Arab majority may not stay silent

Hezbollah critics may bring progress, if not unity

And What Do We Do With Bullies?

Beirut Christians terrified as strikes move closer

Lebanon's refugees turn to Hezbollah for shelter from the storm

Israel kills 14 Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank

Mutually Assured Destruction in the Middle East


Israel OKs huge Lebanon exodus

Banning of internationals and foreign passport-holding Palestinians

Israeli warplanes attack Christian area of Beirut.....

Two soldiers killed in clash with Hezbollah inside Lebanese territory

UN working on new deal between Israel and Lebanon

UK Jews divided on Israel

'Many dead' in Israeli raids

peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic-only journal re: 9/11

9/11 Truth in the MSM--Rocky Mountain News

Exclusive Report: Did Military Exercises Facilitate the 9/11 Pentagon Atta

Bev Harris's has NOT FILED their 990 tax form, per IRS

RFK JR + Brad on Catherine Crier's CourtTV show on Thurs @ 5pm est

TV and Radio coverage of E-voting Scandal

That Election Lawsuit in California

Voting rights activists: Please join Preserve Our Democracy:

Election Reform-Fraud & Related News 7/19/06-We Must Decide Where We Stand

An Open Letter from Ohio to the people of Mexico (Fritakis&Wasserman)

EBAY: Optech III Eagle Voting Machine Ballot Counter


2 PM Eastern: CSPAN live -fed voting system guidelines


Science Committee and House Administration Comm. – Hearing on Standards

More online polling for our candidates

Keep Austin Blue July 19

DeLay/GOP: Online Petition delivered to 5th Cir. JUDGES!

They LOVE Kinky at freerepublic

"Off The Broiler" blog

Good fresh corn! Who has it because it's not to be had in Houston.

So you've got these amazing whole wheat pitas. What do you fill it with?

Canadian plane held in Rochester NY

Canada Adopts Policy to Stem Tide of American Liberals Seeking Asylum

Israel voices sorrow over Canadian deaths in Lebanon

MPs squabble over cost of saving dual citizens

Harper just now on CBC saying he's taking plane to Cyprus to pick up

Fire Engulfs Dock In Port Of Providence

Rep. Kucinich’s Resolution Calls on Bush to Push for Cease-Fire

BBC: New Lebanon raids 'kill dozens' (Srifa bombed, Haifa rocket attack)

Thousands protest Lebanon bombing - Dearborn, MI

China plan to protect environment

Gov. Bush, FCAT hang over race

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 19 July

Over 100 feared dead in N. Korea floods

AP: Gunmen kidnap 20 Iraqi gov't employees

AP: New earthquake sways buildings in Jakarta

Secrecy ruling by judge on Blair-Bush talk

Jakarta officials failed to give tsunami warning

JAMA says docs misled over industry ties

Eyes turn to state's non-engineer at the helm (Romney hack)

BP to Shut Down 12 North Slope Wells

Gunmen kidnap 20 employees of Sunni agency in Iraq

AP: Mo. Must Allow Inmates to Have Abortions

Bush to end boycott of black civil rights group

Russ Feingold on CSpan2 Now, re: GAO reports

Cease-fire needed to end Lebanon confrontation-Assad

AP Veto expected today on stem cell bill. (wonder if it will be a 'Rose

Fox to launch national morning show in 2007

A Wallace Loses Alabama Race (AP/NYT)

Al-Jazeera technician 'shot in West Bank'

US to build missile defense radar in Russia, Iran's neighborhood

MSNBC: 2 die in Nazareth from Rocket attack

NYT: Arming of Hezbollah Reveals U.S. and Israeli Blind Spots

Hundreds protest turmoil at Santa Barbara newspaper

ACLU Seeks Information On Extent Of Bush Administration Spying

Brown's ad chides DeWine on security

LAT: DVD Deal Lets Films Go From Web to TV

Poles Fear Political Twins (Pres. and P.M.) Will Double Drift to Right

NAACP Honors Early Sit-In Protesters

Now Lou Dobbs is making sense IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD

Gallup: 4 in 10 Republicans Find McCain 'Unacceptable'

60 Somalis arrested for watching videos

Mexico's Fox Says Disputed Vote Will Spur Electoral Change

Pablo Escobar's ex-lover flees Colombia

Iraq PM accuses Iran opposition group of meddling

AP: Judge Allows Jefferson Probe to Continue

URGENT: Diebold Electronic Machines Malfunction, Vote for Other Candidate

Company uses manure to generate natural gas used to heat homes

'Mr. Wilson' finally gets out of Ramadi

Reuters: UN sounds alarm as killing threatens Iraq govt

Java tsunami toll hits 550

US pension bill may include help for defense companies

AP: Americans Boarding Cruise Ship in Beirut

U.S. June Consumer Prices Rise 0.2%; Core Rate Rises 0.3%

Four more released from Iraq Olympic Committee kidnapping

Rift between U.S., EU emerges on Israel

No exhumation in US troops' rape case: Iraqi mayor

White House: Bush 'honor-bound' to block stem cells bill

Israeli shells hit UN posts in Lebanon, no one hurt

Venezuela, China Plan Oil Drill Production

Wall Street Journal to Run Ads on Front Page

Gutknecht [Repub congressman] gives grim assessment [of Iraq]

Russian Oil Co. Joins London Bourse

War of ideas: The more you hear, the less you like? (Tomlinson sighting)

Harris: I'm Not Under Investigation

Iraqis: U.S. Shares Blame for Death Toll

House OKs Bill Guarding Pledge (under god) From Courts

U.N. sounds alarm as killing threatens Iraq govt

(Sen. John) Thune Says He'd Distance Himself From Bush

Warplanes target what the Israeli military says is a bunker for senior Hez

LAT: Dazed Refugees Flood Beirut: Lebanon faces vast humanitarian crisis

Interior official faulted for buffalo hunt, leaves office

Turkey Moves Forward on Push Into Iraq

Wife of espionage suspect works for the CIA

Gallup: 4 in 10 Republicans Find McCain 'Unacceptable'

Marriott to make all US, Canada hotels non-smoking (Reuters)

3 heavy explosions heard in Beirut

Tremors spark fear as Java tsunami toll hits 550

AP: Dozens of Immigrants Found in Ariz. Desert

Pro-Israel Groups Rally in Support of Lieberman

55 killed in Lebanon blitz as foreigners flee (500,000 displaced)

U.S. official: Israel needs time to 'defang' Hezbollah

Iraqi dies in attack on Baghdad Green Zone

Goodyear, Union Extend Contract; Michelin Offer Rejected

Lieberman optimistic U.S. can finish mission in Iraq, draw back

NYT/Reuters: Autopsy of Enron's Lay Shows Severe Artery Blockage

UAE accuses Israel of bombing aid convoy

House OKs bill guarding Pledge from courts

Police hold IDF soldier suspected of faking kidnapping

Judge overturns state law requiring Wal-Mart to spend more on heath care

AP: Ethiopia Prepared to Invade Somalia

Calif. Congressman Saw Profit From Bank

NYT/Reuters: Stocks Fly on Bernanke Inflation Talk

NYT/Reuters: Gates Spends $287 Mln on New AIDS Vaccine Push

Bush faces backlash for stem cell veto

UN Rights Head Sees Possible Mideast War Crimes

USN&WR: DeWine blunder adds fuel to controversial Sept. 11 ad (doctored)

NYT/Reuters: W.Va. Miners Would Be Alive if Sago Seals Worked

Lebanon demands compensation from Israel

AP: Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill As Promised

House passes bill to save Mount Soledad cross

Press freedom group accuses Venezuela govt

Israeli jets bomb Hezbollah bunker housing Hezbollah leaders.

Canada's Harper diverts (own) plane to pick up evacuees (from Cyprus)

Bush's unexpected squeeze of the Germ. chancellor has the Internet howling

Machine Vote-Flipping Claimed in McKinney Primary

NYT: Study Documents ‘Ghetto Tax’ Being Paid by the Urban Poor

Zoodaughter needs help from the Lounge....

It has NOT been a good couple of days for me.

Very quick "Lady in the Water" thoughts (some spoilers...few big ones)

Can I say, Italian Gelato is tres yummy.

For those of you who don't have a Baja Fresh near your house or work

How do you pronounce Linux?

I can't believe what I just saw on TV.

Am I a Nazi or a Zionist?

Look at these big ones!

Has anyone ever actually seen Ishtar?

Show me the Funny!

I'll post in your thread if you'll post in mine

Hey! Write a "Room-mate wanted" ad - but advertise your bad features

SAT-TV! (MOD, I made a mistake. Can you move this post to the lounge?)

Magic Hair has arrived!

Hey write a Missed Connections ad

Anyone know how to save a pic from an online Macromedia window?

the yellow rose of texas

Have you ever read the lyrics to a song ...

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

There sure is a lot of nature outdoors

Airline To Sell Advertising On Its Vomit Bags

Two miles south of I85. nt

We're FINALLY getting some much needed rain!

Congratulations jobycom!! 20,000 posts

Could some folks try this site for me and see if it comes up?

How to get a stuck window shut?

Help me with some Democratic Campaign slogans.

What if Bush had given the German Chancellor a massage,

Store Owner: "Why would someone steal my 14-Foot inflatable sheep"?

"Lady in the Water" spoiler

IMHO, I believe the remote control is to blame for starting our

Hot, Hot, Hot today - 103 w 20 mph wind from the South

I say that we should pummel the next asshole to use the word "incentivize"

How do you feel about rich politician's kids....

Holy Gator! Pet Has GOD On It's Side!

So my puppy is not a Beagle-Labrador but a Beagle-German Shepherd

New US Mint 24 karat gold coin

Haven't heard from the twins bush lately...

LostinVA check your PMs.

Having My Baby

Anybody here paint with acrylics?

Phyllis, a caveat

The NEW best bumper sticker

Man Arrested For Urinating In Gas Station Freezer

What if Bush had given the Chancellor a German massage?

TRUE story about an immature SUV driver

Happy Birthday George

Who is willing

84-Year-Old Woman Runs Over 87-Year-Old Man In Driveway

God hates gambling!! Lightning strikes the Luxor Hotel in Vegas (pic)

BREAKING HARD!!11 Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock To Marry!!!11111

the wisdom of britney spears

Woman Who Said She Was Swimming to Israel Arrested

does anyone here use the ALL NEW yahoo home page?

Who wants to be a DU Honorary Thespian?

where can I get a good cellphone "hands free" device?

So tell me - Whoop! There what is?

Best Smart-Ass Band Named After Dead People

Frankly, I love the way Eva Longoria looks without makeup. Reminds me

Bush should just go play with Legos and STFU.

anyone see "Who killed the electric car?"

What is there to gain from this bloodshed in the ME ?

Does anyone else find this ominous?

Random Hypothetical Musing Thread

Trail Of Bras And Panties Leads Police To Thief

Snurfle...mrmrm... mmbl...*drool* (I can't talk)

MMMM, drinking real coffee here

So you think you can dance...

A question about dentistry

I've got a problem with my Iron - any help would be great

Let Us Now Praise The Mungo

I am not a member of ANY DU Lounge clique

All your sheep are belong to us

Yes! 103" Plasma TV - Panasonic - $50,000

I think I'll go home and smoke some dope and see if I can get

So after declaring my departure from publishing, guess what I'm

RRRRRReally Odd: Thief Loves the Letter "R"; Steals it From Signs

Puppy Power!!!

Let Us Now Praise The Mango



Pic of Eva Longoria w/out makeup and the RACIST comments, Disturbing

If there was a DU Beach Party gathering would you attend

are you in LynneSin's fucking amazing people clique?? black lights really show cat pee in the dark, and what really

Mississippi Man Cuts Off Own Penis

So my boss asks me to apply...

Pet Python Operated On After Eating Electric Blanket

What does it mean when your "gaydar" keeps going off...


Bliss is...

Man Caught Masturbating While Going Through Arby's Drive-Thru

Any body see the movie "Double Indemnity"?

Is he ninja?

Have I mentioned there's some pretty fucked up people here on DU?

I need some help resizing some pictures

Cheap airfares to and from BOS - ends tonight - $18 rt Myrtle Beach

hmmm wonder if this is why the washing machine quit?

Disgusting Food Combinations/Gastronomic Feats

The best Yahoo troll EVER!!!

Very popular picture from the Yahoo "Gay Games" slideshow

On the lighter side, experience does count for something....

What items should we put in the DU Lounge Smithsonian Museum?

Damned things are stalking me from Florida to NH

I love being in the kitchen and cooking

car help...:(

Anyone ever answered a "Room-mate wanted" ad?

Have you ever snooped on someone's email?

Can I at least get a response to this one? Poems by Robert E. Howard...

I'm packing and tired of you moving!

My husband just told me it's people like us who cause all the trouble

HELP! Our dog has fleas. What's the best removal product?


Saw a Hummer ad aimed at women last night

Kevin Smith on Joel Siegel: "A Dick in a Mustache is Still Just a Dick"

Have I ever mention there are some fucking amazing people here at DU

Ruminants: Have you ever thought about going Tylopoda, Suina, or Cetacea?

Who is more evil?

Hey Door County WI DUers! I'm heading your way August 4!

anyone else a fan of Mo'Nique?

Greek Americans, check in

Make up your own "for show" constitutional ammendment here!

Congratulations GirlInContempt!! 10,000 posts

WØØt! We've got a Special Weather Statement!

God, I wish I was more of a flirt on short notice

I just got 10,000 days , Tool's new CD

I'm sunburned, crabby and went a 22 yr old soldier's funeral today.

Is Ann Coulter related to the Cingular umbrella girl ?

Blowin' in the Wind

I'm moving and tired of packing!

My cell phone died today.

Happy birthday wishes to........

i just got my new laptop!! hell yes!!

"Keep your Jesus off my penis...

Post something that's tiresome.

Okay, I ate my comfort food. Why the hell do I still feel uncomfortable?

Can you help me with a work dilemma?

I just got a nickel from 1939 in my change today...

Need Advice: Direct TV or Dish TV? I've had it with cable. I want to spend

Can I brag for a moment?

Post a picture man's best friend.

Where's Khashka?

Can someone offer some advice on how to deal with this landscaper?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 7/19/06)

Hey Loungers. I have another butterfly series.

How to handle difficult boss??? Why is it that some people think their

I think Arwalden should do a match game thread EVERY DAY. Who's with me?

W00t! Aced the consultant position interview!

My dog failed her obedience test......again

'GOD' found Spelled on Alligator

Did you see Michael J Fox on Good Morning America today?

Sonofabitch, I'm tried - no days off in three weeks, long days,

Wednesday, July 19. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

The Canonical List of weird band names

It's 105 F. in Lincoln Nebraska! How hot is it where you are?

I need hair advice from people who are good at that kind of thing

I swear my kid embarasses me on purpose.

Family Dog Saves Toddler Playing On Rooftop

Guess who turns 28 tomorrow!!

Can someone recommend a good guitar for a beginner?

Thinning the herd

double post - of my double e-mail problem

OK lets just say you're in a hot tub with LaraMN, Shell Beau and...


Rock Star Supernova - WTF????

Tropical Storm Beryl Update. (New Englanders — she's comin' for you.)

I'm BACK!!!


Direct TV signal going weird -- is it the dish?

10 Points for whoever here can correctly identify "Hamsterdam"

Family Dog Serves Toddler Playing On Rooftop

Post here if you are ignoring me :)

Quick update on HELP.


Now this is a movie I want to see...

Any ING Direct customers here? Thoughts?

YouTube sued for copyright infringement

Superman Sequel in Doubt

Thursday List Thread

What the Hell Has Happened to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Project Runway check-in

I'm not a big Myspace fan, but I'm excited about the Vominatrix's page.

Get your youtube licks in before all the copyrighted shit comes down

To MrG...Reflections On 10 Years...

The World's Richest Atheist donates $37 Billion (with a B)

If Jesus began as in embryo

Matthew 6:6 What is your closet?

Where are the Christians?

Too weird for a title

If you prove the existence of God then you prove he doesn't exist

Does a description and concept of Hell appear in the Bible?

Immigrants aren't clogging hospital ERs, study finds

Becoming Human

The Elegant Universe

Plasma bubble could protect astronauts on Mars trip

YAY Patricia!!!!! You rock Alabama

WRKO suspends show host after homosexual slur

Gay Panic

Lesbian wins historic race in Alabama

Floyd Landis back in Yellow.

Let's try OhioBlue's white light experiment in a different way.

Gallup Poll - Kerry more acceptable than McCain

John Kerry on Bush Stem Cell Veto

More Mittens photo op inanity

Hearing in House on Voting Machines today

Kerry Seeks to Increase Investment in Low-Income Areas

I have another butterfly series from today.

DUers go to the Olympics... (DIAL-UP WARNING)

MSNBC: Israel has crossed into Lebanon with ground forces

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows who...

Murtha to receive public service award

Should Dem's send Bill Richardson or Bill Clinton to Israel

SAT-TV! (MOD, I made a mistake. Can you move this post to the lounge?)

G8 gave green light to continue actions, says Israeli military

Photo of Lebanese killed by Israeli chemical weapons

This is an anthropological study. Who has ever seen this new sport?

Has anyone seen this?

You would think that BushCo would embrace the Iranians

Oops, Mom Googled Me: writer caught by Repug mom!!! HAHA!!

China to Invest US$175 Billion in Environment Clean-Up

IDF: Hezbollah may have drone laden with explosives

Lesbian wins historic race in Alabama

spinning words by kindasleaza in the fizz-popple world of the bushes

spinning words by kindasleaza in the fizz-popple world of the bushes

So... If they're projecting that the average family will be spending

just for the record.....if one of our navy ships or cruise ships gets

NY Senate candidate claims Hillary Clinton celebrates Israeli war crimes

the only thing we have to fear

Anyone else find Al Qaeda's recent silence curious?

All hail Der Führer und the Bushreich!

CONFIRMED - Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera

Tsunami death toll rises

Check out this group photo of Dubya, Rice, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

DU the Reagan dollar petition

= Bush Gropes, Planet Cringes = Mark Morford

The cruelest President who ever lived.

"U.S. waives fee to flee Lebanon"

Did Anderson Cooper go after the Bush Admin for how they are handling

Anyone have a link to LIVE Georgia Election results? Something's odd...

Christian Newswire:Democrats' Abortion Politics Trumps Women's Healthcare

And what shall we CALL the "Situation in the Middle East"?

"George the Lesser"

Does George Bush laugh when he hears of kids dying with defective hearts?

Hey Leviticus by the Siegel Schwall Band

Wounded Knee, Kent State, Tieneman Square, Rachel Corrie...

Where the $$ Go: Rahm Emanuel calls on Bush to hire a "director of irony."

BBC day-to-day reports on Mideast

So we have Gonzales taking over from Ashcroft. Was Ashcroft smarter

Now I know why I shouldn't watch it

Same people who turned their backs on Rwanda not turn their backs

Hear all the arguments about the Mideast...

U.N. envoys will suggest the deployment of Lebanese troops in south

THE "NUMBER" FOR JULY 19 IS 2554 -and Iraqi dead rising

"Analysis: Bush Admin. Gives Israel Room"

A Message to George Bush: Keep It Up, Dude!

CAPTION the guy who always finds a way to top himself

Bush 'GAVE GREEN LIGHT' for limited attack, say Israeli and UK sources

Chirac calls for humanitarian corridors in Lebanon

A late night thought: Every now and then, when DU goes down.. ad: discover a place ... before the president starts a war there

"Britain's Solar Boat a Scientific Advance"

So did the rescued Americans in Grenada get a bill in the mail?

Missing from RW ranting about stem cells

US Airways to add advertising to airsick bags

Sorry about your dead cousins, kid. Here's a Beanie Baby to cheer you up.

Bush faces backlash on the right

Is it possible that * is being medicated in much the same manner

CAPTION the dignified statesman

The Guns of July

Need Assistance: Abramoff donations

New Program pays drug-addicts $300 to use Long Term Birth Control or....

The Louisianafication of Americans in Lebanon...

Crude math shows more Democratic voters than Republicans (Georgia Primary)

Do humans, or life in general, still matter?

Bolton the fascist is on

Mind set of a leader unaccountably pleased with his ignorance of the world

When you think of stem cell in political sense, think turdblossom...

The CIA's code name for Cheney is "Edgar"

This would be an ideal time for the bush administration...

Conservatives are "beside themselves with fury" over Bush's Foreign Policy

House Hearing on Voting Machines Standards today at 2:00 pm

Bush Military History Project #29

Arms maker General Dynamics profits up 84%.

Charging to evacuate citizens from danger: A Republican Law?

Mission accomplished Version 2

Israeli jets hit central Beirut

W's Veto of Stem Cell Bill will Appeal to his nasty, mean Christian base.

New report from Russell Sage about Katrina and Racism

Happy Impeachment Day, DUers!

Post Rapture diary...

Looking for the infamous Lieberman op-ed from the Wall St Journal

Is Lieberman a JFK Democrat?

From the ACLU: Specter bill would rubber stamp NSA surveillance

I propose a generic Democratic Campaign by the people.

My take on the evacuation (or lack of) of Americans in Lebanon.

Bush has given Israel a one week window.....

Since apparently Bush is in charge of Israel foreign policy

DOJ internal Memo reveals frustrated OPR attorneys over NSA investigation

Dems Should Talk Like Buchanan

George, pretend our people in Lebanon are the Bin Laden family after 9/11

White House Press Briefing--On C-SPAN3 at 12:30pm ET

Here We go Again by Larry Johnson

My brief conversation with a total idiot.

Holy Gator! Pet Has GOD On It's Side!

Where's the Sodom Bus when you need it?

Kucinich to introduce Resolution Calling on Bush to Push for Cease-Fire

Freepers not saying much about Bush's harassment of the Chancellor

Go ahead mr. president, VETO stem cell research. Go ahead.

Blair, once again, casts his lot with our loser leader against the world

Fuck off, George....

France increases naval presence in Lebanon

Pelosi making speech on House floor--wondering why House taking

Syllabus for Professor Douglas Feith's Antiterrorism Course

So controlled by the neocons that we won't even CALL for a cease fire.

Defending Bush’s Veto, Rove Grossly Distorts Stem Cell Science

House Moves to Protect ('Under God' in) Pledge From Courts

ACLU Names 3 More Specific US Financial Services Believed To Be Spied On

Looking for the thread regarding the blogger and The Onion article..

Freeps website for harrassing Judges hearing DeLay's ballot argument:

'Cause love's such an old fashioned word...

Why are the rightwingers scared to death of Iran having nukes?

Cheney to Lebanese Catholic Cardinal: " will see what he can do for us."

A Sombre Anniversary

Rice visit to region was leaked too soon

So, when will Israel allow Condi to go to the ME? French PM already

Audit Shows DHS Credit Card Fraud, Abuse

Government to Pay for Evacuations in Lebanon

Has anybody here who knows German heard what German

Pelosi just called the Repug lead House a "Freak Show"!!! C-SPAN

Blindingly stupid article by Neocon Krauthammer

The I/P Discussion Rules Breaking Down: Good Thing, or Bad Thing?

ALERT! If Possible Please Either WATCH or Link To Democracy Now!

cspan now House (Dem. Nadler)--discussion of 'Under God" pledge.

Lieberman-Lamont vs. Hackett-Brown: which was purge?

A few theoretical questions, for those who blindly support Israel

Lou Dobbs seems to make sense to me concerning US MEast policy.

Sleazier, smarmier, and more insufferable: Tony Snow or Scott McClellan?

"Thank you for calling the White House switchboard" (need a joke forum?)

Now Lou Dobbs is making sense IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD

A prayer for the Civilians (Warning: Graphic)

Bush Quote on Germany for a Larf...

Why I don't think Bush "groped" PM Merkel, or "massaged" her.

Washington, D.C. cops just as destructive as bushmilhousegang

U.S. Aid to Israel vs. Lebanon/Palestine

Our own "untermensch syndrome" in the american mass psychi....

Just wondering when the Arab street will rise up against their leaders

BREAKING NEWS: The Rapture has already come!

What's all the rapture stuff lately?

If Jesus began as in embryo

Re-framing: "Hezbollah is a threat not only to Israel but to the entire

TOON: This Modern World on Lieberman v. Lamont

Evidence of cop torture found

Do Wingnuts really think this way?????

I'm Depressed. Is There Any Good News in the World?

Mind boggling re-framing: "It is now clear that Syria is responsible for

DHS Color-Coded Terror Alert System Abandoned? Take A Look At The Stats

I was called a 'Godless' Democrate for voting against Ralph Reed

Business as usual in the Texas state legislature..

If the Chinese Mafia kidnapped two American soldiers would the US start

Cheney v. Kristol

Repub House of Rep debating the flag amendment - the Dems

Here is an opinion few may agree with...

Maybe we should start an economic revolution: Democratic Capitalism...

Karen Hughes. How's her mission to the Middle East goin?

Al Gore Lives On My Street.

CIA Torture in Vietnam, Latin America, and Iraq

"The fighting has driven 500,000 from their homes?" Don't they mean

Why Ann Coulter Started Wearing The Little Cross Necklace

Sen. Lieberman picked up an endorsement from Angela Merkel.

After Merkel massage, what will Bush's next big social faux pas be?

Yes! 103" Plasma TV - Panasonic - $50,000

Our Drinking Buddy President

We need Edward R. Murrow back

A congressman's surprise discovery: Iraq isn't going so well

Bush: "Root cause of problem is Hizballah"

According to my cousin in Lebanon

Do we have any word of the Israeli soldiers who were captured?

Idiot Son put a 1 week limit on Israel. WTF??? Why not in IRAQ?

Will someone please give me the pic of the "Moran" sign holder?

ACTION ALERT: Oppose House Resolution Supporting Israel's Attacks!

Jessie Lee Williams Jr.- the face of America's 'Abu Ghraib'

Chicago, Chicago, Abu-Ghraib.

WTF?! Is being hacked?......

US credit rating could drop within 10 years - Standard & Poors

"...the further deliberate destruction of human life?"

Bush live on CNN praising himself for his love of life

He Vetoed it, They gave him a Standing Ovation.

DHS responds to criticism of database on vulnerable infrastructure

Meth still top drug problem in U.S., study finds

Bush on CNN: I vetoed the Stem Cell bill.

Climb up on a hump-day and ride! Come all ye and CAPTION!!!!

Which American Way?: Superman didn't bill for rescues. Republicans do

Whip a Wednesday's A**. . . . . . Give us a CAPTION, or give us death.

Building bubbles for Bush (money bubbles)

Only CNN International news gives the real story about what is going on

Some lives worth more than others

Lebanese question world's silence.

Animal House Summit: By Maureen Dowd

Soldiers are Dying so the Republicans Go Fishing

Is the "no difference" crowd right when it comes to US policy on Israel?

The Westboro Baptist FREAKS are protesting at the end of my street!!

God damn these people.

How out of step is Faux News? REAL out of step...(national survey)

If Something Happens, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Good Luck Citizens!

Anger Management Experts & Abuse Counselors step up:

Where are the liberal representatives?

Doesn't it make sense that Bush would use his first veto...

South Dakota GOP Senator Thune distances himself from Bush

12 Jobs That Allow You To Have Weird Hair

Syria calls for cease fire in Lebanon.

Wow. NYT Article: Iraqi Death Toll Rises Above 100 Per Day, U.N. Says

The evacuations from lebanon are yet another screw

Bush* using children as props on television. Sad day for America.

Lebanese PM: 300 Killed in Offensive

Presidents of Germany and Italy call for ceasefire

Bush to stem cell community: Drop dead

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on Shrub's Merkel Madness

U.S. to Build Military Base in Honduras

If there was proof that embryos would grow up and vote Dem,

Bush....More concern For CELLS....

Looks like BushCo had to roll out their new product

MSNBC poll: Should the federal government fund new research

"The Anti-Imperialist League"

Bush says report CIA bin Laden unit closed is 'incorrect'

Has Bush entered "I just don't give a sh-t anymore" mode?

*sigh* Why can't WE get generations to participate like this?

Bush to stem cell community, "Drop dead..." stickers arrived today

The Growing Threat of Right-Wing Christians

Wednesday TOON (7/19) on being a "ROLL" model?

Things must be really bad for average citizens: stock market up 200+

Does the word "Hero" get tossed around too much?

JDRF Reacts with Disappointment To White House Veto of Stem Cell Bill

Why not N. Korea: A Window into the Right Wing Mind.

Media barred from actual veto signing

"We all really love eachother"

I am completely lost

Fair Questions About Hezbollah

Some basic info for getting a perspective on the Israel/Lebanon situation:

United States to Israel: You Have One More Week to Blast Hizbullah...

Gaston County NC (west of Charlotte): Beware DWB!

41% of Republicans find McCain unacceptable as GOP nominee in '08

GOP Rep: Iraq 'Worse Than I Expected - Time For Partial WIthdrawal'

Caption * with family members who have adopted frozen embryo babies

Israelis See Their Own Nation As "Neighborhood Bully"...

Hating the government, any government, but not the people

About the "extremists" elected to the Lebanese Parliament.

Christopher Hitchens makes sense! Rapture to follow..


Stem-cell veto: If Nero was smart...

The Cost of Diabetes (religous right becomes ANTI-LIFE)

Now I Know Why Bush Vetoed the Stem Cell Bill

Our Mil is gutted, so every country with a complaint can act up now.

BBC Interview with Lebanese PM Siniora

Honestly, back in 2000, did you think we'd be this bad off?

Where is The Witch?

Ok. Instant Karma. Will Dimson be afflicted with an incurable disease

How did Cynthia McKinney rate a parkway in Atlanta?

Read it Raw: President Bush's veto signing statement

'If all told the same tale- the lie passed into history & became truth'


You all might want to take today's Polling Point survey

A **GREAT** photo of Bush! He positively GLOWS when he is dashing hope!

Israelis support their airstrikes, but are they getting the whole story?

Ok so then what his position on creating these embryos

A new "Manhattan Project"

All these angry, confrontational threads about Hezbollah/Israel...

One of the great

Bush* vetoes Hope.

Caption this * pic.

Tony Snow: The Pres. wants to protect the elected government

Why didn't Bush OK the stem cell bill, then issue a signing statement?

Merkel comes out for Lieberman?!

Fraudulent spending by Katrina victims?

Why aren't these Israel threads being moved?


The "right to defend itself" argument is a deflection

Bush: "These Boys And Girls Are Not Spare Parts"

Hey DU'ers: GWB and PNAC support this carnage. How can you?

CNN's - Dana Bash "By Surrounding Himself With Human Lives"

Did anyone catch Tweety on Leno last night?

US digs in heels AGAINST Mideast cease-fire calls

The Mystics are Winning Again.

Bush only likes democracy when the elections go his way

Stem cell research and short sightedness.

Colbert on unions

Dean says with one stroke of his pen, Bush has denied help to millions.

Altercation: On how Putin has humiliated the Bushists

Tony Snow declares: This is not a war.

Hagel Cosponsors Bill to Exempt Manure from EPA Regulation

Bill Would Bar Courts From Pledge Rulings

Do you remember when the Brits bombed Dublin?

The Conservative Mind-Set

Has there been an official "F*you" mr.bush thread today?

Bush* Tries to Strangle German Chancellor?



A simple Up/Down Poll on Hezbollah and Lebanon...

UN rights chief calls for protection of civilians and accountability in ME

Question for people in red states with upcoming elections

Jeff Gannon is jealous of Helen Thomas!

IAF targets top Hezbollah figures in Beirut bunker (tankspicture)

Urgent help needed! Please!

House passes bill that protects "UNDER GOD" in pledge of allegiance

Breaking: Decapitation!!!!(?)

This double standard shit is blowing my mind.

So tell me, what will become of all the evacuees from Lebanon?

Thank you Stem Cell Supporters

Rep. Gingrey (R-GA): "“I think God has spoken very clearly on this issue."

CNN saying Lebanon Evacuee's will be held in Stadiums but not Tent Cities!

Clark discusses potential for international peacekeeping force in Lebanon

How will Bush's veto effect 06 elections?

The Underqualified Blues - an ode to Chimpy

Anti-Democratic Ad By Cheap Travel Website? Sick

I propose this compromise on the stem cell research funding bill

Bush Turns First Veto Into Child's Play (oh my)

Help me out here. In honor of the Shrub's veto I have decided

Does Lebanon have a right to defend themselves?

Israeli strikes flatten Lebanese villages

The Pitter-Patter of Frozen Little Feet is Expensive

Gov. Dean: History will judge this veto as a sad political calculation.

Images of Suffering and Death from Arab TV (Link to video)

How many Hezbollah have been killed thus far ?

Lou says it's UP...but..Reports say meth lab seizures, and workplace use,

Re: Chimpy groping Merkel. If it were Clinton, would she have

Israel re-establishing the deterrent

Is Bush a Malignant Narcissist?

What happened with those ridiculous pledge of allegiance votes today?

livejournal from Beirut

House debatting H.R. 810 veto now. on cspan

Probe: Black Chicago suspects tortured

Dobbs dredges up Busby comment

Bush's Flawed Stem Cell Rationale - A Simple Argument In Pictures

A child reacts to remarks by * - pic

So...does Bush plan to put Lebanon Evacuees into "US Detention Camps

Trying to understand the conflict. Some comparisons running through my

For those of you DU'ers who missed the many links to Bush Groping Merkel

"Israel is a dry and parched land"...

There IS a moral equivalency between the civilian casualties on both sides

Pat Buchanan looked alot better than Bob Shrum (Dem) on Tweety

The Rise of the Super-Rich

Wolf gleefully reporting that Israel dropped 23 tons of bombs on

Caption this * pic...

some interesting press releases

Its getting harder & harder to make it appear as though W is the president

Great News! G.W. discovered moral boundaries today!

Did anyone watch or listen to Washington Journal on cspan today?

Introducing: The Axis of Idiocy - Middle East Coastal Edition

Let me simplify the 2006 elections

Hezbollah says no leaders killed in bunker

When I got my driver's license, I issued a signing statement.

Stop it!! Those two Israeli soldiers were "captured" not "kidnapped!" nt

Did Anthony Bourdain ever get out of Lebanon?

What I loved about DU


Wow. Pat Buchanan on 'Softball' ...

Who voted no on the stem cell legislation before it went up to *

Valerie Plame is Paula Jones: Article by Debra J. Saunders

Stem Cell Veto: Great News!

Thousands flock to hills, parks and schools, but no place safe from bombs

Trafficking in human fetuses used to harvest their parts??? Is he SERIOUS?

OMG! RUN For Your Lives! Hezbollah Is In The USA!!!!!

So are citizens of Lebanon no longer people?

Damn, I cant believe what Buchanan

DeWine Fakes WTC Towers Burning In Ad Attacking Dem Challenger

While Bush is "protecting" blastocysts...

Howie Kurtz's sole remark on Gropegate

i've long known the pResident to be Mentally ill. heres latest.. LINK>

OMG Reagan replacing FDR on the dime?!

who has the picture of * busting his way infront of clinton to get out the

Peres: "We are paving the way for negotiations (diplomacy)."

Lebanese Blogs on the conflict (Please Read)

Iraqi mother and 3 children throats slit for cooperating with Americans

Talking with my oldest son today...

MSNBC just did a segment on Israel's high-tech tracking room

Stem Cell Veto: any chance of flipping 68 Repukes?

Cell Phony (Bush waffles, then cries "murder")

A Very Appropriate Picture.

Don't know if this goes in GD or not (cartoon advice)

McKinney Wins but faces runoff - 47% McKinney - 45% Johnson

Have your picture taken with Karl Rove for a thousand dollars!!

An unscripted moment: Curious George Spaces Out

Considering the numbers of casualties, which is more plausible:

Who needs money more, Casey in PA or McCaskill in MO?

Fun With Math (and get rid of Hatch alert)

Attention Jonah Goldberg: Time for a fresh sock-puppet.

Moral line?

Americans criticizing Israel - Pot, Meet Kettle

Sensenbrenner challenger Kennedy needs the gra$$roots to help!

S.C. legislator arrested after shooting

Toddler Flips off Bush During Veto Announcement

Both hardcore Zionists & fundamentalist theocracies are intolerable.

Anyone have the link where dumbya gives

New Bush Comic: The Veto

New StemPAC e-mail. Take Action.

Mrs. Putina

TPM Cafe: A Republican ballot spot for Lieberman?

Bush really has people concerned about not using the term "war"

Thank you to these senators that co-sponsored Israel resolution...

compare and cotnrast, David Duke on Israel...

John Edwards: A Conversation with President Carter. Listen here:

No exhumation of Iraqi rape/murder victim.

House fails to override Bush veto

Weapon sales ban in Tacoma

DU'ers check in if you have family/friends in the Israel/Lebanon region

MSNBC Live Vote Re: Stem Cell Research

History's verdict is already IN: Shrub is an unworthy putz

Pro-life Christians are not; they are pro-suffering.

Are the pledge and national anthem little more than loyalty oaths?

Goodbye, Grandma...and good luck

where can i get a video of Bu$h groping the German chancellor, i hear she

Here is what the Bible says about Lebanon

Israel Is Striking Civilians, Homes, Factories Not Hezbollah!

Teddy Roosevelt.

Senator Wellstone, You Have a Visitor

This could explain why Bush got touchy feely with German Chancellor Merkel

Parents chop off girl's head over affair

The cedar is still standing

We are living in the decade of useless, painfully stupid people

Is US screwing up Lebanon evacuations?

Hardball: Bob Shrum wants to support Israel and Pat Buchanan doesn't.

Re The Veto: I'm Convinced Bu$hCo Interests Don't WANT Cures.

Kenneth Adelman must be taking some serious drugs....

The Ultimate ChickenHawk band

Poll: Was the Lebanese gov't ever strong enough to disarm Hezbollah alone?

Take That Hezbollah! At Least 58 Dead In Israeli Airstrikes Today!

Will the real George W. Bush please sit down!

Wes Clark on Mideast Crises...he has a plan.

Can you point me the thread that originated the "Agent Mike" legend?

So what's the score? Israel 200, Hezbollah 2?

Photo: Protestor's Sign In Front Of The White House Monday

This Israeli spokesperson on with Wolf: 100 million in arms from Syria

Serious question about colterqeist

Ohhhh... Bush said "shit" he's so tuff and libruls are so weak....

I'm voting Ned Lamont on August 8

How the fuck is this WWIII?

New Release Bush Approval State Polls (SurveyUSA)

Wow I am astounded. Pat Buchanan just on MSNBC.

Constantly Dumb

I just had one of those moments. I thank DU

Repub Congressman catches a clue about Iraq after recent visit

Tweety Blasts Neocons

PDA Action Alert: Demand Bush Use Diplomacy on Israel/Lebanon Hostilities

I scraped some skin off my hand working in the yard this morning...

something of interest..Tesla Motors is unveiling their new car ln 10 hours

Escape From Beirut. One Canadian's Story:

Freepers eating their own over *'s veto.

A simple Up/Down Poll on Israel and Lebanon...

Just heard Neil Conan (sp?) on NPR

Iraqi official: 628 dead in 6 days of sectarian violence in Baghdad

He did it.

OMFG: Lieberman is now mulling over running as a REPUBLICAN if loses

Rapture is coming - one week, two days.


Get your backwards bush countown Yahoo! widget.

Democracy is already dead.

My paranoid vision: stay with me here for a couple minutes, OK?

I can't wait until Bush gets Parkinson's

URGENT: Oman Trade Pact - US port foreign ownership close to passing

Patti Davis Outs Bush Veto Hypocrisy & Moral-Religious-Ethical Reasoning

When God gives people land, there should be a Deed.

I used to think this was funny...

I want to know something

Did Hezbollah Make It Happen On Purpose?

Breaking News per MSRNC "rocket hit...... birthplace of Jesus"

Senate unanimously supports Israel...

"Japan Plans 30-Year Supercomputer Forecasts"

anybody here read German?

I just came home from a Soldier's Funeral.

The Rapture Amendment to the Constitution

You want to kill us...we just want you to go away...

DU this symbol for HOPE ,equality and recovery.

Will it surprise anyone in 2010 when Bush is living as a hermit...

Tomorrow * is speaking at the NAACP convention, how many verbal gaffes

Lou Dobbs' transformation is complete!

Warm Fuzzies for those requesting "more civility"

My prediction for election 2008 (it's not good)

ESPN investigates Pat Tillman's death: An Un-American Tragedy

AUGH! AUGH! AUGH! Tom Tomorrow is a f*cking PROPHET!!

SENATE RESOLUTION calling for Iran, Syria SANCTIONS & supporting Israel

Mt Eiger in the Swiss Alps is collapsing, suspected cause: global warming

Who Do You Think Killed John F. Kennedy?

If you or a relative need stem cell research post here.

Slouching Toward 'Boursedom' and Other ME Petroleum Tales

U.S. Blank Check has Corrupted Israel Absolutely -- It's a dying shame

Who has the picture of the shrub* shit faced at the summitt


NYT: Lieberman Rival Seeks Support Beyond Iraq Issue

Stabbed in the Back

Is I is or is I ain't? are we at war or is this all bullshit?

The fat lady hasn't sung yet?

I don't think Joe wants to see a Republican win if he splits the Dem vote

United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah

Any congressman who votes against stem cell research funding

US Ambassador to Iran: "I don't know how to transport people."

Have DU registrations flat lined?

Time to take care of the people in the homefront: ACT NOW

Who can be turned? What moderate GOPers voted to let...

In South Africa...

Bush Obstructs Justice Dept. dejavu Nixon.....TPM and Murray Waas Report!

Letterman’s Top 10 Moments of George W Bush (VIDEO)

The Center for Constitutional Rights Gitmo Torture Report (GRAPHIC)

Since the righties equated criticism of the President with "attacking

Using bad words v. treason accusations and public calls for hanging ...

The Pretzeldent needs Bubba sais a Repuke!!!!

DNC Rules & Bylaws Cmte to discuss '08 convention and primaries/caucuses

Here's the pan you requested, Mr. Pilate....

Goodyear wants $7 pay cuts fewer extras etc heard this before?

So, what happened to the domino effect in the Midle East?

bush would have opposed assisting Edison in researching the light bulb

I say this is all part of the 06 campaign stratergery.

Had Enough?

Ralph Reeds "Values" will win in November

President Bush's NAACP Appearance Too Little Too Late

URGENT: Diebold Electronic Machines Malfunction, Vote for Other Candidate

Does the Ralph Reed outcome tell us anything about Lamont/Lieberman?

Thune (R-SD)Says He'd Distance Himself From Bush

How Wal-Mart Hurt Our Feelings (with the same right wing liars)

Fighting back against the PR presidency

Democrats are in the fight here is two attacks

Both my Mississippi Senators voted for Stem Cell Research

On corporate media controlling our democracy.

DHS Color-Coded Terror Alert Abandoned? Take A Look At The Stats

GOP plan to mobilize "hard core" voters may cost them

TX Atty Gen Greg Abbott filing to OVERTURN Judge's Ruling re: DELAY!!!

AP: House Takes Up 'Pledge' Protection

If Congress had any balls they'd overide the stem cell veto

The Iraq 8: Eight crucial Senate races to change American policy on Iraq

Every potential and existent life form must be protected at all costs

The Decider's hypocritical fatwa on "violating the dignity of human life"

Did Georgia Sec. of State Cathy "Diebold" Cox just steal her own Election?

Blastocysts ...... protected

2003 vote AGAINST body armor for guard/reserves!!!!

Unite in support of the Iraq southern oil workers strike

House Committee on the Workforce Produces Scathing Report on NRLB Decisio

Papa Bear Coming to The Dick

Take a stand. You can't have it both ways

Rationally Speaking: How Stupid is Bush, Really?

And What Do We Do With Bullies?

Pozen Pitches Social Security Fix

Bush logic concerning Stem cell research vs. "Sanctity of Life"

More Bush Administration Attacks on Medicare

John Kerry on Bush Stem Cell Veto: “This Wasn’t a Pro-life Veto”

So why didn't the Diebold candidate in GA win yesterday?

Simple Math - Stem Cells + Cures = Less $ for Drug Companies

It's Wednesday, July 19. Do we flip the House blue in November?

Howard Dean blasts Bush , offers solutions

Someday....when the * leaves office, I look forward to

Purge of the Gosslings(Remember the firing of Porter Goss?)

Recommended Reading (by our own DancingBear)

Dan Quayle's panties in a wad

Bush, GOP resurrect plans to sell off US port operations to Dubai Cronies

Disgustingly Hypocritical Bush on the Value of Life

Give no names. Give just the number of those below

Canadian activist shunned by CBS for her views on George Bush

Republican Budget reform proposal gives Bush power to axe any program

'Are you going to kill me?'

New Bush Comic: The Veto

Who is acceptable 2008 candidate? Gallup's answers.

Hillary and Rupert try to have a secret breakfast ??????

URGENT: Kucinich to introduce cease-fire resolution

Tom Tancredo happily holds up a T-Shirt saying "America Is Full"

WORLD WAR THREE! Fuck the media

Meet Ann Coulter--Deadhead

Veterans Org SMACKSDOWN Santorum on anti-vet voting record!!!!

I'm meeting Ned Lamont tomorrow. Any questions for the man?

College Dems convention in St. Louis, MO starts tomorrow.

Lieberman won't rule out running as a Republican

"If unborn babies die, the world can die."

Wes Clark Surpasses Feingold in Presidential Poll at MyDD

Tom Tomorrow *NAILS* the whole Lieberman issue

bush's inappropriate touching of Angela Merkel