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Archives: July 18, 2006

NYT Editorial: Abu Ghraib Rewarded (New torture Fed Judge nominated)

NYT: Texas Hospitals Reflect the Debate on Immigration

Advice for the New Poor

CNN: Christiane Amanpour: World fails to save Africa's AIDS orphans

Instead of holding bake sales, Pentagon merely cooks the books

China to invest $175 bln in environment clean-up

USEC announces it has eliminated 11,000 warheads worth of bomb grade

NRG announces plans to add 2,700 MW of new nuclear capacity at STP.

WHY Does Israel Get To Have NUKES??

Doesn't it all boil down to Israel's "right to exist"?

If Israel has the right to use force in self defence, so do its neighbours

Israel's path to total war

Response to an AJC mail about Israel

ERD News - MCM Republican Theft 2006; Palast Retrospective 07.18.06

URGENT: San Diego Board of Supervisors 7/18-pls attend if possible

Okay I get it now... regarding the MCM article in Election News 7/18/2006

Cross-post in GD: GEORGIA Lawsuit: Voting Machines Hackable.

Mexico an example, an inspiration for us

Need some opinions - Jim Leach hands out Indian headbands

Do you think Louie Gohmert (TX-1) is a little bitch? Here's your blog!

Canning Pepper Jelly & Chow-Chow tomorrow

Canadian deaths in Lebanon do not change Ottawa's view of Mideast crisis

Savage dubbed "American left" "Nazis of our time,"

At least ten warships at or heading to Lebanon

Oil Spill Shuts Part of Savannah River

Iran Supreme Leader praises Hezbollah - calls Israel 'infected tumour'

San Diego home prices dip as condo fever cools

U.S. Set to Ferry Americans From Lebanon

Vets Drop Suit Over Anti-Kerry Film

New Suit Filed in Janklow Case

Battle in Mideast Widens U.S.- Russia Rift

(Dem) Governor sends (Gonzales) $50 m bill for jailing illegal immigrants

Assault rifles from Iraq used in Washington robberies

No Fido or Fluffy left behind: Louisiana develops animal evacuation plans

Prominent (Mass. Repub) family's son guilty of assault (on black women)

American Muslims angry at US stance on Mideast conflict

Rice intends to visit Middle East

Chicago Weighs New Prohibition: Bad-for-you Fats

How addicting is the lounge?

I think that all right-thinking people in this country

"I thought you were going to ask me about the pig."

Did you ever work inan office where one person is always cold...

Why can I no longer PM a DU member if they haven't been tombstoned?

A new guilty pleasure.

Have you tried this?

"Claire De Lune" as played on the theremin ~ video, amazing.

Question RE: Flat screen monitor.

Question about my DU thread displays..

Zidane vs. Materazzi - The Movie

I heard a very good description of the Chimp today


Mickey Spillane...

Is it okay for someone to answer a cell phone while in a conversation?

Here I am vegging in front of the tube, when all of a sudden...

Listening to "Song of India" - hmmm, dreamy n/t

Songwriters, both professional and amature, how do you go about creating was weird not being here most of today.

Central Air Conditioning is a beautiful thing.

Has anyone seen the new movie with Bjork?

I just watched 12 Angry Men

Which poet is installed in your home?

Sigh..... If only men ejaculated Hersey's Chocolate Syrup....

What is your height?

I hereby declare July 17 as Flame Copycat Day in the Lounge.

What is the proper term for someone of Latin American ancestry?

hey all. anyone else having problems with personal avatars? n/t

Billy and yvr are awfully QUIET tonight

What movie should I watch? "Secretary" or "Sylvia?"

Starlingphone has a new ring tone!

I'm kinda drunk- but I can still type!

All right, don't anybody move, there's been a murder.

So DU goes through these phases from time to time?

Pardon me!

What happened to my thread?

Guster fans. What do you think of the new album?

Yaaay! reyd reid reed is bored again! We gonna have some FUN tonight!

DU lawyers - liability question

Can some of you please logout - DU is too slow tonight

Are there any other sites that are as much like crack as DU?

I went out to get some creame filled donuts .....

Is 27 minutes a record for a sex thread?

Ann Coulter without make-up....just cause I can almost never fails........whenever I am a little blue...

A joke

This egreeting birthday card site is just weird. Any better suggestions?

I rock at the internets gaming

Fine. I feel a little better but I'm still sad...

What does the word "Pop" mean to you?


Men & Women

KICKIN' THE DEVIL IN THE JUNK!!! (youtube goodness)

Accept Jesus, get a Free Play Station 2

"Clown Torture" appreciation thread.

What the *&^%^&$* happened to butterscotch ripple ice cream?

Loungers, allow me to shock you:

Who's got satellite broadband?

Post a picture of what you're dreaming about today

Why read Dominick Dunne?

This will date you: do you know what a "wind wing" is?

I despise the new "IMAC" Ads. They remind me of Republican....

Go and look in a mirror...

So, my fellow DUers, tell me a random fact about yourself

Let Us Now Praise The Baked Potato

I found a new favorite Pop brand: Boylan Bottleworks

** Official Heat Wave 2006 thread ** How hot is it where you live?

Money Magazine's "Best Places to Live" 2006

"Clerks II" opens this coming Friday

Vegetarians: How did you decide to go vegetarian?

Can a Commitment to Secularization be a Religious Duty?

Ok. It looks official now. Hendry and Cubs hierarchy must be repubs

My new website promoting peace

OK, now I'm beyond humiliated.

KOEB - 7/17/06 - Exclusive interview with Joe Wilson edition

Keith on anti-Scientology/anti-Cruise site

US Dept of State: Rice plans visit to Middle East to "calm tensions"

Israel may deploy Barak anti-missile system in Haifa Bay

Is It Me, Or Have There Be VERY Few Reports Of *'s Poll Numbers?

And in other headlines...

Vote: Should the US get rid of the Penney?

Turkey urges action against Kurds in northern Iraq

Rapture Index shows record low during Clinton Administration

Rapture Types Are Serious. AS HELL,

Propaganda Debunking Group....need help and thoughts...

Hunker Down With History

Remember Lloyd Bridges as the goofy President in the Hot Shots! movies?

Countdown has exclusive interview w/ Joe Wilson! on MSNBC NOW (EST).....

Holy Moley,,.wer'e having a monsoon. High winds...a big limb from our

New York Times shit don't stink.

did one of the t.v. stations say earlier this afternoon that the u.s. was

The Gump of August..... article in Asia Times..... Spengler gets

CNN: Welcome to the future

So DU goes through these phases from time to time?

Relatives of Montreal family killed in Israeli raids demand inquiry

Please tell Mike Malloy Apocalypsian-christo-facists are not Christians

CNS Jackass on right now on Majority Report

Conflict hinders evacuations from Lebanon (Australia)

This Yahoo news top ten photo needs a caption

GDers have been down all day.. Jon Steward.. Bill Clinton.. see them :)

Did Bush Really Use the Word, "Irony?"

Joe Wilson Coming up on Olbermann - MSNBC Exclusive

Pssst. GD. Over here....

Ambassador Wilson coming up on Countdown

The Economics of Discrimination (WaPo)

Should one "vote democrat" or "vote democratic"?

What the fuck is this? Freeptard Day on AAR?

I pray that in November we are able to take either the house or senate

Feeling MORE secure?

You might be a conservative if...


John Bolton was on the tube cheering on this war!

Hey...did the DU ..9 to 6:00 Work Crowd see the BIG BUSH BARF Fest?

question for patent, trademark or domain lawyers -- is this for real??

AK-47 assault rifles smuggled from Iraq used in DC-area bank robberies

This Is First Time The Bush\Cheney Relationship Made Sense To Me !!!

Caption this photo!

From "Dark Angel" Just Now

TURN ON CNN: Larry King live has both Hezbollah and Mossad Spokesperson!

Scarboro program was shameful tonight. So one-sided. No wonder

Christian Newswire: Police in Jackson (Mississippi) GONE WILD!!

We apparently do not learn from history!

Pregnancy centers mislead girls, says congressman

Impossible Situation: 2 Sides Think GOD Wants Them To Have It

Question (Inspired by recent events but not really related):

Bush said he wanted to call Assad

Remember the mysterious bulges under Bush's suit?

Ann Coulter without make-up....just cause I can

'It is madness. Why is no one doing anything to stop this?'

Clark: "It's not bumper stickers that make our country safe"

Why am I so sick of "Why" threads?

Does it mean anything today that Russia was denied entry to WTO?

Hollywood Division of Screen Actors Guild endorses DK's Dep of Peace

Anyone know how to get a video on MTV or VH1?

US sees widespread record power use amid heat wave

You know it's getting near the end when Pat Buchanan makes sense

Letterman just showed Bush eating with his mouth open.

Merkel Massage Quickie Flash Sequence. Chimp On A Chancellor.

WTF? Christians refusing to take in refugees in Lebanon?

A gaggle of old Repukes in a steam room.

A pantomime president

Let's look at the full context of Bush's remarks today.

My favorite Bush quote:

Time for The Daily Show

7 Canadians killed in M.E. fighting recently. Any American casualties?

Cascading Events ... .. .

U.S. citizens remain in dark about evacuation

The "TraitorJane Fonda" email recirculates! - SOUP'S ON!!

Can this family and others get compensation from Israel?

Where do the Hezbollah fighters come from?

WHY Does Israel Get To Have NUKES??

When does a people's claim to a land expire?

G.O.P. Senator Resisting Bush Over Detainees

A return to Syrian hegemony in Lebanon?

Olbermann's Amb. Joe Wilson Interview From Earlier Tonight Rerunning Now

Do Republicans want this war to escalate into world war III?

Warner on the Senate floor making sense about Lebanon.

Remember how the repukes used to call Jimmy Carter a hick?

Lebanon UPDATE: US Dept of State REVIEWING OPTIONS for evacuations

And the #1 place to live in America is.... *drum roll*

BWHAHAHA! The freeps think Merkel loved her massage from Bush!

Israel better hope for a pro Israel DEMOCRATIC US president

"The Dark Side" on PBS Frontline:"Dark" in LA Area

Hot damn!! The world is so much safer without Saddam!!! nt

So if Christians are believing that the rapture is right around the corner

Anybody remember when Arafat pleaded for an international force

Re: Mysterious bulges......... Does anyone really know??

Kucinich:Unrest In Middle East Underscores Need To Bring Our Troops Home

Arlen Specter supports the Christian Evangelicals/Who would know this?

Australian firm leases VIRGINIA toll road for 99 YEARS!

Ok, so Katrina couldn't take this admin. down. Maybe the pay-for-yourself

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

VIDEO: Bush/Blair off-mike chat w/ enhanced audio, subtitles/BBC Newsnight

VIDEO-TOP STORY: Lebanon Update (BBC News at 10)

Cursing with mouth full. Unwanted massage of foreign head of state. You

Is it true that the US is charging citizens for their evacuation

Over and over they claim Iran set Hizbollah on present violent course

How are you going to convince Democrats to get to the polls this year?

Please help me to check for technical difficulties.


Horse Trailers needed for Calif. fires to get horses out...

Opinions Wanted: Rapture-Ready Bumper Sticker...

Bush: Loose Cannon at G8. Drunk and stupid, or just stupid?

Fundie Christians who "Pray" for an Apocolypse

Someone explain to me why two captured Israeli soldiers are worth the

Chimpy gives unwelcome massage to Germany's Chancellor Merkel

Keith just juxtaposed Chimpy's crudeness against Clinton's eloquency

Is Lebanon a democracy?

No flames, please, but today I agree with Bush!

WTF? Has anyone seen this diary from DailyKos today about

Now why is it wrong for Lebanon or Hasmas to get weapons from

Just a brief aside. I don't care about the "shit" comment so much, it was

DU this Poll for New Orleans

It's embarrassing but what can you do ??

At least ten warships at or heading to Lebanon

Is it my connection or is it a problem on DU website?

Jewish DU-ers who are NOT OKAY with Israeli aggression, please check in!

Do you think that LGBT routinely kill to keep their ID secret?

Are you starting to understand now why DU has a dedicated I/P forum?

Did I hear correct on Chris Matthews?

PUBLIC library goes PRIVATE!

Is the US dragging its feet on evacuations?

Bush WANTS Chimpageddon

Mark Crispin Miller: Republicans Plan to Cry Fraud if it's Close - WTF

Children sign bombs destined to kill

Reuters: Baghdad falling into ANARCHY

Rapture ready board offers "rapture letter" to explain your whereabouts

GM foods pose threat to health, environment

Equivalence of SAT scores to IQ test scores.

I Won't Vote For a Dem in the Primary Who Unequivocally Supports Israel

Please DU this poll.

Bush gives German Chancellor a massage- She is not amused. PHOTOS

Anti-war marches are great, but is it time for pro-impeachment ones?

Hey Earthlings !!! - The Whole Universe Is Watching !!! - (Pic Heavy)

Is it WW III or the 3rd WW ?

A reader disagrees on CNN's fronting the Bush remarks ...

If only to protect our own citizens shouldn't we be calling for a cease

AK-47s smuggled in from Iraq (Dept of Homeland inSecurity: feel safe yet?)

Caucus Groups Privately Schmooze Lawmakers

Watching Steve King, Rep - Iowa

Bush medicare plans could be devastating

If Bush was serious about ending the ME Conflict he would send Clinton

Pulling a "Gorbachev in Reverse"

DeWine Campaign Strategy Leaked

Janeane Garofalo "farewell" shows?

Is there an accountant in the house?

Kennedy and Democrats Press for Support for Americans to Leave Lebanon

Which logical fallacy is the right wing most guilty of?

Is Bush a freeper? (Swift Liar links and other wingnut behaviors)

GOP Coming Up Short in Effort to Reach Out to African-American Voters

Bush to Thank Religious Right With Veto -- on Stem Cell Research

"C'mon Condi, You've got to crush the Ritalin Into his food."

a powerful anti-Lieberman piece

Repuke Website sells "Weasles" card deck

Full text of Bush/Blair's open mike

Bechtel, Romney and Bush and the Big Dig (big mess)

Benefit for Ranchers Was Created to Help GOP Candidate

Adding up facts on Blackwell action

JOSHUA FRANK: How the Kyoto Protocol was Gored

Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton

Stabbed in the back by reality

Gazrprom’s Eye Fixed on Israel

please delete

Globe/Charlie Savage: Scalia dissent gives 'signing statements' more heft


The implosion of the American "Empire": Paradigm shift needed.

Ex-Client Sues Disgraced DC Lobbyist Abramoff:Case Reveals About politics

LAT Op-Ed: Why the Left is Furious with Lieberman--Atrios

Minimum Wage Opponents Can Run—But They Can’t Hide from Voters

The deficit is projected to increase next year by $43 billion.

Hezbollah and Pericles


The Dangers and Glories of Manipulating Reality

Bush’s Policy Chit-Chat: Undiplomatic Prose

"No Mojo" (Hendrik Hertzberg on Joe Lieberman in the New Yorker)

Definition of Tyranny By Bob Herbert

Time to Get Out(Iraq) - Col. Mike Turner former Pentagon ME Planner

Biodiesel Edges Out Ethanol

Biofueled Transportation Device Achieves 98.7% efficiency.

'Plane powered by AA batteries (omg wtf bbc)

Kansas crops wither under stifling heatwave.

Global Drought Could Spell Big Profits.

Jump to Prevent Global Warming

Ecostream Awarded Major PV Project Contract (60 MW Spain)

Uranium Mines in Four Corners Region to Reopen.

Does Palestine Have the right to exist as an independent state?

Does the United States have the right to exist?

Does Israel has a right to exist?

Letter from a soldier

American peaceworker killed by Israeli Bulldozer- American Government...

"The P Word is Palestine"! anti-Zionism is not equivalent to anti-Semitism

81 percent back fighting in north, 58% fight until eradicate Hizbullah

Lebanon army to take control, but barracks bombed ???

Newly founded 'Army of Suicide Bombers' marches in Gaza

Israel May Send Ground Troops Into Lebanon

'Don't ask me what to do,' Arab League chief says

Israel says Hizbollah smuggling weapons from Syria

I just saw "Loose Change" and am somewhat impressed

do *these* things actually exist?

Jarrah in Dubai, the CIA and the 9/11 Commission

Two DVD's on 9/11 inside job

Theodore Olson is getting married in October

Barely One Hour of Voting, Machines Malfunction in McKinney Election

LTTEs Needed re: Ridiculous Editorial

Seeking: Cost estimates on conducting audits

“I cannot investigate the stolen election"-Candidate Banned From Hometown

Great article about JFK's Diebold Qui Tam lawsuit.

MUST READ: Brad Friedman interviews RFK Jr. An excerpt:

Does anyone want to write for my Election Fraud Blog?

PD's Sam Fulwood: Adding up facts on Blackwell action

GD thread re Mexican election needs some love:


Voting Machines hearings in DC tomorrow (July 19) ACTION!

Good News: NEA comes out strongly for a VVPT and audits.

San Diego: Democrats Ask SD County Board To Hold Election Hearings

I think Steve King would better represent Texas, NM, Arizona

Money, Money, Money - Braley vs. Whalen (DMR)

Volunteer to help with Camp Casey!

Gov.'s Aide Serves Firm With Stake in State Bill

North Texas TTC alert!!!

Canada's Lebanon stand sparks domestic criticism

WP: Retaliation Case Of Arab Specialist At FBI Advances

BBC: UN warns over Afghanistan drought

Reuters: Pakistan arrests scores of Taliban in crackdown

Benefit for Ranchers Was Created to Help GOP Candidate

Car bomb in Iraq's Shi'ite Kufa kills 59

(*Co's Boondoggle) No Drought Required For Federal Drought Aid (to farmers

Israel: 3 reserve battalions called up

Gay rights group: Dobson manipulated data

AP: Jordanian who killed U.S. soldiers dies (- Iraqi official)

N.Y. Ferry to Settle Sept. 11 Claims

Indonesia Had No Way of Warning Islanders (Death toll now at 339)

Sorry, dupe. n/t

Montreal pharmacist eighth Canadian killed in Middle East conflict

Russia May Send Navy Ships to Lebanon

Two Republican Representatives Quit Campaign

Gazrprom’s Eye Fixed on Israel

U.S. charges online betting site

Taxpayers subsidize Cheney GOP rallies

IRS Warns Churches to Avoid Campaigning

Pearlstine to Leave TIME for Carlyle Group (acquisition deal to follow?)

Suicide bomber in Iraq kills 59 (Shi'ite city of Kufa )

Reed Hopes Voters Keep Faith, Forget Abramoff

Rumsfeld sends letter of support to Afghans (rare open letter).

Iranian missile explodes from truck

Witnesses: Iraqi Forces Didn't Try To Halt Attack (Mahmoudiya massacre)

Polls Show N.J. Senate Race About Even

Rhode Island Senate: Chafee (R) trails Whitehouse (D) by 5%

Ex-mayor admits trying to arrange sex with minors

Human Rights Situation in Iraq Grave, UN Report Shows

IDF says army leveling 1km of territory inside south Lebanon

Ohio congressman's legal payments on hold (Bob Ney)

US sanctions Iran firms allegedly propagating WMDs

Labor's focus on Democrats (Ohio AFL-CIO convention Strickland, Brown)

Activist Stands Trial for Painting Anti-War Messages

Rice, Egyptian FM disagree on Mideast ceasefire

Americans frustrated by evacuation pace

Blair accuses Iran over Basra attacks

IRS warns churches to avoid campaigning

White House stalls on date for Rice Middle East mission

Homeland Security clears cafeteria workers after puzzling 2-week hiatus

Hil, Rupert sly as Fox at fund-raiser

House chairman seeks possible impeachment of LA federal judge

U.S. ramps up Lebanon evacuation plans (navy worried about ships)

Italy slams Israel 'excess' (criticises Washington)

Israel claims Iran link to crisis

Iraq Civilian Toll Spikes to Almost 6,000 (in May and June alone)

Lebanon situation 'catastrophic', half million displaced: UNICEF

Soldier claims his crime spree intended to avoid tour in Iraq

US wants new Iraq oil law so foreign firms can take part

50 Sports Officials, Athletes Kidnapped In Baghdad

Operator in Nevada blamed for crash of unmanned Predator in Iraq

Arizona Ballot Could Become Lottery Ticket

A Windfall From Shifts to Medicare (NYT)

Iran's Hizbollah says ready to strike US, Israel

3 Arrested in Katrina Hospital Deaths (Memorial Hosp Mercy Killings)

Bush Speaks to Saudi King Abdullah about Lebanon Crisis - White House

Israel says Hizbollah, Iran coordinated abduction


US warships head for Lebanon, thousands flee bombing

BBC: Car bomber hits Iraqi labourers (Kufa)

Seattlle Sonics Sold


Senate backs embryonic stem cell bill

UN says humanitarian situation in Lebanon catastrophic; 500,000 displaced

Lebanese PM pleads for cease-fire

UN resolution to give Iran nuclear ultimatum

Violence in Iraq spinning out of control

Survey USA: Job Approval/President George W. Bush (37% approval)

Fresh airstrikes accompanied by huge explosions hit Beirut near its main a

Afghanistan to Re-Form Virtues Ministry

CNN reporting Crown Princess cruise ship off Florida with severe...

UN says 6,000 Iraqi civilians killed in May-June

AP: Paper Ballots Blamed for Tally Delay (Diebold/Ohio)

Deep Purple plans Lebanon performance

AP News Alert: Taliban Captures Two Southern Afghan Towns

Bush Taps Ex-NBC Broadcaster for Top Post (WH communications director)

U.N.: 14,000 Iraqis killed in 2006

Katherine Harris says she's not a target of federal probe

Bush to address African-American rights group (NAACP)

Bush: Syria trying to "get back into Lebanon"

Saddam 'warns Syria against alliance with Iran'

Pro-Life Advocates Now Buying Abortion Centers to Close Them Down

Yo Bush! Blair mocked as U.S. poodle

Bush giving Israel running room

AP: Republicans unveil school voucher plan

Wal-Mart, Critics Slam Each Other on Web

FBI eyes Hizbollah in US as tensions with Iran rise

Tropical Depression Forms Off North Carolina; Watches Issued

Senators initiate resolution supporting Israel, condemning Hezbollah

Iran Official: No Part of Israel Safe

Feds query ex-adviser on (Katherine) Harris

Gonzales: Bush blocked eavesdropping probe

Target threatens to close Chicago stores if wage proposal passes

Ahmadinejad promises Muslims will 'rejoice' soon

Turkey signals it's prepared to enter Iraq

Judge Dismisses "Roe v. Wade for Men" Lawsuit

4 Die in Fire of House Owned by Soldier

Let's get this party started!

here are some of my photos from my daughter and my

I can't believe it's STILL 85degrees out at nearly 2am.

Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro Separate After Three Years Of Marriage

Here I sit head in hand, turned my face against the wall

This thread is about Butter.

Dick Cheney said "George can't even walk straight this time."

A message from Bill Clinton.

Place your bets! Can CaliforniaPeggy go 24h without using the word "dear"

I was just found out I can have Adult Swim on cable, now I can watch

Now, why hasn't anyone built a resort here?

The very overdue WTVC #8- Pasta Salad

My 1000th post: posting lyrics by David Sylvian's World Citizen

Did DU break a couple hours ago?

Who do you share a birthday with?

Going to bed. Tonight, I'd like to leave you with a link to one of

What could you really go for right now.

Ya know who it would be fun to be for a day?

I was adopted by Hippie vegetarians ....

Monkey On The Loose In Woman's Condo

Most common typos--What are yours??

Where is Clintmax??? Plus - good morning mes amis.

Congratulations and best wishes to Eddie Murphy and his fiancee ...

What's all that ruckuss..... Damn, why are cats nocturnal ....

Self-Described Drunkard Sues Strip Club That Sold Him Drinks

Woman On The Loose In Monkey's Condo

Pictures from last weekend *DIAL-UP WARNING*

Truth & Lie Game - see if I can tell when you're lying!

Post your favorite Anti-Bush/Anti-Republican Pics (Dial-Up Warning)

Ladies, you look tense. Perhaps you need a good neck massage?

Lobster-white meat or dark meat?

I *LOVE* North America

Stevia: Not quite as good as sugar, but far better than

Man Tried To Firebomb Homes Of Neighborhood Watch Leaders

Anyone read this great Salon article "They call me a Child Phonographer.""

Most common ammos--What are yours??

Dislike more Elizabeth from the View, or Rachael Ray, (EVOO)

Who broke DU?

Have you ever HUGGED your pet?

I think we're about to go to Level 2 or 3

Electric sitar. Very cool.

Super Hot Today - Red Ozone Alert in KC - have to stay in and

Humanitarians -- what is it you eat, exactly?

Lucky me. I barely slept last night and I have to go to the dentist today.

How did the term "batshit crazy" get started?

Podcast w/live standup by Mike Birbiglia &Tod Barry that kills just kills.

I think I'm magic- like a leprechaun or somethin',

NO! It cant be! Justin Timberlake is justifying his drug use.

DU should impose a $5-donation for each sex thread locked

DU should impose a $5-donation per-use on $5-donation per-use threads

DU should impose a $5-donation per-use of phrase "Here we go!"

You have the power to cancel any TV program.


DU should impose a $50-donation per-use of the phrase "Cornflake Breading"

I sure do miss the _|_ smiley

I like being a girl

revenge is best served cold and boy did she serve it


White "W" on a square black decal almost kept me out of a store today.

Who is going commando today

It seems I have an impacted wisdom tooth.

What reality show would you want to go on?

DU should impose a $5 donation per use of the word "Bush"

So it's official, you can't take me anywhere...

KEKELE! Have you heard them?

HEyHEY is puppy-sitting today.

Lab-grown meat: Vegetarians, carnivores, those thinking of converting...

Vader Sessions (funny Darth Vader video)

So, I guess you guys are rubbing off on me...

Love is awesome

Did you know?...

The Hannibal Lecter Appreciation Poll

Any word on Dr. Dino's (Kent Hovind) arrest as a tax dodger?

Ok Du'ers.. i need advice on cars

has anybody seen Redqueen

I was farked once, but I took antibiotics

Should I worry-I've eaten ramen noodles and root beer for lunch

Any ideas on where to take a toddler in Edmonton, AB?

One-Eyed Football Referee Sues Big Ten Over Firing

Divorce question for Nevada DUers

Curious: Why don't people take mind-altering drugs?

Oh, underpants!!! There is a tropical depression forming off

Post your original Seinfeldian situation.

The Daily Show • COOT OFF! • Byrd v. Stevens

I just sliced 25lbs of watermelon!!!!!

Weather UPDATE!

Police arrest naked man after he flails car with a stolen pigeon

Princess Cruise Lines ship rolling off Florida coast...


You'd cry too!

Who else has seen Checkpoint?

Yet another reason children shouldn't be allowed in restaurants.

Warner Cable or Verizon Dish?

complete this thought

Yet another reason children shouldn't be allowed within four miles of any

I just sliced 25lbs of pastrami!!!!!

Clothing optional 5K run in NC

Best Taylor Hackford film (yes, you have heard of him)

The Beatles and Cirque du Soleil

Travel Channel Creeps:

Ban for man with cat in freezer.

Mickey Spillane

Phone company problem- Any suggestions? (no dial tone prob)


My car got today today what I never will!

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

PDF converter

manorexic carson daly

Lance Armstrong, big-time trou-du-cul!

The Weather Channel: Unreliable forcasts

For all the criticism for Paris Hilton we give, she deserves kudo for this

Mama Roxanne brought her three babies for lunch today.

The Big 50-0

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 7/18/06)

Magic Gopher Game

Need advice on comics

Great Sacrifice: Would you have illicit affair w/ * to get him impeached?

"the integrity of a hyena and the style of a poison toad"

Peanuts or cashews?


...and a Good Tuesday Evening!

How much tip for a Mohel who has to climb 4 flights of stairs?

Would you eat food if your power was out for 13 hours?

Not even 7PM and I'm bored and lonely.

Actual conversation overheard in my house moments ago

It was 40 years ago today that Bobby Fuller was found dead at age 23

How much tip for a pizza deliverer who has to climb 4 flights of stairs?

A Cannibal Restaurant

Happy birthday Beaverhausen!!

Meatatarians - why do you stick with it

Head On-Apply Directly to the Forehead Head On-Apply Directly to the Foreh

Ladies: Billyskank has a question

Buck O'Neil to play in minor league all-star game, at 94.

I'm Wilford Brimley. Ask me anything.

Wait, I thought the media was trying to convince women

The Black Dahlia

"Family Friendly" checkout lines.

Curious: Why do people take mind-altering drugs?

No good reason why Buck O'Neill is not in the Hall of Fame...

Bathtubs VS. Showers- an informal survey

OMG! My car was leaking gas inside the garage!! Firemen just left!

Help me with a cartoon?

ACCOUNTANTS: "balance" means "due" or "money in acct for you"??

The Madcap gets the last laugh. Syd Barrett's sister speaks...

Here I sit, with a bag of corn around my neck.

Tuesday, July 18. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Classic pinup paintings appreciation thread...

How hot is it in your area?

Why are humans obsessed with measuring things?

What colour undergarments are you wearing?

What Will Your Dying Words Be?

South Park Character Generator

Have you seen the commercial for the Reagan dime?

"Bush Pilot"

DU should impose a $5-donation per-use of phrase "Wow! Just Wow!"

post something your pet does that drives you ape shit!!

Chad Vader : Day Shift Manager

Is it really possible to get high on nutmeg?


I'm now considered a NEW patient because I haven't kept in contact

Pills, a caveat.

Am I the only [email protected]#hole who doesn't give a F%CK about Barbaro???

Surgery done, home again ...

Anyone read this great Salon article "They call me a Child Pornographer"

...and the 1977 Grammy for Best New Artist goes to... ....

MP3 players....anyone have one other than the Ipod?

MARRIAGE IS UNDER ATTACK!!!!!!!!! What are you doing to prepare?

Question for people who know what women's make-up looks best on . . .

My husband just lost his job.

Post an old picture of yourself...Thread

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Hey Matcom!! Your Bobo's graphics are going to national tv!!

Attacking Cancer's Sweet Tooth Is Effective Strategy Against Tumors

Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes marries his partner!

Bigots present "Defender of Marriage" awards to Anti-gay "Democrats"

The GLBT room is soooooo boring. Why do I even keep checking in?

Arena to Coach Red Bulls-

Character issues continue to plague Bengals draft picks

Seattle Sonics Sold To Oklahoma City Group

neil smith fired as GM of islanders.

Tropical storm Beryl and a bad feeling I have

Today is a very good day!

I have been thinking about the terrible system for a while...

Bush Stabs Veterans in the Back Again

Don't think Kerry doesn't notice those 2004 bumper stickers

Has Kerry made any statements on what's going on with Israel?

Interesting observation

Hate to do this to you wonderful people from PA,

Support James Boyce

My boss now hates George Bush.

"we're headed in different directions"

Floor Speech: John Kerry to President on Stem Cell Debate: Don’t Veto Hope

Still trying to paint Kerry-Feingold as

Illiterate Republicans.

Sen Kerry speaks on Senate Floor around 11:30 am 7/18

Some more butterfly pics

Some pics of the kids

Edward Weston's "Daybooks"

Taking a page from regnaD kciN's playbook....

Countdown Newsletter: 07/18/06 -- Fighting & Fighting Words (Hi, Carey!)

Will Bush Puke On Anyone Before He Leaves Office?

LA Times misrepresents the Bush-Merkel-Massage episode!!!

April 18, 2006: Bush Meets w/ PM Siniora of Lebanon at the White House:

Bush in Russia: Let's Review!!

Why do Democrats persist in calling pro-war crowd misguided idealists?

Does Halliburton get no-bid contracts on Lebanon and Israel

U.S. Evacuation Gets Off to Stuttering Start

Telamudo is showing amazing footage of Lebanon bombings

Does Israel has a right to exist?

Does Palestine Have the right to exist as an independent state?

Question about the chimps possible veto of stem cells.

Bush and his freeper friends

Neocon, ex-CIA chief Woolsey calls for US airstrikes against Syria

Did Babs Bush never tell George not to talk with his mouth full?

We need to pull together to stop these international death cults.

A message from Bill Clinton ..........

Cheney Argues That Iraq Timetable Would Undercut U.S. Interests

If Israel really wants to save the 2 captured soldiers, then why are they

Just because they can do it (justified), does that mean they should do it?

Past Comments about how much Iraq would cost:

(flag draped coffin dispute) Had Enough?

Did anyone listen to the Diane Rehm show?

New DU Group - Directors' Group/Guild?

Colorado GOP attacks Schiavo, Dems using Toddler with Bloody ProtestPoster

Steve Earle Speaks To Bush, Rush, And Agent Mike

I created two polls, and responses to each want a two state solution

Bush Wants the Hizballah-Israel War to Give Iran a Bloody Nose...

SCREW the Poor & the Sick, Bush gets to use his 1st Veto ever.

Dem opponent polls dead even with Mean Jean Schmidt in OH-2

anyone notice that the Japnese stock market is down almost 3%?

Relatives of Montreal family killed in Israeli raids demand inquiry

Israel is better than Hezbollah

An American Citizen Apologizes to the World for our President's Behavior.

VIDEO: Overnight Lebanon coverage from BBC News 24 (3 reports)

How about we come up with a new nickname for the Rapture kittens?

John Dean Inteview - (MP3 audio)

Sign Media Matters Petition

Two pictures, examples of who's paying the price

Teach to impeach tomorrow....

Israel-A Lighter Note

2 nurses, 1 doctor charged with 2nd degree MURDER re: Hurricane Corrina

53 more people killed in Iraq

India nukes London

We need to have signs made.

My 1000th post: posting lyrics by David Sylvian's World Citizen

E-mail from Lebanon

Ship en route to begin American evacuations

Bomb threats against mosque (Cincinnati)

This day in "radical" history- Rose Pastor Stokes, Mandela, Gonzo born

Plans For Regional War In The Middle East

Anyone just hear this stupid woman on RayTal?

Coalition confirms Taliban seized towns

Rick Santorum up on Washington Journal now....

Why are we having so much success in the gubenatorial races but not ...

Taliban take two Afghan towns.

What will it take for U.S. citizens to stop the killing?

Would a Democratic President have "free-speech zones?"

Massacres of 'Human Life' in Fertility Clinics Happen All The Time!

MSNBC Just Said The Israel Holds Roughly 8,500 "Suspected Militants".

One question that Bush and his partners always ask before acting?

Free to good home

What Should Israel Do?

Label: Machine wash warm. Air dry. We're sorry our president is an idiot

N.C. Woman Fights For Right To Live With Her Boyfriend

Lance Armstrong, big-time trou-du-cul!

"because of widespread Western racism" very few care about the Lebanese...

The Number is 2552 Today - and rising

On the Bush open mic comments:

IYO, The Current Israeli Incursion Will Make Them More Or Less SAFE?

NY Times prints 'the s-word' for first time in history

Where is Bush today?

George Will vs. William Kristol.

Tom DeLay going broke as legal bills climb

What do we do with a drunken Tuesday? (repeat X2) CAPTION in the morning.

I just crossed over

Why aren't funddies up in arms about the wasting the wombs of so many

Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on NOW!

Going Out Of Business Sale Closeout Bargain Blowout!!! Come CAPTION!!!

Are you listening to WJ and stem cell research-2 guests

8 civilians in one day by Hezbollah.The worst daily total in a decade. CNN

Gingrich: We're in WWIII

LTTE blames RayGun for the survival of Hezbollah

The push for war...

My tinfoil hat is telling me something.

Is he stupid, drunk or manipulative?


1 slimy little weasel, well done: Alberto Gonzales back on hill today.

Israel's path to total war

Lower 9th finally gets mail delivery

Camp Casey to Expand into Camp Democracy

Rhode Island Senate: Chafee (R) trails Whitehouse (D) by 5%

Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton

"Thank you for those who toil so that we will study war no more." Senate

say this like Maye West: I need someone with a really big...

USS Iwo Jima ordered to waters off Lebanon

Steph Miller caller: Democrats are CHEW haters.

what a tragedy for this world it has been that GEORGEHERBERTWALKERBUSH'S

Why is is so hard to evacuate Americans from Lebanon?

Former Bush Aide Guns Down Child, Self

Georgia primary today. Go vote! Polls close at 7pm local time

In the past 20 years Israel has developed a reputation for being very toug

An Exclusive Interview with Dr. George Lakoff

The other environmental documentary: "Who Killed the Electric Car"

Looking for a picture of another Bush Head of State moment

“Language is the soul’s ozone layer, and we thin it at our peril."

So long as fear drives the sane to trust in weapons, walls, and wars...

Taliban capture two Afghanistan towns

Bush is like a bad tourist who thinks he's "discovered" everything.

FEINGOLD: Admin Defense For Illegal Wiretapping Is Just Plain Gone

Bush is a poopyhead

The debates taking place today in our congress

Bush Military History Project #28

Bush Military History Project #28

Harris Retracts Donation To Fix House


If there were a war between the US and your ancestral country

A Pantomime President: By Sidney Blumenthal: "There Is No There There."

Chavez utube re: dimson... "you are a donkey, Mr. Danger"

Just found a great video on Ted Stevens' internets and tubes.

US warns Turkey against Iraq incursion, Erdogan decries 'double standards'

Am I the only one having problems getting on DU?

Where does Kerry stand on the current Israel/Lebanon conflagration?

Bush Military History Project #28

Lincoln Davis (D-TN) just said that divorce should be outlawed

Are these attacks on Hezbollah making Israel more safe?

We had two brownouts last night

Yo Bush! Blair mocked as US poodle

Concerned about "commercial rate" charges for evacs, I called around

Rummy letter to Afghan people: you don't realize how good you have it

US aircraft carrier in S.Korea amid missile crisis-We need a new president

Mexico & U.S. Ruling Parties Ties to Blow Bust

My dermatologist has Ann Coulter pictures on her office walls.

See all the Westerners leaving Lebanon?

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on the Decider's time at the G8 Summit

Was there a WH press conference while we were down?

Shrub signed 1,129 bills, and only 1/3 he didn't attach a signing stmt!

The talking points memos are out..."If Mexico or Canada lobbed bombs..."

Savage "American left" "Nazis of our time, Boxer happy re: Israel deaths

International politics ala James Bond or

Nearly 6 000 die in Iraq in May, June

Another half-assed effort by Bush & Co...the Lebanon evacuation

Hospital Chiefs Get Paid for Advice on Selling

Katie Couric to spin world events on CBS Evening News

I don't want a President

Col. Mike Turner

Harkin (stem cell call in on cspan 2 . internet link here (now).

Israel's path to total war

Gonzalas is testifying now-cspan 3 for the Sen. Jud. Com. Feigold up.

Anti-abortion activists are buying abortion clinics

Midterm elections closing in, Bush decides to address NAACP for first time

Hezbollah is definitely supported by Iran and Syria...

I'm not sure I'll be able to resist the temptation to do this...

Bush to finally meet with NAACP

Ann Coulter Admits to Sending White Powder to the NYTs

OK, I saw "Who Killed the Electric Car". Better than "Truth".

THE "NUMBER" IS UP TO 2553 - up from this morning even

Israel Violates Law on U.S. Weapons in Mideast

In case of troubles getting into DU where would I go to hook up

Get Your Second Quarter House Candidate Financial Reports Here

Arab world fed up with Hezbollah

U.N.: 14,000 Iraqis killed in 2006. See what free elections can do?

Dave Johnson: The Swiftboaters Are Back in the Water

Bush purposely blocked eavesdropping probe

If you had your wish, what would America's "Foreign Policy" be?

Employers, private lives and insurance costs

The anti-choicer/anti-stemcell wingnuts never mention spontaneous

(VIDEO) Ava's new animation takes on Sick Rick Santorum

GOP Congress Pays for Tax Cuts for Wealthy with Child Health Cuts

A freeper reacts to the rape/murder of Abeer

Bush reading My Pet Goat once again as leaders plead for ceasefire

Who thinks when Bush REALLY knows he is not beings taped...

a little while ago CNN said one of NYC's airports was out of electricity

The Chickenhawk Cronicles.

Chimp still sleeping it off?

Why are the right to lifers

Once again the religious right falls for B*sh's "aid" to their cause

Right-wing logic makes my head hurt.

Did Bush Lawyers Give Big Tobacco a Break?

Florida Law Undermines Critical Thinking & Promotes Propaganda

Raw Story: Doc and Nurses Charged with Murder in NO

Will we EVER get to see the contents of Cheney's Energy Policy?

Italy slams Israel excess, failed Iraq policy

“He Rolled His Eyes And Laughed”...

Couple Charged with Luring Sexual Predators to Church & Robbing Them

Wes Clark is so very smart!

Killing embryos is wrong but Israel killing living people is right?

House Rejects Gay Marriage Ban Amendment - AGAIN!

The FBI has charged over 40 people with mailing 'white powder'.

Israel Now Wants a UN Resolution Enforced----HA!

Did anyone post on the US's back door policy about Israel and Lebanon? headline: "The cussing, spitting, open-mouth chewing Bush"

It's WW3. Has RaptureRight finally achieved Armageddon?

Am I Un-American?

So I'm gonna say it: Ban Divorce and IVF. That'll fix it

In honor of Reaganomics: The Reagan Dime cost $10.00

Worse Than the Patriot Act

Anyone else having trouble logging on to DU this am????

Why does the media spend so much time on CT primary and not RI?

Vlad the Impaler

CNN: Anyone else watching Nick Robertson interview this Lebanese guy?

TUESDAY TOON (7/18) Lipstick or BBQ Sauce?

White supremacist groups organize anti-immigration rallies...

The Ugly Truth: Our President is an Imbecile

Voting on STEM CELL research in the Senate C-SPAN 2 NOW

He's a Uniter, Not a Divider! Bush to Address NAACP for 1st Time

(Civilian casualties) Think about this for a second:

Snow on Bush Stem Cell Veto: ‘Simple Answer Is He Thinks Murder Is Wrong'

Toon about Lie-berman.

NYT: Sure, it's ridiculously hot--but don't you worry about it!

Beginnings Of A Conservative Crackup

Princess Cruise Lines ship rolling off Florida coast...

Can anyone get the AAR stream? n/t

Killing people is wrong. Whoever's doing the killing should stop it.

cpan 2 carrying Santorium senate on stem cell debate: also at link:

Concerned about "commercial rate" charges for evacs, I called around

Let me tell you about something in Israel that you don't hear about...

KO should get a copy of WH sexual harassment policy and show

UN incentives to Iran

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

Can someone explain the DiFi exchange - what it means from a

Nancy Reagan: "I don't give a damn about the pro-lifers."

Feingold supports Israel...

Has there been any more info on Coulter and the white powder mailing

You do know what this aggression is all about, don't you?

OMG, What'll we tell the children??

Blair: Mr. Bush's Poodle begging for a treat.

No Air America in Boston - Plush Lintballs instead!!!

New Poll: Whitehouse now leads Chafee in RI Senate matchup

Bush has brought freedom & democracy to at least 14,000 Iraqis

Senate is voting on HR 810 NOW. That's the one that allows fed spending

What do YOU want the U.S. to do about the Israel/Lebanon Crisis?

Most of the people I know are repubs...

are the ODD Homeland Security funding just money laundering for donations

Has Pickles commented on Little Lord Pissypants feeling up other women?

Do you suppose the U.S. can get Israel to back off while evacuations...

Conservatives hiring people to work on campuses to

Chilling thought on internet registration for US citizens to evacuate.

What the....(evacuation of Americans from Beirut)

Bush is taking questions on CNN


Ava and C&L: Civil War in Iraq

Peaceful Demonstrations to Stop the Violence TODAY (Israel/Lebanon)

Armed Madhouse is now on iTunes. The caller that Randi is now

Republican Leadership: Crisis in the Middle East? Ban Gay Marriage

Russ, Shut the F*ck Up!

IRAQI BLOODBATH: 14,000 dead since January 1st

Which Fictional President Does The Current Dumb-ass In Chief Remind you of

Jack Cafferty's questions for today:

New Meme: Democrats want TO LIVE FREE OR DIE

American peaceworker killed by Israeli Bulldozer- American Government...

Caption *

tinfoil question

You know you just have to hand it to bush and the NeoCons

According to Wolfe on CNN ...39 Percent of Lebanese are Christians!

News Hounds "We Watch Fox So You Don't Have To" 7/10-16/06

Here's a shocker: Bernie Goldberg Slams Ann Coulter!

NEEDED: List of Bush administration officials connecting Iraq and 9/11!

What's it going to take to get President Bozo the Clown impeached?

SOMEONE asked hannity why he doesn't serve in the military

You're on your OWN for three days!

Israel`s Dep. Chief of Staff Moshe Kaplinsky

Stabbed in the Back! - The past and future of a right-wing myth

Hillary, shut the fuck up

Alright so 'Israel has a right to defend itself'. Fine. What if they LOSE?

Can we preemptively sue Ann Coulter?

If Embryos needed to be evacuated from the Middle East

Horrifying, but should be listened to.

Christian Newswire Swiftboats 80-year old Gold Star Mom

I Have Also Seen Much I Find Anti-Semitic Posted. Please Stop That Too.

Can someone post the Israel and Hezbollah objective?

Global Warming Check In - It's 106° here in D/FW

to defend what israel right or wrong just because it is israel, is, in my

Who voted against stem cell research

Canada's Lebanon stand sparks domestic criticism

IRS Warns Churches to Avoid Campaigning

Faux interviewed Mark Hitchcock not identifying him as a radical Christian

IMPORTANT: Please read about paid petitioners??

Obrador warns of unrest, Fox denies fraud

"War is for everyone, for children too." - Robert Frost

Should a good citizen know how many votes it takes to override a veto?

Need help with this, please, regarding Fitzgerald ......

Call The White House now. Ask the chimp not to veto H.R. 810

What's more American? A ford Mustang or a Toyota Sienna?

Israeli Girls write Messages on Lebanon- bound Rockets


I am not a proponent of violence. I do not condone it.

condi REALLY needs to practice her faces in the mirror!

Israel's Collateral Reprisals

Bringing the Israel/Palestine discussion out of the basement

Just went to Freak Republic


Drug Companies Getting Rich on Medicare Part D

Instead of killing each other at this time you would think that the Iraqis

Can someone explain something to me?? If it is the law.........

Will Plame vs. Cheney, Libby & Rove Unearth New Info? By David Corn

"Listen, Syria is trying to get back into Lebanon, it looks like to me"

Pending Congressional Resolutions Supporting Israeli actions

Murray Waas: Bush Protecting People Around Him & Not The Constitution

Condi must go. She was in charge of NSA when 9/11 happened

Bush will speak at NAACP convention

GOP War on Terror Propaganda bible by Frank Luntz

Senate passes stem cell research bill 63-37-Not Enough To Override Veto

CNN actually pokes "St. Ronnie" in the eye...showed clip of Reagan

(Lebanon) It is morbidly amusing to watch what lengths the MSM...

Israel, life and everything

toyota working on Plug in Hybrid

Preznit Malaprop Strikes Again

Did John McCain Screw Up His Chance at 2008 GOP Nomination?


WH comments on Bush 's Merkel Grab:

MSNBC: Arab Israelis feeling vulnerable (racism, think Hurricane Katrina)

Targeting Terrorist Elements By Bombing Civilians

HA!! DU has just been FARKED

Nuremberg chief prosecutor; a case for trying bush for war crimes

Emergency Petition: Demand George Bush Sign the Stem Cell Bill

The Who's Cover of "Heat Wave" And Some Global Warming Facts For You!

* is insane or dealing w/ a very diminished mental capacity

Police in Jackson Gone Wild! (Christian Newswire)

Dean, Local Dem Chair: 'Ban Sleepovers'; EXCLUSIVE RFK JR. INTERVIEW! MORE

Polarization in Mexico, CALDERON's vehicle surrounded by OBRADOR group

Wow, I think Pat Buchanan is writing the Israeli talking points...

I'm mad as HELL and can't take it anymore We need a revolution


I could be wrong.... but exactly what sort of anti-missile defenses

Iran's Hizbollah says ready to attack US, Israel

CNN Breaking: Israeli Tanks Moving Into Gaza Refugee Camp

White Rose Outage Status Report.

I don't think there is nearly enough killing in the Middle East


For all the people outraged at Hillary for her recent support of Israel,

World's on fire. Barbara Bush: WHAT A GREAT DAY FOR A SAIL!

Israeli Ambassador to the US makes outrageous comment on Tucker Carlson....

Coulter: 'I sent NY Times white powder'

So.... Americans need to sign IOU's to leave Lebanon.

DC chapter to FREEP John Murtha this Thursday......

John Dean interview- nails G. Liddy, Barbara Olsen, Gingrich, Xtian right

two mideast countries destroyed, how many more to go?

Why did the Chimp grope the German Chancellor? Let's turn to science:

DiFi backs Gonzo into a corner -- stunned silence ensues!

So what can the Chimp do to make a bigger ass out of himself...

John Dean nails it and every Democrat should use this

I sense some hostility towards Israel here

Voting Machines hearings in DC tomorrow (July 19) ACTION!

My editorial answer to a local homophobe:

LA Times Op-Ed: In '72, GOP didn't become fundy; Dems lost their religion

Snow Tries To Discredit Helen By Calling Her Comments "THE HEZBOLLAH VIEW"

Ava Lowery and Crooks & Liars: Civil War in Iraq

My child's letter to Bush; Stem Cell Research link

Did Karl Rove really dodge the bullet?

ACLU executive director: Specter bill "worse than the Patriot Act"

It's a God damned Shame the way America treats its poor & sick.

Why wasn't Hezbollah disarmed after the Lebanese civil war?

UIC study: May pro-immigrant marchers mostly U.S. citizens who vote

I'll do it if nobody else will . . .

Coulter admits sending fake anthrax to NY Times

Why Israelis, Iranians, and Lebanese Xtians Get Along HERE

Military Allows Rape of Female Soldiers

Narco News. The Results of Deception (MEXICAN ELECTION)

Gonzales: Bush Personally Blocked Justice Dept From Probing Spy Program

Cell phone DoNotCall List

The middle class which is being squeezed out of existence

Katie Couric to spin world events on CBS Evening News

Where the hell is the money from Iraq oil sales??

Breathtakingly disturbing. Israeli children signing missiles?

In your opinion did Bush sexually harass the PM of Germany

Did Israel "help" create Hezbollah by invading Lebanon in 1982?

Are Hezbollah and Israel morally equivalent?

State Dept.:Alive or dead-No Free Evacuations For Americans

What are Things George Bush Can't Keep His Filthy Hands Off Of?

Parallels between the Katrina response and the Evacuation of Americans

100-0 is the Senate vote (but which bill?).

I have to get this off my chest (marriage equality)

Did you know John Kennedy ordered a withdrawal plan for Vietnam?

Cafferty's critique of the US regarding getting its citizens out of a

JESSE JACKSON: False piety is wrong cure for Dems

I've got a REALLY bad feeling in the pit of my stomach...

Union member discounts here We saved on a car rental etc

I read a brief snip saying Lebanese president Lahoud is

bookmark this and play when you have 15 minutes to watch

Fight the Religious Right!


Where is the network news with coverage of the latest ***

National Security Issue

Another reason for Democratic Majority: Waxman chair of Gov. Reform!!

Webster adds new words to the dictionary every year; Add to

Media Pushes Iran Talking Points

How does one reward those who have raped this country?

Rhode Island Senate: Chafee (R) trails Whitehouse (D) by 5%

My question about the Merkel incident

RI Gov: Incumbent Carcieri (R) 42%, Fogarty (D) 43%

Sound Bites From Senate Stem Cell Debate

Killings continue in Iraq

70 years ago today

Today's Political Pop Quiz: Who said this about the Middle East Situation?

The Ugly Truth: Our President is an Imbecile/Cenk Yugur

IRS Warns Churches to Avoid Campaigning

Stomaching Bush ain`t for sissies.

While DU is down, go here:

In my opinion, we need more "interpretation" of the news...

Dem Joe Sestak out-raised a 20-yr Rep incumbent! (from his email news)

Burlington Free Press: Sanders OK'd petition to be on Democratic ballot

Is This the Best Lieberman Can Do? (Yahoo article)

Anyone else feel there is too much talk and no action

With Hillary Clinton, aren't the Repukes exposing their hypocrisy?

Didya Ever Notice...

US Senate set to defy Bush veto threat over stem cell research

Peabody Miners: Fed Up and Fired Up

Reuters photo: The Hezbollah Shit-Stopper-In-Chief gives a thumbs up

The disingenuous argument against a deadline for withdrawal

Stem cell Bills in Senate vote started

The W legacy in 4:11

Is the US charging it's citizens for evacuation....

Robert Parry: The Abyss Beckons

Hearings in DC tomorrow - In California, a SHAM - Our Diebold hearings!

Clinton, health care industry get cozy

Chris Matthews actually treated the Lebanese Amb to the U.N with respect

Schwarzenegger Saves Pennies At Expense Of Workers' Lives

A funny Al-Zarqawi joke

Bush Speaks to NAACP to Woe Mod. Whites Offended by Southern Strategy

Senate Passes Stem Cell Bill -- Goes to Bush for Veto

Five years of lies, now Bush and Gonzales want to appear cooperative?

Bush assault on Merkel video now on YouTube. Bookmark & Share!

Bush loves Turkey...or DOES HE!!!???

John Kerry to President on Stem Cell Debate: Don’t Veto Hope

LA Times response to me

Everyone remember Bush use to charge the troops in Iraq for flights home

Raw Story: Candidate/activist banned from his own city

Has Gov. Dean spoken about Bush's boorish behavior

WSJ: Energy Firms Keep Taxes at Bay

Tweety just asked why our government is not more connected to the Lebanese

Hillary Clinton: first class pandering ass

Iraq Civilian Toll Spikes to Almost 6,000 (May and June)

CNN poll now at 42% Yes: 58% No. Should citizens reimburse.

I want to scream. I JUST want to scream.

if the whitehouse can block the justice dept from looking at the....

Destroying stem cells is immoral

CNN reporting that fees to get Americans evacuated will be waived.

IMHO winning in 06 and 08 is all about Iraq.

Here's the election results link for the Georgia primary today.


Did John McCain Screw Up His Chance at 2008 GOP Nomination?

Caption: Bush today.

It's time to go pretend like Georgia still has elections that aren't bogus

LAT: Ralph Reed Hopes Georgia Voters Keep Faith, Forget Abramoff

Chancellor Merkel's "smile"

Time for a DU Pity Party: Tom Delay going broke from legal bills

"by the fruit it bears, not by the bark it wears"

LAT op-ed by Atrios: Why the Left Is Furious at Lieberman

Ava Lowery produces her first official political ad......

Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) is voting for Lieberman

Economic Globalization Destroying U.S. Social Contract

Attention American Dumbfucks

Our dumb president

Did the First President Bush Lose His Job to the Israel Lobby?

Lieberman starts a blog!

McKinney being Diebolded!