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Archives: July 17, 2006

Iranian: War Not Helping Democracy Push

Now more than ever, workers need to defend rights

Rep. Congress Starting to Stir Out of Oversight Slumber

Where are Iraq's Pentagon Papers? (Daniel Ellsberg)

U.S. Struggles to Rank Potential Terror Targets (Washington Post)

NYT: Some Arab leaders, fearing Iran's influence, blame Hezbollah

Jeb's frustration simmered in 2000

LA Times Op/Ed: The Democrats' Unreligious Fringe

The solar system at New Jersey's Island Beach State Park I saw today.

Targeting coal: protest mounts

From Bad to Worse

Tehran's role is extensive

Israel's Response Risks Its Security: The Guardian

If you have family or friends in Lebanon, please bookmark this website

Sulfur and the WTC.

Why the World Trade Center?

The Future of HAVA

Hey Activists!! Possible Problem with VVPB machines!!

DeLay paid almost $475,000 to his lawyers last quarter

Trying to pinch a penny due to the "great" * economy... bought some

Canadian Arabs hold Harper responsible for deaths of Canadians in Lebanon

Canadian deaths provide grim postscript to G8 statement

AP Hezbollah appears in control of Lebanon (not Lebanese gov.).

Israel jets blast Lebanon/Nine Lebanese soldiers killed in Israeli strikes

Homeland Security urges heightened vigilance

Mexico leftist to launch civil resistance

Is U.S. Winning? Army Chief Is at a Loss (Gen. Schoomaker: "not losing")

2 homes ablaze after plane crash in Ore.

Iran’s Supreme Leader says Israel is “satanic and cancerous”

please delete dupe Greens slam G8 over climate change

WP: Corruption Cited in Iraq's Oil Industry

Jeb's frustration simmered in 2000

Blair Joins Bush in Blaming Iran, Syria Over Violence

Fury as Karzai Plans Return of Taliban's Religious Police--Independent

More foreighn firms "invest" in US roads, bridges...

In an About-Face, Sunnis Want U.S. to Remain in Iraq (protect from Shiite)

Hooters chairman found dead

India's Clout in U.S. Congress Assisted by GE, Boeing, JPMorgan

China military official visits U.S.

Turkey to get tough with Kurds

Schisms Emerge at Petersburg Summit

Toll in China tropical storm rises to 154

US Evacuates Medical Cases (and non-essential Embassy staff) From Lebanon

WP: A New Alliance Of Democrats Spreads Funding

Arizona Ballot Could Become Lottery Ticket

Prime Minister 'met witness' (Tony Blair)

Senate poised to pass, Bush likely to veto, stem-cell bill

(Israel) Left-wing rally: Negotiate with Hamas, Hizbullah

Bush Administration Plans Medicare Changes (payments cut 20-30%)

Despite Joint Statement on Mideast, Strains Emerge as U.S. Supports Israel


When is someone gonna Plame me?

Cowboys safety Davis shot twice, in stable condition

John Henry Bonham Fans: Enjoy. (dialup warning)

When is someone gonna flame me?

I coming up on a billion posts. Ask me anything about hyperbole

Cubs are getting tore up...

Hey everyone! Now you can dress your Zwinky!

why is "the devil wears prada" getting slammed by reviewers?

For IT Duers, I Have Unix Questions

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

What movie should I watch tonight?

What's up with the time on DU?

Global Warming - hosted by Tom Brokaw

does anyone know a good device for taping cell phone calls?

I made a tinfoil tiara at camp

saw the previews for HOLLYWOODLAND...

Don't watch this if you've never ridden a motorcycle....

I have an ATA question. Can someone pretend to be a PC specialist?

For my 3000 post

Mods! Rock this thread!

Mods! Spock this thread!

Mod! Glock this thread!

I have an ATA question. Can someone pretend to be Skinner?

Mods! Rock this thread

Mods! Cock this thread!

When you get caught between the moon and New York City

Why do cocks crow?

Lord save us, yet ANOTHER repuke senator songwrighter-Hatch!

Picture time, post a picture of you and your ride

Ask me a Question!

Poll: Best Jan Terry video

&*^#[email protected]*(&^%....."Python" isn't on Channel 13 tonight...

Hooters Chairman found dead in his home. He was 69

"The Boo-KAAAY residence, the lady of the house speaking..."

Something to take the heat off.

Curmudgeonly cynics of the Lounge check in here!

Post YOUR music videos

Where is everybody?

I come home and my house is roasting--the F*cking A/C died!!!!!!

Where's my Top 10?

I wanna learn to play steel guitar - any advice?

Where has Random_Australian been?

I'm feeling unusually deceptive tonight. Anyone need extra crappiness?

Prince - When you were mine...

Talk to me....I want information people!!

If y'all wouldn't mind, I could use some crossed fingers

My eyes, MY EYES!! I feel so dirty!

Billyskank has been saying things about all y'all

Sorry Vancouver DUers - I just got back from Kamloops now.

I'm baaaaack. Or, am I?

Screw you AT&T

People who lived through the Cuban missile crisis, please share

Well it finally happened: Firefox nuked my bookmarks after an update.

Ever been to the USAF museum in Dayton?

Any DU realtors? What's it like as a career?

Does real love ever die?

we need help with a girl's name.

Post a picture of your best friend

How good is your "Gaydar"?

Classic Rock suggestions for a funeral...

I'm never going back! No! No!

Post the Lyrics of a Song that Reflects Your Current Mood.

Should I tell my neighbors their cat looks like Hitler?

Adam Kennedy becomes a free agent at the end of this season.

Looking for a few videos

let me just watch this one sink like a stone, too *sigh*

11 oclock at night and it is 93 degrees.

How do you react to stress?

Well, another episode of Chappelle's Show Lost episodes is on, almost over

To kiss or not to kiss : that is the question.

To everyone who helped me w/ interview clothes - see what I picked....

do you consider yourself a snob just cause, or because you really...

Do atheists believe in 'love'?

The Daily Psychic IV

John Kerry Was Right: Iraq in Civil War

What an idiot we have at the helm...

Israel is preparing the battlefield


I highly doubt we were ever alive to him in the first place

Hilarious parody toon of Burger King ad.

watching "The War Tapes" creators being interviewed on cspan right now

I was hoping the rule of law, our system of justice would impede,...

Self Delete

The M$M is just drooling all over the idea of WWIII. Great ratings.

Isolating countries like Sryia work?

Israel/Lebannon Killed today? JOKE!! more will killed in Iraq

just saw an inconvenient truth

Check out front page, disturbing picture of war.

Is anyone watching the Brokaw special on global warming on Discovery?

My Father has become a total Liberal Neocon/Warmonger

Post pictures of a "fat" Bill Clinton

Help me understand the geography of the current conflict...

Next on CNN, Nancy Crace Show. Guess the coverage.

Fucking Discovery Channel Canada isn't showing the Tom Brokaw special

Caption Mister Body Language (with protruding tongue, no less)

Fundamental ideas behind political motivations...

My family - Democrats, but they swallow it all...

Global Warming, CO2 And The Keeling Curve - Facts For Skeptics

What is your view on the GOP? Are they Evil or ignorant?

Canadians Already In The Streets Over Lebanon... Anything Happening Here ?

What happened to the Science Channel?

I think we can all agree that watching children starve to death must stop.

USNews&WorldReport: That Times Leak Was No Surprise

A gentle reminder: China owns more than 320 BILLION of our foreign debt.

another bit of bias from the media-re: mexico

Agree or Disagree with this Statement by Feingold on Middle East Conflict?

James Wright, candidate for TX House calls for *s impeachment.

Check the interesting results in this Ha'aretz poll:

Let's listen to Matt PUDGE & see how much he SUCKS n/t

Lip service to Lieberman is his liability

To what extent are a country's "people" responsible for their government's

At least they waited until after the World Cup.

Public Service: Driving tips

Onion: Arabs, Israelis Sign 'Screw Peace' Accord

Bush's Sunni puppets hiding out in the Green Zone want us to stay now

Americans won't be forced to evacuate Lebanon will they?

Bush Government Now Blames Syria

Why They Beat Us

Global Warming Special starting on the Discovery Channel...

If someone must suffer consequences, who should suffer most?

Elite Border Patrol agents trained to rescue immigrants

Larry King guests: Shimon Peres, John Bolton, John McCain. Fair, balanced?

For any who think Jews cannot discuss Israel objectively, read this,,,

What is your economic class ...

Apropros quotes, given the world situation right now:

FYI: "Supersize Me" on Sundance Channel now, 549 DirectTV. nt

Is RI Senatorial Candidate Carl Sheeler a member of DU?

McKinney, Kucinich, Waters...gotta see this!! ----- > VIDEO

Drought threatens Amazon basin

Did people "vote against Carter" in 1980? I'm trying to find some

Glenn Beck..Is he just a big queen? He pings like a Chinese gong.

7 Canadians killed in Israeli air strike

Novak is the most obvious liar I've ever seen

Hey! What's going on in AMERICA? So focused on Middle East...there's Heat

(On FITZ.) Novak MTP interview held two very interesting pieces of info...

Tucker Carlson trashes Bush?

What is the status of the Fitzgerald investigation?

Am I un-American?

***On the Ground in Iraq - BAGHDAD BURNING!!! (Riverbend) CSPAN2 10PM***

British and Afghan forces nearly overrun in an attack by 200 Taliban

Not being able to speak Hebrew or Arabic sucks when trying to get...

The Middle East Explodes and Bush Sleeps

Journals--tell the truth!

The a-hole DIED - the doctor who blew up the townhouse

I just heard Pat Buchanon call the Israelis "unchristian" for mass killing

"Welcome back"

Whoa, Texas DUers - What's up in the Governor's race there?

Have any journalists done an in-depth story on who supplies who with weapo

Public schools perform on par with private schools, study says

What the world needs is a syndicate of news blogs.

If you have a strong stomach (Fox headline)

Fuck 'em revised: Let's try another. Who do you "stand with" in this

Why can't governments see that war is a lose, lose situation?

Islamofascism is a filthy putrid ideology

For those who found Vendetta an apt metaphor, you MUST see:

Video: Lebanese Woman Blames Bush, America (for IDF attack)

If, hypothetically, we must accept that our nation has been...

Anderson Cooper in danger! Wearing flak jacket!

(Iran & North Korea) Someone is full of shit. I just realized something...

Looking for a few videos

Mexico protests their election results (photos)

Scraping flesh off Humvees for $7/hr

National Geographic Channel - Secrets of Revelation - NO RAPTURE!

Idiot In Chief: A Douchebag In 60 Seconds (my latest Flash)

Your 9\11 Erection Will End Soon, So Order Now !!!

impeach the criminals and remove them from office.

Bad president. BAD BAD president.

WP:Obrador Urges Civil Resistance, police estimated crowd 1.1 mil

Boy Do I Wish Clinton Was President Right Now

PATCO 25th Strike Anniversary

Local Wal-mart project in jeopardy (cartoon)

To the idiot that was on AriannaOnLine last year

Me, Hugo and George by Cindy Sheehan

G8 2006 - The Whoopie Cushion Summit

Does anyone have videos of Dem Fest?

Does anyone have videos of Dem Fest?

Screw you AT&T

Where's Your Messiah Now? (A message from W)

Tightie Righties

Domestic partner benefits popular

MSNBC's front page Israel-Hezbollah photo (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC)

Latino vote may be wild card in election

If the repubs and the MSM can sell WWIII

U.S. toll roads increasingly sold to foreign companies

I like Lieberman

'Going to have to sell my house ... or die'

WP, pg1: New alliance of Democrats spreads funding millions

Arizona Ballot Could Become Lottery Ticket

"She's never been married"

What's your gut feeling about the upcoming elections?

A spiny Dem could make an issue of Bush's lack of concern for Americans

American students haven't been rescued yet. What did Rummy

John Kerry Was Right: Iraq in Civil War

WP: Hezbollah chief, Hasan Nasrallah: man of god, gun and government

AP: Fallout Threatens Mideast Political Map

USNews: That Times Leak Was No Surprise (SWIFT Leak Was Expected)

Deadlocked Supreme Court: 'Someone's Voting Twice'--Onion

From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You 'Axis of Evil':Rich

Mid east turmoil

WP, pg1: U.S. Border Town, 1,200 Miles From The Border

A New Alliance Of Democrats Spreads Funding --WaPo

Signing Statements Watch-- Froomkin Blog --WaPo

Inconvenient truths: Chaldea, Phoenicia . . will Syria and Persia be next

DOGMA: Mother Superior and the Rebellious Student

Caught on Candid Camera

Robert Dreyfuss: Neocons Rise From Mideast Ashes

LAT: For Better or Worse, He's on It, Waxman knows how to make GOP squirm

JOE BAGEANT: The Beauty Of The System

The west must recognise that Israel's agenda is in conflict with its own

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 252

Gen. Odom: Reverse domino theory may be playing out in Middle East

Is it time for WWIII?

"Why Is Bush Spying On Democrats?!?"

It's a good thing Greenland's glaciers are melting. We can get the oil.

Atomic Balm: Long NYT Magazine article on Nuclear Power.

800 Watt Hours A Day! The Most Efficient Modern House?

Thinking The Unthinkable

Has your poison ivy gone crazy?


All Energy for Europe Could Come from Concentrating Solar Power

House Backs U.S-Russia Polar Bear Accord

Why does every nation but Israel have to abide by UN resolutions?

Do you believe Israeli leadership sincerely wants a...

Do you believe Israeli leadership sincerely wants a...

"The fighting was triggered when Hizbollah,...seized two Israeli soldiers

Without forgiveness

Militia Rebuked by Some Arab Countries

No to Syria, Iran agents

The rocket menace that no one wanted to acknowledge

Olmert: We'll fight on until attacks end, soldiers returned

UN peacekeeping force: Israel hindering aid in South Lebanon

Hezbollah flags snapped up

Rocket topples building in Israel's Haifa, casualties

Another TinHat moment. Looking back on Isreali PM Sharon,

The Road to War

Blair, Annan call for int'l force in Lebanon; Israel: It's too soon

IDF soldier killed in Nablus

Do you still believe that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon?

Was Osama in a hospital on September 11, 2001?

Excellent primer on fire in steel framed buildings

Its Official - Kennedy files Qui Tam

Doing maths in Mexico

If there was fraud in 2000, would that have affected exit polls in 2004?

ERD News. Mon. 07.17.06 - Greg Palast THANK YOU !!!

Democrats & ACLU Challenge New Mo. Voter ID Law

Bruce Braley in Prime Time!

faith-based pregnancy centers (i.e., all in Texas by law) mislead

Teachers split over picks for governor

St. Mary's gets $1 million DoD grant to study how to limit FOIA

Watch Chris bell's new TV ad!

Cakey chocolate chip cookies.

Alright, am I COMPLETELY insane?

I made flour tortillas over the weekend

Calm down, it's only "Lebanese-Canadians" who were killed...

"Canada must send a message: Israel has gone too far"

Montreal relatives of slain family beg for support

Geez, take a look at the OFFICIAL government web page of the

Visiting Toronto area for a few days - need recommendations

Megachurches build a Republican base

Israel bombs Palestinian Foreign Ministry

300 Texas Guardsmen head for Iraq

Chavez's foes decide on primary

Democrats hope minimum wage push pays off

Reuters: Attack on Iraq market kills about 40: police

Quake felt near Indonesia capital


Israel sends ground forces into Lebanon

Iraq and U.S. sign commercial agreement

Iraqis turn to drugs to escape violence

Al-Aqsa: "We kidnapped a soldier in the West Bank"

USNews: That Times Leak Was No Surprise (SWIFT Leak Was Expected)

Nine people dead in West Java's southern coast after tsunami

Bush slip puts pressure on Syria

Arizona Ballot Could Become Lottery Ticket

Reuters: Taliban will be broken by year-end: Afghan minister

Iraq raps Putin for 'sarcasm' on Iraqi democracy

Russia may send troops to Middle East

Iran calls for Israel-Lebanon truce, prisoner swap

Some Arab govts blame Hezbollah for Middle East mess

Space shuttle ends successful mission in Florida

Vote buying may have made difference in Mexico election

NYT: (After a year) Hurricane Katrina Aid Flowing Directly to Homeowners

Rep. Lewis (R-CA) retains defense in lobby probe


Military leaders foresee Iraq exit in 2016

Afghans: Taliban Take Control of 2 Towns

U.S-led forces under heavy fire in Afghan south

AP: FBI Initially Sought Padilla's Cooperation

Supreme Court Studies Measures to Improve Michigan Juries

Just now on the Situation Room: They

‘Thank you, Jesus!’ lands man in slammer

London Officers Who Shot Brazilian Over Terrorist Fears Won't Be Charged

Death toll in Indonesia tsunami at 86

Writer Mickey Spillane, creator of detective Mike Hammer, has died at 88

More than 100,000 flee Lebanon for Syria

AP: Iranian Official Suggests Prisoner Swap

Hezbollah rockets attacking Israeli hospital in Safed

Immigration reform unlikely soon, Bush tells Fox

Israeli strikes on Lebanon kill 41 people (Reuters)

Widow of late Justice Blackmun dies

Italian spy chief faces sack over alleged role in CIA kidnapping

Mystery Writer Mickey Spillane Dies

Death toll from tropical storm Bilis rises to 188 in China

US defends rights record to United Nations panel

Russia May Send Navy Ships to Lebanon — Source

AP: Space Shuttle Discovery Lands Safely

Soldier killed in Afghan clash

NYT: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Unveils Plan to Reduce Homelessness

Japan Completes Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

Halutz: No intention to attack Syria at this time

LAT: Record Power Usage Accompanies California Heat Wave

Reuters: Lebanese TV says Israeli aircraft shot down

LA TIMES: Israel Considers Conditional Cease Fire

Iraq market massacre leaves 48 dead (coordinated bomb attachs)

Hewlett-Packard can pack big loads of information in tiny chip

Democrats challenge new Mo. voter ID law

Bush caught on open microphone

STOP INTERFERING: Trade unionist blasts US aggression

UK 'faces Dunkirk-style pullout' (in Lebanon)

3 American soldiers killed in Iraq

Breaking: Associated Press Reports Tsunami off Java Island.

Rep. 'Duke' Cunningham denied tribute

South Carolina State Rep. Charged With Assault With Intent To Kill

Chertoff: Feds Need More Data From La.

Mexico crisis deepens with civil resistance plan

Oil spill shuts down Savannah River

Strip club king goes to church looking for votes

Syria offers safe haven to US nationals fleeing Lebanon

Cheney: National security top priority (criticizes NYT)

GOP looks for 2004 gay marriage replay

Democrat leads in Minn. Senate poll

Blair, Annan Call for Troops in Israel

Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton

U.S. to begin evacuation of citizens in Lebanon by cruise ship on Tuesday.

AP: Israel sends ground forces into Lebanon

Senator Clinton Speaks Up for Israel at U.N. Rally

Britain set to sizzle in hottest temperatures ever (Possible 100F+)

Pregnancy centers (faith-based) mislead girls, says congressman (Reuters)

Proposed New Group: People Who Prefer Metaphors

Popcorn! Fresh hot!

Life sucks...

Is this just new to me?

Help! My laptop keyboard suddenly stopped working

You turd.

Sand art (hypnotic flash video link)

We will NOT be talking about SEX in this thread

yvr girl is such a meanie

So have Yvr and billy done the deed yet?

Just had a "Holy Crap!" moment here...(YouTube)

"Steeempy, you...hubba hubba..."

So have billy and I done the deed yet?

I feel like such a slacker

Arlo Guthrie, Johnny Cash, and the Pickle Song.

Anyone else having problems getting to Google?

I don't care about any conjecture as to who is getting it on with whom.

How well do you know the siblings of the stars?

Good Monday Morning, Crew!


Falling TV Sets Now A Real Public Health Issue

Brokaw: Global Warming Makes The Letter "L" Difficult To Enunciate

Being stung by a bee or whatever


I had a terrible nightmare this morning about terrorists.

Computer experts: is this experiment safe for our computers.

Goodnight all

Are these cats GOP donors?

DU input needed... My son wants a "Mustang Ranch" birthday party...

God hates you

Man's Car Stolen Twice In Two Days

And so ends the least productive weekend of my life.

For only £ too can own these coat hangers!

"Grumpy old men"

I bought Kumquats yesterday - now what can I do with them

Happy Birthday, James Cagney!

Just got back from my 20th high school reunion.....

The Eggstractor is no longer available!!! (sad, truly sad)

Dancing around the world

Rocky VI

Shuttle lands in just a few minutes.

Rhyme time.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/17/06)

Even kids hate bush

Some poems of mine, if y'all really care...

Anthony Bourdain and crew caught in Beirut crossfire

Help me remember a short animation from 20+ years ago

A true story my friend in the Israeli army just sent me

So I finally saw Syriana

Australians Upset Over Loud Barry Manilow Music

Big Boss of Hooters Restaurants found dead at his home on Sunday

ELEPHANT Swim Call NOW! 10:15 AM EST

I just wanna talk to the Water Company!!!

I was at the store 2 nights ago and saw a dog locked in a truck

Rock was horrible until the Beatles

Should I buy a ferret as a cuddly, fun pet?

what anti-social behaviour did you demonstrate this weekend?

Is Alton Brown having a mid-life crisis?

Most Beautiful woman in the world - Aishwarya Rai

I got to shoot a Glock this weekend!

I've figured out the root cause of all the troubles in the middle east...

Virginia Doesn't Have Cowboys...

Ladies- on those boozy nights, be sure to wear nice pants!

O.J. Simpson's search for the real killer takes him to Louisiana.

Should I buy a human as a cuddly, fun pet?

best thing to lift one's spirit

Spending next semester student teaching in Germany...where must I visit?

So I dreamed I was a prisoner in Iran.

So I dreamed I was a prisoner of Iman.

little steven's underground garage - does anyone listen to it?

Songs about the heat.

An Ipod question

Heat Wave

I had a dream about grocery shopping.

Eek! My sister vanished!

I'm Too Chickenshit To Post This In GD: When Do You Think The First '08

"Fish" Yes!

Should I buy a rhinoceros as a cuddly, fun pet?

I hereby declare July 17 as Blame Copycats Day in the Lounge.

Yes' "The Fish"

Men's Synchronized Swimming (1:59)

I hereby declare July 17 as Herk Copycat Day in the Lounge.

Eek! My sitar vanished!

I hereby declare July 17 as Fame Copycat Day in the Lounge.

GooGoo Dolls and Nick Cave both have albums called "Let Love In"

Ever Talk Sex with Scarlett Johanssen?

Congratulations IndianaGreen!! 40,000 posts

Don't you hate it when somebody apologizes?

"Bush is a liar!" said a 7 year old in our neighborhood

When a band breaks up so the singer can go solo...

What's on your iPod?

Daytime TV - Are there really that many people who don't know

So I dreamed I was a prisoner of your mom.

Okay, bring on the heat — I'm ready

Show us the smilies that have a profound

The Sugarcubes' "Birthday." Happy song or creepily pedophilic song?

Have you guys seen the Breakdancing Baby?

Tavernertoddler wants to come to my workplace today

Can a gifted deejay add value to music with a perfect segue?

Ralph Reed is the biggest slime on the planet.

Eek! Ken Starr vanished!

Ever watch "Talk Sex," with Sue Johanson?

Bio-Tech Firm Claims To Produce Allergy-Free Kittens (Cost: $3,950)

I'm sorry: There is no logical reason that Taverner should exist

going overseas? try this airline.....

Noel: "Can I wear my Batman costume in the pool?

"Nah gah dah!" Remember Dana Carvey imitating G. Bush the first?

I have some friends stuck in Beirut.

Eno's tribute to Can.

is it crappy Rock bands day in the lounge?

Led Zeppelin's "Hot for No One"

DU groups

What America needs is a professional kickball league.

Emergency William Shakespeare thought of the day.

Do you guys remember a website that allows you

Gas just went up a dime overnight again, didn't it?

No spam in 48 hours (not that I'm complaining); anybody else?

Am I a good husband or what?

Coed Call Girls

I love Simply Red.

I simply love Red

post here if you flashed led zeppelin while at band camp

Oh cheer up!

Well, you Vancouver DUers missed a good night

I've been very depressed - I want to leave the world

What is a good price for a set of used Titleists?

Know anybody who ever worked at the Hooters corporate HQ?


One of my favorite socks is now an orphan.

I'm getting morose

This plane is definately crashing

Wow, today is boring

I read Simply Love

I hereby declare July 17 as Blame ZombieNation Day in the Lounge.

Video: Jenova Witnesses

Am I a good wife or what?

if you're bored-funny bush videos

Bad food combinations?

Millie is coming HOME!!!!

Who is the most disgusting form of human existence living today?

If I Hid All The I/P Threads In GD..........

I want it.

I'm sorry: There is no logical reason that Styx should exist

Woman calls 911 for date!


New DU group - former average children?

NCC 1701 officially released tonight at midnight!

Hey! Oprah's bra is on today's show, girlfriends!!

Men's drink rules

Jeez, I go away for one weekend and WWIII starts

I'm sick.

What's your IQ?

I'm ONE away from 5,000... ask me anything!

Are there any "women's laws" similar to "men's laws"?

Monster House-anyone going to watch it?

Oprah Says She and Friend Not Happy

‘Thank you, Jesus!’ lands man in slammer

Gidney Says Oprah and Her Friend Not of Interest.

Does your job match the degree you studied for?

CBS to advertise on Eggs (not kidding - Eggs!)

People who lived through the Cuban Music crisis, please share

Oprah Says She and Friend Not Gay

Can we/should we still say 'shit'

Favorite Black Sabbath era

warning, this is a real advertisement...


Man Sues Over Exposed Genitals In Yearbook Photo

Are there any bands or artists that NOBODY hates?

Will the 100,000th DUer registered be "The Chosen One"?

Fair warning

So Bush said Shit...

I'm more gifted than you is.

My husband just totally snubbed me, on IM!

R.I.P. Mike Hammer

and should 'gifted' be a rigid concept anyway?

Omnivores: Have you ever thought about going carnivore?

Hey everyone! everythingsxen read Simply Love!

Ipod survey for the really bored people

I need a hug. Wah!

Microphones also picked up this conversation between Bush & Blair.

102 degrees and no AC in car

"The Peak"; "The River" -- what are radio stations called where you live?

Man named Sioux exposes genitals over Yearbook Photo

Hey everyone! everythingsxen read Simply Red!

Speaking of M. N. Shymalanaman.. I saw "Night of the Living..."

98 degrees and no AC on the scooter

Check out this two-toned lobster. Colors split down the middle

Don't ask me why. Ask me anything!

Carrots wait for no one

and should 'rigid' be such a gifted concept anyway?

Herbivores: Have you ever thought of going Carnivore

Oy vey!! NBC News already has theme music

how come they dont come out with Pepsi flavored Coke???

Suspected German thief robs judge at own trial

Teevee weather doofi are lying fuckpoles

Well, if you're bored...

Hey girlfriends, Oprah show today is on bra's!

Happy Family Peanut Butter Contest

And now for the ladies..Barry White

Stupid heat. I was going to take new pics today but

Hahahaha. Funny pic about WMD's.

LynneSin will really hate me for this one: I fucking hate The Who

What ever happened to Taking Exams on regular old paper?

There's a dead bishop on the landing

Already oppressively hot in hampton roads......

I hereby declare July 17 as Lame Copycat Day in the Lounge.

Note To Self: Do NOT Park Scooter In Full Sun At Work For 8 Hours

Holy Moley,,.wer'e having a monsoon. High winds...a big limb from our


Lovely. Car battery is dead and my cell phone's gone missing.

Why do they call strippers "Exotic dancers"?

If your a coffee lover, you’ll love this.

NCAA 07 officially released tonight at midnight!

I finally got my mom to join DU

CBS should dump Katie "Spunky" Couric and go with Lara Logan

Need a new desktop computer....

I highly recommend the King Tut exhibit at The Field Museum in Chicago

Don't you dare!! ask me anything thread..

164 degrees on the asphault. 104 degrees in the AIR--OKC

Bush caught uttering s**t...why I thought born

Empty house holds cops off for 5 hours

I'd like to know why you can say PISS but not SHIT on American TV?

What a beauty! And she's preggers... I need to trap her.

DU input needed... My son wants a "Mustang P-51" birthday party...

Most stupid petition EVER: re-shoot the new Beyonce video!

What skin care product can can you not do without

I'm leaving DU for this reason.

how come there are 6 identical threads here?

My son's career came to an end today, fired for MySpace

"Lady in the Water" - guess the twist.

Five years ago today my youngest brother was

William Shakespeare has no thoughts for the day.

Congratulations ih8thegop!! 15,000 posts


I just shouted "GAAAAAH, FUCK YOU!" at an air conditioner user's manual.

Eek! My star vanished!

Was Sir Elton the first guy to use Pedal Steel in Pop-Rock tunes?

Check it out.


To be honest, there isn't a band out there I couldn't find at least 1 song

Yet another "Ask Me Anything" thread

Oprah Winfrey: "Gayle And I Are Friends, Not Lesbian Lovers"

Things that weren't such a good idea, in retrospect:

You people have been very naughty tonight.

Please, good thoughts. I have another house showing tomorrow

Post two lies about Ava -- I'll start

Things you may not have known about me....then it's your turn....

Random picture thread

Finally over a three day migraine

If you have Lounge Mojo to spare, I could use some

When is my cat going to forgive me for stepping on her tail?

Need advice! What company delivers the best cell phone service?

bbernardini's Six Degrees of Separation! (Music edition!)

**I found my new cat! And...the name revealed!**

I had a dream about being a vegetable in a grocery store.

Man fined for smuggling eggs in underwear

WHY should I go to see "Lady in the Water," the new epic by M. Knight

gifts gifts gifts for everyone gifts

Carnivores: Have you ever thought about going vegetarian?

Mr Scorpio's Six Degrees of Separation

I'd like some feedback on this rant I just composed.

Do-It-Yourself Deity

Europe set for bigger station role

Anyone here seen Wordplay (the movie)?

House to vote on the Heil Hitler (HJR 88) Gay Marriage Resolution tomorrow

I just found out my childhood best friend Died Saturday.


I'm in serious trouble.

Volunteer needed to coordinate the August prayer thread

Anyone familiar with.....

Fascinating AMerican Prospect article on Lieberman & Dems '08

John O'Neill threatens Patriot Project with a Law Suit

Exposure time!

Some good news...

Kerry and Snowe to Introduce Bill To Expand Women Business Ownership


Some butterfly pics (Extreme dial-up warning)

Please forgive me but; I want to be in a shelter w/ Lara Logan

Anybody want a kitten?

Announcing my almost new car!! A 2004 Prius in silver, Here's a photo of

Aren't we each gifted in different ways?

WP: Abramoff Lobbying of White House Probed (emails, phone logs)

Bombs over Baghdad or was it Beirut?

Coast Guardsman faces KKK recruiting charge

A great way to save gasoline.

Muslims must be exterminated (Freepers)

Civilization 101

Catholic nuns’ federation criticizes Bush policies

Nuns' efforts aid Florida farmworkers

MONDAY TOON 7/17 - chasing geese?

Gay Marriage, Flag Burning Incite ME War.

Sorry to say, but there are "certain people" who are feeling

CSPN2 is reading Riverbend posts

Ask Pink To Sing "Dear Mr. President" On Letterman Thursday Night!

If you haven't seen this one from

Look who went to End Times Rev. Hagee's Apocalypse Party.

My nephew will be pulled out of bed in 6 hours.

40 more Iraqis dead

Which DUer is on

Parodies for all occasions - Part One

CONDI caught by open mcirophone at G-8, too!

Freep Beatle fans?

William Kristol (Bloodthirsty Neocon Chickenhawk) on WJ this morning.

So Just How Many Wars are going on right now?

The $1.2 Billion Minute (An Insiders Take)

100 degree temps in a lot of US cities today. DUers take care


July 17 1821 Florida formally ceded to the United States by Spain

Gingrich Says We are in WWIII - do you agree with him?

President Tired of G-8 Summit, wants to go home now.

Nazi group gets OK for Wis. rally next month

American Taliban on the March!

Sure has been a long time since the last Hate Mailbag feature...

Does anyone know if the Discovery's landing

William KKKristol, "Its Our War"....bullshit Bill.

I wonder how many Iraqi men, women, and children the USA killed today?

For Lawrence Eagleburger--he called in on WJ just now.

Check out these faces, two from Aryan Brotherhood

Creation Science Evangelist Indicted for Refusing to Pay $500k in Taxes

Discovery lands okay @ 0814 CST

Condi on Israel's actions

Bush told Blair: "I think Condi's going to go (to Mideast) pretty soon"

Juan Cole on the Israel-Hizbullah conflict

Hezbollah and the GOP: "The party of God"

I thought moving the Israeli/PA threads to the basement was a good idea

Georgie has the table manners of a PIG

Blessed Are The Peacemakers . . .

Gulf States Pledge $90 Million in Immediate Aid to Lebanon

Day 6: More Attacks (in Lebanon)

(VIDEO) Every Bomb You Make

Do the tank shells being fired in Lebanon contain depleted uranium?


I have no dog in this fight but here is my take on it from the Bible

Chimpy uses his razor-like repartee to get in last word on Putin...

(TOON) Rowson on the G8 Summit and Lebanon

Best ... CSPAN .... EVER

Bush frustration sparks expletive

Big Boss of Hooters Restaurants found dead at his home on Sunday

O.J. Simpson's search for the real killer takes him to Louisiana.

Happy Ba'ath Revolution Day!!!

Shrub's "We begin bombing in five minutes" moment

Good spot on NPR this morning re: Specter and Torture Boy

ELEPHANT Swim Call NOW! 10:15 AM EST

A New Alliance Of Democrats Spreads Funding

It's all Akhenaten's fault.

Why does MSM insist

Hey, the Discovery is Down Safely! Yea!

Anti-Anti-war Activity Op/Ed In Ft. Bragg Hometown Newspaper Sunday...

As if Victor Davis HANSON needs to out himself MORE as a wingnut

Wait till they start blowing up each other's Holy Sites.

Right-wing media all confused: Is U.S. now in World War III, IV, or V?

Anyone who tells you that the only path to peace is war is lying to you.

What will the Christian Righ say about Bush's use of the word "shit"?

Is it time for a Government in Exile?

Jim Webb for Senate

All the leaders of the world should be forced to live together in a hotel

Am I hearing right? Blair wants to, essentially, invade the Middle East?

Rice: "Israel may need to prolong Lebanon offensive . . ."

I keep waiting for

How Do They Get Ratings Numbers?

Other candid comments Bush will make on an open mic...

Murder, rape, assault: the secret crimes of London's diplomats

If you bought a bomb or bullet, then you're responsible.

Doing maths in Mexico

A mouthful of "shit" from Bush...

Freeper on Stephanie Miller got me REALLY angry - a small rant.

Had Enough? Vote Democratic in '06!

New Report: Americans (73%) Support FULL Due-Process For Terror Suspects

"Concerned Women" DECRIES Call for U.N. Women's Rights Agency

* eating lunch and talking with Blair - pics

Pakistan's 'jihadi option' threatens regional peace

Read This Outloud With Your Mouth Packed With Food.

Former CNN anchor now working at CBC in Toronto.

Neocons Rise From Mideast Ashes: By Robert Dreyfuss

Both sides are wrong

At the risk to my karma, my in-laws are fucking buffoons, ignorant

This dog&pony show on investment fraud & seniors on CSPAN now

House agenda when it returns is important and deserves protests.

Negroponte in trouble in Taiwan

Why is that the most powerful war machines are always calling for

Bumper Stickers....

Oh, those French! Somehow they are managing to get their citizens

POLL: After today's dumb-a-thon by the Prezinit,

So what happens in November?

Did we EVER hear Clinton curse?

6.3 Aftershock one hour ago from this morning's Tsunami quake.

IDF looks pretty tame by todays Bush standards. Think Shock And Awe

Don't Forget the Bloodletting in Iraq

Bush's puppets living in the Green Zone disliked Putin's democracy remark

Had An Interesting Discussion With My 11-Yr.-Old Cousin This Morning

C&L has video of Bush eating and talking

Java had a 3 meter (9 ft) Tsunami! Why they hell isn't it on the news?

The Christians, Jews, Muslims, & Their Shared God.

if the world were a village of 100 people:

When the Israeli

Urgent Warning: CNN prepares Israeli false flag war provocation. . . .

Fleeing Lebanese call bombing "indiscriminate."

You know, that Tony Harris guy on CNN is watchable...

Your tax dollars at work: The Director for Lessons Learned

Democratic Convention: Give it to Minnesota (Twin Cities)...

Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2006 Congressional Candidates

Future question Americans will be asking?

If anyone still harbored any doubts about Bush's intellect...

Lebanon now.. Lebanon forever

what's with americans in Lebanon having to go online and giving info

Deficit shrinks a bit, economic growth stalls. What does it all mean?

Editor&Publisher: The Right Should Show 'NYT' a Little Gratitude

Iraq rape trial tough for U.S. without autopsy

Just heard on MSNBC that Israel admitted to crossing borders first BUT

I am deeply offended that our president would curse like that resignation

Israeli Left-wing women protest: "We don't have children for wars"

Caption our fearless leader >>

CNN: " Israel is continuing its Attacks against Hezbollah" wtf?

Breaking News: Hell Freezing Over

Tsunami with a 6 Foot wave has just hit Java Island...

neo con Bill Kristol opened his mouth and said:

Discouraging chat with convenience store clerk today

I just got a recorded call telling me to vote Repub. against Reed tomorrow

Can't let the pursuit of peace get in the way of the killing spree

Milbank defends pre-war press coverage against Helen Thomas

Really Cool People Group Forming

Viacom to buy the Onion?

Bush being Bush at the G8 Summit from C&L!

Do you think Syria could get Hezbollah to stop shelling Israel? CNN Poll

Question for Virginians... or anyone who knows

History books may not forgive Bush, Blair for Iraq actions

So, who really killed the beloved of Lebanon, Hariri?

the one cent solution to warmaking

Breaking: Israel detains Al-jazeerah news chief. So much for free press

New '06 Senate polls: Md, MI, MN, and NJ

Who are those two kidnapped soldiers anyway?

Limbaugh Republicans want the Palestine people eliminated

Remember this photo?

If Hillary is the nominee; will you sit the Presidential election out?

Democracy Now! - interviews about Lebanon

How many Hezbollah's are there? I have heard about a thousand

Procrastinators group, can we form one, maybe tomorrow?

Self-pitying underachievers group mission statement.

Can you believe that stupid broad Kyra on CNN not allowing the mother

Telegraph UK: United States "COULD BE GOING BANKRUPT"

Now what if Israel kills their own soldiers? nt

What would Jesus do? Not as Bush would . . .

I just saw the video of Bush and Blair...what an uncultured maroon!

Christian Newswire headline: Fascist Rule in Jackson (Mississippi)

New DU group idea: "Serious About Winning"

Email from Beirut

Just heard that Hillary is leading a "pro-Israel" demonstration in NY?

Missile destroyer USS Gonzalez escorting ship for Lebanon evacuation

Deleted by author. Misunderstanding of what CNN stated was their

Plan to sell American toll roads to foreign companies

Is the real reason that bush* is pResident because of his lying abilities

yesterday our good friends were over for dinner and Ron and I

MSNBC--Condi to shuttle to the ME... NOW we discover diplomacy?

Blowing the Whistle on Diebold

NAACP chief calls on Bush to speak at convention

I'm sure everyone keeps 150 lbs of dynamite on their front porch

Time is tight for Israeli offensive: sources= Keep pressure up!

Anyone interested in a "Living in the Shadows of the Gifted People" Forum?

It looks like Hillary criticizing Dems for wasting time just another lie

Krugman: The "experts," Then vs. Now, on Iraq

The Pacific "Ring of Fire"

John Bolton: "Security Council not do anything to unsettle the matter"

Bush can't do anything but launch his own "whispering campaign" against

A BBC Reporter in Baghdad Said Iraq Was in a state of "Anarchy"!

Remember the movie "Lean on Me"? ... I found some interesting

Mudcat Saunders was just liveblogging at kos and not ONE question asked

CNN webpage has video/audio of Bush* 'shit' comment. Classy guy.

No scientific basis for 'born gay' theory

Anderson Cooper and the rest of the news flunkies must like covering this

All 50 State Constitutions invoke God. Look!!!!

Dennis Hastert: "Truthiness" Teller

I just have to ask this:

We Are Not Exiting Iraq Until 2016

are all 24hr restaurants right wing?

Which is worse "pig" or "shit" comments by Mr.bush?

New DU group - former sub-average children?

New DU group - former average children?

1000's of Palestinians in Israeli prisons, have they all gone to trial?

Do you believe Israeli leadership sincerely wants a...

CNN Breaking Live!

Right Wing blogger discovers what compassionate conservative truely means.

I click on the CNN website and this is what I see...

Is peace unattainable because it doesn't generate enough profits?

Here's the Bush Table Manners Clip & Transcript from "Think Progress!"

Simple solutions from a simple president

Possible Tropical Depression forming off Coast of Carolinas

Gingrich: ‘This Is, In Fact, World War III’ And The U.S. ‘Ought To Be Hel

The Results of Deception:It Is Critical for the Mexican People to Act ..

Why does every nation but Israel have to abide by UN resolutions?

Oprah Says She and Friend Not Gay

What's your IQ?

Unplugged Bush , Blair speak frankly on Mideast

"Lebanon is Hezbollah and a 15 year old girl is a woman."

DeWine uses 9/11 images to attack Brown on terrorism

Did Idiot Son ever think about the mideast before he stole the presidency?

A Congressman who kept his word

Every time a DUer insists the troops really don't support Bush...

Deja Vu:Cable News "analysis" seems like the Iraq build up all over again.

Want to really help the troops? Here's a place to donate to a good

Blog taxonomy in a nutshell. The importance of tags and categories.

About to Puke after just seeing W Curse, Chew & Talk at the G-8

Idiot Son's butter roll babbling buffoonery in full view of the world.

Cenk Uygur: Bill Kristol has an "infinitely sick" attitude about war

Americans in Lebanon while Israel bombs away...

The Hezbollah have rockets that can go up to 12 miles...

Just heard on MSNBC that the citizens of Gaza have been cut off from food

110 degree heat index, humid as hell, and I just saw

Naming names: Who are the Fundamentalist Whackos in our Government?

WTF is with Campus Progress? ('toon censorship)

It's the calls Bush didn't or couldn't make that might mean the difference

Regroup and re-frame: "We are fighting the aixis of evil..."


Imagine being liberated from a Nazi death camp only to be imprisoned

Sugar Land Third Best Place In U.S. To Live

But mommy I was just acting like the president...

Bush's "shit" doesn't bother me at all

Damn political phone calls. A pox on ALL their houses.

Bloods + Crips + Religious Zealotry = Hezbollah/Hamas

Will the world like us again when we finally get rid of Bush? I know


Blogger: Smears and mudslinging keep US the most ignorant nation on earth

"Over reaction" - a matter of necessity

First Amendment Issue: Help!!!!

War crimes in our face

FBI Urges Authorities To Be Alert for Possible Violence in U.S. Due to Mid

Is shit now good for a political dialogue?

Unbelievable how Shitty things have gotten in 6 short years.

Just now on the Situation Room: They

So when Christ, the Concealed Imam, and the Mahdi return

"History books may not forgive Bush, Blair for Iraq actions"

Need a break? Check out CBS Disaster Links page....

Out of all the offensive things Bush does, saying "shit" doesn't register.

and now, your rightwingnut military orgnaization of the day

US Charging Evacuees to Get Out of Lebanon

Read it and weep

The spectacle of U.S. citizens fleeing Israeli bombs is amazing

MSNBC >> Transcript: Bush's candid comments

Greenwald: "In what way are Hamas and Hezbollah enemies of the US?"

Israel floats peace plan

Japan forces wanted proof of appreciation from Iraqis for invading them

Who counts the votes???

The real aim in Lebanon: Regime change and a puppet government?

It just proves that some people DO say shit when their mouth is full of it

Israel softens conditions for cease-fire

Cheney: "Either we are serious about fighting this war or we are not"

Here's the VIDEO of Bush Eating like a Swine at the G-8 Summit

Democrats challenge new Mo. voter ID law

Miss Manners says: "Presidents should chew with their mouths CLOSED".

I see the French Prime Minister made it

Petition: Stop the Bush veto of stem cell research

Can you help with this freeper email.......

Tsunami Earthquake was a 7.7!

Randi is on FIRE right now ripping this administration apart!

When * learned the microphones where on.."he rolled his eyes and laughed"

Stupid questions about the Bush/shit video...

Arrogant ass has put the troops in jeopardy again...

If Bush were always president, shit.

Limbaugh: Invasion is a Gift to the World! (audio)

If CNN does not get rid of "Headon" as their sponsor i will shut it off

A brief history of Israel....

MSNBC reporter says people in Tel Aviv acting like nothing is happening

FBI: Money disappears from schools' retirement funds ($12 million)

What are the Fundies saying about *'s little "curse word"?

"The Insane Brutality of the State of Israel" CIA analyst

RudePundit is being interviewed on the radio!

MIke Malloy's blog: Bush Unplugged

So we are sending armed warships to Lebanon?

Was the US war against the Taliban of Afghanistan the right thing to do?

Forget "S***", what about "Pooty-Poot"?

They are getting ready!!

French-chartered ship leaves Beirut with 1,250 evacuees

Arlen Specter's ties to Evangelical Christian Rev. John Hagee (former COS

(VIDEO) Lieberman's latest pathetic attack ad, plus debunking

"Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone . . .

"Sunnis Want US To Remain In Iraq", crows NYTimes!

CBS should dump Katie "Spunky" Couric and go with Lara Logan

"Lopez Obrador... he is our Martin Luther King."

Caption this * pic

Wow. . .are you listening to this asshole freeper on Randi?

I don't give a FUCK about either side in the RELIGIO-FASCIST WARS

They want to send a Cruise Ship to go and rescue the Americans

Walking tall, and out: Dan Quayle storms out of John Mellencamp concert

Will New York Times print shit?

Boehner tries to rationalize his party's double standard on war images

Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton

A Lebanese neighbor of mine ...

Funny...(Maybe) But He Seems To Speak Plain English When Off-Camera !!!

Toon: What part of this war don't you understand?

(Israel + Iraq) John Warner (R-VA) thinks Israel is going overboard:

Report: Women misled on abortion risks

Remember Iraq? 3 more soldiers killed today- 2,553 U.S. dead

Time Mag works hard to mislead: Hamas/Hizballah pick a fight with Israel

PROPAGANDA LEAFLET IN IRAQ: Don't destroy oil industry!

William Kristol Gets Slapped Down! ON FOX NO LESS!

Crashcart Wants Security To Be Top Election Issue

It's not the four letter word, stupid.

Times of London: "Baghdad is now verging on total collapse"

Kiss it good by Mitt -- You blew it BIG DIG TIME

epiphany: Bush is the american pope

Oh Glory!!??

Tweety Interprets Bush: "Hezbollah....Stop the Ka..Ka!" MSNBC Hardball

What's next after Lebanon? You know where this is going, don't you?

Who gives a shit if ...

Poll after poll tell the same story...

Crazy Question - Do most Islamic Fundi men make women wear

Caption this Bolton pic...

IF get Syria to get Hizbullah to stop doing this shit,will it be over?

Matt Lauer: Israel, Bush, teaching Arabs not to be pro-American democracy

Why is the US using thermobaric weapons in Occupied Iraq?

When was the last time things were this bad in Israel?

Remember the bullshit about * being someone people would

Maybe this needs to be said.

Newsweek:Syrian intelligence helped avert two major attacks on U.S. target

Tweety is excited about a McCain-Guiliani ticket in '08

A message from a friend in Israel

When are the Democrats

A catastrophe of Biblical proportions. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! AAUGH

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Proposition to have an election lottery? Cast a vote maybe win a Million?

Florida law bans different interpretations of history in schools...

Bush "happy" to have Israel "pound" Lebanon/Syria

Feingold takes his war critiques on the road

Did the Israeli Captives First Trespass

This seems to ba reasonable and plausible plan for ending the

Today on CNN I have heard "SHIT" a dozen times

Parodies for all occasions - Part Two

Can you just imagine if Clenis has said "sh*t" at a Summit meeting?

If You Have Not Seen Generic Other's New Video, PLEASE DO!

Bush Has Tarnished U.S.

Is Bush Stress Eating These Days? It's Gonna Catch Up With Him!

Quick, vote CNN QuickPoll: Do you believe Israel is justified....

VIDEO: TOP STORY-How the Lebanon conflict is harming families/BBC 6PM News

Freepers cheer and applaud civilian deaths in the Middle East

Oh, for God's sake...the fact that he said "shit" ISN'T THE POINT.

Lou Dobbs Has HENRY KISSINGER on to 'Analyze' The Mid East War

HuffPo: Why we should draft Al Gore (even if he won't run)

Bush caught on open microphone

Cheerleading the Apocalypse

Bush names himself the decider, when he's actually the destabilizer

I don't give a damn about the ME- I want my tax dollars in AMERICA!

IDF says army leveling 1km of territory INSIDE south Lebanon

Dan Quayle walks out of Mellencamp concert over anti-Bush statement

Jean Schmidt campaign is close to broke???

There is no honor in war and there are no winners in war.

Some of Novak's Fellow Columnists Don't Buy Plame Explanation

I think it would be kind of cool if the Apocalypse happened in my lifetime

Seriously, how is the corporate media playing chimp's gaffe?


Savage dubbed "American left" "Nazis of our time,"

Here they are! Pics from DemocracyFest in San Diego - >

POLL: Is the term "Zionist" offensive?

Post a haiku about Chimpy's performance at the G8 Summit...

House to vote on the Heil Hitler (HJR 88) Amendment tomorrow. Take Action!

I got an answer to my inquiry re: 14 year old Iraqi rape victim

DU Still #1 for Progressive Democrats

Iraq’s salvation lies in letting it break apart (The Sunday Times)

Progressive Dems of America (PDA) Calls for an End to Israeli Occupation

Autism: "A whole body condition"

Official: Jack the Ripper identified

Steve Clemons freaked by the Cruise ship idea...because of NEOCONS

Israel: International force would hinder future IDF operations

Did anyone just hear the interview with an American in Lebanon on CNN?

How to use the Rapture Index to our advantage

Retired U.S. Air Force officer: Time to Get Out (immediate withdrawal)

Israel to create buffer zone

MSNBC--Hillary at a "pro-Israel rally". Lautenberg there too.

I Have Seen Too Many Hurling The Insult "Anti-Semite". Please Stop!

Howard Dean coming up on Tucker Carlson

So can we all agree that he's really stupid now?

bush open mic words:"an astonishingly simple-minded view of the situation"


Gov Dean: “I am tired of electronic voting machines we can’t trust”

Bush Should Take His Own Damn Advice!

I had NO IDEA there were so many M.E. 'Experts' Here On DU

NASA's Hansen on Gore: US came close to having the leadership it needed

Dear Mr. President, - Please let me walk - H.R. 810

I'm going to faint: GEORGIA Lawsuit: Voting Machines Hackable

The whole "defending ourselves" argument.....gimme a break.

We Use Our Gifts To Bring The Dream And Restore Democracy

Anyone know of a computer program to find OLD e-mail on a Hard Drive?


How do Democrats win white, conservative Southern Baptists?

Has anyone heard anything from Pat Buchanan

Hezbollah in Possession of a 200 KM Missile?

Why aren't Americans in the streets?

How is Israel any better than Hezbollah?

Since when did Israel lose the right to defend itself?

Just how portable are the launchers for these Iranian missiles?

Fred Phelps and his band of freaks were in my town today.

Joe Scarborough scheduled for the Colbert Report Wednesday night!

HOLY CRAP!!! North American Union has .gov website!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Look:

MSNBC Now: Bush accidentally blabbers & curses into open mic at G-8 !!11!

I wrote a book -

23 states enable corporal punishment in school.

Why is it permissable to slander Democratic candidates as "Greens"?

Beirut's English-Language "Daily Star" Hits Israeli Attacks

AP: GOP Seeks Replay With Gay Marriage Vote

Weekend Political Cartoon

interview with George Galloway

Who called the WJ & ragged Kristol just now?

Just saw Bush talking to Blair with his mouth full of food on CNN

Has Senator Boxer campaigned for Sen Lieberman yet?

Dems Fold Again - Democrats pull ad with flag-draped coffins

Subpoenas for the New York Times Nothing for 9/11 Terrorists

AP: National Guard Vet Seeks Minn. House Seat

CBO fiscal plan for Iraq: 2007 thru 2016 !!

And the burning bush shite upon the earth

Protest song

Growing number of voters ignore primary elections

Stem Cells on Senate Agenda This Week

In Newsweek's view, Israel-Hezbollah is all about Bush and his "legacy"

"Israel - bombing its way into irrelevance"

I have two words as to why we need to gain control of the house

Dutch will allow paedophile group

Another TinHat moment. Looking back on Isreali PM Sharon,

Condi finds criticism of U.S. occupation of Iraq to be "grotesque"

where is the irony that bush spoke about regarding syria, etc????

Another GOP related sex scandal

Time to offer an "alternative" Marriage Amendment.

It's the "Triangle of Everything-is-Going-Great."

Dennis Hastert: "Truthiness"-Teller

Italians, French, Brits, Greeks, others, evacuate their citizens, but.....

Israel has military might, so to quell the violence here's a stupid plan:

The irony of Israel bombing Lebanon

VIDEO: Maxine Waters at DemocracyFest

Israelis helping restore US neocons (this is the PNAC October surprise)

David Sirota sought work from Lieberman twice

Young, old and ill Americans get out of Lebanon

McCain: All of us want to withdraw (from Iraq. Really?), but...

MN - Strib Poll: Klobuchar way ahead of Kennedy to replace Dayton...

Ten thousands demonstrate in Syria today:

Slanted news coverage of Lebanon

Italy rescues 400 while Biondi and Americans register and wait........

Will the Israeli conflict affect our November elections?

The DCCC commercial and results for Democrats

A New Alliance of Democrats Spreads Funding (to LIBERALS)

(video title) "war in haifa. hisbllah attak haifa "

Minimum Wage To Be Increased to $7.15 in Pennsylvania (Gov. Rendell Signs)

Top Ten Idiots Redux, Famous Quotes Edition...

Ricketts (R) candidate 4 US Senate Look what the State party did!!!

As the tide turns - Five years after 9/11, political fallout

House to vote on the Heil Hitler (HJR 88) Amendment tomorrow. Take Action!

NYT/Reuters: Senator Bayh Calls for Renewed Focus on Middle Class

Big Dig... Bechtel

What is the efffect of a House RESOLUTION?

Al Gore for Speaker of the House

MidEast Crisis to Go: Dick Cheney Could Have Done It With One Phone Call

MD Senate: Cardin (D) 47%, Steele (R) 41%; Mfume (D) 44%, Steele (R)45%

Today stem cells do not cure a thing

Christians Schools not so hot when it comes to educating kids?

Why have none of the newscasters even mentioned Bush

Things are getting SO much better in Iraq

Watching Faux news yesterday with some Repub dickhead

Was the US war against the Taliban of Afghanistan the right thing to do?

Republican Congressional "Agenda"

Is it me or are high gas prices not hitting other areas for some reason..

NJ SEN: Menendez (D) 38%, Kean (R) 40% (Q-Pac)

Is Michael Bloomberg running for president in 2008?

Media Matters petition: Hate has no place on the airwaves

Swann in PA? No way.

Will Clean Coal work?

A glimpse at the future

Democrats and Progressives are ashamed of themselves

Why Would The Repugs Want WWIII As Part Of Their Talking Points..

Some advice from concerned Republicans for misguided Connecticut Democrats

The Shooter, The Rover, and The McMaverick

NO PETS! 1 suitcase, 30lbs to exit Lebanon.

Bush: "Get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over"

Ed Schultz doesn't have a clue about Mideast politics or policy

has DU moved to the right? (data and analysis) a twelve year old doing wheelies on a stolen bike.

There was Wellstone and Feingold.. Is it time for Sheeler?

RI Senate Race Update - Whitehouse Can Be Beat

As Bigger Piece of Economic Pie Shifts To Wealthiest, U.S. Deficit (down)

Patriot Project reveals Swift Liars paid $100K plus; liars threaten suit

Florida Today on Jeb Bush