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Archives: July 16, 2006

Minister Becomes Force on 'Religious Left'

Democracy takes a back seat as Putin sets agenda

"Too High A Price" Israel/Lebanon (The Nation -Editorial 7-15)

Haaretz: Time out in the fighting

Foreign companies are buying, running U.S. toll roads, bridges

voters still trust Repub over Dems to lead the campaign against terror

NYT: Baghdad's Survivors, The Instant When Everything Changed

UN rejects Lebanese call to intervene in conflict with Israel -

Parents of kidnapped soldiers want diplomatic moves to secure their releas

Gov't: Bnei Menashe can immigrate

Framing; Were the soldiers "Kidnapped" or were they "Captured?"

Fox News smack down

Greg Palast Responds re Land Shark ER Post on ChoicePoint/Private KGB! (+)

Georgia Grand Jury questions voting machine security

Leach votes both sides of an issue yet again! What will the press say?

Iowa under attack!

Protest Cheney in Davenport Monday July 16th

It's a happy birthday cake!

Homemade ice cream improvisation?

New softwood deal is not free trade

American inspector investigating Alberta BSE case

Jets 'incinerate' fleeing family (Lebanon)

US oil firms get little play at Bush-Putin meeting

Battles for Senate Seats Fierce, Costly

Arab League Split on Support for Hezbollah


Vanity Fair: Click Here for Conspiracy

Haitians march for Aristide's return

Russian "nyet" to US beef, pork meant no WTO deal

(A LOT OF) new web addresses created

Lebanon blames US for UN silence


Watchdog groups criticize Texas Speaker (lavish tax-paid apartment)

(Enron) The bankers, the big deal and the taint of scandal

AP: Abortion Backers, Foes Square Off in Miss.

Exiles' hopes for a free Tibet dimming

Nelson (Dem-Ne) receives sole endorsement by Nebraska Right to Life

Time Mag: A Steamy Spy Scandal at the State Department

AP: Thousands Flee As Ecuador Volcano Erupts

US vetoes UN ceasefire call

NYT: Senator Clinton, in Arkansas, Says Democrats Are 'Wasting Time'

The "Save a Jewish Baby" ad is a bit ironic today.

Question I had after watching "The Butterfly Effect"...

Don't click on this link unless you want the most resistant earworm.

RE: Firefighters underpaid

I just love youtube! This post is dedicated to Match Game

How many flying cats do you have?

Can I get some weed buying advice?

The world still hasn't ended yet .......

Just saw "An Inconvenient Truth" - wow. Just wow.

Wanna hear about my wild Saturday night?

I don't know where to go tonight.

Revealed: the man who killed 10,000 dogs

World's Most Dangerous Comic

Pee Wee: Giant Underpants! & Mr Bungle

Got to be part of a world record tonight

OK. After 23 months, am getting cable TV

Pretty Addictive Game

I now know what a "Terence Stamp" is! Yippee!!!!!

aaaaah! i just went through some major UNWANTED net drama

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

What's wrong with this picture?

Well, my dear friends..........I have just discovered something...

I think there's something seriously wrong with me.

I'm back from vacation!

Does anybody here play "Dungeon Siege"? I usually don't like video

If you're in a bar with a friend and he tells you he has diarrhea ...

Quality time with your SO poll

Deleted for reasons mentioned below.

bumper sticker ideas

Name a film that starts with the last word of the previous film's title.

"City Confidential" isn't nearly as good without Paul Winfield

never buy Alienware laptops... worthless pieces of shit!

I want to post something but I'm afraid a Republican might be insulted.

Monty Python on my PBS station right now!

I like "The Mythbusters," but: strong on science, way short on . . .

I've been kidnapped by a British dude. Ask me anything.

Where's Rev Acts?

I am at yivver girl's house! Ask me anything!

I had a short story published this week, ask me anything!

Pattie's revenge on Eric Clapton

What's the dumbest question you've answered this week

Does anyone ever actually say 'wØØt'?

Keep the cat off your car!

I just tried to add myself to my buddy list.

My mother passed away today

If it wasn't for the heat, I'd have bought a 2LB bag of M&Ms and would

Parents and of hands...who follows these guidelines?

Happy birthday, Supernova!

Am I the only person WITHOUT a damn song ringtone?

I'm watching you...

Dial M for Motherfucker

Post a picture of yourself drunk or partying

Ssshhhhhhh... Kiko is sleeping

Who are your Favorite Disney Characters?

"Right Behind"

Runaway tipping points of no return

Space diver prepares for big {25-mile} jump (

WNBA All-Star Game

Thank You Sugar Shane!

Michelle Wie and Danica Patrick

"The Many you's" - a Kryon channelling - April 1, 2006

Can any psychic/sensitives here spare a minute?

How about a game?

Anyone subscribe to Vanity Fair?

From today

Wes Clark On Fox Now

A line form "Syriana"

New field manual for soldiers: “Lose moral legitimacy, lose the war,”

I think Israel should suck it up...

How about a "temporary" forum for the Israeli- Hezbollah-Lebanese topic.

A line form "Syriana"

To end terrorism, unjust military occupation must stop

which First Amendment freedom is most important

Fox News smack down

It's in the air: the same hype that led to the invasion of Iraq.

Guy on Glen Beck's show CNN says Hezbolla wants $200/barell

We DID Have A Revolution To Strip Aristocrats Of Power. Right?

Iraqi children are being murdered by U.S. troops.

Hey dickhead, maybe it would help if you knew how to BE president.

Fourth Estate Radio Show 10pm- 1am

Middle East debacle - someone who really gets what's going on

Kucinich Speaks Out as Tensions Escalate in Middle East

Putin: Israel has goals other than troops

Blogs from inside Lebanon + 1 powerful Lebanese rant:

Do children beauty pageant contestents get plastic surgery?

I hope this comes to fruition (a "Counter Bush Library")

Guillotines On The White House Lawn. The Only Question Is Why?

Something we all should remember...

Israel Being Sacrificed by Bush to God of Oil& War: Isaac on the Altar

5 years later, 9/11 still a campaign tool

You Know...

Israel Takes A Stupid Pill, by Larry Johnson

Public Schools Perform Near Private Ones in Study

Apparently Pooty-Poot and the Chimp are On The Outs?

This is shameful.

A US soldier died today -roadside bomb in Irag (nbc evening news).

Dear Geoerge: How does it feel to be on the other side of "Bring it On"?

Revealed: the man who killed 10,000 dogs

You wanted to know who was responsible for DCCC pulling the Ad?

IDF: Residents south of Haifa will have one-minute rocket warning

Anyone watching CNN putting on the tinfoil hat re: twa 800

IDF officer denies report Israel planning to attack Syria

Didn't most Christian churches oppose the Iraq War?

Dahr Jamail: Refugees Speak of Catastrophic Bombing

Raining Rockets (in Lebanon)

Katyushas drive residents from northern communities

rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE part 4-Back to School!

Hey Dumbass Decider--Can we get a cease fire to get Americans out...

Is Israel Trying to Curb America's Deal-Making in Middle East? (TWN)

Is Israel Trying to Curb America's Deal-Making in Middle East?

So, I have this bullhorn now

Sunday Talk Shows

What happen to the GD page ..why the different format..Its terrible

Does Israel allow openly gay people to serve in their military?

question about AP's report on whether Ken Lay is really dead:

Let's Give Montana To Israel And End This Madness!

Why is Jewish Blood so cheap?

isn't it time israel learned the lessons of wal-mart?

Lebanese PM hints at anti-Hezbollah move


Is it true that Ken Lay's family or estate will not have to pay any monies

Question Republican Talking Points

I saw the greatest thing ever on the way home from work...

I was going out to get a snack but I'm afraid the Repubs wouldn't approve.

A spider comes out on my porch at dusk each night to weave a new web....

"Peace is dead", or a nonbeliever looking at some scripture

Why the rapture hasn't happened yet

White House hastily redesigns Washington Monument, Mt. Rushmore

Faith Drives Some To Refuse Patients Medication or Care

I know I've said this before.. But when did vegetables in the

Bush refuses to intervene, some Rep. Senators ask him to resign

F**k Gecko Gingrich...

In a squad of nine, six are charged, three are dead

Top Iraq General: "We're Closer To The Beginning Than We Are To The End

President Weekly Address re: the apocalypse

America's Royal Family

NYT: Unnamed "philanthropist" will fund 6 conservative documentary films

Former Bush Undersecretary of Commerce Kills his son and himself.

DC area robbers used weapons smuggled by soldier from Iraq

I just saw "An Inconvenient Truth"

New poll... total f'ing morons....

Aren't there a lot of Christians in Lebanon? Anyone have the stats? nt

Is winning elections going to be a Republican trait in the next few years?

"Team America" is on Showtime now. Interesting how it seems...

So if the ME get worst, Will we have to start the DRAFT?

Okay! I admit I'm a slave to BUSH '04 bumper stickers. Wanna know why?....

Israeli Objectives: Curb US Deal-Making Options In Middle East (Clemons)

Two kinds of Rapture motives

New DU Group - Former Problem Children?

who cares whether you like Hillary, or why?

Official Good News Thread. What Good Has Happened To You Lately?

Flash Animation starring Uncle Sam.

Greg Palast Responds re Land Shark ER Post on ChoicePoint/Private KGB!

Tomorrow and next week. What say the Democrats?

A question about Iran.

How the democrats should think and act...JOKE analogy..(warning)

U.S. diplomatic options limited in Israel-Lebanon conflict

I heard such a wild slur against Lamont today...

Push Poll Blames PA. Dem House Candidate for Not Catching Bin Laden

RawStory: Time: 'Steamy spy scandal' at State Dept.

Lieberman crying in the New York Times

How executives reaped millions in post 9/11 stock options

Ahhh..another crisis, another VP Cheney missing in action....

Someone wanted real info on climate change.

Jonathan Chait: Is Bush Still Too Dumb to Be President?

shhh.... can you hear it stir? conservative America wants a third party

What If... We Never Went To War In Gulf War One?

Feingold defends Israel's attack response

Bush on mid-east, who should act, and the pig; Putin's dig on Iraq

Clinton, in Arkansas, Says Democrats Are 'Wasting Time'

White House paying $100,000 salary to "Director of Lessons Learned"

As Nasty as they Want To Be

In regards to the pulling of the coffin ad (It's Super Secret!)

What small 'c' conservative values do you hold?

"a bunch of queers." "wrong kind of people" --KY State Senator

Deleted for reasons mentioned below.

Minister becomes force on 'religious left'

Back to the terrible year of 1982 (Lebanon)

He Let the Dogs Out!

Good LTTE-- Treaties become the law of the land

A Medical Crisis of Conscience--Wa Po

Bushisms Make Even White House Transcribers "Sic."

The Cost of Executive Arrogance

Gingrich says it's World War III --Postman-- Seattle Times

More "eenie, meenie, minie, moe" controversy: Why?

Orange County (CA) Register: Press vs. president

Gingrich Says It's World War III

Online Journal: The Biggest Con

Attention Shoppers: Freedom is Not on the March

Its war by any other name

PAUL C. CAMPOS: No wonder Democrats are angry with Lieberman

From the Guardian: Enron & NatWest Bankers

BuzzFlash: Bushisms Make Even White House Transcribers "Sic."

NYT editorial: Expanding Presidential power frays democratic fabric

The Bush agenda comes into focus

KC Star: Founders Foresaw Arrogance of Power

PDA national and local take on the issue of current Israel events

Lieberman Hopes His Fate Isn’t Sealed With a Kiss --NYTimes

Gingrich Says It's World War III

Megachurches build a Republican base

Bush: Worse than Nixon

Beheading, Hooding, and Waterboarding: CIA Torture in Vietnam, Latin Ameri

LA Times op-ed: Is Bush Still Too Dumb to Be President?

US Could Be Going Bankrupt!

Could Maine Yankee become a regional nuclear waste site?

Greens slam G8 over climate change

The Twilight of Mechanized Lumpenleisure

G8 seeks oil savings, but no cut in US gasoline use

Business Week: Nuclear Power's Missing Fuel

Dearth of offshore rigs pumps up oil prices

G8 supports 'open' energy markets

Vulture numbers are cut to the bone


2,000 Israelis hold anti-war demo in Tel Aviv

Ha'aretz: Israel's "War of Choice" in Lebanon

Israel is preparing the battlefield

'Only small amount of IAF's power used'

IDF Reserve Infantry Division Called Up

Wildly Disproportionate Attack on Lebanon.. Pretext to Confront Iran

Why am i getting Putin inspired propaganda as

World leaders denounce Hezbollah and Hamas

Robert Fisk: Hizbollah's response reveals months of planning

IDF warns south Lebanon residents of new IAF strikes

Lebanon: Israel sent demands through Italy on release of soldiers

Hezbollah chief 'injured'

Rockets hit northern Israeli city of Haifa

Palestinian militants launch rockets at southern Israel

U.K., U.S., European countries work to vacate nationals from Lebanon

What Does Israel Want?

France's Chirac calls for moderation in Middle East

Was Ted Olson warned about not taking commercial flights on 9/11?

New interview with Steven Jones.

"Synthetic Terror" author warns of "False Flag" to escalate M.E. conflict.

Myspace Hacked by Anti-Bush Hacker

The Bold Outlines of a Plot

No matter who did what to who, promise me, we will not falter.

Speaking of Questions No One Will Answer...

US News and World Report: Dean's List

Paul Jacobs: Throwing good money after bad

The Monitor: Election Fraud Allegations in Mexico; NSA Spying

Things you can do to remember Andy today (the anniversary of his memorial)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, July 16, 2006


Feingold's event in Eastern Iowa today

Television ads for Oklahoma Lt. Governor

I'm experimenting now--pork chops and kraut...

Baby Carrots... what to do with em. (cooked)

Have we had a leeks thread?

Israeli air strike kills 8 Canadians in Lebanon

Reuters: Confrontation just starting: Hizbollah

CNN - 5 killed in Lebanon today held Canadian citizenship

AP: Iraqi Oil Ministry Official Kidnapped

AP: Ark. Lt. Gov. Win Paul Rockefeller dies

US economy may face bigger risks due to oil, Mideast unrest (AFP)

AP: Bomber Kills 25 at Cafe in Northern Iraq

Gingrich Says It's World War III

Syria vows harsh response

Iraq's divided parliament stands united over Israel

J.E. Boone, civil rights' 'great lion,' dead at 83

Novak on "Meet the Press" Claims He Didn't Out Plame

Haifa-hit rockets were Syrian made (8 killed)

Scores killed in Chinese floods

Liberals angry at Boxer for supporting Lieberman

Eight Canadians killed in Lebanon: Ottawa

US says G8 believes up to Israel when to halt attacks

NYT: Rice Says Israel May Need to Prolong Offensive

AP: U.S. Won't Help German Kidnap Claim Probe

FOX: Rockets Landing in Outskirts of Nazareth

Americans evacuated from Lebanon (21, remainder "sit tight")

Rockets Hit Upper Nazareth, Israelis Say

Turkey to get tough with Kurds

Democrats Press Bush to Take More Direct Role in Middle East

WP/AP: Heat Wave Has Much of Nation Sizzling

Del. Spill Fouls 5-Mile Stretch of River

8 Canadians killed in Israeli airstrike

Dozens killed in fighting in Afghanistan

Israel Bombs Palestinian Foreign Ministry (2nd time)

Israel bombs Palestinian Foreign Ministry (second attack)

Israeli planes target Tripoli

Developments in Iraq [US Soldier killed in southern Baghdad (#2548)]

Putin twists knife as Levy blames the boss

Albright Blasts Bush Mideast Response, Cites Iraq 'Disaster'

Minister becomes force on 'religious left'

Bush blocks WTO entry for Russia

Hispanics to play pivotal election role

BBC: British soldier killed near Basra

U.S. evacuation teams arrive in Lebanon

Loan trail to No 10 revealed

Israeli defense minister, Peretz, live speach on CNN just now, escalating

Bush, allies seek consensus on Mideast

U.S. Makes Lebanon Evacuation Plans

Merkel: G-8 Agrees on Mideast Statement

Israel tightens noose around Lebanon

US economy may face bigger risks due to oil, Mideast unrest

San Diego Union-Tribune: Dean speaks at conference; raps Bush on defense

U.S. Probe Into Stock Options May Widen

Tax benefits for homeowners spread unevenly

Iran calls Western incentives acceptable

Doctor Suspected In NYC Building Collapse Dies

Ban of book on Cuba lands in court

Phone Mergers Face Review

U.S. Senate battle already breaking Nebraska records

8 people killed as Katyusha rockets slam into Haifa

Lopez Obrador Supporters Begin Mexico March to Protest Election

Bush's pig tales show disengagement

For the late night Loungers. A little music to pass the time by....


Find the cost of freedom


Why don't they just kill me now?

I may have stepped onto a new path in my work

post here if you watched EVERY performance in the YouTube thread

I'm going to bed. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

ever seen the movie "Nick Of Time?"

Anyone else watching Jumping Jack Flash on cable.'s friggin' late....who is still awake and why?

Got the itch to take a long drive with the cd player blasting

The Munster's, fact or fiction?

Just uploaded an old video of my kitten

Floyd Droids.... it's here, Pulse DVD

does anyone actually watch the Golf channel???

Mutha [email protected]#$%n snakes on the power lines! Airborne snake cuts power to 2,000

Punkin pie's done

Is it against the rules

Morning Lounge!

The outside temp was already at 80 by 7:00 am this morning

FOX news to discuss $4 gas!!

Holy crap, I haven't been here in years!

Tribal tattoos look SO dated

My 15 yo son is going to Ozzfest today and the temp is gonna hit 100!!!!

Anyone have a Slingbox or other 'placeshifting' device?

It's so hot outside that I'm actually cleaning.

Its. Still. Hot.

I'm going out for a drive.

Calling Cards for International Long Distance on a Cell Phone

Clusterfuck motorcycle clubs.

Crowd surfing and slam dancing...

Well, I've been corrected: Mythbusters is also short on science!

An old video I made quite a few years ago (liberal media)

Romulan Bud - all I'm gonna say

Should I watch the 2nd half of The Forty Year Old Virgin?

Whoever scheduled a day game in St. Louis

I want INSTANT replies to my PMs and threads

Would you pose for a figure drawing class? Have you?

Its to hot to wear a Bro

groundhogs! (Rudy Vallee)

lady and the dolphin (sisters)

The funniest YouTube video I've seen so far...

You gotta check out this band...

Ask a ninja

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/16/06)

It's only 75 degrees here!

Sometimes, my daughter surprises me. For example,

WAAH!! I miss my lap cat...

Google Video: Ann Coulter Scares Me by

Zidane headbutt parodies (vids)

OMG! I just signed a flash to my FReeper Neighbor!

There's nothing like a big plastic kiddy pool.

Creative cooking suggestions! Here are the ingredients you have ...

I am overwhelmed

Someone please smack me in the face with a hammer

It's hot , Everyones getting flashed but me..I'm opening a bottle of Wine

I quit, I quit. I really, really quit. My job that is.

From the same administration which brought us such classics as....


I hate spam but its uncanny how much they know about me....

Bagels at Dunkin Donuts

When's the last time you drove with your flasher on?

Most Awsome FREE Commercial Free, Radio Station on the Net - RadioParadise

Has anyone wondered how the Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka

Note to self: Never buy ice cream when it's 88 and uber-humid.

Mystical Gaelic Queens of the Faeries check in here!

I would not want to be a moderator in the Israel/Palestine group this week

If I overwrite a file using a Microsoft Office tool (Powerpoint)...


Does ANYBODY sell floating balloons anymore?

Sunday's Official Lounge Word is...

Stupid ESPN

"And the band plays some of the most terriblest shit you ever known!"

I was at kinko's today

OMG! I accidentally flashed a peace sign to my FReeper neighbor!

Hey! Guess what? GrumpyGirl (or wannabegrumpy as she uses

Why doesn't Rush drive one of these??? I'm just sayin'.....

kerdiddle boom boom kerdiddle boom boom..

It's officially Fucking Hot

Finally saw Donnie Darko tonite... what the hell??

what would make this perfect?

I am really worried

It's hard to tidy up a nearly empty apartment

check in here if this whole M.E. shit is getting you down

6 pounds of chicken costs $12. That's about 20 pieces.

Mmmmm...Strawberry Hagen Daaz on a day like today...

I'm a LIGER and I have mystical powers!

When is the last time you flashed somebody?

Sheesh, I don't know which article is more depressing:

Has anyone tried the "Dish Network" for their TV service?

yikes! i got drunk today!

Why are women more popular flashers?


Hilarious parody toon of Burger King ad.

Anybody know anything about congested heart failure?

HA! My 1000th post!

Bad Spyware problems. Help needed ASAP

Anyone else get sinus infections from air conditioning?

Having my first stress test Friday. What's the worst part of it?

OMG! I accidentally flashed a bumper sticker to my FReeper neighbor!

Hurting the eyes of your neighbor - A call for photos

Can I have a hug?

My Brother: "Dude why do you always use 'Big Words' when you talk!"

Its hot. I'm opening a bottle of whine ...

This Liberty Mutual commercial makes me feel good

I am watching "Pleasantville" on TV. Made me think of Democrats vs

Who is posting nekkid?

The purpose of Raquel Welch in 'Fantastic Voyage'?

Rather cool helicopter

No one crowd surfed tonight at the CSNY concert

What is ActiveX? ------- a problem?

When was the last time you were flashed?

What Would You Do???

I think we should start a DU group for slightly dumb schmucks.

When is someone gonna flash me?

my life is a total fucking joke

Alright DU'ers.. here's your chance to help me with a new animation

Gay Games 2006 • Chicago, USA • Opening Ceremonies Photos!

Trivia - Who Sang Guantanamera? The really pretty soft

My heart is heavy tonight. A talented acquaintance has died on July 9.

DEBIT cards: hazards transferring money fm one to another?

Police dog blamed for running over pedestrian with car

If one more goddamn male "friend" tries to tell me

Aren't we each gifted in different ways?

A picture thread--Looking for DUers flashing freeper neighbors

"Are you a bad witch, or a good witch?" (Quiz)

My 80-year-old Grandmother

When boredom turns stalker-like

Survivor TV?

OMG! I accidentally flashed my FReeper neighbor this morning...

I'm feeling unusually receptive tonight. Anyone need extra Happiness?

Something to inspire, in these troubled times... (Dialup warning)

A modest proposal regarding the Middle East

Happy birthday wishes to..........

Islamic Principles of Peace

Marching as to War

What's The Best Religious Building?

Medical Crisis of Conscience

Some Gay Games opening clips. . .

From Old Glory (first gave us Robot Insurace) comes Gay Marriage Insurance

Chess News for the Week Ending July 16: Special Bastille Day Edition

Barbaro Update

Matthew's message from July 15, 2006

WHAT just happened in the last 24 hrs.??

I would love to try an experiment if any one wants to try ,this read on

New article @ Starlight News: The Long View

Short video of Kerry on Firing Line 11/71

Heads exploding on GD - Feingold's statement does not condemn Israel.

OMG, struck a nerve!

Off Topic - Please welcome the country's newest Liberal!

It's getting

Today's Opus

Another great column at Media Matters by Jamison Foser

Another Kerry is right moment!

Suggestion for ppl backing up to CDs and DVDs

Exclusive photographs of the NanceGreggs Gargoyle Collection

Am getting close to buying a new camera...input needed on Nikon and Canon

Crawfordslist video

Something for you to ponder:

Declaring War On The Christian Reich

Myspace Hacked by Anti-Bush Hacker

Nate Clay's WLS Streaming Audio Is Now Working

Déjà Vu in Lebanon

Hug an insurgent: US’s new plan to win in Iraq

Lebanese Political Journal

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Feminists)

Its war by any other name

The federal government has a lot of information on us

The Nation: "Too High a Price" aka: bushcos** failed Mid East policies

PLEASE read--Proposal: Best Of DU: A Collection of Rants

Where IS W and his administration in the ME crisis?

If Iran backs up rhetoric and gets militarily involved, won't Israel just

Floyd Droids.... it's here, Pulse DVD

THE "NUMBER" IS HOLDING AT 2547 but Iraq for July 16th

How many Americans get the import of what is happening in the Middle East?

Imaginary General and imaginary army; real death and destruction

With what is happening in the ME today it is only a reminder

Syria's response underlines actions by terrorist

Why I dislike bush( if I say hate I'll be arrested as a terra-ist)

Christopher Dickey (Newsweek) on CNN...

See how easy they make it look! Leading us into a "just war"

Israel is Targeting Lebanese News Workers

A very simplistic campaign theme for all Democrats

Yesterdays' highs in middle U.S. 30 degrees above average.

Reports suggest troop presence hinders Iraq hand over; Sadr key player

What's going on in Iraq?

AP: Doc Suspected in NY Building Collapse Dies

When Is Killing Children Right? By Larry Johnson

Daniel Ellsberg: Where are Iraq's Pentagon Papers?

Novak is on MTP now

Wonder what Helen Thomas is thinking right now?

Are your tax $$$ paying for White House staffers to constantly edit...

Surprisingly, the current events do not seem to be helping GWB...

What happens if Israel blows up one of those EU ships and blames it on

We Would Have Been Much Better Off Never Invading Iraq

NOVAKula: "She was outed by the TRAITOR Aldrich AMES years ago"

SUNDAY TOON (7/16) more missiles?

Israeli conflict serves the Republican election strategy...

Doctor suspected in town house explosion dies

Join Preserve Our Democracy because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Israel has a bush Quote on it's Government Website....

Former WH Lawyer fighting christian proselytizing in Military

Putin rejected Bush critique "Russia should emulate democracy in Iraq".

Stay the Course?

Tasini heads-up for NYers

The President Has Failed America

CNN, I am NOT very interested in what some college girl from

Walmart is trying to create consumer demand for building new superstores

US is just now planning to evacuate US citizens? WOW, we sure

Who arms armageddon more.....

Well here we are 5 yrs. after 9-11, I thought the world was safer.

Goodmorning from the "Bloggers Breakfast" at Democracy Fest

Contact info for NYT columnists

If I were the government of Lebanon

Refugees Speak of Catastrophic Bombing

Newsday: Bush's Pig Tales Show Disengagement

Send Daddy Bush & Bill Clinton to quell the violence?

So are things coming unraveled for the Administration or going as planned

Former British base in Iraq still a focus of resentment

The 8 a.m. ghost train from Baghdad to Mosul

I don't support Israel or Hezbollah on recent events

Joe Biden just dismantled Newt Gingrich on MTP

What does New Orleans and Beirut have in common?

Marching as to War: Former officer battles proselytizing in the military

Dems angry reaction to Israeli violence & pulling coffin ad. (group photo)

Are the attacks upon Hezbollah really an attack upon Iran?

Why are you so gloomy looking, Condi?

Fox Liar Bill Kristol Says Niger Docs "Sort of" About Iraq WMD

Bush Shill Bob Novak Telling Unbelievable Lies on MTP

Can the English language survive after bush?

On a lighter note: Politics1's Jim Traficant Memorial Bad Hair Award

Ex Bush Administration official kills son, self

The US Is Not A Puppet

Make your day---see George biking in Russia here:

Condosleeza invoked 9/11 again.Lying pos needs to thrown out on a rail!!!

Dixie Chicks "Not Ready To Make Nice" still #1 Video on VH1

The U.S. vs John Lennon

I'm worried about all the people the heat will kill this week

    Plame: 'Cheney and Rove Plotted to Destroy My Career' 

Did Janeane Garofalo leave the Majority Report?

Five Canadians killed

Conservative who blew up buiding in NY complete rant.

"Real" Problems; Israel wary of toppling Lebanese gov't

Lebanon vs. Iraq - an observation.

Medically retired soldier concludes: "We are pawns" in Iraq

TIME: Michael Kinsley writes about his brain surgery

WTF?!? Help "moderation" in Middle East by bombing a moderate government?

"Israel should stop the killing of defenseless Lebanese civilians."

Troubled International Waters

Eight years of Peace and Prosperity...Thank God that nightmare is over

Hiliary is right, Dems are "wasting time" on wrong issues, helping GOP

Who will take advantage of the attention drawn to Israel/PLO/Lebanon?

Comments of readers to the Jerusalem Post... some very interesting...

MSNBC: Now 8 Canadians killed in Israeli bombing of Lebanon today.

I think we should start a DU group for slightly dumb schmucks.

Congressional Resolution Supporting Israel?

Hey Hezbollah-Lobbing Missiles Into Densely Populated Cities Is Uncool

Thread with news & blogs from Israel and Lebanon:

Has DU been usurped?

Daniel Ayalon Israel Ambassador to US said amazing things

NYT: President's efforts...warped the war on terror

Do you think any other country would want bush as president?

White supremacists enlisting in military to prep for race war

Letter from Beirut

Well Duh...NYT:Bush Response to 911 About Power NOT Terror

World Leaders Issue a Balanced Statement Condeming Violence on All Sides


War and Pronouns

Israel blames your mouth for its bloody fist.

Watched "Undercover: The Secret State" about N. Korea Question:

Robbers Used Guns Smuggled From Iraq by Soldier

So we wanted Syria out of Lebanon?

Wannabe Marines get a taste of training

Joe Biden does not agree with Newt who is saying this is the beginning of

HuffPo: Shrewd Israeli Objectives - Curb US Deal-Making Options In ME

I've got to say

There's hope for us yet--I met several Dems at a conference!

Robbers Used Weapons Smuggled From Iraq by Soldier

Israel, Iran and Mad

A skeptical look at the modern wedding ritual

Israel is terrorizing around 25,000 U.S. citizens in Lebanon.

new DU group - Stupid kids who grew up to be very accomplished?

Whatever happened to Ariel Sharon ?

Ring of Fire: Pap attack went off on the Democratic leadership. Get 'em

a "right of conscience" for health workers -- very "American' it is argued

HAHAHA: Peter Coors (of Coors Brewery) loses driver's license

An email from Baghdad.

And, um, psssst, by the way...

Fox is now reporting that Nazareth has been hit. Further south.

George Bush was Correct about the Middle East

Support Peace in the Middle East

Israel's Peres: Ready To Talk Peace With Lebanon. but . . .

Read this: Megachurches build a Republican base

Another example of Howard Dean's 50-State Strategy

John Dean: "Leading Democrats is like herding Cats"

CNN misspells Lebanon this morn in one of their banners ('Lebonon')

eeks. i have never gotten an error message like this before. Anyone

Newt Gingrich wants World War III for political reasons

Is Bush America's Oliver Cromwell?

why is it that innocent people have to be killed an maimed?

Just curious what you all think of this...

Lets just nuke the Middle East

FOX: Rockets Landing in Outskirts of Nazareth


Bush did NOT know...again...


Oversea Visitor, where are you?

Rice will go to the Middle East only if it will "make a difference"

Do the WSJ "crackpot right-wing" columnists believe in a free press?


"Stop the ACLU" wants to harass Jewish children? Time for another DU ACLU

THEY fight over land, NOW lets talk

I want everyone to rest easy about our hostages being held in Lebanon.

Lecture by Mr. Uri Savir, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1995)

Justice brings peace, freedom brings democracy

Josh Marshall says America impotent and irrelevant..

Democrats Should "Swift-Boat" Bush (Example Strategy Inside)

off-beat idea for getting the word out ....

Ring of Fire: Anyone listen to the scientist discussing global warming?

Update on N/ Korea problem

Condi Rice thinks that "we" are Israel

On MSNBC now : Special Edition of Hardball?

This Baby Speaks (Cries) For Us All!

If Chaos vs Order equals the crux of 'Liberal vs Conservative'

Our Weapons have gotten smarter, but our CiC has gotten dumber

Larry Johnson: "When is Killing Children Right?" - Beware: Reality

How about that Conservative foreign policy...?


Israeli paper's analyst says next 2 days most critical...

Fla. Sex Offender Kills Teen, Himself

Hey Dumya--Time to open the spigot on the Strategic Oil Reserve.

ok, so what is intelligence?

For Those Wondering, 148 Dead in Lebanon & 23 Dead in Israel

Funny headline at Rawstory

Another episode of Leave it to Freeper.

Where does China's oil supply come from -- which country?

If US freepers and Xian fundies heard that the UK PM was bisexual

Left-wing rally: Negotiate with Hamas, Hizbullah (Israel)

Paul Hackett, Wes Clark and the Democratic Party

Why does "60 Minutes" suck so much lately?

The Prime Minister of Lebanon

NYT: News turns 'old' after 36 hours on the web. NYT come to DU

From Paul Anka to Frank Zappa....

Their are once again trying to eliminate the mortgage interest credit.

Novak: What a lying SOB.

Oil's steady march to $80 fails to shock (I think the WH is counting on

John Stosell on global warming and selling our own organs:

Does Israel mil. have the techn. to stop cell phone communication

Scotland Yard investigating Tony Blair re selling peerages

Rice proves she is a "grotesque" & deeply stupid idiot.

democracyfest pics and stories coming tomorrow :-)

Is it really Iran that is pushing for war?

Dem Campaign Slogan: "America Is Better Than This"

Time to resurrect an old idea....

Israel just bombed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry in Gaza City

Have No Doubt, Lebanon Is Being Shock & Awed by Israel, American Style

Lebanese prisoners in Israel...

Bob Schieffer has my vote for quote of the year so far.

With all the fighting that's going on, we need to hear these words again

Did anyone watch the online media show on C-SPAN this am?

The End Of The American Century?

Is supporting Bush tantamount to Treason?

Anybody old enough to remember this from the Kingston Trio? (mp3)

Albert Einstein On War

Maxine Waters is going to Connecticut to campaign for Ned Lamont

do i have this right? two israeli soldiers were kidnapped and/or

Gov Dean: Bush "Is Weak On Defense & He's Hurt America"

“Israel is using internationally prohibited weapons against civilians,”

Give Peace a Chance --- --- --- --- ---- --->new VIDEO

Where are Cheney and Rummy? Did Rummy ever come back from Iraq?

Anyone watch 60minutes.. Big Brother watching you.

Gingrich goes off the deep end...this is WW III

Is it possible for "terrorists" to change their ways ?

The NYTimes "impeachment" case against George W Bush...

Interesting menu

Christian (alleged) minister: "Blow Islam to Kingdom Come"

This mornings line up of fashion disasters

The Whole World is LAUGHING at Bush/and the America who supports him

Lebanese bloggers: "incendiary bombs on villages", "Massacre in Tyre"

I must confess my ignorance about the Israel/Lebanon situation

The New Meaning of the “Liberal” - “Conservative” Dichotomy

Plastic planes 'set to rule sky'

New KC Star Isn't Even Covering the MiddleEast Stuff

Question about our DU rules, with a world war ready to break out

CNN/ American evacuation won't begin until WEDNESDAY!

Bush will not stop the war in the ME because he wants Lebanon and

Lovely Picture of Bush and Putin

Molly Ivins: The politics of greed. A good read, btw

Buy a HUMMER and restore your manhood!!!

Local columnist compares Bush family to Corleone family

Minimum wage as a campaign issue? How many min. wage earners vote?

Yesterday, I Made My 14 Year Old Niece Politically Aware

I really hate that banshee condiliar rice......

Are there any DUers in Lebanon or Israel?

mission statement- talented and gifted individuals group

how are people surviving the high temps on the mainland?

You know what, I hate humans...

The term "Gifted Student" should be replaced

The US Military Descends on Paraguay

My Kids Can't Pray in School!

Are baby Boomer this dismal.?

Growing number of children diagnosed with autism disorders

HOW do yoou take Hezbollah out???

Massive protest march GO Mexico, estimated 900,000(pics)

To Bill Kristol: 'You Just Want War War War & You Want Us In More War’

Rice Calls Idea Iraq War Contributed To Regional Instability ‘Grotesque'

For which crimes would you waive your anti-death penalty stance?

In your opinion, is DU left, right , or center ?

Why are we throwing Feingold under the bus?

Apocalypse Soon.

What is it with the support of fundamentalist Islamism here?

How many people believe this TWA flight 800 stuff

Dean's List (U.S .News & World Report)

A sense of outrage: an open letter to the DCCC re: "attack ad"

WP: Parties Scramble for Youth Vote (which favors Democrats)

Question about Campaign laws

I really love listening to the Repug Call line on C-SPAN these people

Brit Gen: five provinces can be handed to Iraqis; report on Sadr's role

Why Hezbollah ??

Iraq Redux

The real Agenda (Times article re. bush' gab for power.

Meet the Press

and nobody mentioned the boogyman in the voting machines or

Is it possible for Jewish Americans to look at Israel in a rational ....

Tony Snow is a nitwit re: civilians/humans


I wish the dems would all get on the same page

Freep-hole: "All I can get is a hysterical story about a selfish idiots"

Megachurches build a Republican base

Have Bush's failures in Iraq & elsewhere cost us our superpower status?

You know what amazes me ?

the dam lunacy

(Ohio) Candidates focus on faith

Arlen Spectre Does the GOP Goose Step Rag: Mock Checks & Balances

If Saudi Arabia Is Giving Lebanon $50 Million Does That Mean

Balance and counterbalance on the world stage

Live Blog with Fighting Dem Vet & RI US Senate Candidate Sheeler

PNAC 2003 ..... Bush's Iraqi war will help the region .... Wrong Again

6 degress from Lebanon

Megachurches build a Republican base

Yeah - Right - Iran Has Convoys Of Weapons Going Through Iraq....

Eric Massa on N.S.: A Losing Congress and a Winning Hand

Attention Deficit Americans Are Being Misled to War

Only one GOPer in this run-in was wearing a chicken suit

Does anyone know if Hamas was ever associated with Hezbollah?

There are 2 ads for John McCain's "Straight Talk America" on this DU page

Gingrich is right, the Dem question should be "Had Enough?"

Retired NATO Commander coming to Springs to support retired officer....

Please explain the difference between these two people

Harper's publisher on the NYT and the WSJ

Do they make a detector for that?

Remember the RW "wag the dog" attacks on Bill?

¡El mexicano realmente tiene cojones!

New attacks on fuel tanks in Beirut

Assorted G8 Summit Photos:

Europeans Evacuating Lebanon, U.S. “Forming Plans” While * Does Photo-ops

Live blogging from Feingold event in Iowa

World Lens

World's ablaze, G8 photo gallery: "Can we go back to Graceland?"

For Democrats, Wave Is Building

Madeline Albright was shocked this a.m. that Condi was not en route

Armageddon Calling

My top 10 Senate races

WA-08: Darcy Burner Beats Reichert in Q2 Fundraising!

I finally found the changing of the guard (photo) JFK & young W Clinton

This is not the start of WWlll

Drinking Again? Hey George, What’s In That Bottle?

Cindy Sheehan writes about her Norah O'Donnel interview

Have media watchdogs counted the hours CNN gives to Glenn Beck in a week?

A Word to the Wise

New York Times Pulls Psy-Op on Hillary, DUers fall for it!!!!!

Gotta love CNN they start off by saying "Breaking News" but first they

Time for DU to give the ACLU another boost! (In response to "Stop the ACLU

Celebrate your personal animus. Who do you want to see go down HUGE in 06?

For the princely sum of $17.15 I am now the proud owner of .....

When/if Israel asks for help, besides the U.S., who can they

Booster-Shot Time: It's Us v. Them Now, and I Think We Look Great!

The Liberal Democratic Party of the USA recommends vote by absentee ballot

Hackett at DemFest, sounding like Democrats should sound.

Choose between Democrats and Republicans, remember the lessons of history

Fighting Dem Carl Sheeler (RI-Senate) Live blogging at Kos

"Politics is not a battle for the middle."