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Ripples from the war in Iraq

From my home, I saw what the 'war on terror' meant ... Robert Fisk

From my home, I saw what the 'war on terror' meant

Congress ignores threat to banking system

The Rendition of Christ: Winning the Battle for Their Souls

WALTER BRASCH: Food for Thought

Our Declaration of Intolerance (Steve Horowitz,

Afghanistan is No One's War (John Chuckman, Counterbias)

NYT op-ed: "Railroad to Perdition," by Richard Gere

A dream dies

Bush Administration's Lack of a Middle East & Israeli - Palestinian Policy

Debate over Scotchmans Peak roadless area continues

A Jewish Renewal Understanding of the State of Israel (Rabbi Lerner)

Artillery, rockets and tanks mass along the border

US plans jet-fuel sale to Israel

Fear and loathing as rockets reach further into Israel

Big powers are split as UN envoys begin work

If you believe that US support of Israel was a prime cause of 9/11?

A challenge to a 9/11 DUer : create an interactive public timeline

Choicepoint to Diebold to CIA web page link

Avante DRE: My friends trip to the Avante Factory, Princeton NJ. PIX

What would Andy do? nt

Great diary about Ted Ankrum on Daily Kos

Softwood deal still being negotiated

Stupid American's CFL pick for Saturday, July 15

Nebraska's gay marriage ban reinstated (federal appeals panel ruled Friday

Civilian ship hit by Hizbollah rocket

Missile hits Egyptian boat off Lebanon-Israel

Executive director of Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund steps down

Ripples from the war in Iraq

Teen terror suspect gets bail

Radical Shiite Cleric Hints at Militia Attacks to Protest Israel’s Actions

More Disabled Kids Live With Single Women

AP Interview: Lieberman suspects Iran is behind Hezbollah actions

S. Calif. wildfires merge into big blaze

NYT: G.M., Renault and Nissan Agree to Study Alliance

(here we go) India PM implies Pakistan supported (terror) attack

Novak Says Plame/Wilson Suit Will Be Dismissed

WP: To Dismay of Some, Bush Takes Gentler Approach Toward Putin

NYT: Wiretapping Review (negotiated by Senator Specter, WH) Is Criticized

WP/AP: Mel Gibson Said to Offer Aid to Mexico Poor

WP: Some Dry Cleaners Told to Phase Out Toxic Solvent

Santorum's fundraising tops $20 million

Data on Bush-Abramoff links sought

WP: Senators Gain (bipartisan) Momentum to Change Military Tribunal System

Man Sentenced For Puppy's Beating Death (1-2 years)

WaPo: Ex-Bush Aide Fatally Shoots Son, Himself

Veteran Pleads Guilty to Vandalizing Cars

NASA monitors leaky pipe on shuttle

Canadian lumber industry wins U.S. trade court ruling on duties

Bill Clinton defends Lieberman's Iraq stance

Democrats Pull Ad With Flag-Draped Coffins

Harper touts Canada as 'energy superpower' in pre-G8 speech to business cr

'US backing of Israel leading to a "Holocaust"' (Chavez)

Harris takes back $100,000 from campaign to renovate home

Hezbollah rams Israeli warship with unmanned aircraft

Arabs rally against Israeli attacks

Selling on eBay

Block your cookies, put the children to bed, tie out the pets

War by other means.... I say we put the warring factions on a steel

Kirk-era Trek -- on a budget?!

DUers disable their profile in order to:

I found a beautiful place to follow "doctor's orders".

Walmart floral shoppe...... logo....

Your boss invites you to go wakeboarding....

And what would your college roommates do?

Fight Club (book and movie) vs. The Postman (book and movie)

Just rolled in from a 2200 mile/6-day road trip.

Would you ever laugh at another person's misfortune?

What's the worst music video ever?

Anyone else having fun size problems on this page?

Anyone else having font size problems on this page?

Need remedy to fix clogged garbage disposal: hardened instant

Look Ma!! No Hands!!

Star Wars discussion thread

Why the hell am I laughing so hard?

Is Bush a Robot?

Are you a teacher? If not, do you detest when other people are?

Big thanks to mistertrickster and Lady Effingbroke!

Everythingsxen: Polar Bear, or Dragon?

"The British Mods are clumsy and heavy-handed...

Check it out... it's late. I'm losing my mind.

Silver Queen Corn

Where-oh-where has my SugarSmack gone?

In need of a good laugh? Lookee here!!

Quick! Give me a bunch of silly freeper pics like this one :D

Are there people who attract abuse and, if so, how?

Oct 15th, 1987: "Earlier on today, apparently, a woman rang the BBC...

DU FIGHT CLUB - EPISODE #1 (7-14-06)

"Wild Wild West" is superior to "Subterranean Homesick Blues".


Heaven I'm in Heaven

I am an intelligent, beautiful, sexy, wealthy role player...



Sea! Sea! Sea! Sea! Sea! Sea!

What the deal with the Al Gore T-shirts I keep hearing about?

Darth Vader: The Musical

(Dial up Warning) Some of you may remember I was

Hey I came in tonight looking for the DU Fight Club. Anyone know about it?

Don't fear the....

Michael Rennie was ill the day the earth stood still

Gene Simmons shows parenting skills on TV

For Bicentennial Baby: the vision of sans culottes bowling

Happy Bastille Day!


It's late in the Lounge & nobdy's looking. So... what is your dark secret?

ok it's game night at my house what should we play?

Friday Night fun.. (a smile never hurts)..and Beer Dog

No Child Left Behind...Wake up people....Big brother is watching you...

Have you ever trashed DUers on another site?

Gone to the dogs...... chill and remember how they make you feel....

The best six minutes you'll spend in front of YouTube this week:

snakes in a car!More than 20 garter snakes found in Oregon woman’s vehicle

Finish this joke!

For My 9,000th Post: A Question "Whatever happened to all the..."


i'm bored...ask me anything, something, please!!

When entering a site with unknown hazards, what level of PPE is required?

Just what is the appeal of

How much time (hrs. per day) do you spend on the blasted

Droids attack Israeli warship.

I learned a few things at the grocery store today.

Black MacBook, or refub MacBook Pro?

There Goes the Gayborhood!

It's tooooo hot! Post a picture of something cool...

Maybe this game will COOL you off....

How long do you keep PMs in your inbox?

What lesser known actor or actress do you have a crush on?

Where Am I? Post Pics of a Place you Have Been!

Situation in Lebanon, and other things

Islam: what do you think?

Morning sickness 'regulates diet'

Autism affects 1 in 100 children in Britain

Subliminal message blowing in the wind.....

I might have not been hired because I am gay

"Beginning Ascension...All Over Again" - Karen Bishop - July 14, 2006

What's up with Bill Clinton?

What's going on here?

Congratulate me, I did my first campaign voulnteering ever today!

Kerry news from the local media and elsewhere

Assorted Frogs & Toads from today

KOEB Meeting - 7/14/06 - The OMG it's WWIII edition

Drive by blog

This is hysterical!

*Any* religion that kills children is illegitimate. Period.

Hezbollah chief survives assassination attempt, declares open war

We talk about a military draft lets go to 1968

"I Know I'm Not Alone" Musician Toured Iraq for New Documentary & S'track

My first husband = Palestinian. My current husband = Jewish.

Should Hezbollah provide weapons and/or advice to the Tibetan resistance?

Cheney + Iran ("nuclear option"); The American Conservative 2005

Ah well... so much for the singularity.

George & Angela... (musta been quite a party)

God needs help. Going to Salem for some extra protection.

The DCCC is not getting one cent from me until they get a backbone!

India tells Pakistan to curb terrorism

'08 Presidential hopeful... with more "cowbell"?

Question about Freeperville

In the eyes of freepers, Jimmy Carter is the worst president in US history

Ex-Bush Aide Fatally Shoots Son, Himself

Looking to 2008, I don't think we can afford to change presidents...

Do I understand, all fundamentalist will be gone?!

Lopez Obrador Refuses to Recognize Rival

Has anyone told Mr.bush of the Israel/Lebanon/etc war going on?

Besides Harry Reid, what other dem leaders are anti-choice?

Sometimes, Albeit Rarely, DU'ers Really Shock The Fuck Out Of Me....

"I Love Beirut" T-shirts...

Help debunking Coulter plagerism investigation

Here is your Middle East War Mr Bush. You should have left when you could.

DU makes me sad

I'm glad Keith had on one of Plame/Wilson's lawyers

Why We Fight is Top Rated Documentary on Blockbuster

Conservative Christians get 'raptured'

It's official: Janeane's leaving Majority Report for good.

Some good new..if you missed KO

FindLaw's Anthony Sebok a YEAR ago: Should Plame sue Rove?

Another GOP conservative slimy hypocrite

Is there any good news today?

IMAGINE - Bill Clinton, 40 Jewish children, 40 Arab children, singer Liel

Big Ed Schultz sliced and diced Novak today.

Can anyone here get information to Greg Palast?

So. How's Pretzelpuss' "Middle East Roadmap" looking these days?

Civilian ship hit?

Rumor: Israel Tells Condi Rice to "Back Off"

Brought here to the door step of WWIII, the Bush Admin has lost...

A story representative of repukes.

Saw a pretty disturbing bumper sticker today...

Shrub and Pickles at home....

Rapture Safety Cards Prepare Parishioners, Airline-Style

Israel is marginalizing those who want peace

Munitions makers across the globe are are the oily rags.

So what is Bush's strategy for Afghanistan and Iraq?

Islam: what do you think?

Lovely, intelligent soldier's wife asked, "What's a neo-con?"

Fundies looking for a sign soooo ...A sign in the making. Tee hee

Authoritarian Sexual Habits

'Arrogance' of agencies hampered tsunami relief effort

"Fiddling while Rome burned."

Poor Kid

Syria says fully backs Hizbollah against Israel

Hezbollah's previous kidnappings encourage new ones?

RW'ers have declared WAR upon Liberals and Progressives

If you believe that US support of Israel was a prime cause of 9/11?

2006 election graphic I threw together

Freepers LOVING this ME war. Sick.

Iraqi's Protest Israel's Actions

A Corrupt, Brutal Dictator in the White House? Maybe just for a visit

Stop asking if gas prices will go back below whatever magic price

A bumper sticker to counter the Bushit/Cheney 04 ones....

Mr. Bush- you now have your dictatorship AND your wars.

Israeli peace activity: - We're trying to stop our government

Army plans to end Halliburton contract

IS there anyway to get the DCCC to put the "Coffin AD" back on the site?

Debut!!1 Norah O'DONNELL and COULTERgeist - Revealed!!!1

Just a little reminder of Bush's mission...

Bless the photographers..

Where is our anchor?

For Your Rapture Enjoyment

Wolf Blitzer's resume

Is Bushism a disease? Check out this Tony Snow quote...

Was that AD pulled from the DCCC website? I only get the Hofstra AD!!


Why is every thread that has anything to do with Israel locked or deleted?

Google Ad: "Jeffrey Collins. Recently re-elected as US Senator" - WTF?

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers check in, It's my day to play!!

All this Rapture-talk makes me wonder if you've seen this movie...

Goldwater... Maybe It Was The True Conservatives That Got Raptured !!!

Syria will assist Lebanon and Hizbollah

EntWeekly: "How Al Gore Tamed Hollywood" (Cover Story)

Edwin Chemerinsky

Small Pa. City Passes Law Against Illegals

Why is George Allen smiling as he talks about the Middle East crisis

Does one nation/people have more of a right to defend itself than another?

What the hell man!?!?!? Bush rejects Lebanon's call for cease fire?!?!?!

Religious Leaders Quit Katrina Fund Panel

Pincus: A new kind of courage is needed in journalism

Bush's foreign policy is in shambles

Why is Hezbolla being conflated w/ the Lebanese Gov't?

Will Bush Achieve WWIII?

How do you interpret the recent "reversals" (Geneva Con. and NSA spying)?

I say "Fuck em both." What say you?

Boycott Waffle House!

US Passports - RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment

*** Bush Rejects Lebanon's Call for Cease-Fire *** WTF?!!

Thanking Jesus in Court Lands Man in Jail


My husband called Joe Wilson an Asshole and a Son of a Bitch!

A job many Americans prolly wouldn't want to do... I know I would

Vatican Condemns Israel for Attacks on Lebanon

Bush avoids any contact with Israeli prime minister

Laugh Damn It! -> Bush Goes to Hell.

It's Our War (Neo-cons are dancing to the beat of war in the Middle East)

Here is the form to help fix the CNN 100% poll (about the coffins ad)

It's primary time -- are there any "God offs" going on in other districts?

Look everybody, it's the war president !

WWIII begins. Meanwhile, *bush chomps down on a pig.

Ned Lamont's new ad!!! It's a funny one!!!!

So is this it?? Is this the beginning of war with Iran?

Saying goodbye

Oil: Looking at $100

Girl sues High School for turning her mic off

Book TV Schedule July 15th - 17th

Has the dry drunk gone wet? That sure looks like a beer next to

In case anyone's forgotten,YOU paid for Israel's bloody mayhem in Lebanon

Photo of Bush & Putin: "I want to touch you like a kitten" redux?

Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative

Why are we not liberating Palestine?

Strains in high places. Photos.

Plame VIDEO: Bush officials must answer for their shameful conduct

Full Plame announcement video on Crooks and Liars.

McClatchey: Internet `tubes' speech turns spotlight, ridicule onto Stevens

Join Rod Smith in Lakeland on his Florida Bus Tour Wed. 19th

Israeli warship hit, burning off coast of Lebanon

Cunningham among honored lawmakers

Droids attack Israeli warship.

July 29th DNC "50 State canvass", kick off the 2006 season

I may have a chance to see Clinton and Bush Sr. . .

5 year plan article quoting Wes Clark

CO Gov: Ritter (D) 43%, Beauprez (R) 38%

Drones attack Israeli warship

Coulter fund raiser nets $0.00

What does 'preemptive' mean? Lissen up, 06 and 08 wannabes.

Is CNN Ginny Most or whatever the hell her name is making fun of Valerie

If Joe Lieberman wins his primary, I will support him

Checking in from DemFest....a couple of sites.

U.S. Labor Law Is Broken

Helen Thomas' podcast on latest events in ME

On MSNBC,aka Bizarro World , Nora asks Coulter's Mideast

Democrats pull ad showing flag-draped caskets

Footnote: Dems (Kerry, Clinton, Edwards, Warner) raising money for Dems

Wait wait wait wait WAIT! OK so if Joe Lieberman is a Republican...

A candidate I heard on Mike Malloy who seems to be on OUR side.

A Little Straight Talk for the GOP

Does anyone remember the posts saying we will invade Iran in June/July???

Paul Craig Roberts on the Israel War Mess

LAT: Bloggers to Senator Ted Stevens: Put a Tube Sock in It

Baghdad starts to collapse as its people flee a life of death

A Beautiful Friendship? (Washington Post)

TIME: Any Chance for Peacemaking? What the Players Want

Terrorist provocation

Global systemic crisis / Phase II

"In Iraq," the driver answers, "broken is the normal."

European citizens to be evacuated from Lebanon

Global Protests at Indiscriminate Israeli Bombings of Lebanon

Raising America’s Minimum Wage Is ‘a Moral Issue’

Voting Rights Act Faces Uphill Fight in Senate After Emotional Approval in

In Defense Of The Conspiratorial World View

GOP, Courts: Had Enough?

Mutually Assured Destruction in the Middle East - Great article by Chris H

Robert Fisk: What I see in Lebanon each day is an outrage


Rovian bedtime stories by Ira Chernus

Harper's-Stabbed in the Back! The past and future of a right-wing myth

Lieberman Hopes His Fate Isn’t Sealed With a Kiss

A resolution on North Korea Wheres the UN resolution on Israel

SMH: Humiliating spectacle of a world leader caught without a policy

Anti-illegal immigrant law raises town tensions

WP Editorial: Wiretap Surrender, Specter's bill is capitulation

Why pellets are packing the power

World's big energy guys get together to discuss 400 million tons of DME.

Southern California Edison seeks more renewable energy

Pentagon and Peak Oil: A Military Literature Review

Focus on biofuels is foolish

Hydrogen fuel will never contribute to a sustainable world

Indonesia to spend a massive US$ 22 billion by 2010 to promote biofuels

Coal gasification(more about dirty coal)

Independence Day 2006 – America's last fling?

Hello? Israel Created Hezbollah.

I have never understand about the Israel/Palistine

Not another dime for the Israeli war machine!


So, Israel has taken to bombing fleecing civilians, including women and

Will any politicians (D or R) take a stand against Israel's aggression???

Turkish PM fumes at West

Hizbollah rockets hit Sea of Galilee town

IDF continues Gaza operations

Just 3 simple questions for Israel

Larry Johnson:Israel Takes A Stupid Pill

Israel's opportunism

Israel 'kills Lebanese civilians'

Caught with its pants down

Lebanon and Hezbollah / Impotent

Assad pledges Syrian help for Lebanon

So, it's ok for Israel to bomb and kill civilians on the beach but it's

Lebanese PM demands ceasefire

Arab League chief: Peace process 'dead'

The Israeli Lobby's Stranglehold on Washington

Arabs rally against Israeli attacks

Eight hurt as rockets land in Tiberias, 35 km from Lebanon

Hamas forces open Gaza-Egypt crossing

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in Occupied Palestine

In search of the truth about the Israel lobby's influence on Washington

Hezbollah: Political strengths and military might

IDF officer: Israel has no plans to attack Syria

IAF drops anti-Nasrallah fliers over Lebanon

In Defense Of The Conspiratorial World View

Alshhehi travelled to Afghanistan in November/December 1999?

Students for a Democratic Society: Climax and Disintegration: 1968-1969

The Problem with Vote.orgs

Great AP article in WaPo &NYT: Activists Sue to Block Electronic Voting!

I am Done Supporting Machine Voting

Anyone know this International election organization?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, July 15, 2006

Miami Herald: U.S. panel probes voting machine firm

Proprosed Texas redistricting map - funny

Hot rumor: Rafael Anchia is IN for the Dallas Mayoral race!

Web poll: Van Os or Abbott?

Juan Garcia raises over $205,000

Tony Bourdain and crew stranded in Beirut

mystery gadgets

US vows to remove barriers to oil sands imports

I have been trying to find any reports on the number of Canadians

Harper critical of Russian energy policy

Three British bankers in Houston to face Enron-related charges

Juventus hit rock bottom as Italy's cheats are relegated

Report: Israel gives Syria ultimatum

Senators Gain Momentum to Change Military Tribunal System

Accused GI in trouble before Iraq

Blackwell has no pity for fellow switcher

Remap plans put 3 lawmakers in jeopardy

UPDATE 2-New York Times investigates envelope with powder

Baghdad starts to collapse as its people flee a life of death

Israeli raid hits Lebanese-Syrian border

Israel gives Syria ultimatum (stop in 72 hrs or "disastrous consequences")

''Lord of the Rings'' film makers donate to US stem cell research

Israel: Iran Aided Hezbollah Ship Attack

Ynet News: Syrian Posts near Leb. border attacked

Feds: First Half of 2006 Is Warmest on Record

House committee probes Abrahmoff-Bush ties (subpoenaed billing records)

Bush, Putin announce global nuclear terror plan

BBC: Israel kills Lebanese civilians (Marwahin on the Israeli border)

Israel pounds south Beirut, killing 18

LAT: Bush, Peers Worlds Apart on Approach to Middle East Crisis

New House Majority Leader Keeps Old Ties to Lobbyists (is proud of links)

Reuters: Israel Kills at least 32 in Air Strikes (15 children)

U.S. panel probes voting machine firm

Mexico's leftist presidential candidate calls for protest camps ...

Hizbollah ship attack shows Iran weapons link

Ahmadinejad: Islamic World Will Destroy Israel

Ahmadinejad: Zionist Regime to Be Annihilated Soon

Survivors of Baghdad's Jihad massacre seek refuge in tents

Bush backs away from spat with Putin (Reuters)

Senate Telecom Overseer Not Plugged In to Web

UN Council imposes sanctions on N. Korea

Bush points figure at Hezbollah, Syria Israeli war planes continue their

Reuters: "Israel kills 32 in air strikes"

Iran's Ahmadinejad compares Israel to Hitler

CNN: Arab League head: Mideast peace process 'dead'

'Special security situation' declared in northern Israel

FBI's e-mail evidence: 'We're going to get rich' (NatWest Three)

Israel gives Syria ultimatum

Dayton Representative Crosses Over to GOP

World leaders spar over Mideast violence

Lieberman Hopes His Fate Isn’t Sealed With a Kiss

U.N. Imposes Limited Sanctions on N. Korea

Webb Campaign Appears Undaunted by Fundraising Gap

Hezbollah rockets hit Israeli city

Senators urge Bush to seek Mideast peace (OWH)

North Korean Missile Attack Probably Couldn't Be Intercepted

At sprawling American base, echoes of a former British empire

Israel PM sets three conditions for ceasefire with Lebanon

Thanking Jesus in Court Lands Man in Jail

CNN/AP: European citizens to be evacuated from Lebanon

Report: Israel gives Syria ultimatum

Afghan clerics call for new religious police

AP Lebanon calls for cease-fire under U.N.

CNN: U.S. plans 'air bridge' out of Lebanon, officials say

Thousands Seek Aristide's Return to Haiti

Assad pledges Syrian help for Lebanon

Israel Steps Up Assault on Beirut Suburbs

Bush, in a Shift, May Speak at N.A.A.C.P. Convention

LAT/AP: Arab League Split Over Support For Hezbollah

AP: First Half of 2006 Is Warmest on Record

Israel hits Lebanon bridges, gas stations

Russia to send envoy to try to defuse the crisis

Gunmen kidnap 50, including Iraqi Olympic chief

U.S. Embassy Works on Lebanon Evacuation

Israel: Iran Aided Hezbollah In Attack

Bush: U.S. Economy Remains 'Envy of World'

Democrat Urges Senate on Stem Cell Measure:Radio Address

As G8 opens, pressure is on Bush to condemn Israel

Feingold addresses voter unrest over Iraq

Iraq PM denounces Israel over Lebanon, Gaza

Witnesses: Israel attacks hit central Beirut

No Israeli attack on Syria -Syrian official

Coalition launches attack in Afghan south

DeWine ad uses 9/11 images to attack rival on security

N. Korea rejects U.N. vote for sanctions (vows more launches)

Putin Thinks Israel 'Pursuing Wider Goals' (Putin thinking Bush is Drinkin

Foreign companies buy U.S. roads, bridges

Pitt Still Shocked by Katrina Devastation

Democrats press higher minimum wage in ads

UK warships heading for Lebanon

Putin rejects Bush's Iraq democracy model

Iran denies supplying rocket that hit ship

Missouri Says It Can’t Hire Doctor for Executions

Bush blocks WTO entry for Russia (AP)

Feingold defends Israel's attack response

Hey Losers! Strangers with Candy is on for the next 2.5 hours...

No more GD for me.

That dude in my sig line:

Cingular 8125 PDA phone w/ wifi

CaliforniaPeggy is like butter

Brown eyes, black hair, freaking beautiful, smart

Has anyone seen this before? Wow!!

Haggard Live! How can you not dig it?

What to do with Rollover Leftist Chicken?

Bloody Mary: Nature's Wonder Drink?

It's Friday night (okay-early Saturday morning)

And you call yourself a democrat....

Man i miss Morning Sedition on AAR

We're heading out on our roadtrip

One question about Dan Brown's "The Davinci Code"?

Tell me true tell me why was Jesus crucified

I need a Decon unit, QUICK!

is it "use to" or "used to?"

I'm at a point,

ever have one of those weeks?

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

The Chap Olympics

To heck with all of you...! I have a brand new RC helicopter that I'm

What's for breakfast?

Dell Computers' new slogan...

When I was a young'un, I thought...

THE stupidest Hummer ad yet!

"This time, we DIDN'T forget the gravy" (and other vicious cartoons)

I've been staying up for the last few weeks until 3:30 in the morning

Congratulations Lydia Leftcoast!! 25,000 posts

Are William Rivers Pitt and Brad Pitt

It's too hot!My brain is melting!

What's your favorite B film?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 7/15/06)

My Date went very welll....YIPPEE!!

whatever happend to the Junkyard Wars TV show?

I miss the beard

Favorite fembot?

Will vinegar help with stains that are also acidic? Daughter stained

Is Red Stripe beer any good?

Ding, dong, the Mouse is DEAD! Which old mouse? The bedroom mouse!

"Safe Sex License" - Get Carded in Bed!

Coors' driver's license revoked

I don't think the vet has been or is being straight w/ me

When you were a kid, and your neighbors went on vacation, did their house

Best Bond movie? Worst?

Happy thoughts for the day.

Leaving DU...

how do you feel working for peanuts ?

Bush joke.

Prepaid debit cards. Now they want "security" check before...

DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix Video: The Internets is a series of Tubes!

A belated congradulation to Roland 99 who now has over 20.000 posts!

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road cranked up on the record player

The fucking world's coming to an end!

Holy hasenpfeffer, it's 100 degrees in St Paul.

Why am I so sick of DU?

"We are not responsible for money lost in these machines"...

Saw the Devil Wears Prada tonight....

Should I start drinking early today?

Woman asks 911 to send 'cutie pie' deputy

If the rapture is coming, can I pass on cleaning the shower?

97 degrees- Larry and Moe are waiting under the truck.

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

Has anyone seen the trailer for "Snakes on a Plane" on tv?

Does anyone know: What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Best adult leisure beverage to make in 100 degree sweltering weather?

Is anyone else listening to Prairie Home Companion right now?

I have 7116 posts. Do you think I can make an even 10,000 by

GUESS what I see out my my backyard....

Gotta rant about my satellite TV.

I wish I didn't have to do this

Where-oh-where has my smack gone, Sugar?

A Picture Thread-- Looking for duers Flashing

need some help...going to confront hubby who has begun drinking too much

Giant arachnids!

My wife wakes me up this morning with the words, "you're in trouble"

OMG, I saw part of something truly nasty on youtube - and here it is!!!

I think we will have to say good-bye to our cat today

Best Neil Peart songs?

The Lounge word of the day is...

Man who resembles Michael Jordan sues for $832M

Can I get some used car buying advice?

Red wine or white wine? Which is better for your health?

Little Ben Stevens

Need help identifying a song. (some words and notes)

Should I get a tatoo

If you saw someone struggling

Congratulations RetroLounge!! 15,000 posts

Okay, the weather heat advisory was to expire at 6PM. It is still 100 deg.

OK---it's officially TOO FREAKING HUMID!!!

What is your favorite brand of root beer?

I *purchased* a tombstone today.

Saturday, July 15. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Are you crushing on someone?

Right. It's an oven outside and I just belched. What should I go do next?

Do children beauty pageant contestents get plastic surgery?

Mother Rescues Baby from the Anti-Christ

?? developing old rolls of film -- will anything show up?

Stevie Wonder at his Funkiest - Links to videos

Tattooed DUers! Let's see some ink!


Oh, no . . . that poor woman


Please explain the ME situation in terms of US states and cities!

Is Dana Owens a lesbian?

Congratulations mom cat!! 10,000 posts

Do you have a Farmer's market to go to?

Does my cat's eyes look like there's spots before them?

I now know what a "Tramp stamp" is! Yippee!!!!!

Worst Christian sculpture?

Its too hot to wear a bra.

Everyone's resting blood pressure

New MaloneZone VIDEO: "Duct Tape"

Manhattan real estate, watching HGTV and can not believe what

HTML Help Needed, Please, For We Do Not Consent Blog

What lesson have you learned from your cat?

I was robbed by 2 men (video, not me) Helpful phrases exercising!

A picture thread--Looking for DUers flashing peace signs

"That sombitch don't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Have you ever known someone who has experienced sudden wealth.

Anybody know where I can get an F-16?

Date with Jessica Biel to be auctioned

What's the dumbest way you've ever injured yourself?

I wonder... How many DUrs are MASH fans?

Make a slogan with your DU name

Crappy Chirp "Smiley"; for silence when people only hear crickets...

Are you a lesbian? Take the quiz.

I'm interested in developing a Fashion Line called UnwholesomeWear...

Atheist Sermon.

Christian-Lion fights in Old Rome.

Worst Christian-themed sculpture?

Best religious themed artwork....

By His Nails and Blood, etc.

Tracing Cancer's Cause

Can Acupuncture Eliminate Allergies?


Gay Suicide Prevention veto override votes postponed until next week

Con-servative launches vicious attack on univ. domestic partner benefit

I have done something so terrible ...

Is this what it's come to?

remember when people laughed at Kerry for this

chipmunk crossing

Tyler Hamilton MS Bike Race (lots of photos)

Want to see some nice shots?

****Comments**** thread for the July Photo Group Contest*****PORTALS*****

***SUBMISSIONS*** thread for July Photo Group Contest*****PORTALS*****

(dial up warning) Reminder: DU has a new Latino/Hispanic group.

1905 and President Roosevelt insists on mediating the Russo-Japanese War

Mom, here's what you don't get

Something for the late night GD'ers

People For Change website hacked - being abandoned

Wes Clark fires a shot at Lieberman over party loyalty

American college students hole up in Beirut

Bush policies helped lead to current Israel, Hezbollah conflict

Abramoff Lobbying of White House Probed

Watch my cartoon.

"Live" Israeli T.V link.

Man in coma for 19 years asks to go back to sleep

Please name who you consider to be members of the BFEE.


The Funniest Discussion Between A Fake Conservative and a Real Idiot!!!

No rapture again tonight

hiro's Lounge Post: "Situation in Lebanon" PLEASE READ

Sesame Street helps army children

Great DKos Rant Re: Right-Wingnut Plame Talking Point

NSA Funny

Con-servative launches vicious attack on univ. domestic partner benefit

What do you believe the original juxtaposition of democracy was?

DU this poll please...

Duck's Head Soup

Great Putin and Shrub pic... detant this, beatch! CAPTION

FBI accused of driving witness in Enron case to his death

Follow Rick Steves Travel Blog? Interesting comments from

Iran-made missile hit the Israeli ship

Is there a link to the Putin "democracy" comment?

So ya doing on that "roadmap to mideast peace"?

What Is To Be Done

Americans Will Pay For Israel's Bombing and Killing....

Putin tells Chimpy Russia doesn't want no Iraq-type democracy

WaPo: House Committee subpoenaes Abramoff records

Caption This Bush And Putin Shot

so, is this how it's gonna be?

Stevie Wonder at his Funkiest - Links to videos

is that Lipstick or BBQ sauce on that pig? Saturday 7/15 toon

Why is it our (US) Problem

What if the "Iranian" missiles are the same ones Reagan/Bush sold to Iran?

Bush - Putin Slideshow -today's press conference

I Hereby Nominate Bush The Stupidest Looking President In History (pics)

More 500lb bombs in Afghanistan

Please pre-emptively DU this comic strip.

Did everyone forget last year Bush admitted to killing 30,000 Iraqis?

Pooty/Smirky lovefest transcript

Bob Bowman was on the Malloy show last night? I need to hear this

Israeli airstrikes target and kill 15 Lebanese as they fled.

Caption "Peddles" the President!

Head of Iraq's Olympic committee kidnapped

Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson plans a even bigger protest of Shrub

The Rapture as fundies see it is hooey. Maybe the return of Christ

Will the Freepers take the porta-potties with them in the rapture?

So, do all TV newsreaders take head bobbing 101...

Your theory on why there are so many young conservatives?

GW War Movie Poster:

The RW's War against us Update

#1 emailed photo on Yahoo this morning...

Everything is going according to plan in the middle east.

"The Lebanon" (GRAPHIC)

Has anyone 'google news' "Joe Wilson" and/or "Valerie Plame" lately?

Tyrant in the Tank

there is one thing i've always wondered about 'the rapture'...

Bush backs away from public spat with Putin

Is there any way we can get the fundies to really drink the kool aid

RESTORE YOUR MANHOOD - buy a hummer?

Will the Iraqi Civil War kill more people than Saddam did?

We are up to 2547 This Morning. & Another Sucky Day in the

"The best way to stop violence is to understand why the violence occurred

House Panel Has Subpoenaed Abramoff Law Firm For Records Dealing With WH

Turley: Plame Lawsuit Could Be Extremely Damaging To Bush Administration

Bush blames Hezbollah for Mideast violence (Careful. His lips are moving)

How the insanely religious deal with the Bush disasters.....

Jack Abramoff investigation beginning to work its way into the White House

So when do the Arabs use their BIG weapon?

Bush's Single Foreign Policy Success in the ME is now Gone

Fort Stewart soldier arrested in Fla. accused of desertion

President of EU says body extremely concerned with Israeli airstrikes

What's the website that you can look up campaign contibutions on?

So if our tankers are refueling Israeli jets in air are we participants

For Democrats, Wave Is Building - WaPo

Here is where you go to tell CNN that quick vote is rigged:...

The absence of American leadership to...protect its citizens is appalling

Are William Rivers Pitt and Brad Pitt

Training the Enemy

C&L:Cafferty on new AP Poll: Republicans in trouble

It will be Disappointing for all sides when the Rapture fails to occur.

Escape from Beirut -- if you have the cash...

Rip Van Winkle test -- Bush's policies reversed a generation of progress

Want to know what is going on with the Israel-Hezbollah conflict? Read:

When Hezbollah is destroyed, i hate to think about what will take its

Bush's Iraqi puppets hiding out in the Green Zone are condemning Israel now

Chavez Calls Out Bush and Israel

Sometimes the best offense is to retreat..... or not. We are sooooo

Close Guantanamo NOW! .... Action Alert:

A "wish to destroy Lebanon"

"Catch Us Before We Fall Into the Death Spiral"

Check out Ted Stevens' (R-Alaska) techno remix "It's a series of tubes!"

You just have to see this hilarious video on "Bush's pilot"

Baptists warn environmental politics could divide evangelicals

Please keep DU'ing this comic strip.

From Juan Cole on this mess...

Is Bush for real? "Hezbollah should lay down their arms." Talk about

a prayer for the twenty-first century

CNN Has No Shame

When does OPEC begin to squeeze us by the other ball that we have

A Report from the Heartland...VERY encouraging.

I just watched General Electric. Everyone in the area is to blame, not

Bush Military History Project #27

Putin puts down Bush

OMG!: Bush To Putin Follow "Iraq Democracy Model" Putin: Says NO THANKS

Fox propaganda reaching surreal levels

Worst Christian-themed sculpture?

Into the fray

LAT: Mexico's Election May Rest on Federal Electoral Tribunal's 7 Votes

If there's going to be a major war in the M.E.....

college neo con students learn early how to act ugly

Why didn't you just roast me a pig, comrade? ----------> pix

World's smartest baby! Here:

The RW's War against us

Fundamentalist Iran

Hello? Israel Created Hezbollah.

Lebanon is to weak to stop Hezbollah, what is Israel's plan?

The Moonies and the Sharks (for real 6000+)

Oh no!!! Anthony Bourdain is stranded in Lebanon!!!

Novakula: Plame Suit Will Be Dismissed

Best religious themed artwork....

Bush's reply to Putin's put down

NYT's - No Wilson story?

Not Good... (From Lebanese Bloggers) - They've Hit INSIDE Syria !!!

Now WHO would Terrorize the N. Y. Times with Fake Anthrax & why?

There's a 2nd live debate on in Ga. for the Gov & Lt. Gov-1PM EST.

Sounds to me like the Labonese PM wants Lebanon to stick together

DU Censoring threads critical of Israel....

Hezbollah should just put on the uniform of offical Lebanon military

Did You See The CNN Interview With A Gaza Policeman?

public school kids do as well as or better than in private schools

Foreign Companies Buy U.S. Roads, Bridges

Medicare 'doughnut hole' eating seniors' cash

Two guys walk into a bar...already drunk...

After 9/11, firms rushed to give top execs millions in options

UPDATE 2-New York Times investigates envelope with powder - Reuters

Regarding the CNN "rigged" online poll about Dem video ad:

Why don't we term this as "The Republican War Against Humanity"

Help finding link to coffin commercial

Anyone else think it may have been mistake for Syria to leave

Seem like the Lebanese PM is saying that they also have a right to

More of Jeus' finest words....

Any reading suggestions for Bush's summer vacation.

Does Israels invasion of Lebanon finally put to rest the Islamofacists lie?

Will the U.S. get involved in this Lebanon thing?

Any info on Vision Critical Communications Inc?

With Israel the ONLY threat to Lebanese occupants, Bush plans US bug-out

Pressure on Israel?

New MaloneZone VIDEO: "Duct Tape"

BREAKING: DU'ers project own country's evil onto Israel!

What DID Jesus do?

Attribution help needed: Clinton quote, what is this from?

Republicans use "Flag Draped Coffin" in 2004 political ad. Pic here:

Not another dime for the Israeli war machine!

Swastika aerial shot from Coronado Naval Base

Lieberman Hopes His Fate Isn’t Sealed With a Kiss (!!!!)

Not to sound like Chicken Little but...

bush would NEVER run a campaign ad exploiting fallen soldiers!

Joseph Biden: Baghdad a city in the throes of “nascent civil war”

Did Iran really give rockets to Hezbollah?

Russia's "declining Democracy?" Hey MSM! Our Democracy's declining too!

Is this a passed around story? Need proff and a link if it is.

Howard Zinn on Book TV (C-SPAN2) at 3:10pm EDT

Tony Blair to be question by police re: political corruption

Is this why those draft boards were set up?

My rant about recent events

Is Putin Left or Right Wing?

How could it possibly behoove the BFEE to 1.Ignore the middle east, 2. and

GOP, courts: Had enough? (McCain and Specter all talk, no action)

Gary Hart: Today there is no accountability in American democracy.

Israel's opportunism

I bet you are learning a lot more about the N.Korean issue if you are

Is Cheney betting on bad news?Is Cheney Betting On Economic Collapse?

MSN.COM pushing SUV purchases in main news story

Man who resembles Michael Jordan sues for $832M

Drink responsibly......

Fear and Shopping in Beirut

So, it's ok for Israel to bomb and kill civilians on the beach but it's

"Coffin Ad" so offensive to Republicans they won't stop promoting it.

Describe this decade: 5 words or less.

Putin Chides President's Comment. Bush's face

I'll be on the Mike Feder Show(Sirius Satellite Radio) this afternoon

Breaking News: Israeli tanks and troops enter northern Gaza Strip

ok - how about a little fun! Drag your mouse over the lil *

Larry Johnson Ponders The Exploding Jigsaw Puzzle On Our TV Screens

How are we going to pay for Iraq?

Is It WWIII Yet?

Have I told you lately how much I hate these people?

When we deal with Chavez we get oil. What do we get from Israel?.

Anyone have details about the bombing of Tripoli?

Spanish PM Zapatero offers harsh criticism of Iraq war, Mideast violence

World War 3 Shaping Up?

Just 3 simple questions for Israel

Self Delete - sorry!

The Mentality Of A Bush Supporter

The Mid-East is on fire

It's clear that Israel violates no international law simply because it

Several days to evacuate Americans from Lebanon?

Rapture Ready Tips for the End Times.

GWB's Middle East Policy

The Chimp tells Israel to "Bring It On"

Budget shortfalls you don't hear about.

Believing in the rapture means never having to take responsibility

The State Dept. Can't Figure Out How To Evacuate US Citizens from Lebanon

Army chief of staff not certain we're 'winning' in Iraq

Lebanon: 7 Media Workers Injured in 48 Hours of Fighting

Former U.S. Ambassador to the UAE just slammed Bush on MSNBC

" Cheap Flights Israel"

Anyone Watching the N Korea Special on CNN?

An answer to those who think the Bible is the source of Civilization.

"These aren’t defensive acts. These are acts of aggression. " War Crimes.

Donate to the Joseph & Valerie Wilson Support Trust

What are 25,000 US citizens doing in Lebanon?

Nations move to evacuate expatriates from Lebanon

CNN's Lebanon Problem

Rapture ready xtians attack Vatican...........

Moderate Arab states denounce Hezbollah for starting conflict.

Bush, Putin Disagree Over Call for Mideast Cease-Fire (Update2)

Well, MSNBC has gone to permanent "Breaking News".

Fox News/ Bill Kristol using the Israel Crisis to urge ACTION against Iran

So Is the US Trying to Get US Citizens Out of Harm's Way?

Israeli forces move back into northern Gaza Strip

Did these kidnappings of AF personel start with the young Iraqi girl

Does anybody have the Goebbels quote on

FL County Party chair: Chris Dodd is running for President

"God made a huge mistake when he decided to get into real estate"

Congratulations and thank you George for everything.

I thought Dubya and Vlad were supposed to be pals.

Has anyone seen the Rapture message board?

Google ads are getting funny

Despite Hezbollah's Ties to Iran and Syria, It Also Acts Alone

Watching Mike Tyson punch Dubya improved my mood....

Which slogan describes Neo-Con/wingnut wars to a tee?

Senator Kennedy responds to Bush's boast about economy

So, there is no news at all on tv

Listening to older Malloy shows

Pooty Poot lets little boy George know who's boss.

So, where are those Patriot Missile batteries?

Is Cindy Sheehan doing Camp Casey this year?

Mutually Assured Destruction in the Middle East - Great article by Chris H

One area of issue in the Israel/Lebanese Conflict is "Shaba Farms"...

Link to George's "Let me eat pig" video ad talks about planning a hunting trip & shows a pic of Cheney

going to see "An Inconenient Truth in an hour!!!

Video- Stephen Colbert at Knox College

So...if the repukes don't like an ad by the Dems, we have to pull it?


*Graphic* Israel Slaughters More People Today Including 15 Children

What is the Democratic Leadership Saying About Israel?

Smirk blatantly getting Hammered.


Who started it?

Robert Fisk: What I see in Lebanon each day is an outrage

Aristide or death! If there's blood it will be on your hands! GRAPHIC

So what's the Penalty for sending Corn Starch to the N.Y. Times, GITMO?

Lebanese bloggers awesome reporting

Rapture Ready board: "Screw charity, let them die in Gaza"

Hillary IS running..... blech

I was reading on this Coors DUI thing

Where's Condi? Where are our diplomats?

My mom's birthday (75th) card from her best friend...

Valerie Plame's Letter

Wing-nut says stress could make soldiers rape and murder a 14-year-old

Bill Clinton defends Lieberman's Iraq stance

Israel is rolling tanks. This is what I was most afraid of.

And I do not plan to cooperate with evil at any point

Me, Hugo and George by Cindy Sheehan

Wow! These fundies are really serious about the coming "Rapture"!

The Mess-o-Potamian Mess we have now.. Memory

The US could pay off the National Debt in 1-2 years and create

Post-9/11 Option Grants Under Scrutiny (WSJ: execs reaped millions)

What IS Iran's role in all this?

John Dean op/ed: TRIUMPH OF THE AUTHORITARIANS - fascist psychology

Putin ridicules Bush to his face; Russian press laughs.

The US may ALREADY be bankrupt !

Our government is charging Americans for their transport out of Lebanon.

At sprawling American base in Iraq, echoes of a former British empire

new du group- former gifted children?

A temperate Israeli response to the crisis

two French warships just left for Cyprus and 800 troops are flown in

I may not have to quit drinking Miller beer after all

CHAOS Training Under Way To Prepare For Northwest Airlines Strike

Man responsible for 2500+ U.S. deaths wants to minimize Lebanon casualties

Can the Democrats Regain Senate Control? Here's a Run Down

The Political Week in Cartoons

[Connecticut] Residents continue to push impeachment issue

In a "WAR OF IDEAS" I visited a website of His High Ass-Holiness the Dope

Can the Democrats Regain Senate Control? Here's a Run Down

If Plames identity was widely known in Washington

What to make of Dems with good fundraising numbers but

Middle East War - The result of cheney's energy task force?

Another quality human being from the GOP

NYT: Texas Rivals Offer Competing Redistricting Plans

Republicans are in jeopardy of losing their grip

C-span Journal see a Schafly Eagle Forum Intern & Republicon

Sun Tzu Evaluates George Bush

Trade Summit: Bad Trade Policies Could Create Global Depression

Will any politicians (D or R) take a stand against Israel's aggression???

snake Cheney and his lust for pipeline thru Syria

Mark Warner In Iowa: Learning To Beat Hillary

(Re: Mid-East) I would say that a Dem. running

Convicted felons can't vote, and not-yet-convicted felons run the country.

DU this poll on Lieberman being disloyal to Democrats

170,000 South Korean Workers Joined General Strike to Protest Pact with US

Latest Blackwell Propaganda from Plain Dealer

The GOP plan to destroy Medicare?

Strickland Could Learn A Few Things from Clair McCaskill

Mitt Romney Big Death

Statehouse elections get new attention

LMAO! G8 Summit Putin comment

bush to speak at NAACP convention next week?


So I Guess When This Conflict Dies Down The U.S. Taxpayers Will....

meet the new boss; same as the old boss

Bush radio: His "good news" on the "strong" economy "is no accident"

JoeMentum labeled a "serial offender" who regularly capitulates to GOP

Coulter attacks 9-11 widows in repeated interviews on MSNBC/NBC

July, 2004

Israel says it's only bombing Hizbollah in Lebanon

The War on Terror

Idiot wingnut letter of the day...

Worried about Bush`s plans for the world? Think cockroach.

We should use the subsidies we give to Israel for veterans benefits....

So is this Just a middle east regional war or could it be the beginning

Tony Snow is sooooo bad ...

Flash Back : Disproportional response to terrorist attack

FL: Cruella's $100,000 of campaign went to fix her home in DC

nbc evening news now: to talk of how politians plan to use 9/11 images.

Touch me, feel me.-- Caption - Photos.

Ex Harris cmpgn mgr cites "tantrums" and "increasingly erratic behavior"

Danger in New Jersey: GOP Senate candidate Thomas Kean, Jr.

Folks, this coming election will decide what America is to become.

need help please--does anybody have links to the death tolls on both

Here is what pisses me off about this whole Lebanon thing....

Once again when leadership is required, AWOL George

Will the Lamont race be THE political litmus test on the Iraq War?

Bill Clinton defends Lieberman's Iraq stance

Voters ID in Georgia

Lamont's new radio ad: "Side Effects" of Joe Lieberman

New Ava Lowery animation (32% love letters from the right)

Agitation Hightower Lowdown Style

France is evacuating its citizens-the US limps and thinks how to do so.

A neocon wet dream: WMDs in Lebanon! To war! To war!

Thank you Gary Hart! Finally someone blames Bush.

CBS: Santorum Struggles for Support at Home

Great new "Bush making baby Cry" PHOTO!!!

New Comic: Happy Fitz of July

VIDEO: Bush and Condi So In Love

It's time for Democrats to take back Democratic Underground