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Archives: July 14, 2006

Global Eye - Serpent's Egg

Sy Hersh's sources were prescient, but the story's out of sequence

Editorial: Role in Iraq reduces U.S. Mideast options


How George W Bush Got Bounced from the Carlyle Board

Iraq’s breakup would prove disastrous for Jordan — ICG

NYT: For Accused G.I., Iraq Only Added to His Woe

Home schooled kids hit campaign trail for GOP

Few (in Press) Raised Alarms on Key War Resolution (Oct 2002)

"This Is Going to Be a Big War" -- Dahr Jamail

The New American Cold War

Conason: Electrocute Bill Keller! No, hang him!

How the Religious Right Hijacked Jesus in Broad Daylight

Baghdad starts to collapse as its people flee a life of death

The Source of Europe's Mild Climate (The Rocky Mountains?)

Rising Tide Of Salinity Already Affects 5 Million Acres In Australia

Desert fire and forest fire may merge in SoCal.

And Then There is This Essay

What Are They Fighting For

World War Four: Israel’s “Destructive Enterprise”

Israel's monstrous legacy brings tumult a step closer

Israel's show of force will backfire

Switzerland condemns Israeli military actions in Lebanon

News Analysis: Israel on verge of forming unity government

Leader who lacks the military pedigree

A way out of the Gaza crisis - Al-Jazeera

Israel intensifies attacks on Lebanon, warns 'nothing is safe';

Palestinian foreign ministry bombed

YADB - Yet Another Dlobeid Blunder...

why did King from IA vote vs the Voting Rights Act

How your Congresscritter voted on VRA

Breakfast with Will Pryor - the guy who's going to replace Pete Sessions

Health vow vanishes from PM's to-do list

Files show soaring airfare tab of Veterans Minister

Parliament will decide on the fate of softwood lumber deal, says Emerson

House backs Voting Rights Act extension

Gov. Romney Seeks Control of Big Dig Inquiry

AP: Deja vu for Harris: Key Senate campaign staff leaves

U.S. stands alone in defending Israel

Six killed as crime gangs wage new war in Sao Paulo (Brazil)

US Iraq war costs may rise by $406 billion by 2016

Israeli warplanes hit Beirut suburb

IDF bombs Hizbullah stronghold in Beirut

Brother of GOP Candidate (Hillary's Challenger) Calls Her 'Evil'

NYT: Bush Will Allow Court to Review N.S.A. Wiretaps

LAT/AP: Emergency Declared as Wildfires Grow In California Desert

Nicaraguan parliament approves destruction of more missles

(Jeb) Bush orders election in fractious Yankeetown

LAT: Issue of Detainees Splits Bush Administration

Western Incentives for Iran Released

Senate advances measures on Canadian trash

Court to expedite DeLay's ballot case

Seventh case of BSE confirmed by federal officials

Religious leaders quit Katrina Fund panel

(Cuban leader Ricardo Alarcon): Bush Plan Like Hitler Book

Schiavo nurse may lose license

Intel to slash 1,000 management jobs

Navy Judge Criticizes Rape Case Witnesses

Evangelist (Kent Hovind) arrested on tax evasion

Jailed Cunningham among 'departing' lawmakers being honored

Saudis blame Hizbullah for Lebanon crisis

Does anyone else like to chew on marbles while watching Rainman?

Y'think Big McLargehuge can break Babe Ruth's record?

CanuckAmok from the blue line...

I love it when I'm the last one in before a lock

Post a pic that makes you smile!

THURSDAY NIGHT LIVE AGAIN...Shameless plug! please come check us out!

My God, filling a van with fake slate tile flooring is a lot of work

Baseball's back!

Q. What is the origin of the phrase "All your ___ are belong to us"?

How long before exercise makes me feel better?

So, there was a google ad today on DU for

Never seen Plan 9 From Outer Space? Watch it online!

Separated at birth: Ned Lamont and Conrad Bain?

New episode of Dragnet starting now ON Radio (my online radio station)

Are you a toucher? Would you like to see the back of my van?

Dave Chappelle-- too brilliant for his times

Are you a toucher? Can you help me find my lost puppy?

Holy carp!

Well, hell yes, there are cliques in the lounge

Question for the guys: Do you dudes have eyebrows growing on your nose?

heh...o'reilly crying (not for real) TOON

Ed or Edward?

*Appropriate Touching in The Workplace*

i am selling an item on ebay

HELP! Anyone here know of some training sites?

Holy crap!

Tree frogs are taking over my pool! It's so cool.

Computer problems

Och! Gag me with a shhhpoon!!!

How do you want to diet?

Ha! Ha! A faith-healer on ABC Primetime right now!

Screw Hezbollah, I'm putting cornflakes on my chicken!

Al, Save Us

There's a stain on my

So today at the bar...

I met a girl from Lebanon in 1988. When I was in rehab.

I'm the ring leader of a secret clique. Post here to see if you're in.

I hear Eddie!

39 posts to 2000

Look at these hooters!

World War III may be starting...What are you doing?

I want to start a thread about cliques too.

So her name is Brandy? Just "Brandy"?!?

Wonder if the mouse in my bedroom is gone yet...

We don't wanna go to war today...

It is pronounced possum or opossum?

Damn. So many threads about cliques and I didn't start any of 'em.

Am I elitist?

Is anyone else just jaded?

Heaven is a tight white slip......

Silly political jokes... add yours here:

Now that is one badass storm front. (pic)

Parents of teenagers - How would you have handled this?

It just never stops with the bad news. My father is dying.

Why Don't You Like Alpacas?

Holy crap. "A Man Escaped." What a movie.

my new painting almost finished

What kind of marriage amendment would you like to see?

The Spoiling Famous Movie Endings Thread

Kickass Anti-* Song (Muse - Take A Bow)

The Lounge is pretty subdued tonight, due to the outbreak of

Did you have a lunchbox when you were a kid?

Anyone looking for music to play while WWIII starts?

Is "celtic" properly pronounced as Seltic or Keltic?

What about Poland?

Kitten Born With 2 Faces

WW III Word Association thread!

Al, Save Us

Are you a gooser? If not, do you detest when other people are?

We interrupt the Lounge for a serious question: Are you terrified?

DU Vancouver meet-up this weekend?

maybe the greatest quote EVER!!!

ABC has some shit on right now about Adam the Faith Healer

NY Daily News: Spitzer Promises to Introduce/Back Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Jungle-forged brothers

I have just dumped my last remaining family.Except for DH.

Cspan will show the SFRC hearing tonight!

Has Kerry or any other Dems spoken about the Israel-Lebanon crisis?

It is the conservatism, stupid ...

The SRFC Hearing is replaying now on C-SPAN 1 n/t

Whatever happened to...?


KOEB 7/13/06 Valerie Wilson Sues Edition

Keith will cover the Wilson lawsuit; John Dean will be guest

Anyone ever notice this about Joe Biden?....

There is only ONE black female sports columnist? And Jemele Hill is good!

Mideast Democracy: One Violent Group Finds It Works Fine

* pic begging for a caption >>>

"Maybe these people are nuts."

Germans are 1,000 times better at teaching the facts of life...

Well....either Larry O'Donnell was "paid" or "scared off" or he's telling

My Love Of Humanity Is Being Sorely Tested By Actions In The Middle East !

"Excessive heat watch" just issued for my area

I ask this now , so let me have it .

"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home."

Confounded Fundie Pete Inspires New Blog Site! March Together Against Life

Israel blockades Lebanon, kills 53 civilians

Rabbi Lapin (of Abramoff fame) now has a show on SF's KSFO radio

Have you seen this site?

Communist Manifesto illustrated by Disney ----->VIDEO

Pleas notwithstanding

The death of a beautiful man........Charles Gray

Fox reporter gives up troop positions in Gaza, is shot at. VIDEO

So you want to be a journalist?


A fundie going off to war....

2 cafeteria workers lose jobs when Homeland Security deems them unsuitable

How's that flag burning amendment coming along?

India's call centers hit mid-life crisis

Rumor: Israel Tells Condi Rice to "Back Off" (Steve Clemons)

Breaking story of Hezbollah sending captured soldiers to Iran is ACT ONE!

Vets home puts kibosh on kitty - Kicks Binkey Out

FOX News >> Israel: Missile That Hit Haifa Fired By Iranian Guard Units

* was more impressed with the pig than anything else today

Which of these words is most profane?

Suggestion: The Power of the Mass-Walkout

I thought Merkava tanks were just about indestructible?

Lieberman's 'Judas kiss' could seal his primary fate

Idea for a commercial I have - any talented DU'ers able to do it?

Gun sales up, war zone in AZ this point...

A cure, the road paved with good intentions

How can American soldiers be trained in 6 months and be deployed

New Documentary: Marching Plague

DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!

Repercussions of a failed policy (Bush has no moral authority)

'Washington/Israel Summit' -- 3000+ evangelicals to DC led by John Hagee

Do you know any "End Timers"?


Haifa in 3 pics

Where is Cheney?

Bush makes pig jokes, Beirut burns

Jonathan Tasini says Hilary responsible for Iraqi and American deaths

What a dear man Warren Buffett is....

Anyone Watching Hannity and Colmes?

PLEASE rent/buy/view Woody Allen's "The Front"

Preferred primary method

Reminder to self: Never watch MSNBC for breaking late-night news again.

CAPTION the robot people

Jon on The Daily Show: I get to work and WWIII has started...

Please support Suzanne Swift this Saturday

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

One of the best LTTEs I've ever read

"Never Again" Gone Mad In Israel

Uh, huh... yep, I see 'em too. Wow. let's CAPTION

If Lieberman runs as an independent how can we bring him down?

"On the verge of war"

Dem Representative Spratt Gives Credibility To GOP's "Outrage"

Why do Americans still rely on big corporations?

Congressman Conyers:Voting Rights Victory

Caption this * pic...

Clark: Global Warming a National Security Problem That Must be Dealt With

At what point is it reasonable to use military force?

the lack of World Leadership

Hermetically sealed body bags...does anyone

Breaking: MSNBC : BA Vetoes UN Resolution To STOP Israel Aggression

24TH Millionth Post!! DU Mega-Post Watch Update! Woo Hoo 4 DU!!

Anyone else a user of Imitrex?

Designer Marc Jacobs Launches An Al Gore Fashion Line...

Israel to Condi: 'Back off.'

Does Wilson's "Civil Suit" mean Fitz's Investigation stops with Libby?

Is it worth starting a war over 2 soldiers being kidnapped?

Pigs, Historic Violence in Mideast and one DISASTER of a President

Bush Pilot (with english subtitles)

Raw: Story: (lala_rawraw) – Domestic Torture US - Style Well Hidden

Why the wingnuts are cheering the Plame lawsuit

Kucinich, McKinney,Lee and Woolsey come out in support of Troops Home Fast

"I thought you were going to ask about the pig."

Jomentum's Dem seat - a lesson from 1960s' Blue Texas

A friend was in Oregon surfing,and he stopped at a souvenir shop.

Every Planet Must Protect Herself Against Terra-ist Attacks

Confessions of a former Republican: (Election Fraud) - OpEdNews

E-85 Flex Fuel?

Is this the big one? (warning pic heavy)

"WH Keeping Tabs On People It Shouldn't Have Been Monitoring" (TPM)

Sibel Edmonds: Whistlblowers Dirty Dozen Interview

Colbert just CRUCIFIED Joe Lieberman


Larisa Alexandrovna: US Suspects Treated Like Military Prisoners

There they go again: Repukes bashing Dems over new ad

Loud explosions heard in Beirut, Lebanon


Lieberman Supporters: Would you mind an Independent in the Senate seat?

Bush's indifference drives conflict

A way out of the Gaza crisis - Al-Jazeera

BEWARE of TABOR style ballot initiatives

This was the AP flash December 7, 1941.

America cries out in the darkness for leadership

Wal-Mart shares at 9-month low (ha ha ha ha ha)

Why hasn't anything been mentioned about Congressman Doolittle

A message to the DLC: our issues are not pet issues

AFP Photo: The effing embarassment we call "our President" in Germany

CNN again asking for story ideas - submit to: [email protected]

Breaking: Israeli Ambassador threatens to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities

Details of Wilsons' Suit against Libby, Rove, and Cheney

Instability in the Middle East

What Do You Think - WWIII Before The Nov '06 Elections So That......

OMG! Several "MUST See" moment on The Daily Show tonight!

ALERT: General Clark will be live blogging at the Clark Community Network

Everybody Just calm Down!

Jon Snow confronts Dep. Israeli Ambassador on Israeli terror

Should bashing of "the left" and "liberals" be allowed at DU?

NOLA drops bid

'MO MONEY - 'MO MONEY - 'MO MONEY none for us however...

"I'm looking forward to that pig tonight," he(Bush) gushed

Why would these 33 Republicans vote against voting rights?

Merchants of Death in Iraq

Salon: Incident on Khairallah Tulfa Street (part 3 of a series)

Syria's one true friend - Iran

For most other Americans, economic growth is a spectator sport. (Krugman)

Being green: National conversation on environment is picking up steam

Too Good for Marriage (re: Argument vs. Gay Marriage)

WaPo - "Big Bang Theory In Ruins" (neocon MiddleEast gambit implodes)

Global Warming Will Cancel Out Western Aid and Devastate Africa

The Guns of July

Competitive Enterprise Institute's Category 5 Gore bashing

The White House's favorite whipping boy

Episcopalians, Moravians apologize for slavery

Understanding Al Gore

"Prince Of Darkness" Sheds Light On Valerie Plame by Bill Press

My weekly newspaper column: The Long Tail

sexual terrorism has accelerated markedly.

Germans Locked Down for * Visit (Security precautions worse than Cold War)

Tony Blair discovers joys of e-mailing

By Allowing White Racists in the Military, We’re Training Domestic Terrori

*'s Visit to Germany: The President's Lonely Arrival (Inside Story)

Media trying to draw Iran into this mess

Bush’s Bunker Mentality On Display in Baghdad

Walter Pincus: Fighting back against the PR presidency

Triumph of the Authoritarians (John W. Dean)

'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon -LATimes

Tom DeLay: He's Baaaack

Nasrallah (Hez)has dismissed international law (Leb Daily Star editorial)

Can someone explain to me why Tucker Carlson has a show

Peru's rubbish-tip children

GREG PALAST: an Un-Gore/Kerry FIGHTS for his stolen election

Ministry of Health report on toxic Israeli weapons confirmed by Gaza City

Youngstown Vindicator: Steelmakers cry foul on Chinese policies

Will an increase in the minimum wage hurt business and

Goldman Sachs joins Shell investing in Iogen's cellulosic ethanol process

National Ice Center - Svalbard Approaching 100% Sea-Ice-Free 10 July

Eiger sheds rock mass (half the size of Empire State Building)

Faster Westerlies Speeding Warming Of Antarctic Peninsula - Study

Oil prices over $78 per barrel today

Wind, geothermal industries rap Bush administration

Those who grew up Supporting Israel after WWII reading Diary of Ann Frank

Should the U.S. cut or suspend Israel's massive annual...

U.S. Christian organizations back Lebanon operation

Israel started all this (Noam Chomsky)?

Israeli peace activity: - We're trying to stop our government

Hezbollah's Deadly Arsenal

Woman and five-year-old grandson killed in Moshav Meron rocket attack

Bush's road map to nowhere

Chomsky - Israel started this conflict before Shalit's capture

Israel Navy ship seriously damaged off Beirut coast

Hezbollah renews rocket fire, hits residential building in Safed

Support Peace, not Israel, Palestine, or the other arab nations

Un-Freep This Poll: Has Israel Gone Too Far?

Bush has forged the stupidity chain link by link and placed it

PDA's Recent Statement on Israeli/Palestine Issue

Lebanon says Israel attack is barbaric.

EU Lashes Israel, Announces New Aid to PA

I Do Not Buy The Excuses Being Made For Israel's Actions.

Back ground on Hezbollah and its leader Imad Fayez Mugniyah

residents of Haifa have been ordered to go into bomb shelters

Vatican condemns Israel for attacks on Lebanon

Israel kills one Palestinian, bombs Hamas offices

Israel / Lebanon: End immediately attacks against civilians

No Excuses on ChoicePoint: A Threat to Our Constitution and Freedom

The House plans a joint hearing on voting standards and the Dems

Choicepoint Prez's wife co-founds and funds Election Reform Organization

The Exit Poll Controversy Continues


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Friday 7/14/ 2006

X-post To Fine Piece On Elections in GD.

X-post from GD: Activists in SD boo Franken's on-air comments re: CA-50!

Why Dems Don't Count: Lessons from the Un-Gore of Mexico: By Greg Palast

Gazette dumps Coulter

House 90-8 - Senate 41-8 to override Eminent Domain Veto

Proposed congressional maps being released (LULAC)

There will be a protest of the Israeli military action next week

Californian Democratic club raising funds for Republican Ron Paul responds

let us speak of caramelized walnuts

In Praise of Cook's Illustrated

[Harper] stresses commitment to Kyoto climate pact

The Making of a Terror Mole

Rae urges leaderless Liberals to risk election over softwood deal

NYT: For Accused G.I., Iraq Only Added to His Woe

Mideast unrest pushes oil above $78

AP: Bombing at Sunni Mosque in Iraq Kills 7

NY AG Sues Chip Makers Over Price Fixing

Boston Globe: Factual errors cited in cases against detainees

U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution on Mideast

GOP OK'd wrong number for Republican primary; off by 30,000 votes

Iraqis slam Israeli assaults on Lebanon and Gaza (speaker of parliament)

Gunmen attack checkpoint, kill 12 Iraqi soldiers

AP: Activists Sue to Block Electronic Voting (MSM Finally Notices)

Plame Says Government Betrayed Her Trust

NatWest Three face bail hearing . . . . . (Enron)

U.S. Sees Three More Years in Building Afghan Army

Global Warming Will Cancel Out Western Aid and Devastate Africa

US outsources war to Filipinos

Judge: Top Republicans Can Be Deposed In NH Phone Case

Blast in Karachi; Pakistani police checking cause

Brazil confirms four citizens killed in Israeli strike in Lebanon

Finland's FM: Syria could get involved in Lebanon

Palestinians (Blow a hole in Border wall) Stream in (to Gaza)Through Egypt

Israel keeps up Lebanon assault, criticism mounts

Hezbollah says building housing Headquarters destroyed in Israeli strike

LAT: Household Pesticides Scrutinized

US officials 'betrayed' CIA agent (says Valerie Plame)

Bush to urge Israel to spare civilians

WP: GAO Finds Pentagon Erratic In Wielding Secrecy Stamp

Israeli warplanes strike in Beirut again

Tony Blair discovers joys of e-mailing

AP Bomb strike at Baghdad mosque kills 14 (Sunni mosque)

Syria says tells Hizbollah: stop rocketing Israel

DR Congo backs 'guns for bikes'

Bad day for a bank robbery (Ok it's LBN but cute

Hezbollah ready for 'open war' with Israel



Comedian Red Buttons Dies in L.A. at 87

U.S. signs $150 mln air base lease agreement with Kyrgyzstan

Guantanamo general to head Nato

Reuters: Lebanese Sources say Rockets hit Israeli Ship

DC National Mall Crimes Expose US Park Police Officer Shortage

Attorney Explains Why Reporters Not Targeted In 'Plame' Lawsuit

Germany: Security lapse during Bush visit

US outsources war to Filipinos

U.S. accused of kidnappings in Iraq (of family members)

PBS board nomination raises eyebrows

McAfee Urges Companies, Government to Update Flawed Security Software

Lebanese PM: Bush promised he would pressure Israel to stop attack

Bush in Russia ahead of G8 summit

Ministry of Health report on toxic Israeli weapons confirmed by Gaza City

AP: Canadian Terror Suspect Released on Bail

Georgia Lawsuit Filed over E-Voting Questionability -Atlanta Progressive

Explosives-laden drone damages ship's steering


400,000 year old DNA found in bear tooth

AP: Court Restores Neb. Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Ahmadinejad: Iran is out of Israel's reach

IRS Operated Without Refund Fraud Screening Program This Year

Most Japanese say PM right to send Iraq troops

Cuba proposes literacy model for poor countries

CSIS 'mole' outs himself on CBC (wacko terror informant)

Far-Right racists join the (Anti-Globalisation) protests

Witnesses: People flood into Gaza from Egypt after border wall blasted.

( Steve)Largent's son indicted on sex charges

Hillary has more than $22M in war chest

Syria says supports Hizbollah against Israel

Bush's options limited in worsening Mideast crisis (love the headline)

Iraq army struggles to keep Sunni troops

U.S. accused of kidnappings in Iraq

Edwards and Spratt call on DCCC to pull down web video

NYT/Reuters: British Princes Lash Out Over Diana Death Photos

Vatican condemns Israel for attacks on Lebanon

US economy resilient amid record oil prices: Bodman

Putin's powers on anti-terrorism abroad receive final approval

AP Poll: Most Americans Plan To Vote For Democrats (Bush Approval 36%)

New York times investigates envelope with powder (anthrax, death threats)

AP Stocks suffer more (*) losses as oil soars (economy headed down)

US awards $1.16 bln for border scanning gear (Reuters)

Planes still flying with same problem as TWA 800

Bush refuses to press Israel for truce

NY Times: In a Presidential Tone, Calderón Rejects Recount

Guantanamo chief to become NATO top commander

US Senator urges restraint on Israel support (Sen. John W. Warner)

Israel puts jet fuel request to US

India's call centers hit mid-life crisis (don't call us, we'll call you).

US commander: 'we have turned a corner' in Ramadi

Story of 'Joe's dead intern' began Harris' slide, insiders say

Hazleton adopts immigration measure

GOP complaints over Democrat ad draws more traffic

IDF says rockets "made in Iran"

Home schooled kids hit campaign trail for GOP (AJC)

Seventh Day Adventists: Fundies that are on the Left

The future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

The Lounge is subdued my ass I'm going to play the trombone!

I Will Remember You

Since it's the end of the world should I be the antichrist now?

Losing True

Since it's the end of the world let's go out with some Heino!

This Baby Otter Wants To Be Your Friend

Love Radiates Around

The Amazing Screw-on Head!

Should I do it?

I Love Arizona.Hot as Hell...Beautiful as Heaven

Hey billyskank!!!!

Must share this with the Lounge!

I talked with my friend on the 'net tonight about the ME....

I am doing brunettes

So why are we all going to die?

how many miles a week (or month) do you drive?

I just saw "The 40 year old Virgin" for the first time


One post away from the 700 Club

Lights in the backyard

We're all gonna DIE!!!

The world can't end now, I'm road-tripping this weekend!

I now know the TRUE meaning of HELL....

Happy Bastille Day!

LARs said to be transmitted by saliva

~Paging~ SeattleGirl

LADIES!! Get Your New Harlequin NASCAR Romance Novel!!

does this cab fare seem excessive to you?

The good news: I'm about 80% done with my statistical reports!

Grade A Rant!!! Worst Week Ever!!!

Stephen Colbert

Fause Haten's summer collection (fashion)

One more post to 15,000! What should it be?

Police Dog In Truck Runs Over Woman

Is this license plate illegal in your state?

ATTENTION: HOT Tree Frog PORN at my poolside.

Can't we all just get a bong?

For those of you that smoke weed

I like it when my scam spam comes right from the top! Mrs. Taylor!

I'm staying out of GD for a while now...

The more inclusive 'Miss Universe' thread

I know the world is ending and all, but I lost my dog tonight.

Friday, July 14. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

pet peeves

Are women just jealous of one another?

Dog kills famous rooster

Lonely woman arrested for using 911 as a love line.

Do you remember when Jerry Springer's TV show was pretty good?

I got a raise!!!!

British Police Defend 'Underpants' Advice

Beauty Pageants For Women

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

What does adding someone to your "Buddy" list mean? I have several people

Which Is Your Favorite DU Smiley?

Okay, I'm upset about what is going on over in the ME... But,

Advice for people trying to win something on the radio

What all this I hear about the Jews attacking the Lesbians?

So, I saw this headline the other day...

How many purses do you have? How big are they?

I wish Garrison Keillor would run for office.

Get yer Cannibus Cup Name here

Firefox users: help an IE guy with annoying issues.

Happy Bastille Day!

Who would you like to warn?

Breaking: Chicken lays mystery Allah egg

Le 14 juillet

Dammit! WHY did I have to go over to GD? WHY?

Today, there's not enough coffee in the world (and other bizarre musings)

Shit is incredibly fucked up right now

Without cheating

Daughter Visits Parents Home - Falls Down In Driveway - Suing Parents

Anyone know the cost of installing solar panels on a house???

Firefly marathon on SciFi channel!!

My day just got a helluva lot better!!

Pauly Shore must be stricken from the spacetime continuum

Bicycle trip from Portugal to South Korea.

OMG! Bully puppies!

Hey DU! Check out this Al Gore Merchandise! I want them!!

OMG! Shepherd puppies!

OMG: whipping post!

Love Parade 2006: Where is the Love?

Woman Finds More Than 20 Snakes In Her Car

Hugh Moran from NC injured in mock bullfight in Spain!!!111!1!!1

Would you ever work for a company that fired you?

What is it about moist towelettes

What is it about Phlegm and Toilets?

What is it about women and toilets?

Oh, little playmates

What is it about men and toilets?

I just found a cross-shaped wound on my wrist!

*musical intro*

Nude Sunbather Fights To Keep His 'Service Dog' On Beach

Advice: Friends BF is taking roids and acting like an asshole

OMG: whipping puppies!

And now... Something to make you laugh.

It's RoboRice!

OMG! I spelled my name incorrectly in a thread title!

Ok, my car is driving me crazy ...PLEASE HELP !

Going out of town on business next week, so you may not see

How far north do I have to go to smoke some Northern Lights?

How do New Yorkers afford to live there? House hunters-hgtv

We Need to Hear Good News - Anybody Have Any?

Am I the only one who thinks the Arcade Fire could use a better singer?

Paprika: Is It Over-Rated?

That's it - we're fucking doomed

A Scanner Darkly -- I'm torn

What's all this talk about Chicken Rebels in Russia?

The Who are doing a world tour!!

Phoenix...You're Fucked.

What do you do with your wires?

How do New Guineans afford to live there? Head hunters-hgtv

Whatever happened with that "Dazed and Confused" lawsuit?!!!

Are you voting for Dems?! Don't you know they will raise your TAXES?!

Rachael Ray should be banned from New Orleans for life.

If you add rum to a mint julep is it then a mojito?

Lindsay you just gotta see this

Just for your dog: Meat-flavored bottled water

Gorgeous sunset shot off back of an A/C Carrier

What to do with Leftover Roast Chechens?

What to leave playing on my exterior speakers for a week while on vacation

Hot out of the camera

Hands up who likes a good Leatherman?

Rate this YouTuber's Video (He's complaining about the DCCC ad)

Somehow you just know that a woman named Unique Hildreth

Rabrrrrr's Friday Ethical Discussion - torture or no torture?

Net Time You Run Across a "Troll," It Could be This Guy

Round DU'ers, Lets Roll...

Livin' it up at the motel, Jim... Morrison

Square DUers: Lets' just smoke.

Newly crowned King of Bling?

Happy Birthday to my English penpal Angela Spears (1969-1972)

DUers who serve the Illuminati.. CHECK IN!

Pictures from our recent trip to Heidelberg, Germany (Warning)

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being least and 10 being most,

I just put a frozen pizza on a gas grill -- rate my chance for success

How far north do I have to go to see the Northern Lights?

Austin Police Report That Flash Drives Are EVERYWHERE!!11

Girl Becomes Diamond After Her Death

What song do you hear in your head when you are pissed

Prayers and/or good vibes for the original MissMillie

Video iPod and PDA owners - CHECK THIS OUT!

I thought you were going to ask about the pig...

Post here if you lay awake at night, dreaming of Rachel Ray

The Great Gazoo finally gives hell to Fred and Barney

Can you get your car inspected by mail?

I've had a big ugly purple bruise for over a week

LOL! Ted Stevens TECHNO Remix! "Tangled Up TUBES!"

Congratulations Vash the Stampede!! 15,000 posts

Gorgeous shot of front of a Carrier A/C

Austin Police Report That Flasher's Are EVERYWHERE!!11

I had to take out a few of my girls yesterday..... didn't want to do

So the Deen boys have their own show on Food Network...

Uniforms - yes or no?

Firemen are not paid enough..


Did anybody here happen to record the Discovery Channel

Sometimes things turn out better than you expect

"Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" - what the hell is this about?

Have You Ever Been To A Nude Beach? (Pics Inside)

Met some lady who says she's a vampire role player

What's a good place on the internets to buy DVDs?

Arrrggh!!! They tried to deliver my video Ipod today

Microdrive or flash RAM?

LOL ~ The Chimp is a post turtle!

Peanut Butter.

How come I've never heard of Emo Philips until today?

For my first post in a while, I would like to nominate David Brooks

In the path of a hurricane?

Hairline scratches on car; best way to fill them in? Need advice.

Some Good News - Barbaro is Doing Much Better This Morning

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 7/14/06)

*NEEDED- good vibes, postive thoughts & any prayers

With the recent death of Syd, do the Brits finally have a significant...

Yeah. Jack's SO "physically disabled." Right.

Religious Whack-Job's Diary for sale on E-Bay

Catbert's "I Hate My Parents" Rant

ARE YOU CRAZY - take the damn quiz or else...

Caillou: I don't condone smacking kids, but DAMN!


Why Zidane headbutted Materazzi!

As an American, it is your duty...

Does anyone here use white vinegar to be ph down in spas?

I am so excited about my date tonight...that i can barely think...

Today's to-do list, with no explanations

Does your dog "cluck" when in a deep sleep?

Gah! Why are Tom Waits tickets so expensive??!!?

what songs do you hear in your head when you're sad?

Say Hello to Jeff...

What to do with Leftover Roast Chicken?

I think I will get a Musical Saw and learn to play.

I really wish that I was here (picture inside) big SIGH ...

Woman Calls 9-1-1 To Hook Up With Cute Cop

The mouse in my bedroom is STILL THERE...

WholesomeWear makes the Washington Post

What are you reading? Read lately?

Has your gas gone up? I've heard that ours is supposed to go

Are you a proud parent? Here's a brag about your kids thread.

My New Bumper Sticker

Triangle DUers: Let's drink and smoke and eat next weekend!

Make your own Campaign Sign

Ink versus gunpowder

Post your Handsome and Beautiful picture here for all to cherish.

In some cases, is Existence a Predicate?

canola oil?

Ultrasound good, drugs bad for knee injury

Canada Confirms Animal Was 7th Mad-Cow Disease Case

FDA issues stiff warning

Statin drugs and memory

Healthful Foods Not an Option for Many

Help solve a slimy mystery!

Stargate SG-1: "True Science" before season premiere tonight

Gay Publisher's criminal past comes back to haunt him

Tell your Representative: Do Not Pass the Heil Hitler Amendment!

Check this horrible shit out!

Juventus, Lazio, Fiorentina relegated (for match fixing)

New FIFA World Rankings

Owens (TO)says he was misquoted in autobiography

The Mayan Lord of Creation and 2012

Anyone know of a good website about dream interpretation?

So -- Mars isn't going away anytime soon?

Greg Palast's new article - full of lies and smears

I caught one too!

Pika Peeking, Pika Posing

For those of you sweltering in the Lower 48...

Serious question for people with galleries...

OMG, Sharon, did you see the 'Al Save Us' shirt designed by

Ultimately, is Hezbollah simply responding to the occupation?

Israel on attack ?

The Three Determining Factors of Election Results in the United States

The Plame Lawsuit... Read all the legalese.

What will Chimpy do...

When the cowboys and Arabs draw down on each other at noon

Brother of GOP Candidate Calls Her 'Evil'

If you ruled the world, what would your solution(s) be?

Young punks practicing for Iraq?

DUers --- here is inspiration, comfort, and hope for the fight ahead . . .


How soon before **this** pipeline gets blown to bits??

Must read: Riverbend's Baghdad blog

A plea for tolerance

Clueless Jonah Goldberg strikes again

3-ring Security Circus - Friday 7/14 Toon

AP VIDEO: "Elmo's Dad Goes To War"

Main Hizbullah headquarters (Beirut) bombed

Is it pointless to pray that maybe Jimmy Carter could......

Russia and Iran lead the new energy game

Jeb declares State of Emergency in Florida

I like how Stephen Colbert really cracked Ron Suskind up...

Attention NY DU'ers: Sam Seder will be in NYC on 7/17.

c-span wj - grover norquist on now 8:10am edt

Comment spammers

Listening to Washington Journal on C-SPAN is very telling and informative

Kitten Born With 2 Faces

No rush to certify Mexican election

Democrats should refer to Rove as an unindicted co-conspirator

TomPaine on the questions

Antics of a GOP-connecetd radio station OWNED by Disney Corp

Some Bush pictures from Germany (Photos)


Georgia and the Voting Rights Act - We've changed dambit!

Al Gore is the Mr. Fish cartoon this week in Harper's.

State: Dismiss complaint against Terri Schiavo's former nurse

Some Good News - Barbaro is Doing Much Better This Morning

Katherine Harris and Joe's dead Intern... What a hilarious read.

C-Span Telling About Cruella's Implosion (scarborough running?) eeew!

What Will Happen To bu$h & Co. When The Walls Come Tumbling Down?

When Is The Plame Press Conference Today?

Two Old Graphics That Have Never Been More Appropriate Than Right Now.

I Do Not Buy The Excuses Being Made For Israel's Actions.

Ken "Jesus" Lay

FYI: Dubai owns those ports.

What the American Flag Stands For (4yrs old but fitting for today)

FYI, they'll probably show excerpts at the top of the hr, re: the LAWSUIT

Latest Developments From the Mideast

Good Morning DU.....My state -- California -- is starting to burn

NYC to Beirut flight only $901 !!

Caption This!

"hearts and minds" campaign - Rumsfeld style...

Need help with something

Eric Alterman On C-Span (8:20 a.m. cst)

We'll have none of that "democracy" in my place of business, now get out..

Bush on Mid East: My attitude is this: There are a group of terrorists...

Photo-bucket down for maintenance anyone know of another is legit

Korea Free Trade negotiations cut short thanks to pharmaceutical industry

Bush's Graceful Acceptance of a gift of Herring from Germany:

Bible Prophesy .Con.. ..didn't know Jesus had a Ouija Board..!!!

DU this poll...

Dark Thought: War will rage in the ME throughout the coming years....

Ex-envoy writes book on Guantanamo prison

Afghan probe set to begin into civilian casualties from US-led coalition

No global warming? Trees are dying and my grass has turned brown

Bolton on the microphone at UN - making stronger demands on

Happy Bastille Day

LAT obituary: Paul Nelson, 70; Pioneering rock critic

Re: CORPORATE MEDIA Wilson Conference Coverage

Is DHS completely incompetent or are they purposely trying to...

Why can't the IDF take out Hezbollah's rocket sites?

posted by Patrick J. Fitzgerald at 7/13/2006

Lieberman Facing Lose-Lose Proposition in Race

Is there a connection between the Israel/Lebanon hostilities and...?

to Bush: Bring the idiots to the negotiation table.

MSNBC Poll: Should the U.S. intervene militarily in the Mideast crisis?

Guess which whore wrote this?

Here's what could work, but won't happen (regarding Wars)

Where Does Israel Get Its Oil?

Republicans Talk Tough, But Fail To Put Money Where Their Mouths Are

Ray Close on Israel and Hizballah

Republicans Talk Tough, But Fail To Put Money Where Their Mouths Are

Waiting for the black helicopters

Joe Wilson on CNN

Bush Military History Project #26

Goldman battles

Bush says single voice needed from G8 summit ... who?

Birds named for Darwin are evolving

FUX poll has Chimpy approval down to 36% (-5 points)

Sorry, not LBN -

C&L:Colbert on Lieberman, Lamont and David Brooks

Think Iran will come to the table now with what is going on with Beirut?

Videos, Doubts, and a Backlash in Mexico Vote

self delete

Lieberman running as Independent is a "scorched earth" tactic.

(Boston Herald) Mitt’s MIA as bigs dig into tunnel tragedy

My vote for "scariest musical accompaniment:". . . .

CNN Seems To Think Valerie Is Doing This For The Publicity? They CAN'T Be

Israel vows to destroy Hizbullah

Mad Cow Disease Agent Causes Heart Damage in Mice

MySpace Kills Internet Tube Song banner: Witnesses: People flood into Gaza from Egypt after

10:00 AM---Joe Wilson to hold news conference--today (re: civil suit))

the dirty tactics of SRA/McGraw-Hill

poor george..the middle east is blowing up

Plame headlines tell all. Right demeans case. Foreign press shows respect.

Wtf? Israeli fighter jets buzzed the home of Syrian President al-Assad?

I just looked at advertised below ....

Here's How Dems Can Retake The Senate

Mercy Corps: Anyone ever volunteered or worked for them

Let the REAL Plame Swiftboating begin.

Hilary's campaign says they expect Tasini to "be on the ballot" in Primary

Here's a Twist: Anti-Gay Kansas Church Billed For Not Protesting

Mahdi Army patrols Shiite neighborhoods

Anyone watching these UN ambassadors speaking on CSPAN...

Worst Case for US, Short of Nuke War?

Ioo's Dumb Idea #392 - Send Ted Stevens His Own Internets - TP Tubes

Today's Luckovich is chock full of "truthiness"

Is This The Beginning Of the Wider Regional War?

"No one told the baby"

American Public Knowledge Gap on Hard News/Foreign Affairs (recent study)

Death Toll after 3 Days, 73 in Lebanon & 10 in Israel

Economists, plz help.. If we had universal healthcare and post-

Iraq war was lost the day it started

NPR: Bush will lecture Putin about lack of democracy....

If liberals held the majority of gov't, would the media play


Vatican condemns attacks on Lebanon.

Caption this * pic with terrified baby

Americans STILL consider Republicans "tough" on National Security?!

About the Plame/Wilson Legal Fund...

The Wished-For Technical Draw in Bolivia

American greases al-Qaida media machine

Caption this Plame/Wilson pic..

Is it just me, but where's Bush on this?

Compare the Congressional sites

Last Clinic Standing

Republicans way down in polls. What's Rove's October surprise?

In these troubled times, all we can do is stick together.

Anti-black racism embedded in the Democratic Party leadership?

CAPTION - Doesn't ANYBODY like me anymore???

Video: Valerie Plame speaks about suit against Cheney, Rove and Libby

Core 2 Duo smokes AMD's Athlon 64 X2

Un-Freep This Poll: Has Israel Gone Too Far?

If Iran attacks any adherent of the Bahai faith then the attack will


US may have kidnapped families of Iraqi detainees

Well Lookie here

France condemns Israel's offensive in Lebanon

Why Democrats Don't Count. Lessons from the Un-Gore of Mexico - GregPalast

Eric Alterman taking no prisoners on CSPAN. SUPERB!

bush is a Useless Piece Of Shit During A Crisis!!!!! MFer!!

We're so lucky that Mr. Bush* is a Uniter!

A Childish Pair

Poll: Public Unhappy With GOP Congress

Israel started all this (Noam Chomsky)?

What Bush is doing right now is what caused 9/11 ...

Dubya and Vlad busted for car theft (pic heavy)

Morford: (Microsoft) Windows Gives No Tongue

Caption This Bush Photo

I LOVE Freeper Hate Mail! A Classic From "numero1dad".

CSM article attacking global warming sadly written by stand-up comic

France fetes Bastille Day with parade (pic heavy)

C&L:Joe Wilson Call: Cheney Did Not Send Him to Niger.

Republican ad that they can’t run from

the November elections cant get here fast enough

Clinton’s legacy not good for nation: LTTE

John Dean...........Triumph of the Authoritarians

Ok,. ok It was NOT franken who got booed

Ron Paul: Why are Americans so angry? - very powerful speech

Will Syria now use Saddam's hidden WMDs on the Israelis??

Tony Snow talks of Chimp's brilliance

Someone told me last night that Venezuela was cutting off oil to the US

Why isn't political party indicated on political ad mailings?

John Dean interview now available

Hey everybody has the world ended yet?

I love this gif on Huffington post

Is this the best we can do?

I Thought Democracies Didn't Attack Each Other

Progressive Democrats of America calls for an end to Israel illegal ....

Well, then... how about air strikes on the Vatican for...

Are Wolf Blitzer and Bibi Netanyahu lovers or something?

Yahoo: Stocks drop for 3rd day as oil prices soar

John Paul II’s death cost Vatican $9mn

High-level U.N. Middle East team arrives in Cairo looking to broker peace

can someone explain to me how Hezbollah is connected to Lebanon??

I know this might be old for some of us...but Google Santorum; just do it.

DUers: Boycott tonight's Hardball

U.S. trying to figure out how to get Americans out of Lebanon..

DNC can now depose GOP leaders in NH jamming...court clears way.

At UN Mtg,Lebanon Accuses Israel Of `Barbaric Aggression'

Chomsky - Israel started this conflict before Shalit's capture

Apocalypse in the Middle East.

Envelope with "suspicious" powder, defaced editorial received at NYT

Sen. Warner urges restraint on support of Israel

Randi has John Dean on now

What a Wierd Dream!

Help please. Need link to video

interesting take on Israel/Lebanon/Hizbollah war

So who is winning so far?

WTF??? Did anyone hear

WOW!!! My grandmama really took a leap today and I found it hard

Killer Lies: segment on the Discovery Channel, aired last night...

AOL Poll on prediction of Nov. election

Coulter raises $0 for Colorado Republican Beauprez

Ealgeburger says U.S. should get "Much Nastier" with Israel's enemies.

Florida's JJ dinner has 3 prez hopefuls for 08 in July.

Howard Dean on Israel/Palestine

IT'S OVER! The Pope just told the Jews and the Muslims to knock it off

Republicans play hard and use "hot button" issues in AL. governor's race.

Good analysis of the ME crisis in the Times today

Lawrence Eagleburger calling for US air strikes on Syria /CNN

Drudge has been flying the Israeli flag all day

Ann Coulter coming on Hardball in a few minutes to tell us why Bush ...

Amazing how nations like the U.S. and Israel portray themselves

Clark: "Don't let Bush and Co. off the hook!"

An Expensive Hell: Iraq War Cost at $291 Billion


"Liberty News TV" needs money.

NYT: Powder Sent to The Times Not Anthrax

Bush-Logic demands an attack on Iran

Critical oversight: spell-check: For those of us who are impaired,

How will Cheney respond to Valerie Plame's lawsuit?

Bush's options limited in worsening Mideast crisis (how to get Iran in it)

Are Israel's attacks / air strikes against Lebanon justified?

Hezbollah leader just takes credit for Haifa on CNN.

Jesus Hates Your SUV

LOL! Ted Stevens TECHNO Remix! "Tangled Up TUBES!"

which rethug senator during Clinton had a dead woman found behind his desk

The Neo-Con plan for Syria is all in "A Clean Break"........

James Zogby on CNN...

Edward Royce (r) claims that thousands of illegal Venezuelan passports

Email from DCCC

Israel , Lebanon & Iran

How long until Osama comes out with a tape linking himself to Hezbollah?

Anyone Donating to the Plame/Wilson Defense Fund?

I found a good Lebanese blog.......

"Unmanned drone made in Iran?" Hmmmmmm.

Wilson Attorney Erwin Chemerinsky On Countdown Tonight

Attorney Explains Why Reporters Not Targeted In 'Plame' Suit


Media trying to draw Iran into this mess

There's a blond headed woman talking with a strange mannerism

Asymmetric warfare in the nuclear age

Lawmakers remind Rumsfeld of Defense dress policy

DU this Poll

Humiliating spectacle of a world leader caught without a policy

Humiliating spectacle of a world leader w/o a policy

So When Does Iran Cut Off The Oil? I Don't Get This Threat.

W: "Every Nation Must Defend Herself against Terrorist Attacks"

Jonathan Turley: Plame Lawsuit Could Be Extremely Damaging

Cindy Sheehan wants a smoothie

How many different ways does the media spell "Hezbollah"?

Coaches Accused Of Using Screws On Gymnasts (WTF??)

Norah O'Donnell Is a total 100% Whitehouse HACK!

Timeline to World War Three. Bush's failure to protect the United States.

Damn.. the wildfires in S.Ca have merged..Big Bear appears safe

WH hands out photo to press showing Bush acting like a president...

CNN Headline News is blacked out. What's going on? We already

Support The Wilsons

Henry freaking Rollins coming up at 6:34 CDT....Majority Report

(Obnoxiously) Religious Valedictorian Sues Nevada School

Can we get a consensus here on how to spell "Hezbollah"?

This Bush photo is begging for a caption! (not the baby photo) :)

It's probably the voices inside your head.

the Jackass bush refuses to press Israel for truce

AAR Reporting Katherine Harris' campaign manager quit again

Israeli's request to purchase up to 210 million dollars in jet fuel

Michael Ventura: $4 a Gallon

Is Hizballah stronger than we thought? Militarily?

Story of 'Joe's dead intern' began Harris' slide, insiders say

RoboRice to the rescue!

I Would Like To Hear More From Valerie Plame Herself.

Jack Cafferty read my letter on CNN!

Wow. Hezbollah terrorists may now

Globe: "Bush & Laura Secret Marriage Counseling"

Bu$h follies: a day in Russia for the boy-king (photos)

Any Country songs that promote diversity?

Happy Birthday, Woody!...


The current Middle East conflict did not start with a "kidnapped" solider

President CLINTON is in Africa RIGHT NOW...look at this----->

Israel's Presumptive Reprisals

If a biopic is made of Warren Harding, who gets cast as Harding?

Anyone know of a site that tracks the global elite?

$50/trip "Congestion Charge" targets SUV commuters (Guardian)

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Chimp's visit to Germany

Student loan question

"Rapture Ready" board illustrates the mindset of some radical christians.

Iowa paper dumps Coulter

Noron O'Donnell and Annie Man Coulter on Hardball discussing Dem Ad

Oh Gross! Nora NeoConnel interviewing Mann Coulter on


Lebanon: Bush administration claimed democracy is spreading just last year

How stupid is the leader of our country?

Pfc Chris Gorman


Anything from the Dems on what's happing in the Mideast?


Gruesome scenes after Israeli air raids on south Lebanon

Want the best laugh you've had in this miserable week?

Why can CNN monitor Hezbollah television but we are banned from seeing it?

Hizbollah's chief : "You wanted open war. We are going to open war,"

For fans of John Pilger's documentaries,some are available at Google VIdeo

A few rhetorical questions about Israel/Lebanon/Iran/Syria

Twenty signs that you might be a Bush Supporter

Why Democrats Don't Count - Greg Palast

Images from Lebanon (Warning, Graphic)

So...Hezbollah is blamed for the next big terra attack in the US...

Jessie Lee Williams, Jr., American citizen, beaten to death in custody

Stabbed in the Back!: The...right-wing myth (eerily familiar)

Who do you suppose is on Jesus' No-Fly List' for the Rapture?

I'm the last person to berate others for lack of civility and manners

what I just saw on CNN

Happy Parents' Day! (hunh??)

RUMMY Has Till 5pm Tonight To Release Docs Re: Kidnapping Innocent Iraqis

Is Bush on drugs with that "pig" comment? cause if he isn't i'm thinking..

Imagine trying to chopper 25,000 Americans out of the ME War zone.

Has CNN rigged this poll 100% to 0

How is it that Syria is denied the right to even speak inside the Security

Oil up, gas prices flat. Thank GOD they're holding the line at 3.00

CO Gov. Fundraiser featuring Coulter nets A DONUT HOLE!!!

The US will get involved in the conflict. All this was planned

is 'No Child Left Behind' a psychological program to create more right wing


The only political advantage the Bush Regime has is "electronic voting"

W alone fighting WW III while Gore worries the ice is melting in Greenland

Salon interviews "pro-life" blogger who thinks The Onion is real

Lieberman's Yale roommate writes the L.A. Times

Is the PNAC hoping to take over/destroy the entire Middle East?

AOL Poll on :Democratic Ad

Everything you wanted to know about Specter's "Sham NSA Bill"

I miss my life

Anyone Hear Cristy on Al's Show about a painting with boobs in building..

Nutjob christians stop everything...waiting for the rapture

CNN has JUST put up a poll about the coffins commercial! HIT IT!!!!

Watching the right children die

Juan Cole's take on the Israel-Hizbullah conflict

Sky Falls on Wall Street

George Bush: BABY CRUSHER!!!

What if Armageddon is here and Christ doesn't come?

Is WWIII Starting?

Anybody know how to get something to Keith Olbermann? (Song)

In regards to the "Rapture Ready" folks.

Can someone tell Israel that bombing AMBULANCES is not cool?

I know he is vile but please someone tell me this is not true

Imagine a homeless magician who hangs out with fishermen and whores...

If Bush writes a book someday, about his years in Washington...

Dubya Dubya Three - Amazing post I found on

Controversial DCCC Fundraising ad--------------> VIDEO

Caption this blivet** and pig picture

We Don't Rent Pigs

I wish "the rapture" would hurry the hell up.

Is the current conflict in Lebanon Booshe's road to attacking Iran?

Stabbed in the Back, a history of the right... good read

Clark on "coffin commercial"

Hizbollah claims it DID NOT attack Haifa

The Three Determining Factors of Election Results in the United States

About these missles that Hezzbolah is firing (the ones from Iran?)

May I remind everyone that Hezbolla are those nice folks who killed

Immigration debate sours Latino attitude toward GOP

Dan Rather Stands By Controversial 60 Minutes Broadcast

Why Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame Filed-By Jason Leopold

NEW ANIMATION: The 32% Part II - Love Letters from the Right

Lazy, Hazy, And Definitely Crazy

What should defeated Dem incumbents do on primary night?

Has the world and U.S. situation reached the point where...

Kiss a Pig. Caption - Photo.

Stem cell funding, a silver bullet for Democrats?

I wish Bill Maher would run for office

I reject the premise that Lieberman can win as in Independent

Here's How Dems Can Retake The Senate

Right-Wing Reader Mail: The Friday Fruitcakes

Oh Israel What Have You Done

Stupid Republicans

fyi: the lawsuit against ''Scooter'' ASC. made the frontpage in Holland

C-span Call Grover Norquist & ask him hard questions now!

Looks Like * Got His Wish - The Complete Axis of Evil And The .....

Chris Dodd for President?

V.Plame Suing Cheney, Libby, Rove - What About Brewster Jennings.....

Are Enron Bankers & Witnesses Being Murdered?

Why do we entertain the notion of Dubya Dubya IV?

Noam Chomsky is on "Democracy Now" just back from Beruit

Interesting CNN And MSNBC Are Showing Attacks On Lebanon.....

Pickles does the "Elaine Benes" dance with hospitalized Russian kids

Should the U.S. cut or suspend Israel's massive annual...

Republicans Talk Tough, But Fail To Put Money Where Their Mouths Are

HQ of Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah bombed

Connecticut Democrats deserve having Lieberman respect their votes

Hmmm - What's Going On In Iraq Today? All The Breaking News....

"... Only Liberals ... Can Make Ameirca Great Again" -- Peter Beinart

Edwards and Spratt call on DCCC to pull down web video

New Orleans dropped out for the convention?

Roy Rogers Is Out At The G8 Summit in St. Petersburg With His Cowboy....

there is direct line between Fox news and the WH (and visa versa).

what's the deal with rat-shot? Enron vice chairman J. Clifford Baxter


Just waking up to reality....and I don't like it!

Poor, Crestfallen, Norah O'Donnell

Video: BBC interview with Noam Chomsky--Good stuff...

Is the M$M actually going to start calling for a REAL president?

Ford calls AFA a liar (re: AFA homobigot boycott claims to hurt sales)

Your vote is not a "statement".

I want a fight - Part deux: Language

What the Iraq War is Costing Us

DU this poll!

The most singularly disingenuous story slant EVER: Tucker Carlson re Plame

UK Independent: Lieberman's 'Judas kiss' could seal his primary fate

Is Bush making any public statements today?

If you're not scared shitless, you're not paying attention

UN debate on C-Span now... taking sides

AOL message boards FLARING with coffin debate

The Iraq War Has Crippled Our Middle East Policy and Our Country


Just Curious - If Any Americans Get Killed In Lebanon By The Israeli's....

Must see video on!!

Have you seen the picture of Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi, born 1992;

GEORGE W. BUSH: president or puppet?

Here is the purpose of a primary, for all those who don't understand

Democratic Power Rankings

Jeb Bush vs GOP Legislature: I'll appoint 55 judges, don't elect them.

Video: "Let's not have another Supreme Court coup d'etat in America"

A conundrum related to a practical issue: Made in America

DNC To Nation (magazine): Don't Count Us Out

Just how bad are things?

Wes Clark Writes a Thank-You Note

DeWine Uses 9/11 images in ad to Smear Sherrod Brown

Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) Urges Protection for Canada’s Seals

A good campaign saying.

DNC to spend roughly 10 times more in 06 than in 02 to elect Democrats...

Air Force officer admits to vandalizing Bush stickers


Santorum Has $9.5M in Bank for Re-Election

So, just to be sure I have it…

CNN has JUST put up a poll about the coffins commercial! HIT IT!!!!


Ride a Dark Horse.

State governorships most likely to change parties in November

Wes Clark - Flag Draped Coffins in Web Ad not Disrespectful to Soldiers!

What Will You Do If DCCC Pulls Ads Because Repukes Are

"Servant of God" letter from a reader in our newspaper, shocking

Lou Dobbs grossly spun the news a few moments ago

Wes Clark, Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman - funny

Connecticut voters deserve having Lieberman in the General Election

An unpopular post

The Democrats can win control IF....

Soledad and other hairdos on CNN talking about how cheap gas is.

John Dean, Proto-Fascism and the Third Wave

I want a fight

Coulter Reception Netted $0 for Beauprez (CO Repub Gov Candidate)

Democrats Thrown Out of Starbucks!

Why Democrats Don't Count: Lessons from the Un-Gore of Mexico

how can you stop iowa and new hampshire from