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Archives: July 13, 2006

NYT: Bombs aimed at India's white-collar establishment

NYT: Handle History With Care: Alexander Hamiltonís House Is Moving

Militarism and the Corporate Welfare State

RE: the Evangelicals that sponsored the conference Sen. Obama spoke at

WP, pg1: As Putin hosts G-8, "freedom severely constrained" in Russia : Toying With Terror Alerts, Goosing the GOP's Poll numbers?

Lou Dobbs demands Bush & his "Senate lackeys" apologize to General

WP: Upper Grades, Lower Reading Skills

Antarctic will melt as carbon dioxide levels rise: scientists

Trees could grow in Antarctica within century: scientist

Holy Crap! Israel just fired rockets at the Beirut Airport...

This is bad news indeed.

Northern Israeli city hit by rockets from Lebanon

"Setting Lebanon's Clock Back 20 Years"

How Israel was pulled back into the peril of Lebanon

Israeli aircraft bomb Beirut airport: sources

Israel just invaded Lebanon, so where's the outrage?

Israel's response to Lebanon will be "Very, Very, Very Painful"

Response to petition to Israeli high court: 48 hours for Rafah crisis ....

Gaza: UN agencies voice alarm at worsening humanitarian crisis, urgent

Israel hits Palestinian ministry

PLZ DU POLL! MSNBC Israeli troops launch raid deep into Lebanon

Avante suing Diebold, ES&S, & Sequoia for patent infringement!!

The BEST advice I ever got from a Freeper. In all seriousness...

Bradblog: New lawsuit seeks immediate decertification of Diebold!!

Help please, I am drowning in GD...

Breaded Zucchini with Mizithra cheese

Florida Con Salsa: Investigative Reporter Greg Palast Reports on Voter Fra

Body of slain soldier returns to Canada in ceremony at CFB Trenton

Democratic Underground has new Moderators!

New Middle East violence rankles Bush

Texas Tribe Names Abramoff, Reed in Suit

Lampson war chest at $3 million

Breaking: Israeli Jets Fire Rockets Into Runway at Beirut Int'l Airport

WP: (House v. Senate) Battle Looms In Congress Over Military Tribunals

Israel attacks Beirut's airport

NYT: Administration Prods Congress to Curb the Rights of Detainees

NYC reggae concert canceled after protests (homophobia)

Berlusconi slams Italy arrests over CIA case

Reuters: France's Le Pen to stand trial for Nazi remarks

Some Leeway for the Small Shoplifter (Wal-Mart won't prosecute $25 or less

Bush to return to Ohio on Aug.2 (Blackwell fundraiser-Pic w/Bush $10,000)

Rell Urges Schlesinger To Reconsider Candidacy (more Repub drama in CT)

Tornadoes touch down north of New York City

Katherine Harris's Campaign Staff To Resign (Again)

War Veterans Feeling Stressed, Deserted (CBS News)

Gore praises Wal-Mart for enviro efforts

DoD Identifies Army Casualty # 2544

Ky. Congresswoman's Son Found Dead

Transgender man's name change denied

My office was clean-ish until I started cleaning it.

I have GOT to get me a convertible bra!

Ketchup is a Vegetable.

New Lennon movie website MOCKS the drudge report!

Life was better wth 13 channels.

Which Cottage do we go for?

Attention MMA fans! Ultimate Knockouts is on Spike.

It's the "ex-mods run amok" thread!

I threw a banana out onto the deck and killed a firefly. Ask me anything.

Mr. Potato Head held a class today.... two Beatles showed

Best song about a county

Favorite guest vocal cameos

"... in your cache brings up what?

Name this actress!

My pretty good day just went to shit within two hours time

I'll see your "pamp" and raise you a "lona"

Countdown or the Daily Show?

I think we need MORE head-butting in sports, NOT less!

I'll see your "pimp" and raise you a "bona"

Thick summer fog rolling in to SF tonight

"Libertine" with Johnny Depp. (caution: spoiler)

Is Mo Rocka funny?

Does anyone watch "House Hunters" on HGTV?

Prophecy News Watch?

America's Got Talent proves one thing....

I've been busy all day. Fill me in on all the good stuff.

Why do school districts in Warm weather areas (Florida) start & end first

Is Anybody As Fucking Tired As I Am Of The Ford/Taylor Hicks Commercial?

so,am I the only one drinking tonite?

Ah...job hunting ironies

I am a clique of one!

The DC song.

What's with the Hispanic women with horrible, dyed blonde hair?

Question about Homeowners insurance rates

An addict (alcoholic) is obsessed with me.

Here's a challenge: Name a great "comeback" album.

Barbaro Update

Accept it losers! Cheech and Chong were not funny!

The BigMcLargeHuge appreciation thread!

Do any of you guys remember the 'trick' to this?

wow i might get a free house in orange county next summer

BOO Babs, BOO!!

Am I a bad person because...

Kitten vs. Ferret

Wow. Men are EASY

does DU have cliques

Democratic Underground has New Moderators!

How many of you own a pair of Doc Marten boots?

So tomorrow morning I go under the 'knife'

I lost my wallet tonight

i`m pissed--i mean- i`m really pissed !!!!


With whom here do I share this distniction: Cheech & Chong, Big Bambu

Recommendation on CRM software


Do you "do" yoga?

Teen and college age DUers - Did you read the Animorphs books growing up?

Hey all. A lounge question about DU protocol....

Mind Freak

Name an album that you need headphones to fully appreciate.

"Dixie"-the song

In Texas, life sucks without air conditioning

What's something new you learned today?

So where do you go to get reasonably priced furniture?

Anyone else feeling pretty down tonight?

Well..........this is just silly..........But........

CT Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Left To Legislature

All call to all Brothers and Sister Veterans

Iraq Update hearing in SFRC tomorrow. (7/13/06)

Excellent post by Josh Marshall

Water Falling Over Things 2006, Part IV (DIAL-UP WARNING)


Request for posters to the Photography Group.

KOEB - 7/12/06 - You can't spell asset without.... you know... edition

Awesome skit with a call to action..

South Park a TOP Story (according to the AP)

Ron Suskind on with Sam Seder...7:24 CDT

PLZ DU POLL! MSNBC Israeli troops launch raid deep into Lebanon

Its time for the next phase of World Domination

Need some references: Repugs using soldiers' deaths for political purposes

Should Every American Adult Be Tested for HIV?

On being a good citizen...

Israelis Bomb the shit outa Gaza. CNN's wolf calls it "Incredible"!

Spotted: Gullible, Pro-Lifer "Pete" Out "Marching for Life"! (pics)

Barbara Boxwer is on with Keith right now

Hey Tucker, you dumb mother....

First Review of Upcoming Frank Rich Book: "A Savaging Sermon" on Bush

Gore's The Alliance for Climate Protection

George Bush's Summer of Threat

Where did all the posts about Al Gore go?

Fights, Arrests Follow Gas Giveaway

Shrub needs some soldiers

Single Issue Interest Groups (Nader and Lieberman)

American Masters: Woodie Guthrie on PBS now.

Toying With Terror Alerts?

Keith Olbermann's "Worst Persons In The World"

Mike Malloy read this on air on WLS Chicago a long time ago...

The death of the american worker

Please tune into Mike Malloy - Mike Papantonio on (lawsuits = Diebold)

Conyers:So Bush Will Respect the Geneva Conventions. Or Will He?

God puts out press release on ME conflict...

How is the FCC constitutional?

Freepers keep bringing up how Clinton was Ken Lay's golf buddy right?

Evil CHEENEE-RUMSFELD - who's got the link

Just saw the new DCCC ad (video)...dares to show image of soldiers coffins


Administration Prods Congress to Curb the Rights of Detainees

Sad night

CBS: our troops coming back with PTSD

A Real Security Breach: Larry Johnson

Project late? Cost Overrun? Govt still awards bonus of $494 Million

So does this mean that if you taped someone stuffing a ballot box, you

W's dad pays honor to Ken Lay

Powerful DCCC Ad

Sex offender among Ohio inmates credited on kids' CD

Bruce Willis says his head is changed because of 9/11 films.

Israel just invaded Lebanon, so where's the outrage?

My right-wing relatives and their email loop are pissed about the cost

C&L:John Dean on The Daily Show

DU Hypocrisy: No Criticism of Israel Allowed

Something new I noticed on our local emergency alert announcement

Lay Is Remembered As a "Straight Arrow, a Boy Scout"

YET MORE WAR (and a comment that sums it all up!)

DHS -Critical infrastructure -Hoover Dam is as Important as Amish Popcorn

Look at this...

A huge day for those who take HIV/AIDS medicines.

Cell Phones Join Emergency Broadcast Network

Let's Make a List of What's Happened on Dubba's watch, shall we?

Got a few seconds? Sign the petition to draft Al Gore!!!

If stem cell research is really a great opportunity, why do we have to

Asia/Pacific Markets Goin Red Again !!! = Lookout Below !!!

Dan Rather on Larry King NOW

"Thousands of police were deployed for Bush's protection." (Germany)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Roll Call

CA50 Action Committee needs quick graphic design help!

DLC :Terrorist Suspects and the Rule of Law

Mort Zuckerman (U.S. News &W.R.) On Colbert Report! "Bush worst Pres..."

The Blogger that Was Outraged about Onion Said it was a Joke...

Lay was cremated?

Just read that that the min wage in Kansas is $2.65 hr?

Quick Question

Should we fill our tanks tonite before it hits $5.00+?

A gentle reminder from Robert Cray.... Watch this again

LAT: Wal-Mart Advertises Efforts to Go Green (Gore goes to Bentonville)

Distressed American - I'm cryin' right now.

Opinions, please? These progressive books are on their way from Amazon...

C&L:Novak calls Murray Waas a liar

Citgo To Stop Supplying Gas To Ohio Stations

A Dose of Reality -- District Court, yesterday

Coulter finally gets the smackdown she deserves!

We are staying in Iraq. Word up from Iraqi vet. U.S. Army construction

I want to say about Keith Olbermann

Mike Pappantonio :ROCKS: on Malloy AAR re: Election Fraud. TURN IT ON NOW!

It's The Conservatism, Stupid

Child Molester's Plea Deal Outrages Victim's Mother (might get 60 days)

Personal rant on inaccurate left blogs that end up hurting us.

Any suggestions about how I go about locating a benefactor,...

Tucker Carlson falsely suggested Puerto Ricans...are immigrants to U.S.

Texas tribe names Abramoff, Reed in civil suit

Lieberman Tells Democrats to STFU About President Bush

Now there's something new-A Meth rocket

To Filibuster, Or Not To Filibuster... Crap, Suddenly I'm Not Sure !!!

Col. Wilkerson: Cheney and Rumsfeld, Guilty of War Crimes? - Rolling Stone

Solar Energy

MSM is virtually ignoring the import of Israel's entering Lebanon....

Coded message...

The Daily Show is BACK! They've got Ted Stevens Ranting re: Internet

I have a bad feeling about the invasion of Lebanon

Democratic Underground has New Moderators!

I Met The Man Himself - Stephen Colbert!

"Rapture ready" folks 'HAPPY & EXCITED' over Middle East war

Wilkerson Has The Goods On Cheney-He Has The Memos, Emails, Files & Briefs

Tasini at HuffPost: Exposing The Clinton Charade (Part I) --->>>

Democracy Crisis: A Briefing for Democrats - Will All Votes Count?

Has anyone seen a post-debate poll on the Lamont - Lieberman race? nt

Reminder: Super Size Me and Farenheit 911 on Sundance

Barbara Boxer v. Bill O'Reilly on Keith Olbermann tonight

Axis of Weasels

Novak's column shows stonewalling by White House and Rove succeeded

Is Novak's Primary WH Source - Cheney?.......

Lest you were in doubt about where he sits on the political spectrum

OK all you Hackett fans - Are you now going to support Brown?

Interview With Barack Obama

Gen Casey: More Troops needed in Baghdad. Well no screaming eagle shit

Barbara Lee will be speaking at our church this Sunday

US and the Brezhnev Doctrine

WP,pg1: Beyond Poll Numbers, Voter Doubts About Hillary Clinton

Katherine Harris's Campaign Staff To Resign

The Merry Minuet - A Fitting Song For Yesterday and Today....

Evangelicals Support Torture

Who Is This Guy On CNN Headline Prime News - He's Calling This WWIII....

If The Middle Class Gets Wiped Out By *Co And His Corporate....

Barack Obama, "like a drill sergeant," disrespects a Christian pastor!

Please DU this poll

Democratic Underground has New Moderators!

Katherine Harris' Campaign Staff Resigns. Again.

How Do You Know Ken Lay Wasn't In the Military? A Bush Went To His Funeral

an all out assault on the blogosphere - from both parties?

If you haven't read Riverbend's latest post. Please do, but break out

The REAL so-called "Pro-Life" Agenda. . .

Zuckerman on Colbert thinks Kerry would have been a worse President.

Lieberman should not talk about primaries having low turnout

Harris pads role, impact on housing, reports say (Palm Beach Post)

Supporting The Troops - A Study in Contradiction

Blumenthal: Swaggering to Nowhere

Salon: City of Vengeance (the Mahdi Army in Baghdad)

Lay Is Remembered As a 'Straight Arrow' (I am NOT Making This Up!)

Salon: The hatred incubator (Baghdad morgue)

What about the Senate inquiry into twisted prewar intelligence? ask Reid.

WP: With Trip to England, Virginia Tribes Seek a Place in U.S. History

Bush gets conflicting signals over Russia policy (Reuters)

Syria and Hizbullah on the Attack .... an analysis

Mugged by the blogosphere - or how to find nuggets in a cyberswamp

The Hidden War on Women in Iraq

CNN/Fortune: Extinction of mass culture leaves us poorer

Sam Seder on AAR is boring as hell tonight

Riverbend: Atrocities...

When hurting or killing people is the goal of religious fanatics

Richard Land (SoBapt leader) As Heir to Torquemada

Guns galore as anarchy stalks Baghdad

The death of Doha signals the demise of globalisation

Humanity Lost in Lebanon

Syria's one true friend - Iran (Asia Times)

Male Scientist Writes of Life as Female Scientist--WaPo

Is Mr. Bush a "War President?"

Steam powered aircraft engine works!!!!

Kangaroo Carnivore, "Duck Of Doom" Among Australian Fossil Finds - ENN

Renewables Are the Solution to Global Climate Change

Highway-legal car with 30-mile range between charges aims for niche

Queensland Right Wing Split On Plan To Recycle Sewage As Drinking Water

Some random observations about Phoenix....

Global Poll Reveals Widespread Fear Of Official Energy Policies - BBC

USDA - Drought To Push US Grain Prices To Highest In 10 Yrs - Reuters

Why coal-rich US is seeing record imports

House Plan Would Gut States' Powers To Limit Pesticides, Toxins - SF Chron

Oil near $77 a barrel, and it ain't just the middle east-Nigeria

Winnipeg Facing Driest June, July On Record - Reuters

Incredibly Cool Site On Cryosphere, Arctic Ice Extent - Great Animations

Hurricanes Bud, Carlotta On The Move In Pacific - NOAA/NHC

Nueces County, TX - Birth Defects 84% Higher Than State Averages

Salinity increasing desertification of Australian farmland.

June Driest On Record For W. Australia, 3rd Driest For Victoria

Jubilee USA - Oil Prices More Than Offset G8 Debt Relief - Reuters

Canada's GHG Exchange On Hold Until Harper Debuts "Plan" In Fall - Reuters

Wisconsin can lead the way to energy independence (Gov. Jim Doyle, Dem)

7/11 Drought Monitor - Intensity Slips Slightly, But Area Grows In Size

Norway's whale catch falls short

Mine Air Pack Test Changes Urged Years Ago

And once again, the young become fodder to fight old men's war.

In case anyone's forgotten,YOU paid for Israel's bloody mayhem in Lebanon

U.S. blocks U.N. resolution condemning Israeli actions...

Israeli strike in Beirut kills 22 civilians...Collateral damage?

Report: 2 Palestinians kidnapped by right-wingers (Israelis)


DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!

Israeli diplomat in U.S.: Iran, Syria `playing with fire,` will face conse

Breaking story of Hezbollah sending captured soldiers to Iran is ACT ONE!

Someone has gone insane in the Middle East

Ahmadinejad says 'Zionists' are 'most detested' people in humanity

Perez just now "They've forced us to use force."

Lebanon is shooting rockets into Israel now

Israel might just NUKE Iran and/or Syria, you watch....

Israeli aircraft strike Beirut to Damascus road

Witnesses tell Reuters that Israeli jets have bombed Lebanonís military a

ANALYSIS: Israel is at risk of embarking on three-front war

State Department official comments on Lebanon bombing

Bush upset Hezbollah disrupting Israel/Palestinian "peace talks"...

Palestinian villages commemorated on Google maps

Breaking CNN- Rockets strike Israeli port

The Nation & World: Hezbollah flexes its muscle...

Only Sanctions Will Stop Israel's Brutal Campaign

Group Threatens to Rocket Israel Port City

Israel's not going anywhere, the world will be drawn to a close before...

boycott Israel

CNN Rockets hit Israel after airport attack

Hizbollah rockets rain on northern Israel

Can a whole department of the government have attention deficit disorder?

Israel Vows To Push Gaza Offensive

Annan to send team to Mid East to urge restraint

EU accuses Israel of 'disproportionate use of force' in Lebanon

Moral high ground secret to IDF strength

Israel has Crossed Over a Moral Boundary

A Tale of Two Daughters

Israel bombs Hezbollah TV station

Quick, tell me what happened on September 11, 2001

ER Daily News thread Check In.. How is Everybody???

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News Thursday July 13 2006

DAVID JEFFERSON: can affect multiple machines from a single attack.

WE COUNT-A Conference about Fair Elections and Democracy

Help please? Link to photos of these two Diebold models:

time to get involved again-- what's happening?

An open letter from Ohio to the people of Mexico: By Fritikis & Wasserman

Black Well does it get better than this? A question to his contributor's

Check out this anagram!

Muscatine Journal poll - needs some DU love

Steve King is at it again

If you haven't already voted for BAR

Hey y'all! WestHoustonDem and I have a new venture....

60 state representatives call on state to fire Texas Access Alliance

Good post about Ron Paul on BOR

Holy Crap! Look what Greg Abbott is up to now!

Radnofsky needs your help.

ACPB Beerfest Sat., 7/15 at Rudyard's

DVO Courthouse Tourstops, July 20 and 21

***Tell CA Democrats to stop supporting TX Republicans***

Anyone have "Cooking with Calphalon" cookware?

Canadian Bloggers?

Canada's seventh case of BSE confirmed

Israel: Olmert not ruling out emergency gov't

Former Republican aide sentenced to 1 year in prison

Ex-Prosecutor Demands Newspaper's Sources

Pot may indeed lead to heroin use, rat study shows

Harris pads role, impact on housing, reports say

Pryce May Pay a Price for Her Role as a House Republican Leader

Bush to speak w/Merkel from Germany at 6:25am EDT (CNN reporting)

US Army Fires Halliburton

Reuters: Indian police detain suspects in Mumbai blasts

AP: Hundreds Riot in China Over Beating

Lebanese rocket hits Israeli town of Safed. CNN

Bush May Discuss Gitmo Issue in Germany

Male Scientist Writes of Life as Female Scientist--WaPo

Group rallies against Cuba policy

Menendez Raises More Funds Than Kean, Reports Indicate

Iraq attacks kill local government members, police officers

Iraqi prime minister to visit White House

Judge orders Republican off ballot in Senate race

Senate Hearing on Iraq

The U.S. vs. John Lennon

Lebanon seeks Israeli ceasefire

The Saudi ambassador tours N.O. and discovers signs of optimism

North Korea storms out of meeting with South

Army copter crashes in Iraq; crew survives

Abramoff and 4 Others (Ralph Reed) Sued by Tribe Over Casino Closing

Gruesome scenes after Israeli air raids on south Lebanon

Defiant Iran threatens to quit nuclear treaty

Haitian Death Squad Leader Arrested in US - For Mortgage Fraud

Novak-Rove exchange lasted 20 seconds

N Korea missile talks fail

Qatar circulates revised Israel resolution

'NatWest three' extradition due

(Democratic) Rep. Asks to Halt F-16 Sale to Pakistan

Specter touts deal on eavesdropping review

CNN: Rockets have hit Haifa

Israelís Fears Kidnapped Soldiers Could Be Moved to Iran Cast Aside

AP: McCain: Bush Won't Seek Military Tribunals

Australia: Psych tests for elite cops back from Iraq

Stryker soldier killed in Iraq # 2545

Hezbollah denies it fired rockets at the Israeli city of Haifa

New contracts signed to increase fuel imports (into Iraq)

Crime wave in Brazil city enters 3rd day

Lawsuit challenges Georgia electronic voting

Reuters: Iran says will not abandon atomic rights: TV

Bush in Germany: The World's Most Expensive BBQ

Bush makes light of Putin's jibe at Cheney

Democrats challenge assessment of Iraq

Hunger Strike Called to Protest Iranian Crackdown

Worst burglars on police playing cards

Merck wins latest Vioxx case

Iraqis Bear Scars of War Amid Shortage of Surgeons

UN Security Council sets urgent meeting on Lebanon

Santa Cruz residents could vote to impeach Bush

Sorry, dupe. n/t

Coldplay Takes Aim

So this is how we get our war with Iran

Moderate US Christians face conservative Goliath

Plame sues White House figures over CIA leak

Iraq vet (Murphy - D) beats incumbent (Fitzpatrick - R) in fundraising

Stocks tumble as oil nears $77

Belarus opposition leader sentenced to 5 1/2 years

Jobless claims rise (332000 - more than expected)

Democrats challenge assessment of Iraq

Activists sue to block electronic voting

Bush agrees to court review of spy program

Hizbollah rocket hits Israeli city of Haifa-army

Oil Rises to Record in New York, London on Attacks in Nigeria

House extends Voting Rights Act

Iran denies Israel fears that soldiers head to Iran

Oil tops $76 a barrel on international tension

Democrats Seek Answers in Phone Jamming

AP: Suspect Padilla Gets Access to Secrets

(Posada) Friend won't talk, goes to jail

Giuliani Considering 2008 Presidential Run

NYT/AP: Nuclear Materials 'Dangerously Vulnerable'

AP: Suicide car bomber in Iraq kills 5 people

Michael Schiavo Takes on Privacy Campaign

US sees three more years in building Afghan army

Blackwell Pushes Plan to Lease Turnpike, But Rode it For Free

Breaking: Israeli gunships blow up Beirut Airport Fuel Depot

Crude past $78 in electronic trading (6:00 EST 7/13/06 - @ $78.19 bbl)

Here's a Twist: Anti-Gay Kansas Church Billed For Not Protesting

KT Brother: Evil Sis Lied On 'Dad Abuse' (NY Senate race)

Democrats Seek Answers in Phone Jamming

Report: Hezbollah intends to transfer kidnapped IDF soldiers to Iran (AFP)

Bush calls Middle East fighting 'pathetic'

Romney Tries to Seize Control of Big Dig

Fewer kids getting federal summer meals

Fox crew shot at in Israel

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 13 July

AP: Gunmen Kill Iraqi National Wrestling Coach

Reuters Journo Injured by Rocket in Israel, Shot Fired Near Fox Crew

Bush: Iran "can't wait us out" in nuclear dispute

Protesters head for Mexico City

Dow's 2-day loss: 288 points

Fifa opens inquiry over Materazzi

Bush defends Israel, EU, Russia condemn attacks

Iraqi parliament speaker: Jews finance acts of violence in Iraq

GOP criticizes new Democratic web video (images of flag-draped coffins)

PIMCO's Gross sees Fed cutting rates by Jan 2007

FOX News Poll: Democrats Favored On Most Issues; Bush Approval Down

Israel bombards Beirut amid spiraling attacks

Opinion sought on charging abortion providers with murder (Texas)

San Diego Bans Smoking at Beaches, Parks

Coors arrested for DUI

House Rejects Changes to Voting Rights Act

New Orleans drops bid for 2008 convention

Menezes police may face charges

Comedian Red Buttons dead at 87

White House agrees to NSA review by court: senator

Iraq on the right path, US ambassador tells Congress

Valerie Plame Wilson and Joseph Wilson to Sue Cheney, Rove. Libby

US Treas mulls own stamp on tax code overhaul (eliminating mortg deduction

Newport (KY) Starbucks boots Dems

U.S. vetoes U.N. condemnation of Israel

(Evangelical) Christian group to advocate more support for Israel

Mexico's Calderon says to focus more on poor

Iran warns Israel not to attack Syria (Reuters)

Speaker Hastert Admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital for Skin Infection

Israel hits Beirut airport for 2nd time

My chat buddy's parents are in Lebanon

FINALLYsaw the trailer for "Snakes on A Plane".

A moment of Zen (really)

I am sure this is an ill-time for this....

"Dixie" the original lyrics, racist, or not racist?

Mom Has Quadruplets 3 Years After Giving Birth To Triplets

The lounge is dead today!

80 Year Old Man Admits Dealing Crack For Sex

DU WWII History buffs, a Question...

Gramma's Cheesecake recipe

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!


I just discovered the reason for the Big McLargehuge appreciation thread

Candy Bar Specifically Targets PMS

Woody's just too popular..... I have to change my avatar now.....

NY Metropolitan Museum of Art is raising its prices to $20/adult ticket

After further review -My child *IS* smarter than yours

Youtube: "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" will this movie make it?

US Citizen Torturing Cows in Pamplona, Spain Gets Thrown, Paralyzed

"Sunny in Philadelphia" NEW and original episodes tonight

Does DU have cliniques?

Happy Birthday -Cheech, Han Solo, Rubik, Capt. Pickard, Col. Hogan

Does DU have a lot of clicks?

CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

Heard on Stephanie Miller - Total f***ing moron vote

If you like Dazed and Confused and/or you like the show LOST, watch this

Let's all go Shark jacking!!!

Dog Blamed for Hitting Woman With Truck

Wanna be on my new Healing/Happiness meditation list?

New "Union Dues" story posted today at Escape Pod

Any tax experts out there?

American leads Tour de France...this has to be killing the French...

Officials Find Live Viper On Plane To Amsterdam

Kids are so damn weird

air america in NYC

10 Random Questions for Slayer fans.

Man murdered by pizza oven

"She's been cutting hair for decades." Good testament to quality service,

Poetry Contest!!! Try to top Bucky's effort in post # 6

my first time on the greatest page

Barbaro euthanasia is probably imminent


Yet another article in the TimesDispatch about Fred Clark.

Men Accused Of Abusing Donkey.....

Why the hell do SUV drivers slow to a creep for speed bumps?

I didn't compete, and as a result I now have no competition


My NEW pet peeve:

Phoenix - Big Yellow Taxi

unable to change avatar - please help

Why are the Wayans brothers ripping of Bugs Bunny?

Well my Comcast Email Account has been absconded for now

Giuliani's Ex-Wife, Donna, is the new "LOVE & SEX Coach" on AOL

Stupid search engine-generated ads.

Pet gators. Anybody ever have one, or have one now?

Pet yaks. Anybody ever have one, or have one now?

Rahm Emanuel is HOT!

Coolest song ever: "Rocket Queen" by Guns n Roses.

Vanilla scented deodorant

one of the best bumper stickers i have seen in a while

DU Dead Heads - need advice!

Buying cars cont'd... Mechanic look over

our cat needs your good lounge vibes

Apparently I violated the Prime Directive at work tonight :

who is going to DemFest this weekend...

Whom do you like your jeans to fit?

Just got today's mail, and something seems a little off...

Something to think about in regards to the Middle East Crisis tonight...

Present/ former viola players: check in!

Any pirate radio station operators here on DU?

I read a headline: "Options for U.S. Limited As Mideast Cheeses Spread"

"You fink I'm your maid, or sumping?

My Pets are better than your pets: Defend your argument here

7 babies in 3 years-quadruplets following triplets + 2 older kids

Barbaro Has Laminitis--very poor prognosis...

A plea for dirtier language

My husband's co-workers sent us a basket with all kinds of

questions about comedy central's "Mind of Mencia"

I think my cell phone is killing me

Poems by Robert E. Howard, 2 (Autumn, Forbidden Magic)

10 Random Questions for Elitist Music Snobs

Saw Ray Davies last night in Bay Area


Should I put this bumper sticker on my car?

Apparently I violated an obscure "no murder" code at work tonight

I wish I could have seen this "Good Morning America" segment.

What kind of person makes you uncomfortable?

Do you "do" Yoda?

Take a look at my HUMONGOUS

Caption this photo

what does redeployment mean

Too funny... A satirical review of "Godless"

Just started watching "Lost" - question

Police warn women, "Wear nice pants"

Help me with my daughter's wisdom teeth!

San Francisco - Meet your neighbors-for-eternity party...

Do you think this Cali Boy could handle a Massachusetts Winter?

Random cool zippers.

Please send prayers and wishes

dolo amber has a lively mind

DU Massholes: What is Milford or Franklin like? How far from Boston?

My Grandma died this morning...

Oh shit! I killed the goldfish.

Should I put a bumper sticker on my cat?

What item of clothing is a staple of your wardrobe?

How to make money by making jewelry from spiders.

YouTube is evil

I'm making Cajun Red Beans & Rice. Ask me anything!

more Art....

Are you a teacher? If not, do you detest when other people are?

more art....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 7/13/06)

Copy protection hole in Blu-ray and HD DVD movies

Kevin Federline's event fee: $20K. Kevin Federline: priceless.

Got tickets for Motley Crue/Aerosmith!

Caption the duo infernale sharing a red herring

Are you a torcher? If not, do you detest when other people are?


Hiro! Welcome to DU! What's going on there? If I may so ask..

Goodnight all!

Dog blamed for hitting woman with truck

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.........

With the current crisis in the Mid-East....

My solution, re Israel and the Arabs....

Does anyone else like to masturbate to "The House of Yes"?

My ten month old nephew, the genius, just said his 3rd word...

I need help making a deadbeat pay up

Ever googled....

And, so a deep, dark depression fell over the cliques in The DU Lounge . .

Boy, putting in slate tile flooring is a lot of work.

Are President Bush and Chancellor Merkel an item?

Rant: why are skin conditions and flab so shameful to the general public?

How many DUers could handle a hot and steamy summer?

Name a thread you would never open.

Late last night I broke my TV

Is your keyboard intact?

Thursday, July 13. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:


Post here and I will insult you.

Fifa launch Materazzi enquiry

The pros from Dover.

How do you want to die?

As a kid, did you ever run away from home?

Do You Think That Joe Lieberman Sounds Like "Dr. Zoidberg" From Futurama?

Its my birthday and i'm bored and lonely!

Post here if you hate your job.

I am going brunette.

Congratulations terrya!! 30,000 posts

My iBook is all LUBED up.

My friend's parents awoke to the sound of the airport being bombed

I have to tell you guys a sweet story, LaraMN, pay attention, here baby.

Ho-ly Mo-ly! I hope this doesn't sound too horrible, but

What are you an expert in?


Rock And Roll Is A Vicious Game

DU Lounge roll call sound off now!

Special DU Jukebox: Doomsday Music!

Now that I've taught the monkey to say Hi, what should be her second word?

Random picture thread.

Will someone fill me in on the various cliques in the lounge?

How do you like your jeans to fit?

Are you a toucher? If not, do you detest when other people are?

Mac or PC???

**Help me name my new cat!**

Beautiful, Powerful Horses At the Kentucky Horse Park

Are there any Scientologists in here?

"Excessive heat watch" just issued for my area

Replace a word in a book title with the name of one of the Three Stooges

Pirates of the Carribean 2 was Disappointing

Best all-time World Series - who wins?

What does Israel have against lesbians anyway?

Post your favorite LIVE performances from YouTube here!

Seventh Day Adventists: Fundies that are on the Left

PZ Myers: "My story of faith"

Moderate US Christians face conservative Goliath

Top 10 signs you're a fundamentalist Christian


Do you know any "End Timers"?

Scientists question nature's fundamental laws

36-Hour News Cycle Online (physicist study)

Brain-implant enables mind over matter

Defeat The Federal Marriage Amendment in the U.S. House of Representatives

Mass. voting to over-ride Mittens' vetoes of suicide prevention programs

World Cup Redux - An excellent (imho) essay in The Progressive

Steeler's Big Ben was told he was close to dying (June Accident)

NY vs. Chicago twice this weekend

I want to share with you my dream house:

A fun "job-getting" spell I wanted to post here.

Something is starting to happen in the cosmos.

I can't take any more!!!!

John Kerry letter - The Difference You Are Making

Gonzales just put a 60day gag order on RFK and all involved in EVM case.

RFK's first whistleblower lawsuit filed in Fed Court.

Great compilation of info/links posted in GD to keep or send to senators

What's the world thinking?

Wow, this is GREAT!!

Oh snap, this writer just nails it (War Service and who really did it.)

Well, so far one less place to legalize discrimination & voter supresion

Ex-Kerry Campaign Manager Jim Jordan to advise Warner

Ya'll have some beautiful pics posted

About this VIP news (MSNBC?) team thingy.......

So where do DLC apologists on DU come from?!

I think it is a proper time to post this

Israeli strike in Beirut kills 22 civilians...Collateral damage?

There is someone in The Lounge who is in Lebanon right now! Talk to him!

Skype Announces Free International Calls

W has ushered in world chaos, division, and hate

Oil rises above $75 on US stock fall, Iran tension

A word of appreciation

Israel: Olmert not ruling out emergency gov't

(FIORE) The Glorious Failure

Think Israel is trying to provoke Iran?

Free gas causes crashes and fights

Someone has gone insane in the Middle East

Bush to speak w/Merkel from Germany at 6:25am EDT (CNN reporting)

Alternate AAR streams

Caption me This - Shrub and Merkel

Holy Crap! Israel just fired rockets at the Beirut Airport...

This is bad news indeed.

You know I shouldn't laugh at kids but...

It is FLAG Burning Day :) --- Doonesbury.....

Activists Take Aim at Texas Abortion Law

"Now Republicans Control The Courts, Too"

There's a lot of talk lately about gasoline hitting $4 a gallon.

Another F*cking Lie....Detainees

Get ready to empty your wallets some more...Oil hitting RECORD HIGHS today

David brooks coming on Imus. must puke TV.

CAPTION what's bending his ear...

John Edwards, do you not have concerns about legitimacy of our elections?

Is Clinton Satan?

Reverend Compares Ken Lay to Dr. King and Jesus Christ

A Glimpse of North Korea

***Tell CA Democrats to stop supporting TX Republicans***

Speaking of reparations....

SFRC hearing: Iraq Update with Ambassador Khalizad

Alabama-Coushatta Tribe goes after Team Abramoff

Arianna and "Rummy's Disease"!

Bandar Bush leaving Colorado. Anybody read anything into this?

With all that is going on in the ME, shouldn't we all be eating mushrooms?

CAPTION this photo...

Civilian deaths go unreported in Afghanistan

Bush Military History Project #25

Using headlines to create fear....more lies..

Bush was for detainee rights before he was against them

Swaggering to Nowhere (from SALON)

Lieberman on Imus

NY Metropolitan Museum of Art is raising its prices to $20/adult ticket

Carl Schurz - 1899, Anti-imperialism conference

Why is Israel invading Lebanon?

Lieberman: "We have many good years ahead of us"

US frees fighters of radical Iraqi cleric - report

US Citizen Torturing Cows in Pamplona, Spain Gets Thrown, Paralyzed

Transgender Stanford professor defends female scientists

Fear-o'-philes check in now to Armageddon online!

Bush Sr. Attens Ken Lay's Funeral

Syria and Jordan must be freaking out by now.

Rep. William Jefferson hires former Lewinsky spokesperson Judy Smith

"The Most Reviled" Man in the World Visits and Germany Locks Down

Is Clinton a war criminal?

Bush`s cock-of-the-walk diplomacy.

Novak explains why outing Valerie Plame was no big deal

The ones who don't understand sports were the ones always chosen last

Democratic leadership needs to learn how to address the Republicans.

What exactly is Norwood (R-GA) trying to do to the Voter Rights Act?

Hey Remember The Grand "Roadmap To Middle East Peace."

All of Air America is still down. I smell a rat.

Study shows higher rate of birth defects in Corpus Christi TX area

"From this day forward, we will no longer break the law..."

Air Force recruiting young soldiers to fight ... the TransFormers?

Rice urges Congress to quickly approve pact with nuclear renegade India

Republicans hate America (Senate vote going on now)

My weekly newspaper column: Chasing the Tail

is Santorum tying mortgage legislation to border security???

Is Iran next??

Please DU this poll (flag amendment)

Steele vows to represent 'the 'hood'

Rep King Compares Immigrants To Livestock-Suggests Electricution

FYI: The Lebanese bloggers

Does anyone have info on how other ME nations are reacting...

Bush Signs Another Signing Statement-Consultation Is So Yesterday...

Despite what the Repubs and Lieberman say, U.S. troops sacrifice not

Red Streak in a Blue State

Iraq atrocities...and the death of sympathy.

Don't be a Yellow Elephant

Novak "Source" Warned Reporters About Iraqi WMD Claims (Leopold)

I'm trying to sort out what is happening in the ME.

So, I have a movie idea...

Tucker shows talented Olberman and Stewart and even O'Reilly are

U.S. Mulling Separate Wartime Command From Korea

Senate Hearing on Iraq

International Guantanamo Protest Day - Saturday....

Only Sanctions Will Stop Israel's Brutal Campaign

Future statement of the Democratic Party...

How does current ME flare-up relate to Sy Hersch's predictions

Funeral Protesters Billed After Not Showing Up

Man murdered by pizza oven

I Am OMB and I Write the Rules

Heritage Event: Moral Reconstruction: A Model for Urban Transformation

New Term: To "Pull A Pete"

Didn't Novak say he was going to out his primary source?

What is the punishment for fabricating evidence in a Supreme Court case?

WP "media critic" Howie Kurtz picks on 85-year-old lady: Helen Thomas

Joe Wilson Responds to Robert Novak

Fox News Reporters were shot at - Raw Story is just

Anybody else see this on C-SPAN this morning?

For those claiming Tasini (Hilary Challenger) is a Green

The latest stupid pro-fetus bumper sticker

Love ĎEm Or Lieb ĎEm (Lieberman's problems aren't all about Iraq)

Israel invading/bombing Lebanon - a method to drag Iran into conflict?

(LA Gov) Blanco vetoes state poem

Bush: Addicted to Oil

U.S. authorities fired on by border bandits

How many *elected* Republicans are probably certifiably insane?

"Ah, hell, just shoot us!"

Bush to speak w/Merkel from Germany at 6:25am EDT (CNN reporting)

Want to piss Blair and Co off? Got a website or blog? Jump in

Looks like the DOW is having another crap-tacular day. nt

Men Accused Of Abusing Donkey.....

Would you be surprised if US troops are committing terrorism in Iraq?

Is AAR having problems today..or is it just my computer?

Who should Barbara Boxer support? Vote here!

Northern escalation / Syria: a possible third front

Haitian Death Squad Leader Arrested in US - For Mortgage Fraud

Our troops going into battle on Anti Depressants?

Judge to Conrad Black: Where are you getting $200K a month for expenses?

Jefferson Airplane's "Wooden Ships": I was listening this weekend

The U.S. vs. John Lennon

Call Rep. Jindal no amendments voting rights act

AAR in new york city

Phoenix - Big Yellow Taxi

MSNBC Survey: Should the U.S. intervene militarily in the Mideast crisis?

Cedar Rapids Newspaper drops Coulter's column

Do you think the Israeli military response inside Lebanon is justified?

Looks like I need to relocate...America's No. 1 terror target: Indiana?

(VIDEO) Indecision 2006 starring Holy Joe Lieberman and Sick Rick Santorum

O'Hare airport security...HELLO?

Yeah, George Your Ecomony Is Doing Freaking GREAT!

'Schlesinger Urged to Reconsider Senate Run' CT. Repuke candidate

CAPTION the Ugly American, Pt. II

What is your take on the economy.

NPR Morning Edition: "Suport The Troops being sponsored by The Pentagon"

You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with...a herring!

RE:The Diva of The Devil: Let's not refer to her WHAT?

GOP Phone Jamming Company Still Alive and Well

Giuliani's Ex-Wife, Donna, is the new "LOVE & SEX Coach" on AOL

Bush's plan for the middle east is starting to play out.

"Sending Old Men to War" have you seen this?

2 Cafeteria Workers Lose Jobs - Homeland Security won't tell them Why

Who here will not be surprised when the GOP

Citgo to stop selling gas at U.S. stations

WSJ editorial page embarrasses, diminishes paper; leadership doesn't act.

a big WELCOME to all the incoming mods, and THANK YOU to all the

Barbaro Has Laminitis--very poor prognosis...

Rahm Emanuel is HOT!

Safe in Germany!!!

Coulter Backs Call for Execution of 'NYT' Editor, But Prefers Firing Squad

thank you DU...your captions today are priceless.....

I sent my dad John Dean's op ed because Dean's a Nixon guy

And were off to the races in the ME.

Don't know if I want to laugh or cry? GW * Pic

Expert please: Why is Bush's APPROVAL needed for Congressional oversight??

Kucinich gets GAO to investigate funding of permanent bases

CAPTION the Ugly American

Death By Video: Mexico's Election Fraud Is Coming Undone:

NOW we know how Israel will get at Syria next

Bad ass ad

Boatload of religious left transcripts

remember Schroeder and Merkel were in very close race

Merkel is "*'s new best friend." Per CNN so it must be true.

Bush returns to the Homeland

CAPTION Bush...Who's The Baby Here?

Has anybody looked at the stock market today.

Wasn't Bush bragging about Lebanese democracy a few months ago?

Is it just me or is Air America offline?

Mods, need a Lebanon Israel forum please....Too many threads

When Disaster strikes you can always be sure Bush is right on the job

Israel might just NUKE Iran and/or Syria, you watch....

Where- oh- where is a Barbara Jordan or Sam Ervin when you need one?

Israeli warplanes drop bombs on Beirut International Airport

It's mind over matter...if you don't mind, it don't matter.

AAR Streams Today

CNN Syria Announces they supports Hezzobalah

I watched "The Day After" yesterday

Crime waves in U.S. towns, criminal 'leaders' in DC: Are they related?

Perez just now "They've forced us to use force."

Until Air America's site is back up, use this stream...

Looks like another 100+ loss day for the Dow.

Gore, Feingold Top Presidential Straw Poll

Israeli diplomat in U.S.: Iran, Syria `playing with fire,` will face conse

Would this be a violation of international law?

Any pirate radio station operators here on DU?

Should Dems propose: Double Iraq Troops Now or Get Out

Breaking: Israeli & Lebanese Soldiers Drop Their Drawers; Cross Swords!

Wilson/Plame Civil Lawsuit a sign that the Federal Investigation is over?

Judge cancels jury selection in Couey trial.

Nothing Defensive About Japanís Military

Subject: The Disrespect of America (a letter from Canada)

Apocalyptic Opportunity!!! Sell "Rapture Wear" and make a fortune.

BREAKING NEWS coming to you soon, getting dark in Lebanon

Here's some useless trivia: Today is W's 2000th day as "President"

Video: Colbert interviews Rick Larsen (D - Wash.) Pretty funny

Thump a Thursday! Please come CAPTION the past.

So where is our president?

Uh-oh.. The "war" music and graphics are back...

Clinton/Gore recommended using intelligence to profile terrorists

MUST SEE -- HILARIOUS new travel ads take a jab at the government

UN Security Council sets urgent meeting on Lebanon 45 minutes ago

Lebanon is shooting rockets into Israel now

I missed you, DU!

Intel to cut 15,000 jobs, including 1,000 managers

Air America's Sites are back up!!!

Don't ever forget .......

Air America -- is it down?

Did everyone start huffing crazy gas?


Action Alert: Voting Rights Act on House Floor. Call your Representative

Please DU this poll

wiki link to cellulitis

So who wants to bet the Price of Gas shoots to 4.00 a gallon

"Every nation must defend herself"?

Giuliani considering 2008 presidential run

YES! Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson SUING "Big Time" Dick and Scooter Libby

The downfall of "Empire" is biting us all in the ass these days.

The Unravelling

The US will lose a war with Iran.

Only republicans would oppose renewal of the Voting Rights Act

Can anyone help me respond to a right-wing idiot?

So, Does the Recent Escalation in the M.E. Mean More Suicide Bombers?

ďItís just everyone fighting everyone. Anarchy.Ē

Games without frontiers.

What makes a 'terrorist'? Compare the 'Miami 7' with some of these.

Vanity Fair: "The War They Wanted, The Lies They Needed" (Niger Document)

Ailing Kevorkian says he won't opt for suicide

New Poll: Angelides over Arnold 46-44 percent in California

Coldplay Takes Aim

Is anybody planning a trip to the ME

What do y'all think of unilateral nonviolence as a straight path to peace?

Anybody Know About the Aftermath of the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake?

WHO are these DEMOCRATS voting FOR the VRA Amendments?!?

Seriously people - what happened to the uniform??

How a small band of nutcases started a world war

Biblical news coverage advertises on DU?

Anxiety weighs down Beirut - An excellent article about what is at stake

Al Franken talking about Lieberman now on AAR. n/t

Republican Uses Wife & Fetus in Desperate Bid to Replace Frist

Randi Rhodes on RW pundits:

Pastor compares Ken Lay to lynching victim James Byrd

Hastert admitted to hospital with cellulitis

Senator Ted Stevens, Jon Stewart, and the Internet.

US vetoes UN Sec council resolution condemning Israel

??? Wm Buckley supported Liebermann to stop liberal republican

Ethanol boom could hurt world's poor - expert

Nora's on tonight... she sucks... "Israel is fighting a two-sided war"

The dysfunctional family of GAY

Iraqi Parliament speaker accuses 'Jews'

BRAD BLOG: 2 New Suits Against Diebold & Friends, New Busby/Bilbray Stuff!

Am I foolish to still have faith in America?

Telecoms defraud taxpayers to tune of $200 billion

What does "santorum" mean? (Warning: Vulgar!)

Wilson & Plame sue Cheney, Libby and Rove w/details

Rise in attacks on Afghan schools ("losing another generation")

LIEberman on ed shultz now -

If you are a troll, a freeper, a GOP operative or Agent Mike

Question about Valerie/Joe lawsuit?

Candidate XXXXX is going to raise taxes. This seems to be

Why is Hassert's hospitalization for a

Just FYI.. on the Air America Outage.

I just donated to the Plame/Wilson Justice Fund.

Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff and a plan for "mortgaging old black people"

I have a new avatar.

Jack Cafferty's questions for today

Cheney & Rove sued by Plame

Orgasm cults and Jersey Politics.

(VIDEO) Watch Sensenbrenner stand up for the Voting Rights Act

Jerusalem Post/CNN: US Navy Ordered Ship Away From Haifa Before Attack

Economy's strong & gettin' stronger update: Intel to cut 1,000 managers

Newport (KY) Starbucks boots Dems

Ahmedanijad warns against attack on Syria

I'm getting sweet-talked. And you know something? It might work.

Lebanon: neocon choreography at work?

A Post For Those Sick Of Afternoon Corporate Media Pundits

Oil goes over $78/bbl in after-hours trading this evening

Analysis: will US step in?

Hannity just said we had WWIII upon us

Bush defends Israeli attacks in Lebanon

Just when you think the Bush crowd can't sink any lower

GOP blasts DEMs Iraq video

25,000 Americans are being the evacuated from Lebanon

Energy Row Looms in Central Asia

Would you support gas rationing like during WWII if it gets very bad?

Bush eats pork

Want to attend a meeting on how to impeach Bush?

Is it time to gather the rapture ready, and have them all wait together?

Lieberman's Real Problem (Harold Meyerson, WaPo)

They are not on the brink of War - they are on the brink of Democracy

FOX News crew gives up detailed troop info on air and then gets shot at

RNs' rights to be in unions under heavy attack

Froomkin: Bush the Bystander

Can somebody give me the Cliffs Notes of what's going on in the ME?

You will laugh your a$$ off :

Deconstructing Novak's "Valerie Flame" reference

I've Updated My Pro-Voter Verification Flash Game

WTF? Did Lieberman just praise Raygun the other day?

382 tons of high explosives is what I remember

It's time for federal price controls on gasoline

What will be the end result of the latest violence

Bush Lie # 56892 - "...They Would No Longer Be In This Administration"

Lopez Obrador Says Mexican Businesses Helped Calderon

HELP! Before the Iraq war started, there was a cartoon, here on DU

Question - which countries are mostly Shia?

Working on Bush's speech at this very moment....

Herr Prasident, das irakische Ol beschadigt lhr Ansehen in der Welt!

The Religion Equation in the current chaos on the news.

Rumsfeld Confronted By Soldier Over Equipment Shortages In Iraq

VIDEO to FOX claiming IRANIAN GUARDS fired missiles at HAIFA

Tucker and Sidekick claim Patrick Fitzgerald has become Marcia Clark

A closer look at our Military Industrial Complex - free weapons to Israel

What discussion forum on DU do you enjoy the most?

Kudos to Lou Dobbs for his piece on Global Warming tonight.

Reed & Abramhoff tried to buy insurance on Old Black People in scheme:

Beirut in Pictures (Warning: Image Heavy)

More Katherine Harris staffers bailing out in droves.


I need some investment advice.

Getting the gays, quietly

Went to a funeral this AM

Jack Cafferty read my reply!!!!

Wow! Norah O'Donnell Is Rooting for a Fucking All Out Mid East War!

Think that SECURITY jobs in IT were safe? Think again.

Congress wants us all to buy energy efficient servers...

Think about this ME conflagration and the National Asset Database

what's the best way to purchase oil/gas futures?

I hope Valerie Plame take Cheney and Rove to the cleaners!

Oil prices are catching up to the Carter years

Looks like Laura has gained a few pounds

Cheney reams Bush as Commander in Chief!

Is Israel a Pawn of the United States?

WTF is the EPW Senate Committee and why doesn't the media cover them?

*** Crude past $78 in electronic trading ***

Thinking about Hillary by Cindy Sheehan

My Buzzflash Interview: Ava Lowery Knows Peace Takes Courage

Right-winger Orson Scott Card actually sounds like a human re: immigrants

Why do you call her Hilary?

Immediate unconditional grace for those who CAPTION in the next 3 hours!

Katherine Harris BUSTED; padded her resume, list of accomplishments

Red Buttons dead at 87

Barbaro not doing well.

Anybody watching the House? I can't believe me eyes.

A question to those of you past 50 .....

Did anyone ever think things would get this bad?

Something to think about in regards to the Middle East Crisis tonight...

Ann Coulter: Wants NY Times reporters executed.

Prettiest piece of paper I've seen all day!

Hastert has Bethesda...

Has DU Abandoned Cindy Sheehan???

You Are Not Safe

36% FOX POLL: Dems Favored On Most Issues-Zarqawi Bounce Over

Is Israel attack on Gaza & Lebanon meant to bait Iran into war?

U.S. Vetoes Security Council Resolution Condemning Israel

TOON: Karl-Aid!


Condi says Israel should show Restraint.

An Announcement.... Fort Fed Up In D.C.

what is the name of the John Dean Book Mistress Randy has been raving about

Finches named for Darwin are evolving

"Israel blockades Lebanese waters"

John Does 1-10

Bush: 'Israel Has Right to Defend Itself'

Wonder why there wasn't more social unrest during the Great Depression?

Valerie Plame's complaint on TSG

Prisons at Center of Damning Report on U.S. Human Rights Legitimate?

Bush thought Putin's remark about Cheney was funny

How many of your opinions require profanity to be expressed correctly?

Oil is $75/bl. Yet I've seen gas back down to $2.89/gl or less. Why?

It's official!! The term "Breaking News" now means nothing!!

Guns galore as anarchy stalks Baghdad

Is it going to take WWIII before the masses start to wise up?

WTF was that on Tucker Carlson's show -- a tribute to Clinton's lying!

Valerie Plame sues Cheney, Libby and Rove!


OMG. New cReep Bush portrait. Can YOU spot the twin towers?

Calif. Supreme Court says recording calls violates rights

FOXNews - Iran's revolution guard fired rockets at Haifa (??)

"Wear nice pants" - police tell women drinkers

They can't take it with them...

What do feminists care?

New Freeway Blogger Film! Wooodamnwhoo!

Serious question: what is Israel trying to accomplish?

Three very scary things this AM...

Hard lesson: If you're next to Israel, don't shoot rockets at them.


"An American Prayer."


So...there's this war in the middle east now.

A plea for better-constructed paragraphs

Picture of an adorable baby fox, and a call for submissions.

Germany has banned protests during Bush's visit



Republicans are Hypocrites....... DOT COM!

Congress to investigate the high costs of college textbooks

A plea for cleaner language

1,500 Workers Take Fight for Union Rights to NLRBís Front Door

An E Mail I sent to DAvid Brooks....

Security funding list: Bean fest, but not Times Square?

Dick Cheney's nickname ... "Edgar" as in puppet master of W

Hackett apologizes to, supports Brown

Time for Condie Rice to resign, failed diplomacy all over the

Immigrant groups' aim: Turn marchers to voters

Pryce May Pay a Price for Her Role as a House Republican Leader

Domenici to Nelson on drill'g:"We're going to pass it anyway, understand?"

Illinois Governor: Blagojevich Now Up by 11

Kean's Oppo Researcher (R) has sordid past

C Span 3 now. . military commissions and detainee rights

Dwarfed by Her shadow. Caption this photo.

OK, Bartcop has one more question for that list of 50 to ask Republicans

Steve King equates immigrants to livestock

Bruce Springsteen on PBS last.

Rep Hunter: US too Soft on detainees?!

NYT: Democrats Link Fortunes to Rise in Minimum Wage

Caption this X photo.

War Story From a Dem Veteran Running for Congress (Siferd, OH-4)

Responses from my Republican representatives to my question.

WP: Mitt Romney's unique state-based Presidential fund-raising

boycott Israel

Gorbachev said snake Cheney & Rummy are "shallow people"

State Dept. briefing- Syria connected to the Hezbollah kidnappings

Who should Barbara Boxer support? Vote here!

GOP aims to stop states from passing tougher pesticides laws...

Li'l Kathy (Harris) is just making s**t up

Is Venezuela the Real Target of Bush's New Cuba Plan?

Ralph Reed: What a disgusting puke who claims he's a "Christian"

New DCCC Video

Texas tribe sues Abramoff, former Christian Coalition leader

That was one VERY costly blow job

neo cons pay salary of $100,000 to "Director of Lessons Learned"

AP: Democrats Fight Voting Rights Act Changes

Gore Wins Alternet's Straw Poll; Hillary Trails Badly

You know ..... if you just tell the truth, you sound like a crazy person!

Just wondering where DU stands today...

I was doing my thing for the Democratic..

Democrats Gain Traction on Raising the Minimum Wage

DU participation needed in this poll

Year passes without ruling on Santorum charter-school case

Breaking on CNN: Valerie Plame Sues Cheney, Libby & Rove

Death, destruction, despair in the Middle East

Plame suing Cheney, Libby, and Rove!

Should the U.S. intervene militarily in the Mideast crisis? (Poll)

The New Racism Rises with Voting Right Act Battle

Just Curious...Is the world blowing up?

AP: Schlesinger Urged to Reconsider Senate Run (R - Conn.)


Exposing The Hillary Clinton Charade

Russia tells west to stay out of its affairs

US vetoes UN resolution condemning Israel on Gaza

GOP Howling Over Democratic Web Ad

HuffPost: Republican Party Enters Rehab. Photos on Page 6

Ned Lamont coming up at 5:00 p.m. ET on "The Ed Schultz Show"

Calling all Yellow Elephants: Come Get Your Desert Camouflage Hat

Good for the DNC. They respond to The Nation's misleading article.

White House Staff Got a Raise. Minimum Wage Workers Didnít

Who's Making What In The White House

Pickens was calling $ 80 a barrel - it is pretty close now.

DU this story "star" rating on msnbc concerning "did Bush break law"

Bush/Repugs will try to destroy Social Security-First, Break the Unions!!!

The level of Political Discourse in Oregon

Boehner calls for DCCC to pull commercial & issue "sincere apology"

Laughable GOP Hypocrisy on Democratic Video

To author of Bush Agenda: Why are Dems silent on oil motive for Iraq War?

If Joe L. wins the primary & election, do you think he'll switch parties?

Cannot use "disproportionate" force in a war is BULLSH*T

Where's the praise over the Minimum Wage increase?!?!

How Far Left Must We Go to Undo Bush Fascism?

Gasoline ..... meet match

A Question of Definition

Need help finding a working link to Dean's formal announcement speech

Ken Lay (reportedly) like a black man dragged to his death in a lynching

Miniature flags are dangerous weapons? Caption this photo.

Something to think about in regards to the Middle East Crisis tonight...

Lawsuits Filed in At Least Nine States to Block Electronic Voting

Zogby Poll Questions

Pro-Choice Groups' Out-to-Lunch Endorsements

The US vs John Lennon

Anyone seen this series of BRILLIANT campaign posters

Early results on who gets Barbara Boxer's PAC money

***Tell CA Democrats to stop supporting TX Republicans

Given the current state of world affairs and the events of the past...

please note how the neo cons are saying Iran is to blame for

GQ: Reed, Abramoff Discussed "Mortgaging Old Black People"

PHOTO ID to vote??

Does ANYONE understand the value of the control of the Committees

RNC's Mehlman doing "GOTV" in Ohio

DNC To Release Statement on Election Protection Today

Germans love *, they really do - NOT! Photos:

Democrats Overcome GOP Amendments To Pass Voting Rights Act Extension

President Gets a 100 Percent Wage Increase. Minimum Wage Workers: Zero

Question: Is Hillary a NeoCon?

"Gore: So Hot Right Now"

Lieberman just said Iran is behind Hezbollah attacks on Israel...

Ras poll: Angelides (D) 46%, Schwarzenegger (R) 44%

Sen Inhofe (R-OK) today on Tulsa RW talk show: Clinton gave China secrets

Mayor Newsom to Democrats: Stop Lying To The American People

Guess what - I don't care who wins in CT-Sen as long as it's a "D"

A Response from Sen. Bayh...he should just switch parties, like Lieberman

Lamont supporters: would you mind a Republican sitting in the Senate seat?

Al Gonzales and DOJ Issues Gag Order to RFK Jr. for 60 Days

U.S. considering North Korean Free Trade Deal

NYT/AP: Lynn Swann Struggles in Rookie Political Season