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Archives: July 12, 2006

Joyless Economy by Paul Krugman (From Dec '05)

NYT:Novak Told Prosecutor His Sources in Leak Case

The right to be gay

Unqualified Gonzales as architect of Pres. power, consequential policies

NYT: Terror and Presidential Power: Bush Takes a Step Back

Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans is under attack, bigtime

Gaza City: 6 killed in IDF strike

Renew Gaza Fuel Supply and Open Crossings for Humanitarian Supplies

Mazuz orders probe into Katsav blackmail affair

U of Wisc LIHOP/MIHOP prof. will be allowed to teach theory

HIHOP : Help It Happen on Purpose

Sacramento/Davis area -- help needed to test accessibility

Lou Dobbs transcript Tuesday, July 11

Great Georgia ad about voting machines

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News July 12,06 Machines =1 Party Tyranny

Bill Winter (CO-06) wins MapChanger contest

Judge denies e-voting injunction (our e-voting case)

spaetzle anyone?

Cancer Project Recipes

Father denies fallen soldier was unhappy

Quebec producers reject softwood deal

Low-quality food rations pose health risks, Iraq officials concede

Millions of Cameroon girls suffer "breast ironing"

Novak: Rove was a source in outing Plame

VA inspector general blisters department’s lax security

NYT: Pentagon Struggles With Cost Overruns and Delays

AP: Wildfire Burns Calif. Historic Structures

WP: U.S. Troops Will Benefit from Geneva Convention Clarity, Experts Say

NYT: Critics of Putin Gather (Kremlin security arrests participants)

US Congressional Report Criticizes Bush Administration Strategy in Iraq

Earle sues over DeLay investigation secrecy

SF reviews contracts with AT&T over domestic spying

State Department Computers Hacked, Large-Scale Computer Break-Ins Appeared

Bush judicial nominee struggles to win Senate OK

Chirac seeks closure over Dreyfus affair

Republican says US readying crackdown on leaks

WP: Army to End Expansive, Exclusive Halliburton Deal

Rove: Hispanics are `real Americans'

Republicans want court to hear DeLay case

NYT: U.S. Terror Targets: Petting Zoo and Flea Market?

Erin Grey has no Tum!

Would your current employer talk about your "marketability",

What I've been up to these last few months (self-aggrandizing pic)

What's your security clearance, citizen?

zaonoodle, i'm just say'n...

Starlingphone ruins zaonoodle's security regret about All-Star Game

Any Cash or Haggard fans in here??

Wonder Showzen: Has anyone seen this show?

Car window signs

You guys gotta see this. This is about my neighbor

Hot Hot Heat....

Dammit. I ate 45 minutes ago. And 90 minutes before that.

What do you say? A play by play for Rockstar:Supernova...

Update on me( Puppy pic)

Post an artistic rendering of yourself! (

For fans of metalcore


Best Place On The Body To Have Hair?

Anyone going to Grey Fox this week?

Breaking: News about Zidane

Marvin KALB smacked down O'LOOFAH but good!

What is this "erectile dysfunction" I keep hearing so much about on TV?

when I die ...


too ... much ... cuteness ...

Hey- they just closed the Japanese thermometer factory--

Purebreds or mutts?

Europeans Have Better Taste Than Americans

Olbermann showed a clip of THE SCORPIONS during the Syd Barrett segment

Okay, I went to an art festival... And all I got was these pics....

Oh my gawd...

Okay, fess up. Who here puts cheddar on their spaghetti?

Amy Sedaris Does STEPHEN COLBERT -- If You Haven't Seen This, Get Here Now

Doo, doo, doo, looking out my back door, July 11, 2006. 111W 32N

All Star Game thread

Poop Nirvana...or "does anyone here own a Jack Russell Terrier?"

I'm such a carnivore

Women of DU -- Here is a poll about PURSES

You've got a reason to live-- Can't forget you only get what you give

I spent the last couple of days trying to upgrade my *%$^*#(% cell phone.

Do you know of anyone who has had success with Anti-Depressants?

Low-cost industrial shredding! Destroy paper, data, disks, even hardware!

Tell me ways that I can ruin the next-door neighbor's backyard "raves."

What would you do in this situation?

'Night, Mother

Anyone know about the operation for scoliosis? The one with the

What is your biggest regret in life?

I am getting a make-over.........from the neck up!

Calvin on Ritalin.

Seven more years of a Fauxhold on MLB

Here is a photo of the new critter Zoodaughter brought home....

Ring, ring, ring, ring...Starlingphone!

Okay, DU scientists, riddle me this:

The Right to Be Gay

Investigate Charges of Fraud Before Voting on Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

A video compilation of Materazzi

Official MLB All Star Thread

Who's been to London? Need some ideas of what to do...

Pictures of the Pioneertown fire about 100 miles north of me. It is huge

delete- dupe

EDV All Star Team

KOEB Meeting: 7/11/06 -- Novakula Speaks Edition

"Bushopedia: A Comprehensive Alphabetical Guide..."


All Star Game thread

If you were that 14 year old girl that was raped and murdered...

Lane Evans Hit's back a Veterans data

TOON: A nation at war (Mommy's busy right now)

I'm trying to understand the 'authoritarian personality'

For all of us. I am Oren Lyons,

Guardian Jan. 2003: Never Trust a Christian Cowboy.

Making contemptuous comments about Bush a crime if you are in the military

is there anybody interested in starting an Obesity group. to share info and

Can someone please explain to me: the Novak revelation (Plame case)

Actor Barnard Hughes has died, at age 90

Bombs in Bombay = Swat Teams in the subway....?

Help this union steward

are american hackers doing anything to counter chinese hackers...

Black preachers plan protest against mosque opening -Caption!

Here's Ed Pastor's in re my letter in support of H.R. 503 American Horse

Car window signs

John Dean on tonight's Daily Show -- NEW book slams GOP

I'm watching the 60 Minutes about Custer Battles/Iraq CPA.

DOD asks commanders for review of detention practices

too ... much ... cuteness ...

Recommended: "Jungle" tonight on PBS

U of Wisc. Prof Slammed for Presenting 911 MIHOP Theory

A Poll we must DU, but read first

HIHOP : Help It Happen on Purpose

Memo to Hillary: Actions, Not Words

Caption this hilarious * pic

John Dean coming up on The Daily Show

Army to End Expansive, Exclusive Halliburton Deal

Marvin KALB smacked down O'LOOFAH but good!

Look up people -- there IS hope.

anyone watching Donny Duetch battle the Coultergiest? (CNBC)

"Conform or be cast out."

"Strength and wisdom are not opposing values"

Who killed the electric car? I've heard a little about this movie,

Bob Novak's "We Found The WMDs" Moment

Caption this Cheney-Lieberman pic

US Propaganda - Experts: Iraq Likely to Become Major US Election Issue

We are at "war". The electorate has never been as uninformed

SCREW IT...Moderators. PLEASE delete this thread. Thanks. n/t

Cindy Sheehan: Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Soldiers

The question is: Will the Repubs buy this BS once again?

Novak: Rove was a source in outing Plame

Colbert "spanking your kids doesn't teach them that violence is okay"

Internet gambling and the Minimum Wage

I'm "still a Goldwater conservative. Today, that places me left of center"

Some of Today's Headlines -

Is a severely close election now also evidence of rigging as well as 99.9%

Dean on TDS

Olbermann going after Novak/PLame

My 1000th post finally

Congressman Conyers:One of Our Favorites: Bradblog

I don't get it, but it sure is interesting.

a down home antiwar ballad from the south - "sleeping in your dress blues"

Millions of Cameroon girls suffer "breast ironing"

Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear: Indiana has 8,591 "potential terror targets"

ANGRYYY!!! I AM ANGRYYYY!!! (John Dean's book)


CourtTV's Catherine Crier: Scathing Video Editorial Covers Busby/Bilbray '

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

"The President is always right" comment not on MSM, John Stewert or KO.

Masters of Horror: Homecoming is out on DVD now

anyone have experience/knowledge abt remicade for rheumatoid arthritis??

Compassionate Conservatism - Make Them Eat Their Words

Is it abuse/neglect when....

The U.S. ambassador to Canada will take questions online Wednesday

One reason hunting isn't high on my priorities list

Cindy's fasting blog at the Crawford Peace House

House Dems fought today for a Minimum Wage increase

Greg Palast: Mexico: It Aint Over Till Its Over

If you want to learn about current NSA situation read 'The Puzzle Palace'

DU This Poll Re: CIA Leak Case

I'd like to have every Senatorial and Gubernatorial candidate watch and

The Miami Bombers, and other GOP "neat" tricks in Prep for Election '06!

Okay I am totally pissed with FOX Sports....Do you know they refused

The 'halfway' house scam

Taliban haven is GIs' `Camp Hell'

So, things are horrible for the people in N. Korea, thus we must impose

We're huffing and we're puffing...but we JUST MIGHT DO THIS !

If your 14 year old daughter were raped and murdered,

Bad day at Gulf of California

Why Was The Caliphate Abolished In 1924?

Thanks to DU, CA-50 legal fund's initial goal reached! Thank you!

I'm in Kansas and Boy! Am I having FUN!

NYC residents. This evening(Wednesday), take a break from your

Hey kids... let's put on a show!!

Death by Video: Mexico's Election Fraud Is Coming Undone

Simple Question: How do you think of the Rich?

CRIER'S Video Report on Busby/Bilbray, Clint Curtis, BRAD BLOG and More!

HR 4777 - Roll of Votes

What's wrong with this picture?

Pretend world: Bush is really like Clinton and the outrage is partisanship

What's the majority leader of a do-nothing Congress to do?

Fox Puta John Gibson: Bush tax cuts & "bigger yachts for rich friends"

Lieberman to form own party to get on ballot

Zadine was called a terrorist??? FIFA to investigate

Senator Alan Dixon (D-IL) was defeated in the Democratic Primary in 1992

I'd like to have every Senatorial and Gubernatorial candidate watch and

Surprised to see DemFest this week-end mentioned in Auto Racing Daily.

Crowds, bullhorns & torches. Outside county election boards Nov. 7.

NYT/Reuters: Political Networkers to Get New Web Site, HotSoup


Framing/Spin: Push for divided government

EXCELLENT new and classic antiwar music! also VOs of JFK & MLK

Meyerson/WP: Lieberman's Real Problem

Anti-war Republican to run for CT independent.

Novak confirms Rove was a source in outing Plame

Honor Poll! Who has given $$ to Dems outside your district running in 06?

I'm sick of supporting lovable losers for President.

Rove's New Strategy For '06? Recent Developments That Make Me Wonder.....

Theres Heinz Kerry should run if Hillary runs

I *still* love that old conservative, George McGovern (with sincere ......

Olbermann vs. O'Reilly

That thing Lieberman is doing? It's called extortion.

Is there a Dem today with the 'balls' to say...

Bush's Budget-Victory Smoke and Mirrors

The World Isn't Ending, Now What? (Deepak Chopra)

The Greatest Reason Why I Want H. Clinton President

Breaking History: John Dean, Barry Goldwater on what the GOP became.

E&P: Iraqi Blogger Offers Moving Commentary on Current Violence

MOGAMBO GURU: "We Shall See Who Laughs Last, My Little Pretties!"

Novak: My role in Plame leak probe

Militarism and the Corporate Welfare State

Gene Lyons on Al Gore

The Undoing Begins --WHBriefing --Froomkin --WaPo

The mother of all insults

Toyota's totally bizarre recall

Tweety thinks Lamont beats Lieberman

It's The Conservatism, Stupid -Paul Waldman -TomPaine.Com

WSJ: A Muslim's Choice: Turn U.S. Informant Or Risk Losing Visa

SoBapts working to organize a world-wide Baptist group under SBC control

Kinky Friedman just may be the next Texas Governor

Grade school essay: What the American Flag Stands For

Bush Visit: The World's Most-Expensive BBQ

Tweety's having an Orgasm about Rudy

Lieberman's Real Problem -Harold Meyerson-- WaPo

China's Nanjing to build MG cars in Oklahoma (Reuters)

Tallahassee Democrat: Loans to urge drivers to go green

Check out out Brand Spanking New ADDICTED TO OIL FLASH!

Positive, Tentative Congressional Steps on Ocean Renewables

G8 To Renew Committment To Fight Climate Change Blahblahblah - Reuters

Spain Will Cut CO2 Emissions Freebies By 20% By 2012 - Reuters

George Should See Al's Movie - Seattle Times

Stanford Scientist - Trees May Grow In Antarctica Within 100 Years - AFP

UN-Backed Arctic Science Voyage Will Duplicate Fram's Drift - Mercosur

Ah-Nold Petitions ChimpCo For Roadless Protections In CA Forests - SFC

Algae-Fouled Reefs @ Fort Myers May Be Hurting Fish Numbers

Dallas, Houston Mayors Join Against 17 Proposed New, Expanded Coal Plants

Happiness doesn't cost the Earth (BBC)

Blair Claims Bush Warming To Carbon Control Plan

Uncertainty Surrounds UK Carbon Incentive Plan - Reuters

Tornadoes, Baseball-Sized Hail - Welcome To Massachusetts - Boston Globe

crosspost: Holy Shit! There Was a TORNADO IN WESTCHESTER, NY!!!!!

Imported Tuna May Have Higher Mercury Level

{UK} Public says 'no' to badger cull (BBC)

Hedge Funds Underwriting Reinsurance Sector W. Catastrophe Bonds

Israelis Bomb the shit outa Gaza. CNN's wolf calls it "Incredible"!

Thurs. July 13: Emergency Briefing on Gaza Crisis

Thurs. July 13: Emergency Briefing on Gaza Crisis

Israel’s shameful attack on Gaza

Israel ambassador declaring war on Lebanon right now live on TV

Hizbullah: We kidnapped 2 soldiers

Report: Five Katyushas fall at Mt. Meron

Aggression Under False Pretenses

Military Police unlikely to press charges in IAF teen rape case

Thurs. July 13: Emergency Briefing on Gaza Crisis

3 soldiers killed, 2 seized in Hezbollah border strike

In Gaza offensive, Israel hits Western aid projects

Israeli troops enter Lebanon

Pax Christi raps profiteers in Palestinian occupation

Report: Blasts heard in western Galilee

Gaza Crisis: Test for Dems

ANALYSIS: Israel prepares for widespread military escalation

IPI Condemns Shooting of Two Palestinian Photographers {edit}

Dear Brethren, the War With Israel Is Over

Israel And Hezbollah Set To Duke It Out Again**

Israel 'is using chemical ammunition' (in Gaza)

Miltary police unlikely to press charges in IAF teen rape case

Rockets, gunfire from Lebanon hit N.Israel-source

Instructor says Cheney behind 9/11 attacks.

Rumsfeld says Flight 93 was "shot down."

Controversial Scholar Cleared to Teach

co-ink-a-dink theorists gather 'round.-sears tower

Director Linklater disseminates 9/11 CT info to A-List Hollywood

U of Wisc LIHOP/MIHOP prof. will be allowed to teach theory

bill clinton lying again?

THANK YOU, DUers! CA-50 Fund Raising reaches $10,000: Link to GD

FreePress: An Open Letter from OH to the people of Mexico

Thousands of Humboldt Write-In Votes Disregarded

Mexico: ""FREEDOM!" Amazing Report from GregPalast's Matt Pascarella

Email from Vilsack - He's gonna save our property and our jobs

Mark Warner hires Jim Jordan as a part-time senior advisor

Is Steve King (R-Hades) really a diversion

Need help on rental laws.. not sure where it goes

Update: Warner will NOT host a fundraiser in Texas

Put on Your Blockwalking Shoes

Former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier collapses at Ken Lay memorial service

Hee! My Big Blobby Beet story won me a cookbook.

Bell Globalmedia Buys CHUM LTD

saving InSite (Vancouver's safe injection site)

DU This Grope&Flail Poll!

NYT: Terror and Presidential Power: Bush Takes a Step Back

WP: GOP Senator Graham Criticizes Appeals Court Nominee

More Examples of Coulter Godless 'plagiarism'

Army to End Expansive, Exclusive Halliburton Deal--WaPo

Saudi prince lists palace for $135 million: Bandar Bush

Kyrgyzstan Says Two US Diplomats Not Welcome

Rumsfeld makes uannounced visit to Iraq

Israeli troops enter Lebanon amid kidnap reports

U.S. Assessing Impact of Terror Money Trail Leak

WP,pg1: Calderón Says He Would Accept Partial Recount: Chides Tony Snow

US Court Asked for Gag Order in Iraq Rape-Murder

LAT: Voting Rights Act Renewal Divides GOP: Conservative rebellion

WP: CIA Director Picks a #3, Shifts Roles (intel role now Negroponte's)

LAT: Administration Says It's (already) Meeting Geneva Convention Standard

World leaders condemn India attacks

Iraqi leader warns biased media outlets

Widow of missile-strike (Al-Jazeera) journalist to sue Bush

Online Venture Seeks To Elevate the Debate

Takeover by militants in west Baghdad 'is thwarted'

Israel moves into Lebanon (Sw. newspaper)

Colombia Seeks to Rein in Rights Watchdog

Iraqi leader warns biased media outlets


Another Enron figure found Dead

Close aide of Blair arrested in 'cash for titles' row

Military Police unlikely to press charges in IAF teen rape case

Pastor Appointed By Bush Won't Apologize For Remarks On Islam

LAT: Schwarzenegger Acts to Guard California State Wilderness

Zidane apologizes for headbutt

Reimbursement for Santorum's children still unresolved

Ga. Court Considers Halting Voter ID Law

Violence 'out of control' in Baghdad -- 50 die in a day

Gen. Casey: 'Terrorists, Death Squads' to Blame in Iraq (more US troops?)

Wal-Mart staff ordered to search store after bomb threat: report

Gallup: Views of Dan Rather Positive, But Still Very Polarized

Mass Legislature votes not to recess Constitutional Convention until 7/17

U.S. Terror Targets: Petting Zoo and Flea Market?

world happiness index

LAT: Immigration Hard-Liners on a High: Democrats boast of restrictions

Reuters: Senate leaders strike deal on offshore drilling

Farmers' foe: Smog damage to crops costs billions

Comedy Central to air "Scientology" episode of South Park again

U.S. troops' stress level debated

Zidane's mother sees red

AP: Two Lawmakers Challenge FEC Regulations

Family of teen who died at FL boot camp to seek at least $40 million

Materazzi used 'very hard words', says Zidane

Assoc. Press Continues to Call Iraqi Rape/Murder Victim, Age 14, A 'Woman"

U.S. Navy Group Heads for South Korea Amid Missile Crisis

Last Cantwell rival gets call

Brain sensor allows mind-control

Chances of Voting Rights Act renewal dim

True story - snakes on a plane!

Appeals Panel Removes Judge Presiding Over Indian Lawsuit (NYT)

Uncertain future for town caught in time (Scotia CA)

CNNMoney: Ken Lay's memorial attracts power elite (Lay compared to Jesus)

Israeli wins Wimbledon title

Colombia's Ambassador to U.S. Resigns

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 12 July

Iraq finds bodies of 20 kidnapped bus drivers

LAT: L.A. in Peril of Another Rampart Scandal, Panel Finds

U.S. says missile-shield component test (THAAD) successful

Venezuela Leader Blasts U.S. Report

LA Times: U.S. May Want More Bank Data (all transfers out of USA)

US wants passenger info before overseas departures

HIV/AIDS patients get 1st once-daily pill

Microsoft hit with 280m euro fine (BBC)

Unions object to Delphi executive bonus plan

Skakel Plans Supreme Court Appeal

AP: Ex-Houston Mayor Collapses at Lay Funeral

Friend: Yates 'scary' before drownings

Putin takes swipe at Cheney over criticisms

2 workers at federal cafeterias suspended for reasons unclear

Iraq 90 pct unexplored for oil, 60 pct of reserves in undeveloped fields -

Va. death row inmate chooses electrocution

Wireless devices to get emergency alerts

No Vote On (Massachusetts) Gay Marriage Until November

Leaders move forward on VRA vote despite some GOP unease

Lord Levy arrested in 'cash-for-honours' inquiry (friend of Blair)

Antiwar Republican enters U.S. Senate race (hopes to unseat Lieberman)

U.S. Capital Declares Crime Emergency

House Republicans warm to Bush's US tribunal plan

Banker found dead in London park . . . .(Enron witness)

Venezuela Pays Off Part of World Bank Debt

AP: Texas Tribe Names Abramoff, Reed in Suit

Hezbollah 'seize Israel soldiers'

Hidden Camera Video Shows Mice On Airplane

John Fund Goes On Trial

New Report Uncovers Stealth Strategy by US Chamber of Commerce

Man Uses Chip to Control Robot With Thoughts

Ga. Court Blocks Voter ID Law Enforcement

U.S. blames Iran, Syria for Hizbollah kidnappings

World powers lose patience with Iran, threaten punishment (CNN)

Republicans predict victory despite polls

More Troops May Be Needed In Iraq

Former President Bush among guests at Lay funeral

Cuba warns dissidents over US aid

Citgo to Stop Selling Gas to U.S. Stations

NYT/Reuters: FCC Combing Air Tapes for Dirty Words

Two polls say Reed dropping (in Republican primary)

Senate Votes to Replace FEMA With a New Federal Agency

Canadian man barters his way from a paper clip to a house

Random acts of kindness, the animation.

It's my birthday...ask me anything

Nurse your thread.

how can we..

What kind of jugs do you have?

This is me

I spent entirely too much time on DU today. How about you?

I scream, you scream

Can I get paid? (small rant)

I'll bet my rack is nicer than yours.

Look at this pair of knockers!

What kind of tits do you have?

Seen any good boobies lately?


Guess what I saw at the airport in Green Bay tonight?

KitchenWitch's cupcakes are moist and delicious.

A gorgeous pair of headlights!

My, what titillating subject matter here in the Lounge tonight.

Time for my favoirte graphics again:

Wow. Anthony Michael Hall grew up to be a hottie!

I scream, you scream

Oh, Miss Honeychurch...

I always thought I live in Frankfurt

Congratulations Roland99!! 20,000 posts

Congratulatioins ME! 6000 posts!

Happy 51st Birthday, Jimmy Lafave!

Today's Mongolian Wrestler thread

Dare you to buy this to wear around your favorite Repugs:


I was finally able to sit down with my ex today

"Real World" cast member really arrested (mugshot)

Good news!

So, I've Been Getting an Education on Purses

Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Stalking Bob Uecker

Can't... stop.... SNEEZING!!!!!!!

Is anyone watching the Tour de France?

"He's going savvvvvvage!"

Blaine card trick - how does he do it? (video)

Paging ZombieNixon:

David Hasselhoff's new music video -- "Jump In My Car"

Question for Pittsburghers

We built this city on rock 'n' roll.....

I don't wanna go to work today - anyone want to play hookey with me?

To our friends in Australia and New Zealand-Happy Christmas in July!

OMG! open audition for AMERICAN IDOL!!!!

What's the lamest state?

handymen/handywomen - ice makers...

A black Jesus or Santa Clause

why do DVDs have to take FOREVER to load???

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 7/12/06)

Don't even act like we weren't warned

Do you think we'd have Gwen Stefani without Dale Bozzio?

ON Radio Now ON AIR!!!! ON Radio Theater | Dragnet

John K. (Ren and Stimpy) - Repug or not?

What the hell is it with people who want to start fights?

DaVinci Code got me to thinking 'bout "The Last Supper"; I found this

The cable was off last night so I couldn't be here, did I miss anything

I finally got moved -- ask me anything.

Looking for royalty-free somewhat scary/creepy music

I can't stop laughing at this...from GD

Astronauts Lose Spatula During Spacewalk

I should be typing a divorce,

Post your Bad Suicide Plans right here.

Don't respond to this thread. I'd hate to break my streak.

Was it Cake called Cake when it's clearly a band?

Why is sweetbread called bread when it's obviously...not?

"You're not homophobic in the least are you?" I was told today

For the love of GOD clean your kid and teach her some manners!

"Real" Supernova Sues "Rock Star"

Anyone else a fan of Erotica?

Why are chitterlings called chitlins when the spelling says otherwise?

Playing Now ON Radio: Dracula

New Artwork up on my website

Why is cornbread called bread when it's so clearly a cake?

10 Questions for the Lounge (about fisting)

Unforgettable coke lines.

It's 2:00 can I go now,

Why is cheesecake called a cake when it's so clearly soft-core porn?

Today's nonsensical spam

some old codger is screwing up our raves

Anyone here ever used Lamisil?

Image-Googling for "hate me because I'm beautiful"

I have a Big Johnson...

10 Random Answers for the lounge

Is there a market for a collection of old Mac Addict magazine CD-ROMs?!?

What type of internet connection do you have?

Bush eats Beef


BLT DUers! and Aliens!

I think the teen girls on "Maury" are Republicans.

Doritos LIED to me! I'M SUING!!!!

I almost made an "oopsie"

Not Safe for Work!!

If I hear the phrase "search engine optimization" one more time...

Underwater Music Festival-Key West FLA

Boob sweaters- the fashion menace

ON Radio Presents A tribute to Gyorgy Ligeti (He died a month ago today)

Hi friends!

A salute to progmom:

Striped shirt guy

...and it's time once again for "Post Your TMI here!"

World's first 3-D crop circle found in English field

There is a dead bird in my driveway next to my van.

X-Men 3: (*Spoilers*)!!! AAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!

Whoever invented 2:30 can BITE ME!

Penis land

Where can I get an Italia World Cup T shirt?

One thing Christianity is good for: Funny Church Bulletin Typos

I didn't see this last night, but lizziegrace told me about it. KO

Survey: Worst music video?

I just got a new high tech fancy pants phone.... it speaks the caller ID

East Point, GA Self-Arrest Form (Save time since we know you're guilty)

Drinking a pint of vinegar, rolling in shards of glass, or lemon juice...

Ravers are just a less smelly version of hippies with worse music and...

I'm off to exercise.

Pepperoni slice on the nipple - heebie jeebies or not?

What Was The Last OTC Medicine You Took? - Did It Help?

Paper slice on the nipple - heebie jeebies or not?

I'm off to exorcise.

Boob sweat- the hidden menace.

Stop What You Are Doing......

10 random questions for LynneSin

Boobies, paper cuts, and nipples - are there other things we can enjoy

Discount cards at the supermarket: good or bad?

Good news and bad news

Robert Novak's Eyebrows Are Longer Than the Hair On My Head

Amzie Strickland,Barnard Hughes died today

Jack Black rules over Jim Carey, Adam Sandler and Vince Vaughn

exactly one year ago i posted this thread

Congratulations Misunderestimator!!!!

Cheese Enchilada, Lamb Gyros or Beer Battered Shrimp?

I'm an herbicidal maniac.

Near Death Experiences and The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

WOW.. the magazines I ordered for my son's birthday came..

A Silly Diversion... Enjoy

check out this guys big tool

Let's just say you had a chance to play with Bonham, Hendrix, Entwistle...

Goodnight everyone!

An adult should be able to read and comprehend two sentences.

"War is a Racket" - cross post from GD

Job issues...HELP!

My daughter called me at work today

HEY HANNITY FANS!! Who wants to go to the Hannity Freedom Concert with me

Why is cheesecake called a cake when it's so clearly a pie?

Whatever happened to Oliver Stone's Smedley Butler movie?

Stop it! Just STOP!

Brotha' Needs a Cash Infusion...

Oh, no! Katie Holmes' parents are going to boycott the wedding!

Is it true that mad cow disease was caused by feeding cows bits of

Name the worst tour pairing possible

Has your confidence in your elected officials ever been lower??

There's a passage I got memorized...

Japanese gadget records, replicates odor

"I can't hear you! Sound off like you got a pair!!"

Check out this duet on youtube.

Oh No... Kasey Rogers Died Last Week...

I'm bullish on Cthulhu. He's consuming places.

Saw a blurb on the local news about Apple

10 Random questions

Any other web archive services like Wayback Machine?

The strangest mammal I have ever held (to date)

Have You Ever Cheated In The "Express" Lane At The Grocery Store?

What's up with this Mallard Fillmore?

It's official...I STILL can't say "Buttafuoco" with a straight face.

Scarier, if you're five years old:

Have you ever dated a fellow DUer?

Demon ducks... of Doom?

Anyone see the new Hummer commercial?

I have GOT to get me a convertible!

Personal Story (Mother trying to turn son into war-monger)

Is there a difference between 401(k) and a tax sheltered annuity?

If you could go back in time to any concert - which would it be?

Cheese cake is a custard...

Adam Sandler should be kicked in the groin repeatedly

10 Random question for the lounge (about Ethnic origin)

Bowie Break....Space oddity

Best Song About A City

Check out my junk.

10 Questions for anyone who considers themselves a Zeppelin fan

In honor of Syd Barrett it's psychedelic night at Chez Chavez tonight!

where's Droopy these days?

Hey Heidi, for your amusement...

I'm going out to eat ...

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

I'm cracked out on headache medicine. What choo doin'?

Do you go out cruising? Or hate cruisers?

Wednesday, July 12. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Post videos of great music featuring Female singers

Nightmares and Dreamscapes starts tonight

Journey and hair rock fans; heads up!!

A very nice set of hooters

Chappelle's Show: "Lost" Episodes Should Have Stayed Lost. Discuss.


Which version of Pride and Prejudice?

Worst wedding reception tune?

Cross Posted Here VIDEO of The Bush Pilot!

Anybody know what kind of plant this is?


Don't fuck with me.

Failed predictions of the past...

What am I not getting about this "Brookers" person on

Have I ignored anyone else's thread? Please advise

CAT OWNERS: Let's talk Hairballs....

five years in the underground

Zidane's Mom about Materazzi: "I want his balls on a platter"

Going to See Devel Wears prada today? Anybody seen it?

10 Questions for the Lounge (about fistfighting)

From bad to wuss: 'Blender' lists rock wusses

What program plays .flv digital video?

End Women's Suffrage!!!

Speaking of body hair...

Congratulations Call Me Wesley!! 10,000 posts

Wow - one of the dumbest people alive writes a LTTE

Your thoughts on 'Miss Universe'

Firefox Jumps To 13% Of Global Market Share

GLBT DUers! and Allies!

You know what would be the BEST job EVER (for a day or so, anyway)?

I'm 59 posts away from 5,000. Ask me ANYTHING!

I've got a big Package...

Cashiers and former cashiers, share your pet peeves!

Sometimes, you just have to hear it from Herve Villechaize

10 Questions for Bowie Fans!

So you get to be 20 again. What's the first thing you'd do?

I'm on the verge of tears :(

I'm bored. Ask me anything about medieval weaponry.

Project Runway

Name A Popular Song That Was Recorded As A Duet

Adult literature and cinema

How do YOU feel about Tina Turner?

Woo Hoo Foreign Exchange!!!

What's the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke?

What pointless super power do you have?

Bumper Stickers?

I coming up on a thousands posts. Ask me anything about heraldry

Favorite soda

Can we stop all these breast innuendo threads?

I love melons

{Fossil} 'Killer kangaroo' evidence found (BBC) {also demon duck of doom}

Lots of animals don't breed well in captivity.

"Those 'Y' things"--what kind of grass is that?

Spacecraft carrying commercial space station lift's off (AP/CNN)

The monster detectives: on the trail of the ninki-nanka

Orange (County, FL) bars housing bias against gays

Visa delays plague games for gays....

Massachusetts Constitutional Convention is in recess until November 9th!

Radio host Michael Savage says liberalism is a form of HIV

A gay Abu Ghraib

Back from 4 hours at the State House! (MA) (PIC Heavy)

Since When Did Marriage Become a Christian Institution?

I came out at work today!

Arsenal chase France star Ribery.

Israeli wins Wimbledon title

There is Mariano and then there is no other.

A good political dream last night:

Navy recruiter investigation

This is good!

I think Sen. Kerry is going to talk on the Senate floor soon

Hearing on Vietnam and Trade in Finance this morning.

My Babies!

Input requested...

So..what about having a sticky atop the PG re: contest hosting guidelines?

Everybody....Back-Up your pics TODAY!!!!!

Oh, one thing I forgot to say yesterday: Jossip officially sucks.

U of Wisc LIHOP/MIHOP prof. will be allowed to teach theory

Anyone listening to the Bernie Ward stream from KGO?

Gaza Crisis: Test for Dems

Here's a future Repug presidential candidate in the making

U.S. Congressional report says Bush directionless in Iraq

RE: Novak revelation

`Do-Nothing' Label May Haunt Republicans in Congressional Races

Deteriorating situation in Afghanistan prompts Rumsfeld visit

Thank You Senator Lieberman for Protecting our Free Speech Rights

Thank You Senator Lieberman for re-introducing the Hegelian Dialectic to

Cornyn, Sessions, and Hatch -- What can we say?

News on serial killers in AZ on Anderson Pooper.

"We'll be back here in 5 years arguing standards" [email protected] hearing

Bandar Bush's Aspen home going for $135M, U.S. record for real estate

Thank you, Ned Lamont, for standing tall against bigots like Lieberman!

War, Terror, Deficit, Torture, Spying,Rape, Piracy,Fear, Fraud, Hate.

Dan Rather (My Hero) Will Be On Larry King Tonight

Severed pig's head thrown into mosque during prayer session

Merchants of death in Iraq

As the tv talks about the possibility of $4 a gallon gas,

A Must Read...But Not After A Meal...

Do you know of anyone who has had success with Anti-Depressants?

An example of how we get screwed in the "religion" wars

(TOON) Steve Bell on Blair's desire for new nuclear power

Will Bush now Obey the Geneva Convention & Supreme Court? Fuck no.


Novak: Rove Was a Source in Outing Plame

Indian Muslims blame US for Iraq sectarian violence

Binary Poll: Was CBS (bu$h.roveCO.) Fair To Dan Rather (My Hero)?

How many major cities and rural areas are experiencing crime increases?

Social Programs are your Friends

The incapacity to tell the truth or to hear the truth.

Dan Rather's Carry-On Baggage

You've got a reason to live-- Can't forget you only get what you give

2fer KERIK on eBay & BARTHA's atty's long profile of him

"Considerable progress in security." BrigGen Michael Jones

John Dean's Conservatives Without Conscience #1 Amazon

Once an Enemy, Health Industry Warms to Clinton

Why they call him "Turdblossom"...

The Commercialization of the Uniformed Military Services.

quote for the day

the ny times are traitors for brewster jennings! or something like that!

Trade Deficit Rises

How news bosses can cancel Bush's phony "Fear Factor"

Governments have killed millions of people, terrorists have thousands...

Iraq PM al-Maliki: one "last chance" to avert a slide to all-out civil war

Israel And Hezbollah Set To Duke It Out Again**

Another movie for the neo-cons to fear

WP, Milbank: It's Bush's Way or the Highway on Guantanamo Bay

TPM teaser: Hoekstra accuses members of US Intel of working w/for Al Qaeda

Clinton and Obama..better way to reduce medical malpractice suits...

Rumor: Castro dead.

Run the attorneys out of town on a rail

Heard something interesting and ironic about MSNBC on radio show

Do we believe this about KO's numbers or not???

C-SPAN 1 talking about Voting Rights Act now...head's up

Security funding list: Bean fest, but not Times Square?

Al-Jazeera has been banned from operating throughout most of Iraq.

Songs for the Far right (Tired of Dixie chicks, Neil Young etc)

Does anyone remember a list of the 5 highest federal budget deficits

So the troops give a standing ovation to Rumsfeld...

Putin Rips Cheney-Calls Criticisms Of Russia “Unsuccessful Hunting Shot"

Rep Hoekstra: Media Leaks Could Be "Deliberate Attempts To Help Al Qaeda"

AP Wednesday report continues to make "Iraqi woman" reference

World's first 3-D crop circle found in English field

I Heard a Nutty Bush Supporter Bombed a Building in NYC?

Widow of Al Jazeera Correspondent Tareq Ayoub Filing Lawsuit Against Bush

Remember the good ol' days before you ever heard of G.W. Bush?

Bush May Cut Short Vacation

You know you're having a bad day when (graphic)

Emanuel on CSpan1 now n/t

Oh dear, Republican State rep. entering CT Senate race as Independent

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Soldiers

Minimum Standards

WOW! Paper: Army to end Halliburton deal

U.S. commander blames ''terrorists & death squads'' for surge of violence

The Four Most Overpaid White House Staffers

Up Next ON Radio: Great Speeches of the 20th Century | John F. Kennedy...

I wonder how much WE'VE paid for W to fly all over the world.

The Comedy Stylings of Ted Stevens (R-Idiot)

Saudi prince lists palace for $135 million: Bandar Bush

Pearl Jam Donates Green for Environment

"Swann wants for Pennsylvania what Giuliani did for NYC." (Gulp!)

ON Radio Now ON AIR!!!! ON Radio Theater | Dragnet

US readying crackdown on leaks

Critical terrorist targets get money from HS: Flea Market, Bingo parlor.

Calderon's presidential airs irk leftist

If the people do not understand what Bush and the Repubs are up to by now

Did the Democrats figure something out?

Bill Clinton: Dems Shouldn't Be Divided By Differences Over Iraq

HOUSE Meeting Hamdan Challenge - NOW C-span 3 - NOT A REPEAT - LIVE

WSJ news staffers: Gigot, editorial page stabbed "knives in our backs"

Mexican Ballot Stuffing video!!

DU this CNN money poll about the Bush's budget deficit announcements

More republican infighting. This time it's over the Voting Rights Act

Looking for royalty-free somewhat scary/creepy music

Israel declares war on Lebanon: Israel's Ambassador to the UN

Delayed Senate Iraq Report Unlikely to Land Before Elections

Israel ambassador declaring war on Lebanon right now live on TV

"Real" Supernova Sues "Rock Star"

Spewing Sand

Report: American ice cream parlors, donut shops terror breeding grounds

Viceroy Paul Bremer gave immunity to U.S. hired mercenaries in Iraq

Texas Tribe Names Abramoff, Reed in Suit

The failure of framing

I have started a group to create public awareness on voting fraud issue

Hit the road, Jack: Mancow FIRED by Q101

ON Radio Presents A tribute to Gyorgy Ligeti (He died a month ago today)

co-ink-a-dink theorists gather 'round.-sears tower

CNN's. Dippy Daryn Kagan said Bush is off to "nurture a growing friendship

How long before Rove tries to paint Liberals as Authoritarians?

Artificial Blood Experiment: Is Your City Participating?

MSNBC: What should DHS do about its funding database? Vote.

Army surgeon general blames media for looming doctor shortage

Ordinary Radicals...

Hamdan ruling won't affect NSA surveillance program: DOJ letter

"One last chance" for peace in Iraq" PM says

(VIDEO) Jon Stewart and John Dean discuss the F word

regarding joe lieberman: WHAT THE HELL WAS GORE THINKING???

Waas - On Novak's Willingness To Out Karl Rove

Oil expert says industry might use Antarctica

"Happy Planet Index"

The New, Improved Liberal

Bush leaks crackdown soon...

If things are going so well in iraq why does Rummy have to sneak in?

Chinese company will build MG cars here in Oklahoma

Infants' brains developed better with breast milk

Re: The Director of Lessons Learned... Rahm Emanuel nails it!

Rummy responds to Iraq PM questioning US troop immunity:

Why did Halliburton get the boot?

Bush's style of diplomacy: Texas plain talk ? We're DOOMED!

Booze sting yields 30 arrests

Colin Powell's Close Aide Says Cheney's Office Pro-Torture

Shrub surfs the internets...

Here are some bumper sticker ideas . Great fun!!

Lieberman Misses Point of Opponents

Denying rights to those accused of terrorism "won't lower our standards"

Congressman Tom Feeney: An Appreciation

The Rude Pundit on torture at Gitmo.

Which Joe Lieberman do you prefer to have in the Senate?

U.S. Terror Targets: Petting Zoo and Flea Market?

My new slogan: If you aren't liberal when you're young, you don't have

Instructor says Cheney behind 9/11 attacks.

Caption this Poppy Bush pic...

Rummy: "Ninety-nine percent of the American troops...highly professional"

Let's face it. After Plame results and no punishment for Rove or Cheney,

Auschwitz renamed "the Former Nazi German Concentration Camp of Auschwitz"

Man the reptiles in our town are dense

Where does the U.S. stand with the rest of the world on these hot issues?

Thank You Senator Lieberman for Standing Tall Against the NRA.

In Europe you cannot be charged with "conspiracy"

Pax Christi raps profiteers in Palestinian occupation

A stranger just made my day...

Halliburton: Army decision was "neither unusual nor unexpected''

More U.S. troops to occupy Baghdad, defend puppet government.

"Freedom isn't free." So what is it? Dumb? Free-Dumb? Yich.

Mass Legislature votes not to recess Constitutional Convention until 7/17

CAPTION Bush: The Mothership Has Arrived!

Bush regime divided: Is it the resistance in Iraq, or is it al-Qaeda?

"Few US workers who could telecommute do so: study"

Jeanine Pirro's husband ticketed for driving 98 mph

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is spam worse now?

HAHA - Rove booed at La Raza conference

Bandar's Aspen, CO, house for sale - $135 million

Name all of the conservatives who oppose the Iraq War

Rove/Cheney/Lieberman/Clinton/ what about GLOBAL WARMING?

'Digital Dirt' Derailing Job Seekers (firms look for searching patterns

Hilarious description of anti-NYTimes rally from NYObserver

Matalin calls Joe Wilson a bona fide liar, defends BushCo's actions

Americans should just get out of Iraq before they cause further damage

This is the funniest Randi Rhodes show ever.

tom tomorrow "ideological reviews of movies we haven't seen"

OMG this truly blows

Bush and his Geneva Conventions. Too little too late?

Atrios recalls Time Baghdad bureau chief saying Lieberman "lost the plot"

My country, right or wrong!

Rep. Jim McDermott: Transfer Secretary Rumsfeld to Iraq

Bush's Plame Promise

I can't get AAR, anybody else having trouble? It opens up and says please

world happiness index

Reversing fascism slide, good news anyone ?

Gorbachev: 'Americans Have a Severe Disease'

Matalin still spinning, issuing falsehoods on Plame case! 'VIDEO'

so,is tweety sweating the mid-terms?

Tucker Carlson: King of Ironic Morons

Army ends contract with Halliburton

Do they really believe their own bullshit?

Rep Northup (KY) Adult Son found dead in his apartment

Why is Tucker Carlson so angry?

Even in death, KennyBoy is still doing "biddness"

Conrad Burns.

Senate Votes to Replace FEMA With a New Federal Agency

Video:Justice Department Lawyer:'The President Is Always Right'

Well, the Bushbots and neocons have led us into WWIII with the help

Who's going to Democracy Fest in San Diego this weekend?

Little Daniella wants you to blog with her about clean coal

Second round of flooding Upstate, New York (An inconvenient Truth?)

F***k these A***!

Iraq death count for security contractors?

The stolen election of 2004 (Free Press)

"A Rape in Iraq" Good article on why Abeer's story is important

Why reach out?

I want one of these! (when it's small enough)

Hume Defends Racist Remarks

Countdown tonight - Keith has Barbara Boxer and she is fighting

Sign Me Up for the Declaration of Peace!

Thank you, Sen. Lieberman, for standing tall to right wing women.

More Examples of Coulter Godless 'plagiarism'

Experts: Geneva policy won't halt US interrogations

Choose your ride Freepers.

More stupidity of the Pro-Life Movement

AP: Free Gas Sets Off Fights in Milwaukee

Launch for inflatable spacecraft

Bush's Geneva policy won't halt U.S. degradation and torture of people

FACTBOX-Developments in Iraq on July 12

100K directors; August vacation cut short; and Presidentin' For Dummies

Yep, I don't like conflict......until I meet up with this kind of lowlife

Is Bush beginning to turn corner on his approval rating?

Thank You Senator Lieberman, for Standing Tall for Women's Rights.

Unbelievable video!

This is how desperate the media is for distractions...

Has anyone seen the bomb shelter bit on Link TV ?

Electronic Voting - Please Send This To Everyone On Your List

Bradbury JUST said that "The President is always right" was a JOKE

Controversial Scholar Cleared to Teach

Last US-backed warlord surrenders to Somali Islamists

Is Senator Kerry hypocritical for not supporting Joe Lieberman?

Calling out Freeptards and Naming Names...

Novak's "tell all" full of falsehoods, distortions

China/Russia support Iran Sanctions

Awkward PR, to put it conservatively (Creepy John Fund in the news again)

Halliburton deal is a scam.

The GAO just issued their report on Iraq. Bottom line: FUBAR

Let's help Bill O'Reilly. Suggestions needed

The Bush Pilot...

OK, Who The Hell Sent Anti-Choice "Pete" That Onion Link? Fess Up! LOL!

Michelle MALKIN hopping mad at Bush: sent Rove to "The Race" conference

So if MA votes on marriage equality

Hannity Is Soo Hot For Ray-Gun...Maybe He Should Just Marry Him

Assoc. Press Continues to Call Iraqi Rape/Murder Victim, Age 14, A 'Woman"

With Halliburton pulling out of Iraq, who will feed our troops?

WP, Froomkin: WH has cleared up NOTHING on Geneva standards, torture

caption this condi pic

Former girlfriend's civil case against WSJ columnist John Fund begins

Shia cleric, formerly known as firebrand Moqtada Sadr condemns attacks

True story - snakes on a plane!

Escalating rhetoric: Wingers call for low-tech lynching of "five robes"

AP protests Fox after photographer ban

Is there a link to a video of the jerk saying "The President is

Israel hits Lebanon after soldiers grabbed

Conservative NATIONAL REVIEW endorses Vichy Joe Lieberman

Bush snorting pipelines?

One of the saddest things I've ever seen...

Anyone reading the Marvel Civil War series?

WaPo: Enron Founder's Memorial Draws Crowd

MG Owner Plans US Factory

New York Subways. Vs. Alabama Petting Zoo. DHS Isn't Sure What To Protect

Oh my God - Who esle saw this cartoon by Steve Sack?

Republicans Call for Sham hearings on Immigration

Ed Rogers (Hardball knothead) invited Lieberman "home" to the Rep. Party.

Dell ads, and laptops that explode.

Hastert: "We are winning in Iraq"

WH quotes on Plame, why is Rove still there?

"Fourteen Characteristics Of Fascism"

HAHAHA: Putin to Cheney: your comments ‘an unsuccessful hunting shot’

Sibel Dirty Dozen interview

So Repubs don't like Ralph Reed but will vote for him anyway?

Finding an apartment in Boston is hard work

I drove past a murder scene just minutes after it was discovered.

Someone ain't happy ....

Pics of Freepers Protesting the New York Times

Group say Neil Coulbeck (latest Enron death) was "hounded by FBI"

What is Lieberman's great sin?

General Smedley Butler, USMC - "War is a Racket"

What is "liberal's best-case scenario" in Lieberman v. Lamont?

BREAKING: Mass. constitutional convention TABLES gay marriage vote

Can and Should Bush Be Prosecuted For War Crimes?

Jeff Sessions.

Ken Blackwell.

Neal Boortz.

Fundy blogger goes after Mad Magazine for it's depiction of Christ.

What does John Dean consider to be fascism?

Need ideas on how to stop telemarketing calls

I'm Meeting Stephen Colbert Tonight -- What Should I Tell Him?

Cedar Rapids newspaper DROPS Coulter column!

Putin smacks down Darth Cheney

American Petrocracy

Another "open immigration" proponent..

Tony Blair's chief fundraiser arrested

Reverend Compares Ken Lay to Jesus Christ and Dr. King

Why aren't there more terrorist attacks in the US?

So, Ken Lay = M.L. King, also = Jesus Christ. I think I'm going to hurl.

Thank you Senator Lieberman for supporting ALL of our rights

Reminder: Dan Rather on with Larry King tonight, Wednesday, 9 Eastern

What's YOUR Freeper Anti-Murkin Stereotype?

Bob Schieffer: "There is no good news from the Middle East

Dobbs question! Do you think it's acceptable that electronic voting

Poppy: The Lizard King

Mark Wilson Leaves WA-US-SEN Race Against Cantwell

Protesters head to Mexican capital to demand recount

On a lighter note RE: An Inconvenient Truth


The Weather Service just issued a tornado warning for Warren County KY.

The MOTHER Of All Action Alerts (No. 2) (incl. Clint Curtis)


Holy Shit! There Was a TORNADO IN WESTCHESTER, NY!!!!!

No Phase II Intel Report Until AFTER Midterm Elections

Schindler family: Terri Schiavo's brain could have healed

Peace will come if we leave Iraq

Jeanne Schmidt.

Please let me RANT! (about Bank of America)

Greenwald: Terrorists should fear big bad Neocons typing furiously

AAR- Someone tell me when

The contradiction of the lefty blogosphere


WTF? Pictures from Lebanon & Israel...

US: Israel Must Do Whatever Necessary to Protect Itself

An open letter from Ohio to the people of Mexico

Thank you Sen. Lieberman for implying that Dems who disagree with you

Kerry amendment: TSA must comply with federal contracting laws

FURP: Fundamentally Unamerican Republican Party

WSJ: A Muslim's Choice: Turn U.S. Informant Or Risk Losing Visa


Heavily Sedated Lieberman Mumbles His Way Through Debate (BS News)

It's official: JOHN FUND is on trial!

I never understood why folks get so nuts about sports.

Global gun control conference hampered (surprise, surprise) by U.S.

"An Inconvenient Truth" is even better the 2nd time around....

Excellent Novak deconstruction by emptywheel

Citgo to stop selling gas to U.S. stations

Cindy Sheehan- War is a Racket

Interviewing for a job...that turns out to be at Freepers R Us

New Middle East violence "Rankles" Bush !

What the hell is this crap?!

I need 10,000 people to click this link...

Need advice if you could please..rental trouble

White Rose Announcements!

Inmates Sue To Overturn Nude Magazine Ban


Like a scene out of the Godfather? (photos)

MY NEW ANIMATION - For Their Sake (Peace Takes Courage)

TOONS ARE me...heeheehee (7/12/06)

Another Enron figure found dead

Holy Fucking SHIT!!! It's Too Much, It's TOO FUCKING MUCH!!!!

How bad is it? and food for thought

Would you have sympathy for this woman?

I was within 10' of Kkkarl Rove today...

An open letter to the terrorists in India.

Dear Average Republican

Some Questions for Pacifists

So I ask my sister in-law why she watches Faux News

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting The Lieberman Party

Why do some of the troops Rape Plunder Pillage and Torture?

'Satanist' dances on Reagan's grave.

I need a new political t-shirt. I like small images on left above breast

Oh, the 1950s. The good ole days of Family Values...

How Times Have Changed - Pics

Are we in a depression...

Murtha lays out what the Iraq invasion and occupation is costing Americans

VIDEO-Greg Palast: Why Mexico vote annulment now a "strong possibility"

Novak's column published: "My Role in the Valerie Plame Leak Story"

Sen. Lieberman, first to call Clinton immoral - why no such attack on Bush

"THE PRESIDENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT": Justice Dept Lawyer Tells Congress

Designers turn down Laura's award luncheon - see their letter to her

DU Historians: Was Nixon really a liberal? comparatively speaking

Pro-Life Blogger outraged by The Onion article that he thinks is real.

Republican Party / Bush Administration a CULT? - check the test....

Harold Meyerson gets it!

Clinton says GOP strategy is weak

Santorum Sticks By Drug Companies

On * Impeachment (funny pic)

Miles O'Brien & CNN Laugh About Novak's Revelations.....

No, we are out of extra cheese but we do have CAPTIONS

Please DU this poll, Keith O vs. Bill O'

Reid Bitch-Slaps Frist on Budget Deficit Celebration

New York Observer: NYT, Democratic Party share "fatal timidity"

you won't believe this: smirk plans free trade with N.K. via S.K.

rovost review clears Barrett to teach class on Islam (UW-Madison)

Example for Joe Lieberman...Ford Bell drops out in MN Senate Race...

U.S. State Department suffers widespread computer break-ins

Wahoo! Mean Jean Schmidt (Oh 2nd) In Freefall...Hackett or no Hackett

A Sad Day In Texas

Buddy can you spare a few million?

"Director of Fact Checking"

Competitive Congressional Race List (Weekly Update)


Why do taxpayers pay Rove's salary? He's a partisan hack.

On Ideology and the House

Should we join the GOP/media in opposing the War on Christmas next year?

The New York Subway Or An Alabama Petting Zoo? DHS Isn't Sure

The Paulson Payoff at the Bush Treasury Department (David Sirota)

Multiple Tours of Duty - The cure for chickenhawkism

Why isn't the Democratic Party standing up for the truck drivers...?

Three Scenes From a Detention Camp:

Catherine Crier Gives Brad Blog Credit, sending viewers to his site

Red state terror.... FEAR!

Bush and Condi in a rock music video : "Addicted to Oil"

BushCo To Ask for Another $118B for Wars -- Forgot to Put in Budget Again

Army kicks out Halliburton but the big story is ...

Trauner: the first Dem congressman from WY since 1978?

Any informed speculation on Benedict Arnold Novak's 'primary source'?

Thurs. July 13: Emergency Briefing on Gaza Crisis

should rove resign?? resign??? how about hari-kiri? oh wait, that

What information does to the "uninformed" (formerly ignorant)

Buddy, can you spare a dime? BushCo likely to seek $110 bil more for wars.

DNC: Leaks Still "Roving" Around The White House.

Diebold purchases security firm

Gore for President?

Off to G8. Joker in pink. Caption photos.

Please DU this poll, thanks!

Mikhail Gorbachev: Mr. Bush, tear down this wall...and STFU

I didn't know Putin was a comedian! HAHAHA!

Could you imagine an Al Gore/John Dean ticket in '08?

A poll at C&L

NJ Senate: Menendez 43%, Kean 37%

Joe Conason Must Read: "Lieberman Misses Point of Opponents"

Ya see, in LIEberman's mind...

"Devout Christian"??? "Family Man???" FUCK Ken Lay!

Lewis Black Demands CNN Banner Disappear During Interview

With so many wars and hot spots in the world

Germany prepares-look at this! Photos:

Dear Ann Coulter, ...... from Henry Rollins

Hillary Clinton and the Hostile Takeover of the Health Care Debate

my wife believe we are seeing the beginning of WWIII...

They just don't get it

Lieberman reduces me to incoherent sputtering (almost)

Anyone having problems with AAR stream

Looking ahead to 2008, I think Barack Obama is the guy to beat.

Big Eddie still taking the heat for Lieberman stance

A Humble Plea

You want to talk about a worthless ass that calls himself a democrat:

How Many Kool Aid Drinkers Are There? Here's how we'll know, seriously.

Lieberman even more corrupt than I thought, everyone needs to know this

Please DU this poll with a no ( think a Wal-Mart should be built here?)

Does anyone have a link to Bush saying he'd fire any "leaker"