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Archives: July 10, 2006

A Small Reminder of the Big Fight (Constitution)

The Broken Back of Counterfeit Liberalism

NYT: Running Hard, Senate Power Seeks a New Image (Rick Santorum)

Washington Post op-ed: A Dated Approach to Global Warming

Pope Visits Spain, Flash Point for Church-State Tensions

Washington Post op-ed: "The Democracy Backlash"

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 251

Imperative for Democratic gains: strong stance on Iraq

CBS: Religion Taking A Left Turn?, Conservative Christians Watch Out

Toyota Launches Completely Redesigned Estima Hybrid

Anti-Zionist, pro-Israeli

Look who's been kidnapped!

Election Fraud & Related News. 07.11.06 !Que Viva Mexico!

Touch Screen Voting and the Space Shuttle

Utah drops the ball on election recounts

Did anyone hear Braley's address Saturday?

Freecycle and Kinky don't mix!

A word to precinct chairs about Kinky

White House Kept "Major Program" Secret

NYT: Running Hard, Senate Power Seeks a New Image (Rick Santorum)

Johnathan Tasini has enough signatures to challenge Hilary in PRIMARY!

L.A. Man Detained In Iraq Sues U.S.==WaPo

Vietnam vets' experience on boats utilized in Iraq

Congressman Says Program Was Disclosed by Informant

Detainee Rights Create a Divide on Capitol Hill

AFP: Hong Kong to switch off lights in pollution protest

Mississippi Department of Health may cut maternity services (on coast!)

Well-Paid Benefit Most As Economy Flourishes

Dissident CIA faction 'exposed'

Relatives of dead British soldiers form political party, will seek office.

WP: Bringing the Church to the Courtroom

Mexico Candidate Heads to Electoral Court

WP,pg1: Jewish activist/Warner volunteer Slain in Attack in Georgetown

Baghdad Erupts in Mob Violence

Hillary Clinton seeks to woo Wall St.

Why am I not allowed to use my feet in chess?

Dear Loungers, why quarrel? Time for peace and reconciliation.

So, who's going to win the college football National Championship?

Why does the Lounge feel like GD on steroids today?

PotC: Dead Mans Chest review

Pretty fucking dissapointed in MAHNY. Of the World Cup threads here on DU

Let's dicsuss how boring Rowling is

Chappelle's show "lost" episodes on comedy central right now

Post an example of great fasting

is Richard Simmons hysterical or what??

David Trezeguet is French for Scott Norwood

Thank ZEUS!!1 FOUR years withOUT soccor!!!1

Ubiquitous youtube links

Ok, I was bored.

Post an example of great castling

Damn! I am a kick-ass cook!

Let's get this straight.

Tomorrow is my final counselor appointment.

Lets discuss how boring and unoriginal copycat threads are.

Ahhhh..."hide thread" how I adore thee on nights like this...

Puff the magic dragon explained

Look at my big cups!

If Wal-Mart sponsored NASCAR...

I really need to talk to a wise DU'er about a personal matter...

How do you remove computer programs on startup?

SouthPark dissing Family Guy over extremist jokes

Is it safe to go back in the lounge?

Goddamned ivories! Arrrrrrgghhh!

Barbaro has surgery after 'complications'

Can someone who speaks Spanish go downstairs


Most Healthy Taco

Open wheel racing: boring or not?

What I like about you!

It's all over now

Oh. My.

Bwahahahaha! Use a condom! French Commercial on YouTube!

Finally saw "Good Night, and Good Luck. " What did you think?

Saw Ray Davies last weekend. Great concert!

"sunday bloody sunday" by george bush......

So...goodnight then...

One thing leads to another .........

Whoa, anyone feel that earthquake?

does anyone know the song at the beginning of the movie 'scarface'

This has been bothering me for ages now...

Have you heard this satirical song by Todd Snider? It's called

Happy Birthday Tai Shan!!! panda is 1 today!!!

Are any of you watching the Tour de France?

Anyone here ever watch a cricket match, I never did understand the rules.

Hypocrites suck.

Please read this linked thread

Barbaro Has Surgery After 'Complications'

What if your soulmate is opposite your sexual orientation?

Margaret Cho on Logo right now

I'm bored, ask me anything. Please.

I can't be the only guy who thinks Mortiis is an idiot....

A Day At The Lake - or - A Dog's Day Afternoon (*Major Dialup Warning*)

Favorite Foods? Talk to me, people

I wonder......

WOOHOOOO!!! 24 hours WITHOUT a cigarette!!!!!

Despair Posters

You have to check this band out. Vanilla Mood.

To Ava: You Rock, With all our love, DU!!

The seven worst spectator sports ever

It's the First Annual BBQ and DU Meetup in JulieRB's backyard!

Liberals are to soccer as conservatives are to (American) football

Seedless watermelon?

King of the Hill or Family Guy?

Bosox vs. World Champion White Sox

Thank Goodness the World Cup is over

Limits concerning polls on troops withdrawal.

Chicken hawk admirers target John Murtha

A funny * video posted in GD

A Dog and a Lake - (x-posted in Lounge)

Monarch Butterfly on Canadian Thistle!

LOL! Sing-a-long with the NSA: "You just called & we were listening...."

Larissa -lala rawraw - Raw Story on Right Now

I mean you just got to love them;

Well on Moday the Public Citizen case on Hastert and Frist will be heard

"So I told him that he'd better shut his mouth and do his job like a man"

WHY has that pregnancy ad been on my screen for nearly 24 hours?

Why hasn't Lieberman made the top 10 idiots list?

Detainee Rights Create a Divide on Capitol Hill

Electric cars - are there any available to buy

Appears DICK & Donald repeat history again.Covered up Nam atrocities.

It's working! Fighting with their own methods has them on their heels!


Hopefully LSU will do this and not give in to these yahoos

Rethinking 'mAnn'

If Chavez is a Dictator, what's that make Bush?

An All-Call To ALL DUers: Call C-Span Tomorrow And Tell Them About Cindy:

This is Too funny!

What does it take for the media to refer to this as "a civil war"?

Well-Paid Benefit Most As Economy Flourishes

Bye bye Rita Cosby.

"The Mikado" cast with Bush administration, your selections.

Anyone know what criminal penalties there are for someone putting a spouse

Larry Johnson :House Intel Chief Misses the Boat

CBS News tonight: The religious Left

Fellow DUers: ERD DUers need your help!

Just A Reminder . . . Dan Rather On Larry King Wednesday Night

I can't help but wonder...

Reaching across the aisle...

My LTTE re: An Inconvenient Truth.

CIA Faction undermining Bush Administration?

only two iraqi bloggers post tonight -- a must read

Republicans are letting the terrorists change America

Will Hoekstra's informants speak to the press? Have they already?

Protected flower has town at odds with developer

Congressman Conyers: Republicans Silent on Alleged "Violation of Law"

Protestants were responsible for secularizing early American schools

Rumsfeld, Cheney linked to '70s coverup of Vietnam Atrocities

Had a little chat with Senator Chris Dodd today. He's a real nice guy.

I urge all DUers to contact the FBI concerning death threats against Cindy

July 29: "The 50-State Canvass". volunteer to fight back, July 29th......

Let's see what Matt PUDGE is "fully briefed" about

Hmm... Wanna Check Out A Charter School ??? - Church v. State, Anyone ???

Freepers made me look for another job and I'm resigning tomorrow

"If He says 'NUKULAR' one more time-- I'm gonna puke!"

T-shirt terror alert levels

NEW IX-Quick Search Engine... Wow, protect your privacy!!!

Newsweek: Cheney & Addington's Goal-"A Legal Equivalent of Outer Space"

In Loving Memory

Why I Fear the American Youth

With apologies to Ian Anderson

Johnathan Tasini has enough signatures to challenge Hilary in PRIMARY!

Workers protesting upcoming NLRB "Kentucky River" decision

NiemanWatchdog - Telecom's posing as small business, steal public spectrum

Running Hard, Senate Power Seeks a New Image:Santorum most endangered

what are we all doing for the elections this fall?

What best reflects your attitude toward Joe Lieberman?

Elective Dictatorship

Dkos Diary: Jim Webb vs. George Allen on 'This Week'

Cows with Guns

Did General Clark extend his Fox News contract?

Democrats Force Stem Cell Research to Senate Agenda

Dahr Jamail on US media's tactics for misinformation

Did I Desecrate the Flag

Lieberman ad has a fake Lamont bumpersticker. Video of ad and picture.

Bill Richardson is going to run for president.

At least 42 in Baghdad killed as masked gunmen pull Sunnis from

Would 35% victories work in the US? Mexico goes 58% left & the RW wins

TV news powerful get inside info from student in dorm room: TVNewser

Prime Minister eulogizes at Simon Weisenthal's stone-setting

Cuba's 'revolutionary' tourists pick fruit

JAMES KUNSTLER: The Twang Factor

JOSHUA FRANK: Sectarian Flames

Koch Industries laying off thousands from Georgia Pacific Div

Death Trap

The end of cowboy diplomacy (for Bush) (TIME)

NAFTA on Steroids?

Republican lawmakers cite shells as WMD proof

The Deficit Reduction Act? What Deficit Reduction Act? (NYT)

More than just Latinos illegally call U.S. home

LAT: Employers Finding Gen Y-ers Hard to Retain

In YouTube Clips, a Political Edge--WaPo (Grassroots Campaigning)

German 'rich tax' bill approved (raises highest tax rate to 45% from 42%)

Oil production limit reached: expert

Scientists - Hydrogen Wasteful, Better Alternatives Available - Reuters

Toxic Oil Well Mud Sickens & Displaces Thousands In Indonesia - Reuters

Chinese Study Links Higher Emissions To Potential Lowered Rainfall Totals

2 More Boulders On The Mountain Of Global Warming Evidence

Of 67 Fish Stocks Declared Overexploited In 1996, 3 Have Recovered

Tropic wind shear predicted to drop last half of July

One more reason renewable mini-power plants are good.

West African Black Rhino Subspecies Now Extinct - Reuters

NOAA Adds Unscheduled Drought Update 7/8/06 As Conditions Worsen

World Heritage Committee Likely To Reject Carbon Cutbacks - BBC

World's Largest Solar Plant Planned in Bay Area (430 MW per year)

Science Report: Cropland is a net contributor to global climate change.

Six Firemen Die In Portugese Forest Blaze - Reuters

Demand for fuel-efficient cars puts pressure on Congress

A new (or old) industrial trade secret for polluting

Dem guber-nominee Ted Strickland wants to double coal production in Ohio

Israel bars Palestinian Americans for first time since 1967

A One-Sided War

'Apartheid Israel' worse than apartheid SA

IDF kills 3 children in Gaza

UN warns of Gazans' struggle to survive

My Life in Gaza

Israel's strategy discussions

Singing in the Rain

Security Council rejects Qatar's anti-Israel proposal

Most Israelis want Hamas leaders assassinated-poll

Interesting peek into policy strategizing group

The Homeland Security Racket!

Why Bush froze in the classroom

The latest NSA news reminds me,

Rage Against the Machine! VOTE ABSENTEE!

Hawaii gets paper trails

Dobbs just did a tough piece on electronic voting with Kitty Pilgrim

San Diego's 6/6 certified results now posted online

"Good" voting systems & State Laws-R-Us ??

I'm off to see the commissioners! The Wonderful Commissioners of My Town.

Full Moon Wishes

Bev-on-the-brain disease strikes again!

Federal Election Commission names new Staff Director

FYI - Mexico: Calderón Hasn't Won

Oh My God - I might just have to vote PIRATE for Congress......

Okay, everybody, look surprised....

Free Culver/Gov. Warner event tomorrow

Feingold coming to Davenport

Okay, I feel better, I just got my invitation to the McCain Fund Raiser

DMN to Host Chats with Goodhair, Bell, c4n3p and maybe kinky

Plaster the State - Bumper Sticker Time..

Candidates passing on political test

A favor please.

John Courage not worthy of winning Map Changers?

Ok, I need some food assistance...

Sunday dinner yesterday was great so I wanted to share.

Here's my mother's spaghetti sauce recipe...

This may seem to be rather petty request but here goes...

can I make wedding food for 25 in a beach cottage kitchen overnight?

Soldier slain in Afghanistan was unhappy with mission, felt `misled'

Indian crew members stranded in Basra

Reuters: Thousands left homeless by Manila shanty fire

Reuters: Plane crashes in central Pakistan, 45 dead

Sectarian violence flares up around Baghdad

MSNBC: Building collapses in N.Y. City

Beslan terrorist leader killed, reports say

New York building collapses, burns

Cuba's 'revolutionary' tourists pick fruit

NYT/AP: 6 Milosevic Aides Go on Trial in the Hague

AP: Ga. Appeals Restraining Order on Voter IDs

Cops: Football players raped girl, 11

In YouTube Clips, a Political Edge--WaPo (Grassroots Campaigning)

U.S. military names soldiers charged in rape, murder probe

P&O's Dubai owner plans £6bn London flotation

Bush Met With Abramoff Records Show: DNC FOIA uncovers new WH visits

Election year littered with division, setbacks for House GOP (AP)

AP: 8 Killed, 41 Hurt in Baghdad Car Bombings

Gunmen in Baghdad ambush bus, kill seven

Anti-Abortion Petition Drive Falls Short in Michigan

Green Zone Offers Uncertain Refuge From Baghdad Violence

Chechen rebel chief Basayev dies - BBC

Iraq to fire oil distribution chiefs ("Corruption has lessened")

Iraq Shi'ites see reasons for death squad killings

'Universal' memory chip ready for market (AP/CNN) {Magnetic RAM}

Rumsfeld in Tajikistan to review military cooperation

Sacked policemen storm government office in Iraq

Cantwell opponent drops challenge

Reuters: Guantanamo prisoners won't be moved to US: White House

Top Journalism Deans Defend Press in 'Secrets' Controversy

Judge Orders End to "CleanFlicks" (censored versions of H'wd pix)

Investigators probe report of building collapse in Manhattan.


AP: Britain unveils terrorism alert system

(Fallujah) mayor backs Rhode Island candidate ("favorite USA colonel")

AP: Rice: Iraq Gov't Can Prevail Over Violence

Republicans file FEC complaint against party candidate for Senate (RI)

No 'Grandma' on Texas ballot, state rules (but "Kinky" is ok)

Federal Investigators Find Problems With Drug Benefit Call Centers

Iraq Qaeda says Iran wants to 'destroy' Sunnis - Web

20 Hurt in Ohio Roller Coaster Mishap

Printouts to verify e-voting this fall - Hawai'i

Iraqis Using Fake IDs To Avoid Being Killed

Baghdad to get 11 hours of power by end summer: US general

Cheney says no deadline for troop withdrawal

War veterans denied GI Bill benefits

Federal judge: FBI raid on Congressman W. Jefferson's D.C. Office LEGAL

Republicans go after Michigan Democrat for Abramoff ties (Stabenow)

White House asks for dismissal of NSA wiretap suit

Guard recruit from South St. Paul has second thoughts about joining

Wash. teen sentenced for killing playmate

Chechen rebel leader Basayev killed: Tass

Bush: if Chechen Basayev killed, 'he deserved it'

AP: Polish Leader Appoints Twin Brother PM

Massachusetts Court: Same Sex Marriage Can Go on Ballot

China delegation visits North Korea amid turmoil

Breaking: June Allyson has died.

India's New Missile Falls Short in Test

Pittsburgh Mayor O'Connor has cancer

Universal Says It Doesn't Think Coulter Plagiarized

Missing migrants put area farms in tight spot (Wash. State)

(Reuters) EXCLUSIVE-Iraq to ask UN to end US immunity after rape case

Hackett backs Brown in Ohio Senate race

Widow of Flight 93 hero tells his story in new book (Deena Burnett)

Japan Considers Strike Against N. Korea

Victim was just 14 when she was raped and killed by US soldiers

Brits in Enron fraud case face Thursday extradition

Army hits June recruit goal

Lieberman just filed the papers to run as an independent

Bush approves 80 million dollars to foster democracy in Cuba

WP: Dan Rather to Host 'Fearless' Show on HDNet

Zidane Apparently Called "Dirty Terrorist" (World Cup)

Cast an example of great posting

I'm listening to "Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Stella's verdict

Why Darth Vader would lose to a Redneck...

Turn up your speakers!

I don't care

Mateys I be drunk on rum again!

Woody Allen Film "Bananas" just starting now on TCM at 2am CST

Joan Crawford Drunk Interview Video

Me and a friend Friday evening

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

I wonder where this English-teacher is from

62 Year Old British Woman Gives Birth

She packed my bags last night, preflight

Poetry thread ...

Buzkashi is the worst sport in the world, so everyone get over it.

Happy 26th Birthday... ... JESSICA SIMPSON!!

After watching the Supergroup marathon on VH1 I learned a lesson

Which of the following organizations aggravated me enough to say

Is "Rojito" the correct dimin. of "Rojo?"

Have you ever went over a friends house to eat

Golf is not a sport.

"Small Wonder" Does anyone remember that show?

Something really scary happened this morning...

Middle School's Web Site Leads Readers To Porn Page

This must have been filmed before video killed the radio star

GOP Husband, Democrat Wife Battle For Same House Seat

To the person who invented air horns

Vietnamese Students Pay 50 Million Dong To Cheat

Thank you Germany

Parents - A Warning about specialized reading programs

Paging Commie Pinko Dirtbag & other motorsport fans!!!

No Unemployment Benefits For Man Who Drank Ethanol On Job

Thousands Flock To 'Redneck Games' In Georgia


Why do so many people talk shit about Depeche Mode?

World's cutest pet with the most adorable kid

Mom played sax with son's scat-band buddy

Create An Ipod Playlist For A Treadmill & Exercise Bicycle...

So what do I do about next season's 24?

Ever want to fuck someone you just met?

Ever want to deck the halls with someone you just met?

Ever want to meet someone you just --------ed? nt

Ever want to shuck a nut you just met?

Sixty seconds...

Hey, everybody! Isn't today MONDAY?

Ever want to Dick someone you just met?

World's cutest kid with the most adorable pet

"As the World Turns" Actor Kills Himself


Munich - wished I'd have watched it on satellite or rented it

Do you like the Oscars? If so: your favorite acceptance speech?

I got fired from my job today.

Favorite Positions? Talk to me, people

Too well-known songs that you want to vanish forever

Show us your tits...dialup warning

Sex is not a sport

So this is what 3000 feels like! Don't ask me anything!!

Hey, wildhorses, look at these!

Mom Had Sex With Son's Skateboard, Buddy

"Today"'s Ann Curry recommends eating "a brocolli"

Caffeine headache

Post an example of great sex

Your list of the 5 most evil villians in the movies

Post an example of a cracked casing

It pays to complain (although complain - not whine!)

Are you now, or have you ever been, in a orgy?

John Stossel

Adam Carolla Hangs Up On Ann (Stick Insect) Coulter

Sandy Eggo - how I love thee....

Too well-known STD's that you want to vanish forever

My giant penis...

God is the worst sport in the world.

Women, do you put the Dill in the Dough....

Are Predisone "munchies" and other munchies the same?

my neighbor and his gorgeous cock

My book is out!

My neighbor and his gorgeous dog (56K warning)

"You keep using that word; I don't think it means what you think

post here if you ever had a thread locked in the lounge...

Man Struck By Lightening While Sitting In His Car

Yeah well, I've got a beautiful ass

So, I'm hanging out in my boxers and a t-shirt

Mom Had Sex With Sons' Skateboard

Anybody else like downtempo electronica?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away

Hey Guys! I'm back...Did you miss me? What'd I miss?

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

Do what I say you pile a monkey nuts!

There is justice...Liriano in All-Star lineup...

Who is really in charge - humankind, god, or nature?

Are you now, or have you ever been, in a band?

Basketball Jones

Mom hems slacks for Sunday's schoolboard meeting

RFLOL! I would have been married

A conundrum----I've been sabotaging myself


Report: Zidane apparently called "dirty terrorist" by Materazzi

Post here if you like Billy Bragg

Should Vitamin E smell funny in the bottle?

Give me a "HO" if you've got your funky bus fare....HO!


You guys are a bunch of pervs.

Are people inherently tolerant or inherently intolerant?

Mrs. Tweety going to work for Marriott - WP

Strange group of bumper stickers seen today

Liriano made the All Star Team!

I watched so much bad Lifetime Network programming yesterday

I need help, I am starting an online radio station please test the stream

Brave wife 'fends off' big tiger

I need help (an immigrant issue..but not GD)

N. American media seem embarrassed by our disinterest in soccer...WHY?

Who cares about those silly boobies? Here are my pecks!


Will my slow-cooker kill me?

Goodnight you all

So, we are said to operate under a tent, what kind of tent is it...

Pirates of the Carribean review Post Gazette...(a bit gay phobic)

Magic Brownies: Yay or Nay?

Ever want to deck someone you just met?

Thank. Jeebus. My internet's back.

This guy is sexing up some young chicks!

Bus driver starts dancing, two dozen injured

WOOHOO! My Pink Floyd "PULSE" DVD arrived today!

** HAPPY 59th BIRTHDAY, Arlo Guthrie!! **


Obscure sitcom time...

Roosevelt Island Safari

Anyone else like uptempo erotica?

Speaking of Tanning: Who else fake 'n bakes?

Might as well lock the lounge

God Bless 'Murica

I just caught a fish and it smells like a vitamin E capsule

It's the FULL BUCK MOON tonight! That's what's up with the Lounge ROFL

Will Americans change their driving habits once gas arrives/stays at $4/gl

wildhorses promises to behave...

Battlestar Galactica is on the Sci-Fi channel, again!

Happy birthday put out & kitkarose!!

Why are some of you taunting the mods with sex threads?

Congratulations IanDB1!! 15,000 posts

When I listen to Martin Denny, I feel like I'm in a Tropical paradise....

I think Newyawker99 has been stalking me.

Are you a greek? Prove it!

I asked the cat if I was becoming a crazy cat person. She said no.

Just so you know.... My Space is owned by Newscorp....


Welp, it's back to taking Zoloft...

"Rockstar: Supernova" fans? read this review (LOL)

Mom Had Sex With Sons' Skateboard Buddy

Attn: DU Admin Asst's! I think I may want to join your field. Advice?

I got a baseball jones already

BEST Hot Babe T-Shirt EVAH!

June Allyson dies at 88

Official RAINBOWS! vs. UNICORNS! thread

Favorite illegal TV game show?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/10/06)

Sheep go to heaven, Goats go to Hell

Yo Ho Ho A Pirate's hangover for me!

Does anyone else miss "album oriented rock" radio?

Seems I missed quite a fun time in the Lounge.

Post an example of horrible casting.

I'm having a conundrum - after I plunge the world into total chaos,

Kitten pictures, loaf and evil

Oh man, I fell in love tonight. Seven times. All musicians.

Monday, July 10. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Thanks Loungers. I didn't send that letter to my friend

Loungers: I thought you might like to see this post in GD

Congratulations benburch!! 20,000 posts

Bob Dylan fans: I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!!!


Are you a geek? Prove it!

Are you now, or have you ever been, tanned

My old dog is not doing very well. How did you prepare or manage

Are you now, or have you ever been, banned

Thread for inane sexual homophones that are bored even with themselves

What I woke up to yesterday morning.

What's best song to stagger around your house drunk in the daytime to?

"Flight of the Navigator" was one COOL movie!

I'm always late on the picture threads, so....

a "new to me" flash animation (it involves Zidane)

Does anybody have a video link to Zidane's head butting?

How do you know what the date is? i.e. calendar, watch, etc.

Golf is the worst sport in the world.

True best state poll

Anyone else a fan of Eroica?

YIPEE! Pee Wee's Playhouse starts on Adult Swim Tonight!

Zeppelin's "No Quarter" live - I think it's my favorite Zeppelin!

What's your favorite feel-good movie?

What's your favorite city in the U.S.?

Create your own motivational poster - show us your brilliant wit, Loungers

The Venture Bros. Appreciation Thread.

Ahrrrr!! Just saw the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film yesterday

Geologists Hope Rocks Help Unravel Planet's Secrets

Extinction fear for black rhino

It seems apparent that Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

'Magnetic memory' chip unveiled (BBC) {'Hard drive on a chip'}

New letters reveal mysteries of Einstein's love life

Indian "prince" disinherited after coming out of the closet

Anyone going to the Constitutional Convention Weds.?

Rosie's All Aboard DVD -- I am having a contest...

2006 Gay and Lesbian Consumer Online Census is up!

Any Gay Games Athletes here??

Where have all the rainbow flag bumper stickers gone?

Zidane wins Golden Ball award

Zidane - National Hero or Mike Tyson-esque Thug?

"Stepping Onto the Shore" - Karen Bishop - July 10, 2006

Full Moon in Capricorn - Monday, July 10, 2006 - 11:02pm EDT

Lou Dobbs just did another strong report about electronic voting machines


It's being claimed that Kerry was not at ease with veterans. LOLOLOL

Kerry - Standing up for America's Middle Class

Senate to go out of session this year on Sept 27th?

karendc needs help here

Question on Kerry/Lieberman.

Hearings this week of note 7/10 - 7/13/06

uh oh! Someone will need help here!

MassEquality ad: Guess who signed

Going somewhere.

Ball flower.

Family Portraits

Not another poll about portals!

Create your own motivational poster

Axing sex, swearing from films violates copyright

Why I will vote for Tasini for Senator, and Hillary for President.

Adam Carolla "apologizes" to Coulter

Interesting peek into policy strategizing group

Feel free to pick apart this RW LTTE from South Florida

Rove:I would fire anyone blowing a CIA operative cover (Clinton question)

Calling All Wisconsin DUers: Come Protest * & mark green Tomorrow In Mil

Have you seen the Bush Pilot video.... It's hilarious.

Can a trade-off between business & the consumer be made on wages & prices?

3-Story Building Explodes and Collapses on Upper East Side of Manhattan

Hero Former Treasury Sec. Paul O'Neill bites the Dust on CNBC this a.m.

Let's get SERIOUS, shall we???


Barbaro Has Surgery After 'Complications'

Nader. Nadernadernadernader. Nadernader. Nader.


A Few Bad Men

how can we even think of taking back the house, taking back the senate, or

If Lieberman wins primary do you think progressives will sit out election?

Lamont is on Rachel Maddow..

A terrible thought on the violence in Baghdad...

Delay might run again

This Modern World: Ideological Entertainment Review

Are the RW and the GOP waging war against Social Programs?

Not all suicide bombers in Iraq are willing participants

Hoekstra Urges Bush to Impart Intelligence Details

In Voter Database, Seek, and Seek, and Seek, and Ye Shall Find

Posada Crony Runs Iraq Death Squads

Counties Face Cuts in Social Services

Republican says Coulter does not represent his Party

Three thousand people around the world are fasting

Japan backs off its plan to push for a UN vote on North Korean sanctions

Bush Military History Project #23

Has anybody else seen this smackdown of Coulter's

A point to ponder

"the lessor human beings"

Is US Provoking Civil War In Iraq?

Why is the DeWine family picnic on CSpan?

Would BushCo even admit it if the NYC attack was "terrorism related?"

Just For The Record.

Bush Can Forget About Poland

Army of 'Condistas' push Rice for U.S. president in 2008

Update: White House says explosion does not appear to be terror-related

Fox on the building explosion

Tom Joyner reported that Orrin Hatch and Lionel Ritchie interceded

Dell's Exploding Computer and Other Image Problems

Family Of Slain Al Jazeera Reporter To Sue BUSH

Major program kept from Congress

The only things I ask my representatives in government to represent

Bush Administration Looking To Weaken Journalists Right To Ask

Iraqi killed for sitting with girls in a restaurant

A poetry contest for DU!

Olbermann exposes O'Reilly on Malmedy

"As the World Turns" Actor Kills Himself

Who Is Going To Stop The Congress From Formally Making Bush Dictator?

How violent does Iraq need to get before it is admitted to be Civil War?

Latest from the idiot who still likes Bush

bush* is Lex Luthor...

some college students are doing more then drink beer and screw

Does anybody have a video link to Zidane's head butting?

I grew up believing we (the United States) were the good guys...

(VIDEO) Some more good speeches from Nancy Pelosi's Youtube page

Bush Ends The Debate: Lay Officially A "Friend," Not An "Acquaintance"

Iraq Civilians: 50,000 Dead-- But Who's Counting?

See the code pink women speaking truth to power.

2008 Poll in MA: McCain 44% Clinton 43%,

Save the internet petition

A must read--Core Democratic Value--Compasion!

The President: Shades of Green

Is there a press conference going on?

Why can't we leave Iraq now? We aren't protecting any Iraqis.

Can you believe that the Wingnuts *still* claim "Mobile Weapons Labs"?

July 10th-This day in "radical" history (check out '76 & '84)

Would "slavery reparations" get more support if "slave owners"

Is Bush just going to ignore the SCOTUS ruling on Gitmo?

Keith Olbermann on Colbert Report - O'Reilly!

CAPTION his Sunday best...

Democrats Vs. The Peace Movement?

Air Travel - Are we really secure?

Peter Galbraith on w/Franken- AAR now 1:30PM EST

TV Newser: Dan Rather Media Tour: booked with Tweety twice

Has there been a single real filibuster since Bush* came to power?

NEEDED: DU post listing everything the NYT printed that was public already

National Review: No Dice on Tice

Complaints in the office!

Family of Al Jazeera journalist killed in Iraq to sue Prez B*sh

TrickyDick: "Warren Comm. Rept "the greatest hoax ever"

Many Women Unaware Of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Who knows what that commercial is about on CNN that they show a

Monday's Mugshot? Fuzzy swollen face. . . . . . . . . . . .Come CAPTION!!!

DU lawyers: need your help on a copyright question concerning a new comic.

"the poor guy took a beating" --cheato lay's memorial- puke time

Yet another incident of our military raping a young woman abroad.

Caption *

Breaking : Brush fire out of control in Kansas - 1/2 acre burned so far.

Rove Wins Hearts and Minds in Aspen

The Folly Of Using American Soldiers To Defend The Puppet Iraqi Govt.

I saw a "Thank you, Cindy" sign yesterday

Iraqi Mayor Backs Rhode Island Candidate

Did the press bury the huge Stanford protest against Bush in April?

Abramoff's internet gambling bill to go up before Senate.

Anderson Cooper ad for himself "to see how much progress is being made"

Is the US running Death Squads in Iraq to ignite more fighting within Iraq

New York building collapses, burns - apparent failed suicide attempt

Introducing your brand new fake terrorist mastermind!

The Homeland Security Racket!

*Mission Accomplished* there is one less soldier in Iraq today

Has anyone in her family or village sent the media a recent photo of...

"Pro-Life" by bushco: Children are dying in the dozens in Basra

Cheney: "This war is unlike any we've ever known."

Snow confuses Iran, Iraq, blames spat with Helen Thomas

Someone please pull Judd Gregg's battery pack....please, I beg you.

Tobacco May Kill 1 Billion By 2100, Study Says

Iraqi Unity A Casualty Of Retaliations

Embarrassed, Conservatives Stop Using "Cut and Run"

The Graham and Kyl deception

Whatever happened to this thing?

What difference does it make how old she was?

Jack Cafferty's questions today:

Put on a raincoat and galoshes

Wm. J. Haynes II nominated to Judge 4th Circuit. 2nd hearing tomorrow!

I haven't heard "angry Dem" for a while

AP: Labor shortage leaves millions of oranges on trees, FL

Is having an unpopular opinion about rape against DU rules?

Cheney: "If we pull out (of Iraq), terrorists will follow us."

Which is worse, the ages or the manipulative lies

Cheney's Judge?____________ ACTION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What does 2543 look like

Brave wife 'fends off' big tiger

Orrin Hatch helped secure the release of Atlanta R&B producer Dallas Austi

Lay Remembered as a Giving Family Man

"Reaching across the aisle to get things done"

Monday Morning Bumper Stickers - a Texas Special...

Was the CIA involved? Did Washington know? Was the public deceived? Yes

AP: Iraqis Turn to Fake IDs for Safety

An argument I heard why it is ok for Lieberman to run as an independent

Tucker Carlson now airs on MSNBC at 4, repeats at 6, on "Tucker"

Pro-life? Heck No!

Poll: Jordanians view US ops in Iraq as terrorism

Hoekstra's Whistleblower?

"a massive nonviolent action campaign for September 21-28." This is

My nephew and Iraq.

Tobacco could kill 1 billion this century if current trends hold

How far would you want science to go?

Larry Johnson:Dennis Lormel, Traitor? In reference to the NYT

Lieberman accuses Lamont of being a closet Republican

Well-Paid Benefit Most as Economy Flourishes

5 GIs Tied to Iraq Rape-Slaying Identified

i'm sick of tis 'the party chose lieberman' bullshit

Hey history buffs, check this out---> 1777-1867 court database

CNN: "Has world war 3 begun?"

Wall Street Journal: Mexico Is Ahead Of The US......Elections

Baghdad to get 11 hours of power by end summer

Are we still in a "Police Action" against North Korea

WH Accuses Clinton of Sending ‘Flowers and Chocolates’ To Jong Il (video)

A kick in the ass to censors!

Is suicide on the rise? (or does it just seem that way?)

Standard US reporting: Any killing instigated by the CIA is a "civil war"

Has anyone in her family or village sent the media a recent photo of...

Kos looks at '06 Senate picture and ranks most likely dem gains

Heads up DU, Taylor Marsh is now posting here. See this thread

Doesn't Japan have a history of "preemptively" attacking Korea?

June Allyson dies at 88

Who is this Iliano Pantano on Hardball?

Senator Levin on Iraq

Bring me the head of “Kenny Boy” Lay:

gas prices - Carter's fault?

Rumsfeld, Cheney linked to '70s coverup of Vietnam Atrocities

Suppose the President gave and executive order stating that all illegal

Do you know any criminal lawyer in Savannah GA

"It Means to Establish Ties..." ..To Establish Ties? (The Little Prince)

What if Tom DeLay is reelected?

Best search engines other than Google?

Has Harry Shearer's "Le Show" been dropped in your listening area?

Man Arrested For Protesting Against War In Iraq

Notice anything missing from these Patterns of Global Terrorism reports?

Paper:Climate Change Threatens Wineries(multibillion-dollar U.S. industry)

Did anyone see CSpan's Run up to G-8 with Dem Strobe Talbott?

NEW TOONS soon zero Iraq stories

inserted a plug in his anus and put a disposable diaper on him...

Psychoanalyze this.

Waxman Requests Info About Possible Cruise Ships for Ilegals

NBC Nightly News: 100+ people killed in Iraq in last 2 days

Sam Seder on "aspirational terrorists"

What if FauxSpews had been around throughout history?

Randi nailed it. Are you a Loyalist or a Patriot? Great bumpersticker.

Attn: Progressive Christians-- Have you checked out this website?

Introducing your new possibly fake Terrorist Mastermind in Iraq!

A Filthy Republican Attack On Al Gore

Photo of deceased Key Lay released (humor)

Dodd: "No more highly respected Senator than Joe Lieberman"

Man with potential bomb components allowed past airport checkpoint!

How to Run a Clean Election

new al-Qaeda leader in Iraq has been in jail in Egypt for seven years.

Ann Telnaes on Pickles' gripe about the media and *'s poll numbers

"Enid Live!" with Enid Goldstein returns to the White Rose Archives today.

Good cartoon!

Right Wing Radio?

DNA Proof May Not Go to Jury

DU this poll: Blackwell v. Strickland for Ohio Governor

The Coulter plagiarism investigation is moving forward

HAL = $21.11 on 3/20/03 | HAL = $72.65 on 7/10/06

Tucker Carlson was just smoked by a guy from the SPLC

Must see. The Bush Pilot.

Man tosses pig's head into mosque, says it was 'big joke'

Tweety just said: DeLay going back to cong? I though we did the

Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes? - Nuremberg prosecutor says yes

New Report: "I Think The Torture & Abuse Will Shock Congress & Americans"

Big Ed says Lieberman wiped the table with Ned Lamont

My patriotism is being questioned...Please help!

After 1 week home, We were burglarized (NOLA)

Wow, what a site! "How to Spot a Jap"

* Steve Sack TOON: Ken Lay *

The Emergence of Global Infrastructure For Mass Surveillance 10 Signposts

What does Department of Homeland Security consider greatest threat?

Dan Rather to make a comeback!!!

Building blows up on Madison Ave. on Upper Eastside NYC

For you, is Iraq a "lithmus" test of who a true Democrat is?

I'm falling off my chair here.

Congratulations, humans! Another one bites the dust!

VIDEO-TOP STORY: 42 dead in "Wretched" mob violence escalation (BBC News)

Flag burning: one vet's viewpoint.

Do you think you're rich?

Paul Hackett backs Brown in Ohio Senate race

New Bush Comic: Dumb Science.

Wooodamnwhoo! Freeway Blogger! I love you!

Senators vote to give illegals Social Security?

In US, do conservatives outnumber liberals?

Wonder why Ed Schultz is all about Lieberman? Here it is...

New Draft Gore Petition

Do you have ethical qualms about your 401K or mutual fund investments?

Digby: Why a "center-left" "moderate" is bad for the Democrats

Rove: "Make up your mind: I'm either a genius or an idiot"

Union of Concerned Scientists- Food & Environment Electronic Digest

Freepers are looking for the media to play up the race card in rape case..

Ann Coulter's Book is #1 - How Can That Be?

Paul Hackett on Ed Scultz has united with Brown to win the election

iraqi blogger raed... 15 yr old raped... and more

Does it matter what age the Iraqi rape victim was?

are there really "jobs americans won't do" ?

Senators Kyl & Graham's Deceptive Amicus Brief - good read by John Dean

Could McCain actually win Massachusetts in 2008?

Iraqi female's age "debatable"?

Saw this sign on the door to my bank-- Please remove hat, sunglasses,

Hugo Chavez & Charlie Chaplin - A Nice One-Two Punch for Workers

Emmett Till 1941-1955; Abeer 1991-2006

The DU Jukebox (July 2006 Edition)

At what age is RAPE acceptable????


When Does Religious Indoctrination Become Child Abuse?

Any messages for John Edwards?

Interesting blog about Randy Michaels, Big Ed's boss, and WLIB radio.

Our healthcare system vs. them Socialists'?

Republican Christian moochers -- the newest welfare queens.

(Legal technicality question): Can John Roberts block Bush's removal?

"TUCKER," One dumb bastard!

Just a reminder

Washington Babylon this is your final day, this is your final call

I work for a Right Wing Think Tank

The *truth* behind high European gasoline prices.

A Day in the Life

"Brokaw Joins Fight Against Global Warming"

Shortage of citrus pickers looms (immigration)

Should parents be allowed to raise their children in their religion?

To Kill An American" A must-read by an Australian Dentist

Five-year-old South Florida transgender boy will enter school as a girl

"Blades of Grass": Virtual phone banking for progressive candidates!

Time: Delay Redux?

The End of Cowboy Diplomacy: Why the Bush Doctrine no longer

Strategy discussion: deflating RW Talking Points: pre-emption.

Scuffles at Minuteman immigration rally (fascism on video)

The Republican culture of failure

Rightwing World Atwitter Over Newest NYT Revelations (OK, its Satire)

Moon's "Tear Down The Cross" seminary goes legit as Ph.D campus

Biden is a no-show at Lieberman event

DNC: Records show Bush met with Abramoff, FOIA requests by DNC

The Tenderness Tour - Civilian Child Casualties: The War in Iraq

Tenderness Tour -- Please go to this thread, K &R

WSJ: Democrats Wager on a Long Shot

Karl Rove garners hisses, laughter - and applause

Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?

Cheney invests based on the failures and misfortunes of the United States.

Colin Powell taken to same hospital in Aspen that Lay died in ...

Why are "conservatives" patriotic?

Embarrassed, Conservatives Stop Using "Cut and Run"

Jeb Bush hiring decisions questioned after ex-prisons chief scandal

AP: Online Wagering Under Attack in Congress

Bush Ends The Debate: Lay Officially A "Friend," Not An "Acquaintance"

How is the "global struggle against violent extremism." going?

yeah right - let's go nuclear again ...

Where's Neil Lisst?

Lieberman HAS filed today to gather signatures

URGENT! $$ Needed for Busby/Bilbray Recount - Velvet Revolution

Why have people asked for a recount of San Diego's 6/6 election?

Just so you know.... My Space is owned by Newscorp....

A volunteer for likely presidential candidate Mark Warner was murdered..

Okay. I'm going to punch Tweety in the head. The bloggers are not

Hackett to endorse Sherrod Brown, says campaign

You don't go catting with a limp pecker

For those who worked Dem campaigns in 2004 - were you ever told to lie to

Conservatives Without Conscience by John Dean.. New Book

Photo: Little beady eyes, pursed lips, & "pounding diplomatic headaches"

MO Senate: McCaskill (D) 42%, Talent (R) 42% - July 6

If you don't vote today, Texas wins. (Mapchangers - Bill Winter)

Haddasah is Lieberman's second wife?

Congress having trouble passing even sure things (even CNN noticed!)

Bush Administration Looking To Weaken Journalists Right To Ask

My e mail sig ALONE converted a red to a blue

New Bush Comic: Dumb Science.

RE: the Evangelicals that sponsored the conference Sen. Obama spoke at

Rove says Chimpy's first veto will be Stem Cell Bill

We are wimps...Most people are progressive populists, but we give up.

"Ned Lamont Has a Messy Desk"

The girl killed in Iraq by our troops was 14 years old and guess what it

Taylor Marsh on The Swiftboating of John Murtha

serious politicos must read this report at American Prospect

?? for older Dems: What old issue would you rather not admit supporting?

Draft Gore Petition Has Begun

We never learn

My letter to Senator Boxer about Leiberman. Write her, please.