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Archives: June 9, 2006

Law Council calls for Hicks action

Annan backs deputy's attack on Washington

That Other Defiant Soldier

Journalist, Defend Thyself (regarding "liberal bias")

Huff Post: A Small Rabbit Out of a Big Hat

New York Times: Zarqawi pioneered use of the Net as a tool of global jihad

Betty Bowers reviews Godless (humor)

Calculating the gasoline equivalent price of your electricity.

CIA Involvement with WTC 93 bombing

How Bush Rigged Ohio Election - The Noe Factor

BALLOT SECURITY: Think about it before a CA-50 recount.

Verified Voting: Diebold Equipment Vulnerabilities Affect 27 States

Top 10 List - Reasons Voting Machine Mfgrs Won't Face Public

Scoop, NZ: The Theft Of The 2004 Presidential Election

My husband just reported back from a RFK Jr speech to the AIA:

Would real time vote tally reporting help against Fraud?

Theory: dem. candidates in "red" districts should be easier to get onboard

This forum should write an Election Security Bill

Any news from san diego?

42nd Iowan and first female Iowan dies in Iraq

Question about video card upgrade

Du meet up in Ft. Worth

Okay, I made the pizza from this grilling issue of Cook's Illustrated

Canada must be more aggressive on international trade: Emerson

Filing: Second dancer called allegations a 'crock' (Duke Lax)

"Apologise or we'll cut your funding, US envoy tells UN"

Global stocks plunge on interest rate fears

Powell Says Border Walls Won't Work

Inquiry Finds Problems in 2004 Election

Judge backs 'buffoon' attack on Berlusconi


Plug from Bush drums up customers

El Paso Times: National Guard troops will be armed in Texas, NM

NYT/AP: JFK Papers, Photos to Be Put on Internet

Rare giraffe-like animal "rediscovered" in Congo park

Bombs kill at least 31 in Baghdad

Ahmadinejad: Iran to talk, U.S. gave in

Democrats want DeLay's name on ballot

Park Service Charging for Photos

Senate's vote on Akaka bill draws reaction

Democrats want Rep. Jefferson out of post

FBI Crime Lab to Test Al-Zarqawi's DNA

NYT/AP: House Panel to Probe Oklahoma City Bombing

Daschle Tests New Hampshire for Candidacy

Taliban Take the Fight to the Country--ATimes (detailed)

Florida to Remove Manatee From State's Endangered List; feds also evaluate

Akaka bill fails to move to Senate floor debate

Watch your Pepsi and Mentos

Am I high??

Okay, contestants. I'm going to ask an amount of three questions,

How on earth do I put an image in my sig?

Revenge of the Sith on HBO2E

Am I nigh??

Hey MONKEES fans

The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love" in a CREDIT CARD COMMERCIAL.

Somebody wish me luck...

my son just had dinner with Hulk Hogan

Accckkk!!! What a disgusting commercial!

Photos and commentary from my recent trip to Cuba

Cool, trimspa seems to have had an initial effect.

Question: Do we have a forum for employment?

ISO Best Site for Downloading Ringtones

Speeding man was drying wet car...

Taliban Warning ( sorry if Dup :)

"I was told there would be no math on the test"?

Anyone ever been to the source of a bottled water spring?

Anymore space in the "Who gives a shit?" file?

My boss got a $15,000 used motorcycle

Sadly, this is the shortest poem I've ever written:

just found out my current "dream job" is largely inaccessible to me

The Show Is ON! - NOT the Brazilian Joke

I walked into a bar this evening for the first time in 23 years.


wow, first time I ever made the homepage

Ann Coulter started life as Jeremy Levinsohn

Tom Swifties

{whisper[sunrise]}, SUNSET.

Ok How do I include a picture from my files in a post?

OMG! How did I miss this MS Office XP commercial?

Poison Ivy unappriciation...

Hi everyone

Food Network's "Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade"

Ughhn! My car battery is dead.

For Progmom...

I just packed 10 moving boxes full of stuff. Ask me anything.

I am now halfway done with high school. Ask me anything.

Can you spell? Can you read?

"Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls," finally on DVD NEXT WEEK.

My scientific paper has been accepted to a major med. journal

Something to think about today!

School band plays Genesis medley, guitarist and drummer are awesome-VIDEO

I'm going out for a late night swim. Anyone wanna join me?

Did Mabus Die on 6/6/06?

Do you use Freecycle?

There seems to be some kind of feminine backlash against HEyHEY here


And then, I fell down the stairs.

What ever happened to...

So when did the word "rim" replace the word "wheel?"

yuck...those Duggar people are on Discovery Health pretending to be normal

Arghhhh! Mosquito Bites! What Do You Do For Them?

So when did the word "rim" replace the word "wheel?"

I'm the most macho straight woman I know! I changed a tire today!

This is so awesome!

Any other nerds/dorks play mmorpgs?

Ah, nice. Take a deep breath and just listen to the music and relax.

Well, that was exhausting...

Hello Lounge. A favor please. DU this poll.

So, what are you listening to right now?

How do you handle finances after marriage?

Best Food Network drinking game?

Pictures of my parrot nekkid in the shower.

Let's go Heat!!!

I have tickets for the Colbert Report.

Anime is

Is "Nazi" the First Thing You Associate With "Germany"?

now tell me the much does it HURT? :(

This Rhianna girl on Leno SUCKS

god has got to go

FDA Approves Vaccine That Should Prevent Most Cervical Cancers

Do you consider it gay bashing when the police patrol

"The Great Pink Scare" On PBS show Independent Lens Now!

I'm giddy that the world cup is here!

Another crazy day on DU.

Fox 2 news (St. Louis) sports reporter referenced KO...

Wolverine DG & Crispi:

In which the Author limits himself to saying one thing about Iraq:

The death of Zarqawi will not, I repeat will not erase the images

The outrage here over Lou Dobbs is hilarious.

Check out this email I got from a coworker today:

Our Congress SHAMED our country today

"who really pulled the plug on electric cars, and why?"

Rita Cosby doing Zarqawi death story? I didn't know he was a blond!

"No way these are real"

What's up with gas prices?

Betty Bowers ROCKS!

Virginia governor delays Walton execution

"I'm sorry whenever any human being dies." -Michael Berg (Nick's father)

Arghhhh! Mosquito Bites! What Do You Do For Them?

Book Revue owner regrets Coulter invite

If somebody proposed a trade, Zarqawi for 3000 Americans and

Anyone watching Majority Report right now?

How many innocent folks died in the bomb on Zarqawi?

The algebra of death and guns... MP3

Heads up! The House is voting on Ed Markey's net neutrality amendment!

Democrats statements on the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

When will I start selling Ann Coulter's latest?

This. . .is Free Republic. We must be sharper than these people. OK!!

Zarqawi is dead, they've had their day, now let's get back to scandals

Michael Berg on Larry King talking about revenge and its uselessness.

Am I too harsh to my Step Dad?

Lou Dobbs is the cleaned up version of Rush Limbaugh minus the Oxycontin

Clark: "Don't break our forces trying to salvage a failed mission"

Could someone start a non-profit megastore to compete with Walmart?

Let's not glorify Coulter-- LET's do something for the widows. IDEAS???

US/Iraqi Military and Iraqi Civilian Deaths per Month

Bomb Ignites Small Fire in Riverdale Home

DU the Urban dictionary (the freepers freeped it)

Zarqawi wasn't killed today in the bombing

I believe I am an objectivist Democrat:

Swiss 'foiled hit on Israeli jet'

Vista is here! Download or order now!

GOP mindset

Iraqi Doctor: 'U.S. Military Hides Many More Hadithas'

Open Letter to John Kerry, Al Frankan and John Stewart Re: Elections

Last call for Atlanta DUers - "An Inconvenient Truth" tomorrow night!

Liar, liar, world on fire: BushCo watches as climate change kills us...

It's ironic that Ann Coulter wants the 9-11 widows to take their $$$

Woman Attacks Dog Breeder With (Dead) Chihuahua (Puppy)

Dick Rummy CONdi Gonzo and George W FraWd are war criminals

Bin Laden keeps lower profile than Zarqawi

Bush hiring only the very best ... (old joke)

All the news that's fit to print.

O'Reilly attacks Jerry Springer & Randi Rhodes to lead tonight's 'Factor'

Al Gore on Jay Leno tonight

Wake up: the American Dream is over

Why do I think Al Zaqwari will release a video next week?

Looking at Daily Show. Zarqawi just released a video. He shows


A Request: can we please quit talking about Coulter?

Iraqis have to push the United States out?

Ann Coulter started life as Jeremy Levinsohn

Troops need more defense and look what they got (Great Cartoon)

2nd Duke dancer called allegations a 'crock'


How to find world-wide google search statistics?

Australian mercenary dies in roadside bomb blast in Iraq

Ms. Evil turns out to be a fool!

When is Ann Coulter going to take on Jon Stewart or Colbert?

Poll: U.S. Disapproves of War in Iraq - 06.08.2006, 04:23 PM

Rumsfeld: "Stunning shock" to al Qaeda - Not sure about the few dead enders

Did they ever drop those bombs in the Nevada desert? nt


"Mission Accomplished Man" on the AAR video of Yearly Kos.

Alright you Enviro-nuts I want some frickin kudos here!

Will I see any of you at TAKE BACK AMERICA 2006 next week?

"The Great Pink Scare" On PBS show "Independent Lens" Now!

Rumsferatu! Malloy just said it.

Three more Fijian mercenaries killed in Iraq

what to say to a candidate who wants your vote from now on:

I AM JUST GLAD no war in Iran

If Dr. Julianne Malveaux thought Osama bin Ladin was Afghani, how the hell

Hmmm... FBI doing DNA samples on zarqawi - to verify its him. From LBN:

I'm done with Lou Dobbs...Ann Coulter as guest & promoting her book.

Leno play-by-play

Special forces to use strap-on 'Batwings'

Is that a chapstick in your pocket? ---pix--->>>

Al Gore just made me spew my beer

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

I hate fucking NBC. Guess who is on Jay Leno's show tonight?

I haven't read a thread about this in quite some time ...........

Dixie Chicks #1 on URGE

Share your recent progressive book recommendations here

Malloy says Hannity-Coulter hookup is a scandal brewing

Dad gives $275,000 to gay rights group

Time to come clean: how many DUers approved of GW Bush after 9-11?

Suggestions for a July 4th revolution? Post "democratic Insurgency" ideas

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites

Does anyone know what PNAC members call themselves? Someone

Leno watchers: Was that denial CONVINCING?

I am watching Baghdad ER---Fuck You George W. Bush.

What we need in '08 is a dream ticket with experience; Carter/Clinton.

Got a phone call from MoveOn yesterday...

Who cares anymore?

It was a great thrill to have the Pink Triangle as my avatar

Secretive, Powerful Bilderberg Group Meets Near Ottawa--Globe & Mail

New York Times: DeLay bids Congress a torrid goodbye

Wooohooo Ted Kennedy!

Dead soldiers family says he didn't know what he was even in Iraq for

Now that the military has returned to being an honorable profession

Lou Dobbs made a fool out of me, and I'll never forgive him

No more gun camera films. No more post-mortem pics. Please.

NYT film review: Altman/Keillor "A Prairie Home Companion" is "wonderful"

Can we agree about this compromise on Gore?

Did Mabus Die on 6/6/06?

No, we have not "brought to justice" those who attacked us on 9*11...

My email to Dan Abrams

Plot to bomb abortion clinic foiled, man arrested

OK, am I wrong here...

how do you take someone off the ignore function

The Top Ten Reasons The Jersey Girls Can Have Vocal Political Opinions

The Short, Violent Life of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (Atlantic Monthly)

I am troubled by the rush to publish pics of dead Zarqawi!

DU this poll: Support 1st Lieutenant Watada's decision not to go to Iraq.

Proud to be a Democrat

"DON'T BLINK DON'T BACK DOWN" John Kerry's plan to win the House

Some Mike Malloy Best Of Clips.

Democrats want Rep. Jefferson out of post

Is it the DCCC that is run by Emanuel and Shumer?

Black Caucus opposes Jefferson treatment

"Yeah, we're hurt, but who gives a fuck. We'll be back."

Birth Tax

Hey freepers... Don't start screaming bloody murder

Tom DeLay has more class than Joe Klein

40 mins to midnight in the Bronx so my tinfoil hat is on...

Problems with sound on AAR premium video stream of Yearly Kos?

Knight Ridder: DeLay remains unrepentant as he exits House

Specter warns Cheney on bid to sway committee

Through the looking glass the CIA, W, and Bin Laden

He's Gone .... Hall and Oats sing for Tom Delay

Best way to take back the party is to BECOME the party: run for PC

George Lincoln Rockwell - just thinking how at home he would feel

Does anyone feel that displaying Al Zakarwi's head on a pike, or

Activist most likely to be suicided, framed, or disappeared

YAAAAAAAAAAY!! The Enemy is Dead! Let's declare victory and go home!

Interesting Guardian article (May 11, 2006) on Hillary Clinton.

Lamont gains big in Q-Poll

I think this pretty much sums up the way so many of us feel

What do DUers think of instant runoff?

If 911 Widows are opportunists - what does that make John McCain?

Help DFA de-seat House judiciary chairman Sensenbrenner!

Anyone heard the Glenn Beck's commercial in AAR??

Question for DUers in solid republican districts

Amnesty for Immigrants, the only solution?

DEAR MR. DOBBS (re Coulter)

At least Two dozen Democrats walk out on Delay's speech

All hands on Deck - Net Neutrality

One prediction site above the rest.

What Ashcroft Was Told By Murray Waas, National Journal

Sirota on Obama : "charisma and deference to the establishment"

AAA radio streaming is terrible

The other big news from Iraq (finalizing a government)

CNN: Agency chief: Data on stolen VA laptop may have been erased

Orange County (CA) Register: Why negative campaigning prospers

It's National Security Stupid!

The Forgotten Wounded of Iraq (Great essay)

Gen. Batiste: To win in Iraq, war on terror, U.S. needs new defense chief

Gasoline prices and the "tight oligopolies" of refining operations

Sick? Visit the Taj Mahal

"Shocking Republican Trend" or Election Fraud in CA? Let's find out!

Venezuelan war games amp up

AP---Many in terrorists' 'next generation' dead

Everybody Knows, by Chris Floyd


If Ann Coulter's a Christian, I'll be damned


A chilling portrait, unsuitably framed

Police Torture in America

Poindexter versus Hollingsworth Hound

Northwest Utility Proposes Large Wind Project Site (350-450 MW)

Italy--Europe's worst environmental offender, EU report says (Independent)

Russians rally for water mammal (BBC)

FOAKE costs, learning curves, carbon taxes and nuclear plant economics.

It's Nearly Lights Out for PG&E's Solar Power Buybacks

Ice Update - Svalbard Pretty Much Ice Free, Franz Josef Land Getting There

Steelworkers and Sierra Club Unite

Hamas threatens to end ceasefire

Honeymoon is off: Hamas military wing calls off Israel truce

Ghalia family lost six members in shelling, in 2005 they lost four

not good - Mideast Truce Threatened After Shelling...

Picnickers die in attack on Gaza - Staff and agencies

12 killed by IDF artillery fire

BBC: Palestinians killed on Gaza beach

Hamas official killed in Israeli air strike

Meanwhile, women and children are shelled on Gaza beach...

Pro-Israel group (AIPAC) pushes tough U.S. policy on Iran.

Hamas warns of referendum splits

Palestinian support 'crashes' in Europe

PA official: Abbas to hold statehood referendum on July 31

What's left to vote on?

Enough of Ann Coulter, start answering the Jersey Girls questions!!

What are the answers to these questions?

Independent Media Review of Kubiak's Chicago Speech

OK. Cough It Up.

Fucking Florida again (ensuring they can continue to steal the vote)

Ken Blackwell: Too Many Coincidences with Diebold for Comfort

Election Reform NEWS for Friday June 9th. PRIMARY REVIEW EDITION

Where did the 3609 votes go in CA-50?

Springsteen to make available anti-war "Bring Them Home"

We are all Black and Living in Jim Crow: Why We Need to March

Support our - ERD!

I've sent Jonathan Simon's "this is it" letter to all MoveOn PAC staff

Busby verses Bilbray - what a difference 2 days make

Online Journal: Debunking the Debunker

Protect our Internet -- Call Grassley & Harkin

Daschle and Fallon Support Spencer for IA-4 Tonight


Hello Iowa DUers!!!

OK I need help from someone, anyone!!

Any of you kids bring your laptop to the convention?

I don't really want to be involved in this stuff anymore.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Video: Murtha says Zarqawi killing doesn't change his thinking on Iraq

New York Times: DeLay bids Congress a torrid goodbye

Craigslist blocked by Cox Interactive - is this a net neutrality issue?

Ex-subcontractor indicted in US for Iraq bribes (HALLIBURTON)

Iraq War, Hurricane Aid Agreement Reached

Mexico Candidate Calderon Denies Aiding Relative's Company

Police in Manila Disperse Left-Wing Rally

New York Times: Zarqawi pioneered use of the Net as a tool of global jihad

20 nations implicated in CIA 'spider web' of abductions

Swiss confirm reports terror cell tried to shoot down El Al plane

Judge: Silverstein can't force insurers to pay his legal fees

Oxley(R) accused of blocking bills for contributor

U.S. Warns Americans in China of Threats

al-Zarqawi was alive!

Congressional Talks Produce Agreement on $94.5

Bill would allow profiling (New York)

Iraq Orders Driving Ban to Prevent Attacks

NYT: Surveillance and Betrayal Ended (Zarqawi) Hunt

Democrats Want Delay's Name On Ballot

Gunmen kidnap senior Iraqi oil official in Baghdad

4 contractors working for Army Corps killed in Iraq

Air strike didn't kill al-Zarqawi

Bush stresses Iran time pressure (recycled rhetoric-wks vs months)

NYT: Troop Cuts in Iraq Won't Meet Goal This Year, Officials Say

£20,000 seized at home of man in BAE corruption inquiry

U.S. House K.O.'s Net Neutrality

BBC: Palestinians killed on Gaza beach

Release ordered for 2 executives:Pair from Merrill Lynch appealing Enron c

Hamas official killed in Israeli air strike

House panel OKs digital licensing bill (could affect home use copying):

Zogby Poll: Catching Osama No Remedy For Bush

Poll: Many support troops, but not the war

BBC: Two held in terror raid released

Hamas threatens to end ceasefire

U.S. warns of 'possible terrorist threat' in China

Venezuelan war games amp up

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites

Ky. governor pleads not guilty in hiring

Ex-FBI Agent Enters Plea in Espionage Case (GOP follies)

AP---Many in terrorists' 'next generation' dead

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites

Teen Returns From Jordan Abandoning Rendezvous With Man Met on

State wants limited voting machine checks (Florida)

Picnickers die in attack on Gaza - Staff and agencies

DOE computers hacked; Info on 1,500 taken

Anxiety attacks, clinical depression on the rise in N.O.LA area

Dems lay platform for revival

Mexico Catholics fear church influencing election

LAT: Less Sex and Alcohol for Today's Teens

Army Corps of Engineers employee indicted (Kuwait)

Zarqawi Found Alive After Bombing

Kabul may arm militia to fight terrorists

TV stations, Web sites exercise little restraint in Zarqawi coverage

Dixie Chicks Tour Struggling in Some Markets

Rep. DeGette awaiting Bush response to her stem-cell bill.

Democrats Flocking to Vegas As Blogs Flex New Muscle

E&P: Graphic Images of Dead Zarqawi Dominate Front Pages -- a Few Decline


Aussies warned off Iraq (mercs urged to leave)

Ottawa-Citizen: Filmmaker Alex Jones Detained at Airport

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites (myspace, etc...)

Dems want Blackwell to step aside,shouldn't oversee election, they insist

Appeals court sides with Bush on wiretap issue

Dog Feces Left at Congresswoman's Office (Musgrave)

Nasa shelves climate satellites

Hamas denies posting statement mourning Al-Qaida leader Zarqawi

Strickland Has Twice the Campaign Cash Blackwell Does (other good info)

UK: Peace campaigner confronts Bush (Senior)

(Harris) Miller Defends Lobbying Stances

Feingold: Redeploying from Iraq, Refocusing on Terrorist Networks

9/11 commissioner criticizes Coulter


Kidan: shooter in Boulis murder was killed three years ago

Flier Blasted on Drawing of Jewish Opponent (unfucking believable....

Murtha just said he'll run for Majority Leader if Dems. win House...

After bill fails, Akaka vows to try again (Native Hawaiian bill)

U.S. ministers saw no distress in Haditha

GOP group linked to attempted coups, building democracy for US

AP: Ohio Cable Network Pulls Ad

South Bend Tribune: WSBT-TV pulls Indiana MoveOn ad slamming Chocola

Fucking Limewire - you call THAT a good version of Carmen suite!

Hey Lounge lizzards, a serious subject. A man's Roe v. Wade.

According to "AccuWeather," it is not raining right now.

For our children, and our children's children....

Talking to Americans

My girlfriend used to be the drummer for UJ3K5 and ate sushi with

Pictures of my parents nekkid in the shower.

Think you can do a better job than your representative...

She vill un-pimp your ride -- on myspace!

Please don't hate me because I'm nocturnal.

I've got a fever. And the only prescription is

Just when you thought it was safe to break out the sheet music...

Row vs. Wade (post your thoughts)

Tuesday was 666. Who's celebrating today?

someone left a begonia on my desk

Sixteen and time to pay off

Oh, the irony!

Congratulations paineinthearse!! 15,000 posts

Something else to think about

Death predictor - very silly indeeed!

I am getting innundated by phone and mail for credit offers.

Declawed House Cat Fights Off Wild Bear In Family's Backyard

Will !!! Miss your energy, Big Man ! Vaya con dios !

I am now halfway done with being high. Ask me anything.

It's finally June 9, 2006

Good Night! Time for this sleepyhead to toddle.......


First Germany vs. Costa Rica score UPDATE!!!

Big nut remover.

Tom Cruise Slams Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Monkey Brawl At Zoo Leaves Beloved Chimp Dead

First Video Game Addict Rehab Center Opens

Young Frankenstein on the Big Screen.

Hoo-Boy, it's 8:53 AM,and I need drink.


I blame the Republicans for the loss of my arm.

Two questions regarding American Football.

Dear Abby: Granny wonders if circumcision cures homosexuality

Regarding TV chefs. Do any of them actually LIKE to cook?


FMRI experiments cost a lot of money

Mpeg-4 Codecs

The Zarcowi, Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, Hillary thread.

Speaking of God's fickle ways - It's June 9th and Reds still in first

"Will, can I have my martini now?"

Friday earworm.

Somehow it feels good

coolness= who knows..

Ipod Software?

Court: Man can't be convicted for tricking guys into stripping

Need help in choosing cat supplies

Romance Novelist Knocks Out Husband With Telephone Book

I wonder if the hate-mail simply stopped.

"Coulter has Hitler's baby!"

Who's fussier about the TP?

Hi, I'm Shane.

Deutschland v. Costa Rica (WORLD CUP)

Minneapolis has a Caped Crusader!

Something I noticed about the Zarqawi picture.

WTF!!! Is nothing sacred? I think I'm about to be upset.

iPod, Air America, audio books and me

How NOT to make a TV show about horses...

Can anyone recommend a good Picasso biography?

THIS is the greatest music video of all-time!

Pizza Delivery Man Dressed As Super Hero Stops Purse Thief

Don't do it!

This is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Just got a letter from the IRS, we f'd up of 2004 taxes---we owe

I am still drunk...and bored....and giggly...Ask me anything!

The "saga" of the stolen Sidekick


Something to think about ....before you answer.

Need advice on money gifts: High school graduation gifts?

Diet Coke and Mentos

Pics from the Road

Arrrgggggg....the a/c is out at work!!!!!!!!!!

Saw Something on TV last night that is just wrong on SO many levels...

Morrisey & Marr - The Severed Alliance

What song(s) put you most in danger of losing your hearing?

A musical question.

Democratic volunteer implicated in dog feces incident

CONFESS!!!!!! What was your WORST DATE EVER!!!!!!

Food industry secrets Exposed!

Sad news, Alex Toth died.

Dr. Laura's rules for life

Where are you from?

How many Lounge polls have you voted in today?

Why were you born?

Y'know what would taste great right now? A big chunk of a Nerf football.

Quidditch World Cup! Let's keep this thread kicked until it's over...

Men are from [x]; women are from [y]

First Look... Pitt Jolie Baby Photo

I'm such a nerd. I have a new blog.

New Puppy Pics

So where do Canadians stand on the matter of soccer, er football?

I get to go see CARS tonight!

Goodnight all

Coin a new word and define it.

Nobody GIVES A CRAP about Placebo!

KITTEN COUP! The easy way to trap feral kittens.

MY GOD THERE IS A GOD: Robert Plant singing with Queen

Theory: All spectator sports SUCK


I'm lovin' me some You Tube.

When you see a news media truck parked by your home, what do you do?

Why does Magua hate The Gray Haired?

Gino the Ginny

This thread is all about the Bee Gees: please discuss

Nobody TAKES a crap at the world cup!

Nobody MAKES A CRAP in the World Cup!

"Mr. Bush.... scroo yoo!"

Sad news to report - apparently I'm dead (Still)

A proto-prog classic. (post all yodelling videos here)

song title poetry

Video: Hasselhoff moans and snarls his way through "Secret Agent Man"

Please take a moment and read this post in GD:

Demi Moore is pissed at you...

LOL - these people are morans: Ex-cops sue over Net-sex video

We're on our way Rampart!

How old would you guess I am?

Because it's the World Cup, and it in Germany, I'd like to post a PSA!

In the spirit of the World cup. Pictures of my balls...

I want a pop tart, dammit!!!!!

I am SO happy!!! Come share my joy!!!

I am almost bare.

My sister just gave birth to a baby boy!

Minor computer question

My Friday's night ask me a difficult question thread.

My band is ready to buy a PA system. Any advice?

So, I'm dumping Norton/Symantec because it sucks Godzilla balls. Who

so my handsome new neighbor who loves dogs is a liberal

Wow, I knew I shoulda tried to date this girl in High school

look what i can do...

Just saw some kids dancing on the TV news...

Rubin announces release of JOHNNY CASH's American V (final album)

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

I want to pop a tart, dammit!!!!!

Questing for a word.

What should I have for dinner?

Friday, June 9. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Wow. To think that THESE things used to roam the earth

Happy birthday wishes to..........

Why does no one ever believe me?

How did you wind up living where you live?

Random_Australian won't give you medical advice, but I'll help you out.

Post a picture of yourself in drag.

Need some advice DU...Please leave your opinion...

So I installed Vista. Initial impressions within:


Mozart experts - little help?

Will BRAD Pitt And ANGELINA Jolie Get Married?

My feet just got a nice, soothing soak in a glistening pool of

Those pansies on the Ultimate Fighter make me want to unretire....

What happens to Supermans clothing as he transforms?

Time once again to....DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE BAGEL!!!!!!!

Cat Herding, the Video!

I want more Amway horror stories.

World Cup - Poland vs Ecuador!

Nobody GIVES A CRAP about the World Cup!

How many other languages do you speak?

had to put my cat down today :(

Do you have a tatoo?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/9/06)

Black Hole Reminder... Saturday Night!!

Animation final = pwn3d!!11!!! (Dial-up warning)

Anyone ever have food delivered from Schwan's?

Tom Cruise Slams Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

How do people fall in love? At all? Even a little?

Do ya know me? I'm a 'DU writer'

Where were you born?

What's all this I hear about Depleted Geraniums?


Pride Fighting Vs. UFC

Thank You For Taking Your Baby To X-Men 3

Who is your Favorite Greek God?

Prairie Home Companion the movie comes out today

World Cup! Let's keep this thread kicked until it's over!

Interfaith Group Seeks End Of Torture Policy

How can Jesus welcome each child into Heaven?

Could it be that God is . . .


Am I a Christian?

A caller on Randi's show yesterday, RE: Koran creates terrorists

House version of "Pension Reform" trumps state law -allowing Ins Co Health

ACE inhibitors may raise birth defect risk

High rate of self-harm seen among college students

Friday, June 9, 2006 Morning Edition has story about menstrual suppression

Lawsuits Filed Over Lipitor Side Effects

The Mathematical Structure of Terrorism

Robot device mimics human touch (BBC)

Record meteorite hit Norway... Norway was hit with an impact!!!

A trans story

Jon Stewart: Gay 'ceiling' stops at/before marriage.

Let's have a real gay marriage debate

Missouri signals willingness to end anti-gay foster care ban

?? live stream for world cup, is there one

Cynical Baseball thoughts and Boston sports fan slamming

Gooooooooaaaaaaallllllllll!!!! (Ecuador scores on Poland, 1-0)



Calling all DU Vets!

Vet fears check was taken with VA data

My husband just got his notification letter from the VA

Ahm, What Digby said. (Really)

Crushing Kerry

Insurgents v. party regulars

Doing Fine on Rt 9

Caller compares Stephie to O'Lielly

The ultimate Countdown #1 story...

I'm trying to get as many people as I can to email this article to KO

KOEB 6/9/06 "Let's Move On, Without DeLay" Edition

Meow Mix House: the reality show for cats.

Great bumper sticker idea!

Has Osama Bin Ladin ever been charged with 9-11?

The Colbert Report tonight Exclusive Fake Interview with Tom Delay+

2 Slimeballs Gone Today

A question for any computer genius ?

How can Jesus welcome each child into Heaven?

Can U.S. Save 72 Heavenly Virgins Before They Have To Please Al-Zarqawi ?

in the 21st century, there are no just wars . . .

Is there a way to hide the Religion/Theology forum?

New York Daily News: Haditha Hush Money

--Petition Against Military action against Iran ---

Zarqawi: are youcynical enough to wonder if *Co is pissed it wasn't on MON

Russia faces demographic disaster (BBC) {Russia to lose 1/2 of population}

Zarqawi is gone, but the #1 Terrorist in the world Remains at large.

2,489 now dead in W's Iraq war

Can someone tell me ...

Kucinich joins Korean visitors in demonstrating against FTA

Election Results: Litmus Test for Anti-Immigrant Sentiment (Busby)

So, this Mysterious "Turning Point" in Iraq, where & what the hell is it?

65.8 billion more for Iraq; 19.8 billion for hurricane relief

Poll: U.S. Backing for Troops Steadfast

Zarqawi's death may cause more harm than good...ABC News

How the CBC sees the Al-Zaquiri death -- video link

This is why there will never be peace in the ME and the US should not

Iraq has a government and a plan; time to withdraw American troops

Boycott Random House, Coulter's Publisher

what emotional button will bush push next to keep people in reactive mode

When Something Is Permanently Repealed... How Permanent Is "Permanent"?

France, Britain to work more closely on nuclear energy

Consumer News: Big Insurance continues to rip us off

Bush lovers somehow still see victory in the middle east.

Al Jazeera T.V. says it will air new video from al Qaeda's 2nd in command

Zarqari was captured alive...according to Faux News!

Vet fears check was taken with VA data

Did Zarqawi Willingly Sacrifice Himself For The Reward Money?

Wouldn't it have been better to capture Zarqawi Alive?

Delay stepping down(its official)

Lying media

Delay's fraud may cost the Repubs his seat in Congress

Deep down inside, Ann Coulter is a scared little girl crying out for help.

Bush: "We found the weapons of mass destruction" - May 31, 2003

A good about-face, Molly Ivins

They killed a woman and child to get Zarqawi

I blame the Republicans for the loss of my arm.

Is Bush's war for oil a war for the oil itself, for oil prices or for both

My County,Westchester, 1st in NY to recognize gay marriages

I need info on Net Neutrality amendment that was defeated yesterday

Haditha killings said spread over 3 hours, work of small group of Marines

Halry Barbour on FOX bragging that Miss is not into victimhood.

Fail on Friday lest ye . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CAPTION!!!

They want war- give them war!

Double standard? Hypocrits? nooooooo

President to host press conference this morning!

"Another foreign-born militant was already poised to take over"


Sheesh, between now and the November election, we will be inflicted with

Insane Preacher John Hagee's "Jerusalem Countdown" ad on CNN

20 nations implicated in CIA 'spider web' of abductions

Dang check out MSNBS's dow stock numbers, major jump in numbers!!!

'duplicate' SORRY! FDA Approves Controversial Cancer Drug!

So how long before this whole al-Zarq story unravels?

CNN, Cooper: Bin Laden might find relief in al-Zarqawi's death

"Church-approved "rhythm method"

Did Democrats walk out on Delay speech the other day??

In the Immortal Words of SNL's "Starkeesha"...

Daily Word: Rush Limbaugh, oxycontin + complete moron = oxymoron

Sorry for another Coulter thread, but photoshop request:

Ann Coulter is to punditry what Dennis Rodman was to pro basketball.....

"he formed Al-Qaeda in Iraq in late 2003"

Congress needs to establish a memorial to Tom DeLay.

Tom Cruise Slams Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

why did Gas just jump up 16 cents?

The photo of the dead Zarqawi was photo-shopped...

If Al Zarqawi survived the 2 - 500 lbs bombs, then there is a God and she

A Toon On Bush/Social Conservatives

How come Randi Rhodes gets the panel of Dem haters on Lou Dobbs...

Given limited funds which is most important Congress or Senate?

Huffingtonpost: Who makes money from ann coulter?

Coulter has finally jumped the shark. Her 15 minutes are up.

Are there any videos postied of Al Gore on Leno yet?

Sometimes Repubs Do the Right thing...Jim Ramstad & Patrick Kennedy

I get why Iraqi's reject democracy--they see what we got in the USA.

AAR/Yearly Kos - room 3 discussion playing on room 2?

Any DUers going to the Take Back America conference

Zarqawi never saw it coming

Need some advice DU...Please leave your opinion...

Some questions for my Republican Congressman

Betty Bowers Trashes Coulter--hilarious!

Anyone just hear that woman compare Stephanie Miller

THIS is the reason Democrats can't get their message out.

MoveOn Sunday: Talk to Al Gore

I have a suggestion, I think it might help with our conspiracy theory...

Did Moon try to bribe Bush through Moonie Times?

"Coulter has Hitler's baby!"

The Penguin is dead, but the Joker is still out there...


The president is Torturing our Troops while claiming to Honor them.

Bush spent HALF A BILLION DOLLARS to kill al-Zarqawi

Careful what you tell about yourself - BIg brother is watching

Who's happy that Zarqawi's dead? Osama.

What are the Top Ten Things we should be discussing?

Al Gore on Leno last night - pic>>>

Cancerous politics

Some DUers are pulling a "Frist" - how sad.

Dupe. Similar thread already out

The Chicks are going to need our help on this one: CNN Poll

Oops, another one down the memory hole

Mr. Obama Goes to Washington

US outflanked in Eurasia energy politics...

Remember Andrew Dice Clay?

CNN Poll - Would you go to a Dixie Chicks' concert?

Judith Miller at the Ramallah Interrogation Center

Why did so many members of the CBC vote against net neutrality?

"In-between" sounds from Yearlykos are PRECIOUS.

Over One Hundred Thousand Dollars per SECOND

Which Way To The Apocalypse? - By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

Any DUers At The Kos Convention?

Harpers/Mr. Fish weigh in on gay marriage. (LMAO!!!)

MSNBC just said that Osama is still on the run. Anyone else heard this?

Abramoff ex-partner knew of slaying

Dennis Kucinich is 'debating' Jim Kolbe on the floor C-Span 12:30

NY Post Front Cover "Warm up the Virgins" - unbelievable

White House Hopes Zarqawi Death Will Help Revive Bush Fortunes

An Iraqi boy holds a picture of * found amongst rubble yesterday - pic>>>

Sorry, my star is gone and I can't search...but where is this Coulter vid?

YearlyKos Convention on C-Span 3

WSJ: To Find a Mate, Raid a Dungeon Or Speak Like an Elf

The Nation: Press avoids WH's "primary tactic of media management: lying"

Tn candidate Terry Stulce needs some DU support...

So are we truly, actually, literally TRAPPED in Iraq?

"I hearby resign from the White Race"

Bush betrays Democrats' ideals!

I just heard smiling Tom Delay say, "The Hatred is Unbelievable".

Meanwhile, women and children are shelled on Gaza beach...

Wingnuts swiftboating DU (mentions posters by name)

Blame the Teenagers (They Erased 26.5 Million Stolen VA Records - we hope)

CNN gets rare up-close look at Predator drones

TX Dems go to court to keep Delay on ballot

The reason we are in Iraq: Corporations

The Dark Side


Proposed Coulter Nickname - "The Whore of Babble On"

A Right-Wingers’ Guide to Left-Wing Wackos

Is DU represented at the Yearly Kos? Anyone go? nt

New name for Coulter: Ann Coldheart

The Republican Agenda is SO HORRIBLE The Repub MAJORITY

Bush pressuring Chile to exempt "US citizens" .....

U.S. father visiting Haditha saw no sign of massacre months after incident

VIDEO: POS Bush, Atop WTC Rubble, Barks at Nation thru Megaphone

Does anyone believe this propaganda: Zarqawi was alive shortly after bombing

Stolen 2000 election - please point me in the right direction for info

News from our ERD: Florida wants limited voting machine checks

C-Span 2 has a blogger's convention re: Plame investigation

Coming to NYC in the next 2 months?? Be warned.

Lautenberg Calls Remarks by Right-Wing Pundit Ann Coulter 'Foul' and

Dahr Jamail on with Thom Hartmann now

More info on stolen Veteran's info.

Heads up, I think they're voting on closing School of the Americas

Lowell Finley's should be appearing on Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN Re:evote

Glen Beck commercials on AAR Los Angeles... Why?

Here's when I knew Iraq would descend into chaos: Richard Perle 4/20/03...

Gods I am pissed! What is with cons attacking grieving loved ones?

Link for webcast of "Changing the Media" forum (many AAR stars)

DU this poll

House Speaker Tom Craddick (R) to renovate apartment w/help from lobbyists

Barbara Boxer up at YearlyKos at 3:10 Eastern Time

Bush pledges to stay in Iraq to the last drop of someone else's blood

Do you think even a rat would have survived this thing?

Joe Wilson up now at Yearly Kos

Showing a corpse over and over again on tv is totally disgusting. Why only

Pentagon spokesman on CNN: Zarqawi DID survive the initial attack

House conflicted on extra pay for feds called to military duty

The most evil man in the world is dead! Long live the most evil

Santorum alters quotes in audio version of his book

Honeymoon is off: Hamas military wing calls off Israel truce

GOOOAAALLL! Dems Hope World Cup Ads Reach New Voters

Betty Bowers Reviews Ann Coulter's "Godless . . ."

DOE computers hacked; Info on 1,500 taken last Sept., no one notified

is she ... crying, or laughing? i can't tell.

Rasmussen Reports - what a load of crap headlines on the home page

Katherine Harris loses FOURTH Chief of Staff!

Nancy Pelosi & Barbara Boxer coming up on YearlyKos. Here's the AAR

Next up: Flag Burning Amendment

Poll: 52% want Democrats in Congress in '06, only 32% want Republicans

TeeVee last night was a nostalgic Time Warp (c. 2001-2003)

Take a shot at the Zarqawi story--The Guy James Show live at 3pm

Zarqawi was kept alive to sell the war in Iraq

So what will be the fundies reaction to this be?

A question has occurred to me...what do you think?

My mind was assaulted this morning by some 31 percenters...

Zarqawi's death-proof of Bush's failure on the "War on Terror"

Bloggers Converntion will resume at 3: 10 ET (Vegas). Boxter will

Shorter Ann Coulter: don't like the message, shoot the messenger

Would it be right if the US shot a terrorist like Zarqawi?

Please pay very close attention to the news cycle after the next attack.

Ken Blackwell: Too Many Coincidences with Diebold for Comfort

South Florida cop in trouble for mocking and harassing anti-abortionists

had to put my cat down today :(

UPDATE: New info re: Zarqawi.

Bill Bennett attacks Christiane Amanpour

Remember, this former CIA Analyst who Knew about Zawqawi?

If Coulter is right, does it mean my contributions to DU are tax deductible

Barbara Boxer coming up on C-SPAN 2!

US doubts on Iraq hit high before Zarqawi death-poll - Another coincidence

Death of a useful demon: By Joe Conason

Yes Mr. President, Colin Powell told the UN Zarqawi had a leg removed...

We need a much stronger flag policy with latest technology

VA cuts telework, bans employee-owned computers

What's all this I hear about Depleted Geraniums?

Congress is cleaning up the airwaves for us...

Why do the Far Right think that rules and laws apply only to other people?

did we create al-Zarqawi?

Rumsfeld says $25 million to be paid to someone close to Zarqawi

How do I find out if I'm on the flying watch list?

Today's Cafferty File Questions:

Police Can't Offer Hearsay From Mentally Disabled Victims

Hacker Stole Files of 1,500 Working for DOE Nuclear Weapons Agency

Conference for bloggers gives bloggers legitimacy...

I received my "Woops! Sorry about that" letter from the VA today.

self delete

New trolling tactic/propaganda campaign: "former" liberal GBCW posts

Bush: Not Clear When Troops Can Leave Iraq. Not Clear? How about Never?

Appeals court sides with Bush on wiretap issue

"Only English speaking" Philly Cheesesteak Geno's has Spanish ad

9/11 commissioner criticizes Coulter

Creole Tomato Festival

C-SPAN 2-Leak Investigation Panel-Wilson, Waas, Johnson, Hamsher & More

Tom Daschle for President? You've GOT to be kidding!

HELP! I'm looking for a link to M$M sources; it used to be on Demopedia

Please help! Can you answer a quick question on DeLay?

Candidate For Governor Wants To Be Called 'Grandma' On Ballot

Coulter suggested 9-11 widows might not give up "celebrity and notoriety"

So, why haven't Rush Limbog and Annthrax hooked up?

Anyone with the AAR YearlyKOS stream? Is it worth the 10 bucks?

I see a parallel with the VietNam war protesters of yesterday and us today

Do you honestly believe that Coulter believes the crap she spews?

My LTTE--request input before submitting

Prepare for a Bush poll of 40% soon

FRIDAY TOON 6/9 -- choose your wedgie

Just what are these crosses made of? Did the GOP clean out their

Caption Poppy

Wasn't Zarqawi on a stretcher when he died? He isn't in the photo:

Caption these 'blast from the past' Bush/Clinton pictures

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: Dead Again

Just heard on CNN Radio: Bush outed Special Ops general with Zarqawi story

It took the United States to make Zarqawi who he became (Nir Rosen)

Pete Ashdown on the BBC - Hatch's Opponent

Mods, can we get a Abu Musab al-Zarqawi dungeon forum?

Tweety's Friday Night BJs

Dixie Chicks Address Tour Issue To Their Fans

I have problems with the Zarqawi rubble photograph

Comparing Ann Coulter to Michael Moore. This has got to stop...

Strategic Disconnection by Larry Johnson

WTF? Where is the outrage about this Israeli atrocity?

House Aid Package Cuts Iraq, Afghan Funds

Fly Faster without ID... who else will take the challenge ?


Mary Cheney's book sells fewer than 6,000 copies since release

Fox News "Democratic columnist" gushes over Schwarzenegger, attacks Dems

Did anyone listen to Ed Schultz today? Question about a caller

Caption this * picture

A**hole from Ken Blackwell's Camp on Thom Hartmann-- A MUST HEAR!

Heroines and Patriots - I love, respect and honor you ladies

Baghdad under curfew in fear of Zarqawi successors - Mission Accomplished!

Tony Snow: "Eh, They all look the same to me..."

US outflanked in Eurasia energy politics

FYI...I am taking 3 days off from DU because for two reasons:

CAPTION the perfectly natural looking pose

Countless My Lai Massacres in Iraq

Dubya parses words in his description of "as soon as possible".

Republicans Fail to Note Political Activity of Pro-Bush 9/11 Widow

Iraq war bill deletes US military base prohibition

Public release of Windows Vista today (Beta 2)

Little Lord Pissypants profiles in impotence. Freeptard heads exploding.

Question about Estate Tax (RW rebuttle)

Do the November elections boil down to two basic issues?

An infiltrator is blogging Yearly Kos

BREAKING: Zarqawi's last words: "Curse you, George Bush. Curse America."

I asked my mom do you know who Ann Coulter is?

Conyers:Net Neutrality -- A Lesson In GOP Politics Hardball Style

What will Fox's headline be if Dems retake Congress and/or the WH?

Joe Wilson coming up next on Majority Report with Sam Seder

COULTER VOTER FRAUD: New Attorney Seeks Special Treatment for Ann...

What are the answers to these questions?

US ports still seen vulnerable to terrorism

HEY!!!! No Friday night news dump?????

Glenn Beck: Gore's movie is "like Hitler"

"Net neutrality," say the Repugs. "Pshaw."

Evolution of the whale

A government that choses ethical standards over money?????

Olbermann is doing a DeLay "sendoff" tonight!

Wolf reporting on Yearly Kos in Vegas

Ayatollah Khomeini's Grandson Calls on Bush to 'Occupy' Iran

Joe Wilson is coming up on the Majority Report, hopefully Sam will be


A week in the belly of "the Beast."

Recent blog exchange with a friend (thinking Gore has a chance="Deluded")

Another way to talk fundies into giving the Gardisil vax to daughters:

Chile's new President, Michelle Bachelet: There is still hope for people

Parents claim KKK problem at campus

The shortest, bestest joke ever...

Do you think the media/"journalists" in the M$M *know* they are whores?

Republicans see 9/11 victims as nothing but martyrs for their cause

Wendy’s Says Bye To Biggie

Red Rummy boot time? Now that #1 war son has gone the way of Kinochee

I'm a cynic

Email to Brown claims Bush was happy former FEMA head was taking heat for

Chomsky video. Interesting perspective on US's 9/11 and the First 9/11

Any Truckers on DU? I have a question.......This last week my family and

Wow even Faux Snooze is criticizing mann coulter!!

This is going to be depressing post

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. So why

More on Duke Rape case:

Blanket Pardons Proposed for Illegal NSA Spying

Filthy Slag Coulter screwed herself. All attention is on widows comment

I honestly feel sorry for Ann Coulter's parents. They must be hugely

So Much For Dem Unity: Murtha Challenging Hoyer

Specter sells out on NSA bill proposal

Barbara Boxer ROCKS!

Regarding the vaccine (HPV). Another argument.

NY doggy is cooked to death...

Kos to be on Meet the Press Sunday.....early

Reactionary Culture, Fascism, etc.

CNN Poll: Would you go to a Dixie Chicks concert?

This shit pisses me off, but it might make some of you happy (immigration) Thank NSA spying on Americans for getting Zarqawi?

Do you Think Media Matters is credible

War Criminal Nation

I feel bad, I turned Big Eddy off 2 days in a row

Signing Statement kills Iraq Inspector General's Power to Probe Contracts

"What if it turns out to be true"?

Oblio spelled backwards is OILbo

Congress is supposed to be the Decider for the Nation, PERIOD

Wow! I'm The Sluttiest Whore! by Taints B. Adamsapple

Roger Ebert: I am a liberal, but I do not intend this as a...

'Godless' author Coulter unknown at church she claims to attend


m.matalin defends ann cult-cur on imutt...

Teen Returns From Jordan Abandoning Rendezvous With Man Met on

Murtha just announced he is running for majority leader!

Did Zarqawi have one leg?

Ambiguous headlines

Shot to Prevent Cervical Cancer

For Godless Ann: The "Conservative" Sermon On The Mount

In your Subject line, name the best candidate for President

Support "The Real News"

Shadow's Taxi reports (short one): Brainwashing in Basic

DU This Doonesbury Poll -- Get to Work ASAP

Effort unveiled for new Web site for the poor

Funniest reason I've heard *not* to elect a Democrat.

Who likes turtles?

"If he has powers to do this, he has powers to committ genocide"

Kerry admits "screw up" in lost 2004 election

A More Subtle Take on the Dobbs Interview With You-Know-Who.

BUSBY/BILBRAY ELECTION IN DOUBT: New Numbers & Voting Machine Sleepovers

90,000 DUers = $90,000 For Cancer Research (FREE TO YOU)

Votes in Busby-Bilbray race still being counted...

Something brewing in the Caribbean

CRUELTY of Corporate America: "Train your replacement or no Severance Pay"

Self-reflection is needed

CNN: 9/7/05 e-mail to Mike Brown shows President wanted Brown scapegoat

PBS on the Chopping Block Again - True Majority ACTION >>>>

Dear Main Stream Media, (re Coulter, You OWE us neutrality reparations!)

"Tell me lies...tell me sweet little lies..."

Question about Condoleeza Rice. What is her

Name the liberal equivalent to Ann Coulter or Pat Robertson.

My Mensa friend is still an imbecile.


A conservative is not without enemies.

Rude Pundit finds plagiarism in Coulter's book

Do You People REALIZE?? We Have A Fucking CURE For Cancer!

Do You Think "Media Matters" is Biased(Are its studies valid)?

House Rejects Net Neutrality

How about a moratorium on the what's-her-name posts?

Must see VIDEO: Daniel Ellsberg Interview The day after the next 9/11..

I am scared for Us..seriously..

Celibrating 625 years since the peasant revolt

The Tin-Foiling of Dan

Places to buy union made clothes and tennis shoes

To everyone in the medical industry ...

Important read from DemocracyCorps--analysis of Dems chances in 06

UN chief remarks 'severe mistake' (BBC) {Bolton still pissy, Annan firm}

Italian forces to leave Iraq by December (Guardian)

Don't cry when you can't access DU anymore, House rejected Net Neutrality

Whistling by the globalization graveyard

Illinois Gov: Blagojevich (D) 44%, Topinka (R) 34%...Glengariff poll

Democrats Want DeLay's Name on Ballot

Tom DeLay as Gordon Gekko?

bloggers in Los Vegas for convention and Big name Dems follow

The CONs make up...

Zarqawi's role was exaggerated to convince Americans of larger threat?

C&L Video: "Heck of a Job" bells toll for Rumsfeld, who "may still go"

The election strategy is evolving for the Republicans...

Mr. Subliminal Photo presents: Bush, Prayer Breakfast, dead Zarqawi...

Are Democrats in Congress mostly in the dark and ignorant of events...?

I just found a GOP talksheet on CA-50, interesting

GOP candidate parlays less than $3K into a million, "forgets" to disclose

Bush is thrilled, proud, and uncertain when Iraqis can control security

Insurgents v. party regulars

Remember this one? Hillary vs. Asa.

* on CNN right now

Gov. Romney, in San Diego, touts Mass. insurance law

One more clue that Osama bin Laden is Long dead...

CNN channels Monty Python in their Zarqawi reporting (he was "re-secured")

Repubs horrified by Bush choice's forbidden love: Mother Earth

Ousting of Superior Court judge upsets state's legal community

Tom Wilson (R-NJ) thanks troops for Zarqawi , takes cheap shot at Democrat

Coulter registered to vote in two places

Nadar: Dems self deception re: Hillary

Where is the worthy opposition?

Canada's Environment Minister not thinking globally ( just a RW PR shill)

not sure if posted this letter debera bowen 'victory'

House Speaker Tom Craddick (R) to renovate apartment w/help from lobbyists

Lunch with Boxer and Pelosi

who is the voice of the democrats right now?

Kick-Ass Campaign Flyer...

Why does it seem every politician has to say "thank you and God Bless you"

Please edit my LTTE!

Murtha just said he'll run for Majority Leader if Dems. win House...

Could we PLEASE stop referring to whatsername as excrement?

DU this poll on Ann Coulter

House Ignores Public, Sells Out the Internet through Passage of COPE Act

Good Article on Democratic suit to keep Tom Delay on the Ballot

Another half- or non-truth makes it to 'common wisdom'.

EU aims for bigger foreign role (BBC)

Rumsfeld says it's not over in Iraq

Wouldn't the Army be the perfect place for macho conservatives?

Which best represents your current attitudes toward the environment?

Democratic donors seeking young vote

Next on CNN - Cafferty and the NSA/Specter Situation

Senator Boxer at YearlyKos

Santorum Web site sends mixed signal (English & Spanish versions)

Stop me before I barf

John McCain gives al-Qaeda strategic advice

Take the Ann Coulter/Zacarias Moussaoui Quiz

Rep. Katherine Harris loses fourth chief of staff

Andrew Sullivan nails Coulter good!!!

Putting the *HJ RES 114 vote* misinformation to rest

Lieberman/Lamont race looking good

Michael Moore thanks Al Gore!

Robert Parry: Overselling Terror

Unions? In Florida? In Grocerty Stores? HUH????

Caldwell now says 3 women killed - no child

End of week photos from Bushes to Iraq to FBI. (Photos)

US-made man an 'enemy to America's liking'

DLC 2.0 : Meet the Hamiltonian Democrats

28,000 votes stolen from Kerry in Lucas County (Toledo); Noe @ Work

"House Majority Leader Murtha"'ve got to love the sound of that.

Wealth - which is the bigger societal problem? - Binary Poll w/no "Other"

IRAQ FOR SALE - The War Profiteers (Greenwald doc trailer)

DU this poll

Help Terry Stulce beat Zach Wamp... some DU support needed

$10 million estate tax free?


What Should House Dems Do About Rep. Jefferson?

Dean visits Democratic Party in Virgin Islands today. Pictures.

Sirota (mildly) attacks Barrack Obama

Something not adding up about the Zarqawi pics & the story

Race Horses Are Running For Lives

Which potential Democratic candidate has the most winning personality?

Under pressure, Ney lashes out at press coverage (blackberry hissy fit)

The Ann Coulter Republicans respond

Joe Lieberman: 2-0 with actually voting in a way that helps america

McCain, Hagel, Dreier and Kolbe linked to group promoting Swift Liars