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Contemplating Sand and Trees in“The Open Boat” and the Odyssey

Creating the Inevitable


Bush--mollify right by backing gay marriage ban and outlawing flag burning

Here is the text of Edward Kennedy's eulogy for his brother Bobby.

Is Katrina cleanup a fleecing of America?

WP: And Now For Some Good News (from Rove's deputy)

Defense Department halts wind farm projects

SAAB Aero-X ethanol powered car goes 0-62 in 4.9 seconds!

Fake BBV Site Owned by Diebold PR & More!

Mystery Pollster - Is RFK, Jr. Right About Exit Polls? - Part I

May 5, 06 Lou Dobbs - Transcripts - "a disfunctional govt."


Stand Up for Democracy With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Thom Hartmann

Todays ERD is truly thought provoking, I think it is deserving of some...

Most importantly...

We're back! Come to New Orleans July 4th!

Anyone see Blatchford's column on the arrests today? (Monday)

Half a dozen large storms out to sea, and New Orleans is already sinking


Protesting Chilean students renew demands

WaPo/AP: Security Council Arrives in Wary Sudan

Ramadi Becomes Another Fallujah (sniper free-fire zone)

Texas Newborn Found Day After Being Allegedly Kidnapped by Fake Nurse

NYT: House at Stake, Midterm Election Gets Early Start

Intelligence behind raid was wrong, officials say

U.S. Is Offering Deals on Trade to Entice Iran

Negotiators to Meet on Iraq, Relief Funds

NYT: Somali Islamists Declare Victory; Warlords on Run

Harris chides PB County over 2000 recount

CNN/Reuters: Study: Companies snooping on employee e-mail

To Stem Widespread Extinction, Scientists Airlift Frogs in Carry-On Bags

Clamoring to Come Home to New Orleans Projects

Pentagon endorses force-feeding hunger strikers

Congressmen took free trips worth $50m

WP: In Brazen Roundup, 56 Vanish From Baghdad

Dean: Stop Using Marriage to Pander to Base, Deflect from Leadership..

Ballot Counting Could Delay Calif. Results

FAA imposes contract terms on US air controllers

Fla. High Schoolers Must Choose Major

Gov. Bush calls for increase in ethanol imports from Brazil

Bush and Ashe: Brokeback Nepotism?

If you ever wondered about purgatory...

How many of your friends/peers are "celebrating" 6/6/6?

I'm watching "Wife swap" on TV and BOTH of the Women would not..

WANTED: An Emoticon

whew, I guess Beckett didn't eat his Wheaties this morning, huh?

Tony Soprano is breathing in my ear

When did you realize you have your spouse/SO trained?

When do you toss out your milk?

for all you Junior Parker fans.

I REALLY hate Hondas right about now!

There is a crazy ass storm coming through right now!

Some people, including Charles Manson, like "the white album" the best.

I am still here..

A reason to venture into GD:Because Hatred is Not a DU family value

Man dies after jumping into lion cage saying God would save him.

My friend's daughter is graduating from college in a week or so.

I could become a FauxPa any day now...

Skim off the fat?

"Regret is a part of life. But keep it a small part of it."

What the hell. Starting a new exercise regimen tomorrow...

I just finished my first day at a new job and I feel like shit

Poll question: Your Favorite Gilligan's Island Episode..

DAMN this is some good pasta.

I just got back from "An Inconvenient Truth"

@^%#%@%%@ OFF!

Monday lyrics - read 'em damn it! Inspired by IndyOp

Did DU break on anybody else for a few minutes?

"Stumble Upon" for Firefox - Coolest thing I've seen on the net in years.

Best 2 out of 3 : Wildcats 1, Wildcats 0

OMG, bills are killing me... I am so stressed out.

Burning when I pee...

So what prep work have you done to welcome the Dark Lord tomorrow?

Water in the Basement - Yet Again!

any Brother Theodore fans out there...

Thunderstorms moving through

Don't you love it when you walk down the corridor and higher-up workers

Heart Attack in a Bowl.....

R.I.P. - Rev. Dale Turner

Woe to you oh Earth and Sea-

Has anyone been a contestant on The Price Is Right? Have any advice?

Got Mosquitoes Yet?

am I a geek, for noticing the hurricane on the poster for Gore's movie ...

Leno just showed a "Moran" on Headlines...

"This is are country"

the environment...fuck it...

What's your experience when you feel like,...a total mess?

Just A Song Before I Go

updated my web site with absolutely no idea what the hell I'm doing

It's 6-6-06.

People with soulmates:

I'm so buying one of those South African Krugerrands.

Who else is watching Lohan on Letterman?

I think I've figured out why people in this country are so unhealthy

You talk about a bad Monday!

Children of the '80s and '90s: Settle a bet.

Fred Phelps has finally gone over the edge. Gays to blame for dead GIs

Penn & Teller take on sexual abstinence tonight on Showtime

How prepared are you for 6/6/06?

Boy suspended for eating teacher's cookie

totally cool web cam of baby birds in the nest

Is there any song lamer than Dream Weaver?

What do you think of this for a new business?

Dust storm.

6-6-06: National Day of SLAYER

Mockingbirds: love 'em or hate 'em?

LeVar Burton: Kunta Kinte or Geordi LaForge?

I changed my avatar, can I have that toaster now?


Tonight, I found out that Yellowstone is a ticking time bomb to armageddon

diet coke and mentos...beautiful...

Why is Springsteen called "The Boss?"

Did you tell someone that you loved them today?

Ahhhh --- Shiner Bock and Pizza!!!

Well it was 40 years ago to day !! (Beatles Tribute Thread)

Just curious ...anyone else learning to speak Japanese???

Happy Birthday MRS GRUMPY!!!

The "Time to Slam a City Based on Your Negative Impression" Thread!

I would like to save my personal avatar


What is your favorite hobby?

R.I.P. - Rev. Dale Turner

Madonna is Crucified for fighting AIDS

World's Religious Followers Becoming Increasingly Fed Up With God’s Bullsh

Jovian storms prepare for showdown ( {Great Red Spot, Jr. meet}

Exxon Rejects LGBT Inclusion But Over 1/3 of Shareholders Now Backing it

Bigot-for-pay Tim Eyman fails in referendum bid on Wa. gay rights

Interfaith groups for same-sex marriage

Freedom To Marry- posted on Tom Paine by Rev Gaddy

Fall Television Pickups Leave Gays Behind

Go Canes!!! 4-3 with 12 minutes left

Didn't someone say that she couldn't see * past June?

Wow - This group is almost to 90,000 posts

Just something personal - I sat with my 5yo while she went to sleep

Curious about how blue MA is?

Taylor Marsh pushes JK Iraq Res on FDL

Whiteshell Provincial Park - Canada

KOEB 6-5-06 The Politics of Diversion edition.

Keith Olbermann--'what the hell"?---will talk of bush and gay marr.

Keith O. to talk about Bill O'Lielly and echoes of Joe McCarthy( coming)

U.S. funding Somali warlords - intelligence experts...

This * gay bashing makes me wonder

Tomorrow is 666

Do we need to go on a fishing expedition to find something on Bush?

KO on Malmedy

Olberman talking about lies of Bill O'Lielly (echoes of Joe McCarthy) NOW>

Obama Sends Colbert Mocking Letter: "Don't Forget To Bring The Truth"

Christians must NOT support this Gay Marriage Ban! Heed well this warning!

Vanity Fair: How New Orleans Drowned (The birds were smarter than *)

Will Pitt sighted on DU today

Is funding the primary problem with public schools?

Help! What's up at and Sen. Pete Domenici?

A victory in the War of the Words. "Liberal" is no longer a 'dirty' word.

ABC's Shipman on Gore: "[J]ust look at his face.(not nice what she said).

Bush was told he had one shot at keeping control of Congress: bash gays

World Trade Center Survivor stories

Last night to sin and be forgiven!

SOA amendment this week, can you spare a moment

Did a little political work with my County Chairman tonight

talibanization of Iraq

Fellow agnostics and atheists, do you know what day it is tomorrow?

Nepotism - The New GOP Ideology

MoveOn sponsoring phonebank for Busby

John Burns (NYT) on Lehrer - Haditha isn't a big deal in Iraq media

The Constitution is supposed to give people rights - not take them away

Gay Marriage -- once again the Republicans show what

I hope congress has time to debate cow-marriage after the gay thing...

Jack Welch made examples out of Russert& Shipman to the rest of the media

To All Straight DU'ers: Thank You!

A response to the release of Ann Coulter's hatefilled tirade Tuesday

Justice Department monitors elections in seven Calif. counties

What percentage of your family are RW/fundie/pro-DOMA?

What are the top ten Moments of Conservative Hypocrisy in the last decade?

Study: 16 million might have road rage disorder

Sam Seder: Air America: Live Video From YearlyKos in Vegas

If gay love God won't endorse...

Oh, those Republican Babes!

Something Really Changed Today

Another Poll to DU -- This One's About Gay Marriage

Captain Obvious strikes back

totally cool web cam of baby birds in the nest

Falwell looks like, IS, a swollen, engorged TICK!1 n/t

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in

How Money Laundering Works...Tom Delay

Two Polls On Marriage Amendment To DU

I'm not judged for not being gay, how dare I judge another for being gay?

Clark calls "don't ask, don't tell," an "ideological luxury."

House at Stake,most contested and substantive election in over a decade

Clare SHIPMAN & Kelly O'DONNELL - Repuke/media whores

Why AIDS most certainly did not come from screwin' a chimp.

Where was Religious Reich when news about pregnant Iraqi woman was killed?

Gay Marriage Amendment Met with Ridicule in the Workplace

Seeing with rainbow eyes

Do you think the GOP will up the ante...

Orrin has the eyes!!!!! Actually....quite funny.

Ok DU Knowledge Whizzes, Who Can Tell Me More About Google-Analytics.Com?

Rudy G is pissed at terror cuts - what will the bushbots do

"Turtles Can Fly" - an Iraqi movie about the Kurds before

Learning counterinsurgency: observations from soldiering in Iraq

Gay Republicans Slam Bush:Using WH To Advance Discrimination Is An Insult

The chimp Looks So Much Like Poopy Now. Damn!

Disposal of chemical weapons in oceans.

need some help. Natural fast food places?

What I don't understand about this supposed "appeal to the base"

Sen. Arlen Specter is not looking very well

Ann Coulter on Tucker Carlson's MSNBC show Tuesday!

Do you remember that letter Scooter Libby wrote Judy Miller?

Do Europeans die of diabetes?

Today I look forward to an America with an Al Gore/Russ Feingold admin

Reuters: Lieberman may be first political casualty of Iraq War


Celebrate Independence Day in New Orleans!

Khamenei: No Nuclear Weapon Program, No First Strike

I Swear Upon The Altar Of God, Eternal Hostility, And Will Personally Kick

Hey, look what's coming this weekend. Should be fun

Tucker Carlson thinks it is good for Congress to talk about

Sorry, but I got to rant (and throw on a flame suit maybe)

17 years ago today...

Isn't it typical Repug hypocrisy that the pedophile and liar Mary Jo

Effort to Repeal Estate Tax Said to Be Faltering

Too Many People...

U.S. taxpayers financed human trafficking, report says.

Dr. Gray: "Global warming is a hoax"

She's Baaack: Judith Miller Writing About WMD for the 'WSJ'

Serbia declares itself a sovereign nation.

Patrick Henry, The Bill of Rights, and Religion

Less Credible Than Judith Miller - AlterNet, CA - 7 hours ago

New Colbert Report, He's wearing a Tux! Happy 100th Show!

Today ban gay marriage,next week ban flag burning.

It depends on what your meaning of "between" is.

Leno just said gay marriage is more popular than Bush.

Because Vernon Robinson is my Republican candidate for congress

Robert Kennedy assassinated on this date 38 years ago.

Mike Webb tribute to Bobby Kennedy (murdered this night in 1968)

So what do you think of the "bisexual Bush" story Randi covered today?

"I obviously haven't done it for political reasons," Joe Lieberman

Defense of Marriage?

A well-swum swim is a swim well swam....nt

Stars & Stripes LTE: Fort Sill spouse says Iraq mission not essential

Who has a question for Helen Thomas?

AOL Poll: Rate B* on Gay Marriage, Priorities, and Job! Amazing Results!

Tin-Foil Alert for "Coast to Coast AM" tonight (6/5/06)

NEW Daily Show Starting NOW!

Who has a question for Helen Thomas?

"George Bush wants me to report on closeted anti gay politicians"

Am I the only one...

BBC's On This Day: 1968 Robert Kennedy is shot

Maybe * just got sold down the river here.

Cheney made me 45 minutes late today

Marine's Wife Paints Portrait of US Troops Out of Control in Haditha...

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity may soon be removed from Armed Forces Radio

A little history on what gays can do when backed into a corner.

Well wadda ya know, Samuel P Bush is buried here in my hometown

Do me a favor please...?

Anti-Chavez Left winger wins Perus Election

Reuters: Avoid canned tuna, US magazine tells pregnant women

I came to DU because of the 2004 election fraud. 12428 posts later...



Tomorrow is Boomtime, Confusion 11, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3172

JC gave wiggle room on marriage issue (Matthew 19); Freeps read & weep.

Tax relief for those who need it most: dead rich people.

Olbermann talking about LIHOP!!!!! 7:17PM Monday

how to contact congress through email?

please DU this abstinence poll on CSPAN

Have you read Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" yet?

Afghan police kill 7 comrades, defect to Taleban

Post 3000!!! o'rielly and the S.S. "victims" of US Soldiers!

Today we are ALL Gay

We ALL Must Support RFK

Best phone call EVER

"Report warns of threat to world's deserts"

Forcing young kids to hear COMMERCIALS on School Buses???

Ok. So I'm watching Nora I'm so cute McDonald do a report on Countdown

Heads up: Olbermann to discuss 9-11 tip to NY Times's Judy Miller

Nation under siege

What's Love Got to do with it?

Russert suggested GOP "demonstrate[d] that the Dems were out of.....

When Republicans push an amendment to "protect" marriage, we say what?

GOP trying to use gay marriage issue to alienate minorities from Dem party

What's the state of their marriage? I hear a lot of people are worried

O'Reilly and Scarborough sharing remote locations?

Please DU this AOL poll on Bush's performance

Glance at Tuesday's primaries in 8 states

Civil Disobedience: Tilting at War

New Army Field Manual on interrogation omits Geneva Detainee Rule

London celebrates Environment Day with world's longest clothesline

NYT: Bill Clinton fund-raising tour goal: $20M to recapture Congress

John Murtha wins "Profiles in Courage" Award!

Cindy Sheehan Joins Jonathan Tasini Today for Petition Drive Kickoff

NYT editorial: Divide and Conquer the Voters

States join forces against electoral college

Any quotes from Ken Mehlman or David Dreyer today

Don't laugh - I have the answer

How low will today's antics push AlFuquad's numbers? NO ONE is supporting

FEMA in charge of enormous effort for the U.S. government's survival

Did I miss a class in American History?

Harry Reid:"The Senate should be working on real issues":sign petition

DU this poll in red state Oklahoma!

bush, cheney, neo-cons, PNAC: here's the Cliff notes version

My LTTE that won't get published....

Dean praises Schweitzer, promises heavy hitters in Montana, attacks Burns

No More Iraq Funds until the public knows about "George's Palace" !

the U.S. threatens Latin countries not to elect whom they want to elect

Myanmar's unturned page

United 93 actor defends portrayal

Unblinking Observer: Photos Show a War Beyond Investigations

Most in N.O. uncertain of future

Arianna Huffington: What Haditha Means to Our Safety

Future military radio menu could be more pop, less talk

Bush and Rove Wag the Gays - Yes they are Incompetent, but You should Supp

Impeachment begins at home...

Detailed debunking of Manjoo's Official Return and Exit Poll points

Who's responsible for DHS cutbacks? (all together now...CLINTON!)

JASON MILLER: Of Water, Human Beings and Other "Worthless" Commodities

US doing Al-Qaeda's propaganda work.

I was asked to write a letter concerning the CA election for a local newsp

Is A Deal Possible?


Debunking the Debunker

Craig Unger:The War They Wanted, The Lies They Needed

Outsourcing Smarts - Death of US Engineering

Distracter in Chief

Molly Ivins: Flag Burning and Other Dubious Epidemics

"Groundhog Day" in Asia: Unwinnable Wars

Repulsive repeal of estate tax

FR Chair Bernanke:lousy investment returns(housing)leading to more saving?

Does the Fed want a market crash.

An idiot's take on global warming

Lula Authorizes 1,500-Kilometer Road Through Heart Of Amazon - Reuters

Desertification, Erosion Accelerate In Portugal As Leaders Talk On And On

That's not a whirlpool, mate, THIS is a whirlpool!

Dairyland Power Invests in Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plants

Uranium pursuit fuelling prices

Reflooded Iraqi Marshes Showing Encouraging Signs Of Recovery - AFP

Iran To Build Refinery In Venezuela - AFP

Solar is a real option: CSIRO Report says sun will soon match coal (Oz)

UK Executives Converge On 10 Downing, Urge Blair To Act On Climate - BBC

IAEA now considers that nuclear power capacity will grow 22-44% by 2025

Cornell - Most Direct Link Yet Between Acid Rain, Sugar Maple Decline

Arctic Tundra Greens Rapidly While Boreal Dries & Burns, Study Finds

John Prescott Drives 200 Yards In Jaguar To Speak On Global Warming

Lloyds Of London - Climate Change May Destroy Insurance Industry

Today, the Gulf of Mexico is officially...


Israel, Egypt Placed on U.S. Trafficking Watch List

When Arabs kill Arabs, when Arabs divide the land

Hamas operatives working on adding toxic chemicals to bombs

Qassam strikes house in Sderot after IAF kills two Gaza militants

Analysis: Fatah and Hamas still have 40 days to reach a compromise

Mubarak: If talks fail, we will find other solutions

Towering Inferno-- First Interstate Bank Fire

Humboldt: VCC Rejects Results of CA Primary

Cliff Arnebeck's response to Farhad Manjoo article:

Dobbs is on a roll! Warren Stewart and Avi Rubin are on tonight!

Do you worry about primary fixing?

RFK Jr. on, ahem, Fox

Someone Needs to Educate Ed Schultz.

Election Reform, Fraud,& Related News |06.06.06| 666*Edition*666

Video: Lou Dobbs on Private Voting Machines "Threat to Our Democracy"

Election Assistance Comm. was completely zeroed out in the appropriations!

Fitrakis on Majority Report (AAR) tonight 6/6/06

Diebold machines pressed into service

Peter B. Collins Just Announced I'll Be On His Show (5:15pm PT 6/6)

Blackwell under fire

HELP MY IGNORANCE! (CA-50 vote today)

So much for the TV Whimps.. but where the hell are Marshall, Drum & Kos

CNBC to discuss electronic voting in the next segment.

cross post on latest response to critics of Rolling Stone magazine

Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! A TRUTHISALL repost:

Did the ON TV media get orders to stay SILENT about RFK article?

Cross Post of excellent analysis (IMO) of Election Fraud

My three-year-old's primary vote...

First early returns are in.

Are there any exit polls/articles yet?

Cedar Falls, Iowa - paper ballots with electronic touchscreens

Time to start the Nussle bashing and put the inner wars behind us

Well, I voted

Music Services Sell Out Fair Use - Internet video copies w/be next.

Looking for a Scheduling Program

Why I am leaning away from Richie.

a few more convention details from my SDEC member

Boyd Richie is completely out of touch...

self delete

How about we send a copy of the Rolling Stones issue that

Brian Williams to leave CBC

Federal budget passes unopposed on mix-up

Here's a bit of D-day trivia my brother told me.

Canadian industry will lose billions on new Forces planes, Liberals charge

US: Critics Wary of Development Plans for Utah Land

Bush's Cash, Not His Company, Sought by Republican Candidates

NBC workers authorize strike

New York police who led double lives as Mafia hitmen jailed

U.S. Curbs Iraqi Civilian Deaths In Checkpoint, Convoy Incidents

Iraq PM's worst enemies could be Shi'ite allies

Holy Shit - 12 B-2's just took flight

Car Bomb Hits U.S. Convoy in Afghanistan

NYT: 500 Conspiracy Buffs Meet to Seek the Truth of 9/11

Crashed Chinese military plane was surveillance aircraft: Reports

Reid, Ensign staff travel spotlighted:Aides visited Italy, Turkey and Aust

Weld likely on brink of quitting (NY) gov race

Veterans groups sue over data theft

Iraq PM says 2,500 detainees will be freed

Indonesia defense minister warns US over anti-terror fallout

Iraqi PM to release 2,500 prisoners

U.S. commander to review Haditha report

Critics say Reid inconsistent: Senator's stance on gay marriage attacked

Source: Killing of Iraqi may have been 'premeditated'

US offering Iran Nukes...

Airport Authority endorses Miramar for new airport site

Most in N.O. uncertain of future

Congress, courts push back against Bush's assertions of presidential power

President rips SJC on gay marriage (Boston Globe)

CNN/AP: Voters cast ballots today in bellwether for fall election

BBC: World Assn. of Newspapers Congress grills Putin on press freedom

LAT: Critics Wary of (and West watches) Development Plans for Utah Land

Senators Seek Answers in FBI Probe of Journo Jack Anderson

3 British soldiers cleared in Iraqi death

Commuting programs take bite out of gas prices

Iran Receives Anti-Nuclear Incentives

Field commanders tell Pentagon Iraq war 'is lost'

Solana offers nuclear incentives to Iran

Senators seek answers in probe of reporter

Iraq oil production rises 15 percent in southern fields (to 1.95 mbpd)

Villagers Evacuated From Indonesia Volcano

(Gallup) Bush Approval Rating Shows Modest Improvement (36%)

Police find 9 severed heads in Iraq

Today is Election Day. Know the following US Code. Bring Repukes 2 Justice

Calif. Demands Answers On Oil Prices (AG puts CEOs under oath)

Texans to fete (Tom) DeLay at French restaurant

Troops cleared of killing Iraqi teenager

Congress and Courts Push Back Against Bush

Kennedy up on CSpan2 re: Marriage Amendment

NYT: Conservatives Watching Senate Debate on Gay Marriage

Iraqi army takes over from US in rebellious area (Habbaniya, Anbar)

US Official Plays Down Iraq PM Comments on Haditha

Peru's president-elect softens criticisms of Chavez

Canada Says Terrorists Planned to Behead Harper, Defense Says

No charges against police in teen's shooting

Blackwell gets registrants' anger ,denies trying to disenfranchise voters

Corn Yields Set to Rise to Meet Ethanol Needs

Argentina Sees ‘Breeding Ground’ for Army Disquiet ("Dirty War supporters"

NYT/AP: Vatican Issues Sweeping Condemnations (on "family" issues)

Weld drops out of N.Y. governor's race

CNN: Baghdad targeted civilian killings soar in May (to 1,398)

Hare selected to replace Evans in Illinios 17

National Security agency will not disclose gay surveillance

Bush's Troubles Shake the GOP Base (33% Pew Poll)

Number of Florida foster kids, who are vanishing, is skyrocketing

Senators urge Bush to act on Haditha probe

Active-duty troops' data stolen from VA (Additional)

Missouri Repeals Gay Sodomy Law!

World could handle Iran oil cutoff: Bodman (U.S. Energy Secretary)

President Bush arrives at Eppley


Roadside bomb kills two US soldiers-Afghan officials

CA: U.S. House race watched for shift to Democrats

Canada terror suspect charges made public

Specter Won't Subpoena Telecom Executives

Nigerian wanted a cut, tape says (Jefferson Probe)

Neo-Nazis attack Croatia Chief Rabbi outside Zagreb synagogue

Singer-songwriter Billy Preston dead at 59

U.S. warns Germany on World Cup sex workers

Only a third of UK overseas troops could have voted

Do all Famous People know each other? Is there a secret handshake?

Question for anyone who watched Jay Leno tonight...

Boycott Chase

Job interview time...

The Siren

Omaha Bin Ladin

Wow. I just found out I'm related to the first American anarchist.

I think I just found my intellectual forebear - who's yours?

Investment rule number one.... If you see a stratgey advertised

So, um, I guess Satan is coming for us tomorrow (or today, depending on

Is this going too far? SIRA Act

very expensive cat toy...

amazing video (nice break from politics)

'Boys Beware' — 1961 'educational' video about gay predators

Once In A Lifetime: Wolfsheim Or Talking Heads

I need help with something

Woe to you Oh Earth and Sea

Man Shoots Woman Caught Siphoning Gas

Is there any website editor lamer than Dreamweaver?

Do Foil Helmets Work?

"So...Iran invaded Kuwait back in the early 90s and now it's all come full

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

I woke up at 3:33 on 6/6/06! What does that mean?!

What time is the world gonna end?

Tuesday earworm.

Happy Hexmas!

Anyone know where to find out what % of countries in the UN are African?

Proof that the Apocalypse will happen today June 6th, 2006

Ahem: Today is...

MatcomNews: Do YOU Have Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia ??

omg!!!!111 the WORLD just ended!!!111

Ooh. Another 6/6/06 thread.

Please send MASSIVE good vibes to dolo and hedges

Tonight, I found out that Redstone is a ticking time bomb to armageddon

Mayor Says Brothels And Cemeteries Don't Mix

Dog Haiku'z...

go'head, take candy from strangers, and just see what happens...

Having a baby on 06-06-06

Jason Bonham has left UFO for FOREIGNER? What's next, Hanson?

I have discovered the Liquid Graphite Pencil.......

hey Progmom;.... calling Progmom ...


Well, I am glad 6/6/6 is finally over, but it is waaaay past bedtime.

6/6/06 - 62nd Anniversary of D-Day. How will you celebrate?

Ancient rock star may depict exploding art.


In honour of 06/06/06 ----- MAIDEN!!!

I was lost,

What should we call people who are offended by written words?

Partied with The Boss last Saturday!

Have you ever said "off the hook?"

I very much need some career guidance... help!

Oh for the love of (yet another bit of co-worker stupidity)

My dog is minty fresh!

Gerald Ford's still alive, right?

Surgeons Successfully Remove Third Arm From Infant

Time again for 10 Questions - but this time with a Twist


Ex's make up the dumbest excuses to call

Did you ever see Ghost World? (Spoiler alert)

DC DUers -- what's happening this weekend in DC? Exhibits?

Rabrrrrrr has too may friggin' "R's" in his name.

Ancient rock art may depict exploding star

I just searched on my name. None of you have mentioned me recently.

The day is half-over. We we doomed yet?

Howdy Loungers!

If the Rapture's coming today, can someone come over and get it on w/ me?

What kind of subatomic particle would YOU be?

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

Can you wake (have you woken) yourself from a bad dream?

Fans of Trader Joe's - article at SFGate

So Shell Beau, for whom did you vote today?

Well, one day on trimspa and I think i'm going to stop.

A question about making coffee. HELP

If the Rapture does come...

Forget it

A flock of B-52s just flew over dropping leaflets!

This business of "666" being the number of the beast is wrong!

Who has been in the most movies?

"Ungodly people shouldn't be allowed to raise kids..."

**Hey, Loungers--"They" DO Write Good Stuff! Example:

Somebody set fire to my neighbor's house!

Cat questions

Swimming Elephants 3:30 pm EST

Richard Feynman

This is a ***SEX THREAD*** and Skinner can't lock it!

What's for lunch?

Pee-Wee Herman coming to Adult...

In honor of Madonna & today's date....her most "scandalous" songs.

Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Bush in border patrol photo op (hilarious)

I wish Opie and Anthony would die in a fiery crash.

I should have a foster god in a few hours.

Everythingsxen wants Fight Club to be real

Who is a Jazzercise addict? What's your favorite routine?

A stamp upside down means sent w/ love...

Mmmmm, Fresh Bok Choy from my garden.

Who is the Fifth Beatle?

Am I the only one that doesn't like "best" threads?

On this day of the Beast

Except for Satan occupying the White House, 6/6/6 has been unremarkable.

Canceled. Pic too big :( nt.

Shiloh Pitt

Please VOTE for the Dick Cheney Brokeback Mountain parody...

Who is Mahatma Kane Jeeves?

Today is the anniversary of RFK's death in 1968

Heh - Today's forecast high: 66 degrees.

First thing Jesus would do if he returned...

Eating Chocolate to Clear Up Acne, Pierced Eyeglasses, and more!

You think they doctored this photo to make his eyes glow?

Friggin hilarious E-Bay auction.

NOTICE: I HATE extremely graphic

Quick assessment...

Official Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat (NBA Finals) Game 1 Thread


Where is Bin Laden?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/6/6)

Ice Cube Tray Rant.


People with solemates

Woody Harrellson on the birth of his daughter:

A Grouper is...

NO Sex today!

I want my money back

Wedding Called Off After Bride & Groom Throw Punches

Okay, who bought Paramount and why? (CBS?)

75 year old man fends off coyote, saves dog...

Hey Lounge..guess how many posts I have?

SpongeBob Death Metal

I just bought a lottery ticket and chose 666 as my number

Off to the Aspie meeting I go...

It ain't easy bein' Green.

Favorite Sean Connery Bond Film

Billy Preston died, age 59

Five years ago yesterday, John Hartford passed away

A little help.

Will you vote your continence?

Dumb question: what exactly is a Semite?

WARNING: Extremely Graphic - This is really sad.

Weekend trip to Disneyland with Tavernertoddler

No pitcher taken #1 in the draft has ever won 20 games

Favorite Roger Moore Bond Film

Favorite Bond film not with Connery or Moore

Tuesday, June 6. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Horrible tragedy averted in Fond Du Lac...

Anyone else had pneumonia this year?

Happy birthday wishes to.............

Dumb question: what exactly is a Sodomite?

Should I see a movie at the theater for the 3rd time or is that overboard?

Broadway Thread! Name all the shows/plays you've seen.

i'm back, did you miss me?

I just ordered 2 potty training books and DVD's

Name the Kitty

Most underrated fruit?

I'm a pinball beast

In honor of RFK , I quote one of his quotes....


You might be a republican if...

a film everyone should see...

When's the best time to trim the plants in the yard?

How do you like my evil avatar, on a scale of 1-6?

Dear DU: What to do in the aftermath of a melt-down?

As the other picture threads are getting too long

I should have a foster dog in a few hours.

What's your favorite non-English language musical CD?

Does this sound remotely fair to you?

What is this a photo of?

Favorite Quotes

Jessica Simpson asks Pam Anderson how she ran so slow in "Baywatch."

Book Review: The New Basics Cookbook (1989) Rosso & Lukins

Check out this cool effect!

name a song you love that's got a city name in the title

Have you seen ROOTS?

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Please send good vibes and prayers our way.


When did being part of a musical 'scene' become

I'm dating a NeoCon!! Help!

Waltzing Matilda

Philly, NJ folks: please come see me play this weekend at the shore!!!

Copy your screen name. Hit GOOGLE IMAGES! Post the best here.

Lion Kills Man Who Went Into Kiev Zoo Cage

Vatican issues sweeping condemnations

16 million in US have road rage due to chemical problem in their

It's heeeeeere

so who/what is a christian?

Lioness Kills Man Invoking God (so many Xians, not enough lions!)

Ignorance, Fanaticism and Tyranny--the 3 enemies of Freemasonry.

Forget tolerance. It's about affirmation and celebration.

Your opinions please - when I say * is not a Christian

Suppose Mel Gibson claims that the current Pope is gay.

Breast cancer drug study brings surprises

Do you buy prescription drugs online? Where?

Hepiaitis C

Mini-planet systems get stranger (BBC)

Tooth gives up oldest human DNA (BBC)

Researchers find hidden Greek text on 'world's oldest astronomy computer'

Great comment from my 4-year-old nephew.

TIme for another GLBT allies rally thread

Same sex marriage and the Jewish dilemma

Rep. Inhofe: "Never been a homosexual in my family." Wanna bet?

BBC defends DJ's 'gay' jibe

TAKE ACTION on the "Marriage Amendment"

CNN: CIA documents reveal that they knew Adolf Eichmann was

"A Day Without Gays"

Dead Marine's Father Sues Anti-Gay Protesters

WNBA: Phoenix Mercury 0-4

Former major league umpire Eric Gregg -- RIP

Self delete.

Just for fun: the astrology of J.K. Rowling.

My spirit is moving me to do something to make a difference

Anybody listening to the Wingnut Gay Marriage foam-at-the-mouth-a-thon?

Debunking the Swift Boat Liars--A Blogging Marathon

Ed Schultz on Barfbag

I just found out something WAY COOL.

Webb and Miller to appear on Hardball Thursday evening

Basic Question

Salute JK in GDP

Former JK Opponent, Weld, Encouraged to Drop Out of NY Governor's Race

So this is more important than withdrawal (Unbelievable!)

Why am I not surprised. Blackwell and Corsi and Lies, oh my!

Kerry on the marriage amendment.

This Has Probably Been Asked Already (People Pics) But

Now we know what books are on O'Really's nightstand...

KOEB 6/6/06 "Without Keith, It's Hell" Edition

"Republican Rehab"

Brevity, Not boring people.

$ Getting ready for the next KATRINA $/ $ Global Warming $

WP: Govt drill 6/19 employees going to bunkers in MD and Va

DU another poll! Lots of these gay marriage ones around

2,476 now dead in W's Iraqi war

Is George W. Bush GAY? (in honor of GOP gay-bashing week)

VIDEO: Update on Haditha: "This could be a tipping point" (BBC Newsnight)

Let's have a REAL constitutional amendment protecting Biblical marriage!

Running for office...election is today...would this be overkill?

Just wanted to say - I'm proud of my Pink Triangle

Peace Movement ... Demanding Debate on Iraq in Congress.

this marriage amendment is one step

i still think we should reinvestigate bush`s

Yesterday * essentially defined our "free society" as one in which

How we doing on that 'Warron Terra'?

Conyers:Iran Overtures Ignored by Bush White House

It's primary day, folks. I don't get to vote until after 4 pm but

What is you favorite sin?

Terribly sorry about 6/6/06, but...

New Evidence Undermines U.S. Iraq Claims

Nazi group adds point person in Billings

One little question...

"Marriage Amendment"...the fundie overtones

Why does the Bush Admin NOT want to change the definition of marriage?

All Of Our Problems Have Been Solved

Good News Dept: The Human Target Approach by our Mil Commandrs

2 questions:why do we bribe countries and

Gay marriage is not even on the top 10 of American's concerns

Department of Homeland Security Is Run By Idiots

Republicans = Party of Hate and Corruption

They play divide and conquer as a means to claim fraWdulent election "win"

Spinning Phony Crises to Avoid Real Ones: By Eugene Robinson

Is it what the anti-immigration people here want? Expulse a 19 year old

Killing of Iraqi may have been 'premeditated'

U.S. Is Offering Deals on Trade to Entice Iran

Are Rabid Homophobes afraid they might actually enjoy it?

If they can "Define" marriage, why can't we "Define" Democracy?

Rumsfeld faces pressure over Haditha -------------->VIDEO LINK

Jeff Gannon's journalism teacher loses Pittsburgh news anchor job

AOL: Delay He was the King of Free Travel

Blanco set to sign the disgusting anti-abortion law in Louisiana.

Climate chaos: Bush's climate of fear------------> VIDEO LINK

2500 prisoners held by the US with no clear evidence against them.

DU this poll on gay marriage

The hypocrisy is stunning

Chattanooga paper: Right-wing pandering on gay marriage

CAPTION the Spinner-in-Chief

Gay, flag burning, illegal immigrants are everywhere ready to pounce.

I'll be out today. Should I fear falling off the edge of the Earth?

Diebold's fake watchdog site:

The Only Reason we Copulate is to Procreate?


LTTE made the cut

Go to Hell, Arlen Spector! You can't have it both ways!

The hell?

This year, the Profile in Courage Award goes to John Murtha

Go to this site and have some fun

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar......

A.C.L.U. Raises Surveillance as Issue in Big Phone Merger

And for my 666th post on 6-6-6......

Misconceptions of the Constitution

CAPTION this Triptych

Spector Wants Full Story of the Jack Anderson Search

Can't get Stephanie Miller Show stream

so who/what is a christian?

Jon Stewart On Net Assets, blah blah blah and 9-11

Phil Angelides and Steve Westly in California for Governor:

Ben Barnes (got * into TANG) on Lynn Cullen 11AM EDT (Coming Up)

Jack Anderson's son testifying on CSPAN now

Salt Lake City local radio about to play Dixie Chicks! Tune in now!

Marriage Ban is against Sep of Church and State!

Jon Stewart repeat no longer airs at 9am? What happened?

How about a "Gay Worker Program"?

MoveOn targets four in Congress for aiding 'war profiteer' Halliburton

Bush Fabricates Threat To Marriage, Blames ‘Activist Judges’

CNBC - voting machine Security Flaws - Now

BREAKING NEWS: It's been reported that George W Bush is NOT the antichrist

Call them "Anti-Christians"

If there is another attack made on US soil

Let's say Gay Marriage was banned. Would the Born Agains be happy then?

Today is D-Day. Was it really "a war with no ambiguity or lies".

2 New Bush Comics.

Stepfather Who Impregnated Teen With Syringe Gets 20 Years

CSPAN now: Sen Judiciary Com on publishing classified stuff -Leahy up now.

Dean to Republicans: Stop Using Marriage to Pander to Base

Just the thought of gay marriage has driven me off the deep end.

Former weapons inspector decries U.S. tone against Iran: 'humiliating'

Molly Ivins: Flag Burning and Other Dubious Epidemics

The louder they scream about morality, the more perverted they are.


Anybody else watching these idiots on C-SPAN2?

It's Official - Bush killing more than Saddam !

LIE # 66666

Bush Knows His History (RW: Death and poverty, stop complaining)

Anagram: Republican National Committee = Inept ballot count: America Mine

I've started calling them "connies"



Congress pushing back against Bush's expansion of presidential authority

Lou Dobbs, Racism, and Immigration.

Gov. Bush Signs Education Bill Requiring High School Majors

A Challenge to the Media: Defend Your Integrity

my ACCIDENTAL 666th post at DU will freak you out:

the worst male run country in the world, Saudia Arabia's morality police

New Heading: Junior's Gay Bashing is Really Clinton's Fault!

Just received this prayer request for our soldiers.........

Baltimore Sun: British media invading U.S.; offer another source of news

Is this Marriage Amendment unconstitutional? Question for DU lawyers...

Interesting poll comparing the GMA to George W. Bush.

american in Can. has interesting things to say about terror "sting"

Atrios has link to O'Reilly ass-kicking by KO last night

Medicaid Recipients will need citizenship

Happy Birthday Evil DUers! (6*6*6)

U.S. taxpayers buying slaves for Iraq

Kansas political shifts sign of things to come?

The personality trait I loathe the most about Bush on display now

Need to lose weight? Try the Pat Robertson Diet Shake

From out of the hills rides the The Lone Ranger...

oh,hell..watching * on msnbc...he's loaded.

Solving the "marriage crisis".....

Chimpy's (alleged) Extramarital Alffairs....

Will somebody please tell this moron that New Mexico is NOT Texas?

W just now: We need Mexicans to do the really shitty jobs.

On Guerilla Politics

Jon Stewart quote at Peabody awards

The Real Threat to Marriage: Top 10 GOP Adulterers

Senate Votes on Gay Marriage Ban This Week/ 60% emails so far support!

Good analysis of Mexico's coming election...Trouble ahead?

Second Worst Gun Dealer in the Country Ends Gun Sales Yea!

We need a Const. Amend, banning ALCOHOL - it threatens more marriages

World's Largest Laundromat runs on solar power

The Dangerous Americans, Richard Reeves

Dead Marine's Father Sues Anti-Gay Protesters

AP gives $500 award to reporter for biased Reid pieces

Support the RFK Memorial

Marriage amendment outlaws divorce?

American Exceptionalism !

Family Marriage Act: What Would Jesus Do?

Hate to start another Coulter thread, but she does not look well at all

Video of a raid on Pirate Bay, Sweden

Durbin/Reid kicking ass on the senate floor!!!!!!!!

Was Marx the Salman Rushdie of his Era?

Forward into the past - the Middle Ages

McCain: "I was just sad. You had a group of young people who are liberals"

Today Show has Ann Coulter for 666

Funny piece on CNN about Hell, Michigan

FBI releases SMALL part of VP's FBI records requested by SF blogger

Reuters: Norway shuts Wal-Mart out of $240 bln fund

WJ: Gay Mexicans coming to the US to burn the flag

Is border-fence building really rocket science...check out these pics

What is going on in Iraq?

Pink Triangles: Congressional Edition

Local Salt Lake Radio has challenged listeners to request Dixie Chicks

Who's getting spam with political subject lines?

Guess what the Unfit-for-Command p.o.s. is up to now (Minutemen)

HOLY SHIT - 12 Monkies just flew out of Bush's Butt!

Bush's approval rating notches second rise

This morning Jerry Springer made me cry

Did Bill Richardson screw Wen Ho Lee?

Funny: Analysing the Robertson "1,000lb leg press" video.

For your entertainment - George Bush screensaver

Congressional Boondoggles Said to Total $50 Million

RUSH: Liberals Ecstatic About Haditha - Gang Rape By Dems To End War

Congressmen took 50 MILLION in FREE TRIPS

Uh... so the Naval Base Coronado (NBC) in California ...

BTW- Rush is taking calls from people who don't exist

My 6-6-06 Mini Rant

Should DU Members be allowed to question Kennedy?

What kind of TWO NUTCASES say this?.....

Dear Abby...

Palast vs. Coulter-Battle of the Books

A flock of B-52s just flew over dropping leaflets!

NSA won't confirm, deny holding evidence of spying on gay community

Psssssstttt...want to read the reviews of Ann Coulter's new book

How the right wins elections with moral panic

I am officiating a wedding on Saturday afternoon.

"I voted for Bush, but now I wish I'd never done it, Twice". Ha! Ha ha!

Charlie Reese made an important point in his column

How can a Gay person join the Republican Party?

Today's Guy James Show...

I am now officially forming a group, the Voyeurmen, based on the

Russ is up on C-SPAN 2!

How many marriages does the Federal Government officiate in?

* has rolled up his sleeves (again) and put up the big backdrop - pics

Gay marriage as smokescreen for the market tanking

I'll tell you what marriage needs protection from: weddings.

Imagine this: Dateline September 15, 2006, Ann Counter on Today...

Limbaugh: Liberals Are ‘Ecstatic’ About Haditha,


CAPTION "Mi Casa e Su Casa"

First US Officer To Publicly Refuse To Deploy To Iraq

Add YOUR favorite CARTOON supporting GLBT rights to this thread!

this asshat on C-Span 2 from LA is basically making the case to outlaw

Al Franken's books: Available in German.

Vatican attacks gays as pope looks to Spain


Debunking Rs claim that most Americans want marriage amendment.

Randi will be on Lou Dobbs again, tonight.

VIDEO (GRAPHIC): Iraqi atrocities-are there more? (Channel 4 UK)

HATCH JUST SAID something like since this nation was founded

That's it, I am going to commit the ultimate act of civil disobedience

Justice Department's Black Site

Serious Irony Alert!!!!

Billy Preston died, age 59

How disgusting is Ann Coulter?

Gallup: Bush approval rating up for second time! all the way to 36%

Why are the Dems participating in the GMA debate?

so i just voted for JUDGE ROY MOORE for gov of AL

"Dear Dr. Laura" *updated* - time to pass it around again ?

Iranian TV broadcasts footage of alleged Ishaqi massacre at Ishaqi Update E-mail Amendment Sent this Morning

Check out the upsidedown stars on the GOP logo, according to Thom


Long Island DUers- Coulter Book Signing tomorrow

On Montel Show NOW: Lou Dobbs (east coast)

AOL Poll: How far has the administration taken its powers?

Boycott Borders for pushing Ann Coulter's "Godless".


FBI releases part of Vice President's FBI records(1st Request In 1969)

ROFLMAO !!! - THIS... Is A Classic !!!

Where is "BushEatsBeef"?

Harry Reid: Bush wants to frighten, distort, distract & confuse America

It's 6/6/06. Is today the day * will reveal himself as the Antichrist?

Goodbye Blue Sky on THE WALL w/graphics!! gives us a chance to make peace

"Its Great Blog Fodder"

DNC: Dean on Bush's Border Failures - PRESS RELEASE

how many who are talking 666 have primary elections today in their states?

Is there anyone dumber than Sam Brownback?

Sigh... Another Open Letter To Shrub

When I got married, God had nothing to do with it.

The irony of all this is that the fundies do not understand the...

What's the turnout looking like in Calif? I'm in Ga. and I'm not hearing

"I want to go and kill people, so we can go home..."

Need some help with a reply to my Repuke Congressman. He's really

The Consitution: "Not to be Used for Short-Term Political Gain"

Today is Election Day. Know the following US Code. Bring Repukes 2 Justice

Roadside bomb kills 2 soldiers in Afghanistan

c-span 2 - Mark Dayton

June 6, 1944 a mighty armada crossed a narrow strip of sea...

John Thune won't let it happen!

Calling Karen Huges! Calling Karen Huges!

I'm done trying to "reason" with rightys...I'm freeking done...

Though they never say it, Homophobes would like to KILL homosexuals.

The stock market is going through the floor

"No Iraqi Left Me to Die on a Roof"

Why does Ann coulter ..

Christine Pelosi liveblogging from Busby Hdq tonight

Any voting irregularities? Tell me at Election Watch 2006!

Just Voted in the NJ Primary

Some Democrat needs to offer an amendment to the marriage amendment--

Why Is Glenn Beck Advertising On My Air America Affiliate?

Limbaugh admits to airing call from phony soldier

Randi is just FED UP and PISSED OFF today!!

After this gay marriage crap...

Pentecost 2006: Building a Covenant for a New America! June 26-28 in DC

I can't believe the hate-filled response from a "Christian"

Show me yours and I'll show you mine

Thank Mark Dayton!

Comment Sparse On 80 Percent State Farm Home Insurance Hike

We need Constitution Amendments against DIVORCE and ADULTERY

BBC: report says there is evidence of secret American prisons in Europe

AP: Illegal Workers Face Hardship in Big Easy

Italy PM urged to speed Iraq pullout after soldier killed

Diet Coke and Mentos - The Hilarious Experiments

Another Terrorist Attack Coming Soon - To An Election Near You...

What's the biggest threat to a marriage?

* looks like he's hiding something. Photoshop it @, **FUNNY**

What if....

Tell you what: Let’s not use the ‘‘stress of combat’’ excuse this time.

Debunking the Swift Boat Liars--A Blogging Marathon

Just got back from getting HAMMERED at the Grocery Store!

Why 666 is not to be feared...if you have a brain.


Maj. Gen. John Batiste was just on Ed Schultz's show

The dilemma of caring for wounded Iraqis

U.S.Senators urge Bush to act on Haditha probe

CNN- Dobbs to cover "the rising threat from nation wide voter fraud"

Randi is on FIRE

Princeton scholar fighting for legal immigration status

W speaks for anti gay marriage on 6-6-06??? the mark of the beast??

New TOON on Ann Coulter's li'l 9-11 widow smackdown:

Attn: DUers in or near Atlanta, GA

Republicans are just a lose-lose-lose game

TOON - 6/6/06 Bison are safe from Terrorists

Just got back from the Hardware Store with my DIY danger kit.

looks like bush lost another war...

One question that would expose george as the fraud he is

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush & Rove WANT Proposals TO FAIL!

CA-50 poll needs some help

Kennedy up on CSpan2 re: Marriage Amendment

Wasn't the Nevada Underground Nuke Test Today? Any News??

NOTICE: I HATE extremely graphic

Ugh...Tweety just said to Lott:

What are 5 000 South Africans doing in Iraq?

so, I need to refresh the stickers on my truck

Documents show post-war CIA covered up Nazi war crimes

Report: Pentagon to drop Geneva

I was busy watching TV. It's 6/6/6. Did the apocolypse hit yet?

What's Right With Kansas?

Anyone else note more and more about homegrown terrorists?


Why would * define marriage?

Just what is a "fiscal conservative?"

DU this history channel poll

I was just interviewed by CBS News at my polling place in CA-50.

Screw-The-Vote Tactic ??? - You Decide !!!

Bumper Sticker Challenge: Republicans are just Nazis too Lazy to March!

so...tomorrow benburch's little bird said we'd attack Iran

High hopes for drone in LA skies (BBC) {RPV/UAV "eye in the sky"}

Ted Baxter question on Malmedy

"I just bought your hard drive"

Cafferty re: Spectre: "Gutless Republican Worm"

San Diego is a shitty place to be a Democrat.

Baghdad Burning tells more truth than

Caption Arnie

Cofferdam of Three Gorges demolished in seconds (Yangtze River)

Protest idea: Divorce from the Institution of Marriage

The Waltons Will Be OK ...

INTERNET 201: How to (sometimes) find the location of an email sender.

Randi Rhodes is on Lou Dobbs now.

GOP = MOTO (masters of the obvious)

I voted, but as of 5:15 pm, of the 765 people that live

Tester vs. Morrison....who's going to win?

WSJ Attacks Fitzgerald

Harris says she would not "kowtow" to the administration or her party

Randi's on with Lou now

Officials: Another Terrorist Attack in the US By Years End

It's 6/6/6 and we are still here

Pentagon set to drop Geneva convention

Who is this smuck on with Lou Dobbs spouting bible verses?

Let's check up on Anne Coulters' "Realtor", shall we?

Post # 666. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, Gonzales, Chertoff.....

Republicans are Satan Worshipers

Will any AIR AMERICA people be at the TALE BACK AMERICA conference?

Dobbs Poll

too early for Ca 50th results (Cunningham seat)??

Not a Jay Leno fan, but he had a great line re: the hate amendment

If Ann Coulter is a Christian - what church does she attend?

Why we should NOT debate gay marriage, at this time.

Why is the government refusing to hire American workers?

The Tall Blond Woman In the Short Skirt With the Big Mouth

Voting today?

Voted today in California using PAPER BALLOT :-)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Farhad Manjoo face off

Guardian targets American audience: ambition to become liberal voice

Thom Hartmann doing Majority Report!!!!!

Looking for a cool KKK t-shirt? Check out Christian Books and Things!

Another gay marriage poll to DU...

Riverbend's "Bad Day..."

My jerk neighbor just stole another neighbors charitable donation

Just voted in Jersey on our nice new Sequoia voting machines

OMG, did anyone else hear the anti-global warming scientist on Wolfie?

If "Marriage" Is About Raising Children & GLBT are Not Allowed Then...

Rapture Right Strikes: Delaying births to avoid the 666 Label

Check out the delicate flower's (AC) book reviews on Amazon!

Study: Divorce rate higher among Fundies and Southerners

Thom Hartmann is Speaking to Elmer Fudd the Dudd

If we ignore Ann Coulter, will she go away?

Local Dick Cheney enjoys VIP ratings at disclosed location - ROFL

I don't understand- How can tax cuts be "permanent"?

VIDEO (GRAPHIC): Violent Baghdad deaths top 6,000 since Jan. 1 (BBC News)

Cindy Sheehan on Democracy Now tomorrow

Swing State Project: Today's Elections

Frustrated in CA 36th

Shrub's new nickname?

Neil Cavuto interviews RFK JR.

Please DU this poll . . . .

Why does illegal meth destroy teeth, but prescription meth does not?

New low in Pew poll - 33% & Even Core Constituents Less Enthusiastic

Please read these two articles and tell me what you think

Hysterical anti-Hillary letter in my local rag

Ann Coulter is a (bleeping)-ing WHORE!

You may get "Current TV" on your TV...

Would you support a draft of some kind?

Would it help if we all got divorced?

Did you ever wonder if maybe God was slightly gay him/her self?

DNA sequenced from Neanderthal tooth.

In Defense of Federal Patriarchy Amendment - H.J. Res. 666

Let's gather historic list of governments that targeted gays for exclusion

Santorum on CSpan2 now...

List of gay composers and a representative work...

Does the Dem Party have a website to track primary results?

The War They Wanted, The Lies They Needed - Vanity Fair

My theory on anti-gay bigots

Bush will not follow any subpoenas...

Hmmm, What's Up? - Another Attack On Fitz

"Dow Falls to Worst Close Since March" DUer Joe was RIGHT yesterday.

Messages to congress via 51% against marriage

The times, they aren't a-changin'. A contemplation.

Robert Francis Kennedy (June 6, 1968)

If liberman wins the primary against Ned Lamont, I do not see much

Today is D-Day, and I see very little being said about it

Parlez Vous DeLay?

USA may put Special-Forces-led assassination or kidnapping teams in Iraq

Who is YOUR favorite gay or lesbian icon throughout history?

Coulter on 9/11 Widows: "Never Seen People Enjoy Husband's Death So Much"

A Message For The "Religious" Right -- rant

The Dubai-ing of America

Bush: Discrimination 'Serves Interests of All'

It is not 6/6/6. It is 06/06/2006. Get over it.

This is so fucking scary...

Display Will Give Meat-Eaters Pause as ‘Cowboy’ Gets Basted and Grilled

A Shameful Political Ploy: by Senator Russ Feingold (at Kos)

Red Alert -the good, the bad, the ugly..FACTS of the Gay Ban

AMAZING Democracy Now! show today (interviewed 4 antiwar Dem challengers)

Bill Oreilly didn't come up with the Malmedy lie on his own.

How long shall they kill our prophets?

"Giving a Bible to a politician is like giving a blowtorch to a pyromaniac

How British Labour moved to the right (graphic)

VOTE for the Dick Cheney Brokeback parody at Huffington Post

I'm coming out of the closet on DU today!!!!

Is there a definitive debunking of Swift Boat Vets online?

I have been very touched by the reactions of so many on this board

I called Focus on the Family today. They hung up on me.

A message from sex guru Annie Sprinkle; EXPOSED!-- IN SAN FRANCISCO!

Jon Stewart's Emmy Ad - Check it Out

LTTE by a loving mother of a gay son - powerful and moving - pass it on

'Lection Day TOONS - Vote for your favorite TOON!

Should Churches who teach Homosexuality as a sin be subject to

DU looks so gay today!

Don't you know why gay love "hurts" marriage?


666 Back by popular request...........

PERFECT cartoon in Salt Lake City Tribune today (wedge issues)

If you think Chavez is a horrible dictator that abuses the citizens of

Bush Appointed to 3rd Term: Prez Rallies Troops Defending White House

Should Democratic Party come out in support of gay-marriage ?

And, If I May, A Word Or Two About David Kennedy, RFK's Fourth Son...


'Scuse me but have we somehow unwittingly morphed into a "rogue state?"

Kids using Aspartame To Get "High"

Do NOT pin your hopes of a Bush demise on Leola McConnell.

Things Republicans would never say:

Former Duke Lacrosse Player Named Interim Coach

Chelsea v. Jenna ... LOL, our old pal Jerky GETS it!

Find Law: The Cold Hard Proof that the Duke Defendants are Innocent

Know your BFEE: At every turn, JFK was opposed by War Party

AP: Senators Seek Answers in Probe of Reporter


The Impeach Team - Winograd (CA-36), McClosky (CA-29) & Coleman (CA-28)

worst bill you never heard of

Ann Coulter Has Great Agent/Manager...

Today Show v. Good Morning America

Will Bush's low poll ratings in California affect today's race?

Bush Heads to New Mexico, Texas to Promote Immigration Reform

FMA, flag burning amendments provide smokescreen to repeal estate tax.

None of them or their families are blaming Saddam Hussein

WP political blog, Chris Cillizza: Your Guide to Key Races in 8 States

Does anyone know??

John Murtha wins JFK Profile in Courage award

Dem Senator Lieberman May Be First Big Political Casualty Of Iraq War

George Washington on gay marriage and other bigotry

What's all this I hear about the Gay Marriage Band?

AP: Senate Not Likely to Pass Gay Marriage Ban

Governor Jeb Bush Says He'll Pass on Al Gore's Movie

remember the "domino theory" in south east asia during the 60`s?

2 New Bush Comics.

Byrd set to become longest-serving senator

Son of Capitol Police Chief Assaulted on the Hill

AP: U.S. to give Iran nuclear technology

Amend the Constitution about gays (3-5%) but not about women (51%)

When the Hate Gay Amendment fails will the gop seek to bring back slavery

Anyone know when the anti-gay, pro-hate BS comes to a vote?

R. Sen. Wayne Wayne Allard is scared so he's talking shit

Bob Casey Jr. on the war

Open thread to Randi Rhodes

I couldn't pick between the lesser of two evils

13 days from 06 06 06 another date too look forward to....

How can they win our war...

Kern County California: Electronic Machines DOWN!

Rape and cash buyoff, the true definition of Traditional Marraige - anyone

who "reaped about 250 billon dollars"

REAL threat to working class marriages - Ignoring the living wage issue.

If the Repubs really believe their own talking points

Gay marriage is a smokescreen issue to cover election fraud

Mandatory Draft Bill Snuck In - To Be Debated 6-6-06

DUers don't know to vote for DEBRA BOWEN for Calif SoS?! Ye gods!

R. Sen Wayne Wayne Allard call for Fed. inquiry of Air Marshals

Feingold on the Senate floor speaking against FMA at 2:42PM EST.

Former JK Opponent, Weld, Encouraged to Drop Out of NY Governor's Race

Here's What Happened When I Voted

MICHAEL STRIMLING for Governor in the Calif Democratic Primary...

Isn't there any news from "that" district in CA?

Democratic plan for childcare, college

Brownback highlights financial strain on families from divorce - please

we all need some laughter...

Why does the constitution have to amended to ban same sex marriages?

Just Voted in Alabama Primary

How come Skilling and Lay are convicted but we can't touch Bush?

Hate Group "Alliance for Marriage"' has private meeting with Bush

MT-US Senate Dem Primary - Tester camp is feeling good

We need some ACTION! Some INDICTMENTS! Some LEAKS! Something!

Haditha Rorschach Test (Tom Tomorrow)

DEBRA BOWEN for Calif Sec'y of State! Vital! Spread the word!

George W. Bush turns 60 in one month. Drink responsibly.

Honestly, does a dominatrix have any chance of becoming NV Governor?

Ricky Santorum trying to belittle Bob Casey by calling him Bobby

Video - Ned Lamont: "Nobody will call me George Bush's Favorite Democrat"

Am I so out of touch?

Senator Cornyn's highly partisan attack on c-span2 now

NE Ohio Businesses Switch Donations from Blackwell to Strickland

With friends like these

Senator Boxer up now on C-span 2!

AZ Gov. Vetoes Another Immigration Bill

Keep DUing this poll on gay marriage! Is it a smokescreen?

666- the highway

Any Early News on Winograd????

If you don't mind, I will now taunt Mr. Karl Rove, using his own language.

Meet America's Most Influential Stem Cell Scientists

So I went to vote this morning

Republican interviewed on Hardball say she has changed to democrat

Sharpton-Tucker coming up on Hardboil. Should be fun.

Both Alabama senators preaching hate....

5 more hrs in CA: Have you voted for DEBRA BOWEN for Sec of State yet?

campaign finance reform

Bush on 666 on Border Patrol - PHOTOS

"Guest Worker" status. NAFTA and CAFTA in the States themselves?

I just voted in CA and asked for/got a paper ballot!


The 3 Percent President

Need help with publicity

Did anybody catch Jack Cafferty?

The "Uniter, not a Divider" is on CNN (clip) complaining

you're supposed to say 'I'm sorry, I was wrong'...

Looks Like MSM Has Taken Up The Awwnauld Flag Again....

The Real Threat to Marriage: Top 10 GOP Adulterers

Music Services Sell Out Fair Use - Internet video copies w/be next.

The New Medicare Requirement

Jesus did speak of homosexuality and divorce

What is the state of the Democratic Party right now?

DEBRA BOWEN's opponent for Calif SoS doesn't even have web site!

Anyone got a tinfoil hat and want to dissect

Tracking Today's Primary Results - AL, CA, IA, MS, MT, NJ, NM, SD

Anybody else's posts not appearing in Gen. Discussion--Politics?

C&L Vid Clip: Coulter attacks 9/11 widows on "The Today Show"

Bye-bye, DiFi? (California primary election today)

Huff Post's Bill Robinson:"An Inconvenient Gore" (we've changed, not Gore)

turn out

Ohio 2004: The Howard Dean Interview (Rolling Stone -National Affairs...)

I voted on a Diebold Machine today

Senator Edward M. Kennedy: Denying Americans' Freedoms

T Lott: "If you're 60 and liberal, there's something wrong with your mind"

MSNBC: Electoral earthquake could begin in California Tonight

Voting Reform: Without It, the Next Election Is Also Doomed(Rolling Stone)

Edwards E-mail for "Net Neutrality" [SIGN PETITION]

Fact, Fallacy, and an Overall Grade of `F`

Did anyone hear Ed Schultz say RFK's Rolling Stone article was boring?

A salute to those Dems who had the guts to vote against DOMA ten years ago

Any early news on Busby?

Jeff Greenfield: "I think we may see Moderate Repubs switch to Dem Party"

Bush in NM: Rolled up sleeves, cowboy hats, spittin' in a can, hoss.

WHAT in the Heck does this RFK, Jr. guy WANT anyway?? Man-o-man!!!

my experience voting today in CA on touchscreen, and discussion with

Will Zell Miller, Ann Coulter, & Mercy Me be seeing you Sept 3 in Denver?

Religious Right Hits Another Low on Gay Marriage