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Archives: June 5, 2006

Justice Department's Black Site (Hentoff / Village Voice)

A diversionary crisis of Bush's gay contrivance (The Age)

Associated Press writer Andrew Taylor crafts Biased Article - Says potenti

Terror arrests give novice leader election boost (Harper)


strib: The bogus case against estate taxes

Hillary and Bill: The Bonnie And Clyde Of Politics

Gore: a ...a "wild-eyed religious nut" whose "religion is the environment"

Marine's wife paints portrait of US troops out of control in Haditha

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 246

hydrogen from sunlight

Another anti-nuclear anti-Shoreham protester who has evolved like me.

Albatross numbers take steep dive (BBC) {commercial fishing to blame}

Desert cities are living on borrowed time, UN warns

75 mpg diesel electric hybrid Citroen Berlingo

Four Palestinians killed in Hamas-Fatah armed clashes

Video: John Bonifaz' address to the Mass Dem Convention

USA TODAY: Spate of Lawsuits Target e-Voting

Heads up, non-Christian Texas DUers - the GOP has declared war

I've got three flats of strawberries -- what are YOU canning this summer?

turkey tetrazzini...

Replacing ingredients.

NATO to double troop force in Afghanistan

Most Canadians oppose Tories on Afghanistan, Kyoto, new poll suggests

Dubai Firm Buys Times Square Hotel for $300 M--(and more)

Alleged Canadian terror plot has worldwide links

Mexican presidential race exposes class, ethnic tensions

Government 'guilty of causing Iraq aid worker's death'

WP: Bonded by Loss, Divided by War (Parents of Casualties)

Officials admit doubts over chemical plot (UK)

Oil climbs over $73 on worries over Iran flows

(KY -Gov) Fletcher's Spokesperson Resigns (after criticizing GOP official)

Coming to a pump near you: clean diesel

Reed, Graham: U.S. credibility at issue

Masked gunmen kill 21 Shiite students (So-is this a civil war yet?)

Foreclosures on Rise in Pima County (59% increase for entire US - Q1 2006)

Biden: Rumsfeld should step down; restates call, this time over Haditha

The world this week/Berlusconi hearing (BBC) {corruption, bribery charges}

Politicians: Haditha probe must go to top

Al-Qaida terrorizing Iraqi women

Bolivia starts land reallocation

This Time, Jerry Brown Wants to Be a Lawman (running for CA Atty General)

Peru Voters Return Garcia to Presidency; Humala Loses (Update8)

OMG - the new McDonald's french fry commercial. Freud would love it!

What's the last thing you did that you should have been arrested for?

yes!!! I can fit into my dress pants again!!!!

I love anime conventions

Hell, Mich., heats up for 6-6-6 party

Why is a sequel to "Garfield" being made?!

I never thought I'd like this song...

I just posted one of the most introspective blog posts on my myspace.

Chocalate Soy Pudding

Need Help with Art Work - Carol Grigg

Go Army Commercial


Bleedingheart Family is in Colorado for the Week.. give me ideas

I just put Meat Loaf in the oven.

American Flag Flip flops....

When I was young I never needed anyone....

Monday list thread (day off edition)

Should we help the Conservative Rock Song people?

You Tube clever marionette video.

Meet little Abcde Lynn...

Say DUers, should we start a new book series? _____ For Morans!

Any Pearl Django fans? I thought tnot.

Wow - Bobby Flay is deep frying a chunk of bacon!

Dammit, why the hell are the Pussy Cat Dolls famous?

Oh man. Jon Stewart nails Dear Leader so bad in this.

Hey Chris - has your wife shown up yet?

Nicetude wins out. Meditating for Happiness/Money. Want in?

identify this flower -- see three new kitten shots -- and an old photo of

When you look for happiness, love and contentment . . . .

Why do I have to use effing MS Explorer to access

I Just got a Weird Phone Call from the Defense Department

Help! Algebraic mental block!

If another gay couple gets married,my marriage is OVER!!!

Anyone else watching the Simpsons?

Could my fellow DUers recommend some vacation reading?

How about a raspberry plant question.

Fun with church signs

We live as we dream alone

Linda Tripp caught jumping over fence after planting bugs at White House:

How is everybody doing?

My daughter is graduating from High School tomorrow.

Move from Hell. Please feel sorry for me.

nobody loves me

I wanna VERB your NOUN!

Tiger our oldest kid-cat's way of telling me she wants a treat. Pics.

This is the most beautiful skyscraper I have ever seen:

Pirates of the Caribbean 2...

I'm trying not to laugh, but...

I just won a staredown with my cat!

HEY! You're wrecking my already wrecked Birthday with all this 06/06

Any other DUers ever lifeguard?

Stopping virus processes

So who wants to be a 'Prayer Warrior' with me?!

Have you ever heard a whippoorwill?

Animal Equations! This is HUGH!!!11!!1!!!!

You know how sometimes you scratch a dog and get his leg going?

Communion Denied to Activists

Birdflu: Crucial gene data locked away in private databank !

Wildcats will win the Softball Championship

I am so moved....

I know most of you will say this is bunk: I Ching. But this is interesting

Hearings this week. (Hell Week in the Senate, btw, 6/6/06 and all that.)

Does anyone know of any cool JK screensavers?

A journal post from a non-political site...from a former Bush voter.

What do you eat?

TCM just showed "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington."

Why I fight.

Impeaching with the Resident - poem

Why did the MSM cover speculation about a Kerry affair with an intern...

Global warming skeptics aren't only a minority...they are on the fringe..

Only 48 hours to my dinner w/ Joe Wilson...

an American soldier was killed Saturday

Jim Bohanon on Haditha massacre a few nights ago

We have spies in the WH

Fallen Heroes Act: did Bush finally do something good?

Iran has a right to self defense. ... interesting read.

The mind of an Arkie GOP supporter. This LTTE was in the Arkansas

Welcome to the tribe

"Innocent" Iraqis

T-shirt seen today. Old to most, I'm sure, but new to me.

If we see a google ad for an entity we don't like, should we click it???

So, a home grown terrorist plot is "inspired" by Al-qaeda and

what sources are claiming a W affair??? where is the story coming from??

This article on Russian media sounds like HERE! ("tiring to think")

Question: Should Republicans be allowed on here if they aren't disruptive?

Mandatory Draft Bill to be debated in House on 6-6

sure, it's all about the good news - Baghdadis suffer deadliest month...


We won't have to worry about Al Qaeda anymore soon

Poll:Gore said he's not planning to run for president in 2008 but

Peace.Do you remember that word?

Please help me respond. RE: Andy Rooney email

Any Invision Power Board gurus here?

Linda Tripp caught jumping over fence after planting bugs at White House:

Accept all 3rd party cookies?

The Abominations of War

Did anyone watch Road to the White House on cspan tonight?

Iran's Religious Leader Renews Anti-U.S. Rhetoric

Anybody up for a road trip?

What Is the Mission?

Economy - Don't look too strong to me

Bruce Burch Radio Program 10pm- 12am EST

I want to settle an ongoing DU argument over party purity

(TOON) Rowson on Tony Blair's meeting with the Pope

Fundee Sunday

Should Groupthink Education be MANDATORY for all administrations?

Stripes LTTE: Dismiss Coulter's discourse/Plight of true conservative

With my new DU gold star, I just found a reference to my first DU Post

I saw a simple but good bumpersticker this afternoon :

All This Talk Of Da Vinci - But Dead Bodies Don't Bleed

Drudge on Al Gore's movie and global warming:

anyone articulate willing to amend wikipedia?

Chomsky video: "Politics is the shadow cast by business over society"

My brief Chickenhawk debate with National Review's Warren Bell

Reuters: US welcomes anti-Chavez backlash at meeting

Just a reminder fellow Canadians - with all this terrorist plot stuff...

Just dialed in Peter Werbe's show...

LA state vet being obstructionist re: animal rescue this season


Showing the brutality of war on television is NOT ANTI-AMERICAN!

Vote for me in 2008 for president!

He he he. They want to get rid of Wiki's "Viral Marketing" article...

Where's MoPaul?

Man drowns trying to save dog

Revealed: Robot Spyplanes to Guard Europes' Borders--Independent

Barbara Bush: Ignore this post - Homeless Iraqi war vets ALREADY?

I don't believe we will invade Iran

Komen Breast Cancer Foundation invites Condi to speak at Race for the Cure

Do you view a withdrawal by Jan 2007, as "cut and run" and if you do

Quick DU Straw Poll for '08 (you know you love 'em!)

Iraq is fine..better than ever...better than even in 02

I am sad and worried about being an American.

Do you fall into this trap?

it's not about liberal vs. conservative; it's not about left vs. right

The Canadian terrorist arrests

I'm Supporting The "Help Republicans Vote Act", You Should Too !!!

RED ALERT: Texas GOP platform declares America a "Christian nation"

"An Inconvenient Truth" out-performs even "Break-Up"

Kerry in '08? Kerry-bashers?

Let's march on the MEDIA

An Analysis of Ann Coulter

DUers what do you think of this rant my friend wrote?


Are Indian-Americans Mostly Democrats or Republicans?

Gore Says He Doesn't Plan to Run in 2008

Hendrick Hertzberg at the Sydney writer's festival

2008 Primary poll again...

"God wrote the Bible in English for a reason" - Stephen Colbert

My crackpot local paper encouraged Tom Ridge to run for Prez in '08!!!

NYT: Jerry Brown Tosses Lawman's Hat in Ring for CA Attorney-General

What do you think of a Gore/Kennedy ticket in '08?

Public policy professor explains why Lieberman is in serious trouble

Gore's Leadership Against Iraq War

Why haven't you signed

CT Mainstream Media rips Lieberman

Blackwell wants to lease Ohio Turnpike out for 99 years.

Do the Dems even have to show up for the Anti-Gay Marriage vote?

I Don't Know Which Mark Warner Some of You Have Been Watching

The WORST National Disaster... EVER!!

So impressed with candidate training by DFA in, article.

Anyone have article about Gore calling for immediate withdrawal or is that

Please DU this poll. It's been freeped so bad! :(

Am I the only one really skeptical about the 'terror plot' in Canada?

Are you worried about illegal immigrants or terrorists, what feels safest?

Democrats should choose the most boring and least-controversial candidate

RFK and Rolling Stone Nail Ohio's Stolen 2004 Election...

States join forces against electoral college

GOP plans votes on favored causes

Removing Obstacles From the Right to Vote ---LTTE--NYT

Reward for the Hereditary Elite

Big adjustment ahead as Noe awaits prison, former inmate asserts

Blogs reshape politics, news reports

Russ Feingold: Bucking Convention All the Way to the White House?

TIME cover story: The ghosts of Haditha

Buzzflash chews up a NYT Smirk propaganda piece

John Murtha is More Right Every Day


Economy may be heading for less sunny days

Abstaining from Sex Education Politics (Gene C. Gerard, Counterbias)

American Capitalism and the Moral Poverty of Nations (Jason Miller)

STEVE HOROWITZ: Decoding the 'Marriage Protection Amendment'

GOP buttons on their shirts and faith on their sleeves

A Fictitious War and the RAP: Revving-Up the Zealots, Throttling Education

Reward for the Hereditary Elite . . .

Haditha Massacre Was Predictable and Inevitable (Mickey Z., Counterbias)

More like Nam every day - can't tell the friends from the foes

Froomkin: Nobody's Buying (gay marriage ban)

The endless war for empire....

"Unnecessary, Unwarranted & Inexcusable": Kent State Investigations

U.S. funding Somali warlords - intelligence experts


US Military Ethics final exam: the "problematic" questions

The Dubai-ing of America

Imperial Entropy: Collapse of the American Empire

Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us (Feb 22, 2004)

NY Post: White House Free-Fall

The Great Bernanke Bluff

OPEC President: Solve Geopolitical Tension

Researchers hope oil will flow from Yunnan tree seeds (China)

UNEP Report - World's Desert Cities Living On Borrowed Time - Guardian

Australia Facing Water Shortages, Massive Water Cost Increases

Solar Changes Far Smaller Than GHG Forcing Induced Major Glacial Shifts

Uncertainty Surrounds Plans for New Nuclear Reactors

Parliament Report - SE UK Water Problems, Watering Bans To Be Ongoing

EPA Announces It Will Not Regulate Transfers Even Of Polluted Water

China's Annual Pollution Costs Top $200B

Local corn to fuel furnace to heat SAD 58 bus garage (Maine)

Ethanol No Longer the Single Issue in Iowa

MIT/Penn State Study - Link Beween Warming, Hurricane Frequency - AFP

Could MSNBC's Bullshit Be Piled Any Higher & Deeper?

Ethanol Car Beats Fuel Cells to Win European Eco-marathon

Chinese Interest In Wind Power Grows, But Installed Capacity Tiny - AFP

Environment Groups Lobby against U.S. Ice Highway across Antarctica

Iowa State Boosts Corn/Ethanol Yield Using Ultrasound - AFP

3 Major UK Utilities Plan Together For Weather Extremes, Grid Failure

Israel's "Right to Exist"

Palestinian hurt in settlers' attack home from hospital

Sen John Edwards In Israel

The fine line between hatred of Jews and political opposition to Israel

What Does Olmert Want?

Livni: Israel being delegitimized as national home of the Jews

Soldier complains of 'pullout trauma'

"maybe the Palestinians are not the colonialist victims"

Sudan refugees flee to Israel, land in jail

Palestinian banks agree to cover some wages

Hamas accused of TV raid

Gaza melts down

Hamas rejects Abbas call for Palestinian referendum

On the origins of targeted assassination

Israel's Targeted Assassination Policy

Fatah deploys 2,500-strong force in Jenin 'to keep order'

3 Israelis lightly hurt in W. Bank bombings

Axiomatic Proof that No Planes were used in the 9/11 attacks

NYT: 500 Conspiracy Buffs Meet to Seek the Truth of 9/11

Hey Debunkers. Take the $10,000 challenge!

Your take on the RFK Assasination? Conspiracy or lone nut?

major explosive flashes (3) from WT2 upper floors sw side..

Osama: Planes Operation Should Have Been Faster

AOL News - 500 Conspiracy Buffs Meet to Seek the Truth of 9/11

9/11: Wild Conspiracies and Rational Concerns

Fitrakis responds to Manjoo's Salon article:

Election Reform, Fraud & News 06.05-Thank You RFK PLUS-Don't Miss It!!!

Cafferty read e-voting letters on CNN Situation Room

I think VVPAT is a really bad idea.

Fitrakis/Wasserman: RFK and Rolling Stone Nail Ohio's Stolen 2004 Election

GOTV for Bowen in California!

Bonifaz on Democracy Now and NECN this Tuesday

Freepress release Ron Baiman articles to support RFK Jr Analysis

How to Validate Your Own Elections,by Bev Harris, Black Box Voting

Spate of lawsuits target e-voting

Yahoo News: Bob Cesca: The Help Republicans Vote Act Bob Cesca

DMR Poll - Culver still in the lead

Blouin/McGuire loan campaign another $70,000

Who is nervous?

Linux users out there...

Show State Farm and Rick Perry the door in November.

The Republican prayer at the State Convention

podcasts of interviews with Maxey and Richie

Wow! I finally heard from Charlie Urbina-Jones

The Texas Reptilican Party passed another hate-filled platform so let's

Am I the only one who thinks the TDP website's new look is a tad dull?

Flour questions from a non-baker

Al Gore in Canada speaking out honestly against new Canadian Government.

A question for DUers from Canada

Can you use US money in Canada? nt

Hey Troops, Shut Up

Stanley Cup THREAD!!!

Terror arrests give novice leader election boost (Harper)

Baghdadis suffer deadliest month since invasion began.

Sanity of Condemned Va. Inmate Debated

GOP plans votes on favored causes

Envoy to Show Iranians Anti-Uranium Deal

Blogs reshape politics, news reports

USAT/AP: Rep. Kennedy returns to Rhode Island after rehab stint

CSpan Live Now...interesting Cato Inst. on Gay Marriage

Air Masks at Issue in Claims of 9/11 Illnesses

U.S. to drop Geneva rule, officials say

Lioness in zoo kills man who invoked God

Islamists claim Mogadishu victory (against US supported warlords)

AP: Justices to Rule on Race and Education

Gunmen abduct 50 workers from Iraq transport firms

Colo. Court Upholds Denver Weapons Ban

IRS to allow split deposits on its refunds

NYC Gun Court Gets Tough on Offencers

Greg Palast on Thom Hartman-Lost Elections 2000, 2004

Dutch Evangelicals calls for pray-in against the Devil

US funding Somali Warlords

Supreme Court to hear education race case

(ABC) Report: Members of Congress on Power Trips (~ $50 million)

New London preparing for evictions in eminent domain dispute

Padilla lawyer wants key evidence tossed

(ABC) Victim's Brother Speaks: New Evidence Undermines U.S. Iraq Claims

CNN: Bush moves gay marriage press conference to less prominent location

More arrests could be coming, says RCMP

50 kidnapped in challenge to Iraq gov't

Marines got name wrong of Iraqi town where civilian died (and was framed)

Bluffs man sentenced for assaulting wife

Coal hits back at nuclear power

Gunmen kidnap 50 workers in Iraq

Decision Pending Regarding Controversial Children's Book

Safavian denies collusion with Abramoff

Biden: White House has no plan to 'win Iraq'

NYDN: Bioterror Chills (NYC funds cut again! Schumer: "politics at work")

National Guard unit starts mission on border

Rumsfeld says no compensation for Vietnamese who suffer from Agent Orange

Parties watching gay marriage debate's effect on Ohio elections

US won't compensate Vietnam's Agent Orange victims: official

Rice: Iraqis want U.S. troops, despite allegations

Darling of French Left in row over boot camps

Mother sues hospital for letting son die ("waiting for Medicaid coverage")

NYT/AP: La. Senate Sends Abortion Ban to Gov. Blanco (expected to sign)

For U.S. troops, it's hard to know who is friend and who is foe

Pal: Bush 'Political' on Gay Nup (doesn't really care about issue)

Giuliani, McCain Most Popular Politicians, According To New Poll

Lieberman faces showdown over Iraq

Duke Men's Lacrosse to Resume Next Season

New Hampshire Soldier Killed In Iraq Bombing

Army Manual to Skip Geneva Detainee Rule

Bernanke sees economy slowing

Spate of lawsuits target e-voting

GNC drops Pat Robertson's muscle drink

CBS: Another Terrorist Attack Coming Soon? Officials Believe Recent Incide

Islamic militia says it captured Somalia capital

CNN BREAKING Air Space Violation - Plane over Washington


New York Sen. Hillary Clinton says gay marriage not main concern

Apple shuts down Indian support center (Dell to expand to 20,000)

Marine's father sues funeral protesters (Phelps)

More than 6,000 corpses found in Iraq in five months

Court OKs child's abortion suit

BACK TO THE BUNKER (US agencies ready for attack)

Well, I'm finally on the "Arrested Development" badwagon- a bit late.

Hey Chris - has your fife shown up yet?

Aaah! My eyes just went weird...

I hate mold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever made your child a sandwich with moldy bread

Any one pulling an all-nighter?

Woman Hit By Lightning While Praying

Here's a Monday morning "pick-me-up": Evolution of Dance

Motorist Drives Truck Into Neighbor's Home To Avoid Hitting Cat

Chatted with John Glover last night - what a sweetheart

Anyone know of any good self study summer math programs for HS students?

In honor of the Boston v NY series that starts tonight, I just want to say

Did Lance Armstrong blood dope in 1999?

Hell, Michigan Heats Up For 6-6-06 Party

I love Karen Akers


Help! Arabic metal rock!

Being a kid really wipes you out

so which end of the world will tomorrow resemble?

Trust in God, but beware of lions

Profound Song Lyrics, IMHO

Woman: Nude Man Walking Down Street Had "Shrinkage"

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

I'm celebrating Madonna this week. Going to see her show!

Have you ever ordered a hot spicy meal that was REALLY hot

All hail the Queen!

Whack a sinner:

There is NEVER, EVER enough mulch in the world.

Was up all night on Friday night, now I can't get my sleep schedule back

Pilot lands safely after heart attack, then dies

Power Naps: Is there anything they can't solve

I'd really rather be in bed.

Paging commander bunnypants...

anyone know any *legit* overseas job placement services?

David Lynch's "On the Air"

Back from Disneyland with Tavernertoddler

Time again for ENGRISH (funny pictures!!)

Ladies of the lounge. Has anyone experienced Postpartum

Monday earworm.

Waiting for the drive-in movie to start. (first time pic of my wife.)

Man sets record by bowling for more than 100 consecutive hours

Help - Friend Facing Deportation! Advice?

The San Ramon Democrat Soccer Mom Coaltion

I want a homosexual illegal with bird flu

Any DUers trade the market for a living?

Three brazillion soldiers...

Does anybody teach kids basic science and physiology anymore?

I just dyed my boob "brilliant bordeaux."

Box turtle?

I would rather be

Lioness in zoo kills man who invoked God

Heather Mills' porno past revealed

Sushi for lunch

What should I DO with myself?!

I am growing an Iron and Wine beard.

Congratulations MaineDem!! 10,000 posts

Just got done mapping your genome!

Tomorrow 6-6-6....the world is coming to an end>>>

HILARIOUS Bush/Saddam Video

Our quiet, nice-but-uptight upper neighbors are moving out.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

High School student arrested for coming

Heather Mills' Pirate Past Revealed

Whatever you think of Kurt Cobain,

What is your pick to ruin the FIFA World Cup

which band do you most regret not seeing live in the 60s, 70s or 80s?

My song of the day: My Boss is a Stupid....

Woman take notes" The Guy Rules"

my cat whores

Just got done mopping the ceiling!

So does the number 13 tie in with this 6-6-6 thing?

The Dawning of a New Meme -- GOP Flop!

Top six excuses for not coming to work on 666:

Jerry Boyle has a radio talk show?

Dutch Evangelicals calls for pray-in against the Devil

So the people betting that the world will end tomorrow...

Extremely important Star Jones poll

I'm glad I didn't pay money for that last Star Wars movie.

I'd hire this person

Awaiting prognosis-Rhonda the honda might be dying!

In November, 1996..... Joe Walsh opened up for ......

Rhetorical question - should I pay for my unlisted number?

Folks, take note: gender wars are stupid.

I believe I have Social Ineptitude

I'm going to the 8pm screening of "An Inconvenient Truth" tonight

Favorite Scooby Doo Episode

I did a stupid thing in Vegas.... I am a gambler, but I got scared

French Fries - Wavy or Straight?

Michelle Wie has a decent shot to get to the US Open

A little boy's life touched many

Baby's First Chemical Warfare Suit!

See-ay En-ay Dee-Ay!

Meet HRC or go to astronomical party?

Got the job! I start tomorrow morning. And its right on the border!

I'm buying this T-shirt for SonOfGoG the Elder's birthday...

The Apprentice Finale - VOTE FOR LEE!

Sweet dreams..Brothers and sisters..

My cat finally caught the little red dot from my laser pointer.

Nap time!

Anyone Else Out There Hate to Fry?

W00t! It's the "Man Hands" episode on Seinfeld.

Let's go OILERS Let's GO!!!!

Big Love

Mr. BAL's doc shuttered up and not answering the phone, how to get his

Trying to remember some movies... can anyone help?

It's sunny and thunder-storming at the same time here

Any Father Ted fans?

FUNNY: Dick Cheney's hunting movie at Huffington Post

If tomorrow is the end....Fuck em..

Your Favorite BEWITCHED Episode...

Owieowieowie. Owieouchowowowowie. Ouch. Ow.

Novocaine and Eating Do NOT Mix

need some help. Natural fast food places?

Long Shot: Anyone ever use a COOLING VEST to prevent heat stress?

Tuesday is coming. Did you bring your coat?

Peach Pie and Costco Rotisserie Chicken

Anyone Else Out There Hate to Fly?

Wisconsin has HUGE or do I mean HUGH

Is it cheating when you take a photo of yourself...

What Do The Following People Have In Common?

Monday, June 5th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Just finished the first research paper I've written in over twenty years!

"Jake and the Fatman" fans check in!!!

Portland, OR, June 3, 2006 beery meet-up pics at

I hate people too stupid to drive...who get on the road anyway.

Al Gore vs. Lindsey Lohan - there is hope for humanity yet!!!

i think i'll name this kitten Neptune

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/5/06)

The Tale of Six Kittys (Pictures Included) by a Cat named Cole

my cat snores.

Favorite Elizabeth Taylor film?

Has anyone here read "Left to Tell"

Young Couple Found Dead Under Deflated Promotional Balloon

Count down to 6/6/06....

Save the whales...still

a very weird and wonderful artsy site... 99rooms

TONIGHT, the Stanley Cup Finals start!

Best Prince album without a doubt: Purple Rain

ok, now!!! Boys and nice while I am at work

Guys, take note. "The Woman rules"

Foods/drinks you once loved but can no longer stand.

The movie "The Omen" is screening tonight -- guess what time?

DU Donors: Do You Block The Google Ads?

I had a classmate who was born on 06-06-66

The new Superman is TALL!!!

We need a picture thread dang it!!!

Help! Help! What movie did Judy Garland appear in with

Favorite Three's Company episode:

"Post something from your cache" threads suck.

My face has turned into an Improvised Explosive Device

If the "institution of marriage" is so fucking sacred,

What's for dinner?

I am feeling very down right now ...

Lioness in zoo kills man who invoked God

Beast's real number devalued to 616 (once more without feeling).

Howdy loungers! I have a new interview tomorrow

I've just bought two tickerts to see Al Gore in Houston Wednesday!!!

What happened on the Sopranos tonight?

I feel like running away, any one else want to join me?

Need Parenting Advice

Oilers or Hurricanes?

Who is your pick to win the FIFA World Cup

Ever worry about people on DU?

I have a really stupid question

Portland flat-track Roller Derby, Sat June 10. Got my tickets! Got yours?

Something you just don't see every day (pic)

Favorite Gilligans Island Episode

Literal Belief in Bible Down 10 Points in 30 Years

An atheist argues with a religious lefty: "The problem is faith."

What is God?

It is time

Dangers of hubris: Insisting God has time or inclination to save one's ass

Medical Privacy Law Nets No Fines

50 million Medicaid must show passport/birth certificates/other Docs

HIPAA Law Meaningless?

This gay child of the 60s just had to share this.

On behalf of straight liberals, I'm sorry.

"...people under 40 just don’t care about gay marriage at all..."

Aravosis asking congress to sign "marriage protection pledge".

Polish professors threaten to boycott university over pro-gay expo

Just pointed out on Rachel Maddow....

Why stay in the closet at a gay-friendly job?

Ryan White overhaul not yet finished

Four games in the Bronx

Steelers collect their Super Bowl rings

Just need to vent a little (a PG rant, I swear).


How to define "Off the Record" to novice bloggers

As if there isn't enough going on in DC next week, a couple of events

Kerrycrats, what bothers you about Kos???

Ahhh! I hate those patronizing posters that pretend to be former

i just cannot find confirmation all kerry sf180 signed and released

Revisionnism at bloomberg? Incredible.

Alright, cover me (I'm going to check my blog).

Dem Daily Taking on the Swift Liars

They will not give up:

Anyone else a Salon subscriber??

The real enemy on election reform: Blackwell in Ohio

Small Business Administration Commentary (Kerry mentioned)

Jamison Foser on last week's Harry Reid Swiftboating

Mr. Oliphant coming up on Imus at 7:30ish a.m. CT this morn.

Train derailed?

Dems and Hillary: been away all weekend, so please forgive me if

Just an FYI.

Info on Sony Alpha 100...

Another people picture poll (Cuba pictures)

Well, I can't resist this chance to post pix of my kids.

Countdown Newsletter: 06/05/06: The Politics of Pandering

Lookie what "Call Me Wesley" made for me!


All the best of good luck to Democrats in Tuesday's primaries,

DU poll please

In Baghdad, 1 in 200 have died from shootings, stabbings and violence.

Sundance Chan: "The Human Behavior Experiments" -- MUST SEE TV

Grand Canyon hiking.

U.S. Troops in Iraq to Get Ethics Training

60 Minutes tells a heart breaking story of a Hispanic 18 year old

Wing-nuts buy out ?

Will we be seeing Tom Cruise jumping up and down on a race car?

In Home Stretch, It's Left and Center

At what point do you shout: "That's inexcusably WRONG!"

19 year old millionaire: Self-made man, or beneficiary?

The fact that these men are STILL in our White House shames us all.

Note to freepfucks: we're armed, too

Different approach in the Philippines

May Deadliest Month so far in Baghdad. Democracy's Coming!

US spokesman: We are not sure who is investigating Iraq civilian deaths

Rice: U.S. NOT the probem in Iraq. Girl...please...

US luxury homeowners still add property - Coldwell

The Gay Marriage Ban is supposed to be a Diversion from the War news.

Why would parents allow their little kids do this?

Answer to some problems...

Air Masks Questioned from WTC clean-up and my LTE to NYTimes

post pics of gays in nazi germany here

If the US Government

(From Salon) Haditha: Selective Moral Outrage

Updated 06/01/06 Theater List for Gore's Movie - lots more than before :)

By Biblical law, Adulterers are stoned to death, Let's go after them HARD!

a win for sibel!

Goofus and Gallant (this is hilarious)

Anyone have the clip of Al Gore's speech today?

That's One Brave Woman -- Cindy Sheehan going to Cincinnati

Conyers:Net Neutrality Vote Possible this Week, ABA panel

Rush skates while others pay the price

New National Security Agency Theme Song

Asking the wrong question

Study: Immigrants Pay Tax Share

25 Yr. Anniv. of Aids & Ban on Gay Marriage Amndt. ...Odd timing?

CNN: good vs. bad

Freepers get their panties in a wad over "Cowboy Clinton".

For Deals, Jefferson Built Web Of Firms

WP editorial: Bring back the bumper stickers: whales again need saving

I'm 51 and angry and I'm NOT going to take it anymore!!

Congress Gay Marraige Amendment Debate - Time/Channel?

Pentagon to omit Geneva ban from new army manual: report

Tell your Senators you are against abolishing the estate tax

caption this pic of Rummy...

What OTHER Great Ideas can we borrow from the Nazis?

Let's put the Natnl. Guard along our borders to keep Homos OUT!

Is anyone here knowledgeable about the city of Talil, Iraq?..

Al Gore Supporters Only Please

Bush Military History Project #5

Operation "Jump Start my Sagging Poll Number"? (NAT Guard)

Anyone have a clue about what Bush wants to blather about today?

High school fills gap when parents are off at war....

We are in trouble with the IRAN spin - Look what my LIBERAL newspaper

Remember the British were supposed to have control of Basra? Not anymore.

Do This NOW, go to and type in asshole

Al Gore in Canada speaking out honestly against new Canadian Government.

CSPAN discussion on Federal Marriage Amendment

Opus the Penguin: better than Doonesbury!

Despite scoops, "Editor & Publisher" gets little recognition

W says we should be "Civil & Decent" to Gays, as we banish them.

Divide and Conquer the Voters -- (NYTimes)

CSpan Live Now...interesting Cato Inst. on Gay Marriage

US Army Manual To Omit Ban On Prisoner Humiliation

Election Year Fear (or Repukes are a bunch of sniveling cowards)

Only on Faux (crawl on Forbes "is bashing troops bad for our economy?")

Am I being paranoid

How are Exit Polls worded?

Trust in God, but beware of lions

"American forces are the solution here (Iraq), not the problem"

After the NEXT Terror Attack, even Liberal Lefties will get in line.

W's throwing the Fundies a bone tonight, but they want much, much more.

MONDAY'S LETTERS: RFK Jr.'s 'Stolen Election', Coulter's Double Vote, ...

What time does Chimp screech about gay marriage ban?

need help on Mortuary statistics

can someone provide me an AAR stream link?

A couple of questions re: the flag-burning amendment

Let's Define Marriage as a Union between boys & girls of the SAME RACE.

E&P: As war and violence rage, Reuters transmits photo of severed head

"Supreme Court to Hear Schools Race Case" There goes affirmative action.

"Gay Marriage Ban Short of Votes in Senate" Looks like this is going

on tuesday there will be a proposed

I like Feingold, Clark, Gore, Edwards and even Dean for 08, but...

Have they no shame?

So what is the deal with student loans and July 1?

WH Daily Briefing scheduled for 12:30 (edt), not on yet (12:33)

Moran (VA) is right (on radio this a.m.) This Iraq/Iran mess will be

So Lawmakers took 50 mil in free trips? DeLay had the most.

Greg Palast LIVE in studio with Thom Hartmann -- 1pm EDT today

Election Year Fear, or "Repukes are a bunch of sniveling cowards"

Poll on what concerns Americans: Reclaiming the Common Good


After today's speech, W has no plans to mention Gay Marriage again

Here is a "Support the Troops" bumper sticker idea...What do you think?

one reason to be interested in mortuary stats

More lost information out there

US Army Training Manual to DROP Geneva rule barring CRUEL & UNUSUAL

Greg Palast on Thom Hartman-Lost Elections 2000, 2004

Video of bush mistakes, too funny!

What to do about all the Gay Folks who are married with children?

"Adopting" a child in a Third World country for a certain monthly

President Clinton declares June Gay Pride Month

Bigots are Buggers

How much more of its soul will America sell to buy cheap stuff?

"No Sex Slavery" clause for Iraq contractors.

Can't we give ourselves one more chance ?

the Proj.for the Old Amer.Century site has the neatest poster up

Tampa Man On Death Row For Two Decades Dies In Prison

Hillarious Full Transcript: Colbert's Commencement Address

I have black people in the front row

This guy is the best Governor in the US. Puke alert.

So, is Commander Fuckstick gonna be spewing soon, or what?

Pentagon to omit Geneva ban from new army manual: report

My thoughts on the "Soldiers kicking heads around like soccer balls" story

Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell said Texas is the "holy land" at Rep. convention

Applied for insurance at work

Wonder what Mary Cheney is up to these days?

Bill Kristol should be the first to go to prison

Jeff Gannon

I demand that we Expose & Remove All the Homosexuals from our government.

look on the bright side

How To Argue With A Conservative Republican

CNN: Bush moves gay marriage press conference to less prominent location

BUSH: I ain't got nothin else for ya, so vote for Gay marriage ban

Did I miss this quarter's White Rose Society fundraiser?

What are the chances that Al Franken will cover RFK Jr.'s Article?

Democrats begin to split over war, Bush

Lioness in zoo kills man who invoked God

Hell has frozen over...the Senate is back in session....C-SPAN 2.

Caption cheney

Iraq insurgency in 'last throes,' Cheney says - May 31, 2005

Boosh's radio address on TEH GHEY threat online--in SPANISH!

So will dogs and box turtles make their way into this Senate debate

Truly the face of evil

More RW goofiness from my RW brother

Watched "The Devil's Arithmetic" - are we capable of acting like this??

Keith Olbermann/Tonight on Countdown - "The Politics of Pandering"

Have you seen this man?

Evan Bayh: "I would'nt cast the same vote today as I did then." (Iraq)

What's the argument against cutting corporate taxes?

Coulter's book hits remainder bin PRIOR TO ITS RELEASE.

So the Rs are concerned about states' rights again for the sake

Wikipedia needs amending: re Helen Thomas roses

As U.S. soldiers are killed in Iraq Bush focuses on gay marriage

Anybody watching the Jerry Doyle Radio Show on CSPAN?

Situation involving local police. Conflict of interest?

"Canada's hard-line Muslims can seem a pretty tight-knit group."

Can someone explain how Bushco thinks the Gay Marriage Amendement helps?

Why so militaristic? "General" Discussion?

Who is the bigger Bush Kiss up Dem--Ben Nelson or Lieberman?

The Republicans have declared war on us and our democracy in every

There is a fairly strong stock sell off again today.

Your take on the RFK Assasination? Conspiracy or lone nut?

Swedish piracy row gathers pace.

Freepers not happy with Bush amendment to the Constitution.

"as in Iraq, it's very difficult to travel around without, you know..."

A Must See "Yellow Ribbon" sticker.

In other news . . .

Never too late to change parties, Ben

THIS is the face of morality and compassion?

Pledge of Alllegience amendment

Results of the smoogatz DU straw poll

Bush approval hits new low in California--28% according to Field Poll

Rove and Pugs show their hand for mid-terms: Bluff


Fundie Fest 2006! Red State=Hate State

Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson lied,they lost info of EVERY vet

Byron Dorgan on Cspan 2 now

Republican: "Bush needs to get out of America's bedrooms..."

We've past the number of the beast - it was really 616

Would we be in Iraq right now

pResident's Friend on Gay Marriage: I don't think he gives a s--t about it

38 years ago today a great man was taken from us. RFK.

is Leahy filibustering??

Italian soldier killed in Iraq bomb attack

anybody got another link to Randi's show stream?

British: Moms Make Military Recruitment Hard - Smart Mothers Here

Have the Whitehouse Press conferences ceased to be aired on TV?

Jack Cafferty's questions today.

Tony Snow - Marriage Amendment is civil rights issue (!)

Michelle Malkin: Anchor Baby

Colbert Tells College Graduates: Get Your Own TV Show

Rumsfeld boosts military ties with Vietnam

Crazy freep-think: "allowing gays to marry will lead to other things"

Why would God go and create all these millions of Homosexuals?

Save me GW!

Even Republicans Would Have To Agree

Louise Slaughter: "Net neutrality" Comes to Rules

Listen To “Big Gay GOP Fear Factor Fever”

RePUKES won't get a single extra vote from gay marriage crap

WA governor faces off against pharmacists

Breaking: Letter from George to another bald guy!

Another poll for DUers

Senate Dems should introduce bill to fund churches to Pray Away Gay

Bush invites "Ex-gay-for-pay" Group to White House Gay Bashing conference

My God, things have been slow! LBN is a wasteland.

Victim's Brother Speaks: New Evidence Undermines U.S. Iraq Claims

Are other AAR Stations running CNN Headline News Glenn Beck Commercials?

As much as I dispise Feinstein, I found a reason to vote for her

Americablog Phone calls to Martinez, Crapo, Burns, offices

Tell me straight. Can Marcy Winograd win tomorrow? (CA-36)

Prayer vigil targets Devil's Day (BBC) {6/6/06}

OBL? Screw him. . .GOP touts Flag Burning, Gay Marriage, Estate Tax Fight

CNN: Bush moves gay marriage press conference to less prominent location

"Tricky conjunction" of growth, inflation, dollar will greet Secy. Paulson

How is this pandering to his base?

Is there just ONE republican of decency that is standing against the GMA?

Dear Mary Cheney,

Would Bobby Kennedy gotten the nomination at the 68 convention...

What are some of the reasons that people, any people, get married

What if?

This Straight Guy Sez We Need An Amendment Legalizing Gay Marriage

Question about evil same-sex marriage

i will hate myself for these post

Gay Marriage Amendment Means Bush* Has Absolutely Nothing Left.

Lieberman may lose for being such a Bush suck

AIDS' relentless march leaves legacy of misery

Do You Ever Contribute To An Out-of-State Candidate?

Cafferty's questions for today:

Got A Link To Air America? My Stream Went Out After Randi

Good luck to all the progressive Dem primary challengers tomorrow

Pat Buchanan (on Harball) just said that if we allow

Man Arrested Trying To Jump White House Fence

Three Days of Debate. God Almighty.

Freeper on Randi trying to defend bush's pandering to the rapture right

Damn! Everywhere I look I see married gays & flag burning Mexicans!

Poll that you'll never see: Do you prefer anti-corruption, open government

Will Dobbs and the Minutemen be calling for a fence on our northern border?

We need to defend the Sanctity of Marriage

Let's see what conservative bloggers have to say!

A suggestion for the Conservative Blacks ad appearing on DU

Bucket Full O' Kittens!

As a citizen where Gay Marriage (gasp) is legal (gasp again)...

Media Hypocrites admits GOP is "using" Gay Marriage for politics

How I spent my 17th birthday (all too many years ago)

Anti-terror aid cut may be payback for "embarrasing" Homeland Security

Every Time I Turned Over A Rock, Found Out Something I Didn't Want To Know

Focus: America's shame

legal question:can the prez and senate

Ah yes, "traditional marriage"

Why Web 2.0 will end your privacy

DU This Poll Regarding * Using the Gay Amendment to Further Ratings


Check out this still of Tony Snowjob...

Tony Snow suggests that the gay marriage amendment is a civil rights issue

The fine line between hatred of Jews and political opposition to Israel

Need some explanation/debunking help

What the hell is Brownbeck talking about?

WTF! Glenn Beck ad on my local AAR station!

WHY, with all the newsworthy stories out there, is Mary Kay LeTourneau

The Abominations of War: From My Lai to Haditha: by Cindy Sheehan

Y'all realize it's been almost SIX years since the 2k debacle?

ABA investigates Bush exceeding constitutional authority(too late for LBN)

BLUE ALERT: LUAU in Hawaii: 16th DU Luau is in planning stages: COME

We must Divorce ourselves from Iraq before we debate marriage

Iran should come forward with its own packae of incentives and sanctions.

AmericaBlog is ON FIRE re: gaybashing marriage amendments!

Media are every bit as guilty as anyone who served in Kilo Company

Olbermann: Follow Up Malmedy Rant & 9/11 Truth Conference

The Coulter to appear on Tucker's Situation today to discuss her pathetic

Californians: How does Busby look for tomorrows special election?

Y'all see this one where Frist gets tagged with $11K FEC fine?

"an innocent Iraqi civilian is killed by coalition forces every two days"

Protect marriage, criminalize divorce

Where is it "defined" that marriage is between a man and a woman?

Local woman (on eve. TV news) inducing labor to avoid 6/6/06 birth


Just got a confirmation call from the Seattle PI on my LTTE

Bush's deliberate insult to gay Americans....

It's time to save the internet.... MOVE ON.ORG ACTION >>>>>>>

Gay marriage ban: Would it affect ‘civil unions’?

GOP.. Giving the USA a "Wedgie" every two years...

Lou Dobbs is about to address E-Voting (6:17 p.m. CNN)

Does the Confederate flag depict a "theme of unity" to black people?

Thank God for Gen. Cheney, Col. Shrub, Cpl. Limbaugh - Heroes All

Instead of Hillary for Prez--how would you feel about VP in '08?

Wanna hear the latest on Ken Blackwell? Today's Guy James Show !

Spanish for "voter registration" is...

If CA bans same-sex marriage, can my husband and I sue the state?

Thank You - I get it.

Suppose they ban gay marriage; then what? ban divorce?

If Adam & Eve were never legally married, aren't we ALL just Bastards?

Not Interested In Protecting Marriage - Only The DEFINITION Of Marriage

the rude pundit..what fine writing today

Why did *you* get married?

Hiding behind gay marriages and affairs -- omitting tenet of Geneva Con.

'Day' in Genesis

It was 25 years ago today

Whoever wants prosecution of the criminals in this administration,

hell has frozen over, I agree with Derbyshire?????

Why do people equate "liberal" with "the left" these days?

Bruce Sons sentenced, to remain free (shot/killed CHP Officer)

An Open Letter to President Bush from Log Cabin Republicans

So if THEY are out to exterminate gays, what about Mary Cheney?

Crazy Question About Al Gore

Greeting Prophet! The Great Work Begins! The Messenger Has Arrived!

Ken Silverstein: preparing the battlefield in Iraq -- back in April 2002.

Can't make fun of terrorists if Geneva Conventions followed! NOT!!!

How about renaming September 11 forum "Tin Foil Corral"?

Did anyone hear CBS evening news (Central time) terrorist attack..........

Trippi on Dobbs! "Democrats Don't Know How to Campaign/But Can Govern!

Tony Snow Says Gay Amendment=Civil Right BUT Can't Define Civil Rights

Tweety is doing a show on Iraq??

"The Bell" -- excellent new anti-war song from Stephan Smith

"marriage" is the paradigm institution of a civilized society!?! really?

O Geez..The nuts are at it again (Regarding births on 6/6/06)

Driving down the road - I see that Idaho is getting a "Christian Bank"

30 year mortgage at 6.66%

Bloomberg says funding was cut because NYC embarrassed Homeland Security

Excellent article on the Daily Howler today

Yokels who always say "nuke'em" about countries our corps don't like...

Uh-Oh, Mogadishu has been captured by Islamic militias

Poll on *'s handling of Marriage fiasco

If the Dem's were smart, they could use the Gay Marriage Debate to really.

Shouldn't fundies celebrate "conception day" instead of Birthday?

$73.60 per barrel today, closed at $72.60.

Please DU this poll

Breaking news on CNN! Jets Scrambled After Airspace Violation Over DC!

"Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea. For the Devil sends the Beast with wrath..

What is Randi reading from about W having some encounter?

Pathetic attention attempt for anti-gay petition by Tim Eyman

Jack Welch w/Tweety: "The Prison thing is just bad quality control."

Time to party in Hell, MI 6/6/06. Devil wants your soul; merchants $$$

Cooper’s Credibility in Question in Plame Case?

Are we any safer from Box Cutters than we were 5 years ago?

Marine's Dad Sues Funeral Protesters

FYI: Caroline Kennedy on Jon Stewart tonight!

Insurers warned on climate change (BBC) {report from Lloyd's of London}

Reminder - Bruce Springsteen On This Evening's Tonight Show W/Leno

The homepage pic angers me.

I know these Bush infidelity threads are kind of funny

So when I go to bed tonight, should I grab my husband extra close

Caption this picture of *

After thinking on it, Al Gore's global warming issue could work well in a

U.S. warns Germany on World Cup sex workers

ROFL!! Hug Nazis

Bwahaha - another RW looney hate monger bites the dust (Mark Williams)

"Is That Christian... With A 'K' "?


Dick Cheney's hunting incident caught on tape...


2476 dead Americans, killed in Iraq, as of today.

There is a bad day (s) coming soon in our stock market.

Rush Limbaugh's liberal-bashing colonel is an imposter, HAH!

So will the Dems have a rebuttal tonight for W's speech?

A legal immigrant who wants to go back


Sibel Edmonds gets Judge Walton replaced on her case!

Is the government covering up troop deaths in Iraq?

"Top Ten Conservative Idiots" Counterproductive?

Why have we lost our faith in government?

DU gays: Would it offend you if a Democratic politician came out and said

Have you seen the front page of today's "USA Today"?

Crazy stupid FReepers and their signature lines

Global Warming reports have been systematically changed and suppressed

How much did Al Gore change?

Caption * giving his speech today

Are you a displaced Californian?

FYI, Adam and Eve were never married. So using the "Adam and Steve"

What Does the Word "Terror" do to You?

Bush Invites ‘Ex-Gay' Activist to White House Ceremony;

They smile in your face .....

Check out this Gore poll

The most important cause of the Iraq War was >>>>>>>>> ?

So, despite calm reasoned tones and clean language, Byrd's intern hung-up

A couple new arguments I am starting to hear...

666 coming....had to be done...

White Supremacist Celebration at Arlington National Cemetery Protested

The polygamist family got outed (they called it "exposed") last night

GOP: The Party of ___________

Get Ready, Rapture Right, Tomorrow's 6/6/6. How paranoid will they get?

I'LL BE ON "Portside with Burt Cohen" TOMORROW - Peace Takes Courage

What would Theodore Roosevelt make of the chimp?

How likely is it that the Democrats will nominate a candidate in '08...

Why does Al Franken insist on giving air time to wingnuts?

If you're married by a JP/Judge/civil ceremony, is it still sanctified?

Who is more likely to beat Schwarzenegger, Angelides or Westly?

6th of June 2006 : the mark of the Beast 666 ...will it be

AL GORE = JOR-EL says Superman's former writer

MSNBC poll (FMA)

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin)

If the choice was Kerry, Gore or Feingol who would you choose?

Politics in life, and life as politics.

Should DU be Nationalized?

Let's call it what it is: Today's speech by W was a HATE CRIME.

WaPo review- Frmr CIA Robert (Syriana) Baer's new novel: 9/11 = CIA LIHOP

Universal National Service Act of 2006 - HR 4752 set for debate on 6-6-6

It Sure Looks Like The US Is Actively Seeking Destabilization in Iraq...

PLEASE call the members of Congress who support hypocrisy

CNN's Jack Cafferty read my email!

GOP jumped the "gay" shark.

Katrina Fatigue/Welcome to the New Normal ** KATRINA PHOTO ESSAY**

Iraq VAW calls for support for first officer to refuse Iraq deployment

Just talked to Rolling Stone's PR Dept.

Mandatory Draft Bill

Is anyone else having trouble finding the Rolling Stone with the RFK jr...

SF Chronicle: "Pentagon to Drop Basic Geneva Rule"

High-rent homeless

DU Lou Dobb's newest poll!

Swear me this oath DU

Are you sick of Kerry and other Dems getting bashed at DU by war-mongers?

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Is Randi insinuating that * is gay/bi?

Kennedy is getting trashed on Voting article,.Ed Schultz downplayed it &

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

Meeting Al Gore Wednesday - what should I say to him?

Oh say can you see in dawn's early light? . . . . . . . Please CAPTION!!!!

If you were a Democratic Senator in '02, how would you have voted on this?

Yes or No answer: Was the IWR working on March 15, 2003?

Women do not have equal rights as citizens in the USA.

U.S. warns Germany on World Cup sex workers

Because Hatred Is Not a DU Family Value, I Ask You To Join Me...

Bush team blocks suits with state secrets

I can't help it -- I thought I would be repulsed or furious

Illegal immigration fix: fine those who hire them $50,000

"An Inconvenient Truth" (my review)

Anti-War Music!!!

Fat phobic culture

Randi Rhodes CALLED the Dominatrix and asked her if she stood by her story

White Rose Society funding drive in progress!

New Research Tool Predicts Landslide for Gore in 2008, Defeat for Clinton

Eberle (Talon News) loses bid for vice chairman of Repug party (Gannon)

Help Bowen get an ad on Spanish radio before Tuesday!

By-election defeat could signal disaster for Bush

Californians, vote for DEBRA BOWEN for Sec of State! Critically important!

Okay...straighten me out here on voter registration

We Can Make the Media More Accountable

(LOL) Bush birthday cards

The Corps Report: Was Lack of Media Strategy the Strategy?

The Phelps amendment

SUV gets airborne but can't quite clear house (drunk driver)

San Diego Union Tribune: For-profit 'voters guides' called misleading

Bush's ratings slip further in state (CA)

TV reporters say public is sick of hearing about Iraq

Washington Journal thread

Husband Bill an asset to Hillary Clinton's campaign

Joe Biden on MTP

Californians, vote for DEBRA BOWEN for Sec of State! Critically important!

I have an Icon on my property and want DHS funds to help protect it


Furor over war, Bush splitting Democrats

Bush Admin Pushing for New Tax? - VOIP

Today, we fight

Contact the DNC about RFK's piece that Ohio was stolen .... Kerry too.

Ohio's most influential blogger a British conservative/libertarian 'Dem'?

bush and the gay hating amendment - how incredibly sad

Newsday: Army Manual to Skip Geneva Detainee Rule

America, I don't even know who you are anymore...

Greg Palast on Thom Hartmann show now

Anyone Remember When...

Oh Great... a "Real ID"...

There are messages going out from the DNC.....links.

US refuses to compensate vietnam's agent orange victims

DU short thread: My candidate votes the way I want him to vote every time

Scarborough: "Everybody knows Bush is pandering...including his base"

Raw Story has a teaser that Bush is pulling the Rose Garden

Take Action on the Marriage Amendment

Russ Feingold: Bucking Convention All the Way to the White House?

AP Photo: Add one more stone face and you've got Mount Rushmore

Is it OK for two male or female "guest workers" to marry as long

The would-be perpetrators of the FMA can suck my left gonad

Let's not forget that this is Tom DeLay's last week in office.

Which segment of society has caused divorce up to this point?

I'm just askin'....... DSCC?

If Democrats win big in 06, will Cheney 'retire' for health reason

But of course there's no difference between Gore and Bush*.

Gingrich is delegates favorite of 2008 presidential race (in MN)

Capital has no borders, but labor faces the military

Behind Conpiracy Lies A Boatload of Hate

So, what CAN * do to save himself and the US?

Conservative friend on phone: "How many people snuck over

Your Random Bushism of the day

"Liberated" Tom DeLay Moving Out

Bernanke: "The anticipated moderation of economic growth is now under way"

CNN Video Clip: "Bush targets same-sex marriage" (A real smirk-fest)

Can someone closer to DC than I just go over to the MSNBC studio and

All the bad stuff going everywhere on and Bush worries about gay marriage.

Randy DeLay caught red handed breaking the law?

If they're really 'defending marriage', why not propose...

Is the GOP saying it's OK to marry your sister/brother or first cousin?

BBC News gets it, AFP gets it...

Neighbors returned from Indianapolis yesterday evening, and

Something just occured to me about the W./Condi tryst story:

Fundies caused epidemic AIDS in 1981 when they voted for Reagan


Who's really threatening marriages?

DoD inserts *not* against law. Weakens sensitivity. Anyone remember?

Troops arrive on our Southern border

Any discussion today on the Supreme Court

Tony Snow defines Civil Rights: "Well, I don't know."

Open letter to dimson from Patrick Guerriero, Prez of Log Cabin Repugs

"MisInformation Alert!!"

Evan Bayh: "I wouldn't cast the same vote today as I did then." (Iraq)

W.H. photo: "President George W. Bush shares a humorous exchange..."

Genuine Concern or Pandering?

Congress getting massive calls from the religious right...have you called?

Hey Hollywood Liberal - newsmax is twisting YOUR words now.

DOW down nearly 200 pts. today

"all the news that's shit to print"

website tracks legislation

DU this poll - Lou Dobbs - what is most important - border security? Gay

Should Cloned Cow Milk be a voting issue?

Grover Norquist Supports Impeachment !

Christianity and the War - Cong. Ron Paul Breaks with Bush Big-time!

As if there weren't reason enough to despise Lieberman -- there are more:

Bumiller: Most WH reporters have 'towel-snapping' relationship with Bush

The Apprentice Finale - VOTE FOR LEE!

Bill Kristol, pissed off that Haditha has to be covered

Wedge-Issue June Starts Today

The "Sanctity of Marriage"

Primaries tomorrow: AL, CA, IA, MS, MT, NJ, NM, SD

Kerry Takes on the Swifites and the Truth about RW Hack Lipscomb

You ALL Must see this!!!!

Video games in Congress' crosshairs

Wanted: Stories of non-Xtians trying to publically express their religious

Today, we fight. Tomorrow, we win.

Help! Bowen is behind in polls - pass this info on!

I had a nightmare. President Bush was impeached.

Rangel wrangling for The Draft?

Randi Rhodes show: witness says bush is bisexual

Bilbray by 1.07% over Busby..

I am a ***capitalist***. And I want to tear apart every corporation that

Just heard over half of all illegal aliens entered US legally...

It's all so fucking predictable.

Hillary Poll. What do the Democrats you talk to think about her and 2008

Burn the flag to protest the hate gay amendment

Where were the big Pharisees during Shrub's Gay wedding speech?

Can we talk sensibly about the estate tax?

No difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Bob Graham named campaign chairman for Jim Davis' run for FL governor