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Archives: June 4, 2006

Cubans Jailed in U.S. as Spies Are Hailed at Home as Heroes

US looks at Britain's Bloody Sunday to learn lessons of army disorder

How to split software and songs (BBC)

GOP's courting of blacks failing

NYT: As President's Poll Numbers Fall, Many in Utah Stand by the Man

US confronts brutal culture among its finest sons

The Worker Next Door/(Those Americans who *do* do the jobs some say

Dangerous exotics on the loose ... CNN lists as 'offbeat' news

Widening tropics 'will drive deserts into Europe'

Why the Occupation will never end

OMG! Buchanan actually makes sense: The Persecution of the Palestinians

Another wave of bombers

The fine line between hatred of Jews and political opposition to Israel

Update & Photos From 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago

Diebold spokesman makes idiotic statement - I roll on floor laughing.

Bonifaz gets nearly 30%!!

Ouch....Did Busby Blow It? "You don't need papers for voting."


I need help from you guys. Need job descriptions of positions in the TDP

Killing the "I don't think we will win by attacking Kinky " thread.

Will there be a Kinky booth at the Texas Democratic Convention?


Handling of Afghan prisoners defended

Same-sex vote set for fall

Man, I felt really bad for Canada today and the strangest thing set it off

Chile students plan mass strikes, govt holds ground

Montenegro formally declares independence (BBC)

Soldier gives wounded CBS reporter his Purple Heart

Revealed: robot spyplanes to guard Europe's borders

Australian opposition calls for troops to withdraw

Telcos, cable in fierce legislative fight for new franchise rules

IDs of Active Personnel on Stolen Laptop

Pope calls on Blair to end Iran stand-off

Supreme Court Faces Shortage of Cases

Denver: Foreclosures up 32 percent in first quarter

CNN/AP: 55 Utah Guard arrive in Yuma, AZ, for immigration duty

In Montana, Casting A Web for Terrorists

NYT: Invoking Secrets Privilege Becomes Popular Legal Tactic of Bush Adm.

Angry families threaten legal action against police over anti-terror raid

A Talk at Lunch That Shifted the Stance on Iran

You will send me $1 if you can name this artist.........

Any Diabetic DUers?

Aaaargh! I have grass shit all over me!

This thread is not a copycat.

self-delete for now

C'mon ladies, show me that booty

What's on your keychain?

Happy middle-of-the-weekend, peeps!

The face of the REAL Hamburgler!

'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" starting in moments on TCM

What's 6 inches long and has two nuts?

I got ripped with Charlie Daniels...

Ban gray marriage NOW!!!! YUCK CAN YOU IMAGINE THEM DOING IT!!!!?????!!!

I have a serious addiction problem

This weather's makin' me think of Marilyn Monroe as a genius

Back from babysitting... No, I STILL don't speak German.

dude, this really sucks. I mean REALLY sucks.

The other day I was writing a check and I completely forgot my last name.

There are days I just HATE Hondas!

Garden and sky pictures today

Do you think it's heretical for an egg to dominate a woman?

Which type of present/gift to you prefer?

Do you think one of you women could ethically donate your eggs?

Aww, damn it! I missed my post #11111!

I gave a woman a hug today....ask me why?

&@*$% @*$% in the &@% [email protected]#*$. I mean seriously, #*@^# @%@&$!.

Is your telephone working right now?

I had to go the bathroom once, but accidentally went to the ballroom.

It is now the Fourth of June. Courage, my friends.

Wow...... Not one locked thread on the front page.....

NoelMN said he wants to have Down Syndrome, when he grows up.

And now....we dance!

I got circus tickets today.

Anyone got a copy of the Northern Exposure episode

What if the Beaver's last name was Cleavage instead of Cleaver...

I want to thank all the DU'ers who take the time to search youTube

Wow. New Sonic Youth CD.

Who would you punch in the face if you knew you could get away with it?

I am watching Monty Python's Life of Brian on dvd. I am going to hell

Time for my weekly viewing of Batman Begins. Wanna come?

I think I have to go to the bathroom.

I've decided to learn Old English.

Bathtub or shower?

Whatever happened to Oscar?

Please HELP: If you have an iPod or ANY MP3player

VHS tape stuck in VCR -- how to get it out?

BOOMERS: Anyone else miss some of the old b/w shows

Do you have a favorite board game?


"Stadium Arcadium" fucking rocks

Mea Culpa about Nomar Garciaparra...

So, basketball isn't done yet? Is hockey over?

Oh, good grief. I'm only 4 posts away from 10,000.

Dangerous exotics on the loose ... CNN lists as 'offbeat' news

Awesome old Genesis video from '73. Good quality!

How would you describe the Bush Rice liason?

Fuck you all, you fucking fuckity fuck fucks

What's the best drug store hair color?

You know it. I know it. This song is awesome.

Trying to figure out what the heck kind of animal this was in our backyard

My legs - I can't shave them. (A superficial lamentation.)

Well, DU Movie Critics keep up their track record...

Talk about what really matters. Why waste time?

NASA-funded Study Says Saturn's Moon Enceladus Rolled Over (JPL)

JAXA: Small asteroids not as threatening to Earth (AP/CNN)

Dallas v. Miami in NBA Finals

I just watched "Winter Soldier"

Saw An Incovenient Truth last night; Have to eat my words

Just came from GD. Somebody get me an aspirin.

Republicans are funny.

Ordered a copy of KO's book yesterday from Wiley...

I hate my mortgage company. Who gave these bloodsuckers more power?

Coalition Mission Delivers Meals to Sadr City

Desert storms... BOOK review

Bring our boys home: Mothers say war was 'based on lies' (Britain)

US confronts brutal culture among its finest sons

Conservatives you think there is a liberal bias in the media? Thanks...

Another great clip to share. ps- Yearly Kos Convention June 8-11

Can I have one of your kidneys?

Dixie Chicks on Larry King rerun, now.

NUJ advises boycott of ‘unethical’ Yahoo (UK)

This being an election year, one has to wonder

Frank Rich: Supporting Our Troops Over A Cliff

I learned something today

* chatters at the Steelers:

Dixie Chicks on Larry King now!

message from Corps Admits Fault in New Orleans Flooding

Prospective Democratic chairs all liberal

Awesome bumper sticker spotted today:

Well - looks like 2 Carrier groups are heading towards the gulf

How ironic: America's right says nothing when American production is sent

OMG! Buchanan actually makes sense: The Persecution of the Palestinians

I got ripped with Charlie Daniels...

Update & Photos From 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago

Doing the math in Iran

Police find eight heads north of Baghdad

Oh, good grief. I'm only 4 posts away from 10,000.

Pat Buchanan can kiss my black ass

GORE: I guess what surprises me most is his incuriosity

What Exactly Is T-Mobile Cellular "Verifying" -- Any Ideas???

Will ANYBODY believe a "false flag" attack in the Persian Gulf?

10,000 years from now, when the archeologists are sifting

'Bad behaviour' holding US troops back from 'conquering' Kabul

Rummy tries to sour Iran's bid for new alliances with Shanghai Group

Opec to keep oil quotas unchanged

Please DU this Right Wing Poll

Pete Townshend on Nat. Review's pick of his song as 'conservative'

FYI: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, 7pmCT, TMC n/t

Is it my imagination? Or is corpomedia twisting itself into

All I know is

GWB: Liberty, Equality & Justice for All (Heterosexuals) --pix--->

Calls for Impeachment

Arianna, Pat Buchanan, Andy Sullivan & Frank Rich - CSPAN-2 Sat 10pm

Secure our borders ....Send a message to Congress

Jessie’s Law

Faith-Based Hatred of Gays, Mexicans, Arabs, Blacks, and the poor.

So, if Rove is Bush's brain, does that make Cheny Bush's rectum?

Any Lawyers in the house?

Midshipmen "Rest Their Eyes" During Dick's Speech ---pix->>>

AFP captures the "trouble" on Bush's face

How careful are you to get your news from DU?

Why did Frist leave medicine?

Whatever became of the Rove indictment?

Crazy story/theory thread: start a rumor here

Afghan, coalition troops retake “lost” district, 15 Taleban killed

Is Bush losing his hair?

Do you really think that the DHS cares about landmarks?

If we lose seats this election - should the D candidates fold or fight?

SNL destroying O'Reilly right now.

I just saw An Inconvenient Truth and it wasn't good

Loon Blog (Scrutator) Credits Haditha For Bush/Rasmussen Poll "Bounce"

WTF is with this AP Story on Yahoo?

Bush Admin Demonstrates Dangers of the Left

The Consequences of a Life of Evil ---pix--->>>

Reagan Legacy Project: most important group we're not watching

"I wish Bush came with English subtitles."

One simple question...

Do you get "Digital Comcast" cable TV?

Christianity and the War by Laurence M. Vance

An excerpt of Al Gore from "Fresh Air" interview:

Would you support a Batista, or Somoza like candidate for US president?

Bush's brother signs doggie dining law

Did friendly people ruin America?

On her way out, Bumiller's dishing

Mending Wall "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors"

WP: Rumsfeld's OSD tried to keep the lid on Haditha

The killing fields of Iraq

AP's "Prospective Dem Chairs All Liberal" shameful example of media bias!

Stay Three Steps Behind Me, Dick ---pix->>>

Let's Introduce a Constitutional Amendment Banning Adultery

What do they think as they get ready for bed?

Rove is "Bush's Brain". Who Is Bush's Conscience?

The Re-emergence of Liberalism

email re "protection of marriage"


"The Great Endarkenment"

Condi and Shrub Sex Scandal! Has anyone else heard this?

IF Bush attacks IRAN, are you ready.. to occupy Washington DC?

This is a heads up for Feingold supporters -

Jeff Gannon's Old Boss Bobby Eberle Running For Texas GOP Vice Chairman

Bush and Condi Rice having an affair??

media accustomed to conservative domination, they no longer notice

Did the Carlyle Group really buy the Associated Press?

Thank you Rod Smith for writing a great election reform bill!


Joe Klein: Can the Democrats Handle a Heretic?

til he hooked up with Bushes, Lay was just another mid-level energy trader

Gore: "I don't expect to ever be a candidate for president again."

Feingold stirs Democratic convention with criticism of war

Video game has Christians killing unbelievers. Check this out!

WSJ: Facing Re-Election, Schwarzenegger Switches Course

New CA Field poll: Angelides, Westly tied, with 26% of voters undecided

A Startling Statistic at UCLA


in 2003, I was pretty soured on Bill Clinton....

Keith Olbermann refers to Bill O'Lielly as a 'false patriot"

The rant I'm DYING to write!

"Power Grab" - the Bush Administration's unprecedented reach for power

A surgeon at the Iraqi front whose soul is often wounded

My Lai prosecutor reflects on the ethics of soldiers under fire (NEW)

Tiny Malta Struggles to Absorb Boatloads of Desperate Africans

Iraqi Training Proceeds in Anbar Province (DOD Press release)

The dilemma of caring for wounded Iraqis (New Report)

Rice Key to Reversal on Iran--WaPo

"culture of corruption" theme -----meets with shurgs

McDowell's Entrance Tips FCC To Republican Majority

DUPE: What happens when there's no Plan B? -- WaPo

BILL CHIROLAS: A $1 Trillion Misunderstanding -- Estate Tax Repeal

From the Dept. of Totally Unsurprising Things

WP: Sen. Clinton. Moving on, and ready to become something bigger still.

'Death tax' repeal unfair to those who owe 'birth tax'

Terrible stress of serving in Iraq may fuel rage, loss of judgment

Cynthia Tucker: War supporters deny truths about Iraq

So many possibilities . . . for courts to hash out

Seasonal Memory Lapses ( Lieberman)

Pilger, Fisk, Glass, and S. Hersh on the failure of the world’s press

"Why Not the Worst?"

New wars swell ranks of lost vets (homeless)

"Who Isn't A 'Values Voter'?" by George Will

Robert Novak: Is it goodbye to Pelosi?

The God Worm (PZ Meyers)

The horrors really are your America, Mr Bush

conservative politics of the Bush admin. forced me to have an abortion

Estate Tax 1 trillion dollar misunderstanding?

If you had a time machine and could go back to Argentina before the crisis

McCain pumps NUKE energy at mayors convention

speak to me of ventless gas fireplaces

Gas fuels new cold war in the Arctic

Taupo set to fuel NZ's bio future with willow

Google's "Summer of Green" website:

Energy-hungry China warms to solar water heaters

GE dredging plans for the Hudson upset some upstate (NY) residents . . .

NZ firm building bus powered by renewable fuel (Mg-Air fuel cell)

Solar power plant project for North (China, 1000 MW solar-thermal)


UN calls for massive rise in Palestinian aid

Not Such A Light Unto The Nations

A War of Religions? God Forbid! (Uri Avnery)

I guess eyewitnesses really are unreliable -- WTC second attack

"Who Killed John O'Neill" video -something new?

Diebold video, 46 seconds, at "Current TV" website.

RFK, Jr & Salon's Manjoo & DU Election Reformers Agree On:

Does your bank use Diebold ATMs? If so, change banks.

Bush - Most Hated President Ever Stole Both Elections

Voting Unconstitutionally (from David G Mills)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, June 4th, 2006

My (other, GD) take on RFK Jr and Salon

something like Personal Webserver for XP home edition?

Hotmail problem

Where can I learn what the different cd designations mean?

Does Chris Bell have a campaign

Landlord just installed a new gas stove today.

Iced Tea?

Take a good, hard look at what's going on here

Health nazis (rant)

Violence flares in Iraq, no deal yet on security jobs

Iran hints it may use oil weapon in nuclear row

Nations to back male circumcision over H.I.V.

A surgeon at the Iraqi front whose soul is often wounded

Reservist charged with grand theft

My Lai prosecutor reflects on the ethics of soldiers under fire (NEW)

Colombian interest in Ecuador’s Oxy concession

Terrible stress of serving in Iraq may fuel rage, loss of judgment

Sorry, dupe.

Attacks on Iraq oil industry aid vast smuggling scheme

Police storm family home during suspect sweep (re: Canadian Terror)

Iraqi Training Proceeds in Anbar Province (DOD Press release)

Study says Gore would win

The dilemma of caring for wounded Iraqis (New Report)

Muslims back Iran's peaceful nuclear plan - Lebanese merchant

Iran's Supreme Leader Stands by Nuclear Programme

UK tactics 'led to Hassan death'

South Florida's Peruvians head to the polls for runoff

Firefight breaks out near mosque in Basra

17 Terror Suspects Arrested in Toronto

RPT-Bay Street Week Ahead-A frosty warning for oil sands firms (In Iraq!)

CNN/AP: Active-duty personnel information among data stolen

U.S. Seeks Stronger Ties With Vietnam


Bird flu threatens Indonesian quake survivors

PetroCanada buys into US firm's Syria project (Sanctions don't stop oil)

Maine Democrats take aim at Bush

Iraqi parliamentary session suspended

(Haditha) Iraq vet charged in Hanford wreck

Gunmen kill 21 northeast of Baghdad

Students "executed" as Iraq violence rages on

House Speaker Dennis Hastert visits Iraq (Don't get excited, not staying)

McCain addresses mayors' meeting: Senator refuses to pass judgment on Reid

A daily look at U.S. deaths in Iraq

National speakers say ‘Keep NH first’

Accident Kills Iraqi Civilians

E&P: Press Accounts Suggest Possible Military Cover-up in Ishagi Killings

Daimler aims to introduce selling Smarts

White House Fence Jumper Captured

Colbert keeps crowd in stitches

Pakistan bans Da Vinci Code film

Energy corridors across the West raise concerns (OilCos use public lands)

University Town Passes Resolution Calling for Iraq Pullout (Boulder, CO)

LAT: Effort to Repeal Estate Tax Said to Be Faltering

Iraqi Vice-President calls for US, UN investigations in Ishaqi killings

Democratic radio address by VT Cong. candidate: "Rubber Stamp Congress"

WP: In Haditha Killings, Details Came Slowly: Official Version is at Odds

Garcia Wins Peru Elections, Defeating Humala, Exit Poll Shows

Rice says Iran incentives not open-ended

Iran threatens fuel disruptions

NYT: Church Official Calls for Review of Tiananmen Killings

Bar group will review Bush's legal challenges

Officials estimate Iraq's displaced at 100,000

Gore Says Don't Count on a 2008 Run

Bush approval ratings hit new low in California

Shays admits errors on Iraq (R!)

Dean calls gays a vital force in campaign

More Democrats want their leaders to stand up against Bush, war

D.C.'s taxes, tenacity could pay off with full House seat

Iraq News Gets Short Shrift As A Weary U.S. Tunes Out

Pastor accused of witchcraft (in Ohio)

Reid, his church agree to disagree on amendment (gay marriage ban)

What if the Beaver's last name was Cabbage instead of Cleaver...

thanks to this thread, i feel all my problems are insignificant

What if Mike Seaver's friend's nickname was Hard Dick instead of Boner?

What if the Beaver's last name was Bush instead of Cleaver?

I was just banned from a SwiftBoats forum, in all of 10 minutes!!!

Note to self: When approaching one's front apartment door, don't belch.

Who thinks they will reach post #666 on 06 June 2006 at 7:07:06 AM?

So when it comes to physical attraction, (this is NOT A sex thread)

You can't tell me this doesn't look delicious.

Next up Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I am going the hell.

I need a mother fucking hair cut!

RANT - An argh about obituary copycat threads.

ARGH - an obituary about rants.

ARGH - a rant about obituaries.

Great commercial

I just got kicked out of my bar

My first post!

The 3rd season of HBO DEADWOOD

Thank you. You know who you are.

YOU are a dirty, filthy, disgusting, revolting PERVERT!

Free Association Flamewar: You SUCK.

boobie a pair of tits and an ass

Anyone here watch "Sin City"? (SPOILERS)

awww, that's better, i just figured out how to turn off the google ads...

"My boobs are way too big for these coconuts!" -my sister just now

Cat lovers - I need info.

HEY MODS! (And everyone else)

Secrets to being a post whore, part 1:

Fla. Man in Women's Bathing Suit Arrested

Okay everybody, which do you prefer?

Good morning, lizards

Major kick-tail videos here.

Greenberg Released - Why should you care?

Encore! 50 more Conservative songs...

Why are they advertising Huey Lewis and the News' greatest hits on TV?

In Windows XP, how do I

For those who missed it -- a gorgeous picture of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lounge doesnt seem awake this morning. Who wants coffee?

Dude, I've got a Dell!

Can you sing me a lullaby?

From air conditioning to heater today

I Saw a Bird Yesterday

What is my cat, Bogie, doing when he gets up on his hind legs

GOP leaders are putting gay marriage back on the agenda.

For rent.

I found him...THE FOUNDER OF THE INTERNET (no kidding)

Well, I shan't be venturing into GD today

PC DVD player errors

Our Bonnaroo itinerary

question for wine fans/experts

Heart attack on a bun...I mean, donut...

Who needs love more?

Who are your favorite movie and/or TV composers?

New DUisims:

Hey!!! This guy was my roomate and climbing partner in college.

Rotten Tomatoes: "An Inconvenient Truth" leads the nation in sales...

Happy Birthday


Not only am I full of vitamins and minerals, I stay crunchy in milk!

Joyful Traumatic Stress Syndrome?

Ads by Goooooogle

Sunday feel good music

Marshmallow and baby eva pics

Who wants to sunbathe nude with me in my back yard?

I'm hungover and hungry - what should I eat?

Just woke up and I don't know what to do

Wrong Number Blues

More Grammar Policing: Hey freaks: It's Should've, not Should OF.

Grateful Dead Keyboardist Commits Suicide

I just saw my first (TiVO'ed) episode of "House"-cool show. One question:

Pilot finds snake stowaway inside cockpit

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (SUNDAY 6/4/06)

The Animal World reflects upon the bush administration.

So, what are you listening to this weekend?

Strangest thing last night...

I don't ever do this but... I think I just broke up with my girlfriend.

Gotta Go. Have an Open House Today

Pssssst!!!!! Didn't want to leave out the Lounge!

I did a naughty today.

They killed Mrs. Landingham! <-----Spoiler (LOL)

Calling all Du Compter savy people (Sprites)

Yo! It's time for a new edition of the Hate Mailbag!

Suicide Confirmed in Death of Grateful Dead Keyboardist

Anyone heard this song?

What political documentaries should I put on my Netflix list?

Mmm, haggis. It's what gets me up and going in the morning.

Netflix users - look up your queue, find a user opinion, and post it!


I saw "The Birds" for the first time...

Deleted Again!

Why are all my space friends porn stars

Went too GD..Hahahaha...

The Immaculate hole in one. DID YOU SEE THAT?

Substitute the word "Kudzu" into any movie title....

Goodnight everyone

I'm watching "Honey We're Killing the Kids"

Congratulations burythehatchet!! 10,000 posts

I just realized something.

Goodnight you dogs..oh arrrgh..Peace and love

Wow. $2,200 for an antique phrenological head.

I'm getting some Thai food-- you want something?

Grand Canyon hiking.

So if you're the guy who washes his car with the free squeege

My mum today reminded me how networking is important and I've got skills.

DU Group Proposal: Dead Horse Beaters

Cripes - My wasp nest has 5 separate decks on it!

Who's the greatest player ever born in Donora, PA, on November 21?

I'm watching "Honey We're Screwing the Kids"

Caring for others is important, but I've been stricken with a case of


Sheep! You are all sheep!

MTV: Hayden Christensen was named best villain for his turn as Darth Vader

Who are your favorite charitable celebrities?

Can Bush and Condi be surprised, or unaware, that rumors are flying?

Any lawyers? I have a couple of questions. please pm me

Woke up this morning and a turtle....

Jdasjkh f alsdjkhouiwenjlnasc ljn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should "prog" and "art rock" be lumped together?

Substitute the word "POTATO" for everything.


Went to a wedding last night...

I "hurt" my body mowing, trying to figure a reaction I had,...

Any Colorado Rockies fans here?

I just put a Buffalo Meatloaf in the oven. Ask me anything!

Safety Tips for Women -- for you and others to share!

Have you ever sunburned naked in your own backyard?

Hubby out of town four days...what kind of trouble can I get into???

What did I do today? Well, I went to a Book Fair.......

Cripes - My deck has 5 separate wasp nests on it!

Weigh in on Muddy Waters

Kevin Spacey will make a great Lex Luthor

What is your policy on ignoring DUers? (POLL)

This is one time I don't mind paying large shipping charges on EBay

Should the sign in a wealthy neighborhood read "Watch for children"? OR

Kids are Really Wierd- June 4th edition

If black is for funerals, why do people now wear it to weddings?

What is your favorite 'based on a true story' tv movie or film?

I think I'm gonna go make some White Trash Pizza.

What do you eat?

I always thought headlights looked like eyes, on many cars...

Damn it, why am I awake early?

I want "Cagney & Lacey" on DVD, dammit! What TV shows do you want on DVD?

One of my neighbors (now moved) put their torn US flag in the trash.

Good afternoon, Loungies!

The Pups at 3 and a half months: (pic heavy)

Yes! Christian Bale wins best hero for Batman at the MTV awards

I just played the most EEEEEVIL joke on my boyfriend!

MTV movie awards: Jake Gyllenhaal wins best kiss for Brokeback Mt.

Midway: June 4th, 1942

Who else is fucking PHYSCED for Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift!

High school student arrested for coming late to graduation

So, who should be the Joker in the next Batman movie?

Have YOU ever sunbathed naked in your own backyard?

Best story song ever?

what was the best concert you attended in the 70's or 80's?

Grand Canyon hiking.

RANT - an obituary about argh

Please answer this question for me...

State of Belief on Air America Sun @ 5PM: The Federal Marriage Amendment

So, what kind of believer/non-believer are you?

Dual standard for belief

Theists: What are your beliefs reguarding Hell?

Genocide in the Bible?

Nations to back male circumcision over H.I.V.

Electric Fish on Verge of Evolutionary Split

Do you think it's time for another March on Washington?

Marriage Protection Sunday: Rev. Rod's Handy Sermon Starters

Gay marriage... my two cents (or 0.015 Euros)

Make a TAX EXEMPT donation to put up pro-Marriage Equality billboards

Great site for a great cause

State of Belief on Air America Sun @ 5PM: Federal Marriage Amendment

Chess news for week ending June 4: Olympics and Elections Edition

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to .... church?

So, I've still got that negative entity in my house. White sage

New Starlight News Article by Nancy about Al Gore....................

There's a LOT of bullshit on Du today and it stinks to high heaven.

Ok call this stupid but

Gore refused a deadline - DU translation: Gore wants the troops out now.

Post your salary from Kerry campaign: mine...... 0.00

It's hard out there for a Kerry fan sometimes.

Kerry's Midnight Concession

Massachusetts State Dem conv (hall pics only)

delete n/t

Joe Klein now on Webb bandwagon

I'm thinking about using this one

New images, and possible entries. Not sure yet.

People, sure. Personality, not so sure.

How Keith pronounces "Abu Ghraib"

Karl Rove was indicted

Has anyone else seen CSA yet?

The media is always trying to walk away from the Iraq war

Rising Gas Prices Cutting into Spending, Survey Finds

Cafferty: Guess what Monday is?

Bush, Taft fall to Ohio Poll historic lows - How about a recall for Taft?

Italy to seek extradition for 22 CIA agents who ‘kidnapped’ cleric

Sun. talk shows toss in a few libs/dems--including Gore

Jack Kelly on "moonbats" troops and "Murtha"

Will Pitt suggests saving email addresses in case the net goes down.

Condi&Dubya sittin in a tree distracting from which Friday Newsdump story?

gay question

Christian Wire: Group to erect 10 Commandments display on D.C. land

Spanish Judge Calls for Closing U.S. Prison at Guantánamo

When Fag-Baiters Yawn, When Boots Whine

I just saw a commercial for the apocalypse

PHOTO: Westboro Baptist Church at it again

Please Stop the Viral Google Ads!!

Watching Big Dawg on the CNN aids special for the 2nd time...

Miserly POS's...

Militants threaten Palestinian banks over wages...

Iran warns U.S. over 'wrong move'...

Whats your take ? Congress should offer a bill that offers amnesty for

Question about Iraq and the employment picture

Another report of Stolen Credit Cards from a Lap Top

The War against America. By the Christians?

Bolivia's giving back of land. This has to be good

Think About It! (A Tinfoil Iran Conflict Theory)

Brace for STEPANOPOULIS re: GORE: "He's gained weight."

Calame's Calumny: More Hillary-Ogling from the New York Times

OPUS is great today :)

Meet the Press: HANS BLIX on WMD Worldwide

RE: anti-Democrat hit piece; call the AP about it and complain...

Associated Press: Iraqi Survivor Wants U.S. Troops Executed

Rumsfeld After Haditha Inquiry: Really-Really Bad-or Worse Than Abu Ghraib

Man killed after being run over several times

3 Diebold Articles in 3 seperate newspapers today in UTAH. Yes, UTAH!

Hartmann on now (Sun AM): RFK, Jr article biggest bombshell in 50 years

People who saw 'An Inconvenient Truth": will Gore run in 08

WJ: Sheryl Stolberg...NYT White House Stenographer

Need some help: Wouldn't Jane Harman become committee chair of HSCI?

The Yahoo Anti-Democrat Hit piece

Families Forged by Illness

US forces stand-down in Iraq?

Did anyone else see that Unity 08 coversation on Washington Journal

Real DEMS running radio ads to impeach Bush - Hooray!

Just saw an Inconvenient Truth, and all I can say is WOW!

Joe Biden really disappointed me on MtP today

Condi said "Iraq has a maturing political process since the liberation

Gay Marriage Poll - please help

"The horrors really are your America, Mr Bush"

Chomsky on Book TV at 11am Eastern Time

Bush says america wants to win in Iraq so we will not pull out..

C-SPAN caller just brought up Junior/CONdi affair and Laura at hotel

Its not like we came here to shoot, kill, rape, pillage. We're here to help

Please explain the dollar dropping in value - on ABC's talking heads

All that has to be said has been said.

Man In Florida Accused Of Trying To Use Potato As Silencer

The worst thing that a person can hear

All that has to be said has been said.

Jdasjkh f alsdjkhouiwenjlnasc ljn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fear not your enemies, for they can only kill you

If The Machines Are Hackable Let's Hack Them For The Good Guys

Looks like my sources had the date for the Iran war wrong.


An open letter to WIll Pitt

What is your policy on ignoring DUers? (POLL)

If we go to Iran

Drug Reformers Running as Third Party Candidates

It's Not Condi-Where the pic w/him holding hands with the Sheik

Missed Al on "This Week" - please fill me in!

For an Exhausted, Disenchanted Army There is Still No End in Sight...

9 Americans convicted of killing Iraqis

Bush Stomps on Fourth Amendment

New Anti-Bush Music Video By Ministry

Great essay on Estate Tax battle and who is really in it by DUer papau

Robert Newman's History Of Oil

CNN Presents is on now with an AIDS conference. Clinton is there.

Check out the body language :Bush photos from this morning

George Bush Forced Her To Have An Abortion

RFK Jr on Air America NOW

Cheney, "250,000 trained Iraqis thanx to Uncle Sam"

Bill Kristol: 'Maybe Bush will become Supreme Leader..."

Why does normal America allow Elmer to live among us?

Why I love Keith Olbermann and hate Bill OhLIElly.

How far are you willing to go

Al Gore refuses to say "I will not run for for president"

video: Iraq War Vets talk about random civilian killings (BBC)

I got a chance to smackdown some embedded reporters last night

Crashing the Gate

ABC has the video up of Gore today

Were there investigations into all those Navajo kids killed by soldiers?

Gore,don't count on a 2008 run, stopped short of an equivocal statement

Al Gore on This Week (ABC)

State of Belief on AAR @ 5PM: Special on Federal Marriage Amendment

Stephen & Tabitha King have anti bush Bumper stickers!

Did anyone else hear Russert just say Gore voted against the war?

"Monkey" and "ape" are NOT racist terms....

Did anyone else see that Unity 08 coversation on Washington Journal

It is becoming impossible to listen to Condoleeza Rice

Why don't Hillary supporters see that she can never win the Presidency?

We are being played like a fiddle, but this came from a CONSERVATIVE!!!!

Master spammer is fined $1 million

DumbAss Zogby Poll-movies stars babies and "summer reads"?

Thoughts at 10,000

Kristol is in deep shit: 18 USC 2385 Advocating overthrow of Government:

NATO plans stronger force in Afghanistan

To those who missed it: CHAVEZ ON CSPAN AGAIN NOW

Oh God -- Joe Biden Agaiin! Maybe he should have a cot in the TV studios

Daily Howler attacks Frank Rich re: embrace of media's anti-Gore script.

Bushbots are dumbasses. Let's make some dough!

The horrors really are your America, Mr Bush (Times-UK)

Why Kerry conceded ("We're in time of war")

Katrina vanden Heuvel on CNN at 10:00 this morning. No matter how many

Bush's "enormous, absurd time, money, effort" on govt. attack survival...

Chess; If Iraq is a no-win, then Iran is their only way to win

Why is it that every time I listen to Condileezza Rice....?

Steven Clemons: Applause for the Inconvenient Gore

Well I cancelled my Verizon contract the other day

MSNBC isn't even trying anymore.

It will be June 6, 2006 in just two more days....

Please DU these polls on the FMA

Heads up: CSPAN1:Road to the Whitehouse Series- Feingold/Warner

The Purpose Driven Life Takers (Part 1)

Should DUers that work for 2008 candidates provide disclosure??

First troops in Bush's border plan arrive

Shadow's taxicab reports: The dogs of war run soon.

Bush 'defense' of marriage is nothing but institutionalizing homophobia

Horses help wounded soldiers walk again

If Al Gore were going to run for President, why would he announce now??

Nations to back Male Circumcision over H.I.V.

I make mistakes all the time. BIG ONES. And you all know it.

Oh for Pete's sake, what is this crap about Pickles moving out of the WH


Anyone see Biden on MTPress? I thought he made some good points.

Movie Review: The Road To Guantanamo

College students found dead inside balloon

A message for the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee- Sensenbrenner

I got my DU gold star today and I want reader & mod. opinions on this:

East Coast Du'ers, did you see Hans Blix on MTP?

24 v. 5

Bottom Line: We lived in an Industrial Society. We live in an Imperial...

Any Opinion On Unity08 Group??? Today On C-Span There Was A LOT

are there any lawyers on here? If so please pm me internet/statutory


Have you donated to Ned Lamont?

While perusing Harper's, I came across this...

Some Abramoff wrinkles I came over

How NOT to appeal to religious voters...

Why the GOP is NOT a legitimate political party

anyone else gettin ads at the end of DU threads????

Three Iraqi civilians killed in artillery accident-US military

The Immaculate hole in one. DID YOU SEE THAT?

Who are we..... excellent short vid explains who we are, short and

Is Robert Kennedy Jrs story on the stolen election being covered?

Women's Sexual Behaviors May Be Closer To Men's Than Previously Thought

Grab Bush and fling him whereever you want...

Colbert's Commencement Address -transcript

Talking to those one-issue (anti-abortion) voters

College repuke scum ~ host snow cone stands & global warming beach parties

State (Iowa) says NO to F NADER license plate

My Lai: Were there congressional hearings, or just news stories and

Al Gore on THIS WEEK

MoveOn Rigs Its Own Vote; Betrays Its Membership

Think you don't recognize your country?

I am ok with the Google ads but don't advertise this crap...

How big is your ecological footprint?

Bush says america wants to win in Iraq so we will not pull out..

CNN COMEDY HOUR: "Bush is tackling the immigration issue with compassion."

American Bar Association will review Bush's legal challenges

Why did Bush go out of the way to point out that .....?

When is the election in CA between Busby and Bilbray ??

Wouldn't They Make a GREAT Couple?

Karen Hughes is back to work - pics

Bush approval rating slips into 'uncharted waters' in California

Newsweek: Marines were prepared for war-not insurgency

I'm surprised there hasn't been an assassination attempt.

All you engaged to be married same sexers better hurry up!

Book idea:

Why there should be no such thing as 'banned books' in schools

RW radio host compares W to Truman

The red fox has left the chicken coop. Seven Sparrows fly west. The Moon

A member of the Bush cabinet finally makes it to Vietnam!

More on Massive Indian Sheep Kill & Bt Cotton

online oddsmaker: the world a 100,000-to-1 favorite to survive 6/6/06

Coming up on 60 minutes:

"Our government will just leave us to the mercy of American soldiers,"

Feingold Alert Cspan

Time to play "What is in *'s pocket?" - pics

does anyone know if the military is still giving troops Lariam?

Roy Blunt : the mighty Clenis at fault again!

I just rec'd a recorded msg from the presidents wife to vote for Bilbray

I noticed 30 new DU'ers since last night!

Yesterday I bought my copy of "Rolling Stone". Did you?

U.S. call for Iraqi police in Haditha goes unanswered

Hey CNN! Quit reporting about yourselves. That is not journalism!!!

Viewers face choice between new dumbed-down "Nightline," or none at all

I think that Biden didn't take the bait this morning...

Gore: Maybe US troops should be pulled out sooner than the end of the year

Why not just investigate this election?

US blocking international deal on fighting Aids

We nasty anti-war types can barely hide our glee over Haditha?

I think the world of Nader and I respect the DLC

To: All Members of - 'The Project for the New American Century' (PNAC)

Repeal the Inheritance Tax or This Little Girl Won't get all 330 Million $

Just caught a few minutes of someone named Glenn Beck on CNN

6/6/06. Coulter's new book releases; FReeper "epow" weighs in. Uh-oh.

The Battle For America

Study says Gore would win


Photos : Congressional delegates meet with MND-B Soldiers (Well Fed?) Pics

If Al Gore had been President

Banging the drum for war with IRAN

Haditha = "Apocalypse Now" (Sunday Herald)

FReepers finally achieve orgasm and Nirvana: "Bush is the Next Reagan"

Bush Friend:"Don't Think He Gives A S--T About It...Purely Political"


Who (voluntarily) goes to fundie colleges like Falwell's besides

Do you think we really will survive the next few years?

Full Text of Colbert's Knox College Commencement address...

Beating the Right

VIDEO: Frank Calliendo nails Bush, Clinton impersonations.

U.S. has become such a sad, sad country

Will LDS (Mormons) flee GOP if Mitt gets shelled? Salt Lake Tribune >>>

Remember that stolen data on 26,500,000 veterans?

The Somalian warlords who slaughtered US soldiers are working for Bush now

Iraqi students slaughtered...

The day our democracy was killed by the U. S. Supreme W. Court

Shouldn't The Grown-Ups Fight The Wars?

June 2006 Harper's Magazine: Best op-ed piece ever.

Star Wars in Iraq, Raygun's legacy lives on in infamy,watch it if

Just watched the Big Dawg at Bentsen's funeral

w/o appearing stupid,someone explain why

TOON for SUNDAY - 6/4/06 - tossing bones

"killing terrorists is not our mission. It’s to kill innocent civilians."

I'm young and angry. **major rant**

After listtening to the PM of Canada, I've changed my mind about al Qaida.

To my DU friends, how about some ((EXQUISITE BEAUTY)) to brighten your day

Marine's wife paints portrait of US troops out of control in Haditha

Al Gore on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno- Thurs. 6/8

Hurricane forecasts losing major tool to private enterprise...scary stuff.

It's Official: Ted Nugent is full-tilt fucking nuts! You HAVE to read this

My T-Shirt for when Dumbya goes down... will it sell??

Attention DU History Buffs:

Pssssst!!! I think it is safe to let you all know

VIDEO: Here it is! "Climate chaos: Bush's climate of fear" (BBC Panorama)

Just saw "An Inconvenient Truth"

"JAZEERAGATE".Nothing will impact the news you hear in the future more:

X-Men: Heroes or Log Cabin Republicans?

Mark Warner is a FREAKIN' rich boy CORPORATE TOOL -

Kerry's lack of fight for Ohio angers me as much now as it did in 2004.

'News of the weird' Injustice in Florida

Drinking with a hard-core boooosh supporter

Too much despair over Busby's "papers" comment in CA-50 - CHEER UP!

Gore doesn't talk about it, but people should know.

Colbert: "God wrote (the Bible) in English for a reason..."

What's your take on Larry King and the Dixie Chicks?

Why I think Crime and ILLEGAL immigration are related.

"continuity of government" excercise scheduled for June 19

Could be just coincidence, but I notice that every time important stories

Retired Delta Airline Pilot E-Mail making the rounds of the Freep Network.

Newsweek - Some troops are going on patrol totally stoned

Diebold video, 46 seconds, at "Current TV" website. (cross)

Health nazis (rant)

Some Things In Texas Even Bush Can't Ruin!!!

Author of NYT tabloid story on Clintons has checkered record

BUZZFLASH: How They Stole Ohio

Liberty News (June 2006 edition)

Potentially Ignorant Question (or PIQ, if you will...)

RFK & Rolling Stone Nail Ohio's Stolen 2004 Election, But Much More

The FSM wouldn't: Tampa --- 08 GOP convention --- Hurricane season

Share your "Inconvenient Truth" comments

Guitar heavyweights jam for candidate Hall (19th CD, NY) . . .

Special House election tops voting in 8 states

Idaho Gov. Risch thinks Idahoians smarter then Louisianians

(Maine) Democrats adopt Bush impeachment resolution

Voters ignore ethics issue as McCloskey challenges Pombo in CA 11th

Lobbying Reform Slow Despite Scandals

Does anyone have the full text of asswipe Farhad Manjoo's snark piece?

Contact the DNC about RFK's piece that Ohio was stolen .... Kerry too.

HOW can we spend $740 MILLION

UNITY 08.....Take back this country

Bob Novak, Pelosi out if Dems don't retake the House??

VA and NJ Primaries: Live Blogging!

LBJ on campagin strategy, Dems vs GOP

Drug plan a bitter pill

Eric Massa goes to Vegas:

The 50th and California

Question about alleged Haditha massacre:

Movie Review: The Road To Guantanamo

Why does the left tend to condemn those who have made a life journey?

Lt. General James Mattis : "It's fun to shoot some people"....Feb. 4, 2005

We need another plan.............

Ariz. governor on verge of veto record

Hilary Clinton is a bitch.....

Create full tickets for potential 08 hopefuls.

Hypothetical 08 ticket with Gore and Hillary, who would be at the top?

"How to lose the Culture Wars" (The Economist)

Feingold / CSPAN / Road to the White House / on now

The swiftboating of John McCain by neo-cons.

HuffPo: "Rita Cosby has a primetime show, Jack Cafferty does not"

Feingold Q&A on FSTV right now!

Biden says Gore would be viable US contender

Nothing will impact how much antiwar news we hear more: but "JAZEERAGATE?"

Canadian PM Stephen Harper follows Hitlers propaganda advice:

There's a fundamental problem when one is forced to deny one's core truth

I need a comeback.

Legal Panel To Investigate Constitutionality of *s Signing Statements

Spin, Condi, Spin!

WP: Conservatives warn LIndsey Graham on Bush judicial nominee

Biden on Meet The Press on the Gay Marriage thing

Gay marriage: another inconvenient truth

Damning evidence of Bush family/ Nazi link - video

Desperation seeping quickly into GOP boat...

This week's national Democratic radio address.

The topic of the day for the M$M -- Hillary Clinton...

Senate will debate marriage being between a man and a woman

CNN reporting Biden called for Rumsfeld firing - anyone recall if he gave

What are the weakest links for Democrats in getting a DAILY message out?

Media, sensing Lieberman defeat, start to pile on

"...US working w/Vietnam, because CHINA's biggest long term Mil. threat."

The National Debt

College Repukes Global Cooling Beach Parties Mocking Gore

C&L Video, Bill Kristol: "Supreme Leader Bush...I like the sound of that"

The Bush Goal of Elitism

So ya think it's too early for 2008.....heh...

Cindy speaks in Montclair NJ, Pics...........of course

How much $$ would you accept for a GI bullet in your sons head

Al Gore interviewed on NPR: Bush has "a different kind of intelligence"

I love John Kerry but goddamit - he supported the Iraq War.

Let's push for reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine.

Name the Least Odious Republican

I guess its not Bush's policies, it's the illegals.........

Feingold's and Kerry's speeches before the Iraq war

Debate over Rolling Stone Article ignores what's Important to USA