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Archives: June 30, 2006

Mr. President, you can woo blockheads for Talent (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The Wreckage in the China Shop

Castro's niece behind revolution in sexual politics

Offshore Drilling – How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sludgy Water

What part of "rule of law" do you not understand?

Don't forget our national shame: The gutting of New Orleans...

Is the National Shopping Service a legitimate organization?

Gaza is basically a concentration camp that the Israelis bomb at will.

Dear Mods

Israel seizes Hamas leaders

UN aid chief warns that Gaza is on verge of humanitarian crisis

Airstrikes and artillery pound Gaza

Hey what is happening with Israel and Palestine?

Liberal Bloggers failed me!

What happened to Dow Jones & Company on 9/11?

Any one on here concerned about Grassley's whore tax?

AUSTIN: Helen Thomas speaking on Thursday (7/6)

How many states should Texas be ?

Elections Canada wants Tories to open books amid delegate fee controversy

Israeli air strike destroys Interior Ministry in Gaza

Prosecutors indict 8 men over suspected drug links with North Korea

Israel seizes Hamas leaders

al-Qaida in Iraq Role in Bombing Denied

Apple: Stock options possibly mishandled

BBC News: New Osama Bin Laden Tape posted on the Internet-- Text here

Bush and Koizumi Sing Diplomatic Duet (they sang an Elvis song)

WP: House May Chill Bush's Wooing of Latino Voters

NJ GOP candidate Kean preparing "Swift-Boat" film against Dem Menendez

House intelligence chief berates Negroponte on WMD

WP: A Governing Philosophy Rebuffed

Former Bush aide in talks with prosecutors over theft charges (Allen)

Administration notifies Congress of five billion-dollar arms deal

House condemns intelligence leaks (227 to 183)

Pro-lifers against Buffett-Gates alliance

Pine Ridge tribal president impeached for abortion support (SD)

Georgia to require photo IDs to vote

Big Black Dick

Hey all! Shameless plug for our live webcast

OPUS: Small misunderstandings writ large

David Copperfields lessor known brother David

Oh no, they did-int!

I'm bullish on slinkies!

Saw the following stickers on a pickup truck

Craigslist buyer encounters the seller's gun & taser, is robbed of $400

Cheryl N'me

SoCal DUers! Is it damn HOT where you are?

The Night On Fire!

Anybody else watching some Star Jones lite entertainment on Larry King?

McCain, Feingold Co-Sponsor Chain Of Integrity-Themed Eateries

Speaking of Britney Spears Airbrushed Photos...

Well I just consolidated my loans

What about Dalek accents?

I just saw some TV show with Luke Perry on it (formerly of 90210).

I hate writing conclusions. Don't you?

Is anyone watching Primetime?

Boo-Fucking-Yeah! Dire Straits! Yah! Yah! Good song! Yah!


Just so you know ... I'm NOT a stryper.

Proof dogs can read

Just so you know...I'm in a stupor

Just so you know ... I'm a striper.

Whassup wid Mentos & Diet Coke...

Dammit! How come nobody told me it's SHARK WEEK!

I saw this as a banner ad here on DU...

Star Jones

I love DU!

Ask me anything

Oh shit. I just found the song that is going to kill me

***Comfort Food***

You wanna chat in real time? Got a progressive chat room for you

Paging Oeditpus Rex and other knowledgeable car people.

If you LOVE science... this is sooooooooooooo cool!!!

"Snakes on a Plane": the auditions

Rush Limbaugh caught with illegal Viagra...

What's the crappiest Canadian TV show?!

How has Larry King's show survived this long?

What song should I put on my myspace profile?

Anyone know anything about motor scooters? Ever heard of LongBo?

What?! Nobody loves the Minnesota accent?!

Whatever Happened to Van Cliburn?

I'm getting ready to make some Bacon Cheeseburgers.....

Voulez vous


I got a dog! After 6 years of No-Doggieville, I HAVE A DOG!

Why Don't You Own a Pet?

Nighthawks 63! Check in time

What about Maine accents? Hunh? Hunh?

Fountain Valley, California, is mine. What's your favorite . . . .

Do you do anything special for your feet in the summer?

Someone is trying to kill my dog.

People! It's people! (pic heavy)

"Seinfeld" sucked.

Has anyone else received a "vibrating razor" in the mail?

TV shows that were big, that I never saw an entire single episode of:


The Politics of Fear - Rolling Stone

Castro's niece behind revolution in sexual politics (LGBT rights)

Gay prince disowned for coming out.

My All-Time Favorite Green Bay Packer: Nitschke

What happened May 13? My husband is a virgo born 8/31/39.

Ok - I'm doing it - Kerry up next

Beachmom & Fedup ... are you guys okay?


Did you see this link in GD?

KOEB Meeting: 06/29/06 -- Bush's Supreme Spanking Edition

Is anyone watching Countdown, and the story about the gun range in OK?

Sibel Edmonds: Whistleblowers Dirty Dozen

What's this I just heard Bush is taking the Japanese PM to Graceland!

Why I'm a Liberal...

Why couldn't the Iraqi people have found a way to get rid of Saddam?

Didn't Elvis visit NiXon at the White House?

What is so hard to grok about ALLhuman beings covered byGenevaConventions?

really slow opening Al Gore's movie site

(VIDEO) New Ned Lamont ad : Students

Dems can GAIN from court decision on remapping districts ->

After the pep rally....."About that war"

Man interviewed on CNN regarding impeachment:

*** Thursday TOONS: Flag ***

Bin Laden's statement (its audio only)

New Blood

Employer sanctions resulting in fines 1995-2004 for immigration violations

Personally, I'd like to see the F-U headers deleted. Makes us look bad.

Can anyone find this story?

33 business days - is the TRUTHOUT?

Where's my heart?

C-SPAN: Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) questioning war vote.

have you ever wondered why it is that the bushes seem to surround

HELP! Anyone recording CNN RIGHT NOW - 7PM Pacific Time?

Is it wrong for me to not give a crap if an out of control bus plows

For Beth

It's only a small blog

If any Democrats support Bush when he ignores Supreme Court decision...

After Ruling, Uncertainty Looms at Guantánamo

Anti-choice leader: Buffett is "THE DR. MENGELE OF PHILANTHROPY"

Anti-* sentiments found in unusual place: HSN message board.

If GOP fails to stop the NYT, is the GOP weak on terror?

How do you change a PDF file

"...and For the People." Not if they can turn us against each other...

Can anyone recommend a mid-market graphic artist in Seattle?

Liberal Bloggers failed me!

I can't wait to read the NYTimes tomorrow re: Supreme Court decision...

Just saw this quote on another board. It's a * quote from 18 months ago.

Bin Laden's Tape Tonight Means No October Surprise

Breaking: Arianna Huffington swallowed Elke Sommers!

So here's an odd question (from me? Who'd've expected that?)

Ever personally seen an American flag being burned as a protest?

Three word catch phrases !

Time marches on...I wrote this right after 9-11

Anyone think the US is going to tamper on Sunday (Domingo)

MUST SEE videos, Pelosi, Maloney,Slaughter,Conyers,Dingell

Warren Jeffs. Who is he and why is he saying those terrible things about

REALLY Good Cartoon

High Court Rejects Detainee Tribunals

I'm horrified by CNN's website - could someone please make it stop?

Anyone Else Order Armbands for Peace and not receive them?

No rest for the wicked...

Competing for Minimum Wages....

"Clarence Thomas -- chickenhawk "

Google competes with Paypal

The Politics of Fear . . . Rolling Stone

Progressive Chat Room - Feel like mingling? Go here:

Gaza is basically a concentration camp that the Israelis bomb at will.

Bush has declared war on the Democrats - Says they are waving white flag..

Former bu$h/Helms Aid (common Republican thief) tries to avoid trial

Sen. Oxley (R-Crook) leads drive to condemn NYT for revealing * spying

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers check in with Laura Flanders

Flashback: remember when Wes Clark debated Bernie Kerik in a Paula Zahn

Conyers: Newsflash Key Item in House GOP Values Agenda Goes Down (Again)

I have a bad feeling about the SCOTUS and OBL

Is it time to review Feingold's "censure" proposal ?

Someone really needs to tell Max Kellerman: Superdome rapes were myth!

Does President Bush use a "penis pump"?

Paula Zahn interview with Kucinich

ru$h limpballs - Male Prostitute

If Osama is alive, isn't it in his best interest to prove it w/ video

Bush does NOT care about capturing Al Qaeda financiers...the one he let go

Frogive me. I'm feeling nostalgic.

Oh. My. God. ... There is a cure for cancer! But there is a catch...

Breaking: Thinking the word "Tobacco" causes death.

Nightline (ABC) says W suffers a major blow today

Kevin Spacey Rocks!

How Does This Scam Work?

D minor

Quote of the day, cited in Justice Stevens' majority opinion re: Hamdan

CNN/AP: House vote slaps news organizations

Coulter is a Deadhead?

You ain't nothin but a hound dog (photo)

Some light (not mine) on Sunday's election in Mexico


How much are you paying for gasoline right now?

where do I find the Thanks Bush gas stickers?

Where to hell do the poor people live now? Or work?

Winger AARP Host censors "sucks" when used to describe a Republican

New video, starring Usama bin Laden

"Christian" Right Secret Decoder Ring Thread.

Trauma TV

Democratic Leader Pelosi: Bush lacks credibility complaining about leaks

What do you think are the Republican Party's biggest selling points?

Alcohol a Bigger Threat to U.S. Youth Than [Illegal] Drugs

Does anyone think the Britney Spears naked pics are newsworthy

Please help us get a GREAT Democratic candidate elected!!!

who's the ass on CNN right now... he sounds like

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good live progressive chat room ?

DU HELP! Off-Shore drilling MSNBC Poll

Democrats: The "Leave Everyone the Hell Alone" Party

"It is the year 2014; The New York Times has gone offline..

My Finalist Essay in The Nation's Student Writing Contest

1,300 Rats

Do you think they're selling bad gas at the pumps?

15 years for looting liquor during Katrina disaster.

Marine Documentary in the Making Makes 'Hadji Girl' Look Like Daycamp

Is Thomas Jefferson talking about America 2006 with this quote or what?"

Thomas attacks Stevens in Hamdan opinion.

So Scooter Libby was Mark Rich's lawyer...

More fivecats New Orleans photos and narrative.

Photo of a typical Bush Supporter.

NYT on Gitmo

Everybody Knows

In light of Roberts court decisions, why didn't Dems filibuster?

Trailer up for a 911 Families film

Random thoughts on Iraq and terrorism.

What should be done if Dems screw up and lose 06 too?

Color photos from Imperial Russia 1909-1915!

Why shouldn't I be able to charge smokers with assault?

Who is Peter Hoeskstra R-MI?

One year on, Live 8 organisers blast G8 for slow poverty progress

Reuters: Republicans slow Voting Rights Act renewal (again)

If SCOTUS Supported The Geneva Convention In Its Ruling Today....

What Would The Repugs Do If We Had A Dem President And SCOTUS...

"We are in a war..."

A Governing Philosophy Rebuffed (analysis Washington Post 6/30)

Explaining the word "grassroots" to Russian visitors...nice DFA post.

For a state that Bush won by 17%, Georgia Gov race isn't looking too bad

I'm Going To Kinko's Tomorrow To Get Rubber Stamps Made With....

Ney's campaign manager supoenaed - others jumping ship

Audio: Condi's candid "very frank exchange" with Russian Foreign Minister

Barack Obama: The Black John Edwards

DU a poll;

the Senate Dems Iraq policies: a total f**king disgrace

Criminals, Crooks, Immoral Scum & Liars (And Those Who Fight Them)

Obama and Dean are on the same page...

The pundits are right, the family is under attack.

Who are the bigger "morans"? Freepers...or left-wing wackos?

FL Poll: Crist (R) 41% Davis (D) 39%, no bounce for Bush

What t-shirt you'd like to wear at July 4th fireworks celebration

WA Senate: Cantwell (D) 47%, McGavick (R) 43%

Saw This Earlier In The Day Here On DU And Liked It - We Should....

US ruling vindicates Labor: Beazley

WP, Dionne: Obama's Eloquent Faith

Smash the presses

Colombia's coffee industry introduces a new Juan Valdez

Lawmakers: NSA database incomplete (USA Today)

We need a new approach to suburban voters

Military Fought to Abide by War Rules (LAT)

CNNMoney: Americans Find Cities Appealing...Again

LAT: The Guantanamo Decision: Military Fought to Abide by War Rules

Analysis: Wartime powers face scrutiny

At Guantanamo, Dying Is Not Permitted

July 4th at Coney: An American Dreamland

Gitmo Bay the RIght Decison, but not the Decison of the Right...

Rolling Stone: Gore 3.0

Troops in Ramadi learn to live with danger

Palast: Fix is in in Mexico this weekend

Hitchens equates IEDs to land mines. Really.

Robert Parry: The Stakes Just Got Higher--Supreme Court Rebuke of *

Mother Jones: Three Days in Rome

"Ran out of coffee sweetener" - (This struck my funny bone! ) Enjoy!

Enough is enough. Why parental groups need to back the hell off

HELP--another submissive woman message: The Prairie Muffin Manifesto

Eleanor Clift (Newsweek): Political Theater

Hrm -- more flooding in the pipe for TX?

EPA might use Calif. mower rules nationwide

Comparing June with last year, plus July 2006 outlook

Fire Destroys More Than 20% Of Portugal's Forests In 10 Years - Reuters

Rhode Island AG Took DuPont Lobby Money Before, After Settlement

EU Hard At Work Cutting Kyoto Breaks For Polluting Industries - Reuters

UK - Labor Breaks Climate Pledge, Claims World-Leader Climate Status

NY State Will Take ExxonMobil To Court On Greenpoint Spill

St. Louis Enjoying Green Building Boom - Post-Dispatch

Internal Audit - World Bank Cambodian Logging "Reform" Effort Flat Failure

47,000 Barrel Spill In SW Lousiana Slows Shipping, Stops Seafood Harvest

Portsmouth, NH - 3 Years' Worth Of Water Quality Reports Faked

Japan sets sights on ethanol cars

John Howard's Ag. Minister Delivers Screeching Attack On Wind Farms

Cape Wind will proceed!

Greenpeace is rethinking it's attitude toward ethanol.

Catastrophic 'Lake Burst' Chills Climate

Mexico's oil bonanza starts to dry up

Study:Ethanol Economy Better Off Than Hydrogen Economy

*sigh* Israel

Palestine. Israel. Iraq terrorist techniques. Election season in the USA

Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies

Irish MP: Israel an "abhorrent and despicable" regime

Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza, urges UN acti

Gaza: Anyone else getting REALLY worried?

How must the world react to Israel's continued bombing of Gaza.....

SREBRENICK: Rubuking Jason Miller's Embracing Of Jihad Against America

Poll shows most Israelis prefer talks on captured soldier

Rice phones Israel's Tivni for fifth time amid tensions

AG refuses to okay use of Hamas officials as 'bargaining chips'

Abduction and Hamas grab international headlines

For the sake of peace Poland and Germany accepted new borders.

Israel strips four Hamas officials of Jerusalem residency

JASON MILLER: Ravening Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

A Welcome Spotlight on Palestinian Child Prisoners

The government is losing its reason

kidnapping or arrests? Today's coverage by NPR

Dangerous Temple Mount ramp finally to be removed

Thousands gather to mourn teenage terror victim Eliyahu Asheri

UN aid chief warns Gaza is on the verge of humanitarian crisis

In Gaza, Seeking Shelter From Israeli Fire

Mubarak: Hamas offers terms for soldier's release

Ashcroft stops flying on commercial airlines - July 26, 2001

Proof at least some 2nd crash videos are fake.

Wis. lawmaker (R) wants lecturer fired for 9-11 conspiracy views

Sept. 11 claim stirs UW probe (Madison professor & David Ray Griffin)

Immortal Technique -Bin Laden

STEALING MEXICO - by Greg Palast

Georgia to Require Photo IDs to Vote

Bob Fitrakis live radio guest later this hour

Holding The Media Accountable For Election Integrity (2 of 2 for today)

Holding The Media Accountable For Election Integrity (1 of 2 for today)

AAR Ed Schultz/ Jim Lampley Filling in today about STOLEN ELECTIONS

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRIDAY June 30, 2006

Bill Clinton: RFK Jr made a "COMPELLING CASE".

Long Version of Clinton's REMARKS (thanks to MCM for finding!)

Brennan Report and HR 550

MCM on Ed Schultz (Jim Lampley filling in) today @ 5pm est

Network World article about Brennan report

Swing voters hate Bush, morons still praying for him

FOX News affiliate protests, anyone?

ACLU-TX Files Lawsuit Over Crawford Ranch Restrictions

San Antonio library dean cancels NYTimes subscription in protest

[Forward Together PAC] Chris Bell vs. John Courage: May the best man win

Houston Galleria Area

Peach (or apple) crisp recipe?

What is so special about balsamic vinegar?

Former Rwanda Commander Joins New U.N. Committee

Softwood clause could scrap 'long-term' deal by next year

CN freight train derailment kills 2 in B.C.

Well, at least I received a response (MND policy on Afghan detainees):

Colombia's coffee industry introduces a new Juan Valdez

Castro's niece behind revolution in sexual politics

Excerpts from Osama Bin Laden Message

Push for impeachment proves all politics is local (CNN video)

U.S.: Marine and a soldier died in Iraq (AP)

Bush, Clinton to Receive Liberty Medal

Woman's injuries consistent with rape in US Marines case: doctor

Warner Promises Webb Support Of United Party

FOX News Poll: Bush Approval Holding (60% believes NYT helped terrorists)

University Library Boss Cancels the NY Times In Protest


LAT: The Guantanamo Decision: Military Fought to Abide by War Rules

LAT: Supreme Court Ruling on Military Tribunals May Not Slow White House

Argentina to pay more for Bolivian natural gas

Ariz., Texas Lose Death Penalty Appeals

Beijing casts cloud on Carlyle's China deal

Sunnis condemn Iraq amnesty plan

Fiery Shiite cleric demands rebuilding of Iraq shrine

(USA Today) Lawmakers: NSA database incomplete

Supreme Court upholds Arizona law on insanity defense

Poll: Harris doesn't have much GOP support

Reformist Gains in Kuwaiti Vote

Congressional Hearings on Guantanamo Set

UIW Library Dean Cancels NY Times Subscription In Protest

U.S. troops accused of killing Iraq family

Kerik Pleads Guilty to Accepting Gifts

Judge waits to deicde Libby delay request

Troops in Ramadi learn to live with danger

Shi'ite, Sunni fighters clash north of Baghdad

US troops 'raped mother and killed family in Iraq'

UK Lawmakers Warn of Threat from Iranian Terrorism

Taliban following lead of militant Iraqis


High fuel prices make fishing unviable option in Vietnam

'WSJ' Finally Comments on Bank Records Story: Takes No Blame, Rips 'NYT'

U.S. panel orders proposals for Texas remap due July 14

China steps up controls on blogs

US analysis of tape shows it is bin Laden - offical

Feds: Abramoff Misleadingly Sought Credit (AP)

Veterans still seeking credit monitoring (AP)


Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies

Guantanamo Lawyers Say Letters Seized

Frist urges European missile defense site

Bin Laden makes new statement paying tribute to slain al-Qaida in Iraq lea

Ag Officials Forced to Disclose Calendars

NASA Takes Risk With Shuttle Launch ("We are playing the odds.")

Cheney criticizes New York Times in paper's backyard

Feds Taking Longer to Answer FOIA Requests

U.S.: al-Qaida in Iraq 'very disrupted' since leader's death

US could lose in Iraq due to negative media coverage: commander

Though Bush's Numbers Edge Up, War Discontent Lifts Democrats

Major Tour de France Contenders SUSUPENDED/ OUT of the TOUR

Cellphone talkers as bad as drunk drivers: study

Rainbow Family lawsuit dismissed (CO)

CNN/AP: Elvis-crazy PM Koizumi hits high notes at Graceland

Bush will push new laws on detainees

Tennessee Seeks to Remove Accused Mayor

Former Mexican President Faces Warrant

Guardian finds Afghan witnesses US couldn't (in 3 days, for Guantanamo)

U.S. Newswire: Is Era of Right-Wing Site Popularity Over?

General: We're in for long war

CNN/AP: Hubble camera comes back to life

Northeast Floods Stir Global Warming Debate

US gears up for post-Castro era in Cuba

Water Damage Shuts D.C. Museums for July 4

Freak hailstorms hit Germany for second day

Hicks should be tried in US, says PM

U.S. troops accused of killing Iraq family (after raping daughter)

Former jail nurse says Yates was psychotic

Little Ole Wine Drinker Me

This thread gave me an idea

Nostalgic for 80's music videos?

Post a pathetic song. You know, one that really sucks .........

Calling All HTML Wizards, Need Help!!!

Winona Ryder reteams w/ Dir. Dan (Heathers) Waters in Sex & Death 101"!

So if we go back like 15 years, and Bob Walk is pitching

Jose Canseco's back in baseball — and he'll pitch

WOW. I just heard a male whipoorwhill trying to get laid

anyone know how much carpet + installation costs?

Sorry, Mariah Carey

Data Encryption Software Questions - Am I Crazy?

I got on CSPAN!


Autism Movement Seeks Acceptance, Not Cures

All Top Stars Banned from Tour de France

Ever seen a flying horse? Ever been to Milan?

I called in sick today. I should have called in "no insurance".

A little fireworks advice from President Bush.

Woman Keeps Mother's Skeleton Lying In Her Bed

Weird Combo - Widespread Panic/Taylor Hicks

danny fogelburgh er fogleberg...flegglehousin

What - no one loves a California accent?

Who has read a good horror novel recently? I'm looking for a good read....

The Irony in the Rush Limbaugh/Viagra Episode:

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Tracy and Hepburn, Nabors and Hudson, Cruise and Kidman, . . . .

I need positive vibes

The big, fat, neighborhood stray

Considering using Vonage internet phone service. Any opinions?

"The Trip Back" 1970s PSA, Inspiration for Jerri Blank, StrangerswithCandy

Is there a good live TV feed of the World Cup

Please post a sad song

So roundabout the 5th cup of coffee, I look up

What aboot a Canadian accent,eh?

I'm offering a tall, cool, glass of STFU to Star Jones and Barbara Walters

I love people with Mime accents!

Grudge match: Huey Lewis vs. Captian Feathersword?

M&M Factory Shut Down Due To Mice Feces, Fruit Flies

Poetry lovers- I need a suggestion for some summer reading.

Watch WORLD CUP at Work!

From the world of the bazaar - MULTAN, Pakistan

I just got in from seeing Aimee Mann w/ the Boston Pops

Is the Pope the devil? "The Devil Wears Prada" Pope does too:

Get a load of these instructions on a diet pill product:

You know what's great? Marriage!

World Cup Madness! Argentina's coach is named "Pekerman."

Got another temp assignment

I am having the best birthday in years.

How'd you do. I think you've my faithful handyman.

Man....Tweezerman nail trimmers SUCK!!!

For The Love of God, Please Stop Playing The Ford Ad Every 5 Minutes!

Interested in the REAL "music of the spheres?"

I'm an ant!

Yar. Be it Talk Like A Pirate Day today?

DU Deadheads: Sad, sad Welnick Obituary :(

Woo hoo! Dinner on the girlfriend tonight!!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

"Let's go retro" Late 70's to early 80's

Doctors Remove Lightbulb From Man's Anus

for the 4th - what kind of pie should I make?

My traveling companion

A PSA for job applicants: If your GPA sucks, don't put it on your resume.

Do you cry at weddings?

Well THAT was a massive workout.

Do you cry during ABBA songs?

From the "I'm glad I didn't bust my ass to get here on time today" files:

Happy Canada Day!!!!!

Trailer Park Mngr and helper beat friendly cat to death with brick.

I scored a new low!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new tarot deck and workbook just arrived in the mail!

Hey usage experts: what's with writing "one hundred (100)"?

What a bloody awesome game!!

Congratulations dogday!! 10,000 posts

Goodnight everyone!

That's it! I'm crackin' one! It's Friday and it's too damned hot.

Today's my birthday. Ask me anything (for the next 15 minutes, anyway.)

Most disturbing "woman scorned" song ever: "Hex" by Neko Case...

Wanna See Italy? Save your money, come to Vancouver

Time for a RANDOM QUESTION break.

itunes users - has it ever locked up while you're downloading a song?

ARRGGG!!! I have been working on the same problem for 2 days now

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/30/06)

It seems *'s plane has landed

Friday, June 30. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

A serious topic about children having children...

I've figured out Ann Coulter! She's really Andy Kaufman.

I dare you to jump

Is anyone else here as weird as I am? Just wondering.

Was this a disastrous interview or what?

My matte is having mittens right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Computers: SIMPLIFYING. How? And, how sim'fy net?

That band you like? They blow.

Woman convicted in drownings of family cats

Cool Video from Puffy AmiYumi.... Nice Buddy!

I miss Christopher Reeve

Have I mentioned lately how much I love where I live? has anybody used it?

Doctors remove lightbulb from man's anus

I just found out Showtime cancelled Huff

Jack just uttered a four word sentence!

Maury Povich and the fear of pickles

So, today, I learned that when I'm nervous,

Music Geeks: How Over-Credited Is Jeff Buckley?


The Polar Twins are 4 years old tomorrow - PARTY!!!

So ugly, he's kinda cute... in a Gremlins' sort of way.

My doggie is sick...send him good thoughts.

Happy birthday undergroundrailroad!!

I'm going to a concert tonight. Should I wear earplugs.

Does anyone use PeoplePC as an internet Service Provider? I'm thinking

Does Your Company Monitor Internet Usage?

Oaksterdam, CA - against it or for it?

If communism is so damn bad . . .

Scamming the 419 Scammers

Simpson and Lackey Close to Divorce

Answer the following like Ann Coulter

'How to Recognise Different Parts of the Body'


I'm an aunt!!

New Sam Bush record!

Infidels or Zinfandels?

Shaved my legs; waxed my eyesbrows.

Huey Lewis: Artistic Genius or Musical Master?

Help! Need advice on To Help A Disabled Pet Owner

Cat people. Help!

Uppity DU Women and Gentleman's Auxillary roll call

Can someone answer this STUPID question....?

America the beautiful

My cat is having kittens right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

What sex is your brain? Take the BBC quiz and find out!

*******Ohio Meetup - UPDATE*******

For LeftyMom - how to make kick-ass samosas (pic heavy)

Radio Lady Previews: "Pirates of the Caribbean--Dead Man's Chest"

Religious Vomit

Deep Thoughts With Bill Boyers

Interesting interview with BILL MOYERS

Episcopal Rift Over Gay Bishops Widens

Seeds, nuts that are safe for arteries?

Silica song: Where science, art and the spirit meet

Gay activists debate faith at Indiana U. forum

Canadian Government To Bar Homophobic Imam From Entering Country

Reilly (Massachusettes AG) presses for vote on gay marriage ban

Gay Mounties Surprised At Fuss Over Wedding

Ohio Anti-Gay Amendment Does Not Void Lesbian Mom's Rights Court Rules

Arnie Skirts Gay Marriage In Log Cabin Speech

Ark. Governor Calls For Ban On Gay Fostering

Gay men file complaint over behavior of Dallas police

Anyone Getting These Anti SS Marriage Calls?

I’m not Gay.

Randy Walker Head Football Coach Of Northwestern Dies 1954-2006

Ullrich, Sevilla Suspended From Tour

Subway Series!

My new New Moon website and setting new moon intentions.

Anybody else restless and crabby?

Sen. Kerry Blogs for!

John Kerry: Public Enemy #1 to the DC Establishment

I found this in DU-G,about Kerry. I thought it was clever and funny!

Has anyone looked at our post numbers lately?

Can people please give a k and r and comments here

Do you guys read Robert Freeland's blog?

Kerrry cosponsor paper trail.

News from RFK Jr.

Kerry and Meehan offer plans to reduce gasoline consumption

Are there any new polls for the Va Senate Race

The Day after Tomorrow

Hey Fedup -- does this mean you're in the clear?

Stephanopoulos special to explore divisive politics, blogs' impact

i love this picture of Kerry and what it represents

So I say I'm trying to get away from fire pics...

OT - Goofy "Colbert Report" shirt

Last Night's "Worst Person" Video on Jossip

Rita Skeeter's show cancelled!!!!!

Rita is dead but Rita still lives on!

New column's up,and I could use your help

Hey what is happening with Israel and Palestine?

WP: Rice, Russian Foreign Minister caught on tape bickering over Iraq

Airstrikes and artillery pound Gaza

Bush's Social Security plan

I think my freeper brother has gone round the twist...

Bush May Turn Legal Setback on Guantanamo Into a Political Win

Democrats Widen Lead Over Republicans in Battle for Congress

Utah Highway Patrol Chief Cited for DUI

Orlando Sentinel picks up crazy Katherine Harris story "Dems want me!"

All Gore's Book #1 on Amazon !

We need a new approach to suburban voters

Dutch government collapses over infighting

Boomer women who live alone struggle to make ends meet

AP: Military Claims Gains on Iraqi Terrorists

Republicans slow Voting Rights Act renewal

3 Ways to Use the SCOTUS Decision in the Dems Favor

That pic of a shirtless Dumbya with a leering KKKarl on the "My DU" Page..

UN aid chief warns Gaza is on the verge of humanitarian crisis

Push for impeachment proves all politics is local (CNN video)

Ashcroft stops flying on commercial airlines - July 26, 2001

Kean preparing swift liar campaign film against Menendez (NYT)

This Idiot administration thinks Al Qaeda doesn't have a strategy.....

Gitmo is just 1 place where we torture P.O.W.'s, there are many others.

Blair loses popular lead for first time: poll

Coulter interview taints my favorite online music magazine. DAMMIT.

Richard Clarke, Roger Cressey:A Secret the Terrorists Already Knew

World Skeptical Over Guantanamo Bay Ruling

Hirsi Ali Row Brings Down [Dutch] Government

Is Jon stewart "bad for America"?



Look Out, David Addington's Head Just Exploded

TRAILER: "The US Vs. John Lennon"

Gay Mounties tie knot today

In the name of all that's hollow, keep the "fry" in "Friday." CAPTION!!!!!

No call list ?

It's Friday, what will be in the newsdump?

Regular gasoline up 18 cents/gal. in about three days here in central

Judge denies motion to stop the Rainbow Family trials in the firehouse.

Our Flag Was Still There

OMFG!! SCOTUS votes to uphold the Constitution!! Like, WOW!!

Iraq War Broke Back of US Counter-Terrorism: Experts

Reformists victorious in Kuwait elections

Idea of Coronated Instead of Inaugurated President-Dealt Sharp Rebuke-WaPo

A good progressive quote for your holiday weekend...from Howard Zinn:

Condi: Worst Secretary of State Ever?

Now how kool is this...?

I was just on the Stephanie Miller show.

Al-Zarqawi Buried in Unmarked Location - Right next to the WMDs

U.S. Troops Accused of Killing Iraq Family

So what's the latest news on the Dominican Republican?

Is The New OBL Tape A Go Signal For O'Reilly's Attack On San Fransisco?

Stephanopoulos' divided we fall '20/20' special (a lump of BS)

U.S. soldiers investigated for alleged rape, killing in Iraq

CIA agent alleged to have met Bin Laden in July 2001

Is dropping bombs or firing missiles killing civilians purposely?

Okay, it is 2008. a Dem is in the WH, and we took back the Senate What is

Did anybody see Robin Williams on Leno last night?

Bush Accuses Democrats Of "Waving The White Flag Of Surrender."

Blast from the past: "If you asked them to sodomize their own mother ..."

Bush Visits Badly Burned Soldier -- Appears to be Hurting Him in Photo.

What was bin Laden's brother doing in San Antonio, Texas on May 29, 1988?

(VIDEO) Sensenbrenner caught being a whining baby AGAIN

Michelle Malkin: New York Times ENDANGERS US ALL!

Christian Newswire: Alan Keyes, Schiavo's brother to campaign for Terry

Olbermann skewers O'Reilly ... again!

July 4th Rememberance...

(VIDEO) Back In Black exposes James Inhofe and Sick Rick Santorum

Bush to Invade Graceland!

Tony Snow thinks he's Elvis

FOX News calls for creation of "OFFICE OF CENSORSHIP" by Bush

Bloomberg: Democrats Widen Lead Over Republicans in Battle for Congress

I thought I was dreaming - O'Loofah interviewed John Kerry last night

*sigh* Israel

'Cosby: Live' soon dead at MSNBC

Barbie outsourced?

Joe Mentum's million-dollar mailer is backfiring on him!

Uncle Sam is short-funding basic post operations in US

I would like to thank George W Bush and the Republican Party...

C-SPAN 1: Panel on Supreme Court Ruling on Military Tribunals

Justice Stevens has made his decision; now let him enforce it.

Freep: "I have more respect for Islamic terrorists than I do for liberals"

When following the money gets uncomfortable for some.

"Don't you remember???" I do, do YOU?

The Supreme Court Clips Bush's War Wings

Former NYPD chief Kerik close to plea deal

Episode 2 of our litte drunken forum called Barstool Prophets

Guardian finds Afghan witnesses US couldn't

Intersting Chart, from another forum.

Operation Rescue buys and closes abortion clinic

Put Jesus On The Penny

Ya want a Steve Bell cartoon as t-shirt? Check it out

A Presidential Preference Poll

These DO NOT belong in civilian hands

War's cost to top $500 billion next year: agency report

Rich folks get more sleep - blacks and men get less.

Heh heh heh... Caption this . . . .

WaTimes gleefully confesses self-censorship

8:30am on Friday. CNN is repeating Larry King interviewing Star Jones ...

Help defeat Ralph Reed

2 journalists: one a neo con the other a tight rope walker

2 Fox Hosts Argue For Government Censorship

Only 1.5 percent identified themselves as non-believers in Nazi Germany

Caption Tony "Elvis Impersonator" Snow - pic

emptywheel: Anatomy of a White House Smear

Finally, a Bush supporter flaunts the truth! Great license plate!

Anyone else noticed that Elvis and Star knocked the SCOTUS.....

O'Reillly, Hume retract statements on Murtha, but not Scarborough, Carlson

George Bush does not make verbal gaffes....

So, I guess terrorists only use AT&T/Bellsouth and Verizon?

The '06 Stakes Just Got Raised - By Robert Parry

Anyone else having trouble accessing

Tribunals, Bush style

Gov. Rod Blagojevich's drug deal

Anybody who's ever gotten a DUI/DWAI needs to see this...

Bin Laden demands Zarqawi’s body from U.S.

I have a very good friend that is a right wing Conservative...

The preacher's wife who shot him to death says it was over MONEY!

Friday Afternoon Toons

And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

Ooof. The Propagandist's birthday is July 6? Ken Mehlman just sent email

U.S. soldiers learn to live with incoming fire

What's the percentage, Donald?

Jane Harman:Old WMD News and Declassification Hypocrisy

It's been a while since there was a good swansong here!

Legal citation for Supreme Court Guantanamo case?

Great Read "Ruling Puts Republicans on the Spot" re SCOTUS

Who The Hell Declared The Smoking Wars Underway?

Fox News has to go dark (in Mexico) before Presidential election!

Is radio a tough job ?

OMG!!! Something new found that kills 100% of all people exposed to it.

Is there a hidden agenda in the current anti-smoking craze?

Internet and 1st Amendment question

What is wealth bondage?

Do-It-Yourself, At-Home Impeachment Kit....


Will muscle into DU and Free Republic's territory?

The Myth & the Legend of the Mighty Osama bin Laden.

How must the world react to Israel's continued bombing of Gaza.....

What? Chimp-boy didn't leave a tip?

Okay, I have to ask the obvious...if bush* is tried for war crimes

So the Supreme Court has ruled that W Must Adhere to Geneva Convention?

OMG! Did you hear Sam Seder play "Deutschland Uber Alles"

WHO releases new H5N1 warning

Did Bush commit war crimes? (LAT)

what do you think about self serve checkout ?

If you are going to make up a lie...

Jane Mayer's superb piece on David "Cheney's Cheney" Addington is online

Alito is living up to his nickname

Photographer urges no-photo day (BBC)

National ID card?

"One day children will look back and say, my dad, my mom, went to Iraq"

San Diego - DemocracyFest - who's going?

Why is it protocol that the POTUS does not carry cash

CATFIGHT!!!!! WSJ vs NY Times

Flag Burning Bad. Purple Heart Bandages, OK!


"Inalienable Rights" - A Quick Refresher!

new ATM machines can give you a picture of your check or of the

The repubs are going after the judicial branch

Doctors remove lightbulb from man's anus

Will America's Neighbor Lurch to the Left

Should we take these vague Osama threats seriously?

US Army Nurse Corp now offers a $30,000 sign-on bonus.

Wanted: examples of hate from O'Reilly, Savage, Limbaugh, Beck

Wingnut blog: Majority Report cancelled?

SCHOCKING dates--TJefferson 1801-1809, TRoosevelt 1901-1909

Palast "Armed Madhouse" excerpt- The Khan job and the 'back-off' directive

"Nicolas Cage Gives $2M for Child Soldiers"

"Vt. Dairy Farm Harnesses Power of Cow Pies"

Should Michael Moore offer condolences to family of Sgt. Plouhar?

"Sen. Bill Frist Revives Stem Cell Bill"

John Kerry: Public Enemy #1 to the DC Establishment

Troops Home Fast -- This 4th of July Weekend! Will you be there too?

You're scared of real freedom.

historian says patriot act like laws in WWI helped spread flu

New Progressive Show! Bruce Burch Radio Program 5-7pm ET Daily

More human heads found in Acapulco

Judge overturns convictions of 2 Mafia cop murderers in NYC

Peace Takes Courage

Greenpeace Sues Tortilla Giant Maseca for Lying to Mexican & North America

Stopping the Big Giveaway - by John Kerry (on

hardball - al sharpton vs melanie morgan again

Okay all you Hil for Prez fans, enjoy...

Why does MSNBC keep putting Melanie Morgan on the TV?

5 US soldiers in Iraq accused of raping and killing woman, her family

What's that smell? Oh, it's bullshit...(Bush is 1 mile from my house)

If terrorists filled a subway with chocolate syrup, would it kill people?

Uncle Sam: 'If you can't beat us, join us'

Rolling Stone: Kennedy: company insiders are prepared to testify (2006)

Allergy medicine in Oregon now RX-only

Bush's 4th of July Visit to Ft. Bragg: Check out the hometown headline...

"Rules of Engagement"

Next We Take Tehran


Bush Takes War Campaign To Ohio - DNC Hot On His Tail

Superman eschews longtime patriot act (Truth, Justice and All That Stuff)

Senators move to reverse SCOTUS decision against Guantanamo Commissions

It is time to abandon the Electoral College. I say. It is not working

Anyone Seeing This Elvis Shit On TV With Bush?

I don't feel much like celebrating the Fourth this year

On the Water Front .....

Why is W's Greatest Failure, Capturing Osama, never mentioned?

Could a Real Christian Torture or Murder a Prisoner?

Attack Code Out For Apple Flaw

So the local patriotic committee put a flag in my yard yesterday

Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason - tonight on PBS

Caption this * pic...

5 wrong justices - John Yoo Responds

Man Sues Creator Of Web Site That Lets Women Dish Dirt On Men

Boy who died on coaster had heart defect

Hmm.., a somewhat satisfactory response, re Afghan detainees:

UIW Library Dean Cancels NY Times Subscription In Protest


Iconic photo that changed America.

Who are some of your favorite Supreme Court Justices--EVER!

Just how much more stupid are smokers than non-smokers

When did you last hear of someone burning a flag?

Soon all news will be weather

What Do Evangelical Democrats Think About Abortion Rights?

Web Traffic to Washington Times, Drudge Report, Rush Is Down;

Is it possible that the Pubs hated Clinton as much as I hate Shrub?

OK, another Caption opportunity..Condi "discussing" things

Has Anyone Heard About a New Documentary Called

Gaza: Anyone else getting REALLY worried?

Commander: US could lose in Iraq due to negative media coverage

Don't laugh - Let's Woo Phyllis Schlafly !

MSNBC Replaces 'Rita Cosby'

Agree or Disagree: Democrats should go on offensive with the SC decision?

Why do Rudy and McCain have such low negatives?

Powell Re: NSA- "It’s Addington, He doesn’t care about the Constitution"

"The Adventures of Hajji Baba"..'starring' John Derek

For July 4th, "Celebrate your freedom to SHOP!"

Next We Take Tehran - by

the beauty of great engineering.

Bartlett: Will brand lawmakers as pro-terrorist (again)

VIRGINIA SENATE: Allen (R) 46% Webb (D) 39%

My "Conspiracy Theory" about Bush and the New York Times...

The media insists Koizumi is Bush's new best friend.....LOL

DRUDGE CANNED OUTRAGE OF THE DAY:Superman isn't american anymore

Caption this cheney pic

Gay officers to wed

Georgia primary in less than 3 weeks. Will McKinney get primaried again?

Is it just me, or do a lot of Dem candidates STILL have trouble framing?

I Just Gave $$ to Maria Cantwell

Taking Action to stop war crimes in the Middle East.

It must be Friday:Web site says bin Laden planning message

caption this * pic

Ban cell phone usage while driving

From the "No Shit" File...

vote on lou dobbs poll re;border security

Why did they choose FL to launch the NASA space vehicles?

Is the Pre-War Iraq Intel Dem Hearing on C-Span tomorrow

(NSA Spying) Would you be able to spy on your boss without being fired?

Bush has used his "unitary executive" powers more than any president

Robin Williams on Rush Limpballs: You HAVE to see this:


Cheney Scheduled to Have Annual Physical

Generic flamebait I am better than you so pooh IN CAPS

Why do people not like LBJ?

So many of our young soldiers' lives have been sacrificed for Bush's wars

I now believe that we are one "terror attack" away from fascism

So Fox-news doesn't believe in the freedom of the press!?!?

Legal Expert:Congress Can't Rubber Stamp Military Commissions

How 'Bout a Nice Big Dose of "TRUTHINESS"?

What's the criteria for a just war??

So Fox wants the govt. to create an "Office of Censorship" My God!

Yes, he really said it.

'Only one crooked contractor in Iraq has been brought to justice'

If Melanie on Hardball twists her mouth up just a little more I

Homeland Security role of CMU scientist questioned

AP: Experts: Ruling Weakens Bush Spying Plan

An Open Letter to God

WSJ editorial! * admin "cleaned up" NYT article?!

So there I was, driving across the George Bush Tollway, when

Why I hate (corporate) America

HEADS UP: will be shut down, within 30 days.

My Solution To Global Warming: Rebuild Noah's Ark (Ark Found?)

Tweety: "Thank you for your loss"

WI senate candidate pepper-sprayed, arrested while getting sigs for nom

Oh, goody. Next we'll be moving in on Cuba when Fidel croaks.

*** Friday Night TOONs: Equal Justice ***

Where are the pictures of bush's trip to graceland ...

Can-Do Bush hasn't done much but f*k things up BAD

Pittsburgh is a Cool City!

* teases with first lady Laura Bush under the belly of Air Force One - pic

The NYT Financial Spying Story Merely A BushCo Psyop Operation???

Mn timberwolves player, spanking the monkey, crashes SUV.

does anyone have the URL for the SWIFT website?

Anyone listening to that old geezer from TX on Washington Journal.

Bearing false witness... Not a crime? Or is it?

Noah's Ark discovered

Is every Editor at the Wall St Journal as uninformed and incompetent as..

Libby's latest filing from 06/30/06

Bernie Ward was on Tucker Carlson tonight

And to think this guy would have been our head of Homeland Security

Is there anywhere to see the Scarbourogh report about Jon Stewart


The scam of our history - the Federal Reserve?

Rove's Deal With Fitzgerald

NBC News ups commitment to INVESTIGATIVE journalism (4 producers to 10)


If you found out your Senator was prolonging the war for profit,

Starving in the Dark

A Moment of Pause - By William Rivers Pitt

Medicaid Rule Called A Threat To Millions

Superficial One-Dimensional Polls on Iraq War

Politics, history and my family vacation in Williamsburg, Va.

My 12-year-old just cussed out CBS News

MSNBC cancels "Rita Cosby Live & Erect""Direct." Sorry.

A new atrocity - US troops accused of murdering family.

Does anyone realize just HOW PISSED at the Busheviks Catherine Crier is?

My Arab Friends are amazed at the Stupidity concerning the...

The rental next door is caught in a downward death spiral easy credit rant

For the brainiacs who think they understand cuz they were

Is This True About Frank Zappa?

Jessica Lunsford killer's confession thrown out of court.

Millions set to idolize this wretched ILLEGAL ALIEN

The Decider Has Been Told That He Is A President - NOT An Emperor (WaPo)


Kerry: "...I'd take Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Grand Canyon and push"

america's wild mustangs exported to be eaten by Japan & europe

Were the torture and beheadings of the 2 GIs a couple of weeks ago....?

Man Arrested for Videotaping police

Don't fall for revisionism - I think Rove is trying to revise 2004

What happened to sit-ins as a form of protest?

Smoking Area. Non-smokers advised not to enter.

What Do Evangelical Democrats Think About Gay Rights?

A Secret the Terrorists Already Knew - By RICHARD A. CLARKE


Left Coaster: Is the NSA Reading Your E-mail? A Simple Test


Robin Williams: Rush Limbaugh’s Viagra Vacation" (video)

Cindy Sheehan to provoke the Second American Revolution July 4th, 2006

We Can NOT lose things like this: Bushflash will be shut down, within 30 days

New Bob Marley video found.

Notes from Campaign Against the OFTA Vote Today

What exactly makes a republican lite democrat....a democrat?

JOSHUA FRANK: The Democrats’ Election Year Stunts

Bush was never promoted past Lieutenant in the TANG

Don't forget the one word justification of why we should be elected

Maybe Democrats lose because we throw more temper tantrums

Bloomberg "News" Foreshadowing bush Tribunal Strategy

the whole bush takeover started with the impeachment trial

The intellectual rigor of our opponents

Dubya and Rove discuss the Supreme Court decision...

Progressives should borrow pages from conservatives' playbook

Caption the * antic of the day. (Photo.)

limbaugh's breakfast of lies to his lemmings

Just to let everyone on both sides of the issue know - we have

McClatchy: Al Gore keeps his options open for a 2008 presidential run

My LTTE to the editors of the WSJ on the Times kerfluffle...

A Governing Philosophy Rebuffed (Bush)

Photo: "President Bush teases with first lady Laura Bush..."

How many divisions do you have?

You've come a long way, baby .... and were almost a Bush Cabinet Secretary

On the Mexican Election... and why they might want to

Bush Accuses Democrats of "Waving White Flag Of Surrender."

Bush is a Traitorous, Moronic, Evil, Coward

I just gave through actblue

Time for specific recognition of U.S. Law in Democratic Platform?

Time for specific recognition of International Law in Democratic Platform?

Does anyone really believe Bush will obey the Supreme Court ruling?

We need a new approach to suburban voters

Jim Lampley filling in for Ed Schultz today - Mike Wallace up next

GOP - TOP 3 - MC (maritally challenged)

TRO denied in Rainbow Gathering "courts" issue

"Depleted uranium turns Bush's lies into high-tech horror "

L.A. Times / Bloomberg poll has Junior at FORTY ONE percent approval???

Bottled Water - environmental insanity?

AP: Frist: Europe Missile-Defense Site Needed

The NYTimes thing is a pretty obvious red-herring...

Japanese Premier Sang To * Today How He Feels About The Iraq War,,,,

Walter Jones R-NC - Hearing


GOP Version of The Preamble and Bill Of Rights

Bush tears up over story of kidnapping. How could they!

Great bumper sticker I saw in Austin today!

George W. Bush** is a weakling.

Why you should hold your nose and vote for a DINO in the general election.

My dream politcal/current events/discussion show

4th of July with King George and company

ONLY 130 more days until Democrats control the House, IF...

Newt: Take on teachers' union to end poverty

Senator John Kerry writes, "shhh... the president is coming..."

Anybody hear David Brooks idiotic defense of Bush-NewsHour

Gates, Buffett Alliance Attacked (Fundies are going crazy

John Edwards has Dave "Mudcat" Saunders Advising Him

Who do you think will win Mexico's Presidential Election?

Did Corpmedia use Webb campaign press release about G. Felix Allen?

Something to scare the crap out of some voters....

WP political blog: 5 most likely Democratic '08 Presidential nominees...

Bush is also running China???

When they take the gloves off will we know?

Come up with an anti George Allen bumpersticker..using Felix...

My first thought after hearing yesterdays' Supreme Court Ruling

Schakowsky/Conyers introduce "Patriot Corporations"

Calling all CT-ers for Lamont...

4th of July and

Caption this photo.

CLARK was just on Faux "News" and he has the answer for Gitmo.

Great Article on Building the Left by Learning from the Right

Cell Phone use as bad as driving drunk?

If the press is stifled from reporting the inner workings of government...

Someone in more than a sound bite, explain why Evangelicals are bad ......

George W Bush: War Criminal

Gingrich: “We’ve inherited the mess; we’re not making the mess”

The rules of the game

ACT NOW: Frist may spring a stem cell vote today!!!!!!

SCOTUS confirms wiretapping illegal - civil suit against a sitting

MN Senate: Klobuchar (D) 47%, Kennedy (R) 44%

Video clip of Dean's Tucson visit yesterday...good crowd.

Oman: Both Parties Join Hands to Sell Out America…Again (Sirota).

Md Gov Ehrlich (R) selects blind woman as running mate - pandering or not?

Dem calls for all flags to fly half-staff each time an American is KIA

Freeper friend makes 2008 Presidential prediction: Gore vs. Romney

Lest we forget..Murdoch is fund raising for Hillary

Can you be "anti immigration" and call yourself a liberal?

DUers: Here is a theory on the torture and deaths of 3 GIs in Iraq

some people have a wrong impression of the group Sen. Obama was addressing

MN Gov: Mike Hatch (D) 47%, incumbent Pawlenty (R) 42%

Sen. Kerry Blogs for!