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Archives: June 3, 2006

US ruling on Iraqi deaths pressures PM

Nobel Prize winner accuses US of double standards over Iran

Judges seek fair trial for Hicks (76 signatures)

No matter what Iran agrees to, Bush regime wants war

Progressive sites ignoring 911 Conference in Chicago...

EXTRA, EXTRA! Hedda Foil on Lou Dobbs! Get Your Transcript Here!

FL: Election Integrity Group Challenges Uncertified Voting Machines

VoteTrustUSA: Humboldt County Announces Transparency Project

Firefox update fixes 12 security bugs

Anyone know why my pc freezes when I try to download...

Question about Norton (and others?)

A consumer caucus Saturday 9:30 by yours truly.

Say Goodbye to Tom DeLay one last final time!

Wanna know what the Republicans are doing at their convention?

To Chris Bell

Ontario puts limits on calls from bill collectors

New law would help skilled immigrants

Cops: Grandparents Ordered Hit On Grandkids


Fire stops showing of An Inconvenient Truth ... Coolidge Theatre

Chile to Boost School Spending to End Student Strike (Update3)

Coulter Hires Law Firm to Fight Vote-Fraud Allegations

Medicare Beneficiary Data Left in Hotel

Red Cross copter missing for four months found in Afghanistan

NYT - Initial Response to Marine Raid Draws Scrutiny

Putin challenges US on Human Rights

McCain protests cuts in Phoenix Homeland Security funds

AP: White House says Iraqi leader misquoted [about massacres!]

Canadian who helped fellow mountaineer on Everest never hesitated

Cheneys betting on bad news?

NYT: Who Divides Antiterror Money? That's a Secret

Bust nets suspected terrorists across GTA

Blair to meet Pope and fuel rumours of Catholic conversion

2 dead after Robertson’s plane crashes in Conn.

WP: White House Opens Door To Dissenters

Venezuela Adds Troops to Colombian Border

Gov. Bush signs bill allowing dogs to eat outside at restaurants

LAT: GOP Base Not Swayed by Bush's Stance on Gay Marriage

Cancer doctors don't know when to give up

I'm really torn right now.

Firefox update fixes 12 security bugs

An Inconvenient Truth is playing in my area starting today!!!

Men: Do you own a Codpiece?

Scariest kids from the movies:

Stoli vodka. Aw yeah.

Is DU acting strange for anybody else??

Evidence found of bird flu in Florida

Sushi Bandit Poll!

What is your favorite Windows Media Player visualization?

Program Recommendation

The World Cup, a stock owners' vote, and a new lcd tv

A car was driving down the street when all of a sudden it started swerving

Some choice pics of my baby beagle... (5 be warned!)

Wow - No Love for The Heat

Bats in my belfry

Check here to find out when the man burns

Former Peter Werbe co-host/producer Juline Jordan soon to release cd.

Look out, the right now have their own Neil Young!

BREAKING NEWS: Pope contracts Bird Flu!

Uh-oh. Someone told a joke in GD. The Earth may tumble out of orbit!

What's your #278.4 comfort food?

The Lounge is very different tonight....from the way it usually is......

I just can't help myself - I want to share my good news!

What are the first & last recipes in your cookbook? And did you make them?

Yeah, i love cats, but mine is driving me insane at this moment

Just a ditty written by George Harrison...

So I'm tendin' bar at Ecklund and Swedlin's the other night...

Underrated great movie starting now: The Conversation

I'm definitely staying up for this movie!

Im a man and Katy knows what I like

friday night`s interesting things

Time for the quarterly Fargo "favorite quote" thread.

Transformers movie to feature new Camaro

Great line by KO on the Brangelina baby

I met Sarah McLachlan tonight

In honor of Friday night - Cupcakes!

Ok, who's right?

The good news: Goodfellas is on.

Am I overreacting?

Damn Good Coffee! ...

Idiot's Guide to Awesome Sex.......

Are you a lover or a fighter?

Was Elmer married to Elsie?

More kitten photos!

I was just looking at some photos I've saved

two heads - grace slick...

They've taken the Hobbits to Isenguard.

What do you think is the greatest film performance by an actor or actress?

Teach a man to sing about fish...

"God is dead."

Cannabis 'reduces surgery pain'

Border sealed by webcam + worldwide watchers

Ancient figs from Jordan Valley hold clues to first farming

HRC Sells Us Out By Endorsing Lieberman


Okay, I didn't get my Clinton Photo not because of Bill, Bill agreed

General Omar Bradley said:


"Shut off the power to CNN?"

Something funny

Virginians check this out

Check out my people pics


KOEB 6/2/06 Haditha & Propaganda P.s. Added photo

Who was the first person on "Worst Person in the World"?


Hackers STEAL the vote -- and openly BRAG about it!

What's a bigger story: mass murder in Indianapolis or Iraq?

Hackers STEAL the vote -- and openly BRAG about it!

We need to quit the "war on terror"..

"An Inconvenient Truth" being discussed on AAR's "Majority

Marine officer says he is a ’political casualty’ of Haditha investigation

Russia building naval base in Syria - report

The "crazies" call themselves "neocons". I call myself a Newos-American!!!

Pickles Caught Kanoodling With Bolton!

Al Gore on this Sunday morning on Stephanopoulos (ABC)

"We'll see you Monday with more on Bill OReilly and Malmedy"

Bush Pilot

Aw, Tucker Carlson has spawned!

Larry King is actually providing a news show tonight, RE: Haditha,

Investigation says it wasn't a "massacre".

Computer Predicts Executions With Uncanny Accuracy

Massacre at Haditha: How much more blood will we allowed to be spilled?

Eugenics Journals?

Gore Vidal coming up on Majority Report after the break

Hey remember the Pascua Lama project and the Chilean bushit?

Make Calls for Marcy Winograd from Your Home

Mock Freeperville; Prey for President Bush Thread 1:

Graphic beyond most peoples' ability to bear, but definitely

Shocking Video Link - U.S. Psy-Ops Countered By Islamic Digital Propaganda

Did anyone here see Hugo Chavez's 4 hour speech on C-SPAN tonight?

Sunday Talk Shows

Larry King Live: Hackett just repeated Murtha jumped the gun.

Book TV Schedule June 3rd - 5th

The only questions are WHERE and WHEN it will happen.

Slot Machines Are More Trustworthy Than Electronic- NYTimes Covered BBV

Petition: Demand a retraction from Bill O'Reilly about the Malmedy Massacr

Sam Seder just "walked out on" Jeannine Garafolo

Anyone seen "An Inconvenient Truth?"

I heard it said the other day the God did send bush, sent him to remind...

Peter King angry about N.Y. cut threatens to probe "CIA Orgies"

Bloomberg: if you don't like the HSD budget for NYC, QUIT the GOP

Does anyone have the Rolling Stone article saved

Specter-Feingold video

Kyle Smith: Gore's Hot Air - Flaky Flick Suffers from Truth Decay

It's not blame. It's not surrender.

Are You Very Interested in Politics?

Blix Says U.S. Impedes Efforts to Curb A-Arms...

Joe Wilson re: Cheney: "so focused on my article instead of ... Iraq"

NOW of PBS talking about the takeover of the internet.

Map of Hate on yours

Are you going to YearlyKos in Vegas?

Daleks = today's Neocons. discuss.

This Revulsion Will Not Be Televised: C. L. Cook

Major Republican Rant - This guy is serious???

Signs that Your Neighbor is Growing Marijuana - WPB Post

Bill Maher hosting the first Internet talk show

Is the WTC Public or Private Property?

Racism argument going on in Seattle PI, I'm not sure what to make of it.

Anyone else read Rolling Stone's "Duke Sex Scandal"?

Lawmaker urges pullout of troops in Iraq (Welch for dem radio address)

Initial Response to Marine Raid Draws Scrutiny

The tipping point

Democratic Party Inc response to the Rolling Stone article is..???

Marine Gen.: 'You'd have to know this thing stunk...' (NYT)

What 's with the best political writer in the world (IMHO): Chris Floyd?

This smells like KKKarl:

Bush promoting ban on gay marriage

WTFIshaqi killers cleared of misconduct??!!

Who Divides Antiterror Money? That's a Secret

Why do we even _have_ that lever? (DHS)

'Vets Warned of Possible Virus Exposure'

OK, I've been under a rock. What's all this Bush/Condi sex scandal talk?

Fire stops showing of An Inconvenient Truth ... Coolidge Theatre

What disorder does Robert Kennedy Jr. have?

M.i.k.e. M.a.l.l.o.y has reached a new level!

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in- It's my day to play!! Sorry

Medicare Beneficiary Data Left in Hotel (SSN's and other personal info)

WOW. Lou Dobbs.

Cross Posting: Omar Bradley

VIDEO: Many of the 8,000 U.S. deserters seek asylum in Canada (BBC News)

Kennedy: Vote against Iraq war my best

How do Republicans feel about the Bush immigration plan?

If you don't care about morals, stop wagging fingers...

Public paid for idled wind farms

Delegate pushes Bush, Cheney impeachment

Finally! An age-old political mystery is forever solved!

CBC's "The National": The growing number of Brit deserters - video

pardon me, but this lady is the biggest BITCH evah

Critics Blast Al Gore's Documentary As 'Realistic'

Someone, PLEASE tell me this is INTENTIONALLY hilarious!

save your children!! save your grandchildren!! broadcast into space!!!

Number of US military bases overseas is staggering

Salon article: Was the 2004 election stolen? No. (DU dissed!)

This message brought to you by the Medical Insurance Industry of America

Seven Killed

DU this Poll, very important! Battleground 06 Senate race poll!

"Please Stop The American Troops Killing Anymore People"


mods: inappropriate ad

"The difference between discipline and atrocity often is leadership."

did o'liely apologize???

Robertson-owned plane crashes (he wasn't on board)

Asian nations have been pointedly excluding the US from regional meetings

Why didn't these chickenhawks make that list of 50 Conservative Rock Songs

Should a journalist publicly attack another journalist?

Earplugs, Marines, and Haditha: By Larry C Johnson

To read an excellent post - "Iraq's "catastrophic success" is intentional"

Keith Olberman - The Day After

This candidate looks amazing... very promising

Zogby: "I've never seen a number like that since I've been polling."

Officer to Resist Illegal Iraq War. URGENT, support needed!

Want link to clip of Fox guy telling whites to "have more babies"

U.S. Stooge Iraqi Premier Implies All U.S. Troops Are War Criminals

Two calls for Iraq withdrawal: Dems radio address; NYT Friedman

We should start a gradual withdrawal from Iraq now.

Running for office in Baltimore

On Meet The Press Sunday-quelle surprise!

Salon article: Was the 2004 election stolen? No.

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Rove Land"

Does anyone have an update on why Rove isn't indicted yet??

Ive been out of the loop for the past couple days... Olberman!

Can we all agree that something like this should be in our 2008 platform?

Song parody: "Wish You Were Gore"

(VA data theft) Time To Get Tough On Security Slackers (Information Week)

O'Reilly's lie about Malmedy while Wesley Clark was on his show

Protect your yard signs from partisan attack

What if?

Demystifying the Kool-Ade

Rove at FL GOP bash , fondly recalls *his* election night returns

I almost never post here, but this was sent to me from a friend of mine

Not sure if this is a dupe, but you've GOT to see this...

Chuck Asay cartoon

AFTER EMPIRE: Britain, France, Germany, Japan--are they that bad off?

Lets Give Away $1 Trillion Dollars...

End The Birth Tax!

A minor complaint about Wes Clark

Coulter lawyers up; accused of voter felony in Palm Beach...

'The Kidnap Express': Chavez and the great divide

Cramped Quarters

Pentagon's Iraq report to Congress gets an F: Americans deserve the truth

Helen Thomas: Congress Legislating Our Rights Away

How Faith Works For Democrats (Wash Post)

US army officers learn harsh lesson in history

I know that the logic here is flawed, cannot put my finger: Making Babies

Murtha, Reid, and Hillary Clinton are just the latest progressive leaders

Role of warlords in anti-terror war reconsidered

BILL CHIROLAS:Salon's Farhad Manjoo: just bad math -- or biased(?)

Anyone seen these pics of slaughtered iraqi's

First the killings, then the cover-up

Liberators as Murderers (Robert Fisk)

A depraved war breeds depravity...

'Chavez Factor' in Play As Peru Votes

Larry Johnson: Earplugs, Marines, and Haditha

The Way Americans Like Their War (Robert Fisk)

Editorial: Kerry takes up the Swift Boat Charges

Re-insurance causes home rates to soar

Maureen Dowd: Teaching Remedial Decency

Return to Somalia: The war on terror - a new front

Ann Coulter - Trying to Beat an Election Fraud Rap

A Progressive Tax Cut

Is a Palestinian Civil War Breaking Out?

Israeli troops in hospital raid

OOOPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rewind that and let's work on it a little....

Amateur video of the 2nd "hit" at the South Tower

The iron mask of censorship at Daily Kos

Who thinks the timing of the RFKJr article is very unfortunate?

Blasting RFK, Jr in Salon (Farhad Manjoo hit piece, in continuing series)

Scathing Salt Lake Tribune Editorial: Diebold's Reassurances Aren't Enough

Why is this ad on du?

Election Reform Daily News: Saturday June 3rd, 2006

Marcy Winograd Versus Diebold

A cautionary, cute election fraud activist story....

Please help me in GD :(

Self Delete

Pls post some informative election posts on RFK Jr at Cincinnati Enquirer:

Repubs are Right. VOTER Fraud is a Problem. Right, Ann?

Complications with Sequoia's VVPATs, Tapes in CA Counties

Candidate Nussle runs afoul of parade officials

Rant against a Democrat

Some guy is posting my address & phone # in Yahoo forums

Housing prices in Houston?

"I like Fort Worth in June - how about you?"

Can anyone link me to recipes for Chinese

Humorous Cooking Terms


A post about chopsticks

Teck Cominco makes deal with U.S. over slag dumping

How Internet monitoring sparked a CSIS investigation into a suspected home

Harper's smarmy politicizing could be his undoing! (I HOPE)

The terror arrests are a VICTORY...

Unusual settlement in Wen Ho Lee suit

Police: Grandparents ordered hit on family

US army officers learn harsh lesson in history

Rumsfeld lauds growing Asian security networks

NYT: Online throngs impose a stern morality in China

AP -Bush backs amendment banning gay marriage

GIs cleared of misconduct in Iraqi village

Cramped Quarters

Ohio's love for Bush fades (Repukes abandoning sinking ship)

US commanders knew Haditha deaths from gunfire: paper

U.S. studying Iran's retaliation options

Details emerging after 17 terror arrests in Toronto (CBC)

Police find eight severed heads near Baqouba in Iraq

Family says Marines planted gun on Iraqi

Basra car bomb kills at least 15

State has 'melted', leaving Basra in chaos

Iowa Prison Ordered to Close Bible Program

Race to win Peru election closer than expected

Family proclaims innocence of man slain by Marines

Iraq rejects US probe clearing troops of killings

Role of warlords in anti-terror war reconsidered

'Chavez Factor' in Play As Peru Votes

Iraqi PM: U.S. rushed Ishaqi probe (cnn)

Allstate drops most earthquake insurance

Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Possibly Set For June Or July

Globe confronts warming as emissions grow

Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Evil beware the return of Batwoman - the lesbian

Re-insurance causes home rates to soar

Voting machine firm Venezuela tie faulted

Russian diplomat 'killed in Iraq' (others kidnapped)

Rumsfeld Brands Iran as World's Leading Terrorist Nation (update)

Breaking: New for LBN: Batwoman coming out of the Batcloset

Haditha Lawyer Criticizes U.S. Payments

LAT: TV Reporters Decry Drop in Iraq Coverage: Sense growing apathy

Czech election ends in messy stalemate (100-100 tie)

(Massachusetts) Delegate resolves to impeach Bush, Cheney

(London) Terror suspects protest innocence

Afghans to probe accident that precipitated riots

Rise of Lobbyist Shines a Light on House Ties

Fringe radical on cusp of power in Peru(Fringe radical=anti-privatization)

Laptop with sensitive worker info stolen

LAT: Ballot Firm Sequoia's Ties to Venezuela Criticized

Family of slain Marine troubled by probe (Malysia Sun)

Attacks on Iraq Oil Industry Aid Vast Smuggling Scheme

Lawmaker (DEM-Welch) urges drawdown of troops in Iraq

WA State Seeking Information On Phone Record Data Collection

US team arrives at high-security World Cup base

Rumsfeld takes aim at Iran, Russia, China

In a Solidly Conservative State, a Loyal Core of Support for Bush

University forecast – 17 storms, 70 percent chance 1 will hit state

Canada charges 17 in plot to blow up buildings

Dole visits with Iraqi prime minister 5:09 PM

Iraq says will press on with own Ishaqi probe

8 Foreign Workers Abducted From an Oil Rig Off Nigeria

Vast DNA Bank Pits Policing Vs. Privacy

Rove harsh on critics of Iraq war

Congressman to probe 'CIA orgies'

(22,000) Vets Warned of Possible Exposure to Virus (AIDS)

Haditha Lawyer: Execute Those Responsible

U.K. Gen.: 'Mum Factor' Affects Recruiting

Daily News:N.Y.ers a-maized by corn protection (Homeland Security funding)

Wal-Mart's data center remains mystery (video vs customer purchase)

San Diego Union-Tribune: Busby on defense, says she misspoke

CNN/AP: Grateful Dead keyboardist dead at 51

Bush to welcome Chilean president to White House this month

Kansas minister preaches doom and hatred (The AP on Phelps)

Venezuela Receives Russian Assault Rifles

Details emerging after 17 terror arrests in Toronto

Protesters absent from memorial service for Marine (westboro bc)

Cannabis 'reduces surgery pain'

Scientists 'should be allowed to test on apes'

Bad penguins! Bad, BAD, penguins!!

I just got back from a SOLD OUT screening of Gore's movie

"I like to eat chocolate brownies with _______________."

Birthday blues

A funny flash from Newsday about the NSA

Day job

How times have changed.....

I have to get of this out by tomorrow.....

TUrns out my sister got that job.

Why do I only hang out in the Lounge when I've been drinking?

Ladies, if you can't afford a push up bra......

Good night, DU.

free web sites?

I'm not doing anything, ask me nothing.

Any Suggestions For Hosting A Post-Prom Party

Doing my show live from my balcony tonight

God Is Like a Female Mammal...

I'm leaving DU!

My cat just winked at me.

Bill Randall, 650.

I hate frigates

Oh my God, my son is Dracula

I hate bigots

My online bank no longer allows Opera as my browser.


Doctor Who, 953.

Saturday morning SEX thread

Speaking of beautiful days... (pictures)

Saturday morning -EX thread

When did Freud devise the Freudian slip?

What is a QDRO?

Sometimes you have to ask: What Would Potsie do?

What's your effin' problem?!?


Your age in chocolate

Just how desperate are those people who go on "Fear Factor" anyway?

Awesome Guide to Idiot Sex...

Kes thread!

Don't Spin Me Round

What does it mean when incoming phone call get only a half of a ring

Good morning darlings

OMG it is such a beautiful day here!! (Pictures)

Pilot Finds Snake Hiding In Cockpit

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

post a dirty picture

Poor Judd Nelson

Saturday morning HEX thread

My cat pulled the fire alarm at the place I'm staying at

Coffee is done. Anyone want any?

Would somebody give HypnoToad his Ritalin?

Do you ever just fake it.... Make people believe you have the


Benson marathon all weekend. Seriously, friggin' _Benson_.


The ONLY team with a chance of beating Brazil at the World Cup is:


Lynn Redgrave performing in The Lost Colony

"I didn't vote for his father either" --- another bumper sticker thread

I had pickles and ice cream for breakfast

So what is a reasonable penalty for waking Mom up early on the weekend?

The Power of Suggestion is so strong, it transcends humans...

What are your opinions about Reiki ?

Caption this picture

Hey, do you want a card?

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here.......SEX

I'm the happiest man in the world.

Anyway, forget sex. I want to talk about DECKS!

SPATT Thread

SHTUPP Thread!

All my Rowdy Threads have been locked down.......

"On the 8th day, he created the wind."

STAPP Thread!

I'm drinking my second Venti Starbucks coffee (w/in last 2 hours)

Do these dog owners sound like they should try harder to discipline

What's The FIRST (Or Dominant) Color Of Your High School's Team Colors?

If you keep pushing the mods with sex threads, there will be a crackdown

How many pages do you read when you come to the Lounge?

WHY Is This DUCK Consorting W/ Aliens?

School's out!

6,200 words from Pitt in GD...

This is HUGH!1 Youngest member of boy band Hanson getting hitched

F-16's on Afterburner Over L.A.

How many posts do you rack up in a month?

Exercise, or go play?

Russia's "" Web Site: 13 cent songs & "allTunes" software

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/3/06)

Homework sucks. Yes, yes it does. Anyone want to do mine for me?

We're long overdue for this: Post Your Desktop Thread!!!

Free Chicago area kittens!

Is it me, or shouldn't women over 16 be prohibited from wearing underwear?

ATM charged my account but didn't give me the money.

Kudzu or W's marriage?

Back stories and no apologies of any sort

My butt itches.

Well, I burned up another Stradivarius this morning.

Damn that better be good chocolate

Yahoo widget engine: anybody here use it?

Saturday lyrics

Oh it was a good week...time to relax with a Spotted Cow.

I've essentially sat at my computer 10 hours straight.

Goodnight, darlings

I think I found a toy I have to have. (Graphic)

Ayyy...I was disappointed in the DaVinci Code Movie!

I hate my mortgage company. Who gave these bloodsuckers more power?

I'm in the mood, and the rhythm is right

TV family you wanted to be a part of when you were a kid.

Brand New Drug on Market! (And I need some, now)

British Breakthrough

$300 for Photoshop 7, is it a good deal?

Holy shit...ANOTHER Grateful Dead keyboardist dies!


Today's To-Do List: Regrip my shafts.

The Lounge is now OPEN again

Do SEX threads lead to copycat threads?

I will send you $1 if you can name this artist.

Peach tea, anyone?

What's a good body acne treatment?

Oh it was a good week...time to relax with a Spotted Dick.

Best ORGAN ("piano," my ass!) player, modern French era?

Saw The Da Vinci Code Today - Good Movie

Bushan The Destroyer and His Lover - pic (WARNING WILL ROBINSON)

Who wants to burn one with me?

I just saw Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Is it me, or are thong underwear totally inappropriate for men over 50?

Anyone Else here heard of Toni Price....

Help me name my car!

Old Timey Broadway Musical Fans: Is the form dead?

Would Paul Lynde have been tolerated on DU?

Saturday, June 3rd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Anybody watch Robot Chicken?

I'm going to see Dwight Yoakam, don't ask me anything

I have some questions for anyone here who has an advanced degree...

The last two threads I started got 44 and 10 recommendations respectively

So does anybody in the USA make an air conditioner these days?

Miss_American_Pie appreciation thread!

Superman fans: Website has had a major redux

What movies have you gone to see more than once. How many times?

Michelle Rodriguez is a fucking idiot.

Why you homosexuals bring your foreign homosexual lovers to this country?

OK! New haircut! New earrings, thanks to my daughter!

Ashlee Simpson: Best Nose Job Ever?

A tribute to DemoTex!

Is there any criminal history in your family

Dear Admins: Can I post a picture of a naked lady? Please, please?

How do you like your hamburgers dressed?


Congratulations HypnoToad!! 40,000 posts

RIP Vince Welnick

Do you think it's ethical for a woman to donate her eggs?


i just saw An Inconvenient Truth, ask me anything!

Best PIANO ("keyboards," my ass!) player, jazz era?

We're watching Monty Python and the

What should I do to Miss_american_pie?

Is it me, or are thong underwear totally inappropriate for girls under 16? really is?

What flavour exactly is...american_pie?

"HONEY, I'M HOME!" -- from Edinburgh, London, and NYC...***

Divorced DUers: What caused your marriage to split up?

made my partner do a spit-take on the windshield

Did I Do Okay ? Thoughts?

OK, Lounge: Kudzu or Sex?

I have never started a pic thread.. so here ya go

Why do conservatives bash American education so much?

Best keyboard player, rock-n-roll era?

My daughter is playing the Wedding March by Mendelssohn. On her armpits.

Anyone else think of KFC's latest as a heart attack in a bowl?

The Lounge is now CLOSED

"O How do you sleep?" Well, how do ya?

Do you believe everything was created in six days???

More wisdom from Sam Harris. This time in defense of torture.

Did airlines sell potentially infected personal hygiene

Science is international: A Cuban Scientific Paper in an American journal.

COOL! Evidence of Extraterrestial Life??? (PopSci Article on 'Red Rain')

Anti-gay Maoist fag-hag Brian in furor over Macy's Gay Pride Store Display

What is the word for what/who we are?

Billboards attack Frist on gay marriage

Women's Christian Temperance Union supports "Marriage Protection"

Armstrong "exoneration" under attack

Jose Luis Castillo Vs Diego Corrales fight called off.

Dirk's Game

synchronicity for bliss_eternal

Good vibes, thoughts, prayers, mojo requested

Kos Convention ?

Update at We Love John Kerry!

Tokaji response to RFK piece

AP has gone off the deep end

Maria Cantwell co-sponsoring Kerry's Iraq bill. Please rec dKos diary

Who has the list of what Kerry has done and said re election fraud?

From Media Matters, found in Editorials. Thought y'all might like to read:

If you haven't watched this,

History is repeating itself:

I can't sleep Mr. Bush, Mr. Rumsfeld, cuz of you.

John Kerry Attacks Bush Over Iraq Policies

And it starts: the dreaded

Do we know where F.Gordon is?

Video of Keith slappin O'Reilly around

Much needed comic relief: O'Reilly as he really is.

Just sit right back

Important: What We Must Do to Get Ready for What's Ahead

Remember the Baker-Carter report?

Sam Sedar stomps off AA Majority Report mid-show after

Death on Everest - Film Footage of David Sharp Dying

Got Jello?

Some interesting vidoes from You Tube.

NYC to Bush: 'FUCK you too, George, and the whole sniveling crowd of rat

Karel, subbing for Bernie, going through the official training manual ...

Anyone talked about Hevesi's comment yet?

Study: Sexuality might be genetic

Protect marriage - Outlaw divorce

HOWARD ZINN **LIVE** -- Sat 10am EDT -- stream link

Gays don't threaten families - divorces do

POLL::: Which festering bucket of pus would you eliminate?

Ray McGovern on Iran Strikes (stiff drink first)

Allstate dropping most earthquake insurance nationwide - AP

We're half-way through the idiot's 2nd term. How are you coping?

Pat Robertson plane goes down: kills two.

Check this out

Mike Malloy's freeper from tonight - MP3

Who am I?

Iraq: Alas in wonderland

Report from behind the bar-Witnessing the so-called "Sanctity of Marriage"

American (fascist) "Family" Association starts Christmas threats

Swiftboating, Salon does it again

I have no idea how this reached my mailbox, but...

Christian Wire: Feds "threatening" evangelist over tracts

Rumsfeld: War May Alienate Muslim Nations...

Is McCain Blowing It? Peg Noonan offers 3rd party cause they know...

"We don't do body counts" - Gen Tommy Franks, U.S. CentComm...

Media Matters - Conservatives have repeatedly questioned the courage...

An Unfortunate Truth

TOON: Sat. 6/3 - Milkin' Time

Dear God!!!


'Beating the Gay out of you' (Paula Zahn/CNN clip on Crooks and Liars)

I just read a brilliant thought via a freeper;

Damn, one freeper post and SO many quotes;

RACE FOR THE CURE On at least local TV in DC metro area.

Wash Journal now: Funding of xtian prisons and brainwashing

So I read the RFK Rolling Stone article

DAMN this administration for putting the US in an untenable situation

Anyone have an update on the Hatfield (anthrax) suit against US?

Will Mary and Heather be in the Rose Garden on Monday?

stupid question time - re: federal marriage amendment

"The United States does not target civilians," - Rumsfeld

Scooter Libby & The Barber of Seville

When the House returns, will they investigate the raid on Congressman's...

Pennsylvania Senate: Casey by 23%. Bye, Bye Ricky

Hurricane Watch - Day 3

Babies Are Now 'Collateral'! GIs Cleard in Their Deaths. *Graphic*

Do they still hate us for our freedoms?

Are we a Parliamentary system now?

omg! " 89 Gitmo detainees on hunger strike "!

Is O'Reilly a Nazi? Just Asking

Zogby from the Detroit Free Press

in my town, handing out copies of the Constitution is considered too . . .

Resistance and reason

Russian Envoy Killed, 4 Kidnapped in Iraq

Vast DNA Bank Pits Policing Vs. Privacy

Victory For Wen Ho Lee

Are we heading for another "Great Depression?"

Today I'm hitting the streets to collect signatures for my candidate

90% of troops believe Saddam responsible for 9/11?

Rumsfeld denies making claims Iraq had WMDs - Monday, May 8, 2006

Kennedy: Vote against Iraq war my best vote I have cast in US Senate

Rove will be speaking. Broward Cy, FL. soon -on cspan now.

Another insult to Veterans

Watch RFK Jr. give Tucker Carlson a stolen election lesson

The George W. Bush version of "It's a Wonderful Life."

Who Divides Antiterror Money? That's a Secret (NYT)

Some are having trouble getting to the terribly graphic, heart

So Bush has been killing women and children in Iraq for over 3 years now

Who believes these investigations of murdered Iraqis are on the up and up?

What does it mean when incoming phone call get only a half of a ring

17 terrorists just arrested in Toronto?

Rove reminisces: the good times we stole Florida in 2004!

Falwell: Can Christianity and Sports Continue to Coexist?

Do something about Haditha: A Nightmare Problem for Us.

Remember When Basra was the Model of Iraqi Stability ?

So, apparently Canadian police have foiled an 'al-Qaeda'

Reuters: UK police hunt for "dirty" chemical bomb: papers

A Short, Open Letter to Mr. Al Gore

Let's hear it for National IDs

Osama refers to Saddam using profanity

Chic's concert tics on sale today! Here's the link.

The nuclear war on Iraq.... video.... link... 5 stars.

Kennedy: Vote against Iraq war my best

Marine tells the NYT: "You'd have to know this thing stunk"

A One-Town Drive for Energy Self-Sufficiency

Vietnam revisited: Derrick Jackson-Kicking Jr All The Way Back To My Lai

Howard Zinn on live....Saturday, 10:20 AM CDT

Divorced DUers: What caused your marriage to split up?

Iraq says will press on with own Ishaqi probe

Yes, "war is hell"...

Listen to my avatar.... she is calling out to all of us to find some


I haven't seen this posted here before: The Year In Hate, 2005

Quiz: Know Your Bushisms! Who said it, Dubya or Poppy?

Behold: A banner for the forum I just created:

Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows

What bother you more..that Bush* and his cronies will get away Scott Free

CNN: NY Pols "Still Upset" About DHS $ Cuts

Why do you think Bush* backed out of his "deal" to fly fighter jets? - Was the 2004 election stolen? No.

Anybody see the film The War Tapes?

George W FraWd** and Dick are evil war criminals and traitors to AMERICA!

Bush circles the wagons as approval ratings slip

POLL: Must next US president PARDON troops who DESERTED in Iraq???

What happened to the States that were attempting to Impeach?

UK police apparently worried about Klingons...confiscate bat'leth...

Percentage Of Blacks Admitted To UCLA Drops

Dubya Dick & Donald will die fat & happy & loaded & UNprosecuted.

Last throes my tush!!!!!!!

Why do you think some people feel that voter fraud in the US is

Hey PeePs, them Pubs laughed at us DEMs for 8 damn years,now its our TURN

Video Wanted: Olberman's Recent Rant Against O'Reilly Rewriting History...

Frist Jr., like father, like son

So if the anti-same sex marriage ammendment passes

A new thing bothering me about Haditha

My god, I'm full of aliens.

Let us pray . . .

It only took him 7 1/2 years. Did Jebthro finally get one right?

tales from the crypt: Haditha child survivor is aiding insurgency.

Bush marriage breakup hits google!

How battle crazy do US Marines have to be to MURDER a 3 yr. old girl??

Participate in the NRCC National Policy Survey!

Teaching Remedial Decency (Maureen Dowd)

Second Tropical Depression forms in the Pacific

P.M. Harper's smarmy politicizing could be his undoing! (I HOPE)

Bush Marriage Breakup Question

Which deserves more consideration: Gay Marriage or Murdering Children?

Some interesting polls

We mustn't be so Sentimental about a few Murdered Children.

N.C. Guard Short 300 Humvees As Hurricane Season Starts

Iran & Intel : When will America learn its lesson?

Wow. . .this makes me ashamed to be a Met fan

Remember "Mr Smith Goes to Washington?"

I don't want to hear about any "snapped" shit with our troops

I just caught a Feingold speech and Q&A on Keynote (FSTV)

Hell, We Can't Even Agree On An Issue.

To understand 2006, look at 2002 Conservative Political Action Conference

How would the U.S. react if occupying armies were shooting our kids?

Marine General: It's 'fun to shoot some people' Don't blame the grunts on

"I saw the heads of my 2 little girls come off" April 2, 2003

Who Divides Antiterror Money? That's a Secret...

Freeper History - weren't they once cited as a "Hate Group"?

Allstate settles minority credit-score litigation

OMFG!!!! Batwoman's GAY!!!!!1111!!! This is Hugh!

Bushan The Destroyer and His Lover - pic (WARNING WILL ROBINSON)

6-6-06 - Senate to Vote on Hate Amendment & the Beast Movie Debuts

Anyone remember that site that veterans posted pics of corpses on

False Flag Operation - defined for those not familiar with the term

Instead of Toons, I hope you dont mind if I post some inspirational quotes

Laura Catches George With Condi - Moves To Hotel?

Iraq Rejects US Probe Clearing Troops of Killings...

WSJ apologists worried civilian killings will erode support for the war

Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Possibly Set For June Or July

Please help me find someone who is back from Iraq

When is it civil war?

Maybe this belongs in the Lounge, but

My butt itches.

FINALLY! Kerry gets a co-sponsor for Iraq withdrawal bill - Cantwell

Haditha Was Inevitable

I think we've been infested today

Chopstick tussle adds bite to Orient's diplomatic spat

The Long Trail of Blood from No Gun Ri to Haditha

I"M SICK OF THE RW MEDIA- last-minute smear of FRANCINE BUSBY was planned

Here's a story reminiscent of the Texas Cheerleader Mom.....

I think I found a toy I have to have. (Graphic)

Do you think it would be possible to organize a "No MSM Day"?

So Now What? Our poor Troops will be coming home with PTS

Evolution in motion. The neo-cons ain't gonna like this one at all.

Planning on staying passive if the Republicans steal another election?

News Flash From the Asylum

Cut-to-the-chase Prurient Poll Time

Okla. Univ. College Republicans sadly are too stupid to be in college

Why do we assume it's the Chimp and Condi?


Please go see "An Inconvenient Truth"!!!!

Church leaders steal $3 million (the morals and values crowd in my town!)

Horowitz, on CSPAN right now, calling Dems "anti-American, pro-terrorist"

Last night a show did a segment on presidents aging while serving the U.S.

This will happenhere if we allow gay marriage. The republicans

You must see the movie "Why We Fight"

Google AD: Polling Point. DU this poll!

The Canadian terror arrests are a VICTORY....(Canada Forum cross post)

"Aryan Unity Fest" organizer arrested

Frank Rich: Supporting our troops over a cliff

Cook Political Report - Situation Worsens for GOP

Malloy freeper call of the year. Arnold. Get your MP3 right here.

The most expensive POLITICAL CAMPAIGN in history

Condi and Bush Hooking Up? Any truth to this rumor?

odd = President Bush backs federal marriage amendment...

Who would you support in this hypothetical Pres 08 election?

Am I the only one who missed this O'Reilly video clip?

Well I officially told Verizon to go fuck themselves in the strongest way

Al Gore on This Week with George Stephanopoulos tomorrow morning

Is the Bush Infidelity Story Truth or Bunk?

If * were having an affair with Condi, how would his supporters excuse it?

Mock Freeperville: Prey for President Bush thread 2:

'Maggot Therapy' To Avert Amputation - 'Yuck' But It Works'!!!

Life imprisonment being debated in Britian for soldiers refusing to go

Post Your Original Political Limericks Here

Do any of those 30,000 Iraqis Bush admitted killing have family members?

The Freepers had a rally in Fresno last night and I have to say....

The microcosm of Deadwood?

Prospective Democratic chairs all liberal

Sunday's TV News Shows (President Gore, Levin, Reed, much Haditha talk)

Can you help solve the Al-Jazeera TV+Haditha=JESSIE MACBETH riddle?

I'd say it's time we invade Canada. They have Terrorists.

Should the US Marines responsible for Haditha be tried in Iraq?

The war crime they've been waiting for?

I'm a Democrat and I frankly don't give a shit if you call me a sore loser

*** Saturday TOONs: Homeland Insecurity ***

An Idea: Contact our Senate En Masse

What do the Fundies find so Earth Shatteringly awful about folks Marrying?

Daily Kos guy (Markos Moulitsos) on Russert's CNBC show NOW

What Am I Doing Here At DU, Shouting Out A Window To The Deaf?

How Do the Neocons Feel About Bush Now? Anybody Know?

Silver balls. He's got silver balls.

Harper's and Mr. Fish do it again. I LOVE these people!

Perhaps Pickles got tired of the chimp jerking-off horses...

Bush - Lay Connections (from Molly Ivins) This needs to stay alive

Is it legal for deputies to fire bullets over the heads of evacuees?

Does RFK Jr sound like Bobcat Goldwaite to you?

Back stories and apologies, of sorts...

Some woman on CNN stating that "these troops have half a second

I Know You Hate Drudge-But He Has the Cutest Picture of Condi and Bush

"The Wenis"

McGovern: Iran Strike Set For June Or July

Attacks on Iraq Oil Industry Aid Vast Smuggling Scheme...

"The conservatives flock to these charlatans like flies to shit "

Progressive Democrats stage revolution at NH Democratic Party convention!

Fight For The Hearts And Minds Of DU

What country should we invade next? (VIDEO)

Robert Fisk: On the shocking truth about the American occupation of Iraq

In celebration of 6/6/6. Here's a great Bush is the anti-christ site.

There's a place in the universe that is the opposite of DU

Married 19 years this August. Activist judges are to blame.

Dean urges party to step up efforts to reach all voters....Oregon.

Monday morning I'm calling Rolling Stone and asking them to send a copy

Why can't soldiers quit the military?

Indictmints Anyone, LOL ???

Are Supporters Of The Anti Gay Amendment Really Just UnAmerican Bigots?

Police can't wait to tell if illness is to blame (Diabetics being tazed)

Ethanol Dazzles Wall Street, White House

I guess if the President is having an affair, it's none of our biz right?

Is racism a driving force behind foreign policy?

Francine Busby just gave them their rallying cry.

Anti-War Marines!!! Listen up!!!

The wit of Fitzgerald.

soldiers kicking cut off heads like soccer balls's not "voter fraud"

How *shocking* that the Chimp is rumored to be snogging around

Here's what Kerry did after the election, and why!

Would you support a Chavez or Castro-like candidate for US Presidency?

What kind of liberal are you?

FAKE TERROR in Argentina in 1970's in US declassified documents

Who is the most underappreciated notable figure in American History?

Last Chance Democracy Cafe: "Run, Al, Run Like the Wind"

Progressive proposals: worker rights

Gay illegal aliens to get amnesty, but not wedding benefits

An NRA-Friendly Addition to Senate's 'Wedge-Issue June'

MoDo - Teaching Remedial Decency

Cartooning the Political Week

LA Times endorses Angelides in CA gubernatorial primary

John Kerry Attacks Bush Over Iraq Policies

Every night seven thousand aliens rush into USA illegaly

SUSA poll: Busby 45%, Bilbray 47%, Busby leads ages 18-34 by 20%

The Descent Into Fascism & The Voice of the Future

It's Going to be a LONG HARD ROAD back to U.S. democracy

2 years on DU, and I've never suggested a video....

E-mail Clear Channel in Oklahoma about the Dixie Chicks!

A right wing question I have a hard time countering

The Nixon/Gore Parallel

Lifelong 82-yr-old KS Repub has had it, now a liberal, dripping venom

Bush's Hateful, Hypocritical Radio Address

Rep. Kolbe wants to ditch the penny cause zinc costs too much

UPDATE ON: Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

Hating the Enemy. No, the Other Enemy - Y'know, Us.

Another dumb Bush: Jeb signs bill allowing dogs to eat outside restaurants

Al Gore's popularity is soaring!

Rate by importance

When asked to register to vote

Don’t fall for the distractions.

Iraqi street kid savors his new life

AP: Rumsfeld: War May Alienate Muslim Nations

AP article cites ethnicity of Democrats in take over of Congress

My marriage needs defending. All marriages need defending.

Call your rep Monday to CLOSE School of Americas, PLEASE

Kerry endorses Webb, tells GOP to bring it on, mofos...

For all those Election Protection folks: Bonifaz made the Ballot!

Thank You RFK site is up

Is Bush Exploiting Haditha as Smokescreen for RFKs Election 2004 Article?

Stolen election: Why did all these events occur involving the GOP and MSM

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU, I bring to you.....

Today's Bush Radio Address: "...the union of a man and woman..."

MSNBC: "Bush opens his inner circle to contrarians, but to what end?"

AFP photo of "worried about mounting accusations but confident" Bush

Al Gore's scary statement on stolen elections

Busby Stumbles .... and Republicans Pounce

Estate tax debate a chance for Democrats to pounce

Let's "SwiftBoat" Hillary Clinton

Political appearances you'll never forget...

Ann Coulter may have voted illegally in Florida

Looks like Rod Smith is really the guy Florida needs!

Opinion of Military

Journey to the heart of Bushlandia

Jim Dean and Ned Lamont in NYC at Prey..... rally.

This is a perverted sex thread