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Archives: June 29, 2006

NYT: Words That Shaped a Vision of Equality: King's Papers

Heads, we extradite. Tails, you don't (UK-US extradition)

The Report On Ward Churchill (Mayer @ UC Boulder in defense of WC)

2004-2005 Hurricanes Helped Boost Florida's Red Tides - AFP

Peru Feeling The Worst Of Warming's Direct Effects - NYT

Hamas Leaders Arrested; Israeli Executed

Gaza militants say they fired chemical-tipped warhead at Israel

WWIII closer than we think...

Call for UN intervention as Palestinian ministers seized

Troops makes arrests in Ramallah, East J'lem raids

Israel seizes Palestinian deputy PM, legislators; kidnapped settler dead

Analysis: Kidnap shows Hamas tension

Lou Dobbs poll on boycott of Touch Screen Elections a stroke of genius

Brennan Center report details e-voting vulnerabilities and remedies.

LOL -- This is priceless...

Saw Bruce Braley in DC today

An Inconveniant Truth

So when is Culver going to start??

"Spend and Bleed?" Sorry, Lloyd Doggett, but WTF?!?

Calling H2S!! H2S please check in and reassure us you aren't flooded

Japan PM pushes Kyoto on our PM

Tories may have taken illegal donations

I lied, Truscott witness told friends

4 Plead "No Contest" in Ohio Ethics Case.

Gaza militants say fired chemical-tipped warhead (Chemical Warfare)

Dean says Democrats won't politicize immigration for votes

Ad for (Ben) Nelson features kind words from Bush (OWH)

Gaza militants say fired chemical-tipped warhead

Identity Thieves Hit NIH Credit Union

NYT/Reuters: EPA Suffers From Chronic Management Problems: GAO

VA Worker Had OK for Data Later Stolen

Library Board restores money for Spanish fiction (GA)

Peru's Congress ratifies U.S. free-trade deal

NYT: Iraq War Ends Silently for One American Soldier

NYT: Behind Bush's Fury, a Vow Made in 2001

Bush accuses some Democrats of surrender on Iraq

NYT/AP: S.E.C. Lawyer Claims Firing Over (aggressive) Hedge Fund Inquiry

Intelligence gathering in Iraq relies on U.S. soldiers' detective work

Riverside Man Succumbs To Wounds Received In Iraq

L.A. shoots down ‘Hooters for Neuters’

Court asked to stop Rainbow Family trials-Rocky MT News

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

James Webb

In the great green room

So what turns you on the most?

It's guess the singer time.


My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Just so you know, I am available!

Do all car ads have to be totally obnoxious?

I've jogged over 30 miles or 50km

Cold exorcism thread

Seriously — we are all ABA fans!!

When I think World Cup, I think

Thrusting hard (Microsoft Eyes part two)

I hit my 1000th post today. How should I celebrate?

I fount this in GD:Politics. Very touching - CUT WHO AND RUN WHERE?

1-2-3-4. I declare a thumb war!

Motherfucking Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane Preview NOOOWWWW!!


D minor


I accidentally clicked "Mark All" on the main discussion page.

Matt LeBlanc fans! Here's a gem from his illustrious career!!!1

Be quiet

Is spending so much time on the internet keeping you from making friends?

How do they get this to work?

I forget how hot Robert Downey Jr is...

Now I've seen everything!!!

I think Al Gore is sexy and I'd have sex with him.

My doggie is a little upset, right now.

Aha! Now I know who's been downloading all the kitty porn!

I'm a little tipsy...ask me anything

What do you imagine right wing trolls look like?

Ten things FDR would say if he were alive today


Giant Bat-Eating Centipede

She lies beneath the fig tree

All God's Chilluns go to Heaven (A Republican Prayer)

Good Evening DU Loungers!


Bye Mikey.

My grandfather is in the hospital

Two reviews of the Timothy Leary bio say pretty much the same thing

Shame on you Keith

Bush Joke ironic , a joke about a joke....priceless

You know you are middle aged when....

It's my little guy's birthday today...

Help me slam this asshat from youtube...

Post your favorite Shakespeare play

Can I gripe for a minute? It's nothing big but I need to vent.

My dog was having a panic attack because of the fireworks!

It's the "Harry Potter: Is he dead or not?" Thread

Gay priest candidate to become bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Newark

What Does White Christian Revival Mean?

Perspective - Christians and Jews were considered to be Atheists

What happens when a teenager starts an atheist club at his high school

Dog makes cell phone call to save owner's life

Boniva, once a month for protection from osteoporosis....

Simulation of 100km asteroid hitting Earth.

Got a counter to" The Suns heating up causing Global Waming?

Okay, the Uranus retrograde SUCKED for me at first, but now...

How did you learn astrology?

Kerry-Vilsack (04)?

Not Kerry-related, but you need to see this

PA friends, are you okay?

KOEB Meeting: 6/28/06 -- Snakes on a Plane Edition

What does doing a fly-by over Assad...

Remember all those nasty things RW'ers said about Clinton?

PNAC's stand on Net Neutrality

Students can lead religious activities

LOL! "Factor Fiction" episodic updates on O'Reilly

What's the deal with student loans going up in interest?

Fill in the blank - It's a good day for Conservatives when ______

Thinking of changing your avatar?

Sick thread on AOL regarding The View


RE: SSGT Christian Bagge jogs with Bush...

"Insurgents offer to halt attacks in Iraq" IF the US Is GONE In 2 Years!

NOTHING so surreal then getting rid of t.v. then watching cable news!

Are Bicameral State Legislatures Needed?

Bad Boy Bolton: Our Ambassador Has ‘Become U.N.’

KO Bitchslapping O'Reilly + explaining Fox's ratings slip......

What happens when a teenager starts an atheist club at his high school

Alright, I've had more than enough of the new attacks on the media.

Tweety: "Dems could take the House, not that that's a good thing."

Shame on you Keith

Quote of the Day - Aristotle - "Man is by nature a political animal."

You MUST see this! It's censored too...

A novel approach to our neocon problem:

Psssst... America, over here. Know why it's raining and flooding so much?

Half of global car exhaust produced by US vehicles

I heard Druggie Limpball's show for the first time today…

Has The NY Times Has Been Scammed?

So check out this headline on AP News

Great Clinton quote on religion, right and left:

Need ammo against RW post on legality of signing statements

Air strikes in Gaza, Israeli planes invading Syrian air space

Democratic Base Is More Motivated, But Will They Vote This Fall?

Anyone just hear Peter King (prick-NY) on Cooper?

Repairing "blue state" flood damage in an election year..

Has EVERYONE seen this Colbert Report clip yet?

Mark Crispin Miller fans:

Fun with the News: Let's replace "Marijuana" with "Oxicontin"

New Survey:Most Nat'l Security Experts Liberal+Conservative Say Losing War

VA worker had OK for data later stolen, Using software to manipulate data

Study: KO Finds 174 Bad Conservatives, Only 23 Bad Liberals

Why won't the Republicans stop this desecration of the flag? (GRAPHIC)

lie and die, spend and bleed, cut and run..... jon stewart attacked

Al Gore on THE DAILY SHOW right NOW

When you have friends in high places:

Is Bush Karma affecting US citizens

I feel like I'm in a pressure cooker .

was 'Swift' mining for inside information for stock market info

Shouldn't the chimp be arrested for autographing U.S. flags?!

Legal Service for the Poor Is Faulted

Gaza militants say they fired chemical-tipped warhead at Israel

Robert Baer former CIA agent on Colbert tonight

A Citizen's Guide to Radon

Tee Hee! Wanna send bsh a message that he'll really get?

The Israelis are using DPICM artillery ammunition

Who started the myth that Falwell & Robertson are men of god?


I think I carried Florida

Damn! Did anybody just watch KO place a boot in Bill-O's ass?

The Wreckage in the China Shop: By Bob Herbert

We should not cut and run!

NOW Pentagon says homosexuality NOT a mental disorder

Be quiet

Pentagon no longer deems homosexuality a mental disorder

All God's Chilluns go to Heaven (A Republican Prayer)

She lies beneath the fig tree

Heads UP -- AL GORE on TDS/JON STEWART tonight. n/t

Israel seizes Palestinian deputy PM, legislators; kidnapped settler dead


Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in with Laura Flanders

with the sweeping new changes to the welfare programs looming,my story...

Word of the day: venal

Colbert: Superman is like Brit Hume

How much control do Americans have over our foreign policy?

NYT Was Completly Over the Line


I got a classy bumper sticker from Gore today

Olbermann hitting the NYT controversy HARD!

America: Remove these clowns, your survival depends on it!

Most nat. security experts of all stripes say America losing war on terror

Robert Baer, author, is on the Colbert Report

Putin kissing a boy's stomach?

Who came up with all this "Moral Values" nonsense anyway?

I am upset that flag burning is still legal after the vote

SWIFT and terrorists

We're all giving up so much---for NOTHING.

Are The Floods in the Mid-Atlantic Evidence of Global Warming?

Amazing Rude Pundit post (not rude at all)

The moderate Repubs are really starting to jump ship.

These days of Flood, Famine and Republicans


End of the Quarter - time to contribute to candidates!

Bush rejects offer to halt attacks in Iraq

EPW Senate committee letter attacking the Associated Press on Gore is BIG!

Al Qaeda Strategic Vision: Engage the U.S. Overseas, Not at Home

Animated N.S.A. Telephone Monitoring Center

The gift that keeps on giving: Now cancer's spreading in Iraq.

Oh MAN! Google "total fucking moron" in quotes then click

Alan Colmes' Death Goes Unreported On Hannity & Colmes

November 7th is D-Day for the Republicans..

House OKs Medical Pot Prosecutions

What is going on in the House -cspan-Repugs are fuming--talking of

Fahrenheit 9/11 Marine killed in Iraq.....

Al & Tipper Gore are going to be on "The View" tomorrow.

JUST IN! Free Colbert Report T-shirt for a photo of Tweety eating Spuds!

Official Al Gore Daily Show Thread!

This is what "Progress In Iraq" looks like.

CNN/Jack Cafferty BLASTS Bush for his illegal "signing statements" - VIDEO

Skeleton closet time for Peter King?

Stossel trashing Gore

Scary stuff on Colbert.

Why is Karl Rove writing articles for Time Magazine?

PLEASE Read the FULL TEXT of Obama's Speech

Photos of the Bush - Sen. Talent Fundraiser, and Protest

Bush photo op will cause America to turn against him...

BREAKING: Bin Laden memo intercepted!

What if MJ wasn't illegal?

What Democrats are currently acceptable to GD?

Like the Nazis - right on time...

I Had To Drop The Hammer On An Anti-Semite Site That Used My Stuff.

Net Neutrality, Round 3

Break up AT&T.

[email protected] Update June 28, 2006

deleted (moved)

Right wing zealots say the darnest things video

WP political blog: SC says states can redraw districts whenever they want

WP political blog: Texas Redistricting: Winners and Losers

Defense of Ward Churchill by Colleague at UCB

Lieberman: With friends like these …

Leaks must only be good when they come from the White House

one person with technical knowledge and timely access could fix election

Democrats must prove to non-voters that they are different than the GOP

Schweitzer Proposes Property Tax Rebate Plan

Hastert:"Loose lips kill American people" outing Brewster Jennings?

"Conspiracy Theories" and the Fear of Speaking the Truth

The RW Response To This Picture (Very Disturbing)

Jack Abramoff slated to report to prison one month before '06 elections?

CNN's Cafferty Makes Art Out of Ire

When Will CSPAN Put Up the Kerry/Warner Debate?

Photo: "President Bush makes a fist at fundraising event for Sen. Talent"

question re; estate tax and 401(k)s

Bush administration to issue sweeping new rules to Curb Welfare Rolls

For Albright and Rice, Josef Korbel Is Tie that Binds

"no president has used such statements instead of ever using the veto"

Bush declares state of emergency - BIG SECRET - Orders Federal Incident

Letter to Lil' Denny "Loose Lips Kill Americans" Hastert

Iraqi sovereignty: myth or reality ... what say you???

On White House web page: Executive Order on Terrorist Financing 9/24/01

A Disgraceful Attack on the New York Times (Robert Scheer)

Minimum Rage: The law of political karma is now in effect.

Day of Joy Dawns for Republicans, Proud Owners of Texas Districting Map

Redrawing likely to have wide impact

When the FBI Raids the New York Times

An Iraqi Withdrawal From Iraq

Court Ruling Second in a Week Against Bush’s ‘Illegal’ Attack Against Work

Guard to Miss Border Mission Deadline

Washington Post editoral, defending banking stories: "An Alert Press"

Nicolas Cage Donates $2 Million to Help End Suffering of Child Soldiers

Cingular bucks anti-union trend (CNN)

Vanity Fair--Blair's Big Brother Legacy (very scary!!!!)

ACLU Seeks Information About Govt. Use of Brain Scanners in Interrogations

Take My Aunt the Fundie--Please!

Bush's Signing Statements--Dan Froomkin--WH Briefing--Wa Po

The welfare state is waning. Bring on the philanthropists

Kicking Religion Out of Politics

Ford CEO rules out bankruptcy filing - WSJ (Reuters)

Income: reasons for large range, or small

In Indonesia, Nature Biting Back - Jakarta Post

First Pelicans, Now Terns - Bird Dieoffs Continuing Along West Coast - ENN

EU Nations' Flaccid Carbon Targets Threaten Overall Reduction Plan - EDIE

Germany Allows 14-Year Opt-Out From CO2 Plan For Coal Plants - Reuters

1960 - 2001 - Texas GHG Emissions Up 178% - Austin Chronicle

Norwich, UK Plastic Bottles Shipped 8,000 Miles For Recycling!

27 June Drought Monitor - Drought Steadily Worsening In SW, Plains

The Poker Player’s Guide to Climate Change

Gray whale births rebounding on Pacific Coast (AP/CNN)

Lighting the key to energy saving (BBC)

National Ice Center - Svalbard 90%+ Sea Ice Free Week Ending 6/30/06

{UK} Government promises carbon cuts (BBC)

We have a warm-core ring in the Gulf

Ford Motor Reneging On Pledge Of 250K Hybrids A Year By 2010

Interesting ? Thorium instead of uranium in nuclear reactors

Wolfowitz Will Create Sustainable Development Network At World Bank

Sierra Club Sues Pentagon Over Wind Farm

Ethanol plans threaten corn shortage

Wow!! DOE To Appropriate A Whole $170 MILLION To Solar Research!!

Israeli missiles pound Gaza into new Dark Age in 'collective punishment'

CNN - PRC says it killed Israeli settler

Killing a Nation to Rescue a Soldier

Israeli air strike destroys Interior Ministry in Gaza

The Ongoing War against Reality

Press Release- Al Mezan Human Rights org re: Israeli action

Israeli Occupation Forces Paralyze Lives of Civilians in the Gaza

The Ongoing War against Reality

Will * respond to Israel detaining DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED officials

I hesitated before posting this thread for fear of local retaliation

Shy boy whose fate could change history.

Storm over Gaza

Missing teen found dead, buried in Ramallah field

Israelis Batter Gaza and Seize Hamas Officials

Toronto church to boycott Israeli goods

TVNL Radio Live -8 pm ET. Naming Names - 9/11

'Suicide' in Basra: Another David Kelly?

A request for to publish a response to "The 9/11 deniers"

DNC Voting Rights Institute Summit - Dare We Hope? A Plan?

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Thursday June 29 2006

Brad Friedman on CNN - Lou Dobb's Show TONIGHT!!

Elections: San Diego Emerg Townhall Meeting Report 6/28/06

NY Times Misses the Point in Supreme Court Redistricting Case

NY NewsDay: New Fix, But Voting Woes Linger

Panel to quiz voting machine company

Bev Harris and's IRS 990 filing

Penny for your Thoughts (SCC)

What do you think about First in the Nation?

Judges want maps, arguments in redistricting case in two weeks

Courage breaks into Top 5 MapChangers !

Dodge knew of U.S. request

I've found a perfect new member for the EU. If only it were in Europe

Living with war

IDF: Troops Entering Gaza, developing:

Insurgents offer to halt attacks in Iraq

Massive rally demands more autonomy for Bolivian state ahead of referendum

CNN - PRC says it killed Israeli settler

AP: Drive is on to register Hispanic voters

Man behind anti-Clinton ad convicted

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 29 June

Redrawing likely to have wide impact

Dutchess Republican leader resigns

Soldier in Afghanistan US-led force killed by mine

US urges Israel not to harm civilians in Gaza raid

Home Fly-By Sends Message to Syrian Leader - AP

Marine Recruiter in Michael Moore Film Dies in Iraq.

Day of Joy Dawns for Republicans, Proud Owners of Texas Districting Map

People more honest when they think they're being watched, scientists find

Romania to pull out troops from Iraq this year: PM

Bush impeach resolution on ballot in Berkeley

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Brothel owner names johns (CFO - Time Warner Exec)

Peru's lawmakers ratify free-trade pact with U.S.

BUSH to hold press conference at 11h30 EST

Rumsfeld Says U.S. Won't Set Iraq Exit as AP Cites Sunni Offer

Half of global car exhaust produced by US vehicles

Bush promotes war, candidate in Missouri

Timber tax cut puts two U.S. senators in a tight spot (Washington State)

Iran Again Says No Answer Before August

Calif. City Weighs Bush-Cheney Impeachment

Bolivia's Assembly Vote, at a Glance

Supreme Court to end term with two rulings

Koizumi Pays Farewell Call on Friend Bush (Going to Graceland)

AP: Terror suspects reportedly had FBI targets

Feds Recover Stolen Laptop With Veterans' Personal Info

Iraq MP decries tough amnesty ("How do you negotiate then and with whom?")

House Backs Right to Non-English Ballots

Court Ruling Second in a Week Against Bush’s ‘Illegal’ Attack Against Work

Monster Anti - Mine Vehicles Stop Off in NYC (give me a break....

New Claims for Jobless Benefits Rise

Who Are These People and Why Are They Taping FOX News? (intimidation)

Reuters(6-29-06): U.S. newspaper help-wanted ads slipped in May

'Ethical' computer games take on shoot-'em-up classics

Democratic state legislators cite costs in urging end to Iraq war

Panel backs HPV vaccine for young girls

Nun surrenders to Omaha police (stole $307,545 for her own use

Senate panel backs nuclear deal {with India} (BBC)

CNN: Breaking - Iran must answer before July 5

WP: Bush Seeks to Use Media Leaks to His Advantage

(Former U.S. Sen. George) McGovern wants troops out of Iraq

CNN Breaking: Iraqi police say a suicide car bomber has struck a funeral

Iraqi war vet aquitted (Fired Shotgun at Club-goers)

Microsoft's Office 2007 hits snag

Bush and Koizumi sing diplomatic duet

Lighting the key to energy saving

Hacker Gets Into Neb. Child-Support System

W.Va. school board sued over Jesus artwork

General says U.S. still finding Iraqi weapons (WMD - House open session)

World underestimated resurgent Taliban, NATO says (Iraq war partial blame)

US raids in Iraq generate questions, resentment (More US slaughter)

Ark. High Court Backs Gay Foster Parents

$5 bill to get a new look to dodge scam

VA chief says missing laptop containing vets' data has been found.

Libby Lawyer Wants Delay in CIA Leak Trial

CNN: Baby Noor back in Iraq

Russian Gun Designer Kalashnikove Urges Tough Control ...Small Arms Sales

US surprised at reports Romania wants to leave Iraq

US, Iraqi forces clash with Shi'ite militia (Iranian fighters)

Katrina looters get 15 years in prison

Bush: will take Guantanamo court ruling seriously

US ruling won't affect Guantanamo camp-commander

Jeb Bush's nonprofit foundation has paid pollster, former campaign finance

Jeb Bush ally is chosen CEO of hospitals

Ford chief: Automaker won't have hybrid engines in half its lineup by 2010


Dutch coalition falls after resignation of D66 ministers (PM resigns)

Breaking: House lifts ban on offshore drilling

WP: Teacher Twin Ready for Takeoff (Jenna leaving U.S.)

Guard to miss border deployment deadline (AP)

Attacks on Iraq's northern pipelines stop

House OKs funding for Mars mission(AP/CNN){Commerce, Justice, State Depts}

House votes to overturn mandatory gun locks

Rice, Lavrov have testy exchange over Iraq at G8

12-year-old boy dies on Disney's Rock'n'Roller coaster at Disney-MGM studi

Skakel Case Deposition Raises Eyebrows (real killer found?)

Panel backs vaccination of 11-, 12-year-old girls against cervical cancer.

Gray whale births rebounding (in warming environment) on Pacific Coast

CNN Breaking: Supreme Court stops Bush's military tribunals

(former Alabama governor) Siegelman found guilty on 7 of 34 charges

NYT: Kerik Described as Close to Deal on a Guilty Plea

U.S. losing terror war because of Iraq, poll says

Explosion rocks Idaho Indian casino

Bush Is Faulted on Economy as Gasoline Prices Rise, Poll Shows

What songs have a high cool-song-to-stupid-video ratio?

Sorry, paranoid DUers...

Discovered tonight that I know Dipstick, of

oh, snap!

Turkeys of the night thread #1

Repression SUCKS!!

Hey TomInTib! What did you say about my yak?

Thursday Night / Friday Morning music video Thread

Everyone Was Young Once

how can I tell if witches are hexing me?

GD can be very entertaining at times

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Need to smile? This video will do it!

How would you like to see Harry Potter die in Chapter 30

Who do you think is going to win?

"Prancing nougat of satisfaction"?

Don't you love it when your coworkers insinuate your job isn't a real job?

Show us your bumps, I'll show you mine

Thursday, June 29. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

"Dear Abby" pro-same-sex Unions!! (even calls it gay marriage!)

How do you deal with somebody who has to be right all the time?

so, where's your next meal coming from?

Fed bet: 25 bps raise and almost no change in bias statement.

Seen posted in the men's restroom

Joe Mauer for President

If this man ever emigrates to the US, how much you wanna bet

Your father's dead

work related question....

How many times have you laughed at Opie-n-Anthony?

Post-Katrina Looters Get 15 Years For Alcohol Theft

Chain-smoking chimpanzee has almost kicked his deadly habit

There is a sound coming from downstairs...

Ellen DeGeneres is the Rush of comedy

And now... The Milwaukee Bucks' new logo!

I have an important question for everyone

I need a "between jobs" job for a couple of weeks

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/29/06)

I'm not good at making mistakes...

Downpour Uproots History

What should I have for lunch today?

"Ladies and violence..."

How do you cool off on a sweltering summer day?

Cool but yet sad site I was hooked up with tonight!

"I think I'm cut in two" Man calls 911

The guy next to me at work keeps falling asleep. Should I do something?

Is there such a thing as a smart printer queue?

Al & Tipper on The View

Get your very own Pet Weather Report

Last night Gawd appeared to me in a dream and said that the flooding...

The undetectable malware of the near future (I can't wait).

Do you think Marijuana has Legitimate Recreational Benefits or not?

Do you look like your mothers side or your milkman's side of the family?

Why did the cowboy get a dachshund?

Operation removes lightbulb from anus

The Wisdom Of Life

Woman Crashes Car Through Man's Roof Killing Him In Bed

Kelly Brook Wears Capris!!!

Whatever happened to "The Nighthawks?"

Wonder if they breast feed this kid?

15-Year-Old Steals Hummer, Runs Into 2 Police Cruisers

The Bobcats draft Moran Guy's little brother

I'm air conditioning.

I just designed this bumper sticker... whaddaya think?

Who was the black lady on the view today?

Are any websites blocked from your work computer?

I love el Marko!

I love Scotch Plains, New Jersey

I am now a GREAT Aunt....

I love Scotch Tape

"Everything's better with monkeys!"

I love men with Scottish asses.

I love Scotch Bonnets

Sleater-Kinney is calling it quits after August

Do you look like your mothers side or your fathers side of the family?

Are you a Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle fan?

Britney antidote

I'm going "commando" today, and I have to say...

Damned Scots! They ruined Scotland!

I am a powerful thread killer. Just tell me what thread

Photoshop help!!

I love scotch

Is arwalden still gay?

What good things has Bush done as "president"?

Wimbeldon update. Agassi next opponent is Nadal. And Roddick advances

I passed my test!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the Lounge: Masters of War

Goodnight sweethearts!

Hotmail accounts: anonymous, or no?

Contest: Post the nastiest, snarlingest photo of Dick "Snarl" Cheney

Just got word an out of state friend died back in Feb.

Khash bites the bullet and goes to hospital

Man Severs Finger Mails It To Ex-Girlfriend, "My Last Chance To Touch You"

Armed Teens Use MySpace To Set Up Robbery Of Man

Very Important! Britney ...

Trailer Park Boys in "Six Paper Joint"

There is no such word as Scotch

You know you're over the hill when...

They've been working me like a little bitch this past week.

Should I join the "white collar, blue shirt and braces" boys club?

COLLEGE STUDENTS ON DU: What college/university do you go to??

Since there's no car audio group...

Heaven, thy name is "Arrowroots and cool whip"

See this stuff. Buy it, if you can.

Six by nine is forty-two.

Congratulations, Blue-Jay!

What can you tell me about student loans and co-signers?

MN Twins creeping in to the Wild Card race...

Grrrr...Having to possibly replace the second tire on my 2004


So I started working part time

Just what ya wanted... nude Brittney

Who wants to play "Guess Where BGL and his Wife are Moving To!"?

Ants! ARRRGH! We're used to the usual couple of dozen black ants

So...I know the nun who was arrested

Cat advice needed - my cat is insane and driving me up the wall.

Ashlee Simpson turns down $4 million offer to pose nude in Playboy

Alan Colmes' Death Goes Unreported On Hannity & Colmes

Betty, Wilma, Ginger or Maryanne?

Beware, sinner.

If ye have bought a Western Digital hard drive, you may be owed money.


Bush loses support among Total Fucking Morons

Oh happy day! The Adventures of Briscoe County Junior comes to

Congratulations CatWoman!! 45,000 posts

I'm leaving soon to see my Mom.

The Corner Piece of Lasagna

Creepiest Youtube video I've seen so far...

Happy birthday Misunderestimator!!

Best way to quickly lose some weight?

I love Scotch eggs

So sorry. Didn't win the lottery. Please tell miss_american_pie

"Things always happen for a reason"

Regarding Starr Jones's weight loss and wedding. . .

Help!: How to Politely Ask to Be Removed From Email List


Chavez/Morales 2008!

Do you ever have things that have to be done... Right in front of you....

Wrong place to get the munchies...

MATCOM vs. REMI the Pug - who really is smarter

Domain names and web hosting?

blonde on blonde

Your mojo worked. I got the job.

I love men with scottish accents!

Computer experts: How write essays, burn to a CD, without Office?

List food and cooking lessons you learned the hard way...

Don't fricking tell me how gay you are - take the quiz

So what's the current fashion in resumes?

12 Random Lyrics Challenge

Slinky stupendously stops bird feeder robbing squirrels!

You have to hear this girl

I love women with southern accents.

Time for another "I'm posting in the nude thread"

Telephone help anyone? Getting 5-10 calls a day w/no caller?

Please share your stories of pushy, arrogant, or abusive RICH FUCKS!

Pregnant Britney Spears Poses Nude For Harper's Magazine Cover (Pic)

Let's see pictures of our DU'ers when they were kids.....

Church is split, declares Sydney Archbishop

New Boycott Targets to be Named (Businesses for Fundies to boycott)

Three Conservative Episcopal Dioceses Reject Jefferts Schori's Authority

Anglicanism for Dummies

the Vatican to the Hague ? (applies to others too)

We've heard from the why are YOU here.

Man of Steel, Man of Faith: The Religious Affiliation of Superman

more on the cherry farmers vs. FDA

American Heart Association dietary recommendations: avoid trans fats

NASA board to discuss Hubble fix (AP/CNN) {main camera working again!?}

Anyone remember an experiment with subatomic particles where

Former Wisconsin Governors Urge Rejection Of Anti-Gay Amendment

Arkansas Supreme Court Upholds Gay Fostering

I feel love - The Guardian on 'gay theatre'.

Eric Rofes died on Monday, 6/26/06.

Cardinal: Vatican Fears Gay Suit

Romney: Vote To Ban Gay Marriage 'Democracy'

Houston Rockets Fans

NBA Draft

Argentina vs Germany / My predictions

this is difficult for me

Kerry voting YES to the Oman Free Trade agreement. WTF?

Kerrycrat Kossiaks ... can you help with a non-Kerry request?

Kerry on O'Reilly radio and TV today (June 29th)

When you are in trouble, accuse Kerry.

Pull up a chair and let's chat!

Kos downplays Kery's politica skills

Tell me

Looks like George McGovern agrees with Kerry/Feingold

I feel dirty now. (deeply ashamed) but this is my way to reach the


Please rec Prosense's diary on DailyKos ASAP!

Okay, this is pretty funny -- it made me laugh out loud

Having a brain freeze right now - please help -

found in GD: The Kerry Report

* is not having a good day!

Straying from the Lounge for photoshop help!!

Does anyone have...

Oh, Cuddles - where are you??

Countdown Newsletter: 06/29/06: Supremes Rebuke Bush


Download link for last nite's smackdown...

Thrusting hard (Microsoft Eyes part two)


D minor

The bliss of ignorance

Be afraid! Terrorist mind control plot exposed

I was looking for something else when I found this side-splitting humor

Banned antiwar poetry...

Anyone else notice this GOP offensive?

What it must be like in Baghdad tonight.

Any updates on the Miami 7? Anywhere?

Shelly on Poetry and Racism... 150 years ago...

You can't sell milk anymore.

Damned within my name....

Real-Life "Boss Hogg" targets Hispanics, Soldiers for speeding tickets

An open letter to the Italian government

They want to take funds from food stamps for their goof on VA credit info

This is bullshit and most likely racist

on shifting the focus of 9/11 discussions . . . (referral post)

Does anyone here know how to contact the Moderators?

2,529 troops now dead in W's war.

Mark Fiore animation cartoon "Cut N Run" --- too funny.

How about an Amendment to "DEFINE" War?

Do you consider what Israel has did to Syria an act of war?

X-Posted...Dear Republican "Representative."

There are pimps and there are pimps...which pimp do we tax?

Anglicanism for Dummies

AP: Architect unveils details of Freedom Tower

Bush promotes war, candidate in Missouri (Bush has no strategy)

Desecration of the flag. NASA style

Stars & Stripes letter: The campaign of disinformation must stop.

Bush seems to think a free press, civil rights a threat to democracy

Obvious: GOP on the run and trying to shape the agenda (don't buy it)

`I had a lot more money in my pocket when Clinton was president''

Angry and clinching his fist? What is he trying to hide ??

CNN showing how UPSET all the poor republicans are over NYTimes.


A Loss for Competitive Elections - Editorial By New York Times

Consolidating Federal Student Loans before July 1st

Hey I'm helping the bottom line, I actually clicked on an add for real

Thursday TOON 6/29 - What's worse than a banshee in the house?

IRAQ: Concern over reports of child trafficking

Bush? Never Heard Of Him

People more honest when they think they're being watched, scientists find

2 Major Rulings Are Expected on Court's Final Day

Children, when you celebrate the Fourth of July...

Look at our Nation 5 years after 9-11. Would you have ever believed it?

Another lefty must-see this wknd: "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Al and Tipper Gore are going to be on "The View" today...

HOLY CRAP! Did anyone just see that "His Majesty" ad on CNN?

my answer for the, well they volunteered after all

Gaza militants say fired chemical-tipped warhead

Slide show of the Flood here in Philly

Colbert: Superman is a pretend journalist ... like Brit Hume

Besides running with them in photo-ops, how can we best exploit soldiers?

As ANGRY as I get at the global warming skeptics, my RAGE is for EXXON.

Are "signing statements" equivalent to executive orders ?

Come & Get 'em while they're hot!!! HOT BUTTERED TOONS! Right here!

Desperate GOP will be pulling out all the stops this summer

Real Patriotism

House Speaker Hastert: "Loose Lips Kill Americans"

The World Is A Lot More Dangerous Today

Americans do not commit War Crimes.

Post-Katrina looters get 15-year sentences

Do you ever wonder about all the horrible things they're NOT telling us?

Ironic Headline: Crist Tries To Reach Religious Right - Tampa Tribune

Patriotism and the Press - NY Times ed. about SWIFT report

"Iraq War Ends Silently for One American Soldier" NY Times


Where would the Neo Cons Hide if they had to?

Have we noticed the difference in the response to the flooding in the east

The Credit Card is 40 Years Old Today.

BUSH: No excuse for anyone entrusted with vital intelligence to leak it...

WP: As FCC Digs Into Ownership, Big Media No Longer Cares

How about this? - Don't like the press printing public information?

Two charged in marijuana muffins

Rain in DC damages DCCC office, some Republican offices, and others.

Conservative Declaration Opposing Amnesties

MSNBC message board --What does it mean to be an American?

9/11 Commission Chair Kean says Times story did not endanger Americans

Justice Stevens:Trials Illegal under US law and Geneva Convention

How DARE the Supreme Court DEFY our president?

What about Gore/Schweitzer?

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Supreme Court Rejects Guantanamo War Crimes Trials

Today's Republicans are the most Monumental Time Wasters Ever.

North Korea Now Has Enough Plutonium for 13 Bombs - Conservative Failure

Justices say Bush went too far at Guantanamo

Bev Harris and's IRS 990 filing

Shy boy whose fate could change history.

LA Times editorial: Abort this space shuttle mission

While you were sleeping.....

How long in his press conference before Bush throws a tantrum

If you had a choice

Campaigning for More War and Occupation

In 2009 how do we restore the media to...........

PIC: "bush listening for Al -Qaeda

Space Shuttle is DOOMED - Cheney to attend Saturday's Launch

Bush tells Americans they want more war instead of listening to them

"kidnapped" vs "captured" '~' "arrested" vs "detained"

government advisory panel is recommending the routine vaccinations

LOL!! "80% to 90% of callers to C-Span are Jews"

Man behind anti-Clinton ad convicted

Rights unit challenges U.S. over bank data

Has anyone grabbed or taken a peek at the

"It was not always a given that US and America would have a close...

'Suicide' in Basra: Another David Kelly?

Mexico may become more like US: Totalitarian Theocracy

Bush takes ruling "seriously"

Al and Tipper Gore will be on The View today n/t

VA laptop has been recovered. CNN

President Bush today warned North Korea

Is there any way to see how well-oiled winger reflexes are before Nov.?

(More) US raids in Iraq generate questions, resentment

Pres.Jimmy Carter answers questions posted at Kos

Donnie Fowler: Go See "An Inconvenient Truth" Because Bush Won't

BUSH to hold press conference at 11h30 EST

So what can * use like signing orders to circumvent the SC?

Bush accuses critics of 'surrender'

You know Bush actually looks normal standing next to this ding-a-ling

Hamdan ruling: The commissions are the least of it

Wow, look at this CNN front page image!

The GOP are pulling out all the stops. Gay marriage, flag burning,

Liberal Media Bias? CBS, CNN Reporters Buy Into Conservative Jargon

Didn't Rumsfeld say - "free people are free to loot"...?

The U.S.A and Canada celebrate their national holidays together!

On Bush's speech patterns

I had a dream I was in the Senate, told them all off, then chewed out

W to field questions with Japan's PM in Press Conf. coming up..

some of what the sleeze three had to say on the ruling

The story about voting problems in 2004 is out there

America: Freedom to Fascism

Daddy! Mommy! Get Jim Baker! Don't let em' take my Gitmo! WAAH!

Pimp and Circumstance

I plan on flying the US Flag for the Fourth of July

Why the lie is a LIE and America can see it if you just LOOK...

Withdrawal From Iraq or Political Sleight of Hand?

Valerie Plame outing vs. the NYT Swift article.

The Ugly Truth: Permanent Bases In Iraq Will Provide Security For Oil Co.

I think bush just said: it's not always a given that the US and America

GOP Judge Accused of Using Penis Pump in Court

Stolen VA Identity Laptop Found...Breaking..on Bush's CNN.

Group Calls For Routine HPV Vaccination For Girls

12 U.S. Military Bases in Iraq

On Franken now: Michael Waldman discussing voting machines&fraud

Supreme Court decision implications--not a blank check!

THE END OF THE YOYO (You're On Your Own)

‘Opt Out’ Military Recruitment Bill Heads to State Senate

Jonah Goldberg: US deserves to corrupt the climate because it's so great

Lynum: 'White Boy' Is No Racial Slur

Spectators could face $1000 fine for watching street racing

Celebrity auctioneer DeLay brings down house with beaver double-entendres

FEINGOLD: SCOTUS Decision=Major Rebuke To Admin That Often Disregards Law

Cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to top $500 billion in 2007

Thank god the supreme court limited the power of the FASCIST FUCKS

The "injustice index", revised

VIDEO - Bush Sings "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Wedding cake guy reads EVERY e-mail - our opportunity

Faux News Creepy - Tapes people taping Faux News

Does the SC ruling open the door for charges of war crimes?

Did you know we owed Mexico over $40 billion dollars ?

Will * respond to Israel detaining DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED officials

Florida conservative files suit to stop mass surveillance by government

Ruling Demands Special Prosecutor

OK. In light of the SCOTUS ruling on war crimes/torture

"House Offers More Cash for Offshore Fuels"

Questions: About Dozier, Beck, Chung, Siegel, Matthews, Kagan...

Note to Reporters: If Bush Admin Can Threaten NYT-They Can Threaten You

Echoes of the Alien and Sedition Act (Mark Thoma)

"Architect Unveils Details of Freedom Tower"

What is the deal with this Bush quote? (re: SCOTUS decision)

Alert Latin America Teacher Twin Ready for Takeoff

Fahrenheit 9/11 Marine killed in Iraq

Glenn Becks Lack of Ethics causing problems for CNN Staff?

NEW retort for "You hate America"

Supreme Court rejects Guantanamo military tribunals

Good Joke...

The cost of living going up fast and we won't be able to keep pace with it

The South is the new “ground zero” for HIV

DPB: Snow to try and spin SCOTUS detainee ruling! On now.

ACT! Homeland Security Martial Law used to stop Rainbow Gathering in CO

She lies beneath the fig tree

Kucinich: Congress Must Protect The Media's First Amendment Rights

the republican response to the SCOTUS ruling will be...

Congress- Resolved: Do As The President Says, Not As He Does

Terrorism experts: We are losing the war on terror

Anyone remember a pronouncement by the admin that they were

Have the conservatives turned on Bush?

Great Video: Idiot Son of an A$$hole

The appropriate response to any Republican complaint about the Courts:

"What's that noise, your Honor?" "Oh, nothing. Just my penis pump".

Libby is Hurting - New Filings from 06/29/06 ......

What Democratic Views Do You NOT Agree With?

If the Japanese PM gets an interpreter, why doesn't bush?

Rove sent out the talking point for SCOTUS ruling...

Why shouldn't the President be charged with a crime or misdemeanor?

Bush suggests asking Congress for approval after SCourt decision

Be quiet

How much do Vice Presidential candidates effect elections?

Bush: "I'm sorry you had to waste your question''

I don't get this "View" feud. I really don't

Ten Months After Katrina: Gutting New Orleans

"We're winning the war on terror!"

Amnesty International To Bush: GAME OVER Due To SCOTUS Ruling

A Protest in Front of the NY Times Bldg?

Where's Doohickie and Bleever...

Bush hails terrorism against imperialism.

the health of Tony Snow

Reality Check: Gitmo Ruling Won't Change Much And Bush Is Not Unhappy

Is July 4th going to turn into another Pro Iraq War rally?

digby: Rush's Law

Jenna Bush sex tape?

What's more offensive? Burning a flag or using one for a nut sack?

Libby Trial Delayed For A Month

Poll: Should the U.S. government shut down the prison at Guantánamo?

I didn't know "Dr." James Mengele Dobson had a hateful spawn....

Take another look on signing statements in case you haven't seen this.

Tweety screamfest with producer over declining ratings?

Group Calls For Routine HPV Vaccination For Girls

Another Chance to Support Nancy Skinner!

Gen. Skelton (Fox News Commentator) starts just making things up (GITMO)

I guarantee the WH will change their story tomorrow about SC ruling....

VIDEO: Army Dreamers

Bush still hoping for Guatanamo military trials

Hayworth has gathered 70 signatures calling for NYT credentials revoked

You'd Think Bush Would Get Down On Knees+Kiss Chavez's Behind-Greg Palast

Are rapes really down 85% ?

SC Ruling Would be a Victory if We Lived in a Democracy

VIDEO:Sensenbrenner CAUGHT once again with a "gavel moment"!

DUers call your Sen/Reps to call off DHS in CO b4 it turns into Kent State

H.R. 895 - H. Res. 895 WTH?! Help please!!

NYT : 'Breathtaking' Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid

POLL: Do you believe the Bush administration has overstepped its authority

Do you use pesticides in your home?

Guy James Show on at 3pm

Alito, Scalia, Thomas.

Swift-boat this

America-Freedom to Fascism in theatres July 28th

Rumsfeld Lists Top DOD Priorities

Bonus time at work?

Meanwhile, in Uganda...

Where's Ashcroft? Report Your Fascist Sightings Here!

Estate Tax Bill Could Hurt Charities

have you ever felt the sand?

Anybody watching the House?

Nancy Skinner (MI-9) needs your vote at Mapchangers!!!!!!!

Bomb squads use charge to deactivate suspicious package downtown Wilm DE

Is there a Jenna Bush video?

Repub Co-Worker Believes in LIHOP

Heh. Who Credentials The Press To Cover Congress?

Referndi on Impeachment ... Let's nationalize!!!


3 % recommended transfat content for food.

Obama is RIGHT

So...when's Bush going to declare "jus primae noctis"?

Keith Olbermann Strikes Back Against NYTimes Bashers--Video

Aw, shit. Why doesn't he just go away and leave us alone?

Did anyone hear Sam Seder's impression of Katherine Harris today?

Biden weighs running for President vs making love to his wife.

BWHAHAHAHAHA! Bay Buchanan saying the SCOTUS ruling will help GOP!

September 11 and GOP Fear Mongers--A Great Video!!!!!

"Bruce Willis Goes Green, Buys Electric Car"

Katherine Harris says Democrats want her to beat Nelson

"Did the government grab headlines by snatching [terrorist] wannabees?"

If we lose this year's elections, there may not be an election in 2008.

Someone needs to have this little boy review Coulter's books.

Ned Lamont on with Sam Seder - AAR

Former Alabama governor, ex-CEO convicted

If a grand jury can't find WH guilty of leaking Plame's name NYT won't fry

Cafferty File Questions for Today:

Ethics in America...Please watch these shows..

so-email Jack Cafferty,'s the topics...

Car insurance question...

How Mr. Silver Manages To Unite Post, Times, O'Reilly, Daily News

Jenna Bush Moving To Latin America: Why Not Iraq?

"Supreme Court negotiated a treaty with Al Qaida" -- GOP whore O'Bierne

Poverty is not a family value

what am I missing here about the NYT thing?

Marine plans to record racist song about killing Iraqi girl profesionally

Michael Smerconish on Tweety:

Fellow Leftie Needs Some Help!

Has anybody else ever drunk dialed/drunk texted?

Rush Limbaugh and his Viagra

John Dingle SLAMMED Chimpco's administration...

Lou Dobbs: Bush "WILL CONFORM" to the Court's decision?

sex offender laws need to be changed.

Al Gore article on ABC: Environmental Al is Back (from June 4th)

Post #1776: The Declaration of Independence; read it on the 4th of July

Doctors make Progress with Mystery Disease

Am I the only one who thinks this is an unfortunate name for a

Watching the House.

So does today's Supreme Court Ruling

Heads up! House is debating anti NY Times resolution.

Jerry Springer is basically saying Obama is right.

Ned Lamont on with Sam Sedar right now...4:35 PM CDT

Inside the mind of a GOP thug pundit.

they are really battling about censoring the NYT on the house floor

We need to watch Lou Dobbs tonight! He's exposing how people with

Some Brit humor after a roller coaster kinda day...

Koizumi has left the building..........

There are no fans to be bought in San Diego.

Seventeen Democrats voted for NYT resolution; THIS MEANS WAR!!!!

Why the fuck do WE get to pay for this?

Okay...I'll admit it...

Why does this song keep coming up in all my decades

Congressional Authorization of Bush's Military Commissions Is NOT Enough

Sam Seder is discussing how redistricting can backfire on the GOP

tweety to attack stephen colbert

I'm sick of the rule that says you must remain silent....

This is the kindof crap we're dealing with!

Does the NYT ask Bush and his minions for permission to publish everything?

Very Important! Britney ...

Must read Memo regarding Bush's Tribunals

You have to see the picture of * on like he's about

Delay: Valarie Plame was not a CIA agent - Crooks and Liars

So, Chimpy now NEEDS his rubber stamp Congress to fight his rubber stamp

wow..Bill Schneider has come over to our side!

The NYT should print the stories they held back for Bush all these years

Best racial Freudian slip ever?

can someone give us cube rats in the west the lou dobbs/brad rundown?

The question, "Are you an Ann Coulter Republican?"

OH-18: Crumbling (Ney's aide subpoenaed)

ironic thing with my boss today, re: SCOTUS decision.

Jim Nicholson (now )finds the Vet Admin Records...some history

Countdown Video From C&L: "Olbermann catches O’Reilly again"

Are the "big media" finally realizing that the NYT treatment can be

Dear Congress: (It's OUR money, and here's what we want)

Focus on the Family conspicuously silent on marriage ruling

Clarence Thomas cries on bench out of fear of Islamo-fascists

Foreclosures have jumped 28% in the last year.

Bush Crooning "love" songs for Koizumi

Whoops, open mike, capture Condi and her Russian counterpart

Sen. Bill Frist Revives Stem Cell Bill

YO! Alberto! Is your sphincter all aquiver?

Jesus what a fuckin' embarrassment (Dubya)

C&L:Murtha will not Support Lieberman

Lights Off! Wednesdays to express your disgust with this administration.

Sick em!!!

...and one MORE thing about Tweety:


American Military History and Imperialism in Perspective

Dear "Backwash Voter."

Chris Matthews is frothing at the mouth right out of the starting gate!

Scalia: Where does the Court get the "audacity" to contradict Dumbellyou?

Uh, oh. Another state dinner tonight. (photo)

Who decided that Michael Smerconish was worth listening to?

My newspaper column for this week: The big kick

Baby Left in Minivan All Day Dies

Question: Are the DU Bebunkers dead? If not, where are they,...

Hehehe... for a little fun....

OK, WTF Is This About? CNN Article Contradicts MSNBC Article (SCOTUS)

Pakistan angrily reacts to Rice's comments (on democratic elections)

Who Do You Consider The Most Un-American Member Of The Bush Junta?

Here's a little something to lighten your mood UP...

Can someone who is Windows savvy help with scheduling software............

The media have protected these dogs, now they've bitten them on their a...

Talk of Trent Lott returning to Senate leadership grows

FUCK "Reporters" 'Coming over to OUR side'

Tom Oliphant on Hardball taking no crap from Kate O'B

CNN - Poll: Do you believe the Bush admin has overstepped its authority

Scary Anti-Semite Hunter video... AKA ...Republican/Bush's base..

Dan Rather must be laughing his ass off right now

Fed acted moderately... only a 25 basis point increase, DOW up 217pts.

O'Bierne: "The SC has negotiated a treaty between US & Al Qaeda"

Who Are These People and Why Are They Taping FOX News? (intimidation)

Watch this 10 Second video clip on JoeMo

If Mary had been pro-choice, there wouldn't be any Christmas.

Al Gore is running in '08.

The Legal system in trouble!

Bush Regime On The Ground In Iraq (Once More)

Awkward Moments in Judge's Penis Pump Trial

Curiouser and curiouser: the NYT "leak" flap

DU: I need to eat a plate of crow - The No War Armbands.

Why do kids drop out of school?

Dear Media: You've been played like a '59 GoldTop. Now what?

CNN Airhead: Ooh, this has been a bad year for Disney while reporting this

So when do we hear from the Fed chairman????

Some toons before I leave for vacation (dialup warning)

Why don't Dems pound away time and again that Bush let Bin-Laden escape

Looks like Lou Dobbs and Curt Weldons Able Danger scam didn't pan out

Will the new bin Laden video be of the fat Osama or the skinny Osama?

"Talking Right" : How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into


Al Gore and Jon Stewart — Daily Show clip is here if you missed it...

Holy Sh*t this just in on CNN


New Bush Comic: Bladerunner


A poll on NJ-PA floods

We've been HOAXED Big Time.

George Bush, Alcoholic- Part 1-4

WaPo back-stabs, throws NY Times under the bus: SIDES with BUSH

"Ark. High Court Backs Gay Foster Parents"

Who Killed The Electric Car?

SCOTUS Decision UNDERMINES Bush Case For Warrantless Wiretapping!

Please name for me the best ex-President we ever had

General Motors: Putting America to Work. The Facts

I'm moving back to my home today (NOLA)!

"only 130,000 Palestinians have lost power"

Another Riot on the House Floor! Hoots! Whistles! Parliamentary Inquiry

The civil war in the Democratic Party is killing us.

Hey lurking freeptard trolls... Explain something to me?

Priest: [Warren] Buffett is 'Dr. Mengele of philanthropists'

So is Israel overthrowing the Palestinian government now?

Rainbow Children Detained in the name of Homeland Security!!!!

Fuck you John McCain!

ATTENTION CONGRESS: Why George W. Bush should be impeached

Google and Britney and Stolen Election ..wierd things happening. Must see

What is with you people?

Arkansas high court unanimously rejects gay adoption ban

Senators Criticize Payment Plan for Monitoring Veterans' Credit

Brad Appearing on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight! & More Dobbs E-Voting Outrage!

Anyone else getting notices from the Post Office?

Memory Hole: The Kerry Report Transcripts

This is shameful. These people are victims, not looters.

EU rules Anheuser-Busch owns ‘Bud’ name

CNN runs article swiftboating Kerry's supporters (CNN should be boycotted)

People-Powered Howard Is Strong!! Time to Par-ty!! Dem Reunion Time!

Al Gore on last night's Daily Show: "I won Florida"

rethugs that were not patriotic enough to serve their country

Do you think Marijuana has Legitimate Medicinal Benefits or not?

Bombing And Invading GAZA Is A Proportionate Response - Yes Or No?

"An Inconvenient Truth" or "I feel like I'm fixin' to die." AL GORE!!!


The Poor are Treated like SHIT in America- even 9-11 victims

ACLU Seeks Information About Govt. Use of Brain Scanners in Interrogations

Bush's Decidering Leads to "bin Laden's Greatest Victory" (Newsweek)

THE BEST way to fix E-voting problems. Scare the GOP and make them do it.

I declare my Independence from * and the Republicans


Bev Harris and's IRS 990 filing

American Workers’ Freedom to Form Unions Threatened Under Bush NLRB

What if the FBI raids the NY Times building?


AP: Defense contractor latest target of subpoenas in Rep. Lewis probe

A report from Tuesday CA-50 Emergency Town Hall on E-vote problems.

What remap ruling means to U.S. politics

Bush`s Underclass....clinging to a raft in view of a cruise ship

DeLay: Did Somebody Say This Was the Blue Room?

A 4th of July message from We The People

2006 is a barometer for the future of America...

"MORAL" soldier's mistakes should result in confession & punishment.

Pelosi and Frank are going nuts over the ridiculous House Res

Headline: Bush Promotes War, Candidate

George Felix Allen,Jr. plays Cowboy

WWIII closer than we think...

Follow the Sun: Predicting Population Growth in the U.S.

Why can't bin Laden's driver be tried for conspiracy in a regular court?

Library-Records Request Withdrawn

"oil/gas energy is the Mother's milk for our country" so saith

I hesitated before posting this thread for fear of local retaliation

The SCOTUS Scores Number Three for Liberty

Shhhh! The President is Coming

I am not giving 1 dime to any politian the will not stand up about the

Marines Take Copters out of retirement (shortages due to war on terror)

Freeps on the SCOTUS Gitmo ruling ("Leave them dead on the battlefield")

The OUTRAGE of Gitmo

1997: Were the right wing nutters as pissed off then as we are now?

Will Rove Concede Nov '06 Elections To The Dems And Will...

What exactly does this Supreme Court ruling mean ?

Since the SCOTUS ruled that Bush violated the Geneva Convention

Shuttle Launch Set For Saturday - Cheney To Attend.....

Remember: What the court said today is that BUSH BROKE THE LAW.

Will you boycott the 06 elections?

Dear Republican "Representative."

Hamilton, Murtha, NY Times, and the SWIFT story

Democrats get standing O's from evangelical crowd.

Joe Lieberman Scores Another BIG Endorsement....

TV coverage of Maine Dem governor (running in 06) seeing Gore's film

Last Day to Vote in Forward Together's Map Changers Contest!

DOHA - the 1st World Strikes again

This year's high school seniors were 9th graders when the war started

Chris Mooney, "The Republican War on Science", is Blogging NOW

I Got To Ask A Question About This 'Code Pink' Fast...........

Waste Short-Changed Workers

Bush supporters....Paint a picture for me, will you?

2010 Census/US House of Representatives - Democratic areas losing seats

Should the Dems gerrymander after taking control?

Rove: Constitution is Hot Wax

Congressman wants to strip N.Y. Times' press credentials

Nancy Skinner(MI-9) needs your vote at Mapchangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry Sabato Projects a 6-8 Seat Gain for Democrats in the House

New Bush Comic: Bladerunner

The problem with Congress writing legislation to give scrub the ok for

Maybe there's nothing the matter with Kansas! Dems rise in the heartland.

If a determining factor to midterm elections is a national v local focus,

Repub polling firm shows Floridians don't approve of Bush and Iraq.

Senator Specter said Pres. has no Inherent Authority

Why the electronic media loves Bush....

Fool me once, fool me twice (Congress rolls over again)

Mayor Mike Bloomberg thinking running Independent '08 Prez?

I Think Hillary Has Peaked and Become Irrelevant Already

"Net Neutrality" depends on supporting a filibuster by Senator Ron Wyden

Cuyahoga Co, Ohio Panel to Quiz Diebold

NewsBusters Whining About Keith Olbermann's "Liberal Bias."

What Dems are actually making bread-and-butter econ issues their priority?

Women vote in Kuwait parliamentary elections for first time

Decision on Gitmo Undermines Bush’s Case For Warrantless wiretaps

Ok. When did Barbie become WH Communications Director? Hardball now.

This ad is great - "Mr. Lamont"

LAT: For Democrats, Power to Remap Congressional Districts Is Tricky Tool

WaPo throws NY Times under the bus: SIDES with BUSH on REPORTING SCANDAL!

Atlanta's Star94 Grows a Set - Adds New Dixie Chicks Song

Republican take on "I cried, for I had no shoes..."


Simple solution to the redistricting problem...

Its not "your money"; its "our house".

'06 SEN Polling update (6/29): Nelson up in FL, Webb down, Stabenow up

Americans More Likely to be Killed by Lightning Than See Flag Burned

Liberal Media Bias? CBS, CNN Reporters Buy Into Conservative Jargon

Dems going for the evangelical vote is like...

Rolling Stone Mag.: "Al Gore 3.0"

Amazing! Latest DNC fundraiser....67% were first time donors.

This is HUGE, folks - Supremes not only slap down Bush, they slap

Stossel Labels Majority of Americans “Socialists” Who “Hate Capitalism”

do you shop at WHOLE FOODS?? maybe you shouldn't!!

The GOP, The Tories, and The Press

Like the Nation, try the New Republic.

The Official Dennis Kucinich for President Thread..