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Archives: June 28, 2006

Why we ran the bank story (LA Times)

Palm Beach Post: Time for Limbaugh, Coulter to be model citizens

LTTE: You don't need faith to be atheist

E3 Biofuels: Responsible Ethanol

Israel Could Kidnap Half of Hamas Ministers: Israeli Minister

Militants Threaten to Kill Jewish Settler

Lou Dobbs on E-Voting: "...something has to be done."

600 thousand reason to question strategy

New York: Last in HAVA Compliance or First in Election Integrity?

Ahhh... those were the days (OT)

New anti- Steve King and anti-Nussle sites

Lamar Smith seen as threat to VRA

Mapchanger Help please! .. for the East coast challenged...

U.S. border ID plan assailed

francicne busby on siruis radio right now

Senate Rejects Flag Desecration Amendment

Senate GOP Leader Delays Estate Tax Vote

Court: Homeland Improperly Limited Workers

House GOP to focus on abortion, guns

Lawyer Says Accused Marine Defended Family

Straw to call for end to Prime Minister's Royal Prerogative on war

(Canada) Big Brother watching you surf?

GOP drafting resolution condemning media's terror finance reports

New Rules Force States to Curb Welfare Rolls

Utah's Gannon Tries to Fend Off Challenger (Cannon, actually!)

Photo Shows Ney in Meeting With Tribe

Pawlenty proposes free tuition for state's top students

Stress of Army officer found hanged in Iraq

Bush's Use of Authority Riles Senator

CBC: Most Americans don't know Canada is their biggest oil supplier

Official: Gitmo Prisoners Waging 'Jihad'

'Railroad Killer' put to death in Texas

32 Large Fires Burning in 8 Western States

Navy to Use Sonar That May Affect Whales

US quakes as Mexico seeks new messiah (Telegraph, right-wing spin)

Poll Shows Ehrlich Lagging As He Opens Reelection Run

U.S. Asks Judge to Dismiss (Democrats') Budget Lawsuit

China executes 27 on anti-drug day

Just so you know, I am....

My head hurts. Too many Caipirinhas

Ever have days you just wanna go Sonny Corleone on some bozo? I do!

My head hurts. Too many Chupacabras

What book should I read first?

Just so you know...I am Phi

Just so you know...............I own HypnoToad on dvd, apparently.

Just so you know...enough is too much.

Just so you know...............I'm psychic

This video is a travesty!

Just so you know....Goodbye

Is Yahoo slow tongiht?

Jon Stewart...Oh my fucking word....HAHAHA!!

Just so you know........I'm high

did anyone see Sabu v. Roadkill

Cats can talk.. I have proof!!

Billy wants to say goodnight to all of you!


Um . . . Breaker, Breaker, One Nine. Potty Mouth, Good Buddy!

Umm..HEADS UP. Check out this new tech:

Some DU for DU

Subway - eat flesh?

Gah! I have to get up at 5am to make it to court!

WTF is a Republican Ringtone?

Paging Oeditpus Rex

Question for medical types.

Sigh... another Garlic Festival T-shirt gets sold

How do I use my CD burner to burn white rose malloy archives ?

Does anyone think Greg Giraldo is funny?

Im a Mother-in-law now! just wanted to share!

I need the satrical pics of Star Wars I, the fat guys attacking

"if we don't get no tolls, then we don't eat no rolls. "

Oh, the HYPOCRISITY of DU Administrators!!!

I'm smashed on cheap imported Rheisling... ask me anything!

Question about 401k and taxes and similar stuff

Can a vegan diet result in an iron deficiency?

Remember when the most famous Gore was anathema to progressives?

Does anyone think Carlos Mencia is funny?

am married to a freeper

Can Joe Mauer challenge Ted Williams?

150 years old


Which child of a rock/pop star do you find the most obnoxious?

Has this ever happened to you?

Anybody familiar with Angie's

Dog owners, lend me your ears.

This is amazing! (great band alert)

Now that he's gone to Billyskank really

Where is Penn station in NYC compared to Hilton Times Square

And now a commentray by Emily Litella...

Just so you know!! I waved HI

Just so you know...............I'm Pi

I've lost the will to go on. Give me a reason why I shouldn't

I'm thinking

An "end user" chewed me out today for re-imaging his computer


Has anyone here ever used a career counselor?

Binky wants to say hello to all of you!

I hate destructive PUNKS

My 1000th post!!!! I finally did it . What is your #?

The severe weather report from my corner of the northeast...

Anyone else enjoying Bob Dylan this evening?

I bet you didn't know dachshunds could be so dangerous!

Hands Up! Who's seen "An Inconvenient Truth"?

Cal Thomas to new "heretic" head of Episcopal Church:

NYS Appeals Court

Joe Mauer - .389 batting average

How do you stay in touch with your guides?

A homage to military wives

Kerry Frappr Map Update & New Kerry 2008 Map

Oooo! Oooo! Oooo!

Pure Catnip from the speech the other day! And pics.

We keep the hope alive. New forum

My first post here -- please be gentle!

KOEB 6/27/06 Polling the People!!

Wouldn't expect to see this ad on here

Wouldnt Rush Drug bust represent a Parole Violation ??

Dear Fellow Americans: From The Mother Of Ehren Watada

O'LOOFAH: are prosecutors in FL trying to RUIN limbosevic's life?

The Liberal Blogosphere should take a collection to find Rush's source.

Take a look at Bush's latest photo op

More Freeper Funnies - "More Missing Iraqi WMDs Found!"

Americans rallied in support of war resister Lt. Watada today....

Look who's gone fish'n and look who mm mm

Ethics Charges Expected Against 4 Involved With Noe’s Donations

The War Tape's Staff Sergeant Zack Bazzi is live blogging on CCN NOW

FEATURE-Nigerian oil dispute flares into full-scale revolt

HAR! Limp-wad nabbed with 29 Viagra Pills... a full container has 30

Road To Guantanamo Docudrama Film

Pentagon: You can't take away our right to degrade prisoners!

Something interesting I've noticed about the use of "illegal" as a noun:

Is Yahoo slow tongiht?

This is what that colossal idiot Frist said of the Flag Amendment!

The 40-Year-Old Virgin Executive - Dan Abrams, the new general manager of

Repukes trying to rush another nasty trade deal through Congress

RWingnut attacks on the NYT reminds me of the attacks on Richard Clarke

DU this SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY poll of flag-burning

Dog owners, lend me your ears.

Israel going into Gaza

Citizens' group doing what politicians won't: Fighting poverty...

Tinfoil Hat time..RW

A Well-Known Political Blogger Is Hired by the Clinton Campaign

Important Senate votes from as far back as 1991

Question for medical types.

Constitutional ammendments I'd like to see:

Murtha Attacked by the Right For Quote Falsely Attributed to Him

Oh Rushie. while you are $$ for it down in DR - BILL & HILL'S DATE NITE

republican party declares war on african-americans!

Kerry supports candidates for 2006: "Cut and Run" Fundraising"

AP NEWS: E-Voting Systems Flawed

IRAQ: Displaced children suffer depression and poor health

Star Jones is leaving The View - Keith will talk about it soon

DU Scarborough;s poll!

Three Strikes and you're out, Harry

What should be the last word on humble opinion

EU members urged to admit to CIA renditions

Indiana lands huge Honda Plant.

If Bush would quit breaking the law - there would be no need to leak.

3 new private prisons to open in or around Eloy AZ

Mississippi Dems just decided on Trent "Vacant" Lott's opponent

Does anyone think Carlos Mencia is funny?

Al Quaeda Textbook: Thank you George Bush

Scarbough tonight: Jon Stewart deemed bad for America (no kidding)

Thom Hartmann's Father passed this weekend.

Don't forget Helen Thomas is on Jon Stewart show tonight

Iraq War more valuable to Bush as a club to bash Dems than war strategy

Thom Hartmann: The Story of Carl (article about his father before he died)

Some people really take this right to bear arms thing

Its good to see were not allowing them to frame the debate

reminder - Tweety on Colbert Report tonight

Any news from San Diego? Emergency Town Hall underway!

Kudos to Feingold, only Democratic senator to vote against the TWO

150 years old

WHAT Revolution? WHAT Independence?

Bonergate Vs. Rushgate. You decide.

Can we really say what we want about the President?

Video, my response to "Carbon dioxide...we call it life."

Lewis Black on HBO right now...GOOD STUFF.

I just heard that the Flag amendment failed. I had heard Hatch today

Extremist GOP Website Threatens Gun Violence Against McCaskill

CA - Committee votes down assisted suicide bill (chairman Dunn votes no)

Washington Caused Immigration Crisis

Official White House press sec'y transcription: YOUR WELCOME MR. PRESIDENT

You're the President. What do you do with Iraq? Afghanistan?

Give Islamists a chance, says top UN official

Rice Strives to Close Afghan-Pakistani Rift

All hail President Bush, All hail President Bush!!!

Helen Thomas on The Daily Show tonight! Comedy Channel.

Damage Study Urged on Surveillance Reports,

Microsoft eyes

Leno is on FIRE about Flush!

Who's the freak standing in for Anderson Pooper?

Guys who play with their friend's penises more likely to be gay

"70% who disagree with war, get off your couches!"

Forget the serious issues - this is "all politics - all the time"...

Another Stupid Cartoonist

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in with Laura Flanders

PHOTO: Whatever happened to the guy they used to call...WILD THING?

How Dem Senators voted on the stupid flag amednment

Does the Left have an Ann Coulter?

Oooh! Oooh! Springsteen slams Soledad!!!!

Must See TV: John Stewart Takes on the Miami Seven

David Horsey TOON: Keeping RW cranks happy

If there was breaking news at this moment, how would we know

Fact sheet: John Kerry: 3 Big New Ideas To Achieve Energy Independence...

I always thought that war profiteering was some sort of a crime.

Former First Lady, President's Mother Visits Children's Hospital

Continuing in my "modification of RW cartoon

Ellison (Oracle) reneges on $115 million donation to Harvard

Conservatives want to nuke Iraq.


Tweety was just starting to sound reasonable on Colbert.

The sickest Freepmoron thread ever.....

BIG Note To Freepers!

Cindy Sheehan on with Scarborough now

Need search help. Trying to find DU discussions about Nick Berg.

What's with the recent extreme price gouging at the pump?

Soldiers fight to protect _______.

Tweety! (Chris Mathews) on The Colbert Report tonight!

Wanted: Animated image of burning flag

Lakoff on NPR: An Inconvenient Truth

True or false: Eradicating diseases promotes democracy?


Please join this group! We need you!

PBS Fall Schedule

The sharp edge of my pen...

Opinion of Tweets on Colbert, who seemed to me to be an enabler:

Why is Marijuana STILL Illegal? All the really cool people smoke it.

david sirota: A Day That Will Go Down In Infamy

Has an Inconvenient Truth come to Atlanta yet?

~~ Feeeeeeelix..... Feeeeeeeelix~~~

WHY is there a war on smoking?

Dell laptop explodes at Japanese conference

Is THIS snarky?

Anyone watching Carlos Mencia "No strings attached"

Viva Pink Taco!

Saudi king offers amnesty to Al Qaeda terrorists

I am not a smoker and will always choose a restaurant

Treasonous Leaker-In-Chief Revealed

Joe Scarborough thinks "Sweet Home Alabama" is a conservative song

John Edwards: "We can end poverty in the United States within 30 years."

those who insist on english as the national language should be able

New Independent Progressive News/Blog for Ohio

Casey and Democrats Agree While the GOP Tries to Divide Americans

My addition to the flag burning amendment

How the GOP can fire up the Republican base

More Repuke Quotes Re; Clinton/Bosnia

House gop plans vote to condemn whistleblowers and publishers

“The Interns Were Enthusiastic and Attentive”

Helen Thomas is the guest on The Daily Show tonight. Coming up!

DU this poll. Repugs have had at it.

Oh, the Games People Play...

Utah's primary today is all about immigration.Will the fence builders win?

Get Involved.....Write LTTE's.....

Is It Time To Start Donating To The DCCC?

How many people has Fidel Castro jailed for burning the Cuban flag?

Tony Snow/Jack Abramoff fundraiser cancelled due to war

Environmental Leaders Praise Kerry Plan on Climate Change, Energy Indep.

Senator Grassley wants to send tax collectors after pimps!

Swing Voters in Key States are Angry and Tilting Our Way

Flag Desecration. What the hell is that?

New Zogby poll underway...I LOVE this question

The following Democrats voted FOR the Flag Burning Amendment

RW Cartoon, redux

Legal Experts to Senate Committee: Bush "Signing Statements" Unconstitutio

NYT, "Talking With Iraqi Insurgents".

Revenge of The Whale Hunters (Time)

Dahr Jamail: Request for Support (donations for return to Middle East)

NYT: A Georgia teacher's lonely battle over evolution

The Growing Hubris Over Missile Defense Capabilities (CDI)

MOGAMBO GURU: Now YOU can drop money out of a helicopter!!

Tom Hayden: Mexico's Presidential Front-Runner May Roil U.S. Conservatives

Conason: Bush’s Supporters Will Libel Any Foe

Regulators and researchers corrupted by Big Pharma

Gene Lyons on the use of rhetoric over reality

The Basic Questions by Larry Beinhart --BUZZFLASH

For the next security threat, check local TV listings

N Korean Christians Denied Entry to US

DUer Ava wins BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice" award ......

"Blood on my Hands": Kent State Civil Trials

My partner's editorial in The Phoenix, Phoenixville, PA

NYT editorial: Patriotism and the Press

Sirota: Obama, Bayh & Reinforcing Dishonest Storylines

WSJ: As Workers' Pensions Wither, Those For Executives Flourish

Chronic Moderate Republican Denial Syndrome (CMRDS)--Last Chance Cafe

The Miami indictments: Manufacturing “terror” as a means of intimidation

"Fear and Posing in Baghdad" -The LAT should be proud of this reporting

Zogby says dems better not count the votes just yet

Dean: "We're about to enter the 60's Again"

Students Rushing to Refinance Loans

Study says U.S. is responsible for half of the greenhouse gases

We Must Preserve The Earth's Dwindling Resources For My Five Children

'Extinct' quail sighted in India (BBC)

Energy Independence Day

Delaware River in Trenton NJ to flood for third time in 2 years.

New technology water purification created

Last chance for China's dolphin (BBC) {world's most endangered mammal?}

Comfortable buildings -- hold the air conditioning (MIT)

Does Peak oil scare you yet??

US and EU at odds over Israel

Israelis can learn from white South Africans

Israeli Air Force warplanes flying over Damascus.

Palestinians do it again -- miss a peace opportunity

Syria says its air defenses fired at Israeli jets

Home Fly-By Sends Message to Syrian Leader - AP

Shouting not talking

US urges Israel not to harm civilians in Gaza raid

Air strikes in Gaza, Israeli planes invading Syrian air space

What Israel Could Learn from the Gaza Kidnap Drama

What does doing a fly-by over Assad...

Profile: Gaza Strip

Major Israeli websites hacked

Al Aksa Brigades: Another kidnapping of Israeli

An understandable over-reaction

Ramon: Hamas leader Meshal is definitely assassination target

NBC Again

Charred body taken to Abu Kabir; may be Asheri

Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack Christian tourists in Jerusalem

Fatah: PA to formulate unity government within two weeks

Islamic Movement offers to mediate in kidnapping

Poll: Opposers of alternative scenarios

Closeup of WTC1 impact site seems to show structural collapse

if re-opening the 9/11 investigation and examining ALL the evidence . . .

Minimum standards

kickass takdown of Farhad Manjoo by minstrel boy

WaPo: A Single Person Could Swing an Election

The Nation: The Coming Ballot Meltdown

Colorado Voters File for Injunction to Halt Use of DRE Computerized Voting

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News 6/28/06 "Courage to Change" Edition

Quick -Lou Dobbs poll - will you boycott upcoming elections?

Catherine Crier hard hitting on Democracy at risk!

California Group to San Diego ROV: Hand Count The Votes!

Ken Blackwell's official blogger

Escaping from the Armed Madhouse - by Greg Palast

Election Protection Op/Ed about AZ bill

Gale urges courtesy in petition process (Ne)

Anyone get this poll? Zogby Presidentials

The Big Dog wants to keep IA/New Hampshire First

Gazette reports that Cheney coming to Davenport for Whalen

SCOTUS decision on Texas redistricting possible today

Kinky for Governor! "And remember, I'm a Jew. I'll hire good people."

Supreme Court rejects part of Texas redistricting

Kinky shills invade DU

Remember, this is the "Strayhorn/DeLay" redistricting plan found illegal

Republican Party violated the Voting Rights Act to protect Henry Bonilla

the crook got away with it: SCOTUS upholds most of redistricting

peanut butter and soy sauce (2 kinds)

NYT: Senator Clinton and Liberals Split Over Flag Desecration

NYT/Reuters: Big Three Cars Emit 230 Mln Tons of Greenhouse Gas

Are Americans Finally Ready to Get Smart (cars)? 2008 American intro set

Foreclosures Up 28 Percent From Last Year

Syria claims Lebanon shelters (al-Qaeda) militants

U.S. Says Baghdad Crackdown Moving Slowly

Electronic Voting Machines Pose Danger : Brennan Report

A Single Person Could Swing an Election (Vote Fraud)--WaPo

Terrorist funds-tracking no secret, some say

Stroger expected to withdraw in deal

Buildings torched in E.Timor; Fretilin retreats

Forces Catch Key Al Qaeda in Iraq Suspect in (B)omb Blast

WP:Court Nixes Part of Texas Political Map

WP: U.S. Military Expects to Meet Training Goal for Iraqi Security Forces

Texas Political Adviser Convicted of Abuse

Iraq captures Tunisian blamed for Shiite shrine bombing

US military admits killing "non-combatant" in Iraq

No amnesty for killers of U.S. troops - Iraqi PM

Iraq blames al Qaeda for February shrine attack

Flag Amendment Narrowly Fails in Senate Vote

Dispute Delays Federal Gulf Coast Cleanup

Marine in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' killed in Iraq

Putin orders Russian special forces into Iraq...

Rendell signs realty tax relief bill

Go after the leakers, not media - Kelly (NYC Police Commissioner)

Iraqi Forces Will Not Be Independent for Some Time: General

(GOP)Political Consultant Convicted In Texas Child Sex Assault Case

Musharraf asks Rice for N-deal similar to India

CNN/AP Breaking: Israeli Warplanes Fly Over Syrian President's Home

Bush Attack on Homeland Security Personnel System Illegal

CNN/AP Breaking: Israeli Warplanes Fly Over Syrian President's Home

Churchill vows to contest misconduct charges

WSJ: As Workers' Pensions Wither, Those For Executives Flourish

Harris’ ‘Poll’: U.S. Rep. says Democrats want her to beat Nelson

Berkeley Voters to Decide Whether to Impeach the President

Marine in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' killed

Study: Home prices in Hub at risk to fall

Dispute Delays Federal Gulf Coast Cleanup

A.F.L.-C.I.O. in Connecticut Gives Backing to Lieberman

Ethics charges filed against 4 in probe on (Bush) campaign donations

Proving war killing a crime tests courts (14 US servicemembers convicted)

Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America

Syria says its air defenses fired at Israeli jets

Syria says its air defenses fired at Israeli jets


US and EU at odds over Israel

Judge quashes anti-terror orders {in UK} (BBC) {"control orders"}

Economic Record: Federal minimum wage set to break two records

AP: Iraq insurgents offer to stop attacks

Lawyer: Feds failing on hedge fund fraud (fired investigator)

Non-profit money-channeling reforms eyed

Germany can accept nuclear enrichment in Iran

4 (Republicans) Plead No Contest in Ohio Ethics Case

'Support our troops' plate faces opposition

Gallup: Voters Seem Ready for a Change of Scenery (Dems Lead 54% to 38%)

US military admits killing "non-combatant" in Iraq

Lake Orion Marine (from Moore's "F-9/11") is killed in Iraq explosion

(North Carolina) House To Discuss Pledge Of Allegiance Bill

4 Plead No Contest in Ohio Ethics Case


Justices rule against foreign suspects

Academics Decry Travel Restrictions

Iraq PM, insurgents communicate via e-mail

Shays Looks to Limit State Secrets Privilege (protect whistleblowers now?)

Israeli troops arrest Hamas Labor Minister Mohammad al-Barghouti

Duma blames US over execution of Russians in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 28 June

American, Iraqis work together to create a safe area near Tarmiyah

Afghan 'enemies will be beaten' (Rice)

Claims of racist abuse target players

Ky. Governor Takes Limo Across the Street

US general: Strong, sophisticated Taliban emerging

U.S. Training Iraqi Troops ‘As Quickly As Possible’: White House

Up to 200,000 told to flee Northeast flooding

Ads Featuring Bush Praise Of Democrat Nelson Begin Airing

Bodies of 2 missing Belgian girls found

Pennsylvania officials order evacuation of up to 200,000 due to flooding

Specter considers suing over signing statements

CNN/Reuters: NASA hopes foam fixes solve problem (shuttle launch, 7/1)

NYT/AP: National Archives Protecting Collection From Floods

9 Reportedly Dead in Northeast Flooding

Justice Department Clears Georgia's Voter Photo ID Rules

Supreme Court overturns part of Texas congressional map

Wal-Mart Gets a Taste of The Picket Line - 06/28/06

Another Abramoff Associate to Plead Guilty

Senate gives Paulson nod: Confirms Goldman Sachs Chair Treasury Secretary

10 "Grannies for Peace" arrested in Philly

Classified satellite launched from California air base

Court quashes Britain's anti-terrorism orders

LAT: U.S. Emits Half of World's Car-Caused Greenhouse Gas, Study Says

Groups Rally In Support Of Soldier Refusing Deployment

Berkeley votes to impeach Bush

PM Blair expected to announce resignation (with in the year)

Most employers cutting retiree health care: study

'Loose lips' kill Americans, says top Republican (Hastert)

CNN Breaking: Bin Laden to Release Video on Al-Zarqawi Death

GOP to open new attack on media

GOP's new `values agenda' item fails

Texas political adviser convicted of abuse

Senate Panel Defeats Net Neutrality

Iraq insurgents want U.S. out in 2 years

NASA to formulate asteroid defense plan

Pentagon reverses on listing of homosexuality as mental illness

Hollywood, FL conservative files suit to stop mass surveillance by gov't

Obama: Democrats must court evangelicals

Frist blames CNN for low Republican poll numbers

I'd like to dedicate this song to LimpBalls....

Just so you know, I am coy.

who likes Dido?

I like the way jelly feels between my toes

Just so you know, I'm going to bed.

who likes Dildo?

If any of you can find "Poor man" by The High Tensions

Colbert's Word tonight really ruled

I was so bored that I surfed urban dictionary for hours tonight.

I like the way the jam feels in my nose ........

Any DCI members check in (former or current)

The Democrats made a mistake in 2004 by running Kerry. For 2008

You guessed it.... Frank Stallone!!!!

We Didn't Start The Fire (Boston's 80's Sports Version)

And the eagle flies with the dove. n/t

Mary McLargeHuge or Maria Skinner?

I hate stress.

Just So You Know....I eat hay...

I know what you're doin'

Late Night Treat: Chat with fellow DU'ers in realtime

Eddie died?

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

What's all this I hear about that flag barnin' amendment?

Ghosts visit Bush (a joke)

Man Arrested For DUI For Riding Lawnmower Drunk (Found Passed Out)

What's all this I hear about a "Designated Hitler" rule in basball?

This might seem far-fetched to you all, but ...

I hate "Kling-ons"- Driving rant!

Just so you know...I'm a thespian!

So, what's the story with Daryn Kagan?

Just so you know, I am pi.

Raise your hand if you're bored.

Exactly what in the hell is that smell?

Serious post in the Lounge - your thoughts on the paranormal.

OMG I'm stuck!


Driveway washed out

Owner Of Displaced Katrina Dogs Pleads To Get Them Back-New Family Refuses

Everyone Else Mind Your own Business!

so, it turns out... I'm kinda smart

City Officials Criticize Bikini Contest Fund Raiser - "Hooters For Neuters

What Happened to Gas prices overnite - Ours Went Way Up

Who here remembers 'Posh Spice'?? glamourin' is hard work

LostinVA and I are rotting in hell because of Polyester-Cotton blends

Help! I'm trying to remember a book title.

Since Rush Limplimbaugh is an avid reader of DU....

"Superman Returns" is a snooze-fest.

I think I want to jump a shark!

Identity theft is so frustrating.

A wedding reception that will never be forgotten

Tennis fans, Jimmy Conners may start coaching Andy Roddick. The

It should be fun getting home tonight (floods)

My mind is adrift... please help me set it right.

Tribal Curse Haunts Launch Pad

Slighty odd pricing.

Saw the "Strangers with Candy" movie last night - FUNNY! (no spoiler)

Wow, I am an idiot and it worked out in my favor

Why do people pay to watch fights?

This is sure a supportive place!

Journey- Separate Ways

Puh- LEEZ let floods become the height of fashion!

Calling all HTML Wizards!!! Need help with project!

And now, my husband needs an ass-whooping.

Please PM me so I can delete my "sent" messages.

The Waterboys Appreciation Thread

13 posts 'til 1000 and my kitty pic

Some people I love...

Eva Longeria and Tony Parker

Springsteen's "We Shall Overcome" is good music! Folk songs,

Any single girls, 21 - 27 here?

Anyone here ever smoke Onion?

Joe Mauer is at it again...

Mmm... I think I'm going to make these, tonight:

Anyone here ever smoke Opie?

I'm ready to start sporadically beating my friends

Just so you know I am Legend

"HEAD ON, applied directly to the forehead"....repeat 4 times.

am sick of hearing about floods! choke choke....

Ooh--someone gave me a temp job!

I see today's GD meme is "evangelical".

Web programmers! Some advice, PLEASE!

Need a digital camera recommendation, perty pleeeeeze!

Invasion of the cotton balls?

Alzheimer's Eye Test

Star Jones won't stop calling me

Did you get the July issue of National Geographic yet?

Drug you enjoyed way too much to be considered safe

Am I wrong to be using regular gas in my V6 car? A friend told me I was

When did "petal pushers" become Capri's?

COOL! My car insurance payments are lower than my glucose level!

I just took my youngest to Build a Bear so she could spend

Stand up and salute our flag.

Wednesday HypnoHypo lyrics!!!

Go to the post at the bottom of this page and post a reply to it.

Boo hoo.

Just so you know I am Pi.

Just so you know I am Pai Mei.

New Cell Can Tell If You're Drunk

Evil cat! Neighbor: "His M.O. is to spring from behind you. . . ."

Alright Ladies: I have HAD IT!

I'm so sick of being kept poor just trying to live

Dude; I just found my new favorite NBA player:

I just found out I'm going to be alone for my birthday.

Just so you know I.M. Pei

Nicolas Cage Donates $2 Million to Help End Suffering of Child Soldiers

In re: the roughly 4,376 fireworks displays in Milwaukee each summer

So, DUers, how long did it take for you to come out

White Trash Vegan Cooking #7 Cookies

Congratulations KitchenWitch!! 30,000 posts

My 'hot flashes' are gone


I'm getting seriously depressed.

Happy birthday ikojo!!

Why am I so freaking tired?

Check out this juggler Vova Galchenko good video

annoying MAC commercials

Kevin Spacey in 'Superman whatever'. Has he jumped the shark?

What are you listening to?

Hooters' Benefit for L.A. Animal Services Is a Bust

Some minor antidotes to the sinking feeling that World War III is...

Today I am enjoying the fallout at my former employer . . .

Thinking of changing your avatar?

I'm halfway to 10,000! whoohoo!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/28/06)

From the Wal-Mart Complaint Department

Karma in the workplace

Some people's idea of humor

Anyone here ever smoke Opium?

My response to an unsolicited message sent by a fundie

OH MY GOD...what the hell is that!

Crap. I'm going to patrol the Mexico border.

Wednesday, June 28. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Why are folks obsessed with myspace? I am not in a band. I dont want

Do I have strange taste?

Whoa!!1 - BahBwah WahWah just smacked Star JONES out!!!1

The Libertine starring Johnny Depp as a lascivious poet in old England...

Richard Donner takes back Superman II for a directors cut

Goodbye, DU!

I had a dizzy spell while driving during my lunch break last night >>

I'm drinking a mojito. What are you drinking?

If you buy sour grapes 2X in a row are you justified in trying

Have accepted


Do you make the baby Jesus cry?

Minneapolis - without looking up the ol' US map, tell me the state that


Favorite Jethro Tull number

Anyone Else Have Their own Business?

When did Rock and Roll officially die?

I saw Superman Returns last night. Ask me anything! SPOILERS!!!

What to see in Chicago?

Star Jones fired because she lost weight and got married!!

Anyone here ever use Opium?

Why do you hate Rosie O'Donnell?

Anyone else's Gaydar go off when they're around Arwalden?

I need an SUV. Looking for recommendations.

Why do people feel compelled to bring one another down?

Let's do the ABC's of Rock-n-Roll

Hump Day Rock Thread: Biggest Sellout of the 80's?

Can you pass the immigrant citizenship test?

Update on haruka3_2000's court case

Sick thread on AOL regarding The View


****Ohio Meetup****

I'm livid about the Lounge's lack of Limbaugh limericks!

Seriously - we are all ABBA fans!!

Okay, Romy and Michelle would never have been unpopular in highschool.

Have you seen Me?? the where the heck are these duers lately thread?

Congrats to Ava on her Buzzflash Award

Well, I'm wearing a shirt I sewed many years ago....Whaddyathink?

Radio Lady Reviews: "Superman Returns" -- Holy Kryptonite!

Happy Vidovdan!

The Ten Commandments of Solon

Food for thought: Jesus was NOT a Christian

Ultrasound to treat war wounds (BBC) {DARPA project in the works}

Physiological Markers For Cutting, Self-harm Behaviors By Teenagers Found

Best Way to Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Tribal Curse Haunts Launch Pad

‘Big Brother’ eyes make us act more honestly

Asia tsunami warning system ready (BBC)

NYT/AP: Egypt Tomb Reveals Ancient Woven Flowers

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Marks Mission Halfway Point (JPL/NASA)

CNN featuring DOBSON as commentator on front page

Update on a friend undergoing GRS....

Protesters rally against group's message, say gay rights stymied

OK Gay Episcopalians. What now?

Claiming the Blessing: Voices of Witness

Gay groups turn out gay teacher

Ex-Gays Eye Children (Wayne Bensons needs your help to fight back)

Pentagon reverses on listing of homosexuality as mental illness

Obama: Democrats Must Court Evangelicals

The Captain is hanging up his skates

Need opinions on methods of healing

Anyone else see this?

DU (and Kerrycrat) this online survey from AlterNet

This kinda negates the idea that Reid is in league with the Clintons

DNC to reorder 2008 primary/caucus states?

Army Times article critical of Kerry on military pay raise.

Did you guys see this clip from two weeks ago?

Post at on 08.

Ginny, look what Sensenbrenner's done NOW

Kerry to address fire fighters in Clinton, Iowa

Does anybody know if this is true?

Not related, but any comments on this?

Disturbing SBVT harrasment story

Another WaPo article on VOTING MACHINE FRAUD.

Voting rights -- both good and scary, and shows how much

Excellent Kerry speech against the flag burning amendment.

Skimming the Skimmer

Three items in the local news today about Iraq

Imagination needed...

Santa Fe Weekend trip #1 (Dial-up warning)

Santa Fe Weekend Trip #2

Jill Greenberg Discussion / Controversy

Santa Fe Weekend Trip #3


Advice needed for eBay mini-nightmare...


Travelin' 'flow, Part II. (Goes without saying, dial-up alert)

Paging Patsy Stone!!!

Keith Olbermann is smarmy?

Countdown Newsletter: 06/28/06 -- New York Times in the Crosshairs

I watched RFK Jr on book tv over the weekend

Toles equals * to Pharaoh

Bush is above the law

Iraq government-the one the US has created-should be in charge of its fate

Anyone know of good lectures on Determinism on tape?

A great deal of Republicans are MIRED in MINUTIAE::Stuck on the Small Gear

2,526 of our troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

history always repeats ...the neocons are using "jingoism" on the world

ok, what the hell is up with the sudden marijuana propaganda campaigns?

Anyone Have That List Of Conservative Songs?

The Google Chimp-O-Matic quote of the day

OxyContin as a Gateway Drug

Thought provking article

I posted this in the politics forum 15 minutes ago and not one response ..

What happened to Limbaugh's 30th Viagra pill?

Looking at obesity from

Our fight song. Irony is thy name...........

Thank God Gay Marriage & Flag Burning bans failed! Now about that War.

The Confederates had something right.

A Single Person Could Swing an Election...

I have figured out why Coulter acts so mean and agitated

Jesus Loves Porn Stars bibles

Failure to even try to Impeach W will always stick in my craw.

I Think It Is Sad That I Wish Richard Nixon Was President Now

House Repukes Are Introducing A Resolution Today Condemning The NYT

Impeachment Teach-ins across the country - July 19th

AP: Port Security Study Urges Economic Focus

Meehan vs. Peter King on Hardball rerun....7:05 AM CDT

HEY!!Please help..are investment firms allowed to be political?

CSPAN Wash. Journal on bank spying issue: "Why did Bush leak Plame's name?

Making wishes come true (6/27/06 W photo-op)


Veterans Defending the Bill of Rights

Reports of US Monitoring of SWIFT Transactions Are Not New

How to Impeach a President (a sort of installed Dick)

If I Switch Parties, Can I Get Away With Repeated Felonies Too?

How much do you support democracy in Iraq ?

Time to break the Media Monopoly -FCC to review rules, wants Your input...

The next terror attack is pre-emptively blamed on the New York Times.

Life can be better at the top

Did Bush really notify Congress about the survelliance of banking records?

Iraq news for just one state on just one day: Massachusetts 6/28/06

James Inhofe swift boating Al Gore

Why is Joe Crowley (D-NY) on Washington Journal trying to sell

Conyers:Catherine Crier: Democracy in Shambles (must see video)

Poll: W's Photo Op with Legless Soldier: Cheap Stunt or Honorable?

Don Quixote politics

Even Jack Chick proves that Bush will NOT be going to heaven!!

Can anyone help debunk these observations by a jerk on another board?

A quick question about DC and the floods

Did you realize that MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch?

Leaky Elephant in the Room (Pun Intended)

Dems re signing statements - how hard is it just to do/say this??

so now this administration is attacking the press

The "American Values Agenda": House GOP to focus on abortion, guns

Which of these substances should be banned?

Stroger expected to withdraw in deal

Marlboro Man

What Should We Do In Iraq?

Al Jazeera International is Having a Hard Time Launching in the US......

2526-Not Just a Number -Peace Takes Courage- AWESOME SITE

Lake Orion Marine (featured in Fahrenheit 9/11) Killed By IED In Iraq

Attention, defenders of the American flag

August 6 2001 PDB ("Bin Laden determined to strike US" memo) question

My husband doesn't think it's any big deal to pass the flag ammendment!

Whoa!!1 - BahBwah WahWah just smacked Star JONES out!!!1

Senator seeks tax on pimps, prostitutes

(VIDEO) Here it is, your Moment of Zen (Levin/Faux smackdown)

Supreme Court says they don't have to follow the constitution?

NSA, Dem Senators and Representatives caving, blackmail

Bush to take Japanese PM Koizumi on pilgrimage to Graceland

A local country music station is having a funeral for the flag burning

Best Way to Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Posada's CIA ties uncovered in papers - Contra / Oliver North connection

Guilty on 4 counts -wingnut 2000 dirty trickster CRAMER -walks on 9 counts

Democratic Women Speaking

DU Lou Dobbs Poll on Voting and Send him a message !!!

Iraqi Army Will Be 'Built' By End of Year

Russia 'to kill Iraq kidnappers'

"America is a nice place to vacation, but I wouldn't want to live there"

Social versus Corporate Welfare information, please?

Red (southern) states' kids worse off:


Bush and the Repubs' plan to attack Social Security after election...

Ghosts visit Bush (a joke)

Anytime a politician uses words like "reform," or "frankly," they're lying

Wow....even Drudge is showing the AP/Gore article...

Bush himself told terrorists that banks would be monitored

How about banning Retirement Check burning?

Juan Cole! Juan Cole! Juan Cole! Juan Cole! Juan Cole!

(VIDEO)"I hope we can beat the sh*t out of Joe" Lieberman supporter

Kagan back on CNN; has she updated her ex's 'Boner-gate' saga?

Will British media replace the US "lapdog" media by telling the TRUTH?

Food for thought: Jesus was NOT a Christian

AP: Limbaugh must wait to hear if deal violated

I wish OUR leaders fought as hard against W's war than THEY fought for it.

Germany can accept civilian enrichment in Iran

Rice: 'We are not going to tire, we are not going to leave.'

TIME: As many as a dozen GOP Senators privately opposed flag amendment...

Democratic Veterans For Truth, a Proposal.

Putin orders Russian Special Forces to Iraq

C&L video:Helen Thomas with Jon Stewart

from Favorite Pictures of the Past, . . . . . . . . please come CAPTION!!!

Guest worker proponent wins Utah primary - Bush Campaigned For Him


People who must constantly state their patriotism, are they disturbed?

October Surprise: "Bin Laden certainly did the president a nice favor."

THE NUMBER IS UP TO 2527- up one from this morning.

My letter to NeoCon talkshow on PBS (Fukuyama interview)

Blog attack on the New York Times

Kerry: Not test who loves flag... who has courage to protect Constitution.

Did Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) decide to go find the WMDs in Iraq on his own?

Tragic :(

GOP Political Consultant Convicted In Texas Child Sex Assault Case

My FIRST criteria for any Democrat thinking about candidacy:

SCOTUS – Upholds Most Of TX Redistricting Case

For those political operatives in the NE who took potshots at victims

Putin Orders "Special Services" to Iraq to Find & Destroy Hostage Killers

Carey "Daisy Commercial" Cramer Convicted on Child Molestation Charges.

The Cessnas are coming! The Cessnas are coming!

Rush To Make SURE The Kids As Scared Straight On Abstinence!

What do the Fundies want besides huge restrictions on SEX

Red light cameras -you own the vehicle, not driving it, you get the ticket

Sen. Feinstein: Why Amend To Protect A Flag While The Constitution Burns?

The Pun's on US

Dems miss obvious response to "cut & run": smash & grab

Swift Boat Liars being harassed by phone calls

Senate bills: near repeal of estate tax, trashing of Medicare, VA benefits

Democrats Demand a Real Plan for Iraq

kickass takdown of Farhad Manjoo by minstrel boy

Marine in `Fahrenheit 9/11' killed in Iraq. Recruiting age pushed to 42

Flag Burning "debate" on Fox/Dayside. Hmmm...

Confronting country club Napoleons


Honda to build new US plant in Indiana

Called Don Goldwater: Threatened with FBI

Israelis can learn from white South Africans

Democrats Need To Push Their Advantages And Seize Iraq Debate

"Wars Force Army Equipment Costs to Triple"

Rush is entitled to his privacy......BUT the Golden Rule Applies. Soooo

Sen. Jim Bunning: New York Times Committed Treason

A big change in the Limbaugh story: from "the drugs" ---> just viagra

Marine in Fahrenheit 9/11 killed in Iraq

Detroit's Metro Times: I think Bush really won.

Paper Retracts Report that Murtha Called U.S. the Greatest Threat

We have not yet begun to pay

Bank data program has been on the 'net since 2002

This is a Heads up New Swift Boat Org.

Army wives get phone death threats from Iraq

Republicans Relieved Over Supreme Court Decision

Specter a Beacon of Common Sense??????

Origin of Three Branches of Government?!?!?

Israeli Air Force warplanes flying over Damascus.

Russia blames “occupying countries” for hostages’ death

Rush gets viagra, but they refuse to dispense contraception to women?

Tennessee mayor targets soldiers in traffic ticket blitz

Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America

Seeing is believing -- device helps the blind read (xpost) {Kurzweil/NFB}

My sign for tonight's Make Congress "Oil-Free" protest

WEDNESDY TOON 6/28: exempt from laws of nature?

Did Cong. Tancredo (R-CO) burn an American flag for his book cover?

Help me find a website

I can't believe what they're saying about Jack Murtha

The GOP Senators BEGGED the Democrats to STOP THE AMENDMENT

Should Bell (D) or Friedman (I) drop out of the TX Gov race?

Why did the Republicans Surrender to Osama? Why did we cut and run

Caption the "Road Warrior"...

This LBN feature is worth every damn penny

LOL: Frist blames CNN for low Republican poll numbers

Crap. I'm going to patrol the Mexico border.

General tells House Committee Iraq Occupation "Open-Ended Right Now"

Bush administration previously told reporters FAR MORE about efforts

"The NYT has now made it more difficult for us to prevent attacks..."

FORGET the DLC. The real problem is the "BLUE DOG" DEMs

German Cabinet OKs opening of Nazi archive

Putin Puts Out 'Kill' Order on Iraqi Kidnappers

June History

A little light reading...This is Kool!

Montgomery County MD had evacuations? because of flooding?

Meme of the Minute!

How many troops do we have in Saudi Arabia?

possible upset in Nevada Senate Race? Jack Carter comin' on strong

Addicts like Limbaugh don't change without honesty.

Memo to my Assemblymen: redraw the map now.

Nice mom

TPM teaser: Another Abramoff indictment

short rant...

yeah, right... CUT VETERAN services and RUN over them: A POEM

Anyone else going to be at the Neil Young/CSNY tour opener next week?

Washington Post: 'A Single Person Could Swing an Election' + DOBBS & More!

When's the video of Bin Laden promising to attack America supposed to air?

Cafferty: Should Congress be worried about taxing pimps and sex trafficker

I Tivo'd Matthews on Colbert yesterday...

Gay friendly mayor + flood + wing-nut web site

Some ugly truths of the occupation...

Thousands ordered evacuated due to flooding

Evans & Novak Believes Gore Preparing for 2008 Run

GOP planning a new floor stunt tomorrow attacking the media

The Pimp Tax

Caption *

Et Tu, Ben Nelson?

Obama, reach out to whoever you want to, but don't change your or the

It's time for you to shut up and support your president!


Brennan Center report on Electronic Voting

How does a moran like Orrin Hatch keep getting elected?

Did anyone see Bill Frist on CNN saying Dems want to SURRENDER?

The President's Jihad

Our Money Spent Taking a Shot at Al Gore

Fahrenheit 9/11 marine killed

Wow! Thank you, Dana Rohrabacher. You may be a wingnut

Talking about history and our future, very distant future.

WH Bluff on NYT Story Shown to Be Made of Gas

Bruce Burch Radio Program 5-7pm Eastern Daily

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) planned a personal WMD hunt in Iraq

British Columbian Government kneecaps kiddie gambling

did i just hear that insurgents said if we left Iraq, they would join talk

Please DU this poll

Delay is repulsive....

if you hate the Constitution

Republicans Relieved Over Supreme Court Decision

Analysis: Terrorist money flows remain a headache

Montana Senate Race - Burns versus Tester by Doug Giebel

Greenwald: The Bush lynch mob against the nation's free press

I'm glad Chris Cannon won the Utah House race

Is AIRAMERICA Still on XM ????

If they could arrange it, the Minimum Wage would be 1 Dollar an Hour.

You can't tell me that the Gas companies are not price fixing

Sen. Roberts: "I understand newspapers want to sell papers..."

There is a new Dietz print

They think Fox News poor ratings is because its moving to the left.

Voting on Medical Marijuana amendment in the House now

Odious Obama's Path to Hell

Bush Admin Previously Told Reporters FAR MORE Than NYT Reported Last Week!

Dobbs making sense....

"Under God" Bill, Part of Boehner's "Values Agenda," Fails in Cmtee.

Poll about Democrats and Evangelicals

Sen Roberts Attacks NYT For Leaking-When He Himself Is A BIG-TIME Leaker

Video: Noam Chomsky on Charlie Rose (June 9, '06)

Gotta Love Sam Seder!

Sen G Smith & Net Neutrality - my phone call and his aide

Car culture

Pimp Tax

Specter wants to sue White House ---------------------> AUDIO

Brussels poised to fine Microsoft (BBC)


Knowing your Government is SPYING on you is a matter of National Security.

Bush promotes war, candidate

Justice in the World? Glenn Beck on CNN is FLOPPING!

So Gas Just Shot Up To $3.10/gal.

Tipper Gore photography to benefit The Climate Project

Flashback: The Republican war critic (The GOP, WWII, and dissent)

MD Governor: O' Malley opens strong lead over Ehlich (poll)

Arlen Specter will be on Lou talk about signing statements...

I’ve found God, says man who cracked the genome

Noam Chomsky and other foreign policy writers

What do we get if we win the War on Terrorism? Or for the Iraq War?

TV Freedom - somebody explain the commercials that are running

What are some of the things Americans believe that are just not true?

Treason, Republican Style...Does al-Qaeda want the Republicans to win?

AVA -Lowrey-BUZZflash Wings of Justice AWARD!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

PEW Poll: Democrats More Eager to Vote, But Unhappy with Party

Rush Limbaugh is a FORNICATOR!!!!!!!!

Its not a left vs right thing, its about upholding the U.S. Constitution

Sensenbrenner Breaks House Rules-Closes Meeting After Losing Vote

WOW! Anyone ever been here before...

If Sex Is Only For Procreation, Why Did "God" Make It Feel So Damn Good?

My two new bumper stickers...

Why do Dems continue to lick around the edges of OIL cause of Iraq War?

Is "Limpballs" the PERFECT nickname for rushyboy, what with

Want an easy way to make a huge difference in politics

D.C. area getting their own taste of Katrina.... how strange this

Justices Back Most GOP changes to Tx Districts

Why can't my kids burn miniature crosses at school?

Chevron-Funded Schwarzenegger Sells Out The Environment

Sam Seder today interviewed the Newseek Bureau Chief

More Republican values on display... child molestation

Karl Rove is dead. Long Live Karl Rove.

Boondocks was great today!

CBS news on F-911 Marine killed in Iraq: "Michael Moore had no comment"

"Academic Freedom" - Another sign of an approaching dictatorship?

Rush Limbaugh's White House Visit

IMPORTANT! Al Qaeda textbook tells why we haven't been attacked since 9/11

GOP Knew Of Casey's Briefing, But Labeled Dems Plan "Cut and Run" Anyway

YES! Supreme Court overturns part of Texas' political map

You CANNOT Reason with Zealot, Republican Evangelicals.

Local Paper Reports: Marine Recruiter in Michael Moore Film Dies in Iraq

Keeping public in dark is what's 'disgraceful'

Just heard on AAR that we are going to share nuke secrets

So how does DU feel about burning Nazi flags?

Insurgents Offer to Halt Attacks in Iraq if US Agrees To Withdraw In 2 Yrs

Tweety: "Americans are DYING to vote, and the mood is anti-Bush!"

Did anyone see Wolf Blitzer today

I'm on hold to talk to Sam Seder at AAR

Yow! Limbaugh tries to slip unwilling woman the tongue!

Evangelicals want "restoration" and "recognition."



Perspective from across the pond : checks, balances and protest

LMAO! Barney Franks "gets it" ...

The FIRST thing the democrats have to be prepared for after Nov 2008

why did three pugs vote against the flag amendment?

Homosexuality=Mental illness? According to the Pentagon

Open Letter to Aurora Dairy from a concerned consumer

Freeper's in meltdown over Specter

Hardball: Bob Shrum just made that Rogers RNC creep say "Democratic"

Rummy: "It tells you a lot about the New York Times..."

Goldwater Wants Border Tent City!

How much would you save on STUDENT LOANS under the Dem plan?

Berkeley votes to impeach Bush

Republicans on the Issues

Has "YouTube" sold out?

Senators Consider Suing Bush Over Use Of Signing Statements To Bypass Laws

HUMOR: I almost pe'ed myself, A Gal that FEARS Pickles!!!

How Bush Rigged Ohio Election - The Noe Factor

The difference between Us and Them.

I am really sick and tired of this "war on terror" bullshit !

Die-bold inadvertently admits that CA Bilbray/Busby race not legit!

Obama: Democrats must court evangelicals

Osama bin Laden releasing video tribute to Zarqawi?

Instead of King George, who would you prefer in the Oval Office?

Obama is right

WH spent four years "bragging" publicly about Swift program

The problem is the word "liberal" vs the word "conservative"

New Libby Filings from 06/27/2006 -

Next We Take Tehran

Greg Palast: we invaded Iraq to keep Iraq's oil off the market.

Um.. Soldiers are CAPTURED....not kidnapped

Sean Hannity: Superhero.

Why can't religious students have clubs at schools?

Coulter: During WWII, Pol Who Criticized Bush Might Be Shot

Rich man's war, poor man's fight....

If housing were affordable...

Why is Joe Scarborough one of the only people asking...

Helen Thomas: Tony Snow Yelled At Me

Who started the myth that Democrats hate religious people?

Ava Lowery wins Buzzflash's "Wings of Justice" Award...

I just had a USMC Recruiter call wanting to talk to my son...

HEADLINE: Evangelical leaders meet to HASTEN END OF THE WORLD

Support all the troops.

Obama is WRONG



DU This Poll : NYT Leak

Christian Minister's speech regarding "moral values"

Site for the 2008 RNC Convention has been determined.

*** Wednesday TOONs: Limpballs ***

Oprah tackling GLOBAL WARMING - now!

Latest Polling Shows Bush Losing Core Supporters

"I was afraid people would smell me on the plane & think I'm a smoker!"

How Zogby describes the Democratic candidates

Stranger than fiction?

ROFL. Bill Nelson stomping Katherine Harris 61%-26%

Taught Gov. Summer School. Part of the requirement was registering to vot

President Jimmy Carter is an evangelical.

Catherine Crier nails election fraud happening here, now. Must see DU TV

I Hereby Declare Swamprat THE MAN For This Bushsatan Image!


Official "What's Your Weather Like?" thread

STICKIE: Falwell Does Not Own Jesus!

An open post to Barrack Obama on loyalty oaths and public prayer

Hello... Not All Evangelicals are Republicans

Dems who dared to reach out to evangelicals....names. How dare they?

What Actor Would You Cast As Bush In The Movie Of His Life?

What's the safe level of 'second-hand' smoke from tail pipes?

DU [email protected] - Use your PC to help cure disease!

Want to know whats happening to your stocks?

Wal-Mart Gets a Taste of The Picket Line - 06/28/06


How do I find a good employment attorney?

I JUST got home from work, no news is on ... who won today in Utah ????

Report from CA-50 emergency town hall meeting!

Anyone Have Copy of Transcript on Dems Hearing on Pre-War

MD-Governor race: NOT looking good for Erhlich at all :D

Any one remember Alan Watts? Here is his take on

(Joke) A lady bought a new Lexus....

NBC Again

Meet Trent Lott's opponent

If the NYT is treasonous, why aren't Cheney, Libby, Rove?

Muddy water on Net Neutrality

AP: Obama: Democrats Must Court Evangelicals

Did MSNBC edit transcript of Hardball? (Melanie Morgan)

More Americans paying attention to congressional elections than usual

CANNONFIRE: Why did Rush Limbaugh Visit the Epicenter of the....

US May Launch Ann Coulter Towards North Korea (humor)

Why Libertarians Don't Win

Maryland Gov: incumbent Ehrlich (R) trails O'Malley (D) by 16%

Flash from the past


Who could have predicted the Republican Congress would lay down...?

Toldja so's!!!

Reality + symptoms

Does John Edwards have a website? I can't find one.


Our enemies


Its hard work amending the constitution - Thank God

Supremes kick DeLay

LAT/AP: Supreme Court Largely Upholds DeLay Redistricting in Texas

Social Security

Rice praises dem. future of Afghanistan while fierce fighting continues

Vice President Cheney to attend Pepsi 400

BushCo Hath Become Chicken Little

The word 'moderate' is no longer meaningful

When is Viagra not Viagra?

Did anyone else see this? 5.5 Ton Mex Coke Bust linked to DHS, CIA,...

Three Days in Rome?

Attacking the Times, attacking democracy

Why Lakoff’s latest is so IMPORTANT – how to awaken the cult.

US Senate race polls: Gains in NJ & RI, setback in OH

Call it meaningless if you want...but Berkeley takes impeachment to voters

Antagonize and be confrontational...

For whatever it's worth, the Republicans are still sinking in the polls:

Washington Post, "A single person could swing an election."

What is happening with the FBI probe of the Watergate prostitution ring?

No real plan! No real plan!

GOP vets vs Dem vets is heating up. Don't forget the Dems' Patriot Project

No Genetic Trespassing


Just How Many Amendments To The Constitution Has *Co & The

Looking forward ....... a view on abortion that some of you may not know

AP: (Bill) Clinton Opposes Democrats' 2nd-Caucus Plan

Meet Trent Lott's Opponent

Six liberals and a Soros

Political Notebook: Neb. Republican's Gift

Martin Luther King

Medical Marijuana Demogogues on C-Span now.

Huh?!?!?! Putin kisses boy on stomach-CNN Reuters

"It is a weak flag that needs protection from itself"


Discuss Slogan: A Vote for a Democrat is a Vote for Impeachment

Pelosi Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Texas Redistricting

Republican Subcommittee Uses Your Tax Dollars To Fund Misinformation

Happy Versailles

Powerful ad from Faith In America (must see!)

*oops* corrected* Obama talks about evangelicals

AP: Dean Says Democrats Won't Use Immigration

Prime Time pornography

Wow - This Guy On Sam Seder Really Has A Handle On What....

Famous Quotes filtered by the Bush Administration

Cop Watch & Cointelpro

Gallup: Dems lead Congress 54-38%

So, four newspapers go to print with a story on the same day.

Arlen Specter on CNN Lou Dobbs (signing statements) right now.

Can someone answer this for me (TX mid-decade redistricting)...

NH and the Clintons bucking the primary planning commission.

So the Supreme Court says we don't need no Democracy!

America to the GOP: "Hell, yeah, we want to cut and run!"

Touchs. voting manuf. refuse to respond to Lou Dobbs (Brennan Rept)

Red Handed (Ney)

Heads Up -- AL GORE on TDS/JON STEWART tonight. n/t

MUST READ! "Why Are Indigenous (Amer. Indian) Soldiers Serving in Iraq?"

Video: a devastating summation of our broken electoral system (must see)

GOP Knew Of Casey's Briefing, But Labeled Dems Plan "Cut and Run" Anyway

Note to Democratic Centrists: Don't Forget The Roots Of Our Activism

Reminder: Wes Clark on O'Reilly tonight if you can stomach it....

Wes Clark on O'Reilly tonight

Are members of the Supreme Court insane?


Did Ward Churchill get a raw deal?

Was this women with Rush in the Dominican Republic? (Photo & link)

Draft dodger Saxby he related to "Dynamite" Bob Chambliss

18 new young democrats!!! whooo hooooooo I taught Govt. SSchool

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink...

On NPR today: many African-Americans born before 1940 or so do not

My crystal ball predicts lots of UN resolutions VETOed by the U.S. soon.

SCOTUS Votes 5:4 to Uphold Voting Rights Act: Democracy by a Thread

Anyone seen this annoying RW forwarded email yet?

Repub pundit Lou Dobbs talks more like a Dem than today's Dems

Obama, Dean, Hillary get standing ovations from evangelical group.

WP Poll - Baltimore Mayor O'Malley holds large lead over Gov. Ehrlich...