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Archives: June 27, 2006

Senate Takes on Prewar WMD Controversy--Sort of

bloggers elect upstart SoBapt president....bloggers beat leaders

Flag burning issue is a waste of time

Senate seizes perennial flag-desecration debate

Reinhald Niebuhr: A Christian realist for the reality-based community.

Bush ignores laws he inks, vexing Congress

climate change math

Earth's Climate Warming Abruptly, Scientist Says

Missing the point and the target

interesting video analysis of flight 77.

Fitrakis to give details on '04 Miami Co OH discrepancy on AAR @ 11pm est

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 06.27.06 - Edsel Awards (pic)

Help in GD, please!

Tuesday is Clean Money Day

King Briefed on New E-Voting System

My letter to Bernie Sanders: Ignore the voting machines to your peril.

Time to help Juan Garcia in District 32

State governments push for Net neutrality laws

Rush Part 2

U.S. official: Tough to shut Guantanamo

Mass. Defaults Reaching 'Epidemic Level'

U.S. drops insistence on UN budget cap for 2006

Canada's high-tech spies leave Lamer in the dark

NYT: Military Fails Some Widows Over Benefits

Vandals damage cars on gay pride day

Argentina talks tough over new claim to the Falkland Islands

Citing military plans, Rep Maxine Waters declares a victory for....

Venezuela: U.S. Would Undermine Election

AP: Bush ignores laws he inks, vexing Congress

Top Democrat Finds F.D.A.'s Efforts Have Plunged

WP:Kerry Calls for 'Energy Independence'

AP: Internet providers to create database to combat child porn

Federal judge halts Missouri executions

Wars Force Army Equipment Costs To Triple

Feds Drop Request for Library Records

mag 6 earthquake hits remote Rat Islands, Alaska

Limbaugh Detained At Airport (illegal prescription drugs...and viagra!)

Reporter Says Inside Look (Miami suspects' warehouse) May Change Opinions

Nelson Promises Filibuster If House Passes Offshore Drilling Bill (FL)

Sauerkraut is...

Monday lyrics....

Wow! Children customers at the Hell's Kitchen restaurant!

Eddie from Frasier has died; RIP Eddie

Fox's "Hell's Kitchen"

You know what's funny? (NOT) - When TV and radio stations

Sometimes my friends amaze me.

An odd string of minor bad luck...

Eddie, Martin Crane's T.V. dog, dies at 16 1/2.

Please, Boy George, Please...

Tailgating does not make me go faster

60 year old woman with perky breasts awarded $350,000

Psychology With Pooh

Hey Oeditpus Rex!

Okay, so I've watched a few episodes of "House" now.

Study: Women with older sisters are likely to be younger sisters.

Germans Shoot Wild Bear (Somewhat Amusing)

Lucky Charms Marshmallows

All set to move on Thursday! Ask me anything.

shit, drunk on monday

I learned something whilst driving today.

Steak seasoning:

John Hodge on "The Daily Show"

And it weird news, I'm posting on DU from the bathroom.

And Scott LaFaro just goes on, and on, and on, and on...

Funny and sweet tribute to Aaron Spelling, with pix:

Just sew, you know... I'm an alpaca.

Cadbury's will bury 250 tons of chocolate

I was outside for 5 minutes and was attacked by a million mosquitos...

in the chit for brains category:

I love this camera... Some pics from an urban oasis......

Just so you know...I'm an Ohioan.

Just So You Know...I'm a Dingbat.

Bottle of Corona with a Slice of Lime

Just so you know... I'm very shallow and empty

Is there a vegetarian alternative to Mayonnaise?

Just so you know... I'm a Smartass.

Just so you know, I've had a few beers. Anyone else?

I posted this in GD.

Lansing-Dreiden=obscure band alert

Just so ya know....I'm a punk....

Monday Night Vino Thread (or pick yer poison)

Just so you know...I'm a reverend.

Am I being overly sensitive here?

Just so you know, I'm a male lesbian

Well, my dear friends.....It's a Monday evening.....the sun will be

Abdominal discomfort, bloating, and constipation?

Just so you know...I'm the one who posted, "Fuck it...

Impressive VIDEO: Meteor Impact Simulation

I'm temporarily leaving DU

Just to let you know I'm all it.

&%$#@!!! I just got slammed for liking Billy Joel again tonight!

Why does this make ME feel like the bad guy?

Dr. Gonzo Roars! *pics*

Just so you know... all I'm wearing is an angora sweater and a butt plug

You know...... I am just.......

It's my 3rd wedding anniversary! [dial-up warning]

I need some good luck vibes, my mom is having surgery thursday

Meat is:

Just so you know... I am the abomination that makes all things desolate.

Gosh, it's toasty in BC this week

Can't stop listening to this......seriously

anyone heard the new Kristofferson album? It's great!

Just so you know......I'm a Naughty Girl

Noam Chomsky v. Howard Zinn cage match!!!

Harper Lee writes rare item for O magazine

Study: Wemen with older brothers are likely to be younger sisters

22 hours and counting, until "he returns!"

Tuesday List Thread

Fucking Jeff "Skunk" Baxter!! Yarrrgh! YARRRGH!

Oregon State wins College World Series

Just So You Know... I'm a Poet.

Bow to his incredibleness!!!

Update From MrsGrumpy

The Best Beer

Real or fake?

Just so you know....I'm an ass

Just So You Know...I'm a Lesbian.

Just So You Know... I'm Gay.

Impossibly Cute Photo Thread! KITTEN VS. THE BUNNIES!!!!

Your favorite Muppet


When I'm bored, I go to DU just to post flamebait

Of Angels and Aerodynamics.

Okay: I am only sharing this because I am a chastised woman.

Name a celebrity baby after a social issue or medical problem.

Rap is all misogynistic, egocentric drivel

Oh the humanity!!!

I call foul on One a Day, Centrum and all the rest that claim

When Your Doctor Says He/She Doesnt Rx Morning After PIll, Report Him/Her.

Gay R.I. couple asks court to allow their marriage in Mass.

A link to Peace Vets radio show.

A Reason To Dislike Jonathan Chait

Speech in Boston today. Connecting the dots

Dear Mr President, Chew on This: Majority Wants Withdrawal

Thank you, livebloggers.


Countdown 6/26/06 War on the Media

KOEB 6/26/06 Oops Gen. Casey supports the Democratic Withdrawal plan



King Of The Douchebags: How Dare These Journalists Expose My Crimes!

They are finding some one to blame. SEE .SEE.

Doesn't Cheney have a rock somewhere he needs to

Who do you trust more to decide what should be classified: NYT or Bush?

Wars force Army equipment costs to triple ($17 bil/yr in repairs/upgrades)

Time for a meme to change hands.

Internet Guru's....Translate for us computer challenged

America's Oldest Terrorist Organisation...the KKK a documentary...

thehehehe freeps hugh and series

Question: Is it be possible to rev. engr Rush's Dominican Republic trip?

Orwellian Catch Phrase Word Scramble Thread

Letter to the Editor---- Congratulations Atty General Gonzales

The RED MENACE is back.

silicon valley races to develop electric cars - LA Time biz section says

Isn't it time to crank up the Terror Alert System? (Re: November 2006)

So the country is drowning in the east, and burning in the west

Tweety on Colbert Report tomorrow night!

It really is hard not to take joy in Rush's latest legal troubles

any legal relationship between NYT publishing bank info + the Pentagon

They ask,and tell

"If you want a symbolic gesture, don't burn the flag. . .

Olbermann now: "Swift-Boating the Media"


DU Scarborough poll: "Should the NYT be prosecuted....?"

N. Korea has went from having enough plutonium for 2 nukes to 13 since Bush

Among the drugs was Viagra. It is MORE THan JUST one bottle

"He can best serve them by taking a stand against the war."- military mom

I'm having difficulty erecting happiness at Rush's misfortune

Fundraiser for Brian Keeler (NYBri from DKos) in NYC next week:

The 'christian' Right is scared about Creation Care

So if you really have ED why can't you get your own doctor

I suspect this amnesty talk has to do with all the US soldiers arrested

jesus w bush, it's only monday!

What should we send Joe Lieberman?

Casket Found

Limbaugh is a sexual chicken hawk.

Probation for selling black leopard kitten.

Pap attack on Scarborough

** Coming up next ** 10:35 EDT C-SPAN1 replay of Dem hearings

C-Span to replay Dem Prewar Hearing tonight

C'mon everybody, give this Yahoo Rush story five stars!

FYI: Lance Armstrong on TDS/Jon Stewart tonight. nt

Regarding racism....

Rush Part 2

Question. Was Rush on probation?

On Vietnam Vets being anti-Kerry.

I didn't know Ted Olsen was 'good friends' with David Boies

Free Ringtones Al-Zarqawi killed in Iraq Read more now

Refresh My Memory: What Exactly Were The Terms Of ru$h's Conviction?

Does Al Qaeda read the NY Times or watch the MSM?

You Swore On The Bible - An Open Letters to Members of Congress

duh! CNN's poll has 70% opposing an amendment on flags.

Prayer for Rush - Dear Dog who art in the hearts of all animal lovers.

A REPUBLICAN was the most passionate voice at today's war hearings


Oh, Karl...! Could your nose get any browner...?

No mention of Iraq in Gore fundraising letter for DNC.

Lionel Discussing "Feigned Government Outrage" Tonight

What follows Karzai?

Rush's trip to Dominican Republic...

For Wisconsin DUers, Thank You for Russ Feingold!!!

'Breathtaking' Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid

OMG....mascara alert. Coulter coming up on MSNBC in a second and she

RUSH LIMPDONG! America's Viagra Detector

Wouldn't Limpdick Limbaugh be a more appropriate name than Limpballs?


Ya gotta love THIS logic...

I knew the GOP hates veterans, but...

I thought repukes were about family values - why does Rush need Viagra?

The Way of All Flesh: Rush & Kinky Christians - MJ Article Tells All!

Faux to do a rip-off of The Daily Show

An open letter to my dearest friend, the fundie

Did you know that only 2 FREAKIN' FLAGS have been burned in '06?

Conyers:Do-Nothing Congress Prepares to Stumble out of Town

so...a free press is an endangerment to america, isn't that just a...

Roger Hedgecock will be sitting in behind the Golden EIB Microphone?

Part of Newark Terminal Briefly Closed

Ha! 70% AGAINST Flag Burning Amendment in CNN Online Poll

Flag Burn Debate Halted after Flag Spontaneously Combusts on Senate Floor

I'm next on WGN AM to discuss the NYT money laundering fiasco

B*'s Secret Love Letter to Condi Discovered!

A bomb threat against President George W. Bush and his "Jewish gang"

Military casket found dumped, body missing

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in with Laura Flanders

The Daily Show just made fun of Attny General re: "Chicago 7"

Sorry...our way really is better....

Rush Limbaugh's defense is that he was protecting his PRIVACY

RePUKE supporters of spying on US citizens should be tried for treason

For people who don't like it when we call the RWers names, "Limpballs" IS

Rush Limbaugh's Attorney Roy Black Responds to Media Inquiries

Stand Up for Lt. Watada tomorrow!

HEADLINE: Bush ignores laws he inks, vexing Congress

Limbaugh stopped in customs with a prescription not his own.

Bush Ignores/Sidesteps Law that he Inks

Larry Johnson: Is President Bush SWIFT?

Stop calling it a WAR. It's not.

Cant we all just get along?

&& i just keep cranking them out...rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE part 3..

This is how fanatical "Christians" justify war

Is there compelling argument against the NYT finance tracking story?

VIDEO: Senate Cmte. Hearing on Iraq Pre-War Intelligence (6/26/06)

Why does RUSH LIMBAUGH need Viagra? He's not married. IMMORAL PUKE

Pretty woman...

Larry Johnson: VP Cheney, Chef in Chief

What does the NYT have that Bush and his minions are afraid they'll print?

Caption Rush Limbaugh with his big stiff......

Name Some repugs You Think Might, Maybe Switch To Dem:

Long Newshour segment: MegaRich Buffet Donates MegaBuck$ to MegaRich Gates

FLAG BURNING: Please DU this poll

Rush Lover Daryn Kagan For Viagra

a freeper is getting is butt handed to him on the local forum

Thank You, New York Times

Judge to Tom DeLay: ‘Run like a rabbit’

PHOTO: Sunday's Gay Pride Parade in NYC

Is George Bush Afraid? (A Challenge for our dear ol' POTUS)

Coulter coming up on Scarborough: "What will set her off next?"

Hee Hee Hee, Ha Ha Ha... Sigh... THANKS RUSH!!!

Is this kind of flag desecration OK?

Rush Limbaugh can't get it up?

Nauseating But Important Article on David Addington--Cheney's Cheney

Building collapse in Clinton, Missouri?

Anybody wanna take a guess at this?

FBI BOUGHT The Boots-Military Outfits-Rental Cars & Cameras For Miami 7

Freeperville in full meltdown mode over Rush drug bust!

MN-Sen: Kennedy (R) scrubs website of all references to Bush

Rush Acting The Mack Daddy On The Front Page Of His Website! Get This!

Let's Start Burning The Confedrate Flag!

*** Monday TOONs: N Korea ***

Peter King vs Katrina Van der Heuvel on Scarborough

Poverty American Style

Sign the petition to make Spanish the official language of the U.S.A.

Inhibiting Election Fraud in 2006: Simple. Not easy. Very, very important.

Call me unpatriotic, but if this flag-burning amendment passes ...

RUSHGATE: Google "Dominican Republic Sex Tourism"

Roy Black statement on Rush

Had To Do It. Rush's Viagra Bust TIME Magazine Cover (photoshop)

14 year old has sex with man met on MYSPACE

Name one really talented, entertaining right-winger.

Who Should Be Tried For Treason?

Joe Scarborough Gets a Clue!

Joe Scarborough is having a good debate about the press

Keith O' swiftboating the media LOL.

Help - having fight with a freeper

It must be good stuff, Rush ...

Warren Buffet: Estate Tax Should Stay

VIDEO: Senate Cmte. Hearing on Iraq Pre-War Intelligence (6/26/06)

Ney posed in photo with tribe he didn't remember (Check out his sunburn)

So the Palestinians are terrorists now for killing Israeli military?

No amnesty for people who killed those who invaded and occupied their

Clean campaign money! Bonifaz statment on SCotUS ruling.

Dear Mr President, Chew on This: American Majority wants Iraq Withdrawal


Rush was on his private plane.....


Candidate decorum - What's wrong with this?


Bob Fitrakis on Mike Malloy tonight

Troop drawdown in the fall to help GOPers get elected .... and then .....

I really am sickened by freeper types. On another website I frequent

Bush response to Iraq's plan to help us out of the quagmire?

"Even divided, Democrats have advantage experts say"....

Rush's Drug of Choice

PDA Endorses Tasini NY US Senate

The hypocrisy of Rush Limbaugh's supporters is now obvious.

White House financial tracking effort was announced by WH in 2001!!!!

Fahrenheit 9/11 is on cable again

NYTimes/SWIFT story. Let's harken back to the days of The Pentagon Papers

Ahmadinejad never said wipe Isreal off the map

Jimmy Carter blogs on the daily kos:

Now there's something else the matter with Kansas

Check out Guest Blogger schedule at CLARK'S Site--Interesting choices!

The United States of Paranoia

Plame outing v. Bank record snooping outing -- Double Standard?

Women breathe life into Kuwati politics

NYT book review: What the Founding Fathers Had That We Haven't

Media Had Wide Access in Vietnam War

Senators Finally Hold Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence

NYT (Kristoff) Chinese Medicine for American Schools

LTTE (not mine): Entering uninvited

Blum: The Anti-Empire Report: Great moments in the history of imperialism

The Nation: Senate Takes on Prewar WMD Controversy--Sort of

Alternet: Dick Cheney's Last Throes (I wish!)

Don't let them do it again

Female Base for Hillary in '08 Isn't A Gimme

What About the Russians?

Orange County (CA) Register: Bush-Cheney-Snow attack on a free press conti

and garbarge in space

Robert Parry: Once Percent Maddness. Consortium News

Scott Ritter: Three Iraq Myths That Won't Quit (Alternet)

Sovereignty, Zarqawi and WMDs - Iraq myths that won't die...

Tropical Stonehenge May Have Been Found

Bush Jogs with Wounded Soldier

Concerned scientists take new look at exotic ways to fight warming

Ex-Wal-Mart VP Gets Six Months' Supervision for Wire Fraud

Iraq: A Shocking Waste of Money ("A trillion is what you get if...")

Playing Politics With Iraq By Bob Herbert

NYT: After Londonistan

Fracturing the Bush Base: A Compassionate Approach

Science Idol: the Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest.

Lonnie Thompson - Mountain Glaciers Melting At Fastest Pace In 5,000 Years

New England Salt Marsh Dieoff Under Investigation - ENN

Princeton Study - Southern Ocean Current May Hold Key To CO2 Levels

Boston University - Antarctic Ice Mass May Be More Dynamic Than Thought

"An Inconvenient Truth" gets five stars in poll of climate scientists.

Germany to spark 'climate crisis' (BBC) {carbon trading}

Starving Baby Brown Pelicans Turning Up Along California Coast - ENN

New Color-Changing Snake Found in Borneo

Domenici Offers Nuclear Waste Proposal

I just opted out of receiving the phone book.

Eastern Shore (MD) Stunned By Rains & Flood Damage - WP

Report: Smart cars coming to U.S. ( {46/70 mpg subcompact}

Former IPCC Scientist - "Whatever We Do Things Will Get Worse From Here"

AP: Israeli planes attack bridge in northern Gaza

Exiled Hamas leader says Palestinians should seize more soldiers

IDF: Troops Entering Gaza, developing:

Tie a blue ribbon for Gilad

No recognition of Israel - Hamas

US troops are being terrorized by the Iraqi insurgents

Palestinians to recognise Israel

Fears rise for life of missing teen

Planes strike at Gaza as Israel prepares offensive

Car explodes in Gaza City, one dead

PA declares state of emergency

Egypt prepares for possible Gaza invasion

Would Israel invade Gaza over this one soldier?

Hamas-Fatah to Implicitly Recognize Israel

Shouting not talking

Do the following things actually exist?

Why was the Pentagon allowed to burn until the next day?

Salon's resident coincidence theorist weighs in on Loose Change

"...hit by a CIA missile, contradicting the government's claim

Farhad Manjoo: Salon's Hit Man in the War on Truth

Verizon pulling airfones

Dan Tokaji: The Hyde Vote Suppression Bill

Has your election integrity group issued a Statement of No Confidence Yet?

Cornered on Credibility, Eureka Times-Standard Lashes Out Again

John Bonifaz: Reauthorize the Voting Rights Act of 1965

CA: Tally is Rising in Registration Fraud

Vote Now at Lou Dobbs - do you think e-voting s/b disallowed

Conyers, Freeman and Bleifuss speaking tonight in DC @ 7pm

Brennan Center for Justice releases review on e-voting vulnerabilities

Utah rolls out touch-screen machines

Have you all seen this?

DU IndyOp: Inhibiting Election Fraud in 2006

Polk Co. Iowa Suffers From Ballot Programming Errors

Voting System Recommended For Federal Certification By Unqualified Person

"Rove catches grief during stop in Waterloo" Quad City Times

2006 House rankings - Iowa-01 Now the Most Vulnerable

Bell collects more than Strayhorn, Friedman

Kristi Thibaut meet and greet tomorrow night

The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress

An important consideration not to overlook in the DeLay ballot replacement

Why is Gallop Asking About Mark Cuban

Just got word that freeway blogging today WILL be on Channel 11

Did you know the Texas forum rocks?

I made the switch. I am a charcoal girl now!

Delete: Duplicate Post n/t

Harper a hypocrite on donations, Volpe says

Brison gives opponents flak re: Afghanistan Mission

Bugs in Churchill--how bad are they?

Repeat...John Roberts (CNN) sucks big time!

Taiwan Leader Survives Bid to Recall Him

US needs Pakistani-Afghan anti-Taliban work: Rice

Sexual orientation of men determined before birth

Iran's Ahmadinejad planning to visit Iraq: report

EU urges for anti-torture convention

Australian Guantanamo inmate loses bid for release

Nelson promises filibuster if House passes offshore drilling bill

Two British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Mahogany imports 'are wiping out Peru tribes'

WP: Analyst Says He Warned of Iraqi Resistance (Danger Was Clear Early)

Tribunal: 2nd Saddam trial to open Aug. 21

Orrin Hatch on CSPAN's Washington Journal right now...

Surveillance of Don't Ask, Don't Tell groups

Pentagon conducting surveillance of Don't Ask, Don't Tell groups for gays

Watchdog backs CIA flights report

U.S. official: Tough to shut Guantanamo

Hamas-Fatah to Implicitly Recognize Israel

New Jersey Guard turns to educators to help with recruitment

Transvestite gang terrorizes shop owners

Khamenei: Iran won't talk nukes with U.S.

Justice Department ... Hackers face life imprisonment

Fewer teens having babies, but more are living in poverty

Mexico leftist says won't mix economics, ideology

AP formally accuses Bush of ignoring laws

Sunni group endorses reconciliation plan

Former Bush Spokesman Urges Newspapers to Run Pro-War Stories by Vets

Schwarzenegger Wants More Prisons Built

Cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to top $500 billion in 2007

Panel supports Blackwell on voter registration rules

Iraqis say US exit plan should await security

Gingrich taped call case to be reheard


Bush Approval Steady at 37% (Gallup)

Panel's Draft Report Calls for Overhaul of Higher Education Nationwide

Miami plot suspects entrapped: lawyers

(USA Today) Poll shows voters are tuned in to politics

Foreclosure filings on Florida homes leap

Rove catches grief during stop in Waterloo

Two U.S. troops killed in Iraq, military says

Congressional panel acts on U.S.-India nuclear deal

FL Governor Jeb Bush vetoes funds for local bridges, seaports

AP: Media Had Wide Access in Vietnam War

US mother retried over drownings (BBC News)

Bush's Communications Director Leaves

Sexual orientation of men determined before birth (New study suggests)

Democrats push hard for increase in minimum wage

Senator Wants IRS to Chase After Pimps

CNN/AP: Viagra threatens Limbaugh plea deal

AP: Israeli planes attack bridge in northern Gaza

Israel Radio: Israeli air strike and ground troops in northern Gaza. (AP)

Wars Force Army Equipment Costs to Triple

Arm of Iranian Military Set to Enter Energy Sector--Daily Star

(San Diego) Bilbray, Hunter enter bill to save Soledad cross

Attacks fuel tension between Iraqi army, police

Senator wants IRS to chase after pimps

Suit Claims New Orleans Plan Discriminates

WP: Earth's Climate Warming Abruptly, Scientist Says

Peter Gammons suffers brain aneurysm, in surgery...

Ensign, Reid to vote to ban flag burning

LAT: Treasury Secretary Nominee Favors Permanent Tax Cuts

Democrats to unveil their proposed changes for drug benefit

Debate on Hill over power of the president

Senate delays estate-tax vote (not enough votes - LOL!)


(Bill) Clinton opposes Democratic plan to put caucus before N.H.

Senator Wants Classified Programs Review (spying on us)

Governor Jeb Bush's veto halts access to documents

Germany to spark 'climate crisis'

Worldwide Anglican church facing split over gay bishop

States brace for new welfare regulations

US military vows to punish killers of two abducted soldiers

Banned books must remain in school district for now, judge says (Miami)

Tony Snow Tells Editor&Publisher: 'NYT' Deserves Special Criticism

E&P: Secretary Rice Slams 'Washington Post' for Karzai Claim

Air-con(ditioning) and lack of sleep promote obesity

AP: Senator (Grassley) Wants IRS to Chase After Pimps

'Breathtaking' Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid

Judge says DeLay 'withdrew'

Al Qaeda Strategic Vision: Engage the U.S. Overseas, Not at Home

Laptop with Ahold Employees' Confidential Info Swiped -- Again

Bush defends 'signing statements'

U.S. Senate fails to pass flag desecration amendment

Appeals Court Rejects Federal Employee Pay Overhaul

Democrats vow to block pay raises until minimum wage increased

Montana Man's Suicide Bullet Kills Girl (grrrrrrrrr

LAT/Bloomberg: GM Said to Be Developing 'Plug-In' Hybrid Car

Bush To Jog With Soldier Who Lost Both Legs In Iraq

Study shows US electronic voting machines vulnerable Huge Asteroid to Fly Past Earth July 3

America tops in national pride, survey finds

Tropical Stonehenge May Have Been Found

Surgeon general: No safe level of secondhand smoke

Cannabis is no soft drug, UN warns

Rush Limbaugh jokes about Viagra find

Tampa soldier reportedly killed

US Marine exonerated for song about killing Iraqis

Country Catfight (Reba McEntire and the Dixie Chicks)

CIA flights 'must not reoccur' (BBC)

Colombia remains deadliest country for trade union leaders

Nightmare scenario hangs over Mexico election

President Clinton speaks to Rhode Island students (about the Bushes)

Shuttle engineer says he's off team (update)

US media group sold for $12.3bn

Scientists OK Gore's movie for accuracy

Some CREEP siphoned gas from one of our cars last night

Just so you know... I don't care what drugs Rush is on!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/27/06)

Name a person you would switch teams for

Is there anything "instant" that doesn't suck?

Old man Agassi makes it through Round 1 of Wimbeldon.

Charlemagne was 43 Oreo cookies tall

Screaming nightmares suck.

Ever taken a class where you had to grade yourself and justify it?

I got sunburned on the week end and it still hurts.

got 8 or so minutes---Stevie Wonder - Sesame St 1973

In 67 days Selma Hayek will be 40 years old

I called it on her last weeK: Star Jones Reynolds leaving 'The View'

Just so you Know I am Brazilian!

What do you think of the Dolly Llama?

My dog Larry won't get out of the truck!

just so you know... I'm the only gay in the village.

Poll (for dolo amber)

**Breaking**Viagra was prescribed for Rush's Pilonidal Cyst in Ass Crack

Openly Gay NFL ex-Player Addresses Rookies on Tolerance

How is dingo urine gathered? Carefully, study says

Post here and I'll divulge a fictitious rumor I've heard about you.

Just so you know, I've been here ....reading and ..

Just so you know, I'm going to the Olive Garden tomorrow.

My husband's father claims vitamins gave him kidney stones.

Brazil is Ghana advance

pharmacy question

A cold in Summer is just mind-boggling

Dog That Starred In 'Frasier' Dies

did Joe Scarbourough ever show his interview of Ava Lowery?

It's Raining Again...

Just So You Know, I wrecked my car today (Monday)

Hissyspit and the Adventure of the Olive Garden in the Big City

Rita Crosby...

I'm sure that this has been posted before, but for those who have

Just so you know...I've a very dark sense of humour.

oh, shite!


Just So You Know...CAPTAIN SULU IS GAY!!!

Self delete

Nicole - Thee Most Beautiful Hollywood Bride EVER!!!

Just so you know, I'm...


Twinkie Cook Book - Twinkie Burrito's & Twinkie Lasagna Recipes

Just so you know . . . I enjoy seeing people naked

Inane polls or copycats? Which do you prefer?

Ribb is a dongbat.

Poor ole Rush...cant get a break. That aint all he cant get.

Guess who wrote these lyrics?

All Brides Are the Most Beautiful Bride, Ever

Just so you know - Nicole Kidman is probably not gay.

Just so you know...I'm a fucking moron.

Nicole - Thee Most Beautiful Hollywood Bride EVER!!!

IT'S TRUE!!! I've discovered Ann Coulter's DU Identity

Just so you know, I'm bi

like the Phoenix riseing...

Amazing dance moves (video).

NYT: 'Superman Returns To Save Mankind from Its Sins'

Just so you know, I'm gray.

Just so you know... I am Sparticus.

Fuck! What do I do now?

Just so everybody knows....

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Now *THIS* is the way to protest World Cup officials

Congratulations rocknation!! 15,000 posts

Just so thou shalt know...I'm God.

eek, ook, ork, ah, ah...

Celebrity Wrestling Match! Britney Spears vs Burning Spear

I have a pretty embarassing confession to make...

Cruise & Holmes Baby Pictures Fail To Sell

Military Casket Found In Arizona Desert - Body Missing

Blue DSL connection?

Possible original Genesis reuinion? Yes - possible!

I like storms and all, but...

Going to Germany mid-July with Master and Mr. BAL. What, if anything,

Coming To A Fast Food Restaurant Near You - Octopus Dumplings

Hey DU pharmacy types. A question?

Holy shit! I see the sun!

very funny anti-fundy site

Happy Birthday Captain Kangaroo.

Hah! Bastards! It's fucking SUNNY here now!

Pelicans held on suspicion of being drunk

When you go the hairdresser

East Coast: This is NOT good weather (check out the storm)

negative names I have been called on DU--how about you?

that AD up at the top of the page about "Now hiring home typists"?

I ate haggis this weekend!

And now, for my 2000th post, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat

Pole (for Dolo Amber)

I hate Aggies this weekend!

NINE inches of rain in a day in , Washington, DC? Is it an act of God?

I was only having fun

I'm totally naked.

Just so you know... I am Bobby Flay!

Court Reporter: "I Saw Judge's Penis At Least 15 Times"

A Kurdish rock video......

How the heck is this magic trick being performed?

Is Firefox being glitchy for anyone else today?

Why does my coffeepot overfill the filter basket and spill over?

Just so you know...I am snarky.


What does the RW blame on Bill Clinton?

The hippie freeper has come for your souls!

Grrrr I hate chain reactions

Grrrr I hate chain reactions

In case you didn't know this, I'm a figment of your imagination

Name a person you'd like to have switch teams?

"Are you an NRI looking for an Indian match?"

Quick Military Question

Is there a bigger bunch of dumbfucks than the KKK?

I can't remember where I put my Ginkgo Biloba.

Tuesday, June 27. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

R.I.P., "Frasier" Eddie (My Dog Skip)

Which Do You Like Better: Gay Men vs. Lesbians

Just so you know....I am the Walrus...

Anyone know of a free Windows tool to edit rips from cassette?

Gorgeous PHOTO by Shannon on this morning:

dupe; please delete

Where can I get one-off t-shirts printed?

What's your favorite Monkee song?

Goodnight all

See! Axl Rose CAN TOO still get arrested

Start your LostinVA rumors here

Anybody else having problems getting to certain websites this afternoon?

Man's Dog "FiFi" Eaten By 8-Foot Alligator

World Cup: the final 8 teams are decided, what about the final 7 stadiums

GO BEAVS!!!!!!

Lance Link, Secret Chimp

In honor of a great day in GD - your Chick Track of the day

You know, I like every Arcade Fire tune I hear more than the last one

Okay, what is the proper pronunciation of Pele (the soccer great)

Philosophical questions:

Just so you know, there's nothing to see in this post.

Sharon Jones ripped me off

Non-sequitur fundie bumper sticker of the day:

Anyone here ever been to the New Zion Baptist Church BBQ?

I hate Argies this weekend!

There was a shooting outside my work

Do Birds Need Umbrellas?

Or should I become a truck driver?

Guess i am not cut out for fund raising , oh man !

help me shut this guy up!

Any Bluetooth experts out there?

Well I'm bummed

World Cup Poll (27 Jun)

Mere hours until Superman Returns. Will you be going?

I saw a Miller beer ad on a billboard that read

just so you know--I am posting

Just so you know, I'm not really your imaginary friend.


I hate Aggies this weekend!

The only way to make a peanutbutter sandwich

Just because I love my dog

My dog is having a panic attack.

I was feeling very badly today, but the lounge cheered me up.

Goodbye Earth. VIDEO.

Kids and fireworks are driving me batty!!!

Fuck you, Santorum,

Happy birthday Left Is Write & dorktv!!

Guthy-Renker: Spawn of Satan or Saviors of Mankind?

funniest link ever! the farting preacher

I've been reading up on Charles Starkeweather lately.

Cartoon Skeletons: A World Revealed!

How much could I make an hour as a pizza delivery driver?

The sun today (Dial-up warning)

Job Dilemma - your thoughts?

Mary McCormack or Maria Bello?

I just tried to renew my passport

Why I am leaving DU: a better explanation and a fond farewell.

Just so you Know I am bi!

Alright folks, I've been gone for a month, have I missed anything fun?

I found an old picture

For haruka3_2000, who is appearing in court tomorrow

Well--I just shot my diet to hell...

Talk to me about Washington DC.

More Things Jellyfish

Bad Rush Limbaugh Viagra Jokes Here Please

Everybody to get from "Emergency!" thread!

Just so you Know I am Straight!

Oh crud, there I go again living a life of quiet desperation.


the people before me at Penney's didn't want a bag for their purchases and

Celebrity who inexplicably creeps you out. Mine: Reba McIntire

Did Star Jones quit the View or was she fired?

Bush plans invasion of the Canary Islands

What to wear on a bald head on the Fourth of July! (NEAT PHOTO)

any orchid freaks in the lounge?

Today is Lottery Day. How did the lottery go in your village?

Just so you know I am Bi

Just so you know...I'm a stripper.

Post a picture of your dream house.

I think my ten commandments are better than gods. Do you?

A proposition to reduce offense given here.

I can do it in TWO commandments.

Where are we going?

The science of spin: Venus' double vortex raises new mystery

Idaho checks out gay book so no one else can

Phila Editorial supporting hate as a "religious freedom"

Backlash is a sign of gay success

Christian leaders slam gay parade in Jerusalem

So who's ready for a rematch of the 86 WS?

FINALLY! Curtis wins Booz Allen Classic

France-Spain (spoilers)

Brazil V. Ghana

7'9" Chinese Basketball Player

Peter Gammons (ESPN & Boston Globe) hospitalized with brain aneurysm


The most entertaining part about the World Cup...


job dilemma - any psychic vibes?

What do you do to add enchantment to your everyday life?

Request for healing energy -- please!

George Felix Allen?

WAPO article on Kerry and Feingold .

Impressions from the Faneuil Hall Speech

Kerry e-mail

Newsflash: There is a LOT of love for JK on DailyKos

Anyone listening to Durbin on the Senate floor?

Somebody has got to show the Senator what is going on w/voting machines

guess the candidate

Hey gang - Is Thomas H Lee a supporter of Kerry's?



Brennan Center for Justice reviews e-voting vulnerabilities

Washington Post coverage of yesterday's speech

Kerry: World Waits for Supreme Court Decision on Climate Change and Enviro

The sun today (dial up warning)

Photo Group free-association thread.

I just posted this in GD—Keith beats CNN again!

Oh, the soft bigotry of low expectations...about Iraq

A burning question...

Have Bush's speeches been scrubbed from White House website?

2,522 of our troops now dead in W's war

Comedic Relief-rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE 3 1/2

Mike Webb is talking about Bernie Ward's tv appearance of today

DU Doctors, would you lose your license for false Rx?

CLAIM vs. FACT: White House on 9/11 Illnesses

HEY RUSH!! My dick is bigger than yours.

Kerry, Feingold form alliance on Iraq

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Why are we getting all of these posts from DUers wanting to burn the flag?

Tuesday TOON 6/27 - a plan is a plan is plan?

Did Average Joe ever air his interview with Ava Lowery?

Call me andsee if >>>> what??


What Is The Policy On "Archiving" Threads?

Get this. The lead "terrorist" from the Miami Seven was a Guardian Angel!

AP: N.J. Guard recruiters turn to educators

Let's burn 51 star American flags.

How Vietnam Was Lost

Bernie Ward is talking about his MSNBC appearance

Local breaking news: Saddam to go on trial in mid-Aug. for Tal Afar


DU this poll: Deadline for withdrawing from Iraq

Repeat...John Roberts (CNN) sucks big time!

Black Leaders Kick Off Clergy Conference, Sharpton, Jackson, others

Sen. bOrring Hatch on C-SPAN this morning...

Bush announced bank tracking plan in Nov 2001

now its official, the USA is a dictatorship

Stunning. Although I knew about the OSP before hand, seeing them testify

a toon for Conneticut voters...

Congress challenges Bush's claims he can ignore laws he signs

A question nobody is asking Bush about the bank account story.

What happened with the LA port terra episode yesterday?

Poppy & Bar used to defend Little Boots when he got dusted up a bit

Golly Gee! It must be FREEPER TUESDAY in the Clarion Ledger

1998: No man is above the law. 2006: The president is ABOVE ALL LAWS.

thought it was funny how Olbermann described Limbaugh as a "comedian"

Predict what Baby's Bush's approval rating will be in January, 2009

WTF is MSNBC DOING? Scarborough Country At 7:00am???

Who ever thought you'd see Rush complain about a shortage of wood?

VIDEO: "Three words - The Vice President"

Nicole - Thee Most Beautiful Hollywood Bride EVER!!!

Orrin Hatch on CSPAN's Washington Journal right now...

70% oppose Gitmo detainments without charges (ABC/WaPo)

Super -hurricane at Venus south pole

Borin' Orin Hatch Pontificating on Flag Burning on Cspan

The W. Post damaged national security by reporting the Lewinsky affair

Huge Asteroid to Fly Past Earth July 3

Orrin Hatch Lecturing the S. Court on cspan--shaking his finger etc (flag


RW'ers and the NYT

Replay of "Countdown" on MSNBC on now. N/T

Rush Limpballs walks into a bar with a frog on his head...

Rush didn't know it was Viagra

Iraq's Health Ministry ordered to stop counting civilian deaths - 12/10/03

I just heard a WJ caller say that the Bush administration is going

Bill Clinton: Repubs "Think Secrecy And Unacountability is a Virtue"

Court to hear arguments in taped call case(Jim McDermott)

Is it possible that Rushbo's Viagra was a decoy?

A Chance to wire(less) our world!

Pelicans held on suspicion of being drunk

WH tree depicted on the $20 bill ... is GONE!

Watch Al Gore speak to the 2006 TED conference

Limbaugh caught with illegal viagra! Radio show to yank him off!

"Congress shall have the power...." ?

My response to DSCC

Ever hear of Nomi Prins? She was on WJ this morning and she

Rove catches grief during stop in Waterloo

Israel getting ready for "blitzkrieg" in Gaza?

And people worry about gay marriage in the U.S.? Give me a break!

For heaven's sake, we liberated that country...

Bush's Guide to Good Leaks and Bad Leaks

Hmm... from a FAQ about the Dominican Republic

And in Miami, the republicans are tearing at each other's throats

Cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to top $500 BILLION in 2007

Rush Debacle Spurs Freeper Sex Talk BLECH!!

limbaugh's Viagra for his boyfriend??

US troops are being terrorized by the Iraqi insurgents

Playing Politics With Iraq: By BOB HERBERT

How about we give the Iraqis amnesty if they don't come here and kill us?

Remember Rush helping to drag us all through the slime w/ Monica?

Stupid Conservative Quote of the Day - 6.27.06

Rove's visit reflects poorly on Whalen

Don't know much about civil engineering

I've never really wanted to burn a U. S. flag........until now

The Hollywood left and the Dominican government set Rush up

I'm mad AS HELL and I not going to take it anymore!

self-deleted - too inflammatory for DU..

Great moments coming up in the Rush Viagra bust:

Science Idol: the Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest.

Michael Berg running for Congress?

Ney doesn't recall extorting money from Indian tribes

* To Jog With Soldier Who Lost Both Legs In Iraq

Rush pillgate discussed on Drudge - funny stuff

Flag-desecration up 33% (3 incidents to 4); 4 days of Senate debate set

LA Times editor Dean Baquet: Why we ran the story exposing bank monitoring

Send the Palm Beach County Sheriff an email demanding Rush

Oh B.B.! What Were You Thinking??

How Ethical Are You?

"Who Killed the Electric Car?" ... another doc for our summer viewing!

It's O.K. Rush, millions of men suffer from the same affliction you do.

Democracy Now, today-looks great!

Slaughter: Republicans Leaving All Working Americans Behind

Let's all send a "thank you" to Republican Rep. Walter Jones

Paulsen: "Deficit is manageable"

(TOON) Steve Bell: Rupert Murdoch, Kingmaker

People Magazine Pickups up on Limbaugh Story

Ten bucks says that Rush's defense will be.....

Let's have a large Burning of Chinese made American Flags.

U.S. approves $111 mln missile sale to South Korea

Why I am leaving DU: a better explanation and a fond farewell.

Need to hurl? Out of Syrup of Ipecac ? Read this!

How can you resist? Tony Blair writes a Guardian blog: you can comment

On Flag Burning: Let's See If I Have This Straight

"If I didn't see it on Fox, it didn't happen" I got to slam a repug!

Ward-Baker and Rhodes-Parschall dustups are bookends.

The question people should ask El Drugbo - WHY WAS HE OUT OF THE COUNTRY?

Should the flag-burning amendment include virtual flag-burning animations?

rush is explaining it all right now


Terror Alert: SEVERE RISK OF HYPE (Richard Cohen-WaPo)

Hey does anyone know

Judiciary Hearing on Signing Statements THREAD #2

Name for the new Rush Pill Scandal? Limp-gate? Flaccid-gate?

PHOTOS: Best of the Rest of my NYC Gay Pride Parade Photos from Sunday

Hearing for signing statements now taking place: link to watch it.

More and Different Police

NOW I know what the EIB network stands for: Erection In Bottle

Presidential power poll, DU it!

I went to the Clinton Library in Little Rock last week.

George Bush, Alcoholic - Is It Time For An Intervention?

Every Democratic leader should take a lesson from Joe Biden

Screw it. Lets make sure the amendment passes. And lets expand it

Wal-Mart leaves Korea - was never a success story

Are Rush and Daryn Kagan still an "item"?

Posters at right-wing board (Free Republic) threaten to kill Times editors

The Repubs are telemarketing in Florida.

Library to bring back Spanish fiction

A note about the media

Go Forward! Wear Christopher Reeve Foundation Superman Tags

Majority of Americans want withdrawal..

Why would Rush have to leave the U.S. to get sex?

Do Monitoring of Banking Transactions = Stock tips?

VIDEO: Sen. Levin and Fox Anchor in On-Air Scuffle Over Iraq Plan

WP: Open the Door to Alzheimer's Cure: Research Must be Urgent Priority

If someone burned a copy of the Constitution, would Bushlovers wail?

US soldiers invade and occupy homes to sniper civilians

Some mild Freeper bullying at last nights screening of 'Inconvenient Truth

If you attended public (or private) school after the 1960's,

Scarborough razzes bank spying.

The last time rush got busted, the media was all over it

Carl Levin vs. Fox frat-boy anchor (Video clip)

Confessions of a Former Dittohead on Thom Hartmann

Tell me if this sounds nuts: China will do a "Russia" on US.

When is a Texan not a Texan?

Respected German Journalist's report on Iraq, "The Continous War" video

Steph Miller just mentioned a DUer's Rush (Time Cover) PhotoShop

WP: Airlines Look for Best Ways to Board

Court appointed lawyer for suspects (Miami 7) thinks they are entrapped

Bush:"I have said consistantly that Global Warming is a Serious

Anyone know about the rally to support Lt. Watada today?

Fighter Jets Collide Over Central Calif.

Will Rush do hard time?

Limbaugh's new excuse for his pill problems.

So will Rush serve "HARD" time (second-degree misdemeanor)?

Mich State Professor tells campus Muslim group to "Go Home"

BushRoveCo entertain drug addicts at White House

"That's Bush" What is the origination?

Is Rush Limpecker's mugshot from a toothpaste ad or what?

Did Drudge report on Rush's lastest encounter with the law?

Adolph Hitler vs. Ann Coulter

These people make me sick to my stomach. Idiots. All of them.

The bastards want to stop us from e-mailing them!

AP hit piece on Feingold and Kerry

Curse Word On Check May Cost Jail Time

Senator Russ Feingold: Blocking the Back-Door Pay Raise


Dog That Starred In 'Frasier' Dies

TEDtalks: The Other Al Gore Speech, and what Tony Robbins Really Told Him

Wacky quote from Rush just posted on Drudge....

*Breaking** Viagra was prescribed for Rush's Pilonidal Cyst in Ass Crack

What do Rush Limbaugh and Viagra have in common?

Attention DU freeway bloggers in metro areas.

Bush Ignores Laws He Signs, Vexing Congress

Tennessee set for double execution

Treason? Quote for the day.

Tropical Storm Jelawat and (possible) Tropical Depression forming off NC

What is your dream for this country?

Stench Prompted U.S. Troops to Burn Corpses - Oct. 21, 2005

Just saw Melanie Morgan on Hairball. She is a bitter, angry woman.

Rush Limbaugh has never had (legal) trouble with prescription medication.

I Sat Next To Karl Roves Brother

Attention Teachers: Need a Lesson Plan? Check Online Auctions

Rush loves DU so much that he reads our posts

Isn 't Peter Daou a DUer?

Conservatives statistically give a LOT more to charity

Flag burning epidemic

Caption Rush's "wood"

Rush Limbaugh: Wood On Loan From God

Fitzgerald has been sulking over the loss of Karl Rove non-indictment

Blackwell’s changes to voter registration upheld

Saw a beautiful sight last night in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan

Pregnant and Unhappy About It

Abstinence Double Standard Threatens Girls' Health


The truth finally told! Darryn Kagel got the Viagra for Rush!

Sing HALLELUJAH, DU. A major media purchase by Dem buyers. FINALLY!

So an idiot freeper says to me last night ...

Guy James is ripping Rush Limbaugh a new asshole.

Dallas May Ban Toy Guns

Russia blames US for hostage death: "This crime is on their conscience"

Shrub using GOP vets to plant pro-war stories in the MSM

I have to grudingly give props to Scarborough -- from last nite's show:

In all of the hoopla of Rush revelations, guess what happened?

Prosecutors don't want the seven accused released on bail. I agree.

Reporters shouldn't be jailed for treason, but they're guilty of something

The Lieberman-Coulter kiss

From Rush's homepage

The conservatives like '24'? After last season?

WaPo Smirks at Feingold's Promise to Support Whoever Wins CT Dem Primary

Was it wrong for bush to give awards to ...

Terrorists plan to take out Sears Tower with stolen July 4th firework.

Repub Rep Finds Cure For Illegal Immigration: Rape-Robbery & Beatings

Bush belies old saying.

Why not despair?

Bush Is - "The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" (Robert Parry)

Ugh...Cafe Press latest e-newsletter is hawking Christian ware.


Viagra and perceived weakness....

Paper Won't Take Action Against Reporter Who Fawned Over Rice

Rep. Harman: SWIFT program was hidden from most members of the committee

Democrats vow to block pay raises until minimum wage increased

Republican is convinced the devil is ruining his Congressional campaign


Fools! We've all been wrong about Bush!

Dick Armey just admitted Durbin got it right re: flag burning amendment

Special guest on The Guy James Show today

Its June Howard Dean......

I wonder if Limbaugh's health insurance provider knows he's

Working Ann's Dead

Has anyone heard how the jog between Bush and the...........

Rush Limbaughs private jet. Tail numbers ?

New York Times.. Who's side are they on?

Farhad Manjoo: Salon's Hit Man in the War on Truth

Twety has some heavyweights today

May we please relax the IP policy for the duration of present hostilities?

MSNBC TV Poll needs DU Help!! (NYT issue)

Why would a giant douche take Viagra to the Dominican Republic

Bruce Burch Radio Program 5-7pm ET Daily

Doesn't the doctrine of infallibility really come from the Neocons?

Counterclockwise scalp hair-whorl in homosexual men

Limbaugh with 3 other people on trip

Turn on the smarm (pics)...

Faux down 24% 2nd Qtr Prime Time Key Demo Viewers

What are some of your favorite anti-Bush bumper stickers?

revisit MINDWALK (1991)

President Clinton after reading about Rush Limbaugh's detainment....

Do you have what it takes to become a citizen?

here is a link to the ev-1 electric vehicle, including links to early

Daily Al-Qaeda Intelligence Briefing

These are being viewed by approximately 100K today. heh heh heh

Dont forget to subscribe to the NYTimes

J.P. Barlow (GDead)Talks About Dick Cheney, Acid, Spoofing the NSA, More

Psst, if you wanna read about a war in TheCountryNotNamed:

"Mission Accomplished" great Iraq film with bad title

Bush Declares New York Times Enemy Combatant

Time to Roll out the old Rush/Norm Woodruff Gay connex.

Governor (arnie) won't back Pombo's drilling bill

Today's Cafferty File Questions:

Hee Hee! "Iraq Occupation" is driving Repubs crazy

Let's put this whole "secret program" thing to rest shall we?

Senate GOP leader delays estate tax vote, not enough votes

Reminder, Tweety on Steven Colbert show TONIGHT!

cbs news will talk of the staggering loss of machinary in Irag-coming

Did Limbaugh explain WHY he was visiting the DR?

DU this POLL: Do we need constitutional amendment banning flag burning?

heads up Laura Flanders on Dobbs

Senate vote on Flag Amendment just started.....FYI

My 2 cents on the flag burning amendment.

What happens when you mix Oxycontin with Viagra?

Did Star Jones quit the View or was she fired?

Well, I guess * is off the hook.

what an inspiring film

Lou Dobbs did a fine segment on Congress giving away its powers.

Rush Limbaugh Jokes About Viagra Find

Breaking....Second hand smoke from Flag Burning is Safe...

Lou Dobbs question! Should e-voting be discontinued until it can

BBC's On This Day: 1963: Warm Welcome for JFK In Ireland

GE plum will contaminate organic and conventional orchards**ACTION ITEM**

Flag Burning Amendment REJECTED! by ONE vote.

Planes strike at Gaza as Israel prepares offensive

The Media

Flag amendment fails in Senate

Breaking: Flag burning amendment fails

What the media needs to understand before it's too late.

Bubble Update: California homes for sale index continues to swell

Funny Aussie "anti-terrorism" video

Rush asked on-air by caller to comment on Sex Tourism in Dom Rep

Which is most dangerous to human beings and the planet?

No Occupy, Lie, and Deny while our soldiers die!

Rhode Island Senate: Whitehouse: 38% Chafee: 37%

Russia will not join ultimatums over nuclear issue: Putin

Is Bush incompetent? - surprising answer

I just saw the Most Ridiculous, exploit your Kids, T.V. Show EVER tonight!

America tops in national pride, survey finds, Venezuela second

Caption Condi

Chuck Hagel?

Just because I love my dog

A break from Viagra: Brazil vs. Ghana -- World Cup today.

*Breaking*: Al Franken to change Limbaugh Book Title (PhotoShop)

Save the flag! Shred the Constitution.

Classifying information as a political tool

They aren't finished yet. "Family Values Agenda" is still to come.

New Comic: Rush Limbaugh in: "HE'S GOT A GUN!!!"

Seriously -re Pat Fitzgerald

Urgent - Quick - DU poll at cnn - Lou Dobbs - About Voting Integrity

Legless soldier jogs with prez responsible for robbing him of his legs

Rush LIMPbaguh....

No sound from AAR. Anyone the having same problem?

Lou Dobbs (finally) SHOCKED Re: E-Voting Machines

Euro Group Filed Complaints Against Banking Group That Gave Data to U.S.

francicne busby on siruis radio right now

I absolutely love Lou Dobbs - He's at the voting machines................

If North Korea Launches A Missile At The U.S., We Should Retaliate With...

So Rush had exactly 29 Viagra tablets when he returned to the USA...

Internet Sleuths! A Challenge! Where was Darren Kagan this weekend?

Sam Seder just eats freepers alive

Iced marijuana tea to debut in British health food shops!

Rush probably got the Viagra in Costa Rica, don't you think?

Donovan McNabb gets the Limbaugh news

Two teenage girls use MySpace to rob man

Anyone else just feel like things are going to get worse?

Never Forget That Rush Is The Torture Apologist That Gave Us "Club Gitmo".

Countdown with KO...Rush Limbaugh...what will he say...?

Soldiers didn't fight and die for flags.

What are they thinking of?

Holy shit!-HUGE Bush Bounce! MSM Is Right.

The Durbin amendment: Roll Call

Smoking Sections Not Safe Enough, Report Says

Drudge Puke Alert

Can we still burn pictures of shrub, evil dick, and rummy?

Christian Newswire: Warren Buffett "KILLS PREBORN CHILDREN"

Orrin Hatch just said the Flag amendment is the most important thing the

What Kind of Republican is Rush?

Flag Burning Amendment: Roll Call

Latest Selective Service ads: "Rumors of military draft are false"

How Was Clinton Impeached And This Asswipe Not?

What a biggoted Bull SH#@ Law

A Critique of Kunstler's Vision of Doom

Military Fails Some Widows Over Benefits

Zogby takes George Allen's campaign manager to task

Reid vows to block congressional pay raise until they pass minimum wage

FYI: Helen Thomas on TDS tonight, Tweety on Colbert.

What about Limbaugh's Passport? How does he get out of

Does Rush's 29 Viagra pills effect his plea deal?

There's nothing I hate more than kicking a man when he's down...

4,397 people and 28,463 financial records obtained via Patriot Act.

"Iraq: Shocking Waste of Money" - Article I put in Editorials forum

Analysis Finds E-Voting Machines Vulnerable (USA Today)

What would happen if EVERY Dem leader refused to talk to FOX news?

== Bush**'s plan to monitor intl bank records NOT SECRET

The Boys Crisis

John Edwards on AAR (Randi Rhodes show) now 5:07 PM EST

I don't understand this flag amendment...

Problems of Empire

MSNBC Poll: Was New York Times wrong to report on government programs?

Candy and Wolfie say that our poll numbers are slipping :)

Time for an “Agonizing Reappraisal”: by Patrick J. Buchanan

Save a tree: opt out of receiving phone books.

Is capturing a soldier engaged in military action terrorism?

Interesting photo- Marine and an Iraqi boy


Rush Limbaugh, sex tourist?

Anybody Know Any Good News From Iraq?

Mass. lawmaker drops opposition to Fluff

Prescription Wood

Limbaugh's own words

Bush's infamous 2004 debate comment suddenly makes sense...

A pretty woman explains...

The Rove no-indictment still bothers me...

What kind of crowd shows up to attend NASCAR?

How both the RW and the left media distort news for their own agenda -

I'm saying something that is sexist and chauvinistic:-)

FLAG BURNING Amendment FAILS 66-34

Email from Gore: Unprecedented

Wes Clark's homage to his wife Gert on their 40th anniversary

Did Limbaugh’s doctor break the law?

'Not it!' More schools ban games at recess

DU the Dobbs poll on e-voting machines.

Black leaders plan to protest against Christian conservatives

Will whomever is vandalizing the DU page on Wikepedia please stop?



Clowns Sabotage Nuke Missile


If you have not yet, Sign "SAVE Voting RIGHTS Act" Petition TODAY, urgent!

Falwell: "You almost got to be a homosexual to be recognized in the....

Greg Palast: The battle between Big Oil and the Neocons

BULLSHIT ALERT!!!-Bush Confused About Leaks: by Larry C Johnson

When will the right's hatred of us culminate in bloodshed?

There are certain things that I'm afraid to say.

Olbermann beats CNN in Q2 06!

Finding terrorists by following bank transactions have been known

I am in Yahoo chat and I am having a really good time with this rush thing

The investigation should have nothing to do with Viagra.

US cannot accept Israeli nuclear weapons: Arab League chief

Stealing Al-Qai'da's Playbook - West Point Study

What no limbaugh limericks?

Memo to Democratic Centrists: Don't Forget Your Party's Liberal Roots

Molly Ivins: Cut'n'Run Week

Did Catholics go after AOL about Kidman marriage?

Top Climate Scientists Give "Inconvenient Truth" 5 Stars For Accuracy

Not that I care, but what happened to Imus Show ??

"Marlboro Man" files for divorce after Freepers pay for $15,000 wedding

Best observation yet on Limbaugh viagra arrest

This "law" that prohibits release of "classified US information",....

GM to get rid of 50,000 workers within mos.

PHOTO (OP): Bush jogs with DOUBLE AMPUTEE soldier

DOBBS ON BUSBY/BILBRAY 'SLEEPOVERS'! New Report on E-Vote Security Threat!

About Limbaugh--Now just hold on a moment here...

102 Letters from the Grass Roots

Please DU The Lou Dobbs Poll - 97% Yes Isn't Enough!

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today...

Legal Experts to Senate:*Signing Statements = UNCONSTITUTIONAL+IMPEACHABLE

The Banana: Take THAT, Godless Athiests!

Do you think it was morally wrong to NUKE Hiroshima & Nagasaki ?

Jim Webb DEMOLISHES First Swiftboating Attempt by Allen!

Labor Day: How it Came About; What it Means

AP: Democrats to unveil drug benefit changes

Voting Day for Democrats in MISSISSIPPI - Lets have a big turnout

Bush: Leaks good for me, but not for thee

Telecom bill chugs ahead with even stricter broadcast flag

USA Today: Analysis finds e-voting machines vulnerable

Bush on global warming: from the 2000 debates

Electionspredictions: MO senate now a dem win (freeper madness ensues?)

Anybody see Ned Lamont's new ad?

Kerry: World Waits for Supreme Court Decision on Climate Change and Enviro

We get tough, we win. Snooze and we lose.

Hatch reaches new heights of hypocrisy

Bush puts US military forces under the control of foreign leader

Dear Penis I don't love you anymore

'Out of Iraq' Caucus Welcomes Bush Administration's Support

Internal disputes shake unity of Florida GOP

Documentary "Al Franken: God Spoke" will open in time for Nov. elections

wake up progressives!! support the flag-burning amendment

if Sen. Orrin Hatch had a brain he'd be dangerous

Was Rush on a sex holiday? How many Viagra tablets did he

What's your solution to N. Korean nukes?

Rule # 1, Grasshopper...

The Real Problem

"Not since the Great Depression"

A retort for the inevitable "Feel some compassion for Rush"

The conservatives like '24'? After last season?

Need help. What is the amount of the national debt and what

Failing to address the unimportant and intractable.

"Lieberman Lies, Leaps Into Gutter"

Call Sen. Bob Menendez! He's wavering on the flag burning amendment!

Could Mexico be the next Latin American country to go leftist on BushCo?

limbaugh's Viagra commercials

"christians" will once again set aside their bibles when judging limbaugh

Ed Schultz getting off on limbaugh (intended)

937 days, 23 hours, 25 minutes left in Bush's presidency

"2nd Place ain't so bad" - Nancy Skinner and Al Gore

You have to give Bush and the GOP credit for one thing

Former Bush Spokesman Urges Papers to Run Pro-War Stories by Former Vets

"Catch-and-release" gets its own entry on Wikipedia!

Doctors, putting someone else's name on a prescription - Ethics Violation?

On Signing Statements

FDA issues fewer safety, quality citations

Help defend the ACLU

Frickin' Diane Feinstein supports Flag Burning Amendment!

"America back on track." from letter from Bill Clinton. I received a fund

Dumb question. Why does it take so long for the Senate to vote?

66 to 34! The Flag Burning Amendment Fails!

What Did The Custom's Officer Ask Rush Limbaugh..........

Rush was looking for Male prostitutes, not Women.

Senate vote on Flag Amendment just started

Feingold votes against the Durbin Amendment which

Bush stabs veterans an military families in the back

Fox planning their own Daily Show Knockoff

Howling monkey "Give me a line veto NOW" ACTION pics of the Decider

My letter to Sen. Menendez about this vote

Breaking on CNN: Israeli troops move into Gaza.

Assume the election fraud is right and the machines switched ALOT of votes

Will Granholm be able to retain her seat as Gov. against DeVos' Millions?

Please DU this poll

DNC: Dean On The Minimum Wage And Congressional Salaries

AP: House GOP to Focus on Abortion, Guns

If Rush needed the prescription in another person's name for

Time to start counting the people who don`t count.

Bush's plan to dismantle the federal government, agency by agency...

Hillary "pulls off major coup" hiring Peter Daou, of Salon's Daou Report

Headline: CLOWN Accosts "Mystery" Important DC Democrat!!

Global Warming Versus Flag Burning & 1st Gore vs Bush Debate

Hillary on flagburning amendment.... C-Span2

George Bush, Alcoholic - Part 1

Ohio GOP lawmakers keep blocking the vote

The BIG question to ask about Rush's trip....

Leno and Letterman can go home early. Submit your own Rush/viagra joke..

Impressions from the Faneuil Hall Speech

Scientists OK Gore's movie for accuracy - five stars

TEDtalks: The other Al Gore speech, and what Tony Robbins really told him

Good line on Lou Dobbs just now by one of the radio hosts he had on

New Comic: Rush Limbaugh in: "HE'S GOT A GUN!!!"

Frank Luntz, seems stumped as how to spin "Iraq Occupation!" Audio Link

When this, or any other, persident is sworn in, he pledges, what, exacty?

An encounter the other day; I spoke with a businessman who kept a

Its still there, and it still feels .............

Did anyone notice the increase in the use of the world "rich" over the

I think our government should be monitoring bank accounts.

Can. neo con Gen. Rick Hillier, Chief of Defense Staff popped up on

Battered America Syndrome

Who supports Hillary?

Why Do Republicans Hate America's Veterans?

Sen. Levin and Fox Anchor in On-Air Scuffle Over Iraq plan

Greg Palast: Hugo Chávez interview

Oil May Grease Quebec Separatism

An open letter to Rush Limbaugh

The MO of manipulative propaganda

RI Senate: Whitehouse (D) 38%, Chafee (R) 37%

Some of you may think we are beating a dead penis here but I have

Problems with the American Empire

Housing Decline Continues