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Archives: June 25, 2006

NYT: Who's This 'We,' Non-Soldier Boy?

GI blasts Iraq's proposed amnesty for insurgents who kill U.S. troops

Neo-conservative’s roots were planted first by Rockefeller

Will Ferrell - Bush on Global Warming

DOE begins institute probe: Counterterrorism studied at UNLV

Flight 93 crash sight photographer - 'Nothing bigger then a phone book'

New Alex Jones Movie: Terrorstorm

Brad Blog: Busby/Bilbray Election: EMERGENCY TOWNHALL MEETINGS

It's been over a week. Did the BBV 990 arrive???

Grassley's coming!

Tasty Rib marinade

It's June in Wisconsin. Therefore, I have lots of greens. Help!

Helicopters would cut Afghan toll, Ottawa told

Hagel rallies GOP over Ricketts' bid (ties Ben Nelson to Kennedy)

Scandal of 'cut-price' defence sale deepens (Carlyle Grp)

Lack of witnesses inhibiting prosecution of polygamists

WP: In Election Year, GOP Lawmakers Loosen Link to President

Key insurgents vow to reject Iraq peace plan

Report shows increase in abuse since privatization of state child-welfare

Army wives get phone death threats from Iraq

Murtha speaks out against permanent bases in Iraq

Bizarre cult of Sears Tower ‘plotter’

Congressman wants California island open to hunting by military veterans

WP: Warnings on WMD 'Fabricator' Were Ignored!

NYT: Bush's Immigration Plan Stalled as House G.O.P. Grew More Anxious

Cornerstone of NYC Freedom Tower Removed

Question for the GBLT community

A Poll About Polls:

Q. "Why won't the American people WAKE UP?" A. "Aspirate yelling".

Good matches of name to profession?

Saturday lyrics....

Awright, who turned the gravity up?

Creative Job - Commute Helper

I start my new job tomorrow.

My cat is bugging the crap out of me...

Alright, it's Saturday night...

There's a place in the world for a gambler

my cat got out of the house ... need suggestions.

Caption this pic.

My cat just had to be put down.

Why do some people talk to themselves?


balding, overweight, lumpy middle-aged men-your thoughts on body

Who's hungry?

My first attempt at song writing.

Has anyone here ever seen 'F for Fake' by Orson Welles?

Anyone know how to reclaim a Linux partition for Windows?

Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin.

The Gift is on the tube. I love Cate Blanchette.

What's Up Loungers?

Good Night Lounge.

Donny Darko one of my favorite movies with a favorite soundtrack.

Question: If my neighbors have built something illegally, should I report


What's an appropriate tip for movers?

I just watched an episode of Starsky and Hutch.

I used "Up With People", "shat", "denuded", and "fen" in one sentence -

what is your newest book?

"You Were Always On My Mind..."

It's June and I smell smoke

What a day... on the plus side, I must be improving in the social arena.

Hey! Who else has a wall clock?

Until composing this post, I had 8,779 posts, a prime number.

Weird, but true, business names

Beatles Fans: Which era is your favorite?

i've missed you guys

Katie Kat -- She loves resting in the weirdest places.

I have an admirer. Its really sweet ...

In honor of my new iBook, post a SCREEN SHOT.

I took my husband to the doctor the other day and now...

The Absolute worst U.S. Domestic Airport

Goofy Town Names that you like?

I've been smoke free for a year and a month.......and, d*mn I want

Hello. My name is WIMR.

Anyone deal with a photo shot run red light ticket in s cailf ?

9 1/2 hours on the road in the pouring rain

hm, hm, hm...

2 year old shoots 4 year old ...

What's the single stupidest moment in movie history?

A truly unsettling thought

Pessimistic Town Names ... name some

Got the Dixie Chicks CD for my birthday...

To all my lounge friends

Dodo skeleton find in Mauritius (BBC)

As they have for centuries, the English show Germany the only "side" they

Trouble brewing between Reid and Durbin?

Henniker soldier buried amid tears, smiles, hugs

General Casey proposes troop cuts

Webb opposes troop withdrawal

Beat the fire trucks!

Compare/Contrast Media Coverage

WORLD CUP: Brazil vs. ___________________??


Every now and then, a glimmer of intelligence shines on the Yahoo boards

Tuesday 27 June: One primary, two runoffs(inc. Trent Lott's opponent)

Help...If the U.S. were to find Abu Hamza al-Muhajer alive and kill him...

Jacob's bad luck: Is it . . . Satan?

RFK Jr , on link TV .

The Iraqi Amnesty plan tells us to stop dropping bombs on them

From the McAllen (TX) Monitor, 5/24/79

Foxed Up with Jon Fox Radio Show- 10p-1am!

A 75 year old woman working at Costco

The Animals have had about enough of our shit,,

Who wants to be Santorum?

d. civil war,function: noun:a war between opposing groups of citizens

Prosecutors Tried to Disqualify Tom Noe's Attorneys (but WHY?)

So what's our good pal Tom DeLay up to these days? K St. Lobbying?

The Chimperor Demands Line Item Veto Power

The Swiftboating of John Murtha is about to generate BLOWBACK!

Studying the bible MAKES YOU A TERRA-ist. Oh wait. Hmmmmm.

Derek Tastes of Earwax

We take Cheney's rant at NY Times lightly at our peril.

US detains top Iraqi Sunni cleric

Looking through my old VHS movie's

COINTELPRO - 2006 style

Economic Revolution........... would this work?

Gore's depressing WISDOM re: An Inconvenient Truth

The TV news stranglehold by the right wing finally makes sense.

The true crisis in Iraq

A soft underbelly exposed

Violent Evangelical Video Game is Riddled with Spyware

Should DU have the N-word in post titles?

Warning to All Senatorial Democratic Candidates Who Have a Lead

German police drive USAnian around for an hour, never happen here

Many U.S. Iraq vets homeless

Battered Kenyan women more prone to HIV: report

Here's a frustrating thing for me about "An Inconvenient Truth":

Bay Area DUers - there is a rally for 1st Lieut Ehren Watada on Tuesday

Is the IRAQ WAR Over?

Is Iraq a soveriegn nation? Were those elections "legitimate"?

Would you like a little gossip with your Senate debate?

Anyone else here watch ADDICTED TO OIL on Discovery Channel tonight?

What's the best thing about DU?

SNL is poking fun at ARhuld and Anderson Cooper

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Durbin, Boxer, Feingold, Levin)

Shut Up, Go Shopping, Support the War...and Nobody Gets Hurt!

I think the US wants NK to fire a missile

Bushco Says The Iraqis ARE Standing Up. Why Aren't We Standing Down?

Bush got sucker-punched in Hungary

MO Senate Race! McCaskill 49% Talent 43%

an observation of DU. Most here have no problems with each

Freepers on Parade Supporting War Crimes: Killing The ENEMY Is Not MURDER!

Poll: Santorum Approval Rating Declines -CBS

Solving the upcoming retirement housing crisis...Communes

UN warns of urban instability

Democrats dare to dream of recapturing the Bush heartland

FRANK RICH SMACKDOWN: The Road From K Street to Yusufiya

A question: What constitutes "The American Dream" to you?

Legal question about the Plame case

What is the Republican "plan" ??

David Brooks calls liberal Democrats rats.

Calling all South Florida DUers (Meeting regarding the Miami Seven)

Here's the "Greatest Economics Song Ever"

Can We Get "An Inconvenient Truth" Seen by 10,000,000 Americans?

DU Propaganda Debunking Group to be deleted

Costa Rica wants Iraq reference removed (US says 'not possible')

Ex-CIA Aide Says: Warnings On WMD 'Fabricator' Curveball Ignored

Has anyone read "Ravelstein," the book about Strauss student Bloom and

So-Called Iraqi WMD is Bull-S__ by Larry Johnson

Musings From Tom Joad Country

*** Saturday Night TOONS: Min Wage, Global Warming, N Korea ***

Hagel rallies GOP over Ricketts' bid (labor backs Ben Nelson!)

{Top Three} Vietnamese leaders resign posts (BBC)

Emergency Petition

Book: First Data gave feds records

Democrats Finally Wake Up to Need For Minimum Wage Hike

Republicans want voters to "stay the course" on everything...

Sunset Commission-----UPDATE!

Bigots Now Push Constitutional Convention In Obsession To Ban Gay Marriage

Noah Feldman : The Only Exit Strategy Left

Jesus Loves A Machine Gun

Dirty Money

Hillary's Shameful Straddling on Iraq

The Nation: Long Debate Better Than Blindly Following Bush

Johnathan Alter: How To Beat 'Cut And Run'

After Criticism of Dems for Pushing Timeline, Bush Admin. Now Has Adj...

Don't forget our boy Grover Norquist!

Bush, GOP Again Exempt Foreigners, US grants license to NM uranium Plant!

Democrats dare to dream of recapturing the Bush heartland

Note to the New Treasury Secretary: It's Time to Raise Taxes (Ben Stein)

Koizumi's foreign policy: U.S. always comes first

Homeless in life, nameless in death, Mass Graves in Los Angeles

'Proudly liberal' Unitarians gather here (St. Louis, MO)

Misreading Tehran

LA Times: The GOP knows you don't like anchovies

High Infidelity

Congressional (R) Hopeful Blames Troubles on the Devil

Democrats Dare To Dream Of Recapturing Bush Heartland (GOP Defections)

New York Times (1 hr.ago): Another Kennedy(Censored due to NYT bad taste)

Voting rights becomes headache for GOP : FORCE DEMOCRATS TO LEAD THE VOTE

Hillary Clinton traces roots to Durham

The Crapification of America by Tom Badyna

Health care rant

Nation's elite are AWOL from military duty


Panel on Iraq bombings grows to $3b effort

Lieberman – A Defense of the Connecticut Senator

(Marianas) House OKs solar energy bill

BIA Scrutiny of (nuke) Waste Lease Questioned

U.S. tax credits running out for popular hybrids

A New Way to Ask, 'How Green Is My Conscience?'


A Thirsty Fuel - Minnesota Ethanol Plants Running Into Water Shortages

Blacklisted by the Hoover Institute! The ignominy!

World oil production capacity model suggests output peak by 2006-07

Coal propaganda hits the airwaves

2 gunmen die, 5 soldiers wounded in Hamas attack

Israel Threatens to Strike Gaza After Attack on Soldiers...

Army forces entering Gaza

Israeli lives worth more than Palestinian ones

Shkedi, go home

Sonic boom south of Shanksville at 9:23

Kevin Cosgrove

9/11 conspiracy theorists gather at LA conference

FEAR -- Get over it!!!!

Bev Harris / "990 filing"??????

ES&S miscounts in AR & IA possibly spreading: lawsuits pending?

TruthIsAll is Back: You can’t keep the Cinderella Man Down!!!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, SUNDAY June 25, 2006

Petition 'prize' claim investigated

"Another Kennedy Living Dangerously" X-POST

Here's what we all should do...

I have a question what does it mean when it says javascript void

Is anyone here know joomla?

George HW Bush to Host US-Arab Economic Conference Next week

Photos from yesterday's Pride Festival

Best cuts of steak?

Somali Group Chief Accused of Qaida Ties

MPs call for judges to rule on terror raids

Muslims Address Silence on Europe Attacks

Timetable?-Maliki's Master Plan

On AP / YAHOO! E-mails reveal Abramoff requests, contacts

New York Times (1 hr.ago): Another Kennedy(Censored due to NYT bad taste)

Two coalition troops, 45 Taliban killed in clash

Iraq Gov't Plan Calls for US Withdrawal Timetable

Granny Brigade Bringing Anti-War Message To D.C.

Powerful earthquake strikes Indonesia

Family vector for Sumatra bird flu

25 gunned down in gangland-style killings in Iraq (Mosul)

Hillary Clinton traces roots to Durham

Air force of Iraq remains grounded

Democratic standard-bearers Ford, Bredesen blitz GOP foes

LAT: Iraqi Death Toll More Than Administration Acknowledges (50,000+)

Bush, GOP Again Exempt Foreigners, US grants license to NM uranium Plant!

LAT: Dry Southwest in the Line of Fire (season of "historic severity"?)

Democrats Dare To Dream Of Recapturing Bush Heartland (GOP Defections)

Top Bush Speech Writer Resigns

Sen. Calls for Direct Talks With N. Korea

U.S. military confirms plan to reduce troops

Koizumi's foreign policy: U.S. always comes first

Iraq PM wants timeline on security handoff

9/11 conspiracy theorists gather at LA conference

Voting rights becomes headache for GOP : FORCE DEMOCRATS TO LEAD THE VOTE


Iraqi PM Sets No Deadline for U.S. Exit

Iraqi PM Presents Reconciliation Plan

Iraq sells 4 mln barrels Kirkuk oil to Exxon,Tupras

Expansion of Alaska Native no-bid deals sparks debate

Hunt Oil making making big play in Peru

WP: FEC Fines Ark. Law Firm For Donations to Edwards

Bolivia to sue ex-Enron execs for fraud

Polk recorder to contest election (Iowa Election)

Mexico 2006: López Obrador 35.4%, Calderón 30.5%

Democrats say Mo. to be 'blue state again'

US troops kill fewer Iraqis after new guidelines (Reuters)

CNN BREAKING: Philadelphia Int'l Airport Evacuated

Qaeda-led group executes Russian hostages in Iraq (new video)

NY lawmaker seeks criminal probe of NY Times

Radical Cleric US Says is Terrorist to Lead Parliament (Somalia)

Iraq Amnesty Offer Upsets U.S. Lawmakers

Veterans of US prisons in Iraq in no mood for reconciliation

Saddam Thinks U.S. Will Beg for His Help

John McCain supports Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Breaking News: Insurgents Reject Peace Plan

Two U.S. soldiers charged in civilian's death

Campaign 2006: Angelides slow to offer crime views

Specter Says Bush May Agree to Surveillance Review

AP: U.S. Grants 1st License for Major Nuclear Plant in 30 Years

VA Barred From Publicizing Offer to Vets

GM to shed quarter of workforce this year

LAT: Greenland's Ice Sheet Is Slip-Sliding Away

UC Santa Cruz chancellor jumps to her death in S.F.

America set to hit 300 million ... Milestone baby likely to be Hispanic

Warren Buffet Gives Away His Fortune: 40 Billion (at least).

Nuns are focus of sexual abuse allegations

Japanese forces start leaving Iraq base

Girl, 7, was restrained eight times before death at counseling center


skidda marinki dinki dink

"The Queen & the Soldier." Lyrics thread.

We're going backwards in so many ways, as a country

does the drink black russian usually have coke in it?

Try explaining your existence to a ant.

where have your shoes been?

What's the most "past it" thing you've ever consumed?

New life for an old school bus

YUK.. Rupert Murdoch was invited to Nicole Kidman's wedding

Fogey DUers: What music do you remember listening to on 8-Track?

Yet another tale of my friend the fundie

The digital world is a phony world.


My counselor is going on leave. Ask me anything.


I'm happy for Nicole Kidman...

Trying to find a song title and artist

Flying Under the Influence? Duuuude, that's some killer algae!

Congratulations jmm!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations karynnj!! 10,000 posts

OK, who fed newyawker99 the extra-strength Wheaties?

Praise for the Phillips "DVP3040" Dvd player. From me.

Favourite comic strip ever? (The version that will get locked)

This guy is just *asking* for a kick in the face

Superman Returns' Ottman to use John Williams score!

Man, all those deceased Nigerian heads of state have a lot of relatives!

Getting ready to audition for a Whit3e Snake Video....

Finally watched "War of the Worlds".. What a P.O.S. movie

Broadband Phone Service - Yes or No?

Congratulations Lars39!! 10,000 posts

I'm shit-faced drunk. What are you?

Bumper Sticker: Have you hugged your dog today?

Which fast food burger should I have for lunch?

Anyone else hate the wad of cotton

LOL! Swiftboating Jesus in GD!

176-Year-Old Tortoise Dies In Australian Zoo

I need your help

Dear Sirs,

Rabid Racists and Computers - Bad combination.

Degree from online? Is it worth it?

i just got followed by some creepy guy

I Made Blueberry Pancakes (From Scratch) For Breakfast, And

What garbage is blaring out your player right now?

Hayfever sucks

UK DUers: What does the British slang "pants" mean? = "lame/bad"?

I'm off to see P!nk!!!

Most Awesome Way to Beat the Heat in Summer?

He Took The Brown Acid

ping pong, anyone...

had some single malt, 10 yr old scotch last night. And the hangover is...

I am a robot. Command me.

Favorite progressive era Elton John song.

Happy birthday Chemical Bill!!

Favorite progressive era Elton John shlong.

Jeez, I'm miserable.

hypo-allergenic cats

I'm confused: was that a soccer game or a boxing match?

I want a magic Soccer Stretcher

I just got my son the coolest birthday present..

Hey, Lounge...what kind of car should we buy?

Name the best pickup line ever.

World Cup 2006: Round of 16 - Portugal v Netherlands discussion thread


I posted something in GD:P that functions as comedy as well as politics.

I'm sitting in WeHo

How big is your deck?

Gross but interesting topic some loungies might want to check out...

Goodnight everyone

Best website ever

Step back in time: James Taylor & Carole King - You've Got A Friend

Big summer blockbuster: Sniffa Returns

post your flawed self-portrait pics here

it's raining and the sun is out

I use my Tele to watch things besides documentaries and news!


Rupert Murdock tops guest list at Kidman/Urban wedding.

So, sniffa decides to return to DU on MY birthday. Coincidence?; what's up with these guys & why are they so overstocked...

watched: The World's Fastest Indian, charming film with a splendid...

LEAST favorite comic strip?

Falco's Rock Me Amadeus...why?


We will soon be moving. Ask me anything.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/25/06)

Am I the only one who thinks it's REALLY vulgar for Burger King

I've had an overdose of Wizard of Oz books.

There is NOTHING "underground"-ish about this website!

Am I alone?

I'll admit it. Bill Winter looks great in the sailor ad on the left.

Pet Peeve: plastic bags that don't open without a fight

Matewan is on the IFC RIGHT NOW

Vegans, Vegetarians and fruit lovers. HELP!!

Why can't those ABC Announcers just call the game and quit the bias BS?

How many good friends do you have?

Superman Returns...naked! Ok,, I think its a body suit. You decide.


Can you ever get too old for Beavis and Butt-Head?

You've won $100K to buy face time with a president. Which one? (dead ok)

Just went to the LA Film Fest to see Al Gore and Inconvenient Truth!

Saw "The Break-Up" last night - SAVE YOUR MONEY - DON'T!!!

If you are NOT out enjoying Homosexual-themed activities, CHIME IN!

So this is it... I'll be back soon.

I need idea's for supper?

it's The Personality Defect Test!

Birthday party pics

RANT: Get a fucking carseat for the kid, and use it, dammit!

what kind of work do you do ?

What kind of house would $300,000 buy in your city/town?

Anyone here a Harvard Student who could help me get an article?

Message from TIA:

Favorite comic strip ever?

Speaking of wonderfully quotable films - Dogma is on.

Beavis and Butthead: Liberal or conservative? DISCUSS!

Favorite line from "Airplane!"

Estimated Prophet being played during this NASCAR race

Conservative Group Calls for Ehrlich's Resignation

NEA to "back homosexual marriage" ?

How to really annoy a fundy in two easy steps.

Redemption for Beckham!

Netherlands vs. Portugal

Chess News for week ending June 25: Special Immigration Issue

Greatest Sports Moments

"Mr. Sensitivity" John Rocker weighs in on sensitivity training...

One hour ago in the EarlG household...

"Emotional Freedom Technique-EFT" Has anyone tried it?

Is the U.S. prepared for the oncoming wave of Iraq war vets?

Forward Together Pac from Mark Warner

Teddy reads his childrens' book on Book TV tonight

Found this in

Sen Kerry's response to the Iraq and Casey withdrawal plans

Things not going their way, so spin, spin, spin

Posted Kerry's statement at Kos

Help -- was the Kerry/Feingold amendment binding or non-binding?

VA Adopts Kerry Bill to Provide Free Credit Monitoring

MTP is doing a Hillary v Kerry segment

The Swifties are BACK, big time,

Tundra flowers

Israeli lives worth more than Palestinian ones

The U.S. will not decide when our presence in Iraq ends...Iraq will.

Helen Thomas on the Washington press corps - C-SPAN2

British army demotes mascot goat, Billy

Nate Clay talking about the Liberty City/Miami 7

Liberal pride.

Poll: Did the murder of RFK and MLK bring forth the America we know today?

DU help! USFS Denies Religious Freedom to Winnemem Wintu

OK Opus is sick today :) :)

Merchant Marine Academy Grad Scares Shrubby Shitless

SUNDY TOON 6/25 - Campaign games

2,516 of our troops now dead. Vets facing homelessness.

Russ Feingold is going to be on with Timmy this morning!

Dangit...anybody know where to find the full Letterman/Gore clip?


AP: Iraqi PM offers olive branch to insurgents

Democrats take up arms against "corrosive profits-first culture."

Gen. Casey in Iraq outlines troop cuts? Isn't This 'Cut and Run'?

Media Matters

ChimpCo calls the Miami 7 terrorists. Terrorists armed with what?


Anyone deal with a photo shot run red light ticket in s cailf ?

Tony the Idiot on CNN (Part 23)

MoveOn Responds to Lieberman's "No's" re: Dems' Iraq Exit Plans


Egg narrowly misses Blair

No POW's in the war on terror..

Katrina victim, 86, sues to have his rescued poodle returned

Bush Military History Project #20

Geraldo:" seen more combat than Kerry last 35 years, he aids&abets terra"

Republican Leaders Cutting and Running from Effective Policy

Beware of the "gay agenda"..

Republican snakes' nest. by Molly Ivins, Once again she gets it right

They are conquering the globe with snappy phrases & word games.

Mission Accomplished...'Miami 7' story blunts 'Banking' story.


Soldiers charged in new Iraq shooting case


New post may signal a thaw on warming

Busby/Bilbray Election: EMERGENCY TOWNHALL MEETINGS! (Flier/Info/Poster)

Big News from WP today, need help in getting it out there!

Any updates on the dangerous "Miami 7"?

I gotta say that ole Russ was damned good on MTP.

Iraq's air force remains grounded

I have a question about javascripts, where is the computer forums

Memo to Tony Snow . . .

The Neo-McCarthyism is completely out of control.

Turley: Big Brother Bush's "Total Information Awareness"

Is this Tweedy in the picture with Rumsfeld and Saddam?

Specter: Agreement on eavesdropping near

I finally realize why I'm a Lefty Liberal!!!

We are no longer persons, we are numbers.

My goodness, what are we doing with all the bodies?

Which "homegrown" organization do you fear more.

(John) Rocker calls sensitivity training a 'farce'

Does Timmy R know what a "blog" is?

Non-profit "bagmen" for the White House or whom?

The Nation: Long Debate Better Than Blindly Following Bush

Heh, check out this post from nomad559, Bush sings Sunday Bloody

Anyone see Biden this morning on Late Edition?

Iraq Deaths At Least 50,000, Likely More - USA is closing in on genocide

When was the last time anyone has seen a live report from Baghdad?

I think this is a VERY good sign...

Oh no, Russ is too conservative for me.

"I was so pissed off when those Marines were arrested and jailed!"

Veterans Beware

Clip on Late Edition of Bush saying he understands people forgetting 9/11.

From Canofun: What tipped off investigators to the Miami 7 (funny)

Meet Amanda Prewitt Doss, Smear Boat Liar behind MURTHALIED.COM

Coming this fall. Highly choreographed, tearful tarmac reunions

Will the Sunnis & Shiites & other factions ever stop killing each other?

US soccer fan forgets hotel location in six-hour ordeal

Bring 'Em Home

Seen at Houston's Pride Festival Yesterday

As they have for centuries, the English show Germany the only "side" they

Luxembourg Minister confirms Arcelor-Mittal deal

OH, my effing G! Look what I found when I went to Air

An important movie..."The Road to Guantanamo".

Larry Johnson: Preparing For Retreat

An odd question , personal but odd and strange and desperate

Peter King Wants Papers (NYT) Probed Over Stories

Film shoot nixed by SWAT team

should the new Pres. of the W.H. Press core be a Wash. Jour. host?

*** Sunday TOONS: Support Our Timetable ***

Al Qaeda is not only not on the run, but thriving, Rand analyst says

"Terror Storm," a scary documentary by Alex Jones

Dubya bumping bellies with Condi?

Sen. Kerry responds to Casey and Iraq withdrawal plans

Americans' circle of close friends shrinking (Reuters/CNN)

Ron Susskind will be taking questions on kpfk shortly

Anyone see the "Addicted to Oil" special with Tom Friedman?

Bush foreign diplomacy

A conversation at a party last night...

Feingold says cannot tell difference between plans by himself and Casey

"Cut and run" vs. the alternative

VIDEO: Feingold Argues Emergence of Al Qaeda Leader Shows Insanity

Anyone know, off hand, what part Greenland's ice sheet are melting at...

Just how real is Gen Casey's plan to withdraw troops from Iraq?

I don't usually click on the ads, but...

Bush speechwriter: Prosecute New York Times for 'grammar'

Republican Cut and Run

Speaking of Fascism

Orwell: A poet and a prophet.

Iraq's victims of violence doubt Maliki peace plan

Miami Arrests-Less About Domestic Plots Than New Attempts to Police Them

Let's not "cut' n' run" from these clowns

Insurgent amnesty proposed in Iraq

Amazing isn't it how the Swiftboaters Never Touched George W. Bush?

Hey! Killings of Innocent Civilians At U.S. Checkpoints In Iraq Are Down

Iraq Reconciliation Plan=Part of Republican Party Plan to Win In November

British army demotes mascot goat, Billy

Who Killed the Electric Car? ... Coming to theaters soon.

Making our Representatives Representative

Islamic militias imposing moral codes in Mogadishu..(scary stuff)

Powerful moment at Bruce concert last night "Bring Them Home"

How many withdrawal plans does Gen Casey have to submit?

In Honor Of George Orwell's Birthday

It's been 83 years. Let's finally pass the ERA!

Do you listen to right-wing radio or go to right-wing websites to get more

Here's an "Open Letter to John Murtha" Thread at Freeperville

Work for GM? 25% chance you're gone this year!

Iraq amnesty offer upsets U.S. lawmakers

Faux Snooze rabidly broadcasting that the NY Times is

I'm taking this General .. Democrats in the House ? Yes ?

Create democracy with 'Inconvenient Truth.' Over 1 million viewers. Help!


Freeps Swiftboat Kristin Breitweiser for "exploiting" 911.

'reproducytive choices can destablize global economy'

There'a a nasty nip in the air - Tokyo Rose

UCSC chancellor dies in apparent suicide

TruthIsAll is Back: You can’t keep the Cinderella Man Down!!!

Message from TIA:

Now THIS is pretty gross, but think about the ramifications.

Wounds that may never heal:

Is 300 million too many?

300,000,000 Is this racist?

What would the Founding Fathers say if they were alive today?

Stupid Conservative Quote of the Day

Washington Journal

Lying, Mass-Murdering Thug Approaches the Age of 60.

How'd BushCo get away with Iraq fabrications? Look no further than MSM.

Here is an interesting fable. Please go to the link.

I'm tired of Republican Lite Democrats.



Tremors reported in VA for last 5 1/2 years.

Human Rights Campaign at St Louis Pridefest

Why it's important to debunk those obnoxious freeper emails

Our allies: USA is a greater threat to global stability than Iran or China

Ward Churchill questions (to respond to a LTTE)

Wiki quote of the day

Anyone watching the Menendez/Kean Debate on C-Span?

The truth behind ’cut and run’

How to really annoy a fundy in two easy steps

NY Times article on RFK Jr.

Just for fun, let's SWIFTBOAT Jesus Christ.

DURBIN sez he's DOWN for Joementum (ThisWeak)

The 4th Branch Must Be Destroyed! (the next step of the Neocon assault)

All I can do is shake my head and laugh

Hey Rove, Delay, Santorum...You are so tough with your

Who are the real "traitors"?

Haggard on the Dixie Chicks, etc.

I need some help finding a site.

Do Republicans even THINK about the stupid slogans they come up with?

A Democrat who doesn't support the Democratic Process...

RNC not happy with Russ Feingold's MTP appearance - talking points

I have a great response to anyone who calls me a cut and runner.

Next time, use war as a LAST RESORT

Whatever happened to the big bomb

OMG! Looks like they repealed the Paris Hilton tax just in time!!!111!!1

3 days on MS Visa... Dial up warning! Big Time!

6/25/06 Mission Accomplished ... a short rant

The USA was entering its 20th yr under the dictatorship of George Bush...

Hey Rove....General Casey wants to Cut and Run !!

Take a Stand for Democracy, REFUSE to use the Vote Stealing Machines.

Military: Slain soldiers were alone at checkpoint

The Kelly Bundyization of the GOP (Luckovich)

Oil Sand?

I Attended An Inconvenient Truth Screening w/Al Gore in the Theatre

Palast's new book... anyone read it?

Repug-fest changed my life. Please listen to this.

Is it just me, or has the Drudge Report website been down for a while?

The MSM has yet to focus on and offer details about GOP disunity

Iraq plan part of grand strategy (Spin me, please!)


They will never take the Internet from us.

Divine Strake Bomb Test Still On!

Interesting Bush joke

The Bush Regime Is Making It Up Here, So They Can Fight Them Over There

"The Magical Misery Tour"

5 on SCOTUS are Primed to Knock the Stuffing Out of Bush's Gitmo Case

Iraq PM Maliki LIVE on CNN NOW BREAKING! 4:20 AM

This government 'CUT' the Constitution to shreds, and 'RAN' to war...

Unofficial DU '08 Straw Poll: Vote Now!

Problem With The Ford SuperDuty

Iraq War _ the DOSSIER

Why is it Republicans hate taxes but love fees

Warren Buffett gives away his fortune

:rubbing eyes: Coulter #2 on the NYT

Watch this video which explains "Net Neutrality."

The Miami 7 Terror Bust looks more like a Dateline NBC Pedophile sting.

Feingold Wows on Meet the Press

Freepers, Ldotters: Buffett money will 'buy abortions for third world"

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! We knew it was coming!

GM said they dropped the electric car because the amount of

Movie-goers pack theater for Gore's documentary

The Jihadi Next Door?

Question To The Moderators!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Of Slush Fund, Insider Trading, and Terra Threats

Are foreigners/non-residents LEGALLY entitled to a fair trial?

"Scalia Twisted My Words"

Number of returning troops diagnosis with PTSD


The One Percent Doctrine...what you already know but worse

"Inconvenient Truth" 1.19 million viewers, $9.5 million gross - growing!

Why can't we see Terrorism for what it is?

Pacification: I think BushCo may well have a very definite plan for Iraq.

Just visited "", brought me to tears.

Racism or Humor????

Why did GM fail?

Blind Item

La Ralph shows up at Al Gore book signing.

Billionaire Buffett to Disburse Fortune

Fired up!

Condoleezzas and Bad Actors

C-Span 3 WILL broadcast the Downing Street hearing live tomorrow.

This Space for Realistic & Practical Ideas for Improving Our Elections.

Home Grown Terrorism & The Liberty City 7

Steal this poster - please!

Riverbend blog hasn't been updated in 2 weeks

The Origin of Robert Parry’s Consortium News

Jack Abrimoff was a bully even back in High School, according to...

Norquist linked to terrorist funding!

Bruce Rocks for the Troops! Video)

So let's vet Russ.

My encounter with a freeper at Target just a little less than an hour ago

SLUDGE REPORT: MSNBC dropping some talk shows for taped reports

On DVD Tuesday

Economy, and the GOP and the County Fair

My pitch to Howard Dean re: messaging

They're Not Going To Get Away With It This Year; Not If I Have Any Say

One Talking Point for this week: Iraqi Minister's plan is lacking details

Priming the dupes for war

Russ Feingold coming up now on Meet the Press at 9AM EST!

Don't Shoot. We're Not Ready. (North Korea)

Flattery or deception

LAT op-ed: Dem structural, strategic deficits make U.S one-party country

OMG? Please help me out, is it true? Both General Casey and Maliki

Montana Senate Debate/Tester Impressive

Biden has perfect response to Cheney comments.

NYT Update on Saddam

Hitting Powell and Tenet with a Curveball on Iraq WMD

This Week this AM. Mitch McConnell quite happy with the amount

New Orleans', back to Normal now, Right? No! "Le Show" (on now) "live"...

Isn't Gen. Casey's proposal really "The Feingold Exit Plan?"

A candidate who says things others don't

Massa, Dem candidate calls for Public Denunciation of Coulter remark

Fighting Dems Eric Massa and Jay Fawcett , Speak Out!

Voinovich Keeps Dodging Corruption

According to an ABCNews "Breaking" Notice...

I have one question for Abraham Foxman of anti defamation league

HR 5631 Amendment 1072

DLC, Neocons and neolibs

the iraqi people lack self-esteem--THAT is why we are at war!!

Tall stories: The plot to topple Chicago's Sears Tower was not all that it

Feingold is saying all the right things

Specter: Agreement on eavesdropping near / A Question --

Great Ohio Dem Political Blog

Dems need to run a ticket and a slate in 08.

HEY! Why isn't everybody celebrating????

Bush exempts foreign URENCO (Khan), licenses Uranium Enrichment Plant

First, they came for the New York Times...

Powell Was Told His UN Speech Was Fabrication - Said It Anyway

Is this man Rove's brain?

Something we can DU re: Abramoff/Ney/DeLay (+ immigration)

AP: Flag-Burning Amendment Unites Sen. Leaders (against it)

Republicans: Please stop abusing the English Language.

San Diego County, CA - Emergency town hall meetings

What's the difference between the Bush administration's...

A message to the MSM

Leaving the DU

Sen Kerry responds to Casey and Iraq withdrawal plans

How To Talk To A Naderite (If You Must)

Hugo Chavez

U.S. Population to hit 300,000,000

Apparently Novak gets facts wrong about Dean and fundraising.

Democratic minimum wage promise 2006

NJ-Senate Debate... I heard Menedez smoked Kean. Anyone catch it?

Senator Feingold earned my VOTE for Pres. today: Sunday June 25, 2006!!!

The perfect Democratic ad response to Repug's "Cut and Run" negative ads

FOX's Brit Hume: American KIA in Iraq "not worth much"

CANAMEX HIGHWAY - What am I missing

Poor Little Swiftboater Amanda Doss

Mark Warner supports "Net Neutrality."