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Archives: June 23, 2006

East Coast Homeowners lose-Ins Co's Retreat

CNN/AP: Study: Earth 'likely' hottest in 2,000 years

Information from U.S. companies helped Israel locate terror cells

Baghdad observations: fear, danger, suffering

Rick Santorum, Wonder Boy (my latest LTTE for your review)

Democrats need a new script - Helen Thomas - Seattle PI

An American icon: Gore Vidal on Italy, Iraq - and why he hates George Bush

GOP seeks to revive estate-tax repeal with timber tax cut strategy

Rate Of African Primary Forest Destruction Underestimated - Reuters

NCAR - Half Of Growth In 2005 Hurricane Strength Directly Tied To Warming

Earth hottest it's been in 2,000 years

Clinton Raises Alarm About Oil Depletion

Israel can no longer rely on the support of Europe's Jews

Rightist's dog compensated

Jew threatened pro-Palestinian French figures

Canadians speak out :

Never before seen Video of WTC attack...goodbye holograms and

Silverstein's Group Buys Sears Tower & Now Attack on Tower Planned?

Do right wing trolls who support wild conspiracy theories exist?

PBS' California Connected on Recent Diebold Vulnerabilities

Culver in CR on Saturday

Rove in Waterloo Monday

WTF? Richie & Bell want you to donate to Maxey's campaign?

Color me unimpressed... Blah hotel restaurants.

anybody have any good fajita marinade recipes?

Ambrose dares opposition to force election on climate change

ACLU seeks disclosure of Pentagon files on Haditha

President Hamid Karzai called for a reassessment of the U.S.led coalition

Australia rejects apology demand for Iraq shooting

Groups Launching National Campaign for Public Financing of Campaigns

NYT/Reuters: Privacy Advocates Slam AT&T on Customer Records

Peace deal offers Iraq insurgents an amnesty

Gore talks climate change with top British officials

Information from U.S. companies helped Israel locate terror cells

Study Finds Strong Warming Tie To Hurricanes - MSNBC

Taxi medallions for 'green' vehicles receive record bids

Baghdad observations: fear, danger, suffering

LAT: U.S. Mining Bank Transfer Data in Anti-Terror Effort

Military Charges 8 With Murder of Iraqi

Filmmakers claim PG rating for religious content

Underwater volcano found by Italy

Nine-Point Edge for Democrats in U.S. (Zogby)

Using FDR as Model, Presidential Hopeful Out to Build New Deal for Mexico

(Kinky) Friedman, Strayhorn (Scottie McClellan's mom) Get on Texas Ballot

Senate's Abramoff Report Disputes Rep. Ney (Pants on fire!)

3 Baja cops, civilian found decapitated; cartels blamed

Accused troops' supporters busy fundraising

Iran accuses Washington of using nuclear issue as an excuse to topple

Bolivia protest over Cuba medics

Harvey Canal (nola area) floodgate won't be ready on time

West Point takes in its first Iraqi cadet

Gov. Jeb Bush signs 'God' bill, vetoes guardrails, notary records

FTC laptops stolen, 110 people at risk of ID theft

Cheney Says He Might Testify in Leak Case

E&P: Reporter in 'Gay Pride Parade' Dispute Claims Civil Rights Violated

7 Arrested in Connection w/ Plot Against Sears Tower, Other Bldgs. (Miami)

NYT: Bank Data Secretly Reviewed by U.S. to Fight Terror

Anyone else hooked on Game Show Marathon?

Copy cat it. You fucked my thread.

Anyone else have vague fitness goals?

Hmmm, DOMESTIC terrorism going on in Miami...

Keith Olbermann has become "Floyd the Barber."

Because I'm slightly buzzed....

Thanks to everyone who posted to my pnemonia thread....

The first day of my so called new job

Who would you side with in a fight?

We can dance if we want to. We can leave your friends behind.

Anyone read the followup books to Pride and Prejudice?

If you have a YouTube profile, post it here.

God DAMN, that hurts!

The new republican voting rights act

website suggestions please

If you met * and you didn't know who he was

Craig Ferguson looks like he was in a cat fight tonight.

Suggestions Please. I Have A 2 1/2 Yr Old And An Eleven Month Old.

What ethnic food shouldn't be the basis for a restaurant chain?

Listening to my old friend James Taylor. Mellow night.

Amateur astronomy question:

Ann Coulter the Musical!

Who's you favorite frontman? Let's see some video.

i gotta get me one of these hats...

Eeeh! Badger plushie!

Liriano outpitches Clemens...changing of the guard?

Hey "Magnolia" Bashers - Wise Up!

Best anti-W or pro-liberal remark.

Project Runway fans, new season starts on July 12th

Carlos Mencia makes my head hurt

As of 6/22/06, about how often do you post here at DU?

CWS: Why DU should cheer for Oregon State

What are your thoughts on the Ypsilanti water tower?

New Dixie Chicks venues ADDED !! Support the Chicks

Zlad got busted!

The #1 best episode of M*A*S*H was on tonight

Cat food elitists... recommendations, please?

Once more into the breach, my dear friends.....early tomorrow.....8AM...

Ever buy a "Tilly" hat???

Adam Sandler's new movie 'CLICK' is the dumbest movie ever.

Remember the Hippo and the Tortoise after the Tsunami of 2004?

Biennial Dingbat Challenge: Am I still the highest Duer?

This is my 999th post! Ask me anything!

Where should I go on vacation?

Most underappreciated rock & roll band ever?

Student Loan interest rates are going way up on July 1st

Gay men - your thoughts on body image.

Opinions needed please. My cat is sick.

And the Marge Shott award goes to...

"Sirius Radio". Dont bother.

Stephen Hawking says Pope told him not to study beginning of universe

Cheney stumping for MN anti-gay zealot Michele Bachmann June 26

Permission To Simply Be - Working Through Transitions

F*********** !!!! Listening to the news today.

"Enough About Division"

What is the solution? (2006 election related)

Come on, guys, where are all my friends?

KOEB Meeting: 06/22/06 -- Mean Mr. Mustard Edition

Facing the "Truth" this weekend...More theaters for Al's opus....

Coulter: If Murtha did get fragged, he'd finally deserve a Purple Heart

Yahoo/AP: "Casey: U.S. forces in Iraq to shrink"

Keith ripping Santorum to shreds about the bogus WMD claims

KOs BBQing Santorum

"Saving the planet could ruin the economy"

Gore screens "An Inconvenient Truth" for future British PM and lawmakers!

Next Victim: Iran or North Korea? By Ray McGovern

Republicans endorse Bush's Iraq Policy; kill minimum wage increase

Anybody discussed that poll the other day about the high negs for dems?

U.S. Military Links Karzai Brother to Drugs

Dear Rick Santorum...

Help - Clint Rogers Ministries

My LTTE to the NY Daily News

Gore/RFKJr 08 - discuss...

A really good visit with a patient at rehab hospital today.

Iraq war supporters speak out

The Iraqi war was and still is a mistake.

More terrorists found in Jebbie's Fla than in Iraq..... shrub

Who are the 29% to 36%? Where I live it is the religious nut cases.

WMDs? Video "Fallujah-The Hidden Massacre"..WARNING Graphic

And you can quote me on this

A twist of the tale..... "What if?" What if Iraq had decided that

Republicans no longer even " try " to hide their racism

New blog by a Senate watcher.

Israel can no longer rely on the support of Europe's Jews

Environmentalists, listen up, No Toxic Fumes, No ultra-violet,

Why the Liberty City, FL terrorism case might mean an extension of Big Bro

World Media Watch Irony/Laugh of the Day re: .....Media

Keith Olbermann has become "Floyd the Barber."

Justification for domestic spying or are they planning on

I think that I know why the Dems are divided on timetable in Iraq

Democrats need a new script - Helen Thomas - Seattle PI

Republican Cut and Run They CUT taxes and RUN up deficits

Where is Sean Hannity? Why would he take tonight off?

Kucinich on The Big Story: "Mission Accomplished....Get Out!"

Today's Mike Malloy post

Rummy Adds To Santorum's Bull: They Are WMD - They Have Been Found

Can you just imagine the petitions for pardon that must be in the works?

The Dark Side (darth cheney) airing again now on PBS in my area

Iran Backs Attacks on U.S. Forces in Iraq, Casey Says

My questions about the recent "breaking news" re black Muslims

Hadley Is So Completely Full of It

Nancy Skinner on tonight's Malloy show at 11pm EDT

Concerning raising the minimum wage...

Which is worse : The War in Iraq or the War in America ?

Anybody watcing Denis Leary on CNBC?

NAFTA Super-highway

You're with us . . . even though you're against us.

FEAR continuing

Why The Dollar Bubble Is About To Burst

David Kay: "It is less toxic....Americans have under their kitchen sink"

FOX News can't even speak English! Get a load of this screenshot!

King George in Hungary (pics)

Rummy: Not so fast, we aint goin nowhere . . .

Okay -- What exactly is an "al-queda oath"???

Why can't all our senators be like Russ Feingold?

New Dixie Chicks venues ADDED !! Support the Chicks

Did I hear correctly??

Gores "TRUTH" extended for 4th week, in NJ, How about your theaters?

The Wind in the Rumsfeld?

Does anyone know if marijuana can be a 'reverse' gateway drug?

**Warning** - - Guess what? The pre-election TERRA ALERTS have begun

Attention: DEMS DIVIDED!

PBS FRONTLINE "The Dark Side" Available Online


HEADS UP, DENVER! Degette on Colbert tonight

PA Du'ers, hows Santorum's WMD story playing on your local news?

Peace deal offers Iraq insurgents an amnesty

Rush/Novak trying to swiftboat Murtha ala abscam

Negotiators' skill key to success of Iraqi peace plan

Does Michael Berg have a Chance at Congress??

For Diehards, Search for Iraq's W.M.D. Isn't Over

LOL Mike Malloy just challenged Bill O'Reilly to a naked Loofah fight!!!

The fact that not many folks are talking about it means that a hell of

Bill Moyers on "Faith and Reason" on Charlie Rose (PBS)(On Now)

Another disturbing observation re: Iraq. Where are the pets?

Harry Reid shares his speech from the Senate floor today

The real pledge of allegiance:

LAT Defies WH, Reports on Banking Data Collection

Good news for you lurking chickenhawks

North American Union start of Oceania like state in 1984.

Cheney Says He Might Testify in Leak Case (WaPo)

WSJ: Concerns Prompt Some Hospitals To Pare Use of Drug-Coated Stents

Amber-preserved web shows early spider evolution

Dealing with racism (How do you deal with this? Input needed)

The Queen Mum (Barbara the Bitch) at Astros game

WSJ: Unions in Some Southern States Post Gains From New Strategies

Bill O'Reilly You Ignorant Slut

Line-Item Veto Approved:

For arguments sake.

Soldiers alone before attack

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

they are pulling out all the stops. WMDs Bust, ect...

Christian Newswire. Dated today. SANTORUM MAKES WMD ANNOUNCEMENT!

Who sings that song "republicans suck" that was just played on Malloy?

Just so you know, this is the actual genesis of "Cut and Run"

AOL Poll: Freeped! Please DU! Better plan, Dems or Repubs? Withdrawal

Why hasn't the TERRA alert been raised to RED?!

Letter I Wrote Bill O'Reilly

39 Democrats support Levin troop withdrawal

Nightline: "Sleeper Cell"

Rove is trying to paint Dems as divided and weak

How Do You Think We Will Do In The Upcoming Congressional Elections?

Ron Paul... sane or not?

Breaking CNN. Terror arrests in Miami.

Who helped the US when we were fighting for independence from

Whose position on Iraq withdrawal *timelines* do you share?

Microsoft's Gates Gives $13M To UK University

Shell Jewelry Said to Be 100,000 Years Old

Argentina headline: GOP blocks Iraq pullout

-- Sign this petition against military action against Iran --

I'm sure its been done before, but where on the Political Compass are you?

Call Congress. Ask them: How many more have to die in Iraq before we quit?

THE Imus-Santorum-WMD discussion -- transcript

Why is it important that the Democrats win the next election ?

The only registered Republican in my household

Stephen Colbert gave me hope for the future...

Lobbyist Evelyn Dubrow, 95; Worked for ILGWU, Civil Rights

It is becoming impossible to take them anymore.

Weird Fact about PA Politicos...


Repukes are going to delay slave-wage trade votes until

Nothing is Greater to the American People then a Paycheck

WSJ: How a Hospital Stumbled Across An Rx for Medicaid

over 1000 metric tons of the deadly U238-isotope

Democrats are ruining their 06 chances

MSRNC reporting that the US has SUCCESSFULLY tested missile defense SYSTEM

There is something weird about this Liberty City story

"Direct participation in political activity is what makes a free society"


please help me with a reply to this repukes message?

…And above us all, waves the American Flag.

"Scientists" respond to Al Gore (redux)

Heard Greg Palast on Mike Malloy last night

North American Union hits MSM!


I am against EVERYTHING a libertarian stands for...

Democrats! Never defend. Never explain. Attack, attack, attack!

Do you have a Senator on this list?

Cool Anti-Bush, Anti-GOP Bumper Stickers & Banners (check it out) ---->

Repeat after me: MORE OF THE SAME!

Do Not Reinforce Failure!

For the sake of the country, let`s unite behind Republicans.

Failed policies. Failed policies. Failed policies.

Maybe the Democrats will win by default ??

Groups Launching National Campaign for Public Financing of Campaigns

The impenetrable fog of Bill O'Reilly

Young Republican's and their Screwed Up Minds

The troops have to stay.

Lieberman Goes It Alone

What Does the Media Want in '06? A Race.

If the election hinges on the phrase, "Cut and Run"...

LA Times: 'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon

WP, Froomkin: Rove's Risky Embrace of the Iraq War

Library chief draws cops' ire for refusing to break the law for them

Senate Dems to hold oversight hearings on pre-war intelligence...

Wes Clark defending Dems...again

FBI Wages War on Black Folks: Southern Strategy Rises Again

Bush: Hungarian Revolt Should Inspire Iraq

DU this AOL poll- Who's right on Iraq?

It's Time to Take Down The Flag

Larry Beinhart: Give George Bush His War


Anti-Al Gore (2000)commercial maker-charged in molestation

Honda's New Friend, Phill

NewsWeek: Profits and War

Secret report brands Muslim police corrupt (Guardian, 6-10-06)

2 US-born Converts to Islam are Muslim Clerics Seeking a Middle Ground

The Nation: The New American Cold War

Alito Strikes

Clinton takes Limelight and Acknowledges Peak Oil

C Rice's speech at the SoBapt Convention Annual Meeting

Be afraid ...

'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon (LAT)

Dollar on the Edge

yet another example of Voodoo Economics

Son of Carbon-Tax... (NZ)

The Not So Good Earth (China and damage due to coal mining)

New Texas Nuke plants planned

UGRENT: 3 Hours left to easily support an Environmentalist Democrat!

Designating Special Marine Zones Ineffective In Protecting Coral, Fish

EU "Embarassingly Off Track" To Meet Kyoto Targets - AFP

Colorado: Groups blast oil, gas leases in roadless areas

90,000 Violent Incidents In China Last Year - 50,000 Due To Environment

Large-Scale, Cheap Solar Electricity

Bodman concerned about high ethanol prices

On First Day Of Summer, Water Worries Pervade EU Governments - AFP

'Warm' species invading Antarctic (BBC)

Philadelphia - Merck Toxin Spill Kills 1,000 Fish - ENN

The downside of wind farms

The Gulf of Mexico...

NIC - Main Sea Ice Line Now Well Above Svalbard - Approx. 80 North

CA Ocean Census 2nd Year Of Collapsing Plankton, Krill, Bird Populations

Demonstrators urge Caterpillar to cease sales to Israel

IDF spokeswoman stirs up a storm over a-Dura killing in 2000

Hamas death squads target senior Fatah men

Olmert: Israeli lives worth more than Palestinian ones

Muslim cleric: Punish gay perverts

PM raises possibility of settlers remaining in Palestinian state

Palestinian woman hurt in IAF strike delivers stillborn baby

Palestinian hurt while smuggling weapons

Is he another of the Goldas?

Don't shoot, talk

Compare This Tower Implosion with the WTC

America's air defense pre-911

More Academics Challenge the Official Story

Anderson Cooper: Sears Tower "Terrorists" Set Up?

911 First Responders: Voices from the Pit...June 25 NYC

Making Caging Lists Legal in 2006 - Bringing Jim Crow Back

Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! Statistical tools everyone can use!

New Common Cause E-Voting Report: "Malfunction and Malfeasance"

"Mr. Stolen Election 2004" ...NEY NAILED... This one's for you Ohio!!!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRIDAY June 23, 2006

Distrust Spurs Absentee Voting

Whalen; Think Tank Gomer, Welfare (Corp.) Queen

NH enacted a 'Primary Pledge' - should Iowa follow?

Firefox question for you awesome DU computer wizards!

What's the best deal on SOHO A/V software?

Strayhorn, Friedman headed for November ballot

Nice piece from David Harris TX 6 running against Joe Barton.

Senator Hutchinson's Refusal to Debate Ms. Radnofsky

Bell needs to Re Frame as a Vote for Change' cuz those are the votes

New Texas Nuke Plants!

favorite campfire recipes?

Harper gets more grief over stalled softwood deal

Harper bashes Volpe but does nothing to stop kiddie donations

CBC's 'The National' to be bumped by U.S. show

Tories move to raise age of consent

East Timor's prime minister refuses to step down, as political crisis deep

Man wanted in American Indian Movement murder ordered extradited to U.S.

Media refuses to hold surveillance story

Senate Report Lists Lobbyist Payments to Christian Coalition's Ralph Reed

Panama, Venezuela sign energy deal

Ruling widens ability to sue:Decision favors workers,defines retaliation

NYT: Bank Data Sifted in Secret by U.S. to Block Terror

US, Japan Sign Joint Missile Defense Deal

It's a 5-way race for governor

Besieged Kentucky Governor Draws Fire From a New Quarter

US attacks some Central Asia leaders

Iraqi government to announce "Peace Plan" on Sunday

U.S. Military Links Karzai Brother to Drugs

Lieberman Splits With His Party on War Votes

Whistleblower says Bush officials traded Abramoff favors

Iraqi government declares state of emergency in Baghdad

State of emergency declared in Baghdad

Florida's Trust in God made official by governor

Kan. candidate fined for ethics violation

Voinovich mum on dealings with indicted BWC broker

US military announces deaths of five US soldiers

US accuses Iran over Iraqi Shias

Car bomb hits Iraq's Basra, at least 10 killed

State of Emergency Declared in Iraq

New doping allegations against Lance Armstrong

US debates deportation of skilled illegal workers

Data Compromised For 26,000 at USDA

Iraq releases 500 detainees from Abu Ghraib prison

AP: State of Emergency Declared in Baghdad

Pro-life group ramps up for election, legislation push

Costa Rica says it wants reference of Iraq invasion support erased from We

Ehrlich Vetoes Bill Offering Electricity Rate Relief

Cheney says US on track for deficit cut goals

Sadaam ends hunger strike after missing one meal

US says captures senior al Qaeda militant in Iraq (Reuters)

Iraq declares state of emergency

E&P: Lichtblau of 'NYT' Explains Attempt to Halt His Bank Records Scoop

Rendell widens lead over Swann in poll


Hardball: Bush is a Terrorist!

Zarqawi 'died with his bomb belt on' (Zawahiri)

Provider of Financial Records to US (Brussels-based Swift) Had Assurances

White House Demands Spy Lawsuit Dismissal

Servicemembers Die in Iraq (twelve in four days)

Drivers take hit over pot smoking [Michigan drugged driving law]

New Lethal Injection Formula Recommended

New amnesty plan excludes those who attacked U.S.

Taliban beheads 4 'US spies'

Iraqi govt declares state of emergency

Network Neutrality Debate Postponed

Bolivia: U.S. course is espionage front

Charles Darwin's tortoise dies

First case of human to human Bird Flu reported.

E&P: Wife Of Slain 'NY Times' Reporter David Rosenbaum Dies

Cuba joins world rush for alternative fuels (sugar/ethanol)

White House Says Tracking Bank Data Deters Terror

Official Ticketed After Incident At Roadblock For Cheney

NYT: Old Shells Suggest Early Human Adornment

GOP Candidate's Call for Labor Camp Rebuked

North Carolina schools ban "dictionary of slang"

Protest planned today for Gore book signing ( group)

Iraq accuses Iran of oil smuggling

Senate Approves Whistleblower Rights Breakthrough

World energy consumption could be cut by half if clean technology applied

Cantwell gets an assist from foe

Cheney visit will bring overtime costs for city (taxpayers pay for campaig

FBI says suspects plotted 'Islamic Army'

New allegations against Armstrong

Sailors' Social Security nos. on Web site (28,000)

Tsunami relief workers shocked (by NOLA recovery)

Idaho WWII prison camp controversy flares

Bush issues executive order on private property rights

WP: John Edwards Says U.S. Should Set Out to Eliminate Poverty

EPA factory farm proposals anger activists

Human mad cow epidemic 'could be bigger than feared'

(Hillary) Clinton: Democrats 'struggling' with Iraq

Large-Scale, Cheap Solar Electricity

Breaking: Secretary of Transportation resigns...

Editor&Publisher: On CNN, Springsteen Mocks Ann Coulter, TV Pundits

(John) Edwards: Wife Now Free Of Cancer

Bishop said to delay reporting sex abuse

Mondale backs pre-emptive missile strike (against North Korean missile)

CNN/AP: Report: Abramoff used Grover Norquist to distribute funds

Duke accuser told conflicting stories, police report says

I have an LP of Rigoletto with Robert McFerrin (Bobby's dad) at age 34!

Got your Mr. Potato Head Sports Spud yet?

For the late night crew.....

Yaks are Crazy, but Storks are Strange!


Damn. After all these years, it's happening again.

"World's on fire.

I heard the new Gore movie was out

I'm smoking an Onyx Reserve right now. Good!

I'm smoking Onyx Rune Stones right now.....

Fellow OCDers check in!


I Chew My fingers.

I'm smoking on an Oryx Preserve right now.

What's for breakfast?

Are Remixes EVER Good?

Anyone heard from DanCa lately? n/t

I said something really clever tonight

Senior Class Trip To Winfrey Gets Two High Schoolers In Trouble

Firefox question for your awesome DU computer wizards!

Angelina Jolie--I wish the media would quit focking her.

Ending the Tyranny of the Silent P

Senior Class Trip To Winery Gets Two High Schoolers In Trouble

Woo-hoo! I finished my job yesterday!

Roses ... (PIC HEAVY)

Anyone ever use a sports mouth guard to prevent sleep bruxism

Iowa Congressman (R) Mocks Helen Thomas's Looks (Now Sorry)

We've got 26 people fasting for George W. Bush today

I finally got a chance to see Syriana last night

Yea or Nay threads--Yay or Nay?

Office cubicle size - what is a normal sized cube?

Maggots Served For Lunch At Florida Juvenile Youth Camp

Say what? Christina Aguilera tours jazz clubs as "Baby Jane"

Calling classical music fans.

Wreak havoc on the Interactive Bush Buddy.

Why do I always have creepy dreams?

Just for fun: The Wit and Wisdom of Groucho Marx

Creative Ways of Describing Stupid People (The GOP)

The Joy of Home Cooked Meals

The most unlikely place you've had a zit

Blue... Red... Can't we all just get along?!?!?!?!?!?!!1!

Selling a house is a nightmare.

What was the HIGH in your area Yesterday??

WOOHOO!!!! I'm gonna kick EarlG's ass!!!

Is the phrase, "He really does a lot of blow," still used anywhere?

Speaking of Superman - Anyone here ever read "Red Son"?

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

I used to do a lot of work for a guy named Randy

Anyone here at DU know anything about coins?

White Trash Vegan Cooking #5: Red potatoes

Very Strange Bank "Policies"... Are They Legal??

Is the phrase, "She really let herself go," still used anywhere?

So Kiss Meeeeeeeeeeee!!!

One of the best motorcycles EVER

Is the phrase, "He really let himself go," still used anywhere?

Why do opiates feel so good?

Desmond Dekker's "The Israelites" Yea or Nay?

Carnivale Season 2 on dvd!

Perfect description of Free Republic and its denizens.

Did anyone here watch the Twins vs Astros on ESPN tonight?

Very funny thread in.... of all places.......GD!

I'm excited about the Leonard Cohen movie

It's Friday! Who's coming with me to get a drink down at the

Kidman/Urban pre-nup details revealled

OSAMA bin Laden's former sex slave now a Soap Opera writer

I just found out that one of my favorite babysitters died back in February

Norman Greenbaum's Spirit in the Sky - Yay or Nay?

Ok - tell me about Marmite


***Eggs Benedict!!***

Oh. My. God. I think I just made my best sandwich yet.

Youtube is great

Friday, June 23. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Looking for that Iraq apology thread

My recipe for BBQ pork ribs does NOT include "take refrigerator apart"

I like to ask this question to anyone who's creative...

Okay, goodnight you crazy kids

Crap the weather really turned south quickly!

Movie Rental Suggestions, Please

HUGE pet peeve. Gender assumptions.

"Queer Duck the Movie" is coming out on DVD 07/18


DU'ers! Beer for all! We're havin' us a VICTORY party! Why?

Don't bother me, I'm just doin' the Neutron Dance

But, you're *not* a girl! You're a *guy*

Now this game looks like fun.

Uh oh, I just dropped my Fed-Ex into the US Mail Box

I am without my SCOOTER

Crap. Jack can get out of his crib.

What does a Democratic ringtone sound like?

Out of the blue, a call from a headhunter

The origin of basketball--and chance


A Terrifying Message from Al Gore

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/23/06)

Rant: I spent an accumulated 3 hours walking...

OK, I'm not mad, but which one of you bastards scratched my Scientists LP?

At gay pride festivals,

Quick Question for Medical Professionals at DU (Surgery, Specifically)

Do any of you know how famous magic tricks were done?

Post your energy saving tips here

It's FLEA season. Please do NOT use Hartz flea control!

Update on my aunt....

I seriously doubt that Santana ain't got NOBODY that he can depend on.


Have you guys seen this?

Don't forget about these gay-friendly companies!

I'm officially declaring it FUNK YOU FRIDAY

Never give a gun to ducks.

Musical Poll: Crosby, Stills, Nash or Young

It's raining, it's raining, it's finally raining.

OK, I give up. I've declared a Pain Emergency for tonight.

I no longer have my nose pressed to the monitor when I'm here...

Outta our way, we're having a Crab-In!!

How do you deal with coworkers that whisper to each other all the time?

Name your favorite palindrome!

Just bumped into this: What is a Progressive?


Why do they call it "mountain trail mix"?

OMG! I found my Wagner "Die Walkure" 78rpms! Can anything be better?

Well, I'll probably be gone from DU for a while.....


Why the hell am I paying for "Co-ed Nymphos" on my cable bill?

I did something really stupid

Worst old-fashioned medical condition?

Something tells me I suck at driving

You've been asked to come up with a new National Holiday...

'Funny' political nicknames: yea or nay?


What do you think about jazz? More than just Yay or Nay!

I need to tell someone about my addiction...

Man, just... emotions suck, sometimes. Geeze.

Rabrrrrrr just called LaraMN 'his hero'.

DU Parents of Toddlers: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

How to tell you neighbor is angry with you.

What is your ring size?

Vote for BlueIris' next job.

You know, it's bad enough I get all this spam

Me encanta kudzu. Es idale lugares!

The NYPD be hatin'

Congratulations Dr Fate!! 20,000 posts

Study: Social isolation growing in U.S.

Happy birthday Kajsa!!

I need your prayers and good thoughts, please.

Odd? Perhaps. But I love "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".

Your favorite anti-war lyric?

***IT'S BENIGN!***

Pic thread time! Hot off the compact flash: new pics taken this afternoon!

In honor of GLBT pride weekend... what are you proud of?

***JUNE PHOTO CONTEST*** - Final round


what is your oldest book?

Beer swilling hedonists - your thoughts on body image?

Is that dingus JVS on now?

The Strangers with Candy movie is coming out soon...

"If my people, who are called by my name...

What's your take on this?

'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon

Liberal Atheists act more like Christians than the "Christian" right!

Liberal Christians act more like Atheists that the "Atheist" right!

Cannibalism Study May Hold Clues for Mad-Cow Disease

Aymara Indians see past, future in reverse, study says

Even though it's an old topic I want to vent, why Intelligent design is BS

White Sox manager fined for 'fag' remark, will attend sensitivity training

Reporter Disciplined For Participating In Gay Pride Parade

Coretta Scott King: "Together we shall overcome."

Colbert Report: Gay marriage and people marrying animals (video link)

Attack on gay marriage is typical (LTTE: The Arizona Republic)

7000 Gay Couples Say 'I Do' In UK

Law Profs Support Challenge To Georgia Anti-Gay Amendment

Bermuda To Get Second Chance At Gay Rights Bill

Gay Man Convicted Of Child Abuse To Get New Trial

How General Convention ended: acknowledging the hurt

What's this about the White Sox stealing signs?

Soccer needs some rule changes

Heat, fans celebrate title with parade in Miami

Well, this is pretty cool

Kerry must have kicked some ....

I owe it to

Anyone listening to Big Ed?

Please rec and comment on my DailyKos diary ASAP!!


Another 2008 analysis

Iraqi Government to Offer Peace Deal

Especially for pirhana: Polls, Pundits and Pols

I don't often share this

deleted/ double posted n/t

in case you missed this thread:


Are you done with your granola bar yet?

The final round poll is up

Lloyd Grove Interview Video Clip

The new column is up, and a clarification:

KOEB 6/23/06 Happy Friday Edition

Canadians speak out :

Another US troop dies (9 yesterday). This buried in another story

The guys they caught in Miami are the keystone kops of terrorists.

World scientists unite to attack creationism . . .

Earth hottest it's been in 2,000 years

Al Franken to emcee DemocracyFest with Howard Dean!

One sentence summary of Iraq War

George W. Bush...Education & Experience

The NAFTA Super Highway From Hell

From Prescott to G.W. Bush, War Profiteers living free among us.

Do any state governments have an estate tax?

Who In Congress Still Really Deserves Their Jobs?

If Lawmakers worked for the minimum wage they'd die in two weeks.

Is it OK to claim belief in something, but do not walk the talk?

CBS talking NSA & and privacy concerns

Iraqi Government to Offer Peace Deal

My neighbors bitch about the train whistles... but they make me smile.

WSJ is talking about the Press printing story on Gov. tracking banking

"Human Trafficking"? The US Commits More Human Rights Violations!

Love wins in the end....the GOP hate is flawed.

US admits secretly mining bank records, Bank Data Secretly Reviewed...

This stupid tactic of saying Liberals support Terrorists, FUCK that.

American Nazi Group Growing

White supremacists rally at Civil War site

Gene Lyons Must Read: "Staying the Course is Politics, Not Planning"

Iraqi Govt Declares State of Emergency

Anybody still dealing with Santorm smoking gun relevation?

why are pop-up ads coming up off of clickable news links on DU's...

Still think there isn't any inflation?

Can you face the "Truth"? More "Inconvenient" theaters this weekend....

Resident Prisoners of Baghdad Locked In Between 'Insurgents' and Govt.

Anyone catch Springsteen on CNN??

GOP screws the working poor....again.


c-span wj - now discussing abramoff/indian report

Bush Military History Projedct #18

7 Arrests Over Chicago Plot-Described As Wannabes, No al-Qaeda Connection

St. George

Seems like a bunch of religious nuts to me.

Civilians, as usual, are the ones living the hardships of occupation . . .

Tom Hayden: "Why the Senate Debate Means Progress"

“Why have you failed?” he bluntly asked Bush

Animal lovers-Best Friends Day!

Don't Expect A 4% Pay Raise - May Get a 3.5% Raise

"Official" causes of troops' deaths in Iraq? Don't trust it.

Tom Ridge: War likely to go on for DECADES.

Harriet The Tortoise dies at 175 (possibly studied by Darwin)

Whether or not he can ever become president, Russ Feingold is mad as hell

Kerry and Feingold see bright side in defeat

why does the radical religious right continue the9/11 changed everything

Whistleblower says Bush officials traded Abramoff favors

The "U·n·f·a·i·r" Fallacy

Military Families Speak Out: "Operation House Call"! Confronting Congress.

Miami's Al Qaeda Cell? by: Larry C Johnson

Iraqi Government Declares State of Emergency. Stay the course???

PEACE is peaceful ...

i'm a little late....

Al Gore: Book TV Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern

White House Demands Dismissal of Spy Suit

US can't even find a polygamist in its midst and we are supposed to

EPA: Bush Wrong To Link Boutique Fuels and High Gas Prices

Iraq government bans all movement in Baghdad

Rumsfeld predicts 'drawdown' in Iraq with 'increases" -- war is peace

Gordon Brown and President Gore in climate talks

Anderson Cooper: Sears Tower "Terrorists" Set Up?

Senate Dems unveil 'The Republican Plan on Iraq'


There Could NOT Have Been A Terra Threat Out Of Miami

The Pentagon

The Joy of Home Cooked Meals

What type of person ??

911 First Responders: Voices from the Pit...June 25 NYC

Why every time I see video from Baghdad it looks like the Tet Offensive?

No bombs, no weapons, no Al Qaeda....TERRA! Run for the hills!!1111

Quick Question for Medical Professionals at DU (Surgery, Specifically)

Is it religiously insane or insanely religious?

Just for fun: The Wit and Wisdom of Groucho Marx

Rat King last stand.

Like that swabbie directly to your left? Vote for him in Mapchangers!

I'm too cynical to believe the war on terror is "working" all of a sudden

Who replaces Mineta as Transportation Sec.? Tommie Thompson?

It's incredible, they want to destroy everything just so they can say it's

Rebels set up Road Blocks in downtown Baghdad ... Govt. shuts down City

So much for away games

LAT and NYT editors defend their decisions to publish bank data reports

I'm going come right out and say it. There ain't no war on terror!

Fight the 'Rove Machine's Traitor Talk,' Murtha Says

Estate Tax

Read General Allegation 2 in the indictment & check your irony meter

cnn says they're catholic, msnbc says they're black muslims

"The Lake is Dry." A whole lake disappears in a Florida city. Picture.

Dishonesty in politics

Imagine: John Lennon

insurance companies cancelling homeowners in hurricane zones

Before we get too jazzed about Kerry, let's remember he said THIS:

The "Start Over Campaign"

This on yahoo. KY jelly needed for read!

Unit gets ready for Iraq -- without Watada

Ann Coulter vs. Hitler Quiz

MSNBC Breaking: Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta resigns.

Geraldo: 'I've seen a hell of a lot more combat than John Kerry'

Jim Webb is right on George Allen's heels! Five points and closing

New Yorkers view Rudy as better president than Hillary

Summer SITCOM Replacement: Rep Steve King (R) Iowa, C-SPAN

"Think your office is a zoo? Companies go pet-friendly"

Who wants to bet that the BIG terrorist story from Miami is BOGUS?

Dots, dots, everywhere

Rove is now writing W's obligatory "Terror Averted" speech.

Sign the PFAW Petition for fair voting in Ohio to stand up to Blackwell!

If Al Queyda in Iran is proof that Saddam was complicit with them...

Gen. Casey claims the "Shiite Insurgency" is backed by Iran

OK, put it all together: the Bushbots are desperate. Miami alleged

I have come to a sad conclusion...

I thought the war on terrorism was not a "law enforcement problem"

Why are We Here interested in Politics, but the Vast Herds are Not?

Guardian: Iraq is Full Scale Military Balls- Up

Conan O'Brien

Official Terra Terra Press conference thread

Iraqi Speaker: "What can we say to the American forces who killed 100,000"

My laptop not stolen, no data at risk due to encrypted contents

Physical confrontations at polling places - planning for '06

what is your dream Democratic Party 2006 platform

TIME: The Miami Seven: How Serious Was the Threat?

reframe cut & run

Indians Sound Alarm on Mercury Poisoning

Who has seen "An Inconvenient Truth?"

I'm almost speechless...

Reuters: Arrested Miami men planned 'war' against U.S.

Geraldo Rivera falsely claims to be reporting from Afghanistan front lines

Uh-oh . DOD claims Iranian influence on Iraqi extremists

Dems Poised for Victory, Unless They Drop the Ball

Global warming surpassed natural cycles in fueling 2005 hurricane season

"Cut and Run" Republicans

NBC Today pushing the "Sears Tower terror plot" HARD

Garry Trudeau is on a roll this week. Todays Doonesbury..

Freepers OPPOSED fascist plan to access bank records when first reported

contractors on US bases in Iraq take and keep workers passports

Republicans are creating a system cheaper than slavery


CONFUSION results in APATHY: The GOPers are confusing us with

Hollow US defense for an empty threat...

America’s Bad Rep - Bush’s Austria trip has underscored just how much

Right-Wing Reader Mail: The Friday Fruitcakes

Pushing the Kool-Aid

Coalition Mission Delivers Meals to Sadr City

Deep-fry a Friday!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Please come CAPTION!!!

Does saying you want to blow up the Sears tower, make you a terrorist?

What are the terrorist targets in the U.S.?

Dems To Hold Iraq Intell Hearings-Numerous Former Officials To Speak

Santorum of Arabia. He has found more WMD's . . . .

AL GORE to be on Good Morning America - Heads Up!

Was the FBI agent who busted the Miami gang named "O'Brien"?

"Paris Hilton" tax cut passes. Minimum wage increase shot down.

New War Tactics to Use in Iraq: "Don't start lazin' and blazin'"

so when are we going to proclaim Wednesday as the day no cars can

CNN is breaking out their "Dirty Bomb" piece...

One of the Sears Tower 7 was from Haiti - guess that means we invade Cuba

"Seven Bums in a Warehouse"

Now that I'm not hopping mad, why not march in support not protest?

did the bush administration have a hand in the murder of Hayatullah Kahn?

Dammit - I'm gonna fight terror and buy a shirt!

caption this * pic

by current (utterly ambiguous and arbitrary) definition, was Malcolm X

Home Grown Terrorist?????????

There is a blizzard in DC right now - Tony Snowjob is really piling


Guns, video games, and recreational drugs

CNN just reported "Brother Sunni" was the alias of one of the "terra-ists"

My note to Sen. Mark Pryor regarding his 'nay' votes yesterday...

The Guy James Show 3 to 5pm

Gee. A couple of weeks since Rove got away with outing a CIA agent, and...

These guys can't hold on to anything anymore

U.S. unprepared for Net meltdown, blue chips warn

Topic for Discussion: Foiled Miami plot proves "we're fighting them HERE"?

The black kids in Miami are to terrorists as the Symbionese

Lehrer Newshour doing story on CT senate race

The deaths of five more U.S. troops as Bush claims Taliban on the run

Did Lou Dobbs say that 50% of Mexicans are unemployed?

Is al-Qaida's moving making studio inside a cave in Afghanistan?

teacher:"what do your parents do for a living?".............

Committee on the Present Danger (CPD) : antiwar movement is an enemy

Al Gore on Letterman tonight

Behind the "KosGate" scandal, via "Sadly, No!"

A Provocative Look at Soldiers' Lives in Iraq

European Bilderbergers: no part in an invasion of Iran

Wow! CBS News isn't biting on the "Miami Seven"

Those are our children "over there!"

Has Joe Six-Pack himself lost repect for the constitution?

Do armies protect freedom?

Never too late to apologize.

White House, GOP Leaders Plan All-Out Assault on Federal Protections

Wow, the gal on Hardball is laying it on thick

Which of these wars defended America from conquest?

Latest Research Supports Possibility Of Cyropreservation

simple question for Bush regarding his talk of standing up for freedom

Snow gets rattled by Helen Thomas: I'm the Teacher! VIDEO

LOL! 7 terror suspects "sought to form own army". umm, ya. right.

WSJ: As Workers' Pensions Wither, Those for Executives Flourish

Anyone here a member of DSA ( Democratic Socialists of America)

Just shoot me....WHY do I watch Hardball

Which group are we suppose to be afraid of next...

Working Assets, anyone?

When are the White Supremacists going to be arrested for terrorism?

Kettle, pot. O'reilly, Coulter.

Did it happen? Were some 100 Iraqis kidnapped this week?

Cargill banner - this looks bizarre

Fox Gets ‘Fair And Balanced’ Access to Guantanamo

Hardball: Bush is a Terrorist!

Mineta was a Democrat? What took him so long?

Busby/Bilbray "Emergency Townhalls"; More 'NO CONFIDENCE' Declarations...

Trek Philosophy: This rung true for me in regards to the war.

Snow: spying on financial transactions, "Government at its best."

Santorum stands firm on claim that report backs prewar threat

Need Help - Trying to Convince a Co-Worker that Phone Taps R Wrong

Congress May Bestow Unchecked Spying Powers on President

WHO KNEW? Friday - 6/23 Toon

LINK: I think this would be a good time for people to read 1984.

Have you seen the photos of the Miami "terrorists"? ROFL

The distraction is working

"Were the Miami 7 plotting to overthrow the government"?

IL Governor...Look out for suspicious pagers.. you'll know it

Some hidden facts that NHTSA hides from the public concerning motorcycle

In Remembrance Of Reality..................

Any update on the Halliburton built detention camps?

Suskind: Bush is "a unique blend of opacity and action."

Miami Terror Indictment: Both CNN Legal Analysts call indictments "thin."

Sunday: Iraqi Gov't will give a Timetable for Foreign Troops to Leave

Baghdad under curfew after clashes with Shi’ite militias

Blonde Hate - An Ann Coulter Fable

Those noble, hard-working Republicans. Leaders of men. Innovators.

Mondale: U.S. should destroy North Korea's missle.

Soldier's leave in Cape delayed by mortar attack

Fox News (Cavuto) not even leading with the "Miami 7" story

Mass production

Tony Snow claims more than 2000 people killed in Bali bombing.

caption this Gonzo pic...

Under what conditions would the U.S. be forced out of Iraq?

Parents of the YEAR!!!

You think Soledad O'Brien "got it" when The Boss called her an idiot?

Protect medical marijuana patients! Congress votes next week!

What are your favorite progressive websites (other than DU)?

Tom Toles latest

"Leave the Troops There !! "

Jebland...hotbed of terra activity...anyone else find that statistically

CondoSLEEZA the Liar is corrupt AND incompetetent. Therefore a perfect GOP

Why we have no helicopters.....

I love DU. Thanks for seeing through the Bush/MSM's crap.

Jack Cafferty's question for 5pm est hour:

Four white talking heads discussing black Muslims on MSNBC

I've got a question for DU members who know much more than............

New Progressive Show! Bruce Burch Radio Program 5-7pm ET Daily

Army raises enlistment age for the second time this year

George almighty fighting them over there so that....

EUCOM: the lighter side of the US European Command

The Freeper and the Terrorist

Have I figured out something - bank spying?

How long before any of us here at DU is called a "Home Grown Terrorist"

My advice to would-be terrorists.

Is it safe to say we are Highly Disappointed in our Democratic Leaders?

My Mad Rant!!! MSNCB Dan Abrams Racism HAVE MORES

Ruhel Ahmed on MSNBC : Bush is a terrorist

The Children of Iraq Have Names

On CNN now, Wolfie is showing us why we will never win again

Mike Malloy Youth Night tonight - 10 PM ET

Randi's BEST is from the day Chimpy pissed on the blind guy.

Has the corporate owned media cartel covered any news today?

Terror Alert, Miami Style

Sounds like they aren't Muslim but Black Jews ("Black Israelites")

SF Chron poll: What's the major cause of "Global Warming"?

List of accusations of GIs in Iraq stuns experts

Howie Carr Mentioned DU

28K sailors in the Navy have had their personal info compromised

Could "Curveball" possibly be FBI informant in the Miami terror cell?

Anyone else noticing all the Selective Service ads lately?

Drum: Exiting war never lowered a country's standing. Not exiting has.

Meaningful discussion of "Israeli Influence" now on C-Span

Living National Treasures

I have a message for Secretary Snow and the President:

Army takes older recruits, up to age 42 now

The UN Bites Back - Editorial From The Nation; Bolton is an idiot

Couric to go on a "listening tour" ! ! ! !

I nominate this thread the funniest on DU this week!!

Bushco knew this Secret Bank

The Young Men In Miami Were, In Part, Recruited & Aided By Our Government

Iraq: Senate Bars Permanent Bases, Again

Zealous Recyclers Make a Mint at the FIFA World Cup!

About that "7 Arrested In Alleged Sears Tower Plot"

Are you catching these interviews with neighbors and family in Miami?

Actual WashPost headline today, p. A2: "Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy?"

Reporter Explains How Brutality Against Fallen Troops is a "Positive"

Muslims, Westerners - same, same...

How much trouble is Grover Norquist in?

Post pics of what you think * looked like as a baby

Daily Show is being attacked on Hardball. Actually, I'm surprised that it

looks like a bold faced liar who should not even be wearing the american

Why is the FBI dressing in a militaristic manner?

Please critique my LTTE on Bill O'Reilly

Where do Blanco and Nagin think they are?

The Washington Post, Bic Lighters and Farts in a Jar!


Here's some VERY REVEALING facts about Chem Weapon sales by the US to Iraq

"...little water have led some troops to give each other IVs

The Enemy of My Enemy

Coulter endorses Lieberman

Do right wing trolls who support wild conspiracy theories exist?

Nation's Elite AWOL From Military

Norah O'Donnell on Hardball is Bush's Butt Girl

Iraq Withdrawal - modest suggestion

Bye Bye Voting Rights Act by Palast

Better check if that umbrella still works...(Hurricane Center Update)

Democrats Win Iraq Debate: Iraq Peace Plan echoes Kerry/Feingold

Bush and Cheney have accomplished all their goals in Iraq.

Here's a Great Anti-War Research Site: "Historians Against War"

If a Sovereign Nation asks you to leave & you don't, what time is it?

Hypothetically speaking in 2008.....if the Democrats fail .....

Springsteen Hits Coulter-Defends Right To Take A Stand On Political Issues

Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy?

Someone asked how Gore was received in TN

A strange thing I just noticed on MSNBC

Gonzales press conference on CNN-TerraTerraTerra! nt

OK, who was the DUer that Cafferty just read............

Cheney Says He Might Testify in Leak Case

Indiana resort evacuated after flashing beer ad is mistaken for bomb


The rich guy, accused of murdering his wife & shooting judge: caught.

Question for Hillary people. Has she changed much?

Chapatte toons in the IHT

Whats Everyone's Take On The Arrests In Florida Of The So Called

We have a new Latino/Hispanic Group.

"Big Brother's Police State" ---------> my new flash animation

Hinchey renews effort to expand CIA leak probe-Investigate the Lie!!!

Al Gore appears on David Letterman TONIGHT!


Miami 7 link to Padilla just announced

Geraldo Rivera: "I've seen a hell of a lot more combat than John Kerry."

How to STICK IT to AT&T and the GOP Crime Syndicate police state.

Iraqi Govt Declares State of Emergency

St. Pete Times's: ROVE Conspires With SATAN To Win Fall Elections

Do any of you Windows users have any 20 year old software that runs now?

The Rove War is ON

Sears Tower terrorist plot is bunk.

Does anyone think its time for a hurricane.

Friday TOON pie.

They sold shampoo and hair grease on the street.

"This is no small matter...

With A Little Help From My Friends...Huffpost Festival Update

Study Links Air Pollutants With Autism

GOP Senators Support Troops by Blocking Veterans’ Health Care

Kerry's consistent/forceful message on Bush's invasion/occupation of Iraq

Why is Ed Schultz still on AAR stations???

We need a constitutional amendment to limit the power of executive pardon.

Book TV Schedule June 24th - 26th

BREAKING >> Democrats intercept Republicans Plan on Iraq!


Boycott malls owned by Simon Prop. - dress code prohibits peace symbol

"This is what I mean, an Anti-Nigger Machine" (VRA, Greg Palast)

How about an Alzheimer's Group?

Can anyone get this Libby transcript from the 06/12/06 hearing?

Bringing Home The Bacon...Not So Much

"Death and Destruction; Lying and Corruption"

Republican Leadership “Out of Touch” on Minimum Wage

nicely said, "Cheddar" ...

AP: Commerce Sec. Seeks Immigration Balance

AP: 2 Senators Seek Answers on Murdered Troops

Olbermann on Santorum's WMD

44% of Casey supporters say their vote is mainly against Rick Santorum

Finding our leader (the 08' nominee?) Time for ACTION!

The issue of "democratic unity" was framed well today on CNN

bartlett can't answer question, pulls out talking points on cue

America is dead. What'ya gonna do about it?

C Span2 - Judiciary Committee ~ a question - - Zack Exley's online 2008 poll

Screen Cap of the Day

Ned Lamont: It's time to take back the words "mainstream" and "centrist"

PDA Statement on the Iraq Vote

Rick Santorum, WMD Hunter

"Americans must demand the results are verified!" (Congressional Election)

DeWine: More of the Same in Iraq

This Miami/Chicago (so-called) Plot - Has Rove's Fingerprints All.....

Dontcha just love that Bill Winter Ad in DU?

Lois Murphy as "Howard Dean Liberal" - This steams me....

When I Here The Term 'Homegrown Terrorists" I Think Of The Following.....

The precedence of extreme dirty politics...

No one finds it strange the FBI raided an empty warehouse after they

Did Miami Terror Cell Watch HBO's "Sleeper Cell"?

on average, how many times does o'reilly say "far left groups"...

So what's the over/under on terror alerts between now and Nov?

Terrorists named Patrick and Stanley? Soldiers training to kill all the

WH/GOP Leaders Plan All-Out Assault on Federal Protections

frustration and anger with the DRehm Friday news round-up

Iraqi Government to Offer Peace Deal

Can or do the polls influence voters?

Bush's Baghdad Palace - we ain't leaving Iraq

Is george bush really protecting you and ...

Bush "gestures as Austrian President kisses hand of First Lady Laura..."

You all may have known about this, but I just ran across

Question: has Fitzgerald ever made a statement to the press or

"I find it strange the laws apply to me" - rummy said

Mehlman supports VRA though GOP congress doesn't. Dean attacks.

Has Carl Sheeler been around recently.

Terror suspects borrowed car from "al Qaeda" to score some drugs??

Ignore, must be a member of Excite for the minimum wage poll

EPA Says Bush Was Wrong To Link Boutique Fuels and High Gas Prices

Where in the PNAC doc "Rebuilding America's Defenses"

Try this: "Hide & Slide" Repukes

Are US intelligence agencies trying to influence the US elections?

I'm obsessing over the Sharpton Analogy as the remaining apologists drone.

New Hate Flag for Bush supporters (comments, suggestions pls.)

Who Is This A...hole On Franken That's Jumping On Reporters For....

"Ney Flack: What's a Memory Slip if You're Not under Oath? (A Felony, Pal)

GOP shows true colours

AP: Snow: (bank data) Program Vital to War on Terrorism

The Return of Rove: Dirtytricks Oh Six.

"Osama is a Terrorist. And so is George Bush" (Today's Hairballz)

I think this political cartoon sums it up for me:

could yesterdays hoopla in Miami be a distraction from the Super

Iron Jack Murtha sick of being called a traitor.

Global Corporation vs. Supreme Court?

I consider the republicans to be more dangerous than Al Qaeda

Sunset Commissions -anyone taking action on this?

Grover Norquist Faces Ruin, But No Jail Time

Rove and Satan plot GOP fall campaign.

So Bush is "The Decider," and Tony Snow is..."The Teacher?"

Good shouting match on Franken

What the nutcase fundies really want.

Next Slogan: "Can We afford to trust THEM again?

Weird stuff.

NYT/Reuters: Some Democrats unconcerned about party "split" on Iraq

What's this 'plan' shit? We're 'spossa have a plan? Sez who?

A Simple Question for Democrats AND Republicans to Remember...

Projecting strength isn't being strong

Howard Dean will give the Democratic radio address tomorrow

Hillary will spoil the midterms for the Democrats

neo cons trying to kill Head Start (the dumbing down of america)

The Miami 'terror' bust. Can we just call bullshit now?

Is george bush really protecting you and ...

Note I just sent to CNN's American Morning program

CIA attempts to warn Bush before 9-11

More of our Kids will die in the deserts of Iraq this weekend and

Thank you, all you DUers who voted for Nancy Skinner

Sirota on the establishment's Iraq Funhouse Mirror debate

Gonzales says the Miami 7 made plans to hurt Americans

Hillary Backers To Protest Gore at Book Signing

Dr Fate shoots down another of those asinine Right Wing Chain Mails.

Why Al Gore is the Democrat's Best Bet in 2008

Can Iraq be "fixed" ?

Supreme Court chief justice buys island home in Maine

Voting Rights Act on the Ropes

Whew! The KOS/New Republic Dust-up Is One For The Ages!

Why labor unions matter to all workers, unionized or not.

We should be preparing for the DLC to win in 2008