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Archives: June 22, 2006

Boehner's Luck:Have Ohio congressmen found new way to line pockets?

Debate Heats up Over Iraq in Senate (Puke alert)


NYT: Bob Herbert: America in 2026


Iowa Congressman Apologizes for Jest

TXU plans to build 11 new coal plants in Texas-total 6400 MW

Seattle's Imperium Renewables plans to rule biodiesel (Paul Allen)

Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Wind Farm

Silverstein buys Sears Tower

Do you believe that the government

toxic sky

Cinti. Enquirer's politics blog references RFK's lawsuit & Carl Weiser's

hacking the Mass vote: Part II (the plot thickens)

Info from the grapevine

Help 5 texas candidates earn 5000 apiece for their campaign...

Join us in Sugar Land on Friday, July 7th!

Harper set to announce $15 billion in military spending

Trauma relevant in divorce

Mexican customs to be stationed in Kansas City

Sierra Club leader says global warming debate has reached 'tipping point'

AP: Al Gore's Documentary Wins Special Award

Report: Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq (Faux)

Whaling commission 'corrupt'

Chávez foe now facing trial

McCain: Not Time to Withdraw From Iraq

North American Union Would Trump U.S. Supreme Court

Holmes is bitch slapping Ann Coulter

Whoopie Whips Wampum!

WP: U.S. Losing Its Middle Class Neighborhoods (There's Your Bush Boom)

Specter to grill officials on Bush ignoring laws

Prosecutors want judge to order BALCO reporters to divulge sources

Al Qaeda's No. 2 releases new video

Defense Department Disavows Santorum’s WMD Claims

Former Defense Officials Urge U.S. Strike on North Korean Missile Site

NYT: Rallied by Bush, Skittish G.O.P. Now Embraces War as Issue

CEOs earn 262 times pay of average worker (Reuters)

The US 'wants to end Guantanamo'

Autoworkers union opposes at-risk pension rule

NYT: House Delays Renewal of Voting Rights Act

WP/AP: Episcopal Leaders Approve Compromise on Gay Bishops (new vote)

Lawmakers reach compromise on Cape Cod wind farm

Dark Days For Bureau Of Indian Affairs (CBS Exclusive/GOP corruption)

WP: Lawmakers' Profits Are Scrutinized (Culture of Corruption Back On)

Iowa congressman (King) apologizes for jest (about Helen Thomas)

Opposing Launch, 2 NASA Officials Feared Shuttle's Loss, Not Crew Safety

WP: The Democrats Reassess (GOP has been winning battle of ideas)

San Francisco unveils universal (healthcare) coverage

(Gore basher)Defendant expected to take stand in sexual harassment case

Grisham en Espanol? No mas for Ga. Library

American Indian-owned armor plant raided by federal agents

Great fong!

Not sure if this new job is better or not

Tonight's Nightmare Fodder

What do you think Will Shortz's salary is?

Fuck it. I'm stuffing a ballot box.

good lord, John Kerry is laying the smackdown on Bush

I'm having a bit of a problem...

Any donors NOT have ads turned off? I personally find them amusing,

WARNING! Simon Cowell's new show SUCKS!

Name association thread...

I may cease to exist tonight...

Definite sign of global warming.

How should a waiter address an androgynous group of people?

To break up the madness

Whats yer poison 2 nite

Most overused/annoying rhyming words in pop music?

idea for new group- support group for unemployed/underemployed persons

Jose Reyes just hit for a cycle in Shea

There is a fire at the travel agency

Costa Rica...what do y'all know about it?

"Your architecture is trite!"

Great moments in Hooliganism: Constantinople 532 A.D

Ann or Adolf? Take the test.

Earth has been invaded by politically correct, multicultural aliens

I'm not a fan of "deleted subthread"

Fuck it. I'm stuffing a bra.

I Love Vicodin

I'm not a fan of "Expand threads"

Full Metal Classroom...

Bush remark re: N. Korea

Funny how I find myself in love with you

Fa fa fa fa fa fa

Mi mi mi mi mi mi


Who likes storms???

Mountain Thrust, Operation Helmet, Oh my...

Fuck it! I'm stuffed and I'm going to puke!

Fuck it, I'm eating popcorn!

Ohmigod. It's Shatner, TV Land, tonight, now, 6-21-06. I'm not worthy!

Bisexual orchid does 360-degree twist to self-pollinate

Fuck it. I'm going to bed.

Is your mental encyclopedia out of date?

"Superman Returns" is getting fantastic reviews.

When is "Talk Like a Pirate Day"?

ta ta ta ta ta

Sen. Jeff Sessions sounds tired and idiotic

What the hell. It is 4:20 somewhere.

Fuck it. I'm stuffing peppers.

I have yet to hear anything about West Nile this summer.

Fuck it. Don't ask what I'm stuffing.

Fuck it. I'm going to have a drink and commit a crime with it.

Today is the first day of Summer, I spent this afternoon in my woods and

The best vanity plates you've seen

Post your favorite Anti-Drug PSAs

What PIM (Personal Information Manager) do you use? I need ideas.

White Sox manager uses slur; upsets gay rights activists!

Best DEVO tune

Be very afraid......Part 2

Well, it seems I have pneumonia and a strep infection ...

Share you dislike of summer here

"Uh, oh, there I go, thinkin' about sex again... "The Waitresses" tribute

DU's favorite Kennedy?

Help me name a new rescue pup!

Best sign ever!

Post pictures of yourself from different decades

Still trying to name our Daughter

Condoms and Sexually-Transmitted Infections

Scientific explanation requested: The particle in the box question.

Noth pole Webcam!

Now is the time for LGBT voters to decide what they want from a President

Dammit that loss pissed me off!

i missed everything

Kerry Speech Part 5

Kerry speech coming up: New Thread for that. (#4)

JK on All Things Considered

Next to Kerry - I love Leahy - check it out:)

KOEB Meeting: 06/21/06 -- Summer Solstice Edition

Life In The Balance:Public Healthcare In Texas on now in DFW area (PBS)

It's amazing how in a country as backwards as the United States

Iraq, unfiltered (note to Repub liars)

post turtle (joke)

U.S. denies sending troops to Bolivia

"categorically UNtrue' says Santorium--that SH had no wmd. He spoke

I may cease to exist tonight...

Profiles in Courage in Our Time

MySpace plans new age restrictions

America Needs A War Tax

FSTV: AbuGhraib, New Horrors Revealed Scheduled To Air At 9:17 PM CST,BUT

Hillary: "My own mother boo's me"

Is it Just Me...

To break up the madness

Just so's ya know: Hannity "breaking" the big WMD news on Fox

HIstorical revionists at Fox News claim WMDs found in Iraq, facts disagree

Whoopie Whips Wampum!

Got to push for Greatest Post.: Drunken Pierce Bush. Expert on Iraq.

Titanic hits iceberg-sinking, Fox News tells passengers - stay aboard...

Spector Threatening To "Lay Down The Guantlet" AGAIN...

Body of Saddam's attorney was dragged through the streets of Sadr City

Thread #3, Kerry/Feingold Iraq resolution

Bartcop: Lying Quotes

Michael Savage in laughable meltdown today

If foam punches too big a hole in shuttle, crew will wait in space station

Safavian conviction coverage doesn't mention he worked at THE WHITE HOUSE!

I R A N: An American's first trip to Iran

OK, Now define "time table"

Breaking news: Terra Terra

Bogus WMD story picked up by a stellar cast of credible media outlets....

Santorum On TV Trying To Claim He's Found WMD In Iraq

Dems, Murtha and others need to get out in front of the fake WMD news

Anyone else noticed this about Fox News?

Bogus WMD story - simply another election year recycling of FAUXnews

House Delays Renewal of Voting Rights Act

I wish Olbermann would ignore O'Rielly.

I have a new found love for Cher

Wow. Some decent words from Sen. Hagel re: the Iraq debate >>>>

I have a new blog

Hitting mid-life crisis? Enlist! Age bumped (2nd time this year) to 42!!

Making it in George Bush's America

"They chose not to" John Kerry

FL Gov Candidates and their failed marriages

For parents...

Iraq. We need to send in MORE troops!

Hardball double standard Part II: Norah, Mehlman, Dean..Media Matters

The world must think we're incredibly dense

Scientists rally to attack creationist schooling

Supervisors Pass Ordinance Keeping Sex Offenders 300 Feet from Kids

WTF??? he is Now "Lord Bush" Some people just need slapped

AUDIO (LIVE NOW): Greg Palast live on the Mike Malloy Show (Air America)

TDS/Jon Stewart's guest tonight - Anderson Cooper

Congress sabotages international marriage, romance for vets

Proof that the Voters' Rights Act is still needed: FL in 2000 & OH in 2004

Bush shows Old Europe a new face of caring and sharing

Afghanistan, Iraq Sucking Up Foreign Aid

With each passing day more and more I believe the dem's need to start

Smears of Daily Kos are BULLSHIT!

U.S. Losing Its Middle-Class Neighborhoods

Condi goes into Vampira trance in Europe

So, um, what's the story with the Coulter and Malkin ads here on DU?

Evil Moron shows Old Europe a new face of caring and sharing

So, Bush's adviser Matalin raises $2 million for one of the GOP's liars

Pentagon Held Info in 2 Soldiers' Deaths

Larry King Live re-airing on CNN right now with Dem. women Senators...n/t update..."Budapest Opens Wide for a Big Face full of Bush"

A link between crime and poverty?

***********Official Thread #4, Kerry/Feingold Iraq resolution*************


Bush to CIA Briefer: "All right. You've covered your ass, now."

TruthOut was to have a 21st explanation.

the 3 assholes on Fox and Friends in the morning are the worst

Bush is abusing the troops by giving them 3 or 4 tours in Iraq.

You know....I have just about had it with the USA

I wish people would stop calling Fox a Conservative Network

Remember the running across America segment in Forest Gump?

Did anyone see GWB get interviewed by the European media?

Republican Congress claim that evidence of Saddam's WMD identified

Anderson Cooper on The Daily Show tonight! Think Jon's gonna give him...

On Tape: Rep Won't Let Customer Quit AOL

Colber Report tonight: Bay Buchanan, UGH! nt

I nominate Jon Stewart for number one Anti-Propagandist!

In CIA Leak Case-Rove & WH Pulled-"The Perfect Stonewall": By David Corn

Ted Nugent - Pig, Scumbag, Cocksucker extraordinaire

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in

Country fans go Liberal

Al Gore's documentary wins special award

Racism alive and well in North Dakota. Nazis are welcome! Really!

About those "WMD" -- pass it on

Do you wonder whether you've become so tough, you have no tenderness,....

Cher is on Anderson Cooper--talking about Operation Helmut

"All right. You've covered your ass, now."

Stopping the war would be a "politically fatal mistake" for GOP

The Republican Iraq Paradox

Now on Larry king-all 9 democratic female senators

David Sirota will be in Lexington Ky At Not So Fancy Farm

Here's 3 pics of the lorry bushitler $500 lunch protest yellathon

Don't Forget Frontline On PBS Tonight! "The Dark Side" Re-airs At 10:PM

Shit. It's going to work, isn't it.

Link TV will air a four-hour special, "Democracy for Sale?" TUNE IN >>>

GORE's Documentary Will Recieve Rare "Humanitas Prize"

Hello? Anyone else see fraud in Ohio's election???

What's the most common "first gateway drug" that leads to harder drug use?

Truthout Aside, Where is the Fitz Doc Faxed to Luskin ?

Cut and Run

who else thinks this election will be tight?

Democrats form unified front against administration's war strategy

Did my local NPR station engage in blatant censorship today?

Kerry up on CSPAN2 now, FYI on Iraqi debate

America the scared: "Flashing Beer Ad Forces Hotel Evacuation"

IS THIS YURP? ---pix--->>>


This is just wrong!

John Edwards: America in 2026

AP version of WMD story is out now

Defense Department Disavows Santorum’s WMD Claims

Rove's fat fingerprints are all over "cut and run"

Sundance Award winning film A LION IN THE HOUSE on PBS now.

Just how long is this long dark tunnel we're in?

Who said it-Coulter or Hitler



Democratic Women Senators on Larry King

Keeping the Democratic "split" on Iraq in perspective....

What's going on at They said they would update

Did you see the video of Olberman SLAMMING Coulter?

Cable "news" claims that Democrats are on the wrong side of Iraq issue.

Does anyone have a source for which members of Congress have visited Iraq?

AP: Iowa Congressman Apologizes for Jest (Helen Thomas joke)

Senator Kerry back up on CSPAN2 now, 8pmCT. nt

Democratic Women for Change

Congress Takes Steps Toward Peace

WE are not fools...WE elected these talking heads

Why Religion Must End, God's Next Army & Karl Rove



Rallied by Bush, Skittish G.O.P. Now Embraces War as Issue

First Al, now Tipper can you feel it coming in the air tonight

500 WMDs recovered - Santorum

23 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak (Think Progress)

Lieberman needs to clean up his act

Democrats have Cut and Run

When does Part II of the 911 commission investigate the uses of intel?

America is living in fear...How do we overcome that?

Lieberman's Kamikaze Assault on the Democratic Party

Best Democratic Congressional leader?

Chicago to require big business (Wal-Mart) to pay a living wage?

GOP Again Defeats Minimum Wage Increase

Fox News hosts criticize know things are bad. Video.

Hastert and Boehner cave in to racists on Voting Rights Act!

Bush Didn't Know

Emergence of a front-runner candidate for 2008

GALLUP: "Democrats Looking Strong Heading Toward Midterm Elections"


If our Founding Fathers were alive today

The Way Out of Iraq: A Road Map (W Post)

HuffPo: The King George Version

Murtha: "Knowing Your Enemy"

Republicans Gone Wild--Millbank--WaPo

Users jockeying for high priority on Net fast lane

Study Shows Divide Between Muslims, West

Bush Administration Failing America's AIDS Crisis (Gene C. Gerard)

Support the Troops (Sheila Samples,

Patrick Henry Would Not Be Amused (SEESHOLTZ, Counterbias)

Froomkin: Rove's Risky Embrace

A Message for the Uninvolved American

If Necessary, Strike and Destroy

Should Representatives Have to Live on Minimum Wage?

"The Threat to the Planet" (Jim Hansen, NASA)

Afghan Prez Karzai demands new approach (now? a tad late)

Bush family history shows a dark past unseen by most

Critiquing misleading White House statements about the economy (EPI)

1/4 Of France's Departments Now Subject To Water Rationing - Reuters

Canada's Environment Minister Faces Harsh Criticism, Calls For Resignation

Gulf Coast Builders Turn To Concrete Stilts, Ballistic Nylon Shutters

UK beetle species 'under threat'

Arkansas & Conservancy Offer $10K For Evidence Of Ivory-Billed Nest

EU Scientists - Many Nations Grossly Underreporting GHG Output - Reuters

Czech Republic Calls In Army To Handle Toxic Industrial Site - AFP

Methane Emissions Twice Officially Reported Totals - Guardian

Bacteria Piggyback On Algae Blooms To Kill Corals - AFP

UN Begins Food Relief To 200K+ Nepalis Hit By Worst Drought In Decades

As Rationing Continues, Thames Water Loses 900M Liters/Day To Leaks

Triplets! Successful Birth For Endangered Cheetah Subspecies In Djibouti

Developer Pushing Coal-Fired Plant Next To Kenai Fjords NP - ADN

Floods, Landslides Kill 114 In Indonesia - Death Toll Climbing - Reuters

Drought Monitor 6/20 - No Real Changes, 46% Of Winter Wheat Poor/Very Poor

CA Will Vote To Tax Oil Production To Fund Alternative Energy - Reuters

Hybrids recharge biking

Do Fossil Fuel industries really lobby against Nukes?

Sanyo To Put $350 Million Into Solar Over Next 5 Years - Reuters

Global Warming Surpassed Natural Cycles In Fueling 2005 Hurricane Season

West Bank settler suspected of smuggling sniper rifles from U.S.

Israeli Air Force Attack in Gaza – Grave Suspicion of War Crime

Situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Land - UN report

Land of Paradoxes

Study on impact of last year's riots in France released in Israel

Israeli flag provokes death threats for Ghana

! Hamas agrees to Israeli state, what excuse does Bush have now

PM raises possibility of settlers remaining in Palestinian state

Olmert pledges to continue policy of targeted killings

Netanyahu: IDF has operational capability to wipe out all of Gaza

Volunteer worker killed in Gaza Strip inspires play

Israel, Jordan boost economic cooperation plans

A Week of Israeli Restraint

Al Mihdhar: we were followed to US

What is the motivation of OCT supporters?

"To tell the truth": Sac News & Review on 9/11 Truth

Why Didn't the Pentagon Fire Their Missiles at Incoming Plane?

Killtown's Shanksville analysis:

Fetzer on Insannity and Jellyfish Colmes Tonight - 9 P.M.

WT6 crater.. where in this massive hole is the debris from WT1

PBS Frontline: The Dark Side (Full Video)

Eureka Reporter: Group Rejects San Diego Results

Wexler: Please Don't take DAMAGED case to US Supreme Court

Poll - [email protected] - Stolen Election 2004 - vote!

FL: Wexler May Take Voting Machines Case to U.S. Supreme Court

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday June 22 2006

Steve Rosenfeld (AAR): Jim Crow GOP

Conyers, MCM, Tokaji + R-Attorney Bill Todd on NPR's Open Source: OH Theft

Call Congress Now - Voting Rights Act Hijacked by Extremists

Eminent Computer Scientist Criticizes ES&S "Real Time Audit Log"

FL: Audit Reveals Serious Problems With State's Election Administration

If you get a push poll ASK TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR!

DNC Rules Committee votes to put NH in third - Union Leader

Iowa At High Risk For Compromised Election Results...

5 for 5 in Estate Tax Relief votes in the House

Anyone else laugh at Nussle edication plan?

Will [a name="xxxx"]text[/a] tags work

This might be of interest to some of you:

Ed Shultz. Out of touch again.

"I don't think we have racial bias in Texas anymore."

Gubernatorial Poll: HairSpray 37.7%, Bell 19.7%, Stinky 17.5%, C4n3p 14.1%

My new steak rub

Pizza Redux - Cooks Illustrated strikes again!

Youth delegates dragged from convention centre

Harper on with Puffy Duffy on Newsnet

Clifford Olson soon up for parole

Condoms and Sexually-Transmitted Infections

Republican Congress claim that evidence of Saddam's WMD identified

Pentagon held info in 2 soldiers' deaths (killed by Iraqi troops)

Fourth Fort Campbell soldier charged in Iraqi deaths

Comrade tries to kill Hastert project

U.S. working to reduce civilian casualties in Iraq

Authorities bust organized crime ring in Tempe

Iraqi Police Storm Farm, Free 17 Hostages

Rioting in China Over Label on College Diplomas

Stephen Hawking warns about global warming

LAT: For N. Korean Missile, $43B U.S. Defense Is Hit or Miss

S. Korea: North Missile Test Not Imminent

unemployment initial claims up latest week by 11,000 to 308,000

CNN: Fed by drought, wildfires scorching Western US

! Hamas agrees to Israeli state, what excuse does Bush have now

BA (British Airways) investigated on fuel surcharge

Troop withdrawal starts in southern Iraq: governor

Iraqi troops find bodies after workers abducted

Saddam trial 'legitimate' despite attorneys' murders: US

Feds tried to zap 9/11 kin for Zac (Moussaoui)

Earth warmest in at least 400 years, panel finds

Kyoto promises are nothing but hot air

Bush urged not to trample human rights in terror war

Family upset military lied about nature of son's death

Charles Rangel exposed the Repub plan on the house floor.

Scientists: Rats partially overcome paralysis in stem cell study (CNN)

Today 7/22/06

FAA grounds L.A. sheriff's drone plans

Pluto's Tiny Twin Moons Named


Hermaphrodite Dolls Puzzle Russian Children

Users jockeying for high priority on Net fast lane

BREAKING: Doug Duncan withdrawing from Maryland Governor's Race

Four US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

'Obfuscation' By FEMA Hurt Katrina Victims

US Senate panel cuts military, foreign aid funds (defies Dimson)

Former Spanish PM (Aznar) joins News Corp board

Relatives shocked by Marine murder allegations....

Comrade (Rep. Jeff Flake) tries to kill Hastert project

Lawmakers' Profits Are Scrutinized - Hastert and Others Defend Land Gains

San Jose mayor (D), budget aide arrested

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 22 June

Front Range group grabs Western Colo. Minutemen monikers

Iraq chemical weapons 'too old to use'

Earth's temp may be at 2,000-year high

Iraqi troops find bodies after workers abducted

Arizona to Vote on Official Language

House to Vote on Weaker Line-Item Veto Law

Furious Iraq demands apology (from Australia - Aussies killed bodyguard)

MergerTalk: Middle East money flows into buyout funds

Tribes should beef up laws after Abramoff: report

LAT: Border Battle Now GOP Turf War: House GOP takes on Bush w/ hearings

4 Marines killed during operations in Iraq

Rivals agree Somalia peace deal

Democratic Panel Limits New Primary States

General warns of graft in Iraq

Reuters: FCC kicks off review of media ownership rules

U.S. says Iraq checkpoint deaths are down

Cheney: Iraq pullout 'worst possible thing we could do'

Belgian court condemn two men for online revisionism

Former Homeland chief Ridge says terror war will last decades

Thousands claim exposure in 9/11 aftermath

Details emerge on second potential NSA facility

Perry: US should be ready to destroy North Korean missile

Americans shun metropolises to go to the 'exurbs'

Minister blames attorney for convictions for solicitation.

Bush says Hungary is an example for Iraq to follow

Kerry-Feingold amendment fails 86-13

Karzai criticises foreign tactics

More Than One-Third of Iraq Troops Suffering Migraines

Harkat informant called 'insane' (Canadian terror)

Exile: We plotted attacks on Cuba

Senate RollVote2 US Iraq (60-39 roll)

Sex Bias Award Affirmed (by SCOTUS)

Report says humans mostly responsible for global warming

EPA: Special Fuels Not to Blame for Costs

FBI raiding several locations in the Miami area in connection with..

Criticism of policies riles Bush at summit

Pre-1991 Iraqi weapons said a threat to US troops (Rumsfeld)

At least 25 people found executed in Mosul

US House votes to cut estate tax

'Great progress' in training Iraqi forces: US general

U.S. Military Intercepts Missile in Test

Speaker Hastert's Land Deal Questioned

Condoms proven to protect against (human papilloma) virus

Judge Orders Release of Abortion Clinic Files

Muslims 'Still in Denial' About 9/11, Pew Survey Finds

Dioceses won't perform background checks (on anyone working with children)

Fuck it. I'm starting a copycat thread.

I think this is quite possibly my favorite game show moment ever!

hi ho...

Is this video bad or good, I can't quite tell

Is this video Bad?

MACH 1+ tonight, with Nanci Griffith

GWB '73...Funniest Bush Video EVER!!!

Suck it. I'm going to come.

Do people still set up BBSes where you can dial up, leave messages,...

WARNING: dicksteele might be a freeper

Help: I need to find the video of ORieley saying that the Iraq war ...

run, rabit run

Mashed Taters dude...

What did zero say to eight?

oh pooo

Grad Students: What did you think of Grad School

ohiosmith now owes me some fiorinal

You HAVE to see this--TIGER w/ baby pigs!!!

Fastest Stripper in the World (Ladies you have to beat 7.4 seconds...

!secalp gniog s'tI .uzduk no hsillub ma I

Anyone want my eyes? Because I'm about to yank 'em out and toss 'em

Its hot as hell down here. Want to know how I know ?

I've decided I want to have a mortal DU enemy

&%$#@! I have a night off for once and the %$#@ing electricity goes out!

Fuck it. Why Is This Place So DEAD?

Treat of the night: Video of freeper reading posts here

Cher pushing safer military helmets (against the war but for the troops)

Bobby Lee of Mad TV/Harold & Kumar cracks me up. I just watched

Animator-vs-Animation. Very cool, very funny Flash animation

ah come on, you know you love it, it's PRICE REDUCED!!!

Another funny story from SA

You be the judge: "Great" DEVO cover ?

Toilet Cleaners To Be Promoted To "Restroom Specialists"

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Baldwin & Bassinger - will these 2 knock it the frick off!!!

What does it mean when your smoke alarm beeps 3 times every minute or so?

Well, I'VE decided I want to have a mortal DU enema

Super freak!

What's that website... ?

I've decided I want to have a mortal DU meme

Chubby Beach Flasher On The Loose In New Hampshire

I love me some junk in the trunk!

Does anybody know why we'd get an offer to

God Hates Shrimp

God Hates Shemp

For your protection. Please read.


I'm finally getting a day off after three months...

Religious Groups Using Technology To Speed Up The Rapture

USA vs. Ghana World Cup - SPOILER ALERT

Look for a while at the China Cat Sunflower

Carpal Tunnel question:

Would you eat at a somewhat over-priced restaurant if you knew the...

Why is Starbucks' coffee so bitter? Even the decaf.

Who Was The Last Presidential Candidate You Voted For?

Greatest let down in Wiki history: "Exploding head syndrome"

That Summer Feeling

I've decided I want to have a mortal DU enema

For WC and others, my interview was cancelled

What is a good web hosting company that is RELIABLE with no downtime?

Cool little website to waste some time

Should I go see "Widespread Panic" in Berkeley on July 8?

I need hugs please---going for a mammogram this morning--OUCH!!

Divided Loyalty

Flashing Beer Ad Forces Hotel Evacuation (Thought To Be Bomb)

So, DUers, what are your plans for Bastille Day?

should I tell me doctor to stuff it?

Has anyone bought a cell phone off of ebay?

No need to worry about the evil legalization of prostitution anymore

Greatest Guitar Noodler

I'm high on painkillers and coffee. Ask me anything!

Why all the hate for Olive Garden?

Fuck it! Nobody ever replies to my posts.

When your inconsiderate roommate eats the ice cream you were saving

Man Cited After Calling Police Because Prostitute Stiffed Him

Deceptive collections companies

Gardeners- question re: chives.

Discworld fans: The 3-year-old has started saying "Bugrit!"

Do you think that anybody, really, ANYBODY, has been, in the last 72 hrs,

Can anyone reccomend a good instructional Spanish software?

Are Americans becoming more like Italians?

If you were an adverb, which one would you be?

Wonder twin powers, activate!

Who Killed The Electric Car?

I'm leaving DU and giving up politics.

Update: My thread from last night

Illegal Dentist Busted Operating Out Of Fake Jewelry Store

Who is cheating in the song title game?

Anyone here reading Palast's "Armed Madhouse"?

Back from my mammogram....

"dialup broadband" .. true? or just an exaggeration/lie?


I never have eaten at the Olive Garden....

woo-woo I just got Born to Boogie (1972) (netflix)

Flame away, but I like Lynrd Skynrd

Show us your dog!

Post an album that you loved as a kid...

Your favorite or love to hate, f**ked up, former child star

Freakin' shot in the dark... but do you want to do something sometime?

newest member note to forum

Has anyone seen the Army of Fun?

Does Coca-Cola In Glass Bottles REALLY Taste Better Than...

Hey, CanuckAmok: Getting closer!

Help! Do you remember this short story? I need a title, or author...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/22/06)

Three, three, THREE earworms in one!

Play the "Guess what this building is famous for" Game

Man, Call me Wesley just turned me on to the BEST ALBUM EVER

What should I do for a cardio workout today?

I'm considering getting an XM Satellite Radio for AAR...

Gnarls Barkley - everything old is new again

Boston DU'ers: Why does every line in your subway look different?

Classic Movies it's ok to hate!


Japanese Animation

Typical H2 driver

Funny Jeopardy clip...would your mind be in the gutter too?

Who is watching Big Brother 7 and who are you voting to go back in?

Check this out...

Grrrr my car failed inspection because of a burnt out engine light!

FIFA World Cup 2006: Croatia v Australia, discussion thread as it happens

Hmmm...I thought my body was different today......

Seems like it's been forever since

"The Hills Have Eyes," the remake.

Storm's here

please! talk to your kids (gay does not equal stupid)

Hmmmm....I thought my body was different today, also...

Vanilla Mint Listerine. Is like rinsing with A&W root beer.

Finally! A Latino Forum!

Super clip: Superman flies up an elevator shaft then breaks sound barrier

What is a good national moving company?

post a one paragraph or less from a book you're reading

Screw Olive Garden. For your money's worth - do Bertucci's


Fuck it. I'm going to bed

Sure, drugs are bad for you.

Forget Olive Garden. I'm going to Fazoli's

World Cup 2006: Czech Republic v Italy; Ghana v USA, as it happens

Tacos for dinner tonite!

Ok I've Never Had A Child Die But These Women Are Batshit Crazy To Me

Holy crap! The Flintsones in a 1960's cigarette commercial!

Balloonist's head exploding on YouTube. Exactly what you expect

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

Oral care products should NOT contain vanilla or citrus flavors.

Lois finally discovers Clarks secret...

Gay Pride Weekend is coming up for a lot of cities

How hummer can increase sales....

My bank does not accept loose women.

Any cigar smokers?

Ok DUers, need some help - how can I find out how many copies

I finally figured out how * makes his decisions

Lounge Poll #486

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Holy Hades, it's 102 degrees in Sonoma County!

The original music video- Disney's Fantasia

Steven Spielberg ALWAYS Puts SCREAMING Little Girls In His Movies

So what do I have to do to become DU's favourite Kennedy?

You catfucked my thread. Copy it.

Obnoxious homophobic conversation at work today

Fuck it. I love to say Fuck it.

What a load of BULL (Dial-up warning)

What should I buy this weekend?

Still room for 3 more teams in the annual DU Fantasy Football League

Thursday, June 22. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Santorum & Lieberman Produce Iraqi Mustard Canister for Disbelieving Press

Now THIS is what I call a Train!

Screw Olive Garden, Bertucci's, and Fazoli's, it's Chef Boyardee.

Fuck it. You copycatted my thread.

Storms hitting, we just dropped from 96 to 64 degrees in the last 30 mins.

Waiting for God?

why do I think they are a drug seeker?

Batman vs Superman issue, finally resolved...


Somebody please put me on ignore

To those of you who soothed my worries about people ignoring me...

Traveling with a business suit

Which Of These Is Your Favorite Simon & Garfunkel Song?

I can vote! I'm a white male property owner!

I am seeking a Canadian or Briton who's willing to adopt me.

religiously insane afraid of Yoga - not kidding


Futurama coming back (new!) on Comedy Central?

Matt Damon as Captain James T. Kirk?

It's time for let's make up words!

Will I need a birth certificate to get into Canada?

Help me with my website....

Favorite RW insane quotation.

Suggest a job you think BlueIris would be good at.

Quick quiz: without googling answer these 5 questions

I am officially 2 mos. CAFFEINE FREE today and feeling great!!

Need help from DU Wiccans - need a "Celtic Reading"

My bank does not accept loose change

Super clip: Superman Takes A Bullet In The Eye (close up)

Criss Angel - this is one of his creepiest!

I never knew there was Gypsy Punk before. Now I do and I like it.

Funny Ways To Answer Internal Calls.

Got my first genuinely insulting comment about Jack, today.

You get $500K but you must use it to open your dream restaurant

What's your newest book?

White Trash Vegan Cooking #4 Stuffed Zucchini

Why did Volvo change their logo to the male symbol

Women- your thoughts on body image?

“Farting may save their lives.”

In honor of the new DU Groups: DU Groups that you'll never find here

Homophobia, how is it justified?

Where is Bmus? And...uh...other religious stuff

Immaculate Conception Insurance (I kid thee not)

Is it better to be unimportant than to be evil?

For 'ancient grains,' a future in the American diet (AP/CNN) {celiac}

Cancer Study Cites Hazards of Indoor Air for N.Y., L.A. Teens

Cherry Juice May Ease Muscle Pain

Electrical pulse to aid migraine (BBC) {actually magnetic}

Videos of Cassini/Saturn available for download (JPL/NASA)

Kyoto promises are nothing but hot air

Quake fears for south California (BBC)

Pluto's Tiny Twin Moons Named

Front garden yields ancient tools (BBC)


Meet Pluto's newly named moons: Nix and Hydra

Kyoto promises are nothing but hot air

Terrific PRO GAY column from baseball writer. We should thank him.

Instead of ban, library to put gay sex books on top shelves

The Pentagon Thinks You're Crazy, But Don't Tell Anyone

Bryan Singer to Direct Harvey Milk Biopic

Pennsylvania Senate Approves Gay Marriage Ban

White Sox manager apologizes for 'fag' remark

Fox News stands up to anti-gay crusader?!?!?

Israeli MP asks to ban gay youths from Knesset

Gang targeting gay men in Dublin city centre

Former (Red) Sox starter admits steroid use

NEED 3spn 360....

Dwyane Wade - the final insult.....

Hey Heat fans!

Brazil's artistry on full display!!!

USA vs. Ghana

Australia 2 Croatia 2 - and a Croation player gets THREE yellow cards

Breaking news on ESPN: Knicks just fired Larry Brown

Should Bruce Arena be fired from the US national team?

Army takes older recruits

I still hate Joe Klein

Heroes Fund Letter.

Check this out!

A show of hands. (Photo Thread)

Latest Kos scandals

KF this poll! Show Ed some Kerry support!

Need some JK love on Young Turks again.

Thank the brave 13

Santorum’s WMD Tall Tale

Ed Schultz to have Webb on later

This just in: Kerry's statement on the vote

Nice: Props given to JK from Virginia blog

How to neuter the Republicans: Can netroots bloggers do the job?


Okay, I have some sensitive questions about the Democrats.

Senator Kerry made an appearance on Anderson Cooper last night.

Surrealpolitik - must read by Sidney Blumenthal in Salon

Today's Senate Schedule (Vote on Kerry Amendment.)

e-mail from John Kerry: 'Here is how they voted'

About that debate....

Delete ... double post

Hey gang - making a strong point here

Must Read linked over in GD - Boehlert on Dems, the media, and Iraq


Did you see this? Link found at the top of DU!

Sens Kerry & Feingold on the floor this morning before 11:00 am.

Good news for Vets affected by missing data!

JK / Warner part of debate on Cspan now. 6:18 a.m. n/t

Lace up your boots and grab a water bottle...

50,000 posts tonight ?

Guess who...

Can you guys recommend this thread to get it the Greatest Page?

Stephanie Miller coming to Portland, OR radio...

Pentagon memo: Homosexuality a disorder

Apropos Google Quote Of The Day....

Hoekstra response to why Bush didn't advertise the "WMD bombshell"

Hmm very interesting

Hell yes cut and run. What are we sticking around for anyway?

-- Sign this petition against military action against Iran --

Lynne Cheney visits Alabama to support reading initiative

Judge seeks more evidence in Padilla case

Is Anderson Cooper the new Larry King?

Born in the USA

Wake Up

Not One Soldier Has Been Killed With Mustard Gas Or Sarin Gas.

Please, take 5 minutes and read this: MLK's "I Have A Dream" Speech

When should we expect our next Orange Terra Alert??

U.S. losing its middle-class neighborhoods

Some rich Minnesotans want to pay more taxes:More than 200 upper-class

LAT: FAA Grounds L.A. Sheriff's Drone Air Force

GOP Halts Extension of Voting Rights Act

LOL - Bush gets thank you for war in Kosovo!!

Iraq may ask the troops to leave, then what?

Former Cheney aide plans pricey Libby bash Tuesday

On this day: 1941: Hitler invades the Soviet Union

I like that Kerry is showing this leadership in calling for redeployment.

CSPAN caller refers to * supporters as "Ann Coulter elites."

Thrash a Thursday to a inch of its bloody existence, please CAPTION!!!

Santorum/WMD coming Up On MSNBC's Imus


Can you handle the "Truth"? ... More theaters for Al's movie this weekend.

These pics are priceless. Look at the Shrub's face!

Fox now---repeating Santorium--Hannity. "new' discovery of wmd.

toxic sky

Short but excellent commentary on "cut and run"

Hey, guess who's coming up on that clown Don Imus' show? Rick Santorum!

I think this is a total of 9 US troops killed in one day. (5 in below

Postal Service Funding Nuke Labs...

Military Convoys Attacked in Afghanistan...

Hamas performs about-turn on Israeli state

2511 Reasons why the DSM is Important

No program, no weapons, rusting junk and Rick.

WP: Online News With a New Angle: You're the anchor


Definition of a moran;

The Heir Unapparent - US Intell Is Once Again Getting It Wrong

Rep. Repub. Peter King: "They hate us for our freedom & democracy"

Embarrassment: GOP Puts Renewal Of Voting Rights Act On Hold...

I like how a C-Span Caller described "Cut and Run"

Jim Miklaszenski on Imus debunking Santorium (says words hardly

so...why does CNN spend 15 minutes on the GIs who may have killed an Iraqi

caption this Laura pic

Apocalypse soon- hastening the "end times"

Have any of the cable/ or networks mentioned the 9 US killed troops

An animated map of Iraq casualties

Another 4 dead US in The Forgotten War (oh, and 600 innocent Afghanis)

Anti-Abortion Leader (Randall Terry) Seeks To Oust Powerful GOP Legislator

It just shows you that nobody is safe over there...

Santorum belongs in a Sanitorium...he's dangerous

Silly Republicans: On "WMD"

Du a poll;

This weeks's Opus- Steve Dallas on a rant!

Brad Sherman D-Calif call the right wing "Neocon Crazies" on WJ

WAPO: Hastert made $2 million profit on earmark land deal....

TV Newser: Katie Couric Is Going on Tour!

Ohio Judge:Turn over abortion files-Ruling goes against Planned Parenthood

I really like the way Kerry and Feingold are challenging the Iraq War...

Global millionaires grow to 8.7M (CNN)

Uh-oh, Coultergeist and the Hate Mongers better be careful!

FYI: Kerry back up on CSPAN-2. He's comparing Levin

Pentagon Withheld Info on Troops' Deaths

Feingold calls Iraq war 'fruitless'

News Alert. CNN. Gen. Casey may recommend troop reduction

The Road to Guantánamo: Film Review

Question for DU Legislative Buffs.......

A Thursday Morning Funny [PIC]

WHY does Iraq have to 'take more lives'? HOW MANY MORE???!!

Look What John Ashcroft Is Doing Now ...

I know just how you feel, Condi -

USA vs. Ghana World Cup - SPOILER ALERT

19 Senate REPUBLICANS want amnesty for terrorists who kill US soldiers.

Four US soldiers killed in Afghanistan (worst violence since the 2001)

Congressman Apologizes For Helen Thomas Virgin Remark

WAPO: U.S. Losing its Middle-Class Neighborhoods..

Ha-Ha,Ha-Ha-Ha: Admin Hid WMD Evidence To Protect China & Russia & FRANCE!

Leave Iraq now? What about those 2 DEAD SOLDIERS? Exploiting already.

Former Vice President Al Gore and George W. Bush finally meet again!

Soccer Update - Dupe

Has America been turned into hell?

GOP keeping 'WMDs were in Iraq" alive is another Terry Schiavo Effort

Wal-Mart Helps Defeat Minimum Wage

Man, Harry is really giving them the TRUTH (and they think it's HELL)

How can I get an autographed book by Al Gore of "Inconvient Truth" ?

The army will be glad to have ya, now up until your 42!

Have you ever gotten through on C-span? I did 3 times.

Top Climate Scientists Tell Lawmakers "The Earth Is Running A Fever"

Bush gives speech in Hungary amidst deafening SILENCE!......LOL

If I can rant for a minute - I LOVE THIS COUNTRY

They're VOTING on amendments right now...Update:.Kerry's got 13 Votes!

* re: Iraq > "But what's past is past"

Iraq: Misreading a battle (debate "cheapened" by Bush)

Bush: Hungarian revolt should inspire Iraq (not kidding - he said it!)

New Dem Talking Point: "'Stay the Course' means 'Stay Forever'"

Dems may be falling for a Rove trap asking for date certain deployment.

KY Gov bans political blogs from state computers. Well, SOME political

GOP is embracing Iraq war. Dumb and Dumber.

Colbert hits Fox claim that Gay Marriage leads to Animal Marriage


Someone forgot to show * how to hold a wine glass - pics>>>

Republican attack on the Voter Rights Act must be shown to the public

Surrealpolitik: By Sidney Blumenthal - Facts Be Damned

Caption this * pic

The next 4 months will be a DANGEROUS time for America.

American Dynasty/American Theocracy Author Kevin Phillips Lecture: Bush,

One of this Election Year's Repub mantras: If Dems win, we'll be UNSAFE!

Hey, how is the underground shadow government experiment going?



Iraq is the GOP's Viagra

Are there any good ISPs?

Trying to compose a Lieberman rebuttal LTTE - need some help

Saw Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" Last Night - GREAT!

The media depicting GOP support for unpopular war as a political winner??

%@$%!!# VA - credit monitoring conversations

Karzai: Approach To War On Terror - "Not Acceptable"

Final debate on Levin & Kerry Amendment now (C-Span2)

Hey Santorum! Were those WMD's found before * made that funny video?

WOW. Obstinate AOL rep won't cancel customer's account!

Dems Are For New Direction...GOP Are For More Of The Same

Bush Military History Project #17

BREAKING: Bush prepares slingshot for defense of the US

Bush to speak of spreading peace & democracy from Hungary.

Help out Wolfie! "Mr. Vice President....." (post questions here)

SF Chronicle on the DEATH of the middle class

W.H. PROCUREMENT officer convicted in ABRAMOFF related

Here is what 2511 looks like...... (dialup warning)

Even Bush's puppet in Afghanistan is fed up with civilian killings by US

This is AWESOME! More talk about WMDS!

So the Senate Judiciary Committee met this morning

Thinking Outside The Blog

I sure am reading some good stuff on DU this morning

Scientists urge evolution lessons (BBC)

Don't get fooled by the hype!!

Oh no, now Pickles is

Alternet: Dick Cheney's Last Throes

Senate Rejects Democrats' Proposals for Iraq Pullout

OMG-CNN is having Cheney in the Situation room today.

"Report: Hundreds of WMDS Found in Iraq"

Wonder why Bush wasn't at today's USA World Cup match?

The Levin-Reed and Kerry-Feingold amendments are like night and day!

Stephanie Miller has saved the world from U.F.O.s; Dick Cheney Logic

Cal. lawyers Perspective on Iraq? Hasn't this been debunked?

Didnt Reagan "Cut and Run" in Beruit, 1983?

DU this poll!!!!

Jay Marvin doesn't allow 9/11 theory discussion either

Outrageous! Ft. Sam Houston Strapped for $$ - Troops Suffer

How would you have voted? - MSNBC poll on Kerry/Feingold

Confidence In GOP Is At New Low in Poll (and we squander it)

Nude worm tempts World Cup fans (BBC) {Windows Sixem-A worm}

Moronland (Freeptard) Thread of the Day

Grave Suspicion of War Crime

Bush's Baghdad Palace

People are dying, you butthole senators

Airlines Face Investigation for Price Fixing

Dan crashes - Bush flies high

Difference between "declassified" and "unclassified"?

Harold Ford Jr. Launches Fifth Round Of Advertising

QUICK!!! CSPAN - Pelosi making demands on the floor

I just encountered some Larouche people in center city Philly.

On Rather" "Sad, bloody story" - OP: Hope he takes his anger

There are only 13 Senators worth anything.

Kerry/Feingold and Levin Roll Call vote link

GIrls with anti-war shirts dragged from World Urban Forum - by hair

Who cut & ran in Afghanistan?


Glad that Saddam Hussein is Out of Power? I Say No

DU this opinion poll: Is Bush a visionary or a villain?

If Saddam was such a threat and he had WMDs, why didn't he attack us?

Today 7/22/06

Great cartoon from Bartcop

Four U.S. Marines killed in western Iraq (2,511)

Maybe there's a "Can You Top This Whopper?" Tournament in the GOP.

US soldiers accused of killing Iraqi farmers - 15 of them

Democratic Women for Change Website -add your signature on letter to Frist

CSPAN: Pelosi closing on Estate Tax Bill

which Democrats voted against the Levin ammendment?

Hermaphrodite Dolls Puzzle Russian Children

Did Matt Lauer get into it with Dan Bartlett?

in this WHIG crime syndicate who is the ring leader

AP: U.S. Military Bringing Equipment Home--very detailed story

GOP Votes for 'Occupation and War Without End' (

Thank you letter to a Republican Senator (R-GA)

George Washington "Cut & Ran"!

Core Values Training - Fiore Animation >>>>>>>

Letter from John Kerry...

So my Texas friend tells me the UAW pays the exact same pay and benefits

Poll - [email protected] - Stolen Election 2004 - vote!

October 7, 2002: The Speech Bush Must be Held Accountable For.

HEADLINE: Family Court Judge jailed on domestic battery charges

Pentagon to reduce troops? Senate rejects withdrawal. Repubs are fools

Watch the murder trials of US soldiers in Iraq carefully...

let me see if I got the Republican logic re Iraq

'Obfuscation' By FEMA Hurt Katrina Victims

Hypocrites; gay republicans get married all the time.

"The Guy James Show" on from 3 to 5pm eastern today

Second or third time for phony WMD story on Faux

PLEASE someone! Put a pillow over my head and smother me.

One clear truth : Republicans don't give a big shit about our country..

Marine charged with Murder says he's scared.

PBS special "Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason"

Assumptions and brushstrokes...

Casually mentioned on NPR Tuesday: Arctic Ocean may be ice-free in summer

Laura Bush explains her "early to bed, early to rise" schtick to Austrians

My newest slogan:

Caption rummy and casey

Rahm Emanuel coming up on Lou Dobbs!

RI senate: Chafee and Laffey in dead heat for republican nomination

OMG- - READ the "declassified" NGIC "keypoints" Santorum cited re: WMD

Rummy/Gen.Casey up now on CNN.

Randi has a point; It must really suck to be fact checked by FOX news

Guillen slur upsets gay rights activists

Framing ''Cut and Run...''

Kerry: Democrats are unified on the most essential ingredient

When you're smilin', when you're smilin', ...with pictures

Why does Rush Limbaugh oppose gay marriage?


My Dick Morris/2506 thread is posted at BuzzFlash

Motorcyclist killed in rush-hour lightning strike

how does one explain Bush's hatred for the American people ?

NewsMax Simulatenously Polling On, Shilling For Coulter

Jeffords "Aye" on Kerry Amendment.

Cafferty's Q: Has U.S. foreign policy become a threat to global security?

So if AT&T is changing their policy on privicy, does that make


We need to stop the NAFTA Super Highway:

Another poll showing no Bush bounce (American Research Group)

Phase II update: Will Roberts Succeed in Deep-sixing Probe?

Cheney downplays threat from North Korea

Did anyone watch C-Span today? The tide is changing, the

Coulter Gives Lieberman The Kiss Of Death

I need some help arguing with a freeper! GLOBAL WARMING

John Edwards Speaks of Attacking Poverty

Cheney says Dems 'validate terrorist strategy'

Dobbs is on board with Santorum and Hoekstra

new term - not militias, they're "illegal armed groups" - Gen Casey

America’s Bad Rep - Bush’s Austria trip has underscored just how much

Dark Side: Without CIA you get one-sided view of international arena

Post-vote Kerry email just landed in my inbox

I'll be in Beijing on Truthout Watch come August....

Abramoff Whistleblower: Lobbyists Told Me-Elect Bush & Get Rewarded


A defining goal for the Democratic party

"US well-postured to move forward in a positive direction" Translation

CSPAN: they messed up the Estate tax vote

DNC: Sen. McCain Cuts and Runs From Abramoff Scandal

Caption this pic of Frist

Progressives Release Election-Year Issues Book

Iraq chemical weapons: pre-1991 vintage and degraded

Need help finding a free fax online sevice

Tune in to Randi - she has Greg Palast on! Right NOW NOW NOW

Odd juxtaposition I saw today on an American pickup truck

Congress will leave for month of August and then will leave again.....

we won't let go of this country (won't give up on this country).IRAQ

religiously insane afraid of Yoga - not kidding

How can the Democrats Govern Even if They Win? (Big If)

i hate oil men.

An Inconvenient Poll

Anybody for Barbecue? Earth's temp at 400 year high.

Fox/Santorum WMD story follows Third Reich's standard "Big Lie" Technique.

Proof the lies haven't changed

It isn't that the Freeptards are ignorant...

heres an email just received from John kerry concerning the vote

Dude/Dudette! Dick Cheney has an evil smile!!!!

Bye Bye Rick Santorum

Raise the Minimum Wage ...BWAAHAHAHAHAH... Fuck You !!!

An idea on global warming - Make the Republicans own it.

Have you noticed that freeptards on C-SPAN always YELL?

Anthrax letters. What happened to that story?

Republicans Block voting rights act renewal

DNC Memo: 24 Hours Of The Real Republican Agenda: A Triple Threat

We Are Losing the War in Afghanistan: Taliban are coming back to the front

Iraq blog: Iraqi soldiers to open fire on anyone seen carrying a weapon

On illegal immigration, it appears to me that the GOP house is closer to

Cantwell's lead over McGavick nearly gone

Yoo hoo, deafies! We got our own forum now!

Bush's "Stay the Course" meaning "Re-Elect Me" is a Psycholinguistic meme

Anyone else See CBS News Last Nite? They are really starting

Don't look at the post count

If someone says to you, "You are preaching to the chior" does this mean?

Best sense of the day.

Maybe these are stupid questions- but isn't

Santorum needs to just drop out of the race.

What's happening in the House now? Why is it in an uproar?

CSPAN: did I just hear that people are going broke paying the death tax?

Domestic Spying: Tell Senate No Blank Check - FCNL

White House sending "Daily Iraq Message" to congressional Republicans

Did you hear the Morning Edition NPR report this morning from

WPO Poll: Iraqis WANT Timetable For US Withdrawal-FEAR US Plan Perm Stay

Santorum Newsflash: "Plans For Iraqi Missile Launch System Uncovered!"

That Interview was a sad joke

When is a WMD not a WMD? (Why Santorum is running scared)

The press is talking about how the Iraq vote hurt Kerry-It's not about him

Frontline video of Cheney is up on PBS site; obvious who the president

Could Ed Shultz talk about his show's format any MORE???

All I can say is that I was young and stupid. (RE: Specter)

Re KO's book, and who the RW thinks is the worst person in world:

Paging Ross Perot ! Paging Ross Perot ! Please pick up the phone?

Lieberman Stays the Course With Bush

Celebs to go on hunger strike with Cindy Sheehan

Incredible interview on Fresh Air (NPR) today!

Jesus Christ, this discussion is awesome and going on now! (net neutrality

Man with Bush/Cheney sticker wouldn't let me into his lane - is this?

The Sons o' Bitches are DARING us to stop them, we may just have to.

GOT DEMOCRACY? is a 30-minute report on the electoral crisis in the USA

How does one debate shit that's made up?

Eddie Schultz and his pro-war DCons don't see it.

What's up with CNN's John King?

A new convert - the story, or in other words, a "Scrooged" moment

Bush is an ignoramus.

You had better fucking read this thread!

For God's sake, Our combat vets need to speak out

Court's Marijuana Ruling A Victory For Authorities

John Edwards on CSPAN2 now! 6:30 pm

Cars. This is why we are at war. Not oil, but CARS.

I knew there had to be an explanation: (from The Onion)

There you have it, the nation wants the war to end, Bush doesn't.

Looking for Dem meme: Lie and Die ... or Stay and Pray

Hacker enters Agriculture dept. computers

Bush: When They Stand Up-We Stand Down---Cheney: The Iraqis HAVE Stood Up

How to spice up your summer picnic with nasty argument (article)

Dead Patient Left In Bed For 6 Hours

Plumbing is out of order - 6/22 TOON

Democrat Party--Why do none of the Party's officials, candidates, office

A java-based nukular fallout calculator (link)


Larisa Alexandrovna: Congress quietly holds Iran briefings

If you had a device that could detect evil...

Is the Santorum debacle really an exercise to research Dem reactions?

Norah O'Donnell is all for us bombing North Korea

Paul Begala (believe it or not) Has Some Good Advice On Iraq For Dems

CNN's John King interviews "Unca Dicky" and his big loveable Doggy/7:00est

The reason gas prices are so high is Air Force Frikkin' One.

OMG! Are you listening to Sam Seder? a hysterical interview!

Pre-launch strike on N. Korea unlikely

Akron Beacon Journal Says 2004 election wasn't stolen...


If I came across a freeper in the desert...

CNN breaking: US anti-missile missile hits target missile ...

Lieberman Endorsed by Coulter

Cheney coming up on CNN n/t

Ex-Clinton DOD Chief says - Attack North Korea....

30 Somethings on the House floor right now joined by

How does he get away with it....?

The dumb ones watch Fox; Cafferty

OMG! ROFL "The dumb ones watched Fox." --Jack Cafferty

GI Suicides..... article at

Iran's nuclear power plant is called the BUSHER!!!!

retort to a black coworker

What a flaming shitheel!

Clinton Defense officials: Strike Korean missile before it can be launched

Bill Moyers on Charlie Rose tonight

Your honest opinion: Does this offend you?

Why Voting Rights Still Matters

Soldiers left in harms way so republicans can campaign on more war

VA Adopts Kerry Bill to Provide Free Credit Monitoring

My wife's email to family after I dragged her to see Gore's movie...

The next time someone you're arguing with says "Death tax"

Basic Income Guarantee and other Radical Ideas

Dd I do wrong?

anyone catch that cnn breaking story about liberty city fl

If the dems lose in 06 or 08 will they institute the draft then...

LA Times censors newsroom Internet feed

Santorum read an "UNCLASSIFIED" WMD Report, NOT a "DECLASSIFIED" report

This November election is about Iraq.

Pro-Israel Donors Rally For Joe, as Left Takes Aim

Levin voting now.....

John King interviewing Cheney on CNN, coming up at some point.

Public schools will never be as good as private schools.

Military Families to D.C. to Tell Congress 'Bring Our Loved Ones Home Now!

Okay....Who set up Santorum and Hoekstra for the BIG FALL...

We Have Reached An Important Point

Need help with WMD debunk.

Another frustrating email makes the rounds

Bush decided to trade lives of US troops for careers of repug Congressmen.

Interesting abortion debate with my grandfather...

Democracy at Risk - Lou Dobbs , CNN VIDEOS >>>>

Soldier finds $55,000 (in Euros) of Zarqawi's money

Wow. New Docu/Film: "The Road To Guantanamo" (VIDEO CLIP)

Edwards will propose cutting poverty by 1/3 in next ten years

We're finally updating our DU Groups. Let me know if I forgot anyone.

2511. We've Lost 9 More Soldiers Today

Ava Lowery does it again: "Their Lives Are More Than a Number"

"dial-up broadband" - exists? or a lie from greedheads?

Because I'm STILL pissed off...

Poll: Should we bomb North Korea's missile before they launch it?

How do Chemical Weapons cause Mass Destruction?

Overheard in a resturant today: 'We should bomb their cities into

New Comic: Bush Meets The Vienna Boys Choir.

W's silence on the Tortured Soldiers is telling, the story is fading away.

U.S. Taps Vast Banking Database in Secret Antiterror Program, Official Say

Whose your top choice for '08 nomination

The U.S. has also used chemical weapons on it's own citizens.

Stay WHICH course? "CUT" what and "RUN" where?

DU Cancer Support Group

Steven Griles - a Vital Cog in the * WH - meet him again

V for Vendetta - just saw it. W O W !

Eerie, Sinister Deja Vu

My Take on the Kerry/Levin Resolutions Today

DU this poll!

Run Jethro ! The Massachusetts Librul is Back !!!

Ralph Reed Is Toast

Finally! A Latino Forum!

We need a net gain of at least 11 Senate Seats in November!

Thank you Sens Feingold, Boxer and Kerry (et al) for standing up

HuffPo 'troll' turned out to be site's tech manager

MAJORITY of AMERICANS agree with 13 Dem Senators on Iraq withdrawal

Oakland Bans Plastic Foam Take-Out Containers

Drumming up support for an attack?

a question for Mexicans

What BUSH said about why we invaded Iraq (hold the mustard)

Hey look at the ads, mAnn Coulter's book on sale for 20 cents!

We've got an adaptive form of fascism that was installed in 2000

Randi Rhodes announcing she signed a 4 yr contract with AAR

E&P: You'd never know it...the public favors withdrawals...

Has there ever been a bigger dick in national politics than Santorum?

DUers I need to say this

Why Edwards SHOULDN'T be considered for Pres in '08 ...

I don't get it...Why do dems not tell the truth about

20,000 Librarians converge on New Orleans

Kerry: Rove worries about VOTES while we are worrying about LIVES

new york councilman wants to ban fast food restaurants.

Middle-class neighborhoods disappearing, study finds

i live in texas. gave birth to two texans. married a texan

'If we don't win in '08, it's all over'

Scientists: Earth Seeing Hottest Temp In 2,000 Years - Humans to Blame

There are only two things a Freeper does on his knees...

I'm sorry but this makes me violently Ill

(VIDEO) Watch Lieberman outdo himself in betraying the Party

Hummer-driving, Bushmaster-toting freeper kills wife, shoots Judge

Should the Democrats be the party of drug law reform?

How Jeb and Sue control Florida's election supervisors. Not good.

Man Arrested For Using Coffee Shop's Wireless Signal

Phone service tech tells more than she should.

New Report Shows 17 States at High Risk For Compromised Election Results

PBS Frontline: The Dark Side (Full Video)

Setting Dick Cheney's Picnic Table

why does Edwards seem so fake, but real to me

again and again we hear, "they voted party line to keep from embarrassing

Ann Coulter Hidden Beauty Picture Gallery (look but don't touch) ---->

What Would George W. Bush Be Doing Right Now If He Were


putting Iraqi casualties in perspective . . .

Do these votes today mean we are never getting out of Iraq??

TOONS! Cut ('em out) And Run ('em) Edition! (dialup warning)

A new Latino nation? Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, to secede?

New DU Groups: Cancer; Deaf/Hearing; Latino/Hispanic; Precinct Politics

LAT editorial: GOP's immigration shame: Divisive politics over policy

Does anyone have a source for which members of Congress have visited Iraq?

Racist cabal trying to block Voting Rights Act - call Hastert TODAY

Photo: Bush in Budapest, dazed & confused, follows the Honor Guard

Campbell "Si Senor" Berates Dems on Today

Rick Santorum’s WMD Tall Tale

they couldn’t be maybe fired efficiently but they certainly could be used

Another look at the unemployment figures...

LAT: Senators Face Off Over 2 Democratic Iraq Pullout Plans

CSPAN-2; anyone watching? Everyone's invoking the 5th amendment

Dennis Kucinich D-Ohio on C-span

Feingold now speaking on the Senate floor on Kerry/Feingold amendment.

No doubt a happy day on right wing radio

How they brought Brando back to life for Superman Returns.

Radical Right Slugs It Out for Frist's Senate Seat

Look What John Ashcroft Is Doing Now ...

How many Republicans will be working on K Street after November??

Eric Boehlert's "Eat the Press" must read on the Dems, the media and Iraq

Al Gore attracts more bets than odds favorite Hillary Clinton

Convicted Former White House Official Steps Up Fundraising Efforts

I was surveyed last night by "Sun Survey"

Quinny Poll/Pennsylvania Governor's Race: Swann continues to tank

Vote: Iraq poll

Give to your favorite charity

Democrats lost the November elections fast, in the last two weeks

Another CBC Member Unrecognized by Capitol Police

Boxer to GOP on Minimum Wage: "The Truth Shall Set You Free"

some House of Reps were on Wash. Journal again this morning

Vote up the Kerry/Feingold amendment to bring our troops home.

Lockheed, the Senator and the F-22

santorum found wmd at a gay bath house in Philadelphia

Midshipman "found himself squeezing the president in his powerful arms"

(McCain) Lobbying report is likely to skirt ties to Abramoff

"How Do You Ask a Soldier to be the last person to die for a lie"

Carbon copies to our reps and senators?

Some Texas Republicans don't believe racial bias exists in state anymore

WMDs found? Is this de ja vu all over again ??

The media needs to hear from us about their biased reporting


NewsMax Simultaenously Polling On, Shilling For Coulter

California: Teen pregnancy abortion is back on the ballot

Gawd...why is Ed Schultz so damn clueless on today's vote

Dems are setting up the GOP to look like bastards...

Santorum Makes Major Announcement Regarding WMD's

Cuomo widens lead over Green for AG: poll (New York)

Plame outing intended to stop CIA catching SOPS planting WMD in Iraq?

Ann Coulter

Who's calling whom a Harpy?

How do I find the Robert Novak

Santorum Produces Iraqi Mustard Canister

One small bright spot on NPR today

George Lakoff's "Whose Freedom: Battle Over America's Most Important Idea"

"Doonesbury" prototype miffed at Lamont campaign

DNC: Frist and Steele Leave Minimum Wage Workers Behind

Here's how to stop the "Stay the course" meme in its tracks. Jim Crow GOP

Cheney returns to his "If Kerry's elected, we'll get hit again" logic

New Haven Independent: Lamont tapped to "Take it Back"

How in the hell do you get charged with "murder" in a "war zone"?

John Edwards' National Press Club Policy Address

Are our Constitution and our system of government now obsolete?

Karl Rove's Biggest Mistake (convinced all Repubs that Iraq is a winner)

Media: W in Iraq; oooooh he's so great...... Dems put forth

The latest WMD hoax was a smokescreen for "The Dark Side"

Drunkards at the Door? (picture heavy)

If our troops continue to die in Iraq, who will be the biggest beneficiary

"Man of God"

What the hell kind of triple speak is this coming out of Rummy?

WMD's found? Whaaaaaaaaat?

43 Dems voted today to save the billionaire babies from paying taxes

John Edwards on Cspan 2 Now...Nat. Press

We picked up a Senate seat today

Charles Rangel exposed the Repub plan on the house floor.

Hillary's Shameful Straddling On Iraq

Is anyone watching Cavuto? Did Coulter just endorse Lieberman?

Why do so many of us think the game is stacked against us?

Yahoo News: D. C. Press Corps serve as Bush's "lapdogs"

Goddam it, progressives are missing the boat!

I gave Harry hell

Cheney, the Anti-Madison

Why is Andy Card still in the Loop? *Pic*

I dont understand how siding with Right-Wingers= "Moderate" or "Centrist"

Here is a high tech way to restore accountability in Congress

PBS Frontline: The Dark Side (Full Video)

The REAL Maverick: Russ Feingold

Here's how they voted: Thank the brave 13 who voted to end the war

Running Iraq like Saddam

A High Fly Over College World Series to Help Canadian Seals

North Korean Missle Test: What would *you* do?

Last chances to vote for Skinner!

Ann Coulter on FOX: Lieberman should become a Republican

DLC advocates for two new think tanks...started by DLC alumni.

Steve King (R-IA), seeking re-election, apologizes to Helen Thomas

To the Democrats afraid of not winning control of Congress:

A friend is not coming to New Orleans because of the crime

VA Senate: Webb (D) only 5% behind Allen (R)

Attention Dem 'Appeasers" ......

Political accessibility: Have yoou ever met your Rep or Senator or Mayor?

Franken to broadcast from DemFest, emcee Saturday night Blow-Out.

It's The Pride, Stupid Republicans!