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Archives: June 21, 2006

Ten Reasons To Impeach the President -- And One Reason Why Democratic Lead

Bushenomics 102: Reality

Frightening yahoo headline

-- Sign this petition against military action against Iran --

Lobbyist Probe Glance

"President O'Reilly" would run Iraq "just like Saddam ran it"

Community Currency (what does everyone think)

Japan Sets a 200-Million Ton/Year Target for Carbon Capture and Sequestrat

Norway Supports CO2 Disposal Below North Sea Floor - Costs High - Reuters

US, EU Pledge "Resolve And Urgency" In Climate Actions - Reuters

Nutrient Boost To Forests (i.e. Slash & Burn) Pumps Up GHG Emissions

Florida Can Kiss Tarpon, Redfish & Snook Goodbye With Rising Sea Levels

Alaska Ground Zero For Climate Breakdown - Winter Temps Up 6F Since 1950

EIA Forecasts Global Petroleum Consumption to Grow 47% by 2030

Arthur Rosenfeld - Fermi's Last Graduate Student - To Receive Fermi Prize

Pakistani Clans Battle For Water With RPGs, Mortars & Rifles - Reuters

Desertification Cost To Crops Alone Estimated At $42 Billion/Year - AFP

Israel: Gaza Beach Investigation Ignores Evidence

Palestinians top world refugees list

Okay, so I found myself in a 9/11 thread (it was on the greatest page),

Looking for a very strange 911 video

How many Invisible Elves can ride in a Holographic 767?

Lou Dobbs - "Quite a little industry. E-voting"

Big News from Ohio:

This was done openly and shamelessly...

Hi Lurker! (You know who you are)

Electronic voting draws group's ire (Daily Texan)

Cookbooks for a desert island

CBC: Jihadist video aimed at Muslim youth

This means war

B.C. and Washington State call for passport delay until after Olympics

Patriot Act seen as threat to Canadians' privacy

Citing 'lack of cooperation' watchdog will limit role in US intelligence

Mixed signals received on Test Site blast: DOE says it plans to go ahead w

Loney calls camp closing 'discrimination'

National Guard deployed in NOLA

Immigration bill unlikely to pass this year

Iraqi troops killed 2 U.S. soldiers

21,000 troops notified for Iraq deployment

Bush Critics Want Tougher U.S. Approach to Iran

NYT: Relatives Describe Young Men Determined to Serve Country

In reality

Judge in Fla. Grants Abramoff, Kidan Delay

Author says Bush purposely bombed Al Jazeera

Any thoughts about the PBS special "The Dark Side"?

Police bypass subpoenas to get Americans' phone records

High court rejects challenge to Indiana toll road lease

Al-Qaida Video Shows Alleged 20th Hijacker

Rahm nixes 2nd term.

U.S. House clears $427.6 billion for Pentagon, wars

U.S. House to consider estate tax compromise (GOP to rush vote)

Indictments threatening GOP's new hold on Kentucky

Official Says Father's View On Gays Didn't Spark Fight

Secretive facility under fire: Counterterrorism institute faces probe answ

3 Iraqis on trial in Germany for plot

Presbyterian church opens door to gay clergy

Publisher's Death an Apparent Suicide

Japan, US agree on beef import resumption

WP:Bush's Unpopularity in Europe Hangs Over Summit

Iraq: US may be asked to leave

Visa says ATM breach may have exposed data

Um Kalsoum.

Typhoid Mary

Bush and Rumsfeld were eating at the Olive Garden...

Leftover Beatles Memories- stephen colbert as george harrison

Wonderful Horrible TV show pilots: Superpup.

he's going to live!!!!!

my brother is trying to convince his friend that I am a liberal racist

IF 40,000 people sent me a dollar I could pay off my student loans :)

DU this poll!!!1

I'm just trying to boost my post count

Wow! What a seriously unbalanced baseball game!

If every person registered at DU sent me $50 . . .

YouTube: Connie Chung Singing

A Convicted Sex Offender Is Back Behind Bars, Today

My birthday is tomorrow...

Reminder---Frontline's "The Dark Side "re:Cheney and Tenet.

Has anybody seen HypnoToad lately?

You tell me that you've got everything you want....

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find The DU Picture Galleries?

This guy in my neighborhood has a dog that kills cats. And racoons.

Dog praised for life-saving 911 call

Summer starts tomorrow

And the winner of Game 6 of the NBA Finals IS...

Is there a free way to lock folders on your pc?

oh jesus, I can't believe I'm posting this

If 40,000 people would send me 1.00 I could pay off my student loans

This is what everyone needs for their front yard!

Let's not diss Olive Oyl

9 in a ROW

Photoshop favor needed! HELP!

Sorry, but I'm NOT "DUing this poll." Or that poll Or ANY OTHER poll.

OMG, I got to touch a piece of history.....THE HMS TITANIC!

WTF? I just had to show ID to buy Nyquil!

Favorite Famous Highway?

Any other 50-ish guys have hot flashes?


OMG! A Florence Henderson and Jose Ferrer musical LP!

Great song!

Who's the greatest American poet?

Tomato season perfect breakfast: B.E.L.T. sammich!

"Dog Bites Man" -- please watch. Freakin' HILLARIOUS

Who was the last famous person you met?

***JUNE PHOTO CONTEST*** - Poll #3

***JUNE PHOTO CONTEST*** - Poll #2

***JUNE PHOTO CONTEST*** - Poll #1

What ethnic food should be the basis of a chain restaurant...

Religious/Spiritual DUers, do you pray for Bush?

IBM builds super-fast transistor (Reuters/CNN) {300-500 GHz}

Earth Surrounded by Giant Fizzy Bubbles (SPACE.COM)

Sick and tired of hearing, "Gays are RECRUITED, not Made"

Heat wins on Mavs floor


Prayer request for RFK Jr!!!!!!!

You have got to read this post. It concerns Kerry & Feingold's amendment!

Did you good people see these surveys up on GD P?

look at this person's wise crack.

New Will Pitt post


The June polls are up in the Lounge

delete- dupe

KOEB Meeting - The "Is this where we're meeting?" thread 6/20/06.

Presbyterians Vote To Approve Gay Clergy

Kerry - Feingold

Countdown:President will/might pardon Libby right after the 06 election

Support the Kerry-Feingold Amendment

A Mini-History of Election Fraud in Photos.

Read the US Embassy in Iraq's Memo to Bush and Co. HERE

CNN covered World Refugee Day all day; Christiane Amanpour reflects

If 40,000 people would send me 1.00 I could pay off my student loans

Bob Kincaid Interviews Lt Ehren Watada. Who refused to serve in Iraq.

Is Russia playing around with American politics? Look at "Pravda" for Zarq

1st Lt Ehren Watada, Iraq War "Refusnik" on Head On with Bob Kincaid NOW!!

Faux News: Neocons are "beating the drums" for war in Iran

"fool me once..." TOON

Tanker Inquiry Finds Rumsfeld's Attention Was Elsewhere

Shrub stated, "we will make no distinction between the terrorists

Did Japan surrender?

ABC >> Bush read Iraq (not so good news) Memo on his way to Baghdad

Ruport Murdoch, Myspace, Sexual Predators...bad combination

GOP leaders: No immigration bill this year

I am shocked..

Which do you think is sadder?

Seeking Common Ground #2: Marijuana & the "Experts"

Wingnut John Hinderaker Smears Dead Soldier's Uncle

Ahhh nothing like the Navy chasing down Nukes

If the Brits can do it, what about us?

Ron Suskind: US deliberately bombed Al-Jazeera

Soldiers of fortune go free as judge denounces Chirac

A year on, Ahmadinejad's popularity is soaring

I had Rush Limpballs nailed!!

Halliburton doing the $592 million American Embassy in Iraq project

Are news junkies prone to hyper-vigilance, and is that really a bad thing?

Is this ribbon magnet obnoxious?

Thom Hartmann Needs a Permanent Spot

Keyboard spray alert:

Speaking of lies

Revelation of Iraqi troops killing two soldiers is real scary. Get the

Universal Health Care in San Francisco?

Has there been any PROOF that Dan Rather was ROVED?

Can someone point me to the Ava Lowrey thread that was on the greatest

Wow! What a seriously unbalanced baseball game!

A Salute to All You Vets Out There!!!!

Bush trying to trump the Supreme court!!!

America: Freedom to Fascism movie

With a short & quick "summary"...

A Bit on Bann Coulter--from the freepers' own page:

"The country is run by extremists because . . .

map of the north-korean missile ranges

I attended an ACLU forum on U.S. human rights abuses. I'm depressed.

Betting Odds on the 2008 Selection — Gore Moving Up Fast!

I think Malloy is gonna burst a blood vessel...

Oh, so THAT's why the date change on Kerry's proposal

Will Tonight's Frontline Episode Re-Air?

On Iraq, Kerry Again Leaves Democrats Fuming (The NY Times)

If it's Not Torture, Then it's OK To Use it on Cheney

Many think North Korea bluffing over missile test

Jeb is going to run in 08!!! AOL poll

POTUS Swallowed! Non doctored photos!

John Roberts (CNN) SUCKS!

My explosion of the "liberal media" persecution complex

America's Gulag in the Caribbean...

Colbert... "Mentioning Jesus in your speech is small government"

In reality

why not use bush's own words against him, congessional dems???

Al Gore and Mos Def on Myspace

NASA Names Second Female Shuttle Commander (SPACE.COM)

How would you respond to this post:

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Frontline about Cheney. It sounds like a coup.

Drug Prices Up Sharply This Year

The one thing nobody is asking about the Fundie Graduation Sermon

Earlier today, Bernie Ward kicked Blanquita's ass on MSNBC


Bush determined to stay in Iraq; Still will NOT send twins to war

Bush is in Austria. Cheney in charge of NK "war room"? Just wond'ring..

A Sign of the Times: FOUR IMPORTANT Books in TOP 10 on Amazon

Bush plague pests Budapest.

Repugs That Support Amnesty For GI Killers

VIDEO (GRAPHIC): "Iraq: The Hidden Story" (NEW 50 min. film; Channel 4 UK)

The Greatness of Bill Gates

What can I do to support some soldiers?

Forces of Light and Darkness

Here are some things to be embarrassed about the Iraq occupation:

Creationist with a silly question but how do I respond?

Is it possible that Fitz is holding the indictment over Rove's head

"Being target practice in a civil war is not winning." Rep. Jane Harmon

CBC: Jihadist video aimed at Muslim youth

Any thoughts about the PBS special "The Dark Side"?

#1 on NYT best seller list

Hey I was just on Malloy...

MUST SEE TV Tonight 9:00pm FRONTLINE: The Dark Side (re:Cheney)

The Dark Side PBS - praise and criticism

CSpan NOW--Amendmt for Congressional Approval re: US Attack on Iran

The Sharon Stone moment on Randi Rhodes today. Anyone listen?

Soldiering in Iraq..The Readers' Digest Version

Watching Frontline Tonight? MY Message To Cheney & Rumsfeld

Why doesn't anyone ever say this about the Estate Tax?

Please dont frag me

Two questions about Frontine....The Dark Side'

Has anyone noticed. . .Jon Stewart has done NOTHING on Ann Coulter. . .

Why Bush to Pardon Libby? Libby Greymail/Discovery Discussed on Olbermann

Presidential Election Poll

Iraq: US may be asked to leave

How do we protect jobs in the USA and raise wages?????

NOT JUST A NUMBER!!! - New Animation

On Iraq, Kerry Again Leaves Democrats Fuming

Salon Exclusive: 2 AT&T Employees Say NSA Spying On U.S. Internet Traffic

Do non-parents understand what it means to be a parent?

US hospitals sued in class action over nurse pay

newsmax is Selling ann coulter's Bird Cage Liner For $5!

Seeking Common Ground #1: Marijuana & Minors

A peek into the abyss

Media Matters calls out Norah O'Donnell on her Dean interview...

Was the Presidential Election Stolen? InTheseTimes By Joel Bleifuss

Veteran critic of White House turns on 'gullible' press pack:Helen Thomas

Is standing appropriate for singing "God Bless America"

Oh FUCK this is scary..

Lessons from the Truthout/Leopold/Rove non-indictment story

New SUSA Senate approval ratings: 5 of the top 6 are dems

Governor's Troubles Threaten G.O.P. in Kentucky

Thom Hartman re: "cut and run" vs "end the occupation"

Can we get this straight? There is NO War in Iraq and NO Global War on ...


Is North Korea going to launch that thing yet? Geezzz

Pray like mad for RFK, Jr. to prevail over dubya and his evil cohorts...

So, what's the Cheney-Diebold connection?

Every '06 Candidate Should Be Saying "Stem Cells" Over and Over

Durbin and Obama are not helping to support Hastert's Dem opponent

Frontline..The Dark Side.. Very interesting and chilling


DU this poll about midterm elections

No deadline for Iraq pull out

Possible White House hopefuls unite on Iraq

Will Il Dunce pardon Libby?

DUers! Another congressional district IN PLAY!!: Illinois 10th!!!!

How soon will the United States become largest Spanish speaking nation?

I was just wondering about the Vietnam War.

Do you think that the bush is try to cause an outbreak of violence on the

Please please respond to this poll. It's been freeped very badly by GOP

Wingnut site pissed B'cas Stephanie Miller was flirting w/Jack Cafferty!

It's over

Dear Condi

Olberman Talks About Possible Presidential Pardon for Libby


May 31, 2006 GAO Report says Ballistic Missile Defense NOT Operational

Author says Bush purposely bombed Al Jazeera

The Top 8 Reasons Why H. Clinton Is a Weaker Candidate Than People Think

DU this poll

They didn't even read it! Frontline / Iraq

Because Jerome Corsi is a Liar, Here is a More Reputable Source on NAFTA

Wash Post Smears War Critics, Again. Robert Parry

Reader's Digest: New York a Polite City

Stonehenge solstice draws 19,000: Druids, New Agers greet longest day

My letter in Joliet Herald today

WaPo editorial on North Korea, (well worth the read)

WP: Bill Gates's Vision, Energy and Capital Could Force Global Change

LAT: Many prosecutors hide evidence (Duke rape case/Nifong)

Lieberman Vs. the Democrats

The Democrats Reasssess--WaPo

Kids Gone Wild? In Praise of Hazing

Bolton May Turn Into a Pumpkin--Kamen--WaPo

Mixing it up with Lou Dobbs over '-isms'

'Knock & announce': Scalia fumbles (Scaife's Rag Blasts Scalia)

"The Blood Diamond"/Mandela & De Beers

NYT; On Iraq, Kerry Again Leaves Democrats Fuming

Gene Lyons on Murtha

North American Union Would Trump U.S. Supreme Court

LTTE (not mine): The Antichrist and the 'Today Show'

JASON MILLER: Exceptional Americans Manifest Their Destiny...

If it's Not Torture, Then it's OK To Use it on Cheney

Strategy Paper Reveals Bush won't Attack Iran

Wolcott: Man-Dude Love (Why does * turn guys on?)

Economy's going so well that Jeb Bush hands sports team owners $135M.

Million-dollar investors prefer cash (Reuters/CNNMoney)

World Oil Prices Could Triple If Bush Admin. Fails To Solve Iran Conflict

Mercury rules give kiln a pass

Researchers look for alternative jet fuels (AP/CNN)

Robust Sahel Drying In Response To Late 20th Century Forcings - GRL

Satellite-Derived Melt-Season Temperature Of The Greenland Ice Sheet - GRL

Mumbai Nervously Awaits Monsoon After 2005's Record Rainfall - AFP

California GHG Emissions Nearly Double 1960-2001 - LA Times

jobs in alternative energy?

Al Gore: "I doubt nuclear power will play a much larger role"

New Evidence Of Warming Propogating Towards Arctic Ocean - GRL

Great Lakes temperature increase over 6 degrees for last 10 yrs

david morris: "Ethanol's time has arrived"

why would anyone become a suicide bomber

Israeli Attack Kills 3 Gaza Children

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters urges Israel to 'tear down the wall'

U.K., UN, Russia rap Israel over civilian deaths in territories

Report: Karni crossing operating far below potential

Gaza: IDF misses - sister, brother killed

ICRC calls for action to avert major humanitarian crisis {edit}

Darkweaving 101: How To Recognize A Conspiracy Theory Presentation

This entire thermite theory puzzles me ...

Interesting photo of Pentagon on day

Got Tin Foil?

"All right. You've covered your ass, now."...Aug. 6, 2001, PDB

Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali in New Zealand / Currently missing

Okay, so there's no comprehensive theory. Let's try this:

One more question: does anybody know how long the WTC

Arizona passes its Verified Voting law

A Poll About Election Machinery

NEW POLL: Big Majority Supports Public Financing (Sirota)

Blackwell Tried to Invalidate OHIO 2004 Exit Polls with >100 Feet Rule

Important: GOP delays vote on Voting Rights Act renewal

Wexler's bid to outlaw paperless voting fails on appeal

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News 6/21/06-DEAN DOESN'T TRUST MACHINES

NPR's Open Source Conyers, Mark Crispin Miller, Steal This Election

Al Gore's "Inconvenient.." success shows audience for Election Fraud film.

Please come kick & rec a thread from Cal04 in GD...

Touch-screen voting's steep learning curve (SF Chronicle)

AZ: Hand-Count (Audit) Bill May Get Hearing - Response to DRE Concerns

32 at our central committee meeting last night

Not in Iowa, but did you see the deal Hatesrt pulled?

Hmmmmm. Some Yahoo groups appear to be working and

Dell laptop cursor jumps around when typing text

Capitol Annex's Excellent Thoughts on Carole 4n3p's Failed Poaching Effort

Which Texas Candidate is the Strongest Advocate for a Fair Wage Law?

Screw Kinky! Help Chris Bell!

How do you store your coffee, in a cool, dry place or in the freezer?

4 Canadian soldiers wounded in Afghanistan

Emerson plays down leaked U.S. letter on softwood

Minority gov't could last until 2009: Harper

How about "Neocon Dippers"?

Waste dispute threatens disease lab's work (mad cow prions in sewer)

Lobbyist Probe Glance

Porter County pulls library cards from children in shelters

North Korea seeks talks to ease missile tensions

UNESCO awards Cuban agency literacy prize

UPDATE 1-Mexico arbiter rules out vote fraud

S.F. airport to be first in nation to screen all cargo for explosives

Wash Post Smears War Critics, Again. Robert Parry

Venezuela, US spar over UN security council bid

NYT; On Iraq, Kerry Again Leaves Democrats Fuming

(3) Afghan police killed 'by mistake'

Reader's Digest: New York a Polite City

al-Qaida Video Shows Alleged 20th Hijacker

Twenty-six dead in fresh Afghan violence

East Timor PM Said Will Likely Resign

Lawyer for Saddam abducted, shot to death

Saddam lawyer killed in Baghdad

Afghan Government bans criticism of government or U.S. troop presence

Visa says ATM breach may have exposed data

LIVE on CSpan 3 NOW - Cuts in Anti-terrorism Grants

VA to Offer Free Credit Monitoring to Vets

Iran will reply to nuclear proposals by Aug 22

Gunmen Snatch 80 Iraqi Factory Workers

The US 'wants to end Guantanamo'

Iraq Qaeda says to kill Russian hostages: Web

Caribbean nations may pay for whale votes

Deaths of GIs stir Senate to condemn Iraq amnesty plan

Wexler's bid to outlaw paperless voting fails on appeal

Breaking-- Mass abduction at Baghdad factory

Iraqi colleagues killed U.S. soldiers, military says

More than 100 Iraqi gov't employees kidnapped (at once!)

Aust trade delegation in fatal Iraq bungle: report (killed bodyguards)

Australian guards kill Iraqi bodyguard in mishap

Major powers: Iran has weeks to reply to proposal

Troopers Would Arrest Immigrants

Blair Says British Troops Will Stay in Iraq Until Job Is Done

US-Japan pact means no more beef trade bans: USDA

Taliban Foe Fiercer Than UK Expected: Commander

Saddam, 7 co-defendants on hunger strike

Iraqi troops arrest leader of insurgent murder squad ("Forward Together")

Lieberman's 'Little Fun' in Animated Ad Rankles Opponent

Ground Zero mob tie?

Argentina holds 'Dirty War' trial

Enron boss wants verdict quashed

Audit criticizes state election officials (Florida)

Cindy Sheehan follow bush to Vienna-LINK

Casey has 18-point lead over Santorum in latest poll (52-34)

Murder Charges Against 7 Marines, Sailor in Killing of Iraqi Civilian

DJ Newswire is reporting woman that heckled Chinese prez in deal to have

ACLU Sues Fla. Schools Over Cuba Book Ban

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 21 June

(At least 80) Dozens of Iraqi factory workers abducted - police

House Judiciary Com. PASSES Res. to demand NSA info

LAT: Marines Missed 'Red Flags,' Study Finds (Haditha Probe)

Sudan president nixes Darfur peacekeepers

Gov. Jeb Bush vetoes public records bill

MSNBC: Raid targets heroin drug ring linked to deaths

Some Abducted Iraqi Workers Released (after ID cards examined)

Iraq speaker demands U.S. probe in new deaths (at poultry farm)

Heart Risk Tied To Losing Job: Study: People Over 50 Have More Risk Of Hea

U.S. Nixes N. Korea Bid for Missile Talks

Lawmakers Promise Action Against Data Brokers (tells info broker tactics)

Indicted Brokers Generous to Voinovich, Other Republicans

Chicago may make 'big box' retailers toe wage line

US accuses Hizbullah of attacks in Iraq

AP: U.S. military bringing equipment home (evidence of drawdown)?

Episcopal Church reverses stance on gay bishops..

Book Says First Data Opened Credit-Card Records to U.S. Agents

2 Dead in Fla. Detention Center Shooting

U.S. has lot `to teach the world' (Lynne Cheney)

Troops echo frustration with war critic

Judge Seeks More Evidence in Padilla Case

CNN: Kidnapped Russian Diplomats in Iraq Have Been Executed

Bush accuses Iran of dragging its feet

Appeals court rules LA judge erred in sex offender case

Boxer: Soldier's 'family was not told the truth'

Lawyer for Saddam killed in Baghdad

England fans attacked by hooligans

GOP seeks (Wyoming) governor's records

2,000-bed immigrant facility going up near Harlingen

Bush says Nine-Eleven drives U-S policy

General warns of rising levels of violence in Basra

López Obrador Gets Four-Point Edge in Mexico

AT&T rewrites rules: Your data isn't yours

Official: Kidnapped soldier was beheaded

Three Foiled Hijack Plots Revealed in U.S. Document

Iraq minister slams Australia

House delays renewal of Voting Rights Act

Gov. Jeb Bush signs bill making it easier to turn farms into subdivisions

Greenpeace activists arrested over peaceful 'whale graveyard'

MSNBC BREAKING: 7 Marines, 1 sailor to be charged in death of Iraqi...

Christians on Football Film: Give Us a G!

Senate defeats Democrats minimum wage increase

Army takes older recruits (up to 42)

Thousands Protest Over Bush Visit (Vienna, Cindy is There!)

Southern San Andreas fault waiting to explode

Gunowners accuse UN of conspiracy

Bush: Some At Gitmo 'Cold-Blooded' Killers

"You got to be naturalistic as HELL."

Are you cool? Take the test and find out!

How do we ask the admin a ?

If 100,000 people sent me $500

If'n I'd a known you'd be locked up, I'da sent this pic

My dear friends....Will SOMEONE please tell me.....

Yesterday, my son and I saw something you don't see every day

'Good morning, Mrs. Cleaver!

I drove my stolen Bentley to the Olive Garden

please elect Peorgie's hot tub girlfriend to Congress!

I stole a Bently from the Olive Garden. n/t

I stole a garden out of an olive Bentley.

I stole an olive out of an Bentley.

I'm BULLISH on Bentleys- they're going to Olive Garden!

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Kevin Federline breaks promise to visit children's charity in Miami

dupe/self delete

Poppies... Poppies... Poppies will put them to sleep.

Man Left In Hospital Room With Dead Body For Six Hours

Florida Restaurant Selling $100 Hamburger (PIC)

Woman Discovers Co-Worker Is Her Mother

Driveway paving question

Motorcycle Rider Dies In Crash After Attending Anti-Helmet Rally

Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo today?

Got this email today, It's pretty funny, actually.

Guess what!!

Stuck in the 80's?

We need to start a "Paid GOP Shills" DU Group for our little friends.

How to screw in the dark

anybody with yahoo mail having problems with access today?

I'll see you fargin bastiges next week, I have to go now

A 12x thong!!!!

Where can you buy beer (cases) when in Canada?

I want to see men in Speedos.

Ask me about my Cock

There is a God!! EFF YOU Dallas Mavpricks

"If you are LOOKING to get a mortgage..." - WTF is with this weird new use

Spinach couscous: now what?

Who knew this band was so liberal...must hate freedom.

How much do you suppose Bush Sr. gets paid to write a book intro?

FIFA World Cup, Portugal v Mexico; Iran v Angola, as it happens

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/21/06)

'', how the eff to make it go away?

Now you can smell Jesus!

What is the MOST you ever paid for CAVIAR...

Saved a fellow creature lately?

Whatever happened to...

The Fast and the Furious: Tijuana Backflip.

Cuts you up.

where the HELL is Underpants?

Ronald Reagan, Johnny Rotten and Afrikaa Bombatta- this vid has it all!

Cover your Ass !

Man Tries To Pay For Drinks At Bar With Checks Belonging To Bartender

Who was the least famous person you met?

fans watched game in underpants because of Budweiser

Global warming is sooo bad that Heat and Hurricanes have conquered

Guy at work just told me I look like Michael Douglas in "Falling Down."

Mmmmm....blueberry pancakes...

You Gotta Wash Your Ass!

Public Service Message

Police Bust Movie Crew Shooting Hostage Scene

Hey AZ DUers! Who's familiar with downtown Phoenix?

C.W. McCall vs. Chuck Norris


Police responding to family fight find 2 tons of marijuana

It's an absolutely perfect day for a BBQ.

Supremacy: Which movie about the Navy bending the time/space continuum?

Isn't it bizarre when someone you've never really interacted with on DU

Who are you blaming?

2005 'toon: Kevin and Kell

Okay, I always thought I was smart, but WTF is this?!

My 100th post!

Who's The Last Famous Person You'd Want to Meet?

Did Herman Munster where green make-up on set?

Crooks Wearing Low, Baggy Pants Discover It's Harder To Run Away

Bleach In Holy Water Stains Churchgoer's Shirts

How do you take a screen shot?

Anyone here go to University of Texas-Austin and have a Facebook?

Damnit, they figured me out - I want to marry my pet snake

Passion of the Christ... Re-enacted by Bunnies

So this penguin is driving his car across the desert...

Can you acquire dyslexia?


Passion of the Christ... Redubbed

Is it just me, or does n00b sound obscene?

i just want everyone to know _____

When people say 'It's hotter than hell'

Darn it

Kidman morphs into Zellweger thx to Botox & fat injections. euwww


Congratulations Call Me Wesley!!

Have you been watching "The Drug Years?"

And when people say 'It's fucking hot'

I know laptops get pretty warm but, uhhh......

What does "dressy casual" mean?

They served McRiblet sammiches at work!!

Now that I'm all pink-faced and sweaty,

Ack!! I Just Received A Jury Duty Notice....

I'm going to be rich

16 away from another milestone. Ask me anything

Massachusetts State Senator wants to put limits on Fluffernutter

Cheap Flat screen TV.

Who is the least famous famous person you've ever met?

Gwyneth to help Liam chase ghosts away

Goodnight darlings

I'm reaching that point again. I'm about ready to chuck it all.

I just bought a 12 pack of RC Cola!

What is an SFK type file?

See, this is why I shouldn't do my own book-keeping...

well, hopefully, Syriana will be in my mailbox right now...

Indiantown man accused of sex with puppy

Be very afraid

Do these Spanish Language TV shows exist?

White Trash Vegan Cooking #3- Mac and Not Cheese

Is anyone else having problems on the DU home page?

Brian Bilbray’s Kids Love Social Networking

Why is Jennifer Anniston on the cover of every magazine in America?

Fuck it. I'm stuffing a bowl.

So I go to the doctor with my intestine popping out of my belly...

Starting to have serious doubts whether I should continue to frequent DU.

The job search goes on

It's a girl! What do you think of this name?

What "old" musical band or artist have you rediscovered lately?

Your favorite "Repo Man" quote

Wednesday, June 21. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

PPP (Pop Production Perfection):

My morning began with one of those chain reactions

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

Paging MrsGrumpy - I just found the perfect smiley for you!

What was your first job?

Is this Otis Spann in this clip with Muddy Waters?

fashion trends that annoy me greatly

True or false?

How do they pour concrete on a slope, and get it to stay put?


protein efficiencies, beef vs. soy

Hey - LynneSin - did you see this?

God DAMN "Magnolia" is an excellent movie.

What kind of a world is it

Paul Williams - C.W. McCall....same guy???

my son's comment about my Sack Santorum bumpersticker:

On the way to work I passed an idiot on a ten speed bike on the freeway

Omaha Steaks...

?aixelsyd eriuqca ouy naC

I had a wild dream last night, and somebody in the DU Lounge was in it...


Great Movie Trailer "The Sinking of Japan (Nihon Chinbotsu)"

I just resigned! Fuck Yea!!!!!!! I'm out on August 4th!

Happy Summer Solstice, loungers!!!

Post your news anchor name!

What "new" musical band or artist have you discovered lately?

How does one wipe their hardrive clean before donating computer to

Congratulations seabeyond!! 20,000 posts

Happy birthday YellowRubberDuckie & oneighty!!

Angelina Jolie--I wish the media would quit mocking her.

HELP! Anyone use Vonage for residential? Does Vonage bow to the NSA?

so what are you listening to right now?

Who Was The First Presidential Candidate You Voted For?

"Think your office is a zoo? Companies go pet-friendly"

My back hurts so bad that it hurts when I laugh.

self delete dupe. nt

NYT: For Episcopal Pioneer Jefferts Schori, the Challenge Is to Unite

Episcopalians Reverse Course Approve Last Minute Compromise On Gay Bishops

STEVEN SREBRENICK: Beatles, Back To The Future & A Bad Disease

Study Shows Fault Overdue for Quake

The Elegant Universe. Watch it for free on the nova website.

Question for any Physicists or Astronomers.

Do all planets tilt on their axis as they rotate around their sun

Another light question for physicists and astronomers.

Both Episcopal and Presbyterian churches stand firm against bigots...

Gay Republicans Fete Schwarzenegger Despite Gay Vetoes

NY Firefighters Refuse to Play Against Gay Team (rugby)

White Sox Manager Unleashes Homophobic Rant

Update: State should know that 2 dads are better than none

Denomination welcomes predominantly gay church

Latvian President Vetoes Rights Bill After Gay Protections Stripped

Seed: The Gay Animal Kingdom

Australians Support Civil Unions

Gay Games Gains Major National Sponsors

Joseph Garuti had a "pro-family" bumper sticker on his car when...

It has been proven - Shaq minus Kobe

NY Firefighters Refuse to Play Against Gay Team (rugby)

LOL. Worst. Sports. Year. Ever.

I Said It Before, And I'll Say It Again (World Cup Stuff)

wind and water scores again!

Astrological advice sought....

Wildfire in Sedona, AZ.....please send prayers

Prayer/positive energy request


Protest the NYT's shoddy journalism

Kerry on the floor n/t

Once again, Kerry is doing good, given the trolls in GD.\nt

Gallup Poll Shows the American People Support Democrat's Amendments

Kerry Speech, PArt 3

Kerry Feingold speeches Part 2

What's the brooking's institute?

Senate Debate, Part Duh, er, Deux!

Message from Iraq

Thanks to all for feeding the cube rats today

I'd sell my soul to have someone rip Mitch McConnell's face off!

A little righteous ire and summer refreshment at We Love John Kerry

Question? Does anyone have any idea who the other six senators

Local reaction to Murtha's position from soldiers and constituents

Senate debate

A little ray of (Pennsylvania) sunshine

I don't know, I think I need a virtual drinking game today

Robert Scheer on the Iraq debate (Damn!)

Imus Follow-up: Every time I heard a min this morning -- talking about JK

Help - Need a quick link to Kerry's DSM letter n/t

I know we're all on outrage overload here today, but this just

News flash: Bush is a sociopath

NYTimes article: Tell the Times what you think of this hit piece on Kerry

Woo-Hoo.... Woooo-Woooo.... Choo-Choo.....

OH. MY. GOD. It's worse than I thought!

Waste dispute threatens disease lab's work (mad cow prions in sewer)

We're living in Nixon's Revenge

2,507 now dead in W's war

All options open if North Korea tests missile: US envoy

I think Dem spokespersons are missing the mark...

What was Saddam's death toll again.

We have 90,999 members! Who wants to watch the odometer roll over ?

Frontline Dark Side Web Site

AP: Students protest against Bush in Austria ("Bush Go Home!")

Do I have this right? Two competing Dem Iraq Resolutions

Ran into a worker at a chain drugstore - Her factory job went to Canada

The USA ranks #68

Alarm over Afghan guidelines for journalists - Smell that democracy?

Double or nothing...

Weapons experts warn US lawmakers on Indian nuclear deal

New freewayblog on I-495 (South) in Tewsbury, MA

Iraq's security chief sets a date for U.S. troop withdrawal: 2007

I Look Forward To Dan Rather's Memoirs And

Why is Reid feeding the media against Kerry and being nice to Lieberman?

Howard Kurtz, Ann Coulter and Selective Media Outrage by Larry Johnson

good morning everyone!

Dick Morris: Harold Ford Jr. might win the Senate for the Democrats

Al-Qaida video shows alleged 20th hijacker

OMG, Mountain Thrust??? I have a filthy mind!

F*** You CBS. You left Dan Rather hanging in the wind....

why would anyone become a suicide bomber

Half A Million Troops In Iraq!

The Giggling Murderer (*) Sold Tainted Blood To Canada?

Rove's brilliant tactic of 'cut and run'---msnbc is doing a story on this

Paid GOP trolls....check in

B ush Military History Project # 16

House Bill Seeks 30-Year Prison Penalty for Disaster Fraud

W House: "this is a brutal enemy that does not follow any of the rules"

If North Korea shot down a US missile would that be an act of war?

how come we cannot discuss Israel in the

Do you agree with Kerry's cut-and-run deadline for Iraq?

For all the death the US is causing "over there" I fear there is going to

Message to Congress: No new laws

How will McCain explain his Iraqi killer amnesty vote?

Is there a creditability gap here?

3 options one has in a quagmire

Murtha Cheered At Welcome Home Ceremony For Troops…

"Where did you get that tie?" * pics>>>

Frist holds secret fundraiser for Steele

Angelina Jolie criticizes Iraq war and US priorities on CNN

"Divided We Stand, United We Fall"

We need Steven Colbert to be our official spokesman.

GOP: Dems are angry. YES We are. We can't begin to match GOP's vitriole!

Not Exactly Supporting the Troops

Troops echo frustration over war in Iraq

My 18 year old's reaction to Frontline:

Iran Won't Respond to Offer Until Mid-August - Not in a few weeks

Police to Get Access to Student Data

YouTube video of what Iraqis think of Americans.

Is the NSA spying on U.S. Internet traffic?

Stay and sink our economy, not to mention Iraq's.

Let's face it - the dumb sonuvabitches are in charge.

Tenant's "slam dunk" comment

Can this be true? Repugs conspiring to get * out of the way?

CUT to the Chase and let the Iraqis RUN their country!

Charlie GIBSON is a DEMOCRATIC "heavy hitter"????!!1

American Conservatism: An Encyclopedia (excludes O'Reilly, Rove, Coulter)

Huff Weighs In On Tony "Once A Fox, Always An Ass" Snow

Caption? - * pics>>>

My thoughts in the minimum wage...

Does the Geneva Convention Even Exist Any More?

LIVE on CSpan 3 NOW - Cuts in Anti-terrorism Grants

the Brits are at it again with another Diana investigation story!

Democrats want Bush to CUT the BS and RUN a responsible government

Tom Delay's My Space page.

If you missed "The Dark Side" on PBS, you can watch online starting Thurs.

There was an advertisement, masquerading as a "news story"

The anti-terrorism talking head on CNN explains the death of the soldiers.

Poll: Santorum approval rating declines

Live chat now with producer of Cheney Frontline show (10:24 ct)

Happy Midsummer Everybody!

Meth lab seizures drop in 2005 (Bush tries to take credit of course)

Today's Number is 2507! And al Qaida says will kill 4 Russians

Hooters Offers to Reimburse FEMA $200

Minimum wage only helps poor, does not raise inflation

The Onion--The U.S. May Have Been Abused During Formative Years

B*sh will "Cut and Run" From Diplomacy with Iran!

Hillary's Hypocrisy

NPR sure hates the mayor of Los Angeles. They should read this:

Short new poem. What do you guys think?


American Service-Members Protection Act

What's Americanism?

AP: Iraqi Troops Killed 2 U.S. Soldiers

The media will resume their duty of oversight when Democrats are in power

Dead Marine to Mom: This Mission Is Going To Take Us Years....

Rove is calculating how to exploit the Tortured G.I.'s & their Families.

Frontline: Dark Side - Live Discussion at WaPo NOW 11AM EST

Did you know that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. owns

Wind up and wack at Wednesday with a . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CAPTION!!!

Old Picture, New Caption


A call for DU help! To take down a Phx rethug....

Freeway Blogger - Massachusetts I-495, Southbound, Tewksbury

To lurking 'Netvocates', how much do they pay?

Just heard a RW radio host blame death&torture of soldiers on Clinton.

George W. Bush: Serial US Flag Defacer

Political Consultant (R) charged with molesting girl

Leftist may win Mexico presidency;

WP, Shales: "Dan Rather is a free man....We shall not see his like again."

Tenn. "Leaf-Chronicle" Handling 2 Iraq-Soldier Tragedies in Its Backyard

Until we STOP Torture as a military tactic, we have NO right to complain.

How much do you suppose Bush Sr. gets paid to write a book intro?

Remember, Bush and Rove Both Lied

7 Marines, 1 sailor to face murder charges (Camp Pendleton, CA)

Angelina Jolie--I wish the media would quit mocking her.

Somebody PLEASE explain why the Kennedy bill passed and was withdrawn!

My oldest surviving brother died yesterday....

I have a question about this "Activated" missile defense system...

Newsweek: New public service announcement aims to discourage Iraq attacks

A look at the three GOP front runners

CSPAN2: Senators beginning five hour debate on Iraq

100 workers kidnapped north of Baghdad

All 9 Democratic Female Senators on Larry King 9pm

Overconfidence is a disadvantage in war, finds study

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Future "President" of the United States

London Times: 'Boston tea party' as US Episcopal radicals defy Canterbury

Bush's Visit to Vienna Is Marked by Protests

Breaking-- Mass abduction at Baghdad factory

How does one wipe their hardrive clean before donating computer to

On the way to work I passed an idiot on a ten speed bike on the freeway

Dan Rather's reporting days may not be over (he may be "unleashed")

Save AAR in Cincy OH! Sign THIS!

Bush Presidency And Republican Control Will Die From A Thousand Tiny Cuts.

The "number" is now up to 2508

The Perfect Stonewall by David Corn

What is Pariotism?


Anybody hear that Freeper that called Mike Malloy

Irony alert > Bob Ney's unfortunate online ad placement.

US: Why talk directly when we can wait for a missile to come our way first


"Japan's leaving? Good. Now, the rest just line up behind and . . . march!

Another example of how Corporate America isn't any better

Senate voting on Minimum Wage ammendment now on C-SPAN 2

Subject: Jesus Camp -- For Real (new info)

Can we sue Rush?

Sen. Barbara Boxer asks for support for the Kerry/Feingold/Boxer

What can we do to stop the killing in Iraq?

fans watched game in underpants because of Budweiser

Dems are NOT "Split" on Iraq-- Demand MSM STOP the bullshit

Stand up for Lt. Watada and other conscientious objectors...

Kerry told Kucinich 'you can't cut and run Dennis' during the 2004 debate

Frist Slips 'Poison Pill' to Minimum Wage Bill

War with Iran could TRIPLE the Price of Oil

2500, 5000, 10,000, 63,000, 100,000....How many more?

"Will EU leaders follow trend in US and warm up to Bush?"

Debate in the US Senate on Democratic Withdrawal Amendments

It's just a number, Smirky. (Photo)

Don't let media LIE - Polls show Kerry-Feingold is plan America supports

Former detainee paints harrowing portrait of life at Guantánamo Bay

Uncriical AP Coverage Helped Push Cheney Spin On Iraq

Myspace and the travis county teen tragedy-my thoughts

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

3 ways to Gut "Cut and Run" There are 2 good articles at Frameshop

The More You Know

Anti-War Music!!!

Austrian video of Bush protesters in Austria (warning-flag burning)

Who were the 52 senators that supported the min. wage increase? nt

The Minimum We Should Do

Cindy followed Der Chimperor to Austria

HELP! Anyone use Vonage for residential? Does Vonage bow to the NSA?

People swept off streets in bazaar 'Bush Zone'

The Guy James Show needs your help!

Patriotism? Oh REALLY??

"Report: U.S May Have Been Abused During Formative years (theonion)

35 million in Poverty (and Dems) just got Royally ScREWED on Min Wage Vote

How many world wars will there be this century?

Deepak Chopra: Try listening to Muslim world

Did George Bush deface American flags in Vienna, Austria today?

Republicans make me sick

Global Warming Pollution Has Doubled in 28 States Since 1960

Bush Says Opinions of 'Most Europeans' Absurd

Salon: Kerry/Feingold amendment in line with American opinion

Sen. Warner Now--the Pres. CONSTITUTIONAL POWERS===saying

Protest the NYT's shoddy journalism

My 100th post!

AT&T may be hiding a second NSA domestic spying operation

Got Tin Foil?

Oped on Maryland Republican Senate Candidate Michael Steele

Sen. John Cornyn is using troops as "victims"

Jeb Bush is against the public knowing - in favor of government stalling

Who are "We, the People...?"

Are you a "Blame America Firster"?

30 rebels attacked slain U.S. troops in Iraq-witness

Get Rid of GOP leadership that abandons our military by Susan UnPC

Republicans: All Slogan and No Plan

AP: U.S. Military Bringing Equipment Home

Bush is laughing & grinning & talking about nukes in Europe.

OMG Lugar voted AYE

One more disturbing thing about Rupert Murdoch

ALL questions about Torture REMOVED from white house transcript

Hiliary Clinton on Senate floor. She supports the Levin resolution.

Is It Not Time For Liberals To Form A New Progressive Party?

George W. Bush tells the truth

Graph of US public opinion during WW2

Good news from Iraq - fundie edition

Local Soldiers React To Murtha's Comments (43% of SW PA withdraw troops)

"Stop Digging" does not equal "Cut and Run"

Bush warns Iran and North Korea not to test US patience

Rethugs digging themselves further into the proverbial hole on C-SPAN 2

Iran: US opts for regime change, not force

Who cuts and runs? Republicans, of course.

Ok,so my husband's daughter and her family came in

"The speaker demanded the U.S. forces stop such ... mistakes"

New '06 Senate polls: Pennsylvania, Washington and Michigan

Lula: Brazil's "Lost Leader"

Does anyone in their right mind believe the "troops" are supported

George Bernard Shaw Quote -

Why aren't the Senate Dems arguing the truth re: the occupation?

2004 presidential election demands an investigation - By Joe Baker

Ummmm.... caption?

The Guy James Show from 3 to 5 est Ann Wright a guest today

Hurray for Fox News! ? Looney toons!!! (MUST SEE TV)

Saw a bumper sticker today that read : "They're lying to you".

NeoCONS and RepubliCONS whats the difference...

"The Single Most Important [Media] Policy Debate"

Speedy Gonzales: "I am the law!"

Why don't GOP moderates support Minimum Wage raise?

Inflation is 4.17% excluding fuel, food, and housing, what is it really?

Okay, campers, where will the next leg of the Happy Horseshit Tour go?

Support Lt. Watada and the other war refusers: June 27 day of defiance...

Mother of slain soldier, Pfc Menchaca, "I am against the war..."

House Repubs. Fracture on Iraq Permanent Bases (amend. to strip defeated)

Summary of Recent Studies on the Human Health Hazards of GE Foods

KILL AND RUN? - Not Exactly Supporting The Troops (The Nation)

Study finds nonprofit healthcare often better quality than for-profit run

Yet another strawman soundly defeated by our President!

Top 5 myths about America

Terra Terra Terra don't work anymore.

Hagel: Focus Group Tested Buzz Words 'Cut & Run' Debase Seriousness of War

The gargantuan genius of "economist" Brian Kilmeade

My first flash "A Pict Song" -------------------> VIDEO

Send a letter to Fitz

Introducing the moron Freeper thread for the day

"It should make people nervous when non-transparent regimes....."

When I go to the floor for this final execution...

Bush Brings Charm Offensive to Vienna

George Allen sez it's time to unite the people. Right now on the

What if they stole an election and nobody cared?.. Sutton impact!

Bush to Europe: You Didn't Take 9/11 Seriously

CNN: Kidnapped Russian Diplomats in Iraq Have Been Executed

Another One of Hussein's Lawyers Is Killed

The MESSAGE behind the factory kidnapping.

In honor of Bush's visit to Europe, a pic intensive thread...

Harold Meyerson op-ed in today's WaPo: "Lieberman vs. the Democrats"

Sen. James Inhofe: "The insurgents aren't Iraqis"

Adultery May Be A GOP Family Value In 2008

More "Truth" this weekend.... New theaters for Al's flick

DJ Newswire is reporting woman that heckled Chinese prez in deal to have

They pulled the 1965 Voting Rights' Act!

Christian clothing company launches "weapons of mass destruction" for God

WP, Milbank: It's Time to Cut and Run From 'Cut and Run'

Lou Dobbs wrote a great column re: minimum wage

Malkin on O'reilly

"CUT your ties to the republican party and RUN"

Great! Lieberman is promoting the war

Half of U.S. illegal aliens enter legally

Down with Tyranny celebrates Rahm Emanuel's impending departure

Kerry speaking now

Switched my AT&T long distance today.

Legislature doesn't want bills to pass..dems need to opt OUT

Now that NSAT&T has fucked your privacy once again, what can you do?

Kerry-Feingold Amendment Up Next - Cspan-2

How Do You Know You've Won A War?

Indiantown man accused of sex with puppy

If GOPs respected Iraq sovereignty, they'd give them a timetable they want

If The chimp is in Europe You KNOW There Were Protests! And Cindy Too!!!

So, are the Democrats really the prison party? Is this one of the reasons

What was the MOST dispicable comment in the senate today?

Gallup: 49% of Americans Support Kerry Feingold Amendment

Jay Marvin just joined the Kos "9/11 denial" team

Legalize torture in war on terror, Dershowitz advises - November 29, 2002

Report Santorum referenced

America's smartest cities

What is a sealed affidavit?

WHO really supports the troops?

Through the eyes of 57 years

Vote in Lou Dobbs poll regarding NA union which * surreptitiously signed.

(since we;'re rhyming a'la cut&run) REEPS: REPENT & DISSENT

Haditha is only the beginning.

I have a question regarding Congress and her critters

Democrats have a Great 06 Platform now!

The 'Bad Reporter' strikes again! Korean missiles, immigrants, and Kerry

The job search goes on

Barbara Boxer on CSPAN 2 Now..

Cindy Sheehan follow bush to Vienna-LINK

There should be EIGHT DEADLY SINS - I vote for IMPERIALISM

But I had a nice day and that's what matters

might work better if the hose was connected... 6/21 TOON

Bush Approval Jumps 5 Points (Zogby)

Gotta love those Chimp offspring (Pierce, aka 'Alfred E. Neuman' Bush

Relatives 'devastated' to learn of soldiers' deaths on TV

Thread #2, Kerry/Feingold Iraqi resolution:

80 to 100 Iraqi factory workers, abducted. Not a peep from the MSM.

Do you think this would be a legitimate question to ask the chimp?

Lou Dobbs wonders when the PEOPLE are gonna stand up to the administration

online gamblers pick Dems to win White House in 2008

Students March To Protest Sports & Arts Cuts and they WON!

Rhode Island Senate: Whitehouse closes in on Chafee

Why does Sam Seder say RAY-publicans?

LOL. Freeper tells Randi the left and Dems are funding the insurgency

Democratic Senate women on Larry King tonight with agenda.

Rebuttal to cut-and-run: "Did these Republicans cut-and-run?"

WSJ editor: Gay marriage could lead to marrying snakes...

Have you got a magic decoder ring?

What is Kay Bailey Hutchinson SMOKING!?! (C-Span2)

John Murtha: Knowing Your Enemy

How do Hispanic immigrants get here?

Renounce torture and abuse

Why should Christian Churches make Gay Rights Agenda over WAR

VERY STRANGE comment by Fitzgerald's spokesperson, re: GUILTY PLEAS(?!)

Religious group breaks ground for privatley run religious dorm at UW

DU a poll;

What does "Stay the Course" mean ?

Sign the petition to stop FAKE NEWS! (True Majority)

I just heard NeoCo Joe's comments on Sam Seder's show.

"Good to be here...I call him Wolfgang and he calls me GW, heh heh heh."

Rights and responsibilities

Is "Why We Fight" being suppressed?

Wash Post Smears War Critics, Again

Doonesbury today, re: Responsibility!!!

What Is Your Preferred Method Of Non-Monitored Communications?

ROLL CALL: Have you seen "An Inconvenient Truth", yes or no?? If not....

Mike Malloy fans: Check this out!

What if all workers in the USA worked for Union Inc. and all Employers....

Estate tax/ min. wage: I solve two problems

Sen. Byrd what do you suppose we do in Iraq?

*, Laura, Condi and Austrian President Heinz Fischer - pics>>>

Al Gore on Charlie Rose: "Look at the overall pattern."

So, is it fair to call them "The GOP Crime Syndicate?

Pay it forward: Someone gave me a star when I was unemployed...

Someone ordered those soldiers to man that dangerous position

Kerry can make up for his mistakes...bring up the Downing Street Memo!

Those that USE 'cut and run' were the ones who 'Ran and Hid'..

Suskind: Bin Laden wanted Bush Re-elected

Conyers:Why Ohio's 2004 Election is Still Important: VRA Collapses

Like they always said about Communism, the Enemy will come from within.

JUNE 27 "National Day of Action" To Stand With Lt. Watada!

Ready or not, here comes Artificial Meat...Yum, YUM!

Welcome To The Phone Record Slippery Slope! Stop Calling Your Dealer.

It Is Clear: Richard Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld have to be brought...


Question on Inflation...

holy shit! Santorum on cspan 2 now. "We have found the WMDs"

Has Bush Said anything about the two tortured soldiers?

Caught on Tape: AOL Rep will not let a Customer Cancel Account

Hot and Fresh!!! GET YOUR WAR ON has new 'toons!!!!

The Senate debate on Iraq is a FARCE. WHY? THE EMBASSY

Burning in Dell

VIDEO: SLAPDOWN! BBC pummels Ann Coulter (BBC Newsnight)

Latest Truthout Article---The Post's Curious Interest in Leopold and TO-

Now that I've been elected POTUS

Hope from Radio Orange

Kucinich“In The Name Of Fighting Terrorism We Are Creating More Terrorists

With AT&T's big FUCK YOU!, have found list of who is selling out to NSA

U.S. gun owners accuse U.N. of July 4 conspiracy

WHOA! Thom Hartmann beat Rush Limbaugh in the Seattle Radio

Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over

The Immigration Issue Is Pure Racism

Pierce Bush, Party Animal - (warning - graphic content)

Is agriculture the problem?

I've got to log off, but I wanted to ask if DUers caught PBS' "Frontline"

Democratic and Liberal blogs blocked from Kentucky gov computers.

US to produce "Don't be a Suicide Bomber" PSA ads (not kidding!)

Talking Points from our good friend at Starlight - read and pass on.......

Help me settle an argument. Tom Gallagher is a Repuke

The Dems stance on immigration will lose this election for us.

Urgent need for more STICKIES for the RepubliCONS!!!!

AT&T rewrites rules: (As of This Friday) Your data isn't yours

Toon: Constitution-Burning (a DUer original)

How much do you blame the Republican voters personally...?

The boiled frog - Alarmists or visionaries?


Mexican customs to be stationed in Kansas City

Well here they go again right wing fear.smear and BS

So, are the Democrats really the druggy party? Is this one of the reasons

Florida DU'ers: Davis or Smith?

One of them crazy foreigners got himself a star! Here's why :

I'm going to say something not very pleasant

The Post's Curious Interest in Leopold and Truthout: By Marc Ash

What the web bots are saying about the corrupt f*@ckers!

Anyone know why Rawstory and huffingtonpost haven't put the voting

F*cking corrupt f*ckers!

few comments on the Minimum Wage Debate (Senate)

The Press Plays Dumb About the Bush Bounce

A double treat from "Doonesbury"! {'TOON/quote from Bu**sh**)

Photo: Condi & her husband savor the moment in Vienna, 6/21/06

AP: Some returning troops echo frustration of war critic Rep. Murtha

Bloody Kansas

Should the Dems start pounding home LIE & DIE to counter the

Third Saddam lawyer murdered

Falwell: Debate Team Makes Appearance in Nation’s Number One Book

(Deleted - Wrong Forum)

OUTLOUD ... You can't make this stuff up [USNWR]

Time again for LynneSin's "Guess who is the most unpopular senator is"

Destroyed or just gone?

The inspiring speech by Patrick Henry - It's core truths remain the same

Front line on PBS

FL Gubernatorial candidates explaining messy divorces and short marriage

OK Freepers call Congress with this plan to get illegals out in 4 wks.

OK...all together now: "We HAVE been hit again since 9/11!"

Conservative "humor", courtesy of Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" TOON

Vienna Protests Bush Visit

John Murtha: Honorable and Anti-Iraq War

Shumer on CSpan 2 re: Grants for Terrorism

What are you doing to help us stay the course?

42 years ago today - a red letter day for "conservatives"

A speech we all need to read again by Patrick Henry

When Repugs say "Cut and Run", tell them they "Lie and Spy"

D.C. Dem incumbants set to invade CT to campaign for Lieberman

"Ran & Hid Republicans"

Idiot Son is facing tough questions from the foreign press.

Bush tells Europe to put itself in our shoes & then S.T.F.U., basically...

Repubs new tactic?

NY's Favorite Senator? Clue: It's not Hillary Clinton.

Sirota: New Poll majority -- Public Campaign Financing. Dem Strategists--

WA Senate: Cantwell (D) 44%, McGavick (R) 40%

Anyone wanna bet on whether S. Hussein is found guilty

During Frontline last night, it suddenly switched to Charley Rose..

Thais left in the dark - had to read news in Asia Times

Scary numbers for DeWine

Defendant expected to take stand in sexual harassment case (GOP)

Uncritical AP Helped Push Cheney Spin On Iraq Insurgency, "Last Throes"

Can someone explain the Senate Amnesty (Iraq) vote to me...

Does anybody have a Premium Subscription to Rasmussen Reports?

O'Reilly to Bush Administration: "Stop being defensive about waging war"

Parsing the Polls: Presidential erosion

What is the "exit date" specified in the Kerry-Feingold amendment?

Florida's graduation rate ranks 47th in nation

Southern Strategy

If I had inherited Bush's war on Jan 20, 2005, I would've immediately

Should the Iraqi government grant amnesty to those citizens who...

Ann Coulter's New Book: Free Offer - Save Almost $32!

Santorum ahead in C&E poll...???wtf?

Connecticutblog: DLC Chairman Vilsack will support CT Dem Primary winner

In your opinion, is this article liberally or conservatively biased?

"All right. You've covered your ass, now."

Is there a thread for Senate debate on Iraq?

We tried to stop Bushco's Oil War Of Choice BECAUSE we care about military

NO coverage here of massive anti Bush demonstrations in Vienna

Cutting and a good way.

Republicans suffer from a malignant nostalgia

2004 was two years ago

Rahm nixes second term, DCCC has $24 million on hand

Quick! somebody get this photo over to freeperville

Sensenbrenner passed a bill to investigate NSA spying. WHY?

Leahy now leading off the debate on the Kerry/Feingold amendment.

Bush Says Iran Too Slow Responding and he 'gets angry'!

Taxes Are Going To Kills Us November

Inform "values voters" about GOP adultery: McCain, Giuliani , Gingrich

So how long can a party with 30% approval inflict its will on the US?

Al Gore's "Inconvenient.." success shows audience for Election Fraud film.

Poll: dems moving in on repub incumbents in RI

Colbert: "big government" and "small government" and Jesus

Another reason why the "D" matters

hacking the Mass vote: Part II (the plot thickens)

Iraq: Republicans Prefer Slogans to Solutions

Any DUers have link to Ann Coulter's appearances? I am organizing an

Words of Wisdom from President Bush

49% of Americans Support Kerry Feingold Amendment

Uh oh. The Repubs may be starting a new surprise tactic.

Lieberman on C-SPAN2 Opposing Both Levin/ Kerry-Feingold Amendments

what are the odds that the dead soldiers weren't tortured?

"All right. You've covered your ass, now."

Frist Slips 'Poison Pill' to Minimum Wage Bill

CNN again asking for story ideas - submit to: [email protected]

Bush Caught Defacing Flag -- Again -- tsk, tsk, tsk

Murtha cheered at hometown vet's return

The party of torture, mutilation and murder

Is there any way we can get a few on 'our side' to just shut the fuck up?

"My first act as president will be to turn on the lights"

AT&T rewrites rules: Your data isn't yours

Could Indiana become a swing state in the congressional race?

Hillary's Shameful Straddling on Iraq

Lynne Cheney in talk to kids praises 'telling the truth'

Clinton's White House hopes hit by poll

Let's deal with STRATEGY and "CUT AND RUN" rhetoric, shall we?

Who got the bigger screw-job from the media in the 2004 election?

Will Bernanke save the dollar?

Gert & Wes, the Big Dog, Little Rock and the library....what a weekend!

The time has come for Jeffersons Ghost to move on and haunt other houses

At least, John Kerry has a plan, let's support him! Let's get out of Iraq

Best '08 Dem presidentail nominee? (also online at below link)

We need to take a very close look at population shift