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Archives: June 20, 2006

Wonderful buzz about DUer Ava on DailyKos ....

America's problem is again a usurping king called George

St. Kitts Declaration is an Insight into Human Ecological Insanity

Attacks on John Kerry Discredited

Solving the world's problems - behind closed doors

The Turning of the Leaves

Rude Pundit: Two Captured American Soldiers and the Implied "What If"

Jesus is Not A Republican - an Evangelical lays bare the lies

Court divided over wetlands protections

Three schoolgirls wounded in ambush on Israeli bus in West Bank

Olmert and Abbas to meet unofficially in Petra this week

On boycotts, activism, and moral standards

Mike Malloy is calling out Kos for blocking non-official 9/11 theories

"Emergency Townhall Meetings" CA-50 Here we go!

OH: ES&S and Blackwell KO Mike Moran

Cinci Enq covers RFK Jr Lawsuit:

Selden Spencer made it to Warner's finalist round

Federal MPs Given Summer Recess 'Homework' Reading Assignment

Canada-U.S. softwood deal unlikely before fall, Emerson suggests

BBC TV exposes ongoing abuse of detainees in Iraq

BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate ... Building Collapses an Inside Job

States File Petition Vs. EPA Mercury Rules

States File Petition Vs. EPA Mercury Rules


Sen McCain warns of 'irrational exuberance' on Iraq

Iraq war may add stress for past vets

WP: Negroponte to Apply Military's Joint-Duty Approach to Intel Agencies

Equipment the best, Nelson says (for Australian troops)

Court divided over wetlands protections

Army charges 3 GIs with murder in Iraq

Ricketts sees no letup in campaign (US Senate Ne)

Japan PM Announces Iraq Withdrawal Plan

Moscow demands immediate release of Russian hostages in Iraq

Jordanian aide betrayed Zarqawi

Army Cancels Contract for New Iraqi Prison ("Got to stop the bleeding")

Police call for (House) ethics review of McKinney

WP: Tanker Scandal Inquiry Finds Rumsfeld's Attention Was Elsewhere

Three Men Separated by Two Points in Nicaragua

(PA) Perzel vows to end talk of pay raises (for lawmakers of 16 to 34%)

Base to Bush: Stop Illegals (Washingtontimes)

Secret Service quiet about man arrested near Cheney (for being different)

NYT: 'The Dark Side' Studies When the C.I.A. Fought Cheney, and Cheney Won

Starbucks the next target in fatty-food debate

Stephen Hawking Takes Beijing; Now, Will Science Follow?

Guantanamo desperation 'revealed'

Albright: Iraq invasion encouraged others (Iran and N. Korea)

LAT: Carribean States Could See Backlash if Whaling Resumes

White trash vs. ghetto Whitney?

What's your favorite Dinobot?

Ice cold Shiner Bock in a frosted glass.....

I get my new glasses tomorrow.

Inflammatory comment on state of "food snobbery" in Lounge.

More flamewars about white trash and food

YOU eat your Artichokes Judea with WHAT?

Apparently, I am an elitist snob for not liking faux-Italian food.

I wonder what happens...

So my friend went to the urgent care facility with severe back pain

Horray! I received my Masters degree today!

What does the sign on my forehead say?

Does anyone use bsafe - and how do I get rid of it?

Who has read the Sufi poet, Rumi?

Delete, dupe.

Munich police arrest 23 Brazilians

Who is someone not here today who usually is?

Do they serve whale-burgers at the Olive Garden?

The United States is officially out of actors....

A game to play as I head to bed

Kudzu Thread Survey

If you are in dire need of a kitten fix...

Congratulations, Carolina!

Anybody else just see Samantha Bee on "The Daily Show?"


Have you seen Comedy Central's "Dog Bites Man"? If so, what's

I dreampt they were building a Waffle House down the street...

Stanley Cup game 7 thread...

Axes Exes Have Stolen

Anybody watching "Texas Ranch House"?

I have a question about real estate agents...

Stanley Cup? So what.

What's Your Favourite Dinosaur?

That infamous "Chef" episode is on "South Park" right now.

DU lawyers and HR types

If you don't already have me on "ignore," do it now.

Wow checkout this animation for Radioheads "creep" amazing!


Name and post the lyrics of your favorite drinking song.

Albums Exes Have Stolen

Do you look at your trash email before you dump it?

Good evening Loungers!

As a white trash vegan, I won't eat at Olive Garden. Veal is on the menu.

Whatever Happened to Travis Tritt?

If you don't already have me on "ignore," give me a dollar.

Would Lord Stanley ever imagined his cup ending up in Carolina?

What's your favorite email spam to get?

Any good places to buy contact lenses online?

Stephen Colbert behind the anchor desk- 1996.

I have an interview Thursday

Battle of the polished turds: Cadillac Cimarron vs. Chrysler/Maserati Tc

A new sport is born in North Carolina! NHL Hockey!

I just started a thread in GD.

First locked thread! I'm so proud! This Kid is growing up!

Question for DU lounge ladies--I'm female, 35 and turning gray

OK, time for your favorite summer recipes!

NYRB founder Barbara Epstein, 1928–2006

OPINION: Kittens: Pouring cuteness on the lounge.

Hormones suck.

Anybody else see Calvin Trillin on "The Daily Show?"

OPINION: The Olive Garden: Pouring cool water on a flame war!

Travolta's new Florida digs (with toys).

DU opinion - Whale Meat

Here's a good reason to avoid patronizing Olive Garden, and Red Lobster

After a week of cleaning, matting and cementing...

Year of the ______?

I just fixed a vaginal prolapse (cow) - ask me anything!

How stupid are people?

Honestly, does anyone here own an episode of GIRLS GONE WILD?

I love soccer because....

What does "We go make am" mean? (From Sierra Leone)

List five facts about yourself...

Using which of these names without explanation is an act of game playing?

Why don't Republicans understand that proxy wars are im-moral?

Jim Rigby: Christians Who Want Democracy Must Stop Bowing to a Dictator Ch

Pentagon Lists Homosexuality As Disorder (not a joke!)

NBA reviewing Game 5 postgame actions

"Odyssey of the 8th Fire- A New American Epic "

Prayers and blessing for a very ill DUer.

Another '08 poll!

"Kerry earns an A!" - Those google ads are good for something!

Look what bloomed tonight

self delete

Bush's Hawaiian Preserve: Easy Election Year Environmentalism

US Embassy memo tells the "real story" of life in Baghdad

Traders Lied to Inflate your heat bill

Alaska hit by 'massive' oil spill

Victory: The Week in Pictures

Gore on KO right now

Connie Chung WTH?!

So let me get this straight....

What is the scoop on * making Hawaiian ocean preserve?

The Da Vinci Senator : uses Opus Dei to justify an anti-gay amendment

30-Something Work Group have the House floor now, CSPAN1

Bush "Cut and Run" from Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan

Hidden in plain sight. Why is the "green zone" secure?

I increased my monthly ACLU donation this morning!

EFF's New Flash Animation - "The Corruptibles"

what is the difference between mainstream US xtians & burka pushing

Who has read the Sufi poet, Rumi?

Travolta's new Florida digs (with toys).

Caption *

I really hope this summer goes ok -

Al Gore on Charlie Rose Show tonight! And you can email questions here:

Ned (Lamont) makes gains in a 3-way race

I'm listening to NPR

President Gore Will Be On Letterman This Friday!

Is there a good list of voting machines by state/county somewhere?

Bush coming to a Europe with an overwhelmingly negative view of America

Hastert Won't Fess Up To Honest Graft (Land Speculation & Hwy. Funding)

Court could get Bush out of jail over Guantanamo

Flush the money down the toilet!

Did Bush and co. "fail" in Iraq?

S.D. voters to decide fate of abortion ban

What's with this:

xpost from the lounge for more eyes re:Jury Duty vs. Work obligations

Suskind provides a snapshot of how Cheney manipulates Bush

Khalid the Droll

You don't ever accept at face value what a government

Remember that film of the Iraqis gassing a Yellow Lab pup? Well

Gore on Charlie Rose...sorry if a repeat post.

Take a look at these hands.

Why are you all not running talk about Gore's conversation on Rose NOW?

Pentagon Lists Homosexuality As Mental Disorder

"I Have No Comment"

"Wall Street Journal Gives Hugo Chavez A Mixed Review"- by Stephen Lendman

The hole in the supposed NYC subway cyanide plot

When the sad history of THIS Iraq War is done, will we have learned

What all Democrats Believe.

Rove Not Indicted, but Can still be Charged with an "Information"

WATCH AL GORE ON CHARLIE ROSE!!!! Amazing Interview!!!

OMG! The Daily Show just did an Awesome summery of the Iraq "debate"

Gore was wonderful on religion and the environment

What do you think Al Gore thinks about Bill Clinton today?

Crazy idea to stop terrorism...

Hey Pat, is God punishing Houston?

Santorum: "No amnistía!"..Asshole's webpage now in SPANISH too!

We are so screwed, it isn't even funny.

Which North American Nations function well, and why?

Democrats should UNITE behind the Levin Iraq ammendment NOW.

Has Gore not done well on MSM Interviews? I keep seeing postings

Since Calvin Trillin is on TDS tonight, I 'd like to post his Cheney poem:

My new meme/slogan for GOP's agenda: "The Pooring of America".

Is being an "Ex-Republican" like being an "Ex-Serial Killer"?

Sounds like Malloy is about to rip Salon / DailyKos a new one... n/m

Water powered torch, water powered car, Fox News, congress

The Kerry-Feingold plan is the best way out of Iraq because a:

Anyone notice Olberman's new glasses?

Howard Dean is amazing.

I would totally have Al Gore's love child.

The ugly truth about everyday life in Baghdad

Here's the Kos ban that Malloy mentioned

"Mountain Thrust"?!?

Black Progressive Labor Coalition beats Corporatist Dems in Oakland!

ATTENTION USENET USERS - White Rose Shows are posted to Usenet!

This is bull shit! Why would N. Korea want to launch a missile at the US?

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in

Al Gore: what makes him so qualified to talk about global warming?

"The Pooring of America": Foreclosures May Jump As ARMs Reset

Which middle-eastern nations function well and why?

State Trooper, Santorum Team Member Sued for Rights Violations

8,000 troops widen search for missing GIs

Japan to announce Iraq WITHDRAWAL; timed to coincide with DC visit!

Rightwing Press Caught In Conspiracy Re: Supposed Child "Beating" Victim

Why won't Daily Kos accept posts about my Quixtar operation?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Announces Plan To Prosecute Architects . . .

June 20, 2006 is the last day to use this form...

Very Simple Question: Can We Trust Fitzgerald?

Girl, 14, Sues Alleging Assault

A one-legged, scraggly, wheelchair-bound, dirty woman so beautiful

What "should " be the Democratic position on illegal immigration ??

Who can stop them?

AUDIO-LIVE NOW: Malloy beats up Kos, Salon over editorial decisions (AAR)

The New Lies About Women's Health (Sexy Pic to get your attention!)

15 Things You Can Do to Stop Global Warming: by my son!

hold on, latest on Leopold, Rove, Indictment - Did it happen?

Malloy is laying it into Kos - - big time!

TRUTHOUT UPDATE/MARC ASH Returning to "06 cr 128"

So... We should invade a WalMart and organize it.

Minimum Wage Bill up in Senate—Go for the Real Thing, Not Phony Republican

To keep everyone aware of the monster that is Wal-Mart

yet another reason to BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!!!

Who here agrees that I'm a right wing corporatist? (clearing the air)

PBS Frontline -- Cheney Dark Side 6/19, 9EDT

Sirota Castigates DC Dems for lack of Unity re: Iraq War

TiVo alert: Helen Thomas on The Daily Show 6/27

Al Franken Today (Monday)

Huffington: "Tony Snow seems to be missing the humanity chromosome"

Dean sounds like they ARE spending more on targeted races.

Poll: Clinton gets high 'no' vote for 2008


Instead of having a war on terrorism .......

Governor's Troubles Threaten G.O.P. in Kentucky

Spending Cuts Even Democrats Can Support

Why didn't Bush leave the hotel balcony in I-Wreck?

It's Rumored That * Is Suffering From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder As...

Missing soldier's family in shock

The first thing RFK Jr should do

Heads Up -- Al Gore lays it all out in Charlie Rose interview tonite

Have You Been To Washington D.C. Lately - It Is A City Under....


"Nobody Anticipated" the Incompetence of Bushco

Joe Klein: Democratic Party is "not known for its warrior ethic"

Governor Mark Warner's Mapchangers: Second Round Voting Begins!

Peeking under the Carpet - Deepak Chopra

CBC clicks online - Tara Perkins... Toronto Star re:

Why are All Inmates at Guantanamo Muslim?

Building a better farm subsidy:Sen should insist on adequate funds for CSP

NYT: In Wal-Mart's Arkansas Home, Synagogue Signals Growth

The Golden Revolving Door

ACLU v. National Security Agency (John Dean)

From bad to worse

REACTION TO HADITHA MASSACRE PROBE Ex-candidate still speaking his mind

Guantanamo a Setback for Civilization

Molly Ivins: Without DeLay, Has the GOP Lost Its Moral Compass?

U.S. learns to live with less freedom...A cautionary tale for Canada.

U.S. government hams it up while terrorists plot

Hard go for Iraqis working at U.S. embassy

Urban World: 2050/Viewpoints (bbc)

Weekly Wal-Mart shoppers are midterms’ NASCAR dads

Molly Ivins: Republicans seem to have lost their moral compass

Simon Tisdall (The Guardian): Bush wrongfooted on Iran

After years of courting, organized labor and environmentalists partner

Burning Cole (what's behind Yale's rejection o f Juan Cole)

Graduation Report: Dems Need to Sharpen Up

Gore on Letterman-w/Air June 23-Excerpts/LINK

Sun CEO will announce thousands of layoffs this Thursday

U.S. Mint Giving 'Gold Bugs' a New Option

The forces that drive Japanese whaling (BBC)

BLM recommends lifting restrictions on millions of acres

Strong waves destroy homes in Central America, batter Galapagos.

World CO2 emissions to rise 75 pct by 2030: EIA

Al Gore on Charlie Rose last night

Miramar's Ecological Price Tag

NY Times: Germany to build 8 new huge coal plants.

Nuclear Power: The strange tale of San Onofre Unit One

Strike in Gaza Kills 2 Children

HRW: We can't contradict IDF findings

Western Galilee kibbutz closes its pool to Israeli Arab swimmers

No shrapnel found in Gaza victim's body

Yitzhar: Masked settlers assault Arab

Muslim delegates said scotching Israel's bid to join Red Cross

Islam Channel Sponsors anti-Zionist Debate in London

Two Palestinian children killed when IAF targets car in Gaza City

Dahlan : Olmert's unilateral withdrawal will increase violence

Air Force: We saw no civilians

Yitzhak Ben-Aharon, Kibbutz Founder, Dies at 99

With eye on Hamas, Fatah enlists 4,000

Schickel on Movies: An Israeli-Palestinian farce. Really

Poll: Abbas plan unlikely to pass

Critique of negative 9/11 Truth article

Who is Thomas R. Olmsted?

On-air voice to Scarborough host: "Go fuck yourself!"

Dem. Dem's, Dem's "Say a few syllables"

Question to lawyers

Machine Theft of the 2004 Election : Real Simple Math


Never forget these voter suppression flyers.

KENNEDY’s Evidence- Complete. An ERD News Special 06.20.06

Scoop: Bush Election Theft Saga Heats Up In Ohio

"Electronic Apartheid"-- Greg Palast

Seeking members for activist group on election reform/public awarenes

Palast, Fitrakis, Hayes-Phillips, Arnebeck, Wasserman in Columbus today!

Eureka T-S Balances Facts With Official Blather

Humboldt Transparency Project Hits Legal Snag

CA: Sequoia Quietly Leading State e-voting

Emergency Townhall Meeting Los Angeles June 27 Venice Utd Methodist Church

Values Fund Report...DMR

Vote for Chet Culver @ Feingold's Pick a Progressive Patriot site

Vilsack gives Blouin $59,000 - from Radio Iowa Blog

Yahoo security question

Opera 9 has been released

Will Pryor for Congress Discussion Group (TX-32)

Keep Austin Blue Wednesday June 21

Vote "Straight Ticket Texan" (mapchangers)

I am poaching chicken breast in a crock pot in my powder room.

Please consider voting for Nancy Skinner in the DFA poll this week

Pro-Harper NDP Hammered in House

Rawstory - Libby Defense Fund plans dinner at home of James Carville

Solving the world's problems - behind closed doors

Misuse of terror law 'undermines police' (report)

Zoellick Leaving State Department, to Join Goldman

US military bases welcome in Australia: Howard

National Guard ordered to New Orleans


4 Killed, 16 Hurt in Iraqi Blast

US memo says Iraq in freefall

New S Dakota abortion ban on hold

Thirteen Iraqis killed by alleged US fire on poultry farm

Ex-Liberian President Leaves Sierra Leone

Missing soldiers killed, bodies found

MSNBC Breaking: Iraq officials: 2 missing US soldiers killed, bodies found

Romanian Soldier Killed in Afghan Blast

Bush Touts European Ties Before His Trip

Lieberman to stay in primary

West Hollywood leaders vote to 'leave the pot smokers alone'

N. Korea says not bound by missile test treaty

Bush headlines Republican fund-raiser

Ex-Bush official Safavian convicted in corruption case.

Anti-whalers rally after key vote (BBC)

Frist: Surrender in Iraq not a solution

RFK Jr. plans suit over 2004 election


REACTION TO HADITHA MASSACRE PROBE Ex-candidate still speaking his mind

Ex-Bush Administration Official Found Guilty

Iraq govt says no major Ramadi offensive

Ex-Bush official guilty in lobbying scandal (he LIED)

Hungarian anti-war group: 'Bush politician of war'

Iraq says militias hindering new security plan

US bucks pledge, continues to pursue new landmines

Strike in Gaza Kills 2 Children

Netherlands confirms Taylor en route to The Hague (AFP)

Lewis the cat gets home detention

Revived Taliban waging 'full-blown insurgency'

Al-Zarqawi's successor gets the credit

Iraq war linked to rise in ailment in Vietnam vets

Iraqi: Soldiers killed in 'barbaric way' (beheaded?)

Nonprofit health care often better, study says

AP: FBI Shadowed Playwright Arthur Miller

Federal suit takes on Ga. sex offender law

IAF: 16 soldiers, 2 civilians admit involvement in teen rape case

Iraq Views Improve, Small Bounce for Bush After Zarqawi's Death

Iragi troops killed 2 US soldiers--cnn reporting just now. more to come.

New border chief: Walls are not the answer

Senators push for higher fuel economy standards

Time Warner CFO engulfed in sex scandal

Connecticut mayor hopes to keep job after using cocaine

U.S. Back at Full War Footing in Afghanistan

Phone jammer is free pending appeal

Gay marriage debate dead, poll suggests (Canada)

Strong waves in Central America destroy buildings, prompt evactuations...

US Coast Guard cadet says raped by classmate

Another top al-Qaeda man killed ("right-hand man to Zarqawi")

Bush to partners in Iraq: Pay up

Equifax: Laptop With Employee Data Stolen

Relatives appalled by media reports on missing soldiers

Dog makes cell phone call to save owner's life

Dan Rather to leave CBS after 44 years

Foster care problems continue (Thks Jebbie

Iraq is a Failed Corrupted State, Minister Says--Azzaman, Iraq

Unintended Consequences for Midwest Wind Power

Police ask for help in library arson probe (Gay/Lesbian Hate Crime)

Congressional Democrats Pass GOP in Funds

US vows to respect human rights in "war on terror

MSNBC Breaking: Ex-Bush official Safavian convicted in corruption case.

AP: Police Got Phone Data From Brokers

Probe finds Iraqi troops killed 2 American soldiers

U.S. weighs shootdown of N. Korea missile

Oil prices could spike, Saudi warns (Iran war could triple price)

Saudis Offered Scholarships for Aviation Courses in US

Stress Disorder Seen Soaring Among Returning Troops

Missing Soldier's Uncle Criticizes U.S.

AP: Episcopalians REJECT Ban on Gay Bishops


Teen, mom sue for $30 million

Venezuela mayor tried over siege

A quick Freep-phonics lesson

We need to find a way to do this...

Darn it to heck. Where is the Prince of Insufficient Light?

Monday night Earworm

Do you look at your trailer trash email before you dump it?

Does anyone think the group cheers at the Texas Roadhouse

What's your favorite melon?

I am bullish on Garlic Mustard. It's going places!

mmmmmm. veal!


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/20/06)


Trying to keep job prospect alive...I need advice please.

"There's only so much of that trailer trash pie to go around"

Enlighten Me - Just what exactly is an Ass Clown?

Gratuitous and pointless Smiley Flamebait Thread

Something heartwarming ....

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Grenade-Shaped Belt Buckle Shuts Down Part Of Airport

Teens Hang Dead Oppossum From Highway Overpass - Arrested

I'm quitting my job today.

Looks like the mods had some work to do yesterday.

For those who can't wait until this Fall...

I'm sooooo tired.

Know anything about VW Jettas?

I love my life, but....I'm so ready for 2007.

My city is ranked 39 as the most sweatiest in the USA!!!

Just got 100% on my midterm.

Anybody else watching this World Cup game?

Could "All Hell Break Loose" soon ... cuz

Darwin Award Wannabe

I woke up to a missing thread...

Southern granny takes on the lawyers (joke)

Looking for an inexpensive computer/recording interface?

Hulk Hogan Selling His Mansion - For $25,000,000

Couldn't sleep . Tried to sum it all up. My life...

14 Year Old Teen Climbs Kilimanjaro To Spread Stepfather's Ashes

Is DU acting/looking all hinky for anyone else right now?

Impersonating a Repuglican politician

Obscure separated at birth

the mullet/mo is sweeping the . . . uh . . .nation?

I got a job!!!!

I lived in a place called Okfuskee

I am stuck at SFO - my plane is sick!

Did Rachel Ray have plastic surgery???? you be the judge.....

What the heck is wrong with Bridgeport, CT?

F - my job - I want to go back to college.

Waaaaaah the remote is missing!!!

"I like my whiskey old and my women young."

I Love Fannie Flagg.

Help! Do you have access to these periodicals online?!?

Why do audiences at talk shows cheer wildly after 15-second movie clips?

HEywe Evwerdry=body ai m so wastiedd!!!

MatcomNews Update: Judge Spares Life Of "Lewis" The Attack-Cat

Tuesday earworm.

Fusion Launches Free VoIP Phone Service

Breaking News Just in!!!!!!!!

Should I worry about my gf snatching me from happy marriage, seducing me &

Police Find Marijuana In Man's Belly-Fat Rolls

The Kudzu and dupe threads are in Wapakoneta, OH!

I had a cat once.

My BIL is the biggest fucking mooch I've ever known.

Two words about this video: Dumb. Ass.

People you'll meet in hell.

Congratulations meegbear!! 10,000 posts

Favorite Bottle?

And now, something for the asshat neocons, freepers, et al

If you could be on the cover of any magazine which one would it be.....

The Kudzu and Dupe threads are in Wikipedia!

You ASKED for it- CAKE TIME!!!!!!

Seething resentment: soul poison, or proof of sentience?

Opera Browser V 9 released, 5 star review from CNET ("speedy & safe")

Liberal-minded federal government employees and contractors?

Raisins - Love 'em or Hate 'em?

What do you do with your used coffee grounds?

Blood sucking beast roaming Texas?

So they've made another computer-animated ant movie.

I love summer nights

Help....I have an addiction! (let's try this again!)

As per Ken Mellman on Hardball just now.

Tourist Taking Pictures Dies In 500-Foot Fall In Yellowstone

O.K. that's it, I want to have a DU meetup at an Olive Garden some time

I'm posting from the Times Square Olive Garden - don't ask me anything.

I'm staging a sit-in at Olive Garden. Who is with me???!!!

I just got picked up at Olive Garden - ask me anything!

Anybody got a good recipe for chicken scampi?

Screw it I am having my birthday at the Olive Garden

Have you ever taken revenge in an Olive Garden?

Bear eats Matcom in Kelly Brook's kitchen.

OMIGOD! Don't they have kudzu painted on the outside of the Olive Gardens?

Tuesday, June 20. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Well, I am taking my arse to bed too

OMIGOD! The Olive Garden has become the new kudzu!

The Seinfeld where Jerry makes out during Schindler's List is on

Does your county have a good county fair?

Who's that hot guy in the new Jenny Craig commercial??

Bad Jobs - Seems a lot of us here are quitting lately

I think I need to go on a news blackout...

What should I have for dinner???

Ask me about My Cock

When Kleeb turns 21, let's take him to Chucky Cheese and get him drunk

To all my friends on DU, and my dear California Peggy, especially

Question for DU lounge ladies--I'm female, 35 and turning gay

Cats that look like Hitler - The silent menace

Vasectomies - how do you feel afterwards long term?

Switching gears...Disney or Warner Bros.?

You think with all the olive garden threads, we could find an olive branch

Happy birthday djeseru!!

Fluffernutter Democrats anger masses of lefties

Gem from "" review

mmmm LOBSTER & STEAMERS for dinner! (shit you not)

What Are The Last Four Digits Of Your Home Phone Number?

I confess! One time I ate at the Olive Garden, and then went and rented

So we're in Manhattan...where should we eat lunch?

Well, I am taking my chapped ass to bed!

Oh, All--This is HYSTERICAL! Ex-FReeps Bash FR on New Website:

How extravagant you are.....

Mark Knopfler/EmmyLou Harris CD..... one word:

A logo from the Internet -- bright yellow! (Comments anyone?)

Superman and standards of male fitness

Matcom dies in 500 foot fall from pedestal

Are you a crackpot?

Digital Camera question


DU Car Buffs: identify this vehicle if you can:

HOLY BATCRAP!!! Did Dave Letterman really say this about Ann Coulter

Loungers, where do you find your classy dates?

Do you ever act out the theme of a restaurant?

Anyone else like Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations?"

Have you ever taken revenge on a person?

My brother a lifelong Democrat/Activist/Teacher committed suicide.


White Trash Vegan Cooking #2- Shepherd’s Pie

Last year's vacation pics

Hoping someone can help me with some information!

Is there a logical explanation for the hot dog/bun problem?

How should a waiter address a heterogenous group of people?

What is the best brand of chocolate? I want to find the best.

Favorite beetle?

Western fans: What is your favorite western film?

1,400 Music Video's from the '80's.....oh my my.....

I started a f*cking Olive Garden war an' didn't even know it!!!!

So I went on a date to Olive Garden last week with a lovely woman.

Help the Democratic Party out!

Philly, NJ DUers: THREE chances to see me play this week!!!

CONFESS!!! What are you snobby/demanding about?


I'm bullish on the Olive Garden, it's going places

Presbyterians allow experimenting with alt. to 'Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Episcopalians Address Gay Bishop Impasse

Another fundy-Baptist question (plus: bonus fun just for reading!)

FSTDT Update! Ann Coulter vs. Spice Boy For Jesus!

Doesn't The Book of Revelation say something about a fortress in Babylon?

US hospitals sued in class action over nurse pay

Bad Year for Favorites ... Americans' Most Trusted Supplements Failed

Vitamin C: Cancer cure?

hypothetical question regarding placebo effect

'Reformed' gays demand a voice in America's schools

Please help on two polls:

On the ARMY, Homosexuality and Sexual Harassment

Anyone else read Page 2?

England V Sweden

ESPN can kiss my ass

Quantum Biology: Scientific paper on distant healing & energies

New message from Matthew, replacing fear

"Merging Into One" - Karen Bishop - June 20, 2006

Summer Solstice occurs on June 21 at 8:26 a.m. EDT

Kerry/Feingold post on DKos

Pat yourselves on the backs, folks.

Kerry commemorates new children's center

JK to be on Ed Schultz tomorrow

Delete dup

Kerry-Feingold Amendment will be debated tonight

delete n/t

Anyone watching C-SPAN2?

Juan Cole calls Feingold, Boxer and Kerry his heroes

Senate debate on Iraq Withdrawal

Check this out!

This is TOO good!

John Kerry's alternative to 'cut and run' (new Carpetbagger post!!)

self delete

Joint E-mail from Feingold and Kerry in GD:P

Kerry Extends Troop Withdrawal Date [Boston Globe]

self delete

Does anybody use special effects filters w/ their digital camera?

I need two more entries...

Tropical water lily.

Safavian found guilty!

Countdown Newsletter: 06/20/06 -- The Libby Problem

Anonymous Army prempts article and outs himself as DOD-DIA employee

Schwarzenegger pimping for trashy gays!

Democrats are in Danger of Annihilation

Cutest picture I've seen in a LONG time of orphaned Polar Bear cub

"I think Energy Independance is going too far." (Shell Oil )

VIDEO: Did Abu Ghraib's abuse just move elsewhere in Iraq? (BBC Newsnight)

Globe got it right about Hart, Clinton, J. Jackson.. W/laura/condi???

Pentagon Lists Homosexuality As Disorder

why do I have only the little box with the red X where my avator is

Venezuela to purchase 24 new Russian fighter jets

we talk about minimum wage and the senators and rep's giving themselves

Opera 9 has been released

Couldn't sleep . Tried to sum it all up. My life...

WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER! ------ steal this banner ....

The Folly of War

Which is less forgivable in a democratic candidate?

Group claims to hold U.S. soldiers

MSNBC reporting Iraq's DM said bodies of missing soldiers found.

Zen and the Art of Dumpster Diving (AlterNet)

For My B-Day I want people to pass this on

From NYT - Ron Suskind "The One Percent Doctrine"

Data loss/theft is huge issue

How are you staying sane during these insane Bush years?

Mexico leftist's lead grows to 4 points in new poll

Roberts claimed he wanted to have more consensus on SCOTUS

cousin of soldier (? kidnapped/dead?) say the family does not know

Kerry's response to "Cut and Run"

Iraq Official: U.S. Soldiers' Bodies Found :(

Bush: "If we cut & run, then all those soldiers have died in vain"

The MSM should really be recognized as the Fringe Media

Thirteen Iraqis killed in alleged US raid on poultry farm

The scale of human civilization

Hoping to emulate conservative success, Dem young guns

Talking point to the "cowards cut and run" crap.

"U.S. is slowly but surely becoming isolated in its operations in Iraq"

Plameologists: Josh Marshall has some interesting comments today re Libby

jack reed is on washington journal Iraq


This made me laugh this AM....

Decision 2006: Truth or Death

Look at the faces of the kids who were found dead in Iraq:

Has anyone heard any reports on

Have you received US currency bills with a message?

OMG...The Pentagon says homosexuality is a mental health problem.

Radiohead vs. Bush twin?

Make them turn off FAUX!!!

Survey of Ethnic and Religious Attitudes (I couldn't finish it)

Take the Coulter versus Hitler Quiz

Saw a great bumper sticker...

The Land of the Not-So-Free and Home of the Little-less-brave...

Ras poll: Allen (R) 51%, Webb (D) 41% for VA senate

I'm horrified by the Insurgency in Iraq

Olbermann Interviews Al Gore (Video)

Video of Al Gore on Charlie Rose online here -- MUST SEE TV

The True Daughters of the American Revolution...

Al Jazeera Says They Were Tortured in Barbaric Fashion

Anti-War Music!!!

The congress has had a pay raise of 23% in the last nine years

Police to Receive Student Data for Checks Against Offender List

Our troops "had to fight our way to the bodies of the two soldiers..."

What is it with Rightwingers and delusion that they offer "common sense"

Set A Deadline for Iraq - John Kerry & Russ Feingold

New state law allows credit for off-campus Bible education

Anyone here have Neocon rePuke friends/relatives?

People who don't want to announce a timetable for withdrawal

Coming Redaction: Michael Moore's blurb

Only six senators stand with troops

The Battle Before the War (Frontline)

As ye Torture, so shall ye be Tortured.

Catch 22 Alive and Well in Surveillance Lawsuit

I finally got my news on VA info loss & w/ a new law; HERE'S YOUR BAD NEWS

Safavian convicted

Anybody see George "Huey Long" Bush last night ??

There will be no deadline for pulling out

*: "will not wave the white flag of surrender in this war on terror"

Iraqi: U.S. bodies showed signs of torture

Bush and his minions: Geneva Conventions are "quaint" and "obsolete"

BREAKING: Former Bush official David Safavian has been found guilty

Don't be sucked down in the sludge that is Tuesday, please CAPTION!!!!!

Joe Klein chooses foxhole with Bush-Cheney-Rove instead of Kerry- Murtha

You are NOT ALLOWED to write, "Bush hid the facts"!

Justice Department and Abramoff lawyers agree to jail time delay

Mile - Markers (on the wrong road home)

ALL 7,500 New Orleans Public School Teachers Fired

Breaking: Dan Rather to leave CBS News immediately;

Army Cancels Contract for Iraqi Prison $99.1 million

American Douchebags

North Korea says not bound by missile test pledges

Are We All "Suckers" For Trusting the WH Press Corps?

Jason Leopold: Dan Rather or Gary Webb, Redux?

The biggest No-Brainer ever

CNN just reported one soldier killed and eleven wounded looking for...

Dallas may ban guns

If we're going to hell in a handbasket, here's the grease

The gruesome battle of the network

Katie Couric left Today and ratings didn't even blip..

In less than 6 years, Bush has destroyed the peace, prosperity, security,

Bridgeport Conn. Mayor John Fabrizi admits cocaine use

Set A Deadline for Iraq - John Kerry & Russ Feingold (at Kos)

Japan pulling out of Iraq. The coalition is not so willing anymore.

The mothers of the deceased soldiers that were missing better be careful

I'm NOT a Progressive (elitism v. choice)

PBS's "The Dark Side" - "If you watch only one documentary this decade"

Hats off to CNN for their coverage of World Refugee Day

Raw Story: Halliburton Stock up 600% Under Bush

Report: U.S. activates missile defense system

What Happens to Couric If She Flops? Does she still get paid?

Getting ready for *'s visit - pics>>>


Bush Admin Uses Creepy Online Ph Record Brokers To Get YOUR Ph Records

DU this poll: RE: Missing and now apparently dead US Soldiers

A "Once-In-A-Lifetime" Gaffe From Bush

I finally figured it out......minimum wage

Blow a Freakers Mind with facts! Clinton MUCH tougher on enforcement.

Sad listening to relative of Menchaca who was found dead in Iraq

House leaders just pulled the minimum wage bill . now on cspan

Reuters: Little relief seen at pumps for summer drivers

Tanker Inquiry Finds Rumsfeld's Attention Was Elsewhere

Iraqis torturing US soldiers are following the Bush/Cheney Doctrine

Let's play a little game.

RFK Jr. plans suit over 2004 election

MUST SEE Chaplinesque Bush video:

Get ready to squirt whatever you're drinking out of your nose:

Keep the Internet Free sign on as co-sponser

Cut and Run---my ass! (sorry, just have 2 rant)

Public: End This War

So is BushCo having another "good week" ?


'Nother in-counter wif ma neybor . . .

If the abductors of those two GIs were *really, really* shrewd...

"Bodies of Missing U.S. Soldiers Recovered"

Frist, head of the Group Of Psychos: Surrender in Iraq not a solution

Wingnut scribe wastes no time in smearing slain soldier's uncle.

So being stupid is an option?

Anyone who cannot connect the torture of these boys to Abu Ghraib et all,

No time to play it safe! (Email from John Kerry and Russ Feingold)

"For once, a bad boss could be a good thing..."

Our Dear Leader is beloved by all.

Take the Corporate welfare quiz

"Sheriff to Test Drone for Crimefighting"

"Plagiarism Case Against Clooney Rejected"

UK soldier back from Iraq: You don't hear of the terrible injuries

Heroin Trafficking, A Pink Leather Coach, & The GOPMOB

Where's Neil Bush!?!? if you think that lil bush & jeb are the ones...

House Rs reslolving to support the Patriot Guards who shield

IMPT: LA Times Censoring Newsroom Internet Feed!

Elizabeth Bushmiller: "I'm totally in favor of" Scooter's leaking

MSNBC: Republicans relish any debate with Democrats on Iraq

Limbaugh is saying the left is saying

Here's an example of Rovian/GOP Mousetrapping of Democrats

It's an order - Japanese bid sayonara, Iraq

HuffPo: The Press Plays Dumb About Bush Bounce

NORTH KOREA'S DANGEROUS GAME - There's method in the missile madness

Are the networks reporting the soldiers' torture?

Florida to cut more than 30 state agencies:

Bush family history shows a dark past unseen by most

We got al-Zarqawi and now al-Qaida is on the run

Anybody watch "Free Speech" Jim Lehrer interviews Ben Bradley

If the Iraq invasion was illegal then

I guess Japan decied to Cut and Run, as did Spain, Ukraine..

2,504 now dead in W's war

WHO independence challenged by Lee legacy

I remembered! KO on MSNBC tomorrow

We need to start making use of the phrase "civil liberties" instead

Environment disaster looms in Iraq

Chinese labor laws set to tighten

Guardian: EU fights back in 'visa wars' with US

Abstinence Education (is bad)

WaPo: FBI Erred Widely in Moussaoui Probe, Report Says

How Congress Is Shafting the Middle Class

Who is LaRouche?

Subject: What's Wrong in Kansas?

Lives In The Balance - In case you haven't seen this short video:

Iraq Daily News is advertising tonite's Frontline!

Public: End This War

Are we being lied to on number of Iraqis/troops dead and or injured?

What’s Jeb Raising $1.9 Million For?

Houston Area Texans

Gore refuses to back Lieberman: devisive or decisive?

Debunk this email please!!!

This is Why So Many People Hate Feminists

BBC: New al Quaida leader Is Praised in deaths - calls it a Sharia

GOPs saying they WANT to debate Kerry on Iraq - How soon media forgets

Signs That Shiites and Sunnis Are Joining to Battle Americans - 4/9/2004

CSPAN: Kucinich making powerful argument on the floor

Mass. school electric shocks students!

How Do You Think Bush Will Try and Spin These Deaths?

Final weekend numbers out, Inconvenient Truth was 5th per theater

Federal agencies gathered Americans' personal telephone records.

Ex-Bush aide convicted in D.C. corruption case

If the 2 soldiers capture was the work of the new leader we are in trouble

Can someone please direct me to the story or post of the Embassy ..

I think we are reaping what we have sown

Why does the Truthout story continue to get a forum here?

Cheney/Bush find a way to get National Guard back into New Orleans

Bush says Plame investigation is over

If You Were Abramoff, What Could/Would You Reveal to the Prosecutors?

Peacock's perch gives Coulter place to crow

Kerry-Feingold: Contact your senators re: Iraq amendment: "No Time to Play

What's the New Iraq Number - 2506? Do we know?

If we lived by the REPUBLICAN standard, NAZIS WOULD RULE THE WORLD

Who else sees an emergency (Missile Defense) spending bill coming?

Democrats to propose withdrawing US troops from Iraq within one year

QUIT talking about her! Just stop it!!

Terrific "Guy James Show" today --2 GREAT guests 3 to 5pm eastern

Open letter to Jan Schakowsky: A Solution to the Election Fraud

Life in America..

Is beer a gateway drug to hard liquor?

Hey DU Vets... how's that "warrior ethic" thing going

C'mon you liberal moonbats! Where's your plan? NO IDEAS!!!

Homebuilders' outlook getting dimmer

Doomsday vault under construction

Prof. fired because he opposed Univ policy supporting SSM ban

Email going around & a response . . .

Question about embassies: Does Iraq have any? And does any

Is the US prepared to fight in a Jihad?

Is it political to say this . . .

Stealing all of our money and nation through the Perpetual War Machine

The Iraq Charade

damage done,bush believes he'll escape via Rapture? hmmmm....

In case of mass fatalities, The VA will refuse bodies

America's cognitive dissonance on terror: A really good LTTE

Measure calling for an investigation into waste &fraud defeated

Enforce immigration laws? Big city cops say no, thank you.

Overturn of Ken Lay's verdict on appeal

The Daily Show 6/19/2006

You Gotta Just LOVE Fox "News"

Did Olbermann get some work done on vacation?

I think the Dems should offer up an amendment on

My Baby Cousin is a Genius

Bloggers, Karl Rove and the presumption of guilt


Tuesday Toons

O'Reilly just outed another secret prison

Oliver TwistED? Tuesday's TOON 6/20/06

"a man in Beaver Creek" who was removed

Mental Health treatment Bushista style

How Bush Won Re-Election

BREAKING - Bush Admin Official Convicted on 4 of 5 Felony Counts


Steve King (R, Asshole) insults Helen Thomas

Government to purchase 20,000 anthrax drug doses....

A desperate act of the completely inept...

Don't book any flights on this airline.

ANTI-Net Neutrality Ads on America Blog and Crooks and Liars

Who will be the first in line to give Karl Rove a hug?

Right-wing Pundits and other ramblings

we need leaders with the courage to advocate "cutting and running..."

Ohio Village Opens Restroom Art Gallery (don't poo-poo the idea)

How about Peace With Honor?

Cutting, fixing, healing- The Kucinich 10 point plan

Puzzle Guy Gets Cross Words About Crosswords

Japan to Pull Its Ground Troops Out of Iraq

If anyone mouths "cut and run" at you, ask them:

The Bogus Take Back America Conference

U.S. activates missile defense, may intercept N. Korea missile

White House Won't Comment on Rove Backside

Need help reviewing a Healthcare Document produced by GOP

Retired Army Col. backs officer who refuses to go to Iraq...

Hillary just sent me this email on Internet Neutrality. She's for it.

"DLC dominated the Democratic Party more thoroughly..."

Iraq Debate Heats Up (Republican's lie and die plan)

Torture of Mentally Ill Prisoner Led Administration To Pursue False Leads

Dennis Prager says Iran-Iraq war was a good thing (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

47% of Americans would "Definitely vote No" for Hillary, Kerry or Gore.

Great "Stay the Course" graphic at Americablog

Bad times are here: Two beggars in as many days.

Craig Crawford- "Bush would circle the globe before admitting he was lost"

Rep. Maurice Hincey, D-NY ... just laid it on the line...

How is it that unschooled refugees can learn to speak English and

There has to be some way to find these Freeper's....

O'Reilly confesses that he is a fascist; would emulate Saddam as prez

The Perfect Caricature of Karl Rove!

Mehlman on Bora MSNBC

The gloves are off!!! "Lie and die." It's about damn time!!!

Indienet: If net neutrality dies, we will create our own internet...

Ted Kennedy's talking about the min. wage.

Dems are divided on the tactics but not the strategy and they should

The Taliban is making a comeback

"Proud to be an American". WHY??

Abu Zubaydah- Batshit crazy. No wonder chimp thought he was important.

Great site that explains myths about separation of church and state

"No early withdrawal so long as we run the Congress and ... the WH"

Oversight? No Thanks. Let the soldiers drink fecal matter.

A Final Thought For the Night. ann coulter & Harpies!

Anyone Notice...

Minimum Wage Yearly Increase since 1994: $1800 and no benefits.

Wow, some great before and after pics of the Katrina disaster.

The soldiers are fighting for our freedom.


Bush REASSURES Saudi king even after pledge to wean America off ME oil

So, the MSM Bushbots are trying to make Dem division THE ISSUE?

Woman soldier claiming sexual harassment in Iraq arrested

If someone complains about Viacom,does it say anything about his political

Hey DU Dads! What did Father's Day Mean To YOU?

For Sen. Kerry and "Lie and Die" ...

At First we heard freedom fries...

By the way, did anyone see the Terrorist's Head at the Pentagon briefing?

Disrobed : The New Battle Plan to Break the Left's Stranglehold on the Cou

Everyone seems to compare the Iraqi Insurgency to an American Scenario

E-voting in Georgia -Lou Dobbs, CNN

Fluffernutter Sandwich Angers Mass. Senator

Front Page Magazine Will Do Anything for Rove...

looking for Daily Kos 9/11 notice

US Grants N. Korea Nuclear Funds, April 2002.

Anyone Know When the Iraqi Parliament Convenes?

Americans building "world's largest bunker" in Iraq

What MSM pundit besides Lou Dobbs is actively confronting e-voting fraud?

I don't care if you call it "bawl & crawl". It's time to leave Iraq.

In an attempt to gauge the effectiveness of the War on Drugs in America...

Reminder!!!! "The Dark Side" on Frontline tonight! Cheney's involvement

Forming a grass roots group to address the election fraud issue

Battle for the heart and soul of the party. "Centrists" v. "Progressives"

BBC - Haditha marines "lived in feral conditions" video

Some good news : First woman elected to lead U.S. Episcopalians

Are you a crackpot?

Give 'em all a nuke!

Some chickenhawks WANT us to`"shoot down" the Korean test-missile

Iragi troops killed 2 US soldiers--cnn reporting just now. more to come.


Cut and Run sounds like something you'd hear on a playground..

New Pew Poll: Bush at 36% (up a whole 3-points since April!)

Ron Sussind--the 1% doctrine (cheney) will be on Blitzer-coming up. (sp?

what are the acceptable losses for no good cause at all...?

Art of War

'Thirst for knowledge' may be opium craving (U of Southern California)

Guantanamo Debate - C-Span 2 7:00 p.m. EST

dumb newbie question here... help me out someone (re: Fitz)

Think about this. I am sure the Iraqis have

Should North Korea test an ICBM?

What crawled on Kay Baily Hutchinson's head and died?

Episcopalians REJECT Ban on Gay Bishops

Wingnuts at Work....WTF

The Demons don't sleep forever . . .

Are there any military on this board recent or former...

Two Things Certain on Immigration—


If ABC had any guts, they would offer rather an hour-long Nightline Show

"How sick is that?" Nora O'Donnell asks about the deaths of the

Utah? Yes, Utah.

Ken Mehlman:: "Democrats want to cut & run, cut & walk, cut & jog"

ConsortiumNews reaches Fundraising Goal - Applause to DUers!

Why Do We Have Taxation?

John Kerry: Republican Iraq plan is "Lie and Die" (audio from today's Imus

CBS's "tribute" to Rather tonight

The answer to RW spam/chain emails

"Where's the outrage when our soldiers are abused?"

Cheney & Halliburton: Go Where the Oil Is...

Bob Kincaid is reading the Freeptards "The Riot Act" right now!

Can anyone explain this Freeper mentality (cognitive dissonance?)

It's a Week Since Rove got off with a "Fax or Phone Call" What's Going On

All Bets Are Off in Iraq....AGAIN! Torture is in for Keeps....

Insurgents being released by Maliki (aka Bush)??

As per Ken Mellman on Hardball just now.

Ivins: "Without DeLay, Has the GOP Lost its Moral Compass? "

UN: Forgotten urban poor a "living time bomb"

Robert Parry: Wash Post Smears War Critics Again

My son bought Father's Day Dinner for TWO Dads. (one he didn't know)

Audio of Limbaugh lying about us

Fake "cut'n'run" talkingpoint emanates from a LIE AND DIE administration

Suskind: Bush "was fixated on how to get Zubaydah to tell us the truth."

Condi "helps" Laura into presidential limousine - pic

US Troops Using An Iraqi Home in Ramadi as an 'Outpost'?

GOP govs: Don't expect federal govt. for 72 hours following disaster

House RW Shelves Vote on Minimum Wage

Come up with a frame for Republican Iraq policy: "stay and stay stuck"

So how many innocent Iraqis are we going to kill in revenge for

Afraid of the big bad Republicans? Guess what?

Why are the Republicans acting like the two soldiers dying is...

Bill Frist doesn't deserve to live.

Well, I cranked the Bumper Sticker machine again last night...

'Rapture Ready' board administrator: "Homosexuality is a bad, bad habit"

Take the Democratic Loyalty Quiz.... I did

Abducted Soldiers Were Heinously Tortured

Cock and Bull republicons

How does this shithead know that we wouldn't have gotten Al -Zarqawi

Millions of Americans Actually believe that we'll be leaving Iraq someday.

What Would Bush Do?

Ken Mehlman...they didn't die for our freedoms...

Obama? Bayh? Clinton? How about A LEADER for president!

Stats on YearlyKos Blogging about Clark, Warner, Vilsack, Richardson

The four eagles fly south on the seventh moon. The ballots must be

the republican loyalty quiz.. (lol)

New Plan Unveiled for W.T.C. Memorial

Actual Text of Khalilzad Memo!!

A stroll through the French Quarter today

Homophobia At The Pentagon: WTF IS THIS SHIT!!!!!

Senators Who Support Net Neutrality

Probe finds Iraqi troops killed 2 American soldiers (in 2004)

No time to play it safe! From Russ Feingold and John Kerry

Homosexuality Is A Mental Disorder... At least that's what the U.S. Pentag

Health insurance help please?

Why is everything a Freeper says a lie?

Rumsfeld: "I find it strange the laws apply to me"

Of course this is callous but two occupying militrary are found killed

Call me a cynic: Cellphone Chomp Called 911 for Beagle's Owner

Remember, Rove denied any involvement in the Plame Leak

Jeremy Paxman to interview Coulter on BBC Newsnight very soon

Rove, unleashed again

Lewis the cat gets home detention

Kansas going down a slippery slope again!!! family calling for fetus issu

21,000 troops notified for Iraq deployment

Bush & the republicans are coming on strong, they are the 'we see...

Al Franken's War, Tears of a Clown

Will Pitt: Seeking A Better Debate

They have the nerve to slam Murtha? Meet the Chickenhawks Platoon!

Cutting, fixing, healing- The Kucinich 10 point plan

Repubs Issue Correction : "Cut & run" is title of '06 tax policy.

How to undo Bush in just a few weeks.

What do you think bush is thinking when he tears up in front of..

I was just thinking, 06/08 are THE MOST IMPORTANT EVER

Are we winning this war in Iraq?

My e-ltr to MSRNC about wingnut tool Nora O'DONNELL

Do you feel it? The escalating "panic of the people?"

Some numbers that Lou Dobbs will not be dwelling on about tonight or ever

Somebody please give me the lowdown on the Susskind book.

Luskin Denies Latest Truthout Report on Rove Secret Indictment

Poll: Should Congressional pay raises be linked with the minimum wage?

This is why you should LOVE Feminists

Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? (Movie Review)

Call me crazy but I am opposed to home schooling and private schools

Celebrate Good News - C'mon! Shout Out to Octafish...

Freeper "strategy" for winning Bush's failed war: Kill every 10th Iraqi

2506 "I'm waiting to hear the words 'I was wrong' Dick Morris, 4/9/03

Education on Marijuana

Ron Suskind, George W. Bush and the Aug. 6, 2001, PDB

This thread is ONLY for those who base their opinions on facts…

Aviation Security Suffers Major Setback.

3rd AFSCME member dies from being a first responder!

Who will Al Gore support in 2008? nt

"There's only so much of that trailer trash pie to go around"

Round 2 people! Mapchangers!

Why Not Give Each of Us the $20K**

Questions about non-profit home builders (Habitat for Humanity)

Max Cleland in 2002: Don't Lose Site Of What The Rightwing Will Do!

"They are sitting on their fat back sides."

Timeline & Deadlines - just get them out of Iraq

Every criminal case in America should argue that they were illegally

Austrian: Bush is a 'war criminal'

Wanted: Leadership

Bush supporters......Like enabling relatives in an abuse case.

Boehner's Weapon For November: Set Up Democratic Straw Men To Knock Down

A guy who makes George W. Bush look sane by comparison...

Anybody watching the missing soldier's uncle on the TODAY SHOW?

Dem young guns launch journal of ideas

VA senate: Allen (R) 51%, Webb (D) 41% (up 11%)

Why should there be any doubt that the U.S. is now run by....

Conservative column praises (what used to be) illegal searches

Safavian found guilty on 4 counts of obstruction, making false statements

The unravelling.

Another Bullsh*t Poll From CNN

Photo: Yes, TRULY, Bush has his MOJO back. His "sunny nobility."

I need national media list ASAP! Also S. CA media for DemFest

Digby on the codpiece and Joe Klein

Mike Malloy suggested the perfect election meme: End the Occupation

Conason: A Shameful Silence on Coulter's Spewing

Gary Hart: "The Judgement of History" on Kerry/Feingold amendment

Dorgan on CSPAN-2 discussing all the waste, fraud, and abuse

What's hanging in YOUR Federal buildings?

CBS: We knew Bush was using us in Baghdad, but in a way we kind of like

FL Chamber of Commerce strips Sen. Villalobos-R of endorsement

Was Wondering If The Massive Search They Put On To Find....

Lieberman and.. McCain? Think they are planning it?

From the front page"Democrats need to sharpen up"

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Gaffe From Bush

Laura Ingraham/John Cornyn...Gagggg!!

Duncan Hunter is a king-sized asshole: Anyone who votes for him is a dolt.

online petition to raise the minimum wage

White House aide of George Bush/Guilty on 4 counts

Need help debunking my RW cousin

The Rude Pundit: Cutting and Running - A History Lesson

The really sick thing about Manchaca that my cousin reminded me

Isn't it amazing how well Republicans are able to think down to a level

NYT: Iraqi Oil Smugglers Finance Fighting--Up to $4 billion!

Cindy Sheehan...Just clear this up

“A Pentagon document classifies homosexuality as a mental disorder,

I Understand That Greg Palast Is Going To Be In Columbus, Ohio....

Just a few short years ago ........

Goodyear's new blimp naming contest final list:

David Sirota Shreds John Stossel’s Misleading Claims About the Minimum Wag

"the little man gathered all his chicken-hawks in"

Canada said stalling aboriginal rights declaration (joins USA & Australia)

I got my 2007 Calendar from the DAV today

What is status of GITMO trial in the Supreme Court????

Limbaugh's Sickening Smear of Liberal Blogs

Bush: Strongly Approve vs. Strongly Disapprove - have you seen these ###s

Senate Republicans Kill Second Bill on Corrupt Defense Contractors

Dean says DNC will file an appeal tomorrow for more records...

Bush's June 2006 numbers compared to Clinton's June 1998 numbers

I HOPE someone can help me cheat

The Flag Burning Amendment

Randi Rhodes: Caller calls in complaing about FOX News, is ridiculed!?!


WHO is going to stay the course ??

Santorum: Come on, it's cheesesteaks, it's not that hard to speak English

Just got hate mail in response to my LTTE! What do you think I should do?

Perfect Caricature of Karl Rove!

Photo: Nat'l Security Adviser Stephen Hadley compares Bush to Cheney?

Cut and run is what chickenhawks do when offered enlistment papers

Message from Feingold and Kerry - Tell your Senators

I have a question (re Rove, TO, etc) and don't want a bloodbath over

From Jessica Abu secret prisons...

Heads up. PBS Frontline: "Dark Side" Sheds Light on Cheney

Al Gore is too precious a resource to waste as a US president.

Al Gore is a genius!

John Cornyn is an idiot

The 10,000 Troops who have died in Iraq can not have died in Vain

How do we feel about the "DCCC"? I got a phone solicitation

Dean: David Safavian Guilty Verdict Doesn't End Republican Culture of

Sirota says that he's still a loyal Democrat despite the DLC influence

Who's controlling public conscousness on the immigration debate!!!!!

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Success

How many more must die so that those who have already died

Whatever happened to the concept of Justice when discussing law?

Lieberman under 50% approval with Dems (SUSA)

CIA considers Bush to be Cheney's ventriloquist dummy.

A Good Site If You're Following Midterm Elections

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance - what do you see

Thom Hartmann: Call it what it is: an OCCUPATION!

CNN Poll: 63% say "no way" Jeb Bush would get their vote in 2008

Kerry: 'My plan is not "cut and run." Their plan is "lie and die."'

I'm really going to miss Dan Rather

James Carville & Wife Plan Fundraiser for Scooter Libby Defense Fund

14,500 Democrats Change Party Affiliation To Vote In RI GOP Primary

Shouldn't one who got deferments have gotten a degree?

Me worry? Prez & Pickles off to the friendly skies. (Pics)

Netherlands confirms Taylor en route to The Hague (AFP)

9-11 responder dies of cancer from the rescue effort AFSCME total now 3

Just another reminder that there is a difference between the parties

I know I get a lot of flak for not being great on women's issues: Santorum

Oh Crap- Kerry is going to make me broke!!!

NO BLANK CHECK! Put it on bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc!

Self deleted

Kerry-Feingold amendment. click to tell your senators (memo from them)

The Ann Coulter of electoral politics

"Bobby Byrd"????

NOW on PBS had report on Oil & Gas royalty "relief" worth millions:

GOP Kills Senate Bill to Police Halliburton

Missles Away! US vs North Korea in a dick wagging contest

OK...OK... just how the hell do you write an "flag-burning amendment?"

ConsortiumNews reaches Fundraising Goal - Applause to DUers!

What's the biggest obstacle Democrats face in November 2006?

AP: Ex-Wis. Governor Won't Run for Senate

Check out the latest numbers --- The Dems can flip the U.S. Senate

We are about to witness poetic Justice, and I can't believe the irony of

Okay, I'll bite (and then probably choke on it), but I'll bite.

What Grade Does Your Member of Congress Get?

Santorum comes out in support of "English-Only" sign at Geno's

Any posters from here?

Bull Moose in effect calls Gore a coward....says he lacks courage.

girl featured in smirk 2000 ad molested by ad maker

Brian Schweitzer, "libertarian dems" and how we should go about winning

The Assassination of Howard Dean

Hollywood, California - Pot Resolution Approved

Clinton fined 400 companies for hiring illegals, smirk fined 3