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Archives: June 2, 2006

City forced to reassess after terror fund cuts

Editors of The Nation: Why Haditha Matters

U.S. Security Agency Faulted New York's Antiterror Plan

U.S. Says Troops Fired at Crowd In Afghan Capital - Washington Post

The Swift-Boating of America (MoJo)

Proliferation wars in the intelligence community (Tomgram)

Handing your life over to tyrants

Gen. Hayden in Bush’s pocket (Hentoff)

A lock on anonymity marks Bush cabinet (Robert Reich)

The public loses in court

US blocking international deal on fighting Aids

Election 2004 and RFK Jr – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Questions Whether 2004 Oh

BBC airs footage of 'US massacre'

Was declaring a war on terror a good decision?

Decrying GM "stupidity," Tommy Friedman refers to the "war on terror"

EPA Won't Regulate Water Transfers

Real-Life Epilogue to "Erin Brockovich"

Fuel cells in laptops edge closer (BBC)

Loose Change Final Cut Preview and Misc Footage

Three Cheers to the Election Reform Forum!! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

looking for volunteers in los angeles to observe election tallies tuesday

Fed to Seek Penalties for Loss of Confidence in Presidential Election

We have a deadline. Can we meet it?

MoveOn (Finally?) Prioritizes "Restoring Democracy"

WI Editorial: County Shouldn't Rush to Purchase Voting Machines

RFK was on TV tonight, anyone catch it?

Swanson: So, where's the rest of the media?

So my dad says to me,

Need help

official drinking liberally Waxahachie shout-out for the convention

So let's talk about Charlie Urbina Jones..

Rebuilding Our Party, Step 36,754 - Asking what the hell we are doing

check in-who is going to the convention?

People wary of Tory majority: Poll

greg palast is on the right now

Moral training for US troops in Iraq

Zarqawi urges Iraqi Sunnis to shun Shi'ites

Virginity pledgers often dishonest about past

Michael Moore sued by Iraq war veteran

WP: US, Alaska Want $92M More From Exxon: Oil from Valdez Spill Remains

Abu Ghraib dog handler convicted (BBC)

Iran says U.S. offer of talks is propaganda

NYT/Reuters: GAO Auditors Fault Missile Defense Plans

FBI Wants To Keep and Store Internet For Records 2 Years

China ties up oil deals with 22 Arab nations

County subpoenaed in probe of lawmaker -- Rep. Lewis (R-CA)

Houghton Publishing Takes On Fast Food Industry (Chew On This)

Ford's latest tactic: free gas cards

Army 'to blame' for Katrina flood (BBC)

Indonesia culls chickens, to get tough on bird flu

CNN: Glitch delays e-mail from AOL, others

Washington Post Staffers Take Early Retirement (about 70 let go)

Iranian Minority Groups Seeking US Help to Topple Regime (DC meeting)

NYT Analysis: Republicans fear waning political fortunes

Investigators of Haditha Shootings Look to Exhume Bodies

NYT: Premier Accuses U.S. of Attacking Civilians in Iraq

NYSE and Euronext in $20bn merger (BBC)

AP: Democrats Tear Each Other Apart in California

The Maze will scare the shit out of you

Karma will be most inclined to use which sin against the perp?

Uh, Wha-Huh?

Has anyone else ever had a Bone Marrow test?

Night vs Day

What is legal in a holo-deck?

Dammit people-where's the bets on the Spelling Bee!

Diverse Known Donor Sperm

vex thread...

I don't know how, but my friend found that high-frequency ringtone....

HA! Goodbye Google ads!

Ex thread

OK. If I ever do this to my dog, please shoot me.

Yay "The Princess Bride" is on AMC!

What I need is more cowbell...

Here we,Here we go.....

DU This Poll!

How nice it is to have a husband to come home and mow the lawn

The Rejected Katherine Harris Campaign Video!

T-rex thread...

It's Grey Goose martini time!!!


Spelling bees make me misty

Group secretly installs peace sign on rock off San Diego coast...

Just spent $67.95 to fill up




Charts outside their original context. Add yours here!

Club Techniques 101 ((Video)) LOL!

Help me write this poem...

Don McClean of "Miss American Pie" Lyrics to his new song...

While watching the spelling bee, we are arguing what a diphthong is.

You know, Billo and Geraldo got some serious gay vibes going on....

Vinnie appreciation thread

Special on ABC about foster children

Holy Shit! Choke! Zubrowka Bison Brand Vodka!

Oasis beats Beatles in best album poll

Marilyn Monroe would have been 80 years old today.

Here is a video from the greatest album of all time.

What happened to Demopedia?

Ron Palillo or Bob Saget?

Friday nights they'll be dressed to kill.. Down at Dino's Bar & Grill...

Please post graphic of what Bush's Brain looks like (and no Karl Rove)

Ugh...apparently, I'm driving to LaGuardia at 5:30am tommorow.

Beepo and Roadkill

Holy cow!

While I enjoy a large dump, it is not a priority.

Goodnight..Take care..Stupid

ultimate poll

excuse me...

Ahhhh! New Orleans.

fascinating audio: Howard Sterns recaction to Kurt Cobain suicide


There's a veritable cornucopia of nothing on the tube tonight

My brother is alive...


%!#( I ^v (&T#^^@& !$ @ (V&!

Irony at 7-11.

i just finished a 12 hour shift making 630 beds

Bill and Hil,

It is Ibuprofen 800 time

what's your opinion on laminated wall hangings

Holy moly, that lightning strike was about half a mile away...

For the second time in four years

A question about avatar mojo

Old Mr. Rabbit born June 1, 1911

Are you watching CourtTV? They're shredding Bush and Co. over torture

How many times have you been married?

Last day of school... I am going as a giant Tetris block.

My guy retired today after 30 years of teaching English and Spanish....

DU kitty is "Cat of the Week" on Catster!

Well, you know.....I just felt like posting a pic...Here's one

How much is your BASIC monthly 'nut'?

Kittty-cat save on the dog walk tonight.

All this wedding talk--what did/would YOU do for a wedding?

"Yeah...can I get a Big Mac, a regular fry, and then...

You peep hole are boaring me to tiers.

It is Hannidate profile time!

I am going to be flamed to death. Remember me to those of the future

My Later Day Saint friend whose life centers around her Dad and Family.

God & the Singularity: Blogger wants your opinion.

What destroys the Ring in LOTR?

Scientists reveal how frogs grip (BBC)

Duck X-ray reveals 'alien head'

Quotations to share.

I just had a phone caller refuse to talk to me

Abigail Garner: "What it's like to be a Queerspawn." Today's LGBT Families

The Hartford Whalers make the Stanley Cup

Challenges in our lives

John Kerry Addresses Pacific Council on National Security

Waaaaay off topic, (sorry) but I'm REALLY excited.

Very nice recent editorial about Kerry and Vietnam

post on someone who met Kerry with pictures

Media Matters on Patrick Healy of the NYT re: erroneous stories on Kerry

First photos with new Canon 20D!


Delete- dupe

KOEB -6/01 - The marriage amendment is the most important thing edition

God & the Singularity: Blogger wants your opinion.

Gore's global-warming film is riveting, inspiring (Seatlle PI review)

KO started with Ishaqi

greg palast is on the right now

Gen. Baieste--says blames goes to top-Rummy. now on Keith Olberman

The Iraq War Scorecard, version 1.0.

ACLU files lawsuit over arrests at Santorum book signing

Bronze businessman reclaims his seat at World Trade Center site

Missing Link discovered.....gag

Jimmy Breslin, March 30 2003: "Blood Remains on the Hands"

A politician speaks about an illegal war and a boob president.

Who can lead the fight to restore democracy in America?

Scarborough asked the question: Are NYC funds being cut because NY

Al Franken will be on "Scarborough Country" tonight.

If the election were held today (facts and figures)

Nebraska gets HS money and one wonders why

Severin on abused prisoners at Abu Ghraib: "(W)e treated them essentially

"Bush is a Terrorist" - Paul Craig Roberts (former Republican)

Premier Accuses U.S. of Attacking Civilians in Iraq

Just Curious: What Makes You Click A Thread ?

caption this Condi pic

A Message from Aaron Russo: 'From Freedom to Fascism'

You can always kick Bill O'Reilly's ass with a couple of falafels anytime

Al Franken on Scarborough (MSNBC)

I don't like Hillary and my party affiliation is (blank)

They're leaving the pods: "Jimmy Carter: Recovering Racist, Still a Bigot"

" The bumblebee is a successful but an insecure insect."


The night bush made that speech just prior to the Invasion of Iraq,

Would You Like To See A Debate Between O'Liely and Clark

Email Chertoff a postcard - need his email address

So, the Rethugs in DHS are trying to buy votes using NYC and DC money?

If Heaven is for angels and Hell is for sex and rock-n-roll...

A mother's sorrow - pics

Weltschmerz - or, as DUers call it, EVERY SINGLE DAY UNTIL 2009

Keith Olbermann will talk of how O'Lielly twice--Troops killing WWII

PBS - Brian Ross (for Charlie Rose) interviewing CIA agent.

PHOTOS: If Lady Liberty could only speak....

And what is the Nation doing to PREVENT another "BUSH" to the OVAL OFFICE?

Breaking: Bush Finds His Brain: Takes it out and plays with it.

Tom Delay's staff doesn't realize Colbert is Satire!!!

I pledge to see the Truth

BooHoo - Republicans Fear Waning Political Fortunes...

Extortion virus code gets cracked (BBC) {Archiveus}

Jim Jones Brought Back to Life Per W's Message to God.

I'm sick of this Beinhart crap that the left doomed the Democrats

I am sick and tired of people comparing Bush to Hitler!

The Rejected Katherine Harris Campaign Video!

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

Limbaugh & Savage feed intolerance. Islamofascists pigs is

Who feels comfortable about their writing skills to edit Helen's wikipedia

Franklin Graham is crazy

The murder and mayhem Malloy is discussing...

"If you hate this country so much, LEAVE IT!!" -- Time to answer back!

Calling KyndCulture - Armbands for Peace?

The Problem of Excessive Military Spending in the United States

Call for separation of church and --- football?!

A bookmark for NanceGreggs fans - pass it on!!!

Blix Nixes Iran Regime Change

Al Gore's ""An Inconvenient Truth" at a theatre now near you

Judge rules that forcing a kid to stand for pledge of allegiance is ...

Random Fitz gossip.

Publisher Takes On Fast Food & Counters Swift Boat Attacks (Chew On This)

Congressman Conyers: Rolling Stone Voting Article Out

We're country/western fans & we're gonna hound our local station

We are not entirely human

NBC news exec to Laura Ingraham: stop your "spewing"

Possible that the Condi ploy is aimed more at US hardliners than at Iran

Bush isn't even human

Ack!Barf! Ken Blackwell wrote a book--1/5 stars at

REVEALED! Bush's Iraq war plan.

Two Excellent NYRB articles to provoke your rage against Bush

FAA takes the wind out of wind farms

Any consolidated listings for an "Inconvenient Truth"?

Anderson Cooper's new book "a memoir of loss"

Al Gore episode of "Futurama" tonight on the Cartoon Channel!

Keith Olbermann will do spot on O'Really's version of Malmedy!!!

AP: Air Marshal Drops Bullets, Leaves Plane

Please Honor The Deaths of Innocents in Haditha & Abu Sifa

Keith Olbermann tonight a must see - O'Reilly exposed

Crashing the Wiretapper's Ball

Even Iraq's Children are fighting the Occupation (Video)

Very large photo alert - here are the 29% - obscene

Fuck you O'Reilly - in pictures

*** Thursday TOONs: A Little of Everything ***

PETA v. Wal-Mart

Heads up: RFK Jr. coming up shortly on MSNBC

Can someone, ANYONE, yet prove to me that George W. Bush is conservative?

I decided to take some time out and play "matchmaker"...

What would be the end result of legalizing all drugs?

RW'er compares Waco with Haditha - Unbelievable!

Stop Florida Law's ‘Chilling’ Effect On Voter Registration !

More on the upcoming War in Iran

Why are Americans so Apathetic?

Why would Gov. Blanco so gladly sign that awful abortion ban bill?

Story and Pictures of my meeting today with John Kerry.

Another Civil War is possible in America ...

Molly Ivins: Ken Lay used George W. Bush as an errand boy.

Who passed David Sharp on Everest? *New news*

Anti-War Music!!!

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Video: Keith Olberman smacks down Bill O'Liely for... LYING! (Malmedy)

Even our "so called Liberal Media" Meme's that Iraq did "9/11!"

Crooks&Liars will put up video of Olbermann smackdown of O'Reilly

Ratify the nuclear test ban treaty.

Republicans Fear Waning Political Fortunes

There's someone from New York who I think will be President

Self Delete

U.S. agrees to talk if Iran stops uranium enrichment

College Republicans having Global Warming Beach Parties

Leaning Towards Clark in '08' but only if he talks to Gore!

POLL: Do You Think The FBI Should Retain ALL Internet Records for 2 Years?

Which of these candidates would you vote for in 2008 general election?

Robert Kennedy does GREAT on MSNBC re: Election Fraud vs. Tucker Idiot....

Do you get Upset that Folks Layed Off are BLAMED for Layoff?

This homeland security funding thing got me thinking...

N.Y democratic state comptroller issues apology after Bush remarks

John Kerry Addresses Pacific Council on National Security

Bush worse president ever!

Do you approve or dissaprove of the job GW is doing?

It is they -- not Truman -- who are Bush's true ideological forefathers.

DFA Day of Action in Rockford, Illinois. Great activism .

"Stop the bullshit":Someone...should have told McCain to do the same thing

"Al Gore scares the bejesus out of me" and George Allen is an Idiot.

Presidential Approval Poll

(Martin Niemöller Quote) I'm posting this here for the protectionists

So my wife has a theory about Chris Matthews

O'Liely getting bitch slapped by Keith O. re. Wes Clark

Rejected Katherine Harris Campaign Video

E&P: RFK, Jr. Article Charges 2004 Election Stolen -- Press Hit...

Dixie Chicks stay tough:"I'm not ready to back down/I'm still mad as hell"

A personal observation on the economy

A Republican Fighting the Good Fight (non-fiction).


Should we Re-Name our party after a Famous Founding Father??

INSIDER STORY - Exclusive to DU!!!

Republicans protested Dean in Alaska yesterday. All 10 or 15 of them.

Story and Pictures of my meeting today with John Kerry.

Do Democrats Want to Lose the Elections? It Sure Seems that Way.

Afghanistan Unraveling

Iraq is nothing more than a police action with rules.

U.S. Wants Companies to Keep Web Usage Records (AND e-mail)

"Cheney is Satan" Weingareten

Analyst's new job: visualizing Cuba after Castro dies (It's Raul, he says)

Iraq war ties U.S. hands on Iran

Michael Specter (The New Yorker): Planet Kirsan

Missing Milbank Column? About Bush lying re Tres Secretary replacement


The Chávez effect

The Lou Dobbs fear factor

Latest U.S. proposal to Iran just more of the same B.S.

Britain rules out force against Iran

WP/Froomkin: "Bush's Lie"

Brushback Hearing (FBI House Raid)--EJDionne--WaPo

The Line of Atrocity: From the White House to Haditha

Ethical training for US troops in Iraq

Al Gore stands by the truth - By Paul Krugman

Who will teach the White House some core values?

The Great Fundamentalist Hoax (Right-wing's misuse of the Bible)



Conservatives Favor ‘Purity’ over Cancer Vaccine

Maniac Mikey Moriarty on RU486 (with the obligatory dig at Clinton)


Interview with Albright: "Iraq Was a Really Badly Planned Operation"

New news about Diebold in MD

All DeLay's Children

Who thinks the economy is good?? if I need to ask......

Government to seek $92 million dollars more for Exxon Valdez cleanup.

Natural Gas Demand For Tar Sands Production Will Triple - Reuters

American among 8 workers taken (off oil rig) in Nigeria

Coastal Forum Meeting - Prepare Now For Rising Seas - Asbury Park Press

Another Inconvenient Truth - Bush Climate "Strategy" A Failure

AM Best Company - Major Storm Season Could Wipe Out 20-40 Insurance Cos

Canada - GHGs Up 30% Over 1990, US - Up 16% - And The Talk Goes On

Ending Our Oil Addiction:

Robert Newman- History of oil

Putin Criticizes Europe Over Energy Assets

Lake Ontario Offshore Wind Farm (710 MW Toronto)

Coal Plant Rush Fueled By Fear Of Eventual Regulation - Reuters

Gas Prices? What About Making Trains All They Could Be?

The real cost of going green (BBC) {for one "average" family}

Aren't plastics made from hydrocarbons? Can't we reduce its use?

A 10% reduction in America's oil use in 10-12 years (electrified rail)

Solar Water Heater Markets Up Sharply In EU - 14 Million M2 In Service

DaimlerChrysler's Zetsche Upbeat On Smart Car For U.S.

Israel Begins Building New Settlement Deep in West Bank

Abed Rabbo:Preparations for Palestinian Referendum Completed

Israel's military strength declines '30 percent'

One dead as Fatah, Hamas clash

US lobby group enters Israeli academic boycott row

Hamas proposes job cuts to avert financial collapse

Iraq's "catastrophic success" is intentional

Greening: Nist model "highly inaccurate"

Judge denies 9/11 damages from Herald

Jack Hooper (CSIS head) uses Ali Mohammed as terrorist figurehead

Rumsfeld aide: 3 AA 77 hijackers followed after Cole bombing

Stategerie for Activists - Use the "Write In Feature" to Make Point

Cinti Enquirer (Warren County ring a bell) politics blog has lede with RFK

A transcript of Thom Hartmann's radio interview with DU's GuvWurld.

Secret Revealed: Where the VVPAT may be hidden on the TSx

Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! Democracy NOW!!!

Regarding our very good friend....

VIDEO - Robert Kennedy Explains Stolen Election to Tucker Carlson

Election Reform Daily News: Robert Kennedy EDITION, June 2nd, 2006

Bruce Funk is nothing less than a martyr to democracy

Copy of remedial order in lawsuit brought by USDOJ against NY re: HAVA

Greg Palast: How They Stole OHIO & GOP 4-step Recipe to 'Blackwell'

Has anything about the RFK and "Rolling Stone" Article appeared on DU

Our Democracy Sucks

MIT Boosters Vote and Hack Their Way to Win in 'Doonesbury' Poll

MCM + Bob Fitrakis Speak in PA on Sat June 3rd

Can One Mention Mark Crispin Miller Too Much?

Kennedy on Wolf Blitzer now

Thread for Soliciting volunteers for the ERD,

Save 2006: Let's Have Independent Exit Polling!

The Sentencing Project: Felony Disenfranchisement Laws in the US

Bill Prohibiting e-Voting Passes House and Senate! Await Pres. Signing

Culver in IC this past day...

So Blouin's people call me last night

People I'd least expect to support Fallon are lining up for him!

What does BAR say about Vinsen & Elkins and Enron?

Just a general question about Dallas

Can anyone help a friend of mine gather Strayhorn's anti-Democrat quotes?

The true colors of the Texas Republican Party

Did you have a Texas Guaranteed Student Loan?

An update on the Maxey/Richie/Jones election

convention schedule

Big city mayors want more federal bucks

Inco bid gets a boost from Ottawa

Judges orders federal government to wade into aboriginal occupation

Romeo Dallaire accuses Harper of lacking courage in policy decisions

Barbie, Veuve Clicquot lose trademark battles

FBI wants Internet records kept 2 years: source

State of siege takes effect in Iraqi city

Colombia arrests soldiers for killing police

LAT: More ethics training ordered for GI's in Iraq

Analyst's new job: visualizing Cuba after Castro dies (It's Raul, he says)

Haditha investigators look to exhume bodies

New York stock exchange and Euronext merge

Court Tells Government It Must Defend Legality of (NSA Spying) Program

Bush to announce support for anti-gay marriage amendment

BBC: Man shot in anti-terrorism raid (London - huge raid)


(ABC) NY-DC Trains Still Top Terror Concern (DHS report)

Kerry Attacks Bush Over Iraq Policies (confrontation instead of diplomacy)

An airing of the NSA spying program

A Tax Rule Could Save Treasury Nominee Millions

New news about Diebold in MD

Iraq war ties U.S. hands on Iran

From the AP Iran won't give up Nuclear technology

Man shot in anti-terrorism raid

U.S. accused in more Iraq civilian deaths

(Maine Democrats) Delegates to debate impeachment

No force against Iran: Russia

Judge: Spy Case Hearings Will Go On

Israel Begins Building New Settlement Deep in West Bank

US hawk shoots down Iran talks plan

Breaking: Blitzer saying soldiers were just cleared on one of...

Libby to Get Limited Classified Info

Weekly Democrats' speech calls for gradual withdrawal from Iraq

RFK Jr. Now on CNN

'Wiping' BlackBerrys Leads to Arrest for (PA State) Senator's Aides

Dubai Firm Acquires O.C. Home Builder

Cops: Couple ordered hit on grandkids

Bolton: ‘This is Put Up or Shut Up Time For Iran,’(video)

Iran to go ahead with nuclear enrichment

LAT: Exit exam leaves 2006 class 42,000 short

New Zarqawi tape scolds Shiites

Web users to 'patrol' US border

NYT: Troops Respect Iraqis' Rights, Rumsfeld Says

(Canada's House of) Commons to revisit same-sex vote


Japan moves to end ban on military use of space

U.S. clears troops in Iraqi deaths in Ishaqi

Singapore PM Urges U.S. to Stay in Iraq

FREEBIE FLAP: Ethics letter targets Reid

Baghdad pet market bombed; 5 dead

News Firms Settle With Wen Ho Lee

Iraq war will hurt GOP in fall elections, pollster says (Zogby)

Rice Warns Iran It Doesn't Have Much Time

GOP finds nothing funny about Bush impersonator (hired by Dem Party Chair)

Rumsfeld defends troops' training, as Haditha investigation continues

Army Dog Handler Gets 90 Days Hard Labor (for Actions at Abu Ghraib)

Angus Reid: Support for Iraq War Keeps Falling in U.S. (56% say bad move)

(Ohio) Bush (35%), Taft (26%) ratings at record lows in new poll

Bush 'troubled' by all reports of US military atrocities: WHouse

U.S. Military Denies New Abuse Allegations at Ishaqi

When did Bush know? (Haditha - timeline discrepancy)

Loan records vanish (1.3 million files, Texas students' names/SS#)

Giant Crater Found: Tied to Worst Mass Extinction Ever

Wild birds transport birdflu, but poultry trade is key route

U.S. May Payrolls Rise 75,000; Unemployment Rate 4.6%

ABC: Officers Likely to Be Charged in Haditha Killings, Sources Say credit-card numbers stolen

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? (Rolling Stone by RFKjr)

NYT: NYC Has Itself to Blame for Terror Cuts, U.S. Says

AP: Homeland Security Ranks Nation's Capital as Low Risk of Terror Attack

Child victims (of abuse by priests) must sue by 20 -- Ohio

FDA: Restaurants on front lines in obesity fight (wants portion size cut)

Study: Genital Cutting Raises by 50% LIkelihood Mothers, Newborns Will Die

DeVos TV ad tab: $5.4M (a mere pittance for an Amway heir)

Woman Ordered To Change Anti-Bush T-Shirt Before Sentencing

Do not look them in the eye



Do you approve or disapprove of the job MP is doing?

audio of Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien harassing some lady

'Dining With Dogs' Bill

I'm Torn!! If I click on the White Rose Society ad, then I cost them $

ok, so the lights have flickered about 5 times in the last 10 minutes...

majority reports listeners

Who likes gum!?

Woman Pleads No contest For Dirty Shih Tzu

Batwoman is a Lesbian, Cool!

Hmm, so I'm over at I-Tunes and Stephen Colbert's WH Correspondents

I can lick anybody in The Lounge!!

So how has life been to Joe Walsh since "Life's Been Good To Me So Far?"

Flying Cow Sculpture To Go On Display In Salt Lake City

Archaeologists Say Figs Were First Domestic Crop (11,000 Years Ago)


Any one own a Lexmark printer that have had probelms with it?

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Snake Bites Woman Walking Through Wal-Mart Garden Center

forgive you enemies - a joke for friday.

11-Foot, 350 Pound Crocodile Caught

Pilates Question

It's a noble gesture to give respect to those you are about to surpass.

Anyone know how I can make liberals crazy?

The BOYS are Back in Town!

Man, I can't grow a decent beard for shit.

I love my life

I'm sick and I'm out of Dayquil and I have to work and I want to whine.

I've been down but not like this before


It's gonna be one of *those* days, isn't it?

Beatles beaten by Oasis in vote for greatest album

Please pardon me if I am not up to my usual antics for a spell

Now here is a dancing fool.

Hey, underpants.

"If it was JESUS, it was LOVE and not just sex"

Somebody please PM me. More dumb love notes t o erase.

I saw this on the news last night. Might be helpful to someone.

L was a WWII combat wounded veteran - long but please read anyway!

Man Attacks Mom Over 'American Idol' Dispute

More lyrics - blame Miss AmericanPie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI COX!!! (Dialup Is For Sissies)

Virginity pledgers often dishonest about past | Yahoo News

Congratulations displacedtexan!! 10,000 posts

I'm buying Donuts - what kind should I get you

What did Brett Sommers ever do?

I can hear a foghorn...

I'm still feeling pumped up after seeing Olbermann smacking down O'Reilly

It's time for Bassic's totally useless question!

Woo hoo! Update on my security deposit

Last day on the job question

Damn this is good stuff

I just met Damien Mandola...the cooking show guy

Petition to Stop Puppy Mills in PA

Hey, free motorcycle!

Say, where is ChavezSpeaksTheTruth?

Italian Wedding Soup - Proof that God does love mankind

Apples v. Oranges

Scuba Diving Kitty and Doggie....check it out....

Doesn't the chick on the left in this LARGE photo

Christian Slater's last good movie?

Hate Widespread?

Shout out to everybody drinking at the Bar this summer!

Alien Face in Duck X-Ray (cue Twilight Zone music...)

Friday Afternoon YES thread: Favorite three YES albums

You love Prog Rock like I do? I have the ULTIMATE Prog Rock site

Take a sniff. Pull it out.



You will soon find more adventure in life

I will be leaving for Target soon, anybody need anything.

I had a dream so weird it woke me up--what does it mean?

Anyone else here at DU one of Prince Albert's illegimate children?

Stupid human tricks.

Guys — step AWAY from the push-up bra thread!

Shout out to everyone studying for the bra this summer.

I want one of these!

Democratic Underground experience on resume?

Look, if it ain't cola (Coca-, Pepsi- , RC, Jolt, etc.) it's just soda.

I'm going to create a sockpuppet named "My dear"

Great Things About Getting Older

Man Leaves $28,000 On Restaurant Toilet

Shout out to everybody studying for the Bar this summer!

Who is Hugh!!111111

If You Were a Superhero, What Would Your Power Be? what age did you get your youngsters potty-trained?

Is the Carl Gustav a rocket launcher or a man portable cannon?

UNDERPANTS!!!11!!!!! Bad storm here.

I'm sure this has been posted before, but...HAHAHAAAHA!

DUers: What's your take on synaesthesia?

Democratic Party experience on resume?

Even more lyrics!

What surname would change your's to just for the heck of it.

Why do some fundie women 'save themselves' for Jesus?

If being pro military means supporting the war,...

The award for "stupid criminal of the week..."

Well I am just pissed off!

Are you Crazy? Take the quiz and make it official!!

DU My urban dictionary entry.


Please DU this poll - Who would be 2nd worst behind Bush?

I want this for official DU 2008 presidential T-shirt.

I turned in my 2 weeks notice at work. Ask me anything.

Fake Balls on trailer hitches - WTF

Does it drive you bat-shit effing crazy when people abbreviate

Somethings different about me today

Any James Spader Fans here? You're jealous of me...

This joke from the Simpsons gave me a chuckle

Strike 1.

Guys: Do you own a zuchini wrapped in aluminum foil?

Batman & Robin: Gay or...what?

Should I party this weekend?

Sober web site about how the Iraq War is impacting your community

Anna Nichole Smith is pregnant. Who was the lucky donor?

Jesus, Mary & Joseph let's just decide this now: Beatles vs. Oasis

I have been gone for a bit.What is a kudzu thread?

I think I'll check out Screen 3 tomorrow night

What do you think of thunderstorms?


New parody... "Oh Exxon"

I just got a raise!

DVD sets to come out on Doomsday:

How would your life be different if your DU name

Men: Do you own a push-up bra?

I don't why I do this, cuz you all ignore me but LYRICS!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/2/06)

My Fridays night ask me a difficult question thread.

Happy birthday wishes to.........

Aw, man — I thought my buns were gonna match

Friday's ethical discussion - Expensive art and money

Who is closest to being your musical soul mate?

Suggest a way to make TV shows you like better

Take: The Lounge Cool Test, find out how cool you really are...

So did the Red Hot Chili Peppers plagiarize Tom Petty?

Y'know what you hardly see anymore, and it makes me sad?

2 dead after Pat Robertson’s plane crashes in Conn.

What is the longest drive you've ever taken in one stretch?

I got Dixie Chicks presale tickets

Friday, June 2nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Eggs are GONE!

Cat AND toddler alert!

How many times have you been marred?

How should we recognize 06/06/06?

Hi Everyone, Can you spare a minute to VOTE for my wife's store? r/o/p

Blank keyboard


Just saw X-Men 3 - I liked it

Portland, OR Lizards, Viva has decided.

We've heard from Bravo; what do you think was the #1 comedy (movie) ever?

What movie villain comes closest to George W. Bush?

Ladies: Do you own a push-up bra?

I'm getting a kitten tomorrow

Gents: Do you own a push-up jock strap?

Pregnant Women Trying To Avoid Delivering On June 6

Answer each in two words

First time in my life, I was a criminal

Tell me about your tattoos

Do you think Data from Star Trek: TNG could whoop Robo-Cop's ass?

What's your #1 comfort food?

Hate Widescreen?

Favorite foreign-language film?

A Hummer took a bite out of my Protege!

Favorite "Twilight Zone" episode?

Lesbian Batwoman question

So where will you be vacationing this summer?

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Post something cool...

I just got back from the bar, and I didn't have a good time

Heart attack risk with pain drugs

Alien Life?

Giant Crater Found: Tied to Worst Mass Extinction Ever

Chemists synthesize Fe-VI compound

Lost Dimension Yields Accidental Discovery

An idea i had for a enviromentally friendly, oil-free sourse of plastic.

Neutering our kids' exposure to science

OK Nebraskans. Tell me about Senator Ben Nelson.

John Aravosis on

Faith Night in baseball?

For those who've asked me if I'd done any recent Tarot work re: government

It happened again!

Any tips @ oils, herbs, supplements, etc to aid healing/scarring?

Any word from Sen. Kerry on the RS article? Sounds like RFKJr.

Kerry to endorse Webb??

Who loves KerryMail???

Awesome JK shirt on ebay ..

Where are Dem senators re Kerry getting out of Iraq????

The John Kerry Bloogers Meeting in Los Angeles

Observation post re RFK article and the Dems.

Boehlert himself: "Why the Swift Boat Hoax Still Matters!"

Someone Kerry DID endorse - Joe Sestak -

Nice story

Nice Report on Pacific Conference event over in GD - worth reading


Bill Wyman the photographer

I'm so excited, I just have to post this

is this a record for KO? three greatest threads at once?

Attn EDVs a piss your pants funny video

Yeah, now Randi pays tribute to KO

Heads up, Stephie honors her future husband Keef NOW

Is it just me, or was Keith about to explode in rage at O'Reilley?

Chimpie and Laura SPLIT? Another woman?

VIDEO - Robert Kennedy Explains Stolen Election to Tucker Carlson

I dare DUers to post this in

US should talk with Iran without preconditions, just as it is with N. Korea

DU this poll!

Here is why Iran wants to have the euro-based oil bourse

KO repeat on now, 8amCT. Between Gen Batiste and KO slamming

I need a little help from my friends

Post DU ads: Why can't all members have access to all/more functions now?

Iraq is nothing more than a police action with rules.

Rice Warns Iran It Doesn't Have Much Time

"If we train the troops to have values, they won't be able to KILL"

When do the new Iraq 25 cent pieces come out?

Emery County: Ex-clerk at center of machine politics - Salt Lake Tribune

Why liberals need to own guns

NPR: Former Iran hostage believes respect is more fruitful than force

Keith Olbermann now on msnbc. Ripping O'Lielly about lies of WWII

Government wants to know every website we go to.

U.S. 'investigating' more claims of Iraq killings

If Ralph Reed & Gary Bauer want to marry, who are we to stop them?

Did anybody watch Charlie Gibson last night on ABC news?

Tribeca Film Festival winner, Iraq soldier's eye-view, opens in Manhattan


I'm ready for Bernie Ward now...

Stephanie Miller is kicking ass and taking names this A.M..

(TOON) Steve Bell on Haditha

Ed Koch: "I think evereybody agrees she will be the Dem nominee" -Hillary

Defence Minister: Canada not at war in Afghanistan

youtube hacked???

US tightens security on New England-Canada border

Not to detract from the toll in lives but here's what Iraq atrocities cost

I think Bush should give the almost $700,000 from Ken Lay back to

Bush plans to kill conservation efforts: WE HAVE TO STOP THIS!

Iraqis go nuts (& other toppings) for ice cream (USA TODAY)

Late night tin foil post: Numbers Stations move to VoIP

A perspective on civilian massacres...

New Mexico - Official Warns of Voter Fraud (for midterms)

Identity loss / theft / mixing up

Cavuto: Why is media focusing on Haditha not attacks on troops?

Envoy: Afghan Law Doesn't Apply to Troops

Blix panel prods Israel, Iran on nuclear agenda

Italy, S. Korea to pull troops from US-led ’coalition of the dwindling'

Former soldiers, commander didn't see abuses in Afghanistan

Being a Black Man (interviews)

C-SPAN2 now: journalism conference sponsored by "The Nation"

A bet anyone? name ONE decision "the Decider" made that has helped America

Coalition killings and abuse is " a phenomenon that has become common"

Rice warns Iran it doesn't have much time

Freepsters party with Karl, Darby, *, at lighthearted "Flt. 93" evening

Gore to be on "This Week" on Sunday, mark your calendars

Thank you, Mr. President!

We reign supreme at starting wars, now let's focus on stopping them.

Judge Orders Bushco to Explain Legality of Spy Program

Iraqi lives now worth $2500 US...

Survey: Ban Drivers’ Cell Phone Use

NYT/Reuters: Couric Hopes to End "Pretentious Era" in News

Drudge headline: "4.6%" Is that Bush's new Approval Rating?

Couric hopes to end "pretentious era" in news (Huh? She QUIT already? )

Survey: Maine Dems include in their platform a call for the impeachment ?

Bush approval rating falls to record low for President in Ohio

Is it just me, or does this faith based site cause anyone else

Bush Military History Project #4

71 yr. old Busted for growing Pot & Mushrooms to fight Islamic Terrorism

If you bought the Dixie Chicks CD at Target...

Iran will not let the USA disarm them like we did to Iraq before invading

We should enjoy our last days of relative freedom while they last.

ALERT!!! Al Franken Show on TODAY....C-SPAN...!!!!!

GOP Youth on the loose in Florida again

Hurricane Watch - Day 2

Stormtroopers rally to defend their hero, O'Reilly, from Olbermann

CA-50 - Get out the vote for Busby

"Bad people have parties too"

Blatant Ricism on the rise. Reverse (anti) discrimination at work.

US "intelligence" chief warns over Iran arms - Is it Groundhog Day again?

Helen Thomas interview on CBC Radio One...

"Well, Peter, this is what comes of empire-building"

The grand jury investigating the CIA leak meets at 9:30 am ET.

Rice says Iran needs to respond 'within weeks'

Who are the worst monsters, the men of Kilo Co. or the men of PNAC?

Russia insists the new agreement on Iran excludes the use of force

"I appeal to all honorable people to stand with me and expose the scandal

After listening to Randi Rhodes last night and the Matthews clip

Public paid for idled wind farms--WTF?

Iraqi Accuses U.S. of 'Daily' Attacks Against Civilians...

FEC finds Frist violated law by failing to disclose $1.4 million...

Why Iraq Will Probably Have To Be Three States

Satellite Radio.... Sirius/XM?? (again....sorry!)

* Dixie Chicks TOON: Cover your eyes for the 2nd part *

Great new Kathlene Harris campaign video!

Iraq Prime Minister Blasts Troop Conduct 'No Respect for Citizens"

Proof FOX "News" is "unfair," "unbalanced," and "dishonest."

While we jack with Iran, what is North Korea doing?

Dozier: "What happened to my crew?"

Take Action, No More Tax Break For Billionaires

No Tax Breaks For Paris Hilton and ilk/ Take Action

Payroll Growth Stalls With 75,000 New Jobs

If supporting the troops means supporting these yahoos

Wonder how Laura Ingrham feels now that more journalists have

Armchair Texans to patrol Mexico border

WP's Milbank strikes! DHS Disputes Al-Qaeda's 5-Star Rating of 2 US Cities

Estate Tax cut - a raise in taxes for the non-wealthy?

The real sad irony of the Kimberly Dozier attack is that this news crew

Iraq veteran sues Moore over scene in 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Abu Ghraib Army Dog Handler sentenced to 90 days hard labor

How long until Bush has his minions set up a phony "massacre" in Iraq?

New annoying name for the GOP: The Theocrat Party

Do Broadband Providers Employ Blog Comment Shills?

Hibernia oil and gas reserves upgraded 44%. Time to invade Nfld?

Surprise-not, Same crime as LIMBOsevic nets 25 yrs

DUers, Help the ERD..Need Election Reform Minded Volunteer 1 hr/wk

TOON: "Paintings of the Presidents" (Warning: Somewhat Adult Content)

US blocking international deal on fighting Aids

Krugman to Paulson: Protect Yourself

WSJ: Tale of 5 Muslims: Out of Guantanamo And Into Limbo

Merle Haggard turns on Bush - America First

"Only 15 to 20% of the men on the front lines fired their weapons"

"After they handcuffed them, they shot them dead." To kids for fuck sake.

Rawstory: Military sources:more Iraq killings being probed(on yahoo)

Cunningham Investigation Expands to Another GOP Lawmaker

Soldier Gives Wounded Reporter(Dozier) His Purple Heart

CNN: We Had To Go To War

U.S. plan calls for financial noose on Iran's leaders

What the HELL is * doing?

Graphic (Warning) photos show bodies of civilians killed in Ishaqi, Iraq

LAT: Internet execs reaction to DOJ records request: "alarm"

Enough of the "drip, drip"!

Bush: Quiet-Aggressive Campaign To Place Exec. Nominees Before Elections

Bush to back gay marriage ban amendment

SEIU says Westly is lying about Angelides

Copy of remedial order in lawsuit brought by USDOJ against NY re: HAVA

2 sisters w/ no health insurance to get tested. Thx *!!

Was gay-marriage an issue in 2000 election?

Take this as a warning and a sign of the future for all you blue states...

Bill O'Reilly is a Nazi Sympathizer?

When did Bush know? - Bush Haditha stories at odds

History and the press

Candidate had Enron meeting at scandal height

Federal judge allows lawsuit against NSA


Brett Kavanaugh, new DC Court of appeals judge

It's not that "one isolated war crime" makes the Iraq invasion a war crime

self delete

Question for DUers: Anyone out there having sudden troubles with

Is George W. Bush proud of what he has done to our country?

Haditha question

Franken on CSPAN now n/t

Reverse Mortgages, Deliberate attempt to further disenfranchise?

A new cure for homosexuality

U.S. Hampering Investigation into International Nuclear Arms Smuggling

July 4th 2006 Hand Count Revolution to start. Take our democracy BACK!!


Feds NOW LYING about why they cut NYC and DC's anti-terror money by 40%

Haditha is Not an Aberration - More, Lots More

Oh EXXON... have fun!

about 400 Welfare employees let go in Miami - lack of money

School Letters About Fat Kids Bring Changes

Hit Songwriter Charged With Growing Pot In Home

Gelliebean's Latest Weekly Podcast for 5-28-06

NYT: A Guide to Guilt-Free Fish (re. contaminant levels)

Hillary's Post Cards to Chertoff - Is this a campaign to flood his office

RFK Jr. on with Thom Hartmann NOW -- stream link

Al Franken on CSPAN1 right now?

The scripted D.C. pundits have their theme for 2008

What's really behind the RW attacks on science?

Soldier gives wounded (CBS) reporter his Purple Heart

After downsizing, my employer has discovered irony...

Distraction News - see what's going on behind Bush in this video

DildO'Reilly got his talking points on Malmedy from Joe McCarthy.

Nobel laureate flays Bush&Blair: Hypocrisy is written all over their faces

Freepers celebrate the Haditha massacre

Hold Bush responsible for Haditha (Toledo Blade)

Fake Balls on trailer hitches - WTF

Accusations against U.S. enrage Iraqis

But seriously folks, screw the landmarks - we should be thinking LIVES

All I can say this week is "V for Vendetta" n/t

Any Grand Jury information?

Caption this pic of *


Vets told biopsies may have brought viruses

Bush and Rumsfeld as Ethics Advisers

Classis Bush quote...

What actions can we take if the elections are truly fixed?

Woman Released After Serving 21 Years for (Abusive) Husband's Murder

A list of all the officials that wll resign over civilian massacres:

Police State USA

Congress legislating our rights away: By HELEN THOMAS

Freeper email and my response.

I'm not impressed by anyone's Iraq views in this NYT article on '08 race

So. Dak. people filed petition to stop abortion ban

If Kerry had taken Ohio, would he be pres now? If proven what do we do no

Artless (controversial works pulled from student art show)

Iraq's "catastrophic success" is intentional

Hi Everyone, Can you spare a minute to VOTE for my wife's store? r/o/p

And Randi is opening up with KO's rant from last night

C-SPAN experts...schedule help requested.

According to some pentagon guy on NPR., 99.9% of the GI's in Iraq


So, I guess the US is setting up to use the Israeli option to go into Iran

Autistic Teen's Hoop Dreams (Jason McElwain)

This Al Franken on C-Span thing is cool, are they planning on keeping it?

VIDEO: Bush Caught In Lie About Snow Resignation

RFK Jr. to be on Situation Room 7 PM Eastern

RFK Jr. on CNN at 7pm EDT? -- Cafferty's questions for Friday

Proposals to deal with the suspicious aspects of the 2004 election:

Santorum: Marriage Amendment=Chance To End "Treat People Nicely" Approach

Everest 2006 "To Help or Not to Help

== Telcos using our money to trick us into a NO on Net Neutrality!

Iraq : DC :: Apple : Orange

"The Left Smears Another Black Republican" says white winger asshole

Guess what? Bill didn't include the e-mail correcting Malmedy error!

Gonzales's war on the press: "It is hard to believe it is coincidental."

Dubai-based firm buys California home builder for $1 billion

Go-ahead for 'pharmed' goat drug (BBC) {GMO goat's milk}

When did Bush know?

Caption *

I don't know about you guys, but it sure is nice having this man...

BRAD BLOG: Ann Coulter 'Lawyers Up', RFK Jr. Meets Tucker Carlson...

Rep. Carolyn Maloney wants Investigation Voting Machine Producer

Refreshing. What a pleasure to turn on C-Span and get a Center for

Worst AG Ever?

Gonna talk about Cheney and GREED on The Guy James Show today

Heard On Democracy Now... Gonzales & Mueller Want Access To Internet

Transcript, transcript, get yer KO KO's Billo transcript!

FRIDAY TOON (6/2) Bush rephrases

RFK jr coming up on CNN-blitzer. nt

This is WACK!! What cities got DHS money and their landmarks

Stanford prison experiment and current abuses

Jose can you see?

For those who have not yet seen this tv show...PLEASE SEE IT!

Head explosion warning ... Hacket coming up on Hairballz

Peace Parade in Rome, Italy - Photos and Video

New story on the military investigation is NOT ABOUT THE HADITHA MASSACRE

"The facts are on the table TUCKER"

Here comes KO on Randi!

911 memories: Pickles: "Some good came from the attacks"

Why I don't expect big name Dems and Dem pundits to push the RFK article.

What a waste of a decade

So much for JC Penneys

Between 90-day hard labor for Abu Gahraib atrocities, clearing

Dixie Chicks Tickets on Sale Tomorrow

Does anyone else find the "Jose Can You See..

From 9/04, Repub analysts show their brilliant prediction skills

This soldier that Hackett is representing: Isn't he just a guilty as

Michael Chertoff's Next Vacation: New York

Coulter Accused Of Voter Felony. Hires Bush's Florida Recount Lawyer

CNN/AP: Study: Academic gains for women, stagnation for men

Project Waiting Room: Buy Rolling Stone Magazine w/Kennedy Article & leave

RFK Jr coming up next on the situation room

OKAY California... Just Got An Email! Am Told AAWNNOLD Is Gaining

Is it just me or is DailyKos down?

DHS Security grants-Click on your state to see how much

Hillary wants you to send a post card to Chertoff...

Why should atrocities in Iraq surprise anyone?

Does it bother anyone else when people try to equivocate on Haditha?

Cost of gutting the estate tax: $1 Trillion - TRUE MAJORITY ACTION ALERT >

Did Randi Rhodes screw up this week?

OMG. Hilarious fake Cruella campaign video

Our military is run by madmen.

If the unbalanced tax cuts are made permanent, how permanent are they?

DU this poll on military recruiters at high schools!

Things that leave you speechless...

Your tin foil hat may be of limited use. It can block some

To Texas Radio Trolls (Especially Clear Channel)

Idiot rw blogger/wv columnist attempts to 'debunk' the RFK article

AMERICAblog's got something fun planned for Monday...

Ever notice

Ft. Hood hit by 'severe' cutbacks (one of the nation's largest posts)

Greg Palast must read on the stolen 2004 election

the military girl from yesterday is back on Randi's show

Judge: It's Unconstitutional To Make Students Stand For Pledge

Woman Ordered To Change Anti-Bush Shirt Before Sentencing

Get a load of this brain dead Captain Randi is arguing with

Toon Bush Dry Cleaners do I have to say more :)

It's Friday, ya bastards!


Caption dick and *

Tired of Being Lied To... RUMSFELD then CHENEY

Ladies & Gentlemen, time to put the shoe on the other foot:: Shrub & Condi

Telcos and Net Neutrality

What do George W. Bush, Bill O'Reilly, Katherine Harris have in Common?

better names for Fox's Billy O

My Take: RFK On CNN & The Most Important Thing About His Article

Republican Candidate Married to Two Women at Same Time

Soldier Gives His Purple Heart to Kimberly Dozier

So, the Democrats cheated in 2004 by registering new voters

MSNBC - Tom Curry Political Corespondent - Iowa - Hillary

Dobbs: Democracy for Sale - simply hillarious

2474 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Dixie Chicks: worth supporting?

Blackwater mercs in New Orleans since Katrina and still there now

Remember the guy with the "Jews must wear badges in Iran" story?

Please help me debunk this video I got from a Wingnut bashing Al Gore

Haditha: Problem Solved!

What Media outlets have picked up on the Rolling stone story?

Breaking: Blitzer saying soldiers were just cleared on one of...

Iraqi hospitals have reported civilian killings by US forces all along

PC Magazine also urges support for net neutrality.

Howard Zinn is on Austin, Texas local cable access channel 16 NOW!

Troops told Geneva rules don't apply to Taliban

Robert Kennedy Jr. coming up on CNN

The MSM is now covering up that they failed to cover voting problems

Italy, UK to discuss Italian pullout from Iraq

Pathetic, simply, absurdly pathetic.I just signed a petition,

LOL...Aravosis declares war on war on gay marriage

VIDEO (GRAPHIC): US troops 'cleared' over Ishaqi incident (BBC News)

Did RFK jr.'s Rolling Stone article bum you out?

We all *must* call Fox News. We can take Bill down with concerted action.

The Cubs Are Our Fate

Hans Blix...Do you remember him?

Please DU Lou Bobbs poll right now --- It is a fun one, who's fault is it?

Pat Robertson's Lear Jet crashes

IN CA, Lt Gov is running for Insurance Commish, and Insurance Commish...

WH: “Hazy” But...Iraqi PM Didn't Mean To Say Haditha Was“A Horrible Crime"

Weren't Dems told that "Hundreds of Lawyers" would Observe Election '04?

Why did I just see Fitz in the background on the Situation Room?

OOOOKay...what the heck has happend to the code behind DU?

Get the troop-bashing trolls off of DU!

Abramoff, Scanlon Still Singing Like Canaries

RFK Jr. Now on CNN

VIDEO: Bush accused of global warming cover-up (BBC News)

Airline tax will buy medicine for world's poor

Get the latest Radical Fringe Cartoon Collection

Do you want records kept of every website you visit?

The Malmédy Massacre: A Lesson In Pictures for Bill O'Reilly (photos)

Now this is proof

Poll: Chaffee on verge of losing primary and Dems on verge of winning seat

Annnnd, What kind of GOD would say: "Let there be CONSERVATIVES"???

'How Homophobic Are You?" Quiz

debunk please. i know it isnt true. i saw where reagan had so many

b*s* is NOT my president.

Never forget: Bush was **sound asleep** by 11:30 pm on 9/11/01

Al Gore On George Stephanopoulos This Week!

Is it possible to be a Republican Bush Supporter *AND* A Patriot?

Fitzmas in July?

Total withdrawal from Iraq by end of 2006 Amendment !!!

What if the elections really are fixed?

Has Bill or FOX responded to anything about Malmedy? n/t

What nickname have conservatives bestowed upon you?


Mark Shields on The News Hour:

The O'Reilly/Malmedy story--I can't take this anymore...

Bolton: ‘This is Put Up or Shut Up Time For Iran,’(video)

A suggestion for those in religious services on Friday Saturday and Sunday

I'm sure it's been asked before, but why so many cameras at intersections?

Mysterious red cells might be aliens Maybe they were

Why are the troops in Iraq cracking? Why wouldn't they be?

Friedman of NYT Finally Calls for Deadline for U.S. Pullout in Iraq

Should Al Gore run in 2008?

I LOVE RFK Jr, but I'm afraid his voice is a problem

Welch's cancels funding for animal experiments; PETA cancels boycott

What's with the "Viva Bush" bumper stickers? People celebrating

Damn. Imus is one ugly duck!

Is this our business?

Ebert Reviews "Inconvenient Truth": You Owe It To Yourself To See This...

Please DU this poll - Who would be 2nd worst behind Bush?

Hey, What's With The Racist "Jose Can You See' Advert...

TruthIsAll: An Interview with TruthIsAll (12/21/05)...

Not 1 dead Iraqi. Or 11 dead Iraqis. Or 24 dead Iraqis. 30,000 dead Iraqis!

What do the War Monkeys really mean when they say "Support the Troops"?

Who exactly are we at war with ??

Here is some HOPE...World Changing Device

The phrase "support the troops" has been so twisted, it is sickening.

Wise words from Emma Goldman.

An email to Bill O'Reilly and Fox News accusing them of sedition.

Randi: If you're not listening find or steal a radio right now.

from Kos - the most important thing about the RFKjr's article

So is Bush Sleeping with Condi?

Is DU creative enough to help? i need some good REPUBLICAN/ BUSH JOKES

Does anyone here use Working Assets Wireless?

oh I LOVE Randi!!! George and Condi sitting in a tree

"We Will Rock You" Mister Bush - Queen

Would Bush and his minions let Americans die to save themselves?

Bush hates it when he isn't referred to as "Mr. President"

Post NYC Icons and Monuments pics here: (HSD says there are none)


If you love your pets, please read this and forward it to everyone you

Is boat insurance based on one's driving record?

NEW 06/02/06 LIBBY FILINGS - 3 PDF's total

I have a simple solution to TWO Big problems

Don't Quit Supporting Us (Troops).


Rave reviews for "An Inconvenient Truth"

Iraqi war vet suing Michael Moore BUSTED!!!

Larisa Alexandrovna: OH Recount Volunteers Allege Legal Violations

My 85 yr old uncle wants to kick the crap out of the Swiftboaters

Here is a poll that absolutely BEGS to be DUed!!!

AP HORSESHIT ALERT: Viewers URGED to scrutinize 'docu-ganda' films

another new Bush nickname: Capt. F*ckup!

Please DU this poll

Why shouldn't the American soldiers in Iraq feel shame at this point?

Internet, Phone Firms Gird for Gov't Privacy Fight...

If Republicans want everyone to speak proper English...

Senator John Kerry, please report for duty if you think the 2004 election

the GOP is sending out its BIG GUNS to squash Busby... read on

Portland Oregon DU MeetUp! Saturday June 3

Have you thought abou the upcoming human tragedy?

Cops: Couple ordered hit on grandkids (to protect their baby-raping son)

Ann Coulter accused of Voter Felony

Stolen Election? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Cites Author Mark Crispin Miller.

Paul Hackett just said "...some have confessed..." (Haditha Massacre)

Al Gore interviewed by Boston Phoenix

Al Gore : Bush Administration are 'renegade rightwing extremist'

Bush, GOP Seek Credit for (Clinton) Community Investment Program

I can lick anybody in The Lounge!!

Malmedy Massacre Trial - plus, a thank you to Bill O'Reilly

CA-50 - Get out the vote for Busby

Pimp and Circumstance

Rush demands of listener “when you’re gonna be in Las Vegas”

Broder -"getting killed" with neg. email over column on Clintons' marriage

NYT: War Handicaps Senators (over Governors) in '08 White House Race

Could their be a 4th such incident of murder committed by our troops??

Ethics training for Troops? Sure to piss off bush's base


Information is a product.

A Private Man on Public Men

Who paid for John McCain's basketball tickets?

Mad at Ken Blackwell's role in the 2004 election? Do something about it.

An inconvenient truth discussed on CNN

Bush 'Bundlers' Take Fundraising to New Level - Henry Paulson

Illegal immigrant conundrum in New Orleans

Aaaaaaaghhhhhhh!!!!! There's a zombie on C-SPAN!!!!!!!!

Fox News :Dem infighting and what it means for the midterm elections

Diminishing Marginal Outrage...

See if you think this tact will help for this fall

Did weekly tracking polls get abolished?

Swann's big test: Phila. suburbs (Why he probably won't win - with pics)

Nice message from John Edwards, RE: CIA leak investigation

All DeLay's Children

Reader Mail: The Friday Fruitcakes

Can anyone tell me difference between using dogs & water boarding?

Because the Dems could investigate the actions of the administration if

Reuters: Lawmakers ask Chertoff to explain anti-terror cuts

GOP tries to limit competition by former GOP running as Independent

Boehlert himself: "Why the Swift Boat Hoax Still Matters!"

"Robust Economy Proves That Republican Policies Are Sound"

So, We're at War?

GOP House Parties - A real grassroots threat

Move-On .org agenda

Which Dem. Candidate Seems to Do the Most? Now?

I Hereby Declare Victory

Hardball Shitshits is ON!

The New Republic found a candidate to support its position on Iraq!

The patriot "ACT" and the U.S. Constitution

Immigration Wedge Fraud.. prints RW blog piece implying RFK Jr. motives racist!

Another RW fruits and nuts basket: Priests rape boys

Wolfie is going to speak again on election fraud

If everything that Teddy Kennedy does is such poison to America

The Dixie Chicks are #1 on the Billboard Top 20!

Why didn't Kennedy respond to Wolfie with this: "Wolf, 70 per

Containers and Port Security

Please critique my LTTE re repubs taking credit for Clinton economy!

Economics Question for DUers

My letter from Senator Roberts

My Revised and Improved Bush Photo Blog

West Point grad rips cadet Bush

Iraq Vet: "they told us to kill anything that moves"

Moral Politics of Human Rights

RFK Jr. mentioned overseas/military votes. GAO issued report in April 2006

It is time...for John Kerry to speak out...

I wanta find humor in this..but I can't

Any CA CD50 polls?

I can't believe by now I'd still get shit for an "Impeach Bush"

George Bush: Great President or GREATEST President?

RFK Jr on Tucker Carlson

Bush comes out for anti-gay marriage amendment

"Was the 2004 Election Stolen?" "sure to provoke much media play " - E&P

RFKjr RW Talking Point: where was Kerry?

What keeps you going?

The Democratic 'military' candidate

The John Kerry Bloogers Meeting in Los Angeles

Yet another "family values" republican: bigamy & abuse

RE Ohio: DU Women & DU Men. Do yourselves a favor and

Blitzer uses Kerry's Statement to Trash Robert Kennedy's "Rolling Stone"

Bush's Propoganda Swarm

Ohio progressive bloggers sneer at RFK, Jr article

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

Troops' Footage Goes Onscreen in "War Tapes" (New Documentary!)

Slowing Economy

Sen. Kerry: Tell your Senators to support Res. to bring troop home in 2006

DLC: The Return of Liberal Fundamentalism