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Archives: June 19, 2006

Wow did anybody see this video on Murtha

Slate: A Prairie Home Conundrum: The mysterious appeal of Garrison Keillor

"No Tenure for Joe Lieberman" (Steve Clemons, TWN)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 248

Army plea as toxic toads march on (BBC) {cane toads in Australia}

Humpbacks face a slow death by explosives; Japan LYING about whale kills

Pilot whales, dolphins, porpoises not protected: Int'l Whaling Commission

Beach deaths: No int'l probe

Being prepared: Just in case

first time I've seen this picture of white hot motlen metal..

Do these two videos of the 2nd hit both show the same approach path?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Mon. 06.19.06– Father’s Day Edition

VoteTrustUSA: Key Component of Voting System Undergoes No Review

GA voters groups demand immediate decertification of Diebold.

Stumbled on this bit of info looking for something on Leach

Please join us in an extraordinary wine - Cline's 2003 Live Oak Zinfandel

Best Wishes On Father's Day to our forum dads

Canned banana peppers

NYT - Company Ties Not Always Noted in Security Push

(ING) Confidential data at risk after laptop stolen (13,000 people's SS#)

Zarqawi was registered for benefits

Nokia, Siemens in $31.5 billion phone equipment deal (MarketWatch)

Schumer: Book shows NYC still Qaida target

Troops to back-up to Iraqi forces, Howard says

WP,p1: Agri. Legacy Gets Safe Home: Arctic Doomsday Vault to Protect Seeds

Iraq's disastrous 'black oil' swamps

CNN: Senators Roberts, Feinstein spar over U.S. commitment in Iraq

Democrat Assails Rove's Remarks on Iraq

Rape Rate Declining In U.S., Report Finds

WP: White Gentrification Hits Northwest

North Korea said to have fueled missile for test

Kappes Expected to Boost CIA Morale, Work to Reestablish Spy Network

Doctor: Teen pregnancy is nature's way

WP: Illegal Hiring Is Rarely Penalized

Maybe Sundays should be good news day.

I really want to scream...

Is anyone else watching Treasure Hunters on NBC?

I have question about the film "Lean on Me" and the real Joe Clark...

"I'm A Hot Toe Picker" - what the hell does that mean?

Being called a "slor" really doesn't bother me

What the??? Google DU images

So I tape this quote next to my computer, and Mom gets all fussy:

Those time travelers need to stop screwing with us!

Anyone else listen to Coast To Coast AM?

Well, that certainly was a good Father's Day.

So you think my singing's out of time? Well, it makes me money.

What happened in the "I don't like to be called sir" thread to delete it?

What happened in the 'What happened in the "I don't like to be called sir"

TURABIAN style citation experts needed! URGENT!

Postage stamps - aren't they the same price no matter where you buy them?

What happened in the "What happened in the 'What happened in the "I don't

Just saw AVA live on cnn

Ok, I admit it....I am obsessed with Otsuka Ai....

My hat is off, and my compliments to, DU and its administration!

What's gonna happen to the....

Why are there all kinds of fireworks being shot off this evening?

My cat swam today!

Did anyone see the U.S. Open today

Post a link to a site that actually teaches you something

So , I went out to meet some real live DU'ers .. took my camera ..


Did you ever see a horror movie called 'Society'?

Rock, Paper, Scissors or Paper, Rock, Scissors?

To everyone with a fucked up dysfunctional asshole father,

My Heartfelt Thank You for all the CHAIN LETTERS! (FUNNY AS ALL GET-OUT!)

In honor of Father's Day - what's your dad's first name?

A thread for dad's that are no longer with us.

Unjejune badinage repartee - bons mots, japes, and raillery hic et nunc

I am the Queen of Procrastination.

litterbox - heavy metal katz...

Curse you, Dwayne Wade!!!

Being called "sire" really doesn't bothers me

Think of a movie, good or bad, that was made worse by the soundtrack

Do you live in a red or blue state?

Say something in "tongues."

I care about someone...

Is rap music losing its creative edge?

Has anybody else here watched "Lucky Louie?"

Okay... for all my little friends... here's a picture of my crush....

I love soccer because....

Atheists: Do you have other heroes?

Would you, a fellow DUer, if you had the opportunity

It's Spring! Here's a few pics of my jacaranda tree in bloom...pic heavy

Sci-fi nerds lament!

Name your favorite cafe / Place for Coffee

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence.

As of Today forward, I am officially the "Preacher's Wife"!

how many of these lies have you believed.

Veg{etables} 'prevents artery hardening' (BBC)

The US Soccer team has balls

Where are all the Wade haters now?

Anyone else get this?

Cards win 4 to 1!

Remember that 2003 letter from Iran...

"Self Inflicted Pain and Sensory Deprevation." The New American Way!

Postal Service Reissues Reagan Stamp

Nazi-confiscated Klimt sold for highest price ever paid for a painting

UAW dissenters speak out

Have Your Say: Should the whaling ban be lifted? (BBC)

I think Andy Rooney was giving the USA a warning tonight.

Venture Capitalists

Dear Dad.

Iraqi amnesty. Let me get this straight.

A Sunday Evening funny.

Did House Republicans make a mistake tying themselves so closely..?

Are You Selfish?

What do you say when you really want to piss off the kool-aid drinkers?

"An Inconvenient Truth" Box Office Results...

Think the GOP is tough on immigration? Here are some Dem talking points:

Al Gore coming up on Larry King n/t

Illegal Hiring Is Rarely Penalized

Wow! Look @ the newest CNN poll results!

Wife Killer Will Stop Selling Murder Memorabilia

Adults Get Bad Grades In Teen Report Card

Went to a patriotic thing last night...

Tricks of the trade

Resolved: Iraq is NOT the "central front" in the war on terror

Please DU this poll on amendment

Cal Thomas: "Fox ---There's only so much trailer trash pie to go around"

Family Waits on Soldier Missing for 729 Days

Japan Delays Decision on Iraq Withdrawal

AnonymousArmy: "Liberal" Charlatan Unveiled

Oh smack! Ava is on CNN right now!!

RNC Response to Rep. John Murtha's Appearance on NBC's Meet The Press


Video Games(no love form the political side)

On CNN right now,the Administration cherry picked worst case intel.

Just got home from vacation and Ava is coming up on CNN?

Damn Them to Hell...

I need answers

Which are you?

What's valuable about lies, greed, self-servitude, death and,...

RE: Flag Burning

Bush, Cheney, & Rove

The War Tapes

The weekend in PHOTOS! With enormous progress in Iraq, VACATION, baby!

Brit Hume was faking laughter this morning about Wm Jefferson and the Dems

Ava on CNN right now!

Gore starting on Larry King Live now. the whole hour.

Lord and Lady Pissypants Are Displeased ---pix->>>

E&P: 'Wash Post' Obtains Shocking Memo from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad,

No Dentist Left Behind (No Child Left Behind Analogy)

No Permanent Bases ammendment removed in Conference Comittee..WTF?

heat exhaustion and Bush

The two missing Americans are from the Oregon Nation Guard.

US Government Blocks Greek Scholar From Entering US

Now the CIA decides what we should read?

Now that Japan is in control, how long before whale extinction?

Bush creates world’s biggest ocean preserve

Priests announce double-novena-palooza POLITICAL prayer campaign

USA Today: "enthusiasm seems to be waning" for An Inconvenient Truth!!!

If 2500 is "just a number" then what about these...

My name is Roger, & I OK'ed this message

Want to take a cruise with The Nation's staff + joe wilson and scott ritte

9/11 widow: Don't judge

'Wash Post' Obtains Shocking Memo from...Baghdad (countering Bush)

My wife is gonna be fine - a good day today!

Worst-Tasting Beer On Earth (Budweiser) Pisses Off WCF Fans

Why Neil Young Is Wrong

The technology that will free from our dependance on foreign

Why have DU members ignored the Union forum?

Do Me A HUGE Favor. DU This Huffpost Contagious Festival Entry

The war just ended! Did anyone else see Andy Rooney?

Catalonia endorses autonomy plan (BBC) {interesting doings in Spain}

Look what I found.....OLD link

If Drudge Can Call Tomorrow "Punch A D.C. Cop Day" In Honor Of....

The Republicans left the lid off the cheap champagne...

Is President George Bush Is [sic] Being "Swift Boated" On Immigration?

Feeling a little paranoid these days?

Brown Aide: We Will Lose the Next Election-UK (Luntz polling for BBC)

We need to keep an eye on this one;

they are trying to stir us up against a RIFLE PLANT?

The Not-so-closeted Bigotry of the Right-Wing


Weicker Officially Endorses Lamont

Camp Wellstone, Some last opportunities for political training in '06

WOW! Now if this is not IMPEACHABLE


GIs abducted in death triangle

Military's role in massacre stuns Colombians, leader

Environmental disaster brewing in northern Iraq

Guardian: How US hid the suicide secrets of Guantanamo

Wonderful bit of sarcasm from BJ Hunnicutt on the Gitmo suicides

Answering the Challenges of Lofty Rhetoric--Mallaby--WaPo

Iraq embassy memo on social disintegration

LTTE: Democrats need to challenge Lugar in November

Frontline: The battle bet VP Cheney & CIA to control 'dark side'

Azzaman: Under the Full Glare of the Iraqi Sun, America Breaks the Law

U.S. National Parks in Peril

MICKEY Z.: Haditha and Rumsfeld's Ratio

What a Lovely Non-Answer, Ms. Rice--Al Kamen--WaPo

The Pics of Corruption: How Hastert Used Tax Dollars to Turn a $1.5 Mi

Eskimos face hard times after Iraq call-up

NYT,pg1: Here Illegally, Working Hard and Paying Taxes

Women fueled Mogadishu takeover

Got organic? Demand lifts Vt. dairies

Anti-war clergy less visible for many reasons

NYT: Nation begins to address dangerous racial divide in ability to swim

Valedictorian: district pulls plug on speech-too much god-squad

you won't be able to sue your "president"

Chomsky: Negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis is within reach

Officials Will Alert Tribe Prior to Divine Strake Detonation

a site to check your local pollution status

Climate Scientists Spotlight Arctic Warming, Plight Of Polar Bears

Nancy Skinner - strong environmental candidate - vote in DFA poll!

Owens Requests Federal Disaster Status For 25 CO Counties

SD Commissioners Ask Congress To Restore $4 Billion In Disaster Aid

KS Wheat Harvest Estimates Down 23% From 2005 Totals - Glut Of Cutters

Agency reverses proposed parks policy

1.5 Million Displaced, 17 Dead In India/Bangladesh Floods - Reuters

Res Comm consider bipartisan Pombo Deep Ocean Energy Resources (DOER) Act

Bottles made of Polylactic Acid (100% from field corn); Biodegradable

World Grain Stocks Fall to 57 Days of Consumption:

BP Says No Criminal Liability For Massive North Slope Spill - Reuters

Manhattan Project For Energy Urgently Needed, Says Energy Conference - AFP

Substantial Cattle Selloff Underway In Eastern Colorado Thx. To Drought

Endangered giants: know your whales, before they're all gone.

Hope for future of giant panda (BBC)

How does recycling bottles help mitigate global warming?

The Source of Europe's Mild Climate (Richard Seager)

Ethanol Plants' Water Demands Substantial - ENN

Nonrenewable renewables: The hidden life of biofuels

Hamas: A Pale Image of the Jewish Irgun And Lehi Gangs

Shrapnel from deadly Gaza beach explosion was Israeli: TV

The Gangs of Gaza

Annexation trumps security

UN ups food handouts in Gaza Strip

Palestinian workers receive partial pay in Gaza

Israel Court Rejects Barrier Route Change

Bin Laden not connected with 9/11?

Bush the Anti-Christ

opportunity to honor victims of 9-11

BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate ... Building Collapses an Inside Job

CEPN Calls No Confidence in San Diego, Demands Hand Count

Best Election Protest Signs Ever

Oct 2004 reminds WHY Bushinc HAD to rig the machines

Embedded reporter, and, election poll worker seeks same

Glitch on Purpose (G.O.P.)

RFK "Democrats on this issue have been abysmal"

VoteTrustUSA: CNN Continues Coverage Of E-Voting - Warren Stewart Guest

DFA voting extended to Friday, June 23

Convention -- Verified Voting Issue

Your thoughts on the Convention? Questions? Comments?

Crazy Steve King at the Republican State Convention

DFA voting extended to Friday, June 23

Happy Juneteenth, y'all!

David Van Os Filibuster Photos (dialup warning)

Houstonians - is everyone ok?`


Cooked Lettuce?? Is there such a thing? I have learned to cook every other

Any brilliant advice on "fresh pasta" makers?

Guite sentenced to 42 months in jail re: Adscam

Harper flamed over flag-lowering

Father demands Guantanamo suicide probe

Oozing oil bogs dumped by Iraq threaten a region

Military's role in massacre stuns Colombians, leader

Wildfires Force Evacuations in Arizona

U.S. and Iraqi Forces Push Into Ramadi

Got organic? Demand lifts Vt. dairies

(FL) Elections chief welcomes greater state role

Prayers and protests as Suu Kyi turns 61

Prosecutors call for Saddam death sentence

Robert Zoellick leaving State Dept

Taliban kill 30, abduct 10 Afghans - lawmaker

Iraqi prosecutors ask death sentence for Saddam

7 U.S. Troops Wounded Looking for Comrades

North Korea reportedly has fueled missile

Cadet pleads not guilty at court-martial

D.C. Emergency Worker Fired Over Report (detailed mistakes/David Rosenbaum

U.S. Military Lists "Problem" Officials in Secret Document Found in Afghan

Top Court Won't Block Part of Drug Program

Governor mum about intentions for $1.9 million in endowments

Group claims it kidnapped U.S. soldiers

Climate Scientists Spotlight Arctic Warming, Plight Of Polar Bears

Al Qaeda says has abducted two US soldiers

Bomb strikes Iraqi army convoy, killing 5

Italy may try US marine for shooting agent in Iraq

CIA 'warned UK' over bomber before 7/7

US Deputy Secretary of State quits

Fox News is now saying that potential missile launch by North Korea

Japan offers Iraq loans amid withdrawal plans

Cheney's live on Foxnews at the national press club right now..

Agency Reverses Proposed Parks Policy (ATVs)

Guantanamo row to cast shadow over EU-US summit

Eskimos face hard times after Iraq call-up

U.S. Army charges 3 with murder in Iraq

New UN human rights body launched

Lawmakers cut deal to allow offshore drilling

Top court won't hear Holocaust claim case

Top court to decide second abortion law case

Cheney Says U.S. Underestimated Iraq Insurgency

RFK Jr. to sue over 2004 stolen election!!!!!

French Presidential candidate supports gay marriage (Royal)

S.D. to Vote on Abortion Law This Fall

Klimt painting looted by Nazis sold to New York museum

US pushes Security Council on N Korea missile test (Bolton)

Military:7 Wounded During Search for Ft. Campbell Soldiers Missing in Iraq

Senate Democrats press to reduce troops in Iraq

Democrats set to call for phased pullout (Reed & Levin)

Police State in New Orleans, National Guard called in.


Supreme Court Affirms Wetlands Protections

Tomorrow: Kerry, Feingold,Boxer will counter other Dems/Iraq...

3 U.S. Soldiers Charged With Murder

(Supreme)Court Splits(5-4) Over Wetlands Protections(Clean Water Act)

Soldier killed, two missing from 101st (soldiers named)

U.S. Is Aiming to Block Venezuela's Bid for U.N. Role

Federal contracts up 86% under Bush; Halliburton rises 600%

U.S. Soldier's Indictment Sought in Italy

Cheney: Iraq at a "Turning Point"

Sen. Clinton supports ``benchmarks'' for U.S. presence in Iraq

CNN: Democrats want Iraq pullout to begin quickly: this year

Deputy Secretary of State Zoellick departs: official

Ex-Wis. Official to Remain Free on Bail

Canada wants delay to key aboriginal UN treaty

Body of Missing Md. Publisher Is Found (Guardian)

Lieberman to remain in Conn. primary

AMLO bites back (Obrador is ready to rumble bushco's Calderon)

U.S. Blocks Assets of Belarus President

Anti-Bush organisers hope for 10,000 ("Bush Go Home" coalition)

Bush to Tehran: accept "reasonable" nuclear offer

US military says charges 3 over prisoner deaths

Rowley Criticized Over Moussaoui Probe

CNN/AP: Downpour swamps Houston, parts of LA; Guard troops sent

Israel is set to join the Red Cross after nearly six decades

LAT: Iraqis Said to Plan Wide Amnesty to Quell Insurgency

Top Court Split Over Wetlands Protections

New York terror plot said to justify wiretaps

National Guard Asked to Patrol Big Easy

US: If N. Korea Launches Missile Without Notice, Can't Assume it is Test

New US (Episcopal) church leader says homosexuality no sin

Pentagon lists homosexuality as disorder

Rice Warns N. Korea Against Missile Test

Along with all the hitting, and the demeaning words my father dished out

WTF is IBTL?????

Late Night Treat: George Michael - Shoot the Dog

Unidentified animal spotted in Omaha? (pic)

Meet Your Chickenhawks - Video

"You say tomato, and I say tomahto."

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

Seen on Burger King marquee this weekend:

On terrible "conservative Christian" comedians and the wonders of Google

Question about Ethanol

Drunk Man Takes Street Sweeper For Joy Ride (Last Name: "MORAN")

The Writings of Natalie Maines

Massive Penis Enlargement Patch Sale?

Thought I would share my pictures from Stan Hywet

Look at the pretty ghoti!

I was a bad girl

I'm hungry. What should I eat?

Anyone else seeing HUGE text size on DU

Broad Band Appreciation THREAD!!!

Hipster Bingo, anyone?

MTV Real World - great episode tonight where they're caught in a Hurricane

YouTube: How To Make Coke Explode With Mentos

A big dose of cuteness - four-month-old polar bear cub


Why is it that Americans in groups are so pointlessly quiet?

A glimpse of the Future: The English Language 30 years from now

Pandora is cool!

I think my wife is trying to kill me.

SUV Owners Torching their Cars for Insurance Money

Anyone else see "An Inconvienent Truth" this weekend?

Right! Now stop that!

Google Maps satellite images.

The 3 stages of a man's life...

Murderous Gloomy Day. I'm skipping class

Signs of the Time.

Head On

Darth Vader the musical.


Anyone see this funny cat video?

I am quitting my job this week, but my assistant editor's review is due.

Writers in the lounge!!.. & hangers about..

I have found the World's solution to resolving drought

My Iranian friends tell me....

The life of Morans - A brief overview

Check out clips from recent Dixie Chicks concerts!

Dog That Dialed 911 To Save Owner Honored

As much as I hate the idea of forced sterilization...

82 Absolut Bottles to find...

Goodnight all

a pre-ghetto Whitney Houston gets propositioned (youtube)

Kevin Spacey's inspiration for Lex Luther: Enron's Ken Lay

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/19/06)

Who else does my space groups?

The Toyota Estima Hybrid Minivan (sigh)

Constructive criticism needed.

Beer question

State of the week - New York

Got a link? Is the internet more real than reality is real?

Demopedia killed off? No links at top, bottom of any page DU i have looked

Well, the "quit or review first" decision has been made for me...

You know what is really freaking annoying?

I think it's time for a new avatar

My 3 year old is turning into a fashion model!

I'm ready to write one of "those" threads.

Earrings: Dangly or not????

Congratulations Sydnie!! 10,000 posts

Happy birthday wishes to............

Not everyone is a foodie snob, is that okay?

Collect any cool weapons?

You've GOT to hear this song!

I never thought that I'd feel sorry for Britney Spears

I think one of my DSL filters was fried this afternoon...

Here's SonOfGoG the Younger with his first big crush...

For bird lovers...

Monday, June 19. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I was just accosted by some teenaged fucks...

iPod question: using the iPod with two computers (a Mac AND PC)

What's best airline to fly NY to LA?

Is it possible?

Need help naming a kitten. French or Latin for "Gimpy"

I gotta good buzz going now

cool kitten pic

Look what I made the other day: Pineapple Upside-down cake

Check out the birthday calculator


Anyone been to a convention at the America's Center in St. Louis?

What is the most inappropriately-named consumer product?

FINALLY! Kosher foie gras!

Does this image hurt your brain?

White Trash Vegan Cooking Thread #1- Chili

The Lake House - a Review and yes **SPOILERS**

Scary - Kenny Roger's Plastic Surgery

I'm going to a party!

Bear eats oatmeal in woman's kitchen

*paging* ~ merh. *PAGING* ~ merh.


Nadia Boulanger - did any of you study with her? I'm listening to an album

Question: Do you believe ghosts/spirits/aparitions are real?

Any Mahabharata experts here?

Old news: Rev. Jerry Falwell's comments on Antichrist

Colbert skewers idiot fundie Rep. Lynn Westmoreland

Bigotry and religion

Religious caption contest in need of more clever entries

Remember to keep the Sabbath and to keep it Holy

Just A Question

Is Workplace Health Coverage Dying

Stem cells regrow damaged nerves

How do nails get in tires on the road?

Straight dad, gay advocate

for those of you who don't know...

How can I address this spiritually....?

"The Secret" - The Internet movie about Law of Attraction

New Army Uniform

JK to speak at Faneuil Hall on June 26th

Imus - Tuesday; 6/20 --Kerry on at 7:29 Eastern

U.S. News '08 Horse Race Gossip does NOT include Kerry

Gary Hart (Damn!)

Anyone watching Hardball? Sen. Kerry was just dissed big time

Another defense!

Kerry and Feingold to offer amendment with deadline to redeploy US troops

This would be really interesting! (VA Senate race)

For our PA contingent

Must Reads in today's WaPo: Internet influence on the News Biz

Iraq phased withdrawal plan from Senate Dems this week (not Kerry's)

John Kerry has “Real Courage in Setting an Iraq Strategy”

David Wade for Kerry's campaign manager........

This and that: Ed Scultz discussing Kerry on 6/19

Another question - because I'm in a questioning mood today.

A question for the pros.

Fremont Solstice Parade

Digital Photographers (memory poll)

DFA voting extended to Friday, June 23

Countdown Newsletter: 06/19/06 -- KEITH is BACK, Al Gore Joins Him...

Paging GK Houston....

I had a near-death experience today

KOEB Meeting: 6/19/06 -- President Gore and Welcome Back, Keith! Edition

The Sins of Holy Joe: Some Possible Reasons Why He's Sinking in CT

Greg Palast on now with Peter Werbe - streaming

US, Iraqi forces prepare to take back Ramadi

Sen. Stevens offers deal on Net neutrality

Once again, poll on flag amendment Please DU

2005 confirmed dead. 3 deaths pending conformation.

Bin Laden not connected with 9/11?

Our own Ava on CNN

Ava just renewed my faith in my fellow teenagers.

Who here has a lexis newspaper database subscription?

Washington Journal -US image overseas

Monday Mourning.(mamas and papas) TO

8 Blasts in Bahgdad kill 27 on Saturday

Net students 'think copying OK' (BBC)

check out this Islamic nutcase supporter of Bush

Holy crap - this is our President???? (bizzare video)

Bush the Anti-Christ

How Bushes Trip Looked From Moscow - and Tehran

U.S. soldier's indictment sought in Italy

Doomsday vault' building starts

The Smart Car - Seen this weekend at the mall...

Democracy Now's schedule today, Paul Krugman address:

well,the talking points have been distributed (Wash.Journal)

Corporate sponsors and Fifa gone mad

Juan Cole on Iraq: We are at the Beginning of 1983 and We are the Soviets

WTF? WaPo: On June 19, 4,000 Gov't Employees Will Head for Bunkers

Qaeda-linked group says abducted US soldiers in Iraq

A Fence With More Beauty, Fewer Barbs

Europe still sees US as greatest threat to stability

GOP hypocrisy: Rove v. Gore and politics in White House offices.

Deptuty Sec of State Robert Zoellick Resigns

Drinking coffee with a clear conscience....

North Korea Moves Closer to Missile Test

UK troops hand over to Iraqis (Muthanna province)

If I was reading a transcript of this, I would think it was Iraq...

We've Stayed The Course

We can blame the non-enforcement of illegal hiring on....drum roll please

Iraq vet: I would rather be picking up cans along the highway than enlist

Rice's Deputy Secretary of State Zoellick Resigning

Congressman Conyers: MSM Disconnect on Iraq

Commonly known? John F Dulles was #1 corp lawyer & as SecyState overthrew

Shocking Memo from Bahgdad Embassy

In Iraqi town, soldiers on end of dirty looks, drive-by fruiting

Sherffius 'toon: Shrub-CHEENEE's enviro marine park

Wow!!!! The economy really is getting stronger

Nestle to fatten you up, then charge you to slim down

"Leftist Party Wins Slovak Elections"

Photo of abducted soldier released

USNA - United States of North America

nice pic of junior at Huffpost

No need for bush to invade Iran...

Corporate Contributions Move to Democrats

How strange...CNN Breaking News Alert for Cynthia McKinney vs Karl Rove

The MSN Is Doing It Again (Anyone from Media Watch out there?)

FBI to give police lie detector tests...

WORKERS: Compress 31 hrs work into 24 hrs and STILL NO WAGE GAINS. Hmmm

Ron Suskind's book, RE: cyanide attack on NYC...

DFA voting extended to Friday, June 23

GTMO: A look inside Camp Delta

Boehner's Weapon For November: Set Up Democratic Straw Men To Knock Down

What if you got to play God and change three things?

Rove has put aides on notice that his focus is also Bush's legacy

Sentencing for Lay, Skilling in Enron fraud trial delayed until October

So is Congress not in session today? They got their raises and

A question about Iraq

Group Linked to al-Qaida Claims Responsiblity for Kidnapped Soldiers

Bush's gut feeling on Maliki is positive

Great Quiz at Solon to counter Airport Racial Profiling Myths

Enquiring Minds Want To Know: coulterpoll at

Example: How "moderation" de-nutted the Democratic Party

Sen. Roberts: "if you set a timetable...our resolve is very shaky"

Snow Contradicts Bush, Says Resurgence of Taliban 'Predictable'

Creep up on a Monday from behind with a boody CAPTION!!!

Jim Gilliam (Greenwald's producer) needs your positive energy.

US Debt and the presidents responsible for it, great graph

Joe Biden? Who will be his VP? Tom Daschle?

Is it time to break up the monopoly called Mainstream Media ?

Bill Ferguson: Bush should retire to Baghdad

Are Private Military Contractors "Illegal Combatants?"

Bush Military History Project # 15

Would the Constitution mean anything without

Calvin Trillin on The Daily Show tonight.

all cell phone numbers are being Released to telemarketing companie

The media isn't reporting the GOOD news about the seized US soldiers

Cheney spotted at the World Cup

Pick a date when the Iraqis will "ask" us to leave ??

more and more today, our congress resembles

Cheney's live on Foxnews at the national press club right now..

November coming: US holds largest TERROR drill

Is anyone else scared? N.Korea/Iran. Bush has a huge hard on

Listening to Tom Joyner Show this morning

Gore Refuses to Back Lieberman

Steve Forbes: "Republicans have done nothing to earn people's votes

Military "transparency" on detainee abuse a joke...

Aw, geez, who did that?

Federal contracts rise 86 percent under Bush; Halliburton up 600 percent

Caption this Condi pic..

Cheney's live on Foxnews at the national press club right now..

Before another coffee, please beat on Monday with a CAPTION!!!!

Rumsfeld approved order to deploy 15,000 to Iraq...

WOW! Rabbis, Imams, Christian Priests in Israel/Palestine in united stand!

Gore Refuses to Back Lieberman

Great lines on Prarie Home Companion this weekend.

Condi is having a tough day - pics>>>

Arianna Huffington: The Cocktail That Saved Karl Rove's Ass

The failed fourth estate...

Connie Chung bids bizarre adieu, from atop grand piano, to MSNBC

America has nothing to worry about from N. Korean missles

Get rich scheme:

Cheneys betting on bad news?

*: "Americans believe the future of Iran will be decided by the people..."

Corporate Donors already shifting to the Democrats

I have an Idea!

Remember to keep the Sabbath and to keep it Holy

Was trying to find Dem Resolustion (Levin, Reed) but Fox is showing

Raw Story: Fed Contracts up 86% under Bush Halliburtion-600%

Is Thom Hartmann's streaming audio working today?

Remind me again who al-Qaeda is?

What does "Love it or leave it" mean to you?

Let this die when it's been answered....I'm drawing a blank here...

Responding to "the economy is strong, just certain groups don't see it."

To Defend Bush, Limbaugh Lies About Clinton, Reagan and Carter

I just told my son the two soldiers captured in Iraq are OR Nat. Guard

For Whom The Bell Curve Tolls

Federal contracts up 86% under Bush; Halliburton rises 600%

America´s Foreclosure capital: Heartbreak along Mockingbird Lane

North Korea's unfortunate name for it's missile program.

Has Fallujah, Part Two Begun?

Froomkin > The Cheney Supremacy

Breaking: 3 Members of the 101st Charged With Murder & Attempted Murder

MSNBC Survey: Which country is a bigger threat? (Iran or N. Korea)

Residents have not been urged to leave Ramadi by US or Iraqi troops

Anyone watching "The Revolution"

If Bush impeachment party

Dahr Jamail: "Operation Forward Together" - Deeper Into the Quagmire

Call Congress Today to urge reauthorization of *clean* Voting Rights Act

Who here has hooked up a DVD recorder to your low endTV?

(VIDEO) Watch President Gore's enivornmental presentation from early 04

so, any word from truthout yet?

NATO to try new tactic in Afghanistan - The "people-friendly" approach

Iraq's disastrous 'black oil' swamps

The White House List Of Bush's Successes In The War On Terror-2005

Game Concept Submission

Word to the wise re the real estate bubble:

Al Franken's War - Tears of a Clown

Hey Skinner, How about a Music Forum?

Looks like another spoke from the axis of evil has John Bolton hysterical

IT MAY BE "1% DOCTRINE" of truth but CNN runs it, like 99% PROPAGANDA

Why Don't We Call Them On It?

For your calendar: Dark Side of Dick Cheney, PBS Frontline, Tues. 9 pm

Panama War was practice for Iraq?

Dulce Et Decorum est (To the troops)

* at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy - pics>>>

Coalition of the willing shrinks in Iraq

Anyone here seen "An Inconvenient Truth" & still NOT wanted Gore in 2008?

It's easy to say "cut' 'n' run"...

Lieberman defends his efforts to work with Republicans

Young artists are making protest music...They just don't have a forum.

Explain to me why we have several Executive orders concerning Belarus..

The Guy James Show is on NOW!

Richard Clarke: NYC Subway Cyanide Plot Probably "made up."

Is the concept of retirement still useful

Dog That Dialed 911 To Save Owner Honored

When are we going to take our Freedom back from the bu$hkies?


Sheriff to Test Drone for Crimefighting

Remember Olberman will have Al Gore on tonight.

Homeland Security Officials Opting Out

O’Reilly’s solution: Run the place like Saddam

Would you like a bite of this SH*T SANDWICH? (Tom Tomorrow)

SC starts to dismantle Clean Water Act

IRAQ: Local NGO warns of rising cases of sexual abuse

Does anyone else hate Campbell Brown on NBC?

Brian Bilbray's 19 year old daughter is a party girl

Iraq: The beat goes on and on...

Albright: Iraq invasion encouraged others

AARP Bulletin gives advise on getting ready for retirement.

Josh Marshall: Dems need to treat Iraq the way they treated Soc Sec.

CA Election Protection Net Declares 'NO CONFIDENCE' in Busby/Bilbray Race!

Many French seek to block deportations

Another GOP perv (the guy behind the 'daisy' commercial)

Kucinich speaks the truth about the War and Occupation

Cheney is on CNN lying to the Press Club and the nation.

Report to Congress proves "benchmarks" talk is pure BS!

Framing the issues: its not a war, its an occupation

Wait, I thought the newspapers were all run by liberal wack-jobs?

Does anyone know how the Gitmo suicides happened?

Post frogmarch era: Is this White House out of the woods?

Michigan DUers: Why is Jennifer Granholm in so much trouble?

Jason Leopold = Judith Miller

Republicans, "Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last?"

They only lack the light to show the way! an understatement

Scooter Libby Defense Fund plans dinner at home of James Carville

VIDEO: Cheney Reasserts That Iraqi Insurgency Entered Its ‘Last Throes’

What happened on CNN a few minutes ago? Cheney was

Correction: Iraq-Troop Morale story

"Operation Forward Together": Deeper Into the Quagmire

Winner of Five Draft Deferments Cheney: Iraq at a "Turning Point"

Cheney: "have spoken directly about the importance of a strong presidency"

New Democratic Strategy Magazine??

Former GE Chair Jack Welch Auctions off his Southport,CT. Estate ....

Eskimos Face Hard Times After Iraq Call-Up

There's a new Democratic on-line magazine.

From Al Franken's Blog: A joke contest at Ann Coulter's expense

New 'Nicotine Water' Targets Flying Smokers

French writer loses Syriana case (BBC)

RW SCOTUS Fires First Shot To Overturn Clean Water Act of 1972

ESPN/ABC WC Announcers Need To Get Off The Team USA 24/7 Schtick

BushCo Legacy >> "I don't think anybody anticipated..."

Reclaim the Issues - "Occupation, Not War"

Awww, Lou Dobbs Crying Because The Minutemen Can't Run A Billboard...

Italy may try U.S. soldier for shooting agent in Iraq - Nicola Calipari

I favor a strategic pullback from Iraq rather than a timetable


Rumsfeld was on ABB board during deal with North Korea

Supreme Court: Wetlands Not Protected Under Clean Water Act

Rove. Tom DeLay, Chris Homen, and standing to cowards.

Jesus Is Not a Republican

On CSPAN 3 now...Federalism and Separation of Powers forum...

You know it's bad when extreme rightists call you a war criminal...

I don't think any country is going to let us disarm them before we invade


Hey Pig Boy(Rove)...answer this...

Employers, unions anxious about pension talks

Europeans identify the U.S. as the greatest threat to global stability.

Anti-war music, 24/7 stream

Any video of Ann "The Hag" Coulter from the Tonight show...?

O'REILLY'S IRAQ SOLUTION: Run The Place Like Saddam Did!

Who will be #100,000

"Cut and Run" Only 3 american wars are longer than Iraq occupation

I KNEW IT!!! DPW still has the ports!!

re: Iraq: It's Not a "War"

Does any have a link

Let it be known to whomever is holding the US Soldiers, We expect you to .

Invest in Blue Companies

Dobbs question: Will increasing min wage help lowest paid or

What if they gave a flash flood.....*

New Comic: Bill Clinton is "The Fixer"

Leo Strauss, Democracy and Neocons


Bush & Cheney Going Round in Circles: By Larry Johnson

New US church leader says homosexuality no sin

Apparently things are so bad in Iraq that they need guards to guard

LEAKED cable from the US embassy in Baghdad to Condoleeza Rice

The Doctor is "IN"

Foreclosures May Jump As ARMs Reset

Is Congressman Owens a Communist??

72 F and sunny, light breeze from the NNE....

Sen. George Allen: "During the gestation period..."

"I can't say anything about what Ann Coulter said about the widow...

Presbyterians Think Of Changing 'Father, Son, Holy Spirit'

Dean on harball

The Party is Over, Exhibit A: Last nights makeup and an overdue root-job

NYT: Surge in political documentaries is "coup d'etat on the status quo"

Will Bush and Rice watch Michael Winterbottom's "The Road to Guantanamo"?

How do you deal with all of this ?

How to STOP corporations from buying off our Dems once elected?

More On The Jason Leopold and Joe Lauria Saga From The AP

Fox News is now saying that potential missile launch by North Korea

It's the First Amendment, stupid

Caption this * pic...

Hey Rove. Come to Houston and I will kick your fat ass!

These guys are getting readied for a big fight.

a wtf? pic of Rove

Al Rodgers at Kos has Dean video up with Blitzer today.

Cheney stands by "last throes" statement (Video from today)

FYI: Calvin Trillin on Jon Stewart's TDS tonight.

***DIAL UP WARNING-LOTS OF PICS*** Who'll stop the rain?

VIDEO -- Oh how I love this Coulter parody. LOVE IT! Funny. Watch it.

Vienna: Bush Go Home

To DUers in Houston: Hope you are well

Valiant Shield 2006=three Aircraft Carriers at Guam right now!!!

GoP getting desperate. No topics. Reagan was right

HOWARD DEAN ON CNN NEXT! no text but a pic please kick for a while...

Two Plans To Exit Iraq From Senate Democrats. No Plan From GOWar Party.

LTTE (USA Today): Christians not represented in views about gay rights

Should all Americans be treated equally or should some Americans have

"An Inconvenient Truth" C02 Calculator

An easy way to promote "An Inconvenient Truth" and promote C02 reduction!!

Tonight on Countdown :Al Gore in an exclusive interview (coming up)

Poppy wrote Joe Wilson a handwritten letter after Valerie Plame was outed

Is it illegal to desecrate/burn the Constitution?

Major call-up of Eskimos for duty in Iraq could cause hardship at home

Gary Hart calls out WaPo for its recent spin for Bush and against Kerry.

Experienced Activist help needed.

Cheney worth $94.5 million, made while a public servant?

Gary Hart: Democrats who support sinking deeper into the Big Muddy of Iraq

Caption * and Mayor Bloomberg

Krugman, a must read, on the cause of current polarization

BBC TV exposes ongoing abuse of detainees in Iraq

The Terrorism Index - Is the United States winning the war on terror?

What happens when freepers...

GOP Family Values Redux (Thanks to Rachel Maddow!)

It's official. The vast majority of Republicans are de-evolving miscreants

FREE bumperstickers - "MAKE JOBS - NOT WAR"

Imagine if we had not invaded Iraq...

Does Ann Coulter Have Military bodyguards? WTF?

I turned a Bush supporter around today (and last week, and the week before

The Death of News: by Mark Crispin Miller

Does it make a difference if one of the soldiers captured is a

Which of these people would shop at Walmart?

Stephen Pizzo: 16 Bold Moves We Can Use

Supreme Court to decide 2nd abortion law case

Wallmart Shopers vs Toyota Prius drivers.

Flag burning one vote away from to passage

Leopold speaks on Americablog

" "Two Captured American Soldiers and the Implied "What If": "

Poll after poll after poll, Americans want out of Iraq

Judge throws out rape case....

Fed Discretionary Budget Pie Graph- Should be on a billboard in every town

Vocabulary Words for the Bush Era

Kerry & Feingold to offer amendment with deadline to redeploy US troops

Call your Senators today for Net Neutrality.

I knew this was coming....Guckert throws stones at Leopold!

Cranking Up The Occupation

We have no other spokesperson than Donna Brazile to represent

If You Like Joseph McCarthy

This is what is wrong with the democrats today

Iraqi fuel prices - an observation.

RFK Jr. to sue over 2004 stolen election!!!!!

"Wait wait - don't tell me"

Reclaim the Issues - "Occupation, Not War" by Thom Hartmann

Caption This Bush Photo...

A new theory about what's wrong with the media (re Ava Lowery's interview)

Survey finds women approve of abusing men

Anyone else here remember the end of 'Nam, just before we left?

Body of Missing Billionaire Found?

Crooks and Liars: Ava Lowery on CNN [Video]

Hummer Drivers Vs. Gas Guzzling Car Drivers

A pardonable issue?

Lieberman's Hedge - Against "every single WEIRDO in the left wing"

My Personal Experience with “An Inconvenient Truth”

Has Anyone Here Ever Been to North Korea??

Studebaker in the Final Five for DFA Endorsement! Vote today!

Only 945 day 15 hours left

Poll: Should Democrats/Congress investigate Bush on Iraq?

Go to Verified Voting's Action Center and demand that your state

They have discovered how republicans keep reappearing;

John Gibson on Iraq & "Bush Haters"..."Fine. They hate him. I get it."

Earmarks becomes "Projects Initiated by a Member"

The Flag Wavers don't want our kids to get kidnapped in Iraq

Right-friendly Lieberman's "strategery"...Lamont is too right-friendly

Military's Leadership Crisis Begins With Bush and Rumsfeld

A Look back at the greatest Flip Flop of all

Did Bloomberg intentionally misquote poll on Bush's approval (Iraq) or

Ted Stevens offers "deal" on Net neutrality

We should pull out of New Orleans because of the crime rate

who else is reading, "How Would a Patriot Act?"

About those two missing soldiers ...

The Connecticut Democrat Guest Worker Program

Ruminations on "Now that we've already gone to war..."

That's it, I want out while I can, but who wants American working class?

Can a smart person please explain? Breaking News from Condi

Bush Addresses Merchant Marine Graduates in N.Y.

Is it me or do the horrible and complex scandals fall flat....

So if Joe wins the primary, you'll all support him, right?

"No amnistía." - Rick Santorum

Anybody Seen Laura, Lately?

Rasmussen Report on Lieberman-Lamont race

If pictures of the kidnapped soldiers

Are "conservatives" doing the jobs immigrants do in your community

Nice bumpersticker combo sighted this morning

Limbaugh on Murtha - "Marine, dogcatcher what does it matter?"

N.Korea/Iran and Bush's huge hard on

Let's discuss "cut and run"

AP: Feinstein to introduce resolution seeking phased Iraq withdrawal

Democratic Nostalgia? Dem Presidents top highest approval ratings

help!! did someone capture the WaPo article on "sex drives you insane"

WSJ: Corporate Contributions Shift to the Left

Dean on Situation Room and Hardball today.

Important comment made concerning missing soldiers

Newly released emails suggest Army Corps lied about Cheney role in Hallibu

It's the Blame, Stupid!

Keith Olbermann will interview Al Gore Tonight!

Reporter tells Condi: 'We love you'

It is time to reach out to the ‘uncertain middle’ voters.

Evil Dick: "I do" (still believe insurgency is in its "last throes")...

America Blog: Dubai still controls 22 US ports! so what was all the fuss

Katz for Congress (OH-14)

who is this stupid woman hosting hardball...

Use "Occupation" Instead of "War"...

Why isn't Rove busy rebuilding New Orleans?

Is it possible that Rove made a deal that will hold off his indictment

Republican Rep speaks of virgins, Helen Thomas and Justices' eloping

AP: Police Group Wants McKinney Scuffle Probed

Regarding Karl Rove:

Do posts advocating Lieberman running as an Independent violate DU rules?

HAHA! Jon Tester's new TV ad

Stay and Pay - Murtha gave the Dems the counter to Cut and Run

Lindsey Graham (R-SC): If we talk about war mistakes, we're going to lose

Rawstory - Libby Defense Fund plans dinner at home of James Carville

Missing 101st soldiers named

Hey CA-50 Busby fans! Hey Debra Bowen (CA-SOS) fans!

Kerry & Feingold to offer amendment with deadline to redeploy US troops

How dumb do they think we are?

need help please--can somebody refute the numbers in this email?

Senate Democrats Want Vote on Iraq Withdrawal Plan

Republicans screwed up the one thing they are supposed to do well...

Former CT Dem. Party Chair & CT Senate Majority Leader

Ras poll: Lieberman (D) 61%, Lieberman (I) 44%


Shocking Memo from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Details Increasing Danger

The "HOTTEST" guy in politics....

Please DU this Lou Dobbs poll, does minimum wage help the little guy?

Gore Refuses to Back Lieberman

Should AT&T be allowed to make "Democratic Undeground"

RFK says reaction to his article has been huge

Move over Bush Twins - here comes the Bilbray kids

DFA voting extended to Friday, June 23

Webb challenges Allen to 5 debates (VA Senate race)

FRIEND OF ANDY STEVENSON in the Final Five for DFA Endorsement!

The two "kidnapped" soldiers...