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Archives: June 17, 2006

In Race for Mexico's Presidency, Populist Tilts at a Privileged Elite

Blair's party turning against him

From Indiana: For country’s sake, fight through your outrage fatigue

Knives, rifles and a whip. Are Bush's gift-givers trying to say something?

Americans and Their Myths

Byproducts from Chinese power plants are damaging the Northwest.

Vice Premier: Israel to hold talks with Abbas in 'very short while'

Court orders Israel to tear down West Bank barrier segment

I want the dirt on Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-1)

Talibornagain attack HEB over diversity

FEMA abandons target date for full staffing

(Boise Idaho) 25 Hour Peace Vigil

Delta to dump pension plans (pilots will be raped first)

Militants claim downing US helicopter (Afghanistan)

Japan said to withdraw troops from Iraq

Dan Rather leaving CBS, considering NDNet offer

San Bernadino Sun: Bush Declines to Meet with Border Officials

Poll: Bush's unpopularity could hurt GOP candidates

Ramadi: Mass Exodus Amid Rising Tensions

Bush's 'Body Man' Leaves White House

Taliban leader renounces rebels, thanks Canadians

Delta to dump pension plans (federal agency could take biggest hit ever)

Women sentenced for practicing unlicensed midwifery

Man questioned for acting strangely around the vice president

Lawyers: Threats Used Against Marines

Bush denies request for federal aid for tornado-ravaged counties (Iowa)

1.4 billion will be living in slums by 2020: UN report

Foster teen who fought for abortion pregnant again

A small but satisfying blow against the empire.

It's the Cute Overload for Friday!

Just saw KT Tunstall on Leno on Tivo

Please tell me of a decent place to pick up sticks


Freeper bid conditions

So how was your day?

The chicken dance.

People of indeterminate religion - please chime in...

Tonight's movie is...

This one is for Redstone.

Most bizzare music heard while in a supermarket?

I was told on (game site) I was going to hell for being gay

can someone link me to the voting game page where -

Breast feeding gay southern state bitch oasis awesome liberal band.

Pork Rinds.

Why Do We Write?

So they are advertising Cialis....

MP3 player question....

Best name ever for a bland.

Sonic Youth Coming On Letterman's Show In Two Minutes

Is there a way to learn the history of a house?

My Ignore list has one resident...and boy do they deserve it.

If I ever have a daughter, I'm gonna name her

I am SOOOOOO bored.

How many times have you posted today?

Shouldn't the Sonic Youth be required.....

Some random stuff

Best name ever for a band.

I know I have been very deserving of a mod spanking at times


haruka3_2000 has 4,000 posts!

Do we even have a Democratic Underground kook?

Favorite instrumental music (rock) group?

Sailing in the Bay on a birthday (pics) ((lots of pics-dial up warning)

I challenge you to post a cuter baby pic.

Can anyone explain why the Brewers were moved to the National League?

Please tell me of a decent place to pick up women.

where do you post the posts you do post...

I'm officially a redneck fat boy

Do you have the DU lounge as your home page?

I just completed orientation at my new job

Time to show off my new Botox smoocher!

I got a new camera today! (Pics inside)

Threads to which I will not respond:

Just for fun... Count to ten in another language....

Tonight I have a date with a Texas Democrat!

What CDs did you buy recently?

Cold air is air from which the heat has been removed.

Best baseball pitcher in history...

Name the one thing from the 1970s you hate the most!

Woman knocks her son in the FACE with her ELBOW...

americans are inconsiderate, self-centered slobs...elaborate...

WHO AM I? Come and play!

Yeehaww!! Day 1 of our garbage sale....

Why do so many pass on Patriotic Glurge?

Oh, pooh

Tonight my faith in a higher power was restored.

Anyone paying attention to the College World Series?

This post contains gratuitous swearing.

Homocysteine study misses the mark, but then, what would you

Longest Known Sperm Create Paradox of Nature

The ignorance of even people who call themselves liberals is amazing

{BOXING!} Taylor vs Wright

Final observation

Son of a

Not really about Kerry, but it must be Wet My Pants Laughing Day.

For all you Virginia folks

A head's up...

My Panasonic arrived today! Some shots taken right after work:

My cat...

Interesting post at DailyKos

KOEB Meeting -- 6/16/06: Jack's Back (but Keith's Not!) Edition

Attacking Olbermann, attacking the truth

Another tape issued by Al Queda; two American soldiers missing

Make the Pie Higher

Fledgling US missile shield largely unproven

Son of GOP Billionaire busted for burglarizing a fly-fishing shop!

Loving Jack Murtha On Countdown!

Americans don't want an empire (Chicago Sun Times)


Turley on KO: "An Attn. General who is more General Than Attorney"!

US held Iraqi Detainees for 17 Days only giving them Bread and Water!

rudy g and his wife on golf channel

No Indictment for Cynthia McKinney

A message from Ramsey Clark

Words For This... Simply Escape Me, WTF ???

Will DU give a prize to the poster of the 25,000,000 post?

WANTED: Dirt on Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Albuquerque welcomes Smirky (photo)

Did "Scarborough Country" ever play the interview with Ava? NT

Knives, rifles and a whip.

PHOTO: Bush has Gannon thoughts

Catalans head for resounding yes vote in autonomy poll


NYT: Pentagon Study Describes Abuse by Units in Iraq

UN General Assembly Committee urges self-determination for Puerto Rico

What was in my local paper

Thank you, United Church of Christ. TRUE CHRISTians.

Techie Folk--Help Me

Homeland Security: Florida the only state that passes all tests

How do you know what to believe?

Dan Rather Considering Offer From Mark Cuban / HDNet

This chimp Photo is just too surreal....

On Leno: "Bush is so popular he had to sneak BACK INTO the US after Iraq

DHS produces letter they said they didn't have

Liberal vs. conservative thinking

Two US soldiers missing, one killed. STAY THE COARSE!!!!!!1111

Big Dawg at Columbine Memorial Groundbreaking

HANG TOUGH, DEMS!! It's not "cut and run." It's "do the right thing!"

Al GoreTo Be On Charlie Rose (PBS) Tonight

Do you know any "gold bugs"?

Attorneys Wrangle Over Kaczynski (Unabomber) Auction

Christian Radio Commentator: Bible Supports Concept of Secure Borders

Someone asked about the Rosie Perez New Documentary

Stephen Hawking says pope told him not to study beginning of universe

I need a graphic site of casulties of Iraq war..

CNN Miles O'Brien is a piece of work

Think your company pension is safe? Delta is about to dump theirs

I will vote for whatever Dem is the candidate in 2008, but I'd love to see

Government sue's N.J. attorney general over NSA seeking info from phone Co

Perhaps the Dems should, in response ("cut/run"), paint the portrait of

parade magazine's "walter scott" is ready to hand the mess to the dems

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in- It's my day to play!

"Stay the course"...down the wrong road?

Jean Schmidt claiming that the Iraqi women have been

Looking for another Organization to support

My rep is one of the 42....

You know who wants us to stay in Iraq right now???

Bush in Albuquerque

Boone (I gave $3 MILLION to the Swiftboaters) Pickens on Charlie Rose ...

9/11 thefts ignored upon discovering FBI agents and Rumsfeld's involvement


That photo of Snow and Bartlett, I know who it reminds me of now!!

Ledeen: Don't read what you are into the big document of Iraq

How about this number: 5500 dead since 9-11 and Osama still missing

since when does Raw Story sell ad space to Newsmax?

On cover of Natl. Enquirer: "Ann Coulter- most hated woman in America"

Rank the five most corrupt administrations in US history

Monday, June 19th - National Call-In Day to Renew Voting Rights Act!

Mary Matalin DEFENDS Coulter's diatribe against 9/11 "broads"

Iran in talks to join alliance against West

Some Comments About DU

Man questioned for acting strangely around the vice president

Rove does it again, Projection is his greatest weapon.

I just hugged Greg Palast!

KOS: What Really Happened at Countdown

Karl Rove Targets the Netroots (See! We DO make a difference!)

Anyone else catch John Murtha on Countdown?

Movie passes for the film, Road to Guantanamo

P.S......Is KAREN HUGHES still on the government dole?

It's time to take to the streets nationwide

So does the Democratic Party have a strong unified response to the Repubs'

"Cut and run" vs "Stay the course and ignore the loss."

The four SSSS of flying. Look in your lower R/Hand corner of the ticket.

Does US Health Care Discriminate between Men and Women?

Republican campaign manager has sexual history with minors

Looking for Trolls? This company offers to rent some to you

At what point is it too much for you?

The Constitutional Record of George W. Bush

Bush, Rove, Republicans CANNOT RISK A DEMOCRATIC WIN in '06

Santorum's flag burning session

The Dark Side - Coming June 20, 2006

GOP: Dems are angry. YES We are. We can't begin to match THEIR vitriole!

Today, my nextdoor neighbors complained about the signs on my yard

Bill Clinton at the groundbreaking ceremony for Columbine memorial - pics

Book TV Schedule: June 17-19

Teacher fights for job over topless photos online

Delta to dump pension plans

Cheney and "The Dark Side"

From the 1790's to the 2000's

Most Insane Quote

OK, I have to ask this about fund-raising.

The good news--Bush out of turning points--2006 is the last chance.

Call to Action by NAACP HR9

CNN keeping McKinney story on top for most of the day.

I went door to door for Bobby Kennedy, I was 11

The Alternative To Cut and Run: STAY AND BLEED

Republican candidate for Congress (CO) stands by his President....

FAIR Action Alert: NY Times Op-Ed Smears Anti-War Activists

Lieberman's 1988 Bear ad updated - Attacks Lamont

We need to put the Repubs on the defensive NOW!

Bill O'Reilly endorses Joe Lieberman (crooks and liars)

Awww shit. We have ourselves a race in Virginia. Webb down 10%

Robert Parry on the left's media problems.

Son of billionaire Swift Liar charged w/burglary; found hiding under desk

Is Murtha in a safe district

How to talk to a Republican if you have to...

Supply and Demand (illegal immigration)

We must stop defacing the Flag!!!!!

Ann Coulter from high school yearbook.

Political strategy discussion - Cowards vs Heros?

Don't rebut their statements. Ask HOW? and WHY? and WHO?

"How to Bring Back Bill"

CNN Quickvote: Is Bush an asset or liability to Republicans in elections?

Brian Schweitzer In The New Yorker

Democrats finally have 30 Governorships in Reach!

Analogy to simplify "Net Neutrality."

Who do the DLC/New Democrats think is going to work on the Ground

Which '08 Fresh Face Stands The Best Chance Of Flipping Red States

Immigration: ________ Peter DeFazio

True patriotism can't be coerced (Bob Kerrey)

King George, the eavesdropper: If any presidential idea deserves a day in

How to remember Soweto

This tells you the Cooperate media is in Bush's back pocket

WP: A Push Toward Private Control of Newspapers

Fall Elections Are Rove's Next Test

Serious fungal infections of eye on the rise

Mexico's Populist Tilts at a Privileged Elite

WP: Fatal Inaction, Father Seeks Answers on Body Armor

Private Jobs and Big Pay Draw U.S. Ex-Terror Officials

Ann Coulter Identifies John Murtha as a Target for Murder

America's problem is again a usurping king called George

Ford to invest up to 9.2 bln dollars in Mexico

Emett Tyrrell Jr., hack

It's time to raise the minimum wage (Mpls Star Trib) June 17, 2006

Growing Wikipedia Revises Its 'Anyone Can Edit' Policy

Smirk's Baghdad stunt

WP: US Baghdad Embassy Report on Conditions for Their Staff

Tonight I saw the truth. (Al Gore's movie reviewed)

Time running out to curb effects of deep sea pollution, warns UN

Chile's spectacular Patagonian rivers threatened with dams.

All I want for Fathers Day

Quebec Carbon Tax Plan Will Pressure Ottawa To Act - Reuters

Even 10 Years Of Foreign Aid Can't Give Japan Control Of Whaling Body

Who Killed The Electric Car

One of the principle Netvocates targets? Environment/Energy.

We have someone to blame!

Desertification Moving Rapidly In Greece - Ekathimerini

Are there any green nuke groups?

Ways & Means: Fantasy Nuclear by Carl Pope (Sierra Magazine)

In Palestine, a War on Children

Ahmadinejad calls for probe into Holocaust

The time is right to use 1559 against Israel

Who really killed Huda Ghalia's family?

Palestinian women trained to revive an ancient art

Security sources: Weapons smuggling from Egypt into Gaza has ballooned

Palestinian university president comes out against boycott of Israeli acad

The multicultural menace, anti-semitism and me

WTC 4,5, and 6

Exceedingly Well-Written Article on David Ray Griffin

Yahoo's Got Brad: No Confidence in the Busby/Bilbray Election

The problem is NOT voting machines. There is an ELEPHANT in the room

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, June 17

Officials Prepare for Midterm Elections - EAC Issues New Guidelines

Iowa is Beautiful...

Bush turns down tornado fund request

Software Issue: Windows Script 5.6

Dell Coupon Code

Rebooting for no apparent reason - day 2

Open Office?

Fight to replace DeLay on ballot hits federal court

2 American Staffordshires need a home; Dallas area

Peach recipes

What are your worst cooking disasters?

What's the best crockpot recipe?

Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani issues fatwa on terror against Canadians

Sgro says she was wooed by Tories

Knives, rifles and a whip. Are Bush's gift-givers trying to say something?

S.I. hubby let wife kill self (Let Drive over Cliff with 2 Kids in Van)

Mbeki honours June 16 heroes (1976 Soweto uprising)

Oakland ballot count names Dellums winner

Mexican Unions Threaten to Launch Strike

Mexico's Populist Tilts at a Privileged Elite

Mortar Shell Hits Baghdad Market; 4 Killed

French immigration bill approved

Army is broke in more ways than one

US House axes funding of L.A. (gay/lesbian) Community Center

AP Series of explosions (4/2hours) kill 7 in Baghdad

AP Ranchers add ladders to border fences

Iraqi detainees held in box-like cells for days: US probe

Error blamed in use of unauthorized interrogation tactics

CNN: Poll: Majority wants Iraq pullout date set

Sri Lanka Village Attacked; 5 Killed

Family demands investigation into Guantanamo inmate's death

Delphi announces deal with IUE-CWA, GM on buyouts

Fall Elections Are Rove's Next Test

New Bush policy adviser said he'd support jail for abortion doctors

Memorial cast in hope (Columbine, Bill Clinton speaks eloquently there)

Opponent's Gun Permit Is Revoked

Coulter's book discounted to $4.99 ... Banned in New Jersey? ...

Militias Control Iraqi Prisons, Minister Says

Pentagon: Abuse (torture) of Iraqis not illegal

Tension Builds Between L.A. Mayor, Angelides: No endorsement for gov.

200 prisoners released from Abu Ghraib

FBI prober attacked

Massive blast postponed until at least September (Divine Strake)

Judge Throws Out Rape Case After Prosecutor is Late for Court

NYT: Guard Troops Set to Begin Mission on Mexican Border

Hamas-led govt welcomes EU decision to send aid

Democrats vow cheaper drugs, higher minimum wage(radio address)

Arrest of prince leaves Italy reeling

LAT/AP: Bush radio address: Iraq Must Know It Won't Be Abandoned

Blair support dropping within Labor Party

Marines and guardsmen 'embed' with the Iraqi army in restive Anbar

Lobby Firm Disbands Because of Investigation

NYT: U.S. Forces Seek 2 Soldiers Apparently Captured in Iraq

Fight to replace DeLay on ballot hits federal court

US seeks to sway Russia on jet sales to Venezuela

Va. Republican George Allen facing tough fight for his Senate seat

NYT:Private Jobs and Big Pay Draw U.S. Ex-Terror Officials

Five youths dead in New Orleans shooting

DHS Finds Missing Cunningham Letter

Bolivia to Spend $6.8B to Fight Poverty

US shuttle launch set for 1 July

US chiefs honoured in secret by Britain

Poll: 1 in 3 Think Incidents Like Haditha Are 'Common' in Iraq -- But Not

Bill Clinton speaks against 'demonizing' political leaders

Time running out to curb effects of deep sea pollution, warns UN

Lamont Invests Another $500,000 In His Campaign

AWOL soldier says he's had enough of war

Reuters: Austria's Haider says Bush is a war criminal

''Peace Mom'' Sheehan supports deserters in Canada

Long - Lost World War II Sub Likely Found

ACLU probes Six Flags hairstyle ban


Paper training cats...

Stevie Nicks....Ahhhhh (man, I feel old!!!)

where do you post the posts you do not post...

nothing here

My son's wedding

To the drunk freeper asshole who took a piss on my car........

amazon fishbowl won't stop buffering for me

Verrrry interesting. Graphics warning.

like stop it ! like you know...

Well I am going to be up all night.

It was really funny.

Now here you go again

I felt really cool this Wednesday because I was on a band's guest list

Still awake?

awww, my honey's song just came on the Music Choice tee-vee

Happy-Happy...Joy-Joy.. there's a For Sale sign on my neighbor's house

Skinner, Elad, et al..................

2:13 a.m. and it's finally below 70 degrees

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Congratulations Kurovski!! 10,000 posts

Happy birthday wishes to.................

Bussunda is dead. You probably don't know who he is.

Who is your favorite actor/actress?

foodies - help me come up with a menu for tomorrow.

Sick. The person who claimed I was trying to cozy up w/ the supervisor

What are you listening to today??

Somebody wire me $100, please!!

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

k.d. lang, P.T. Barnum, P.T. Anderson, or J.D. Salinger?

Bill Gates - pearls of wisdom over the years.

Digital Camera - recommendations?

need help from folks who know african american folk tales...

its dawn. guess I should stop drinking....

Hello Late Nighters and Early Morning Folk!!!

It's not summer until I've...

Where can I get online criminal statistics?

English DU'ers: a question

Someone here baked a cake....

I am no longer a prisioner of my former company

Greatest animated film of all time?

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Hey, man! Is that Freedom Rock!?!

Crap,another rainy Saturday.

Paul Harvey

Oh... screwed up The Flintstones parody.....

Check your PMs - a friendly public service announcement!

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

O dear Dog, I am craving Scrapple

WORLD CUP: Czech Republic vs. Ghana

"Mommie Dearest" - Hollywood Royalty Edition DVD... **GET IT!**

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

I posted a Review of An Inconvenient Truth in GD

Public Service Announcement

Another Desperate Plea for attention

Orsino, dude, you're break the board

Beer and wings-- good combo, or greatest combo ever?

Im'a havin' a hankerin' for Moon Pies

11 new Superman Returns clips (major spoilers)!!!

Peace, Love, Dope Thread

Live feed from Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN

Slick Chick on the Mellow Side

Stop scratching CDs!

Whos got better buns? Cyclops or Princess Leia

Another Shakespearean Daily Diss

Need some software recommendations...............

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

What's the definitive answer concerning the word "chick"

Guess what I had for breakfast

I just saw an albino squirrel

So how will the US do today in the World Cup game against Italy?

Some ass from the CBC threw a frisbee at me, made homophobic remarks, and

Film Festivals showing Pixies documentary

Interesting post I'd read on a different forum...

There are men who don't end every sentence...

Britney ponders Namibia

Get your tickets! Broadway in Portland -- "Hairspray" June 20 through 25

I'm DESPERATE!! I need recipe ideas for eggplant and cauliflower ASAP!

Saturday, June 17. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Saturday earworm.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/17/06)

World Cup History: History's Most Valuable World Cup Player?

Time for a post in the nude thread.

Saturday, June 17. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

Post a picture of your steam car!

I am looking for a certain type of injection.

Dog, I fucking HATE Real Sports

Sarah Bernhardt kicks some Federalist ass!

post a picture of your dream star

Goodnight everyone

I am calling bullshit on Kudzu. It is driving me crazy!

Dog, I fucking HATE Faux Sprots

Dog missing since 2002 is welcomed home

Okay. Women are chicks. What are men, then?

Post a picture of your cream car!

Dogs with babies pics - post 'em if ya got 'em

Soccer is a dipshit "sport"

Look what I found.


Are there any "Dynasty" fans out there?

The last job you left...

Tell me something fun to do in Boston

World Cup USA vs. Italy: Starts at 2:30

What are you getting dad for Father's Day?

7855 miles later.....

if you hear me screaming it is only because I am trying opera for the

Shoe question

So what are you going to do today?

Under what circumstances did you hear the best ghost story you ever heard?

Some things speak for themselves...

Wow!! Look at Chrissy

Wow!! Look at Janet

Father's Day tomorrow. I think I'll

Let's help one of our own in a humanitarian effort

If anybody here on DU has access to The Pretenders

Sandra Bernhard kicks some GOP ass!

Mixed message.

Dutch soccer fans take off their pants to protest Budweiser!


My unadopted foster kittens (photo)

Dental Implants........Have any DU'ers had one?'s kind of gross

Laughter, the Best Medicine: Nothing Like a Good Pun!

Poor Bubbie.. He grew from a tiny kitten to a BIG oaf..(pics)

Happy birthday GOPisEvil!!!

Official interleague play trash talk thread!

Ask me about the "Aristocrats" joke I told at the TX Dem convention

Ah....the common people.

Favorite Labor Film?!

Are there any ancient myths about time travel?

I'm playing with my new bike trainer: Ask me anything


If YOU were Ferris Buhler...

Republican Lt. Governor Candidate (Arkansas ) Uses 2 Chronicles. 7:14

Gnostic Gospels-What do you think

How to search PubMed tutorial, shockwave flash.

Drugs firm blocks cheap blindness cure(to seek license for more expensive)

Pregnant? Omega-3 Essential for Baby's Brain

X-Rays Spot Mass of Gas 5 Billion Times Larger Than Solar System

British Anglicans pressure Episcopalians to ban gay bishops

CEO admits 'Macy's mistake' in removing display

for my Left Coast friends and neighbors-contact Ahnuld on SB 1437

New Presbyterian leader 'comfortable being uncomfortable' on gays

WC Football -Ghana beating CZE

Tiger misses first cut in a Major

Stackhouse suspended, Mavericks flee South Beach...

Whales 1; Japan 0

(World Cup) Ghana v. Czech Republic ... WOW! WOW!

World Cup: USA v. Italy

Ah, Bach's flower essences. *How* did I forget about these this spring?

Uranus turns retrograde on June 19th (turns direct on November 20th)

2008 Democratic Presidential ticket. Which one is your choice?

Lowell Sun editorial

Now I'm getting swiftboated.

Robert Kuttner op-ed in today's Globe

Taylor Marsh is p'd off!

David Sirota is

My kingdom for John Kerry's metabolism!

John Kerry the Good Soldier - worth a re-read in light of recent events.

For those of us that weren't a the TBA, and dessert for those that were

It's June 17th...

some recent shots

Blue_in_CA needs some input...



This has to be the best place to ask - BEST online album?

Show your support for the only bi-partisan/bi-network ticket for '08

OK, I gotta say this here: why I don't believe the"took a bullet" story

No matter how many troops the R's kill in Iraq, it's still a bad idea.

"Global war on terror" votes. Look 4 your rep, hope the mods let it go..

Just a number... Saturday 6/17 TOON

Tony Snow's comment that 2500 "is a number" reminds me of this:

Latest Discussion Thread Page 1 keeps coming up blank for me.

Now back to the grim realities of W's war against Iraq

America's problem is again a usurping king called George

Hostage takers demands USA release Iraqi women and men from prison

Five Days Left

I like the McHenry vs Murtha bit they keep showing on CNN

The maniacs REFUSE to disuss a Timetable for Pulling out of Iraq.

23 killed in Baghdad, 2 G.I.'s Missing in Action, the Tide is Turning.

"Anyone involved in leaking the name of a covert CIA operative..."

You KNOW you need this laugh. (Dialup warning)

White Supremacist Accused Of Threatening Students

So with the 4th Amendment now stabbed, has YOUR media/police said

¡Ask a Mexican! Glossary ("Mexican" will be on Colbert on Monday)

Dixie Chicks in London

We need to show how much MONEY the war supporters are making.

My heart breaks for all those patriotic soldiers who were LIED TO.

Duh! Military Experts: U.S. using wrong tactics in Iraq!

I want to rejoin the Teamsters

When around Cheney, better act like everyone else.

Truth matters. . .

Why do we take Ann Coulter so seriously?

CA town, kin honor Katrina survivor on her 104th birthday

Is Lieberman defeat the first step in taking back our Party?

Ahmadinejad arrived in China on Wednesday

7 Explosions Hit Baghdad Within 5 Hours

Austria's Haider Says Bush Is a War Criminal

Email virus hoaxes

Privatizing Military Logistics ------

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning!

U.S. special operations troops kept some Iraqi detainees chained in...

Swiftboater contributor just threatened to! oh oh

"Fear and Smear"

Doug scam artist Brooks - private security baron

The end of the world...

GOP Porn featuring Colbert

Abuse of Prisoners Blamed on "Outdated Policy"

St. Pete Times wants to know (poll)

if Neal Puckett was my lawyer I'd fire him - for wearing a tacky

Sure, the Gitmo Detainees were abused, but it's all perfectly legal.

Ethiopian troops cross border into Somalia: Islamist

The real transcript of what Bush wrote for his radio address

A question on Bernie Sanders house seat

From US Embassy in Iraq, a Grim Report -Buried by Bush Visit

Gnostic Gospels-What do you think

Whatever Happened To Ray McGovern, My Hero?

They gave Rove a shotgun? What does that mean?

Puppy dog eyes: Guiltless after an airport run

How stupid does the Bush administration think we are?

Army is broke in more ways than one

New Bush policy adviser said he'd support jail for abortion doctors

Palast: The Front Lines of the Class War-----------> VIDEO link

The demise of John Kondejewski

WC Football -Ghana beating CZE

7 explosions hit Baghdad within 5 hours

Looking for a Tony-SNOWjob-playing-the-flute pic

Selling too much cold medicine: either jail time or civil fines


because we all need a good laugh

I am looking for a petition to the DSCC

I threw-up a little in my Mouth "The Right Brothers"

bush promotes smartness drug-oxy-moron

Buy "Lapdogs: How The Press Rolled Over For Bush"

not that it matters much but I sure like ieSpell check, faster and allows

Should Dems Be Afraid Of "big, bad KKKarl rove"?

Pro-war vote in the House puts War Party on wrong side of public opinion

21,000 US. troops killed and/or maimed in Iraq isn't a low number

In an interview on KFAB, A. Coulter said she's never called anyone a bitch

I'm sure Karl is working right now on the Missing Soldiers Strategy

Ha! Craig Crawford Sez "Stay the Course" = Thelma & Louise (HuffPo)

Britney ponders Namibia

Cher on CSPAN now with the fellow who started operation

The most bizarre thing I've seen in a while

My Uncle's Penis

Massive Search underway for Missing G.I.'s, W attends fund raisers.

China Makes Ultimate Punishment Mobile

“Six in ‘06”

One of Bush's daughters was at the Radiohead show in NYC

Jeffrey Skilling considered suicide, "retreating to his mansion"

Calling all Freepers - Why did you come to DU

Anti-whaling nations win 'GREAT VICTORY' against Japan proposals

Whales 1; Japan 0

It isn't "The Iraq War" - It is "The Occupation of Iraq"

Bush presidential power unprecedented

Can somebody tell me what the backstory is with Wonkette and Anal sex?

Philadelphia group files suit against Catholic Church


ACLU probes Six Flags hairstyle ban

200 prisoners released from Abu Ghraib

One of DeadEye's Women

Screech is in trouble! YOU can help!!!

What's wrong with this CNN story on rapidly increasing deaths in IRAQ?

Joe wonders if party is on a "kind of crusade or jihad"

Iraq attacks kill 43...

Bringing back the sixties

I need a good "sports cry"...GO USA!!!!

Shoe question

It's not about the US winning in Iraq

Fired – For Love Without Marriage...the American Taliban at work

told Rove, "You look even cuter than on TV."

The clear difference between the Republican and Democratic parties

Cheney scrawlings on Joe Wilson’s op-ed are the "blue dress"

Another defiant soldier, this one serving time already.

David Sirota kicks John Stossel's ass on CNBC

2006 World Cup thread

if you hear me screaming it is only because I am trying opera for the

I love Mike Papantonio.

Homeland Security money going to hotly contested Repug controlled cities.

It is Perfectly Honorable to Cut and Run when the battle's lost.

Whooodamnhooo! Thanks Polling Point!

Intimidation in Missouri

Investors ignore warnings in volatile markets

7 explosions hit Baghdad within 5 hours, many dead - we're winning!

NASA chief engineer, safety offices oppose, but shuttle is a go for July 1

Al Gore's climate critics-DUer experts please help me respond

Democratic Plan Election 2006 – A New Direction for America

Dad Wants To Know Why Most Powerful Military Failed To Provide Armor

bu$h is ______________'s Bitch

Bush is determined to use our resources to 'revitalize' Iraq's economy

Bill Clinton speaks against 'demonizing' political leaders

I am so sick and tired of online petitions

Was Carl Roves grandfather a top Party official in NAZI Germany?

Right wing "culture warriors'" war against the 1st Amendment

Amelia Earhart was in the Air 78 years ago today

Microsoft battles slavery in Asia

Did anyone happen to see Fox News today with Brian Wilson?

Do you think the Bush's & the Cheneys will EVER have enough money & power?

Cindy and Iraq War Vets Refusing to Return. They are My Heroes!

Claws Come Out On "The View"

Enron CEO Skilling says he considered suicide

People like this scare the jeebus out of me

It Appears The 2 Missing Soldiers Were Captured

I just ordered my T-shirt ~ Lt. Ehren Watada

"The Fog of War" on tonight at 9 p.m. EDT. Must-see film.

Liberal/progressive political philosophy assumes the wisdom of the people

rate up Murtha"enough is enough"

at it's heart, the conflict in America today is:

Bring the Boys Back Home

Would the military obey orders from a President Hillary Rodham Clinton

CNN Quickvote: Can nude photos be art?

Just A Little Something I Do When & Wherever I Post, and *'s Name Comes Up

"Here are the 25 Corporate Democrats profiled in Baker's report."

Movie Trailer: "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

HEY! New candidate Campaign gear! Stewart/Colbert '08!

Where HAVE All The Flowers Gone?


Is it a prerequisite for Republicans to have zero respect

Ha Ha! Scamdy Failed "Copyright complaint fizzles, like they all do"

only THREE MIAs... we had a few more than that in 'NAM

To the drunk freeper asshole who took a piss on my car........

Thank God it's TOON day! Take one and pass 'em around.

I need to ask a question of an actual CPA.

Former Enron President: Jeffery Skilling "I Considered Suicide"

Gomer Pyle meets Gilligan's Island

A challenge to the no difference crowd

So called conservative values are a cancer on this once great nation.

John Edwards' petition for "Net Neutrality"

Bush Military History Project #13


Homelnd. Secur. Guy busted soliciting 14 yr. old called W a lousy liar.

Why would Bush kick all the reporters out of Gitmo?

My daughter's encounter with a Right-wing fundamentalist today

Another night of Sean Hannity attacking Mike Nifong

Marsha Blackburn voted "Hottest woman in US politics"

Will this be another "Black Hawk Down" with these two missing soldiers?

Democratic co-worker agrees with Bush on gay marriage

Email from the George W. Bush Monument Committee

Hey, everybody! Las Vegas is going BANKRUPT!!!

What is your opinion of these online/at home jobs ?

This may have already been known re Nancy Pelosi

What the Bible says about Alien residents

Ever wanted to see pure, unadulterated hate?

Some Saturday toons

Michael Moore and the Pink Sodomy Bus

Report from Germany & Amsterdam

DU is growing rapidly, if you are a newbie, what brought you here?

Lane courtesy really means: Drive faster or move over

Roberts, Alito majority tosses aside principle from 13th century Britain


Rove INCOMING: On the deck under RADAR. Important, truly …

3-Year-Old's Birthday Party Theme: 'NewsHour'

Southern Baptists say wives must "submit graciously" to husbands...

DU ALERT: We need to protect a great source for analysis and information

Framing a Progressive/Liberal Agenda for Democrats to Run on

Poll: Jim Webb up to 41%, Allen 51% - If Webb wins, we get the Senate

Why isn't Al Gore's movie on the greatest page?????

All I want from the next President

this is why the war must end *pic*

This has been a fuzzy week for me. Ms usnret88 crashed

"Then please spread the word" Rate UP YahooNews re CA Election Illegality

Gifts Bush received from other foreign Leaders

Mark Crispin Miller's open letter to Salon...

This was in my email...Help debunking?

Why Do We Write?

British troops' T-shirt----"I'm with Stupid"

On Watching "An Inconvenient Truth"

My Unwitting Role in the Rove 'Scoop' (Wapo)

Man Abducted At Wal-Mart Killed By Members Of White Supremacist Group

PBS Frontline: "The Dark Side", all about uncle Dick Cheney--June 20th

NAZI-CIA; October Surprise; Bush-Moon Axis; Corporate McPravda...

Is there room for honest disagreement on

It’s time for some family fun!

Soldiers: Turn your backs on this President, don't kill or die for him.

Our Little Triumph Over fox "news" Today.

Any "active" union boards?

Sales calls push security hotline to refuge of Do Not Call list

Some disturbing quotes

WP, pg1: Fall Elections Are Rove's Next Test

Cartoon: Is this the Dems?

President to be put on trial in Legislative branch

The World's Largest RollerCoaster...

'Winner' sees goof that may cost him

Why won't you guys respond to my "Bring on the law suits" post?

Grand Ayatollah Sistani issues Fatwa barring violence on Canadians

Here's my review of ann's new book;

Bring on the law suits! Our only remedy against all the illegal

CNN Poll: Majority for timetable and Iraq's independence

Incredibly wealthy Frist again pushing for permanent estate tax repeal!

Man agrees to limit public access to Hitler shrine

Francine Busby Wins in CA-50

Isn't it great to have a war president?

Video: David Sirota on The Colbert Report

a TRUE statement from the white house at last!!

True or False : Repubs are better at politics than Democrats?

Under The Radar: Three Republicans Vote Against the Iraq Resolution

Catch phrases here! Gethchyer Catch Phrases here.

Document shows Cheney helped Halliburton get no bid contracts

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate in N.M. Exits

Tony Snow writes a letter to Mrs. 2498

Vid : All HELL breaks out on "The View" over "heavily medicated Pickles"

Did anyone post a list of the Vichy Dems

We Are Now Less Than 3 Months Away From The 5th Anniversary Of 9-11

Some effective sound bites:

Bush is losing a valued minder

Bush Radio: "It was incredible to stand in the cockpit of Air Force One.."

Debating A Pathological Liar on CNBC by davidsirota (Kos post)

Is Cindy Sheehan going to Crawford?

Mike Papantonio kicking Coulter's ASS......

Did Bush's surprise visit to Iraq help Iraq in some way?

3 Auditor's PCs Stolen in MN

Does anyone have a good source for poll numbers?

Thanks, Laura Flanders, for making fun of the Democrats again.

Saw Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" as a Progressive Fund Raiser this a.m.

Feingold’s Message to Democrats on Standing Up.

Lieberman's disastrous campaign

Whatever happened to the enviornment as a conservative issue?

The right wing's war against the 1st Amendment

For the record...a rant..

Could Antonio Villaraigosa BE anymore self centered?

WA PO: "It was the president who executed the plans and earnned the vote"

The fast talking governor who has a plan to fuel the American dream

WP, pg1: Obama Has Dems Taking Notice: Senator Mentioned as '08 Contender

Dunkelbarger takes off the gloves: "Stephen Lynch is a Republican!"

Fathers Day: Happy Fathers Day, Dad

Bush aide: Sex drives people insane, "needs to be governed"

Garrison Keillor on PHC just said why Bush really had to go to Baghdad...

Camp Wellstone, Some last opportunities for political training in '06

When they say, "Stay the course", . . .

None dare call it 'fascism'. I ask, why not?

Our Big Fat False Dichotomy: Political Organizing vs. Electoral Fraud