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Archives: June 16, 2006

The Value of Privacy (Bruce Schneier - 6/15 Cryptogram)

The Peace Race

The Democrats are BLOWING!! it again

In Iraq, Three Groups Struggle For Control Over Oil-Rich Kirkuk

Reid seeks to rein in Bush

WP, Dionne: Mellowing of evangelicals big religious (and political) story

Congress Erupts in Partisan Fight Over War in Iraq

Leaders 'ignore public' on whales (BBC)

Arctic dips as global waters rise (BBC)

We must stop the construction of this nuclear plant.

Shrapnel clue to Gaza beach shelling

Wow! I just finished watching a remarkable documentary that's available

Public Attention to Election Reform Now Hurts GOP's Fall Coffers

A Vote Of No Confidence-Democracy left to languish in living rooms&garages

Bruce Braley guest blogged on John Edward's site!

What pisses you off most about Nussle???

Sifting flour, Choux pastry

Canada lobbies U.S. legislators on security

Senators invoke Confederacy, Mandela to defend amnesty for insurgents

Safavian Jury Yet to Reach Verdict

Bush Hosts Annual Congressional Picnic

Dixie Chicks

Nighttime flights 'boost warming'

New clash in scarred Bosnia city (World Cup Riot) BBC

Cunningham Said to Have Helped Limo Firm

3 Insurers Sue U.S. Over Wildfire Claims

Congress Erupts in Partisan Fight Over War in Iraq

Pro-Whaling Nations Set to Take Control

NIH Official Takes Fifth on Tissue Sharing

Leavitt in hot seat over use of leased jet

Somalis welcome the quiet brought by Islamist takeover

Iraq war tied to no attacks in the United States: Cheney

Ireland moots searches of US military planes

House Democrats strip Jefferson of committee post

Militias Hold Sway In Prisons, Iraqi Says (US retains control)

ABC: Amid Iraq Debate, a Document Mystery

Hymn At Talent Show Becomes Court Case

Mom fights to keep baby on life support

Whole Foods Bans Sale of Live Lobsters (and Crabs as Inhumane)

I love the internet

anyone have a link to the comedy central video flag hag?

I'm now finally being treated the way I've treated others in the past

I wish I was never pro-marriage.

Breaking news in the fight against Bird Flu!!

I need advice.

What's up with that booty?

can you give us another 15 minutes please?

I am listening to the new Dixie Chicks album

anyone got good Torrent sites?

I have to admit Bush is like a mighty white tiger

I need to buy a paintball or BB gun...

graywarrior says hi to all

Home repairs before, during, after (9 pictures)

My right eye won't stop twitching

Which Cobbler?

Prohibition (of alcohol): Bad for America but Good for Muslim Countries?

Laurel & Hardy "Music Box" Dancing/Piano Scene...

I've been bad. Very baaaaaaaaaaaad.

How come the icons don't "animate"... at least on my computer...

I need to vent...or whine

I have a question for anyone who knows computers and the internet...

Do You Rock Lobster?

Caught a great sunset tonight. Dia l- Up Warning.

Glockenspielists - please chime in

How's ITunes for privacy?

Okay, so everything else on my computer is one size....

What's your favorite paranoid song?

Cross-posting from GD: Video 2,500

Sports news: Michael Jordan new co-owner of Charlotte Bobcats

I want some string cheese!

I just finished watching "The Drug Years" on VH1

My Nephew ate my stash

Ugh. Total shellacking of Mavericks by Heat tonight.

I am bearish on Kudzu. It's going nowhere.

My Radio Show goes POLITICAL

Who knows about insulin, syringes, and ml/cc/unit conversions?

Still the rave.... BIG socks! Soon a California thing...

A bird and a mountain river(pics)

Tell us about a "warm-up band" that blew you away.

Oh god, my son is a pothead....

Post a pic of something lit by sunset light.

Someone I love is getting BCG treatments for bladder cancer.

a homeless friend just woke me out of a deep sleep.....

How do you deal with someone with no self esteem?

I'm sorry but I must post these kitty pics - feline bliss!!!

Does ANYONE Find Merv Griffin Funny?

My GOP boyfriend just cut me out of his life for reading DU !!!

Those crazy knitters!

Education, is it a right or a privilege?

I'm depressed. In a rut. What should I do?

A "White Marriage"; could you live with it?

Grrr... stupid bus driver.

A Question to Musicians (or former ones): Ever had a 'Salieri experience'?

post a photo shopped picture of yourself

This is THE official happy F.D. thread

Post in GD about treating ADD without drugs

You don't need medication to treat your Attention Deficit Disorder.

When I Knew I Was Gay: playing on Oprah right now.

ABC Staff Nuthugging Heat

I will support Senator Kerry

On Anderson Cooper now

Former POW Blasts Renewed Smear Attacks on his Vietnam Brother, John Kerry

I'm one of five photographers with an exhibition on this "artsy" website

A Bedoin Boy

Hello, EDV's!

No, I am not our disgusting 'visiter'...

My "show KO some DU love" post made the Greatest List!

Countdown 6/15/06

I need advice.

Wow! I just finished watching a remarkable documentary that's available

LAT: "Stagflation worries are mounting" vs Cheney's great economy

Someone call the Guinness Book of Records

Bowling for Columbine is on Bravo - DirecTV east coast

Are our recent "victories" in Iraq timed for the elections?

Have you found freepers on other messageboards besides FR?

I think the Dems are starting to "get it"

How does * get away with this shit? A marine is being held in solitary

Post-Sept. 11 veterans given edge in federal hiring

Amnesty for TruthIsAll?

O'LOOfer 2fer: He's out of porn and he needs to pay for some body armor

We're in danger of a worldwide Muslim vs West war if this goes on

Attitudes about Education - a rant...

The Emperor has no clothes... really ,he has no clothes

shouldn't this be posted every day?

Democrats - speak up now!

Who is this Jack Burkman weasel...?

3 out of 4 of the Google ads on now are for repubs! WTF?

How much money do you spend on gas each month?

What campaign work did you do for the Kerry campaign in 2004?

Just bought a MacBook!

The Republicans act like we got into Iraq yesterday....

monica crowley - barbie or lonnie anderson?

story behind layoffs at my company

C-Span doing campaign commercials as part of Iraq 'debate' coverage

I'm a happy camper today, I pick up the local paper and there is a column

Anyone watching C-Span?

Seoul Relays Missile Concerns to North--Korea Herald

The June 50 state Bush approval polls (37% national average)

Anybody else see Samantha Bee on "The Daily Show" just now?

A random look across the globe - Russia 70 degrees latitude and longitude

How we got 'Iraq War, the Cliff Notes' version written.

Listening To AAR And Want To Call Up On That Foreclosure Commercial....

Does it bother anyone else that HD is sponsoring

Can Democrats PLEASE unite behind a message?

To even consider allowing our air lines to be owned for foreign country

Iran in talks to join alliance against West

Election Stew ŕ la Républicain

They don't let W go to Soldier's Funeral's cause he'd probably crack jokes

Just in time for sumer fun! Santorum SONGBOOK Volulme One

Is everybody watching the Dixie Chicks "Scene of the Crime Show" on MSN

Dixie Chicks

This is how the Dems should approach the elections, the ads

Say, does anyone know where I can get that great Laura * Koolaid graphic?


So I have a customer today with a 770 Beacon Score -

My GOP boyfriend just cut me out of his life for reading DU !!!

Leno just played a bunch of Bushisms.

Just to dispel any notion that Colin Powell ever turned on Bush,

Oldest ancestor of modern birds found in China

Realistically, what will probably end the GOP's iron grip on power?

Now here is an example of moral relevance.

Repubs say "it would be a mistake to withdraw from Iraq now"...

Congressional Republicans tie their fortunes to Bush's star...

A travel film for those looking to visit CLUB GITMO

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been replaced

If you ever wanted to know what SCOTUS has in mind for

AOL Poll: B* Comeback? He's not doing so well! DU anyway, please!

The vets who just had their data stolen are about to be screwed again

“Huge Treasure” Of Documents Reveal Al-Qaeda Sought US-Iran War...

Brian Unger, Bob Shrum really going after Rove on KO

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

WHY are republicans so susceptible

"Isn't Michelle Malkin the Sweetest, Smartest, Most Lovely Person Ever?"

Did the Verizon guy tell me the truth?

VIDEO-1 minute speech by Dennis Kucinich on Iraq War Resolution:

CT Death Penalty

What Organizations do you belong to?

Lieberman Denies Rumor that he'll run as an Independent

Salem man goes AWOL, says Army tricked him

Michael Kinsley On the Constitution: The Name Is Kafka...Franz Kafka

if there was any doubt LENO's audience was FREEPED 4 COULTER...

One Year Ago Today...

Shall we dance? - take a look at this * pic

Guard turns to educators to help with recruitment

Don't care who you vote for in 08. Who are you WORKING to elect in 2006?

Breaking: House Dems toss Jefferson off committee seat

Natalie Maines you are a straight up patriot!!! She said it again!!!!

Christian Wire: "Bill Clinton Insults Evangelicals"

Tony Snow and 2500 - "It's a number" - Hey! Asshole!

I'd prefer Gore over Kerry

Remember when Enron was going to provide power to domestic military bases?

2500: A Video

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE? Iraq Won't Deny Amnesty For Those Who Kill Americans!

I'm fucking sick of wacko christian emails!

Professional Trolls

Texas utility to cut off 1000 soldiers' power (Base unable to pay bills)

New Anti-War Music!!!!!!!!!!!

Got this in an e-mail

Globe (hehe) Exclusive! Bush Cheating with Condi - Laura Walks Out!

John Bolton jeered off stage at Oxford

If the elections are really being stolen ...

I think The Daily Shows website video has been censored again by the WH!

I will support Senator Kerry because

Last night's Coulter appearance on Leno was "surreal"

"Cut and Run" Is the New "Flip-Flop"

The Colbert Report Shows how dumb Georgia Congressmen are, Replay on NOW!

The truth about the SwiftLiars and the media complicity in helping them

If you ask me, I think the country is dead tired of WIMPS.

Female DUer Vets please check in here. I would like to have a word with

How do you dispose of a 55-gallon drum of unstable chemicals?

Republican:US Would Be Speaking Japanese/German If Murtha Was Rep In WWII

Can you shoot cops who don't knock before they come in? ...Castle Doctrine

Scarborough saying

Education, is it a right or a priviledge?

Du a poll;

Hookergate Limo Co Involved in Grand Jury Investigation

"The Corruptibles" cartoon

House Republicans Launch "Sitting Duck" Program

TX Gov: Perry (R) 38%, everyone else 53% (why split the vote?!?)

False choice (with a real choice: a poll)

Looking for the hag thread...

ARROGANCE!!: if anything, he is owed an apology by the media and some Dems

Strange document from Secretary of Defense:"Iraq floor debate prep book"

Is There Any End To the Iraq War In Sight?

Hey Vets ... were you aware of this?

Arlen Spector....please explain?

Please DU this poll about Miami's school board banning book about Cuba

Where does Joe live?

Christopher Shays (R) on CSPAN: Iraq = The Revolutionary War

The Iraq War as a Trophy Photo

Zogby ISSUES for 2008

I FINALLY got a new Zogby poll

'06 Race Focuses on the Suburbs, Inner and Outer

Ad For The Fall

"I'm Not Ready To Play Nice" - Dixie Chicks....This really should.....

Let's not ignore Ann Coulter, lets make her the face of the GOP instead

1/2 of Bush victory margin in New Mexico in 2004 ghost votes

Rove's not out of the woods yet...

Busby/Bilbray race invalidated + hand recount petition.

E petition to W on mine safety please sign 33 deaths this year

Why does the news KEEP saying that?

Republican Logic (An Oxymoron)

I'm having dinner with Gert and Wes Clark, and Bill Clinton Saturday night

Global Eye - Dangerous Mind

Drilling, Cuba policies split Bush supporters

Another Blank Check for Perpetual War

Orwell's Guantanamo

Guantanamo: The Attack of the Hanged Men

The Iraq Non-Debate - by Maxine Waters

Not Our Forefathers' Electoral College, States Hatch Plan

The Name Is Kafka . . . Franz Kafka

After the Enron Trial, Defense Firm Is Stuck With the Tab--WaPo

(Oxford University) Taunted & Jeered Bolton Bolted

MICKEY Z.: Five Urgent Conversations About America

Iraq Debate Pits Uncertainty Against Anxiety

Speaker Hastert defends profits from land deals

Rove outlines Busheviks' Iraq strategy to win midterms: lie again

Senate Packed with Senior Citizen Senators

Bring U.S. troops home by end of '06. by John Kerry


The Nation: Who Supports the Troops?

Stay the Course? What Course? By Eugene Robinson

Why the Dollar Bubble is about to Bust

Hanging by a thread and why it’s probably too late--By Esbe

John Dean: ACLU v. National Security Agency (State Secrets Privilege)

LA Times editorial: Supreme Court to cops: knock the door down


Natural gas: a cure for oil's still-lofty prices?

2 Chemical Factories In Flames After China Blast - AFP

France Boosts Payments For Power From Renewable Sources - AFP

US/Canadian Science Panel - Arctic Melting Now Inevitable - Globe & Mail

3 Gorges Activist Beaten Last Week Now Paralyzed From The Neck Down

Toxic Toll On Polar Bears From VOCs Becoming Worse - Times Of London

Chinese Fossils Show All Birds Descended From Waterfowl - Reuters

US-Malaysian Free Trade Pact Will Fuel Illegal Deforestation - Reuters

Action urged to protect deep seas (BBC)

Russians Launch Earth Observation Satellite - 1-Meter Image Resolution

Beluga Discovered In Alaska River, 1,000 Miles From Nearest Ocean - ENN

Global Warming: The Signs and the Science

So, Anybody Watching The Drought Monitor Lately? Crop Reports Are Awful.

When did the Palestinians lose the war?

Battling for the wrong cause

Iranian president calls for 'impartial' probe of Holocaust

Fertility rate among Israeli Arab women steadily declining

Palestinians Fire Rockets Into Israel

Low funds deprive Palestinian children of marrow transplants

Peretz gives IDF two weeks to prepare outpost pullout plan

'Israel's weapons used against Jews'

U.S.: EU-proposed Palestinian aid plan shows promise

UN coordinator condemns Sderot Kassam attacks

Can a Boeing 767 slide cleanly into a massive steel and concrete building?

Powerful New Video on Controlled Demolition Hypothesis


Let's look at the trusses

Monday, June 19th National Call-In Day to Renew Voting Rights Act

Best sites & resources for election fraud NEWBIES ?

X Post: - Elections: We are NOW Mainstream...

MCM Response to RFK/Manjoo on HuffPo:

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRIDAY June 16, 2006

SDiego Union Tribune: "security measures were high" in election. NOT!!!

Greg Palast: African-American Voters Scrubbed by Secret GOP Hit List


Most charges dropped in phone jamming RW election fraud

PDA Statement Calls for Hand-count in Busby-Billbray Race (CA-50th)


Have you guys seen this?

The Naming Names Project: 31 Dead Soldiers from Iowa

Bye-Bye Rubbermaid

Bill Gluba endorses Bruce Braley for Iowa's First District

Heads up, eastern Iowans

Would you support Vilsack if he runs for President in 08?

startup alteration

Skipping audio help

Outtakes from the 2006 TDP State Convention (PICTURES!)

"Why I Should Win the DFA Contest." by Nancy Skinner

The Naming Names Project: 221 Dead Soldiers from Texas

Did anyone see Barbara Ann Radnofsky's speech where she had gifts for Kay

Chris Bell now a strong fourth

Butter - Salted vs Unsalted

Do you cook for your pets?

Women leaving work out West

'Nobody's puppet,' Harper declares

(Idaho): Police find 2 bodies, 3 heads at car crash scene

Maliki Aide Who Discussed Amnesty Leaves Job

“Huge Treasure” Of Documents Reveal Al-Qaeda Sought US-Iran War...

Drilling, Cuba policies split Bush supporters

Apple Eyes Labor Conditions at iPod Plant

U.S.: Terror Leader Caught in Karbala Raid

Jackson Lee accepts apology from White House's Snow

Military Investigates U.S. Killings of Iraqis at Checkpoint

Feds hired ax men (Homeland Security funding cuts)

E&P: Latest Ann Coulter Outrage: On Fragging John Murtha

New inquiry after men died in U.S. custody

Shoe bomber strikes Shiite mosque, killing 10

U.S. military opens probe of three deaths in custody

Pakistan journalist found killed

Koizumi said to announce Iraq withdrawal next week

Phone-jam suit counts thrown out

Gunmen kill head of religious group in Iraq's Basra

Iraqi prisons overrun by Shiite militias (infiltrated "top to bottom")

House suspends Jefferson from powerful committee

Ehrlich appointee fired over remark

FEC questions (Katherine) Harris donations

Study: U.S. Not Ready For Disasters

Records reveal Hastert's hand in land deal--Chicago Trib

Guantanomo Media Access Ends After Suicides

Guantanomo Media Access Ends After Suicides

Five truck drivers killed by gunmen in western Iraq (Fallujah)

Severed head flies from truck in 'bizarre and tragic' collision

Ricketts TV ad targets Kennedy, Hillary Clinton

Breaking....House passes vote in support of continued Iraq presence

World stock markets are soaring (BBC News)

Growing resources help gays in politics

Democratic candidate John Laesch rips GOP tactics

Baghdad mosque bombing kills 7, wounds 18

Faux News: Documents Support Saddam-Taliban Connection

US vets given preference for federal jobs

Judge Who Ruled Death Penalty Unconstitutional Sentences Man to Death

CNN Breaking: 2 U.S. troops missing, 1 killed in attack - Iraq

CNN Breaking: Grand Jury Decides Not to Indict Rep. Cynthia McKinney

No Charges Against Rep. McKinney in Scuffle With Capitol Police

New Tape Says Zarqawi Death 'Great Loss'

Agency: Cities not prepared for disasters

NYT/IHT: Jailed NY Times Researcher Gets One-Day Trial in China

Senator Considers White House Subpoena In Domestic Spying (Specter)

Voter database expert quits; timing called odd (Fl you quess right

French PM - fight against terrorism must be legal

New protests held over Zarqawi praise

Hillary Clinton Calls for Privacy Bill

'Bush is a liar,' WMD's are ' total lie to go to war'

New Jersey Demands Data on Phone Call Surveillance and Is SUED by U.S.

Lamont Tagged By `Bear' Spot (Lieberman even MORE desperate?)

Maoists to join Nepal government

Iran: Incentive package a 'step forward'

US probe into possible Haditha coverup COMPLETE.

Iraqi Sunni group wants finance minister on trial (condoned death squads)

Democrats Say Key Superfund Data Is Being Withheld From the Public

Frist Pushes for Move on Estate Taxes


9/11 Thefts Not Prosecuted

Rangel and Suozzi Clash Over Backing From Wealthy Republican

Senators renew call for hearings on signing statements |Globe's Savage

Religious Conservatives Rush To Cheer Automaker's Troubles

Shoe Bomber Kills 10 Inside Iraq Mosque

Senators ask for Winn resignation, state takeover of FCAT grading

Records: (DHS) Press Aide Knew Online Chat Risks

US warns North Korea against missile "provocation"

Bush steps up fundraising for GOP

Citizens of pro-whaling countries: 'No' to whaling -- WWF

CNN: Majority wants Iraq pullout date set, poll finds (53 percent)

Son of Billionaire Charged With Burglary

75-Year-Old Army Doctor to Serve in Afghanistan

Sharon Stone v businessmen's basic instincts

Democrats Say Key Superfund Data Is Being Withheld From the Public

Rove Discloses $2,073 Hunting Rifle Gift (from Katherine Armstrong)

Secret homeland security hotline gets telemarketing calls

Pentagon Report Details Abuse of Iraqi Detainees

Wal-Mart could hike pay and keep prices low: study

US House axes funding of Los Angeles Community Center

Report: UK troops to quit Iraq soon

(Gallup) Americans' Retrospective Judgments of (Bill) Clinton Improving

Round One To Conservationists At IWC (whale killers lose, 32 to 30)

‘Pop And Drop’ Bombs the New Threat in Iraq: General

Happy birthday wishes to...........

Saw Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) last night at the TLA

DU Soccer fans: The World Cup So Far...

Some view new Superman as Christ figure

got a freep-tard living next door?

"The Proposition" now in theatres--my review inside

Sooooo, I hear there's a lot of porno on the internet.

Anyone from outside AOL - having trouble logging on to AOL?

Is Ombak a bad BigSoccer mod?

Expensive things you want that you have some sort of interest in

sandia labs---very- very large picture

(OPH) I opened up the site using Netscape...

Has anyone seen this article?

Video file of kitten falling asleep

That damned spider!

should I check my email?

9 posts to 4,000! Ask me anything!!!11!!!

Post a pic of something lit by sunrise light.

I'm watching Walker Texas Ranger right now. You gotta problem with it?

Ann who? Let's write our OWN book... who's the funniest writer @ DU?

What's the best DSL/Cable modem ROUTER to buy?

Once something is on the net, can you ever make it go away?

Video: Will Ferrell as Bush on global warming

What is your favorite old school game show?

Still room in the DU Fantasy Football League

Have I ever posted anything worth putting in a journal?

Idea for Democratic hot-button issue.

New puppy pictures

Which Was The Better Talk Show Host?

Friday tidbits

Snakes on a Plane!!!!

FIFA World Cup 2006: Argentina v Serbia & Montenegro, discussion thread

Loners and terminally/eternally single folks, check in here!

There's a 90% chance my fiancee is going to make me change

Love me. Love me. Say that you love me.

Tear-herking sports moments?

When you're at work, at what time is it okay to start drinking?

When you're on vacation, at what time is it okay to start drinking?

DC Metro riders: What do you think about the new "voice"?

Irrefutable proof that God does not exist

My co-workers and I feel like "Bustin' Loose"!

T O M J O N E S ! ! ! !

Ruling on marriage called 'real shocker'

Best shopping list ever...

If it weren't for horses and divorces

Nice, sweet, sugar coated, ballads done by heavy metal bands

Sitting in my Cube, I just coined a phrase:

WTF??????!!!! Why are the DU posts looking like a bad

Don't tell anyone, BUT...

Saw Zappa Plays Zappa last night

"Six Feet Under" and "Oz"

Percussion section members - please chime in...

Police: Man Severs Wife's Head, Has Crash

Severed human head flies from truck during crash - unrelated to accident


A PSI!!!!!-It is now 9:46 pm in Abu Dhabi


FIFA World Cup 2006 Netherlands v Ivory Coast, discussion thread

Give me a break! The overseas call centers aren't that bad.

Has anyone seen yvr girl?

Could use a little CHEERING UP from DU

Has this ever happened to you before?


I'm pretty sure I could take either of these guys in a fight......

Are you a lurker?

Man Pays Speeding Ticket 52 Years Later

Best of the cheap colognes?

What the Bleep Do We Know?


Low Whistle & Sofa

Are you a troll?

Can I get in on this bugs thing?

I just met the most bizarre Republican

You're All Individuals!!!

Powell's Books!

Lefty improv sketch comedy in NYC, tomorrow Saturday! - Live!!!

What the hell is wrong with (some) Freecyclers?

"Well I'll be damned/here comes your ghost again..." Favorite MST3K quote?

FIFA World Cup 2006: Mexico vs. Angola, discussion thread

Mmmm....Annie's Cheddar Bunnies crackers...

Anyone here ever seen a Korean movie named "Old Boy"?

Least favorite song by a band/performer you love

Why are European and American DVDs in different formats?

A really amazing optical illusion

job interview update

Can I get in on this drugs thing?

can a geek fall in love with a non-geek?

Youtube free-for-all

Post a picture of your dream car!

FIFA World Cup 2006 Mexico v Angola discussion thread as it happens

For the matcom (TM) files.. Man Wants to Stop Streaker's Bikini Sale

Activist Wants To Stop Men From Showing Their Underwear

Mental illness? Or a misguided attempt to break things off and


I found it! MY favourite Kids in the hall skit of all time!

Lets take an informal poll...who doesn't have me on ignore?

Someone please come to my house and lock me in the sun porch...

Job Interview this afternoon ... wish a little luck

Just FYI....vacation next week (June 19-23)

What other illicit career advice can we give to Arwalden?

Neil Young = American Genius

Any positive thoughts, prayers, juju, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Any telephone repair types out there? Question?

TGIF!!! Join the fun!

Oh joy! There's a Southern Patriot shop only about 10 miles from me

It is possible for a dry cleaner to shrink clothes?

Friday, June 16. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I have been invited to join the DFL Senior Caucus

How come?

Are you a mod or a rocker?

Bad sunburn.

One good excuse.

Post your idea of heaven....

Thank you for not banning me

What is your service-people pet peeve? The kind who come to your house.

This is so WRONG on SO many levels

Old ink redone

DU ladies - flip-flops to work in a business suit?

My Ophthalmologist Has A Framed Photo Of George Bush On His Office Wall...

EMI is gonna fight them pirates on youtube!

My two cents on hot dogs.

Fun with credit card offers; I used the business reply envelopes

Superman Returns clips here, for those who care

Why does moral fiber cost too much bread?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/16/06)

Alcoholic whipped cream is just a damn great thing!

Why Can't I Get A Siphon Tube Down Into My Car's Gas Tank?

Anyone heard of Arbonne International?

Can I get in on this hugs thing?

Holy crap it's nearly 11 o'clock! Time for bed!

I wanna make something else CLEAR

what foods seem to give you funny dreams?

For all the Crackpots out there...

10 Questions Tread: Re: Comic Books turned into movies

Cats that look like Hitler!

Hey pill lovers, i gotta give my pill a cat twice daily... How the f--- do

Hey cat lovers, i gotta give my cat a pill twice daily... How the f--- do

The results are in! -- Dog breeds ranked by intelligence

Could you imagine being this guy?

Most addictive spice/seasoning

My Friday's night ask me a difficult question thread.

Ouch that is harsh.

David Duval (PGA Golfer) is a registered Democrat...Doing well in US Open


Tell me.....Tell us about a happy day in your life

Post a picture of your nightmare car....

Single DU men - how far would you go to meet a nice young woman?

Is this whacked out, or what?

Who's Next: single, album, North American tour

One mojito at 8pm last night and I feel hungover now.

It's friday afternoon and we need more pics of Cats in Toilets

Happy Bloomsday!!!

Please tell me of a decent place to pick up chicks.

Post your dream dog here:

Tear-jerking sports moments?

Great Photo! Manhattan Solstice on Sunday, May 28 at sunset

I want to make something perfectly clear: Bluegrass music is NOT

"I'll just put off being a feminist... until it doesn't matter anymore?"

TGIF!!! What are your weekend plans?

What don't you understand about some people?


RADIOHEAD in NYC, MSG Night2 6/14 -- AWESOME!!!

SO, What is everyone doing for July 4th?

Post Bible Verses that You Know By Heart.

We haven't done a "Before & After" in a very long time.

Woohoo - I'm gonna see the Dixie Chicks in Philly

Local news just now; people w/ migranes and quality time w/kids

Does anyone watch "Kath and Kim"?

what the funkandwagnel is going on around here...

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Transcendence/Immanence - Religion/Philosophy

What God Wants

The Catholics are debating changing their liturgy again.

Former Senator, Episcopal Priest Danforth Warns Episcopalians on Issues

Fibromyalgia symptoms: Acupuncture provides relief

Support something bipartisan -- the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act

Rat study shows dirty better than clean

Md. governor cans Metro appointee for anti-gay remark

Arkansas: Gay foster parents ban protects kids

EU Overwhelmingly Votes To Condemn Homophobia

Study: Gay Marriage Could Be Cash Cow For Washington State

Have any of youse seen this listing for the 30 yr anniversary

Danforth warns Episcoplians on gay issues

"If a man can beat you, walk him."

I have a jobinterview nextweek that just happened to fall on my birthday

Anyone know any good chaos protection spells?

"It" said something about Murtha that lacks an adjective to describe

I need a pic thread. John Kerry and all the woman that love him.

Kerry on Road to the White House this Sunday at 6:30 PM on C-SPAN

Hi I posted this. Hope you all like it.

Hey gang - - Parry needs help.

John Kerry on the Week of Phony Iraq Debate

New PAC proposed (Warning: Satire Alert!) at We Love John Kerry!

knowing how we all love the smallest scraps of love for JK

Believe it or not, I actually put up a poll

The peace majority

The Repugs are voting on their IRAQ resolution TODAY

Kerry editorial today

What Rep Henry Hyde (R-Dipshit) said about Sen. Kerry 6/15

great article on yahoo.

JK quoted on PRI public radio--my local affiliate

Statement from Kerry's office on yesterday's GOP stunt in the Senate:

Kerry Slams Republican’s for Pentagon Talking Points in Forced Iraq Debate

Alaska Adventure #6 - Gold Dredge #8

A little wildlife

Buzzflash interviews Nancy Skinner

A question

Heads up! "Stretch" is hosting Hardball tonight!!

My take on the "Email" Dust-up

To environmentalists, ecofeminists and/or Wiccans: if you could help me

Propaganda in high gear this week!

2,500 American men and women troops now dead in W's war

Excellent slideshow video "2500" by DUer sakabatou

Bought my tickets for tomorrow's "Inconvenient Truth" showing.

Zarqawi Documents: "Al-Qaida Sought U.S.-Iran War"...(same as Fox News !)

Would it be against the rules if a company "rented" my avatar?

Any DUers in Chicago this weekend?

Kerry should be written & asked to get involved in this-great opportunity

If it was up to Pelosi and Murtha, Al Zarquai would still be alive?

just heard a caller on Bernie Ward say the following:

"Sacrifice in Iraq leads to visit with president"

Just rocking and remembering...

"The Democrats are debating EACH OTHER over Iraq"

Gimme some Truth

You don't need medication to treat your Attention Deficit Disorder.

Gelliebean's Latest Weekly News for 6-11-06

New blog

WaPo: Malvo Claims 4 Other Shootings, Source Says

Whatever happened to the woman who murdered her

What is your favorite old school game show?

we need a david to fight bush's goliath ...

"This is not the time to go all Wobbly", taunts a repub war pig.

Today's Vote In The House

(VIDEO) Henry Rollins takes on the FCC

Question for the hawks...Where are the weapons?

language change: most are terrorists,--NOT insurgents. I have noticed

Josh Bolten and the Compassionates

Dem Leader Nancy Pelosi On Iraq: "A Grotesque Mistake"...

One day later - GM Plant u-turns on GM-Car only parking rule

China calls for closer Iran ties

Bush DID Get His Mojo Back. Just Not The One They Are Talking About..

c-span wj - richard wolfe (newsweek)

Mary Cheney Syndrome Strikes Candidate (R) for Frist's Senate Seat

I'm painting my sign now. I'll be thinking of them. Hope my sign doesn't

So what is the GOP platform for Nov?

I firmly believe, based on past success,that if Gore

The list of republican cowards, draft dodgers, and chickenhawks

Study: Blacks Hear Better Than Whites

$319bn in 2006 for Iraq Occupation Alone

Miles O'Brien...snake in the grass. His interview with the pastor

A Ten-Point Plan for Media Democracy

I understand Bush got this back. I'm glad for him. However, he should

Cunningham Said to Have Helped Limo Firm

BOO! The "New Face Of Terror!" The new leader of AQ-in-Iraq!

GOP and Iraq - Take America on a Guilt Trip

Make Levees, Not War

What will a "Democratic Majority" accomplish after November?

Nancy Pelosi up on the floor of the House - C-span

Iraq IS the frontline in the War on Terror

3 days since the "Iraq War Summit"

So what's this "North American Union" item righties are ranting about?

DHS Stands by Anti-Terror Cuts (to DC and NY)

Galileo Redux?

DNC: Iraq by the Numbers -

Democracy in Iraq is Important? Why Did Bush Piss-away the Last 4 Years?

Mean Jean Schmidt now talking about "freedom-loving people."

Oops, Iraqi and US officials condradict regarding Zarqawi Document

I just find the entire Republican stance to be mentally unstable, we...

MSNBC: not many members will vote "present," on the House GOP resolution

The Don't-Bother-to-Knock Rule

Bush Military Hisotry Project #12

My new "regime change" graphic

Spending 10 billion a month on Iraq and 1 billion mysteriously disappears

Is it wrong to ask for an "Exit Strategy"?


Oil Executives Worry About Iraqi Laws

Dan Rather confirms he'll leave CBS, at request of network execs

Does anyone else think "Operation Mountain Thrust"

House GOP nears vote on Iraq withdrawal

Randon thought on secure voting

Reader Mail: The Friday Fruitcakes

It's not a "War on Terror"; call it what it is: War on Islam.

I'm sick and tired of * &Cheney using our money for 'WANT TO' wars

FYI - James Webb - live blogging @ Daily Kos June 16, 3 pm

Republicans: pro-genocide?

Is there anything in the Iraq resolution that gives them ok for Iran?

I always vote.. even in school board elections but I have never been

Another gem from Anu Garg

Heads up, voting on the Iraq resolution!


"We like to eat whale meat"

In about an hour Al Gore will be interviewed by Al Hunt on Bloomberg

US goes global w/it's war on piracy to protect US entertainment businesses

Memories of Soweto Linger in South Africa

With all the bad news out of Iraq today

Olbermann Forced To Apologize

The Peace Race

New al Quaida leader one of Bin Laden's Men?

The Republican Party is a Party in Denial

There goes our point that Congress never declared war...

This is not about Democrats vs Republicans as much as it is about....

Republicans Determined To Subvert The Will Of Americans Regarding Iraq

ATT Worldnet does irony?

Whoda thunk it?

Hooters Wants to Pay FEMA for Champagne

Just a reminder: This is for those of you defending Larry Johnson

Download Chimp's speeches on your iPod!!!

Walt Disney Stalks Your Child - Mark Morford

*: "This is called Rodeo on the South Lawn."

Powerful New Video on Controlled Demolition Hypothesis

Am I Reading The Vote Right - If All The Dems Voted No And All...

Where is the outrage?

Men jailed for gay barman murder - Horrific attack

Jefferson removed from W&M Cmte just announced and made

More Fun: See Congress Shake their Booty

good morning everyone

Should John Murtha be Majority Leader?

I love this guy's vlog -- Funny! -- on Bush in Iraq

Hillary Does Something Really Good (shock!)

Ted Kennedy was just beautiful


Had to share

Just called my idiot congressman and screamed in the phone

al Qaeda in Iraqi vows fight to "doomsday" or until the oil runs out

The House is starting up, last hour of IWR debate and vote, CSPAN1

Here are the 42 "Democrats" who voted yes (picked out from main list)

So all you have to do to win a war is declare that you'll prevail.

Initial Report on Haditha Killings Complete

MSM: What sectarian violence??? Chimp is making a COMEBACK!

Yippie! I got my first Zogby Poll today!

Who supports the troops?


Iraq war tied to no attacks in the United States: Cheney

Wanted: A Real Debate On Iraq

New Questions Raised About Halliburton Contracting

DU this MSNBC Poll: Should there be a timetable for pulling out of Iraq?

Westmoreland co-sponsors bill on the Ten Commandments and can't even name

"This Week with George Stephanopoulos" rests (must be no news this week)

Take the Friday Brentspeak Quiz:

All Italian troops to be pulled out by year end!

Does Lieberman Actually Think He Can Beat Lamont With This...?

No prosecution of FBI and others after looting the 9/11 crime scene

Iran bans The Economist magazine

If you've not had the chance to enjoy the thirty-somethings...

Hillary Clinton Calls for Privacy Bill

Bill Clinton Praises Evangelicals

AIG reveals personal data theft

42 Dem warlovers voted with the repugs to "stay the course"

Ann Coulter - would she be as popular if she were a man?

Remember these pictures of U.S. soldiers humiliating Iraqi civilians?

How will your Democratic rep vote on this resolution?

Have you been invited to join "NEWS:VIP" - (msnbc)

The Bush Bounce

2,500 dead: How many more? (Cindy Sheehan)

Boehner: Victory in Iraq....."for our kids" ???WTF???

Gitmo--A multifaceted USNB

I am opposed to a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq

teaching Gov. summer school. Propaganda today. Showed outfoxed

Poll: Concern For Global Warming Up, In Spite of Gore's Unpopularity

"Hello, this is _____ from BB&T Mortgage...."--a little lesbian rant.

Blue Cross RANT

If the Repuke amnesty was in place 2 weeks ago does that mean Al-Zarqawi

A day after Coulter love-fest, Leno's unforgivable joke about Kennedy

Justification for Tapping Phone Lines

O'Reilly has strong message for the Democratic Party...

John Dean on State Secrets Privilege: "ACLU v. National Security Agency"

A perfect conservative issue for Democrats

"Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last?

Bush Claimed Iraq Opposed Timetable-Day After Iraq VP Asked Him For One

Bush Adm. Causes Skin Cancer (Halted Sunscreen Regs and Testing)

Land Deal Gives Hastert 300% Profit - $2,000,000 He Makes

Sen. Reid Strikes Back At WH For Calling Dead Troops "A Number"

On Point this morning burned my a**

Preview! Robert Greenwald's "Iraq For Sale'

Un freaking believable

People can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.

It's time for the terrorists to change their laptop passwords from "jihad"

Why we will never leave or pull out Iraq while moron* is in power...

Today's Republican Party makes Al Capone's Chicago look like Disney World.

Bush has his "mojo" back; Republicans don't want to "cut and run"

Katherine Harris In Hot Water For Accepting Excess Campaign Donations

How will you address the Troll Army?

Political Cartoon Supporting Coulter

"Why I Should Win the DFA Contest." by Nancy Skinner

Trivializing Corruption

Need help - Repug co-worker says:

LIVE: Progressive sketch comedy in NYC - Saturday

Is a 50-state strategy enough?

A Rant for my dead friend :: "My" R-Rep in Congress, his supporters

Oh wonderful: Ann Coulter to author another book...

Specter: Reid Not A "Deep Thinker" & Kerry Is "Like A High School Orator"

What shocks me is not that the GOP lies, what shocks me is that common

A rant on health care and capitalism

Trolls lurk here, just like they do in real life

Beinert's question: What is more dangerous to liberalism?

Pattern Recognition in the Bush Media Era


Ed Schultz, "I still haven't finished Kennedy's article but I will talk ..

Pedophile Homeland Security Aide:Bush Nice Guy, Bad Pres, Not Bright, Liar

A Lesson in Defending Yourself - For Personal and Political Purpose

Barney Frank: if this war is the success GOP claims, why can't we get out?

A Flag-burning Amendment would, by definiton, be constitutional.

Jonathan Alter on The Guy James Show today!

Total Info Awareness Lives On - Stripped of Privacy & Abuse Protections

Give unto Friday what belongs to Friday. Cometh and please CAPTION!!!

Biggest Recipient of Government Handouts

New Jersey Demands Data on Phone Call Surveillance and Is Sued by U.S.

Watch the best of the Iraq speeches at Nancy Pelosi's youtube page

Bill aims to make national water standards voluntary

Buchwald, Continuing Comeback-Confronts Coulter-Wicked Witch of the Right

Lieberman finally gives in to Ned Lamont's challenge for a debate.

New Progressive Show! Bruce Burch Radio Program 5-7pm ET Daily

Luskin:"I like & respect Karl Rove so much, I'm relieved I didn't screwup"

Snow:"..number three in al Qaeda...has a relatively short life expectancy"

Well, the Bumper Sticker machine got loose again...

Yates Ordered To Surrender To Jail As Retrial Approaches

Malloy on Imus

MA National Guard "Youth Service Medal" recognizes children's sacrifices.

Question About Troop Deployment

Who does the House of Representatives represent?

2500 Troops Dead For A Lie - photo

The double standard treatment in the so-called 'librul' media

The BIGGEST STORY TODAY that Dems and left media need to GET ON NOW

Floridians terrorized by cold-blooded reptilian killing machines...

I heard Wolfie say that Clinton's Approval Rating never went below 50%

E&P: Coulter 9/11 Widow Comments Treated Different From Ted Rall's

Are you emotionally prepared to lose this November?

I like and respect Ricky Martin.

Just in case anybody is interested in White Rose Society usage statistics.

Rove could be star witness in Libby trial

Two coalition soldiers reported missing on CNN.

Meet Charles P. "Chip" Griffin, Kingpin of Right-wing Professional Trolls.

Forlone the Friday without a CAPTION!!!

'Nother run in with ma neighbor . . .

Jackson, Ms. mayor wants to bring in Nat. Guard to thwart city crime

the GOP is starting the "stab in the back" defense

Iraqi papers have Bush`s stink all over them.

Any mental health pro (besides Dr. Justin Frank) who thinks B*sh is nuts?

If you care about Net Neutrality, then

Jack Murtha coming up on CNN Situation Room 5:47

The Republicans Used our Troops to prop up their failed policies

TX Mom Fights To Keep Baby Alive-Bush Law Says Take OUT Breathing Tube!

Sandra Berhard lays the smack down on Elizabeth on the view this morning

I'm fine with Annie Coulter., She's smart and funny.....and booorrring.

Comedy Central ads: "We had fake news before CBS hired Katie Couric."

The Chimp's "good week" in Iraq was entirely one-time events.

Are the Republicans backing up Ann Coulter with her Murtha Attack?

And Bill Clinton once tried to make him a member of his cabinet

Lawyers: Marines threatened in Iraq probe

Rove attacks blogs

Just Asking: no-knock police searches

Which Republicans of the past would be Dems now?

Was Lieberman as VP the Neocons "Backup plan"?

Caption Condi and Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema

Judge Who Ruled Death Penalty Unconstitutional Sentences Man To Death

One Last Bumper Sticker for the week, this one by request...

I do not want my tax dollars paying for fundraising

How long did it take for DeLay to quit his Majority Leader job?

FEMA To Cut Cash Payments To Disaster Victims ($2000 down to $500)

Dukakis In A Tank, 2006.

Newspaper Clients, and Syndicate, Stick With Coulter

Liar An-Qoultar calls Newsweek Mag a LIAR, and gets busted by NEWSMAX!

See who the 42 cowards in the House are.

Iraq: The Continuous War (Video)

Today's climate change snapshot: "Air conditioners come to the Arctic"

Damn google adds! they are locking up my browser these damn

TROLLS, SMOLES, enough kid games: DIG THIS.........

New Ron Suskind ("Against All Enemies") Book To Make News This Weekend?

So If A pResident Opens Up Another "Front" On The War On Terror

Anyone else have a problem with NPR's homesland security story today?

Paul Begala on CNN: Bush has never been above 50% his second term...

McKinney off the hook

So North Korea is testing a missile

Thirty years ago today...

Is society too scientific?

The two missing American soldiers in Iraq...

Palast: African-American Voters Scrubbed by Secret GOP Hit List

House Res. #321A: "To Make Repubs Grab a Rifle or Shut the Fuck Up"

2501 Reasons why the DSM is Important

If you can't pay the electric bill, is it a sign of a financial crisis?

Colo. court OKs common-law marriage for 15-year-old girls

What I found at Kroger when Buying my groceries today (Globe)

Was Stalin right?

Many Iraqis have been killed because of the U.S. use of checkpoints

That's it. Congress is officially BROKEN.

That urchin Cheney must think that someone somewhere cares

DHS Credibility On Line As Duke/Limo Co. Letter Surfaces

Another * pic to catpion - another funny face

Soundbites destroy depth and context-

Maine Democratic Party establishes College Fund for children of Guardsman

Murtha is on Situation room now

Hello Congressional Democrats: Russert Said 80% of Dems DISAPPROVE of Iraq

Mrs. Betty Bowers reviews Miss Ann Coulter (oh, and her new book, too)

Colbert must support Lieberman NOW!!!

Bush main speech writer resigns

Final House Vote Tally on Resolution - 4s Dems Vote Yes

Please DU this poll

Almost 6 years into Presidency, Bush FINALLY does one thing right.

'Bush is a liar,' WMD's are ' total lie to go to war'

Come and knock on my door - well, not really. (Hope it's no dupe.)

Annibal Lectour's latest book

why no wedding ring.......*..........????

Freewayblogging on I-93 (MA) today

What was the worst Presidential screw up?

Caption this * pic - ROFL

Tom Petty Live On Internet Tonight

Interesting "TIME" magazine cover - October 31, 1977

* Photo Ops--Iraq one day--Suburban Seattle soon after

Oh, goody. The Heritage Foundation has a new family FACTS website

Citizen spook weighs in on Rove & Fitz

Sleezy Republican Ploy hurting the Troops more than Murtha/Kerry

Looking for source of Bush quote "There ought to be limits to freedom"

MURTHA is MY kind of leader--MY kind of man! WOOF! Ripped 'em a new one!

Thom Hartmann sitting in for Sam and Janeane on AAR now

Every time you hear a Repug say "freedom"..

Rove discloses $2,073 hunting rifle gift

I think Larry Johnson just jumped the shark.

Fighting Coulter using her own methods

Gohmert Pyle is a great Murkin Paytreeott! He sure told that Jack Murtha!

Thank you DU - My sanity preserved

Bush policy adviser would support jail for doctors who performed abortions

NYT: Dan Rather Considering HDNet Offer From Mark Cuban

Sirota is on PBS tonight..NOW..and neither Tampa area station carries it.

Campbell Brown: Bush has his "mojo" back...Carville NAILS her!!!!

Allow me to rant for a moment - I am PI**ED off at wife's neurologist

"It's a number."

What fucking PLANET does Frist live on?

steal this banner ...

Warm Welcome for * in Seattle (Dialup warning PICS)

9-11 Whistleblowers: "... The price is so high for telling the truth."

Lieberman - Out of touch and out of his mind.

MSNBC, CNN, and FOX (of course) Gushing over Bush's "Comeback."

Rep John Duncan - R-TN is ripping into repug reasons for

After reading about the Food 4 Kids backpack program, I wrote a LTTE

Officials Block Entry of Greek Professor to US

The open animosity for Rep. McKinney expressed here . . . without cause

Seems all black women look alike to Tony Snow

Bolten, Rumsfeld, Cheney now building their own International Army

The Lancet: Iraqi Civilian Deaths: 300,000 estimated

Ann Coulter advocates murder now? So...what are we going to do?

wolfie was reporting that the prez is going to new mexico for a fund

It's Cruise Night here!

Larry Johnson and Karl Rove's mother

Why Coulters book is #1

GOP Strategist tries to pick up (lesbian) girls

Tell them to tell Bush to send over the twins. They can bunk with me.

MSRNC: Crowley's back. Maury CHUNG & Connie cancelled

Iraq: Their families were called in and tortured to force the detainees...

Fighting for a Fair Vote

MySpace Has Bought out 7 Theatres to Show An Inconvenient Truth - FREE

Father’s Day Reflections on a Son Lost: by Michael Berg

Just home from the $500 a plate dinner protest.

A Quick Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Eliminating Saddam's WMD.

Daou: Jay Leno and George Carlin sat like trembling lambs

I havent seen much about the rising crime rates

A national security poll that truly EXEMPLIFIES Democratic and GOP efforts

Thank God For Murtha

Founding Fathers and the Vote

Cut And Rob...Republicans are about as unpatriotic, as it gets.

Have they found a cure for being straight yet?

Ann Coulter-Godless for 20 cents! TOO FUNNY.

What are your feelings about

Grand Jury declines to Indict Cynthia McKinney

David Sirota calls John Stossel a "Smarmy Looking Liar" on Kudlow & Co.

Here's a story that will make you proud to be a member of the Human Race.

A Friday special from a 96 year old lady

Deliberate scrubbing of Black Iraq vet votes! - (Palast)

Murtha ROCKS! Repubs have NO right to say "WE'RE Fighting in Iraq"

Bush Claimed Iraq Opposed Timetable-Day After Iraq VP Asked Him For One

Larry Johnson: George Bush Sanctioned Rape Rooms?

Kansas (!) Paper Drops Coulter

RAWSTORY: Bill aims to make national water standards voluntary

Keep babbling on about Islamofascism and

Sex Fines Without Merit

Connect dots: Re data on vets & active duty + GOP voter challenges

Some Please Remind The Right Who Set America's Expectations For Iraq!

An acid test for EVERY Democratic Presidential Candidate.

New book - Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?

Many Democrats "lack the will to win,"

Who here visits

[DON'T] Get Out Your Tinfoil Hats

Is It Personal Yet? The Naming Names Project

Democratic Donors Seeking Young Vote, Frustrated with Dean's effort

What do you think really happened with Fitz and Rove?

Who do the DLC/New Democrats think is going to work "on the ground"

Since when does it qualify as good news that your top guy wasn't indicted?

Republicans get letters from the troops

You know, another Wes Clark campaign will be pretty interesting....

A Bouquet for Friday Morning. Smell sweet the CAPTIONS!!!

Bring U.S. troops home by end of '06 By Sen. John Kerry

MOLLY IVINS ASKS: Does the World See Bush As a Moron?

"My Favorite Republicans" This is so bad it is funny...

E&P: Latest Ann Coulter Outrage: On Fragging John Murtha

Caption this * pic...

Colbert, Westmoreland and those other 8 pesky Commandments

A Question For The Economic Doomseekers


Five questions that rock the conservative world

A request to all that read and lurk and contribute

People are doing strange things to save money (dumpster diving, no TP)

I think this is a BIG problem

The history of Unions

Murtha slaps down Republican punk

What the new Democratic platform SHOULD be.

Sherrod Brown & Ned Lamont Urge Liberals to Push Progressive Vision

Tell Joe not to go.

Freeps ask "What will the environmentalists and DUers say about this?"

Photos: 2500 dead in Iraq...hey, let's throw a Congressional Picnic!

Kerry Slams Republican’s for Pentagon Talking Points in Forced Iraq Debate

Great Forum to take on the conservatives

I love CSPAN.

Bush Cried in Saddam's Old Ballroom???

Houston Chronicle: A fifth of U.S. visa applicants reportedly unchecked

Houston Chron blogger posts about 50 state strategy, red states changing.

"any work to do to rebuild credibility that might have been lost"? I

Repug Endorse Amnesty For Terrorists As Iraqi PM Fires Aid Who Proposed i

Bush asks: "What is our goal, can it be met, and when do we leave?"

DU Virginia - George Allen Advertizement

Bush: "vague, endless deployments is the swift solvent of morale"

Yep, that's what's important

What would Eisenhower now say about the Military Industrial Complex?

My hat's off to Ann Coulter.

The Democrats should all abstain when the GOP resolution goes to vote

Three Cheers For SD Democrats ... Fighting Abortion Ban

A gop resolution to titillate those who have never served

Blue vs. Red State Education

Tweety on a roll: Bush is Churchill, Giuliani in 2008, Bilbray's the best

One house Republican Stands Up To Boehner's Spin on Iraq

When confronting a freepturd who crows about Zarqawi's death, consider:

Read Buzzflash's interview with Nancy Skinner

Promising more death and chaos to get votes??

Stern's Union Looks to a Church for Inspiration

How long will we not "cut and run?"

Knocking on doors

U.S.-Indian Nuclear Deal Puts Israel In Hot Seat

O'Reilly: "They're after Lieberman, their own Democrats are after him"

Land Deal Gives Hastert 300% Profit (buys land, Congress gives road, sell)

$518 billion dollars !

Bill O'Reilly endorses Lieberman

Gifts to Bush from foreign leaders: $10K sniper's rifle, fertilizer, whip

Aren't the 700+ signing statements actually vetos? Can't we argue that

Antonin Scalia is typical of what's wrong with America

Am I getting a whiff of desperation in the gop resolution?

COLONEL Murtha I salute you

San Diego Bouncers!!!

Please don't get angry at the 42 Democrats that voted for the resolution!

"OutFoxed" used it today as part of a Propaganda lesson

Balderdash Buzz Words

Fixing a broken health care system.

Need voting breakdown

Will "traditional media" talk about the White Flag Democrats

How to defeat the Left on Manliness

My DD/BlogPac Releases Results of Netroots Survey

Video of Rove’s Non-response to David Corn Regarding Plame Leak

What my dear old lifelong (R) friend said to the repub telemarketer

Our Soccer Team had to be moved to an Army Base in Germany

Ed Rogers on the Chris Matthews Show

Kucinich on $66 billion for "mass death on the installment plan"

-- Sign this petition against military action against Iran --

So, timetables are good to push Welfare Queens into working by knowing

"Why I Should Win the DFA Contest." by Nancy Skinner

Murtha up next Live with Wolf in the situation room...

Semantic Sensitivity

The E-Mail I sent Nancy Skinner (Dem Candidate for 9th District, MI)

I need your help NOW to get DFA help for Phil! - Mayor Herb Riede

Sunset Commision and you.

Murtha just finished speaking on House floor. His answer to "Cut and Run"

Liberal is the New Black

CBS NEWS: 9-11 Fraud/FBI silent

Were these elections stolen?

Duh, I missed the Bush thing with the blind reporter. Can someone

Rep. McKinney will NOT be indicted per DC local news

House race polls?

Send Kids of War Supporters

China tries NY Times researcher (BBC)

In one bellwether Iowa county, Democrats upbeat

Troop Abuse

Bush's "Mojo" Sweeps M$M Coverage, What Scandals are Buried?

History Channel: Fog of War (McNamara) Saturday Night

CNN Airing A Second "Week At War" (Regular Weekly Show?)

GOP tries to remove Delay lawsuit to Federal Court

Has anyone noticed more Republicans smoking today? Drinking more wine?

Bush's real plan for immigration...

A Telling Silence - DEM Agenda Skips the War

Bush policy adviser would support jail for doctors who performed abortions

The Bush administration screws up world health efforts

MI Gov. Ras poll: Granholm (D) 44%, Dick "scAmway" DeVos (R) 42%

DNC Chairman Howard Dean Applauds Court Decision on NH Phonejamming

Freeps react to "Grand jury has declined to indict Rep. Cynthia McKinney"

Another catchy phrase: Battered Citizen Syndrome

You know what scares me more than the Kool-Aide drinkers?

Republican Strategists, Sex, MySpace, and Pride: A Heartwarming DC Tale

"LMFAO" Photo: "Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema listens to Condi"

Iraqi forces: 265,000 trained. Goal: 272,566. Bring the troops home!

New FAIR Study: Media Cites to Progressive Think Tanks a Whopping 13%

Study: Wal-Mart Can Afford Low Prices, Higher Wages

Tony Snow: "I apologize for being an idiot"

Knives, rifles and a whip. Are Bush's gift-givers trying to say something?

Our House and Senate "leadership" fails us yet again

DU this CNN poll: Should electronic voting be abandoned?

Did we ever find out what RW nut case took a pot-shot at the judge

No = 219 Yes = 214 Defeated - If.......

now we know why they wanted to be able to take your land

States Losing Ability to Protect Public Due to Federal Preemptions

Specter panders: Slams Kerry,/Reid/Dems, defends magic bullet

Is Joe Lieberman going down?


An Answer to "Cut and Run".....

I`m bordering on fury.

Dr. Justin Frank on Bush: "He is Insane" (interview on Randi's show)

Who's Your Daddy Party

GOP Congress Out of Touch With Americans on War

All Things Being Equal, My Ass!

As we continue our folly in Iraq, America is falling prey to real threats

Republican Strategist asks Pride Parade girl "Where do you go to school?"

Kucinich: The American people will bring an end to the war

John Kerry on the Week of Phony Iraq Debate

Is there any update on the DSCC debacle?

How do people vote?

Oppose Blackwell!

What's this 'we' shit, chickenhawks?

Political Challenge: Dealing with the LEGITIMATE conservative concerns

A request to all that read and lurk and contribute

Attacking Olbermann, attacking the truth

WE are now MAINSTREAM. That means U as in DU.

Connie Schultz: Women Can Have Major Influence on Politics

Attention lurking Greens: I'll make a deal with you.