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Archives: June 15, 2006

Vets finding it difficult returning to 9 to 5 America...

Bernanke May Know Too Much

USA Today: Congress keeps itself, public in the dark on surveillance

Jihadist or Victim: Ex-Detainee Makes a Case

Power Grab

Dollar Falls Against Major Currencies

Night flights worsen climate change: study

Noxious 'Green Slime' Returning to Great Lakes

Revealed: the shrapnel evidence that points to Israel's guilt

Hamas leaders ..... order halt to Qassam fire

World Gov't Conspiracy?---Why not fly out of LaGuardia?

Bilbray vs. Busby: So How About a REAL Audit?

New E-Voting Paper by Doug Jones, Rips Vendors, State Officials

2 progresive wins City Council seats in Runoff in Trenton & Newark NJ

Ken Blackwell loves seeing so few recommendations on the Daily Thread

What do folks know about Iowans for Tax Relief

Government argues security certificates necessary to protect national secu

Judge Rules That U.S. Has Broad Powers to Detain Noncitizens Indefinitely

Harper's Tories Lead by Nine Points in Canada

SAN FRANCISCO Concern over lab's plan to test microbes

Russia limits foreign money in oil and gas

Russian world-first: A floating nuclear plant

Iraq conflict fuels rise in global refugees

Military Officials Cancel Guantanamo Visits by Lawyers and Journalists

Father queries Guantanamo suicide

Senator says FDA not cooperating on antibiotic

Bush: E-Mail on Alberto 'Inappropriate'

Iraq Amnesty Plan May Cover Attacks On U.S. Military

United Airlines to cut 1,000 salaried jobs

Bus Bomb Kills 10 Workers in Afghanistan

Stolen computer server sparks ID theft fears

Lieberman must decide whether to run as independent candidate

GOP Measure Forces House Debate on War

WP: Inflation Eroding Buying Power: Prices Increase as Wages Decline

Iraq invasion is blamed as thousands resign from TA (Britain)

Drake campaign takes on TV affiliates over attack ad

Bullets 'flooding Baghdad market'

Officials sued over phone records access

HUD plans to demolish some of New Orleans' largest housing projects

Bush signs bill removing Keys from state list of critical areas

WP/AP: Gay Episcopal Bishop Says He's 'Not an Abomination'

Bush apologizes to vision-impaired reporter

Chandlers Say Tribune Strategy Has Failed: Call for Tribune Co. breakup

Judge Rules That U.S. Has Broad Powers to Detain Noncitizens Indefinitely

House votes to ease rule on food sales to Cuba

Officials Seeking Source of Lethal Heroin Mixture

Colombia leads the world in union murders: report

HOW MANY "Greatest Hit-on Lines" can one person list?


The "listen to me wine" thread

I think my puppy might have got stung by a bee, any suggestions?

Anyone who hasn't voted yet in the DFA poll, Nancy Skinner

"Countdown to Doomsday" anyone watching?

why can we see dead people on tv, but not nipples?

I got my VA letter - do I want it? ---------No n/t

On Hiatus until after June 21. Going where the internets are


Criss Angel is about to make a big fat Republican disappear on MINDFREAK

Anyone else getting the "psychic Valentine's Day reading" banner?

Question: When you put somebody on Ignore, can you

A New Outbreak! Must read!

I'm off to bed.

Car question

Amazin' day in sports (SPOILERS WITHIN)

I think there is a telephone cord tangler fairy that comes in here...

Just made a pot of Golden Monkey (Fujian black) tea - who wants some?

Just spent a half or so entering data. Finished. I did wrong year.

Damn, I forgot to buy Powerball tickets today!

Rule of thumb: once a thread tops 100 posts...

Damn I love hockey!

I'm on a fairly tight budget. Hardwood or laminate?

GOAL Edmonton! In OT!

Dixie Chicks update

graphing calculator --- what should I know about buying one?

Oh, Hell's Bells! I'm In The 700 Club! HELP!! Ask Me Anything!

Worst Casting for a Movie Sequel?

I herebye declare my love for The Spinners

Recent Oldies heard: "Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough" & "Rock With You"

Do you invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds , etc. Hows it doing?

google image: Adam's apple

For how many years have you been boycotting Wal-Mart?

what's that? a lack of baby photos in the lounge, you say?

The nastiest drink ever...

something light-how many DUers are tattooed?

Have you ever worked out with a Medicine Ball?

Hello! Mildly inebriated on a Wednesday night.

Sears Silvertone Guitars

you see before you...a landscape, what word describes that scene...

Greatest Baseball Player of all time...

Why is one man's poison ok,the other sends you to jail?

Leno Coulter/Carlin thread (Spoilers within)

OK! New tonight...The sky ...the seas at sunset...dial-up warning....

DU's poll system is an embaressment!

I have a job interview tomorrow.

Did I really hear that guy taking Keith Olbermann's place...

Car buying tips?

The US Zip Code for France

I got your poll right here!

New HP 'puter...How do I stop the fucking AOL ad from popping up

Still Stuck In The 700 Club! HELP ME!!! Ask Me Anything!!

Do You Eat Lobster?

Another PICTURE thread!!!

I just snapped. It is over. I hate fucking Microsoft Windows.

In your opinion, the best Star Trek actor

Is DU's poll system an embarrasment?

Bowing to a dictator Christ

Some scary shit I found

Senator says FDA not cooperating on antibiotic

Thawed chicken. Any caveats?

Let the kids rot in foster care

Four arraigned in N.Y. singer's beating (Kevin Aviance)

Conservatives defend embattled anti-gay Bush appointee

2006 World Cup thread

What do you do with people like this?

Can anyone please comment and recommend this diary?

this isnt about kerry. about joe wilson. but yawl are smart

Anyone who hasn't voted yet in the DFA poll, Nancy Skinner

Countdown to Ava

KOEB - 6/14 - Flag Day edition

Dear Keith,

Please give me all your rock songs that mention America:

One America Committee (John Edwards )

VIDEO: Satann Coulter- The REAL face of the Republican Party

Bush: "I'd love to close Guantanamo down..."

You want to know how I feel right now?

Someone please youtube Carlin v. Coulter tonight on Leno.

House members protest GOP blocking of Iraq debate by tying hands

You couldn't convince American's to go into an imperialistic war but.....

A New Outbreak! Must read!

"Republican National Security"

Smithsonian adds to exhibit during Bush's Glory Week

WTF: Some of the Google Ads are right wing?!?!

Daryl Hannah and John Quigley to be on Larry King live tonight. . .

Anyone who hasn't voted yet in the DFA poll, Nancy Skinner

VH1 the drug years on now

Dissent in America?

Scabbourough idiot trashing Dixie Chicks bad. Don't make me watch

For what shall it profit W if he gain the whole world, & lose his soul?

Arthur, I would follow you now. We need you now.

The Most Repulsive RW Crappy Bumper Sticker! Lately!

Violence dips as Baghdad crackdown begins

Rice: International Religious Liberty A U.S. Priority

Dick Wadhams vs Dave Mudcat Saunders

Who are the 18 Families who are pushing for the repeal of the Estate Tax?

Bush Rejects Calls for Pullout From Iraq (try making sense of this!)

FYI on Fitzgerald (from 2005) and some good news (I think)

Congressman Conyers: Good article on signing statements

"Stolen" VA records used to create republican votes?

Watch David Sirota tonight on "The Colbert Report."

Commander In Chief on ABC, east coast....coming on now.

Truthout standing down on the Rove matter

Help Needed

The Revolution Will Not be Televised

Independents favor Harold Ford Jr. 2 to 1!!!

Question for people who "spy" on RW radio (Limbaugh):

Finding Osama: The Poll

First it was the War on Xmas. Now it's the War on Fathers

Bush apologizes to L.A. Times reporter

We Can Do This!

How come minimum wage is not tied to the COLA ??

Bush Speechwriter Leaves Post After 7 Yrs.

Literally spewed cheerios at Jon Stewart's bit on Bush mindreading!

There's an old sayin' we have...

Watch the famous Dixie Chicks performance in London online tomorrow!

Russert is such a TOOL!!!

Rate the most outrageous pundits (AOL poll)

So now war is supposed to be "funny" and a "joke"?

Tell me more about anyone Beta testing it?

Joe "dead intern" is a prick. Trashed everyone tonight

Nightmare Scenario (from Common Dreams - good read)

Need some help! Who is Tom Harris?

Hot and Heavy

Please tell me you all saw Colbert's "Better Know a District"

eBay Bush pic for $30 million! a pic of the coffins -4 your eyes only

Rice and Powell said Saddam was no threat in 2001

alright, as if it could be foretold, bush is talking tough about his...

Bush said he was "Going upstairs to read". On Leno.

Is anyone watching William Delahunt on C-Span?

BINGO! Leno pegged Ann Coulter to Michael Moore.


Rep. Thelma Drake campaign takes on TV affiliates over attack ad

DU's poll system is an embaressment!

OH Goody I can get Anne Coulter's book for $1 at the Google ADD up there

Osama Been Forgotten....Memo misspells his name.

Do you ever feel sorry for the other side?

Good Zogby questions today

The Teevee gods are smiling on us tonight.

Pentagon Orders U.S. Reporters to Exit Guantanamo

So how's the investigation into the anthrax letter attacks going, mr bush?

This 1% increase in the polls for bush sounds like the...

Did Scarborough discover that Ava was a DUer and cancel her?

Thank you Ava Lowery & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - you both

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in

Sunday Bloody Sunday By Bush - have not seen this VIDEO here yet >>>>

Bush admits socialism is a good ideear.

The Donald Cheats? -- F-O-R-E!!!

Lamont 40%, Lieberman 46% - Primary Poll, Rasmussen

Mexican presidential elections:The firebrand on Bush's doorstep

New BBV thread w/ 10 votes not showing on Greatest. Help anyone?

Best. Fucking. Quote. EVER: Digby....

82nd Airborne going to IRAN????

Heads-up! Coulter vs. George Carlin on Leno tonight 11:30 (EST)

The seven deadly words of DU...

Do you ever feel sorry for our side?

If the "party in power" owns the bully pulpit

i remember feeling like i was all out of oxygen everytime ronald or nancy

So I was talking to a retired fisherman at my local starbucks

TO & Rove, Coulter & Leno, Zogby & Digby? WTF??? Save the S. Central Farm!

If "The President" won't do what the people want, then why have one?

Big upsurge for Bush in new NBC poll--up 1-point to 37%

Unbelievable---on AOL right now

Global Corporate Fascist Oil Gouging Outsourced Inflation Is Good For You!

Why is South Park trashing hybrid cars?

DSCC Chair Chuck Shumer: May support Lieberman even as independent

What signs have we of implosion of the economy today? Crashin' yet?

Carlin vs. Coulter on Leno Tonite

Ad clips on the Daily Show against global warming?

I have NEVER seen a Woman make a COMPLETE ASS OF HERSELF on TV

One can call a woman a “bitch” but one can’t say the word “fuck” on air?

'Wonderful Life' Tops Inspiring Film List

Good news from down south. Mexico, that is.

If "Godless" is the #1 book in America, why are they giving it away free?

Dixie Chicks being trashed on Scarborugh for low tickets sales in

American Dunkirk 1940

Why is economic growth so wonderful if it benefits so few? (Robert Reich)

VIDEO: "The rich are killing us!" BBC's Greg Palast explains GOP class war

Would you patronize this dude's bar?

holy sh*t!letterman just killed me re:Coulter

Coulter and Carlin tonight on Leno.

haven't watched leno in a long while...he is obviously a repuke


Enough bullets made every year to shoot every person on the planet twice

U.S. Marine being probed over song on killing Iraqis

TOONS! TOONS! TOONS! Get 'em while they're hot! TOONS! TOONS!

What Web Only Blog/News outlets actually fund reporting and "primary" news

I need your vote NOW to help Kennedy defeat Sensenbrenner!

Leopold And TO And Rove, Oh My !!! Leopold And TO And Rove, Oh My !!!

US-led troops launch largest assault on Taliban since 2001

Kerry in '08

Somebody outed Plame and that somebody is still a Republican

CPAs; Why would a non-profit organization seek to hide its finances?

You know DUer's, if we had a few more brilliants like Dennis Kucinich toda

NOW is the time to keep your powder dry.

Truthout is "Standing Down on the Rove Matter"

jebus what is it with boys today??? moral values dead? online games bad?

Gee, Tweety just gave un-certified Brian Bilbray an endorsement!

ANYONE can file complaint about voting security breaches in San Diego

Media Exposes $1.5B FEMA Fraud -- Why Not $21B Iraq Fraud???

C&L Vid of Bush asking blind reporter if he's keeping his shades on

Lieberman weighs re-election bid options

A few questions regarding this Lieberman business

Condoleezza Rice: Southern Baptist Convention

What the RNC really laments about the Iraq War

Just for kicks, I think Holy Joe should go Independent & then Al Gore

I want a Democratic leader to scapegoat Corporations


John Edwards/Class Warfare Fight

Unofficial Coulter / Carlin / Leno thread

When MoveOn and The Christian Coalition Agree by John Edwards

Which American industry is the most corrupt/amoral/sociopath?

Republican/Democrat 06 fight..the gloves are off now.

Iraq war bill deletes US military base prohibition

Apathy or Greed. Which is more destructive to the human condition?

Guess I was wrong. Lamont within 6% of Lieberman... *New Poll*

Anyone who hasn't voted yet in the DFA poll, Nancy Skinner

Dems push honesty, Repubs push pride. Pride always wins.

I am more tolerant of ,,,,,,,

"If Rove Had Run Kerry's Campaign" plus Bill Maher and Shrum.

Am I the only one that feels bummed, burned out and turned off right now?

Jeb Bush: Davis "stupid" to send political e-mail as Alberto neared

DU's teen-phenom AVA on Scarborough tonight !!!!

Close Guantanamo-- Daily Star/Lebanon

The Principle of Universality

What If the Voters Don't Care?

The Eternal Value of Privacy

Soros Insider-Trading Verdict Upheld by Paris Court

Molly Ivins: Eye to Eye in Iraq

US gets itself in a noose with its core democratic values

S.Hawking: John Paul II Weighed in on beginning of Universe

CPS sends Cutoff Notice to over 1,000 San Antonio Soldiers

We believe the war would end if (alternet/comment)

Campaign 2006 – Top 10 Senate Races

JOSHUA FRANK: Zarqawi and Lesser-Evil Politics

Garrison Keillor: Note to Republicans - The Party's Over

New Doc: "Jesus Camp" /God's Army

Scooby's team (now) find "huge treasure" A-Q really wanted U.S.-Iran War

Introducing: iPod Toilet Roll - let's you roll with it

Coulter article – My editorial on Ann Coulter Thoroughly Confused Right Wi

Subverting the Constitution by Opposing the Flag

Specter falsely denied proposing amnesty for illegal eavesdropping

Global Warming/Local Hope

The Other Cheney Behind The Scenes (by Robert Dreyfuss)

Study: Homes less affordable -- Numbers worst ever

China 'ignoring cyclists' needs' (BBC)

Chile approves Andes gold project (BBC) {Pascua Lama, Barrick Gold}

The School of Big Storms (Sierra Club report)

Links for educating global warming doubters?

Global Garbage Washing Up On Remote Scottish Island - Reuters

Merapi Alert Status Ramped Up Yet Again - Reuters

Spanish Government Resists Regional Push To Control Rivers - Reuters

Alarm Bells Sounding Across Europe On Water Supplies, Temps - AFP

G8 Climate Pledges "All But Off The Agenda" - It's All About The OIl

20,000 Acres Burned To Date Across Northern Arizona - ENN

Thousands Of Kiwis w/o Power Days After Worst Blizzard In 50 Years - AFP

Mammal Believed Extinct For 11 Million Years Found In Laos - AFP

Has anybody visited "The Farm"?

The challenges facing an urban world (BBC) {>50% of humans in cities}

60 Tons Of Coal Tar Spills Into Northern Chinese River - AFP

Let's be intellectually honest.

more before/after pics of glaciers (Dialup warning)

Hundreds Of Bangladeshis Flee To Boats, Pursued By Rampaging Elephants

With A Little Help From Outside

PM Olmert to French Jews: I wish you'd come home to Israel

Militants detained after trying to kidnap Israeli girls

Israel changes tack on beach deaths

Three wounded as Islamic Jihad fires Qassams rockets at Sderot

Mother writes to PM over journalist killed in Gaza

Hamas militant killed in clashes in southern Gaza: spokesman

Europeans learned to loooove Israel, sort of

Abbas prepares security overhaul of crossin

Hamas Offers New Truce With Israel

IAF base commander quits in wake of statutory rape affair

Huge rise recorded in number of houses IDF razes in arrest raids

Never be afraid to ask questions...

WTC an albatross

Lead Headed Coincidence Theorists

there is nothing to see here

Superiors of Steven E Jones fired for questioning the official line


Collection of reactions to RFK

Courageous Schakowsky (D-IL): WAS 2004 ELECTION STOLEN? "ONLY ANSWER YES"

PDA declares No Confidence in Busby/Bilbray Election!--nat'l significance

PBS NewsHour tonight- "problems with electronic voting machines"

VR: Petition Demanding 100% Hand Recount of Busby-Bilbray Special Election

Felony laws as an impenetrable shield against electoral fraud.

Election Reform, Fraud,& Related News Thursday, June 15

Just got this e-mail regarding Freeman's book:

We have two years to convince Al Gore that the voting machines

Dobbs poll tonight asks if we should abandon electronic voting machines

Is there an alternative to DRE's that'll accomodate HAVA?

GuvWurld: What Does Withdrawing Consent Look Like?

Brad of on Thom Hartmann at top of hour!

Shouldn't this be called "Election UNreform?"

In a Diebold Election, Everyone Loses nm

Hey... this would be fun, wouldn't it?

I need some help from someone very familiar with AOL - mail

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" ("Who watches the watchers?")

Hank Gilbert's got a blog

Texas Monthly article on Governor's Race

Another Illegal Act by Rove & GOP?

Bravo! Austin NAACP, Sonia Santana, Nelson Linder, and Jim Harrington

Anybody here going on the KXEB Air America cruise?

Bell gets a big donation..

I "won" a 16 cup food processor

Looking for shredded chicken sandwich filling recipe

Summer desserts?

Opposition chips away at Tories on softwood deal

MPs fuss over obscene gesture

Attacks on students worry young Iraqis

At least 10 dead in Kandahar bus explosion

Military Officials Cancel Guantanamo Visits by Lawyers and Journalists

Marine may call Murtha as witness (Haditha)

Judge Rules That U.S. Has Broad Powers to Detain Noncitizens Indefinitely

Bus blast kills 62 in Sri Lanka

Australian police pepper-spray 10-year-old girl armed with scissors

WP,pg1: Crisis Seen in Nation's ER Care

Militants behead suspected ‘US spy’

Curb night flights to preserve climate

20 bombs hit south Thailand

11,907/6376 foreclosure/pre-foreclosures 27456 bankruptcies Texas is ...

10 Iraqis pulled from bus, gunned down

War on terror called failure

Iraq: 60 British soldiers a month suffer mental illness

Menendez holds edge in new poll

Study: Homes less affordable -- Numbers worst ever

Tacoma (WA ) Church Declares Itself Sanctuary For Servicemen

Grasso took Fifth (Amendment) over specialists (more than 150 times)

U.S. says it knows real i.d. of new Qaeda leader

Army Specialist who refused to return to Iraq claims sexual harassment

US death toll in Iraq hits 2,500

Iraq Announces Info From Al-Zarqawi Raid

Senate rejects U.S. troop pullout in Iraq

Scores of Deaths Blamed on Abuse of Painkilller Patch

Water polluters told to pay $178 million

Schumer Calls On President To Stop Iraq From Granting Amnesty To Terrorist

Pentagon confirms Iranian directorate as officials raise concerns abt. war

Party on Wall Street (Major gauges surge, tripping circuit breaker)

RawStory: Newly released emails suggest Army Corps lied about Cheney role

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates transitioning out of company in 2008

Ark.: Gay foster parents ban protects kids

GOP resolution politicizes war, Democrats say ("bait-and-switch")

Maine soldier dies from apparent heart attack in Afghanistan

Pentagon talking points on Iraq, war on terror

Putin: Iran Ready to Enter Negotiations

FCC 6/21 Agenda Includes Ownership Rules Review

Mayors press state on phone records, Higgins joins call for rights probe

Top Aide Michael Gerson Leaving the White House

(OH) Blackwell revising voter registration handling requirements

House Democrats challenge praise for Medicare drug benefit

Islamist militia target new Somali town

CNN/AP: Switches Installed Backward Doomed Genesis Space Probe

Bill Gates to Relinquish Daily Duties at Microsoft in 2008

Girls Can Marry at 15, Colo. Court Finds

Pentagon Issues Rebuttals for Iraq Debate (unusual "debate prep book")

Thousands resign from Britain's reserve army amid concern over Iraq

Judicial Watch Obtains Documents from Army Related to Halliburton...

Senate rejected call to withdrawl of forces from Iraq/end of year


Maliki Aide Resigns but Stands by Guerrilla Amnesty Comments

News agencies: Explosion in central Istanbul; injuries reported

Bush spokesman calls 2,500 war dead a 'sad benchmark'

WP: Google to Launch Government Search Site

Gallup: Americans Feel We Are 'Worse Off' Because of Iraq War

PA Governor Rendell Inaugurates Gamesa's New Facility

Senate Rejects U.S. Troop Pullout in Iraq

Michael Ledeen, March creation of the Iranian directorate inside Pentagon

AP: Documents: Al-Qaida Sought U.S.-Iran War

Lamont Stars At Activists' Meeting In Washington

Senate Backs President's Iran Policies

Bullets 'flooding Baghdad market'

White House: No permanent Iraq presence

Military Probe: Were Secrets Disclosed To Expelled Reporters at Gitmo?

Europe's leaders ponder EU future (BBC)

4 Contractors With Ala. Co. Killed in Iraq

Doubts plague e-vote systems

Top Sunni asked Bush for pullout timeline

Bush to Create World's Largest Marine Protected Area Near Hawaii

Cher Attends Hearing on Soldiers' Helmets

Congress OKs $94.5 bln spending bill (Afghan, Iraq, hurricanes, bird flu)

06/15/06 FOX News Poll: Victories in Iraq, Bush Approval Up

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 15 June

Spellings Goes Overseas to Tout Education (7 trips in 1 1/2 years grr

China Makes Ultimate Punishment Mobile

Cheney Sees GOP Winning Midterm Elections

FOX News Poll: Dems Hold Double-Digit Lead in Congressional Vote

Source Says Dan Rather Nearing CBS Exit

ERs need urgent help, reports say

CPS Sends Cutoff Notice to Over 1,000 San Antonio Soldiers(Electric Bill)

China's investment boom worries (BBC)

Post-al-Zarqawi Raids Kill 104 Insurgents

Bush Approval at 37% After Zarqawi's Death, Poll Says (NBC/WSJ)

Judge dismisses most of phone-jamming suit

Cleric Calls on Bush to Convert to Islam

Miami-Dade Schools ban book on Cuba

Bush’s longtime speechwriter leaving his post

Thawing permafrost could unleash tons of carbon

(Tom) DeLay took hit from legal fees, reports show

High Court Backs Police No-Knock Searches

Scores of Cup arrests in Germany

Troops refusing Iraq duty get a haven (First United Methodist Church)

Hawking says pope told him not to study beginning of universe

MSNBC - Pentagon: U.S. military death toll in Iraq war reaches 2,500

Defying church, 12 Catholic women to be ordained here(Pittsburgh)

UK agrees to jail Charles Taylor

Jesus Christ Superman

TRANSCRIPT: Bush's apology to Blind Reporter

Happy Middle of the Night

Can you believe *I* would post a real KITTY PIC???!!!11

How do you utilize "bullshit" when typing posts here at DU???

Happy birthday wishes to.........

Now this is a great joke

A sleep study without sleep

FIFA World Cup 2006: Ecuador v Costa Rica, discussion thread as it happens

A new "Algonquin round table"? can you feel the brain power at work?

Home Depot Criticized For Pledging $10 Billion To American Cancer Society

I have a question and need some DU expert advice...............

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

LOL!..My Neighbor's Wife is in the "Doghouse" (Funny)

Where Did You Meet Your Spouse/Partner/Mate?

How hard is the GMAT?

eBay is for ripoff artists!

Students Denied Diplomas For Tossing Beach Ball

Is DU's poll system an embarrassmint?

So tell me

It's too early to get up for work

Post a photo tour of your home town.

Sick season!

In your opinion, the best Babylon 5 actor

Is it me, or do some people Just. Not. Think?? OMG . . .

For the third time, mine have been post # 44 in a thread this AM

who generates the most supercallafragilistic polls...

Feeling a little nosy, so I thought I would look in on you and see...

my house guest *cutesy pic*

I'm ignorant about the World Cup. Here's my question. **SPOILER**

"Oh oh, look, here comes Billy Joel!"

Is this good advice? "Watch out for that tractor."

I need help from someone who is really familiar with AOL !

Yikes.. 7:53 AM, and the A/C already kicked on..

who's the worst sicodic marter of all time

Hanna Barbera Poll:

I just made a Gazpacho

I have $200 to buy a new digital camera but I need help picking one out.

Bank Robber Drops His Birth Certificate During Crime

First I got two word e-mails. Now e-mails without anything at all.

my Carobon Monoxide Detector has gone off twice recently....

Chief Justice Roberts not into knock-knock jokes.

I see Mann Coulter is going to be on Leno in a few

Skirt-wearing man accused of exposing himself at Fashion Bug

Ask me anything and I'll reply with a Rovian response...

The AFI special from last night:

I am officially ..

Screech from "Saved by the Bell" sells T-shirts to avoid foreclosure

In your opinion, the best Monty Python actor

Travel agents? Anyone use them anymore?

Nude Man Trying To Propose Runs Into Gunman

Damn that World Cup - it's hurting the tech sector!

US team swap 5-star hotel for Ramstein Air Base

Everyone! Come see me for what I am!


If you don't want me using the admin tool...

NYC DU'ers: What is your favorite aspect of that city?

I'm bummed at Tiger's US Open round so far

My flight to Paris takes off in exactly one week - two questions:

Anyone here know how to smoke hash in a hookah?

Well, I'm Listening to the Upcoming Tom Petty Single - ZZ Top Should SUE!

Tiramisu question...

Man am I going to be disappointed tomorrow...

Should I lop my ear off?

We had a pretty decent shake this morning

The Rapture is nigh!

Step AWAY from the Pop Ice !

I was asked to write an essay for an anthology but the problem is....

FIFA World Cup 2006: England v Trinidad & Tobago, discussion thread

My technologically-challenged father-in-law just left...

A stranger told me I had a nice smile.

What do you think of these rhymes?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/15/06)


the new Al-Queda leader is Jimmy Smits????!!

Check out Maradonna

Oh joyus day! I need to buy a new belt....

Twin daughters of different mothers?

Should I lop my hair off?

FIFA World Cup 2006 Sweden v Paraguay discussion thread as it happens

Paint like Pollock!

Why would a person put stickers of Jesus, Mary, Jesus, and the rest on a

Some photos from our Alaska camping trip

Most influential musician, band, singer, songwriter, composer ever?

Hey music geeks.

Does ANYONE find Kathy Griffin funny?

Baby Pix!

OMG, I just wasted on hour watching VH-1's My Fair Brady Reality show

Wow. I'm up to 9,000 posts and counting.

LostinVA!!!! Check your PM.... and Mrs.Grumpy

Name a classic rock album where the creators did not take drugs...

a theological/metaphysical question about the ignore function

Bored with American films? Wanta try something Different??


Still Stuck In The 70's! HELP ME!!! Ask Me Anything!!

looking for the freeper reunion pictures? Anyone? Anyone?

Erotic art in Pompeii and Herculaneum

How many movie titles can you find?

funny site

my version of 20 questions

Who knew? Ambien's a mild hallucinogen if you're awake when it kicks in.

If chicks have dashboards and headlights, what do men have?

Atheists/Agnostics - please chime in....(Pagans too)

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!


Jesus Lizard howler gets bottled, goes down, shakes it off, rocks.


To The Owner Of The OUTDOOR Tabby Cat Living Around Rt. 9 In MA...........

Kincaid, Kincaid, Kincaid, Kinkade, Cade

Anybody else wanna go dancing REALLY badly?

How Many Of You Remember The Old "Ask The Ambien" Forum?

Is there some kind of significance about receiving an apple in the mail?

Thursday, June 15. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Help me turn this picture into proof of the FSM's existence. (Gabby again)

Is NewWaveChick1 really a New Wave Chick?

Can anyone help me figure out Craigslist?

garden question - thought it was deer, used "liquid fence" BUT

Rules For Techincal Support, Or - How not to end up with a $1,000 doorstop

Couple demands $1 million from Home Depot for damaged love life

Name an actor/ress who's never to your knowledge given a bad performance

I don't get this whole Oasis thing.

Troll meat! Please help!

Is it more common for a person raised in a non-religious home to become

Chicago DU'ers: if your town had better weather it would be paradise!

Okay, lounge. I need some advice.

Christians - please chime in...

Does ANYONE find Lois Griffin funny?

My first poll

I have to defend my daughter from an illegal eviction

Madeline Kahn

What are some movies everyone hated but that you think rule?

The Song Title Game

Hey has anyone heard this guy

Early warning hope for diabetes (BBC)

Bosnian Pyramids: Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Atlantis

Alaska's Rat Islands have had 127 earthquakes in the past week

Report fuels spy plane theories (BBC) {Aurora}

Carbonia- Turning CO2 into glass

Forget what you know about H2O

Misissippi Methodists reaffirm stance against homosexual practice

CA Supreme Court to Consider Lesbian's Rights vs. Docs' Religious Rights

Want Santorum gone? Play "Boot The Bigot!"

Religious Right Seeks ... Constitutional Convention To Ban Gay Marriage

Presenting "Project: I Am."

Battle to reverse gay marriage to start with Parliament Hill rally

Three gay bashings in NYC.

D.C. liquor board eases relocation of gay clubs displaced by stadium

Anti-gay activist may have hoaxed son's "straight-bashing" school assault

Tom Brady plays golf with Clinton, GHW Bush...and takes their money.

Ben Roethlisberger's statement regarding his motorcycle accident

Televised Road to the Breeders' Cup Starts June 17

Who will win the World Cup? Predictions ...

Need some name of psychics for a reading/guidance

About all that seersucker...

Kerry statement on Pentagon’s Talking Points

More DLC BS against Kerry (Hillary is the principled candidate).

Frist, McConnell and all the rest can BITE ME!

C-Span poll about a timetable to withdraw troops!

Anybody watching the Senate?

DU post that Henry Hyde is blaming Kerry for 911 - because

OBL does not want the U.S. to leave Iraq -- fears for the safety of Sunnis

Anger here!

Kerry speaks at Hecht Memorial

A few dozen eclectic b&ws from Austin, Texas.

ok, i broke in my new Canon powershot, a few pics


Yes. This really is the WORST Lloyd Grove could dig up against KO!

KO- cradle robber.

Countdown Newletter: 06/15/06 -- Playing Politics with the War

Okay, I'm a little disgusted

Jossip's latest on KO's emails

Jesus Christ Superman

Would you patronize the bar of a true bigot, if you agreed with some of

Colbert in reporting on the George trip to Iraq - three lines snipped

If you often find yourself angry (as I do)

Today's press conference reminded me of a story in the Onion

A quick Freep-phonics lesson

What's the middle ground in Iraq? Bernie Ward wants to know

Louise Slaughter on WJ tomorrow (Thursday)

And this just in from Howard tonight!

Local FOX has Ads for TV Freedom, Urging to call Senate.

Republicans, Democrats, and Human Decency

'New Direction' is new theme for Democratic plan, but what about Iraq?

CBS Stations: Indecency Complaints Invalid

Dems should dare to vote NO on Iraq Res.

Can you trust Democratic politicians named "Joe"...?

If you are an Employer Learn to Scam the INS (courses being taught)

Photos Taken of 'Living Fossil' in Laos

Republicans daring Democrats to vote against a nonbinding resolution...

The Democrats should introduce a resolution calling on Bush to be HONEST

Colbert ruled on Letterman tonight. Too bad you were all watching Leno...

Are all these LBN items related?

regarding: 9-11-24-7-365 Boehner’s Confidential Strategy Memo

Iraq nat'l security avisor claims al-Qaeda 'coming to end in Iraq'

For French-speaking DUers : Colbert 's famous speech translated

British justice minister : Gitmo is 'recruiting agent' for terrorism

bu$h in his Islamic garb?

Congresswoman Apologies for Not Taking Stolen 2004 Allegations Seriously!

Voting Machine Tea Party Time.

A Different Kind of Crisis Management Needed In US

Yes a grand day for jr! rove didn't get indicted for something

Tom Joyner and Armed Forces Network

Kucinich & Slaughter on C-SPAN today

Shouldn't Pickles have been with Chimpy to meet al-Maliki's wife?

'Fossil' rock rat pictured alive

So the War in Iraq & the War on Terror are 2 separate Wars?

W: "people said, you know, there's no way you can get reelected"

Grrrrr. I'm mad about everything and want to do something to feel better

The Pentagon

George Allen Already Running Ads for Senate. Must be Scared.

Home Depot Criticized For Pledging $10 Billion To American Cancer Society

Jeez-now Duncan Hunter on WJ.

Trib Columnist Declares "NO CONFIDENCE" in Busby/Bilbray Election Results!

Don't kill me, but I think Coulter may be right!

Since Junior Bush has this whole "mine is bigger than Daddy's" thing

Kucinich about to come on Washington Journal, CSPAN1 now!

Throttle Thursday! Step right up and . . . . . . . . . . . . . CAPTION!!!

New Boogyman Unveiled

jeez...washington journal is getting to me in Iraq.

Cong. Louise Slaughter on CSPAN Now -- Worth watching

The President has "Dismissed" us

Doubts plague e-vote systems

free bob NOW!

Troop withdrawal is up to the Iraqi parliament?!!!

Just got call, earthquake 4.7...

I want to say that Leno used Carlin to drive up viewership for Coulter.

Mission: Impossible

Good summary of the "good news" for Bush.

hackett just said he believes they will draw down troops before election

Dan Abrams to head MSNBC -- What to make of that?

Let's apply W's "Stand Up-Stand Down" theory to our Own Nation.

Do The Repubs Really Think They Can Revitalize Support For The War?

Former GOP Senator Weicker to hold Lamont fundraiser

Broken English by Marianne Faithful

A lovely picture of Ann Coulter before the operation!

Hearing all these confident repub callers on C-Span..every DUer better

BushBounce BushBounce BushBounce BushBounce.....

The poetry of the Bush years. Turning clusters of desert tides.

Death Toll in Iraq Hits 2500

Does W think it's his job to crack jokes while discussing the filthy war?

Take Back America disses Code Pink

11,907/6376 foreclosure/pre-foreclosures 27456 bankruptcies Texas is ...

Vote In House Today On Whether To Remove Jefferson

Question? Are American taxpayers paying for Rove defense?

C-Span announces new Iraqui leader for us to hate...

Is it me-or do I see Rove's Shitstains all over the media this week?

Mark Crispin Miller book to be Given Away in Front of White House

ATRIOS: The Laziest Blogger In All the Netroots?

Humans close to finding answers to origin of universe: Hawking

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Flapping arms and hooting like owls to keep away elephants.

Republican blasts his own Party on the Iraq War...

The house of representatives needs a new voting choice

These people are not our Leaders, they're Our Masters.

cspan: Congress Debating the War--it's getting hot in there!

This from Russ tonight.. PAY ATTENTION!

Can I get an Amen from you Gawdless Liberals, here on DU?

He didn't did he? * made fun of a blind man in sunglasses?

This from Ted tonight. PAY ATTENTION! Brian Bilbray voted against net neutrality?...

What is it with Treasury Sec'ys and relations to port mgt. companies?

One more from John K. tonight.

The wisdom of an almost seven year-old

Bush Military History Project #11

Bush apologizes to vision-impaired reporter

There are still a few news reports worth watching

War's "grim milestone" and the "upbeat" Bush

I think Keith O may be in some hot water...or not....

I call Breaking Bullshite on this Al-Zarqawi document

Ann Coulter on Leno **VIDEO**

And we have a winner!!

Experts Call War On Terror A Failure

"If we don't control the world, the world will control us,". Is this the

5.9 billion $ per month in Iraq. And the richies don't want tax increase

New Impeachment Stuff

I've been mildly intrigued by all the fund raising trips Cheney has been

A Leap of Faith, Off a Cliff (NYT Editorial) Constitutional Showdown

Looking for Internet Talk Radio Station

Another Blank Check for Perpetual War

My letter to ROMENESKO and Keith (re: KKKarl non-indictment)

Iraqi PM's Top Aide: Insurgents Who Attack US Troops “Will Be Pardoned..."

Dick Cheney to campaign for rabidly anti-gay candidate


Difference between Jean Schmidt and Karl Rove re: slandering Vets?

The art world gone mad! (bad?)

Iraqi PM to announce full amnesty tonight to all groups that lay down arms

Should Democrats fear any repercussions from their vote today??

Massive Increase in Rape and Sexual Abuse in Iraq.

E&P: Vietnam Vets Group to Honor "Doonesbury" Cartoonist Garry Trudeau

More Questions About Coulter's Godless And Plagiarism

Aren't freepers wondering why W didn't heal Walsten (the blind reporter)?

Will The End in Iraq Become a "Nightmare Scenario "?

Its official - CSPAN is no better than CNN

Way to go Dogget and Defazio

Scientists recreate butterfly species in lab

Standing armies

BREAKING: Saddam was a brutal dictator

Who are the local fundy Media Whores in your area?

Republican Congressman Not On Board With Boehner's Spin On Iraq

My idea dream team would be big Al and Russ in the WH, Wes Clark

Stupid RW DVD of the week

No Lie: "Roger MORAN - of the

Bizarre Poll at (re: Clinton)

Have hope. Work for change. Never give up.

Pentagon issue 74-page spin on Iraq

Ann Coulter, The Soulless Whore of Babble-On

Think of where the "war on terror" would be today if US had not invaded...


Should Congress set a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq?

Yet another Darwin Award nominee

unless the Democrats stand up we WILL LOSE in 2006

Profiles in Cowardice

Jury Watch !!! Bush Sleezebag

Many Democrats still think we should Finish the Job or Repair Iraq.

Colbert on Letterman **VIDEO**

Rep Ike Skelton (D) announces death of 2500th soldier in

Global "dimming".. Catch this NOVA program


Stolen Mesopotamian pottery found in ruins of Zarqawi bomb site

Do you think oligarchy is inevitable?

Blasted a reply to a Pro-War email forward (from a fundie brother-in-law)

Murtha doing a great job...C-span...

New Bush Comic: Shady Fish Story

This in from John E. tonight!

New Poll: NJ Senate Menendez leads Kean 43-36

Scholar on Iraq: "The Iraq War as The Plague"

A callout to Maryland DU members

Chuck Todd: For DSCC to support Lieberman, CT Dems may have to

why can't Israel/Palestine threads be recommended for greatest page?

My 5000th post. For all the Men and Women Over There...

Powell and *, together again. - pics>>>

"His computer ... has provided a treasure trove of information,"

Pssst.. are you down re: Rover indictment? Check this out...

"in thy holy name, oh lord, sanctify the republican lying & political...

Faux developing a version of The Daily Show?

CNN's King: Media "did not get to photograph" Bush in protective gear...

India's new outsourcing business - wombs

Anybody watching the senate debate the Iran resolution?

Hastert's lucrative land deal

What does a Republican prayer sound like?

How to get out of Iraq? Set a date and go. It HAS been done before.

Raw Story: Army Corps of Eng. Lied About Cheney envolvement

From Drudge Poll-Who Do You Trust For News?

Coulter criticism of 9/11 widows identical to Bushies use of 9/11 & troops

George Monbiot says the oil barons are more dangerous than ever

Any word yet on Dean's response to Schumer's threatened defection?

Over 750 signing statements, rigged elections, an all powerful executive

Oooops, NPR - burgers are reason teens don't like stick shifts anymore!

As I join the 700 club.....

I suggest these changes for Congress:

Where is the Letter Luskin? by Larry Johnson

I confess!!! I did it!!! I'll plead guilty to anything.

Non citizens can be held indefinitely

Iraq Conflict Fuels Rise in Global Refugees to 12 Million: Survey...

Judge Rules That U.S. Has Broad Powers to Detain Noncitizens Indefinitely

Bush: "I'm a High-Value Target for Some"

way to go republicans - US Seen as a Bigger Threat to Peace Than Iran...

Troll meat! Please help!

Glad I have good Health Care

Just announced by the war psyops dept: New head of AQ in Iraq!

Bush to create world’s biggest ocean preserve

House Iraq War Debate Thread

MoveOn's "Oil Free Congress" Initiative: Gas Station Rallies on June 28

Bloomberg planning Independent run for president in '08?

What will the GOP's "swiftboaters" of this year be?

Will Pitt: House Republican War Crimes (Dog-and-Pony Debate)

I get it now: the Death of Zarq, Bush's double-super-secret Baghdad visit

A caller on AAR said Schumer' would support liberman if Lamont won

What could we do with $8 billion a month ?

NOW is it fascism?

Funds for Iraq run low

coulter has only one dress. maybe we should send her some clothes

If the DLC is so all-powerful, why is Lieberman in the fight for his life?

How bout we all imagine TransCoulter is the BIGGEST TROLL THERE IS and

Bush signs law hiking TV, radio indecency fines

Rant on charities and why I will stop contributing to most.

Was Leno's audience freeped last night?

Florida Dem arrested while investigating broken election laws

7 %. Let's keep this in perspective, MSM. Seven friggin' percent!

School Board Candidate-"I want to get rid of these third world people."

Waxman - we owe more to troops than slapping bumper stickers on our cars

Why doesn't David Brock write a book about Mann Coulter?

This in tonight from the Arizona Democratic Chair

(TOON) Steve Bell on Shrub's visit to Iraq

Just clicked on a DU ad from Polling point, survey abt. gay marriage

Bravo Waxman! He's laying it all out about Halliburton in Iraq

Zarqawi's laptop and thumbdrive survived the bombing?

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our conservative brothers and sisters

My God they are REALLY pushing this Shitty war, something must be up.

So I Saw In British News That There Is A Continent Called Africa.

Philly Italian hairdresser: I think Vento listens to too much RW radio

Austin, Texas Rep. just slammed the admin on Iraq

Feingold Iraq spending amendment passed by Senate

Democrats stumble on the bottom line : Stay the Course or New Direction?

AWOL Army Specialist Suzanne Swift was sexually harassed

India's rented wombs (womb rent cheaper in India then US)


$40,000 signing bonus offered for US Army Enlistment

It was the Clinis*

Does anyone know Senator Shumer's position on the Iraq war?

Murtha on C-Span 1: "I'm not talking about the war on terrorism, I'm

So this is the new leader of al-Qaida in Iraq?

The Daily Show's Joke of the Day

Trying to Take Back America

Bush, Cheney, and the Neocons lied...on purpose...intentionally....

William Pitt could you answer a few questions please?

Sherrod Brown on "The Guy James Show" today

so, AT&T called me and wants me back as their customer

Wow!!! The "Green Zone" is HUGE!!!!!!

Tony Snow Attacks President Carter

My speech written for Democratic Congressman X...

Why Cheney's Nuke Plan Will Not Solve Global Warming - But Solar Now Can!

Motion to table the Kerry's amendment - 4 NO votes: Kerry, Feingold,

It's the REPUBLICANS who are Cutting and Running, not us.

"Armed Madhouse" has arrived

Thursday toon (6/15) SURPRISE!!!!!!

Who here is a part of the Truthout Kneepad Brigade?

Important thread

Prisoner Died Of Excited Delirium, Not Shocks From Stun Gun

Two questions a Dem Rep should ask on the floor today:

Iraq War H. Res. 861: "Declaring that the U.S. Will PREVAIL in the War"?

Louisiana House approves plan for sex offenders to carry special ID

2500 Are we Even Yet?!

Rep. Mike Rogers just called the Iraq war the "third world war"

Another in a series of small steps towards SS style BushCo Fascism?

Why do some DUers allow themselves to be pissed on by media?

CNN's "fluff" piece on Cher and Dr. Meador (ret.) and Operation

104 'Insurgents' Killed Since Zarqawi. All of them insurgents?

who is randy playing

Which is worse? Cut & Run when you've lost, or not START a bullshit war?

boner goes into Indian casino to use john and wins$2,700?

This is really frightening. Check out this Web site

So do they really think Tony Snowjob is an improvement?

What (if any) circumstance would make you leave the dems for a 3rd party?

OK All You Dem Leaders - Say This on TV

If a right wing talkshow host told you via e-mail to "kill yourself"

"The Democrats have no Ideas for ending the War", bullshit, I've got ONE.

HERE is how we rid ourselves of Cheney.

What did they call the Frenchmen who cooperated with the Germans during

They're really getting desperate now.

It just bothers me to think

Republican Congresspeople are brokers. They broker soldiers

Lets go back to the 90s, when Republicans called Terror a "phony issue"

Our Platform: "Nude erection for America? " Don't these people THINK?

It was true then, and it is still true.

Pentagon recalls war talking points document (Outlook recall function)

Is this guy defending his liberties or is he a nut?

2,500 US soldier killed

Twin daughters of different mothers?

Freepers complain and gripe about no-knock search ruling

I just made a contribution to TruthOut and boy do I feel good about it.

In response Gore in 08'!

Our soldiers fighting and dying for the Maliki government in Iraq

How long until the Repubs use hand puppets in their "terra" debate?

Hookahs a health hazard?

Dems publish 06 platform and the stock market rallies in support....

Profiles in Cowardice

Here's how they voted on the Iraqi withdrawal amendment.

Question: Hasn't Fitz always said he has no plans to indict anyone?

Republican Congressman Henry Hyde blames John Kerry for September 11

The Best Advice/Lesson Your Father Passed Down To You

>>>C-Span 1: The Dems in the House are really ripping the Repugs

Hooters Wants to Pay FEMA for Champagne Bought with Hurricane Relief Funds

Never forget that George W. Bush traded Sosa, Alvarez, and Fletcher

Worldwide Regicide! Class Warfare, the ultimate wedgie.

Harvard study blasts U.S. treatment of child refugees

Army Corps lied about Cheney role in Halliburton contract

goodbye 4th amendment

Bush Bloody Sunday - Video

$95 million. *SAVE PBS*

In one week > Zarqawi killed, Iraq gov't formed, * visit, Al Qaida demise

Lines that tell you the other guy just gave up . . .

"Cut and Run" or "Stay and Die"?

"It's a number."

Allow me to say how proud I am of the Out of Iraq Caucus

Unravel or Crisis Era? so where are we now?

CNN's Schneider on-air: No Zarqawi bounce for Bush

Stupidest LTTE EVER!

Michigan Cop Gets "A" for Stupidity

Is this guy insane, or will he be right?

Let's cut it down to size so the cheap seats can understand

Iraq solution, is a no brainer...

Better names for the Republican Party

Me Mudder just sent me this joke...enjoy.

RW attacking Joe Wilson:"US Should Negotiate With Iraqi Terrorists"

Osama bin Laden does not want U.S. to leave Iraq

Columbia Journalism Review weighs in on Leopold and truthout

With Alito on board, Supreme Court rules knocking not needed before police

Right Wing Cat Fight on Fox News

Cunningham said helped limo firm get deal (prostitution & bribery scandal)

2500 Reasons why the DSM is Important

garden question - thought it was deer, used "liquid fence" BUT

CNN/AP: MSNBC canceling Chung-Povich show, days after Abrams takes over

The democracy bonds -

Hey, Skinner's kinda cute! I just went to his journal, first time I'd

I just made a contribution to TruthOut and boy do I feel good about it.

Diebold on Lou Dobbs CNN right now n/t

Detained Indefinitely: The Story of Shakir Baloch

ZarQawi was more propaganda than mastermind terrorist- -want proof?

sorry - dupe

Microsoft announces Bill Gates' retirement

Lyrebird song: Amazing, funny and entertaining.

Net Neutrality Tally List - Where is YOUR Senator on this matter?

When do we start building the Iraq War Memorial in Washington D.C.?

Pentagon talking points on Iraq, war on terror leaked to Raw Story

Cheney says Iraq War Party will win because they prevented another attack

Fellow Du'ers ...We need to draw a line ...we don't need another wall !

Global Warming on Dobbs now...

Best way to deal with Ann Coulter?

why we are in Iraq in one picture

Small wonder his mother killed herself. "Ouch"

re: Iraq War Resolution - my 2-cent ranting opinion

Did anyone see Zbigniew Brzezinski on the Lehrer Newshour last night?

Froomkin: Bush embraces divisiveness of Iraq war as '06 mid-term issue

M$M Casino took Rove "Off the Hook" as bet that Repugs Win in November..

Randi's Show: was Dr. Justin Frank on already?

Detailed Bush Administration Scandal Chart

The Divided Land

A Tower of Babble

Larisa Alexandrovna: Officials Raise New Concerns About War With Iran

Why is the execrable Campbell Brown hosting NBC News tonight?

GOP VALUES: Amnesty to Terrorists=Good/Amnesty to Mexicans=Bad

2500 Deaths how is the US Media reporting this?

Today's vote on Iraq war resolution ... two questions ---->

Video Wizards! Please do Video w/music toChimp on Aircraft Carrier

lala rawraw on Young Turks right now.... 6:13 CDT June 15

Salon.Com TRASHES DU...responding to NEGATIVE energy.

On Monday, we need to SWAMP entire Senate with calls supporting withdrawal

DU Call to ACTION: Suzanne Swift, AWOL over Sexual Harassment

cut and run blah, blah blah rape rooms, blah, blah, blah

New American Century Project (PNAC) Ends With A Whimper

Better names for the Democratic Party

((At last! Effective strategy on how Democrats can REALLY win! I love it!)

Soviet Union was useful in keeping the US in check...

Study: Blacks Hear Better Than Whites

Sacrificing Our Troops on the Altar of Republican Politics: Larry Johnson

Maliki aide that suggested amnesty for those who attacked US troopsResigns

Just saw the Telecom Corporations' TV ad thanking congress

Remember that other war? 4 US, 1 Brit. Dead.

Tune into Majority Report. I've never heard Sam so angry!

NAFTA superhighway designed to kill Longshoreman's Union?

Mike Malloy unloads on today's House fiasco

"New Face of Al Quaeda in Iraq" = Johnny Depp?

Can I burn my Chinese made American Flag?

The last time Dems announced national strategy 2 fight election fraud was?

Leo Strauss: the father of the Neocons and scary as Hell.

"They make a wasteland, and they call it Peace."

Mad at Schumer today? STAND UP and be counted


So what is happening with the NSA/phone records issue?

The Left Makes A Lot Of Mistakes! We Fuck Up Big Time!

Everything is in place for World War III, just waiting for the Catalyst.

The treasure of Zarqawi documents has completely changed the calculus

Proposed Congressional Gold Medal for the Dalai Lama

Bushists plot NAFTA Superhighway through Plains to bypass union ports

Say lie and say it often....

So, what's the story now with immigrants?

I Hate, Hate, Hate The Corporate Media

Let’s All Journey to the Edge of the Memory Hole!

Documents: Al-Qaida Seeks U.S.-Iran War

Bo. Herald: (withdrawal) a betrayal of all this nation has ever stood for

VIDEO (GRAPHIC): Top Story-2500 US Dead in Iraq/New Poll (BBC News at 10)

The Smoking Gun: Bush Received Weapons Cache From Jordan

This week started on a really bad note for some of us.

America Deserves Better? (how could things be any better?)

What is UP with Sanatorium's Suit???

Since the repukes want to beat us over the head with "CUT N' RUN,"

Was it my stickers?

A Reminder Of Who Lives in the White House....

Troops refusing Iraq duty get a haven (First United Methodist)

Gaming Bush: Admin Seen As Weak, Distracted & Drained (Newsweek)

Must DU Dobbs Poll on E-voting...

Maxine Waters speaking for the Out of Iraq caucus now

Docs suggest Army lied about Cheney involvement in Halliburton contract

Iraq's VP has asked Bush for a timeline for withdrawal of forces

We're gonna take out Santorum, DeWine and Burns!!!!

Don't we have the wedge issues now? Shouldn't we press them?


New Super Highway??

Some results from Gov. Dean's 50-state strategy

GM to employees: Drive our cars to work or walk

HI DU! This is who I am.

Jim Dean's letter from DFA to Beltway Democrats re Lieberman

Dixie Chicks' famous London concert webcast online today!!!!

BULLSHIT it ain't Vietnam.... watch this.

Why doesn't Leno, CNN and all have Fred Phelps on as often as Coulter?

If you support Keith Olbermann, time to show him some DU love now...

Lessons We Should’ve Learned from George McGovern – From Vietnam to Iraq

CBS to boot Dan Rather from "60 Minutes"; Rather "hurt, puzzled"

Que paso? What happened to the Latino forum?

A Laugh From Freeper Land

Did you folks know I was perfect? Well, I am!

Marine says song about killing Iraqis was only a joke

September 2001: were YOU a "90% approval rate" person?

Photos: Inside Foxconn's "iPod City"

Top Sunni Asked Bush for Pullout Timeline! Any coverage in M$M of this?

Boehner's GOP Talking Points: Conflate Saddam/ 9-11 Connection

Olberman Apologizes for telling Freeper Moran to Kill Himself

marines make music video endorsing killing Iraqi civilians "Hadji Girl"

On War: Boos for Clinton, Cheers for Kerry

Update on this Thread: The Pleasure of Meeting Helen Thomas ... Gore

4 more mercenaries died today. And some interesting dots to connect...

The children in Iraq - many pics>>>

who has that great bar graph graphic of exit polls vs. final results

Ramsey Clark/ Shock and Awe/ Impeachment

Guardian/UK: Japan Buys Votes to Take Control of Whaling Body

Just Thank You

Lloyd Grove has a SERIOUS bug up his ass about Keith Olbermann

Say Shit on TV, Fine:$325,000.00 Hire an illegal Immigrant, Fine: $250.00

LOCAL DEMOCRATS working to STOP right wing HATE RADIO!!!

The Democratic Response: PROJECT W.I.S.D.O.M

Why would Fitzgerald even send Rove a letter?

I believe the W.H. "sat" on the latest three dead soldiers.

DU This Coulter Poll - it's being Freeped

Carlin and Coulter???

Operation Mountain Thrust in Afghanistan

PDA issues "No Confidence" statement on CA-50 results

Give up? Make me.

2500 Soldiers Dead...2500 futures destroyed...

The Republican War Party

3 yr old insists on NewsHour with Jim Lehrer themed birthday party

Author Warns Christians of Yoga's "Demonic Influence"

Whoa! *5* Republican Senators Defend Amnesty for Terrorists!!!!!

Was WWII a Good War? (ie as regards US participation)

Should the 55mph speed limit be re-imposed?

Timing of Announcement Rove "off indictment hook" is worrisome.

A Sure Sign that our American Experiment is Dead! (Repuke military)

Any dads out there? My Father's Day newspaper column:

Simply Unelectable

Before he dies watch Henry Hyde on C-Span

Marine base to be captured in world's largest photo

Wow. Bush didn't choke on a pretzel, didn't fall off of a segway...

Lee Iacocca on Bushco - schmucks and slime buckets

2,500 - SNOW: "It's a number."

Thom Hartman Talking of Backpack Clubs for Hungry Kids in USA

Give Up

Paging Dr. Frist: "Cats Who Look Like Hitler" blog

Why do people have to imply Coulter is a man or transgender?

Rush Hour in LA is 5 to 9

A prediction about Iraq.

"Current TV" just ran a piece on vegan parents.

How can Middle Class America afford college?

Democrats unveil platform: "New Direction for America"

Why I will not vote for Kerry in 2008

BREAKING! PDA Declares 'NO CONFIDENCE' in Busby/Bilbray Election

Joe Biden sells us out on internet freedom.

i was at a stop light and a man behind me jumped out of his car

To Senator Schumer and the DSCC: Do Not Abandon Loyal Democrats

Who is your cel phone company? Watch these 2 videos

A Dem leader needs to stand up to reform HAVA

Did the Repubs pull their "October Surprise" too early ??

I would LOVE to see "Liberalism" (as Coulter says) defined as...

Bill of Rights - Security Edition

$2100 for a photo with Cheney???

Bush: Guantanamo's future up to Supreme Court

June 15 NJ Senate Poll: Menedez (D) 43%, Kean(R) 36%

Cheney and "The Dark Side"

House floating a symbolic bill to shame anti-war Democrats

I wonder how "2500" will affect The Decider's "baby bounce" in the polls?

It's the Bush "I'm really not a bastard - I SWEAR" Tour 2006

10 hours of useless 1 minute speeches starts......NOW

"It's the permanent bases, stupid"

On Leno "This Machine Kills Fascists" -- Singer Tunstall

A callout to Maryland DU members

Endangered Republicans Play Down Party Label

Christopher Walken is running for president.

Bush summoned Dems to WH, forcing cancellation of planned roll-out

The Washington Times front page photo today

We "Netroots" always urged to hang with Party...but there's Lieberman...

Joe Scarborough lied last night

*New* Bush one line ~zinger~

DFA Note: Lieberman Leaving Party? -

eight House of Reps. were on Wash. Journal this morning

ALERT! Moment of silence at Noon today for 2,500 dead

New Bush Comic: Shady Fish Story

AP: Senate Committee Approves Flag Amendment

Dean said on Schultz.."delighted to run on the president's record" Audio

Someone raised an interesting point on the current gay marriage flap

Franken on coulter

Unholy Trinity: Katrina, Allbaugh and Brown (hidden partnership)

Proof that Bush is the Anti-Christ!

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Safehouse document

If from July to December 2006, 250 thousand illegal immigrants

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offical "Iraq war" debate thread

Lead Headed Coincidence Theorists

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Silvestre Reyes of El Paso on C-Span kicking *****

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Fristy was on Cspan, equating Kerry's amendment on getting

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Tony Snow on 2500 dead U.S. soldiers: "It's a number."

Debate on withdrawal (Kerry amendment) to continue next week

does someone have a list of the " out of iraq caucus " ?

Repubicans love to use the troops...

Hey Veterans, are you all fired up about the Flag Burning Amendment?

"Global War of Errors"

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9/11 led to 1,500 deaths on US roads: study

The Supremes are already at it.

Blackwell revising voter registration handling requirements

Another Dem Gov pickup? Fogarty(D)41%, incumbent Carcieri(R)40% in RI


Gay Marriage Ban: ReligiousRW Seeks Constitutional Convention w/o Congress

Amendment happy Republicans...

The Atlantic Magazine Article on Al Zarqawi

Do you recognize the sound of desperation ?

How believable are those Financial disclosure statements? I can't

Bush: "Next time I'll just use a different needle."

2,500 Dead and "christian conservatives" could not possibly care less

The repugs are having their clocks cleaned on the house floor

DU needs to reconsider...

Note to the Uninvolved American:

Coulter gets lovingly stroked, Olbermann gets burned at the stake.

MY response to those who say "our soldiers will have died in vain"

06-15-06. Write it down. The day the GOP jumped the shark's corpse.

Lou Dobbs is presenting his third segment on electronic voting fraud.

Does Case have a shot at beating Akaka?

DU this Poll: Can Webb beat Allen this fall ? (VA Senate Race)

Ugh! Harris is up on the House floor...

Please contact the DSCC and tell them not to support Lieberman if he bolts

Reuters photo: My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates...

50-State Strategy ? Uhmmm....

Senate rejects U.S. troop pullout in Iraq

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Dennis Kucinich just gave a rousing speech on the House floor

93 - 6. What Opposition Party?

So now Bush is inviting Democrats to the White House ??

I felt like I did a good deed today...

BCCI... Follow the Money (Senator Kerry)

Trade Deficit Numbers Falsified

Help. Need link to that wild chart showing bush/cheney scandals

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New Video Game Law, Where is Gord when we need him?

Presidential Poll @

I ran across this info at Huffington Post..........

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MSNBC poll: Should a timetable be set for pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq?

Gay books burned inside library in Chicago

HEY looky what I just found! All the Phone #s of the Congress critters!

Repubs find is so easy to make Americans ashamed of Democrats.

The Moon-Bush Cash Conduit

Let Lieberman go...

ACLU to House: Don’t Block Constituent E-mail (ACLU)

I agree 100% with the 93 Senators who voted to not mandate a troop