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Archives: June 14, 2006

World Cup brings cease-fire to Israel + the Palestinian occupied areas

US 'biggest global peace threat' (BBC) {Pew Research Poll}

Salon: Rove in civvies isn't such an ugly sight

IPAC: Neutrality, Net and Otherwise (Sen. Ted Stevens bill to screw us)

Young People of America...Rise Up and Rebel!

US Opens New War Front in North Africa--A Times

Clues to the recent rash of eye infections from contact lenses

Dollar Rises Against Major Currencies (oh, really??? hmmmm)

Commodity Markets Tumble As Metals Plunge (gold below $600.)

CNNMoney: 'Overpriced' housing gets more overpriced

Al Gore on Larry King Live now!

Los Angeles to install 120 megawatts of wind power by end of 2007

RRedford, Reid, J Ringo Launch 'Apollo Challenge' for Bold Energy Plan

Massive voter suppression in South Carolina election today?

Bad news in Loudoun County VA: Paper AND Vapor

The 2006 Texas Democratic Party Platform

Trying to Keep Delay on Nov Ballot?

Garden update week 8

TSX falls another 293 points

Polar bears turn cannibal

U.S. Army vet wins green card battle

Panel Orders Whistleblower Reinstated

1st Trial in Lobbying Scandal Goes to Jury (Abramoff related)

IHT: Image of U.S. falls again

(S.C) Sanford clinches GOP nomination for re-election bid(but not by much)

U.S. Challenges House Leaders on Searches

UAW chief warns of changes ahead, rails against Bush

US 'biggest global peace threat'

US continues global market slump (BBC)

NYT 6/14: No Rove Charges Over Testimony on C.I.A. Leak

Hastert Deals Blow to Immigration Bill

Safavian deliberations postponed, judge considers possible juror misconduc

GOP scraps vote on mine agency nominee

Iraq in Civil War for 82% of Americans

Homeland Security delays thousands of weddings (AP/CNN)

Many Iraqis Dismiss Bush Visit As Stunt

Ordinance creates separate shelter for sex offenders

US suspends Guantanamo trials

Bilbray Sworn in to Replace Rep. Cunningham (Results aren't certified!!!)

Webb Wins Democratic Senate Primary Race in Va.

Andean Bloc Presidents to Chart New Course

Don't bet on `net neutrality,' senator says (Repub)

Bush to Accompany Elvis-Fan Koizumi to Graceland After Talks

Woman can give out religious literature at school

(Bill) Clinton sees hope for Iraq

Philosopher opposes 'rhythm method'

'New Direction' is new theme for Democratic plan

Lieberman Ally Advises: Run As An Independent

I know styles change, but what's wrong with

The ice cream truck is playing Tschaikovsky...Swan Lake...

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I can't WAIT but i have so much to DOOOO....

So I've been watching "Laugh-in". Sock it to me!

Odd shaped flood control basin.

DU Group Proposal, round 2: Motorcycles and Scooters

Oh James Garner, where thou art gone?

Night y'all

Some gum-chewers just astound me...

It finally happened to me, my fellow DUers, after 12,000+ posts.

Anyone else find the new Sprite commercials disturbing??

A FunGi? Fun Guy?Just what IS my wife growing here???

17 beers a keep the cancer away...YES!

Once again, SOMEONE around here

Random fact of the moment sponsored by the Wikimedia Foundation

Should I be exposed on national TV?

This just in. Updated video of GWB in Baghdad.

has everybody met my new buddy, Rocky? (time for a pet pic thread!)

In defense of General Discussion.

Didja hear the one about Homeland Security...

Superman Crunch

Yipes! Robert Blake...

Waddayah Drinken ????

This song by Blue October is a real downer.

Forgive me, i'm out of the loop..

How about that Santana-Schilling duel tonight...

Help needed (computers & real-estate)

Conan: Tony Snow will be played by Herman Munster.

This evening, life is good - photos added (dialup warning!)

Why is it that I compare everything I experience to my life in the UK?

Hello! The police helicopter has been circling my neighborhood for 1 hour!

You GOTTA see this! Rollin' with Saget (Bob) Video:

Ah, Pimm's Cup. Summer has arrived!

A terrible nightmare I had in the hospital

Let's Go Heat! Let's Go Heat!

Why is "being a dick" a bad thing?

Wold Cup Fan? No Cable? Limited to Dialup?

now let's have some rainbow pictures

Another snap of the DingGrandson...


Time for another Toto thread!

Jeeze... I think someone needs to go on a diet here!

"Sick," "Nasty," & "Keep your perversion to yourself" -- replies to THIS:


does anyone else have suburbophobia?

ZombyWoof: they're playing (y)our song!

Heather Mills McCartney is alleged to have "partied" with Adnan Khashoggi

Conservationists get rare glimpse of Borneo rhino

Study shows taste for meat and fish inherited

Specter's 2006 amendment vote shows HRC was right to endorse Hoeffel in 04

Have you ever changed anyone's view of our struggle through debate

Links to cases of discrimination?

Pennsylvania Senate panel passes gay marriage ban

Mars conjunct Saturn 8-degrees Leo on the 17th

True Majority & each sent e-mail about Kerry's Amendment

delete- dupe

KOEB Meeting: 06/13/06 -- Georgie's Little Field Trip Edition

New Zogby poll now includes Gore's name

Here's why Bush went to Baghdad--to look someone in the eye!

Can I say something, I love DU and what it stands for

I'll bet the righties are glad we liberated the Iraqis in this photo

Want to see how the Coulter fan club works?

I find it very sad and disturbing

Press would now demand answers from Rove, Bush -- IF PIGS GREW WINGS!

Unlike "All Hat and No Cattle," Vicente Fox can RIDE a horse!

Bush's Armageddon Wish - Paul Roberts

Maine - Governor Baldacci projected winner in Dem primary

Virginia primary--86% of precients in Webb is leading by 7,000 votes

Where have all the Repubs gone?

The pleasure of meeting Helen Thomas today and discussing Al Gore

Reminder: Leno to Host Carlin, Coulter on Wednesday

Should the GOP Crime Syndicate be pursued under the RICO laws?

FACTBOX - Developments in Iraq on June 13

Are right you damn DUers! Who has Neil's antiwar CD? I want to hear

Whose Streets? OUR STREETS!!! - NEW FLASH with Sheehan & Medea

Karl Rove Has Been Given A Grant Of Immunity

Claiming that DU is Being Divided Or Is In A Sad State Is 100% False.

Liberal Activists Boo Clinton

Young People of America...Rise Up and Rebel!

Will we all be wailing and moaning on November 8th?

Congratulations Webb

Hey rawstory and Jason leopold

"Shattered Glass"

Re-broadcast of FRONTLINE: "The Insurgency" on Now!

Malloy's blurb for tonight's show is a KEEPER.

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in,

Why Rove Wasn't Indicted: A Criminal Attorney's View

How much of a bump will the chimp glean for todays antics?

Name One Victory For The Liberals In Last 10 Years

Jonathan Turley: Fitz gave Rove assistance in clearing up misstatements

My act of dissent today (not big, but maybe it helps frame our position)

Well, I see that...

Phelps clan to protest at Southern Baptist Convention

Don't let them take anymore workers rights.

Getting the welcome wagon ready for the lorrie on Friday.

"civil war in Iraq" another lie and excuse to stay?

The REAL president is on Larry King now!

How will I know when I've become part of the Loony Left?

Bush steals Jenna's boyfriend for his own....

Feingold, Feingold, Feingold

Wes Clark: on US Troops: "...we've got more to do elsewhere"

Oh, about that head.....

No More Predictions, No More Unnamed Sources.

I'm pissed!

Arkansas Democrat Run Off Election Results (Lt Gov, Treasurer, AG)

Looks like it will be Jim Webb vs. George Allen for VA Senate

When Bush visited Iraq, did he speak Arabic?

PBS Frontline: "The Insurgency" ... On now! eastcoast time

Beware of the "March of Ides."

Japan tipped to wrest control of whaling commission

HEADLINE: US officials seeing new home-grown terror cells

Peter Beinart’s “The Good Fight” – A Whitewash of Bush’s Iraq War Motives

Al Gore on Larry King Live next!

Empowering the Peace Majority....July 14-16 in Detroit

Would you vote for a candidate who had a recent DUI?

The Circular Firing Squad Is At It Again...

Just Finished Luntz’s Talking Paper for Republicans on Immigration

Gore Left Out of Des Moines Register Poll

Leopold in Good Company; Shuster Attacked by RW Site

"I say UNCLE" I give up. Let's give Religious Reichists what they want.

Karl "The Architect" Rovedini. A Sadly Prophetic Photoshop.

I feel sorry for the guy who ordered the "Merry Fitzmas" shirts

Know Thy Enemy

Finally got hold of my friend, a Senior Federal Judge

"THE DARK SIDE": Frontline Investigates Cheney's Role In War On Terror

Bush contradicts Iraqi PM, General Casey contradicts Bush

HEADS UP: Mehlman on Daily Show

Third Time

Rove is a munchkin and Leopold a political rumor meister.

Optimistic Angle on Plamegate: FDL's "Hey Bob, Where’s Your Letter?"

OK, here's the deal: Gonzo told Fitz to back off or go to Gitmo...

Mom Sent To Prison For Making Child Steal ($1.85....)

OOOohhh Now THIS is an interesting question - how would you answer?

GAO: Bogus Hurricane Aid May Top $1.4B

Quick! Ann Coulter's on Malloy

in '08 I will vote for a Democrat for President no matter what

Baghdad Burning

Zarqawi, And Bush In Iraq... Mission Accomplished II ???

Best. OPUS. Ever. Trust me.

Dems can't win in '06 if they don't talk about the WAR

DNC: Which John McCain Will New Yorkers See Tonight?

Ran into a dick at Dick's

DNC: Rove Can Recycle Political Attacks, But Still Not A Plan for Success

More fun with Neil Young Let's Impeach the Asshole

OMG! Someone got the Luskin/Fitz letter and posted it!

Leno Slams mAnn - TWICE


Different topic: Gitmo circular reasoning, please help me


Jerry Lewis Suffers 'Mild' Heart Attack

Rove in civvies isn't such an ugly sight (Salon)

Talk about a FLAMING moving target...

Jason Leopold on Mike Webb show now (9PM Pacific)

Shuster: "Fitzgerald is somebody who brings cases that he wins..."

This video was sent by

The "DU Divisions" are ripping some of our Guts OUT!

If There is No Congressionally Declared War

Everyday is Fitzmas Already

Can we have a group hug or something?

i want a candidate who's "...mad as hell and not gonna take it any more!"

New rethug propaganda videos: * in Iraq

Katherine Harris loses her fourth chief of staff

Wisdom is a rare commodity in the world of politics

An hour with Richard Armitage tonight on the Charlie Rose show.

Thanks DU - my Letter was published with some help from the folks here

Photoshoppers And Others Post Your Rove Images Here.

Rove is playing Fitz like a violin

Five minutes my ass...

"#9, p.5: "On or about June 12, 2003, LIBBY was advised by the Vice ..."

pic of Ann Coulter with pervert O'Reilly

Who will take the bame for Iraq? She's 36 years old and "cheerful"

Mass death on the installment plan. Attack on Iraq could cost $2 trillion.

Has H2O Man weighed in yet on the Rove non-indictment story?

This is 1000.

DU these stupid polls.

Why is Clinton publically siding with Bush over Kerry and Murtha?

God, the Rethugs and this administration are full of "chickenhawks."

Hold on DU! If people weren't already convinced that this is the most

alcibiades_mystery made me look silly about Rove

What is Karl Rove's Achilles Heel?

Bush taking Elvis-fan Koizumi to Graceland

Back to Reality...There's only one way to defeat Rove --- The Big Truths

Crash here yet?

Gather around people...

Check it out! (please!)

The Daily Show just found the REAL reason for the GTMO suicides!

AMERICAN VOTERS!!! - Republicans are bad for business

Why Republicans are "pro-life"

My friend's LTTE - he's been fighting a local sign ordinance

Outspoken New Englander Is New Poet Laureate

Don't get too lugubrious about the Rove story, people.

DUers are divided over TO/Leopold-Luskin, not over Fitzgerald/Wilson-Rove

Republicans Rush Swear-in Bilbray Despite Race Still Being Counted!

Religious Rights Rally - July 4, 2006, Washington DC

So. Is Jason Leopold going to out his sources?

They laid off 23 people at the place where I work today

Understanding America the Exceptional, A Guide for the World's Perplexed

The bill for "Net Neutrality."

DNC contacts Brad--they're looking into Busby/Bilbray race in CA

Robert Redford To Democrats: Show More Courage

Canadians thinks corporations shouldn't be scumbags

Serious falafel storage action>>>>>>>>Bill O'Reilly birdseye.

Indictment Wake Thread: How Do You Remember Our Dearly Departed Friend?.

Tony Snow and Dan Bartlett trying to look like big-boy soldiers (pic)

Gore still sighs into microphone. It does NOT bother me, but the wingnuts

See Glenn Greenwald in New York City on Saturday

Urge Congress to Pass the Medical Marijuana Amendment--Action Needed

Coward Ken refuses to meet and debate with Ted

Tipper Gore Ready to Support Another White House Run...

Hundley, Foggo's Lawyer, Dead

Want victory? Forget Joementum and think....go ballistic.

Congrats, VA, on Webb victory

Gore on Larry King - first time I've seen him in a little while. He looks

Ken "Astroturf" Mehlman inspires the sheeple

Bush has as "Trifecta of good news" ...give me a trifecta fecking break ..

NYT: No Rove Charges Over Testimony on C.I.A. Leak

Mehlman says "Greed and Cynicism" responsible for Bush admin failure

Lieberman Ally Advises: Run As An Independent

Any polls on Webb and Allen(Virginia Senate race)?

Encouraging tales from Utah and Nebraska....50 State Strategy.

When is the CT primary? nt

Is anyone else following this?

Just A Question - If An E-Mail Comes Up Later That Implicates Rove.....

Getting Pass the Bush Visit to Iraq Hype

Immigration: ________ Peter DeFazio

Freeper On Board

L. King, "Frankly, why not run again?" Gore ...'been there, done that"

Who do you vote for?

if a politician takes a contribution, earmarks a bill for the corporation

A little, quiet plea for some party unity .....

Maybe it's just me, but every time Karl Rove walks to his car,...

ATTN: Hillary Clinton

Kerry Ammendment Gets Nod From - Urging call to reps!

Gore is throwing it down on Larry King

*'s new chief domestic policy adviser is a nutcase; read his statements...

What we need is a .........REVOLUTION...

Voter Complaint form for CA election law violations (SanDiego poll workers

Lieberman switching parties

Time for Kerry and Murtha to start the "draft dodger" talk

The MSNBC propaganda has begun.....

Webb wins Virginia Primary

My Dear, Sweet God......THIS is all that I have wanted since 1980


My GOP Watch Database

A question for DLC defenders - can you rise to the challenge?

Nightmare Scenario

Martin Mayer: Mark of the Bust

'Serious Misconduct' by NIH Expert Found--WaPo

John Nichols (The Nation): Now, What About Cheney?

prison camp remains an affront to ideals of American justice

Where's the media on this about Iraq

Russ Feingold, Why I am a Progressive Patriot

WP, pg1: Spate of Good News Gives White House a Chance to Regroup

Hunter, fr Repub pissing off Dems & Repubs

Iran women beaten, arrested in protest, including famous poet, journalist

Boogeyman Rides the RTA (GOP's "fear and voting" campaign)

Randy is so GOOD!!

What Rove's Skate May Mean

Bill Wetzel: Iraq and the Shifting Paradigms in American Foreign Policy

Auntie's Automobile Advice

Gene Lyons on Ann Coulter

How desperate are the Republicans to hold ground in 06?

Who is lining up at food banks? A lot of working families (WSJ)

Tax receipts question

Wanna be a Renewable energy podcast journalist?

Enviromission lurches back to life...

Russian world-first: A floating nuclear plant

Indonesia Cuts Alert Level At Merapi - Reuters

Toyota Plans To Double Hybrid Models Soon After 2010 - Reuters

Scientists Urge EU Member States Towards Major Solar Committment - AFP

France: Drought Declared In 15 Departments: Heat Warnings For Elderly

Analyzing Alberto's Life (Jeff Masters)

Solar breakthrough brings hope - $1.20 PER WATT

Annan, US expert doubt Gaza beach blast findings

Israel: Investigate Gaza Beach Killings

Israel's first Bedouin woman doctor

Is it really moral to starve Palestinian workers becuase they ELECTED

Hamas gunman killed, security chief wounded in clash

Palestinian Demonstrators Storm Parliament

Flying a Plane Into the World Trade Center? Why Not Fly Out of LaGuardia?

There ARE still a lot of questions, in spite of what deniers and kooks say

C-Span Washington Journal to consider a segment on 9/11 truth movement

Bev Harris in defiance of tax law filing disclosure?

"The Horror": Why the Left Won't Believe RFK Jr, How to Help Them Listen

While Bush visited Baghdad, Bilbray Sworn In-Even Though Not Certified!

Diebold takes blame for bad voting cards (Kern County, CA)

Bob Koehler on San Diego: A Vote of No Confidence

AUTORANK Kennedy’s Challenge - Salon, Mother Jones & the Tortured Dialogue

It Only Takes One Man To Steal an Election (And It's Not Who You Think)

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News June 15, 06 Out-House Edition

Yurica Report in support of RFK article: A Vast Political Misfortune

Are primary elections scrutinized as well?

Don't like the Bilbray/Busby Race Results? Let's audit them.

Charlie Grapski update

New FL laws to protect vendors: Let CA worry about the damn voters

Vilsack I am/I am not - for/against - Iowa/New Hampshire/other states

Letter from Rick Dickinson

So much to be pissed about and King chooses...

RANT never knew buying a house would mean spending so much time on ZONING.

Yo-ho-ho & a bottle of rum...California here he comes

Amusing poll numbers

"Born in Texas"

Best and Worst of the Convention

Channel 11 to cover freeway blogging in Houston 6/20

So, What do I do with this (ca 1847) Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter?

My cast iron is on the way!

Ottawa directs CRTC to rely on market forces

Question about Sex Offenders entering Canada for a visit

Work Visa?

Is climate turning polar bears into cannibals? (global warming)

CNNMoney: 'Overpriced' housing gets more overpriced

Judge overturns San Francisco weapons ban

Concern over lab's plan to test microbes (Lawrence LIvermore Lab-Level 4)

2 coalition soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Ex-Republican wins Democratic nomination (James Webb, Virginia!)

House Panel Approves Minimum Wage Hike - Give themselves $3300 raise!

Two Democrats in tight battle for Senate nomination (Maine - to face Snowe

FEMA Funds Spent on Divorce, Sex Change

Interstate Highway System Sold to Foreign Companies

Image of US falls again

US insists on right to develop arms for outer space

Pentagon to Disclose Interrogation Tactics

NYT: Outspoken New Englander Is New Poet Laureate ("I will speak up")

WP: Liberal Activists Boo Senator Clinton

NYT: Unexpected Victory for New Baptist Leader ("turning point")

WP, pg1: Spate of Good News Gives White House a Chance to Regroup

NYC Benefit Event - Thurs. 15th

Google Seeks an Expansion of Power ... Super Computer

U.S. May Consumer Prices Rise 0.4%; Core Rises 0.3%

(Australia) Denton to reveal Bush film ("God on My Side")

WP/AP: ABC News Anchor Woodruff Visits Newsroom

EU, US "partners" on CIA flights: Amnesty

Poll: U.S. in Iraq clouds Mideast stability

Followers of Shiite cleric protest Bush's visit to Iraq (al-Sadr)

Skilling Seeks Access to Frozen Assets

Gallup: No Change in Americans' Outlook for War on Terror

AFL-CIO to pump $700 million into N.O. project

Reward offered for arrest of Darren Mack (Reno, NV)

For Iraqis, Exodus to Syria and Jordan Continues (NYT)

India to outsource visas to US

GOP Hopes To Close Door On Scandal (LATimes Points To Bush/Cheney Role)

Bush to hold news conference

Pension Law not likely to aid firms [no retroactive law change--maybe]

VA data theft could happen again, GAO says

Ex-gays in schism over Hitler depection of of gay, Jewish activist

Australia angry as cleric freed (Bali bombing)

US troops to lead major attack on Taliban (Guardian)

LAT: Local Moguls Express Interest in Buying L.A. Times

Observer journalists ordered to leave Guantanamo Bay

US congressman (Baker R-LA) asks for Fannie execs perjury prob

Judge Orders Back 11 Deported Hondurans

UK: Pair charged after terror probe

Baptists to weigh public-school exit plan

Congress Approves 2% Pay-raise

Repubs just defeated the Delauro amendment

Bush acknowledges Guantanamo damages US image

Rep. Mollohan Admits Errors in Disclosure

Bush expresses support for Rove

House panel approves line-item veto 'lite'

School seeks gag order on sexual assault

Plea deal spares killer boyfriend's life (killed g'friend's parents)

Mexican migrant smugglers hike rates

NYT/Reuters: Bush Education Policy (NCLB) to Miss Goals: Harvard Study

Indians most bullish on Bush

Gay/Lesbian Books Burned In Lakeview (Chicago) Library

Nanny Cam Lawsuit: Time-Lapsed Images Make Play Look Like Violence

Fema officials casts doubt on GAO study

Rice: No Guarantees on Iraq, Afghanistan

Majority Leader Boehner’s Confidential Strategy Memo For Thursday’s Iraq

New Iraq interior minister vows no more militias

Swann's plan targets size, spending of Legislature

Baptists to weigh public-school exit plan

Iranian consulate attacked in Iraq

Woodcock wins in GOP gubernatorial race (ME)

AP: Mexico's migrant-smugglers hike rates

China urges positive response to Iran nuclear offer

Zogby: Cliffhanger In Tennessee Senate Race

UK role in CIA flights 'criminal'

PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP: Medicaid changes worry caregivers

Senate GOP offers new budget rules (2 year spending plans?)

Abortion-clinic proposal sparks hardball politics on Pine Ridge Indian Res

Huge military operation underway in Afghanistan

Pentagon ejects journalists from base

Am. Family Association targets EPA over Gay Pride sponsorship

Bush approval rating up slightly (NBC/WSJ-Baby Bounce)

Medicaid waiver system easing New York state seniors out of nursing homes

Bush on Elections: Republicans Will Win

On Flag Day, Immigrant Vets Become Citizens

Report: CDC Jet Used Most by HHS Secretary

Fed hints at looming US slowdown (BBC) {Beige Book report}

Bush tries to lower expectations over Iraq

Abu al-Masri Claims Al Qaeda Throne in Sign of Power Struggle

Iran: Police Assault Women's Rights Demonstrators

Bush Adviser Gerson Plans to Step Down

US arrests 55 illegal workers at Dulles airport

Streets renamed after fallen soldiers

E&P: Pentagon Orders U.S. Reporters Out of Gitmo

Labs compete to make new nuclear bomb

Bush, Iraq leaders discussed oil

Ricketts raises 'L' word; Nelson calls it partisan rhetoric (Senate)

House just voted to ban any foreign ownership of US airline.

Coin dealer trial delayed until October

Colombia peace process endangered by court rule: AUC leader

Did Florida's Bush overreact over anemic Alberto?

U.S. Senate rebuffs Bush on war budgeting (no more "emergency funding")

Ford to invest up to $9.2 bln in Mexico: report

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 14 June

US warns of Mideast unrest after Zarqawi, Guantanamo

Strapped States Try New Route, Lease Toll Roads to Foreign Firms

Democrats promise more oversight if they win House

Ogunquit(ME): Measure to censure President George W. Bush passes

ACLU Sues Claiming War Dissenters Were Spied On

'Hadji Girl' Marine Apologizes To Muslims

Blair praises Jews' contribution to Britain

Insurgents kill pro-U.S. Iraqi journalist

Retired Farmer Plans Hitler Memorial

ICE Arrests About 2,000 Illegal Immigrants

Mexico leftist ahead in president race -new poll

Bill would limit consumers' credit rights

The pros and cons of smokin a big fat doobie . . .

You talkin to me?

I need help from one MS Word/Excel expert...


Random video of the moment brought to you by YouTube.

Is Dick Cheney well-endowed or is it a colostomy bag?

This is HUGH!!11!!!11!

Asshole of the Year 2006

48 years old and I just bit my lip till it bleeds ....

Why ....... (The rant.....)

As of today, June 14, I am now officially

Thai gunman kills two noisy World Cup fans

Which profession do you admire most?

Post rubbed sage advice here........

Thought this might be good for a laugh

I think I may cause some fall out today or tomorrow...

Congrats to UNCG-Grad and Tony Award Winner

Naked, Handcuffed Suspect Flees From Hospital

Happy Fag Day. (you Brits know what I mean...)

I am bullish on Kumquat. It's going places!

DU Weather update!!!

Tounge Tattoos and Chocolate flavored fish bars

Who else likes this smilie?

Man Rents Crane - Steals 5 Newsstands

Exclusive Jan Ullrich training video! Go Jan!

What is “Character”?

Let's Go Eat! Let's Go Eat!

Horny brides-to-be

12 Time Drunk Driver Busted Again - Baker's Dozen For DUI's

DU Fantasy Football league now started!!!! (Come join our league)

Happy Flag Day.

Help needed

FIFA World Cup 2006 Spain v Ukraine discussion thread as it happens

Feliz Cumpleanos Che.

Looking for a word: ____ forward

Happy birthday CottonBear!!

oh...btw...THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN !!!

for my lounge friends, my latest column for OpEdNews

Stupid customer!

What would you make of this interview?


When Is "Countdown" Recorded? In The Morning Or Evening?

Cost to repair an iPod?

Hey, if you don't like my threads, just stay away then

Last night's funniest Countdown moment re: Rove's nickname

Great menu item at Mad Mex

Awww fuck... second centipede in two days

If Richard Boone were alive, he'd probably kill himself!

The Bloodlust of Cats

FIFA World Cup 2006: Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia, Spoilers Ahoy

David Lee Roth doing hillbilly version of "Jump" AGAIN

VH1 Supergroup...Out on the tiles

Incredible footage of a lyrebird (with David Attenborough)


Do you act "older" or "younger?"

How many shots do you think it takes Fuckstick before a press conference?

Why does a sink continue to clog every few months?

Woman Attacks Couple With Pooper-Scooper And Scissors - Tasered


Post a Mustache

Sylvia Browne: Gifted psychic....or whacked out psycho

Ukraine's Andriy Husin (L) battles for the ball

Remember, it's flag day

How do you rate the music you listen to?

I'M BACK!!! Man, that was the worst TWENTY HOURS I've spent in a while!

I fucking hate phonetag.

Do you ever think that most of the country has no reading comprehension

Federal tax refund check fraud prevention

Today's Earworm..

Best video game EVER!

Doggy lovers I have a question

Talk about a stupid pet trick!

I want to scream and not show up at work for my last two days

The Lounge is the best place to procrastinate... or worst....

Would you be turned off?

baby einstein stuff.

Best Bangles Album?

I got 100% on my final exam for the first course I'm taking.

Philly DUers: I'm moving back in 2 weeks

What's Your Favorite Segment On Olberman's Show?

Why is there a bar code scan thing in my mailbox?

Carlin and Coulter on Leno tonight!!!

!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!! (WC Spoiler)

So, I was wondering why the Lounge seemed slow tonight...

Listening to Rush Limpballs sing "I'm a Nazi" - LOL!

What kind of salad should I get for dinner from Panera?

Randy Newman -- should he freaking retire already or not?

Growing older are your bad habits harder to maintain?

Does matcom have a pool?

Ok, if Seattle's the smartest city, which is the dumbest?

Just finished most of my packing for moving. Ask me anything.

Post sage advice here:

FrEe PrAwN!!! I'm SERIES!

*** I'm going to Fatburger!!!!! ****

"If I Only Knew"

Ugliest Game Show Set?

Creepy local TV personalities.

Choose the Worst Earworm from Among These Songs

A question about It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World..

Comedian Jerry Lewis suffers heart attack

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/14/06)

germany v. Poland WWII at the World cup

Subway from Grand Central to Wall Street - how long?

Why do these oranges taste like they've been sitting in schnapps all day?

FIFA World Cup 2006: Germany vs. Poland, discussion thread as it happens

Heather Mills McCartney is alleged to have "partied" with Adnan Khashoggi

DU'er Aristus is on JEOPARDY NOW!!!!!


Kitty pics

I SERIOUSLY need any and all words of encouragement and wisdom.

The last straw, dammit! The last straw!

Win, Win, Win Situation

I (think) I was offered a job

Damn, I'm horny!

FrEe Pr0n!!! I'M SERIES!

Ravel's Piano Concerto for the Left Hand - such wonderfulness!

Can we avoid Jeopardy/Aristus spoilers?

For lizziegrace... ***dialup warning***

As of 9:15 am EST, this cat is officially a sophomore in high school!!

SHITFIRE! "Warning: Alligators in Park" sign just went up behind my HOUSE

Site lists free wifi spots all over US.

There are places I'll remember...

"Let's Go All The Way" was the "I Am The Walrus" of the 80s.

posting from the bar/lounge downtown s.f. hilton...

Utter Vanity: I have finished China!!! Yay!

Wednesday, June 14. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

How come, in all the internets, I can't find a single pic of Milton Berle

Its 5:30 am and I am questioning " existence" and the big "why" question

What happened to DS1?

From the WTF!? files....

Pick your favorite "chick"

What's the worst film you've paid to see in first run theater-release?

World Cup: Germany d. Poland at 90+2!!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!


Bored? Take a look at this. (108 MB)

HOW MANY "Greatest Hits" albums can one person have?

So, hypothetically speaking, how long would 50 lbs. of pot last you?

We need a way to hide threads en masse

Why am I the only young'un around here lately???

Land Surveyors - What we used to be able to do with a $4 calculator

A mouse looked through the crack in the wall......

Have Gun Will Travel? Anyone else remember this?

Anyone here a Dreamweaver god and want to help with a quick mockup?

The "listen to me whine" thread

Hey, I'm watching JEOPARDY!--Is Aristus the guy on the right named "Bob"?

Please give me all your rock songs that mention America:

what makes a movie good or bad?

How Many Of You Remember The Old "Ask The Admins" Forum?

He's home!! He's home!! My husband is home!!

Lovely Joe Jackson show last night - see him if you get a chance

What are your favorite Rolling Stones albums

You call your town a city?!?!?!?!?!

Post 10 random albums that are in your music collection

Do your pets give you an attitude when they see you packing a suitcase?

Victoria's Secret clerk refuses to take Britney's used baby diaper

I might have a p-o-l-i-t-i-c-a-l JOB!

What was a movie most people liked that you thought sucked?

Yay, my summer internship in Norway came through!

G.G. Allin on youtube. Don't worry it's clean

Religious Rights Rally - July 4, 2006, Washington DC

Cartoon break!!!! (too funny)

Revealed: the lax laws that could allow assembly of deadly virus DNA


Backward switches doomed probe (AP/BBC) {Genesis}

Making yourself invisible: could it leap from fiction to fact?

Replica clothes pass Everest test (BBC)

Two species become one in the lab (BBC)

Thoughts on evolution & reification. (Footnote: Time to axe creationism)

Gays assail ballot proposal in Colorado

An Open Letter to Straight People

EPA under fire for Gay Pride events

Vandals set fire to gay books in Chicago Public Library

Gay Bishop Calls For Tolerance

Prof Dropped For Opposing Anti-Gay Amendment

Ex-gays in schism over Hitler depection of of gay, Jewish activist

The US is no longer in LAST PLACE!

Tribe throttled by Yank's Wang

Wow! Who'd guess that Tunisia v. Saudi Arabia would be such a great match?

(World Cup) Holy F**cking Shit!

Nursing homes or Hospices?

Volunteer needed to coordinate the July prayer thread

TBA Pictures!

Kerry demands US troop pullout - BG

Did anyone else hear Stephanie Miller give JK mad props

I didn't see this here - Taylor Marsh on JK's speech

Webb Victory entry at We Love John Kerry!

Might want to check this out. Ahm, Addicted to the JK Love

Greetings again from DC!

Rachael Maddow said this morning:

I hate Fox News

And then there's this :-)

Another awesome article at

anybody have JK's statement on the chimp-Iraq visit?

John Kerry leads Google blog references with 16, 675 references this week.

Finally, some photos of Kerry at TBA!

Show JK some love on JK's TBA speech

A principled stance

Who the hell is Charles Blandy,

Up Close


Pls Help: Air America show wants Pics to Post on their Blog....

Alaska Adventure #5 - more from the Steese

Oh, my Goodness it's a Newsletter: 6/14/06: Rose Garden Roll-Out

In case you didn't see the thread, Ava will be on Scaryborough

KO's mystery date revealed, courtesy of Jossip!

KO on Rita, "but dumber than a suitcase of rocks."

GD misses Keith, too:


Today is Che Guevara's birthday.

The double standards piss me off.

Al Gore will be on the Sci-Fi channel tomorrow (6/14)

Another repuke site

Hacker Steals Energy Department Employee Data

Bush education policy to miss goals: Harvard study

Well, it looks like they gave the BushCo playbook to the puppet

Louffa Boy (O'Lielly) coming up on NBC Today to fawn over * visit to Iraq

Conyers:Let's Keep Our Eye on the Big Picture

FEMA fraud paid for football, vacations, erotica

A new video feature produced for my website.

Whats happening with the Maine Senate primary? Seems stuck

What's your Back Up Plan when the Shit hits the Fan?

Wow! Did anyone hear Peter on WJ read the column

Tony Snow is a TOOL.

US insists on right to develop arms for outer space

just saw on bloomberg that Murtha will drop his bid for house leader

MESSAGE TO DEMS: Redeploy DOES NOT EQUAL "cut and run"

Pop a Cap in Wednesday's A**! . . . . . . . . That is, pop us a CAPTION!!!

Lieberman Won't Back Lamont. Ned Gets Called Terrorist. Is Joe Going Indy?

NYC Benefit Event - Thurs. 15th

White House Flying Higher-from the KC Star this morning

Notice how the lead is writtn in this story making "Llebanese" the focus

Fred Phelps political affiliation

Start a Movement!!! Let O'Reilly address Republican Caucus or Convention.

Don't we have the right, no, obligation, to impeach Bush now?

Guns Being Confiscated in Prep for Baghdad Crackdown.

And in other news...I could not be giddier about James Webb

Bomb kills 1 and wounds several despite clampdown in Bagdhad. nt

Peace Activists at Hillary Clinton’s Speech

Iraq and the Shifting Paradigms in American Foreign Policy

Stephanie Miller is doing the bush press conference live w/ snark sauce

WP, Milbank: "Republicans sense shift in momentum"


To lighten up the Post-Fitzmas Blues:

What we are seeing: On the job training of an incompetent frat boy...

Despite disagreement over Rove story. I love my fellow DUers

Infographic: Liberal Blog Convertion

Uh-oh. It really scares me when he* says he's "inspired."

Looking at the bush press conference conviences me this is Viet Nam

Primary dates for the next two months (Mark these down)

bush is giving a press conference on Iraq, what will the MSM ask?

FoxNews Camera angle at press conference has all flag background

Did Fitz set a trap for the white house

anybody else noticed AAR being censored..??? i hear interruptions all the

NYT Editorial: Too soon to cheer in Baghdad

Insane religious righty says god hates America because of gays

Don't Blame Me, Blame My IED

" ...thanks for bringing Zarqawi to justice?" WTF? We killed him

Snake Oil anyone?

First headlines from the news conference say: Bush 'inspired' by Iraq trip

Bush Military History Project #10

DU poll: Was Prez' quick Iraq trip a tool on terrorism or publicity stunt?

Bush, We Fail in Iraq, It’s the Iraqis Fault.

OK - which DUer just called WJ and mentioned Victor Ashe?

Wash-wash-wash them hands, Shrub! (Iraq's job. CASEY's job)

Bush Live, Wed, 14th, brain no pain...

Today is Alois Alzheimer's 142nd birthday,

Bush says he went to Iraq to make sure his puppets were doing as told!

bush just announced at his press conference that they will win midterms

Cute Science videos on the net- The Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments

Brave W flies over Baghdad wearing 25 lbs. of Body Armor, stays 5 hours.

Yesterday's Corporate Media message unmistakably partisan...

I get it--the Iraq trip was a post-Zarqawi victory lap.

Keep the "chickenhawk" issue before the people. War is loved by people

So Bush is trying to squelch dissent in the country by criticizing the

Maybe Rove really did just forget?

The REAL (Progressive) ANSWER to Undocumented Immigration

Stephen Colbert to appear on Letterman tonite to offset Annthrax.

We no longer have ongoing investigations!!!!

Iraq would never have been a base for Al-qaeda had the US not invaded!

The only thing the A hole can do is create straw men

Bush: I trust Karl

Lou Dobbs comes out against electronic voting machines:

Stewart to Mehlman: You're the one who has to spray perfume on these turds

Where is Osama, Mr. Bush??

Luskin's Not Pissed At Fitz - He's Pissed at The Blogosphere

The human brain

Now, they tell us.....

Juan Cole Puts The chimp's Iraq Photo-op In Perspective!

W actually MOVED MURTHA - KERRY'S WAY today, while denying he was doing it

Another disappointing report from NPR's Morning Edition

Somali parliament approves foreign peacekeepers

Explain this "no gay marriage" thing to me again please

Pentagon banning U.S. media from Guantanamo.

How do we "free" 300 million people and have free elections?

Stewart Fact Checks O'Reilly's False Claim About Guantanamo

Are Americans really that thoughtless that they will fall for this latest

Preznit Carnac Warns Voters About Democrats

The Republican Strategy O' Lies ---

"Not going to leave chaos behing.." The US is responsible for the chaos

It's all about the Election, Stupid

Was anyone with a Repig when they heard the Rove news?

Is it really moral to starve Palestinian workers becuase they ELECTED

The last word on gay marriage.

VULTURES OF WAR or CHICKEN HAWKS? you can help end the slaughter today!

Soledad O'Brien: String of "Good News" in Iraq.

What Don't We Know About? Power Abuse Speculation Thread.

"They've (Democrats) laid off (*)" re: criticism of war...MSNBC

Bush education policy to miss goals: Harvard study

The Resume of Dubya

Oops I made another photo op, oops I made another photo op

E&P: Art Buchwald, Continuing Comeback, Confronts Coulter

Never have I laid my eyes upon an uglier man

You've chosen Door # 2 ! Are you sure that is the one you want?

Anybody see O'loofa on The Today show today?

"Friendly condemnation" can save the farm in South LA

Cher up next on CSPAN discussing "Operation Helmet"

It's called "lowering expectations in face of major fuck-ups."

"freshly home from a visit to Iraq" Caption this * pic

Do you really trust Bush to be able to assess with any intelligence the

David SHUSTER outs his sources on KKKarl: defense lawyers (not ROVE'S)

Greg Palast visits the Thom Hartmann Show at 2:34pm EDT today

'Black Enterprise' Magazine Chief Calls Ad Industry 'Racist'

Does Buxh trust his cabinet?

At play in the land of death

I Just Opened My E-mail And Was Converted To An Evangelcal Christian

Boehner’s Confidential Strategy Memo For Thursday’s Iraq Debate

Bush should stay in IRAQ untill the troops come back!

Do you think Gore will run in 2008?

Ganja 'bricks' found in Home Depot vanities

well,it's apparent that Rove has gotten the talking points to CNN

Can a Person Really be This Insulated from World Events?

"Violence in Iraq Will Never Be Eradicated"

The Democrats Can't Win by Default

LATimes Points Out Bush & Cheney's Role In Plame Outing (Holy Crap!)

Catch Democracy Now. The satan psyche in the soldier corps at

"Black Enterprise" mag Exec calls ad industry "racist."

Apple addressing reports of abuse of labor by Chinese suppliers.

New Report Dismantles Industry Claims about Net Neutrality

Time to Reconsider:::GOP Voter Vault Shipped Overseas

Time for some photoshop fun... another * pic

WAPO: The end is near, but first this commercial.....

What makes boys grow up to be assholes like Rummy & Cheney?

That's what they say a casino's too

Dedicated to Rove

Resolved: Bush Is Right on Iraq

A Lyle Lovett inspired tribute to EVERY liberal in America, especially DU

look who`s running iraq....

I am SO flipping PC right now that I want to put my fist through a wall!

AP: ICE Arrests About 2,000 Illegal Immigrants

Is The Plame Grand Jury Over?

Byron Dorgan on the Senate floor talking about war profiteering again

there's a lot of money in keeping people running in circles . . .

Why Does Coulter Succeed? The NYT Offers One Theory ...

Laurel And Hardy Go To Baghdad

How do you enter Harvard graduate school

Caption Karl Rove

A Shameful Silence On Coulter's Spewing - Joe Conason

Does anyone on the left say such hateful things as Coulter?

One prisoner a week dies of malpractice in California

Dispute (online credit card charges) at your peril

Ann Coulter's book is #1 - I just saw this - breaking

Would you let Al Gore stump for you and your campaign?

the Rude Pundit details Coulters Plagiarism

Has Mainstream Network or Cable News reported on Kerry/Murtha Iraq Plan?

Hidden cameras not alway reliable evidence (Nanny sues Manufacturer(

Subject: Hate to distract you but this is about mad cow

Report: ER care in U.S. at 'breaking point'

This website is hysterical

More examples of plagiarism in Coulter's new book

He was there 5 hrs

What if you REFUSED to use a Voting Machine & Demanded a paper ballot?

The Fix is in 2006: Bush predicts Rebublicans win.

Bush links Iraq and 9/11... again.

Scarborough says that Bush's poll numbers are up (and other fantasies)

Please DU this Poll for Va. :)

Cabinet secretary used CDC jet for routine travel

We've been planning this trip for a month. Not!

Repubs just defeated the Delauro amendment

Skeptical scientists on Gore's film forget at least one major issue...

Zarqawi: Western fearmongering made flesh

Non-Indictment Hangover, Day 1

Greg Palast: Keeping Iraq's Oil In The Ground

Death penalty for the Enron criminals (yes, this is a rant)

Competing headlines. Latest AP wire: Death, upbeat, guilty, die, scrutiny

I say we make English the Official Iraqi Language.

Latest from the RNC -

According to bush, here's you choice : me and the republicans or

Presidential News Conference this morning at 9:45 in Rose Garden

Another poll to DU

Would you trust this man with your life? With your kids' lives?

Killing Iraqi civilians is such a hoot!

So * is now interested in televising Cabinet meetings? He picks

Plame investigation justifies silence.

Could Coulter be held liable for inciting violence?

Our 15 year-olds are smarter than their 60 year-olds.

Social justice does not require proper timing.

Time: On Rove: "Glad the Burden is Lifted - Enormous Toll on his Family"

Do journalists and anchors belong to a union?

Bush claims Saddam Hussein "destroyed" Iraqi infrastructure.

Statement from Fitzgerald?

bush is a cancer slowly draining our America of its Spirit ,

Media so removed from the economic reality of most Americans

Think Progress obtains GOP confidential memo with Iraq talking points

Fitzgerald did not close the door entirely (firedoglake)

Get your marijuana at Home Depot!

Dahr Jamail: US Covered Up in the Killing of Two Women in Samarra

VIDEO: Ken Mehlman on Jon Stewart last night at C&L ("Must-see")


House members get $3,300 pay raise... Min. wage raise uncertain

Newspaper puts its editorial meetings live on the Web

Please DU this poll on raising the minimum wage

White House kills Senate Iraq briefing

ICE arrests about 2,000 illegal immigrants

Who was Abu Musab al Zarqawi? Just ask CNN. They will tell you

ON FOX: Kahmeni offers assistance to US in Iraq, WTF?

B*sh Bounces in the Toilet: CBS Poll: 33% Approval (-2 points)

Keeping Iraq's Oil In the Ground: By Greg Palast

Bush: "I'd like to Close Guantanamo Bay", them people are darned dangerous

Guy James Show - can't pick up the stream

Medical advice - quick please!!!!

Which Stephen King villians resembles the Republicans the most?

Rice: No guarantees on Iraq, Afghanistan

How I Won the War (2006)

TOON - Wednesday 6/14 - America Loses

* re: Rove> "It's a chapter that has ended."

Ask the White House (hurricane questions) link here, go for it

Big guest lineup on Ed Schultz today

Nations that currently punish flag burners: China, Cuba and Iran

Charlie Rangel just geve one of the best speeches EVER on CSPAN

(turns script to page three) Oh LOOK!

Tag. You're it. I quit.

Secret Military Briefing in Baghdad

Colbert is on Letterman's show tonight n/t

Operation Forward Together (another in the Lame Name Game)

CNN coming to Joementum's aid.

Republicans a one-issue party?

They're unionizing in my building Today!

A daughter's death in Iraq still haunts family

I support Laffey (R) for RI senate

The ads this fall are going to be entertaining, at least

Question I'd like to see *ush asked

Frank Dwyer: Rove's Pass: A Window on the Real World

There are days when I just feel like saying fuck it

Cheney Next. Why Libby is Going to Trial, and Rove Isn't.

State of the Nation....must see video

The Bush way of war

Barbara Tuchman on BushCo?

Bush's Iraq Offensive

Illegal Aliens Arrested at Dulles Airport

Has everyone heard of Young Turks?

ACK! Caption this pic of *

World Cup: Germany d. Poland at 90+2!!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!

DSCC Would Support Indy Bid by Lieberman

Funniest picture of the year

Republican War Party Prepares to Campaign on More War (and 9-11)

Chris Matthews asks "Do you find her physically attractive, Tucker?"

Kos's Armando, "outed" by stalker, quits posting

For Flag Day ... the Simpsons!

germany v. Poland WWII at the World cup

Bush attacked a blind man today for wearing shades????

Bush Administration Lies: Their Biggest Assert or Their Biggest Weakness

DU lawyers....quick question

Congress votes self another raise they haven't earned

I just got hired to be an election poll worker

Hillary needs a speech coach

Truthout statement at 5:00? I swear I saw a post this morning


AP: Rove, WH misled public, told FBI truth, kept issue out of '04 campaign

Which of the various Iranian outrages don't our Saudi allies do?

New Progressive Show! Bruce Burch Radio Program 5-7pm ET Daily

Shrine to Hitler unnerves community

Ken Mehlman on the Daily Show at CrooksandLiars

This is awesome....."Satan Coulter...the real face"

*: " I am concerned about the long-term history."

Ive been watching CNN all day, and I am in absolute awe

House panel approves line-item veto bill

Frame: Flag Amendment people are scared of the Constitution

DU is linked at the KC Star blog

That's it, by golly! The high price of oil is due to Iraq not outputting!

Dean on GOPs Iraq Resolution Playbook: "The troops deserve more"

Will the dems win back the House, Senate, or both in November.

Why King George and Ann Coulter can get away with saying anything.

Corn-based ethanol... Anyone else wondering about food prices?

Possibly the most flippant, arrogant, Stupid Ass W quote of all time.

RUMMY's New 73-Page "War On Terror" Briefing Book

It was just my imagination

George Carlin vs. Ann Coulter on Leno Tonight... n/t

Removing my Impeach Bush lawn sign.

Republicans are threatening to sue TV stations that run MoveOn ads

You have the power: Support the 50 State Strategy...donor tallies

Southern Baptists Consider 'Exit Strategy' From Public Schools

Miss America & baseball player implore Congress to "protect our flag"

why no "chickenhawk" ads?

True math vs new math.....bottom line.

Well, the Irish don't trust us anymore...

Vote-Switching Software Provided by Vendors

Read this or I'll KILL MY PET CLAM!!

"The American people deserve to know how their tax dollars are spent,"

Suggested questions for the media to ask Ann Coulter


gynophobia - a disorder among conservatives

Ignore Coulter? An evolutionary biologist explains why not

Pair of boobs

They're gonna do it, aren't they? Gay Marriage

Heh heh. David Gregory called the Bush-to-Iraq visit a

"This elected government is going to have to respond to the people, "

Oh Caption, My Caption !!!

Heather Mills McCartney is alleged to have "partied" with Adnan Khashoggi

I just realized something. "Colorado" is colorful in Spanish.

Bush actually said this today?

"How dare you ask an unscripted question" - Caption *

Remember that "Liberal Book Club" that was starting a few years ago?

Pelosi did a great job on Blitzkrieg's show

Malloy blog: Maria Cantwell's challenger, plus FEMA scams

Guess who made an effort to bring down the President?

"Marriage Is A Basic Civil Right" - Chief Justice Earl Warren

Bev Harris in defiance of tax law filing disclosure?

DU this AOL Poll

M$M ignores provisions to prevent permanent bases in Iraq, was stripped

I wrote a book - labor of love -

I've been showing my support for the GLBT community with my avatar

W Never Mentioned Osama Even Once Today, what does that tell us?

30 seconds that will help defeat Sensenbrenner in November

Funny how quickly they can have an audit for the Katrina money but ..

Dear Cindy. I know why Bush can't answer your question.

Quick! Anyone have a list of the commitments made by Bush (America) that

Where in the World is Keith Olbermann?

Dems should be promising more "responsible, more accountable, and

Freewayblogging on I-95 (MA) today - crossposting from MA forum

Does anyone report the news anymore?

Interesting piece of history: HHH offered Rockefeller VP in '68

More CNN liberal Bias

Rove Cuts & Runs

Dems BETTER NOT apologize!

Denis Hastert's Real Estate Investments - sleaze galore

DU this survey at the NRCC's website

June State by State #s Out - Alabama and Texas back in STUPID column

To All DUers

Dems response should be: We are not going to apologize for

TO to post "statement" on Rove...

Shouldn't it be a requirement of the Commander in Chief that they have

Is it Possible that they "got to" Fitzgerald

Just a teensy example of what's gone wrong....CNN/Begala/Watts -

"It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis

20 freak voting facts according to

So, has the Maine Senate primary been called yet?

Celebrate Flag Day by defending free speech

EXCLUSIVE: Majority Leader Boehner's Confidential Memo For Iraq Debate

Random Thought About al-Zarqawi

Ann's newest column today. Lazy. I give her a D. Bonus FReeper review.

HEADLINE: Lieberman must decide whether to run as independent candidate


Larissa Alexandrovna to co-host on tonight's Peter B Collins Show.

In case you needed another reason to love Olberman

Want a Laugh? Check out THESE Toons! LMFAO!!!!!!!

Wooodamnwhoooo permission granted!

Diebold? Fraud? American ADHD? Do we stand a chance in November?

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Ex-Homeland Security Aide Denies Sexual Attraction To Children


what is it that joe lieberman is going to ask the white house to

An out-of-control prosecutor. Why the Duke rape prosecution matters.

FEMA has NO REGIONAL DIRECTOR for the US Southeast

Poll - Can Dem nominee Jim Webb beat George Allen for the U.S. Senate?

Media Matters - questions re: Rove (now that "ongoing investigation

NYT: 'A/K/A Tommy Chong,' a Documentary About the Comedian and the Law

38% approval rate and they are celebrating....

"A Modest Proposal 2006" (call for entries)

Al-Masri is now #1 Successor to Zarqawi? I thought it was Al-Muhajir?

Schumer betrays party? Saw this coming... BEFORE Hackett was kicked out.

Randi said that bu$h teased a blind reporter about wearing shades?

Ann Coulter is truly a transsexual and I need some help finding

The Republican High Water Mark!

look out bush is going to explode !!!!

If eugenics is valid, should we use it?

Feingold: Dems share blame

The Only Solution to the Immigration Problem - Give Everyone Citizenship

Kennedy’s Challenge: Salon, Mother Jones & the Tortured Dialogue

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan...

Meet William Jefferson's Political Supporters

Is there a discussion on the new Memo from Boehner -

Las Vegas county recorder (Republican!) faces 19 felony counts

So will burning a flag be a fine, or will you be arrested?

Former Iraqi sounds off

Hello fellow Liberal moonbats! A random thought about Ann Coulter...

Fat head Russert on The Daily show tonight, Sexy Sirota on Colbert

Conservative thoughts on Corporate Welfare (House of the Rising Sons blog)

Lieberman Under 50%

I don't think Hillary will run in 2008, after the bush press conference

Coulter Book Review... This is Hilarious !!!!

The Hypocrisy of the GOP

Hey, does anyone recognize this 15 year old in the NYT?

President Bush’s “Oh, Shit” Moment of the Day

The most important trend in American Politics.

Here's why the Iraq withdrawal amendment matters - Election day 2006

So, I see Bush went to Iraq again.

Petition to Improve IT Workers Lives!

NYDN gossip: Olbermann: Rita Cosby "dumber than a suitcase of rocks"

A RW email bashing Citgo - and my response

Bush Disapproval graph...

XPost: Kennedy Stuck his Neck Out. Autorank Responds to Salon Cheap Shots

Oops, lost my identity . . .

Study: Meth use rare in most of the U.S.

If Iraqi oil belongs to 'the people'- why don't WE 'own' Us oil?

Citizenspook's take on Rove - he didn't skate

Sullivan gets boost from ruling on 'God'

Personally, I think Fitzgerald's Independence is a Useful Myth...

One of our very own, DUer Aristus, is on Jeopardy right now

My costly divorce with Verizon Wireless-Good lessons for all

Kerry demands US troop pullout-Regrets his vote for war resolution

I am distressed the Scots regiments have been disbanded.

Al Gore: "We almost certainly are at or near what they call peak oil"

Blitzer: Bush is GAINING MOMENTUM! Has he "found his MOJO"?

Super HIGHWAY from Mex to Can to get around unions?

NY Times Article about me

The war IS over

Today bush said that if the critics expect him to say he is ..

who saw Jon Stewart smack Ken Mehlman around???

DUer nostamj Wrote a Coulter Song Parody Before He Died Last Year.

Calling all liberals, Democrats, Independents, & Supporters of Democracy!!

Wooodamnwhoo Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH!)

What is a democracy bond??

Do you ever think?

I'm tired of hearing about the IWR vote.

Taunted and Jeered - Bolton Bolted - Message Not Well Recieved At Oxford U

Steal This Indictment

Busby/Bilbray Election: 'No Reason to Believe Official Count is Accurate'


Howard Dean for President in 2008!!!


I guess DU tolerates hate and the promotion of hate goups

Just a thought

One of the Other Elephants...

Norquist: Rove's "in fine fettle, not wounded, pricked enough to be angry"

Flag Day 2006 - Why I'm no longer flying my flag

Is this a campaign issue? FEMA losing a Billion plus of your money?

"We Can't Make It Here Anymore"...truth video

Q: Who gave the Cheney-annotated NYT Wilson article to Fitzgerald?

Bush reading a gov't book to the press

Bush reading a gov't book to the press

10, 000 marriages on hold

I'm not going to burn any flags today

you know the kanye west song diamonds are forever?

Next time your conservative friends say the pukes aren't that conservative

Wait and see while people die in Iraq! Wait and see! Wait and see!

Levin Latest Conservative Pundit To Hypocritically Attack Durbin

In two days, I have heard Dem bigwigs on R. Maddow's show parrot Repubs!

Is this Iraq "trip" really the last card in the deck for Bush & the Repubs

How long is al-Maliki for this world ?

Another thought about the Rove non-indictment...

What can be more Exciting than Listening to a Bush Speech ! (Poll)

Spine-tingling Bushisms

Is Brownback Bringing Opus Dei Into Senate?

Rahm Emmanuel/Waxman Holding Bush/Cheney Responsible For Plame Outing

Russ Feingold to address the Take Back America Conference today

VA TV Station Refuses Right to Air MoveOn's Newest Ad--Repukes Threaten

MSNBC's gushing over "optimistic" America and "confident" Bush

Morning in Karl Rove's America

smirk said:

we cannot fight the whole world

USA Today: Democrats rebuild on the prairie

Afghanistan: it's all coming apart ...

Tens of thousand of Iraqi forces deployed: Bush visit kept from Iraq's PM

The not so informative 'press' conference

Iraq is a puppet democracy as Bush proved today.

bush won't let politics change his iraq policy

the hand shake of death

"Every Single Weirdo In The Left Wing" - Lieb's man speaketh

The ONLY issue Repubs care about right now is RETAINING POWER.

voter registration abroad handled by DOD - oh yes

Kerry's plan can "Turn the tables on Republicans"

Spilled Beans: Boehner's "Confidential Memo: Floor Debate on Iraq"

If you voted in the SC primary yesterday, please read!

Dave DeBatto: "Goodby & Good Luck (You'll need it)-In Short, We're Fucked"

Santorum introducing amendment on Iran now

Chimp: "I was raised in the desert."

Just how does one SUPPORT the troops?

O.K. Ken Melman on the Daily Show: "We've trained 250,000 Iraqi Troops..."

Protest Ann Coulter on Leno Tonight

the House gave themselves a raise in pay yesterday

Wonder why we didn't see a photo of Dear Leader while they

Baghdad's unwelcome visitor

Anyone here heard anything new on WLIB or Air America?

Froomkin (WaPo) challenges reporters to investigate Rove

9/11 Commissioner Criticizes Coulter...

former smirk business partner was on Wash. Journal this morning

Bush advocating socialism?


A man's a man who looks a man right between the eyes (puke alert)

Big Lies: The "War On Terror" Myth and the Neocon movement.

Southern Baptists elect moderate Hater as new President

How can we/should we control CEO salaries?

Who is talking into Bush's Ear

Ted Koppel (formerly of ABC) now Senior News Analyst at NPR!

GOP plan exposed: Exploit 9/11; Attack opponents; Create a false choice.

Dean, Reid, Pelosi on Ed Schultz show Wednesday.

I support Laffey (R) for RI senate

Dole already attacking Tester

Did you know that glen beck says what we all think?

Two puppets eye to eye...

In honor of Flag Day...

Cabinet secretary used CDC jet for routine travel

Rove praises Junior in NH: "The weight of the job will not kill this man"

Could it be that bush has gotten more arrogant since visiting the green ..

An idea for a political experiment..

Think of it as an insurgency

DCCC/Barack Obama: "Misplaced Priorities"

Global Image of the U.S. Is Worsening, Survey Finds

Who's got John Kerry's back? Who's got John Murtha's back?

Rising energy prices and inflation

How is their stratergery going to work?

House, Senate members disclose finances

-- Sign this petition against military action against Iran --

Cheney To Throw Fundraiser For Anti-Gay Candidate...

(Dems) had enough of Repubs who have never served wrapping

Great News resource: JazzNoodle

Are we better off without these horrid Democrats?

Re: Fitzgerald: ANYONE can be gotten to, or circumvented with enough

Photos: Bush glares at reporters, attempts Scalia-style "up yours" gesture

We should start putting up signs: "Either the Republicans are REALLY

DU this MSNBC poll about Iraq

Bush: We'll hold House & Senate...our forward-looking optimism has worked

Vote for Stephanie Studebaker as a DFA Finalist

Do most DUers not care about winning this election?

Both of the following can't be true

Wolfie, can you get someone besides avowed Hillary Clinton supporters to

CT poll - DUPE

Has DU just had a new member recruiting drive?

Stupid RW Cartoons

I'm Sorry, but its time for Fitzgerald to go or get off the pot....

Backers say Lieberman will not be "terrorized by a small group of Dems"

Bush To Legally Blind Reporter: 'You gonna ask a question w/ shades on?'

Bush forgets reporter is blind, jokingly insults him

Charles Schumer, check your ego at the door

Reuters:House panel OKs minimum wage boost (to $7.25 per hour)

Great news from Maine! Press Release -- Hay Bright wins primary!

Bush's Best. Week. EVER.

John Kerry Demands US Troop Pullout

Taunted and jeered, Bolton bolts

JIm Webb (VA Senate candidate) - did you know his son was going to Iraq?

Gore Vidal: "Worst period I've ever seen for the United States"

2500 dead troop info... halted.

Grand Theft Election, Fourth Edition

DSCC Would Support Indy Bid by Lieberman

Support Chairman Dean's 50-State Strategy

My run-in with a Fundy today (Update)


A question for DLC detractors - can you rise to the challenge?

How many of you leave your house to do something political once a month?

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